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René Magritte The song of love 1948



Just this morning, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, UK and New Zealand announced record or near-record numbers of positive Covid numbers and/or deaths. Yes, here we go again. Sadly, all of it is completely preventable, and all of us choose to not prevent it, because most have never been told this. Once again, an overview.



In the UK, a report came out last week about the country’s Covid approach, written by politicians, from the government’s own party nonetheless. It’s titled “Coronavirus: Lessons learned to date”, which is kind of ironic, because the one thing WE learn, at least from the press coverage of it, is that not a single lesson has been learned. BBC:

Covid: UK’s Early Response Worst Public Health Failure Ever

The 150-page document, “Coronavirus: Lessons learned to date”, is from the Health and Social Care Committee and the Science and Technology Committee, and MPs from all parties.

[..] Conservative MPs Jeremy Hunt and Greg Clark, who chair the committees, said the nature of the pandemic meant it was “impossible to get everything right”. “The UK has combined some big achievements with some big mistakes. It is vital to learn from both,” they said. Cabinet Office minister Stephen Barclay said scientific advice had been followed and the government had made “difficult judgements” to protect the NHS. He said the government took responsibility for everything that happened – saying the government would not shy away from any lessons to be learned at the full statutory public inquiry, expected next year.

What were those big mistakes, according to those 150 pages? These:

[..] the UK was not as open to different approaches on earlier lockdowns, border controls and test and trace as it should have been.

And the “big achievements”?

But their report highlighted successes too, including the vaccination rollout. It described the approach to vaccination – from the research and development through to the rollout of the jabs – as “one of the most effective initiatives in UK history”.

I kid you not, the biggest mistakes these politicians could come up with was that the UK should have locked down, shut its borders and start testing and tracing healthy people earlier. That’s it. But none of those come close to being the biggest mistakes. And that after 20 months they all still don’t appear to understand that is a sad, saddening and deadly “mistake” all by itself.

The real biggest mistake is the complete denial, and ignoring, of the crucial role prophylactics and early treatment could and should have played. And since neither plays such a role even today, yes, it will continue to be very deadly. The pharmaceutical industry prevents the use of -most- pharmaceuticals, and allows only the use of some of the newest and -therefore- most profitable ones. The promised “full statutory public inquiry” won’t change that.


But first, let’s look at the “big achievements”. Vaccination, “one of the most effective initiatives in UK history”, has resulted in the following picture:


“Cases” are, let’s say, “stubbornly high” again (they average about 45,000 recently, and on Monday reached almost 50,000):


Hospitalizations are high too, compared to other countries. Which is odd, since the vaccines were supposed to stop severe cases in every country, we were told. After the claims that they stop infection and transmission became untenable:


Deaths appear to have normalized a little more in the UK, but what’s worrisome in this graph is the “Other excess deaths”. What are they? Are they vaccine deaths? Hard not to think they may very well be. But also hard to know because information on this is so scarce. In any case, they appear to outnumber Covid deaths. Which is no surprise, but still “good” to see in a graph:




The UK is presently about 65% vaccinated, according to Our World In Data, after “one of the most effective initiatives in UK history”. 65%? How effective have other “initiatives” been? On the bright side, the unvaccinated 35% may well turn out to be the lucky ones.


But why were (and are) the “big mistakes” made? A clue is that lockdowns, closed borders, test and trace, and facemasks, are all non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI’s). Any and all things pharmaceutical have been ignored from the get go. And not just ignored: there have even been – and still are- extensive coordinated campaigns against ivermectin (IVM), hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and recently even aspirin.

Never has there been any advice for people to boost their vit. C and D levels, or zinc and quercetin. Aspirin and melatonin are never mentioned. Still, it’s widely known that these substances can provide protection from Covid in their various ways. So how can it be that all those highly paid medical experts and scientists that advise their governments never seem to talk about them?

Perhaps you need to look at how the field is laid out. The pharmaceutical industry has the by far largest lobbying departments in the world (and you thought it was Big Oil). In Washington alone there are hundreds of lobbyists working for Big Pharma. Who not only support the politicians’ election campaigns, they also pay huge amounts to the same medical experts that advise the same politicians. Moreover, lobbyists often even write the laws for the politicians, who are not experts. Sort of a symbiotic relationship, if you will.


The problem that I have with this, and these people apparently don’t, is that this has cost enormous amounts of suffering and deaths. For no apparent reason at all. The UK, and any other -western- country, could have promoted vitamin D -and C-, plus zinc and quercetin, and added on ivermectin and/or HCQ, perhaps doxycycline, and only a fraction of the present victims would have died and/or been incapacitated.

And this is not a story about the past either: it continues to this day. There are no protocols for protecting people, and none for early treatment. It’s still: go home and wait till you get so sick you need a ventilator. What doctor signs up for that? Well, most of them do. Screw Hippocrates. 95% of the deaths and misery could have been prevented with cheap, available, run-of-the-mill pharmaceuticals. And your doctors refused to provide them for you.

