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Arnold Böcklin The Isle of the Dead III 1883


South Africa Says Death Toll ‘Extremely Low’ After Omicron Wave (JTN)
Omicron-Fuelled Fourth Covid Wave Has Passed, Says South Africa (G.)
Fauci Takes Professional Gaslighting to New Levels (CTH)
COVID-19 Genetic Vaccine Safety in Children (Malone)
Officials Ponder What It Means To Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’ (NYT)
Covid and Corrupt Federal Statistics (Bovard)
Justin Trudeau Calls Unvaccinated ‘Racist and Misogynistic Extremists’ (RAIR)
Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate Reinstated In Half Of US (JTN)
FDA: PCR Tests For Covid Are ‘Gold Standard’ (JTN)
Has The $230 Trillion LIBOR Derivative Time-Bomb Really Been Defused? (ZH)
NGO Memorial Closed By Russian Court Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Breaches (RT)
Epstein’s Guards Accused Of Sleeping On Job, Falsifying Records Go Free (JTN)
Maxwell Conviction Leaves Glaring Questions Over Lack of Prosecutions (Turley)










“Peak in four weeks and precipitous decline in another two. This Omicron wave is over in the city of Tshwane. It was a flash flood more than a wave..”

South Africa Says Death Toll ‘Extremely Low’ After Omicron Wave (JTN)

South Africa is nearing the end of its fourth COVID-19 wave without seeing as many deaths as previous waves, according to a government statement Wednesday. “Hospitalisations and deaths are lower than the second and third wave,” Premier of Western Cape Alan Winde said. The COVID variant omicron was discovered in South Africa last month, greatly contributing to the fourth wave. While cases are now declining, Winde said, “the gap between cases, admissions and deaths continues to widen during the fourth wave.” Fareed Abdullah of the South African Medical Research Council told The New York Times: “The speed with which the Omicron-driven fourth wave rose, peaked and then declined has been staggering.” “Peak in four weeks and precipitous decline in another two. This Omicron wave is over in the city of Tshwane. It was a flash flood more than a wave,” he said.

The high of South Africa’s most recent wave appears to have occurred the week of Dec. 13. with nearly 163,000 cases, while the wave’s peak death toll seems to have occurred the week of Dec. 20 with 428 deaths, according to World Health Organization data. This sharply contrasts with previous South African waves. For example, during the third wave there, nearly 133,000 people were diagnosed with COVID the week of July 5, and more than 2,800 people died the week of July 19. “While the case numbers and test positivity rate during the fourth wave have exceeded previous waves, admissions are below the peak of both the second and the third wave and deaths remain extremely low, in line with previous interwave periods. There is therefore a widening gap between these metrics, pointing to less severe disease during the fourth wave,” Winde said.

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More much ado.

Omicron-Fuelled Fourth Covid Wave Has Passed, Says South Africa (G.)

South Africa has lifted a nightime curfew on people’s movement with immediate effect, believing the country has passed the peak of its fourth coronavirus wave driven by the Omicron variant. As the head of the World Health Organization sounded an optimistic note about beating the pandemic in 2022, the government in Pretoria removed the midnight-to-4am curfew based on the trajectory of the pandemic, vaccination levels and available capacity in the health sector, the government said on Thursday. “All indicators suggest the country may have passed the peak of the fourth wave at a national level,” a statement from a special cabinet meeting held earlier on Thursday said. “While the Omicron variant is highly transmissible, there has been lower rates of hospitalisation than in previous waves,” the cabinet statement said.

Data from South Africa’s health department showed a 29.7% weekly decrease in new cases detected in the week ending 25 December, the government said. Hospital admissions have declined in eight of South Africa’s nine provinces. South Africa, with close to 3.5 million infections and 91,000 deaths, has been the worst-hit country in Africa during the pandemic on both counts, and was where the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was first detected last month. The country is at the lowest of its five-stage Covid-19 alert levels. Besides lifting the restrictions on public movement, the government also ruled that alcohol shops with licences to operate beyond 11pm may revert back to full licence conditions, a welcome boon for traders and businesses hard hit by the pandemic and looking to recover during the festive season.

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Why don’t I see anyone saying if this is true for kids, it’s true for all hospitalizations? Because that is the inevitable conclusion.

Fauci Takes Professional Gaslighting to New Levels (CTH)

This admission is exactly what people have been arguing for two years. This exact point, and the “with COVID -vs- from COVID” argument within the false narrative, is what justified Big Tech to ban COVID critics from their speech platforms. I’m not going to comment further; at a certain point these reversals just get silly. Suddenly, as the magic politics of COVID infection rates turns into a liability, the accuracy of hospitalized COVID tests is something to clarify. These officials are just throwing magic beans into the audience at this point. In the past ten days, the CDC, NIH and FDA have jumped so far over the justification shark, the light from where justification shark jumping starts could not catch them for years.

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More kids, but also:

“..people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions!”

COVID-19 Genetic Vaccine Safety in Children (Malone)

“Even as experts expressed concern about a marked jump in hospitalizations — an increase more than double that among adults — doctors and researchers said they were not seeing evidence that Omicron was more threatening to children. In fact, preliminary data suggests that compared with the Delta variant, Omicron appears to be causing milder illness in children, similar to early findings for adults.” NY Times, “Omicron Is Not More Severe for Children, Despite Rising Hospitalizations” By Andrew Jacobs Dec. 28, 2021

The risk of death associated with COVID-19 in healthy children is virtually non-existent, as children have significant immunologic advantages relative to the older adult population (> 65 years) which comprises the high risk cohort for COVID-19. The risk of death and disease in children has become even more rare with Omicron. Yet even prior to the advent of Omicron, a peer reviewed study clearly demonstrated (using safety data accumulated during past variant circulation) that the genetic COVID-19 vaccines carry a risk/benefit ratio of five deaths in the older, high risk cohort for every one life saved from COVID-19 (and those data did not account for the reporting bias inherent in US deaths due to COVID consequent to inappropriate use of PCR tests).

