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The US Is a Luciferian Project (Garlington)
About Saving Face: Some Advice to Volodymyr Zelensky (Batiushka)
Kiev Planning To ‘Retake’ Crimea In 2023 – The Economist (RT)
Beijing Protesters Spooked By Phone Calls From Police (AFP)
NYT: Lockdowns Are Draconian When China Does Them (Eugyp)
o US Diplomat Reveals Contents Of Spy Chief Talks (RT)
Boeing Offers To Make Bombs For Ukraine – Reuters (RT)
Putin Confession Suggests Ukraine Conflict Could Last For Years (Trenin)
Biden Admin Scrambles To Track $20B In Ukraine Aid As GOP Warn Of Audits (Fox)
EU Gets Tough on China as US Steals European Industry (Gallagher)
Netherlands To Forcefully Shut Down 3,000 Farms (CS)
New Twitter Sign Ups Hit All-Time Record Despite Cancel Campaign (Turley)
Twitter Owner Musk Signals New ‘War’ Against Apple (AFP)
UK Deployed 15 Staff On Secret Operation To Seize Julian Assange (
Media Groups Urge US To Drop Julian Assange Charges (G.)












It takes 15 SECONDS to understand the Ukrainian genocide







“People are not gods. They must not act like gods or assume godly authority. If they do, terrible retributions are in store.”

The US Is a Luciferian Project (Garlington)

All of this is the regression of human development, not its advancement. It is consonant with the spirit of Antichrist, as described in the Book of the Holy Prophet Daniel (7:23-25):‘”Thus he said: `As for the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all the kingdoms, and it shall devour the whole earth, and trample it down, and break it to pieces. As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise, and another shall arise after them; he shall be different from the former ones, and shall put down three kings. He shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand for a time, two times, and half a time.’

St. Jerome provides a commentary: ‘The Antichrist will wage war against the saints and will overcome them; and he shall exalt himself to such a height of arrogance as to attempt changing the very laws of God and the sacred rites as well. He will also lift himself up against all that is called God, subjecting all religion to his own authority.’ The modern American project of god-like, autonomous individuals is Promethean/Luciferian at its core, attempting to ‘change the times and the law’ given by the All-Holy Trinity in ever more disturbing ways – by pursuing genetically modified crops and animals; synthetic biology; transgenderism; transhumanism; etc. Is it any wonder that many tradition-respecting countries are becoming reluctant to ally with Washington City and its friends in the wider apostate West?

Within the US itself there is, nevertheless, resistance; there are dissenting voices and views. The people of New England and their descendants in Utah and in the cities along the Pacific Coast have always been at the forefront of pushing new, subversive ideologies – feminism, communism, polygamy/Mormonism, homosexual rights, man-boy love, polyamory. But outside of Yankeedom we meet with more reasonable, more traditional voices. The South, for instance, the South shorn of Yankee-imposed ideologies, that is true to her history and character and inherited customs – Southerners of this kind insist on the ‘given-ness’ of creation, on its immutability, that man must respect certain boundaries regarding it or risk experiencing great cataclysms and tragedies.

Wendell Berry, a typical Southern agrarian of this sort, writes in his essay ‘The Gift of Good Land,’ ‘It [the land}s a gift because the people who are to possess it did not create it. It is accompanied by careful warnings and demonstrations of the folly of saying that “My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth” (Deuteronomy 8:17). Thus, deeply implicated in the very definition of this gift is a specific warning against hubris, which is the great ecological sin, just as it is the great sin of politics. People are not gods. They must not act like gods or assume godly authority. If they do, terrible retributions are in store. In this warning we have the root of the idea of propriety, of proper human purposes and ends. We must not use the world as though we created it ourselves.

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“As the US realises that the free nations of the world are turning against it, it will not hesitate to blame the Kiev regime. The US must save face. Kiev has been warned: it will have to start negotiating with Russia again.”

About Saving Face: Some Advice to Volodymyr Zelensky (Batiushka)

It is now dawning on the US elite that they totally underestimated Russia in all respects. For instance, on 25 March 2014 the arrogant Obama contemptuously called Russia ‘a regional power, threatening others out of weakness’ (sic!). (Clearly, he was talking about the USA). As a result, blinded by hubris, some in the US are now admitting that the Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe, is a dead duck, the game is simply no longer worth the candle. Apart from being a black hole for Western money and military equipment, the Ukraine is no longer the problem. It is a sideshow, a distraction, a mere symptom of something far more important. The real problem is what is now happening worldwide under Russian leadership – the ending of the unipolar world, of US global hegemony, camouflaged beneath the more innocent-sounding term ‘globalism’.

Following Russia’s decision and ability to stand up to the world’s bully, the whole Non-Western world is now also standing up to him. For example, at the recent G20 meeting in Indonesia, the debate was not about the Ukraine, but about whether or not to continue to accept American Fascist rule (‘the rules-based international order’). All the Latin American and African and four Asian countries said no, it’s finished, the world is now multipolar. Taiwan will inevitably be Chinese and soon – and wait till Chinese troops appear in Mesopotamia to take control of Iraqi oil and gas and rebuild that tragic country. Freedom beckons. Long-deluded Western elitists must be shocked: other ‘regional powers’ are now also standing up to the bully. Perhaps also out of weakness?

Zelensky must have suspected that his boss, until now the self-imagined master of the universe, is going to get rid of him. He is a loser and the Yanks cannot stand losers. As the US realises that the free nations of the world are turning against it, it will not hesitate to blame the Kiev regime. The US must save face. Kiev has been warned: it will have to start negotiating with Russia again. Zelensky had better plan his escape now, because Ukrainians will not forgive him for stringing them along with a pack of lies. Regardless of Zelensky’s delusional assertions that there will be no negotiations with Russia and that it will re-occupy Russian territories, including the Crimea, there are three reasons for him to throw in the towel now, before it all gets much, much worse.

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Not going to happen. Zelensky’s Waterloo.

Kiev Planning To ‘Retake’ Crimea In 2023 – The Economist (RT)

Ukraine’s armed forces are reportedly preparing for an assault on Crimea, to “retake” the peninsula which voted to reunite with Russia in 2014. A former Ukrainian commander told the Economist that the operation was being planned for 2023, but declined to give more details. Former air assault commander, Mikhail Zabrodsky told the outlet that if the army announced its intentions on social media or television, it would “never achieve anything.” He did admit, however, that an operation designed to retake the peninsula would not be a “senseless frontal assault” and would be done using a combination of land troops, sea landings, and air attacks, including the use of drones. “We will surprise people—and many times—again,” he said.

However, Zabrodsky, who claims to remain close to the military planning process in Kiev, stressed that there are still many battles to win before the army could consider a timeframe for such an attack. Military experts have warned that an effort to forcefully retake Crimea or the territories of the Donbass republics, which recently joined Russia after holding public referendums, could prove costly for Kiev and drive Moscow to escalate, perhaps even to the use of tactical nuclear weapons. “There is a real prospect that things will end in a bloodbath. That is an operation Ukraine does not need,” retired navy captain Andrey Ryzhenko told the Economist. Top US General Mark Milley said earlier this month that the probability of a Ukrainian military victory which included taking Crimea was “not high” and not likely to be happening “anytime soon.”

Nevertheless, Kiev has insisted it is determined to seize the peninsula, with President Vladimir Zelensky saying he has no desire to seek a peaceful settlement to the ongoing conflict with Moscow without “de-occupying” the territory. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Gavrilov also suggested earlier this month that Ukrainian forces could step into Crimea “by the end of December.” Crimea overwhelmingly voted to join Russia in 2014 following violent riots in Kiev that ousted democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovich. This autumn, the two Donbass republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, also voted to become part of Russia in referendums not recognized by Kiev or its Western backers. In late September, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow would defend its new territories “with full force and all the means at our disposal.”

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I can see how this would freak you out.

Beijing Protesters Spooked By Phone Calls From Police (AFP)

Beijing protesters have been interrogated by police via phone call after attending rare large-scale protests calling for an end to China’s harsh zero-Covid controls, one told AFP on Monday. Hundreds of mostly young people braved icy temperatures to gather near a riverbank in the capital Sunday evening, as a vigil for victims of a deadly apartment blaze in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region turned into calls to end zero-Covid. People have taken to the streets in major cities and gathered at university campuses across China in a wave of protests not seen since pro-democracy rallies in 1989 were crushed. A woman protester told AFP that by Monday evening she and five of her friends who attended the protest had received phone calls from Beijing police, demanding information about their movements.

