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Amedeo Modigliani Elvira Resting at a Table 1919


EU Vaccine Delays Dog Effort To Speed Up COVID Inoculations (EN)
Delaying Second Dose Of Vaccine Increases Risk Of New Resistant Strain – Sage (Ind.)
WHO Advisor: COVID19 Pandemic Likely Started Via Lab Leak (TSun)
‘Miraculous’ Ivermectin Approved For Use In The US For COVID19 (LS)
Lancet Retracts Study That Claimed HCQ Is Ineffective (NF)
Moderate Republicans Push Back On Biden’s Economic Plan (NBC)
Rand Paul Says Chief Justice Roberts Won’t Take Trump Impeach Trial (NYP)
Seattle Police and City Attorney Take Hardline Stance Against Antifa (PM)
Bezos, Zuckerberg $18 Billion Richer In Biden’s First Days In Office (F.)
Jeff Bezos, Amazon Refuting Mail-in Votes For Unionization (Outkick)
Eurostar Near Collapse, Asks for Bailout, Becomes Hot Potato (WS)
Indian Farmers on the Frontline Against Global Capitalism (OffG)





“Italy’s coronavirus commissioner said that vaccinations had been cut from 80,000 a day to 28,000 a day, Italian media reported. He said Italian authorities were considering taking legal action against Pfizer..”

EU Vaccine Delays Dog Effort To Speed Up COVID Inoculations (EN)

AstraZeneca’s EU vaccine shipments will be delayed, the EU’s health commissioner said, in yet another obstacle to the bloc’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout. “The EU Commission and Member States expressed deep dissatisfaction with this,” Stella Kyriakides tweeted on Friday after member states heard from AstraZeneca representatives. The AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine is expected to receive approval from the European Medicines Agency this week, and any delay or shortage of doses could be a significant speed bump as member states race to vaccinate their populations amid a worsening COVID-19 crisis. The emergence of more transmissible variants of coronavirus has caused significant concern in Europe with the UK reporting record daily hospitalisations and deaths due to the virus mutations.

Johnson warned on Friday that early evidence showed the new variant could be more deadly as well. Countries are racing against the clock to vaccinate as many people as possible before the variants spread further. But Pfizer said just last week that fewer doses would be available in the EU in late January and early February due to quality tests at the manufacturing plant in Belgium. Some EU countries have since had to cut vaccinations amid the delays, prompting criticism of the pharmaceutical companies behind the vaccines. Domenico Arcuri, Italy’s coronavirus commissioner, said that vaccinations had been cut from 80,000 a day to 28,000 a day, Italian media reported. He said Italian authorities were considering taking legal action against Pfizer, AP reported.

Authorities in Germany’s most populous state said that due to delays in delivery of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine they would halt first vaccinations. North Rhine Westphalia had received 100,000 vaccine doses less than originally planned, the state said. Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn said that “we are currently in a phase in which the worldwide demand for corona vaccines is very high.”

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Well, that’s too bad then. Because you’ve run out.

Delaying Second Dose Of Vaccine Increases Risk Of New Resistant Strain – Sage (Ind.)

Delaying doses of coronavirus inoculations will increase the chances of a vaccine-resistant strain of Covid-19 emerging, government scientists have warned. In new reports, released by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), experts also warned that resistant new variants were a “realistic possibility” driven by the virus reacting to increasing levels of natural immunity among the population. The government’s decision to delay the second dose of vaccines to 12 weeks rather than three, to try and give more people some protection from the virus, has sparked anger among frontline health workers who fear they are being left at increased risk from infections.

There have also been suggestions from Israel, that have yet to be fully validated, that the protection from a first dose could be far less than originally thought. In papers released on Friday, Sage scientists there was an “increased risk of virus replication under partial immunity after one dose than after two doses, so in the short term, delaying the second dose would be expected to somewhat increase the probability of emergence of vaccine resistance – but probably from a low base. “Is such an increase material? It is not currently possible to quantify the probability of emergence of vaccine resistance as a result of the delayed second dose, but it is likely to be small. The UK currently has more than 1,000 Covid-19-related deaths each day and has limited supplies of vaccine.

“In the current UK circumstances the unquantifiable but likely small probability of the delayed second dose generating a vaccine escape mutant must be weighed against the measurable benefits of doubling the speed with which the most vulnerable can be given vaccine-induced protection.”

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While his WHO colleagues are still in China?!

WHO Advisor: COVID19 Pandemic Likely Started Via Lab Leak (TSun)

One year after the pandemic started, World Health Organization advisor Jamie Metzl wants China to come clean about the origins of the COVID-19 virus. The Kansas City-born, New York-based Metzl, who served as Deputy Staff Director of the Foreign Relations Committee under then Senator Joe Biden (2001-2003) and before that on the National Security Council (1997-99) and the State Department (1999-01) under President Bill Clinton), theorizes it was most likely an accidental lab leak in Wuhan. “There’s no irrefutable evidence,” said Metzl, who was appointed to the WHO’s expert advisory committee on human genome editing in 2019 and is also the author of Hacking Darwin. “There’s just more evidence and as more evidence arrives, the case for accidental lab leak, in my view, increases.”

