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Camille Pissarro Rue Saint-Lazare, Paris 1897


Assange Extradition Would Be End Of Free Speech In UK (Stella Moris)
Legal Teams Likely Informed Already of Assange Decision (Mercouris)
Pence Embraces Election Challenge By Members Of Congress (JTN)
11 Senators To Reject Congressional Election Certification On Wednesday (JTN)
October Legal Analysis Finds Today’s Scenario Favors Trump Victory (Attkisson)
‘Growing Body Of Evidence’ COVID-19 Leaked From Chinese Lab: US Official (NYP)
Leeds Forms Specialist Team As 100s In City Face ‘Long Covid’ Impact (YEP)
Bill de Blasio Dancing In New York Embodies The Difficult Road Ahead (Turley)
Boris Johnson Would Lose Majority And Seat In Election Tomorrow – Poll (G.)



Everything today should be about Julian Assange, really, and the ongoing perversity perpetrated against him.






“In effect, foreign countries could simply issue an extradition request saying that UK journalists, or Facebook users for that matter, have violated their censorship laws.”

Assange Extradition Would Be End Of Free Speech In UK (Stella Moris)

A month ago, I would wake up in the middle of the night seized by a recurring nightmare: my little boys, Max, 22 months, and Gabriel, who is three, had been orphaned. I was still here but their father was not. Their father is Julian Assange, the publisher of WikiLeaks. Today, that terrible nightmare is all too close to becoming a reality. Julian has been on remand in Belmarsh prison in South-East London for almost two years. He is fighting a political extradition to the United States, where he risks being buried in the deepest, darkest corner of the US prison system for the rest of his life. Julian embarrassed Washington and this is their revenge. The nightmares came to a sudden stop the week before Christmas, when a groundswell of support from all sides of the political spectrum called for President Trump to pardon him.

A leaked audio recording of Julian talking to the US State Department unmasked the trumped-up nature of the charges against him. Leading figures, from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to Nobel Prize winners, such as human-rights campaigner Adolfo Perez Esquivel, have been calling for Julian’s freedom. So far, there has been no pardon. But tomorrow, a British magistrate will decide whether to order Julian’s extradition or throw out the US government’s request. If Julian loses, I believe that it would not only be an unthinkable travesty but that the ruling would also be politically and legally disastrous for the UK. That is because Julian’s case is not about what some people would have you think it is about.

His role in founding the WikiLeaks website is well known and it is fair to say Julian has angered many government and establishment figures around the world. WikiLeaks has published thousands of sensitive classified documents, many from the US military. Yet Julian has been acting in the same way as any other journalist would in attempting to hold the powerful to account. President Obama’s administration realised this, and understood that charging Julian would require them to prosecute international media outlets. After all, newspapers, websites and TV stations had published substantially the same revelations as WikiLeaks. That is why, at the end of his term in office, Obama freed WikiLeaks’s US Army Intelligence source, whistleblower Chelsea Manning, from jail.

With Trump, however, the mood has changed dramatically and under his administration, journalistic practices have been pursued as crimes. WikiLeaks and Julian have been accused of ‘endangering national security’, but US prosecutors admit they have no evidence to support claims that WikiLeaks publications caused physical harm to anyone. Perhaps that explains why their tactics have become increasingly desperate. During Julian’s extradition hearing at the Old Bailey in September, the court heard evidence that CIA contractors were plotting to kill him with poison while he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Agents-turned-whistleblowers, who were granted anonymity by the court due to their fear of reprisals, also admitted targeting our then six-month-old baby to steal his DNA.

They told the court that they had installed hidden microphones to spy on Julian’s solicitors’ meetings. The offices of his lawyers were also broken into. It might seem unthinkable that a British court would give its stamp of approval to such rampant, illegal actions by the US. It might seem equally unthinkable that a man who was practising journalism in this country, perfectly legally according to UK law, could be tried in a foreign land and potentially jailed for life. But that is what would happen if the UK decides to extradite Julian. It would rewrite the rules of what it is permissible to publish here. Overnight, it would chill free and open debate about abuses by our own government and by many foreign ones, too.

In effect, foreign countries could simply issue an extradition request saying that UK journalists, or Facebook users for that matter, have violated their censorship laws. Reporters Without Borders and the National Union of Journalists have said that as long as Julian remains in prison facing extradition, the UK is not a safe place for journalists and publishers to work. The press freedoms we cherish in Britain are meaningless if they can be criminalised and suppressed by regimes in Russia or Ankara or by prosecutors in Alexandria, Virginia.

Read more …

It’s just too crazy.

Legal Teams Likely Informed Already of Assange Decision (Mercouris)

In accordance with a British magistrate court’s usual procedure, Julian Assange’s Judgment has almost certainly already been written and sent in draft form to the respective teams of lawyers, probably early on Friday evening. The lawyers therefore already know what the decision is, as well as the British government and at least the Department of Justice in Washington. Under established procedure, Assange’s lawyers are not supposed to tell Assange himself what the decision is so he and his family are probably the only people who are directly involved in his case who don’t yet know its outcome. The purpose in sending the Judgment in draft form to the lawyers in advance of the Court hearing is to give them an opportunity to check it for factual mistakes.

The public will not know the outcome until Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser reads out the Judgment in its finalised form, with any factual mistakes corrected, when Court convenes on Monday at 10 am London time. The Judgment should then be published online by the Court Service directly after she has finished. In addition to the Judgment – and obviously to the decision whether or not to extradite, which will be set out in the Judgment – the public may learn immediately afterward whether either of the two sets of lawyers intend to appeal. Either side has seven days to appeal the judgment. While the intent of allowing both sides to see the Judgment in advance is not to help facilitate an appeal, having the judgement before it is read to the court affords attorneys to a chance to consider whether or not to launch one.

If It’s a Split Decision. One possibility that must be considered is that Baraitser may decide to extradite on one indictment and not on the other, for instance, if she rules against extradition on the Espionage Act charges, but decides in favour of extradition on the conspiracy to commit computer intrusion charge (which carries a maximum five year sentence as opposed to 170 on espionage.) I think what would happen in that case is that the British authorities would accept Baraitser’s decision and would try to reach an agreement with the DoJ whereby, in return for Assange’s extradition, the U.S. would commit itself to try Assange only on the computer intrusion charges, and not on the Espionage Act charges. The British over the course of the negotiations would tell the U.S. that if the U.S. were not willing to give that commitment then the British would not be able to extradite Assange to the U.S.