“Thus, our extremely conservative estimate for risk-benefit ratio is about 5/1. In plain English, people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions! This demographic is the most vulnerable to adverse effects from COVID-19. As the age demographics go below about 35 years old, the chances of death from COVID-19 become very small, and when they go below 18, become negligible.” The new variant of COVID-19, Omicron, has exploded onto the scene. What was already an inverted risk benefit ratio for genetic vaccination in children and adults (greater risk of death from vaccine than from COVID-19) will become even more inverted since the risks of COVID-19 are further reduced with Omicron.

The Omicron variant is different in five essential ways:
• More infectious and will soon be the dominant variant in the USA
• Less pathogenic
• Poorly matched to currently available vaccines
• Natural immunity is providing good protection against Omicron
• Disease symptoms are more similar to the common cold

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Anyone seen those goalposts?

Officials Ponder What It Means To Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’ (NYT)

Goldman Sachs and Jeffries, the investment banks, are demanding that employees get booster shots. The University of Oregon and other institutions are requiring that students and staff members get boosters. New York state has said it plans to stop considering residents fully vaccinated unless they have gotten the shots. As the highly transmissible Omicron variant spreads from coast to coast, corporations, schools, governments and even sports leagues are reconsidering what it means to be “fully vaccinated.” Now federal health officials, too, have taken on the question. Although top policymakers want to encourage Americans to get three doses, some would like to avoid changing the definition of a phrase that has become pivotal to daily life in much of the country, according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe internal deliberations.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Tuesday that she and other health officials were “working through that question” now. “There really isn’t debate here in what people should do,” she added. “CDC is crystal clear on what people should do: If they’re eligible for a boost, they should get boosted.” With Omicron’s sharp rise — more than 488,000 new cases were reported Wednesday alone — some experts think the moment for change has arrived. “I think the time is now,” said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association. From a medical perspective, he said, receiving that additional booster dose “is really what we should be thinking of as fully vaccinated.”

Redefining “fully vaccinated” could lead to enormous logistical challenges, as even supporters of the idea concede, and it is likely to incite political backlash. Tens of millions of Americans who thought of themselves as vaccinated might discover that without boosters, they could lose access to restaurants, offices, concerts, events, gatherings — any place where proof of vaccination is required to enter. Moreover, the change risks undermining trust in public health officials after two years of shifting recommendations, experts said. Some Americans may feel that the goal posts have been moved again, and too suddenly. “While a determination of what constitutes full vaccination may be grounded in science, it does have significant political and economic ripple effects,” said Larry Levitt, executive vice president of KFF, a nonprofit organization that focuses on health issues.

The CDC currently defines “fully vaccinated” as those who have received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna shots, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson shot. Although experts continue to believe that these regimens protect against hospitalization and death, the vaccines’ effectiveness against infection with the virus wanes over time. What had been considered full vaccination is substantially less effective against infection with Omicron, which is able to partially evade the body’s antibodies.

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“According to the Vermont Department of Health, “Half of the [Covid] deaths in August were breakthrough cases. Almost three-quarters of them in September were..”

Covid and Corrupt Federal Statistics (Bovard)

During his update on his Winter Covid Campaign on Tuesday, President Biden declared, “Almost everyone who has died from COVID-19 in the past many months has been unvaccinated.” This was true from the start of the pandemic in early 2020, until the vaccines’ efficacy began failing badly in recent months. Oregon officially classifies roughly a quarter of its Covid fatalities since August as “vaccine breakthrough deaths.” In Illinois, roughly 30 percent of Covid fatalities have occurred among fully vaccinated individuals. According to the Vermont Department of Health, “Half of the [Covid] deaths in August were breakthrough cases. Almost three-quarters of them in September were,” as well, according to Burlington, Vermont TV station WCAX.

The Biden administration guaranteed that the vast majority of “breakthrough” infections would not be counted when the Centers for Disease Control in May ceased keeping track of “breakthrough” infections unless they resulted in hospitalization or death. Ignoring that data permitted Biden to go on CNN in July and make the ludicrously false assertion: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” But federal data on fully vaxxed Covid fatalities is far flimsier and less reliable than the numbers compiled by some states. Honestly recognizing the limits of vaccines could be fatal to Biden’s push for compulsory vaccinations.

The same policymakers who claim to be guided by data have little or no idea how many Americans have been hit by Covid. According to the CDC, there have been 51,115,304 Covid cases in America. But a different CDC web page estimates that there had been 146.6 million Covid infections in the US as of October 2, 2021. That CDC analysis estimated that only one in four Covid infections have been reported, which would mean that based on the latest official case numbers, more than 200 million Americans have contracted Covid. For Biden and his fellow policymakers, a potential error of 150 million Covid infections is “close enough for government work.” Relying on the lower number is convenient for policymakers who want to continue ignoring the natural immunity acquired by 199 million Americans who survived Covid infections.

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“..psychopathe fasciste..”

Justin Trudeau Calls Unvaccinated ‘Racist and Misogynistic Extremists’ (RAIR)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stunned viewers during a television appearance in Quebec when he announced people who do not receive the experimental Covid “vaccine” are “often racist and misogynistic extremists.” The left-wing Canadian leader questioned whether the country needed to “tolerate these people.” He further bashed anyone unvaccinated, smearing them as “science deniers.” Although those refusing to be injected are a “small group of the population,” states Trudeau, they are still “taking up space.” The leader stressed that the only way to end this pandemic is by getting jabbed. “We will emerge from this pandemic through vaccination,” said Trudeau. The radical leaders praised the “80% of Quebecers” who received the injection and “did the right thing.”

Canadians “want to get back to the things we like doing,” stressed Trudeau. “These people who are not [vaccinated] are going to block us now,” warned the leader. In Quebec, 77.6% of residents have received two injections vaccination. A total of 15,245,140 doses have been administered. After his shocking comments, the conservative leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, took to Twitter to call Trudeau a “fascist psychopath.”

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Does it get any messier than this?

Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate Reinstated In Half Of US (JTN)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on Tuesday reversed on a previous decision, and will now mandate health care workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine within the next month in half of the nation where the mandate has not been put on hold by the court. The new CMS rule reverses a decision made on Nov. 5 that suspended the mandate, making it dependent on the future of two cases, State of Louisiana et al v. Xavier Becerra, Sec. of HHS, et al and Joseph Biden, President of U.S., et al v. Missouri, et al. Half of all U.S. states joined in these lawsuits to stop the federal vaccine requirement for health care employees. The Supreme Court combined the two and will hear arguments next week.

