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Does Lithuania Want To Start A War With Russia? (Bandow)
EU to Allow Russia to Resume Transports to Kaliningrad (Spiegel)
Europe Fails With German Help (Vilches)
We Are Z (Batiushka)
The More You Grow Up, The More You Realise The World Is Unfair (Savenkova)
Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster (Sachs)
Independence Day (Jim Kunstler)
Biden Admin Delays Decision On Expanded Offshore Drilling (JTN)
Oil Exec: Biden Admin Breaking The ‘Backbone Of The Energy Revolution’ (Fox)
US Falls Behind In Hypersonic Weapons Race After Another Failed Test (ZH)
Rep. Jim Banks Demands White House Jan 6 Surveillance Logs (Fed.)
Soros’s Connection To US Media Infrastructure And Politics (ET)
28% Of Voters Think May ‘Soon Be Necessary To Take Up Arms’ Vs Government (JTN)
Beet This: Ukraine Wins Fight To Protect Borshch Soup (AFP)
Julian Assange Submits High Court Appeal To Fight Extradition (BBC)












Jon Voight





“Washington should privately deliver a clear message to Vilnius and other capitals throughout Europe, especially in the East: Inciting Moscow to strike would relieve the U.S. of any obligation to defend them, even if they are NATO members.” —

Does Lithuania Want To Start A War With Russia? (Bandow)

In NATO the smallest members tend to be the most aggressive. It’s probably because they know they wouldn’t be called on to fight any wars they caused. They simply are too small to make a difference. So Lithuania, with an army of just 8,850 active-duty personnel and 5,650 reservists, is now enforcing a blockade of sorts against Russia through Kaliningrad. The latter was seized from Germany at the end of World War II and ended up separated from the rest of Russia after the Baltic States seceded from the Soviet Union. Vilnius is forbidding transport of coal, metals, electronics, and other E.U.-sanctioned products to Kaliningrad, whose governor said that roughly half of the territory’s typical imports were on the ban list. Lithuanian officials claimed to be only “following orders,” as it were, from a higher authority.

“We just implement the sanctions, which were imposed on European Union level, and this has nothing to do with the bilateral relations between Russia and Lithuania,” announced Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda. With Russian flights over E.U. territory also prohibited, resupply of the isolated oblast is possible only by sea. For Moscow, blocking internal transit, even transit conducted through a third country, could be a casus belli. Russian officials muttered darkly about retaliation and “serious consequences.” The Russian Foreign Ministry warned: “If in the near future cargo transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the territory of the Russian Federation through Lithuania is not restored in full, then Russia reserves the right to take actions to protect its national interests.”

It seems strange for Lithuania to be waving a red cape at the Russian bear. The Baltic states have spent years wailing about their vulnerability to Russian attack, demanding that NATO and the U.S. do more for them. In fact, some Lithuanian officials have a sense of preemptive martyrdom. For instance, Laurynas Kasciunas, who handles national-security issues in Lithuania’s Siemas, or parliament, asserted: “We are in a sense a modern-day West Berlin.” That reflects a highly inflated sense of international importance—Berlin was a Cold War flashpoint because the U.S. and Soviet Union were sparring over the future of Germany, a once and future dominant continental power. Lithuania’s role? Not so much.

In fact, absent provocation, why would Russia attack any of the Baltics? What benefits would it expect to gain from overrunning three small nations, which lack the historical significance attributed to Ukraine? Especially considering they already are in NATO and an invasion likely would trigger full-scale war. Moreover, Moscow’s difficulties in Ukraine suggest that the Baltic states might not be the easy prey once assumed, though Russia has doubtless learned from its mistakes and likely would seek a decisive result. Still, giving the Putin government cause for war is foolish. Alliance officials acknowledge that, given current deployments, the three states likely would be overrun before meaningful assistance arrived.

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Who’s your daddy?

EU to Allow Russia to Resume Transports to Kaliningrad (Spiegel)

It is a dispute that goes beyond a mere confrontation between the European Union and Russia. Should Moscow be allowed to transport goods like steel and aluminum through EU member state Lithuania to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad – even though those goods are on the sanctions list? DER SPIEGEL has learned that the European Commission intends to publish a clarification on the issue in the coming days. Its key message will be that Moscow will be allowed to use the transit route for all goods, but only limited amounts. The move will put an end to a disagreement that had not only been a significant source of tension between Russia and Brussels – but also exposed deep rifts within the EU regarding the correct approach to Moscow.

Since June 17, Lithuania has been blocking shipments of goods such as construction materials, metal and coal into Kaliningrad on the strength of EU sanctions imposed on Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. The ban has affected the rail line between Moscow and Kaliningrad in addition to deliveries by road. Air and sea routes are not affected by the sanctions. In Russia’s view, it amounts to a “blockade,” and it is criticized on a daily basis in the country. Indeed, an all-out military invasion has been among the responses discussed on state television. The European Commission clarification expressly applies to all EU member states, but it mostly only affects the situation in Kaliningrad. According to the document, Russia will be allowed to transport sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad, but only in amounts comparable to pre-invasion deliveries.

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“..the current lower volume of its oil exports at much higher prices thanks to EU sanctions allows the Ruble to become ever stronger while saving Russian oil for sale to others..”

Europe Fails With German Help (Vilches)

And precisely to address the current self-inflicted energy debacle, German Minister Habeck is compounding this ugly all-inclusive European conundrum in at least 14 different ways and has (1) shut down Germany´s nuclear power plants including the domino impact upon the inter-connected European electrical grid without any foresight or consideration whatsoever (2) banned excellent, cheap Russian hydrocarbons and distilled petroleum products thereof to which Europe´s entire economy and energy infrastructure is uniquely matched and tuned for, including the superb, proven, mostly un-replaceable Russian Urals crude oil blend and the most convenient Russian Druzbha door-to-door pipeline rendering 24x7x365 already vetted exceptional performance

(3) shut down and indefinetly cancelled the most-needed NS2 pipeline for delivery of Russian hydrocarbons, with possible partial expropiatory theft yet again beyond bank deposits and other assets (4) fully ignored the very loud Siemens compliance warning regarding the EU ban on return-delivery of NS1 equipment back to Russia under well-known, scheduled and mandatory Canadian maintenance requirements (5) re-introduced the dirtiest of coals, namely brown coal, as feedstock for German and EU coal-fired power plants (6) rationed hot water and fuel consumption including the amount of time that Herr Habeck himself spends in the shower (7) shamefully placed Russia´s Gazprom Germania in a ´trusteeship´ of sorts which will also prove to be a very expensive mistake