Of course the British (if Assange were extradited to the U.S. on such a basis) would be in no position to compel the U.S. to abide by such a commitment if the U..S were to go back on it once Assange was on U.S. soil. Since that has to be a very likely possibility, one would think it would be a point which Assange’s lawyers would make in the appeal they would be bound to make to the High Court against Baraitser’s decision. In fact in such a scenario it’s not impossible that both sides would appeal to the High Court: (1) the U.S. against Baraitser’s decision to refuse to extradite on the basis of the Espionage Act; (2) Assange’s lawyers against Baraitser’s decision to extradite on the computer intrusion charges. It would be a fascinating battle and it would be fascinating to see how it would play out.

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Let the dice roll.

Pence Embraces Election Challenge By Members Of Congress (JTN)

Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday embraced an effort by Republican lawmakers to object to Joe Biden‘s electors and to present evidence of fraud when Congress meets Wednesday to certify election results. Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, issued a statement ahead of an expected contentious congressional session next week and just hours after 11 senators led by Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley announced they would contest the results of the November election on the floor of Congress. “Vice President Pence shares the concerns of millions of Americans about voter fraud and irregularities in the last election,” Short’s statement on behalf of the Vice President said. “The Vice President welcomes the efforts of members of the House and Senate to use the authority they have under the law to raise objections and bring forward evidence before the Congress and the American people on January 6th,” the statement added.

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A 10-day audit would not hurt anyone.

11 Senators To Reject Congressional Election Certification On Wednesday (JTN)

A dozen U.S. senators have now pledged to dispute the scheduled congressional election certification set to take place on Wednesday, with a group of senators this weekend calling for an audit of the U.S. election out of concerns over voting integrity. Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz posted an announcement on his Senate website stating that he and ten other senators “intend to vote on January 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified’ (the statutory requisite), unless and until [an] emergency 10-day audit is completed.”

The senators called upon an Electoral Commission to conduct that audit, after which “individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed.” “These are matters worthy of the Congress, and entrusted to us to defend,” the senators said in the statement. “We do not take this action lightly. We are acting not to thwart the democratic process, but rather to protect it.” The senators join Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley, who earlier this week also pledged to contest the congressional certification of the 2020 election results.


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Read the whole thing.

October Legal Analysis Finds Today’s Scenario Favors Trump Victory (Attkisson)

As thousands of Trump supporters prepare to descend upon the Capitol this coming week amid a presidential election they are contesting, there is a mass of confusion and conflicting information about what happens next. You may have heard that a growing list of Republican members of the House and Senate have pledged to object to the electoral count of some states during Wednesday’s joint session of Congress. Most analysts have said such objections, in practical terms, amount to nothing because while they can trigger debates lasting up to two hours, it would take a majority in both the House and Senate to reject the state results naming Joe Biden the next president of the United States. There are other less discussed and, some insist, less likely scenarios. Some of them are examined in a legal analysis by John Yoo and Robert Delahunty.

Published in October, about two weeks before the presidential election, it plays out multiple scenarios including under circumstances like the ones we face today. It is titled “What Happens if No One Wins? The Constitution provides for election crises—and its provisions favor Trump.” Here are some applicable excerpts from the analysis. “Suppose states send electoral votes that—even if certified by the governor—remain under question, whether because of fraud in the vote, inability to count the ballots accurately under neutral rules, or a dispute between branches of a state government… …Vice President Pence would decide between competing slates of electors…

…If the electoral count remains uncertain enough to deprive either Trump or Biden of a majority in the Electoral College, then the 12th Amendment orders that “the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President… …If today’s House chose the president, voting by state delegations, Trump would win handily.” John Yoo and Robert Delahunty, Oct. 19, 2020. An extended excerpt from the analysis follows: …Suppose states send electoral votes that—even if certified by the governor—remain under question, whether because of fraud in the vote, inability to count the ballots accurately under neutral rules, or a dispute between branches of a state government.

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How’s that WHO team doing in China? Haven’t seen any news on that.

‘Growing Body Of Evidence’ COVID-19 Leaked From Chinese Lab: US Official (NYP)

U.S. National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger is doubling down on the theory that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese government-run lab in Wuhan. Pottinger, a staunch critic of Beijing, allegedly made the claim in a recent Zoom meeting with British officials. “There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus,” Pottinger reportedly said, according to the Daily Mail. The Trump appointee pushed the theory as the European Union made a new investment deal with China last week over protests from Pottinger and hesitance from the incoming Biden administration. Pottinger, one of the first U.S. officials to raise alarms inside White House walls about the origins of the virus back in January 2020, has reportedly suspected since the early days of the outbreak that the coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab.

He ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to search for evidence that it had, the New York Times reported in April. A Chinese virologist who said she did some of the earliest research on COVID-19 has publicly claimed COVID-19 was man-made, and that the Chinese government covered up its dangers. Western medical experts have discredited the theory. The World Health Organization has been investigating the source of the virus since the first case was made public in January 2020. Patient Zero has not been found. Pottinger suggested in the recent call with British officials that the WHO probe is a ruse.

“MPs around the world have a moral role to play in exposing the WHO investigation as a Potemkin exercise,” Pottinger told the parliamentarians, referring to fake villages created in Crimea in the 18th Century to convince the visiting Russian Empress Catherine the Great that the region was in good health. “Even establishment figures in Beijing have openly dismissed the wet market story,” Pottinger allegedly said, referring to another theory that the virus was transmitted from animals to humans inside a wildlife market in Wuhan where the first cluster of cases emerged.

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Got the pics via Dave Collum.

Leeds Forms Specialist Team As 100s In City Face ‘Long Covid’ Impact (YEP)

A team of experts has been assembled in Leeds – thought to be among the first of its kind in the country – to tackle what many fear will be a major aspect of the pandemic. National data suggests between two to five per cent of Covid-19 patients will go on to develop ‘long Covid’ – suffering symptoms beyond 12 weeks – leading to an estimated 980 people in Leeds from the first wave alone. The city’s specialist ‘Covid After-Care team’ began work in September, just days after being set up, in a fast-moving bid to reach those in need in Leeds – and what they have uncovered so far has been startling. From the first 188 patients referred in, they have found the average age was 48, with more women than men, none had originally been hospitalised and many were previously extremely fit including personal trainers and athletes now struggling for breath at rest.

