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René Magritte L’empire des lumières 1949


Zelensky Slaps Down Russia’s 15-Point Peace Plan (DM)
For Washington, War Never Ends (Diana Johnstone)
Waltzing to Armageddon (Chris Hedges)
In the Modern Adaption of The Wizard of Oz…
Neo-Nazis In Ukraine Fake Incidents To Gain More ‘Western’ Support (MoA)
The Russian ‘Denazification’ PR Disaster: How, Why And What To Do (Mazaheri)
Say Hello To Russian Gold And Chinese Petroyuan (Escobar)
The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine (BMJ)
Woman Died From Rare Vaccine Side-effect (BBC)
The Vindication of D.A. Henderson (Tucker)
DOJ Ordered To Produce Documents Related To Steve Bannon Prosecution (Pol.)
New Legal Hurdles for Julian Assange (Craig Murray)











“.. the biggest sticking point was Russia’s insistence that Ukraine recognises the annexation of Crimea and the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk.”

Zelensky Slaps Down Russia’s 15-Point Peace Plan (DM)

Volodymyr Zelensky has slapped down Russia’s 15-point peace plan by insisting Ukraine’s priorities include ‘restoring territorial integrity’. The Kremlin had drafted a proposed agreement with a list of 15 demands which insisted that Ukraine recognise the annexation of Crimea and the independence of Donbass. But Zelensky has seemingly rejected the proposals, despite Ukrainian cities continuing to be pummelled by Russian forces, with Mariupol’s theatre targeted in Putin’s latest savage attack. In a video shared on Telegram, Zelensky said: ‘The talks on Ukraine continue. My priorities at the talks are crystal clear: end of the war, security guarantees, sovereignty, restoring territorial integrity, real guarantees for our country, real protection of our country.’

Earlier, sources on both sides had signalled that progress had been made in talks that would secure a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops. The provisions in the 15-point plan would mean Kyiv would agree to neutrality and accept limits on its military to stop the barbaric attacks against its civilians by Putin’s forces. It would also see Zelensky renounce his NATO ambitions and promise not to host Western military bases or weaponry in exchange for protection. Sources briefed on the talks told the Financial Times that another provision includes enshrining rights for the Russian language in Ukraine. But the biggest sticking point was Russia’s insistence that Ukraine recognises the annexation of Crimea and the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Putin insists that the whole of the Donbass should split from Ukraine, and not just the parts occupied by pro-Moscow rebel forces before fighting broke out. Zelensky’s comments that Ukraine’s priorities include restoring Ukraine’s territory suggest the two sides are some way off finalising an agreement. The wartime leader again accused Putin of war crimes in his latest video address. He said: ‘Ukraine received powerful support of our American friends. I’m thankful to President Biden for it. I’m thankful for leadership that united the democratic world. ‘But the war doesn’t stop. Russian war crimes don’t stop. The Russian economy is still capable to feed their military machine.’

[..] Russia’s negotiator Medinsky echoed the line to reporters on Wednesday that talks were ‘slow and difficult’ but said the Kremlin wants peace, ‘as soon as possible’. He reiterated that the core issue at the talks is a ‘neutral’ Ukraine, citing the status of Austria and Sweden as possible examples to follow. It would mean Ukraine could retain its armed forces but that Kyiv would not be allowed to have any foreign bases, according to Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. ‘A whole range of issues tied with the size of Ukraine’s army is being discussed’, Medinsky said, having earlier mentioned the sides are discussing an idea for a future Ukraine with a smaller, non-aligned military.

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“The lackadaisical U.S. “de-Nazification” of its sector of occupied Germany was accompanied by an organized brain drain of Germans who could be useful to the United States..”

For Washington, War Never Ends (Diana Johnstone)

It goes on and on. The “war to end war” of 1914-1918 led to the war of 1939-1945, known as World War II. And that one has never ended either, mainly because for Washington, it was the Good War, the war that made The American Century: why not the American Millenium? The conflict in Ukraine may be the spark that sets off what we already call World War III. But this is not a new war. It is the same old war, an extension of the one we call World War II, which was not the same war for all those who took part. The Russian war and the American war were very, very different.

Russia’s World War II For Russians, the war was an experience of massive suffering, grief and destruction. The Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union was utterly ruthless, propelled by a racist ideology of contempt for the Slavs and hatred of “Jewish Bolsheviks.” An estimated 27 million died, about two thirds of them civilians. Despite overwhelming losses and suffering, the Red Army succeeded in turning the Nazi tide of conquest that had subdued most of Europe. This gigantic struggle to drive the German invaders from their soil is known to Russians as the Great Patriotic War, nourishing a national pride that helped console the people for all they had been through. But whatever the pride in victory, the horrors of the war inspired a genuine desire for peace.

America’s World War II America’s World War II (like World War I) happened somewhere else. That is a very big difference. The war enabled the United States to emerge as the richest and most powerful nation on earth. Americans were taught never to compromise, neither to prevent war (“Munich”) nor to end one (“unconditional surrender” was the American way). Righteous intransigence was the fitting attitude of Good in its battle against Evil. The war economy brought the U.S. out of the depression. Military Keynesianism emerged as the key to prosperity. The Military-Industrial-Complex was born. To continue providing Pentagon contracts to every congressional constituency and guaranteed profits to Wall Street investors, it needed a new enemy. The Communist scare – the very same scare that had contributed to creating fascism – did the trick.

The Cold War: World War II Continued In short, after 1945, for Russia, World War II was over. For the United States, it was not. What we call the Cold War was its voluntary continuation by leaders in Washington. It was perpetuated by the theory that Russia’s defensive “Iron Curtain” constituted a military threat to the rest of Europe. At the end of the war, the main security concern of Stalin was to prevent such an invasion from ever happening again. Contrary to Western interpretations, Moscow’s ongoing control of Eastern European countries it had occupied on its way to victory in Berlin was not inspired so much by communist ideology as by determination to create a buffer zone as an obstacle to repeated invasion from the West.

Stalin respected the Yalta lines between East and West and declined to support the life and death struggle of Greek communists. Moscow cautioned leaders of large Western European Communist Parties to eschew revolution and play by the rules of bourgeois democracy. The Soviet occupation could be brutal but was resolutely defensive. Soviet sponsorship of peace movements was perfectly genuine. The formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the rearmament of Germany confirmed that for the United States, the war in Europe was not entirely over. The lackadaisical U.S. “de-Nazification” of its sector of occupied Germany was accompanied by an organized brain drain of Germans who could be useful to the United States in its rearmament and espionage (from Wernher von Braun to Reinhard Gehlen).

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“The desperate effort to counter the steady loss of economic dominance by the U.S. will not be offset by military dominance.”

