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Rufino Tamayo Perro aullando (Howling Dog) 1960



We’ve been saying this for months now, in many variations, but the mass vaxx programs just continue. And that has to stop. We need to save lives not take them. And yes, the vaxxers have managed to propagandize -almost- everyone into believing the exact opposite of what is happening: you now believe that mRNA substances save lives.

Problem may be that they do, but only for a few weeks or months, and then you need another booster, while in the meantime, your body is filling up with cytotoxic spike proteins. The vaccines don’t kill the virus, they leave it alive while enhancing your body’s protection against it a bit, and for a short time.

Whether that means you should label them “non-sterilizing vaccines” or not vaccines at all is something I get tired of discussing, because that merely distracts from the main issue: these things have not been properly tested while they’re very invasive and long-lasting, and therefore potentially very dangerous.

One of the biggest dangers is that they trigger the virus into mutating. That’s what “non-sterilizing vaccines” do. Months ago, Geert VandenBossche started warning about this, many other doctors and medical specialists have followed, but they all get banned and deleted and censored. Never state the obvious!

Perhaps the No. 1 peril behind mRNA substances is something many of the same doctors warn about, an emerging auto-immune disease called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), which emerged through years of trials of these same substances in labs and animal tests, all of which were conveniently stricken from the propaganda record. But they still exist.

Here’s another graph. I have these graphs and articles every single day here at the Automatic Earth. And I don’t go out looking for them, they come to me. This one shows that Covid variants began after vaccinations started. No surprise here, it’s predictable and was predicted that the virus would react this way. If you don’t kill it, but you do challenge it, it mutates into a form that the vaccine can’t harm.

And then you can repeat-jab all you want with boosters that inject another 14,000 trillion cytotoxic (yes that means they kill your cells) spike proteins per jab into a patient victim’s body, but that can only lead to another jab x months down the road, because the virus is not being killed.

If you have a 5, even a 3-year-old kid, explain this and ask them. They will get it right much more often than all your experts and politicians and pharma salesmen. And it’s getting tiresome having to talk about this all the time, just because those are the people who have a stranglehold on the media and get to define there what “the Science” is. While in reality they’re just killing people. But we can’t say that, can we?

I like this graph from They have a grant from the Gates foundation, and I hope for them, after seeing this, that that’s not their main grant. Because this graph exposes everything wrong with the mass vaccination surge. All variants of any consequence have appeared ONLY as a reaction to the vaccines. As we said, and many others with us did, first of all Geert VandenBossche. Here is what inevitably happens, in living color:




And there IS a different way, whether they want to hide or ban or delete it or not. Another little graph just from today, like the one above. Again, I get things like this every single day. Read the Automatic Earth daily, and you will find out how and why.

India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, with 230 million inhabitants, started distributing ivermectin to all its people on May 14.

Here is what happened. When it did at first we thought it was solely a sign that the Delta variant was especially harmless. We now think perhaps that is not the only reason. The ivermectin program was announced on May 12, when the vaccination rate was 2.8%. That rules out vaccines as a factor, entirely.

Even if those rates have increased a little; they’re still today just 9%. If any part of the US or Europe had that rate, Fauci et al would be screaming blue murder.

Before they announced the ivermectin plan, Uttar Pradesh was at over 30,000 cases per day:

Yesterday, they had 26 (I read 19 in another source, but hey…)

As for deaths, the numbers are a bit less spectacular, they never got to “great heights”, but they’re clear nonetheless.

And yesterday they had 1.

Comparison: Uttar Pradesh is 20 times the size of Greece population wise, and 2/3 of the US. Greece yesterday had over 4,200 new cases vs Uttar Pradesh’s 26, and today had 25 new deaths vs Uttar Pradesh’s 1.



This is the umpteenth time I’ve been saying the same thing, always trying to find new ways and angles to say it. The vaccines are not safe, they are very dangerous both short term and especially long term (ADE). A single mRNA shot triggers your body to produce 14,000 trillion spike proteins, that don’t just disappear, or stay in the injection spot, they move through your body, which also gets triggered to keep producing them.

Then antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) appears. Antibodies that are supposed to get rid of the spike proteins, instead bind to them and help them invade your cells. Which then either get killed and/or turn into factories to produce more spike proteins. Which have been registered as long as 6 months after injection time. In many of the tests I referred to earlier that involved ADE, all test animals were wiped out.

