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    Diogenes Shrugged

    Spread the word!

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    Diogenes Shrugged

    To all you people wiping your butts with American paper currency, you’re clogging up the sewer pipes. Please bag it up and send it to me.

    Despite it having been shown that COVID-19 transmits through fecal matter in hospitals rather than through one’s breath and saliva in public, I’ll still take on all that foul, “worthless” fiat that’s gone “belly up” and can’t be used because it’s infected. As a public service.

    Please, please, please. Send me all that worthless cash, as it’s all about to be replaced by a vaccine made from a crypto-currency backstopped by the dealer’s rake from a game of faro in Belgium. Because if that money decomposes in the sewage plants, you’ll all die from the deadly carbon it emits.


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    Diogenes Shrugged

    The only thing more valuable than precious metals, more valuable than health, more valuable than peace and love and friendship, and even more valuable than life itself … is a loan.

    What a totally fucked-up species this is.

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    Diogenes Shrugged

    We all need to keep in mind that all those $trillions will eventually trickle down to all the small businesses that have disappeared. So there is hope, especially for those willing to wait. Best to wait indoors. Indefinitely. Maybe eternity.

    In the mean time, everybody should be thinking about improving their credit ratings. We mustn’t let all those decades of practice go to waste.

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    Diogenes Shrugged

    I find this troublesome in the extreme:

    I find this even more extremely troublesome:

    Not trying to change the narrative. Just trying –unsuccessfully– to sort fact from fake.

    I’ve never been to NY. Is there a reason why hospitals in Queens would be nearly empty? Watch the Jason Goodman video at the first link above. I’m flummoxed. Please somebody help me out here.

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    Diogenes Shrugged
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    Diogenes Shrugged

    Throughout the media, interviews of nCoV survivors are conspicuously absent.

    Why is that?

    And something else we’re not being informed about:


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    Diogenes Shrugged

    The MSM calculations are misleading.

    Please give Chris Martenson one full minute of your attention:

    It looks to me like the infection rate is approaching a full order of magnitude every seven days. That’s approaching a tenfold total every week. Having the supplies to do so for a year, I self-quarantined three days ago. It’s the shedding of virus for a week before showing symptoms that told me this one was the one to avoid.

    If your calculation includes only the resolved cases from hospitals, the number of dead throughout China has always exceeded the number of fully-recovered patients released from hospitals. Deaths have ranged between 50% and 60% of resolved cases every day for the last week or so.

    Quoted below is Brandon Smith from his article yesterday:
    Source: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/how-viral-pandemic-benefits-globalist-agenda

    “Only three months ago, John Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (a hive of self-professed globalists) ran a “pandemic simulation” called “Event 201” specifically focused on Coronavirus. Not Ebola, or Swine Flu or even Avian Flu – but CORONAVIRUS. The simulation features the spread of coronavirus in South America, blamed on animal to human transmission (pigs). The conclusion of the exercise was that national governments were nowhere near ready, scoring 40 out of 100 on their preparedness scale. The simulation projected over 65 million deaths worldwide.

    “Event 201 played out almost exactly as it has been in China today. Some very disingenuous or perhaps rather stupid people have been arguing that this kind of thing is “normal”, claiming that we are “lucky” that the elites have been running simulations in advance in order to “save us” from a coronavirus outbreak. I assert that Event 201 was not a simulation but a war-game to study the possible outcomes of an event the globalists already knew was coming. Set aside the fact that before almost every major crisis event and terrorist attack for the past few decades authorities were running simulations for that exact event right before it happened; does anyone really believe that Event 201 is pure coincidence?”

    Personally, and it’s just my opinion, but I now strongly believe that 2019-nCoV a bioweapon. And rather than an accidental release, I suspect this was actually an act of war against world “over-population.”

    By the way, Albert Bartlett was my physics professor at the University of Colorado in 1971. My sole claim to fame in life is that I passed his class with a ‘B.’

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    Diogenes Shrugged

    It occurs to me a little too late that I’ve been had. My apologies to all. I fell for it like a total idiot.

