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Joseph Mallord William Turner The Tenth Plague of Egypt 1802



Highly appreciated Automatic Earth commenter TAE Summary presents another one of his series “A Tale of Two..”, and if only just for the obvious effort he put into it, let’s dig in. How do you feel about what each president has achieved? No wrong answers.



TAE Summary:

Biden is a Great President and Trump was an Awful President



• Appointed a diverse cabinet
• Signed executive orders addressing systemic racism and discrimination
• Passed the infrastructure bill to repair roads and bridges and improve internet access
• Reduced the deficit
• Led NATO in its support of Ukraine and opposition to Vladimir Putin
• Lowered the child poverty rate by increasing the tax credit for children
• Launched a program to protect earth from killer asteroids
• Officially recognized Turkish genocide of Armenians in 1915
• Sidelined the court-packing movement of the left
• Stepped up US support for Taiwan
• Announced a historic trilateral security agreement with Australia and Britain to counter Chinese hegemony
• Accelerate Covid vaccine delivery at home an abroad
• Improved the American economy by championing competition and reining in the power of big business which helped create millions of jobs
• Gave Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices and made the price of things like insulin and hearing aids cheaper
• Attacked hunger and fostered better nutrition in the US
• Funded opioid recovery programs
• Eliminated the statute of limitations for child sex abuse
• Tried to reform student loans
• Issued important cybersecurity regulations
• Chose humanity over politics when getting Brittney Griner released



• Colluded with the Russians to get elected in 2016
• Appointed unqualified family members to important positions in his administration
• Tried to ban TikTok
• Withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Accords
• Increased the deficit every year of his presidency
• Approved the Keystone Pipeline through native lands
• Disallowed transgender students from using the bathroom of their choice
• Attacked John McCain as a loser
• Ended curbs on auto emissions
• Cracked down on legal immigrants
• Impeded regulation against toxic chemicals
• Shrank the food safety net so that over 700K Americans lost their access to food stamps
• Suggested vaccines cause autism
• Accused Barack Obama of spying on his campaign
• Cut corporate taxes to the lowest level since 1939
• Oversaw the longest government shutdown in US history
• Acted as a racist and xenophobe when he implemented a travel ban from Muslim countries, blamed the Chinese for Covid, separated families at the US border, tried to build a wall between the US and Mexico and gave racist speeches
• Tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act which would have left millions without healthcare
• Inadequately responded to Covid, downplaying the dangers
• Use his influence as president to try to get Ukraine to provide damaging narratives about his political opponent
• Challenged the outcome of the 2020 election undermining democratic institutions and the public’s trust in elections which led to the events of January 6th and the deaths of 5 people



Trump was a Great President and Biden is an Awful President



• Negotiated three Arab-Israeli peace accords
• Fostered a strong economy and stock market by signing into to law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and other policies
• Started the Space Force
• Attempted the first Defense Department wide audit
• Cracked down on unwanted robo-calls
• Attempted to build a wall on the border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration
• Helped American farmers with billions of dollars in aid
• Tried to fix health technology by removing rules blocking the sharing of medical information
• Rescinded rules for federal contractors that protected them from sexual harassment claims
• Made it easier to prosecute financial crimes like money laundering
• Renegotiated trade deals with Mexico, Canada and China which benefitted American workers and businesses
• Appointed three Supreme Court justices and many other conservative judges to federal courts leading to pro-Constitutional decisions like the overturning of Roe
• Passed the VA MISSION Act which improved healthcare access and services for veterans
• Oversaw the defeat of the Islamic State’s territorial caliphate in Syria and Iraq
• Kept us out of war
• Signed executive orders and laws combating human trafficking



• Opened the borders to illegal immigrants
• Discharged thousands of troops for refusing the Covid vaccine
• Opposed efforts to stop biological males from competing in women’s sports
• Lied about border patrol agents whipping migrants
• Claimed that January 6th rioters were a bigger threat to democracy than Confederates in the Civil War
• Described terrorism from white supremacy as the most lethal threat to the US
• Oversaw the disastrous withdrawal of American troops for Afghanistan
• Mis-handled the response to Covid mandating vaccines and dividing the nation on the basis of vaccination status
• Supported lockdowns and other pandemic polices which damaged the supply chain and the world economy
• Supported violent protesters instead of the police during the BLM riots
• Lied about Hunter’s laptop saying it was Russain disinformation
• Stated that election reform is the new Jim Crow
• Suppressed first amendment rights by influencing policies of social media outlets
• Supported the war in Ukraine and vilified Russia as our enemy
• Blocked American energy production
• Illegally attempted to forgive student loans
• Printed massive amounts of money causing massive inflation


I have one comment: I don’t think that “Joe Biden” (in Jim Kunstler language) only “supported the war in Ukraine and vilified Russia as our enemy”, “Joe Biden” did a lot more to poke the bear and instigate and fire up the war. But that’s just me. You can be the judge of that too.