Waltzing to Armageddon (Chris Hedges)

The Cold War, from 1945 to 1989, was a wild Bacchanalia for arms manufacturers, the Pentagon, the C.I.A., the diplomats who played one country off another on the world’s chess board, and the global corporations able to loot and pillage by equating predatory capitalism with freedom. In the name of national security, the Cold Warriors, many of them self-identified liberals, demonized labor, independent media, human rights organizations, and those who opposed the permanent war economy and the militarization of American society as soft on communism. That is why they have resurrected it.

The decision to spurn the possibility of peaceful coexistence with Russia at the end of the Cold War is one of the most egregious crimes of the late 20th century. The danger of provoking Russia was universally understood with the collapse of the Soviet Union, including by political elites as diverse as Henry Kissinger and George F. Kennan, who called the expansion of NATO into Central Europe “the most fateful error of American policy in the entire post-Cold War era.” This provocation, a violation of a promise not to expand NATO beyond the borders of a unified Germany, has seen Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia inducted into the Western military alliance.

This betrayal was compounded by a decision to station NATO troops, including thousands of U.S. troops, in Eastern Europe, another violation of an agreement made by Washington with Moscow. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, perhaps a cynical goal of the Western alliance, has now solidified an expanding and resurgent NATO and a rampant, uncontrollable militarism. The masters of war may be ecstatic, but the potential consequences, including a global conflagration, are terrifying. Peace has been sacrificed for U.S. global hegemony. It has been sacrificed for the billions in profits made by the arms industry. Peace could have seen state resources invested in people rather than systems of control. It could have allowed us to address the climate emergency. But we cry peace, peace, and there is no peace. Nations frantically rearm, threatening nuclear war. They prepare for the worst, ensuring that the worst will happen.

So, what if the Amazon is reaching its final tipping point where trees will soon begin to die off en masse? So what if land ice and ice shelves are melting from below at a much faster rate than predicted? So what if temperatures soar, monster hurricanes, floods, droughts, and wildfires devastate the earth? In the face of the gravest existential crisis to beset the human species, and most other species, the ruling elites stoke a conflict that is driving up the price of oil and turbocharging the fossil fuel extraction industry. It is collective madness.

The march towards protracted conflict with Russia and China will backfire. The desperate effort to counter the steady loss of economic dominance by the U.S. will not be offset by military dominance. If Russia and China can create an alternative global financial system, one that does not use the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, it will signal the collapse of the American empire. The dollar will plummet in value. Treasury bonds, used to fund America’s massive debt, will become largely worthless. The financial sanctions used to cripple Russia will be, I expect, the mechanism that slays Americans, if not immolation in thermonuclear war.

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“..and the strawman is selected as the new U.S. President.”

In the Modern Adaption of The Wizard of Oz… (CTH)

… When this scene is remade in the 2022 version, the media munchkins will grab clubs, beat Toto to death, pull the curtain back closed and throw a parade for the Wicked Witch. Dorothy then dies from a vaccine induced blood clot, the tin man is recycled by China, the cowardly lion becomes Senate majority leader, and the strawman is selected as the new U.S. President.

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The materity ward didn’t work, the theater doesn’t appear to either.

But that’s not just Azov. Ukraine as a whole has a well-oiled information warfare division.

Neo-Nazis In Ukraine Fake Incidents To Gain More ‘Western’ Support (MoA)

The Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford University has collected quite a bit of information of the Azov battalion. “The Azov Battalion is an extreme-right nationalist paramilitary organization based in Ukraine. Founded in 2014, the group promotes Ukrainian nationalism and neo-Nazism through its National Militia paramilitary organization and National Corps political wing. It is notable for its recruitment of far-right foreign fighters from the U.S. and Europe as well as its extensive transnational ties with other far-right organizations. In 2022, the group came to prominence again for fighting against Russian forces in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mariupol.

In 2014 Newsweek and others documented that Azov is a fascist organization: “Norwegian channel TV2 presented footage yesterday of the Azov battalion flying flags with the symbols of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi party – Patriot of Ukraine.” In 2016 Amnesty International accused the Azov battalion of “Enforced Disappearances, Arbitrary Detentions, and Torture”.

Since at least 2015 Ukrainian fascist formations like the Azov battalion have been trained by the CIA: “As the battle lines hardened in Donbas, a small, select group of veteran CIA paramilitaries made their first secret trips to the frontlines to meet with Ukrainian counterparts there, according to former U.S. officials … Until now, however, the details of the CIA’s paramilitary training program on Ukraine’s eastern frontlines have never been revealed. This initiative, say former agency officials, has helped battle-hardened Ukrainian special operations forces for the current Russian assault, which has plunged Europe into its worst conflict in decades.”

One of the aims of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine is to de-nazify the country. The elimination of the Azov battalion in Mariupol and similar groups elsewhere in Ukraine is certainly on their agenda. It is no wonder then that Azov is faking incidents to gain more ‘western’ support for its side.

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Ramin Mazaheri at the Saker blog appears to suggest Putin must speak in terms the west understands. But why? If Russians have a different definition of nazis, isn’t that perhaps more relevant to him?

The Russian ‘Denazification’ PR Disaster: How, Why And What To Do (Mazaheri)

Many have heard of Godwin’s Law, or the rule of Nazi analogies: an Internet adage asserting that as an online discussion grows longer (regardless of topic or scope), the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Adolf Hitler approaches. However, an important corollary is that whenever someone compares someone or something to Nazism – that person has lost the argument and/or the argument is summarily over. Essentially, the world is to accept that all discussions of Western politics cannot discuss the anti-Western Liberalism ideology which was German Nazism.” Yes, Russia should have accepted that in February. Practically nobody west of the Oder River understood what Moscow meant by “denazification”, and they still don’t after a month of Russian explanations.

Russia’s military operation has made much harder by failing to recognise the iron Western cultural reality of Godwin’s Law, and the reality that the West only associates Nazis with anti-Semitism and – not at all! – with Russophobia, despite the 20+ million Russian deaths at the hands of the Germanic Nazis. This is how iron that law is: Political science PhD holders have responded to me with, “But… Ukraine’s president is Jewish – how can there be Nazis?” If you cannot even get Western political science PhD holders to see where you are coming from – even remotely – you have zero chance to get the average Westerner to understand you. Thus it’s a total, ongoing public relations catastrophe.

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“The US dollar and imperial hegemony are facing stormy seas.”

Say Hello To Russian Gold And Chinese Petroyuan (Escobar)

It was a long time coming, but finally some key lineaments of the multipolar world’s new foundations are being revealed. On Friday, after a videoconference meeting, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and China agreed to design the mechanism for an independent international monetary and financial system. The EAEU consists of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Armenia, is establishing free trade deals with other Eurasian nations, and is progressively interconnecting with the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). For all practical purposes, the idea comes from Sergei Glazyev, Russia’s foremost independent economist, a former adviser to President Vladimir Putin and the Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasia Economic Commission, the regulatory body of the EAEU.