Facilities in states not part of the pending case will be forced to have 100% of staff vaccinated by Jan. 27, 2022. If a health care center has a compliance rate of more than 80% and plans to reach a 100% rate within 60 days, then the facility will not be “subject to additional enforcement action.” Depending on the rate of vaccination, enforcement mechanisms include “plans of correction, civil monetary penalties, denial of payment, termination, etc.” Workers must receive a second dose by Feb. 28, the memo states. All employees must receive the vaccine “regardless” of their job responsibilities or the amount of time they are in contact with patients. Health care employees affected by the new rule are allowed to opt-out of the vaccine mandate, and receive other “accommodations” if they have a “disability or sincerely held religious beliefs, practices, or observations.”

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FDA and CDC play good cop/bad cop.

FDA: PCR Tests For Covid Are ‘Gold Standard’ (JTN)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky’s recent admission that common tests for COVID-19 can detect long-gone infections has some calling into question the Food and Drug Administration’s claim that the tests represent the “gold standard” for diagnosing coronavirus. The CDC’s new caution also falls in line with reports going back 16 months about widespread false positives among the so-called PCR tests, particularly when labs run them at high “cycle thresholds,” which pick up viral loads that may be dead or too small to transmit. The CDC’s decision Monday to halve the recommended “isolation” time for asymptomatic COVID-19 infections amid the Omicron wave, regardless of whether individuals test negative, prompted consternation in some medical circles.

The agency justified the new 5-day isolation by claiming “the majority of SARS-CoV-2 transmission occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after.” But Walensky also emphasized that neither rapid antigen tests, which are currently in short supply, nor PCR tests were appropriate for determining if a person can safely leave isolation. She told CBS Mornings that antigen tests may not be sensitive enough to detect infectiousness, while PCR tests are so sensitive that “it can stay positive for up to 12 weeks, for months and months.” People would have to stay isolated “for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs,” she told Good Morning America. The significance of Walensky’s declaration, which has sweeping implications for COVID policy in the workplace, school and travel settings, went largely unnoticed except among skeptics of COVID policy.

“Think of all the lives ruined, jobs lost, education squandered b/c of false positives,” tweeted Justin Hart, chief data analyst for the COVID contrarian website Rational Ground. “We’ve been saying since summer 2020 that the PCR test can be positive at 5 days or 75 days. And ONLY JUST NOW is it being used to adjust policy,” he said. Hart is suing Facebook, Twitter and the feds for viewpoint discrimination by “conspiring … to censor messages with which [the government] disagrees.” The suit was triggered by Facebook suspending him over a graphic questioning the science behind school mask mandates. The New York Times highlighted the sensitivity problem with PCR tests in August 2020. In a review of testing data with cycle thresholds (CTs) from Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, the newspaper found that “up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus.” The newspaper said most tests in the U.S. were run at 40 CTs and “a few at 37,” but experts it consulted said the threshold should be 30-35, if that high.

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Slow death.

Has The $230 Trillion LIBOR Derivative Time-Bomb Really Been Defused? (ZH)

Years ago, we predicted that the Fed’s commitment to phase out Libor, the interest rate set by committee (not market forces) that had come to undergird trillions of dollars in loans and securities around the world, would ultimately prove unsuccessful. Now, as the FT points out, it appears we were correct. Libor won’t be phased out completely by the start of next year. While technically speaking no new securities can be bechmarked to Libor, there’s still the matter of the $230 trillion in existing contracts that rely on the benchmark. And the rates that undergird these contracts will continue to be published. Still, plenty of other Libor rates won’t. Only the most popular will survive, according to the FT. So in a way, next month does mark the moment when “four years of arduous preparation to live without it goes into effect.”

“It’s one of the biggest transitions in financial markets in decades,” said Dixit Joshi, group treasurer of Deutsche Bank. “This is a milestone for the regulators since the great financial crisis about lessons learned.” But it’s not a complete break, which is what the world was promised in the wake of the scandals that inspired the decision. Much lower in its story on the impending Libor deadline, the FT concedes that, in order to make the transition “work”, America’s financial regulators had to help build a workaround whereby futures markets based on the US dollar LIbor would need to be allowed to continue on until mid-2023, something we noted a year ago. As a result, the US dollar Libor rates will continue to be published until that point (and potentially beyond mid-2023, once regulators devise some new excuse for keeping it alive for even longer).

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Courtesy of US intel.

NGO Memorial Closed By Russian Court Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Breaches (RT)

A Moscow court has ruled that a prominent organization campaigning on human rights issues should be dissolved after prosecutors insisted that it was breaching the country’s laws regulating ‘foreign agents.’ In a ruling on Wednesday, the Moscow City Court said that the Memorial Human Rights Center would be dissolved. Handing down the verdict, judge Mikhail Kazakov said that he would “rule in favor of the claims of the prosecutor’s office to liquidate the inter-regional public organization [Memorial] in full.” Officials allege that the civil society association repeatedly broke the terms of its ‘foreign agent’ status, imposed over links to overseas funding.

The day before, Russia’s Supreme Court ordered that the group’s sister organization, which is dedicated to the memory of the victims of Communist-era repressions, be dissolved as well. Authorities filed applications to liquidate the two entities in November. During the hearing on Tuesday, the Prosecutor General’s office argued that Memorial had been created in the late 1980s originally “as an organization to perpetuate historical memory, but now it is almost completely focused on distorting historical memory, primarily about the Great Patriotic War,” as WWII is known in Russia. According to officials, the group “creates a false image of the USSR as a terrorist state” and “attempts to whitewash and rehabilitate Nazi war criminals who have the blood of Soviet citizens on their hands… probably because someone is paying for this.”

Memorial had faced a number of fines after authorities found it failed to prominently display its ‘foreign agents’ status on its materials. Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said that the rules “exist simply to protect Russia from external meddling in its politics,” and insisted that organizations that adhere to them can keep working. However, the legislation has come under fire from a number of groups which argue the measures are too restrictive. In August, an open letter signed by 10 separate outlets asked the Kremlin to investigate the use of the ‘foreign agent’ legislation as part of “the persecution of independent journalism in the country.”