    When it gets to the point that deep fakes cause photographic evidence to be deemed inadmissible in court, civilization itself will have crested. It seems to me, anyway.

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    Diogenes Shrugged

    in reply to: Assange Is The Only One To Abide By The Law #50793
    Diogenes Shrugged

    I don’t suppose Assange’s lawyers could smuggle in a tiny microphone?

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    Diogenes Shrugged

    Fractional distillation of crude oil generates gases like methane, ethane, propane, butane — useful for myriad applications unrelated to motor vehicles. Then you get volatile liquids useful in making solvents like paint thinners. After that, slightly heavier liquid hydrocarbons are recovered to make gasoline and diesel. “Cracking” breaks down even heavier hydrocarbons, the products of which include all of the above.

    At the end of the process, all you have left is a sticky black sludge that can’t be cracked any further economically. That stuff is called “asphalt.” Since road and highway construction are the chief “rationales” people point to when trying to justify the very existence of government, I have just one question.

    Without the internal combustion engine, how will governments pave the roads and highways?

    Either AOC is working for the concrete lobby or didn’t she properly think things through. Millions of snappy electric cars going zero to sixty in four seconds on gravel highways probably wasn’t the panacea Rachel Carson or even Karl Marx had in mind.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2019 #49176
    Diogenes Shrugged

    You’ve been regularly and systematically fooled about Hitler.
    But then, the victors never, ever recount history truthfully.

    General Patton’s letters to his wife:

    Long, but worth it:

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    Diogenes Shrugged
    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 11 2019 #49163
    Diogenes Shrugged
    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2019 #49129
    Diogenes Shrugged

    “Nucleix, a Tel-Aviv-based life sciences company, was able to create credible DNA evidence that could be used to finger the wrong person, proof that even genetic evidence can be manipulated (beyond planting a hair or used cigarette) just like other physical traces. ”


    It’s a real shame none of Epstein’s victims were packing heat. Everything downstream from arrest is no longer credible.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2019 #49128
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Perhaps it’s not too early to pen, “How Long is Tulsi Gabbard For This World?

    At this point, do I actually need to explain that comment?

    It appears to me that his jailers had something to lose if Epstein testified. I’ll believe Epstein’s dead when his victims are allowed to examine his corpse. Until then, just consider how sophisticated body doubles and CGI have become. Your first reaction to any MSM report should be skepticism.

    in reply to: Social Media Civil War #49071
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Comments sections are social media, too. So, let’s see how far I can test the limits here. It is my opinion that we are currently witnessing the initial years of a second Bolshevik revolution, this time in Europe and the U.S. Should that revolution ultimately succeed, the entire globe will eventually fall to communism.

    Hundreds of millions of firearms in the hands of a formerly free people, and Trump exposes himself as a liar once again by endorsing federal Red Flag laws. That’s an open declaration of war against his own countrymen, if you ask me. What’s lost is the right to face your accuser, so anybody can call the cops and say about anybody else, “I know so-and-so is a gun owner, and I’m concerned because he’s been acting a little odd lately,” precipitating a SWAT raid and gun confiscation (assuming guns are even present). Not to mention dead dogs, brutalized families, asset forfeitures, stray bullets, unnecessary deaths, and other nightmares the Schwartz György types find so amusing (you know him as George Soros).

    I’ll remind you that the American Revolution began when the British tried to confiscate ammunition at Lexington and Concord. Americans aren’t going to take this lightly.

    Trump serves two purposes for his Zionist handlers. First, he puts Zionism and Israel above everything else, including the U.S. Constitution. Second, he serves as a “white” punching bag, deflecting attention (and blame) from his overt Zionism.

    Just like the Russian Bolsheviks, the top dogs running the social media sites are mostly Jewish. Zionist Jews treat Talmudic prophesy as a game plan, and under that plan, Trump is powerless against the social media giants.