Glazyev [..] saw the western financial squeeze on Moscow coming light-years before others. Quite diplomatically, Glazyev attributed the fruition of the idea to “the common challenges and risks associated with the global economic slowdown and restrictive measures against the EAEU states and China.” Translation: as China is as much a Eurasian power as Russia, they need to coordinate their strategies to bypass the US unipolar system. The Eurasian system will be based on “a new international currency,” most probably with the yuan as reference, calculated as an index of the national currencies of the participating countries, as well as commodity prices. The first draft will be already discussed by the end of the month.

The Eurasian system is bound to become a serious alternative to the US dollar, as the EAEU may attract not only nations that have joined BRI (Kazakhstan, for instance, is a member of both) but also the leading players in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as well as ASEAN. West Asian actors – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon – will be inevitably interested. In the medium to long term, the spread of the new system will translate into the weakening of the Bretton Woods system, which even serious US market players/strategists admit is rotten from the inside. The US dollar and imperial hegemony are facing stormy seas.

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“..through company control of the research agenda and ghostwriting of medical journal articles and continuing medical education, academics become agents for the promotion of commercial products.”

The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine (BMJ)

The advent of evidence based medicine was a paradigm shift intended to provide a solid scientific foundation for medicine. The validity of this new paradigm, however, depends on reliable data from clinical trials, most of which are conducted by the pharmaceutical industry and reported in the names of senior academics. The release into the public domain of previously confidential pharmaceutical industry documents has given the medical community valuable insight into the degree to which industry sponsored clinical trials are misrepresented. Until this problem is corrected, evidence based medicine will remain an illusion.

The philosophy of critical rationalism, advanced by the philosopher Karl Popper, famously advocated for the integrity of science and its role in an open, democratic society. A science of real integrity would be one in which practitioners are careful not to cling to cherished hypotheses and take seriously the outcome of the most stringent experiments. This ideal is, however, threatened by corporations, in which financial interests trump the common good. Medicine is largely dominated by a small number of very large pharmaceutical companies that compete for market share, but are effectively united in their efforts to expanding that market. The short term stimulus to biomedical research because of privatisation has been celebrated by free market champions, but the unintended, long term consequences for medicine have been severe. Scientific progress is thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge because industry suppresses negative trial results, fails to report adverse events, and does not share raw data with the academic research community. Patients die because of the adverse impact of commercial interests on the research agenda, universities, and regulators.

The pharmaceutical industry’s responsibility to its shareholders means that priority must be given to their hierarchical power structures, product loyalty, and public relations propaganda over scientific integrity. Although universities have always been elite institutions prone to influence through endowments, they have long laid claim to being guardians of truth and the moral conscience of society. But in the face of inadequate government funding, they have adopted a neo-liberal market approach, actively seeking pharmaceutical funding on commercial terms. As a result, university departments become instruments of industry: through company control of the research agenda and ghostwriting of medical journal articles and continuing medical education, academics become agents for the promotion of commercial products. When scandals involving industry-academe partnership are exposed in the mainstream media, trust in academic institutions is weakened and the vision of an open society is betrayed.

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If they report on just 1 in a 1000 events, they will always appear to be rare. Win-win.

Woman Died From Rare Vaccine Side-effect (BBC)

A mother died from a “catastrophic” bleed on the brain caused by a rare side-effect of the Covid-19 vaccine, a coroner has concluded. Kim Lockwood, 34, complained of an excruciating headache eight days after her AstraZeneca jab in March 2021. Her condition quickly deteriorated and she was pronounced dead 17 hours after being admitted to Rotherham Hospital. South Yorkshire Coroner Nicola Mundy said Mrs Lockwood had been “extremely unlucky”. At Doncaster Coroner’s court, she recorded the cause of death as Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) and returned a verdict of misadventure. Little was known about the link between the Covid-19 jab and VITT at the time of Mrs Lockwood’s death, the coroner said, but “medical advances” meant the condition was better-recognised since the initial vaccine rollout.

Government figures show the type of reaction Mrs Lockwood experienced is considered extremely rare. There have been 438 reported cases and 78 deaths after an estimated 24.9 million first doses and 24.2 million second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The inquest heard administrative secretary Mrs Lockwood first went to Rotherham Hospital’s A&E on 22 March but left without being seen after a long wait. She returned the next morning suffering from debilitating headaches, blurred vision and vomiting, and by midday could not speak in full sentences. By 02:00 on 24 March, the mother-of-two was unresponsive and her family was called to say their goodbyes. Ms Mundy said an MRI scan should have been arranged sooner, but this, combined with other measures such as a blood platelet transfusion and lumbar puncture would not have saved Mrs Lockwood due to the massive, “sudden and catastrophic” bleed on her brain.

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“If either is seen to be less than optimal, a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe.”

The Vindication of D.A. Henderson (Tucker)

Venkayya and his friends might have invented “pandemic planning” of this sort but it did not work. Instead it created mass suffering, demoralization, confusion, and public anger, not to mention having vastly expanded government power over the entire world. It is not an accident that censorship, ill-health, illiteracy, and now war are left in the wake of this fiasco. The lockdowns shattered what was called civilization, rooted in the rights and freedoms that “pandemic planning” reduced to nothingness. We should remember the man who called out this crazed ideology back in 2006. He is Donald A. Henderson, the world’s most important epidemiologist at the time. He had worked with the World Health Organization and is given primary credit for the eradication of smallpox. His book on the topic is a tour de force and a model of how a genuine public health official goes about his work.

His 2006 article provided a comprehensive critique of lockdown ideology. The title is “Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza.” He notes the new interest “in a range of disease mitigation measures. Possible measures that have been proposed include: isolation of sick people in hospital or at home, use of antiviral medications, hand-washing and respiratory etiquette, large-scale or home quarantine of people believed to have been exposed, travel restrictions, prohibition of social gatherings, school closures, maintaining personal distance, and the use of masks.” “We must ask,” he writes, “whether any or all of the proposed measures are epidemiologically sound, logistically feasible, and politically viable.

“It is also critically important to consider possible secondary social and economic impacts of various mitigation measures.” Coming under special scrutiny here was the neologism “social distancing.” He points out that it has been deployed to describe everything from simple actions to avoid exposure to covering full-scale closures and stay-at-home orders. He approves of course of hand-washing and using tissues but points out that while these practices have individual value, there is no evidence that making the practices widespread will somehow end a pandemic or even stop the spread of a virus. As for the other measures – travel restrictions, closures, stay-at-home orders, prohibition of gatherings, masking – he shoots them down one by one using logic, experience, and citations from literature.