We caught up with Metzl down the line from San Miguel de Allende: What about the original theory that this all started in a wet market in Wuhan? That was a lie. And the Chinese government knew very early on that that was a lie. And so in the face of overwhelming evidence in May of last year, the Chinese government shifted its position. Do you get the idea of scary viruses being created in a lab may seem a little sci-fi? It may feel like sci-fi to people but what’s happening is sci. There is a field of study called “gain of function” research, which is highly controversial in which some scientists amplify the virility of viruses. We know that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was involved in gain of function research on bat coronaviruses.

Is it because this specifically started in China that we still don’t know how COVID-19 started? If there had been an outbreak in Congo or some country in Africa and that country, in the earliest days of the pandemic, prevented World Health Organization investigators from going onto the scene of the outbreak, for nearly a month, the world would have gone berserk. Will a change of the U.S. administration help find an answer? Biden will be tougher on China than President Trump because President Biden is very smart and strategic and he understands that American power and American strength doesn’t rest on bluster, it rests on principles, it rests on partnerships, and alliances and accountability. And the Trump administration unfortunately gave China a pass by over politicizing the question of the origin of the virus by alienating America’s partners and allies.

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So when’s the big rollout?

‘Miraculous’ Ivermectin Approved For Use In The US For COVID-19 (LS)

Following the diligent efforts of physicians associated with a group called Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has upgraded their recommendation for the “miraculous” drug ivermectin, making it an option for use in treating COVID-19 within the United States. The result comes one week after Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory—founding members of the FLCCC, along with Dr. Andrew Hill, researcher and consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO), presented their data before the NIH Treatment Guidelines Panel. A press release from FLCCC explains the “new designation upgraded the status of ivermectin from ‘against’ [the drug’s use] to ‘neither for nor against,’ which is the same recommendation given to monoclonal antibodies and convalescent plasma, both widely used across the nation.”

“By no longer recommending against ivermectin use,” the statement said, “doctors should feel more open in prescribing ivermectin as another therapeutic option for the treatment of COVID-19. This may clear its path towards FDA [Food and Drug Administration] emergency use approval.” “Ivermectin is one of the world’s safest, cheapest and most widely available drugs,” explained Dr. Kory, President of the FLCCC Alliance. “The studies we presented to the NIH revealed high levels of statistical significance showing large magnitude benefit in transmission rates, need for hospitalization, and death. What’s more, the totality of trials data supporting ivermectin is without precedent.”

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How many lives could have been saved?

Lancet Retracts Study That Claimed HCQ Is Ineffective (NF)

A leading medical journal has issued a retraction of their endorsement for a study that concluded the anti-viral drug hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against the COVID-19 virus. This retraction appears to validate the claims then-President Trump made about the medication being a frontline drug in the battle in the pandemic. The Lancet, a respected online medical journal, issued an apology to its readers in an edition last year after the retraction. “We deeply apologize to you, the editors, and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused,” the publishers of The Lancet said.

Compared to the significantly more expensive medications being used to treat the virus, hydroxychloroquine – a drug widely used to treat malaria – is relatively inexpensive and universally available. Hydroxychloroquine ranges in price from $0.30 to $6.63 per dose depending on location. The Lancet’s endorsement of the study was withdrawn because the Surgisphere Corporation, the company that provided data, refused to provide full access to the information it based its study on. Peer review medical journals typically engage in third-party peer review to validate the findings. The Surgisphere Corporation said it refused to release the study data because it would violate client agreements and confidentiality requirements, raising questions about the study’s legitimacy.

“Based on this development, we can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources. Due to this unfortunate development, the authors request that the paper be retracted,” The Lancet said in a statement. In the now debunked study, researchers concluded that hydroxychloroquine didn’t aid in curbing the COVID-19 virus. It went on to say that the drug caused heart problems and appeared to elevate the risk of death. The study was immediately embraced by the beleaguered World Health Organization and other groups causing research into the use of the drug to combat COVID-19 to stop.

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Let the games ….. continue.

Moderate Republicans Push Back On Biden’s Economic Plan (NBC)

Key moderate Republicans in the Senate dismissed quick action on President Joe Biden’s top priority of a $1.9 trillion economic package, indicating that the $1,400 stimulus payments he requested could take months, or never arrive. Democrats need to convince 10 Republicans in the Senate, which might require asking for less funding than Biden initially requested, or bypassing the 60-vote threshold utilizing a parliamentarian maneuver. Biden’s team appears ready to mount an aggressive campaign to get Congress to act, a departure from the previous administration that largely failed to engage lawmakers on legislative priorities and did not spend political capital on getting bills passed.