(8) promoted a fully counter-productive wind-mill expansion program requiring fossil-fueled equipment for the extraction and transportation of thousands of tons of nickel and rare earths that Europe does not have, plus subsequent movement, erection and maintenance of such wind mills with other fossil fueled equipment that Europe has to import, plus additional fossil fuel power-generating equipment always needed as backstop during low wind seasons such as the last several months, plus tons of fossil-fuel powered equipment to eventually de-commission such wind-mills (9) fast-tracked the LNG Acceleration Act to favor in every possible way the construction of fully unnecessary and super-costly Liquefied Natural Gas terminals in detriment of many other much needed infrastructures so as to many months from now eventually buy über-expensive LNG from the USA which is really the Master Pupeteer behind this anti-Europe Master Plan

(10) with direct benefit to Russia, the current lower volume of its oil exports at much higher prices thanks to EU sanctions allows the Ruble to become ever stronger while saving Russian oil for sale to others (11) pushed for a naïve buyer´s oil price cap cartel in a seller’s market (!!!) (12) seized Russian LNG tankers (13) crashed German nat-gas giant Uniper now ready for bail-out and Lehman moment (14) launched Germany and the EU in the most nonsensical “firehose” oil & gas policies already explained to death and with excruciating details

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“..Where as a result more money is spent on Offence (‘Defence’) than on any basic human needs..”

We Are Z (Batiushka)

The Schloss Elmau, ‘a Luxury Spa Retreat and Cultural Hideaway’ was a very suitable location at the end of June 2022 for the G7 elitists, ‘hiding away’ from the anger of their exploited peoples. Holed up in a castle in Bavaria (sounds familiar?), protected by thousands of paramilitaries, the neo-feudal Gang of 7 of the Western world met and condemned freedom, which is another word for multipolarity. Now freedom is represented by Z. Z means belonging to the Russian World, which is carrying out the existential Special Operation to save itself and the world from the global dictatorship of evil. The Russian World means all who are opposed to the Western/Anglo-Zionist/Globalist/NATO/Nazi ideology and its fake and failed puppet-states, which exist only to ensure the prolongation of colonial oppression and buy overpriced US arms and parrot their propaganda.

We who identify with Z live all over the world, even within the semi-conquered heartlands of the Evil Empire, in the USA, Canada, the UK, the EU, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Here in Europe we in Z fight against the US-imposed EU Fourth Reich. But everywhere the letter Z is to be drawn as a sign of hope by all free people who still believe in the God, Who is not mocked. We are Z, who do not belong to your world, Where freedom is denied in the name of the tyrannical ‘democratic’ system, in which only one country controls the rest of the world and cruelly exploits it, Where as a result universal traditions of faith, patriotism and family are despised and trampled down, Where as a result more money is spent on Offence (‘Defence’) than on any basic human needs, Where as a result rich countries live in debt at the expense of poor countries,

Where as a result transnational corporations rule and exploit vast tracts of the globe, Where the land, the sea and the air are sullied by complex manmade chemical compounds which destroy life, Where as a result vastly rich individuals are richer than whole nations, Where as a result corruption is so rife that many are murdered or are in prison for no other reason than telling the truth, Where as a result slavery has again become commonplace, Where as a result countries such as Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen suffer genocide at the hands of Western imperialism, Where as a result there is no right to self-determination for oppressed peoples, like those in the Crimea and the Donbass, Where as a result the mainstream media, all controlled by the same hegemon, can only tell lies and oppress, Where as a result one billion are obese and one billion starve, Where the words Freedom and Truth, Justice and Tradition, Humanity and Sovereignty are cynically mocked and heartily detested.

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Faina Savenkova, 13, Lugansk. Good afternoon Mr. Assange!

The More You Grow Up, The More You Realise The World Is Unfair (Savenkova)

The more you grow up, the more you realise that the world is unfair. When the war in Donbass began eight years ago, few could have imagined that instead of the peaceful country of Ukraine, its authorities would make it miserable and torn apart, with a fierce hatred of the inhabitants towards each other. But it happened. That Ukraine – with Russian literature, great achievements and normal attitude towards each other – will never be the same again. Just as there will not be the West, which is the stuff of legends: with history, freedom and people to believe in and strive to be like them. Musicians, actors, presenters, politicians… they are all the same. The world itself is changing. Television replaces your walks in the rain and the Internet replaces your books.

Why read when you can watch a movie? Why be literate at all? Just know how to count to 100 and put an X. It’s been done before. And it’s probably a very comfortable world for some. But not for those who remember what IT is like to ask the right questions. Because asking them can destroy the cardboard world that we are encouraged to think is real. Such was the case with Julian Assange, who has become an example to many. He is one of those who has not been afraid to openly declare that people have a right to know the truth, shattering the known and so familiar illusion. He broke through the breach in this painstakingly built-up cardboard wall at the cost of his “normal” life. Let it not be in vain and others who wish to live in truth push that breach from horizon to horizon. And I will keep trying to push that breach to my horizon in Donbass…

Good afternoon Mr. Assange! I have been thinking for a long time how to start this letter… I have written many letters over the years to presidents, politicians and artists in Europe and the USA. Even to the Pope. I was ignored and dismissed, except for the clerks and small officials who answered with formal replies. But I kept writing and begging. It was all about one thing: to help stop the war in Donbass and to influence Ukraine not to kill children in Donetsk and Lugansk, Makeyevka and Pervomaisk. Many people said I was doing it for nothing. Just wasting my time. But listening to them, I remembered you because you were and are an example to me.

You could have said nothing to the world about what America was doing and simply remained silent and lived quietly, as many journalists did. But the truth is necessary. And the easiest and the most difficult thing at the same time is to tell it to people. You have become an example for many, including me. Thank you for your honesty, for your strength of will and for not breaking under the blows of fate. Thank you for the fact that you were able to give strength to fight injustice. May God bless you and your family.

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Not a fan of Jeffrey Sachs, but this may be useful.

Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster (Sachs)

The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project of the American neoconservative movement. The Biden administration is packed with the same neocons who championed the U.S. wars of choice in Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Syria (2011), Libya (2011), and who did so much to provoke Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The neocon track record is one of unmitigated disaster, yet Biden has staffed his team with neocons. As a result, Biden is steering Ukraine, the U.S. and the European Union towards yet another geopolitical debacle. If Europe has any insight, it will separate itself from these U.S. foreign policy debacles.