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Timing is everything.

Epstein’s Guards Accused Of Sleeping On Job, Falsifying Records Go Free (JTN)

Federal prosecutors moved Thursday to drop criminal charges against two Bureau of Prisons guards who admitted to falsifying records the night convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died on their watch. Manhattan guards Tova Noel and Michael Thomas avoided prison time in May 2021 through deferred prosecution agreements mandating that they cooperate with a federal investigation on Epstein’s death and perform 100 hours of volunteer work each. Both complied with the agreements, and the prosecutors asked a judge Thursday to dismiss the charges, Reuters reported. Epstein was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges. He was found in August 2019 hanging in his Manhattan cell, and the New York City medical examiner officially declared his death a suicide.

Noel and Thomas were accused of falling asleep on the job and surfing online despite having orders to check every half hour on Epstein, who had recently been taken off of suicide watch. Both admitted to “willfully and knowingly” falsifying records of monitoring Epstein that evening. The prosecution’s move comes the day after Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted on five of the six sex trafficking-related charges brought against her. She is expected to appeal. While Noel’s lawyers could not be reached, Thomas’s lawyer “his client was happy with the dismissal and looked forward to putting the matter behind him,” Reuters reported.

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Records were sealed for a reason.

Maxwell Conviction Leaves Glaring Questions Over Lack of Prosecutions (Turley)

The conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell for five out of six criminal charges was heralded by many as bringing some justice for the girls abused through her actions. Indeed, the Southern District of New York correctly called the underlying conduct as “one of the worst crimes imaginable – facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of children.” However, that statement only begged the question of why none of the men listed on flights of the “Lolita Express” or on the guest lists of these parties have been prosecuted. That list includes former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump as well as Prince Andrew and an assortment of billionaires. It is not clear if these men committed criminal acts but it is also not clear that they have been formally questioned by the FBI.

As I discussed last night, this criminal enterprise was allegedly not only to bring girls and women to Epstein but to his powerful friends. Without pursuing those alleged “johns,” the Maxwell prosecution seems like arresting a getaway driver but letting the bank robbers escape. The pictures of men on these trips are now well-known. They do not in themselves establish criminal conduct. For example, the pictures of Clinton getting a message from a 22-year-old woman is not illegal and she later described him as a “perfect gentleman.” However, Clinton has been accused of misleading the public on his number of flights with Epstein. The media has reported at least 26 flights with Epstein. Being a repeated guest with an infamous child molester raises obvious concerns. It is certainly enough to warrant questioning by the FBI.

Then there is Prince Andrew who has been pursued for questioning. Much of the litigation, however, has come from civil litigation. Prince Andrew recently put forward a novel defense in one such case. Yet, there is a concern that the Justice Department has previously worked to scuttle rather than to pursue the underlying wrongdoing, including a disgraceful plea agreement. I was an early and vocal critic of that deal with Epstein. Despite a strong case for prosecution, Epstein’s lawyers were able to secure a ridiculous deal with prosecutors. He was accused of abusing more than forty minor girls (with many between the ages of 13 and 17). Epstein pleaded guilty to a Florida state charge of felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008 and served a 13-month jail sentence. Epstein was facing a 53-page indictment that could have resulted in life in prison. However, he got the 13 month deal. Moreover, to my lasting surprise, former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta was inexplicably made labor secretary under Trump. He later resigned.

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    As mankind descends into madness, those striving for sanity get drawn closer and closer to hell; welcome to the Unavoidable: everything – and everyone – serves The Everlasting Dissatisfaction.
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    Dr. D

    One of my favorite paintings.

    CDC: “Avoid cruise travel, regardless of vaccination status.”

    Because breakout on 89 fully-vaccinated ships.

    “Netherlands Announces Plan to Dole Out 6 Vaccine Doses”

    Because 99%…no, 100%!!!…effective. So 89 fully vaccinated locations get it, and it only lasts 2 months, and falling fast. That’s 6shots/yr x 60 years if you’re 20, = 360 vaccines. Sold to you!

    Didn’t dig into it, but my thought was, PCR was mis-detecting infections that were expelled on contact and never “happened”, and that it was picking up other CORONAviruses, not “influenza” which is DNA different. Be careful with your words, they are all lying, cheating, weasels, to a man. And we know the PCR tests positive on Papaya, motor oil, unused tests, etc. So we ALSO know they have bad QC, or deliberately salt batches to be positive.

    P.S. China sent thousands more tests infected with Covid this week, AGAIN. And Again. That’s not false-positive tests, that “put the swab in your nose and get instant Covid” tests. Because it’s biological warfare, from CCP/CIA, ON we the people. Jesus H Christ what evidence does it take sometimes? Here’s Jon Stewart:

    “I honestly mean this: I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has in many ways helped ease the suffering of this pandemic ― which was more than likely caused by science.”

    Colbert asked if that means there was a chance the virus started in a lab.

    “A chance?” Stewart shot back. “Oh my God, there’s a novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking Wuhan, China. What do we do? Oh, you know who we could ask? The “Wuhan Novel Respiratory Coronavirus Lab.’”

    Funded by Fauci, in direct defiance of the laws of Congress. We have the check stubs. As well as samples in Chapel Hill and Canada, and nationwide arrests from Chinese buyouts of Colleges and Labs, for example, Harvard.

    So we had a war that just killed an full-size American city, and they say, “No it didn’t.

    More stories, San Francisco decisively South American third world. Carjackings, violent crime, now 100% daily life. Kidnappings should be soon, but ftm that would bring in the national FBI which is funded by states like Iowa that have not collapsed.

    U.S. Tells Hong Kong “Journalism Is Not Sedition” while arresting Project Veritas, and Assange, a foreign national in a foreign country. China regularly remarks on this, which we dutifully refuse to report, because: not journalists. All journalists and whistleblowers were arrested by Obama, who was wiretapping the AP.

    Prosecutors Quietly Dropped Case Against Epstein Jail Guards During Ghislaine Maxwell Trial”

    And all the participants in the Maxwell affair, who with her conviction are now generally established as guilty, for if she committed crimes of providing children, they are the clients she provided them for. No one on the fly list has been arraigned.