Republicans who would be critical to get to the finish line said they’re open to additional money to speed up distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, but balked at Biden’s overall price tag. Some called on Biden to pare back the plan while others suggested waiting a few months to see if the economic need persists. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, one of the most moderate Republicans, said she’s “sympathetic” to boosting vaccine funds but doesn’t see the justification for a bill “that is so big.” “It’s hard for me to see when we just passed $900 billion of assistance why we would have a package that big,” Collins told reporters Thursday. “Maybe a couple of months from now, the needs will be evident and we will need to do something significant, but I’m not seeing it right now.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, called Biden’s request “significant,” adding that “the ink is barely dry on the $900 billion” bill. “And so it’s going to require, I think, a fair amount of debate and consideration,” she told reporters. Sen. Mitt Romney R-Utah, a conservative who has a track record of breaking with his party, told NBC News that he isn’t inclined to borrow another $1 trillion or even $500 billion for a broad economic package. “My own view is that what’s holding back the economy is Covid, not money,” he said. “I want to do everything we can to get the Covid vaccines out. But once the Covid vaccine is out and people are inoculated, I believe you’ll see the economy coming back.”

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Stretching the law.

Rand Paul Says Chief Justice Roberts Won’t Take Trump Impeach Trial (NYP)

As Democrats plunge ahead with a post-term impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, a key question remains: Will Chief Justice Roberts take the case? Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky says he won’t — making the exercise “a fake, partisan impeachment,” the lawmaker told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Friday. Paul claimed Roberts has “privately said he’s not supposed to come unless it’s an impeachment of the president.” According to the US Constitution, “when the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside” — a requirement not made for any other impeachment case. As lawmakers debated the legitimacy of impeachment, the Biden administration continued to keep its distance from the issue.

“Congress is going to do what Congress does,” Ashley Etienne, Vice President Kamala Harris’ communications director, told MSNBC Saturday. One thing Trump enemies in Congress appear to be doing is grasping at straws — even reaching back to a post-Civil War amendment. Several Dems have floated the idea of punishing Trump with the 14th Amendment’s rule that shuts those who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” out of elective office. “I certainly think there is a 14th Amendment avenue separate and aside from impeachment,” Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy told The Hill.

But the stricture, which was written to prevent former Confederate loyalists from regaining power as the United States struggled through Reconstruction, has not been used since — and would spark a long judicial battle if Congress attempted to invoke it, legal experts say. Meanwhile, with Trump no longer in the White House, Republicans like Paul continued to deride the impeachment as “an illegitimate procedure.” Roberts, who has not said publicly whether he will preside over the trial, has two more weeks to decide. After the House of Representatives’ impeachment managers on Monday read their articles of impeachment accusing Trump of inciting the deadly Jan. 6 riot, the Senate will delay the trial until the week of Feb. 8 so that President Biden can get his administration up and running, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Friday.

If Trump is convicted with a two-thirds majority of the Senate, Schumer could call for a second vote, this one requiring only a simple majority, barring him from holding elective office again. But conviction will require the votes of at least 17 Senate Republicans — an increasingly remote possibility, as more party members climb aboard Paul’s argument that only a sitting president can be impeached. “It’s going to be tough to get even a handful” of GOP defectors, Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) told CNN — because “everybody has views that it’s kind of a constitutional concern.”

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The Seattle Times never mentions the term Antifa. It’s just an idea.

Seattle Police and City Attorney Take Hardline Stance Against Antifa (PM)

As Antifa militants take to Seattle’s streets on a near-daily basis following the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the city’s police and Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes are responding with a promise to bring the hammer down on violent protesters. In an announcement on Saturday, the city’s interim police Chief Adrian Diaz announced that his department is coordinating with the city attorney to enact a strict new policy to arrest and prosecute protesters who destroy property during street demonstrations. Diaz said that the new enforcement policy will take effect this Saturday, when a demonstration has been planned for Occidental Square. Prosecutions will increase under the new order.

In his speech, Seattle’s top cop said that he has wanted to crack down on the violent militants for months, and that its becoming clear following Biden’s inauguration that their protests have no real cause. “They’re focused on breaking windows, and these are things we need to work on,” he said, reported Seattle Times. A spokesperson for the police said that suspects in low-level crimes were not even booked into jail last year due to coronavirus concerns, and that the policy of not booking those who commit misdemeanors is unlikely to change. However, individuals released on bail who are re-arrested will likely be prosecuted now. Diaz said that police will take a hardline approach to repeat offenders.

“We will be prosecuting these crimes from now on,” he said. “When we don’t have any form of accountability for people — and many of them are coming from outside the city — they will continue to do that activity, and we can’t have that.” In addition to the prosecutions, police will be deploying in extra numbers starting Saturday and will coordinate law enforcement efforts with the Washington State Patrol and federal agents to prevent protesters from entering freeways and federal buildings. “We would like to protect buildings from being vandalized in the first place, and don’t want to cause undue conflict. It’s safer for protesters and officers to not be drawing that line, so to speak,” said Diaz. Earlier this week, Antifa rioters vandalized and looted the historic Starbucks, a Democratic Party office, and numerous local businesses in protest of the newly inaugurated president.

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How much more stimulus do we need to keep making them richer? It will stop somewhere.

Bezos, Zuckerberg $18 Billion Richer In Biden’s First Days In Office (F.)