In one case, a police officer visited her friend’s home after they refused to answer their phone. “He said my name and asked me whether I went to the Liangma river last night… he asked very specifically how many people were there, what time I went, how I heard about it,” she told AFP, asking to stay anonymous for safety reasons. “The police stressed that last night’s protest was an illegal assembly, and if we had demands then we could submit them through the regular channels. ”She said that the police officer was mostly “even-toned” during the brief call and urged her not to attend future events. “I had previously prepared for this, but of course I was still agitated,” she said, adding she would “try her best to continue” attending similar protests in the future, and “prepare better” next time. “I never thought that this kind of civil society activity could ever happen in China,” she said.

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“Western lockdowns were necessary to save lives. Chinese lockdowns are the repressive tactic of an undemocratic regime.”

NYT: Lockdowns Are Draconian When China Does Them (Eugyp)

Three years ago, Zero Covid was the aspiration of public health bureaucrats and politicians across the West. Charlatan techbros like Tomas Pueyo appeared on national television to demand nationwide house arrest; leaders like Angela Merkel surrounded themselves virus-eradicationist modellers and imposed unprecedented months-long closures upon their countries. When protests inevitably broke out, they were violently suppressed; the protesters were slandered as conspiracy theorists and fascists. The New York Times played a leading role in this long and excruciating charade. In April 2020, they reported that “an informal coalition of influential conservative leaders and groups, some with close connections to the [Trump] White House” was responsible for “quietly working to nurture protests and apply … pressure to overturn state and local orders intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

In March 2021, they ran an obnoxious opinion piece about What Happened When Germany’s Far-Right Party Railed Against Lockdowns, which called the German protesters “an amorphous mix of conspiracy theorists, shady organizations and outraged citizens” and appeared to accuse the right-populist party Alternativ für Deutschland of opportunism for joining their ranks. What a difference a few years have made. China Protests Break Out as Covid Cases Surge and Lockdowns Persist is a lead headline in today’s New York Times: “Strict Covid restrictions are hurting the country’s economy and angering members of the public, who are taking to the streets,” we read in the article that follows. Western anti-lockdown protesters are fascists and conspiracy theorists; Chinese anti-lockdown protesters, on the other hand, are ordinary people protesting their oppression:

“Lift the lockdown,” the protesters screamed in a city in China’s far west. On the other side of the country, in Shanghai, demonstrators held up sheets of blank white paper, turning them into an implicit but powerful sign of defiance. One protester, who was later detained by the police, was carrying only flowers. Over the weekend, protests against China’s strict Covid restrictions ricocheted across the country in a rare case of nationwide civil unrest. There had been signs of dissent, but the new wave of anger may pose a bigger challenge for the government. Some demonstrators went so far as to call for the Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, to step down. Many were fed up with Mr. Xi, who in October secured a precedent-defying third term as the party’s general secretary, and his “zero-Covid” policy, which continues to disrupt everyday life, hurt livelihoods and isolate the country.

Western lockdowns were necessary to save lives. Chinese lockdowns are the repressive tactic of an undemocratic regime.

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“The diplomat noted that the ongoing Ukraine conflict was not on the officials’ agenda.”

o US Diplomat Reveals Contents Of Spy Chief Talks (RT)

The heads of American and Russian intelligence agencies have discussed the risk of a potential nuclear confrontation between the two countries, Washington’s Charge d’Affaires in Moscow, Elizabeth Rood, has told RIA Novosti. The diplomat noted that the ongoing Ukraine conflict was not on the officials’ agenda. In an interview with the Russian media outlet published on Monday, Rood said: “The US and the Russian Federation have [communication] channels for risk management, especially in terms of nuclear risks, and precisely this issue was the goal of CIA Director [William] Burns’ meeting with his Russian counterpart.” She pointed out that the two spy chiefs had not, however, discussed the situation in Ukraine or ways to end hostilities there.

The American diplomat added that Washington and Moscow could hold consultations in a similar fashion down the road, if necessary. “For now, as far as I know, nothing is being planned,” Rood noted. The high-level meeting in Türkiye’s capital, Ankara, was first reported by Russia’s Kommersant newspaper in mid-November. It is believed to have been the first in-person contact between top US and Russian officials since Moscow launched its military campaign in Ukraine in late February. Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed that a high-level meeting had taken place in Ankara on November 14, stopping short, however, of revealing any details regarding the participants or the topics discussed there. “It was the American side’s initiative,” he explained.

Recent comments by Rood about Ukraine not being on the agenda of the meeting between Sergei Naryshkin, chief of Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence service, and Burns echoed those made earlier by an unnamed White House official cited by Reuters. That source was also quoted as saying that the two spy chiefs had touched on the issue of American citizens in Russian custody and Russian nationals held in US prisons, and the possibility of a swap deal. Earlier this month, US President Joe Biden expressed hope that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, would be willing to discuss such an exchange, which would involve US basketball star Brittney Griner, who is serving nine years in a Russian prison for drug offenses. According to media reports, in exchange, the US could release Viktor Bout, a Russian national and alleged arms dealer, who is serving a 25-year jail term in America.

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When they make them they want them to be used.

Boeing Offers To Make Bombs For Ukraine – Reuters (RT)

The Pentagon is reportedly considering an offer from Boeing to mass-produce cheap precision bombs for Ukraine using existing US stores, as Washington and its allies struggle to keep up with Kiev’s military aid requirements. According to Reuters, Boeing has proposed supplying Ukraine’s forces with the so-called Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) system, which would pair the $40,000 GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) with the relatively abundant M26 rocket motor. The weapon has been in development since 2019. In a document seen by the outlet, the manufacturer claims the availability of the necessary components would enable it to produce the ordnance and start delivering it to Ukraine as early as spring 2023.

However, there are still logistical obstacles to overcome, as at least six suppliers would have to expedite shipment of parts in order to produce the weapons quickly. Boeing’s plan also asks for a price discovery waiver, which would exempt the contractor from an in-depth review to ensure the Pentagon is getting a fair deal. According to SAAB AB’s website, who manufactures the weapon together with Boeing, the GPS-guided GLSDB is capable of striking targets at a range of up to 150 kilometers, which would potentially allow Kiev to strike Russian forces far beyond the front line. While both the US military and Boeing have declined to comment on the report, Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Tim Gorman told Reuters that Washington and its allies “identify and consider the most appropriate systems” that would help Kiev.

He refused to elaborate on providing any “specific capability” to Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly warned the US and its NATO allies against supplying weapons to Ukraine, arguing that it only serves to prolong the conflict and could eventually lead to a direct confrontation between Russia and the West. As countries like the US and UK have made more advanced weapon systems available to Kiev’s forces, capable of reaching deep behind the front lines, the Kremlin has described the ongoing conflict as nothing short of a proxy war against NATO. President Vladimir Putin has also stated Russia is fighting “the entire Western military machine.”

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“..he now regards the Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015 as a mistake..”

Because they stopped Russia’s advance in the Donbass. They were a trick.

Putin Confession Suggests Ukraine Conflict Could Last For Years (Trenin)

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented, during a meeting with soldiers’ mothers, that he now regards the Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015 as a mistake. This concession makes a powerful contribution to the possibilities of peace negotiations to end the fighting in Ukraine. It is worth remembering that in 2014, Putin acted on a mandate from the Russian parliament to use military force “in Ukraine,” not just in Crimea. In fact, Moscow did save the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk from being overrun by Kiev’s army, and defeated Ukraine’s forces, but rather than clearing the whole region of Donbass, Russia stopped, and agreed to a cease-fire brokered in Minsk by Germany and France.

Putin explained to the mothers that at the time, Moscow did not know for sure the sentiments of the Donbass population affected by the conflict, and hoped that Donetsk and Lugansk could somehow be reunited with Ukraine on the conditions laid down in Minsk. Putin might have added – and his own actions, as well as conversations with then-Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, confirm it – that he was prepared to give the new Kiev authorities a chance to settle the issue and rebuild a relationship with Moscow. Until rather late in the game, Putin also hoped that he could still work things out with the Germans and the French, and the US leadership. Admissions of mistakes are rare among incumbent leaders, but they are important as indicators of lessons they have learned.