We’ve all seen the horse dewormer campaign against ivermectin that especially outlets like CNN, and even Rolling Stone, have put so much energy in recently. But the real story of IVM is completely different. Here are a few countries and states, and their experiences with it.




Puerto Rico:


Uttar Pradesh:




And Indonesia:

Indonesia ramped up ivermectin production and the government assured national distribution and fair prices. IVM is considered by the government a COVID medicine.



Good thing we didn’t take that horse dewormer. We were smart, we listened to “The Science”, and spend billions on vaccines. It’s too early to oversee the harm these substances have done and will do, and there’s a lot of pressure not to make it public, but we can get an idea from two countries that were initially spared much of what we experienced. They were genuine Covid success stories, like New Zealand was. Until they started vaccinating. Here’s Taiwan and Singapore.




And here is Singapore, bit of a strange graph because the timeline is split in two, but obvious enough:


And now we’re sitting here without ivermectin, because it’s been banned in many places, but with increasing pressure to get jabbed with substances that look very suspect. And increasingly without the freedom to choose what we think is best for us and our families.

But you can still choose to boost your immune system with vitamin D, without which it can’t properly function, and vitamin C. Be careful with zinc, but do consider it; it keeps the virus out of your cells. And it works better with quercetin. And do tell your doctor that you would like a prescription for ivermectin -if only to see the reaction- or HCQ. Ask about melatonin. Get some low dose aspirin. Inform yourself.

Since I am not a doctor (I just listen to them a lot), let me close with an old favorite I haven’t used in a long time: This information is for entertainment purposes only.

PS: Oh, and no, these things are not mistakes. Mistakes are not deliberate.




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    René Magritte The song of love 1948     Just this morning, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, UK and New Zealand announced record o
    [See the full post at: “Mistakes”]

    Dr D Rich

    Colon Powell died which supports the thesis of “…enormous suffering and deaths.” Whereas The General’s death from COVID, collateral Bacillus anthracis, multiple myeloma or Mý Lai’s long arm of fate for spearheading that coverup too reverberates into the current millennium.
    The Great (enormous)Man Theory of history and international relations once again proves dispositive.


    I just checked date on the hydroxychloroquine (and azitromycin) prescription my Dr. gave me (7/30/2020) and a local pharmacy filled with no complaint. I have not taken it. I took 2 grams of 1.0% ivermectin (in Propylene glycol/Glycerol formal) added to applesauce (with a ts of sucralose) instead, monthly for a while, now weekly at the advice of FLCCC.
    And I literately cry when I see the comparison of cases in Uttar Pradesh vs Kerala in India. I have been luck to have visited that country in the past, and I loved the people.
    No need for a translation:https://www.francesoir.fr/politique-monde/inde-assignation-du-ministre-de-la-sante
    It is sad that the fight between good and evil seems to involve loving doctors and ambitious American companies/foundations:

    Alleged Corruption in India as Drugs, Money, and Politics May Combine to Block Generic Early Onset COVID-19 Treatments


    Enablers ….. Enforcers …… Manipulators …..SNOBS ….. 3 Monkeys
    have been conditioned/trained to ignore TAE and alternative facts/opinions if it comes from a non accredited higher educational institutions/private club membership that do not use, or misuse, the private codes/special language acquired during their years of training/apprenticeship, because the rifraf/commoners will not/can not hold them responsible for mistakes

    John Day

    Go Down Gardening https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/10/go-down-gardening.html

    Precariously Supported,

    Yesterday was an odd day in several aspects. I had worked a long Friday at the clinic again, which did not go badly. I left nothing unfinished.
    We drove to the Yoakum homestead Friday night and got a good night of sleep.

    Somehow, I felt very heavy and slow on Saturday and Sunday, so I trudged through three to four hours of pushing the little Honda mower, and did work in the garden, but ploddingly. I planted garlic for the winter/spring season, and tended the garden.

    I continued to feel a weight of unease, and as we started the drive back to Austin, Sunday afternoon, I had a sense that I should really buy winter veggies to put in at the clinic garden, which I started in 2016, and tend for my coworkers. Putting things off until the end of the month, in my last two weeks of work there, seemed awkward.

    We picked up a lot of winter greens and salad starts in little pots on our way into Austin, some for our Austin kitchen garden, but most for the clinic garden.
    I did a last harvest of the blackeyed pea row, then cut down the vines, and took them to some chickens that a friend of Jenny’s raises.

    Yesterday (Monday) morning I worked in our kitchen garden again, preparing the beds for fall and winter, cleaning up the summer debris, and also planting an orange seedling in the bed in front of the house, where the February freeze had killed the one fruitful tree.