The neocon movement emerged in the 1970s around a group of public intellectuals, several of whom were influenced by University of Chicago political scientist Leo Strauss and Yale University classicist Donald Kagan. Neocon leaders included Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan (son of Donald), Frederick Kagan (son of Donald), Victoria Nuland (wife of Robert), Elliott Cohen, Elliott Abrams and Kimberley Allen Kagan (wife of Frederick). The main message of the neocons is that the U.S. must predominate in military power in every region of the world and must confront rising regional powers that could someday challenge U.S. global or regional dominance, most important Russia and China. For this purpose, U.S. military force should be pre-positioned in hundreds of military bases around the world and the U.S. should be prepared to lead wars of choice as necessary. The United Nations is to be used by the U.S. only when useful for U.S. purposes.

This approach was spelled out first by Paul Wolfowitz in his draft Defense Policy Guidance (DPG) written for the Department of Defense in 2002. The draft called for extending the U.S.-led security network to Central and Eastern Europe despite the explicit promise by German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher in 1990 that German unification would not be followed by NATO’s eastward enlargement. Wolfowitz also made the case for American wars of choice, defending America’s right to act independently, even alone, in response to crises of concern to the U.S. According to General Wesley Clark, Wolfowitz already made clear to Clark in May 1991 that the U.S. would lead regime-change operations in Iraq, Syria and other former Soviet allies.

The neocons championed NATO enlargement to Ukraine even before that became official U.S. policy under President George W. Bush, Jr. in 2008. They viewed Ukraine’s NATO membership as key to U.S. regional and global dominance. Robert Kagan spelled out the neocon case for NATO enlargement in April 2006: “[T]he Russians and Chinese see nothing natural in [the ‘color revolutions’ of the former Soviet Union], only Western-backed coups designed to advance Western influence in strategically vital parts of the world. Are they so wrong? Might not the successful liberalization of Ukraine, urged and supported by the Western democracies, be but the prelude to the incorporation of that nation into NATO and the European Union — in short, the expansion of Western liberal hegemony?”

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“..the Green New Deal is dead because even a Democratic majority Congress is too chicken to vote for measures likely to bring down the electric grid..”

Independence Day (Jim Kunstler)

[..] this Party of Chaos is insane, and rejoice this holiday weekend that you are not them. Independence, after all, was not just throwing off the yoke of King George III, but of establishing conditions for a people to thrive and pursue happiness without nefarious interference by vicious authorities of a leviathan state. That was something worth fighting for in 1776 and worth fighting for now. One such battle was decided this week in the US Supreme Court: West Virginia v EPA, about US government agencies under the executive branch usurping legislative and judicial prerogatives — in this case to enforce “Green New Deal” policies on the electric power industry by agency fiat, as if by law. No-can-do, the SCOTUS said in a 6-3 decision.

The ruling will tend to quash the growing tyranny of the unelected federal bureaucracy issuing diktats that nobody has voted for, like the Department of Education’s increasingly insane use of the 1972 Title IX [nine] update of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to jam biological male transsexuals into women’s sports and locker rooms. Much of this agency mischief has emanated in recent years from whoever is in the White House issuing executive orders to get around a recalcitrant Congress. Barack Obama was especially prolific at it and now the junta behind “Joe Biden” is trying to emulate Mr. O. The upshot is that the Green New Deal is dead because even a Democratic majority Congress is too chicken to vote for measures likely to bring down the electric grid and put an end to mass motoring (though current trends suggest exactly that outcome is in the cards even without government action).

The ruling also tends to foil the World Economic Forum’s effort to re-set Western Civ as a transhuman technocratic “green” nirvana. Rather, the USA and Euroland are on the express track to a Palookaville of grubby, post-industrial, neo-medieval hardship. Try to imagine Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse minus reliable electric service. All you’re left with is an ill-dressed schmuck wearing goggles in a dark, empty room. Not to mention the technocrat elite’s wished-for boons of computer-enabled eternal life and never-ending orgasm. Fugettabowdit. Mr. Zuckerberg will be lucky months from now if he can avoid being clamped to a stake and torched by the angered new peasantry he helped to create.

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Damned if you do, doomed if you don’t.

Biden Admin Delays Decision On Expanded Offshore Drilling (JTN)

The Biden administration on Friday issued a nebulous statement on the future of up to 11 offshore oil and gas drilling leases, insisting its final decision could result in the government approving any number of them from zero to all 11. An Interior Department official said government was equally mulling options to allow all, none, or some of the sales, according to The Hill. The previous, Obama-era, offshore drilling plan expired on Thursday. Among the sales in question are 10 sites in the Gulf of Mexico and one in the Cook Inlet near Alaska. It does not include any prospective leases in the Alaskan Arctic or off the Atlantic or Pacific coasts. Any decision by the Biden administration on the plan will not affect current drilling operations, The Hill asserted.

The lack of a decision on the lease comes amid a nationwide energy crunch. The price of gas surpassed $5 per gallon for the first time in U.S. history in early June. While both inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have partly fueled America’s energy woes, President Joe Biden has drawn considerable considerable criticism for his resistance to expanding domestic energy production. Biden canceled construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office. Moreover, his decision to offset rising prices by releasing 1 million barrels per day from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve drew sharp criticism from Republicans who demanded the president encourage domestic energy production instead.

Energy policy has become a major talking point for Republicans seeking to capitalize off of voter discontent with the administration’s handling of the economy. Republicans in June drafted a framework to “restore energy dominance” in response to federal policies. On the other side, Biden has faced pressure from environmental groups seeking to obstruct what oil and gas drilling expansions Washington is exploring. A slew of environmental groups on Thursday filed a class action suit over a series of leases in Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, and Utah.

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“What this administration should be actually doing is promoting more American oil and gas development..”

But they want the green vote!

Oil Exec: Biden Admin Breaking The ‘Backbone Of The Energy Revolution’ (Fox)

As the AAA national average for gas sits at $4.84 per gallon heading into the July 4th weekend, one American oil executive is begging the Biden administration to tap into the Permian Basin’s full potential. “The Permian Basin is the most prolific in the United States,” American Petroleum Institute Senior Vice President Frank Macchiarola told “Mornings with Maria” Friday. “It’s really been the backbone of the energy revolution here.” Macchiarola expressed hope that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) plan to impose a discretionary re-designation of the Permian Basin, which is located in Texas and New Mexico and accounts for 40% of all oil produced in the U.S., falls through. “What this administration should be actually doing is promoting more American oil and gas development,” the oil executive told FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell.

In response to Biden’s moratorium on federal land and offshore drilling, the American Petroleum Institute introduced a plan to promote and restore U.S. energy independence. “That breaks down the barriers for infrastructure, that lifts the steel tariffs, that promotes LNG exports,” Macchiarola explained. “These are the types of steps that the administration should be taking, not looking to put limitations on the most prolific basin that we have here in the United States.” Pumping 5.2 million barrels per day, or 95 million gallons of gas, the Permian Basin is credited with pushing the U.S. to become the leading producer of oil and natural gas, according to Macchiarola.