This experience has apparently made Putin decide not that the decision to launch the special military operation last February was wrong, but that eight years before, Moscow should not have put any faith in Kiev, Berlin, and Paris, and instead should have relied on its own military might to liberate the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine. In other words, agreeing to a Minsk-style ceasefire now would be another mistake which would allow Kiev and its backers to better prepare to resume fighting at the time of their choosing. The Russian leader realizes, of course, that many nations in the non-West, those who refused to join the anti-Russian sanctions coalition and profess neutrality on Ukraine, have called for an end to hostilities. From China and India to Indonesia and Mexico, these countries, while generally friendly toward Russia, see their economic prospects being impaired by a conflict that pits Russia against the united West.

The Western media also promote the message that global energy and food security is suffering because of Moscow’s actions. Russia’s arguments and protestations to the contrary have only limited impact, since Russian voices are rarely heard on Middle Eastern, Asian, African, or Latin American airwaves. Be that as it may, Moscow cannot ignore the sentiments of the larger part of humanity, which is now increasingly referred to in Russian expert circles as the Global Majority. Hence, official Russian statements that Moscow is open for dialogue without preconditions. However, any Russian delegation to talks would have to take into account the recent amendments to the country’s Constitution, which name the four former Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye as part of the Russian Federation. As Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has put it, Russia will only negotiate on the basis of existing geopolitical realities. It should be noted that the Kremlin has not retracted the objectives of the military operation, which include the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, which means ridding the state and society of ultra-nationalist, anti-Russian elements.

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“If America pulls back, Putin could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.”

Biden Admin Scrambles To Track $20B In Ukraine Aid As GOP Warn Of Audits (Fox)

President Biden’s administration is scrambling to track the nearly $20 billion in military aid it has sent to Ukraine as Republicans warn of impending audits when they take control of the House in January. Likely future House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said his party will not be giving Ukraine a “blank check” to fend off Russia’s invasion. A potential audit would determine how much, if any, of the U.S. aid is ending up in the wrong hands. The Biden administration’s previous tracking efforts have inspected only a fraction of the aid provided to the country. The Republican push to ramp up oversight enjoys some bipartisan support in Congress. Some staunch Ukraine allies fear the party will cut off aid to the country entirely, however.

Firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has vowed to “hold our government accountable” for Ukraine spending, and some of her colleagues across the aisle are echoing the message. “The taxpayers deserve to know that investment is going where it’s intended to go,” Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., told the Washington Post. “In any war, there can be missteps and misallocation of supplies.” The lawmakers agree that current monitoring efforts appear woefully inadequate, with the Biden administration inspecting just 10% of the 22,000 weapons the U.S. has provided to Ukraine between February and November 1, according to the Post. U.S. allies in Europe have expressed hope that Republican skepticism of Ukraine aid will not lead to a widespread cutting of funding, however.

“You’d be playing into Putin’s hands,” U.K. Parliament member Tobias Ellwood said in October. “If America pulls back, Putin could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.” McCarthy has based his criticism of the aid packages on America’s economic situation as the economy threatens to fall into a recession. “I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine,” McCarthy said last month. “They just won’t do it. … It’s not a free blank check.”

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The entire continent is made up of sock puppets.

EU Gets Tough on China as US Steals European Industry (Gallagher)

European leaders have finally woken up to the fact that Washington is benefitting at their expense with the US/NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Despite their economies being harmed by Washington, the EU continues to take a much tougher stance against Beijing. NATO leaders are set to meet Nov. 29-30 in Bucharest and will discuss ways to “reduce dependency” on China. At the same time, EU leaders are debating how to deal with their US “ally” coaxing European industry to American shores. Ahead of French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Washington, Paris is signaling that Europe would be more willing to go along with a more hardline China stance if the US backs down on efforts to poach European industry with its subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Yet, there are reasons to believe that’s a dead end, and some Europeans are already waving the white flag. While the EU is suddenly in emergency mode over its industry being wiped out by American rivals – something that’s been obvious to many for months – its focus all year has been on Moscow and Beijing. Here’s a brief roundup of the China focus: The bloc is busy hammering out an Anti-Coercion Instrument, which aims to take countermeasures against outside countries that attempt to pressure bloc states using the member states’ economic dependencies. China, which implemented a de facto trade embargo against Lithuania after it allowed Taiwan to open a liaison office in Vilnius, is widely seen as the primary target of the rule.

European lawmakers are also finalizing new rules to curb acquisitions or bids for public contracts by subsidized foreign companies. Again it is widely believed the rules are aimed primarily at China. It came on the heels of the uproar over Chinese efforts to obtain a controlling stake in a Hamburg port terminal. In the end, Berlin approved a sale of 24.9% of the terminal to Cosco. American companies could also face scrutiny from the new legislation due to the Inflation Reduction Act, which has subsidies for US-based manufacturers of electric cars, batteries and renewable energy products and consumers who buy such American-made products. But it would only apply to American companies if they try to buy EU companies or in public procurement bids and not in the case of EU companies relocating production or building of future factories.

China’s Global Times argues that Europe should blame the US for its decline in competitiveness but doesn’t believe that will be the case: Europe has a kind of concern or fear about the rise of China, which is also consistent with the strategy of containing China pursued by the US, Zhao Junjie, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of European Studies. [..] He added that this decision by the EU is very unwise, especially when European economic prospects are unclear, as the implementation of trade protectionism and blocking of normal market business behavior will ultimately damage European companies.

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Pre-Covid this was seen as following the science. But now things are different. Now it’s just WEF. And people won’t follow that.

Netherlands To Forcefully Shut Down 3,000 Farms (CS)

To comply with the European Union’s radical climate laws, the Dutch government of World Economic Forum acolyte Mark Rutte will force up to 3,000 farms to shut down for good. Farmers will be made an offer on their farms, which the government claims is “well over” market value. According to nitrogen minister Christianne van der Wal, the government purchase will be compulsory. “There is no better offer coming,” claimed van der Wal. Recent EU nature preservation rules require member states to reduce emissions across sectors of the economy. As one of Europe’s most prominent farming nations, half of the Netherlands’ emissions come from agricultural activity. Rutte has warned that those who refuse to comply could face government force.

When the Dutch government announced a nitrogen fertilizer reduction mandate, the country saw nationwide protests from farmers. Former agricultural minister resigned from his position as a result of the movement. The Dutch farmer protests received international attention, with protests popping up in Canada in support of the uprising. Rutte’s government policies have many observers concerned about the direction he is taking the country. Earlier this month, the country’s finance minister Sigrid Kaag proposed a law to allow banks to spy on transactions of citizens which totaled more than €100. Privacy watchdog Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens called the bill an unprecedented “surveillance of the Dutch” people.

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“Biden is accusing Twitter of “spewing lies all across the world” by seeking to reduce one of the largest censorship systems in history.”

New Twitter Sign Ups Hit All-Time Record Despite Cancel Campaign (Turley)

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter with a pledge to restore free speech protections, the media and political establishment have maintained an unrelenting campaign to use pressure from corporations and foreign governments to force him to restore censorship policies. Reporters have covered seemingly every celebrity declaring that they are leaving the site or even selling their Teslas in protest. As companies joined the boycott, commentators gleefully announced the “death,” “collapse,” and “demise” of the social media company with some mocking Musk’s endangerment of billions for free speech. New figures, however, appear to show that the public is solidly with Musk on the free speech issue. New signups at Twitter are at an all-time high with two million new signups per day.

As these companies and activists demand censorship, customers are signing up in mass to embrace the greater diversity of viewpoints and expression at the company. While companies are yielding to demands from the left that they cut off ad revenue until Musk restores censorship, users are flocking to the site. The over two million new sign-ups per day represent a 66% increase over the same time frame last year, according to figures released by Musk. Of course, it has long been known that the public wants more, not less, free speech. It is the political establishment that is struggling to retain control over speech on social media at any cost. Facebook even tried a massive commercial campaign to convince the public to embrace censorship.

President Joe Biden has led calls for censorship on social media, which have been largely heeded by companies like Facebook and Twitter. Biden is accusing Twitter of “spewing lies all across the world” by seeking to reduce one of the largest censorship systems in history. President Biden has previously accused social media companies of “killing people” by refusing to impose robust censorship over a wide range of subjects. Many of those banned or censored were doctors with opposing views on the data and the science related to the pandemic. Some of those doctors were the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, which advocated for a more focused Covid response that targeted the most vulnerable population rather than widespread lockdowns and mandates.