    After eating, I went over to the clinic with an orange seedling, to replace the two that the February freeze had killed, and all of the winter salad and cooking-green seedlings to fill a couple of rows. I went through the entrance, put on a mask, and went through to the garden in the break area, with shovels and clippers, saying “hi” to a few people and smiling with my eyes. I went out through the garden gate, and brought in the orange tree, then the veggie starts.

    The orange tree needed to go in the large bed, which has a Mexican avocado seedling tree, and a banana plant that actually survived February. Mainly it has a lot of sweet potatoes.It’s a fairly large bed, and this has been a very good year for sweet potatoes. I filled the three gallon bucket that the tree was in with sweet potatoes, from just a few square feet that I cleared and dug up, before planting it, maybe one percent of that bed.

    While I was digging up the sweet potatoes and digging the hole to put the orange tree in, my flip phone rang. I figured it was Jenny. I brushed some of the dirt off my hands and answered it. It was the nice and very well-mannered youngish man, who is currently Director of Human Resources, telling me that my last day of work had been changed from the last Friday of October to the Friday just passed, which was different from what I had been told last week, when the reason for my firing was changed from vaccine-mandate non-compliance, to all of the wrongs I have committed in the period of time since that mandate was announced.

    It was a lousy spot for him to be put in, and he seemed uncomfortable having to put it into polite words.He had been trying to call me while I was working on our home garden, but I had not been carrying the phone. I told him that I was at the clinic garden, putting in some things for winter, and that he could talk to me in person. My presence in the garden was unanticipated, though I have worked on my day off frequently in the past couple of months.

    We talked as I planted the orange tree and put the big sweet potatoes in the pot, handing it over to a couple of nurses taking their lunch. They had helped dig sweet potatoes last year, and I knew they wanted some. He politely explained that I was not to re-enter the building, and that my desk would be cleared out and boxed for me. The explanation was so polite that I sought clarification.I did negotiate that I could pick up a few notes at my desk with his presence and supervision, which we then did. My badge didn’t let me in this time. He had to use his. As we walked through the clinic to my desk, most people had their eyes down. A few coworkers looked me in the eyes, and I smiled with my eyes. I was comfortable in myself, and emanated that (I think).

    We grabbed a few boxes and made short work of the packing-up. I got everything, and we carried the three boxes to my little twenty four year old Ford Ranger pickup truck together. We went back to the garden and break-area through the gate, He thought it best that I just leave without planting the vegetables, but I prevailed upon him to keep his agreement to let me clean out the rows and do the planting.

    He actually had a fair number of gardening questions, which I answered as I cleared the rows and planted for winter.
    I worked expeditiously, taking about twenty to thirty minutes, as I explained the quality of the soil, and how building soil is one of the main objectives in successful gardening. If you don’t have enough garden to out produce what the squirrels, birds and other critters can eat, they will eat it all.
    You need a big enough garden patch.

    We walked back to the truck with shovels and clippers, talking about what’s next. The clinic will still pay me for these last two weeks of October, but my patients who are scheduled will not get to see me for a last visit. I have been doing everything possible to avoid leaving loose ends, and to write thorough chart notes, so it will be easy for the next doctor. I have tried to make suggestions for which doctor or practitioner might best match the needs and personality of each patient. I passed my list to give to the Director of Adult Medicine, who has been working hard and well on this transition. It’s not a complete list…

    I am left to wonder why the clinic took surprise action to remove me from patient-care, while still paying my salary for two weeks. I suspect there was free-floating anxiety about what I might say or do. I had been informing people of the actual circumstances of my leaving, being fired for non-compliance with mandatory vaccination. The management has been consulting with attorneys the whole time, and somebody else is contesting her firing for non-compliance with that mandate, I am told. Governor Abbott did say that vaccine mandates are not tolerable in Texas, Monday of last week. I suspect that my being fired-for-cause, other than non-compliance with COVID vaccination might be more plausible when the date of my firing is moved forward from the prior date of my termination for non-compliance

    I do not intend to contest my firing through recourse to the law. The only law I am really, currently concerned with is the Law of Karma, and I am very concerned with that law. I am constantly aware of the implications of Karma as we wade further into this rip-tide of history.

    Human Horticulturist


    OSHA just changes their reporting rules.

    “OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination at least through May 2022.”


    Why? – “OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts”



    Dr. Day, you break my heart. The whole situation makes me angry- it was rotten for them to take away the real reason and reveal their hypocrisy with a bogus one. I don’t recall when it became official that doctors couldn’t prescribe off label- it makes me think ivermectin may have more capabilities of undermining the for-profit medical world than we currently know.
    I think of the lives you saved. You are a good man. And you are still a doctor.

    John Day

    I have jst finished reading the kind comments from Thursday, October 14.

    Thank you all.

    To those who want me to fight within the legal system, I understand that, but I have limited resources, time and life force, and I think events are about to leapfrog our established systems. The other side is lawyered-up, and has been proceeding as advised. They are prepared for a counter-attack from me, which will not come. I wish them well in the times we have entered.