Also just me: when Trump left and Biden came, we were at peace. Look at us now.




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    Joseph Mallord William Turner The Tenth Plague of Egypt 1802     Highly appreciated Automatic Earth commenter TAE Summary presents another o
    [See the full post at: A Tale of Two Presidents: Biden vs. Trump]

    Veracious Poet

    Also just me: when Trump left and Biden came, we were at peace. Look at us now.

    Interesting comment for a person that lives in Greece… 😕


    It’s just me. Everybody has bad memories. I don’t remember the past the same way. It doesn’t matter.

    Veracious Poet

    Question: What effect did opinions of Trump outside of America (non-voters) have regarding the theft of the 2020 “elections”, along with the overwhelming International support of the Biden’s ascension to power?

    Has anyone given consideration to the *fact* that the whole Russia! Russia! hoax/lie was equally supported, if not more so, by Euro forces?

    If the *answer* affirms & condemns Int’l. meddling in American affairs (Global by reach), does anyone *really* think/believe that the International/Euro Collective EG0ic Madness, which aligned/conspired to eject a “good & somewhat decent” man from the White House, is actually capable of introspective reflection, humble enough to admit mistake(s) & withdraw support from the *organized criminality* presently holding “humanity” hostage?

    Well, do ya punk?


    They were/are both terrible. Puppets both of them. Eisenhower had it figured out and said as much. Kennedy was naive. Ford was semi-OK. I won’t comment on the ones I knew personally.

    D Benton Smith

    My list of lies is longer than yours.

    D Benton Smith

    Strange indeed the memories that are unexpectedly revived on this forum. The opening salvo so well presented by TAE Summary reminded me that back in the day ( and I mean WAY back in the day) small boys actually did sometimes have peeing competitions, to see who could stream the farthest. It was not so much about who won the contest, and more about the sheer joy of pissing for distance.



    “I won’t comment on the ones I knew personally.”

    Which ones?

    Golf? Lunches? Trap shooting? …seconds? minutes? hours? Days? Months? Years?

    Don’t say anything that would endanger your life.


    That is why I won’t comment.


    Yawn. Voting is bullshit, when you vote you are selecting their approved candidate, and yes, Trump was an approved candidate. Just compare Trump’s source of funds with the DNC source of funds, Ukraine FTX excepted. Trump had only just arrived, done nothing, and the DNC attacked with the help of the deep state, the owners of the DNC and Trump. All theatre, all designed to divide the USA voters between I-love-Trump voters and I-love-Hillary voters, both groups were a bunch of sad ass kissers afraid of using their own brains, lest their pensions take a hit and they cannot afford cashmere in their retirement. But, very useful when it came to selling vaccines, the I-love-Hillary bunch loved the vaccines, that is the advantage of a divided population, you can sell them everything if it is sold as being against the wishes of the other side.

    Voting does not mean democracy in the Greek tradition, the original meaning, it means that you get to choose the front man. The front man is a one-way sewer, passing the shit from the owners to the plebs. Any pleb that thinks that voting changes anything ought to look at the track record of democracy, the comparison between the opinions of the people and the votes of the “representatives”. You only vote if you are dumb, it really makes no difference and one day people will work that out. Want proof, just ask Liz Truss.

    Go vote if you wish to. The lists above show you the propaganda, this is not what people think, this is what the MSM want people to think. Trump divided the people, but now the people are gradually reuniting against the corrupt government. I have met Democrats who want to see the end of the USA sooner rather than later.

    Mister Roboto

    Given the choice, I would much rather have Trump, despite the fact that I think that as president, he demonstrated himself to be a narcissistic blowhard-dufus who was in over his head.


    In 2o2o we got build back worst and inflation. That hurts everyone except the 1%.

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