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John Waterhouse Diogenes 1882


Ukraine Is A ‘De Facto’ NATO Member – Kiev (RT)
Russia Speaks On Endgame For Ukraine Conflict (RT)
Internal Documents Show Prominent Democrats Knowingly Pushed Russiagate Lie (ET)
There’s More: Elon Musk Exposes Schiff For Mass Scale Collusion (TPN)
Where’s The Impeachment AND Indictment (Denninger)
House GOP Launches Investigation Into Biden Classified Documents (JTN)
Biden Visitor Logs Under Scrutiny After Classified Files Uncovered (RT)
Former Acting AG Derides Garland’s ‘Unforced Error’ On Document Probes (JTN)
House Republicans Consider Wiping Trump’s Impeachments Off the Books (WJ)
House GOP Begins Probe Into Afghanistan Withdrawal (JTN)
The Aristocracy Is Eating the Peasants (Rubino)
BBC Criticised For Letting Cardiologist ‘Hijack’ Interview (G.)
Covid Vaccines Are “Obviously Dangerous” – Senior Swedish Doctors (DS)
WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty (CHD)





Tucker: Well, he’s dead!










I’ve seen zero pushback from NATO or its members. Can anyone just make this claim?

Ukraine Is A ‘De Facto’ NATO Member – Kiev (RT)

Ukraine is already a “de facto” member of NATO, Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov told the BBC in an interview published on Friday. The minister added that he was “sure” Kiev’s formal accession to the alliance was not far off. “Ukraine as a country, and the armed forces of Ukraine, became [a] member of NATO. De facto, not de jure. Because we have weaponry, and the understanding of how to use it,” Reznikov said. He told the outlet he was certain Kiev would soon receive more powerful equipment from the West, including western-made battle tanks and fighter jets. The US and its allies have been reluctant to send heavier armament to Ukraine, with some arguing such a move could risk escalation and drag them directly into the ongoing conflict. Reznikov brushed off such concerns, branding them a mere formality.

“This concern about the next level of escalation, for me, is some kind of protocol,” the minister said. He also denied that his comments could be seen as controversial amid the West’s attempt to avoid being viewed as a party to the fighting. “Why [would it be] controversial? It’s true. It’s a fact,” he said, commenting on Kiev’s relations with NATO and the West’s military support of Ukraine. “I’m sure that in the near future, we’ll become a member of NATO, de jure,” the minister added. Moscow regards Ukraine’s potential NATO accession as a threat to its national security and has named establishing a neutral status for the country as one of the goals of the military offensive launched in February last year.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed that Ukraine had become a de facto NATO member as early as in June 2022. He also filed a NATO membership application in September of the same year and called for a fast-track accession process. The military bloc itself, however, has been less eager to consider such a prospect. In November, NATO reiterated its pledge to accept Ukraine at some point, but said the issue was not on the agenda for the time being. In spring 2022, French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said the process could take decades, while Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said too many NATO members were against the idea altogether.

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“..if this result can be achieved through negotiations, we stand ready for this scenario. If not – then our tasks will be achieved by military means.”

Russia Speaks On Endgame For Ukraine Conflict (RT)

The Ukraine conflict may be concluded either through diplomatic, or military means, but only after Moscow has achieved its goals, Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, said on Friday. Speaking at a briefing at the UN Security Council, the envoy commented on a possible path for ending the hostilities between the two sides. The opportunity to settle the conflict “will only present itself once Ukraine stops posing a threat to Russia and discriminating against Russian-speaking Ukrainians,” he said. Nebenzia noted that “if this result can be achieved through negotiations, we stand ready for this scenario. If not – then our tasks will be achieved by military means.” The diplomat reiterated that Russia is fighting not against the Ukrainian people, but rather against “the criminal nationalist regime which came to power in 2014” after a coup in Kiev.

The new Ukrainian leadership has been trying to purge the country of “everything that is related to Russia, and to glorify Nazi accomplices,” he said. Nebenzia stated that “everything could have ended differently for Ukraine,” if Kiev had enforced the now-defunct Minsk Agreements, which were signed in 2014 and 2015 in a bid to pave the way for peace by granting the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics special status within the Ukrainian state. However, neither Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky or his predecessors, nor France and Germany, which took part in negotiating the Minsk Agreements, ever intended to fulfill the plan, according to Nebenzia. This diplomatic process “only served as a smokescreen behind which they secretly armed Ukraine in order to set it against Russia,” he stated.

Last month, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the Minsk Agreements were “an attempt to give Ukraine time” so that its army could get stronger. Later, this revelation was confirmed by former French President Francois Hollande, who noted that the Minsk Agreements had helped Ukraine to achieve that goal. Merkel’s and Hollande’s confessions caused an uproar in Moscow, with Russian officials describing them as “formalization of betrayal.” In December, Ukraine floated the idea of a “Global Peace Summit,” building on Zelensky’s “peace formula,” which in particular demanded Russia withdraw its troops from all territories claimed by Kiev. Moscow dismissed the plan as ignoring the new status of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, and Crimea, as parts of Russia. Kiev wants to hold the summit at the UN headquarters in New York on February 24, with no indication that Moscow would be invited.

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What are the consequences for them?

Internal Documents Show Prominent Democrats Knowingly Pushed Russiagate Lie (ET)

The latest Twitter Files release shows how prominent Democrats knowingly pushed a false Russiagate-related narrative about “Russian bots” promoting a key House Intelligence Committee memo that detailed efforts to spy on the Trump campaign, despite the lawmakers being told by Twitter executives that it wasn’t true. The 14th instalment of the Twitter Files was released on Jan. 12 by journalist Matt Taibbi, who explained in a series of posts that, at a key moment in the Trump-Russia investigation, Democrats alleged that “Russian bots” were spreading an explosive report from then-Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). “At a crucial moment in a years-long furor,” Taibbi explained in one of the posts, “Democrats denounced a report about flaws in the Trump-Russia investigation, saying it was boosted by Russian ‘bots’ and ‘trolls.’”

“Twitter officials were aghast, finding no evidence of Russian influence,” Taibbi continued. In support of this take, Taibbi shared screenshots of correspondence from Twitter executives to several Congressional Democrats, including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), confirming that they had “not identified any significant activity connected to Russia with respect to Tweets posting original content to this [#ReleaseTheMemo] hashtag.” The #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag spread like wildfire on Twitter, topping its trending list starting on Jan. 18, 2018 and reflecting the widespread call to publicly release a then-classified memo submitted by Nunes, who at the time was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Widely referred to as the Nunes memo, it was later declassified under then-President Donald Trump’s order on Feb. 2, 2018. The memo showed how the FBI under the Obama administration used unverified opposition research—the infamous “Steele Dossier” funded by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee—to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page as part of an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The claims made in the Nunes memo were confirmed by Justice Department Inspector-General Michael Horowitz in his report, released on Dec. 9, 2019.