    @TT4TW: I have been reading what you include. I have long considered the elite position. The lack of compassion in the ruling elites allows them to be apex-predator over the rest of the humans, except some of us who choose to be sheepdogs, not wolves. This is a critical juncture we have entered.
    We need to devise a new and non-predatory living ecosystem for the world, where human are stewards of life on earth. Maybe we can. It will allow life to flourish as much as is possible, but we will have to cooperatively finesse the overgrowth problem. The divine provides guidance to those who sincerely seek it.
    That’s “natural”, too…

    John Day

    Oh, the Ivermectin and other medicines from India came in from Germ’s friend. They arrived in Texas last week, but we just saw the delivery attempt notice yesterday, so I went to the post office and waited a really long time, but they couldn’t find them until I said “international”. Say “international”.



    Who holds grudges
    Who takes revenges
    Who is insecure
    Who is afraid

    Enablers ….. Enforcers …… Manipulators …..SNOBS ….. 3 Monkeys

    Being laid off, brings changes, brings opportunities


    Congratulations there, JD, on your discovery of the peace that can be found in the garden. It’s meditation in its purest form, for me. I believe in karma as well, and am certain it will ultimately right this ship over time. So, I’ll let it do it’s thing, un-encumbered and tend to the two gardens I have been so fortunate to enjoy these last couple years, one in the high desert, that I’m putting to winter planting now, and the other in the low desert that is planted and sprouting.

    We’re ready now to transplant ourselves to the low desert for the winter, and if the day comes that this website goes dark, we’ll move a bit south of this southern border, and try life as an expat. There are always options. Carry on, and best to y’all.



    “It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.” Hiroyuki Arakawa


    Good to hear that JD.

    Along with the standard items, he also can provide Nitazoxanide and Fluvoxamine.


    Be careful with zinc, but do consider it; it keeps the virus out of your cells.

    What is the risk with zinc?


    I wish you the best dear John
    I’m with you 100% about karma



    I was specifically breaking it down for the 40-49 age group only. Here is the math based on my understanding so I may be in error.

    UK population=60 million
    40-49 age group=7.1 million
    40-49 vaxed=85%
    40-49 vaxed=6 million
    49-49 unvaxed= 1 million

    3 week period cases (vaxed)
    1500 per 100k
    15,000 per 1 million
    90,000 per 6 million [1.5%]

    3 week period cases (unvaxed)
    750 per 100k
    7500 per 1 million [7.5%]

    Public health officials say unvaxed 5x more likely to get Covid and spread, 7.5 vs 1.5

    But in a population of 100 (49-49 year olds)
    85×0.015=1.3 vaxed Covid cases
    15×0.075=1.1 unvaxed Covid cases

    Odds are even between the two groups

    Furthermore, in the limit vax=no protection so if we combine the two.
    (90k+7.5k)/(6 million + 1 million)=1.4%

    So in. Population of 100 people (40-49)
    85×0.14=1.2 vaxed Covid cases
    15×0.14=0.2 unvaxed Covid cases

    Or for every unvaxed Covid case there are 6 vaxed Covid cases in this age group.

    The vaxed are spreading the disease. Yes, I took the subset with the worst efficacy, but if they actually worked, why the boosters?


    @John Day — you are EXACTLY correct. Yes, I highlight the bad, but only to drive home the point that a countermeasure must be taken. Karma to the Money Power is “might makes right.” Their position at the top, to them, means they are, by definition, right. They are the King of Carnals, if you will.
    What is the countermeasure? If you plan on staying in their game, you lose. Period. He’s clear — you are dead or a slave in their system, beeeeyatch.
    So, what is the countermeasure? Guess what? He provides a good working foundation in his disclosure…

    “Regardless, to your question(s).
    1) One does not “deal” with competition. It is the natural state of humanity. One cannot opt out, take a rest, or hit the pause button.
    Of course, one can do ALL of those things, but at a great cost!
    2) Yes. All bloodlines coexist in a concurrent timeline/spatial sense. Intersections and near misses…
    Laughing out loud!
    You are likely aware of the teachings of Buddha, or at a minimum the Buddhist philosophy.
    They espouse giving up the “game” entirely. They surrender because they understand the futility and paradox inherent in the current state of development. To suppress/conquer all desires…to tread lightly…to be one with all.
    It is the yin to our yang. It is the only counter-position to our gambit. We know this, but we also know human nature.
    Christianity also pays lip service to this…turn the other cheek. Why? To deprive the “other” of your hate energy. That is the only way to prevail, but how many western minds can comprehend this simple teaching? Charles Manson, a famous prisoner in the us (although he committed no crime himself) said something to the effect that the hatred of the americans towards him is what kept him going…or words to that effect!
    Imagine! There is someone who actually understands the dynamic and, as such, had to be incarcerated!
    Laughing out loud!!
    The strongest weapon is the non-weapon.
    One is indeed all…but don’t tell anyone!!
    Laughing out loud!!”

