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Ansel Adams The Tetons and the Snake River 1942


Cuomo Aide Admits They Hid Nursing Home Data From Feds (NYP)
Kent Covid Variant Mutation Must Be Taken Seriously, Warns UK Scientist (G.)
‘Denier’ Is The Dirty Word Of The Pandemic (Furedi)
Biden Administration Says No Domestic Travel Restrictions Planned (F.)
Twitter Permanently Suspends ‘Project Veritas’ Group (Hill)
Instagram Removes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Account With 800,000+ Subscribers (RT)
Reckless Rhetoric Is A Reckless Standard For An Impeachment Trial (Turley)
G7 Seen Backing Issuance Of New IMF SDRs (R.)
Markets Are Giddy About Reopening – And That’s The Problem (Pol.)
The Only Way Out of the Death Trap (Rickards)
Why Victoria Nuland Is Dangerous and Should Not Be Confirmed (Antiwar)
Database Of All Ivermectin COVID-19 Studies (C19I)



A new insight:






Remember the hospital ships Trump set to New York? Cuomo didn’t use them. Because it was Trump.

“Cuomo sent 9000 infected patients into nursing homes instead of the USNS Comfort.”

While he be indicted, along with his helpers? I wouldn’t count on it.

Cuomo Aide Admits They Hid Nursing Home Data From Feds (NYP)

Governor Cuomo’s top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 — telling them “we froze” out of fear the true numbers would “be used against us” by federal prosecutors, The Post has learned. The stunning admission of a cover-up was made by Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa during a video conference call with state Democratic leaders in which she said the Cuomo administration had rebuffed a legislative request for the tally in August because “right around the same time, [then-President Donald Trump] turns this into a giant political football,” according to an audio recording of the two-hour-plus meeting.

“He starts tweeting that we killed everyone in nursing homes,” DeRosa said. “He starts going after [New Jersey Gov. Phil] Murphy, starts going after [California Gov. Gavin] Newsom, starts going after [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer.” In addition to attacking Cuomo’s fellow Democratic governors, DeRosa said, Trump “directs the Department of Justice to do an investigation into us.” “And basically, we froze,” she told the lawmakers on the call. “Because then we were in a position where we weren’t sure if what we were going to give to the Department of Justice, or what we give to you guys, what we start saying, was going to be used against us while we weren’t sure if there was going to be an investigation.” DeRosa added: “That played a very large role into this.”

After dropping the bombshell, DeRosa asked for “a little bit of appreciation of the context” and offered what appears to be the Cuomo administration’s first apology for its handling of nursing homes amid the pandemic. But instead of a mea culpa to the grieving family members of more than 13,000 dead seniors or the critics who say the Health Department spread COVID-19 in the care facilities with a March 25 state Health Department directive that nursing homes admit infected patients, DeRosa tried to make amends with the fellow Democrats for the political inconvenience it caused them. “So we do apologize,” she said. “I do understand the position that you were put in. I know that it is not fair. It was not our intention to put you in that political position with the Republicans.”

Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) immediately rejected DeRosa’s expression of remorse, according to the recording. “I don’t have enough time today to explain all the reasons why I don’t give that any credit at all,” said Gottfried, one of the lawmakers who demanded the death-toll data in August. State Senate Aging Committee Chairwoman Rachel May (D-Syracuse) — who was battered during her re-election bid last year over the issue of nursing-home deaths — also ripped into DeRosa, saying her former opponent had launched another broadside earlier in the day. “And the issue for me, the biggest issue of all is feeling like I needed to defend — or at least not attack — an administration that was appearing to be covering something up,” she said.

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So start sending out the vitamin D. And boost your ivermectin supplies.

Kent Covid Variant Mutation Must Be Taken Seriously, Warns UK Scientist (G.)

The Kent variant of the coronavirus with a key mutation that enables the South African variant to escape some of the vaccines used against it must be taken very seriously in the UK, according to a leading microbiologist. Prof Ravi Gupta of the Cambridge Institute for Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases, who is a member of the government’s scientific advisory body Nervtag, warned that the mutated variant, at the moment causing just 21 known cases, should be treated with as much concern as the South African variant. The Kent variant B117, which spreads twice as fast as the original coronavirus, is now dominant in the UK and is present in many countries around the world.

But Public Health England has identified 21 cases of B117 that also have the E484K mutation: 14 in the Bristol region, four in Greater Manchester and three elsewhere. E484K is the change to the spike protein in South Africa that scientists believe is chiefly responsible for vaccines triggering a lower antibody response to infection. Nervtag (new and emerging respiratory virus threats advisory group), which is part of the UK Sage committee of scientists, has designated this a “variant of concern”. This key mutation that had now arisen in the UK has been shown to reduce the efficacy of antibodies in many lab studies, said Gupta. So treating it as we would the South African variant itself is sensible, he said.

“Given that we think this one is responsible for a large knock-off of the effects of vaccine efficacy or even immunity, then, I think it’s wise,” he said. E484K is also found in the Brazilian variant, which it is thought may be infecting people who should be immune because they had previously become ill with the original coronavirus – although the evidence is still anecdotal. “Given all these factors, I think it should be taken very seriously,” he said.

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“The targeting of denial has little to do with the distinct features of any specific issues. It is driven by a mood of intolerance towards those who are sceptical of the received wisdom.”