The findings have overturned initial expectations that those most affected would be those who had suffered more severely initially – such as the ‘at-risk’ older age groups – and that symptoms would be mainly respiratory. Dr Bryan Power, a GP and clinical lead for long term conditions at NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, who helped set up the team, said: “It’s not the cohort we expected to see. “They are of a younger age than we expected – including a 17-year-old – and also presenting with a complex range of symptoms. Some patients haven’t been able to work for six months.”

[..] “There is a huge host of symptoms but the main ones we’re seeing are fatigue, shortness of breath – that can be at rest as well as exercise; cognitive problems – people suffering short-term memory problems, concentration, many call it ‘brain fog’. “Pain is another big thing – it can be all-body pain, quite often chest pain or lung pain, headaches. “And tachycardia – the heart can be racing when they’re sat on the sofa or on a walk; autonomic dysfunction, random hot sweats, temperature, dizzy when standing. “And as a consequence of these symptoms we’re finding a lot of anxiety.”

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“New York has had a 50% increase in homicides and almost a 100 percent increase in shootings.”

Bill de Blasio Dancing In New York Embodies The Difficult Road Ahead (Turley)

At midnight at the start of the new year, if you listened hard, you could almost hear the teeth of an entire nation grinding, or at least of those watching coverage from New York as Mayor Bill de Blasio danced in a nearly empty Times Square. Millions watched as he dipped his wife in a romantic flourish to Frank Sinatra singing “New York, New York.” At least Nero made his own music. The scene drew angry rebukes. Andy Cohen said it made him feel sick. “I did not need to see that at the start of 2021. Do something with this city! Honestly, get it together!” In fairness to de Blasio, it probably seemed harmless. Who would object to a guy dancing with his wife? But sometimes a predictable photo turns into a cursed image. Just ask 1988 presidential candidate Michael Dukakis after he took a spin in an army tank.

The image captured what many considered as his faux commitment to a strong defense. He and his campaign failed to think of how driving around looking like Mickey Mouse on a battle tank would only drive home the criticism of his defense policies. For de Blasio, dancing in a nearly empty Times Square came across not as amorous but as delirious in a city in lockdown with a collapsing economy and soaring crime rates. For many, it reinforced the crisis both parties now face. We have become a nation that seems untethered from all reality. In one of the most liberal cities on earth, de Blasio cannot break 40 percent in popularity. But he, like many others, plays to the extreme wings of his party. As crime raged, he pushed to reduce the police budget by $1 billion and eliminated the plain clothes division. New York has had a 50% increase in homicides and almost a 100 percent increase in shootings.

He also closed public schools despite overwhelming scientific evidence of little risk for coronavirus exposure, notably for elementary students. He finally caved to the pressure from parents and experts, admitting there was little risk in having the schools reopen. He supported the closing of restaurants, sending many to insolvency, despite the fact that they contribute to less than 2 percent of confirmed infections. With New York losing money, de Blasio said the federal government could bail out City Hall and local businesses by simply printing more money, a statement both fiscally and politically delusional. As many highly taxed residents continue to move out of New York, de Blasio voices his “tax the hell out of the wealthy” policy. He recently declared that the purpose of public schools is the redistribution of income.

The eerie image of de Blasio dancing in a dead Times Square captures what could await us in 2021. Even if the pandemic is curtailed with the vaccines, cities like New York have been devastated by the lockdowns. There is no way that the federal government can bail out every business and landlord in one city, let alone the entire country.

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Not much choice. It’s either BoJo or Blair.

Boris Johnson Would Lose Majority And Seat In Election Tomorrow – Poll (G.)

The public are deeply unhappy with the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the Brexit negotiations, a damning new poll suggests. The poll predicts that if a general election were held tomorrow neither the Conservatives nor Labour would win an outright majority. Disturbingly for Boris Johnson, the survey says the Conservatives would lose 81 seats, wiping out the 80-seat majority they won in December 2019. It gives the first detailed insight into the public’s perception of Johnson’s handling of the Brexit talks and the pandemic, amid fears that Britain is heading into a third national lockdown. The prime minister is on course to lose his own seat of Uxbridge and Ruislip South, if the insight is accurate.

According to the survey of more than 22,000 people, conducted by the research data company Focaldata, using the multilevel regression and post-stratification (MRP) method that is said to be more than accurate than conventional polling, the results would leave the Tories with 284 seats and Labour with 282 – an increase of 82. Results in Scotland would see the Scottish National party achieve a near complete sweep, winning 57 of the 59 Scottish seats. The poll also predicts the Liberal Democrats would be reduced to just two seats – in Bath and in Kingston and Surbiton – down from the current 11. One in four voters who supported the Lib Dems in 2019 said they will switch allegiance to Labour. Many of the seats that Labour would gain are in the north of England, Midlands and Wales, part of the “red wall” collapse that swept the Tories to power at the last election, the Sunday Times reported.

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    Camille Pissarro Rue Saint-Lazare, Paris 1897   • Assange Extradition Would Be End Of Free Speech In UK (Stella Moris) • Legal Teams Likely Infor
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 3 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Camille Pissarro Rue Saint-Lazare, Paris 1897

    Ah! Another beauty; the detail is uncanny, and so well rendered…
    Ilargi is on a roll…


    For me, the paintings of the first 3 days of this year, the Monet, the Renoir, this Pissarro, depict what human life should really look like, not what we have now.

    V. Arnold

    For me, the paintings of the first 3 days of this year, the Monet, the Renoir, this Pissarro, depict what human life should really look like, not what we have now.

    Yes, I agree. My childhood looked much like that.
    Moving from Long Island, NY to Portland Oregon in 1957 pretty much ended that…
    …and here we are today; the beauty is still there, but much harder to find, much less able to maintain…

    John Day

    I really am endeavoring to put together a blog post for 2021 new year today. We had a big change in plans yesterday, and drove back to Austin from Yoakum to spend the afternoon with older daughter/hubby, older son and granddaughter (and a couple of happy doggies).
    Man, I hope the gauntlet actually gets thrown down Wednesday. I should not get my hopes up, but there they are.
    I am otherwise going to feel deep discouragement, though I’ll keep on keeping on.

    Dr. D

    They should NOT pardon Assange. Any more than General Flynn. He should be sent to the Supreme Court where his right as a journalist is upheld and sets precedent. Again. And again. Then he should sue the whole U.S., and this would include Trump, for violating his Civil Rights, although as a non-citizen wouldn’t have good standing for a hundred ‘mil in damages.