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But he still has his job.

There’s More: Elon Musk Exposes Schiff For Mass Scale Collusion (TPN)

On Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi dropped a Twitter Files supplemental to expose Democrat representative Adam Schiff once again for colluding with Twitter. Since former President Donald Trump took office, Schiff has spent every day accusing the former president of colluding with Russia, however it now appears that the only person colluding all this time was Schiff himself. In a previous Twitter Files drop, Schiff put pressure on Twitter to ban investigative journalist Paul Sperry. Twitter initially denied the request however later banned Sperry from the site.

Taibbi just followed up with a supplemental exposing Schiff of more wrongdoing. “Staff of House Democrat Adam Schiff wrote to Twitter quite often, asking that tweets be taken down. This important use of taxpayer resources involved an ask about a “Peter Douche” parody photo of Joe Biden. The DNC made the same request,” Taibbi tweeted. “The real issue was Donald Trump retweeted the Biden pic,” the journalist explained To its credit Twitter refused to remove it, with Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth saying it had obvious “humorous intent” and “any reasonable observer” – apparently, not a Schiff staffer – could see it was doctored.”

Taibbi continued: “Schiff staffer Jeff Lowenstein didn’t give up, claiming there was a “slippery slope concern here.”” “Twitter also refused requests for bans of content about Schiff and his staff, e.g. “complete suppress[ion of] any and all search results about Mr. Misko and other Committee staffers.” Twitter said this would not be “conceivable.”” Taibbi explained.

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“..enough to get any other person indicted and convicted..”

Where’s The Impeachment AND Indictment (Denninger)

Biden has now been “caught” with classified documents in two unsecured places (late update: It appears its three locations, but the third I do not have confirmation on as to what and where.) The documents were acquired and retained while and after he was Vice-President and thus had no more right to transport and possess them outside of a secure facility than any other person with a security clearance — that is, no right to do so whatsoever. One of the places is allegedly Biden’s house and not just anywhere in the house: In the garage. Further, the Penn Biden Center, the first (different) place said documents were found, is an unsecured facility that is frequently open to foreign persons and in fact its sponsor, the University of Pennsylvania, has received material donations from Chinese organizations linked to the Chinese government.

Hunter Biden also allegedly was involved in negotiating various business elements with the center including office space for himself and his staff, along with, it appears, Blinken who currently is Secretary of State! Folks, this is not trivial stuff. With regards to Penn we’re talking about something on order of $77 million from China in the form of donations and contracts, which of course leads to the obvious question as to what were they buying? I don’t care what the classified documents involve the fact that Biden removed them from their secure locations and they were not only in the Penn Center but others were in his garage where they were most-certainly not under any sort of “appropriate” security, never mind Biden have no lawful right to possess them in the first place beyond wherever he was using them while Vice-President in an official capacity, in a secure location, is enough to get any other person indicted and convicted.

Oh, and by the way, Hunter who never had a right of access to them and was in fact an agent of a foreign corporation, Burisma, has listed Biden’s address where the documents were as his residence so it must be presumed he had access to same. The President is not above the law. Never mind that it appears the Government knew this prior to the election and deliberately sat on the information. Indictment and impeachment now folks. This is actual impeachment-worthy conduct, never mind felony prosecution worthy conduct.

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Still puzzled about the garage. How do secret docs end up there?

House GOP Launches Investigation Into Biden Classified Documents (JTN)

House Republicans are seeking information on the appointment of special counsel Robert Hur to investigate President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents and hand over records of communications between the DOJ, FBI, and the White House. In a Friday letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., said the committee was “conducting oversight of the Justice Department’s actions with respect to former Vice President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, including the apparently unauthorized possession of classified material at a Washington, D.C. private office and in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware residence.”

They further observed that Garland’s appointment of Hur had raised questions. Former President Donald Trump appointed Hur in 2018 to a legal posting in Maryland, wherein he established a record for taking on corrupt Democratic officials. Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh even found herself behind bars as a result of Hur’s efforts. He previously worked with former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and was an aide to now-FBI Director Christopher Wray. His association with the pair has raised some concerns among conservative circles. President Joe Biden, who vehemently condemned former President Donald Trump’s storage of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate, appeared to have ink on his face this week following revelations that his aides had discovered classified documents in both his former office at the Penn Biden Center and his Delaware home.

The first discovery occurred in early November and the documents were handed over to the government at that time. Speculation has arisen that the government may have deliberately withheld the details of that incident until after the elections, which Jordan and Johnson addressed in their letter. “It is unclear when the Department first came to learn about the existence of these documents, and whether it actively concealed this information from the public on the eve of the 2022 elections,” they wrote. “It is also unclear what interactions, if any, the Department had with President Biden or his representatives about his mishandling of classified material.” The pair stopped short of making accusations, but noted that “[t]he Department’s actions here appear to depart from how it acted in similar circumstances.”

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“We need to know who all has had access to the president.”

Biden Visitor Logs Under Scrutiny After Classified Files Uncovered (RT)

Congressional Republicans are demanding to see visitor logs for US President Joe Biden’s homes, arguing that the discovery of classified files at one of his residences is a national security risk. Mr Biden acknowledged on Thursday that sensitive material was found in the garage of his house in Delaware. The White House deflected when asked if the visitor logs would be provided. The justice department has appointed an investigator to look into the files. News that sensitive documents dating from Mr Biden’s time as vice-president had been found in a private office at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank in Washington, emerged earlier this week. That was followed by a disclosure that a second cache was discovered at Mr Biden’s home.

The first batch was found on 2 November, just before the US midterm elections, but only became public on Monday. Mr Biden kept an office at the think tank after he left the White House in 2017 until he launched his presidential campaign in 2019. On Thursday, US Attorney General Merrick Garland revealed in a news conference that the second cache had been found on 20 December at Mr Biden’s private home in Wilmington, Delaware. He added that Mr Biden’s lawyers had called investigators on Thursday morning to notify them of an additional document, also found at the same residence. Citing the “extraordinary circumstances”, the attorney general appointed Robert Hur, a former senior justice department official during the Trump presidency, to lead an investigation in the Biden files.