The world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, had a very good week. The Amazon CEO got $10 billion richer, bringing his net worth to $191.5 billion. He’s got an $8.3 billion lead over Tesla CEO Elon Musk (net worth: $183.2 billion), who briefly claimed the top spot this month before falling back to second place. Even better for Bezos? His boost this week comes in part thanks to the departure of Donald Trump, a constant critic of Amazon and the Bezos-owned Washington Post. President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday, sending tech stocks soaring on optimism over his administration’s Covid-19 vaccine and stimulus plans.

Amazon ended the week up 6.1%, Facebook gained 9.2% and Google parent Alphabet rose 9.5%, beating the S&P and Dow Jones Industrial Average’s weekly gains of 2% and 0.5%, respectively. On Inauguration Day, Amazon executive Dave Clark sent a letter to Biden offering Amazon’s resources to help distribute the vaccine. “We are prepared to leverage our operations, information technology, and communications capabilities and expertise to assist your administration’s vaccination effort,” he wrote. Clark also took the opportunity to advocate prioritizing vaccinating Amazon’s 800,000 employees, most of whom are essential frontline workers.

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Ha ha ha.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon Refuting Mail-in Votes For Unionization (Outkick)

Jeff Bezos — a strong Democratic supporter — and Amazon are aiming to postpone a unionization vote at one of its warehouses in Alabama, the Wall Street Journal reports. Interestingly, Amazon has requested that the National Labor Relations Board reconsider allowing mail-in voting, claiming that the mail-in voting process has “serious and systemic flaws.” Got that? Bezos and Amazon are doing all they can to prevent any shady activity when workers cast their ballots for unionization, and they are particularly concerned about the integrity of mail-in ballots. You are likely trying to figure out how that adds up, right? The Washington Post, owned by Bezos, called any claims of mail-in voter fraud by Donald Trump and his supporters dangerous and inexcusable.

Amazon even banned Parler from its servers, in part to ensure no one could claim voter fraud occurred from mail-in ballots back in November. But stop trying to make it make sense. It is not supposed to add up. In this case, mail-in voting is disadvantageous for Bezos and his e-commerce behemoth. Therefore, they now consider mail-in voting seriously flawed. An Amazon spokesperson tells CNN the company is seeking a “valid, fair and successful election” and suggests that only in-person voting can ensure that. Hmm, interesting perspective. Amazon has, thus far, fended off unions in the United States. If a majority of ballots vote in favor of unionization, hourly Amazon workers would send an L right up to Bezos’ office.

Bamazonunion.com explains that a union at Amazon would “give us the right to collectively bargain over our working conditions including items such as safety standards, training, breaks, pay, benefits, and other important issues that would make our workplace better.” The NLRB says, “A mail ballot election will enfranchise employees who cannot enter the voting location for health reasons or due to positive COVID tests.” Fearing an unfavorable outcome, however, Amazon now insists that current COVID outbreaks aren’t dangerous enough to warrant this NLRB decision.

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In a train in a tunnel with COVID. No thanks.

Eurostar Near Collapse, Asks for Bailout, Becomes Hot Potato (WS)

Eurostar, the company that operates the cross-Channel train service that connects the UK with France, Belgium and the Netherlands, is on the brink of collapse, the company’s management warned this week. With passenger numbers down 95% in the final quarter of 2020 and revenues down over 80% over the course of 2020, it is now “on a drip” and in desperate need of extra cash, says Christophe Fanichet, a senior executive of France’s state SNCF railways, which is the majority shareholder of Eurostar. “I’m very worried about Eurostar. The company is in a critical state, I’d even say very critical,” he said.

In 2019, Eurostar shuttled 11 million passengers — including many businessmen and women — from London St Pancras to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. While generally more expensive than budget air fares, it is quicker, more comfortable, and drops off passengers in the center of their chosen city of destination. But like the airlines, its whole business model has been upended by the virus crisis. At present, the company is operating only two services a day, a far cry from the two trains an hour it used to operate during peak times before the pandemic. And most of those trains are less than a quarter full. More than 90% of its workers have been furloughed.

It’s a similar story across Europe’s railway sector. Passenger numbers have plunged between 70%-90% as lockdowns, social-distancing rules, and concerns about the risks of using public transport have taken their toll. The industry is estimated to have racked up losses of €22 billion in 2020, according to CER, a Brussels-based commerce group representing passenger and freight prepare operators. That’s similar to the total losses accrued so far by Europe’s airlines. Thousands of workers are on government-subsidized furloughs. “It’s a totally extraordinary situation,” said Libor Lochman, CER’s executive director. “There is no comparison for it, and it can and will lead to the bankruptcy of a number of companies, unless there is the political will to prevent it”.

Just as happened last Spring, travel restrictions are tightening across Europe and borders are closing as countries try to counter the spread of new strains of the Covid-19 virus. France announced on Thursday that visitors from the UK, which is no longer part of the EU, will need to observe a seven-day quarantine and undertake a PCR test on their arrival. The UK already has a quarantine system in place for travelers from the EU. These latest travel restrictions have compounded Eurostar’s woes. It could run out of money by April, according to industry sources. To stave off that fate, the company is asking for government support of the kind already doled out to many airlines. Eurostar has already tapped shareholders for €200 million and is apparently loath to do so again, particularly given the recent tightening of travel restrictions.