    “With Trump, however, the mood has changed dramatically and under his administration, journalistic practices have been pursued as crimes.”

    Achoo—BULLS—T! Excuse me. Obama wasn’t the first– that was Cheney outing Plame, or back to Nixon, or back to Lincoln arresting every journalist he could find, or John Adams – but Obama was top whistleblower-imprisoner as well as deporter and dronebomber-in-Chief, AND wiretapped the whole AP, which was in the headline news, although why he’d bother is a mystery since they’ve been on the CIA payroll since the Church commission. …Just in case some uppity cuss thought they might be a journalist or something I guess, aching to drive out the last Kunstler and the new Taibbis.

    Anyway, “The mood has changed”? Are you for real kidding me? This is the first time the media HAS gone after a President – although I’d only prefer it were for real, actual things – AND the first time the President HASN’T arrested them all. Or had their cars accidentally accelerate to 80 in a school zone and crash into a bridge. Google that for yourself.

    hidden microphones to spy on Julian’s solicitors’ meetings.”

    Was that anything like arresting or wiretapping Trump’s lawyer, breaking a thousand years of attorney-client privilege? And it was Trump doing that, right? Arresting Hillary’s and Biden’s lawyers? No.

    Blah blah blah lies, blah blah blah. Since when HAVEN’T the Brits wiretapped solicitors and rigged courts? No century I remember.

    “11 Senators To Reject Congressional Election Certification On Wednesday (JTN)”

    I think they spend 2 hours per allegation, so if they brought 250,000 allegations of fraud, which is well-possible, it would be absolutely hilarious. Worst. Election. Ever. As like RussiaRussiaRussia, or Covid, we have to hear absolutely nothing but verified reports of how corrupt and fraudelent every person, act, court, official, and representative is for 20,833 days on C-Span. But what else could fix it? The capacity of Americans for mendacity and denial is legendary. Clearly nothing can break through.

    On the mis-printing of ballots, a print shop in NY that printed all those ballots burned to the ground right after the election. They said it was strange the equipment was missing. Since it’s made of cast iron and weighs 3,000 pounds, maybe that means something. I didn’t bother looking.

    October Legal Analysis Finds Today’s Scenario Favors Trump Victory (Attkisson)”

    More to the point, Podesta said this would happen back in July’s TIP project and printed it in USA Today. Since everyone is apparently illiterate, or il-logic-ate, maybe he shouldn’t have bothered.

    “New York has had a 50% increase in homicides and almost a 100 percent increase in shootings.”

    As predicted and planned. I mean, who on earth could possibly have predicted otherwise from these actions? Bye-bye New York. Gangs attacking people in the streets and pulling them out of cars. Oh and gangs of rats and squirrels attacking everyone. Didn’t see that coming.

    Anyway, yes, he kills as many as possible — for Justice and Safety, ‘natch — mismanages, burning the city to the ground, his billionaire pals DeBlasio himself, as a landlord, forces landlords out by force of law, and buys up their property at gunpoint, proudly admitting it on national news, then only he can sit on this loss for 5 years or so until Lo! A miracle! Like Mayor Ted Wheeler, he suddenly sees the error of his ways! Letting black-clad fascists roam the streets beating Jews and gay Asians does NOT work! Communism doesn’t lead to riches and equity and we have to return to capitalism! …Now that THEY, DeBlasio, the Capitalist, has used Socialism to buy up the city and get government funds from Flint and West Virginia “Build Back Better” on the Upper East Side.

    C’mon. Am I the only one who sees this screwing? Bite back.

    Madamski Btcoin does have problems, but most of those are not part of them. Bitcoin requires electric power, but so does the giant server farms and currency trading farms at Citigroup. I don’t hear anything about the problem of banking and trading computers wasting electric worldwide, although it’s the same. And it IS a waste. But so is mining one rock to bury it again. Also BTC will shortly end, as there won’t be able to mine it, really. So there’ll be no miners, only traders, like Citi.

    Second, it depends on the internet, but so does the rest of your life. Without that working, you won’t even have a phone. No medicine, no food. Other problems. So yes, but it’s hard to imagine that as you’d be going back to a 1840 level if that happens and be way too busy to worry about anything – even gold. You’ll be trading lead.

    You can stuff it in a mattress far, FAR better, and move it worldwide faster, which is a prime advantage. I can memorize my key and walk across a border naked, reinstate $100M on the other side. Wouldn’t advise it, but you can. And gold, or dollars, we all get goods and services worldwide now, no one near you makes anything. On purpose because that means the banks and middle men get cuts of all. The banks would equally cut your gold/dollar transfer. But Charles Hugh Smith for instance wanted Spanish translations of his books, and this is a huge deal in Columbia, Venezuela, you can’t set up an account, move dollars, so he scanned BTC in 10 seconds. …For instance. It can’t be stopped. But your car parts come from there too and not up the road.

    It can’t be “hacked”, because if I print out a paper wallet and put it in a coffee can, or even if I put it on a Trezor fob at home, who knows I have it? I’m offline with an airgap, how would you reach me? Quantum computing is no better. Although the queer physics mean essentially they look into the future – that is, they could name the combination of a iron safe in a gas station for instance – which is not logical, they are not “computing” anything, however, you’re going to have the NSA set up a $100M computer for a week just so they can read ONE random guy’s hash? With a mere 80% accuracy? Not really. And then if they stole the money, we could also see who it transferred to, forever. So it’s not like they could get away. The money is right there, in that other account, visible to everyone.

    Problems? Yes, many, but they are different problems for a different world. Same as when we move from silver coins to bank notes, which had thousands of scams, not the least going bankrupt, or the present scam of both printing money, $40T missing from Federal budgets, stealing and freezing your money, or of printing up an equal amount of fake, hypothetical US T-Bonds that back the whole system. The system you’re in is no less dangerous and no less a scam. It just is a scam for them, while this scam tends to be more against them.

    That it’s digital, virtual, is no different than your checking account. None of it exists, it’s all digits, taken away at any time. Difference is merely that you have control or they have control. Take your pick. In Aquarius, it’s all air, information, nothing is real. If you had real sheep, real eggs instead, you’d also be set upon by vultures and only as rich as a scratch farmer, and I can’t help that right now.

