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Georgia O’Keeffe Sunflower, New Mexico I 1935


World Heading Into ‘Wider War’ – UN chief (RT)
Ukraine Using Chemical Weapons In Donetsk – DPR leader (TASS)
Ukrainian Refugees Are Becoming A Burden To The Baltic States (Milacic)
FTX Demands Politicians Return Millions In SBF Donations (ZH)
Why Shinzo Abe Was Assassinated (Chung)
India Predicts 500% Increase In Domestic Natural Gas Demand (ZH)
India and Russia Ditching Dollar In Energy Deal – Novatek (RT)
‘Doctor Doom’ Says US Dollar Reign Is Ending (RT)
Welcome To the Death Spiral (John Rubino)
Incentives Matter (Denninger)
GB News Presenter Quits After Channel Tries To Make Him Pay Ofcom Fines (G.)
Fauci Makes Absurd Amount of Money for “Speaking Engagements” (TP)
Mind-Blowing Reality of Death after Injection (MOL)
Chinese Spy Balloon Carried Explosives To Self-detonate (PM)

















Gonzalo: Zelensky going to Brussels? Now? Really. Just as Bakhmut is about to fall—and the Russians launch their offensive. Just as all his supporters have been purged from the government—and he might be next. I bet Zelensky doesn’t return to Kiev from this trip. I bet he’s running.





“We need to wake up – and get to work..” Well, what are you waiting for? Get a peace conference together.

World Heading Into ‘Wider War’ – UN chief (RT)

The world has come close to a global conflict, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned on Monday. The global community is not “sleepwalking” into “a wider war” but marches towards it “with its eyes wide open,” he stressed in a speech to the General Assembly. “The prospects for peace keep diminishing. The chances of further escalation and bloodshed keep growing,” Guterres said, denouncing the lack of “strategic vision” and “bias” that prevent political decision-makers from taking steps in the right direction. “This near-term thinking is not only deeply irresponsible – it is immoral,” he argued, adding that politicians and entrepreneurs became too absorbed with clinging to power and their business cycles.

The secretary-general also blasted the erosion of international law and order based on UN principles, which, according to him, led to the present sorry state of affairs. “If every country fulfilled its obligations under the [UN] Charter, the right to peace would be guaranteed,” he noted, calling on UN members to “to transform our approach to peace by recommitting to the Charter – putting human rights and dignity first, with prevention at the heart.” “We need to wake up – and get to work,” Guterres said, adding that 2023 had placed humanity in front of a “confluence of challenges unlike any in our lifetimes.”

The UN chief also pointed to the fact that scientists have moved the symbolic “Doomsday clock,” which reflects the potential annihilation of humanity, from 90 seconds to midnight – the closest it has ever been to a possible Armageddon. The UN chief’s words came after the US and its allies vowed to send dozens of Western-designed modern battle tanks to Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The Pentagon also announced supplying the Ukrainian forces with munitions that have a 150-kilometer range, adding that it would allow Kiev to use them as it sees fit. Moscow has previously repeatedly warned that continued weapons supplies to Ukraine by the US and its allies risk further escalation that might spiral into a direct conflict between Russia and NATO.

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There are videos floating around.

Ukraine Using Chemical Weapons In Donetsk – DPR leader (TASS)

A search for additional ways to protect troops from the chemical weapons that Ukrainian forces are using is underway in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the region’s Acting Head Denis Pushilin said on Monday.”We currently seek to equip our units [with chemical protection suits]. Then again, we have some of the things that we need but it’s not always comfortable to constantly wear chemical protection suits while in position. Certainly, it makes it harder for our forces to perform their missions so we are looking for additional ways to protect our troops,” he told the Rossiya-24 TV channel. Pushilin pointed out that experts had not yet had the chance to figure out what substances the Ukrainian forces were using.

“They trigger coughing, followed by watery eyes and general discomfort,” he said, describing the effect of the Ukrainian chemical weapons. Yan Gagin, an advisor to the Donetsk People’s Republic’s (DPR) leader, said earlier that the Kiev regime’s forces had used chemical weapons along the Soledar and Artyomovsk frontlines on February 5. He stressed that it wasn’t the first time that Ukraine had used chemical weapons. Gagin added that the Ukrainian military made no secret that it had prohibited weapons, posting videos showing imported gas grenades and drones designed for discharging them. Pushilin said on Monday that evidence corroborating the use of chemical weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine had also been found along the Ugledar frontline.

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“Ukrainians feel like the masters of Lithuania here. No one talks about this, but in Lithuania, almost every administrative institution has a flag of Ukraine. In our parliament, the flag of Ukraine also hangs.”

