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    V Arnold, Thank you for your reply. When it all comes down to it, I believe as adults, we have a DUTY to ask questions. I need to disclose that I am a nurse. The reason I didn’t disclose that earlier, is because of the behavior of people to surrender judgement to the “experts”, I’m not an expert. I haven’t always been a nurse, but since I now have some insight to some of the inner workings of the medical profession, I want to let people know that it is like any other vocation, there are good and bad people in the field. We have caring compassionate people in the field, and greedy, incompetent bastards like every other field. Because we put the field of medicine on a pedestal in our society, we feel we are inadequate to ASK VALID QUESTIONS on approaches to health problems such as this one. I think that behavior comes from this hero worship of “expertise” that is so prevalent in our societies, not thinking about examining alternatives to problems, not realizing that there are scores of doctors and researchers WHO HAVE JUST AS MUCH EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE that may take an entirely different approach to this problem, or even if this is a problem at all. You just don’t see or hear from these people, they’re censored, or they’re afraid to speak out, I would be afraid to speak out too if I owed $3-500,000 to get through medical school, that’s how they keep them in line. I would love to See Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci in front of a televised question and answer session with an audience of front line doctors, experienced front line nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and medical examiners, from all over the world. Most would either be too afraid to appear, or if they did appear, I think it would devolve into a riot.

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    I believe there was a common sense approach to protecting the vulnerable from infection, but because of the MSM induced panic, which most of the commentators are not doctors, even more importantly, it’s always the same doctors, has heightened my suspicions. Dr Fauci may be a gifted physician, but he’s not in those emergency rooms and on those med/surg floors in New York and other hot spots across the country. I have seen on youtube, doctors and nurses on the front lines videos get censored, but Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, who appear the have some type of business relationship are allowed to control the narrative. I am beginning to think that this isn’t about the virus at all, most of the people dying had pre existing conditions that made them vulnerable to infection of any kind already. I also hear that they’re classifying deaths as coronavirus, without verification because the hospitals need the money to support their overhead due to the fact that the more lucrative elective and life saving surgeries and treatments have been suspended to limit the spread of the virus. There may be, (MAY BE) one or two overwhelmed hospitals in a hot spot, but the rest of them are laying off health workers for lack of patients, I know that happened in my area of the country. There are too many aspects of this response that does not make sense from a medical aspect. There are cheaper, less disruptive ways of approaching this crisis, so if Bill Gates is supposed to be some kind of “expert” on pandemics, why are there developing countries (particularly in Africa) kicking the WHO out of their countries. The response to defeating, I’m sorry, controlling the virus (it has always been here and will always be here) has resulted in more than 30 MILLION UNEMPLOYED healthy people, countless destroyed businesses large and small, pretty much fiscally wrecked governments all over the world. I’m Sure Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have a solution for that too, I mean look at how good a job they have done so far.

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    Well put!

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    I am an ex lifelong Democrat. I voted for Obama, but my grip was slipping on his 2nd term, (after the bank bailouts) and I lost my grip when the USA destabilized Libya. That act to me, was take poor brown peoples resources and create a bunch of refugees and slaves for the crime of attempted self determination. Deflect criticism by appearing to be a formerly oppressed minority president while doing evil. Same thing in the Honduras. I don’t care for Trump’s personality although he had quite valid points when he was running for president, but I have become VERY AFRAID of what the democratic party has become, and I’m not referring to AOC or , Ilhan Omar. We have so many other pressing problems, but the democrats have focused all of their attention on LIES for the past two years. I feel this was an attempted coup with just about everyone in the media and disturbing numbers in the government being complicit. Now Assange has been arrested, not a word from just about any of the media about how wrong this is. We really don’t have an independent media any longer. It’s sad, but I trust YOUTUBE more than CNN or MSNBC. I now wonder, how did some germans feel during the late 30’s, seeing the events unfold like they did with the rise of Hitler. I really worry about the direction this world is going. A few years ago, I forced myself to examine other points of view, not just the neoliberal left. I Feel now that we have one party in this country, and it is some kind of evil abomination.

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    OK I will say it. we are headed for a global depression

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    As I said before websites like this are the only places where you can get “real news”.
    MSM scares me, I am starting to relate to all those soviet and east german news viewers just before their systems collapsed. You just can’t trust it.