    Of quantum computers, though, if they can pick a random safe, they can see into other futures and timelines. This is what I mean when I say they’ve got supercomputers in the White House basement burning hot day and night. What do you think they could see or scenario with that kind of Looking Glass power? Alright then: what do you think the OTHER guy could have done, fixed, the world they could have made under Obama, Bush, even Clinton, and didn’t? Leaving us to wither? This is what Eisenhower said.

    Doc Robinson

    madamski, from comments in yesterday’s Debt Rattle: “the Prince of Peace went apeshit on the money-changers. If anyone knows of an image of this event that shows a bit of blood, I’d be grateful to see it. A scourge can do nasty things to a human body.”

    Looks like the guy bent over is bloody.


    Christ driving the traders from the temple
    El Greco
    Original Title: Cacciata dei mercanti dal tempio
    Date: 1570; Venice, Italy

    madamski cafone

    Thanx, Doc. We can always count on El Greco for a little bit of uncomfortable reality.


    Let the enabler lawyers Explain what has to be done
    Drop the charges
    Extradition Julian Assange
    Pardon Julian Assange?
    name names of the enablers letting this go on for so many years

    • Assange Extradition Would Be End Of Free Speech In UK (Stella Moris)

    John Day

    2021 Starting Gun is up https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/01/2021-starting-gun.html

    Y’all have seen a lot of it, already.
    SARS-CoV-2 viral variant B-117 seems to be 50 to 70% more transmissible.​
    My take on that is that this fact will rapidly drive the crisis of hospitalization unless we quickly ramp up outpatient antiviral treatment.
    We need quick rapid testing and quick treatment with antivirals like ivermectin/zinc/doxycycline combination, as used widely in India.​

    Luc sent this video of Roger Seheult MD talking about the role of vitamin-D in COVID, and presenting for a non-medical audience, a vast body of evidence about how critically beneficial vitamin-D supplementation is for human health. Get it in your body ahead of the virus, please.
    Roger takes 5000 units per day. So do I.
    Feel free to take it twice a day for January and February, to get off to a good start in 2021.
    (The guy asking Dr. Seheult questions irritates me. Maybe he’s supposed to. I can’t tell.)

    Please note that this is in hospitalized patients. That is way later than treatment should be starting.
    Hospitalization is a public-health failure mode.
    WHO-commissioned review of ivermectin trials finds 83% reduction in covid mortality.

    WHO preliminary review confirms Ivermectin effectiveness

    ​Here again is the Eastern Virginia Medical School protocol for treatment of SASR-CoV-2, Paul Marik MD’s protocol.
    The first dozen pages are most applicable to outpatient treatment.
    (Vitamin-D, zinc, quercetin and aspirin are available to everybody. Only take vitamin-D, and a little zinc, and hold the others in reserve.)​

    From Harvey Risch MD, is the list of access physicians who are treating COVID with antiviral and other medicines, not just “watchful-waiting”.

    Physicians/Facilities Offering Early Treatment

    NYT: We Came All This Way to Let Vaccines Go Bad in the Freezer?​
    Problems arise in administering vaccine with short shelf life at -30 degrees to millions of people, who are rightfully uncertain that it’s “safe”.​

    Antibody Dependent Enhancement (of the virus, not you) and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies
    ​ ​One potential hurdle for antibody-based vaccines and therapeutics is the risk of exacerbating COVID-19 severity via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). ADE can increase the severity of multiple viral infections, including other respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)9,10 and measles11,12. ADE in respiratory infections is included in a broader category named enhanced respiratory disease (ERD), which also includes non-antibody-based mechanisms such as cytokine cascades and cell-mediated immunopathology (Box 1). ADE caused by enhanced viral replication has been observed for other viruses that infect macrophages, including dengue virus13,14 and feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV)15. Furthermore, ADE and ERD has been reported for SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV both in vitro and in vivo. The extent to which ADE contributes to COVID-19 immunopathology is being actively investigated.



    I was trying to fix a unfinished link in a post of yours, and apparently killed it

    here it is:

    “Btcoin does have problems, but most of those are not part of them. Bitcoin requires electric power, but so does the giant server farms and currency trading farms at Citigroup. I don’t hear anything about the problem of banking and trading computers wasting electric worldwide, although it’s the same. And it IS a waste.”

    The fact that you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem, but currently, computers are still cheaper than humans running ten keys and writing iun ink/paper ledgers, so it an as yet unmanifested problem. Bitcoin is a logical extension of this problem. To me, the reason we see this problem in bitcoin is because we have to LOOK at it to understand it, it being something very new to us.

    When I was young, we had to LOOK at, try to understand, computers and their funny manila programming cards. They were objects of mystery understood only by a priestly caste of geeks.

    When “money machines” came out, they worked: you entered your data/card and got money from your account in a reliable manner you easily learned to trust. We trusted the greenbacks the machines made, not the machines.

    From there, it was easy for people to adopt using bank cards and to trust them. They knew it still was merely a symbolic representation of real money. They could turn those digital entries into cash, that magic stuff they first encountered one-on-one when Granny sent them $5 in a Xmas card. (hands on fire!)

    Bitcoin reverses that process. You use real money to buy virtual money and hope those digital tulips hatch and multiply. It’s a virtual virtuality. New thing.

    That said, citigroup’s server farms don’t require millions of computers across the globe, which in turn require more millions of computers also across the globe. Every bitcoin must be verified by increasingly larger data runs. This makes it very different from some Citigroup exec pushing a few buttons and sending a few thousand or even million financial transmissions that aren’t required to verify them beyond than some password/access code that doesn’t require nearly as many electron dances as bitcoin does (per my understanding, which often fails me). It’s like sending a letter to a thousand people that says Yes! versus sending the same letter to a thousand people that includes every other letter sent to that thousand people on whatever question(s) Yes! answers. (I’m being metaphorical here; don’t hold me to an exact mathematical interpretation.)

    The result is that, overall, every bitcoin transaction requires more resources than the previous transaction. Whatever bitcoin’s stability as a currency is in abstract symbolic terms, it is itself a store of value that requires ever more material resources to maintain as a system of value trust. It is physically self-eroding. At some point, the cost of the “guards” and “accountants” and “bank vaults” needed to protect the integrity of bitcoin grows larger than the value of whatever those bitcoins can purchase.

    Yes, the internet is enmeshed in pert near everything these days, but defining objects in a bag by the bag they’re in tends toward confusion at best and deception/delusion at worst. Myself, I don’t have any difficulty distinguishing real things from their symbolic representations. But then, I rarely watch tv/cinema, and when I do, I mostly watch the cameraman and scriptwriters and focus groups behind the scenes. I watch invisible TV. One sees things in this way that one can’t see otherwise.