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They’ve been behind for a long time.

US Falls Behind In Hypersonic Weapons Race After Another Failed Test (ZH)

America is lagging behind its international competitors in the hypersonic weapons race. This week’s test provided more insight into just how badly the U.S. is behind. Bloomberg was the first to report the Common Hypersonic Glide Body atop a two-stage missile booster that failed after an “anomaly” occurred during launch at the Missile Range Facility in Hawaii. The booster failed to ignite, which would’ve accelerated the rocket in excess of Mach 5, at which the glide body separates and uses speed and an unpredictable path to strike targets without being detected by the most advanced defense shields in the world.

“While the Department was unable to collect data on the entirety of the planned flight profile, the information gathered from this event will provide vital insights,” said Pentagon spokesman Lt. Cdr. Tim Gorman in a statement. He didn’t provide additional details about the failed test. Gorman said officials would use data from the rocket’s failures to correct the issue for future tests. Even though the hypersonic weapons program has experienced multiple “fight test anomalies” over the last year, the spokesman was confident the delivery of the weapons to modern battlefields would occur “on target dates beginning in the early 2020s.”

The previous test of the glide body ended early when the booster rocket failed, which prevented the missile from leaving the launch pad. The Navy and Army have jointly been working on developing hypersonic weapons. The Air Force has also been working on a hypersonic weapon. After several failed tests earlier this year, the service successfully tested a hypersonic missile off Southern California in May. It’s no secret the U.S. is falling behind the hypersonic weapons race as the largest military in the world, in terms of size and defense budget, has yet to field hypersonic weapons. Meanwhile, Russia and China have completed successful tests and or fielded super fast weapons on the modern battlefield.

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“..Cipollone was not at the White House that morning. ..”

Why do I get the feeliing Cassidy was/is a plant?

Rep. Jim Banks Demands White House Jan 6 Surveillance Logs (Fed.)

Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks is demanding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disclose White House surveillance records to lawmakers in their investigation of blockbuster claims by the Jan. 6 Committee’s latest star witness. On Tuesday, a top aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson, offered sensational revelations in public testimony before the nine-member House panel depicting a president in rage as supporters ransacked congressional chambers. At one point, Hutchinson said President Donald Trump assaulted a Secret Service agent and attempted to hijack the presidential limousine with plans to drive himself to the Capitol.

“The president said something to the effect of, ‘I’m the f’ing president, take me up to the Capitol now,’” Hutchinson told lawmakers, citing a conversation with then-White House Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ornato in the absence of a firsthand account. Hours later, Hutchinson’s sources disputed the graphic events in question and told news outlets they were prepared to offer on-the-record denials under oath. Days after a centerpiece of Hutchinson’s uncorroborated testimony fell apart, more claims are beginning to fail the credibility test under closer scrutiny. While Trump was intent on going to the Capitol, Hutchinson said, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone allegedly pressured aides to make sure the president remained far from the complex.

“We understand, Ms. Hutchinson, that you also spoke to Mr. Cipollone on the morning of the 6th, as you were about to go to the rally on the Ellipse,” said Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., who led Tuesday’s questioning. “Mr. Cipollone said something to you like, ‘make sure the movement to the Capitol does not happen.’ Is that correct?” Hutchinson nodded. “That’s correct. I saw Mr. Cipollone right before I walked out onto West Exec that morning, and Mr. Cipollone said something to the effect of ‘please make sure we don’t go up to the Capitol, Cassidy. Keep in touch with me. We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen.’ According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of White House staffing on Jan. 6, however, Cipollone was not at the White House that morning.

“Every Trump White House senior staff member knows that Cipollone was not at the White House that morning so that conversation could not have taken place,” one source who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Federalist. “In Cipollone’s absence, Pat Philbin was filling in for Pat [Cipollone] that morning.” “Besides the fact that Pat [Cipollone] wasn’t there,” they added, “He simply doesn’t speak like that.” To independently investigate Hutchinson’s claims, Banks sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting to “review White House gate logs, surveillance video, and all other records that could indicate which of these senior staff were present at the White House during the times referenced in Ms. Hutchinson’s attached testimony.”

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“The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros..”

Soros’s Connection To US Media Infrastructure And Politics (ET)

Matt Palumbo, author of “The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros,” details billionaire George Soros’s connection to American politics, and illustrates how Soros controls not only what is written about him, but also influences how the American public perceives news events. Soros created a financial concept called reflexivity, which Palumbo said is “brilliant,” because it can cause what Soros wants in the finance sector to happen. “But expectations set reality and Soros realized, ‘Well, that’s true of media as well.’ If you tell people what to expect, they’re going to reinterpret reality,” and that can be used to affect how people interpret news events, Palumbo said during a recent interview for EpochTV’s “Facts Matter” program.

“For whatever reason, if people think something’s going to happen, it actually will happen,” and Soros applied this to media companies’ coverage to make people believe something that did not actually happen, happened, said Palumbo. Soros-backed media agencies use this concept to create false narratives and make people believe in something that did not actually occur. The reason Soros is able to have this level of influence is that he gives tens of millions of dollars to the U.S. media infrastructure. There are many Soros-linked mainstream media organizations including, “ABC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, I mean, it is a very long list. Type Soros’s name and just look at how they cover him, and if it’s ever anything negative, it’s ‘anti-Semites say: negative claim,’” said Palumbo, adding that their coverage always seems to favor Democrats and Soros.

A watchdog group called the Media Research Center (MRC) has documented Soros’s ties to media infrastructure. “Soros has spent more than $52 million funding media properties, including the infrastructure of news—journalism schools, investigative journalism, and even industry organizations,” according to an MRC report. Many left-wing groups, including media companies, get funding via Soros’s Open Society Foundation. That group is known to fund progressive initiatives like Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police, as well as political candidates and district attorney campaigns, said Palumbo. Soros’s foundation claims to promote democracy and individualism, but in reality, it supports a more radical agenda, said Palumbo.

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Leading, your honor!

28% Of Voters Think May ‘Soon Be Necessary To Take Up Arms’ Vs Government (JTN)

More than one-in-four U.S. voters are so alienated from their government that they believe it may “soon be necessary to take up arms” against it, according to a new survey. Twenty-eight percent of the 1,000 registered U.S. voter in the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics survey released Thursday agreed and said yes to the question. In a partisan breakdown, one-in-three Republicans and Independent voters held that view, compared to one-in-five Democrats, the survey also found. The finding comes amid the televised Democrat-led House committee’s hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, which has focused in large part on whether former President Trump and members of his inner circle helped incite the riot. The survey was led by Republican pollster Neil Newhouse and Democratic pollster Joel Benenson.