    If the federal Red Flag laws become the law of the land, your civil war is certain. Unfortunately, that is precisely the outcome Trump’s handlers intend. If civil war happens, watch for another massive outbreak of dancing Israelis.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with racism. It’s about mass murder and total world domination. But hundreds of millions of firearms mean nothing if you don’t know who your enemy is.

    in reply to: Will China Retreat Into Itself? #49028
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Hong Kong is number two on the list. The beatings MUST continue until morale improves!

    The Reality of Trade Between USA & China

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 6 2019 #49027
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Bill Gates and a dutiful Zionist at Harvard intend to keep your cool by eliminating blue skies and photosynthesis. Best you read this article before they censor it:


    in reply to: Will China Retreat Into Itself? #49025
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Christopher cobb,

    When national currencies become international currencies, they become tools for trade wars. International currencies are rigged, pegged, manipulated and abused for all sorts of reasons, some of which more political than economic. It appears to me that your comments are akin to crying “racism” after a comment was made about tan lines.

    To my mind, Ilargi was writing about currencies, not China per se. The yuan is becoming an impediment to the Chinese miracle you so vigorously defend. It’s important to keep in mind that what’s being described is a snapshot in time. If the Chinese miracle fades in coming years, it won’t be because of Ilargi. When that time comes, you’ll hopefully return and enlighten us again.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 2 2019 #48938
    Diogenes Shrugged

    — Retracted by D.S. (author) —

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 2 2019 #48936
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Wolf Richter (top article) provided just what I needed to make an important point.

    “These borrowers are being subsidized by current and future retirees, by savers, by fixed-income investors, and ultimately by federal and state taxpayers when they’re called upon to bail out the pension funds.”

    The key words in that entire essay are “bail out.”

    It seems to me that Wolf’s conclusion might better have been:

    You can have higher, free market interest rates OR you can have government bailouts. You can’t have both in any ratio. PICK ONE.

    That all-or-none remedy for the world debt crisis resembles the remedy for the world’s immigration crisis. In that case:

    You can have a welfare state OR you can have open borders. You can’t have both. PICK ONE.

    Now I’m on a roll. You can have stratospheric aerosol injection to cool the planet OR you can have sufficient photosynthesis to feed the biosphere. You can’t have both. PICK ONE.

    Governments exist because politicians refuse to make those kinds of hard choices, and that is why the problems mankind faces remain eternally insoluble.

    Sharing a bit of frustration with Ilargi in his comment the other day, I wonder if my viewpoint will be parroted now by M.S. and others as “original art” over the next few weeks.

    You can have people who treat the Talmud and Protocols as a thieving, genocidal GAME PLAN rather than a prophesy OR you can have trust and dignity (i.e. peace and prosperity) in the world.

    You can’t have both. PICK ONE.

    in reply to: Nuclear Energy, the Ultimate Hubris #48890
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Sorry, lost a paragraph there. I read somewhere that a fully-loaded haul truck, like you see at open-pit mines, were they powered by solar panels and windmills, would require a battery bigger than the haul truck itself. And that calculation did not include the weight of the battery. As Stoneleigh and Ilargi have often pointed out, petroleum is portable. So without petroleum, you’re looking at coal-fed steam engines or giant batteries for moving people and fully-loaded haul trucks around. But there’s a bright side. No airports and no TSA. No oil tankers. Just sailboats, horses and bicycles. Sounds like a vacation.

    in reply to: Nuclear Energy, the Ultimate Hubris #48889
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Nuclear waste disposal done right — in Finland:

    Take a drive into the disposal site:

    The walls of that tunnel aren’t native rock. What you’re seeing is the heavy concrete layer sprayed on the walls and ceiling to prevent spalling. The ventilation has to run 24/7 to prevent build-ups of radon gas as well as carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust. Very expensive when also considering how much rock has been blasted and removed, and the geologist is talking about back-filling someday with bentonite (swells to reduce permeability when it gets wet) after the nuclear waste is positioned. Luckily, most of the the rest of the world won’t have to deal with these expenses. Just accumulate the stuff and pretend not to have forgotten about it.