    BBC, how did it happen? Like Reuters, they take multimillions from MI6 each year, who were running the Maxwell blackmail operation in coordination with Mossad as far back as her father who was openly an Israeli agent and major London publisher who got his funding and support from them, i.e. Israel, London Banks, and MI6. That’s how.

    Again, Veritas was key in getting this back into the media. We’re on two or three high-level CNN employees arrested for Maxwell x10 crimes, and not just CNN won’t report – sadly, that would be expected as they are part of ongoing lawsuits – but all the media, animal, vegetable, mineral, except Veritas and us won’t, haven’t reported on it including of course, Fox. Fox is your designated hitter, controlled opposition. “The best opposition money can buy” as Lenin would say. What are they for? Look at their control of Overton in the Iraq War and ongoing support for Bush, Cheney, and McCain, lockstep with the other networks.

    Speaking of: “‘The View’ Replaces Republican Host with Elephant Piñata They Can Hit with Sticks All Day” -BBee

    They’ve been having trouble because they need a Conservative co-host who hates Trump, loves Covid, took minimum 2 vaccines, and thinks 1/6 is the greatest attack on America since the Civil War. That’s “diversity of opinions”. …Outlook not so good.

    So, as long as they’re a NeoLiberal Democrat – not even a Progressive, who are also attacked and expelled – they can sit in the “Conservative” seat. Showing how this works, they previously had McCain, not a Conservative, not a Republican, and Nicole Wallace, now with left-wing show on MSNBC, not a Conservative, not a Republican. But no one in the Bush Administration was, e.g. Bolton. Again, the word “NeoCon” was meant to be a joke. It was invented to describe radicals so Trotskyite, so out of touch, so very far Left, that they burrowed all the way over and popped up like prairie dogs inside the Far Right. It’s like digging to China. How can you tell? They are advocates of big centralized government, corporate welfare, and wars. Those are key platforms of the LEFT, Authoritarianism, and not Libertarianism, Federalism, Constitutionalism, or (with war at least) Conservativism.

    And thus most people on Fox News. I mean: of course. Look at their owners and funding. Did anyone notice Murdoch runs the most liberal papers in the English world? And his kids are more liberal than he was?

    So the point being they are so far Left now that an independent, or Center-LEFT person is too far Right for them. I see this in daily articles, e.g. MSNBC “Latino voters are falling prey to a misinformation machine. And it’s only getting worse.”

    Obviously, everything is fearful when you’re a quivering, actionless mouse, and things only always get worse, especially when you’re a lifelong victim who therefore cannot work and act. That aside, the article is meta-reality that “Misinformation” is “any time they (Latinos and PoC) don’t do what we (white) people tell them to.” That is, since obviously it’s unthinkable that they would not automatically vote Democrat from the color of their skin, if they don’t it can only be due to “misinformation.” So, since they began with a religious conclusion, didn’t ask anyone, and have no self-awareness beyond their ego, they then trot around the world feverishly searching for why people don’t love Biden and the NeoLibs who are pro-war, anti-business, greatest deporter-in-chief in American history (twice), and openly rigged elections against Bernie Sanders and happily admitted it, including in court.

    They even have a subsection of why “Latinos in Miami” – for some reason we can’t understand – somehow don’t love Communism, because the idea itself is inexplicable, unthinkable really. …Miami being famous for people not just Cuban, but having fled Cuba due to opposition to that particular rule, and who set up hard-working businesses and are a force in America at large. So anything these Cubans say is clearly “misinformation” because everyone knows fleeing Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, should and would vote Democratic Socialist unless a White Supremacist told them not to, because they came to America not to work and have opportunity, but to have the government take care of them with UBI and firing squads.

    So the point being that a) NBC somehow found a Latino this clueless and anti-work – good catch! And b) the baseline of their paradigm is AT LEAST Left enough to be Left of Independents and think the entire Center is to the Left of Bill Clinton. …Which makes sense since Bill and Donald had near-identical platforms. So similar to “The View,” the “Right” starts with, I dunno, Clinton (either one), or Biden, and the Center is noticeably to the Left of them, as Bernie is a Nazi and White Supremacist, far too far to the Right. (I think Jacobin Mag wrote this, quoted at the time).

    It’s pretty interesting stuff, and I wonder who they talk to all day, as I read THEIR stuff relentlessly, CNN, NBC, Jimmy Dore, (Left of Bernie) Tim Pool (supporting M4A), Russell Brand, Atlantic, Jacobin, as well as people to the Right. …Which again, cannot include Nazis, who are by definition Statists. So they somehow never read anyone to the Right of them, which far as I can tell is 85%, 95% of the country? They don’t know what that 85% think or why they act, which was in that study on the ability of sides to predict the other: The Right knew what the Left believed and how they would act, they just disagreed with it. But not vice-versa. From what I can tell, the very idea that someone wouldn’t “Do What They’re Told” is unthinkable to them, so the only explanation is that there is somebody out there, ordering these Cuban Latinos around instead. Which is infuriating, because if they’re going to obey someone, IT SHOULD BE ME.

    And the only possible group that could be, and that Cubans would instantly believe and obey, is obviously the Far-Right and White Supremacists. Wish I were making this up. And so of course the only answer to this problem I invented is Censorship, to disallow any ideas except my own. Because they are fully-formed humans with smart minds and free agency in life, so they should not be allowed to talk, think, or choose for themselves. That’s Strength!

    …And yet it goes on and on for decades like this. Hey, guess what? Did it come to anyone’s attention that Latinos are patriarchal, hard-working, religious, Christian, family-oriented, independent, self-defending, money-investing people? And that correlates to which party, traditionally? I have to dig deep to find out why they’re not of one voting mind with the DNC. Inexplicable.

    Speaking of Biden and MSNBC though, they are now running all headlines of how Biden is a failure and must be removed. No joke. So 25A here we come. (Sadly just as Cheeto predicted…again) 1/3 of those articles are on how Kamala is ALSO a failure and a joke, so we all wonder where they’re headed with this. As usual, they, the Left know, and we, the average Americans, somehow don’t know. Except that I guess we’re running everything with a secret 1/6 coup takeover and majority White Supremacists run by Larry Elder and control all the major corporations like BLM Nike, BLM Apple, BLM Facebook, BLM Google, BLM Times, CNN, as well as all the Pfizer Colleges and the Pfizer gender-fluid Military. It all makes sense! How did we not notice before that all the Obama voters were white supremacists?