Kevin McCarthy, the newly elected Republican Speaker of the House, questioned the timing of the first disclosure and accused Mr Biden of knowingly mishandling the sensitive papers. “He knowingly knew [sic] this happened going into [the] election, going into interviews. This is what makes America not trust their government,” Mr McCarthy said on Thursday. Other Republicans on Thursday demanded the president release a log of all the people who had visited Mr Biden’s Delaware home. James Comer, a Kentucky congressman and chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told Fox News: “We need to know who all has had access to the president.” Colorado Republican Ken Buck wrote a letter to the White House calling on Mr Biden to “release all visitor logs”. Elise Stefanik, the number three House Republican and a New York congresswoman, said that the visitor logs were “a clear matter of national security”.

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“And so what he did though, is he forced his own hand, and in a really unskillful, you know, judge-like manner where he wasn’t thinking through the steps that would happen.”

Former Acting AG Derides Garland’s ‘Unforced Error’ On Document Probes (JTN)

Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker on Friday contended that Attorney General Merrick Garland’s handling of the Department of Justice investigations into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents had forced him to appoint a special counsel to handle an inquiry into President Joe Biden over the same issue. Garland, this week, appointed special counsel Robert Hur to probe the president’s handling of classified documents after previously appoint Jack Smith as special counsel to investigate Trump’s own alleged mishandling of sensitive materials. “I think this is a huge unforced error by Merrick Garland. He didn’t need to appoint a special counsel against Donald Trump,” Whitaker said on the “Just the News, No Noise” television show.

“And so what he did though, is he forced his own hand, and in a really unskillful, you know, judge-like manner where he wasn’t thinking through the steps that would happen.” “[A]nd what makes it even more quizzical to me, is that he knew when he appointed the special counsel, Jack Smith, against Donald Trump, that Joe Biden had similar problems with classified document mishandling,” he went on. “So that tells me that they never planned on this Biden mishandling to ever see the light of day. They were planning on everybody to play nice, that the mainstream media wouldn’t cover it, wouldn’t hear about it, that it would just kind of never be announced.” “And then it came out. And he has been scrambling ever since… he created his own mess, and now he’s gonna have to live with it,” Whitaker concluded.

He then addressed the concurrent special counsel investigations, suggesting that the pair needed to come to agreement on the standards to which they would hold both of their investigative targets. “I think it’s gonna be very interesting if the special counsels coordinate their legal analysis,” he said. “[I]n each case, you’re fundamentally looking at this, you know, gross negligence or recklessness standard, that they need to kind of agree what the facts and circumstances that would trigger that.” Whitaker served as an acting Attorney General under former President Donald Trump, temporarily filling the vacancy between former AGs Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr.

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The ultimate step?

House Republicans Consider Wiping Trump’s Impeachments Off the Books (WJ)

From the moment former President Donald Trump took his oath of office six years ago, Democrats had one goal in mind: impeachment. First, with a big assist from the Department of Justice, the FBI and the legacy media, they alleged he had colluded with the Kremlin to win the presidency. Their hopes were dashed when Robert Mueller’s 22-month witch hunt ended in failure in the spring of 2019. Next, they seized on a phone call during which Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate the Biden family’s business dealings in the country. Following a sham inquiry, Trump was impeached by the House. Finally, one week after the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion, the House voted to impeach Trump a second time over his alleged role in what Democrats insist to this day was an “insurrection.”

As we know, both impeachment trials ended in Trump’s acquittal by the Senate. Now, according to The Washington Times, House Republicans are considering expunging Trump’s impeachments from the record. Asked if he would be willing to bring such legislation to the floor, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said, “We’d look at it. … When you find that the final information of the Russia document is all a lie, and we watch what he went through, I would understand why members would want to bring that forward.” The Times noted that 42 Republicans, including House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik of New York, got behind a resolution to exonerate Trump, but the Democrat-controlled Congress refused to vote on it. Now that Republicans control the House, it’s a real possibility.

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“It is absurd and disgraceful that the Biden administration has repeatedly denied our longstanding oversight requests and continues to withhold information related to the withdrawal..”

House GOP Begins Probe Into Afghanistan Withdrawal (JTN)

House Republicans have begun their probe into the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, asking that Secretary of State Antony Blinken provide them with a bevy of information on the matter. “We owe this to the American people, especially our service members and veterans,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas said, according to The Hill. The Texas lawmaker has set a deadline of Jan. 26 for the administration to hand over intelligence reports and communications with both the Taliban and Islamic Republic.

While he previously requested such information while serving as the committee’s ranking member, he now has formally asked as the committee chairman. Republicans have vowed to issue subpoenas should the administration continue to withhold the information. “It is absurd and disgraceful that the Biden administration has repeatedly denied our longstanding oversight requests and continues to withhold information related to the withdrawal,” he said, per the outlet. “In the event of continued noncompliance, the Committee will use the authorities available to it to enforce these requests as necessary, including through a compulsory process.”

Roughly 20 years following the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from power and to eliminate the Al-Qaeda insurgents operating in the country, U.S. forces withdrew, leaving behind an ill-prepared regime that was unable to combat the rising tide of Islamic militants seeking to overtake the country. In the Summer of 2021, the Taliban launched an offensive amid the withdrawal of U.S. troops that culminated in the capture of Kabul and a hasty airlift operation on the part of the western allies to evacuate their personnel and supportive Afghans. The fiasco preceded a marked drop in President Joe Biden’s approval rating, which has been under water ever since.

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“Return to the gold standard and avoid monetary collapse — but at the cost of giving up the ability to create money at will..”

The Aristocracy Is Eating the Peasants (Rubino)

Most people (especially most Americans) still seem to view the events of the past half-century as more or less random. Booms and busts erupting out of nowhere, impoverishing all but a handful of lucky elites. Political crises that end up dividing rather than uniting. Wars that cost fortunes and resolve nothing. Everything is bad, and nothing is related to anything else. But of course that’s not true. Each of the above events serves the same purpose: to enrich a modern aristocracy at the expense of everyone else. And the endgame is looking even worse. To see the scam play out, let’s go back to 1995. Two decades previously, in 1971, the US and by extension the world had ditched sound, gold-backed money in favor of “fiat” currencies that their governments, via their central banks, could create in infinite quantities out of thin air.

The result was spiking inflation and exchange rate chaos in the 1970s and soaring government deficits in the 1980s. By the 1990s it had become clear to the people running major governments and big corporations that unsound money would lead to unsustainable debt, which in turn would destabilize the financial world and bring about a hyperinflationary depression followed by a French Revolution-style reckoning for those responsible. That generation’s elites were thus left with two choices: Return to the gold standard and avoid monetary collapse — but at the cost of giving up the ability to create money at will. Or use their fictitious currencies to steal as much real wealth as possible from the peasants and let future elites deal with the eventual collapse. They, as the sociopaths we now know them to be, chose the second strategy.