‘Denier’ Is The Dirty Word Of The Pandemic (Furedi)

Legitimate views about the effectiveness of lockdown are being silenced with accusations of Covid ‘denial’. The misuse of this powerful and emotive word, often associated with the Holocaust, is morally wrong and needs to stop. These days, if you want to shut down critical or dissident views, all you need to do is shout ‘denier’. This morally charged scare word is often hurled at anyone who questions the efficacy of the current lockdown or any of the policies associated with it. Consequently, the term denial is used to delegitimise the view of someone who is sceptical about the lockdown. For some time now, scepticism – an attitude associated with a questioning mind – has been targeted by would-be censors and treated as a marker for insidious behaviour. ‘How climate scepticism turned into something more dangerous’ warns an academic in the Guardian.

The rhetorical strategy of attributing malevolent intent to scepticism is demonstrated by the decision of the Guardian to update its style guide by changing the usage of the term ‘climate sceptic’ to that of ‘climate denier’. With its long-established religious connotation as an expression of heresy, denial communicates an act of mortal sin. This quasi-religious meaning is still conveyed by 21st century moral entrepreneurs. “I have seen Covid denial up close – it was a chilling experience,” writes a commentator. In recent times, the term denial has mutated from its religious connotations to become an all-purpose secular sin. It has emerged as a turbo-charged moral crime because of its association with the Holocaust. [..] This self-conscious exploitation of the Holocaust was illustrated by a journalist for the online magazine Grist, who wanted to see global warming deniers prosecuted like Nazi war criminals.

With the tone of vitriol characteristic of dogmatic inquisitors, he noted that “we should have war crimes trials for these bastards,” adding “some sort of climate Nuremberg.” During the pandemic, the rhetoric of denial has been frequently used to associate people who are sceptical of government policy with the sins of other types of denials. As one commentator explained: “Denial is pernicious and can have dire impacts. Climate change denial leads to lack of action that would preserve a healthy planet. Mask denial leads to increased spread of and mortality from the Covid virus. Denial of sexual abuse leads to horrific instances where an abuser is allowed to persist in their malfeasance for years because those responsible for the institutions in which they operated – schools, churches, companies, scouts, etc) refused to face the terrible reality that existed under their own roofs.”

From this perspective, denial itself, without regard to any specific object is pernicious. The targeting of denial has little to do with the distinct features of any specific issues. It is driven by a mood of intolerance towards those who are sceptical of the received wisdom. The alarmist tone used to rebrand anyone sceptical of a lockdown policy as a denier makes it difficult for many people to openly voice their reservations on the predicament they face. A lockdown sceptic is not simply treated as someone with a different point of view but as a threat to the community. They are also condemned for having blood on their hands. They have “deadly beliefs” which constitute a threat to the survival of a community.

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Florida just made the whole thing up?!

Biden Administration Says No Domestic Travel Restrictions Planned (F.)

The Biden administration has denied reports that it’s actively considering domestic travel restrictions to slow the spread of new coronavirus variants, telling Reuters Thursday that “no specific decisions are under consideration” after Florida Republicans slammed the suggestion that the White House could restrict travel to the state. An anonymous Biden source told the Miami Herald Wednesday the administration was actively discussing “potential travel restrictions within the United States” as a way to curb emerging coronavirus variants, as the more transmissible variant first detected in the United Kingdom is expected to become the U.S.’s primary strain by March.

Though the official said no particular states were so far being targeted by the potential restrictions and no final decisions had yet been made, the variants are especially prevalent in Florida and California, and the official said “all options are on the table.” Republicans heavily opposed the travel restrictions: in a letter to President Joe Biden quoted by the Herald, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said the move would be “an outrageous, authoritarian move that has no basis in law or science.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed the possibility of restrictions at a press conference Thursday, saying it “would purely be a political attack against the people of Florida” and “it’s unclear why they would even try talking about that.”

A White House spokesperson denied the report to Reuters Thursday, saying that while the administration is “continuing to discuss” potential travel recommendations, “To be clear, there have been no decisions made around additional public health measures for domestic travel safety.” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at a briefing Thursday that while the administration is “always considering what steps are necessary” for public health, “no decisions have been made” regarding any measures that could affect domestic travel considerations.

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Twitter will go.

Twitter Permanently Suspends ‘Project Veritas’ Group (Hill)

Twitter permanently suspended an account belonging to Project Veritas on Thursday, citing repeat violations of the site’s policies against publishing private information. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to The Hill that the main Project Veritas account was permanently suspended, while founder James O’Keefe had his account temporarily locked. Several recent tweets on O’Keefe’s timeline appeared to have been deleted by Thursday afternoon. [..] Founded in 2010, Project Veritas is a right-wing group that routinely published undercover sting videos, some of which have been accused of deceptive editing. Last October the group was criticized after claiming to have uncovered a witness to voter fraud in Minnesota only for the witness to backtrack on his claims days later and accuse Project Veritas operatives of trying to bribe him, according to multiple reports.

The group, which frequently targets Democratic politicians and media organizations, scored a victory last year when an ABC News correspondent was suspended after a Veritas video showed him claiming that the network does not care about newsworthy issues. They have also published videos of a “Good Morning America” anchor complaining about the network ignoring her story on disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. O’Keefe, in an emailed statement, told The Hill that the content in question was a video of Project Veritas members questioning a Facebook executive, Guy Rosen.