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    This guy sound exceptional, but I am bothered by the electronic voting process. On serious matters such as elections, we should stick to paper. Paper ballots leave a paper trail. Electronic voting makes me uneasy because it can be prone to manipulation. Just because it says one thing on a screen, doesn’t mean it’s being counted that way, paper doesn’t break down on election day, all you need at the most basic is a pencil and 2-3 pairs of eyes to verify the results

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    I am continually surprised that when I turn the TV on (which is a whole lot less these days) That this country isn’t on fire. Especially, from the 35 and below crowd. They have been screwed on jobs, education, housing, soon the stock market, they fight in endless wars, and TPTB act if this is ok, like everything is going according to plan. They let the for profit educational system screw them over, They can’t afford a house because of inflated prices, rents high. They see sociopathic clowns posing as leaders who don’t have a clue on how to address ANY of the problems they have in their lives. I’m just waiting on the storyline on who the scapegoats are gonna be, welfare mothers, well, we didn’t give welfare mothers trillions of dollars in order to bail them out. immigrants, I see you can’t make any money off them now and because of the trade deals their countries are pretty much failed states, hell their economies/societies are in worse shape than ours is (but we’re catching up), but that’s holding us back. Minorities or the poor, I know they just came in the banks and forced you to give them a loan on a $300,000 house with no money down, and no income verification. and on top of that, they forced you to sell that crap to someone’s pension fund. Gays, women, unions, government workers? Does ANYBODY believe that any of the people who got elected to office here recently have ANY INSIGHT AT ALL!!! on how to address our current problems? Any problem ? (accumulating money to run to office doesn’t count). What is happening to this world, we have all these “educated” people and we are all riding the short bus.

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    I have a somewhat darker take on the child

    poverty situation. I have seen several times

    in my life that some poor people will choose

    not to be poor any longer. The solution to

    their particular problem will be they will

    turn to crime. Crime is always hiring.

    There’s big money to be made in human

    trafficking, kidnapping the 1%’s children, and

    extortion. Drug dealers lights are always on,

    their homes are heated and their children are

    fed. They don’t worry about income taxes,

    property taxes, who is in the white house, or

    what the federal reserve or the Bank of japan

    is doing. Local police departments usually

    get paid out of property taxes, when those go

    down because the populations fortunes have

    diminished, well, they have to make that up

    somehow. Usually it’s drug/asset seizures,

    but if you keep doing that, well the cash

    will dry up. The dealers will just pay some

    of the police to look the other way and the

    other officers will get tired of locking up

    offenders because there are so many of them.

    It also increases their chances of getting

    killed. We have all seen the pictures of

    tables about to fall in from the sheer weight

    of seized cash laying on them. A cop barely

    able to make it can’t be exposed to that

    kind of temptation too long, it’s basically

    untraceable and can relieve a lot of people of

    a whole lot of burdens. I see a couple of

    things that are going to happen in the

    future, unemployment is NOT going to go down,

    and there are a lot of soon to be released

    middle east combat vets with small children

    who are NOT going to stand by and see them

    hungry for too long. I had read there are

    over 15,000 gang members in the Los Angeles

    area. Thats just one city in the US, and

    thats an army, now imagine what’s in mexico,

    and central america. Those are poor children

    that capitalism failed and NAFTA threw away,

    so they developed their own system. Going to

    prison to them is like going to college for

    us. They get networking opportunities with

    other criminal networks, job training in

    crime, and an elevation of status in their

    own particular organizations when they get

    out. They even run their operations from

    prison. We all have seen the refugee problem

    of children coming from central america,

    they are running from gangs, violent gangs

    that have killed family members, or others

    because they wouldn’t join, or they couldn’t

    pay. Every time you turn on the news, they

    are finding another mass grave in Mexico, and

    they are not even looking for them, they are

    stumbling upon them, by mistake. Mexico is

    what you get when you put poverty, crime,

    corruption, and free trade together with no

    accountability. If we don’t do anything

    about the income inequality in this country

    and let the 1% dictate how things go in this

    country, places like Mexico, Kosovo, or

    Chicago will resemble our future. Our

    democracy, can’t survive that.

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    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Ferguson and the stock market both blew up just before the elections.

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    websites like this are very important. I do appreciate what you are doing. I think that this and other websites like this are the only places that real journalism is being conducted now. I beginning to think that the MSM has been taken over by the corporations, most of the journalist there are too afraid they will lose their social status to really report the big picture. They are mostly entertainers and propagandists now.

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    It seems everywhere, the wrong type of people have risen to the top.

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