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BBC Criticised For Letting Cardiologist ‘Hijack’ Interview (G.)

The BBC has come under fire from scientists for interviewing a cardiologist who claimed certain Covid vaccines could be behind excess deaths from coronary artery disease. Experts have criticised Dr Aseem Malhotra’s appearance on the corporation’s news channel on Friday, accusing him of pushing “extreme fringe” views, which are “misguided”, “dangerous” and could mislead the public. Scientists have described the doctor as “hijacking” an interview on statins to air his views, causing BBC staff to be “alarmed and embarrassed” by their booking. Malhotra recently retweeted a video by the MP Andrew Bridgen, who had the Tory whip removed on Wednesday after comparing the use of Covid vaccines to the Holocaust. After criticising new guidance on statins, he cited British Heart Foundation (BHF) figures that suggested there had been more than 30,000 excess deaths linked to heart disease since Covid first arrived.

Malhotra, a cardiologist at ROC Private Clinic, claimed mRNA Covid vaccines play a role, saying his “own research” showed “Covid mRNA vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk”. He added that he has called for the vaccine rollout to be suspended pending an inquiry because of the “uncertainty” behind excess deaths. The BHF has said that, while Covid infections probably contributed significantly during the first year of the pandemic, ambulance delays, inaccessible care and lengthy waiting lists are now the key factors. Malhotra has become a vocal figure for hesitancy about Covid vaccines, claiming they pose a greater threat than the virus itself – a view repeatedly debunked by factcheckers. On Friday, he reiterated his claim the jabs were a likely cause of his father’s death. Peter Openshaw, a professor of experimental medicine at Imperial College London, was also interviewed by the BBC on Friday.

“I did a rapid response interview on the BBC news channel this morning to say that vaccine side-effects very, very rare in comparison with the preventable risks of Covid-19. The staff seemed alarmed and embarrassed that they had given him [Malhotra] a platform,” he tweeted. Dr Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds, said: “I am genuinely astonished by the BBC allowing someone with a known extreme fringe view on mRNA vaccines and the extent to which they are associated with cardiovascular problems to either hijack an interview on a tenuously related topic to express these views, or indeed to appear at all following even a cursory background check.”


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And should be halted immediately.

Covid Vaccines Are “Obviously Dangerous” – Senior Swedish Doctors (DS)

[..] a public statement by a group of five senior Swedish doctors who, in collaboration with Dr. Johan Eddebo, a researcher in digitalisation and human rights, are raising the alert about the Covid vaccines, which they describe as “obviously dangerous”. They say there should be an “immediate halt” to the mass vaccination pending “thorough investigations” of the true incidence and severity of adverse effects.

[..] If, as has been argued, the vaccinations, and especially the boosters, alter the immune profile of recipients such that Covid infections get ‘tolerated’ by the immune system, it’s possible that vaccinated individuals will tend towards a situation of long-term, repeat infections that do not get cleared, and do not present with obvious symptoms, while still promoting systemic damage. The literature now indicates an extensive substitution in the vaccinated of virus-neutralising antibodies for non-inflammatory ones, a ‘class switch’ from antibodies that work towards clearing the virus from our system, to a category of antibodies whose purpose is to desensitise us to irritants and allergens.

The net effect is that the inflammatory response to Covid infection gets down-regulated (reduced). This means that full-blown infections will present with milder symptoms, and that they won’t get cleared as effectively (partly since fever and inflammation are essential to your body getting rid of a pathogen). That these developments alone aren’t cause for an immediate halt to the mass vaccinations, as well as thorough investigations, is astonishing. There is of course another, and more well-known, potential partial explanation of the surprising excess mortality. We have indications of clotting disorders connected to the Covid vaccines, evident in a new major Nordic study, while repeated studies evidence a clear correlation between heart disease and Covid vaccination (see Le Vu et al., Karlstad et al. and Patone et al.).

A newly published Thai study moreover indicated that almost a third of the vaccinated youth enrolled exhibited cardiovascular manifestations, and a yet unpublished Swiss study suggests that as many as 3% of everyone vaccinated manifest heart muscle damage. And as stated above, we also see signals pertaining to fertility disturbances connected to the Covid vaccines. An Israeli study shows impaired motility and sperm concentrations after both Pfizer and Moderna vaccination. The safety committee of the European Medicines Agency has also affirmed that the vaccines may cause menstrual disturbances, and Pfizer’s own studies indicate that the lipid nanoparticles of the mRNA-vaccines cluster in the reproductive organs.

The hypothesis that COVID-19 vaccinations influence fertility is supported by a significant and unprecedented decline in the Swedish birth rate during the first months of 2022. According to Swedish demographers, the decline is ”surprising”. There are similar data from many other Western countries, and to continue the mass vaccinations for low-risk groups such as children or pregnant women is utterly irresponsible – especially since the vaccinations do little or nothing to stop the spread as was initially promised, and is often still falsely maintained.

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World government.

WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty (CHD)

Secretive negotiations took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR), considered a binding instrument of international law. Similar negotiations took place last month for drafting a new WHO pandemic treaty. While the two are often conflated, the proposed IHR amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty represent two separate but related sets of proposals that would fundamentally alter the WHO’s ability to respond to “public health emergencies” throughout the world — and, critics warn, significantly strip nations of their sovereignty. According to author and researcher James Roguski, these two proposals would transform the WHO from an advisory organization to a global governing body whose policies would be legally binding.

They also would greatly expand the scope and reach of the IHR, institute a system of global health certificates and “passports” and allow the WHO to mandate medical examinations, quarantine and treatment. Roguski said the proposed documents would give the WHO power over the means of production during a declared pandemic, call for the development of IHR infrastructure at “points of entry” (such as national borders), redirect billions of dollars to the “Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex” and remove mention of “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.” Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the proposed documents may also contravene international law.

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..an ant rolling a water droplet on a rough surface, an example of ideal nonwetting conditions





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    John Waterhouse Diogenes 1882   • Ukraine Is A ‘De Facto’ NATO Member – Kiev (RT) • Russia Speaks On Endgame For Ukraine Conflict (RT) • Internal
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 14 2023]


    Since NATOstan governments are criminal organiations that cheat and lie about on a continuous basis, and since there is no accountability, nor any mechanism for challenging their criminality -all systems having been deliberately made that way by them!- it naturally follows that all we can do is keep a record of their crimes, and hope that in the not-too-distant-future, when their crime sprees come to an end as a direct consequence of their criminality, the above forementioned criminals will be held to account for their crimes -that is those who don’t flee or commit suicide.