“Late last night, Twitter locked Project Veritas’s and my Twitter accounts, claiming we violated Twitter Guidelines by posting a video of our journalists asking questions of Facebook’s Vice President Guy Rosen which Rosen refused to answer. Twitter claimed the video published private information, which is false. Twitter invited Project Veritas to, and we did, appeal that decision with Twitter. In an apparent act of retaliation for daring to question their authority, Twitter responded to our appeal by suspending our account, continuing to tell us that Project Veritas could delete the tweet and have our account reinstated,” said O’Keefe. “This is nothing new from Twitter – just last fall Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted in Congress his company’s decision to block the New York Post was erroneous while still demanding the Post kneel before them by deleting the tweet,” he continued, adding: “Here we go again – Twitter opting to delete news and demand fealty when their decision is dared to be questioned.”

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This is worse than thought police. Cut them down to size.

Instagram Removes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Account With 800,000+ Subscribers (RT)

Facebook has taken down the Instagram page of former president John F. Kennedy’s nephew – a prominent vaccine critic with 800,000 subscribers. The tech giant has recently stepped up its offensive on what it deems Covid-19 disinfo Kennedy’s Instagram account with its massive following was erased on Wednesday. “We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” Facebook said, confirming the deletion of his hugely popular page. The account was yanked shortly after the Washington Post reported that it had alerted the Facebook-owned social network to Kennedy’s post with the viral clip from “Planet Lockdown.” The video is an interview starring Kennedy’s ally, Catherine Austin Fitts, who served as assistant secretary of housing in the George H.W. Bush administration.

In the clip, which has since been scrapped from YouTube, Facebook, and other established social media, Fitts reportedly argues that the vaccination drive against Covid-19 is a sinister plot masterminded by a global cabal, and that vaccines can change people’s DNA or render them infertile. Kennedy, who was known to be a vocal vaccine skeptic long before the pandemic, reposted the video on December 29. It had reportedly racked up some 900,000 views before it was taken down. He also boasts a sizable 214,000-strong following on Twitter, however his handle there appears to be intact. Kennedy Jr. has drawn stark criticism for his anti-vaccine stance from the mainstream media, with CNN’s Jake Tapper labeling him a “menace” for calling Dr. Anthony Fauci a “very sinister guy who has turned” America over to “Big Pharma.”

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Reckless rhetoric reflects our age of rage.

Reckless Rhetoric Is A Reckless Standard For An Impeachment Trial (Turley)

The Trump team is likely to play back similar language used by Democrats in both houses to “fight” for the country and to “retake” Congress. During Trump’s 2017 inauguration, Democrats denounced his legitimacy as riots broke out in Washington involving violent groups. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) later called on people to confront Republicans in public; Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) insisted during 2020’s violent protests that “there needs to be unrest in the streets.” Then-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said “protesters should not let up” even as many protests turned violent or deadly. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has condemned fellow members as effectively traitors and the “enemy within.” She was criticized last year for stating, in the midst of violent protests, that “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. Maybe there will be.”

All of these Democrats insist they meant peaceful acts — and I believe them. But that is the point: Rioters sought to burn federal buildings or occupy state capitals and, in some cases, seized police stations, sections of cities, even a city hall. Democrats’ words did not cause that violence on the left. Yet, this impeachment trial invites the same or similar words to be interpreted subjectively, based on whether you believe or approve of the speaker. Reckless rhetoric reflects our age of rage. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stood in front of the Supreme Court and, citing two justices by name, declared menacingly: “Hey, Gorsuch. Hey, Kavanaugh — you’ve unleashed a whirlwind. And you’re going to pay the price.” Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) seemed to defend the recent violent takeover of a St. Louis prison by tweeting the words of Martin Luther King that “a riot is the language of the unheard.”

Nor is this limited to Washington: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) defended state Rep. Cynthia Johnson (D) who called for “soldiers” to “make [Trump supporters] pay” for criticizing and harassing her. Fired FBI director James Comey has been given to reckless rhetoric, too. He recently said: “The Republican Party needs to be burned down … It’s just not a healthy political organization.” Likewise, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin declared that “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.” Since the Republican National Committee was targeted with a pipe bomb on Jan. 6, would that constitute incitement to arson or violence?

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The final step towards oblivion.

G7 Seen Backing Issuance Of New IMF SDRs (R.)

Group of Seven finance ministers are likely to back a new allocation of the International Monetary Fund’s own currency, or special drawing rights, at an online meeting on Friday to help low-income countries, sources said. A new issuance is similar to when a central bank prints money as the new SDRs give each IMF member more reserves to draw on in proportion to their shareholding in the Fund. Officials from the United States, the IMF’s biggest shareholder, have signalled they are open to a new issuance of $500 billion, sources said – a clear shift in position under the administration of new U.S. President Joe Biden. “We expect Friday’s G7 meeting to take decisions on important initiatives, and for France that is the question of a new allocation of IMF special drawing rights,” a French finance ministry source said.