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“It’s not even that they worry about the content. Twitter is a tainted brand, a brand non grata companies don’t want to be associated with..”

Twitter Owner Musk Signals New ‘War’ Against Apple (AFP)

Twitter owner Elon Musk on Monday opened fire against Apple over its tight control of what is allowed on the App Store, saying the iPhone maker has threatened to oust his recently acquired social media platform. Musk also joined the chorus crying foul over a 30 percent fee Apple collects on transactions via its App Store – the sole gateway for applications to get onto its billion plus mobile devices. A series of tweets fired off by Musk included a meme of a car with his first name on it veering onto a highway off-ramp labeled “Go to War,” instead of continuing onwards towards “Pay 30%.” The billionaire CEO also tweeted that Apple has “threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why.” Both Apple and Google require social networking services on their app stores to have effective systems for moderating harmful or abusive content.

But since taking over Twitter last month, Musk has cut around half of Twitter’s workforce, including many employees tasked with fighting disinformation, while an unknown number of others have voluntarily quit. He has also reinstated previously banned accounts, including that of former president Donald Trump. Yoel Roth, the former head of trust and safety at Twitter who left after Musk took over, wrote in a New York Times op-ed that “failure to adhere to Apple’s and Google’s guidelines would be catastrophic,” and risk “expulsion from their app stores.” Describing himself as a “free speech absolutist,” Musk believes that all content permitted by law should be allowed on Twitter, and on Monday described his actions as a “revolution against online censorship in America.”

He also tweeted that he planned to publish “Twitter Files on free speech suppression,” but without clarifying what data he had in mind to share with the public. Though Musk says Twitter is seeing record high engagement with him at the helm, his approach has startled the company’s major moneymaker — advertisers. In recent weeks, half of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers have announced they are suspending or have otherwise “seemingly stopped advertising on Twitter,” an analysis conducted by nonprofit watchdog group Media Matters found. Musk on Monday accused Apple of also having “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter.” “Do they hate free speech in America?” he asked, before replying with a tweet tagging Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In the first three months of 2022, Apple was the top advertiser on Twitter, spending some $48 million on ads which accounted for more than 4 percent of the social media platform’s revenue, according to a Washington Post report citing an internal Twitter document. Sarah Roberts, an information studies expert at University of California, Los Angeles, told AFP that “Musk didn’t understand that Twitter itself was a brand, had cachet.” “Now companies don’t even want to be associated with it. It’s not even that they worry about the content. Twitter is a tainted brand, a brand non grata companies don’t want to be associated with,” she added.

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The swamp is putrid.

“..he watched a live-feed of Assange’s arrest from the Operations Room at the top of the Foreign Office alongside Pelican personnel. After Assange had been imprisoned in Belmarsh, Duncan had a drinks party at his office for the Pelican team.”

UK Deployed 15 Staff On Secret Operation To Seize Julian Assange (

The British government assigned at least 15 people to the secret operation to seize Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, new information shows. The WikiLeaks founder was given political asylum by Ecuador in 2012, but was never allowed safe passage out of Britain to avoid persecution by the US government. The Australian journalist has been in Belmarsh maximum security prison for the past three and a half years and faces a potential 175-year sentence after the UK High Court greenlighted his extradition to the US in December 2021. ‘Pelican’ was the secret Metropolitan Police operation to seize Assange from his asylum, which eventually occurred in April 2019. Asylum is a right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The operation’s existence was only revealed in the memoirs of former foreign minister Sir Alan Duncan which were published last year.

The UK government routinely blocks, or obfuscates its answers to, information requests about the Assange case. But the Cabinet Office recently told parliament it had seven officials working on Operation Pelican. The department’s role is to “support the Prime Minister and ensure the effective running of government”, but it also has national security and intelligence functions. [..] Other government ministries refused to say if they had staff working on Pelican, including the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). The MoJ is in charge of courts in England and Wales, where Assange’s extradition case is currently deciding whether to hear an appeal. It is also in control of its prisons, including Belmarsh maximum security jail where Assange is incarcerated. When asked if any of its staff were assigned to Pelican, the MoJ claimed: “The information requested could only be obtained at disproportionate cost.”

Sir Alan Duncan, foreign minister for the Americas from 2016-19, was the key UK official in the diplomatic negotiations between the UK and Ecuador to get Assange out of the embassy. In his memoirs he wrote that he watched a live-feed of Assange’s arrest from the Operations Room at the top of the Foreign Office alongside Pelican personnel. After Assange had been imprisoned in Belmarsh, Duncan had a drinks party at his office for the Pelican team. “I gave them each a signed photo which we took in the Ops Room on the day, with a caption saying ‘Julian Assange’s Special Brexit Team 11th April 2019’”, he wrote. Ecuador’s president from 2007-17, Rafael Correa, recently told Declassified he granted Assange asylum because the Australian journalist “didn’t have any possibility of a fair legal process in the United States.”

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Given all of the Guardian’s efforts to paint Assange as a traitor, writing such letters takes gall.

Media Groups Urge US To Drop Julian Assange Charges (G.)

Twelve years ago, on November 28th 2010, our five international media outlets – the New York Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, El País and Der Spiegel – published a series of revelations in cooperation with WikiLeaks that made the headlines around the globe. “Cablegate”, a set of 251,000 confidential cables from the US state department, disclosed corruption, diplomatic scandals and spy affairs on an international scale. In the words of the New York Times, the documents told “the unvarnished story of how the government makes its biggest decisions, the decisions that cost the country most heavily in lives and money”. Even now in 2022, journalists and historians continue to publish new revelations, using the unique trove of documents.

For Julian Assange, publisher of WikLeaks, the publication of “Cablegate” and several other related leaks had the most severe consequences. On April 12th 2019, Assange was arrested in London on a US arrest warrant, and has now been held for three and a half years in a high-security British prison usually used for terrorists and members of organised crime groups. He faces extradition to the US and a sentence of up to 175 years in an American maximum-security prison. This group of editors and publishers, all of whom had worked with Assange, felt the need to publicly criticise his conduct in 2011 when unredacted copies of the cables were released, and some of us are concerned about the allegations in the indictment that he attempted to aid in computer intrusion of a classified database.

But we come together now to express our grave concerns about the continued prosecution of Julian Assange for obtaining and publishing classified materials. The Obama-Biden administration, in office during the WikiLeaks publication in 2010, refrained from indicting Assange, explaining that they would have had to indict journalists from major news outlets too. Their position placed a premium on press freedom, despite its uncomfortable consequences. Under Donald Trump however, the position changed. The DoJ relied on an old law, the Espionage Act of 1917 (designed to prosecute potential spies during world war one), which has never been used to prosecute a publisher or broadcaster. This indictment sets a dangerous precedent, and threatens to undermine America’s first amendment and the freedom of the press.

Obtaining and disclosing sensitive information when necessary in the public interest is a core part of the daily work of journalists. If that work is criminalised, our public discourse and our democracies are made significantly weaker. Twelve years after the publication of “Cablegate”, it is time for the US government to end its prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing secrets. Publishing is not a crime.

The editors and publishers of:
The New York Times
The Guardian
Le Monde
Der Spiegel
El País

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    Salvador Dali Cubist self portrait 1926   • The US Is a Luciferian Project (Garlington) • About Saving Face: Some Advice to Volodymyr Zelensky (B
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 29 2022]



    Raul that is the best Assange speech I’ve ever heard and thank you for posting it. There can be no character assassination for a man holding ideas such as those.

    Eugypius piece nailed it for me. I wanted to throw my TV through a window tonight when the Melbourne press were portraying China as draconian for locking people down. I don’t have the bandwidth to go on but thanks.

    Dr D killin’ it again lately.
    Some others here maybe not so much.


    Also. From the internet…

    The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities…


    PROFESSOR Angus Dalgleish, a consultant medical oncologist at St George’s, University of London, has put out a urgent call for a halt to all Covid vaccine programmes. Very simply, they are not needed and they are doing significant harm, and not just with regard the blood clots and cardiac problems. The boosters are having a devastating impact on his cancer patients. ”

    Cancer specialist says Covid boosters are harming his patients



    Natural immunity from COVID infection is broader and more durable than that following vaccination, while immunisation post-infection adds to the risk of impaired immunity due to specific immune suppression.”