    I seems that the battle-zone that NATO (Oceania) has chosen to fight Russia (Eurasia) is gradually descending into something akin to the worst period of WW1.



    Since NATOstan governments are criminal organiations that cheat and lie about everything on a continuous basis…

    Dr. D

    Wonderful painting. I’m not sure they invented umbrellas yet, but shows how good the weather was in the old ages. A nice contrast from Science’s view everyone wore mud and sticks in the old days.

    I’m not up on the names, but my impression is that these “rebel” bands were rebelling against the working guy in service of Pfizer. Just before they were injured. Like Neil Young, acolyte of BlackRock.

    Excellent article on PMC journalist suck ups: https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2023/01/11/western-journalists-are-cowardly-approval-seeking-losers/

    Problem is WE know it already. And they’ll be caught dead admitting they are non-stop fact-free liars, and their readership will too, calling us low information voters and conspiracy theorists. As the bumper sticker says: “Get over it. He lost.” There is no higher possible level of non-self-awareness.

    The western media class is a cloistered, incestuous circle jerk that only cares about impressing other members of the cloistered, incestuous circle jerk. It doesn’t care about creating an informed populace or holding the powerful to account, it cares about approval, inclusion and acclaim from its own ranks, regardless of what propagandistic reporting is required to obtain it. The Pulitzers are mostly just a bunch of empire propagandists giving each other trophies for being good at empire propaganda.
    A journalist with real integrity would spurn the approval of the media class. It would nauseate and repel them, because it would mean you’ve been aligning yourself with the most powerful empire in history and the propaganda machine which greases its wheels.” –Cait.

    “US Military Thanks And Praises Retiring CNN “Journalist” For Her Service” …to U.S. military-corporate propaganda in service of the industrial killing of 6 million (brown) people.

    Essentially, they are deeply disturbed non-people. What was it they said, “If I had a choice between the first 50 names at Yale and the first 50 names in the Boston phone book, I’d choose the latter”?

    Why do we have them? For this: “On issue after issue, contrary to the popular media narrative that Americans are hopelessly divided and polarized, the truth is a majority of Americans agree with centrist, common-sense policies.” https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2023/01/12/the_tyranny_of_minorities_148711.html
    Divide and conquer. Divide enough, have a war, and erase all human rights law.

    Same journalists PMCs are tired of tipping Juanita:

    Tipping Is Weird Now” theatlantic.com
    Technology and the pandemic have transformed the meaning of gratuity.”

    Blame the pandemic for why they don’t like to pay poor people or say thank you. Well they are Liberals: maybe they can’t do the math but don’t want people to find out they’re illiterate. They hate the workers SO. MUCH. Grinding them down helps lift up their worthless self-hating ego, just a little.

    Speaking of PMCs:

    “How ‘sponge cities’ are redesigning themselves for extreme rain: In California, and around the world, climate change is making extreme rain more likely. Here’s how some cities are adapting.” –FastCompany

    That’s funny: when it rained from Wyoming to Charlotte for a whole summer they didn’t give a s—t about the rain. Have it rain in S.F. for 2 weeks and suddenly it’s sooper-important. Their plan: pay us huge money from the cities poor to turn the city into a big green swamp, and more huge money from the city’s poor to TELL the city with consulting fees to turn it into a big green swamp.

    …This is after they all just paid the PMCs to destroy all the big green swamps and pave them on the advice from PMCs that “Paving is Progress” What are you, a backward Neanderthal, or worse a Conservative? WOrried about BUDGETS? Awwww. Anyway, we put in a 6” drain, what could possibly go wrong?

    We told them not to do either: one that paving is bad, ugly, expensive, and ironically doesn’t solve traffic/car issues, AND that re-doing it now will bankrupt the city, state, and People.

    Don’t worry: whatever costs the most money and fails completely will be the thing we advise and they choose. If we tell them not to, they’ll pat us on the head, and bend us…I mean ignore us while making US pay for dinner. Don’t I get a kiss?

    What does it take to stop these locusts? We have no nurses or hospitals, and 50x all Hoovervilles combined, maybe that should be a priority?

    Interesting chart of power generation:

    Interesting since constantly evolving, pretty sure the east was more nuclear at some point and other areas more coal. Noting also RI and MA have 70-90% generation from gas, yet only one tiny pipeline they won’t upgrade.

    I guess I can’t pick on Teslas for running on coal now. But they are wildly more inefficient than if I just got a 1999 Suzuki running directly on propane.

    Back to today: “Ukraine Is A ‘De Facto’ NATO Member – Kiev (RT)”

    And their generals said they are fighting on behalf of Nato, that is, a proxy war, which we all knew from the beginning. This is the ordinary method, when you are lying, you’ll need to rectify the original lie with reality. You do this slowly, first with denial, then small admissions, then “everybody always knew” re-writing the past and present and removing the emotion from it so they remain co-dependent and enslaved, not alarmed. Works like a charm every time! No matter what lies told, how long, we still love them.

    Just like Joe Biden and his 100,000 George Santos-size lies. Unbelievable lies about school (2nd from last in his class), degrees (no, he only got one) career, wife, former wife, incredible plagiarism, quotes “We don’t need no n—gger mayors”, voting record (against busing and integration, FOR Black crime bill) and so on.

    Every. One. Is public. Reported. Consensus reality, yet nothing happens. He’s still considered just some ordinary level guy, not a George Santos x KKK Wizard Byrd. (Oh wait, another Hillary-DNC hero). I don’t get it. Once a liar, that’s it: tainted and suspicious forever.

    Now Ukraine is one step from saying “Yes, since the coup we were always in service to NATO and specifically antagonized Russia into a counter-attack. And proud of it, it needed to be done.”

    Next thought: when Poland takes the West, they will be de facto Nato, if not actual Nato, which is against the Russian red line. That puts Nato first-strike nukes 17 min from Moscow instead of 14 minutes. What to do?

    “ Internal Documents Show Prominent Democrats Knowingly Pushed Russiagate Lie (ET)”

    Schiff, aside from using his official position to violate all human and journalistic rights, standing before national TV saying “I have PROOF of Trump’s – something.” Guilt? Association with Russia that got him installed/elected? They’re journalists so they never ask.

    “We’ll never be free until all speach and all journalism have been stopped” – Schiff.