A consensus among the G7 rich nations would pave the way for a broader agreement among G20 countries next month, which could in turn set the stage for a formal decision at the IMF’s annual spring meeting in April. Two sources familiar with the matter said U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had not clearly stated her views on the matter. A third source said Republicans in the U.S. Congress would “have a field day” with the potential boost in funding for China, Iran and Venezuela. Proponents said it would be difficult for countries facing U.S. sanctions to access the cash, however, as they would have to use banks wary of running afoul of Washington. Senior Democratic U.S. senators who back an even larger allocation of 2 trillion SDRs are lobbying U.S. Treasury officials personally to move forward, including through direct calls, a Senate aide said.

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Until the Fed withdraws, there are no markets.

Markets Are Giddy About Reopening – And That’s The Problem (Pol.)

Gas prices are climbing. Home prices are surging. Stock markets keep hitting fresh records as chatroom-driven mania draws in giddy investors. The economy and financial markets appear to be pricing themselves for perfection, betting on rapid vaccinations and a surge of consumer spending later this year that will pull the nation out of its pandemic funk. Serious risks are still lurking just below the surface: Vaccinations could take far longer than expected. New Covid strains could evade vaccines and spur new lockdowns. All of this could trigger falls in stock prices and other assets and stomp on job creation.

But if the dream scenario does arrive, another risk is lurking: A burst of new spending and economic growth coupled with the massive amount of fiscal stimulus in the system — possibly including nearly $2 trillion more under the White House’s latest plan — could lead to a sharp spike in inflation. That would send stocks tumbling and could force the U.S. Federal Reserve to contemplate raising interest rates to cool the economy. The Goldilocks scenario Wall Street and the White House are hoping for includes a successful vaccination effort and enough federal support to keep millions of suffering Americans afloat until then, followed by an economy that runs neither too hot nor too cold. But there is no guarantee Goldilocks will arrive.

“The Biden plan coming on top of last year’s stimulus, the budding increase in union power, the rising risk of import inflation coupled with a ballooning trade deficit, and other data suggest to me that inflation will jump,” said Richard Bernstein of financial firm RBAdvisors. And it could be that all the easy money from the Fed has created dangerous bubbles that could pop, Bernstein warned. “The Fed is providing tons of liquidity, but because banks have been hesitant to lend, the liquidity is trapped in the financial economy and bubbles are forming. Whether it’s Bitcoin, SPACs, Robinhood day traders, or anything similar, it’s clearly not healthy capital formation.”

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“The Fed can call a board meeting, vote on a new policy, walk outside and announce to the world that effective immediately, the price of gold is $5,000 per ounce.”

The Only Way Out of the Death Trap (Rickards)

Economists Ken Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart carried out a long historical survey going back 800 years, looking at individual countries, or empires in some cases, that have gone broke or defaulted on their debt. They put the danger zone at a debt-to-GDP ratio of 90%. Once it reaches 90%, debt becomes a drag on growth. Meanwhile, we’re looking at deficits of $1 trillion or more, long after the pandemic subsides. In basic terms, the United States is going broke. We’re heading for a sovereign debt crisis. I don’t say that for effect. I’m not looking to scare people or to make a splash. That’s just an honest assessment based on the numbers. Tax cuts won’t bring us out of it, neither can structural changes to the economy. Both would help if done properly, but the problem is simply far too large.

So, an economic time bomb is ticking. Velocity is dropping. Debt is growing while growth is slowing. The explosion will come in the form of asset bubbles bursting and stocks crashing. There’s no way out of the debt death trap. Or is there? There is actually a way out. It’s the only solution left, really. And that’s inflation. Deflation increases the real value of debt. With deflation, the value of money increases, making it more burdensome to pay off debt. This is why debtors hate deflation. And guess who is the world’s largest debtor nation? That’s right, the U.S. On the other hand, inflation decreases the real value of debt. It’s easier to pay down debt because you’re paying back debt with dollars that are less valuable than when you originally borrowed them. But the Fed has failed to produce inflation for over a decade now, despite all the trillions of dollars it’s fabricated.

Then how can the government and the Fed produce inflation now? The solution is to increase the price of gold in order to change inflationary expectations. That will increase money velocity and get the growth engine running again. The Fed could actually cause inflation in about 15 minutes if it used this method. FDR did this to perfection in 1933, and his actions began to dig us out of the Great Depression. Jerome Powell, Biden and his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen could do it again if they wanted to (assuming they know how, which is probably too much to assume). But how could they increase the gold price to increase money velocity and change inflation expectations? I’ve written about it before, but it bears revisiting, especially since there are newer readers who may be unfamiliar with it. Here’s how they can do it:

The Fed can call a board meeting, vote on a new policy, walk outside and announce to the world that effective immediately, the price of gold is $5,000 per ounce. They could make that new price stick by using the Treasury’s gold in Fort Knox and the major U.S. bank gold dealers to conduct “open market operations” in gold. The Fed will be a buyer if the price hits $4,950 per ounce or less and a seller if the price hits $5,050 per ounce or higher. They will print money when they buy and reduce the money supply when they sell via the banks. The Fed would target the gold price rather than interest rates. The point is to cause a generalized increase in the price level. A rise in the price of gold from $1,900 per ounce to $5,000 per ounce is a massive devaluation of the dollar when measured in the quantity of gold that one dollar can buy.

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She was involved in everything from 2000 on. So much suffering.