The institute said the survey was designed to “probe polarization and its relationship to the news sources upon which Americans rely in a fractionated media environment.” “The portrait that it paints reveals not only the growing divides we have witnessed in recent years but strong sentiments that the majority of media outlets contribute to these divisions by intentionally misleading their audiences to promote a political point of view,” the institute also said. On the issue of new sources, CNN was rated by 47% of respondents as making “a good faith effort to report the news,” while 41% said the cable network intentionally tries “to mislead their viewers to persuade people to take a political point of view.” Only about one-in-three surveyed indicated the Fox News Network passed on the “good faith” test, the survey also found.

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Almost funny.

Beet This: Ukraine Wins Fight To Protect Borshch Soup (AFP)

The UN’s cultural agency on Friday inscribed the culture surrounding beetroot soup known as borshch in Ukraine on its list of endangered cultural heritage, a recognition sought urgently by Kviv after its invasion by neighbouring Russia. Ukraine prizes borshch, a nourishing soup with beetroot as its base, as a national dish even though it is also widely enjoyed in Russia, other ex-Soviet countries and Poland. The Ukrainian culture of borshch cooking “was today inscribed on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding,” by a UNESCO committee, it said. The decision was approved after a fast-track process prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the “negative impact on this tradition” caused by the war, the agency said.

“People are unable not only to cook or grow local vegetables for borsht, but also to come together” to eat it, “which undermines the social and cultural well-being of communities,” it said, using one of several alternative spellings for the soup. Kyiv hailed the move as a much-needed victory on the cultural front after four months of Russian bombardments. For the first time in history, the nomination jumped the queue and was considered in an expedited fashion given “the military aggression against Ukraine in real time and the real threat to the cultural object,” Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzeppar said on Twitter, adding: “Ukrainian Borsht derussified!”

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From the government back to the courts.

Julian Assange Submits High Court Appeal To Fight Extradition (BBC)

Julian Assange is seeking permission to appeal against a decision to extradite him to the United States. Last month, the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel approved the Wikileaks founder’s extradition to the US. The High Court in London confirmed to the BBC an application by Mr Assange has been submitted. The Australian is wanted by American authorities over documents leaked in 2010 and 2011, which the US says broke the law and endangered lives. The documents are related to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Mr Assange had until Friday to decide whether or not to appeal against his extradition.

The Australian is being held at Belmarsh prison in London after mounting a lengthy battle to avoid being extradited. Extradition allows one country to ask another to hand over a suspect to face trial. Previously, Mr Assange’s wife, Stella, said her husband had done “nothing wrong” and “he has committed no crime”. “He is a journalist and a publisher, and he is being punished for doing his job”, she said. The Wikileaks co-founder is wanted by the US on 18 counts, including a spying accusation, after his organisation published confidential military records and diplomatic cables.

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Rogan Real Fauci



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    Pablo Picasso Femme aux bras leves- Tête de Dora Maar- 1936   • Does Lithuania Want To Start A War With Russia? (Bandow) • EU to Allow Russia to
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 2 2022]



    New York City Mayor Says He Will Mandate COVID Vaccines for Children This Fall


    “What every sceptical parent needs to know about vaccinating their children against Covid”

    “The overwhelming majority of schoolchildren have already been exposed to the virus, one way or another. A whopping 99 per cent of them have antibodies to the virus, showing their immune system is prepped, and that includes the 34 per cent not vaccinated.”


    Comment section worth reading



    Gov Inslee (WA) issues directive making COVID vaccines a *permanent* condition of employment for state workers in executive and small cabinet agencies. That includes boosters, present AND future!.



    Shut him up!

    “Quebec professor’s suspension for criticism of COVID vaccines violates academic freedom, union argues”






    It IS over for the unvaxxed!! LOL


    Geert, Malone et al. have been right all along.
    This clueless moron is just now figuring it out.
    Good god – we are so screwed.

    “Where’s the herd immunity? Our research shows why Covid is still wreaking havoc”


    It will never end.
    Especially for the vaxxed. 🤡☠️☠️☠️🤡

    V. Arnold

    We crossed the Rubicon long ago; there is no going back…
    Forward into the darkness…the unknown…if we’re of proper mind and not cowed…
    We’ll survive this…but this will truly try our souls…
    There is no magic for this…the magic come later, after the tribulations…
    Keep on keeping on…the way will be found…

    Dr. D

    So did I get this right, that Europe is not just setting the price of Russian oil but reserves the right to sink ships carrying that mis-priced oil to India and China?

    I guess we’ll see who’s really Crazy Ivan if they think that’ll go over with literally anyone, even Yanks and Brits.

    “Biden Admin Halts 2nd Largest US LNG Plant from Restarting”

    Or if they’ll tolerate that either.

    “AOC Accuses Supreme Court of a “Coup” and Calls for It to Be “Done Away With”

    Great! We will stop obeying the court. …And what happens next? “We all do whatever is good in our own eyes.” AOC and all of Congress refuse to pass laws, which is how we got here. 50 years too soon to do your job? It’s always somebody else’s fault.

    “”Worst Start Since 1788″: A Closer Look at the Catastrophic First Half Performance

    “if you bought stocks in H1, you lost; if bonds, you lost; if commodities, you were doing great until recently; if crypto you lost; if the US dollar, you were fine” but lost purchasing power to inflation.”

    Um, I don’t think so. 100% of things cannot go down. Everything is “priced” in relation to something else. They’re complaining about commodities; if the dollar is going “down” they don’t mean per Euro, they mean per bacon. So bacon is going up. If commodities are no longer fine, what you have is systemic instability where prices are gyrating willy-nilly. So only speculators and traders make money. You can’t sell actual stocks and buy actual freezer-bacon that fast. To Which I say “Yes”, that’s what hyperinflation is and why everyone goes broke by it. Except like 20 stock-jobbers. Who then flee for their lives with the mob behind them and lose everything too.

    If stocks, bonds, crypto all “fell” then Cash dollars rose in relation. QED. Commodities were rising but we appear to have caused Powell’s “Recession” which will be GFC 2.0. So if you are in commodities get out for a bit, or if you were just in cash bank account buy that bacon for your freezer shortly before it goes up again and while it’s still available. And buy Crypto, we’re almost there. $400 Eth dead bottom, $12,000 BTC. No hurry though: it won’t recover overnight and you can phase into it. Probably the US$ will continue to RISE as all debts are priced in $$ and people will very shortly be trying not to go bankrupt seeking dollars at all costs before repudiating them. Which puts an end to our system, Thank God.