While it is good to be prepared for a pandemic, we must remember that they do come and go. Wrecking society and rights achieves nothing. He saves the best as the final flourish. Read it and see his prophecy in action: “Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted. Strong political and public health leadership to provide reassurance and to ensure that needed medical care services are provided are critical elements. If either is seen to be less than optimal, a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe.”

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“..published OLC opinions that say senior presidential advisers are “absolutely immune” from compelled congressional testimony. ”

DOJ Ordered To Produce Documents Related To Steve Bannon Prosecution (Pol.)

A federal judge has ordered the Justice Department to produce internal records related to its decision to prosecute Steve Bannon, a win for the former Trump adviser, who maintains that he had a sound legal basis for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House’s Jan. 6 select committee. U.S. District Court Judge Carl Nichols said Bannon’s team should be provided with Justice Department “statements or writings” that square the decision to charge Bannon with contempt of Congress with long-standing department legal opinions that say former presidential advisers are largely immune from congressional subpoenas.

Prosecutors had argued during a two-hour hearing that the Justice Department’s legal guidance, reflected in opinions issued by its Office of Legal Counsel, were not relevant to whether Bannon actually committed the contempt-of-Congress crimes he’s charged with. But Bannon’s lawyers have emphasized that they advised him repeatedly not to comply with the congressional subpoena because the department’s policy rendered the subpoena invalid. Nichols raised a hypothetical scenario in which Congress subpoenaed Ron Klain, the chief of staff to President Joe Biden. Klain, he said, could refuse to appear, citing published OLC opinions that say senior presidential advisers are “absolutely immune” from compelled congressional testimony.

But under the Justice Department’s argument in the Bannon case he noted, Klain could be prosecuted anyway — creating a conflict between the department’s internal policies and its prosecution decisions. “Those two positions would be held at the same time,” said Nichols, an appointee of President Donald Trump. The documents the Justice Department provides could shed light on how it tried to square that inherent conflict, or whether it has issued subsequent, nonpublic legal guidance that would permit prosecuting Bannon for defying the select committee.

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“..the Court is simply avoiding hot potatoes at present.”

New Legal Hurdles for Julian Assange (Craig Murray)

It interested me in particular that the Supreme Court refused to hear Assange’s appeal on the basis that there was “no arguable point of law.” When the Supreme Court refused to hear my own appeal against imprisonment, they rather stated their alternative formulation, that there was “no arguable point of law of general public interest.” Meaning there was an arguable point of law, but it was merely an individual injustice, that did not matter to anybody except Craig Murray. My own view is that, with the Tory government very open about their desire to clip the wings of judges and reduce the reach of the Supreme Court in particular, the Court is simply avoiding hot potatoes at present. So the extradition now goes to Priti Patel, the home secretary, to decide whether to extradite. The defence has four weeks to make representations to Patel, which she must hear.

There are those on the libertarian right of the Tory party who oppose the extradition on freedom of speech grounds, but Patel has not a libertarian thought in her head and appears to revel in deportation, so personally I hold out no particular hope for this stage. Assuming Patel does authorise extradition, the matter returns to the original magistrate’s court and to Judge Vanessa Baraitser for execution. That is where this process takes a remarkable twist. The appeals process that has just concluded was the appeal initiated by the United States government, against Baraitser’s original ruling that the combination of Assange’s health and the conditions he would face in U.S. jails, meant that he could not be extradited. The United States government succeeded in this appeal at the High Court. Assange then tried to appeal against that High Court verdict to the Supreme Court, and was refused permission.

But Assange himself has not yet appealed to the High Court, and he can do so, once the matter has been sent back to Baraitser by Patel. His appeal will be against those grounds on which Baraitser initially found in favour of the United States. These are principally:
• the misuse of the extradition treaty which specifically prohibits political extradition;
• the breach of the UNCHR Article 10 right of freedom of speech;
• the misuse of the U.S. Espionage Act
• the use of tainted, paid evidence from a convicted fraudster who has since publicly admitted his evidence was false
• the lack of foundation to the hacking charge

None of these points have yet been considered by the High Court. It seems a remarkably strange procedure that having been through the appeals process once, the whole thing starts again after Priti Patel has made her decision, but that is the crazy game of snake and ladders the law puts us through. It is fine for the political establishment, of course, because it enables them to keep Assange locked up under maximum security in Belmarsh.

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It’s a trap



The New Hampshire House is misleading…






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    a kullervo

    A requiem for free will (part two)

    “We all eat sh!t;
    some wish it was preprocessed.”

    Radical acceptance (unmitigated hunger rules the known universe.)


    US Vaccine deaths –

    “Millenials experienced a Vietnam War in the 2nd half of 2021”

    Ed Dowd: “Millennial Age Group, 25 to 44 Experienced an 84% Increase in Excess Mortality”

    Safe and Effective! 🤡🤡🤡

    V. Arnold

    René Magritte L’empire des lumières 1949

    Magritte never ceases to amaze…exquisite execution IMHO…the light…illumination…

    Dr. D

    “Zelensky Invokes Pearl Harbor, MLK & 9/11 In Emotional Plea for “Humanitarian No Fly Zone”
    “Is this a lot to ask for?”

    “Please, please start WWIII. Is ending life on earth as we know it for my personal gain too much to ask?”

    “Poland Tells Zelensky It’s Seeking Armed NATO ‘Peace Mission’ for Ukraine”

    That’s the world these days: two “Peace Invasions” go to war and level the country they’re saving. I don’t know why we haven’t thought of this before.

    So…did the U.S. do that chemical weapons attack they’ve been talking about? Hearing about it every day, boys. What’s the hold up? Need to cut some checks for the OPCW? Detrick run out of chemicals? No perfume jars and doorhandles to rub? Or is the top nurse of the top chemical base need to get back from vacation? Time’s a-wasting, red lines to cross and all that.

    Would I have had to say these things during the Monroe administration? (Probably.)

    Powell: well let’s see, we have 100% chance of recession (oil prices) and Powell is raising rates! How’s that your Keynesianism? Or is it anti-Keynesianism, like they’ve been since John Maynard died in ’46? So let’s review: we’ve had a raging, excellent, most perfect economy. Under Trump, with highest employment, specifically among minorities, and under Biden, ‘cause, Biden. (They are number-jerking the end of lockdown) Dow 36,000. Inflation rising. And? Mr. Powell? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Mega-monster, panic, Armageddon, emergency, TEOTWAWKI-level 100%, double-red line, smoke on the tires $100-bil-a-month stimulus. Through the re-open, inflation, mega job openings? Redline, smokin’ coke all night, eyes wide, pupils dilated stimulus.