Why Victoria Nuland Is Dangerous and Should Not Be Confirmed (Antiwar)

Victoria Nuland exemplifies the neocons who have led US foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years while evading accountability. It is a bad sign that President Joe Biden has nominated Victoria Nuland for the third highest position at the State Department, Under Secretary for Political Affairs. As a top-level appointee, Victoria Nuland must be confirmed by the US Senate. There is a campaign to Stop her confirmation. The following review of her work shows why Victoria Nuland is incompetent, highly dangerous and should not be confirmed.

Afghanistan and Iraq: From 2000 to 2003, Nuland was US permanent representative to NATO as the Bush administration attacked then invaded Afghanistan. The Afghan government offered to work with the US remove Al Qaeda, but this was rejected. After Al Qaeda was defeated, the US could have left Afghanistan but instead stayed, established semi-permanent bases, split the country, and is still fighting there two decades later. From 2003 to 2005 Nuland was principal foreign policy advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney who “helped plan and manage the war that toppled Saddam Hussein, including making Bush administration’s case for preemptive military actions based on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.” The foreign policy establishment, with Nuland on the far right, believed that removing Saddam Hussein and installing a US “ally” would be simple. The invasion and continuing occupation have resulted in over a million dead Iraqis, many thousands of dead Americans, hundreds of thousands with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at a cost of 2 to 6 TRILLION dollars.

[..] Victoria Nuland has promoted a foreign policy of intervention through coups, proxy wars, aggression, and ongoing occupations. The policy has been implemented with bloody and disastrous results in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. With consummate hypocrisy she accuses Russia of spreading misinformation in the US, while she openly seeks to put “stress on Putin where he is vulnerable, including among his own citizens.” She wants to “establish permanent bases along NATO’s eastern border and increase the pace and visibility of joint training exercises.”

Victoria Nuland is the queen of chicken hawks, the Lady Macbeth of perpetual war. There are hundreds of thousands of victims from the policies she has promoted. Yet she has not received a scratch. On the contrary, Victoria Nuland probably has profited from a stock portfolio filled with military contractors.Now Victoria Nuland wants to provoke, threaten and “rollback” Russia. A quick look at a map of US military bases shows who is threatening whom. Victoria Nuland is highly dangerous and should not be confirmed.

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Dig in!

Database Of All Ivermectin COVID-19 Studies (C19I)

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 12 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Ansel Adams The Tetons and the Snake River 1942

    A master at their craft; exquisite!

    Mister Roboto

    Ivermectin, the silver bullet that We Refuse To Use. As always, we should ask “Why is that?”



    Basseterre Kitona

    Masks Exacerbate Airborne Spread

    That wouldn’t surprise me in the least given that every place that has mandated masks then saw infection rates immediately rise.

    The mask madness needs to end. The world will not be sane again until we bury the pseudo science that created the gospel of the holy mask.


    Manipulative words by thought police

    debunked claims of critics with 800,000 subscribers
    Reckless rhetoric
    “enemy within.”
    interpreted subjectively
    criticizing and harassing
    not a healthy political organization.
    they will do it again

    Database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies. 58 studies, 22 peer reviewed, 38 with results comparing treatment and control groups.


    Database of all HCQ COVID-19 studies. 247 studies, 177 peer reviewed, 203 comparing treatment and control groups.
    News from a sunny Vacation retreat

    Doctors cure 6,000 patients with Covid-19 with Ivermectin

    September 29, 2020 | 2:07 pm

    Doctors cure 6,000 patients with Covid-19 with Ivermectin

    COVID-19 February 12, 2021 | 7:28 am

    Dominican Republic to roll out vaccine from China

    Dr. D

    What can I do to make a Congressman cry today? I’ll put yesterday’s film on loop.

    I think you’re right Susmarie. It’s all about collapse. And who’s in the chair when they pull the plug of the Jubilee, long overdue.

    1971 + 49 = 2020. Year 50 is the sabbath. We’ve been obeying that rule, have we not? Whether we wanted, believed, or no?


    Some stories are stranger than others. Springsteen was arrested on DWI charges in a NJ park in November, while he had 1/4 of the legal limit in his system. But the arresting park ranger insists he was plastered.

    Bruce Springsteen Was With Fans, Failed Sobriety Tests When Charged With DWI

    Springsteen’s blood-alcohol content was 0.02 when he was arrested, a source familiar with the case told the Asbury Park Press. The legal threshold indicating intoxication for driving purposes in New Jersey is 0.08, which calls into question why Springsteen was charged with driving while intoxicated, the source said.

    The ranger stated that he “observed four out of six clues on the horizontal gaze nystagmus test,” a field sobriety test in which a person suspected of being intoxicated is asked to follow a small object with their eyes while keeping their head still. Springsteen was “visibly swaying back and forth while I observed his eyes, Hayes said.

    The ranger also put Springsteen through a walk and turn test, where a person is asked to take heel-to-toe steps while walking in a straight line and then turn and walk back the other direction. The ranger wrote that he observed five out of eight clues that would indicate a person is intoxicated. Springsteen took 45 total steps during the walk and turn instead of the instructed 19, according to the summons.


    I am agnostic as to whether or not mask wearing can turn droplets into aerosols. However, when mask wearing became the norm in Maricopa County in AZ (most populous county, home of Phoenix,) due to local city and county regulations, infection levels dropped two weeks afterwards.