Ukrainian Refugees Are Becoming A Burden To The Baltic States (Milacic)

Every conflict, including this one in Ukraine, always leads to refugees. Considering the size of Ukraine, it is not surprising that a large number of Ukrainian refugees are in Russia and in Europe. Ukrainian refugees were the topic of an interesting online conference, where you could hear very interesting information from experts about Ukrainian refugees in the Baltics. The name of the online conference was “Ukrainian refugees in the Baltic States, social aspects of integration into society”. During the meeting, experts from the Baltic countries discussed the problem of Ukrainian refugees and their impact on the lives of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The conference was held in Russian. It is curious that even 32 years after the collapse of the USSR, the inhabitants of the Baltic countries prefer Russian rather than English in interstate communication.

[..] “Ukrainians feel like the masters of Lithuania here. No one talks about this, but in Lithuania, almost every administrative institution has a flag of Ukraine. In our parliament, the flag of Ukraine also hangs. This is very painful for us Lithuanians!” The Baltics are also annoyed by “imaginary” refugees who travel to European countries from regions where there are no hostilities. And they require special treatment and all kinds of support. Allan Hantsom, editor-in-chief of the Estonian newspaper Delovye Vedomosti: “There are people who are fleeing the war, but the majority quietly leave those regions where there are no hostilities or rocket attacks. Very different people. Some come on buses with trunks, others – on expensive cars, and they also demand free rations and free accommodation. Especially now there is a crisis in the countries and now the Europeans are more and more concerned about their own problems: inflation, shortage of fuel and housing.”

After all, Europe’s resources for accepting refugees from Ukraine are running out, which leads to the curtailment of assistance programs and the cessation of accepting new migrants. At the same time, the Baltics should be prepared for the fact that refugees from Ukraine will remain there for many years even after the end of the conflict. The inhabitants of the Baltics are increasingly tired of forced guests, but they can’t do anything, because the course of the authorities is the same: “Everything for the sake of Ukraine, and let their residents survive somehow on their own!

Because of that, Estonians began to object. Why does a person who came from a foreign country, who does not know the language and has nothing to do with Estonia, get everything, and local people from the provinces are forced to live in poverty, work at low-paid jobs? Why not provide them with conditions? A refugee arrives in the capital – here’s a ration for you, here’s your living allowance. A lot of people from the Estonian hinterland would also like to live in hotels and on ferries, so that the state pays for everything. Ukrainian refugees, instead of learning the language and considering the Baltic states as their “second homeland”, impose their customs and rules of behavior.

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They should ask for Ukraine’s money back too. That would make it real funy.

FTX Demands Politicians Return Millions In SBF Donations (ZH)

Just when you thought the FTX travesty couldn’t get any more bizarre, the now bankrupt company is trying to claw back political donations and other spending that took place at the direction of former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. A press release made its way out mid-day Sunday that FTX’s debtors and the company had sent “confidential messages to political figures, political action funds, and other recipients of contributions or other payments that were made by or at the direction of the FTX Debtors, Samuel Bankman-Fried or other officers or principals of the FTX Debtors” requesting the funds back. “These recipients are requested to return such funds to the FTX Debtors by February 28, 2023,” the release states. It continues: “The messages follow the December 19, 2022, announcement by the FTX Debtors that they have established arrangements for such recipients to return funds voluntarily by contacting ([email protected]).”

Then, the release threatens legal action to those who are unwilling to return funds: “To the extent such payments are not returned voluntarily, the FTX Debtors reserve the right to commence actions before the Bankruptcy Court to require the return of such payments, with interest accruing from the date any action is commenced.” “Recipients are cautioned that making a payment or donation to a third party (including a charity) in the amount of any payment received from a FTX Contributor does not prevent the FTX Debtors from seeking recovery from the recipient or any subsequent transferee,” the release says. We noted back in December that $73 million in political donations were now at risk as a result of the bankruptcy. SBF also donated to Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres of New York, who last year was one of 8 members of Congress who lobbied against regulating crypto. “Nobody ends up looking great in this,” said University of Rochester political science professor, David Primo, at the time.

“While there’s precedent for forcing political entities to return contributions in cases of fraud, recovery prospects are unclear in FTX’s case. Recouping campaign funds as part of the bankruptcy proceedings is a complicated and lengthy process, and the scope of the total funds eligible for clawback depends on myriad federal and state laws. It is also subject to the bankruptcy lawyers’ judgment on what money, which may be long spent by the time the FTX trustees try to go after it, is worth the effort. Bankman-Fried is facing additional scrutiny for recently saying he gave equally to Republicans and Democrats, but funded conservatives through “dark money” groups that don’t identify donors. The claim is almost impossible to verify unless the recipients voluntarily disclose they received money from him.” -Bloomberg

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“..Abe was not willing to sell off Japan as a satrapy, however, that was exactly what the western diktat was essentially demanding of Japan..”

Worth reading the whole piece.