    Please, can we go back to paying people to do work now? And not clicking buttons trading all day? Corrupt money = corrupt incentives. Incentive not to work, and not to be productive and useful.

    “White House Tells Americans: ‘Suck It Up’ for the Sake of the “Liberal World Order”

    No, literally. They said “Liberal World Order.” And you should die for the cause. Those extra 1,000sq ft for Al Gore’s mansion. This is Socialism: some people have to mop floors and some people have to jet to chalets and be Presidents. Don’t hold it against them that they’re rich, beautiful and really, really stupid and pass their no-work jobs to their worthless children. We all have our crosses to bear.

    What does that mean for everybody not in the White House? “Worst Stock Performance in 50 Years”
    “One Of The Worst Downturns In Recent History”

    You ain’t seen nothin yet.

    So Lithuania, with an army of just 8,850 active-duty personnel and 5,650 reservists, is now enforcing a blockade of sorts against Russia”

    Yes, but not really: Lithuania was clear they were taking orders and passing the buck exclusively to the EU. That doesn’t get them off the hook, but it invalidates his premise that it’s Lithuania’s fault, not Joe and NATO’s.

    Lithuanian officials have a sense of preemptive martyrdom.”

    Yes, it’s a strange part of the world. Like Korea does too. They keep being marched on, but at the same time then they need to do something different and break the cycle. Poland is both constantly belligerent but then makes Europe’s worst tactical decisions against foes they cannot possibly withstand. For centuries. Have you thought about encircling with a maginot line and going neutral while arming every citizen like Switzerland? At least that would be different.

    “Its key message will be that Moscow will be allowed to use the transit route for all goods,”

    “Russia will be permitted”...access to the treaty everyone signed. But not really. We want to be sure to be in violation of that treaty more or less 100% of the time.

    “rationed hot water and fuel consumption including the amount of time that Herr Habeck himself spends in the shower”.

    I’m quite sure this is false and he consumes 10x any normal German citizen. With his motorcade, but in the shower and 3,000 mile ceasar salads 3x a day too. I for one am going to follow his example. I from here forward will only use the exact amount of carbon Al Gore, Herr Habeck, and AOC use. No doubt that will be a 10x increase in my use of carbon.

    “Now freedom is represented by Z.”

    Great. Now I have put up with stupid propaganda from both sides. Like one wasn’t expensive and pointless enough?

    “instead of the peaceful country of Ukraine, its authorities would make it miserable”

    Are you kidding? Ukraine was one of the most violent and corrupt nations in Europe, if not the world. Its former misery was legendary for all the same reasons.

    “The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project of the American neoconservative movement. “

    You know, I like to take issue with everything, but this is quite probably true. Since they – and we – couldn’t learn their lesson in Panama, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, it now comes to this.

    “The neocon track record is one of unmitigated disaster,”

    So if they fail, And if the failures are expensive, WHY are they so seamlessly promoted and supported? Without the slightest hesitation, embarrassment, or variation? Even aside from the old boys club, that is quite a reach. Surely they must be accomplishing something for someone even larger, above them, or this would not be possible. So Who? And Why? What is that group/person’s goals? Why are their goals so much different from ours? And if they are promoted 100% of the time against the wishes of the entire electorate, Right and Left, do we have a representative democracy at all?

    “the White House issuing executive orders to get around a recalcitrant Congress.”

    Transparently against the Constitution and structure of government, there is no such thing as Executive Orders. By issuing them, the President is admitting he is playing favorites with the laws he is enforcing for Congress. That’s an impeachable offense: he is required by law to enforce ALL the laws, and also NEVER to enforce laws they have NOT passed. But all government works lockstep against all people, all the time. That includes the courts. THEY are the club, anyone not-government is NOT in the club. Police are a good example of this attitude. Police drive drunk and with no traffic rules. Who would arrest them? And the solution is…More Government? Or maybe less, such that their inevitable bad behavior can be minimized because they’re asked to do so little. They localize the regulation and enforcement to the lowest, smallest possible level. We, the Society, then regulate ourselves in their stead.

    “The ruling also tends to foil the World Economic Forum’s effort to re-set Western Civ as a transhuman technocratic “green” nirvana.”

    More and more people are commenting on how these dottering centenarian dinosaurs are simply trying to enact Disney’s “World of Tomorrowland” they saw once in 1964. With flying cars, sterile houses, robot delivery. Kissinger was a child of the 30s. Klausinator was 1960? So their shrill and increasing desperate whine is that they are going to have their erector-set Lionel train Red Ryder BB gun future, IF THEY HAVE TO KILL EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET. I mean, we’re all over 70, we’re running out of time here, and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. Always the fault of the poor and powerless.

    As Mr. K says, We are not going to have a electric technocratic future at all. We’re going medieval, or most probably a lot less. But certainly local and most probably “conservative”, in the sense that we “conserve” and no longer have the energy and free time to muck about with things that aren’t already proven to work. We’re going to do a lot of things in the world by hand.

    “Ukraine, which is so not going well that it is hard to find a comparable strategic fiasco in history.”

    True. Not quite “Napoleon 1812” fiasco yet (wait til NATO and the Western economy collapse), but certainly “Land War in Asia” fiasco. And Russia hasn’t started yet. They’re still kidding around doing demos and army exercises.

    Remember all those humming factories we won the Second World War with? They don’t exist anymore.”

    As I keep saying, these 100 year old dinosaurs don’t realize this. And they think Russia is the Soviet Union. Every Day. Irony being, if Russia was the USSR, they would be Socialist, and an ally to our own Soviet Socialism here. AOC being an example, literal card-carrying Socialist member. What is it that these guys have to die in order to change their minds? In order that we can progress? …Into the 1970s, since the crop of thinkers behind them is nearly as old?

    Biden Admin Delays Decision on Expanded Offshore Drilling (JTN)”

    A delay is simply a no. For now. And how is the President in charge of this? Wouldn’t this require Congress and all bodies? But so long as we get green oil from happy, Democratic states like Saudi Arabia, and trample all human rights, beat gays, kill reporters, start endless wars, bomb civilians, and support dictatorial Kingships, AND lose billions of money, Joe is happy. Do NOT pump our own oil and #Profit. That would be REALLY bad, unlike now.

    “Why do I get the feeling Cassidy was/is a plant?”