    In the absence of petroleum, here is what the western world would look like today (sans automobiles). You aren’t seeing any windmills and solar panels there, either, because … well, haul trucks.


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    Diogenes Shrugged

    To my way of thinking, the man being interviewed here is cut from the same cloth as Julian Assange:

    Criminality is fractal. The chief difference between Governments and Mexican drug cartels is scale.

    A couple of millennia ago, they jammed thorns into the head of another Assange-like fella, then nailed him to a wooden cross. Because, you see, in the eyes of drug cartels and governments, callous brutality and cowardice reflect virtues.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 9 2019 #46584
    Diogenes Shrugged

    As a public service, I just wanted to warn everybody against watching a couple of videos that really should have been censored by now, but evidently they still linger. Hopefully they’ll be removed soon and you’ll no longer be at risk.

    Now I feel better because I’ve “done something.”

    I’m sure Ilargi and NoBoob can relate.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 5 2019 #46504
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Better they go extinct without any more evidence they ever existed, eh Oxy? Of all the people on the planet to choose from who waste resources to create trash, you pick Attenborough for scorn? Jesus Christ, man, are you telling us there’s nothing plastic in your house? Get a sense of proportion.

    in reply to: Warning Mr. Trump #46501
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Excellent work, Ilargi. Really truly wonderful, in fact.

    My worry is that the President doesn’t read his own mail. Let’s hope his appointed mail readers are cut from a better cloth than his other appointments have been.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 21 2019 #46173
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Highlight, cut and paste that entire link, otherwise it goes nowhere.

    The “shooter” also fired three shots through his car windshield as he drove away. Go ahead and try that yourself at home. After your first shot, I’ll ask you an important question that I already know your answer to. It will be the same answer you give for at least a week. You’ll say, “What?” Because you’ll be deaf. That guy, assuming he wasn’t just a Photoshop creation or video game cartoon, was shooting an air gun. The magazines were mere visual props.

    For a good time, if you have the original “shooter’s” video downloaded on your computer, go to 10:58 and watch just two seconds. His air gun actually BLOWS the skull cap off of one of the crisis actors. Hilarious!

    Try not to get too weepy over this farce. It wasn’t real. Rather, enjoy THEIR panic because the cat is definitely out of the bag. No amount of censorship will un-see what the astute among us have already seen.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 21 2019 #46170
    Diogenes Shrugged

    The “shooting” occurred on March 14.

    Just like all the other “shootings” in the US & Europe, they prepared the narrative beforehand.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 21 2019 #46167
    Diogenes Shrugged

    • New Zealand Bans All Assault Weapons Immediately (AP)
    “It can be done. Just not in the US, too many guns there already.”

    Precisely HOW can it be done, Ilargi?
    Are you going on record here as favoring a purge?
    Are you advocating for the murder or imprisonment of a quarter of New Zealand’s population?

    Have you even seen the banned Christchurch video? His spent shell casings vanish in mid-air (see link below). The bodies were pre-stacked face down in the corners before he even entered the room. They banned that video because it’s permanent evidence of a sloppy hoax. NOBODY DIED AT THE CHRISTCHURCH MOSQUES.

    One in four owns a firearm:

    Scroll down and watch the video:

    Konspirace a Kabala: Útočník z Christchurch byl zatím obviněn jen z jediné vraždy, muslimové jsou vzteky bez sebe a ISIL vyzval své stoupence ke krvavé odvetě! Analýza nápisů a symbolů na zbraních střelce vede k Johnu Podestovi a Satanově synagoze, uctívání Boha Hora a okultnímu kabalismu! Mešita Al-Noor vychovala 2 teroristy, kteří v Jemenu trénovali a cvičili spolu s teroristy z Francie, kteří zabíjeli v Charlie Hebdo! Policie v Chritschurch přijela ve zbroji, protože v ten den měla cvičení! Vzpomínka na 9/11 je zpět!

    Dress rehearsal at the second mosque:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 1 2018 #43624
    Diogenes Shrugged

    For small changes in sea water temperature, oxygen solubility doesn’t change all that much.