    And THAT is why one never gets vaxxed after recovery from infection!

    This article destroys the entire scamdemic narative!

    The Problem with the COVID Narrative


    Air raid sirens all clear, practice flights.

    Seems to be some debate in high circles in regards to infrastructure attacks.

    That Bloke

    “New figures, however, appear to show that the public is solidly with Musk on the free speech issue. New signups at Twitter are at an all-time high with two million new signups per day.”

    Get unwoke, go unbroke?

    Mister Roboto

    “The US is a Luciferian project.” It’s kind of depressing to see TAE include such utterly reactionary tripe in the daily “Debt Rattle”.


    Boeing. Now wants to put Acme rocket motor on glide bomb.-Wiley E. Coyote

    GBU 39 bombs have checkered past. Boeing execs in charge at that time sent to federal prison. Corruption.

    In 2002, while Boeing and Lockheed Martin were competing to develop the Small Diameter Bomb, Darleen A. Druyun – at that time Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition and Management – deleted the requirement for moving target engagement, which favored Boeing. She was later convicted of violating a conflict of interest statute.- Wiki

    She became Boeing employee. Unit cost of bomb alone in 2015 was $115,000 per. Her salary at Boeing was $250,000 a year with $50,000 signing bonus.-Wiki. Then got her daughter and son in law jobs at Boeing.- Wiki

    War is a racket.

    Dr. D

    Aussie win cases:

    Okay, now they pay each $1M for their trouble in Civil Rights abuses? The government won’t learn if they’re not punished by it.

    “The US Is a Luciferian Project (Garlington)”

    It is very difficult thing to recognize and internalize. The concepts of “Christ” and “AntiChrist” (or accurately “False Christ”, “Imitation God”, “Fake Religion”) are very hazy. And who even has Christ or his values internalized in their hearts? You need that to be shocked, troubled, for there to be a difference between yourself and everyday.

    Since most people are halfway between, neither “Christ” nor “AntiChrist”, it seems about the same to them, just a big wash, a muddle. It’s only if you can comprehend being Compassionate, Good, Merciful, Just, Strong, Honest, that you could comprehend what’s gained or lost.

    And this is also how you know there are essentially no Christians in America. Does this LOOK like a Christian nation to you? Do any of these cities LOOK like they are the result of Christian values and actions? No. Like the Jewish population, the Christians are an astonishing minority and like the Jews they get savaged pretty regularly for just about anything they do. Like meet in public. Or not swear fealty to wars. Or believe in God ahead of State. Arrested even, and were.

    Or simple things like not sacrifice their children. To pop culture. To pornography. To violent TV. To being popular and obeying the little blue square. They are weirdos, outcasts of the first order. How dare they be so strict, so oppressive as to not approve of their 12-year-old dressing like prostitutes and watching R/X movies? We’re so shocked we wouldn’t even know what to say to them, but CERTAINLY we don’t want OUR kids around THEIR kids. It might rub off. And what next, I say? They start growing Amish beards and riding horses, that’s what comes of it.

    It’s a very strange situation. You wouldn’t think preventing your children from being bullies, and consorting with violence, drug dealers, and thieves would be controversial. …But that’s just the School Administrators, to say nothing of the Students.

    It is. And the Muddle doesn’t realize how far from “Christ” (whatever that is) they’ve gotten. Who does? And they don’t realize how close to AntiChrist (Whatever that is) they now live. Who does?

    But that’s why this expression of this article is hard to understand. Christ is Mercy and Love: that part we advertise. But it’s also Rules and Justice; Law and Punishment, and that is the sworn enemy of all men.

    “The US must save face. Kiev has been warned: it will have to start negotiating with Russia again.”

    This is silly: they already said any negotiations are just a scam and eyewash to buy time. Bonus question: WHO said that, and were they just saying it to poison the very POSSIBILITY of peace? (Probably) However a group that still includes them is “Not Agreement Capable”. Kick out and arrest the NeoCons who would say such things that permanently poison the well and we’ll talk. That is your demonstration of good faith. Heck, you should do it anyway!

    “and wait till Chinese troops appear in Mesopotamia to take control of Iraqi oil and gas and rebuild that tragic country.”

    What was that above? “As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise, and another shall arise after them; he shall be different from the former ones, and shall put down three kings.” –Revelations

    And a “the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

    16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them. [I.e 200 Million man army] By these was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone,” Revelation 9

    Well THAT prophesy goes back a ways, but it is commonly written that 1/3 of the planet dies. WHICH third matters, though. What happens next after a 200 Million man army from the East marches to the Euphrates?

    “the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, [Pharmacopoeia, i.e. drugs] nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.”

    Yeah, that sounds about right. No one knows if this is before or after “Oh Babylon, destroyed in an hour” “the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more” But the 200 Million man army and occupying force from China crossing a dry Euphrates (as the waters come from dams in disputed, war-torn Syria) really stands out.

    “Ukraine’s armed forces are reportedly preparing for an assault on Crimea, to “retake” the peninsula which voted to reunite with Russia in 2014.”

    As there are no men in Europe, and no weapons, and the West has no escalation dominance (that is, to be able to move up at each level from gunfights to nuclear ICBM exchange), the only way they could do this is to essentially nuke Crimea. At which point Russia will nuke and/or invade a safe portion of Europe, say out to Germany and the Eastern block. Ukraine obviously wants and prefers this to happen, as otherwise they cease to exist in the present way. Since Ukraine and the Kazars run the Western governments, they command us to defend their ancestral homeland and defeat all their ancestral enemies. We say “How High, sir?” Because you’d have to be really, really high to think that’s a good idea.

    Beijing Protesters Spooked by Phone Calls from Police (AFP)”

    Duh, but like American protesters, they’re missing the point. The POINT is to be arrested. That’s the PURPOSE of protests. It’s to be really expensive, choke the system to be inoperable, and to demonstrate by how many thousand you outnumber them so they have no chance. To wear a t-shirt and pay nothing isn’t a protest. That’s just free speech.

    No wonder they lose. Not only do they not DO tactics, they don’t even UNDERSTAND tactics. If you don’t want it enough to go to jail for it, you don’t want it. This is not a game. Come back when you’re serious.

    “The Pentagon is reportedly considering an offer from Boeing to mass-produce cheap precision bombs for Ukraine”

    I guess the US/Ukraine ran out of bombs, not Russia? That’s literally what’s being reported in the news, per facts, yet the #Opposite is being reported, with their mouths.

    “If America pulls back, Putin could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.”

    Like this. Huh? The defeat of taking 4 new oblasts and 1/5th of Ukraine? Would we all were so defeated.

    “Netherlands to Forcefully Shut Down 3,000 Farms (CS)”

    Trying to become as deadly as Britain. They don’t care what you say. Therefore you must topple the government. Legally, shouldn’t be too hard.

    “Farmers will be made an offer on their farms, which the government claims is “well over” market value.”

    …And then given to his brother for free for profit.

    New Twitter Sign Ups Hit All-Time Record Despite Cancel Campaign (Turley)”

    More customers than ever, therefore fewer advertisers than ever. Because #GoodatBusiness.

    “Twitter is a tainted brand, a brand non grata companies don’t want to be associated with..”

    Unlike Apple, whose long-term open slavery has led to a failure of product. That’s NON-tainted. Slavery? Shut up and take my money.

    “Media Groups Urge US to Drop Julian Assange Charges (G.)”

    So they figure he’s more or less dead now? So it’s safe? Same as everyone loves MLK, but only after he’s dead. Before, everyone hated his religion, his tactics, his friends, his guts.

    “we need a #Cablegate of the New York Times, actually, to see all the stories they’re censoring…”

    All of them. Obviously. NY Times, all the way back to Pulitzer and Hearst, “Give me the photos, I’ll make up the war.” Pulitzer Prize for making s–t up. Just like the Prizes for Russiagate.

    Tree Frog

    What does Anglo-Zionist mean?

    Dr. D

    Same old same old. And no war, On pause for reasons unknown. So what are we not looking at?

    Kari Lake says when they’re done, they’ll need to re-do the election. It was that bad. Huh.

    What’s in Brazil? The military looks to get involved. For election fraud. And either flip the candidates or re-run the election. With martial law.

    Sounds to me like they’re floating balloons, laying the carpet for changes here.

    And then the sudden, now un-objected Supreme Court case that can throw out half of Congress.