    Yup. And like always they walked right into it. Say something, anything bad about Trump: he’s a lizard person from Mars, and they will 100% believe you without looking and put you on the stand. Downside being, 1/3rd of the country will ALSO believe them without looking. Dore said all his Liberal friends were in awe and ecstasy: “Did you hear??? They got him!!!” …Caught him…arguing with his limo driver? This is…imprisonable? Or impeachable for a guy not in office? Yeah, I guess you won then. WTF? What is even happening?

    “More than one-in-four U.S. voters are so alienated from their government that they believe it may “soon be necessary to take up arms” against it”

    Those are the Republicans. 80% of Democrats believe the opposite, that “Government should take up arms against the people.” shoot and imprison them all for wearing red hats. Or maybe it’s 100%, since it’s all I hear on the news all day. See, the violence is the same, it’s just the method of delivery that’s different. Naturally this is the media, so they have reported only one side. It’s “objective” to report only one side: I have promoted my “Objectives”.

    Dore was discussing Pelosi’s fundraising. IF ONLY you had voted Democrat, they would have encoded Roe into law. Wait: what? DEMOCRATS RUN GOVERNMENT RIGHT NOW. They HAVE the House, Senate, and President, so just pass it. We DID vote you in. Many times. And YOU lost 2-3 Supreme Court seats for us. So what is my donation for again? So you can NOT pass it for the 51st time in a row? GTFO, you’re ridiculous.


    Re Jim Kunstler article: I appreciate his positive thinking, however where is the fine line between being optimistic or naive?

    All I keep hearing about is how salvation comes in November. Wow! I might even be allowed to drive across the border into the USA again! Does this mean the Democrats/WEF/Soros will allow a free and fair vote after fixing the 2020 election?

    I have seen nothing to indicate the Dems will ever give up power peacefully. They own the media so they determine what is reality. July to November is plenty of time to label every GOP candidate a domestic terrorist. We’re already into one party state territory.

    We’re seeing the end of law and order in every western country. Anarchy from the top. Why do people continue to believe we’ll magically go back to 1976 normal?

    I think we’re all more likely to be dead from Monkeypox by November than we’ll see a GOP landslide. Nevertheless this is unknown territory, the Age of Surprises. Putting my money under the mattress and telling my Las Vegas bookie to take a long holiday.


    This is an excellent discussion. Something is very, very wrong.



    “Where’s the herd immunity?”

    1. With the poor and destitute.
    2. schoolchildren. A whopping 99 per cent of them have antibodies to the virus.
    3. Not with the vaccinated for C19 because its Omicron and variants going around
    Do we have a representative democracy at all?

    1. The question is too vague. It need to specify time, where, and what and for who.
    Border control
    Control the exodus/departure of tax paying citizens by controlling the number of flights wanting to leave the country.


    Who’s your Daddy?

    Planning for the Future

    Lithuania is on the left with red punk hair

    Eurotardistan is on the right with the beer belly




    Causes for the food crises/shortage
    1. Not enough food
    2. Not enough rubles
    3. disruption of supply system
    4. inflation


    For Pablo Picasso

    David Bowie covering Jonathan Richman

    Armenio Pereira

    If you try to elevate people’s virtues, be aware that you will also elevate people’s vices.
    Why is this fraught with danger?
    Because whilst virtues are open source/public, vices are proprietary/private – you can always estimate what virtues’ may bring, but you will never know what vices’ can hide.

    65 (excerpt)
    Taoist rulers of old did not enlighten people but left them dull.
    People are difficult to govern because they are very clever. Therefore, ruling through cleverness leads to rebellion. Not leading through cleverness brings good fortune.
    Know these two things and understand the enduring pattern. […]

    Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu (Stephen Addiss & Stanley Lombardo – English version, 1993)

    Armenio Pereira

    The more you grow up, the more you realize the world is what the world needs to be.


    A nice wrapup from The New Atlas provides geopolitical analysis by Brian Berletic (aka Tony Cartalucci) with a focus on Eurasia, based in Bangkok, Thailand.

    The Ukronazis are the Mini-Me liar franchise peddled from the Empire of Lies.

    They take lying to new heights.

    Replacing Ukraine’s Dwindling Air Defenses & Kiev’s “Managed Retrogrades” in Donbass

    “Managed Retrogrades” are the new re-branded Massive Defeat of yesteryear.


    Imran Khan: 31 mins. July 1, 2022.

    From DW note the interviewer is imitating the BBC, denigrating and putting down the interlocutor, the Media is ‘in charge’…



    Dramatic decline in births in Germany, by Igor Chudov.


    Switzerland is treated as well, lower down. I have checked the CH nos (in the sense of the the trend. The raw data is available for download) and it is correct or roughly so.

    However, there is so much going on with COV 19 affecting the stats, it is hard to tease out a solid take and it is easy to get confused.

    For ex. the birthrate CH in 2019 was 10, in 2020 it was 9.9 (same..)

    in 2021 it was 10.3 – a huge increase!

    A result of cozying up in lockdown, due to job loss, reduction; activity loss; social meet loss; … and important, many ppl, Swiss or foreignors moving back to CH because of the pandemic, all will always be better here it is felt (less strictures, hysteria..) So the population increased…many rich ppl moved here, and many Swissies abroad came back..and then.. the pop and the birth rate jumped up, what about about the birth rate in 2022?

    Once the nos. are in, it will be difficult to relate the nos. to VAXES.

    In any case, all over W rising deaths will be lodged as due to, Covid, Long Covid, new variants that cause new deathly Covid, new infections (Monkeypox, etc.) climate change (hot weather messes up immune systems, say!) resurgence of infectious diseases (why never explained), SADS (new sudden death syndrome a great mystery so SAD), stress (even children are stressed), and so on.

    John Day

    @Germ: Thank youfor the good articles. I read the jumbled Telegraph article about “vaccinating ” children, which wasvery poorly written, to the point of being readily misunderstood.
    The comments, which you suggeted reading, were far clearer and directly to the point.

    I am very sorry to say this, but I keep seeing this as a vast selection-event, which will reduce the ranks of non-critical thinkers.
    This kind of recurrent thought in myself worries me, because I am picking a group to sacrifice, a group without myself.
    My mind wants to write-off the credulous as a loss. This is not healthy.
    This is a manifestation of the mindset that I think is doing this. I am self-analyzing on this forum.

    Armenio Pereira

    Human population reduction: needed, irrelevant or psychopathic endeavor?

    Everything is required, until it ceases to be.

    Veracious Poet


    Breaking News- Elmo held against own will. Leaked video shows Elmo resisting.

    Does Elmo have choice to not ?

    Latest revelation on Biden falling up and falling down. Covidian Cult acknowledges foul play at hand with ‘Pencil of Doom’ scenario.