    You have concluded rightly, it is best to prepare for going forward to the past. If these vaccines look like a degeneracide accelerant, at best, or an eventually kill shot, at worst, it is because it almost certainly is. Natural immunity is being ignored because this has NOTHING TO DO WITH IMMUNITY, it has to do with MAXIMIZING BIO-WEAPON UPTAKE.

    They believe their rendering of the Bible, and you can imagine how they interpret “Kingdom of God” — their authoritarian rule as the fittest Messianic Bloodline forged from the fires of billions of humans over the ages! Oh, the EGO! Given that, read the following Scripture, which they follow, and not the timing of events it implies, and the fact iron filings were added to the food supply beginning in 1941…

    Daniel 2:43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.
    44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

    We are still in “the days of those kings,” but just barely. Perhaps this provides some context. BTW, read all of Daniel chapter 2. It describes an end-time nation that is both VERY STRONG AND VERY DIVIDED.

    How do we get SPIRIT MINDED people together who are interested in “living off the land” after this whole chit show collapses, exactly it was constructed to do? THAT is the question.

    And, yes, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT that SPIRITUAL NATURAL LAW (agape love) is far superior to CARNAL NATURAL LAW (selfish animalistic lust of one nature or another). The problem is, people really like one animalistic lust or another, and don’t want to give them us. This is why it is so easy to hire people to hurt everyone else… It is true that if we all just said no, the Royals and Rothschilds would either have to do the dirty work themselves, or they would have to go away.


    Looks like we’re about to implement UK Gov. Plan B.

    Lockdowns, vaccine passports etc. etc.


    Shit is about to get real in the UK
    Brace. Brace.


    It is not my wish to argue, and as you say mistakes are possible. I agree with the idea of checking on a prima facie basis to see if something has basic plausibility.
    I think your error is in par 3 where in moving from a per 100k figure to a % you misplace the decimal point getting 7.5% instead of .75%.
    Unfortunately this fits with the Public health view cited, whereas the point is to check that. As vaccinated is considered double vaccinated, it is probably a lower % than you take. However on a ball park basis it looks like in that age group the vaccinated are 2x as likely to get infected, and being a higher proportion of the population, roughly a new infection is 80% likely to arise from a vaccinated person. Likely not more likely.


    @TDub, zinc stimulates metallothionein, which binds up copper 1,000x more than zinc. IOW, the zinc persists, and this leads to copper depletion in the liver. Note that the Rothschild character highlighted exactly ONE nutrient that they felt made them evolutionary stars relative to us — copper. Also note that the Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex knows NOTHING about copper because the Money Power financed their training to AVOID IT. They spent more building up M.D. egos than they did discussing copper.

    To nutrients in the human body work with oxygen. Organic iron is converted into a format that carries oxygen like a waiter. It is a transport mechanism. What activates oxygen and inactivates oxidants? It isn’t oxidant driving iron, that’s for sure! IT IS COPPER! Copper is the battery behind all oxidase enzymes, including cytochorme c oxidase, SOD, glutathione peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, lysyl oxidase, and so many more. There are a couple KEY points in copper metabolism. First, the copper has to be ingested. NPK fertilizer has no copper in it. Glyphosate chelates copper below the pH of stomach acid. HFCS blocks copper absorption, both into the body, and into the cell. Do you see a trend?

    The Money Power finances a food system that depletes our copper status. Are you “wise as a serpent?” We were told to be by a smart entity.

    Copper is also toxic to biology UNLESS it is in its ceruloplasmin transport mechanism. Even if you have a ton of copper in liver, it does you know good if you can’t transport it. Think of ships stuck off the ports… how much good is that merchandise doing as is? None. It has to be delivered. It is the same with copper.

    ATP7B is the enzyme that loads up to 8 copper atoms into ceruloplasmin. ATP7B runs on the energy of magnesium, and also requires retinoic acid. Magnesium, retinol, and unblocked sun exposure are required to facilitate this process. The eyes appear to be key — get sun exposure without contacts blocking the rays into your eyes, rays that break down retinol into retinoic acid. Sun gazing is said to work really well for non-iron toxic people, but most are iron toxic, so it might be risky. Look into a bright blue sky. Look into bright gray clouds. Maybe try some sun-gazing, but go extra, extra, extra slow with it. An Indian guru who ate real food all their life is NOT an example you can assume applies to your IRON MAN self. Unless you’ve only eaten real food.

    There is a war on your copper status that is present, but not comprehended, exactly as Rothschild said in plain language.