    I often wonder if they are how do you say…predictive programming people? Yes? If you create that path in the mind – by any means – it does run easier next time, true. But something else: If you float it, perhaps someone protests. Who? How? How do we stop them? And when a “Real” thing happens, but somewhere else like Brazil, or some line similar, like AZ governor, then what do the real black hats do to stop it? Do they waste THEIR ammunition on? Can you get them not only to reveal themselves, their tactics, but waste ammunition? And you prepare with this feint, that, if it works, you’ll just let happen. Not “well that wasn’t our real advance, so I guess we’ll retreat just because that’s the Plan”. If it worked, hold ground. True of all sides in war.

    For me seeing these forays or feints indicates the next upcoming major moves. Not the headlines, but what are the key WORDS of the headlines?

    “Military.” “Lawsuit and Court.” “Election do-over.”

    Dr. D

    Anglo-Zionist is a deeply loaded term, let’s just be accurate here.

    “Zionist” is someone who supports the principle of the Jews having a homeland. Generally in Jerusalem, although originally proposed in Africa, Alaska, and other places now memory holed. That demonstrated they didn’t want “a nation”, “A homeland” a safe place, but THIS homeland and THIS safe place.

    It was a very, very long-term project, you can find the names, but was utterly rejected by Jews in Europe, even Eastern Europe when heavily advertised between 1910 and 1940, and culminated in the UK “Balfour” agreement where the British Empire threw it’s entire weight behind donating to this non-British people a free nation, like a raffle prize. Naturally the people who ALREADY owned the area in question: the people of Palestine, were not thrilled, and objected forcefully to the foreign-installed terrrorists attempting to topple their regional/national government. Of course with the full force of MI6, OSS, the British Empire, the “Zionists” prevailed and bought themselves a new country, “Zion”, as we still see today. With still the same troubles as 100 years ago, since they did it in an immoral way, via violence.

    It is “Anglo-Zionist” because the primary or perhaps only supporters of this Zionist idea of annihilating or at least displacing of an entire nation’s worth of existing Middle Easterners was Britain and their Commonwealth Fiefdoms (Canada, Oz, NZ) and their progeny, the United States. The rest of the world quite rightly said, “You want whut?” when they tried to sell a genocidal, theocratic, apartheid state, and giving it to them for FREE, with billions yearly in donations still ongoing today, correctly predicting: “Hey, wouldn’t that cause a lot more problems than it solves?”

    Strangely little has moved or changed concerning this for 100 years. And still most Jews don’t live there, while half the population are their avowed enemies, shot daily, aka the “Palestinians.”

    If you want to know what you would do if you were alive when Jackson force-killed and force-marched all the Indians down the “Trail of Tears” to Oklahoma, (then stole that too), congratulations, now you know. The “Zionists” just arrived, popped up a flag and said, “This is our land now”, shooting everyone who resists.

    …But that is the way with nations in general. Just that usually the ethnic group in question already live there, e.g. the Franks or the Swedes.


    FTX implosion claims another crypto victim BlockFi
    Better than shredding the books
    Try …. No electricity means no tracking

    • Biden Admin Scrambles To Track $20B In Ukraine Aid As GOP Warn Of Audits (Fox)



    Sanctions are working.
    Mishustin reported that since the beginning of the year, the volume of debt obligations of the Russian Federation has decreased by 25%, while budget revenues have grown by 10%.


    Boiling Water warfare.
    Thermal imager work with drones and corrected fire

    The Markster

    Agree with Mister Roboto on the Luciferian Project piece, although it was good to read as an innoculant against creeping theocratic impulses on the right. What are the Trinitarian laws, specifically, and who would administer them? The Episcopalians or other woke Protestants? The Catholic Church? Evangelicals?

    The US Constitution works OK by me, if only we would follow it more closely,. Throw in a neo-Franciscan concern for the poor, the living earth, and build some free hospitals and I’m on board, but leave governance with the people.

    At the very least, let the petrodollar collapse and vaxx genocide already in motion play out for another decade or two before letting the current crop of clowns in charge make any big changes. Easier to pick up the pieces once the Empire is down.

    Sweet Kenny

    Russian elites worried about “The Hague” over Kiev infrastructure destruction shows morality and regret. Did the US feel the same way about bombing weddings and killing children in Iraq and Afghanistan? No because the US is a sick evil parasite – that difference speaks volumes.



    It is interesting that the suppression of free speech means that young left-wing zealots ensure that any doubts about the Covid Vaccines are suppressed. They are also those most likely to be vaccinated. The main people who experience ‘excess deaths’ are at the younger end. The conclusion is that the people suppressing free speech about Covid vaccines are the most likely to die as a result.


    Perhaps they should be nominated for the Darwin Award!


    It seems that during pandemics (and scamdemics) that humanity is doomed to make stupid collective choices whether or not there is a powerful cabal controlling the media of the day. During the Black Death, people thought that the disease came from witches and killed the cats that could have killed the rats whose fleas actually brought the plague. They also practiced bloodletting with dirty fleams. In the Covid Age, people donned useless masks and lined up to be repeatedly injected with toxic substances that damaged their immune systems, among other things.

    Over two years ago I was scared of contracting Covid (by summer 2020 most of my fear was centered around concerns of passing it to my parents or the kids passing to my ex’s household and dealing with possible fallout from that.). But it came…and went. Two years have passed and I haven’t had another cold or flu since Covid — I’m guessing that Covid must have amped up my immune system. I am not complaining.

    Michael Reid

    Are You Easy Prey?

    Are You Easy Prey?

    John Day

    “Luciferian” is used as a trigger-pejorative, so people get triggered.
    That’s not so useful in intellectual discourse, huh?

    If the author wanted to make a case for the proposition that the US is currently controlled by a power elite with “Luciferian” values, it would be easy.
    Others make the case that it is an actual, organized elite cult, and present evidence of pedophilia and murders. Most people are too revolted to look at that evidence, but there is some…

    I think it’s just too much work and frustration to use that word most of the time.

    Tree Frog

    Thanks Dr D. It is a tricky term. I’d seen it at The Saker and its meaning was not clear.


    North Atlantic (and other oceanic) Garbage Patch: I recall how William Gibson, in The Peripheral, used the Patch as a kind of replacement for the Bridge in his “bridge trilogy”.


    We never followed the Constitution farther than the first get-rich scheme or attempt by the commoners to get their fair share of that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” stuff. So some Slavic folks want to try some of that good old time religion that dominated Western Eurasian politics, especially that of Russia, for many centuries? I doubt that the ancestral Russians followed the Bible any more than we follow our Constitution, but a fresh start is generally a good idea as the old paradigm disintegrates, I think.

    Plus, modern secular humanism ran on fossil fuels. We stopped most slavery only because machines burning fossil fuels were so much better at grinding out the work.

    How we cling to our abstractions (bibles, constitutions) while ignoring, futilely, like children covering their eyes, that Great Big Unavoidable Everything, raw physical reality!

    But Jesus is alright with me: She’s a Big Fan


    Today’s Yogi tea-tag proverb: “When fear is forcing you to give up, call upon your heart’s courage to continue.”


    In the ongoing guns vs tensioned bow ballistics, I offer this bit of fun:

    Hun Archers show 2019 Sarasota Hungarian Festival

    Nice thing is they don’t have to wear ear protection to keep from going deaf while being temporarily deaf from either the muzzle blast or the ear protection to protect their ears from muzzle blast acoustics.


    Slaughter on 47th Street:

    Give Us Your Money…


    “there is a strong association between the onset of vaccination programmes and the fertility decline nine months after of this onset. The fertility decline in the first months of 2022 in Germany and Sweden is remarkable.”


    Re: China: despite official denials, the people remember Tiananmen Square. This is both intimidating and encouraging: they know they’re lying; they know they’ll shoot to kill; and they know that the Chinese people far outnumber the creeps-in-charge and their salaried street-chimps.


    re: Elon and Twitter. Elon excels at opening gambits and exploitation thereof. He sucks at end games (except in terms of switching one game for another). Right now he’s just beginning his exploitation of a very clever opening gambit.

    Why people insist on combining Elon’s strategies with whether or not he is morally sound or politically in their corner, is something that I think is closer to sports fans discussing football than to coaches looking to lead their teams to das Suuper Bolen (with or without the aid of magical umlauts). The former believe that their team is somehow superior, even morally so, to All Other Teams, but the coaches know that winning is everything and only the very strong, very quick, and very clever even survive their sport of profession, much less win a date with Shakira or whoever prances across the half-time show.