    It troubles me greatly when statements are made that generalize cherry picked facts to support an opinion. I find this happening in the political sphere frequently. (Trump’s second impeachment is full of this sort of thing).

    Now, did mask wearing cause this change in number of daily Covid infections? Without more data it is impossible to know clearly, perhaps folks just took social distancing in general more seriously? However, *this* data suggests that masks help curb the spread. Other data may be contradictory or neutral. By examining all of the data systematically we begin to approach “what is real.”


    What is in Rickards’ excellent article could be for a good part a reason of sudden “need for Covid-scare”.
    Power entity must have a field day just watching utter confusion out there, regarding masks and vaccines. They are not in the hurry.

    Doc Robinson

    • The Only Way Out of the Death Trap (Rickards)
    “A rise in the price of gold from $1,900 per ounce to $5,000 per ounce is a massive devaluation of the dollar… FDR did this to perfection in 1933, and his actions began to dig us out of the Great Depression.”

    That would make gold investors like Rickards happy, but I don’t believe it would solve the problem. The US government under Roosevelt had more than twice the gold and less than 1% of the money supply it has now. The problem is much worse now.

    The M2 money supply rocketed from $55 Billion in 1940, to $19,400 Billion in 2021.

    The US Total Gold Reserves were 628.3 million troy ounces in 1940, but are now 261.5 million troy ounces (if not less).

    Dividing the M2 money supply dollars by the number of reserve ounces of gold gives $87 per ounce in 1940, and $72,000 per ounce in 2021.

    Doc Robinson

    By the way, the official number for the Total U.S. Government Gold Reserve is 261,498,926.241 troy ounces. Perhaps the three decimal place “accuracy” is meant to inspire confidence, but for me the effect is the opposite.

    1/1000 ounce of gold is 0.031 grams, a small flake.


    Polder Dweller


    That’s interesting about Maricopa county. I followed the reported cases for Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Belgium and Holland, and every single one showed an increase in the number of cases when the mask mandates came in.

    John Day

    RFK Jr for President, someday, and Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of War, or VP, someday…
    Thanks for all the kind and thoughtful comments yesterday, friends and fellow-travelers.
    We’ll all be deplatformed and e-shunned soon, I suppose, but it looks like the overlords are having to ram too much compliance and police state down our throats too soon, maybe too late.
    It can’t “work”, whatever maintenance of their own power and order they might hopefully envision.
    It CAN be horrific, which it is our job to mitigate, since it affects us.
    @V.Arnold. Good comment about 9/11 yesterday. Eisenhower saw things well underway, already, and the machine killed JFK, RFK and MLK, but it’s the same machine, and has to kill most of the people in the world this time, as I understand the analysis.
    Rare Friday ice-morning in Austin. Working this afternoon, COVID clinic.
    Ivermectin for Surgeon General. Vitamin-D for Thee and Me…

    Dr. D

    And all it takes is lies upon lies, where no one removes the liars.


    Too bad …. the word “fight” has a democrat meaning and a republican meaning.

    Mr. House

    Turning on each other already

    Mr. House

    Gotta make sure the gate keepers remain the gate keeps and nobody wanders off narrative.

    Dr. D

    Thought I’d find this somewhere:


    People don’t believe what you tell them. They rarely believe what you show them. They often believe what their friends tell them. They always believe what they tell themselves.

    What leaders do: they give people stories they can tell themselves. Stories about the future and about change.” -Seth Godin

    Fake stories. Self-advancing, aggrandizing stories. Fatal, tragic, and suicidal stories. Are the stories we make for ourselves really so bad they deserve these counterfeits? Your younger self would be ashamed of you.


    Air Canada shares were up 4.5% in afternoon trade.
    It reported a net loss for 2020 of C$4.65 billion ($3.65 billion) compared with a 2019 profit of C$1.48 billion.
    Air Canada said it was seeking further cost reductions, plans to reduce its first-quarter capacity by about 85% compared with a year earlier, and projects quarterly net cash burn between C$1.35 billion and C$1.53 billion.

    Who, (bank), is lending that kind of money?
    If the gov. does not give them the money, to pay the banks, then, What will be the increased cost of flying to pay back the loans from the banks?
    Lets not forget the increased cost of covid19 on the airlines the airports and services.

    The rifraf are going to be priced out of flying to get away from the cold and the snow.
    Therefore, there will be excess capacity causing price increase to cover cost of low volumes.


    “.241 troy ounces.” Possibly a bottle of Goldschlager?


    I am trying to figure out why people are now so terrified by disease.
    Can we know a language without knowing we know it? Can there be subliminal messages hidden in the flickering light of the television?
    Is there a hidden language of resonance? Are the smart phones putting out some nearly inaudible noise which makes people edgy and twitchy?
    It would be lovely if we still had concerts and plays- no one dare cough or sneeze in public, now. It is a far cry from when you had to remind someone they should not come to work if they are so sick.

    $5000 gold? Why not $10,000? What happens to silver, then? Silver is so useful.
    Gold is mostly just pretty- though not as pretty as copper.



    And yet Air Canada is taking over Air Transit!


    Joe is specializing in “broken promises” kept!


    When FDR devalued the US dollar by raising the US price of gold from $20 to $35 he mostly screwed the US people.

    Today if the US were to devalue the US dollar by raising the US price of gold to $5,000, the US would be screwing the whole world!