    Now, as I’ve said before, zinc may well help a lot with Covid infections. Taking it for shorter periods of time is likely to have negligible long term effects, and may well help resolve one’s CovFeFe condition. Feel free to do that. I might, if CovFeFe can ever break through my natural antibodies. I had Covid, but am not sure when it happened. I had two bouts of extreme lethargy, but that was really the only symptom I can associate with it.

    But taking zinc for years a prophylactic will almost certainly end up doing severe damage to some individuals as bio-copper status is driven down to the point cytochrome c oxidase and the anti-oxidant enzymes no longer perform up to par.

    I did Nutrition Balancing for a while, and it uses zinc to clear out copper from the liver. They are big on “copper toxicity,” which is real, and pretty much always coupled with iron overload. Anyway, I had an energy crash that dumped me from “sympathetic dominant” into “not sympathetic dominant.” I felt when it happened, too, and my hair test was spot on — it matched what I felt happened. The problem was, and it was my responsibility, I didn’t get my hair tested frequently enough, and I took zinc for too long. My Na/K ratio started above 6. As I took my zinc, it declined in an almost perfect straight line. At 2.5, I was supposed to stop taking zinc and start taking copper and eating more fat. Well, my low motivation ended up in me not getting tested until I was a 1.6 — and that was average over about a 6 month period. So my end point value was probably close to half of the 2.5 goal.

    I’ve learned more, and I’ve been vigorously trying to build up my bio-copper — and I need to get another hair test and see where I’m at. I do know how I feel, though, and it is as though my sympathetic nervous system is on vacation, unless I’m around toxic people in my family and then it feels like it short circuits. I try to avoid those situations.

    So, take zinc if you have Covid. Take D supplements and ascorbic acid if you are fighting back symptoms.

    But be aware that all three will DESTROY your bio-copper status over time, so, if you value your body’s ability to manage oxygen and oxidants, as well as recycle iron properly, I wouldn’t take them long term. In addition, I’d consciously work on rebuilding my bio-copper status, and my magnesium status. This is all in the context of eating as much real food from rich soils with minimal pesticide residue.


    Thanks Trivium. Any supplements you’d suggest for bio-copper? I get your point about eating right from right sources.





    I know your not trying to argue and even if you were these things usually get resolved respectfully around here. I try to look at things worst case/in the limit. These shots are failing at prevention and transmission. In time, it is probably reasonable that all groups will look similar. Of course there are people who had Covid and a jab and people had Covid and no jab and so on. Thanks for catching the botched decimal. Conclusions updated accordingly. Let me know if I am not seeing something. Maybe, Doc Robinson can scrub thru it. Thanks again.

    UK population=60 million
    40-49 age group=7.1 million
    40-49 vaxed=85%
    40-49 vaxed=6 million
    49-49 unvaxed= 1 million

    3 week period cases (vaxed)
    1500 per 100k
    15,000 per 1 million
    90,000 per 6 million [1.5%]

    3 week period cases (unvaxed)
    750 per 100k
    7500 per 1 million [0.75%]

    But in a population of 100 (49-49 year olds)
    85×0.015=1.3 vaxed Covid cases
    15×0.0075=0.11 unvaxed Covid cases

    12 Vaxed Covid cases per 1 unvaxed. Which is 90K/7.5K or full circle.

    Furthermore, in the limit vax=no protection or worse (immune system breakdown in vaccinated population)

    (90k+7.5k)/(6 million + 1 million)=1.4%

    So in. Population of 100 people (40-49)
    85×0.14=1.2 vaxed Covid cases
    15×0.14=0.2 unvaxed Covid cases

    Or for every unvaxed Covid case there are 6 vaxed Covid cases in this age group.

    The vaxed are spreading the disease. Which we know.




    In this group when population is treated as combined.


    Lori Lightfoot is now one of the Goodfellas

    Veracious Poet

    Mistakes? Like rolling over to expose your vital organs to a pack of rabid wolves?

    Sorry. I am struggling to maintain my inner peace today as I work (alone) to care for my mother in the midst of WWIII. The Cancer institute that helped me save her life two years ago is in total disarray & since we’re unvexxed getting impossible to deal with…

    The list of “mistakes” made over the last 70+ years, which have brought US to the present insanity, is LONG & NEVER spiritually acknowledged for discernment & correction.

    Even when THEY screw-up, THEY win…

    We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Infinite has laid on the INNOCENT the iniquity of us all.

    Well, since the other thread is trumped by the new stream of conscience:

    Yet, here we are.

    A handful of aware, cognizant humans.

    While millions fumble around in the dark of their child EGOs, blindly following the psyop madness like zombies in there willful ignorance, fear and/or tribal allegiance.