Count your blessings. All our responses to Covid, lockdowns, masks, you name it, have one thing in common: they are one-dimensional. The mRNA vaccines are not just the cherry on the 1 dimension cake, they are our crowning achievement in utter stupidity. We could be Uttar Pradesh. But we are not, and we have only ourselves to blame for that. Your government? Yeah, idiots. Their experts? Utter fools. But in the end it’s you yourselves. It’s your responsibility to look out for your kids and loved ones, not your government’s.

Here, again, is the article about how Uttar Pradesh turned to ivermectin. Maybe you should too.



Ivermectin Tablets To Be Distributed Among Uttarakhand Residents

The Uttarakhand government will be distributing Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug, among the residents of the state as a preventive medicine against the spread of COVID-19, a senior official said. The Uttarakhand government’s announcement comes after Goa and Karnataka issued similar directions. The decision was taken on the recommendation of the state-level clinical technical committee, an order issued by Chief Secretary Om Prakash to all district magistrates said.

The panel has recommended the Ivermectin tablet as “mass chemoprophylaxis” to effectively control the surge of COVID-19 infection apart from the vaccination drive, the order said. The 12 mg tablets of the drug will be distributed in a kit to all families through the health department and district magistrates, the order said. Usually, Ivermectin tablets have to be taken by adults and those above 15 years twice daily for three days after breakfast and dinner. One person will thus need six tablets and a family of four will need 24 tablets. Hence, each kit will contain two dozen tablets, the order said.

Children between 10-15 years will take only one tablet daily whereas those aged between 2 to 10 years can be administered the drug only after doctor’s advice. The tablet cannot be given to children below two years, pregnant women and those suffering from liver diseases, it said. The kit will come with directions on how to consume the medicine and dosage for different age groups. Information related to the daily distribution of the kits should be sent to the state nodal officer, the order said.

Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane had on Monday said all people above 18 years will be given Ivermectin drug irrespective of their coronavirus status to bring down the number of deaths due to the viral disease. Rane had said that people will be given Ivermectin 12 mg for five days as expert panels from the UK, Italy, Spain and Japan have found a statistically significant reduction in mortality, time to recovery and viral clearance in COVID-19 patients treated with this medicine.

On Tuesday, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and state’s COVID task force head CN Ashwath Narayan said 10 lakh (1 lakh=100,000) Ivermectin tablets have been procured and their supply will begin on May 14. It has been further decided to procure 25 lakh tablets and make them available in all hospitals across the state, he said. Medical experts, however, have questioned the efficacy of the five-day duration of the drug regimen announced by Goa government saying the treatment should not be given for a short period but ideally be continued till the pandemic is brought under control.

Stop mass vaccination NOW. Before millions of people are killed. That is a risk that is much higher than that of more contagious but less severe mutations such as delta. Against which down the line no booster can protect you no matter what. We are not faster than a virus is. We can only hope to be smarter. But 20 months in, we look like utter utter fools.




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    Rufino Tamayo Perro aullando (Howling Dog) 1960     We’ve been saying this for months now, in many variations, but the mass vaxx programs ju
    [See the full post at: Stop Mass Vaccination Now!]


    ” … the vaxxers have managed to propagandize -almost- everyone into believing the exact opposite of what is happening: you now believe that mRNA substances save lives.”

    Perfectly stated.


    Also love the choice of the Howling Dog.


    I confirmed from a reliable source (Gov Cuomo himself) that DeBlasio did indeed roll out vaccine passports for any establishment selling food that also has dine-in services. (not sure what difference that makes?) This encompasses A LOT of stores, including Wegman’s grocery, Target (starbucks shops in store), Walmart (McD’s I think, I don’t shop there), etc.

    In addition, Cuomo has mandated vaccination in the entire state for anyone working in healthcare with a patient-facing job (including hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, etc., etc.)

    This insanity in NY is … insane. Certifiably insane.

    Take a gander at the worldometer stats for NYS and figure out any reason whatsoever for these *emergency measures*.


    All variants of any consequence have appeared ONLY as a reaction to the vaccines.


    This Delta mutation was detected for the first time in October 2020 in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

    The first person in India to be vaccinated did not receive that vaccination until January 2021, around three months after the delta variant developed.

    The Alpha variant was first found in the UK in September 2020.
    The Beta variant was first found in South Africa in May 2020.
    The Gamma variant was first found in Brazil in November 2020.
    The Delta variant was first found in India in October 2020.
    The Eta variant was first detected in multiple countries in December 2020.
    The Iota variant was first detected in the U.S. in November 2020.
    The Kappa variant was first detected in India in October 2020.
    The Lamba variant was first detected in Peru in December 2020.