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Indian Farmers on the Frontline Against Global Capitalism (OffG)

In the above short video on the empirediaries.com YouTube channel, a protesting farmer camped near Delhi says that during lockdown and times of crisis farmers are treated like “gods”, but when they ask for their rights, they are smeared and labelled as “terrorists”. He, along with thousands of other farmers, are mobilising against three important pieces of farm legislation that were recently forced through parliament. To all intents and purposes, these laws sound a neoliberal death knell for most of India’s cultivators and its small farms, the backbone of the nation’s food production. The farmer says: “Corporates invested in Modi before the election and brought him to power. He has sold out and is an agent of Ambani and Adani. He is unable to repeal the bills because his owners will scold him. He is trapped. But we are not backing down either.”

He then asks whether ministers know how many seeds are needed to grow wheat on an acre of land: “We farmers know. They made these farm laws sitting in air-conditioned rooms. And they are teaching us the benefits!” While the corporations that will move in on the sector due to the legislation will initially pay good money for crops, once the public sector markets (mandis) are gone, the farmer says they will become the only buyers and will beat prices down. He asks why, in other sectors, do sellers get to put price tags on their products but not farmers: “Why can’t farmers put minimum prices on the crops we produce? A law must be brought to guarantee MSP [minimum support prices]. Whoever buys below MSP must be punished by law.”

The recent agriculture legislation represents the final pieces of a 30-year-old plan which will benefit a handful of billionaires in the US and in India. It means the livelihoods of hundreds of millions (the majority of the population) who still (directly or indirectly) rely on agriculture for a living are to be sacrificed at the behest of these elite interests. Consider that much of the UK’s wealth came from sucking $45 trillion from India alone according to renowned economist Utsa Patnaik. Britain grew rich by underdeveloping India. What amount to little more than modern-day East India-type corporations are now in the process of helping themselves to the country’s most valuable asset – agriculture.

According to the World Bank’s lending report, based on data compiled up to 2015, India was easily the largest recipient of its loans in the history of the institution. The World Bank thus exerts a certain hold over India: on the back of India’s foreign exchange crisis in the 1990s, the IMF and World Bank wanted India to shift hundreds of millions out of agriculture. In return for up to more than $120 billion in loans at the time, India was directed to dismantle its state-owned seed supply system, reduce subsidies, run down public agriculture institutions and offer incentives for the growing of cash crops to earn foreign exchange. The plan involves shifting at least 400 million from the countryside into cities.

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 24 2021]

    a kullervo

    Bezos against mail-in votes, health “authorities” making political decisions…

    De-humanise yourself
    as the endgame?

    Dr. D

    Science: never to be seen again.

    Am I the only one who has any sense, or a 10-day memory here?

    Okay, first: retraction. Due to the total lack of science, or at least reporting on it, I’m going to give in to the new, changing definition of “vaccine” as something that broadly prevents a disease. Along with that, and lacking science, I’ll backtrack on the accusation that it isn’t a vaccine since it only reduces the severity. ALL vaccines only reduce the severity, as obviously your body encounters the pathogen but the important part is that it recognizes and eliminates it immediately. I still believe the gist is correct, you still “get” Covid as much as anyone, but since that’s the common cold, what does that even mean? We would need a hierarchy of symptom reduction, how much and what. Since there’s no science, no one reports that.

    However: the Pfizer vaccine is a mRNA injection – external to the nuclei – that sparks the body into recognizing the spike protein characteristic of COVID, but SARS, and other coronaviruses. Got it? That’s what’s been reported for MONTHS.

    So….somebody want to tell me how on earth a new strain of Covid can evade a basic function of its existence? Protein existence and shape?

    If it can, IT’S NOT COVID. It’s another common cold. Or at least another disease altogether, by definition. And thus, as they’ve made me say ten-thousand times, “We can never end the lockdown until we cure death itself.” Until all diseases, of all names and types, are cured.

    But we’ve come a long way on that. Influenza has been cured and completely erased. As has pneumonia. Also heart disease and a number of others. We’ve also cured common sense, prosperity, human rights, and science. We won’t have them bothering us any more! Because Covid isn’t Covid and a spike protein isn’t a spike protein.

    Put another way: the total failure of our vaccine isn’t our fault! It’s still 110% effective, just like our lack of research + sale department says. You must have got an exact same DIFFERENT virus, that’s the ticket!

    Words have meanings. And consequences. Except to lying liars who lie like this.

    And they are lying. First, Israel shows the vaccine doesn’t work. Hardly at all. Second, it kills a huge number of people very quickly and handily, either by instant death, or by “getting Covid” which still seems impossible. But since it doesn’t work, it will soon DEFINITELY kill more people because they will think they have some or any immunity and they won’t, and will be less careful in hospitals or with friends. …So they’ll claim it’s something new and different nobody coulda knewd. Because it’s not my fault I lied. If you trusted me, it’s your fault. Clearly you’re an idiot.