    And all the demoRATs scream HOORAY! for our side 😐


    @TDub — Regarding bio-copper course, pasture raised, stress free grass fed/finished animal liver is the #1 “supplement” (not chicken). Why? It contains full form bio-copper already. It contains copper. It contains magnesium. It contains retinol. It contains retinoic acid. It includes ceruloplasmin, it includes **EVERYTHING**.
    Heart actually has more copper, maybe 5x or 10x, but it doesn’t necessarily have all the supporting nutrients. However, it has a much more traditional meat taste, so will be easier to ingest for most people. Whole food vitamin C, and bee pollen as well. The key is grass fed/finished.
    I found a Middle Eastern butcher who sells grass fed/finished goats. I bought liver, heart, brain, and feet (for soup). I still have some organic beef kidney, or I would have bought kidney.
    Any tissue that requires a LOT of energy will have copper, but remember, the copper only becomes usable after it is bound into ceruloplasmin (ATP7B + magnesium + retinoic acid).
    Morley Robbins’ TheRootCauseProtocol.com has a free download with “stops” and “starts.”
    I mostly eat organ meats for my protein now — I have liver and heart in the fridge waiting to be lightly fried in some clarified butter (not damaged when heated). Some spices and a little cayenne and a bit of organic BBQ sauce can mitigate much of the taste many think is not very edible.
    IMHO, the choice is quality of life and life vs. reduced quality of life and death — so I eat to live, I DO NOT live to eat.
    If you do go the supplement rout, try to find something with organic (plant or animal processed) versions, if possible. I think Morley Robbins is coming out with a supplement he thinks is good, but not sure it is organic or not. Chelated coppers might be better than nothing, but make sure you are loaded with retinoic acid and magnesium so your body can transport the copper, otherwise, your “shores” will build up with “ships” that can’t deliver the “goods.” This is toxic for the body, just like it is for society when ships are prevented from transporting their goods
    For the last two years, I’ve been ingesting about 2 pints of minimally processed whole cream a week. I would’ve used raw, but the price is prohibitive. Insane, actually. Healthy cholesterol is actually an oxygen sink that will marginally reduce oxidative stress. My overall cholesterol was up to 220 the last time I had it tested, and I laughed when the tech said it was high. My TG/HDL is what interested me, and it was at or below 0,8 because that was the limit of the test’s capabilities. TG/HDL is a proxy for oxidized LDL cholesterol / systemic inflammation / and reactive iron overload in the tissues. It is a much better correlator to health problems than is total cholesterol, which is actually a completely retarded measure that means very little on its own. It is one more IQ test that the medical community has failed completely — they just follow orders and follow more orders. Not all, but almost all!


    We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Infinite has laid on the INNOCENT the iniquity of us all.

    I think I misread your post. It sounds like you are chastising all selfish people (all adults) and saying that innocent children are being targeted for our selfishness. I agree with that sentiment.
    Selfishness has consequences…

    Dr. D

    Sounds like the old Iraq “mistakes were made.”

    Caution both to others and yourself when describing. I was going to add on copper toxicity, but being complex, wasn’t sure how. I’m glad and surprised to see you had it, so you already know. When you say “copper is the wonder drug”, it sounds like you’re saying “go chew on a pipe”, which I’m pretty sure is a hazardous way to be exposed.

    Since adrenal exhaustion is common, and stress, alcohol, and coffee all sap adrenal which sap zinc, I’d wager most people are zinc deficient. And zinc runs opposite to copper, and via the liver on the copper side as you say. Here’s the problem and why I didn’t jump in: there’s the difference between being exposed to zinc in diet, having zinc be apparent, let’s say in the blood, and having it be installed where it needs to be, in the cells. I’ve been over-copper and it wasn’t good. Zinc set that right and I’ve had it recur regularly no doubt from ye olde American stress, alcohol, and coffee. Zinc does wonders and knocks out colds, particularly with vitamin C.

    However both are ‘heavy’ metals and not to be trifled with. I hear there is a welder’s syndrome from breathing too much zinc. On the other hand, I can identify a variety of problems from copper, often on sight. Some acne is one of them. So you can see this is not a “take your vitamins” kind of discussion. In fact, your Centrum multivitamins just add every metal they can think of willy-nilly, very likely pushing you over dose on one, even if still deficient in some other. If I don’t know I’m chromium deficient, should I really be eating it?

    This is really a fine introduction into how complicated simple things can be.

    You could say “eat glowing healthy food” but unless you started from birth, it’s not to say it would fix things in any useful time frame. Then you also speak of copper, but these guys don’t look the slightest bit healthier to me, and don’t live any longer than bachelor farmers smoking cigars and throwing hay on the farm til 80. They’re clearly not any smarter. And it sounds hard. So why would I bother again? Sell me on it.


    Dr. John Day:

    I am sorry to hear of your situation turning out the way it has. Yes, it is the lawyers.

    I agree with your approach of just letting go of this baggage and moving on.

    You have been given lemons so make lemonade!

    Life is too short to waste much time and energy over it.

    I have been through a similar situation at age 47 just after getting married and starting a young family.

    I let go and tried to ensure that in 2 years, I could say it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened.