    So, tell me again- how did the vaccines cause the variants?


    “YouTube has removed a video from a Republican lawmaker [Nicole Malliotakis] in which she says she announced she was suing Mayor Bill de Blasio for his vaccine passport scheme in New York.

    ‘YouTube removed the video of my press conference announcing our lawsuit against @NYCMayor’s vaccine passport claiming it “violates community guidelines.” My office reached out to YouTube asking why and all we’ve heard back is crickets.’

    Users who click on the link to the video are met with a message informing them: ‘This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.’

    Democrat Mayor de Blasio this month made New York City the first place in the U.S. to mandate vaccine passports for indoor public places. “

    Well, I suppose if you can censor a sitting president, a congresswoman is small fry, ay?


    sorry, messed up italics code on that last comment.

    madamski cafone

    “Bullshit. This Delta mutation was detected for the first time in October 2020 in the Indian state of Maharashtra.”

    There’s this crazy little thing called global air travel, and from there, people ride these things called trains, cars, buses, trucks, bicycles, and get around really fast breathing lots of bugs everywhere. Not only is correlation not necessarily causation, but also, location is not causation.

    Whether Raul is right or wrong in making such an absolute statement is unknown to me; Raul studies way more covid info than I do. Whether your absolute statement is right or wrong is also unkwon, but what can be accurately said is that your methodology is flawed.

    What IS known is that standard vaccinology repeatedly shows that ADE happens when a non-sterilzing vaccine is administered at large like has been done. That’s before we even factor in the directly harmful secondary reactions caused by inducing the body to make a zillion spike proteins.

    So Raul’s absolute claim at least has prevailing non-politicized science giving it a foundational truth on which to build a further hypothesis. Your assertion that a plague discovered in India must have derived in India assumes medeival travel circumstances. Even so, the plague that manifested in Venice during the Black Plague did not originate in Venice, and they had ships at least as good as ancient Phoenecian triremes. (Love saying that word.;) )

    “You have ground your axe very dull, Grasshopper. Try the Swiss Army knife.”


    madamski cafone

    ‘And whatever you do, don’t eat the Wuhan bat stew. Ver-r-ry bad! Make you sick in the New World of America! Why? Because… bats can FLY!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!’

    Sorry. It won’t let me remove that .gif that makes one seasick. My bad.

    those darned kids

    where i live, i could go to various places and get 17 injections of this stuff right now, no questions asked.

    but if i asked for ivermectin…


    Ummm. The point is, the variants were detected before any vaccine was administered.

    those darned kids

    deflationista! you’ve solved the mystery!!! the variants are arising in college fraternities and sororities.

    i’m gonna pledged with the phi mu alpha variant.


    lambda lambda fubar variant for me please!!


    To a world that has become weary, yet accustomed to playing defense against SARS-CoV-2, evolution of the Delta variant is both unwelcome and unsurprising. Delta, or B.1.617.2, was first identified in India in Dec. 2020.

    Ramesh, a 57-year-old resident of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, India, sits outside a tea stall, rummaging inside a dirty bag of crumpled medical documents. He is searching for a record from a nearby private hospital, where he had taken part in a clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine in India. He finally finds it. It shows that he received his first injection on Dec 7.


    The Lambada and Macarena variants are reportedly incubating in South America.


    Sorry deflationista – you’re making a fool of yourself.

    The early Phase I and II trials were carried out in the UK, in S Africa and in Brazil.
    Exactly where the first 3 variants emerged from.

    Take a simple virology 101 lesson from Dr. Byram Bridle:


    deflationista – the WHO are now telling the world that the immunity provided by the vaxx is better than the natural immunity obtained from infection and recovery.

    This goes against everything we know about the human immune response. That is bullshit.
    Their largest ‘donor’ is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    And they are your trusted source?


    deflationista – take a lesson from French vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne, Head of the Medical Department at Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches, the teaching hospital for the University of Versailles-St Quentin, Head of Department for Infectious and Tropical Diseases

    Yup – vaccines drive mutations. The pandemic would now be over had they NOT used these shit gene-therapies on a mass global scale. The vaxxines are now driving the pandemic. It’s a Pandemic of Vaxxed.


    Most vaxxed country in the world.

    “Israel is now requiring anyone over the age of three to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test before entering many indoor spaces, as it tackles a sharp rise in infections.”