    Everything involving the Biden docs is slightly off, slightly too good, slightly inexplicable, as if the whole thing is a bad script and a B movie. But do what they did to us for 50 years: The DNC apologists now claim the docs were all planted by a vast, right-wing conspiracy, with Don Jr in a ski-mask, sneaking in at night. Sure pal. Here’s a main question though: whoever found them, why didn’t they just burn them and say “what documents?” They always have before.

    Now we know why the FBI broke Trump’s lock when they could have asked for the key. To set up exactly this narrative parallel. Whatever. Sauce: meet gander.

    House GOP Begins Probe Into Afghanistan Withdrawal (JTN)”

    Their probe is NOT about why the withdrawal didn’t happen 19 years earlier. No no no. Again: Biden and “It’s all fine we see nothing.” Biden and the Saigon helicopters. I mean, for reals? You don’t smell a setup here? Fine, whatever if it gets the job done.

    ” BBC Criticised For Letting Cardiologist ‘Hijack’ Interview (G.)”

    BBC Criticised For Letting Doctor and Expert Speak. Doctors must not speak on medicine, the field in which they are experts. Chad at Twitter is your doctor now.

    WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty (CHD)”

    WHO proposals would make national governments the direct enemy of their citizenry. Fixed it. So, when governments have abdicated and no longer rule, AND are the direct opposition of the national will, how long do you think they can last?

    Trick question: we don’t care. We just want the attack to go up a level so we can use Polish soldiers to shoot rebels in France and vice-versa. We WANT national governments to fall and be replaced by Twitter and the UN. And you wonder why they need to grab the guns. I’m sure sending 5,000 blue helmets to Camden or Lexington will work out fine and they won’t be shot up to pieces in a week or nothin’. That’s by the LOCALS, not even the Rebels or opposing army. There isn’t enough cannon fodder on earth to hold the U.S. China, maybe, but that’s an invasion and a different thing.


    SCHOOL TRAGEDY Heartbreak as ‘cherished’ schoolgirl dies suddenly leaving fellow students devastated




    Must watch:



    It’s almost as if “they” have someone* waiting in the wings after they take both President Trump and “Joe Biden” out. Get rid of Biden and Afghanistan goes away. Get rid of Biden and we can dump Ukraine. Get rid of Biden and we can bury CCP influencing. Get rid of Biden and (tada!) we can get rid of Trump! (Trump’s “vaccine”/Biden’s deadly policies).Then we can push through M4All so the “vaccine” injured can be cared for, and The WHO can take care of the details while we print more money to pay for it.WINWINWINWIN!!!!
    One can only wonder who “they” are. They play a very long game.

    This article on Desmet’s book is very long but worth a look.


    Look at what was published in Dec 2018 !



    See that Vaxx Passport in one hand, a DNA on the other arm, and a stork with a bar coded baby!



    Thank goodness for the classified docs in the garage. Now they can impeach then pretend all is fixed in DC. After all, it’s this flood of classified documents on the loose that’s the only thing threatening the USA. Election fraud, open borders(unless you are white and unvaxxed) and endless war are the normal way countries are run in the 21st century.

    So let’s blame it all on Brandon for having sticky fingers. Everything else gets to continue, as usual.


    And of course, on the cover, published in 2018 – “Putins Pipelines”


    John Waterhouse Diogenes 1882

    The old joke back in school days was that Diogenes wasn’t wander the night with his lantern looking for an honest man, he was looking for a dishonest woman.


    having long considered myself “gone to the dogs” thankyou for todays artwork.

    Perhaps the most important task for us at this time is to speak with one another. We have an over abundance ot talking to, talking past, talking over. Some thought has been given to the possibility that human speech is an extension of touch, a means to extend the personal bond across space. Yesterday, January 13, there was some thought given to the Tao. Would you humor a stranger and an old man? A point of history first. My Jefferson first wrote “inalienable rights” these words were edited in the Constitutional Congress to “unalienable rights” to pave the way to the three fifths abomination in the Constitution of the United States.

    Please read verse thirteen of the Tao and then ask your four closest acquaintenances to read the verse also. Pose this question to yourself and to your friends.

    Have i steeled myself to the necessity to secure my inalienable human rights, have i steeled my self to the need for mercy, empathy and compassion that our future holds?

    Could we have some anecdotal comments of hope?
    love, cracker



    Accept disgrace willingly.
    Accept misfortune as the human condition.

    What do you mean by “Accept disgrace willingly”?
    Accept being unimportant.
    Do not be concerned with loss or gain.
    This is called “accepting disgrace willingly.

    What do you mean by “Accept misfortune as the human condition”?
    Misfortune comes from having a body.
    Without a body, how could there be misfortune?

    Surrender yourself humbly; then you can be trusted to care for all things.
    Love the world as your own self; then you can truly care for all things.


    “Andrew Bridgen, the MP who was ‘groomed by gangs of antivaxers’


    They are desperate, they are on the ropes, they know it’s all over..



    Every project or enterprise Elon Musk has been involved in is Deep State Skunkworks® stuff.

    And his entire empire is propped up on government subsidies in one form or another.

    The Twitter files unfolding is a plan.

    The sudden ‘turning of the worm’ on Sloppy Pedo Joe is choreographed to distract from the Epic Face Stomping (EFS) the Empire of Lies® is about to experience in Ukronaziland.

    The Legacy Media is Dragging Biden Over the Classified Documents Debacle for a Reason


    Wow, that Diogenes painting is really something, at so many levels.


    I know this is an old question, but I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to include a small image in my comments. Can anybody offer help?


    @tboc: thank you for your thoughts this morning (my time) and the reminder, which we all need at times. Much appreciated.


    I find it difficult to have an ounce of caring for Biden. I watch clips where he says the most despicable things in the most vicious manner about half our citizens and … I find it impossible to care about him. And, no, I have no compassion for his state of dementia because he’s been vicious for his entire career. I guess I’ll leave that particular item to a higher power that’s far more advanced than I am.


    I like gingerbread so this was off putting to say the least.

    Woketardness ruining even the hallowed cookie space.


    So I decided to go in a different direction.

    Got a brand new cutter from the Web.


    Put a nice thin line of white icing around the edge as a chalk outline and instead of calling them ‘Ginger Deadmen” and triggering the Gender Deranged® into fits of apoplexy I will call them:

    Coincidence Cookies®

    In honor of the Vaxed


    Germ- in the bottom left corner of the Economist cover is a pangolin.


    They had hoped the Pangolin Origin story would stick, but it obviously didn’t.