    It did but I was sorely tested. Within a year I lost my Father to cancer. Then I found out I had Ushers Syndrome and was going deaf and blind. Then I lost my drivers license. Then I lost my Mother to cancer. Then the Canadian government killed the royalty incomes trusts a year later wiping out half my life’s savings. Then 2008 came crushing my savings even more. Then Zero Interest Rate Policy ZIRP arrived gutting all interest income.

    I have never recovered from any of these blows but somehow I am still here. I have never worked a day in that time. I have been a stay at home Dad. My 2 children grew up with me always beening at home with entire summers spent at the cottage. When my kids are hungry they ask me what there is to eat as I am the main cook besides all around handy man fixing/building everything.

    At 68, I have no regrets how things turned out over the last 21 years. Yeah, I am pretty blind and deaf these days but I am still doing things but just at a much slower pace. Has anybody seen my chainsaw?


    Veracious Poet,

    Sounds rough. My mother-law passed earlier this year due to bone cancer. Survived Covid though, she was 96. I’m glad we pulled her from assisted living prison and got that last year with her. She was precious. I have this worn devotional she used to read with notes in the margin. Powerful stuff for the soul.

    Anyway, my wife and I were at a rally this weekend. Lots of good speakers for freedom. Surprised more did not show. This lady got up and talked about her 33 year career in the school system fighting against the tide. She retired but has been urged to get elected to the school board and continue the fight. Her outspokenness and body language triggered that moment, “I know her”. I caught her after she finished and said, “Did you attend…” before I could finished she said “Bean?”. (That was my nickname 40 years ago). We had attended the same youth group at a local church back in the day. Amazing moment, looking forward to helping with that fight.


    The death by vaccine just became personal:
    I just found out that my young cousin, age 38, lays dying in a hospital bed. He has heart failure. He is not expected to survive. 10 days after his shot (don’t know which one) his wife found him not breathing. The EMTs shocked him 5 times to get his heart going again. He has kids (I don’t at the moment remember how many.)


    CNN’s John King: “I have multiple sclerosis and I’m grateful you’re all vaccinated”. They believe it. The top 10% have to; otherwise, they are staring into the abyss. Who will be the messenger that tells the senile Emperor and the corporate newsreaders that firing Chicago Cops, Los Alamos nuclear scientists and Navy SEALs assures the collapse of the Western Empire? What makes it a farce is that it is clear from Israel, Iceland and the UK data that mRNA “vaccines” do not stop transmission of the virus. John King is not protected. Indeed, there are indications that if he catches COVID it could even be more severe than the unvaccinated.

    Rush hour traffic is back in DC’s suburbs. The politicians and the vaxxed think the coronavirus pandemic is over. The farce is that if the money cult could see beyond quarterly profits and bonuses and admit there is such a thing as society, there would never been a pandemic in the first place; if public health had been a priority. It is not in the West. Healthcare is a profit center. The lives of others are of no concern. Even now, the pandemic could be ended with alternative treatments as shown above in the graphs from Japan and Indonesia. India has similar results; another graph from Delhi:

    The obvious conclusion is that the shock treatment is intentional. North America is being looted right now as Russia was during the 1990s.

    Doc Robinson

    “12 Vaxed Covid cases per 1 unvaxed”
    “Furthermore, in the limit vax=no protection or worse (immune system breakdown in vaccinated population)… for every unvaxed Covid case there are 6 vaxed Covid cases in this age group.”

    That data already shows the vaxx has worse than no protection (1.5% infections for the vaxxed is twice the 0.75% for the unvaxxed). So the 6 vaxxed cases for every unvaxxed case would apply if the vaxx had 0% effectiveness, but the data shows it’s already worse than that.

    John Day

    Thanks Brothers and Sisters. Thanks Wes, for your story. “This time is different”, because it is the beginning of the time that The Limits To Growth foresaw, and I learned about that in 10th grade in Yokohama, Japan. I’m prepared enough for that to not be the main concern.
    I feel good about being guided to the garden to put “them” in the position to do in public what they wanted to do without me around.
    I was not cowed, and I looked kindly at all the eyes I met.

    I et a lot of vegetables that I grow in good soil and a little compost. I don’t eat critters. I seek milk and cheese from grass-fed cows, but sheep that eat grass are fine, too. Grass-fed critters have omega-3 fats in their milk. Kerrygold Irish butter and cheese have that.
    I think vitamin-D deficiency is very important, and I do not think there is a mechanism whereby being adequately replete with vitamin-D throws anything else out of whack, like copper.
    I am interested in this thread. Nope, didn’t learn much about copper in med school, just that it’s in all these enzymatic pathways in the body and you get enough in food…

    John Day

    Phoenix Voice: I just saw your comment of post vaccination heart failure in your 38 year old cousin.
    It’s too much.
    Is he on the “conservative” side of the family?

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