    In the end, the question remains:

    Who Put The Bomp in the Bomp-ba-Bomp


    Lets talk about Transaction fees, middle man and compare Bitcoin …..visa

    madamski cafone

    And please, Dr. D, don’t sully us and yourselves by inane statements like:

    “Although the queer physics mean essentially they look into the future – that is, they could name the combination of a iron safe in a gas station for instance – which is not logical, they are not “computing” anything, however, you’re going to have the NSA set up a $100M computer for a week just so they can read ONE random guy’s hash?”

    Replace “essentially” with ‘metaphorically’ and you’ve got something, albeit VERY loosely. Entropy remains. Time’s arrow is not broken or even bent.


    “It can’t be “hacked”, because if I print out a paper wallet and put it in a coffee can, or even if I put it on a Trezor fob at home, who knows I have it? I’m offline with an airgap, how would you reach me?”…

    …neglects the ‘cashout’ process. To cash out, you must make yourself accessible to that online verification system to at lkeast some extent. Bitcoin is not invulnerable. It is, in fact, the most widely vulnerable currency since cowrie shells. Currently, it is airtight only because it is a tad bit ahead of the tech development curve, that’s all.

    But I could be wrong. Someone correct me if I am.

    Doc Robinson

    “How’s that WHO team doing in China? Haven’t seen any news on that.”

    Scientists cast doubt on WHO’S China mission to find COVID-19 origin in Wuhan
    (The Sunday Times, reprinted at The Australian)

    Even before new evidence emerged last week of the scale of Beijing’s concealment and cover-ups, some critics were predicting that the Chinese-approved WHO mission would be a whitewash. They have focused on the prominent role on the team of Peter Daszak, a British zoologist who heads the US-based EcoHealth Alliance, a global health research charity.

    As an expert in zoonotic diseases, which spread from animals to humans, and with long experience of researching bat-borne coronaviruses in southern China, he seemed a natural choice for the WHO mission.

    But he has become a lightning rod for critics of the investigation. For 15 years, Daszak worked closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on bat and coronavirus research. Some have argued that the laboratory should be investigated as the possible accidental source, via a leak or infection, of the outbreak just a few kilometres from its high-security walls.

    Daszak was a frequent traveller to Wuhan and the bat colonies of Yunnan with WIV scientists on projects funded by EcoHealth with US grants — until the Trump administration abruptly severed support, citing bio-security concerns.

    The British scientist has forcefully dismissed the scenario of a laboratory leak as “baloney” and a “conspiracy theory”, and praised the work of his Chinese counterparts, notably Shi Zhengli, the “bat woman” of Wuhan, who traced the origins of the earlier Sars coronavirus outbreak to a colony of horseshoe bats in Yunnan.

    Richard Ebright, an American scientist and biosafety expert, said Daszak should be “disqualified” because of his ties to the WIV and his strong opinions on the lab mishap theory. “His inclusion makes it clear the WHO study cannot be considered a credible investigation and must be understood instead to be a crude whitewash,” Ebright said.




    Of the many horrific aspects of Assange’s case the one thing that sticks in my mind is the lack of medical treatment. I think of this as ‘constructive torture’. I do not know if things have improved but you do get the feeling they want him to die in prison!

    The West criticises China’s treatment of journalist – then they copy them!

    What drives Trump? I think of the time when he was threatening air strikes on Iran and promised 52 strikes ‘..one for every US hostage..’. That was 40 years ago yet it is still important to him! I think he wants to punish anyone who has embarassed the US. So Iran, Cuba and Assange.

    If it is part of his psychological makeup then I can not see him giving Assange a pardon – he would feel completely justified.


    From @madamski last night

    “One does not create durable lasting value via an enormous amorphous ephemeral structure.”

    Ah! Therefore ……Legacy?

    You may enjoy getting with your gal friend who has the TV and take a watch of this:

    Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice


    As someone who knows practically nothing about Bitcoin, I am sensitive to the environmental arguments related to energy consumption. My concern is, with the huge players getting into Bitcoin and talk of central banks creating their own private crypto currency, will these become the “higher” form of money and leave the average person in the dust? Granted we already are in many ways


    I watched Malick’s A Hidden Life for the second time a few days ago. The parallels to our time are frightening. No matter what social circle you patronize these days, you are sure to alienate some group. Or all groups. Just wait until it becomes vogue to report people to central command. See something, say something. Increasingly, I get the same vibe that Franz started to sense early in the story. And I have the same reaction. Can you imagine the Nazi state with the algorithmic data collection? Oh wait…….

    Most people woke up 3 days ago thinking that their 2020 hangover would be cured by the rising of the new year sun. No tylenol or hair of the dog required. Little do they know that 2021 will probably make 2020 look like the We Are The World music video. The only difference this year will be that people won’t have Teflon Don to blame anymore. Sleepy Joe takes the wheel with Kamalala riding shotgun and singing along to Snoop Dogg:

    “What can I do to make your life much better
    What can I do to bring us all together
    I believe I can change the world
    Snoop, let em hear it”.

    Never mind Donald who will be holed up in his Mar-A-Lago bunker spewing intelligence secrets like they are just random late night thoughts on Twitter. He has four years worth of the world’s darkest secrets at his disposal and by god he will do anything to muck up the works. The next 20 days will probably be particularly ugly with his presidency in its last death throes. That prick Josh Hawley is going to try to throw one last hail mary this week. I am not sure how anyone can take those phony religious “patriots” seriously. Especially Josh Hawley- or Tom Cotton. They reek of snake oil preachers of the old tent revivals. Dems will surely mishandle this moment in such profound ways as to grease the skids for America’s own new, shiny brand of overtly retarded Fascism, Fascism, Inc.

    Fire and brimstone and a Josh Hawley revival. The GOP’s very own televangelist slash political campaigner. Time to update the passports. We are dumb all over.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


    your skepticism is refreshing

    I was able to buy hydroxychloroquine from India last spring using bitcoin. It took a minute or two with no questions (except for a shipping address).
    Also, you can buy precious metals directly in the same way. Bitcoin is its own proof; if you have it, you own it. You can have gold shipped anywhere to anybody.
    Also, the electrical requirements can be lessened if necessary, although I don’t know the process details.

    Doc Robinson

    The LA Review of Books published a fairly comprehensive article about the Assange prosecution.

