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JMW Turner Vignette Study of a Ship in a Storm c.1830


Nicole sent me this video, which I know next to nothing about. I don’t know where it was filmed, or when, or why, nada. But, apart from the fact that listening to Nicole is always interesting, and I haven’t heard her talk nearly enough recently, because we live on opposite ends of the world these days, this is interesting because it relates directly to energy issues that have lately been a recurring theme at the Automatic Earth.

That is, once the net energy we gain from our energy sources falls by enough, our complex systems become untenable. This is not an easy-to-grasp thing for many, but it’s nevertheless true. The energy return on energy invested (EROEI) on the vast majority of our present energy sources is already dangerously close to the point where we will have to make our lives, and our societies, simpler.

We can discuss whether that’s such a bad thing, but it doesn’t really matter. We can’t beat thermodynamics. The initial reactions to this will in all likelihood by very dramatic, and in cases violent, since many individuals will try to escape having to adapt, and since individuals, societies, nations will realize that energy provides political -and military- power. Trust is a delicate topic.

There can be no doubt that in the immediate future we will attempt to build even more complex systems and societies, just to solve the problems caused by complexity, only to find out later that these systems are all built around centers that cannot hold. And we can all imagine what this will mean for our economies.

Here’s Nicole:



Nicole Foss from Community Solutions on Vimeo.



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    JMW Turner Vignette Study of a Ship in a Storm c.1830   Nicole sent me this video, which I know next to nothing about. I don’t know where it was
    [See the full post at: Nicole Foss On Life After Complexity]


    The video is from Community Solutions which is in Yellow Springs, Ohio. If I recall, Nicole was a speaker there in October 2016.

    V. Arnold

    As a sailor; and an ex-salmon troller in the North Pacific; I love your JMW Turner Vignette Study of a Ship in a Storm; so fitting and brings back memories…
    A life at sea is special…

    Diogenes Shrugged

    I love that phrase: “informed sense of urgency.” I’m not sure how one instils that sense in neighbors who take SSRIs and watch CNN, who voted for Hillary, who think binLaden collapsed the Twin Towers, who buy stocks on margin to take advantage of the economic recovery, and who think a few ppm of CO2 will boil the oceans and melt Earth’s crust. In other words, MY neighbors.

    But let’s just pretend for a moment we all live in communities that are even capable of being informed and motivated. Nicole’s own “informed sense of urgency” is hugely laudable, but with growing populations of have-nots, and increasingly thuggish globalist elites (because tax revenues fall during deflation), how should community gardens be defended? This is a very real problem that I don’t recall AE ever adequately addressing.

    Is there a pesticide against human locusts? Human locusts, by the way, carry knives and guns.

    Do you appoint a Don Corleone from within the group to “provide protection” in exchange for a cut of your community largesse?

    In the U.S., if your remedy involves calling the cops, then prepare for fines and jail time for showing a movie without a permit. And forfeiture of all your civil assets for running an illegal “farm.”

    Jeff Rense has lately spoken to guests who claim that South African blacks are intent upon, and currently active in, genocidally eliminating whites from the country altogether. As a solution, Rense suggests bringing all the South African whites to the U.S. Ask yourself whether that’s likely to succeed, and whether it provides an enduring solution to the problem. Because, after all, providing white South Africans with the means to actually defend themselves would be a thought crime, wouldn’t it? Besides, American armament sales are better confined to groups like Saudi Arabia, Israel, ISIS, and Mexican cartels.

    You’ll either have adequate means to defend your community property or you’ll lose it. Surely you must know that. What does A.E. suggest we do?


    You’ll either have adequate means to defend your community property or you’ll lose it. Surely you must know that. What does A.E. suggest we do?

    Ask Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi what they did wrong.
    Ohhh! I forgot. They have been killed.


    Yes, Arnold, having also spent time on the high seas, the watercolor stirred something in me as well. Maybe the sense of loneliness and insignificance when she kicks up?


    V. Arnold

    I love Nicole’s optimism and sense of community.
    I wish I knew people like that; but I do not.
    Even in the states; every man/woman/famity for itself.
    Family here is still mosly intact; but still an isolated entity from the non-existent collective…

    John Day

    Download that sense of responsibility, fellas… It is what it is, and we have to do what we can do and be seen doing it, and explain it to people in a positive way. I’ve started a 9 bed vegetable garden at my work, in the employee break patio area, and it is generating interest. After a little over a year, it is doing quite well, getting big and shaggy. I keep giving it haircuts. It’s the clinic’s garden, but I tend it. It has been a lot of work and expense, and there will be the fall makeover, and digging up all those sweet potatoes again, but maybe I’ll get some help this time, or not… Here’s the link to the home garden, and succession-rotation program I worked out, posted last July. https://www.johndayblog.com/2016/07/liberty-garden-central-texas-climate.html

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