    By no longer recommending against ivermectin use,”

    What was that about lying killing people? We didn’t know why they when bats**t against HCQ eariler. It was for legal reasons: IF there was any therapy whatsoever, they couldn’t use the world’s population as a vaccine guinea pigs to their sudden death. …And quite likely their lingering death later on (more to come). Now that vaccines have adequate traction, they don’t care, they got out of the barn. If cases drop (as they’re already arranging Election +1 with PCR under 30) then the vaccine fixed it! Every use of Ivermectin is a vaccine win. So why would they care now? We just needed to endure the carpet-bombing of their lies to popup later and use the actual, non-lethal cure.

    the $1,400 stimulus payments he requested could take months, or never arrive.”

    The new UBI: $600 a year. That’s NeoFeudalism.

    Actually, that’s an insult to feudalism. Under feudalism, the Lords have responsibilities to the PEASANTS, who have 45 holidays and a 10% tax rate. They can NOT be evicted or turned off the land, and they’re more or less required to have a social service net. Under “Progressiveism” of Green New Deal NeoFeudalism, you get $600 a year and we pray to God you die. The more and the sooner the better. “They’d better get to it” — E. Scrooge.

    Here’s the good part: The whole nation sees this now. It’s THEM, and US. And THEY are all ringfenced in 10 square miles, and control only a couple thousand people. All we have to do is stop, and ignore them, and they go away forever.

    Seattle Police and City Attorney Take Hardline Stance Against Antifa (PM)”

    This is why from yesterday’s comments, it doesn’t matter that the “Patriots” are the new KKK to be ethnically cleansed. They’re not. You don’t have to name sides. Because the NeoLibs are every bit as hot to destroy and imprison all non-establishment people equally – as just discussed on CNN with not allowing Conservatives to speak anywhere, banning Fox from Cable providers, and de-programming anyone who doesn’t slavishly believe everything printed by CNN and MSNBC as “irrational conspiracy theories / hate speech”. As Jimmy Dore points out – for years – that means YOU, Leftists. They are anti-Russia then they are anti-communist, and PRO billionaire, war-mongering establishment. If you want a living wage, affordable health care for the people and no war, you are the direct enemy of the establishment. They’re coming for YOU, you boneheads, 10 seconds after they deplatform Patreon and Jones. You’re Next!

    And here we go. 30 seconds after office, Biden has trampled the Unions, attacked the blacks, given women second-class status, unsafe in their own areas, re-launched WWIII in Syria, arrested the Left, unemployed 7,000 people a day, promised billions to foreign nations, and made America dependent on foreign oil. But we’re talking about the part where he’s shutting down and arresting all his own supporters, you dummies. Just like the Right said, who was fighting for YOUR right to free speech. And your right to defend yourselves, from Biden, with force of arms if necessary. We think you have a right to save yourselves, and to keep arguing with us later.

    Grantham Sees “Spectacular” Crash In “The Next Few Months” (ZH)”

    Maybe. Hard to imagine how though. All financial instruments are totally disconnected from the economy. “It could be,” Michael Burry said, “That we are in a completely fraudulent system.” ALL collapsing, hyperinflationary stock markets go UP. Up, silly, like Zimbabwe, the greatest stock market on earth. THAT’S HOW THE RICH STEAL FROM THE POOR, because they have investments that keep up a little, and the poor do not. That’s why inflation, stimulus, raising minimum wage, always utterly ruins the poor. And why it’s done, since the poor don’t believe it. Because Conservatives tell them that this will happen and to save themselves, and they won’t.

    “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.” – H. L. Mencken

    So the rich are happy to give them what they want: death and utter annihilation, as everywhere else in Socialism and its direct equivalent, Fascism. Not my fault: I gave you what you want.

    In any case, the worse the U.S. is, the better the Stock Market. …Until it isn’t. But that’s a couple twists ahead.

    a 30-year-old plan which will benefit a handful of billionaires”

    Killin’ some folks. Happens 100x a day, everywhere they go, every time they act, but it’s all a complete accident. No matter how many hundred times they do it, or how many times they publish that this is their plan, method, and goal.


    Surely one of the greatest scandals of last year, if not of all time, are the attempts to withhold from the consuming publics information on Hydroxychloroquine (+ zinc) and Ivermectin.
    Whether protecting profits of Big Pharma, or just OrangeManBad, the evidence shows that many thousands people dies unnecessarily.
    Both Ivermectin and HCQ are considered as ionophores, compounds that facilitate replenishment of tissue zinc, consumed by the initial efforts of the bodies’ immune system to prevent replication of an attacking virus. Yet most studies of the Lancet article era totally ignored zinc or administered HCQ too late in the disease progression. Physicians supporting HCQ were adamant in recommending early treatment, supplemental zinc, and often the crucial Vitamin D3.
    How do we know this is an avoidable tragedy? Look at India.
    According to the latest WHO data, India has half the covid-19 cases, HALF the total deaths, and three times the population. But in September, cases were rising rapidly in both countries. The rapid fall off in India is attributed variously to herd immunity, and ready availability of Ivermectin and HCQ, often supplies by Governmental agencies.
    Graphing the data https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html is enough to curl your hair.