    Inflation rises 800%? Meh. Maybe later we’ll raise. Let’s not be hasty.

    Oil doubles? Gas 4-fold? Guaranteed recession, worse than ‘08, perhaps worse than 1930?

    Man the towers! Raise the rates! We’ve got to crush this economy RIGHT NOW!!! (With .25 rate increase, only 28x more hikes to catch up. If inflation rises 3%/mo, only 160 rate hikes behind by next year.)

    Thanks Jerome. Thanks. What do I say? What did I say about Biden forcing Russia, Jerome calling a meeting a day before Russia? What to I say about lying, thieving, murdering weasels? “It’s not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” 800% rise in prices, recorded LAST month, through February? Blame Putin. He had a time machine, and went BACK IN TIME, and raised those prices on us, in January. That’s what Joy Reid says, and I’m sticking to it.

    Since Brawdo has what plants crave, the people will 100% believe it. And all it took was the murder of everybody in Ukraine. So worth it! If only we had TWO Ukraines! We tried to get Poland, but they wouldn’t bite. And this is the world I’m born into.

    They’re also posting Azov flags on their Twitter avatars, and Nazi shirts and mugs are top sellers on Amazon. So if the Canadian Truckers wear THOSE flags, can they protest Justin? Which Nazis are the good Nazis again? Which ethnic cleansing are we supporting today?

    “Russia Fails To Pay Scheduled Interest…” Because the U.S. closed all their banks. Fly to Moscow, they have your money waiting. Yet this is still considered a RUSSIAN default. Because: RussiaRussiaRussia. It’s not funny anymore, and I don’t think they’re laughing.

    I’m not laughing as Biden begins to send serious hardware to Kiev that Russia will blow to smithereens along with everyone in the truck. Again: How are we not at war with Russia?

    “Soros Worries About Putin-Xi Partnership, Hopes They Can Be Stopped “Before They Destroy Our Civilization Soros’ fortune and his master plan for a Great Reset of Neo-Feudalism.”

    I guess he doesn’t watch many movies. “No! This can’t be happening! It’s Impossible!!!”

    “‘Ukraine received powerful support of our American friends. I’m thankful to President Biden for it.”

    Apparently we are a Ukrainian ally and have declared war on Russia? Biden personally?

    Ukraine as a whole has a well-oiled information warfare division.”

    Yes, like all their information, satellites, communication, the Azovs are using OUR Information Warfare Division. America’s. Or put another way, “We Are All Nazis Now”. That’s why it’s so slick, and is only facing us, in the West. Generally, they are ignoring the real war, containing bullets, in the East. We are winning on Twitter, and winning against the real enemy: Americans who prefer peace.

    Medicine is largely dominated by a small number of very large pharmaceutical companies that compete for market share”

    That’s not competition. Creating fake barriers for entry then allowing unlimited verticalization and monopolization through mergers is ANTI-competition. That no one can tell or comments on it anymore demonstrates where we are: monopolies merged with government are normal, universal, and good. If there are problems, we should muddle around the margins and blame PhDs.

    “The New Hampshire House is misleading…”

    “Allow” them to dispense? Roughly speaking, they are REQUIRED to dispense. The doctor ORDERED it. Pharmacists are not doctors and unless it causes imminent harm cannot just “Doctor” a patient they’ve never met. They just refuse to do their job and are guilty of open medical malpractice. IVM is used for a variety of things, did pharmacists refuse to cure scabies and rosacea? Probably.

    Similarly, and for the 1,000th time, doctors prescribe off-label all the time. Like daily. This is how they prescribe Benadryl for sleep for instance, and also how they learn to respond to new diseases. You think they had research for steroid use with Covid? Nope. They gave steroids exactly like IVM because of symptoms, exactly like IVM. There was no “100,000 man massive, funded, double-blind” study on either drug. Except being “off-label” mattered to Pfizer for one drug and not the other. They act like there’s gray area or complication here. They’re just openly breaking the law and don’t care. Then as they don’t care, we don’t care either I guess and let them. But roughly, this is all straight from the Houses of Legislature and the AMA. Like Paul yesterday, we are passing laws because they won’t follow the laws. Huh? And nobody goes to jail.

    Woman Died from Rare Vaccine Side-effect (BBC)”

    That they had to print the article in the BBC means it wasn’t so rare. This isn’t “Man Bites Dog”, this is “Child has rare leukemia.” Those articles are never printed. Until now. When “fluffing pillows” can cause heart failure.

    the rights and freedoms that “pandemic planning” reduced to nothingness.”

    You are a victim? You did nothing? Planners gonna plan. You need to enforce your rights. YOU. Not the gumment. Everything Daddy Government did was illegal. All of it. And here they did it without even passing a law. It’s going to take more than complaining to get them to follow it again. They need to be scared to death of you, the People, and cry themselves to sleep every night worrying you might get upset.

    “a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe.”

    Looks like they described exactly what not to do, what would have the worst outcome, then went and intentionally did it. What more do you need to see? A road map and a written invitation? You’re Fired. Until we can bring the charges that will put you in prison. Civil Rights abuses at a minimum, but craven disregard for human life is a given, and a crime. In your own words, with your own strategy you said this.

    “the Supreme Court refused to hear Assange’s appeal on the basis that there was “no arguable point of law.”

    Same as above. Everything the government says and does is illegal. They don’t care. They won’t care until you make them care. With more pain than they can stand.

    “Those two positions would be held at the same time,” DoJ.

    Yes, and if you’re a friend, we enforce one position, and if an enemy, we use the other. Simple! A Nation of Laws. SO many laws we pick and choose which ones to enforce! Just ask USSC.


    “Stroke rates are increasing among young people. Here’s what you need to know”

    They need to know that they’ve been poisoned.



    “Scientific progress* is thwarted by the ownership of data and …. does not share raw data with the academic research community.

    That right there is the crux of the problem. I didn’t realize until a Malone interview that “peer reviewed” only meant the study itself was reviewed – that reviewers didn’t have access to the raw data.

    That means that nothing, absolutely nothing, is being or ever has been peer reviewed. F*ck these lying monsters. There are no words left to describe how twisted this system is. No fix. Let it crumble. The sooner, the better.

    *Scientific progress is actually thwarted because humans are dumber than a box of rocks, but that’s a different discussion.

    Dr. D

    I can’t get into my email account and may need to create another. I structured this in article form, perhaps it’s worth posting separately:

    The West Is at War with Itself.

    Coverage of the war in Ukraine is very spotty and polarized. The news has been shut off, universally censored in the West, and expelled within Russia and Ukraine. Nevertheless there has been much commentary on it, from The Atlantic, “Foreign Affairs”, CNN, BBC, as well as Wall Street and London traders, geopolitical historians and commentators, and others, but like birds, all following a similar flock with a similar turn.