    Probable Pangolin Origin of SARS-CoV-2 Associated with the COVID-19 Outbreak



    The Aristoscracy is Eating the Peasants – Rubino. John Rubino of -I can tell you how to best roast a peasant and profit from the coming collapse- cheering team.

    US federal deficit 2022 -$1.84 trillion or 30% of the 6 trillion dollar budget. Are you receiving a monthly remuneration from the US Treasury? $1.50 of every fiver is debt. Looking for a little hope and change? Me either.

    Consumer Debt – 2022 $4.76 trillion – 2.6 times higher than the US deficit. Maybe some cannabalism here? The TV says you deserve it though i’m not sure about that.
    Mortagage Debt – 2022 $11.5 trillion. Buy high sell low, interest rates are rising.
    Corporate Debt – Do those guys have any cash or securities beside collarteral debt obligation funds? Oh yes i remember now Fractional Reserve Banking, wink-wink, nod-nod.

    I don’t have Laffer and Roberts napkin, how about some demand side economics. The US is starting the year 2023 with combined US deficit and private debt of $18.1 trillion dollars with a gig economy. The exceptional and indispensible. “Don’t need a weatherman” On second thought maybe we do deserve it.

    D Benton Smith

    In regard to halting the mRNA vaccines :

    “The horses all fled the barn and died as the it burned to the ground. Quickly now! Shut the barn doors!!

    D Benton Smith

    There’s all kinds of stuff that we all know, but which doesn’t get said because “Hey, there’s no need to say it because everybody already knows it”, and so it floats on down the river of time into the memory sink-hole in a swamp somewhere. It’s easy to hide scum in a swamp.

    That’s quite a trick. Very adroit. Almost Taoist in a really twisted sort of way, and a super-slick means of avoiding doing anything about it.

    Here’s one: the putative President of the United States is a complete moral reprobate of long duration, lifetime career criminal and a complete piece of shit. The preceding statement is gross understatement. He is also a child raping mass murderer in the good old fashioned sense of those words, like they meant way back in the day when language was primarily a means of communicating facts instead of a tool-set for merchandizing lies intended to ravage the good in service to the evil.

    His son Hunter is a chip off the same block.

    History is replete with their ilk. That’s nothing new. But I’ll tell you what IS new. It is historically unprecedented that a planetary civilization is being ruled over by an organized mob of such creatures, their heinous and bizarre perversions are openly espoused, promoted and even praised as being the correct and desirable way to live.

    And yet that is precisely what is being espoused and promoted around the world, isn’t it?

    Why should millions of people agonizingly die in violent horrible ways so that a handful of monstrously defective criminals can gratify the urges of their own mental and spiritual illness ?

    Just asking.

    Sweet Kenny


    Trudeau, “Get out of my sunlight.”


    Classified files, sensitive material, withhold information .
    A lie and a secret are the same.
    It’s my story and I’m sticking by it.
    All politicians tell lies and have secrets.
    Impeach politicians for lying

    TRUTH – Dr Aseem Malhotra.

    “extreme fringe” views, which are “misguided”, “dangerous” and could mislead the public.

    • BBC Criticized For Letting Cardiologist ‘Hijack’ Interview (G.)

    “the BBC allowing someone with a known extreme fringe view on mRNA vaccines and the extent to which they are associated with cardiovascular problems to either hijack an interview on a tenuously related topic to express these views, or indeed to appear at all following even a cursory background check.”

    • Covid Vaccines Are “Obviously Dangerous” – Senior Swedish Doctors (DS) – Dr. Johan Eddebo

    ” the vaccinations, and especially the boosters, alter the immune profile of recipients such that Covid infections get ‘tolerated’ by the immune system.”

    Suck-it-up. Adapt. Adjust. Survive.



    Nice video.

    Of course, shenanigans behind the scenes are a permanent feature of NATOstan governments and the mainstream media. It’s been that way since day one but has been especially so since President Kennedy was murdered by the mob and the crime was covered up.

    It is now less than a year till the 60th anniversary of that particular crime committed by the gangster-banksters. And the fakery systems utilised by the mob are apparently working just as well in 2023 as they did in 1963. Indeed, it can be argued that the fakery systems utilised by the mob are working better than ever on the dumbed-down masses, partly because the dumbing-down processes implemented over the past 60 years have been so successful. 🙁

    I wonder what Rod Serling would make of it all, if he were alive today -this Twilight Zone World, in which any absurdity can be passed off as fact by the controllers and absurdity accepted as fact by the controlled masses. Indeed, in the Twilight Zone world of today, opinions of controllers and their minions are successfully now passed off as facts and facts are successfully relegated to the status of opinions.

    What is particularly disturbing is that in the minds of many TAE participants, opinions are passed off as facts and facts are relegated to the status of opinions. 🙁 🙁

    And no amount of logical argument alters their opinions. 🙁 🙁 🙁


    Fascinating interview with Randall Carlson about lost civilizations, comet impacts and Earth’s hidden mysteries

    Found this podcast an interesting diversion from the Empire of Lies® depravities.

    Geologists and their whole field of Earth history are apparently just as phucked up in their own Mass Formation Kult as the general culture is in the political realm.

    Starts with the Younger Dryas climate scramble and the comet tail debris hitting the arctic.


    D Benton Smith


    Did you know that your first paragraph in comment #126138 was almost a poem?

    I took some liberties with it to even up the rhymes and herewith return it to y’all almost as good as new, as follows:

    A lie and a secret are much the same
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it
    Politicians must wriggle to dodge the blame
    But the real boss just says screw it


    Covid Jabs versus Planetary Meltdown

    I am fascinated by the mental contortions and mental acrobatics that many TAE participants are prepared to perform in order to justify the absurd notion that the Planetary Meltdown we are witnessing is not due to the rapid and huge increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide that has occurred over the past 60 years as a consequence of de-sequestering previously-sequestered carbon and releasing it into the biosphere. That increase now amounts to an observed level of 420 ppm atmospheric CO2, versus a baseline level of 230 ppm, an increase of 190 ppm overall and more than 100 ppm of that increase having occurred since 1958, when the level was 316 ppm.

    When it comes to Covid Jabs, TAE participants fully endorse the pronouncements of independent thinkers who accumulate evidence that the game rigged, that the truth is suppressed, and that there is widespread censorship and lies.

    However, when it comes to atmospheric CO2, they go into reverse mode and declare thatiindependent researchers who point out there is censorship and lies must be wrong, and in the latest twist to their distorted logic, even declare that the data, i.e. the actual atmospheric CO2 numbers reported, are fake!

    Reported yesterday: ocean temperatures off the coast of Airstrip Five (Aotearoa) are 6oC warmer than the long-term average.