    But they know, and still know about the Supreme Court and all their rulings ahead of time, and if they know Biden is now unpopular, they know something about that ahead of time. But if not Ms. Harris, we all wonder what, since that would be “end of democracy” indeed.

    Just tired of talking about that-which-shall-not-be-named, since it’s boring, unimportant, not dangerous, and nothing changes about it. Ignore it and it’ll go away, like the CDC director Wallensky said yesterday. We only do what you let us. The “Science” is merely the level of totalitarianism you consent to. December 31st and they still haven’t followed any laws. Why should you?

    The only story is tyranny, brought to you since the 1750s. All the headlines are just the latest excuse.



    As a Canadian, I am embarrassed our (recently re-elected) leader has shown the world his true colours, and by association the majority of voters’. It gives fuel to views that we are a country of polite, woke obsessed, Covid kool-aid drinking lemmings.

    Combine this with our sycophantic cheerleading of the dying Empire’s geopolitical agenda ( especially in neo-nazi Ukraine) and it becomes a sad indictment of the slide we are experiencing from a once respectable freedom loving country.

    Mind you, we seem to have company in fellow ex commonwealth sister countries like New Zealand and Australia. Sigh. So sad.


    Prophet Fauci said, Overcounting
    ‘hospitalized with COVID,’ as opposed to because of COVID.
    (He is Repeating, what We have been saying )
    What comes after Omicron

    • South Africa Says Death Toll ‘Extremely Low’ After Omicron Wave (JTN)

    the wave’s peak death toll seems to have occurred the week of Dec. 20 with 428 deaths, according to World Health Organization data.

    ( again …. died with Omicron or because of delta, or because of the vaccine or because of something else)
    Repeat, Repeat
    The risk of death associated with COVID-19 in healthy children is virtually non-existent, as children have significant immunologic advantages relative to the older adult population (> 65 years) which comprises the high risk cohort for COVID-19. The risk of death and disease in children has become even more rare with Omicron.
    Repeat, Repeat
    • Covid and Corrupt Federal Statistics (Bovard)
    Ignoring that data permitted Biden to go on CNN in July and make the ludicrously false assertion:

    Repeat, Repeat
    a secret 1/6 coup takeover

    (The real coup happened and nobody noticed.
    Give praises to your prophet.)

    Have a happy new year


    The pandemic is over. ( Enjoy the new social/economic system)

    As in the early months of the coronavirus scare, considering critically what is happening on cruise ships now provides a means to see past the disinformation. The reality on cruise ships, in March of 2020 and in December of 2021, has provided a strong contrast to, respectively, the hyped danger of coronavirus and the hyped efficacy of the experimental coronavirus vaccine shots.

    Mister Roboto

    Well, Justin Trudeau, last month Gene Simmons showed us that misogynists can be vaxxholes, too!


    This site, from RIM’s hard work and selection of material, to the commenters, is truly a treasure. Thank you all.
    Be safe.


    Yes, be safe and have a Happy New Year to one and all here at this Oasis….🌎🌍🎉🎉🌄✌️✌️🙏🙏

    those darned kids

    an open letter to justin trudeau:

    actually, two open letters to justin trudeau:



    feel free to rearrange the above letters (bilingual edition)

    Dr. D

    “I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper. If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed … we need never read of another. One is enough. If you are acquainted with the principle, what do you care for a myriad instances and applications?” –Thoreau

    Speaking of poison tests (EVERY means, EVERY lie), Covid tests lightly poisoned with sodium azidide:

    And it causes vomiting, digestive distress, neurological symptoms? Of course not. Somehow it gives the exact symptoms of Covid, as it “interfere[s] with cellular respiration and aerobic metabolism, preventing the cells from using oxygen.

    Huh. Another coincidence, I’m sure. So you’ll have positive tests AND symptoms, AND deaths, thanks to government-protected, government-regulated, government-paid, government-merged international fascist monopolies. Somehow PROFITS are not shared with the government and back to the people. And somehow criminal investigations into adding direct poisons never occur.

    Why would they investigate themselves?

    YOU are the investigators, the indicters, and the veto power to government. Tell the truth, name them, and withdraw your cooperation and consent.

    If you hadn’t noticed, Joe or The Donald are not going to do for you what you don’t do for yourselves.

    New Yorker Mag, can’t figure out how politics got so polarized:
    It’s a total mystery. Impossible to understand! If everybody just did what I told them, we wouldn’t have problems like this!

    To fix this problem, they have the requisite snide, unreflective, uninvestigated criticism of Trump, from a reporter who says she supports “Republicans for Voldemort.” You know, a level-headed and objective sort of fellow.

    The article is about a social experiment by psychologists to cause people to attack each other and beat up children for illusionary reasons fabricated by scientists. “The whole elaborate experiment is now regarded as a classic of social psychology.” Children beating each other while we egg them on and watch! Classic! Man I could watch kids be beaten all day. That’s what Science is all about! Written by a mother of three.

    Other solutions?
    “January, 2018, Facebook announced that it was changing the algorithm it used to determine which posts users see in their News Feed. Ostensibly, the change was designed to promote “meaningful interactions between people.” After the 2016 campaign, the company had been heavily criticized for helping to spread disinformation, much of it originating from fake, Russian-backed accounts. The new algorithm was supposed to encourage “back-and-forth discussion” by boosting content that elicited emotional reactions.

    The new system proved even worse than the old. As perhaps should have been anticipated, the posts that tended to prompt the most reaction were the most politically provocative. The new algorithm thus produced a kind of vicious, or furious, cycle: the more outrage a post inspired, the more it was promoted.”

    “Ostensibly”, meaning “on the surface”. That is, “a level to which NY reporters never look deeper.” Everything they did made division worse, establishing the specific, well-known scientific conditions for a harmful civil war that might help, e.g. China. Yet once discovered, they did it more and harder. Right. Just like the scientists in 1954, scientists since 2020, and these guys: “CIA Experimented on 100s of Orphans, Torturing Them to Reveal Psychopathic Traits; Report”

    “How much has the rise of social media contributed to the spread of hyperpartisanship? Quite a bit, argues Chris Bail, a professor … Duke University …(Princeton).”