    More restrictive societies may be more creative because it takes creativity to get around the restrictions. Rule-breakers rule.

    Michael Reid

    Perhaps it is simply recognition of the reality the injected face. They may achieve death faster but we are all headed there.

    We all have present choices and actions that impact our destiny/existence.

    It is not healthy to excessively impair ones mind with the reality.

    Compartmentalize is the approach I am taking and still I feel my performance degraded by thinking about the present situation.


    Bowie/Picasso: I was wondering the other day what would be the best band ever. Never one answer of course. Beatles 61/62 played 10 hour shows in Hamburg. They could play anything. And then stopped and played their own stuff. But they couldn’t because it was pre-PA systems and they couldn’t hear each other.

    E Street band: play ‘em a song once and they will play it. Stones: I like them because of Keith. There’s a billion people who play guitar, and you still can tell if it’s him. But yeah, Bowie’s bands, when he had Carlos Alomar, and the insane Earl Slick on top of that, and then added the completely crazy Robert Fripp. That would be my vote.


    Brett Weinstein video linked above. Would anyone care to comment on the video? I’m halfway through. The general thrust seems to be the pathology of modern civilization. I’m a dumb farmer, I’d rather not be stupid about the issues. I scored the ‘crud’ last week after 2.5 years. The issues were a very sore throat, sinus pressure and joint pain (10 on the pain dial). One dose of Ivermectin at the medium dose dropped the fever 2 degrees F in 12 hours. Thanks to all the TAE commenters. High regards to IRM and John Day on the Vitamin D3 thing.


    They are insane. These failed vaccines are driving VAIDS and new variants.


    it’s going to be a brutal winter for the death-vaxxed and boosted. 🤡☠️☠️☠️🤡


    alligator- there was a lot of patting themselves on the back for seeing through the curtain. They felt the awakened community- made up of rogues such as themselves- needed to quickly find a way to work together to find a mythos that would awaken others because this is a death-star event.
    Nawaz really wants you to catch his video on midazolam. I intend to check it out.
    The link goes to David Icke’s site. I expect there are other places to find it.

    Veracious Poet

    TAE Summary

    * New York, New York
    – Start spreading the news, You’ve gotta get vaxxed
    If you’re a student in, New York, New York
    Although you’re still so young, you’re system gets hacked
    And maybe wrecks that heart of yours, New York, New York
    We’re pretty sure your mom and dad won’t make a peep
    Because if they complain, they’re out on the heap
    Although this disease, will not make you ill
    You’ve got to risk your life for it, in old New York
    If we can force them there, we’ll force them everywhere
    It’s up to you, New York, New York


    “All I keep hearing about is how salvation comes in November. Wow! I might even be allowed to drive across the border into the USA again! Does this mean the Democrats/WEF/Soros will allow a free and fair vote after fixing the 2020 election?

    I have seen nothing to indicate the Dems will ever give up power peacefully. They own the media so they determine what is reality. July to November is plenty of time to label every GOP candidate a domestic terrorist. We’re already into one party state territory.”

    EoiW I concur. At this point in time ANYTHING is possible , a coup of some kind is not out of the question.
    Every body is looking for a political resolution to what is a cultural problem.You can’t legislate away delusions especially when the entire MSM culture is propagating and supporting them.
    How do you legislate away the idea that men get pregnant and lactate?


    @Dr D said

    So if they fail, And if the failures are expensive, WHY are they so seamlessly promoted and supported? Without the slightest hesitation, embarrassment, or variation? Even aside from the old boys club, that is quite a reach. Surely they must be accomplishing something for someone even larger, above them, or this would not be possible. So Who? And Why? What is that group/person’s goals? Why are their goals so much different from ours? And if they are promoted 100% of the time against the wishes of the entire electorate, Right and Left, do we have a representative democracy at all?

    I am sure you are suggesting this, so I will go ahead and say it. They represent the security interests of the state of Israel. All being Jewish, all being people who support the crushing of any nation that does not completely obey the USA, they are able to ensure that if anyone threatens Israel, they are able to apply their doctrine and make that the USA’s problem. It is all about using the USA to provide security for Israel, which is why their interests do not align with the average person in the USA, but AIPAC ensures they are maintained in influential positions. They dress it up in some sort of academic philosophy, but that is just veneer, their objectives are not to help the USA.

    Michael Reid

    It is simply the total disintegration of Western society

    The disintegration of Western society – visible to the naked eye

    The disintegration of Western society – visible to the naked eye


    Having lived in many countries, from 3rd world central Africa to 2nd world China, the one thing I notice is that the quality of food is totaly reflected in the health of different generations of the population. In China the generations are now taller and fatter, the visible nutritional disabilities such as distorted spines and other skeletal distortions are noticeably fewer than they used to be.

    In my experience, not being a medical person, I would put the majority of the health of a population down to the quality of the food and way less than 5% down to the quality of healthcare.

    If the oligarchs plan on starving us all, or simply reducing the nutrition we are used to, will such a sudden change impact us adults or will it only impact the next generation? Will westerners become the short people of the world? Will westerners be the ones with insufficient calcium in their bones? Will eating 5-day old bug protein provide the same levels of nutrition as a two-year old beef steak? Given the plethora of childhood issues these days – your child is not being properly parented unless it has some medical syndrome or set of allergies – medicine has obviously not made us stronger, so what is to become of us if we apply medicine and low nutrition?


    “ How do you legislate away the idea that men get pregnant and lactate?”

    Well, men cannot become pregnant, but they *can* lactate. Occasionally, baby males are born with a tiny bit of milk in their mammary glands, a response to the mother’s hormones stimulating her mammary glands in preparation for birth. There is a drug that can kick-start lactation in both sexes – I don’t remember the name, read about it around 15 years ago.
    And, if a man puts a suckling babe to his tits for a long enough period of time, lactation will eventually be stimulated. (However, that would seem to me to be a rather painful process for the man and frustrating process for the suckling child!)


    @Germ, your telegraph article link, part of their conclusion:

    Vaccination is a guard against the catastrophic day that this virus, which we have watched mutate all too readily, turns nasty on the young, too. Then, vaccination will ensure that it is they who will also be shielded, like adults today, from severe illness and death (if not infection itself) as a potentially awful new strain emerges.

    The propaganda is strong and it always pushes the idea that vaccination is the cautious option. I am sad to see that they are pushing the fear factor again, this is the exact opposite of responsible government. It shows you that once again the criminals at GAVI, WHO and other monied, faux-philanthropic NGOs and businesses are just not going to give up on trying to kill us for money and governments are not going to revert course and start to protect us.

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