    The Prosecution of Julian Assange and the Threat to Freedom of the Press and Human Rights
    By [constitutional lawyer] Stephen Rohde


    For more details about the Assange hearing in the UK, I recommend the writings of Craig Murray who attended in person and gave in-depth daily accounts of what went down in the court of Judge Baraitser.

    The post from Murray after 22 days of the Assange hearing:

    Numerous people have contacted me in various ways to ask where is my promised report on the final day of the Assange hearing, to complete the account?

    It is difficult to explain this to you. When I was in London it was extremely intense. This was my daily routine. I would attend court at 10am, take 25 to 30 pages of handwritten notes, and leave around 5. In court I was always with Julian’s dad John, and usually for lunch too. After court I would thank supporters outside the courtroom, occasionally do some media and often meet with the Wikileaks crew to discuss developments and tactics. I would then get back to my hotel room, have a bite to eat and go to bed around 6.30pm to 7pm. I would awake between 11pm and midnight, shower and shave, read my notes and do any research needed. About 3am I would start to write. I would finish writing around 8.30am and proofread. Then I would get dressed. About 9.30am I would make any last changes and press publish. Then I would walk to the Old Bailey and start again.

    Apart from being exhausting, I was totally immersed in a bubble, and buoyed by the support of others close to Julian, who were also inside that bubble.

    But in that courtroom, you were in the presence of evil. With a civilised veneer, a pretence at process, and even displays of bonhommie, the entire destruction of a human being was in process. Julian was being destroyed as a person before my eyes. For the crime of publishing the truth. He had to sit there listening to days of calm discussion as to the incredible torture that would await him in a US supermax prison, deprived of all meaningful human contact for years on end, in solitary in a cell just fifty square feet.

    Fifty square feet. Mark that out yourself now. Three paces by two. Of all the terrible things I heard, Warden Baird explaining that the single hour a day allowed out of the cell is alone in another, absolutely identical cell called the “recreation cell” was perhaps the most chilling. That and the foul government “expert” Dr Blackwood describing how Julian might be sufficiently medicated and physically deprived of the means of suicide to keep him alive for years of this.

    I encountered evil in Uzbekistan when the mother brought me the photos of her son tortured to death by immersion in boiling liquid. The US government was also implicated in that, through the CIA cooperation with the Uzbek Security Services; it happened just outside the US military base at Karshi-Khanabad. Here was that same evil paraded in the centre of London, under the panoply of Crown justice.

    Having left the bubble, my courage keeps failing me to return to the evil and write up the last day. I know that sounds either pathetic or precious. I know the mainstream journalists who revel in portraying me as mentally unstable will delight to mock. But this last few days I can’t even bring myself to look at my notes. I feel physically ill when I try. Of course I will complete the series, but I may need a little time.



    Stella Moris: President Obama’s administration realised this, and understood that charging Julian would require them to prosecute international media outlets. (…) With Trump, however, the mood has changed dramatically and under his administration, journalistic practices have been pursued as crimes. WikiLeaks …

    Very stupid, and detrimental to Julian.

    She — her advisors, handlers (? maybe a mistake listening to them..) — should have stuck to only:

    first, Julian, my partner, our children, our family ‘have hope’ – ‘pray for mercy’ – (can come in various forms from the lacrimose pity-seeking to stalwart support from outside the prison, strident calls for justice, demos, in various forms.. etc. .. OK ..many possibilities …), second, Julian as journalist.

    Not more, not extra, not different.

    Politicising his plight as contra-Trump and pro-Obama makes a mockery of human rights and freedom of speech, negates any over-riding principles one might want to invoke.

    Bad news for Julian.. Of course her appeals / actions etc. will be totally ineffective in any case. (She may be protecting her sons’ futures, other story.)


    Two David Graeber quotes on the subject of Bitcoin:
    1 Bitcoin is based on a false popular understanding of what money is and how it originated. It’s more of a speculative commodity than a viable currency.
    2 The danger of a virtual money system is obviously inflation – if money is just a promise, what’s to stop people from promising all sorts of things. There has to be some mechanism to keep things from getting out of control.

    I searched high and low to find Graeber’s take, and this is all I could find.


    So do these people know what the hell they are doing, or not? They are now dicking around with the dosages to order to get more people vaccinated. Maybe you’ll have to share your vaccine dosage with your neighbor. Then you’ll both be half-vaccinated. I guess you’ll get to go out on Mon, Wed, Fri and the neighbor can go out on Tue, Thu, and Sat. Sunday you both stay home. Or something like that. But seriously, how could the FDA approve a “vaccine” that not only does not actually provide immunity, but now they are telling you it doesn’t really matter how many micrograms you get in each shot? Did anybody do any research at all?

    I don’t even know how to satirize this. A “vaccine” that is not really a vaccine, don’t know how long it lasts, don’t know all the side effects, don’t know if it’s safe for kids or old people, and now it doesn’t even matter how much vaccine each shot contains. Can you imagine Salk coming up with a polio vaccine like this? “So, yeah, just try half the amount on that guy, triple it for that one, and if we run low, just water it down and hope for the placebo effect.”

    But the head advisor of Operation Warp Speed says it will all be based on “the facts”. Snort.

    “The federal government is in talks with Moderna about giving half the recommended dose of the company’s Covid-19 shot to speed up immunization efforts, the head of the Trump administration’s vaccine rollout said on Sunday.
    “Operation Warp Speed chief adviser Moncef Slaoui said there is evidence that two half doses in people between the ages of 18 and 55 gives ‘identical immune response’ to the recommended one hundred micorogram dose, but said the final decision will rest with the FDA.
    “ ‘It will be based on facts and data to immunize more people,’ Slaoui said on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation,’ adding, ” ‘of course we continue to produce more vaccine doses.’ […]”



    And one more thing I just found out. I was curious about the $600 Covid stimulus checks, which we are supposed to get since Congress did pass that bill. Forget about the $2000 – that ain’t happening. Mnuchin said the $600 checks would go out last week. i haven’t gotten anything, nor has anyone I know. So I have checked several times on the IRS website, under the “Get my Payment” tab; as of ten minutes ago, it still reads as it has since Congress passed the bill: “Get My Payment is Temporarily Offline. The IRS continues to monitor and prepare for new legislation related to Economic Impact Payments. The IRS will make updates to the Get My Payment portal to provide updated information for taxpayers in the near future. Please continue to monitor IRS.gov for the latest information.”