    If survival of sea life is a concern, perhaps more attention should be paid to overfishing, plastic trash, pesticides and SSRI’s washing off the continents, etc. But of course, those don’t support the AGW deception. I don’t see see people living in mountainous regions dying off due to thin air. Why wouldn’t ocean species be at least as robust considering the much wider swings in ocean temperatures throughout evolutionary time?

    Off topic, but I’ve just gotta say that this interview was a real breath of fresh air. A poignant exposure of the PC madness emanating from universities. Global warming hype is merely a different flavor of the same dynamic.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 29 2018 #43555
    Diogenes Shrugged


    “The bookkeeping system favors the bookkeeper.”
    With Bitcoin, every miner and every node worldwide is a bookkeeper sharing a single, identical ledger. Transaction fees, by the way, continue to fall and are now often lower than comparable debt-money transaction fees.

    “Where does the money come from to pay the bookkeeping fees/costs?”
    At the risk of answering a rhetorical question, for transactions involving debt-based currencies, the money comes from creditors (i.e. ’thin air’). Thus, the imperative nature of economic growth (shit). Economic growth — for the sole purpose of preventing insolvency and deflationary collapse (the fan). Not to mention that Vinnie the knee-capper has taken up permanent residence just in front of the spinning blades.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 29 2018 #43554
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Dr. D,

    Interesting points, all reminding me of the madness of cryptocurrencies ostensibly tied to the price of gold.

    Were I ruler of the world, I’d peg the value of my coins to the value of pine trees.
    When the forest burned, I’d re-peg them to value of horses.
    When the horse population exploded, I’d re-peg to the value of …
    Bad examples, I know, but the point being that the relative value of my currency will always be in flux.

    What’s needed is a money supply that quantifiably never changes, providing a durable constant against which the value of all things can be measured. Like a meter stick — never 99 cm nor 101.

    Bitcoin comes to mind.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 29 2018 #43553
    Diogenes Shrugged


    Thank you for your response. With so many calling for imminent “hyperinflation,” I’m a little jumpy. I don’t want one of my deflation oracles to start feeling any change of heart without my knowing why. Not that I suspected as much. (Though the explicit references to catastrophic deflation have waned here over the last year or two, especially without recent contributions from Nicole.)

    I’m seriously puzzled as to why “monetary inflation” and “price inflation” aren’t separate, universally-used terms at this stage of the game. Most pundits automatically attribute rising prices to “inflation,” but it often remains a mystery (to them, too) which kind. As you have repeatedly explained in depth over the years, monetary inflation and price inflation are not the same thing. And you’re right that velocity is equally important, though rarely addressed at all by the inflationist camp.

    (As an aside, shortly after the 2008 mess I briefly spoke with Mish by phone. We both agreed that hundreds of trillions of dollars suddenly brought into existence would not be inflationary so long as it remained buried in my basement. I still remain amenable to participating in a formal test of that idea, by the way.)

    Hyperinflation is the terminus of worsening inflation in most people’s minds, but I now think the word “hyperinflation” is actually a misnomer. “Hyperinflation” ultimately refers to the loss of confidence in a currency, merely assuming that loss will be due to an exploding money supply (historical examples abound). But a loss of confidence in a currency can result from there being too little of it in circulation, as well. In that case, those without money will resort to barter, hand-written IOU’s, a more plentiful foreign currency or Bitcoin, for instance. Thus, catastrophic deflation might also lead to that loss of confidence we call “hyperinflation.” No wonder the gold bugs have it all confused. The coming deflationary “hyperinflation” will witness the gold price declining, not rising, though the purchasing power of that gold might still likely increase.

    Calling attention to flies in my ointment would be most appreciated.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 21 2018 #43451
    Diogenes Shrugged

    There’s been a lot of talk here and there about a “complete reset.” I don’t see how that could possibly happen except as a consequence of world war. Were a “complete reset” to be implemented without prior world war, it would generate one.