    And so they did it more.

    “If, as a nation, we are to overcome the problem, we have to start with ourselves.” she opines. Because it’s OUR fault! I mean duh, it’s always the fault of the poor and powerless. NOT Facebook, their funding experimental agency the CIA, who are very successfully achieving an agenda through our division. No, of course not.

    “We need to find ways to manage belief polarization within ourselves” says a gal who for no particular reason threw in a bash-Trump paragraph. “Try to imagine Donald Trump sitting in Mar-a-Lago, munching on a Big Mac and reflecting critically on his “own thinking.” then adds, “January 6th attack”, “Republicans… over-represented” “lost the popular vote” “Garland “School-board members”, “Militias,” “kidnap sitting governors” and “white-supremacists” Whoops, +10 paragraphs. There are only 45¶, so +25% of the article push divisionary party-bashing. Which is 100% the “other side’s” fault. This is actually pretty good for The New Yorker. 100% Unself-aware, yes, but only 20% Red-bashing. …or 100%. Those 10 paragraphs are the clear purpose of the whole article.

    What’s the solution? “Climate Change” and a “Great Reset” of course!* They need a “Robber’s Cave” existential crisis everyone can come together on. Under their watchful, fabricating eye and guidance. Boy will she be embarrassed when she hears Ronald Reagan said the same thing.

    I mean, when’s the last time scientists lied to you or punched a child, right? Only the last time this article was written, and in closets where children are locked up and stabbed all over Toronto and New York. …For their OWN GOOD.

    So yeah, they’re pretty mad we won’t come together on command, obedient to their idiotic crisis-solution too.

    * “Elizabeth Kolbert, staff writer at The New Yorker won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for “The Sixth Extinction” and “Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change.”

    Review: “This book introduces no new ideas, nor does it state any old ideas in a novel or particularly insightful way, nor is it comprehensive enough for someone who knows nothing about natural history to really come away with a good understanding of the change humans have brought to the planet. Rehashes a lot of what anyone interested in natural history already knows. Kolbert spends too much time writing about her personal experiences and observations as if they are interesting or important. She is definitely not a scientist by training or nature…”

    Sorry about Canada, but really it’s always been that way. Their elite have the unusual good sense to hide, but it’s always been nearly the greatest division of rich and poor, inside and out, on the whole planet, akin to Scotland, where 50 people own 90% of the land, mostly foreigners. Who do you think owns the ports, the rails, the tar sands, and the Sudbury mines? Marilla Cuthbert? Tim Horton? Bonnie McMurray? Who do you think shut down the Grand Banks so China could fish them? It being visible now is a good thing. You can decide for yourselves what to do.

    those darned kids

    i guess the kettle’s calling the pot blackface..

    those darned kids

    Taking today to work in my shop, but the anger boiling below is spoiling it. Sadly.

    How many lies has the politician Fauci spoken? Among the big ones – outright, ommission or obfuscation – I can think of…
    (1) he was connected with nothing that could be considered GOF (gain-of-function);
    (2) he allowed case counts to continue to be bloated when he knew long ago that the (qualitative) PCR test was flawed;
    (3) he offered no clarification about the hospital admisssions “WITH” versus hospital admissions “BECAUSE” of covid (till now);
    (4) he pretended to know nothing about natural immunity;
    (5) he oversaw CDC stop counting “breakthrough” cases;

    Typical politician… (or university administrator, same thing)

    Figmund Sreud

    Justin Trudeau Calls the Unvaccinated ‘Racist and Misogynistic Extremists’

    The way I see this: … Justin Trudeau simply shocked me with his ’emotional unintelligence’. Yes, … having ( … or displaying!) a lack, or even smallest amount of intelligence!

    Some fine maroon, this my prime minister!


    Just Some Randomer

    Died ‘Peacefully’ following a coma-inducing cardiac arrest. Makes a change from ‘Dies Suddenly’, I guess.


    I just caught up on Radagast’s excellent website. He thinks omicron is is nothing to sneeze at ;)- it’s just a matter of time. Cutting isolation time after the fever has broken, allowing vaccinated kids to hang out with boosted grammas, more boosters, mandates…
    Nothing makes sense unless I factor in extreme malice.


    New useless and dangerous guidelines due to Omicron
    1. In BC, vaccinated kids cannot visit boosted grammas in long term care homes.
    2. In BC, pregnant women are encouraged to get boosted.
    3. In BC, if you got drippy nose, and are vaccinated stay home for 5 days and for the next 5 days wear a face mask.

    those darned kids

    If one takes the view that the powers-to-be are using covid to kill as many people as possible, then everything sadly begins to make total sense.

    The powers-to-be used public health agencies (a legal entity) to create and release a lethal virus. Then they enabled sellected drug pushers (a legal entity) to legally force deadly drugs into people.

    The powers-to-be selected a number of favorite “killing grounds” where they could kill people off without any legal restraints. Two of their favorite “killing grounds” were nursing homes and hospitals (legal entities). These were choosen because once a victim entered such an institution, they lost all their legal rights to the institution, allowing the institution to implement policies and treatments sure to kill, while also maximizing their profits.

    Not content with just killing off the old and the weak, the powers-to-be next targeted working people through the companies (another legal entity) they work for, pushing drugs legally relabelled as vaccines. Using “mandates”, not legal laws, they force employees to take these drugs or lose their jobs.

    To target the rest of the people, they have used non-legal vaccine passports (a legal entity) to restrict rights and freedoms, unless they too take the drugs being pushed.

    So not only was Grandma not saved, but they also killed off her sons and daughters, and her grandkids as well. It was just as well Grandma died first.

    Governments intervene to do what they always do best, make a bad situation even worst. Noticed how they have repeatedly used “legal entities” against us.

    Early in 2022, I expect, sadly, the SCOTUS will take away our last legal right to refuse the drugs being pushed upon us by the powers-to-be. How they physically force us to take their drugs, I dread.

    Happy New Years.