    I gotta admit, I kind of enjoy seeing myself as an extremely humanoid AI text-bot. Flattering perspective.

    Watch Me Now!

    Cute, but gah: I despise robots with a passion one can only feel for non-sentient actors. But I had to laugh at the sexual innuendo at 2:02.n Only thing I hate more than fucking robots is robots fucking.

    This just in: 1/3 of Chaturbaters are robots in skin suits. I think this is an example: Thys Izz Hoomen?

    Watching this image, one might think so:

    Seriously, if any of us older geezers here want to get a glimpse into how far gone the technosphere has driven our children, the Thys Izz Hoomen video is… like watching broadcasts of humans trapped on alien planet where they function as pets.

    I could weep. I often do. But just as often, I laugh. cuz I can, cuz sometimes it seems that fighting unhealthy derangement with healthy derangement at least maintains a nice DMZ no man’s land over which one can get a good look at the enemy (“and dey iz us!’).

    I need to rinse my soul after that bot video. The following is wholly wholesome and deeply human despite digital background superimposition:

    Good Times


    “Unexpectedly” – it’s constant and daily –

    “Oklahoma singer-songwriter Jake Flint died unexpectedly in his sleep Saturday, only hours after he was married”


    Note, please, the asynchronous, maybe even Luciferian product placement in Edie Brickell’s video (football sexy sequence): Proof of Conspiracy!


    ‘…humans trapped on alien planet where they function as pets.’

    Geezer Question: who remembers the Heinlein novel this came from? Hint: the title invokes the name of our patron, Saint Geriatrica.


    Ukrainian embezzlers want to continue to feast on their compatriots’ funds.
    More On The Crypto Scam – “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute.”
    The FTX crypto bezzle continues to make waves.

    Until November 15, four days after FTX was officially bankrupt, the official website still looked like this:


    Geezer song: early Zep sounding rather authentic for a change, meaning they sound like themselves and not the legend that overtook too soon their not inconsiderable talent and bound it to the inevitable marketing juggernaut, celebrity having a life of its own larger than any mere mortal or band thereof can safely deal with. (I recall that McCartney said words to the effect that he probably would’ve become, at best, another 2-3 decades of drug addiction and maybe suicide if not for the love of a good woman; celebrity/wealth are devious mofos).

    …being in love with someone…

    Maxwell Quest

    I thought Alastair Crooke’s latest essay was especially apropos to the ongoing power shift from West to East:
    The Crux of the Putin-Xi Revolution for a New World Order – Arresting the Slide to Nihilism

    For those behind firewalls, here it is in full:

    It becomes questionable whether the West can compete as a civilisational state and maintain a presence.

    The world ‘Map’ is accelerating its shift away from the paralysed Washington ‘hub’ – but to what? The myth that China, Russia, or the non-western world can be fully assimilated to a Western model of political society (any more than Afghanistan was) is over. So to where are we headed?

    The myth of the pull of acculturation into western post-modernity lingers on however, in the continuing western fantasy of pulling China away from Russia, and into an embrace with U.S. Big Business.

    The bigger point here is that former wounded civilisations are reasserting themselves: China and Russia – as states organised around indigenous culture – is not a new idea. Rather, it is a very old one: “Always remember that China is a civilization – and not nation-state”, Chinese officials repeat regularly.

    Nonetheless, the shift to civilisational statehood emphasised by those Chinese officials arguably is no rhetorical device but reflects something deeper and more radical. Moreover, the culture transition is gaining wide emulation across the globe. Its inherent radicalism however, is largely lost to western audiences.

    Chinese thinkers, such as Zhang Weiwei, accuse Western political ideas of being a sham; of masking their deeply partisan ideological character beneath a veneer of supposedly neutral principles. They are saying that the mounting of a universal framework of values – applicable to all societies – is finished.

    All of us must accept that we speak only for ourselves and our societies.

    This has arisen because the non-West now sees clearly that post-modern West is not a civilisation per se, but really something akin to a de-cultured ‘operating system’ (managerial technocracy). Europe of the Renaissance did consist of civilisational states, but subsequent European nihilism changed the very substance of modernity. The West promotes its universal-value stance, however, as though it be a set of abstract scientific theorems which have universal validity.

    The accompanying promise to the latter that traditional ways of life could be preserved under the wholesale application of these intentionally secular western norms – ones that demanded enforcement by the western political class – has proved a fatal conceit, these alternative thinkers contend.

    Such notions are not confined to the Orient. Samuel Huntington, in his book The Clash of Civilizations, argued that Universalism is the ideology of the West contrived for confronting other cultures. Naturally, everyone outside the West, Huntington argued, should see the idea of ‘one world’ as a threat.

    The return to plural civilisational matrices precisely is intended to break the West’s claim to speak – or to decide – for anyone other than themselves.

    Some will see this Russo-Chinese defiance as mere jockeying for strategic ‘space’; as a rationale to their claims for distinct ‘spheres of interest’. Yet, to understand its radical underside, we should recall that the transition to civilisation states amounts to a full-throated resistance (short of war) being mounted by two wounded civilisations. Both Russians (post-the 1990s) and Chinese (in the Great Humiliation) feel this deeply. Today, they are intent to reassert themselves, forcefully in uttering: ‘Never Again!’

    What ‘lit the fuse’ was the moment when China’s leaders saw – in the plainest terms – that the U.S. had no intention whatsoever to allow China to overtake it economically. Russia of course, already knew the plan to destroy her. Even the smallest amount of empathy is sufficient to understand that recovery from profound trauma is what binds Russia and China (and Iran) together in a joint ‘interest’ that transcends mercantile gain. It is ‘that’ which allows them to say: Never again!

    One part to their radicalism therefore, is the national rejuvenation that propels these two states to ‘step confidently onto the world stage’; to emerge from the western shadow, and to stop mimicking the West. And to stop assuming that technological or economic advance can only be found within the western liberal-economic ‘way’. For, it follows from Zang’s analysis, that the West’s economic ‘laws’ similarly are a simulacrum posing as scientific theorems: A cultural discourse – but not an universal system.

    When we consider that today’s Anglo-American world view rests on the shoulders of three men: Isaac Newton, the father of western science; Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the father of liberal political theory, and Adam Smith, the father of laissez-faire economics, it is plain that what we confront here are the authors of the ‘Cannon’ of individualism (in the wake of the Protestant triumph in Europe’s 30 years’ war). From it comes the doctrine that the most prosperous future for the greatest number of people comes from the free workings of the market.

    Be that as it may, Zhang and others have noted that the western focus on ‘finance’ has come at the expense of ‘stuff’ (the real economy) and has proved to be a recipé for extreme inequalities and social strife. Zhang argues contrarily that China is poised to evolve a new kind of non-Western modernity that others – especially in the developing world – can only admire, if not emulate.

    The decision has been made: The West then, in this view, can either ‘shut up, and put up’ – or not. So be it.

    Steeped in cynicism, the West sees this stance as bluff or posturing. What values, they ask, lie behind this new order; what economic model? Implying again that universal conformity is mandatory, and thus missing Zhang’s point completely. Universality is neither necessary, nor sufficient. It never ‘was’.

    In 2013, President Xi gave a speech which sheds much light on the shifts in Chinese policy. And though its analysis was firmly focused on the causes to the Soviet implosion, Xi’s exposition very clearly intended a wider meaning.

    In his address, Xi attributed the break-up of the Soviet Union to ‘ideological nihilism’: The ruling strata, Xi asserted, had ceased to believe in the advantages and the value of their ‘system’, yet lacking any other ideological coordinates within which to situate their thinking, the élites slid unto nihilism:

    “Once the Party loses the control of the ideology, Xi argued, once it fails to provide a satisfactory explanation for its own rule, objectives and purposes, it dissolves into a party of loosely connected individuals linked only by personal goals of enrichment and power”. “The Party is then taken over by ‘ideological nihilism’”.

    This, however, was not the worst outcome. The worst outcome, Xi noted, would be the state taken over by people with no ideology whatsoever, but with an entirely cynical and self-serving desire to rule.