    This isn’t going to happen.


    Raising the price of gold would create a new class of Billionaires.


    Off topic: Is entropy involved in magnetism?
    On topic: Where does entropy fit in the green built better sustainable new normal reset deal?
    Fun: We were at -26C this morning- a warming trend from a couple days ago. It kills green ash beetles. It got up to -18C. I am practicing my celsius.

    Delving into my scandihun, germanavian roots, I love the snap of the coldest part of winter. It spares the gardener so many issues when the growing season begins.



    Raising the price of gold would “not” create a new class of billionaires!

    Why? Because the value of gold does not change! The value of gold is constant!

    The only thing that changes is the value of paper money goes down! So you need more paper to buy gold!

    Owning gold merely preserves current wealth! It does not increase wealth! It is like insurance!

    An ounce of gold bought a suit in Roman times and it will buy a suit in the future too!


    “The Fed can call a board meeting, vote on a new policy, walk outside and announce to the world that effective immediately, the price of gold is $5,000 per ounce.”

    So what? Nobody prices anything in gold anymore. Dollars have had no link to gold since 1971 and even then it was all a charade that broke down when the French tried to convert their dollars. Gold is nothing more than a pretty commodity, more like tulips in the 1600s. If the fed wants to set their selling price at $5000 then that their prerogative but there’s no reason for the rest of the world to care.


    my parents said know:

    You must live in sunny Minnesota to see a silver lining in cold temperatures!

    When I was a kid, my family lived in Northern Quebec/Labrador.

    One year we got a new school principal from southern Canada.

    In early October we got our first big snow fall, 3 feet plus. Our school principal, lived about 4 houses down the street from us. From his front window he watched us, out playing in the snow all day long!

    The next time we got another big dump of snow he didn’t cancel school and we were so disappointed!

    Up until I was 10, before we moved down to Montreal, I had always thought you had to have at least 4 or 5 feet of snow for Halloween! I didn’t know Halloween was supposed to be green!

    I also remember my Mom yelling at us to get off the roof of the house in the wintertime because we liked to jump off the roof into the softer snow on the leeward side of the house! We could easily walk up the hard packed wind driven snow on the windward side of the house onto the roof.

    Yes we built igloos and forts, using a long bread knife to cut blocks of snow!

    Snow lasted about 10 months of the year with the ice on the lakes melting late June to early July. Every year they put a car out on the lake and held a raffle as to when it would fall through the ice!



    Actually all of the world’s major central bankers keep huge stockpiles of gold in their vaults! And for very good reason! Gold has no third party liabilities! Gold is the only true money!

    Unlike paper money which is an IOU from central bankers! Many would say central banker’s paper money is more like an IOUN – “I owe you nothing”!

    As a central banker, *If you don’t hold gold, nobody will take you seriously! You need some gold to be credible!

    Another way of looking at gold. Gold serves as paper money’s horizon. Without a “horizon”, imagine trying to fly a plane! Without a fixed horizon, you wouldn’t know if you were flying upside down or about to crash into the ground!

    Another way of looking at gold verses central banker’s paper money. Imagine if you were floating in space. There are no horizons in space.

    You might observe Mr. USD (devaluing faster) falling below Mr. Yen. But maybe Mr. Yen is actually rising? Then again maybe Mr. USD and Mr. Yen are both (devaluing) falling but Mr. USD is just (devaluing faster) falling faster? How do you tell without a reference point?

    This is where gold provides a fixed reference point or “horizon” to our central banker’s artifical paper money world.

    That is why gold is being suppressed by central bankers! They are trying to manipulate your horizon or reference point! They don’t want you to see how much they are devaluing their paper money by printing ever more amounts of paper money!

    Gold hasn’t gone out of style! Central bankers desperately need/want you to think so!

    Please don’t be fooled by the lies central bankers want you to believe!


    WES- The cold snap is just a reliable, welcome event where cabin fever can be relieved by throwing boiling water into the air to make snow. We are easily entertained at this time of year in sunny Minnesota.
    We manage to find the balance- not so much snow as the NE; not so much cold as …(let me think about that one) oh yea- Siberia (with the most luscious summers to make up for all of it).
    In seventh grade I and my girlfriends started wearing jeans in the winter because we didn’t think it was fair to have to walk a half a mile to the bus stop in a dress. We got sent home a few times, but we won in the end. Thus were females allowed to wear pants to school forever after in the Richfield school system.

    V. Arnold

    @ WES

    I mostly agree with your reply to Chett; however and most importantly, gold is a store of value not an investment. Further I would suggest using gold as an investment is a mistake unless you’re very wealthy and even then it’s questionable….
    Gold has 5,000 years behind it as a universal store of value.
    Those who understand this buy gold regardless of the price at any given moment.
    David Graeber, in his book Debt, The First 5,000 Years, does a yeomans job of defining debt and the historical importance of Gold.


    my parents said know:

    Being the first to break ice is always tough! I am surprised wearing dresses in winter existed! Certainly my younger sister always wore pants to school during the winter (1960s)!

    Around our neighborhood, my son was always known for wearing shorts to school during the winter! But Toronto is relatively mild compared to say Montreal.