    Robert Gore is one such article, and better than most, covering Alistair MacLeod’s “Inside and Outside Money”, the mentally-ill childishness of the West, and that regardless of events right now, the outcome is certainly more chaos.

    What’s interesting to me with even smart writers like Gore is that they can’t see the most fundamental background shift. To me, this takes some reading, but these authors have all done the reading and are better informed than myself. It’s not like they’re older or younger, and it’s not that they don’t know it. I’m sure in other articles they describe the fragility of Western Banking, debt-printing system. He does so to some extent within the article.

    Yet somehow Gore – and all the other articles I’ve read these last 4 weeks – miss the most basic item. They believe “Putin made a mistake” and this is not just knee-jerk propaganda, it’s “Our War”, “Ukraine is the 51st State” “Putin is bad M’kay” stuff. They really believe it. Either because of the West’s response, or because they see the West promising to Mujaheddin Ukraine with unlimited weapons and rubbing their fists in glee.

    That certainly is the plan, and a good one. It worked in Afghanistan 40 years ago, even as it never worked at all in Syria last year. These NeoCons behind Nuland and Kegan are now all so old they probably didn’t notice and are proceeding anyway. However, none of their plans in Ukraine will happen for very simple reasons. In addition, Putin knows that was their plan for 10-20 years, as well as to take Ukraine and use it to attack and crush Russia going back to the CARTER administration, i.e. Brzezinski. I mean, really? For the love of Christmas, here? That is to say, Putin and the Russian thinkers happily take the West’s open, public, transparent, unchanging plan and figure out what items must be in place to successfully and safely respond to it. And although they are winning in Ukraine (what else? They have an army 3x their size) that’s not the Russian true field of battle. Nor the tactics the West expected. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

    Normally, I’d say Russia thinks differently. They are half Eastern, half Western they say, and when interacting with Europe LOOK like a Europeans, but then respond softly and go around. This makes them appear weak to us even as they talk tough. Maybe that’s why we constantly think they’re bluffing, the way we would, when really Russia could hardly be more straightforward if they tried. Indeed Lavrov’s top complaint in Turkey last week, but going back years now is that he’s telling them directly how things are and what will happen and like goldfish the West, the media, forget a second later and cannot hear, reporting a different, unrelated thing they fabricated, writing what “he thinks” and “what he meant to do” using their Putin-telepathy.

    It’s like this: Russia is going to crush the whole West. But that’s not Russia’s fault: the entire West is so rotten it’s barely been standing for decades now, and certainly since ’08. If not; well, Russia dies. They know this. But Russia will not die because they have been patient and careful and picked a time where the West is badly over leveraged and incredibly past their time. So yes, the West spent billions, possibly trillions at this point to subvert Ukraine and Russia had to respond to them, the West’s armed invasion and takeover of Ukraine, and that’s fine. It’s a ship you can see coming a mile away.

    “Russia responds” means the West’s propaganda will kick in and they will want to start WWIII on them, a total war which Russia probably cannot survive the combined forces of all NATO countries worldwide. So that’s a consideration, and unlike the West, who wants war anyway? Like Britain, Russia essentially has one city, Moscow, and a war will erase it, so there is no reason to take that path.

    Russia is not fighting a “war” they are not “fighting” in Ukraine, it’s merely a minor police action, and that’s the first of things the West doesn’t understand. They think all Russian attention is on Kiev. They wanted all Russian attention and invasion locked in Kiev, and the West was depending on all the camera shots of destruction and dead civilians. I don’t think Russia even wants Kiev, or they would make at least some attempt to approach it. 500 civilians killed I’m hearing? THAT’S NOT A WAR. It’s hardly a police action. Maybe they don’t understand war material in the 21st century, but Russia could have leveled Kiev an the other cities in under 30 minutes including all their 5 million people if they wanted. Russia’s attention is on the real war.

    As the WHOLE WEST, that is, the Anglos running NATO, are fully engaged in attacking Russia and economically conquering it, as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi say daily “Our War”, to safely stop the war Russia can only attack and disable the WHOLE WEST and NATO in return. Nothing else will do. It’s possible to detente at some point, freeze the conflict, but if the West does not fall, Russia is in danger and will be overrun. So they have to attack the West, a combined UK, Germany, Europe, and America. It appears they do not intend to do this using sabotage, attacks on rails and substations, EMPs. That would merely anger the U.S. for instance and galvanize a deeply reluctant population to support the war no one wants. It’s off the table. Instead, they are merely going around the whole West, in Eastern style.

    What is the West? As Gore says, it’s a CONSUMER. Of everything. They print debt and consume things, net producing nothing. So Russia is passively embargoing them. That’s it. And with some help from China, that’s the whole plan. And it’s worse than that, Russia isn’t even trying to embargo the West. There is no need; the West is using the war to embargo themselves. This is the highest moral good, as Russia can remain completely clean of the matter, being the good guys, offering and having tried everything they could. When wheat, fertilizer, oil, metals, electric, are all shut off across Europe, citizens will ask their governments what happened. Those governments will point to Russia, but it will be no use: it will be plain to see that Russia was selling these life-giving goods to Europeans, and is still trying to sell them to Europe now. It was the European LEADERS, the bankers, billionaires, who refused to BUY them. This will not wash with a cold, hungry public.

    The West is also LEVERAGED. In fact that is the key takeaway from the West, their power, and their Central Banks. They can win wars because they can produce more “gold”, that is, more “money” to throw at an ongoing conflict. But leverage goes both ways. On the way up, 10:1 gets you ten wins for a single ante, a golden goose. On the way down however, the removal of a single ante, one underlying asset, leads to a 10-fold loss. And the West is leveraged not 10:1 but 300:1 and more as Jeffrey Christian points out in a single market such as gold. But this is true as mortgages become MBS as in ‘08, in bond derivatives, in stock market margin levels, in credit cards, car loans, and everywhere else, right down to borrowing, that is, “leveraging,” to buy a cheeseburger and fries in Muncie, Indiana.

    What is leverage? To borrow more than the value of your collateral. What is collateral? Real Stuff. But the West doesn’t make Real Stuff. The Real Stuff comes from others, and to an outsized level, from Russia. To a great extent, Russia is the collateral for the West. The prosperity of Germany, France, BP, Tesla’s Gigafactories, rest on Russian oil, gas, and aluminum. No gas or aluminum, no Gigafactory. No Gigafactory, no $1 Trillion dollar market cap. No $1T market cap, no 36,000 Dow. Poof. And that’s true of Volkswagen, Bosch, Bayer, Jaguar, and the banks that rest on them: DeutscheBank, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Lloyd’s. And the loss of those markets, companies, banks, would not leave New York standing. Morgan can hardly prosper if London, Hamburg and the commodity exchanges fail and stop trading as the LME did this week. They cannot make margins on the Russian banks and Russian trade they are no longer facilitating. They too will fall into a spiral of counter-leverage.