    I’m also beginning to think that the weapons won’t be nuclear and that the U.S. will not be fighting Russia or China. The world war weapon of mass *human* destruction will be 5G microwaves. Inflicted on populations worldwide, already weakened by glyphosate, vaccines, fluoride, glyphosate, SSRI’s, genetically modified disease organisms, illegal immigrants, glyphosate, deflationary collapse, etc.

    ‘Holocaust’ and ‘Holodomor’ don’t even begin to describe the enormity.

    In other words, the old money banking clans and their minions (Pope, Queen, etc.) intend to continue calling all the shots as big winners regardless of how this plays out. Remain calm: their plans, well underway, somehow still manage to remain a secret. You won’t know for sure what hit you, nor how, nor when, nor exactly why, nor by whom. But your nasty little debt problem will get solved. And THEY will implement their reset without YOU complaining.

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    Diogenes Shrugged

    Zuckerberg didn’t write the code for Facebook. The movie, ‘The Social Network’ (2010), is a fraud. Three videos detail this quite convincingly. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page:
    SES SERCO “Wet-Ware” Soft Kill Plan Has Begun

    BTW, the top video at that link offers unexpected surprises, as well.

    Ilargi: I’m repeating my request from yesterday’s comments here. I’d appreciate a comment as to whether you agree with Charles Hugh Smith’s prediction of Venezuela-style inflation (after a period of bankruptcies), or whether you see deflation as the driving force for the western nations’ collapsing economies over the coming decade. If $trillions are “given away” by the Fed, then to whom will those $trillions be “given” if not the banks again?

    in reply to: Bubbles, Balloons, Needles and Pins #43446
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Quoting Charles Hugh Smith during the last few minutes of the interview linked below (issued today):

    “I think what’s going to happen in the next, say, five years between like 2018 and 2022 / 2023 is we’re going to get a huge recession, you know, depression with tons of unemployed people, debts that are going to default, pensions that are going to go unpaid, and there’s going to be a political crisis, and the Fed, if it still exists, which it probably will, they’re going to try to print their way out of it and they’ll just start GIVING AWAY TRILLIONS TO TRY TO KEEP THE ECONOMY AFLOAT. BUT THAT WILL CREATE INFLATION and rob all of us of our purchasing power, right, because our money is just fiat currency, right, it’s just based on trust. And, so, as people lose trust in paper money, then the economy really will crash, and then we’ll follow the path of Venezuela.”

    Earlier in the interview, Smith states, “The Fed is one of the most hated institutions because people finally after a decade of people like you and me talking about it, it’s seeped into the national consciousness that the Fed saved the super-wealthy, not the rest of us, and now … they don’t have the political leeway to save the banks again. There will be huge political resistance to that.”

    So, to whom will the Fed be “GIVING AWAY” trillions of “printed” dollars? This certainly flies in the face of the deflationary message maintained for years by the Automatic Earth. Isn’t this source of inflation already exhausted? Many years ago, TAE maintained that the inflation was almost entirely behind us, and that further inflation was becoming increasingly impossible. After all, interest rates can’t go much below zero.

    Ilargi: more than anything else, I’d appreciate a comment as to whether you agree with Smith’s prediction of inflation (after a period of bankruptcies), or whether you still see deflation as the driving force for the western nations’ collapsing economies over the coming decade. And again, if $trillions are “given,” then to whom?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 12 2018 #42861
    Diogenes Shrugged

    Larry Silverstein.
    Building 7.
    Forty-seven stories high.
    It isn’t demolition if 99% of the rubble is missing.
    Best we ignore it. Forget about it. Because after all, we contented ourselves to misapprehend what “it” was in the first place.

    Tell it to the citizen investigators who committed much of their lives to investigating Kennedy’s death. They wasted their time. Should have trumpeted, “We’ll never know,” and then moved on.

    First we ignore, then we forget. In a couple of generations, kids will learn it was all just a myth.

    We don’t know all the details of what happened.
    But we know damn well what didn’t. Read the Commission Report for that.

    I understand this isn’t the forum for 9/11 discussions.
    It’s the love affair with ignorance I find bewildering.

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