    When we first moved to Montreal from Labrador, I thought I had hit Miami! Then when I moved to Toronto I thought I had hit Miami again! Toronto is warmer than Montreal, similar to Milwaukee (worked out of there off and on for 8 years). Montreal is more like Minnesota.

    Now wintering in northwestern New Mexico on the Navajo reservation was great! Got above freezing nearly every day! Then on long weekends would drive 12 hours to warm Phoenix!

    I have also experienced winters in southeastern Saskatchewan by N.Dakota border, Montana, and Wyoming. And yes Siberia too!

    In my old age I am now allergic to cold winters! Right now wish I could join my brother from Detroit working remotely from Florida,


    V. Arnold:

    Yes gold is just a store of value as I pointed out to Zerrosum above earlier.

    V. Arnold

    It is quite interesting (to me) the different mind set on gold in the west by comparison to here in Asia.
    A poster a few days ago told of the problem she had selling a gold ring and apparently couln’t sell it.
    My wife recently wanted to sell 2 gold rings to buy a gold bar that was slightly heavier than the 2 rings, of course, paying the difference in cash…no problem at all. Because she bought the rings some many months ago she got more for them than she payed originally. This is actual as opposed to anecdotal…
    Gold is and always has been money, which only enhances its value as a store of value…


    Gold is not money and has not been linked to the money supply for 50 years. It was money once and when it was every other thing was valued against it but those days are long past and, unless the entire world financial system completely breaks down, the chance of gold becoming the basis of a world money system are nil.
    Humans like gold. It’s rare, shiny and easily purified. Pretty to look at, easy to manipulate and pretty much useless as a weapon or construction material. It’s always been collected and traded and, because of it’s fairly consistent supply, it’s been used as the basis for the trading of goods and money systems. It’s always had some value but in today’s world it is nothing more than a collectable like a piece of art.
    Again, so what?
    Rickards seems to think that if the fed starts buying gold at $5000/oz with newly printed money then inflation would quickly follow but where’s the logic in that? The Fed is already printing and distributing trillions of newly printed dollars in the form of QE, no gold is necessary to create more dollars.

    V. Arnold

    The Fed is already printing and distributing trillions of newly printed dollars in the form of QE, no gold is necessary to create more dollars.

    …and just what, pray tell, does that have to do with gold?

    Dr. D

    Interesting take on gold. How can it both be a unchanging store of value and be mispriced? If it’s mispriced, it’s either high or low, and if priced too low, must be bought. If it’s insurance that’s no different. Burry bought a hundred-bil$ in MBS insurance (default swaps) because they sold him the insurance mispriced.

    If it only bought a suit, it would be the only asset in human history that didn’t fluctuate to highs and lows.

    Over TIME, perhaps, it holds, but I think you could buy more than a suit with gold in Hanoi in 1975. More than a suit in the Soviet Union in 1985. Less than a suit in NYC in 1995.

    And is it money? To whom? Do you want a bar of gold or a bar of chocolate in Venice Beach, 2005? They chose the candy. In Bangkok I wager they would pick the gold bar. So Bernanke said gold has no purpose at all, yet all central banks hold it and fret about it, and in the case of London and NY, steal it worldwide, from Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela, and topple governments, spend and kill millions to do so. …So clearly it has no practical purpose to them.

    Maybe what matters is what THEY think of it, not Brittany in Venice Beach. And would $5k solve the problems? No, you insider-shill-idiot of status quo think, Rickards. And the price comparative to 1980 would be $20,000 now. Correct that the gold means nothing, what we have is a PROMISE problem. All the pensions funds in Norway are PROMISES to deliver, not gold, but Farikal and akvavit, good yule logs and Volvos. If all those PROMISES are not kept, it doesn’t matter about the gold, only that you DEFAULTED, the money people imagined is not there, and they pull in their horns and save, not spend, to fill up the till to safety again. Their idiotic pricing trick, minting one platinum coin with “$1 Trillion” stamped on the side solves nothing. And they know it. And HE knows it. And he also knows although this is the usual way to escape the last few times, swapping gold for silver, silver for paper, paper for gold, it won’t work this time. Or without the death of millions or billions. They don’t mind and even promote that, but they know they won’t survive it. We’ll make sure. Amazing Flores article on just this: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2021/02/12/globalist-dilemma-how-implement-4th-industrial-revolution-without-losing-power/

    He’s just mouthing the words. Now obviously, having an asset that is not a promise but a tangible commodity is preferable, but that doesn’t make heat appear in your kitchen when Germany suicidally shuts down every coal mine and shuts off trucking. Gold will go up. …Against the DOW, against expensive houses. But it’s possible it will go DOWN against wheat because they would both rise together.

    Well, enough, you get the point. Imagine every thing you own that’s not in your house, and anything on payments there too, all disappear. When you call the bank, the broker, they don’t pick up the phone. Well, you’ll look like Greece. Life is life then, all promises are gone. All power is naked. Thus they need to add infinite fascism, infinite oppression, infinite austerity until you say “no.” What’s mine is mine and you can’t have it. You get the government, the life, the morality you will tolerate.


    If I, now own a piece of gold worth $1,000 and you then you tell me that it is worth $20,000 then yes, I will be 20X richer.
    Of course, if you increase the price of a suit of clothe by 20X then I will not be richer than before.
    Until the price of a suit of clothes goes up by 20X, I’m going to be able to buy 20 suits with my piece of gold.

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