    Happy New Year! 🎉


    Trudeau is a racist.

    I have always known Trudeau was a racist.

    Trudeau is from Quebec. Trudeau is French. Trudeau is a liberal.

    The problem is that we have been “progressed” to the point, where you can not call a racist liberal a “racist” anymore.

    Examples: You can’t call BLM racist for selecting only black neighborhoods to burn down. If you say “all lives matter” you are automatically labeled a racist.

    Trudeau is a racist. He routinely discriminates against people in all of his political decisions. Because he is a liberal, with a liberal press, it is not racism. Just ask Alberta.

    Trudeau is still a racist.

    those darned kids

    wes: “Trudeau is a liberal.”

    nope. he is a fascist psychopath.

    wes: “with a liberal press”

    nope. they are corporate fascists working at the behest of billionaires.

    those darned kids

    happy new year to all. many thanks to thee, raúl, for your insight, for your work in the athens kitchen, and for this forum.

    Veracious Poet

    Well another year down the drain, where evil operates in broad daylight, supported by dark friends dissembling about every terrible TRUTH happening in real reality to keep ungulates pacified & grazing on pastures of ignorant bliss…

    The enlightened Children of the Infinite a trivially scant minority, so negligibly weak that the rich & powerful psychopaths think they are mythological, probably unaware any might still yet exist…


    If one takes the view that the powers-to-be are using covid to kill as many people as possible, then everything sadly begins to make total sense.

    The powers-to-be used public health agencies (a legal entity) to create and release a lethal virus. Then they enabled sellected drug pushers (a legal entity) to legally force deadly drugs into people.

    Anyone with any discernment at all could clearly see that TPTB are a malignant, misanthropic CULT hell-bent on killing as many humans as possible, gaining full steam when they funded THEIR psyop known as the Third Reich, with profits of money, power & genocide they no doubt derived great glee from..

    Moreover, TPTB have run amok raping, pillaging, plundering & murdering every one the planet they could, with the full support of the ‘MeriKan Sheeple since at least the Spanish-American war games, through the Banana Wars (see General Smedley Butler), WWI/WWII + since Korea with the CIA/DnC/GOP psyop games.

    They even removed a speed bump named JFK…

    No surprise really that We the Sheeple & western civ at large are now at the top of the menu, as these psychopaths would torture & kill their families if it appeased their narcissistic personality disorders.

    So now the former feudalistic colonies find themselves floating in utter oblivion, towards certain destruction, poorly equipped for dangers seen & unseen, with no rescue in sight…

    Happy 2022 😐


    Don’t forget …. the eggs are being modified before they see the light of day


    Cuddle down and tip a glass to a courageous and Happy New Year!

    Veracious Poet

    An inability or refusal to perceive systemic threats, and/or the misidentification of perils at large, makes you part of the problem ~ An unknowing accomplice.

    Best of luck to all,



    Happy New Year to All!

    Here’s my prediction for 2022:

    The Machine Stops

    those darned kids

    Western University president Alan Shepard has taken a temporary leave from his position after experiencing an “unexpected cardiac issue,”


    He’s a prick who now has permanent heart damage. Well played Sir!

    He and millions of mRNA recipients will all experience unexpected health issues as the spike protein has damaged their hearts, and brains and lungs and, well just about ever organ. A slow motion train wreak of a torrent of health consequences which will bankrupt the late great middleclass AND managerial classes in particular. They being the most gullible dunces in the room.

    The health effects of the Clotshot will keep the Medical Industrial Complex in coin for decades.

    It a win-win-win for the psychopathocracy

    All the vaxxed are now heavy unwilling consumers of medical (malpractice) services, Hurrah!

    Mission Accomplished

    Veracious Poet

    Happy New Years!

    those darned kids

    well, my entire family (except my wife and son) have received these injections. i pray for them, and for all the others, too.

    Veracious Poet

    In 1976, Vice President Rockefeller becomes the first White House official documented using digital communication…


    The Joys of Psychopathocracy

    Sounds like a Alien cookbook from the Twilight Zone

    To Serve Man

    John Day

    @Upstate NYer from Wednesday: I hope your are having minimal to no symptoms from COVID, that you are essentially over it with ivermectin-&-friends, and that your family are all well or improving.

    John Day

    There is a good picture of us at the “mini-mcmansion” homestead-addition in Yoakum for the last sunset of 2021. More pictures later.

    Time Travelers,

    Years are sometimes better in retrospect, or maybe just more tolerable without the anticipatory tension and anxiety. I think this will have been the last year that anybody could even make themselves believe that things would eventually “go back to normal”.

    I’m feeling better about 2021 since I finally caught and quickly got over COVID, thanks to ivermectin, vitamin-D, zinc, quercetin and lecithin, all of which you can buy at a pharmacy and/or feedstore, depending on what your feedstore carries in the supplement-for-humans department.
    Jenny did even better on post exposure ivermectin treatment, never having fever or severe fatigue.

    There was a lot of tension with the creation of a lower class of humans, “the unvaccinated”, which I morally had to join.
    There was the inevitable firing to exclude me from the good, compliant people at the clinic.
    The dramatic sneak-attack firing of the gardener story is here:

    I am hearing that has not worked well. I know some very good nurses left because of the change in politics.
    I wish everybody well who still serves there, and know that many still hold me as a friend and colleague.

    We have squandered our savings and my modest pension savings from the clinic upon the “mini-McMansion” addition to our homestead in Yoakum, which is not actually finished, but Boy does it look finished from the outside!

    We are making arrangements to bring the inside into completion in this coming year, the sooner the better, but the initial rush phase is over except some touch-ups.
    Thanks to those helping us with this!

    Retrospectively Yours,

    John & Jenny at sunset with “dream mini-mc-mansion”
    sunset 2021

    those darned kids

    wow, all over the planet, governments are changing testing, tracing, etc., protocols.

    all at the same time.



    Dr. John Day:

    Yes, your addition looks great! You have made very good progress in building it this quickly!

    This nicely brings the year 2021 to a close on a very nice note! A life long dream achieved!

    There is no reason why you can’t “camp” in it every once in a while!

    Year 2022 can now be focused on your new career with plenty of bite size interior projects to do as time and energy permit.

    Happy 2022!

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