    What is leverage? Let’s say the leverage at 300:1 makes NY and London appear 300x stronger than they actually are. So the end of that leverage makes them 300x weaker than they appear at present. And as we’ve said the bank leverage is what makes them able to field armies and pay for wars. So the end of leverage makes them UNable to field armies and pay for wars. Especially when they themselves refuse to receive all the raw commodity supplies that let them do so. In this structure they are planning to maintain a conflict with no coal, oil, gas, steel, aluminum, titanium, uranium, palladium, neon, and so on.

    So what is Russia doing? Like all colonies, they are the raw material producer to the Imperium; the Empire, and the Empire’s Army. If, like America, they wish to rebel against that Empire, they will shut off the raw materials to the Empire, who then cannot run an effective army.

    This is why they behave as they do. They must go to Ukraine as Biden said in 1994, and as Biden insured with arms, arranged with his policy, and permitted in his words, saying as they did in Kuwait, a small incursion would not be met with force. And should the world remain as it does today, indeed the West would keep the conflict running indefinitely, bleed all of Russia, and kill all the Slavs, of which there are already too few.

    But the world will NOT remain as it does today. In withdrawing, Russia has erased the collateral for the entire West and their banking system. As that echoes through the Western financial system there will be great disorder and disruptive bank and corporate failures. Likewise, they will not have commodities to re-build their own structure as they once did in 1930, or not for a long time. The West has positioned themselves to refuse to buy from Russia, come what may.

    For their part, and being a small country, Russia could not have withstood this lack of commerce, or at the least would have grown a lot weaker, too weak to resist more Western forays into their territory and sphere of influence. That is what took so long. But now, they will not have such a loss of commerce, as they merely sell all the same goods to China, weakening the West even more.

    You see, if Europe doesn’t want, won’t accept raw goods, they get weaker of course. And also the opposite, where if China DOES get them, and at an enormous discount to today’s disruptive prices, obviously China will grow far stronger. How can Europe compete with $3,000 aluminum – or having no aluminum – when aluminum in China is $2,000? They already couldn’t compete before. How can Germany fill their factories with employees eating $20 wheat when China is well-fed and eating wheat at $9?

    It’s the West that is going to bleed with the Mujaheddin, not Russia.

    Going back to Ukraine, if the West wins, all is lost, nothing matters. However, if the West weakens due to worldwide shortages, hardships, banking failures, corporate bankruptcies, currency collapses, then they cannot arm Ukraine as they believe. They won’t have the time, money, or attention to do so. American soldiers will have to return home on a city bus, and not from palatial airfields. In any case, the 100,000 men America has there will be of little use with no food, no supplies, and no supply chain to back them. And if this is so, Ukraine will become Russian, or at least solidly within the Russian sphere of influence again, because will Ukrainians wish to eat, grow crops, have aluminum? Yes, and Russia will look prosperous compared to London at that time, with access to all Chinese goods while the West will not.

    So why would you destroy Ukraine? Or even their people? It’s your own country, and your own people.

    This is what the West doesn’t understand, as we are required to have a blitzkrieg, a Schwarzkopf rush to the great capital, a surrounding army destroying radio, electric, roads, water. Why would Russia ever do that? To win, they will have to “own” Ukraine or be merged with them in some way and would simply have to rebuild it. Same with the people. You need Ukrainians to be for Russia, not against it. So killing civilians – or even the valuable army – is strictly counter-productive. If it were possible, they would be best to harm nothing and kill no one, “The Art of War” writ large, but of course in war that is not possible. However, 500 civilian deaths in 4 weeks of modern war is as close as possible to killing no one, and demonstrates their goals and values.

    This is the cause for the West to say Russia is “bogged down”, they’re losing. They’re not losing, they’re winning. They are saving the lives of fellow Russians, brother Slavs, while nevertheless gaining control of the country. And this without hardship, as the power is on in Kiev and elsewhere, and people are driving, shopping, and going to work. No unnecessary Ukrainians have been inconvenienced. The trains are running on time to Poland and elsewhere. Why would taking a fully intact country be considered a “loss”?

    This is the situation we find ourselves in, and the Russians have been very clear about it. About their needs, their goals, their approach.

    The West is being boycotted. They have embargoed themselves. They are a stark minority on planet earth, taking too much and making too little. The embargo they have placed on themselves will collapse their banking and financial system even as their manufacturers cannot function when lacking raw materials. They cannot rebuild for many years and will go hungry. They cannot prosecute a war in this state, and in any case the people are not in favor of it and will not let them. But there is good news! The West can behave honestly, buy from Russia again, and end their unnecessary war and their own hardship at any time. Both the realization, and the reversal may take some years however, and we’ve only just begun.

    This is what Russia is doing, and why they aren’t worried about Ukraine.


    “The lackadaisical U.S. “de-Nazification” of its sector of occupied Germany was accompanied by an organized brain drain of Germans who could be useful to the United States..”

    As I’ve said in previous posts, the US didn’t ‘defeat’ Nazi Germany, they absorbed them.

    The above sound bite reflects this.

    Reiner Fuellmich, no less, has stated in numerous videos that the German Judaical system is so utterly and thoroughly corrupt to this day that there is absolutely no chance in Hell that you will get any type of justice whatsoever regarding Covid and vaccine injury and death and criminal fraud from the German justice system.

    German judges are the same maggots chewing on the soul of humanity that they were in the Nazi era.

    The Allies and the US in particular left the utterly despicable Nazi judges and Nazi prosecutors and many of the Nazi lawyers in place after the war and the judicial system itself was spared any real attention or prosecution at Nuremberg.

    Had I been in charge I would have eviscerated the entire German judiciary and started from scratch. Same goes for the Nazi police of the time. Not a brick would have been standing had I been calling the shots.

    Leaving the monstrous German ‘legal’ system in place in 1945 made it a lot easier for the US to coverup and destroy evidence of companies like IBM providing their punch card machines that kept keeping track of the people in the concentration camps. Those IBM punch card machines were the
    ‘digital passports’ of their day. And German judges rubber stamps the process with cowardly corrupt gusto.

    There are many other US corporations that facilitated the Nazi war machine that were never prosecuted, by design it seems.

    Germany’s present judiciary system is the direct devolution of that Nazi ‘legal’ system.