    On the Treatment of Covid-19

    Numerous international studies have shown that prophylactic and early treatment can significantly reduce the risk of severe or fatal covid-19
    Treatment protocol

    Zinc (25mg to 50mg per day)
    Quercetin (250mg to 500mg per day)
    Bromhexine (24mg to 36mg per day)*
    Vitamin D (2000 IU per day)
    Vitamin C (1000mg per day)
    Early treatment

    Zinc (75mg to 150mg per day)
    Quercetin (500mg to 1000mg per day)
    Vitamins D (5000 u/d) and C (1000mg/d)
    Bromhexine (50mg to 100mg per day)*
    Aspirin (162mg to 325mg per day)*
    Prescription only

    Ivermectin (12mg per day for 2-5 days)*
    High-dose vitamin D (up to 100,000 IU)
    Hydroxychloroquine (400mg per day)*
    Azithromycin (up to 500mg per day)
    Prednisone (60mg to 80mg per day)*

    • ‘Miraculous’ Ivermectin Approved For Use In The US For COVID-19 (LS)

    “Ivermectin is one of the world’s safest, cheapest and most widely available drugs,” explained Dr. Kory, President of the FLCCC Alliance. “The studies we presented to the NIH revealed high levels of statistical significance showing large magnitude benefit in transmission rates, need for hospitalization, and death. What’s more, the totality of trials data supporting ivermectin is without precedent.”

    • Lancet Retracts Study That Claimed HCQ Is Ineffective (NF)

    Compared to the significantly more expensive medications being used to treat the virus, hydroxychloroquine – a drug widely used to treat malaria – is relatively inexpensive and universally available. Hydroxychloroquine ranges in price from $0.30 to $6.63 per dose depending on location.

    “Why can’t farmers put minimum prices on the crops we produce? A law must be brought to guarantee MSP [minimum support prices]. Whoever buys below MSP must be punished by law.”

    modern monetary theory



    Klaus Schwab’s “Magic Money Tree” Prediction is Coming True

    Klaus Schwab’s “Magic Money Tree” Prediction is Coming True
    The fact that Schwab is being proven right on his “magic money tree” prediction leads one to wonder: what else will he be right about in the near future? Scary thought …
    January 22, 2021
    By Joseph Jankowski

    Mr. House

    So when do we get the investigation into COVID like we did for Russiagate? It seems to me that holding back things that could have substantially reduced the death count is premeditated murder

    Mr. House

    And now we know how India and China, two countries with populations triple the size of the United State had less deaths. Well if we believe their statistics, but they wouldn’t lie, just like the medical industry in the good ole US of A wouldn’t lie

    Mr. House

    Isn’t this A$$hole a big supporter of Dems? I’m sure he was for mail in ballots when it was against trump



    This interview is by a former Navy doctor, hypothesizing about warfare 5.0. The animal testing of vaccines have always failed, as animals are challenged with the virus after vaccination. I can not make out the rational at 22:00 minutes, can anyone help out with mechanics of the challenging virus being a Trojan Horse? It seem pivotal to our point in time.


    “testing of vaccines” er, that would be Corona Virus vaccines.


    Doc Robinson, prev. thread, about the normalisation of Florida eldery being jabbed … Yikes.

    Germ and zerosum, I’m in CH and I missed that link (Swiss policy research round-up covid-meds), v. useful for sending round, thx.


    Many heads of ‘State’ and celebs and ppl who should know better (probably do..) were photographed, filmed, being vaxxed (with what substance we don’t know..), normally it’s a med procedure, private, and not flashed. At first I was a bit surprised. Heh.

    Imho, today, print or speech is not enough to convince, a striking / ‘testifying’ emblematic image is needed.

    The propaganda works. —> Ppl identify with the ‘leaders’ and want to do / have the same, particularly if they, elderly or handicapped ppl, are ‘first in line’ for the vax so somehow ‘privileged’, head of the queue, more ‘worthy’ than others, a status they have not enjoyed in the last 10, 15, or more, years, if ever (handicapped), of their lives.

    I see Arnold Schwarzenegger is on that bandwaggon now! Come with me if you want to live! he says, behind the wheel, wearing a mask. Whoo hoo! Is that ‘sponsoring’ for a fee or what?

    link > vid at CNN



    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    ― H.L. Mencken

    Anything that makes the Hobgoblin less terrifying will always be attacked with prejudice. Thus we have the studious ignoring or vilifying of HCQ, Zinc, Vit D, and especially Ivermectin.