    That is huge! and is clearly ‘irrefutable evidence that the world is cooling and that we are headed into an ice age’, as are the unprecedented temperatures witnessed both on the land masses of Europe and the waters of the Arctic region, which are highlighted in this recent video by CP Nate, which is all good.




    Ukraine is a de facto NATO member.

    Several NATO countries have at one time or another stated that Ukraine / might join a queue for membership / is NOT now a member and won’t be so any time soon / won’t become a member ever / should just ‘shut up’ / etc.

    Ukr. has also been enjoined to to keep up the myth that it might join one day, to maintain the pretense in public. Similar applies to joining the EU.

    March 2022, Guardian:

    Ukraine’s president, Z. has acknowledged that Ukraine will not become a NATO member, in a significant concession on a day when Kyiv was pounded by Russian shells and missiles and the invading force tightened its grip on the capital.


    Ukr. has been instrumentalised, corrupted, dominated, to serve USuk-poodle interests, acting as spears against Russia.

    As a dupe it will never be allowed to join the Club. Ukr. status is that of an expendable pawn. As the proxy war in Ukr. against Russia will be lost (imho), Ukr. will be broken up, the land divided between Russia, Poland, Romania, maybe with some Rump Ukr. state dominated by the USuk…who knows. But that is just allocation of ‘territory’ which today with Korporate Kontrol perhaps doesn’t mean much. That is, the ‘borders’ and ‘check points’ serve mostly to control ppl on the ground, what goes on with MegaCorps is another rubric.


    The John Waterhouse Diogenes 1882 is lovely. The artist’s treatment of the pavers/stones and the women’s garments are a remarkable accomplishment. I appreciate the “flow”of ladies cascading down/up the steps. His subject, Diogenes, a Greek Cynic philosopher best known for holding a lantern (or candle) to the faces of the citizens of Athens claiming he was searching for an honest man – may have inspired the musings of tboc. What would it be like living in that corner nest, making philosophy (belief, and the sharing thereof) the centerpiece of existence?

    – thank you. In Yoga philosophy (The Bhagavad Gita is a good example) it is framed as seeing God in All. To arrive/live in that awareness is to go beyond the the play of opposites of embodiment.

    : RE: “I find it impossible to care for him….I have no compassion for his state of dementia because he’s been vicious for his entire career. I guess I’ll leave that particular item to a higher power that’s far more advanced than I am.”

    Thinking you do care and have compassion for Joe (and therefore his dementia) – by recognizing his faults and their impact, and then handing off to higher power. Since it is essential to shine the LIGHT on the liars and those who disrespect, ignore, corrupt, and or hide the truth – standing up for truth while letting go of the outcome becomes a compassionate act.

    Love to All Seekers. Love to those who are Lost.


    @ boilingfrog

    In order to reference a photo, it needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet, not at TAE. Think of how YouTube videos are referenced — the video is uploaded to YouTube and the commenter posts a link. Images work the same way. Here is a Lifewire article that gives information about various places for hosting images, as well as their features: https://www.lifewire.com/free-image-hosting-sites-3486329. Then you can use the IMG button to enter the URL of the hosted image.


    Within You Without You – Lyrics

    We were talking about the space between us all
    And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion
    Never glimpse the truth
    Then it’s far too late
    When they pass away
    We were talking about the love we all could share
    When we find it, to try our best to hold it there with our love
    With our love, we could save the world, if they only knew

    Try to realise it’s all within yourself
    No one else can make you change
    And to see you’re really only very small
    And life flows on within you and without you

    We were talking about the love that’s gone so cold
    And the people who gain the world and lose their soul
    They don’t know
    They can’t see
    Are you one of them?

    When you’ve seen beyond yourself then you may find
    Peace of mind is waiting there
    And the time will come when you see we’re all one
    And life flows on within you and without you

    The Beatles


    @ D Benton Smith
    Thanks. Your rendition sounds better.


    f anyone says to you “It’s not Gene Therapy”, then just send them here.
    Direct from the horses mouth:


    See “What is Gene Therapy.”

    “In the broadest sense, gene therapy is the use of genetic material in the treatment or prevention of disease. The transferred genetic material changes how a single protein or group of proteins is produced by the cell. Gene therapy can be used to reduce levels of a disease-causing version of a protein, increase production of disease-fighting proteins, or to produce new/modified proteins.”

    Of course it’s Gene Therapy.


    D Benton Smith

    Here’s the thing about privacy vs surveillance that keeps getting overlooked. Yes, the surveilance state wants to know EVERYTHING about you (in real time) but it’s got NOTHING to do with whether or not you’ve been naughty. The surveillance state doesn’t give a shit about your private crimes and dirty little secrets (you are FAR too insignificant to them to be worth blackmailing). That’s not what it’s about AT ALL.

    The purpose of mass surveillance of the micro details of your every tiniest move is to provide MASSIVE TROVES of real-time behavioral data streaming in to the Artificial Intelligence systems which then parse that behavioral data and analyze it to enable CONTROLLING it through the manipulation of the information that reaches you through the communications systems which the AI ALSO controls.

    Given enough data about what your strings are, and what sorts of information will pull those strings without you even suspecting it, then that AI can play the society it self like a troupe of marionettes.

    The Artificial Intelligence systems are owned by the self appointed puppet masters (that I call the Cabal) who . . . . quite unfortunately . . . . have drunk of the same Kool Aide that spews forth from their AI. Due to the basic nature of insanity the Cabal is incapable of factual introspection) the Cabal are blind to their own suicidal obsession with Power. Consequently, the control they intend to impose upon the unwashed masses will (if consumated) kill themselves as well as the masses who they think are the target.

    To allow or enable the Cabal to continue along this mad course of intended action is to bid farewell to homo sapiens. Of course that will not be the case because EVENTUALLY (and we’re not there yet) the question of “kill or be killed” will have an immediacy that will not , can not, and shall not be ignored.

    When that day comes you are going to choose, and there are strong and honorable cases to be made for both choices. It would probably be a good idea to prepare in advance for how you’re going to play it when the time comes.

    That’s the plan, Stan.

    D Benton Smith

    The EU just came up with an absolutely foolproof strategy for cutting energy consumption : don’t have any.


    The capacity of the atmosphere to hold water increases exponentially, even as the warming of waters is linear.


    What’s the plan?

    Increase the rate of warming via continued burning of fossil fuels and further release of excess CO2 into the atmosphere and oceans.

    TINA until TINA becomes impossible.

    The next round in insurance premium increases comes soon.

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