    Present day German Oligarchs that are forcing Germany to commit suicide by ‘going green’ and cheering on the shutoff of Russia energy to German industry and society. They are the direct descendants of the same industrial mobsters of the Nazi era.

    Mission Accomplished to them, the Germans will be eating cat food under autobahn overpasses in cardboard boxes before long. Deutschland über alles.

    “The thalidomide scandal was one of the worst in German post-war history: Thousands of children were born with malformations as a result of the sleeping pill.”

    This was allowed by the German judicial system, good luck with that mRNA RICO case.

    Clueless Honky

    @ Dr. D

    Your piece, “The West is at War with Itself” is the best synopsis of the Ukrainian madness that I have seen so far.


    Here is Gonzalo Lira speaking from the Ukraine

    He picked five topics, not overtly connected, but covers some of Dr D’s points

    Well worth the time

    a kullervo

    A requiem for free will (part one)

    “All we build gets to be erased.
    Why bother, then?

    And yet, we can’t help ourselves.
    So keep on building, you silly fools,
    so other poor souls can keep on erasing.”


    Dr. D
    My executive summary
    This is what Russia is doing, and why they aren’t worried about Ukraine.
    Russia invasion of Ukraine has stalled.

    1. First, the invasion used, on the first day, modern missiles, and smart bombs to destroy all air opposition and set up air superiority.
    2. Second wave, Russia took their WWII museum war machines and lined them up for miles and used their WWII artillery to make a siege of some cities.
    3. Presently, we are witnessing WWI trench warfare with dumb bombs
    4. What is implied, is that tomorrow, there will be a hoards of people, with clubs, and body armor, attacking each other.
    5. Finally, we will see Peace. Russian and the west insulting each other from a safe distance of 6 feet.


    I found the news of Pfizer being de-listed interesting, so I had a look at the SEC form 25 that is linked in the twitter thread.

    It appears that Pfizer applied for de-listing on the NYSE sometime in 2018. The date of Pfizer’s de-listing was 7th March 2022. It takes 90 days for the de-listing to take effect. This means, in around 3 months, Pfizer will have effectively removed its investable assets from the NY stock exchange. Investopedia has further information on the implications of form 25 on businesses.


    Due to covid, China is imposing another lockdown.
    Will USA respond with more tariffs on the shortage of goods mfg in China.

    Mr. House

    Jussie Smollett Walks Out Of Jail After Appeal Court Orders Release; Served Less Than A Week Of 150-Day Conviction – Update

    Well that was fast. We’re entering a new age where laws only apply to your political enemies. Buckle up friends.


    The insane crazy talk that the Russians are ‘stalled” in Ukraine

    Far far from it.


    April fools joke
    Tourist travel industry ecstatic.
    As of April 01, Refugees from war zones, (Afghanistan, Ukraine), will not need to be tested for covid to come to Canada.
    Last year, spring break did not cause a spike in covid hospitalization.
    Football season did not cause a spike in covid hospitalization.
    However, be careful, waiting in the wings, to attack, Omicron 2.

    Mister Roboto

    @Mr. House: The law treating celebs like their shit doesn’t stink is hardly anything new.

    Mr. House


    Yes and no. This was politics and i wonder who put Jussie up to it? Did you see how he was screaming after the verdict that he wasn’t suicidal? Me thinks he was scared of being hung in his suicide proof cell while the cameras magically didn’t work at that moment.

    Farmer McGregor

    re: Pfizer being ‘delisted’
    Can someone please help me understand this:
    Pfizer’s stock has not been removed — AP
    Pfizer stock up 1.85% March 17 2022
    (I sure hope I did this correctly)
    Thanks in advance.

    Mr. House

    Also, is he really a celeb? I’d never heard of him until he made his claims

    Farmer McGregor

    re: “Pfizer delisted” previous comment
    Perhaps it’s entirely about Pfizer in the UK, not the USSA.


    @farmer mcgregor

    I have no specialist knowledge on the subject, just a laymen’s observation.

    The Securities and exchange commission does deal with commodities, bonds and other assets or debt instruments. My suspicion that it may be something more substantial than what the associated press are putting out is that SEC form 25 specifically mentions this action de-lists the company and the company can continue trading in the pink sheets (without reporting requirements) The term “de-listing from the stock exchange” is fairly hard and fast. There is no grey area (for example, a bond or debt instrument would not require that the company delists. That term is all-encompassing).


    What do I know? I just checked investopedia again and the opening decription of SEC form 25 states: “is the document a public company must file to delist its securities under rule 12d2-2 of the securities exchange act 1934″

    So yes, it could just be the ‘0.25% notes due 2022’ listed on Pfizer’s SEC document as securities and not the entire company listing, as claimed.

    Mr. House

    0.25% notes eh? Wish i could get me a loan at that rate, sadly all i get are savings accounts that yield even less.


    Leverage: Just to add to Dr. D’s accounting of leverage. Ironically the most used collateral for leverage is not cash but US Treasuries! As we all know cash is created out of thin air and then used to buy treasury notes. In many instances you cannot use cash as colladeral! That is correct! Banks will only accept US Treasuy notes as colladeral!

    So in many ways today you do not need a real thing, like a commodity, to create colladeral! Just lots of thin air!

    I laugh whenever I see a statement saying the Russian invasion is “stalled”!
    The Russians said they want to destroy the neo-nazi Ukrainian army.
    So do you invade the parts of the Ukraine where the Ukrainian army is not located?
    No, you go where the Ukrainian army is, like in the east and south parts of the Ukraine.
    The Russians have the entire Ukrainian army surrounded!

    Then there is the nonsense that the Russians have over extended their supply lines.
    Notice that the Russian army has formed a horseshoe in the eastern Ukraine.
    That means all Russian forces are within a days round trip drive for their supply trucks.
    Clearly this invasion was planned with army logistics in mind!

    Then there is the default of the London Metals Exchange in nickel, gold, and silver.
    So when the casino starts losing, the casino changes the rules to save the casino’s banks!
    That is why we saw gold and silver get taken down in the middle of raging inflation and a shooting war! Thanks JPMorgan! I really needed the excitment!


    Venkayya and his friends might have invented “pandemic planning” of this sort but it did not work.

    Here are some links to this Venkayya guy:

    He is a Gates puppet working with Gates to inject the world with an AIDS vaccine.

    He is one of the bad guys and is a danger to you and your family.


    I was trying to listen to the guy who said near the end of the video that that volunteering to fight in the Ukraine was a trap. I thought he indicated wounded mercenaries trying to escape to Polandwerebeing removed before the border and not allowed to leave.

    I guess so as to not spoil the US narrative that the Ukraine is winning? Wounded mercenaries telling truth to the media wouldn’t be good.

    Being hard ofhearing it was hard to follow what he was saying so maybe I got some things wrong?

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