    So you cannot check the status of your $600 stimulus relief money. But wait, there’s more! It turns out that the IRS only has until Jan. 15th to get the payment to you. If they somehow miss you via direct deposit, paper check or EIP card (the 3 ways you might receive this money) by the 15th, you can only get it by using a special form for claiming it when you file your tax return. They must anticipate missing a bunch of people, because the IRS already has this claim form formatted for use so you can mail it in with your 2020 taxes. And maybe it’ll be added to your refund when they get around to sending those out next summer, or you can use it against any money you owe the Feds.

    See, it turns out that when Congress wrote the bill, they put a Jan 15th cut-off date on the stimulus money. That gave the IRS only 17 days (Dec 29 – Jan 15) to get stimulus payments to 100 million people.

    The IRS has been absolutely gutted by Trump; a particular annoyance of mine, as I work at a small-business accounting firm and we have to deal with them all the time. And Munuchin is the worst Treasury Secretary in history. (Treasury runs the IRS. Mnuchin seems hell-bent on making sure they can’t function properly and he has succeeded in this sabotage.) In any case, it may be that you won’t get your cheap-ass 600 bucks until you file your taxes.

    Here’s an article:


    I find it amusing that everyone still thinks President Trump is solely to blame for jailing Julian. Just like Putin is still held solely responsible for hacking the DNC! Some deep state lies need to live on forever!

    So let us ask the $64,000 question of why is Julian really in jail? Julian is in jail for one and only one reason! Because he can prove that Putin didn’t hack the DNC!

    Why is this truth so important? Not being able to prove Putin didn’t hacked the DNC is the whole structure around which the 2 year plus Mueller investigation, against President Trump, was built!

    How quickly people forget that AG Sessions, an early deep state plant, recused himself upon appointment, allowing the Mueller group to hijack the DofJ and the FBI for over 2 years! They then proceeded to weaponize justice towards the impeachment of President-elect Trump before he had even been sworn in! The only people targeted for prosecution, besides President Trump, were supporters of President Trump.

    How could this have happened? Simple, both sides of the same coin, Democrats and Republicans, of the Uniparty, wanted President Trump, the outsider, out!

    Naturally the Uniparty’s MSM did their job to advance “Trump Needs To Go” agenda. We were never told exactly what horrible crime President Trump had committed, just that, everyone agreed, he had to go!

    Then in 2018, Mitch put Bill Barr, Bush’s old AG, in to run the DofJ, along with Wray to run the FBI. Barr never prosecuted anyone. Before departing he saw no evidence of election fraud!

    Few people realized the significance of Barr’s “no election fraud” statement. President Trump sure did! Barr was signalling to the deep state, large and small, the “all clear”, to proceed and anoint Biden as the next president of the Uniparty!

    Please don’t keep repeating the lie that President Trump had control of the Department of Justice or the FBI and is solely responsible for jailing Julian!

    After President Trump is gone on January 20th, Julian will still be in jail! The deep state can never let Julian reveal the lie of Russia hacking the DNC!

    Rest in peace, Seth Rich! We know who killed you!


    John Day:

    Regarding the OK Corral on January 6th.

    I may have been a little too pessimistic about this rally!

    It is very hard to find anything about this rally via the MSM who are completely ignoring it. Most Americans are simply unaware there will be a rally in Washington DC.

    There are now some reports coming out about the Uniparty efforts to sabotage the rally.

    The major of Washington plans on shutting down the metro on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday for safety reasons. They are pressuring all area hotels to cancel hotel reservations. This happening. Bus companies are suddenly canceling long arranged bus trips. DC Police have been instructed to block all routes into Washington (plus interstates) and not to protect people attending the rally. Antifi has been instructed to attack the MAGA crowds and create violence so the MSM can discredit President Trump. Cell phone service is also to be cut from Tuesday through Thursday. These are just some of the dirty tricks I can remember!

    However, despite all of these negative hurtles being thrown at people wanting to attend the rally, the mood surprisingly is very upbeat! They are still “hoping against hope” that President Trump will present evidence of election fraud directly to them at the rally!


    I guess that Assange will have to share his cell with whoever released Trump’s phone call.
    While all the news media were talking about the phone call, Biden was taking his pills and taking a nap.



    If you are working for the deep state, you are not breaking any laws!

    madamski cafone

    To summarize if oversimplify my view on blockchain currency: when I hear of USD$ valued in bitcoins rather than bitcoin valued in USD$, then I’ll take it seriously as something other than a fad bubble. Blockchain tech is significant and potentially useful for many things (like honest elections) but is to date an investment vehicle than can function as a currency only because people hold enough faith in its ability to convert into the currency of their choice.

    One can trade stocks valued at x amount of USD$, and use them as stakes in a poker game if the other players agree. But they’ll only agree because they know that the x number of Microsoft shares you’re profferring are valued currently at x dollars. The same with bitcoin, which has yet to acquire any intrinsic value in and of itself.

    If I believed the current structure of civilization were stable into the future, I could see bitcoins becoming a new global currency. (We’ll set aside for now how the heavy players might muscle in and take control of the concept just as they muscled in on ancient humanity’s invention of trusted currency such as iron bars, etc. That’s another subject altogether.)

    But bitcoin is a product of this collapsing cultural paradigm. It too depends on having ever more energy to throw at ever more things, and we don’t have that, hence the collapse. Ironically, fully developed quantum computing might solve cryptocurrency’s apparently exponentially growing need for physical resources to produce more bitcoins. But in so doing, it might also destroy the cryptographic security.

    But the nimble can make good money gathering the pennies that fall from the top of the steamroller wheel as it rolls forward spewing shiny virtual coins.

    As for bitcoin minting becoming sufficiently energy efficient, we’ll see. I’m not particularfly optimistic. The remedies I know are either speculative or based on degrading the purity of security that makes bitcoins bitcoins.

    Blockchain Voting


    Nice to see Bonnie Raitt speaking so powerfully about Linda Rondstandt as a pioneer and a voice in a million. They’re equals in my ears but I prefer Bonnie both as a singer, musician, and onstage sex symbol.

    Dimming of the Day


    Incidentally, me and mine received two $600 deposits in our bank last Friday morning.


    I had a “hunch” that B3 had something to do with it, got it wrong (don’t like flush)
    & that’s why smokers…


    Greenwald also confirmed that Assange’s legal team intends to apply for bail, which means Assange could finally be free (for the first time since 2012) shortly.

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