    Dr D Rich

    An update:
    Was the Chairman Joint Chiefs Gen. Milley’s conduct insurrectionist?
    There certainly was disagreement in pantheon of Army General leadership.
    Case in point:

    So, the 4-year long, Hillary Clinton-Nancy Pelosi-led insurrection met all the elements of a coup. The most important coup elements manifested were 1) the control of mass communications by the silencing of President Trump and 2) the US Military’s participation by the National Guard deployment in Washington DC and the Joint Chiefs politico-insurrectionist support of the HRC-Pelosi-led coup.
    And the military participated in the coup to unseat the President of the United States.
    General Mark Milley was explicit in his memorandum of January 13, 2021 declaring Joe Biden the president. The Chairman Joint Chiefs did indeed huddle with Insurrection-leader-Pelosi Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi and J. Robinette Biden definitely were not the Commander in Chief from January 13, 2021 until noon on January 20, 2021 and Mark Milley knew these facts as the controlling authority over his conduct and behavior.



    Truth Teller are at TAE

    “ignoring or vilifying of HCQ, Zinc, Vit D, and especially Ivermectin.”

    “The 4-year long, Hillary Clinton-Nancy Pelosi-led insurrection met all the elements of a coup.”
    Don’t hold your breath.
    Tell me again, how many people, theoretically, are needed to initiate change. Was the number less than 20%?
    + 74 million could not make changes and +48% of the voters.

    Veracious Poet

    Coming attractions ~ Globalist reset and the advent of transhumanism:

    They will take your job. They will close your bank account and lock your cards. They will block you from buying or using guns/ammo for your own defense. They will deny you access to travel. They will force you to be vaccinated, but still wear a mask. They will kick you out of school. They will close your church. They will cut off your communications. They will ban you from the internet so that the entire world of information that was at your fingertips is gone. They will take away your children and place them in reeducation camps. They will put you in jail. In the end, they will kill you if they can. They will do all of these things, while calling you an oppressor. They will cry out in pain as they strike you.

    You have no country. You have no rights. You own no property. Wages are for the chosen. If you’re eligable, you’ll be assigned to a grid to exist within. You will be told what to think. Submit to law enforicement/military Chekas – Resistance is futile.

    This is the future, as of today.

    We the Sheeple placidly acquiesced as powerless subjects to tyranny, even when faced with an external biothreat, herded into pens, placing toilet paper as top priority, then scurrying into lines in a wretched hope for injection with God knows what, to further enrich the lizard kings…

    I no longer care, I just prepare.

    Signing off,

    A former american.

    Dr D Rich

    Behavioral studies repeatedly show Buy-in of only 5% of the population is required to psychologically inoculate a group/population to a movement or cult.


    “Behavioral studies repeatedly show Buy-in of only 5% of the population is required to psychologically inoculate a group/population to a movement or cult.”

    Another theory bites the dust.

    Has anyone seen Bernie Sander at the beach.


    ‘The New Feudalism’, by Jeffrey A. Tucker:

    “On February 28, the idea of locking down and smashing economies and human rights the world over was unthinkable to most of us but lustily imagined by intellectuals hoping to conduct a new social/political experiment. On that day, New York Times reporter Donald McNeil released a shocking article: To Take On the Coronavirus, Go Medieval on It.

    He was serious. Most all governments – with few exceptions like Sweden and the Dakotas in the US – did exactly that. The result has been shocking. I’ve previously called it the new totalitarianism.

    Another way to look at this, however, is that the lockdowns have created a new feudalism. The workers/peasants toil in the field, struggling for their own survival, unable to escape their plight, while privileged lords and ladies live off the labors of others and issue proclamations from the estate on the hill above it all..”

    The New Feudalism

    And the Vichy Left have been all-in on this war on the voiceless Many-

    The New Feudalism


    I prefer the description of “warlord” society instead of trying to describe the same thing with a new expression.

    ‘The New Feudalism’, by Jeffrey A. Tucker:


    V. Arnold

    ‘The New Feudalism’, by Jeffrey A. Tucker:

    Interesting article. Thanks.

    However, as a counter to this “New Feudalism” I think Dr. D nailed it:
    The new UBI: $600 a year. That’s NeoFeudalism.

    Dr. D
    Actually, that’s an insult to feudalism. Under feudalism, the Lords have responsibilities to the PEASANTS, who have 45 holidays and a 10% tax rate. They can NOT be evicted or turned off the land, and they’re more or less required to have a social service net. Under “Progressiveism” of Green New Deal NeoFeudalism, you get $600 a year and we pray to God you die. The more and the sooner the better. “They’d better get to it” — E. Scrooge.

    V. Arnold

    I prefer the description of “warlord” society instead of trying to describe the same thing with a new expression.

    Yes, I can see why. Your link to wiki (below) fits pretty closely to the U.S. of today…
    I’ve never witnessed the internal fracturing I’m seeing today.
    But, either way, people are not being cared for, socially, medically, or in a just way by the courts, or the militarized police departments; they have long ago stopped serving the public good…

    A warlord is a leader able to exercise military, economic, and political control over a subnational territory within a sovereign state because of their ability to mobilize loyal armed forces. These armed forces, usually considered militias, are loyal to the warlord rather than to the general government. Warlords have existed throughout much of history, albeit in a variety of different capacities within the political, economic, and social structure of states or ungoverned territories.

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