    Put simply: Were China to lose its sense of a Chinese ‘rationale’, embedded for over a millennia in a unitary state with strong institutions guided by a disciplined Party, “the CPC, as great a Party as the CPSU was — would be scattered like a flock of frightened beasts! The Soviet Union — as great a socialist state as it was — ended shattered into pieces”.

    There can be little doubt: President Putin would concur with Xi whole-heartedly. The existential threat to Asia is to allow its states to assimilate into soulless western nihilism. This then, is the crux of the Xi-Putin revolution: Lifting the fog and blinkers imposed by the universalist meme to permit states a return to cultural rejuvenation.

    These principles were in action at the G20 in Bali. Not only did the G7 fail to get the wider G20 to condemn Russia over Ukraine, or to insert a wedge between China and Russia, but rather, the Manichean offensive targeting of Russia produced something even more significant for the Middle-East than the paralysis and lack of tangible results, described by the media:

    It produced wide and open defiance of the western order. It spurred pushback – at the very moment that the world political ‘map’ is on the move, and as the rush towards BRICS+ is gathering pace.

    Why does this matter?

    Because the ability of western powers to spin their spiders’ web notion that their ‘ways’ should be World’s ways, remains the West’s ‘secret weapon’. This is plainly said when western leaders say that a loss in Ukraine to Russia would mark the demise of the ‘Liberal Order’. They’re saying, as it were, that ‘our hegemony’ is contingent on the world seeing the western ‘way’ – as their vision for their future.

    Enforcement of the ‘Liberal Order’ largely has rested on the underpinning of an easy readiness of ‘western allies’ to fall into line with Washington’s instructions. It therefore is difficult to overplay the strategic significance of any withering of compliance to U.S. diktat. This is the ‘why’ to the war in Ukraine.

    The U.S.’ crown and sceptre are slipping. The peril of U.S. Treasury ‘N-bomb’ sanctions have been key to induced ‘allied’ compliance. But now, Russia, China and Iran have charted a clear path out from this thorny thicket, through dollar-free trading. The BRI initiative constitutes Eurasia’s economic ‘high road’. India, Saudi Arabia and Turkish inclusion (and now, an expanded list of new members are waiting to be signed up) give it an energy-based strategic content.

    Military deterrence has constituted the secondary pillar to the architecture of compliance to western models. But even that, though not gone, is lessened. In essence, smart cruise-missiles, drones, electronic warfare and – now – hypersonic missiles, have capsized the former paradigm. So too, has the game-breaker event of Russia joining with Iran as a military force multiplier.

    The U.S. Pentagon, even a few years ago, dismissed hypersonic weapons as ‘boutique’ and a ‘gimmick’. Wow – did they miscalculate on that one!

    Both Iran and Russia are at the forefront in complementary areas of military evolution. Both are in an existential fight. And both peoples possess the inner resources to sustain sacrifice from war. They will lead. China will lead from behind.

    Just to be clear: This Russo-Iranian link says: U.S. ‘deterrence’ in the Middle East itself now faces a formidable deterrent! Israel too, will need to ponder that.

    The Russo-Iranian force-multiplier relationship, the Jerusalem Post opines: “provides proof that the two states … together – are better equipped to make good on their respective ambitions – to bring the West to its knees”.

    To fully understand the anxiety lying behind The Post opinion piece, we must first grasp that the geography of the ‘shifting map’ towards a BRICS+ – new corridors, new pipelines, new waterway and railway networks – is but the outer mercantilist layer to a nesting Matryoshka doll. To unstack to the inner doll layers is to espy in the final innermost Matryoshka – a layer of kindled energy and confidence latent to the whole.

    What is missing? Well, the fire that finally bakes the New Order Z -‘dish’; the event that instantiates the new World Order.

    Netanyahu keeps threatening Iran. Even to Israeli ears however his words seem stale and passé. The U.S. does not want to be led by Netanyahu into war. And without the U.S., Israel cannot act alone. The recent MEK-led attempt to wreak havoc in Iran reeks somehow of a ‘last resort’ push.

    Will the U.S. try some risky game-changer in Ukraine to ‘take out’ Russia? It’s possible. Or might it try to derail China somehow?

    Is a Mega-clash inevitable? After all, what is in prospect is not the dominance of any one civilization, but a return to the natural, old order of non-universal realms of influence. There is no reason in logic for a Western boycott to try to explode the shift – except one:

    In any assimilation to what this future portends, the collective West inexorably must become a civilizational state per se – simply to maintain an enduring presence in the world. But the West has opted for a different route (as Bruno Maçães, commentator and former Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, writes):

    “[The West] wanted its political values to be accepted universally … In order to achieve this, a monumental effort of abstraction and simplification was needed … Properly speaking, it was not to be a civilization at all but something closer to an operating system … no more than an abstract framework within which different cultural possibilities could be explored. Western values were not to stand for one particular ‘way of life’ against another — they establish procedures, according to which those big questions (how to live) may later be decided”.

    Today, as the West turns away from its own key leitmotif – tolerance – and towards weird ‘cancel culture’ abstractions, it becomes questionable whether it can compete as a civilisational state and maintain a presence. And if it can’t?

    A new order may come into being following one of two events: The West may simply self-destruct, following some systemic financial ‘breakage’, and the consequent economic contraction. Or, alternatively a Russian decisive victory in Ukraine just may be enough finally to ‘cook the dish’.


    “there is a strong association between the onset of vaccination programmes and the fertility decline nine months after of this onset. The fertility decline in the first months of 2022 in Germany and Sweden is remarkable.”

    The unborn are so vaxxed. The unvaxxed are so fucked: they have to make most of the babies, and just at a time when raising children will be the hardest since the lousier years of the medieval era. The vaxxed are not so fucked as the unvaxxed: most of them will not have to trudge through the Great Dieoff, what some people call the Overshoot, and what William Gibson called, the Jackpot.

    Not that Teh Gibson avoided the big vakzine brainwash despite so excellently cataloguing and sometimes predicting the means by which such a thing would happen.

    Gibbering Twitterish

    “William Gibson
    Dec 8, 2020
    Overall the vaccine looks amazing. Big win for science. Looking forward to what mRNA vaccines will do not just for COVID, but infectious disease in general.”

    Fear-based denial (flight) is a powerful thing, especially when powered by fear-based projection onto others (fight) that is diverted into mere distraction via focus on The Evil Other (for example Trump Derangement Syndrome, which dear old Bill suffered from too).


    Oops. Wrong WGibson. There’s hope yet?


    Who do you trust?

    NBU and Banks Implement Action Plan to Ensure Banking System’s Uninterrupted Operation amid Long-Term Blackouts
    24 Nov 2022

    Systemically important banks have compiled a list of 760 on-duty branches, located in Kyiv and in 275 settlements in 22 oblasts, that will provide financial services to clients even amid a long-term lack of power supplies.

    John Day

    @Germ: Depopulation solution via Gates vaccine projects needs to reduce births AND increase deaths, and not be implicated. So far, pretty “good”.

    . Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky” was suspiciously a bit glossy, but Nina Hagen’s version has the “Satanic”-mockery vibe going on.
    I don’t think that can be Edie Brickell, unless it is 20 years old.,g_1:today:rF_Z6ylIW-o%3D&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjCgfeFhdT7AhUi81MKHbz_BDgQ4lYoBXoECAEQLg&biw=1263&bih=577

    I dunno about the Heinlein book. Not one of the ones I read.


    Yeah, old Billiam is drinking the Kollkids-Aid just like all them big stars:

    William GIbson@GreatDismal

    The sci-fi William Gibson appears to endorse the pro-vax Dr. Gibson is mistook for the cyberpunk auteur. Not surprising to me any more, but still saddening. But then, like Han said to Luke (about prophets whose expertise is the writing of fiction): “Good at droids? That’s one thing. Against the real thing…?”


    Who do you believe?–oglyad-bankivskogo-sektoru

    Most Banks Remain Operationally Efficient during War despite Large Credit Losses – Banking Sector Review


    I like Greenbaum’s well enough. The rhythm section/recording thereof itself makes the song. Nina mocks everything except the truly sacred: that small area illuminated by our stifled senses of compassion. The Heinlein book is called Methusaleh’s Children, iirc. Far from his best. More of a pastiche, really, a series of adventures linked together by the following plot devices: a) people leave earth and use a star drive to visit other star systems, and b) have a bit of an adventure on each one.

    Music from a Distant Star about 94 light-years old/away:

    If I Had You

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