    It looks like Arizona State Govenor Ducey found a way to reward school districts for following AZ law regarding masking:

    Oh, how amusing it is some days to live in 2021!


    germ: if it wasn’t a BBC link I might not have believed it without further verification (no offense intended). That is tragic. I’m sorry this is happening in Israel. I can’t hold it against people who have been so frightened and coerced they took a risk and got an experimental vaccine that is obviously not working. May god (gods, spirit, whatever an individual’s faith) help them.

    And, please, this doesn’t come to the rest of highly vaccinated countries.

    I was going to point out vaccine trials were carried out months in advance of mass roll out but it wasn’t worth the effort. I don’t feel like arguing anymore. I’m so tired of this and so worried about the people I care about, I just don’t have the energy to debate ignorance.


    madam, if you ever post a moving gif like that again I’m going to find your house and beat you senseless.

    Raul, can you remove the gif? Please?? Those things drive me absolutely nuts.


    madam, that was a joke. dry sense of humor.


    Vaccine trials were begun in October 2020 in India. Just goggle it.


    USNY- YES! Damn! I hate those things.

    those darned kids

    if i recall, the phase 1 or 2 trials were done in the u.k and india for astrazeneca.

    pzifer in brazil, south africa, the u.s., argentina, turkey, germany.




    The phase-III or the last stage of clinical trial of the Covid-19 vaccine ‘Covishield’, being developed by Oxford University, and manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII), began today at the state-run Sassoon General Hospital in Pune, Maharashtra on Monday, a senior official said.
    “We have started the phase-III trials of the vaccine candidate. We will administer dose to 150 to 200 volunteers,” said Dr Muralidhar Tambe, Dean, Sassoon General Hospital, reported PTI.


    I’ve read too much here. Raul’s post is reality. The problem is corporate propaganda. It’s made its customers zombies. The USA has left behind 11,000 Americans in Afghanistan. This and the failed US public health system are no better proof of the utter corruption, arrogance, and incompetence of the ruling class.

    Unvaccinated Americans have been abandoned too. The vaccinated dare not admit to themselves that they are guinea pigs in Phase III trials that are looking more and more like failed experiments.

    We are expendable.


    So, tell me again- how did the vaccines cause the variants?

    Vaccines do not cause the variants. The virus is constantly mutating on its own. It does not need a vaccine to do that. Every viral replication is an opportunity for a new variant to be created. What a non-sterilizing “leaky” vaccine does is increase the chances that vaccine-resistant variants become the dominant strain in the community. They work best against the original strain they were designed for. They beat alpha, but the virus has moved on. But you are correct that the vaccines did not cause the variants. Instead, they expedited evolution by killing off the alpha variant so that delta, gamma and lambda can thrive. And with the exceptionally high viral loads for the delta variant, we have a lot more viral replication and even greater potential for an even more resistant sub-variant.

    Tree Frog


    The leaky jabs did not “beat alpha” – and makers never advertised they did. (At least they were that honest.) The leaky jabs did provided pressure to evolve toward more aggressive/successful variants. The alpha variant may be a small current concern, that hydra head having been reduced but not eliminated). Many other heads – some far more aggressive – have replaced it.

    The Elite response to SARS-CoV-2 has been exactly what one would expect: ego-centrist and deeply ignorant. But that’s what class inbreeding will get you.

    Of course, this is just another evolutionary event. Not a surprise. Tough to live through.

    Mr. House

    The leaky jabs did not “beat alpha”

    Your are right, Tree Frog. I was trying to be generous.

    Doc Robinson

    On the topic of mass vaccination, a press release issued today says that the one-shot Sputnik LIght vaccine (mRNA-free) demonstrated “high safety profile and a 93.5% efficacy” during a trial in Paraguay with more than 320,000 participants. All those people and (reportedly) zero serious adverse reactions, no myocarditis, no thrombosis…

    The one shot Sputnik Light vaccine has proven to be highly effective against COVID among more than 320,000 subjects who had received the vaccine based on the data collected by July 30, 2021. The data also indicates a high safety profile of Sputnik Light:

    No serious adverse events associated with vaccination;

    No deaths related to the vaccination;

    No cerebral vein thrombosis (CVT) cases after vaccination;

    No Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) cases after vaccination;

    No capillary leak syndrome cases after vaccination;

    No cases of myocarditis or pericarditis reported.

    Bear in mind that this is from a press release, not a published study.

    V. Arnold

    Aye, Sputnik V is the best of the lot…

    V. Arnold

    Well, well, haven’t been able to post for hours…no idea, first time with a problem…

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