Why Shinzo Abe Was Assassinated (Chung)

Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was assassinated July 8th, 2022, and though no longer in the position of Prime Minister of Japan at the time of his assassination (having served from 2006-2007 and 2012- September 16, 2020) he was the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history and continued to exert major influence on policy-shaping within Japan. News of Abe’s assassination was received around the world with an admixture of very strong emotion from both extremes. Some were horrified by his death and praised what he had done for Japan as something almost saintly. Others ecstatically celebrated his death, thinking no possible good could come from him due to his attempts to revive the dark side of Japan’s imperial past and his public displays of tribute to the Japanese fascists from WWII. When the news was still fresh and the frenzy of confusion at its peak, many even blamed China for the orchestration of Abe’s death, thinking they were clearly the ones to benefit from such an act.

It is true that Abe had a very dangerous and destructive mission to restore Japan to its status as an imperialistic empire. He was a corrupt insider who pushed for the dangerous privatization of the Japanese government and increased the gap between the wealthy and middle-class citizens. However, it is also too simplistic as to celebrate his death as an absolute triumph. As we can clearly see seven months after Abe’s assassination, Japan has not become more peaceful and ready for dialogue with its eastern partners but rather has become much more bellicose and stauncher in its cooperation with the increasingly war frenzied western demands. Japan has also greatly severed motion towards greater economic and political cooperation with Russia and China, which was still moving forward when Abe was alive.

It is also interesting to note that Abe was assassinated weeks before Pelosi’s Circus Tour to Taiwan. Although Pelosi’s provocation did not amount to any military confrontation, we cannot say that that was not its intention, nor that things could have played out very differently in terms of a military confrontation between China and the United States. The reader should be reminded that in 2014, Japan had changed or “reinterpreted” its constitution which gave more powers to the Japan Self-Defense Forces, allowing them to “defend other allies” in case of war being declared upon them. The United States, of course, fully supported the move. This “reinterpretation” of Japan’s constitution effectively entered it into NATO. In December 2022, Japan announced a new national security strategy. This new strategy would double defense spending. Japan also plans to invest in counter-strike capabilities, including buying U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles and developing its own weapons systems.

It was precisely Abe’s grand vision of Japan returning to its “glory” days as an empire that was problematic for the League of Nations vision, for if Japan saw itself on par with other great empires, or perhaps even greater, it meant that it did not ultimately intend to bend the knee. That is, Abe was not willing to sell off Japan as a satrapy, however, that was exactly what the western diktat was essentially demanding of Japan. Under this western diktat Japan was being ordered to accept its fate to collapse economically and sink into desperation, become increasingly militaristic and extremist and lead a kamikaze charge into a war with China and Russia which would lead to the ruination of the Japanese civilization. It does not look like Abe was going to go along with that stark vision for Japan.

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“I will be very frank,” Puri said, “we will play the market card …”

India Predicts 500% Increase In Domestic Natural Gas Demand (ZH)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday projected that the country’s gas demand would rise 500% due to the rapid pace of development, while its share of global oil demand would more than double. While the Indian prime minister did not offer a specific time frame for this major boost in demand, he said that the country’s energy demand would be highest in the present decade. Modi’s statement, delivered during the opening ceremony of India Energy Week 2023, coincides with a recent OPEC report that expects India to be the largest contributor to incremental demand, with the country expected to add some 6.3 million bpd until 2045. Overall, OPEC said it saw demand increasing to 110 million bpd in 2045, up from 97 million bpd in 2021. Modi predicts India’s share in global oil demand will increase from 5% to 11%.

The Indian prime minister used the occasion to highlight the country’s plans to boost exploration and production, which he said would provide opportunities for investors. Right now, India relies on imports for some 85% of its energy needs, with India and China being the largest importers of oil and gas in the world. With this in mind, India will remove significant restrictions on exploration, reducing “no-go” areas for E&P companies. India also plans to expand its refining capacity, along with its LNG import capacity by 2030. Asia is now the biggest buyer of Russian crude since the imposition of Western sanctions following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Some 70% of Russian Urals January loading cargoes were bound for India, according to Reuters data. India’s oil minister, Hardeep Singh Puri, also said on Monday that regardless of Western sanctions, the country would not shun Russian oil, which it receives at a discount to Brent crude. “I will be very frank,” Puri said, “we will play the market card …”

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India and Russia Ditching Dollar In Energy Deal – Novatek (RT)

Russia’s largest independent gas producer, Novatek, is in talks with India over long-term contracts on supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG), the company’s CEO, Leonid Mikhelson, announced on Monday. Negotiations with several Indian companies are underway as Russia is keen to invest in the country’s energy sector and further expand cooperation, he told reporters on the sidelines of the India Energy Week forum. “We want to be not just LNG suppliers, Indian engineering companies are already taking part in our projects and there’s a certain share of Indian suppliers in equipment. We want to expand and increase it,” Novatek’s CEO pointed out.

Mikhelson added that his company was interested in a broader investment into the Indian market, including the construction of regasification terminals for LNG production. He also revealed that the sides were considering settling LNG supply payments in national currencies – rupees or rubles – bypassing US dollar transactions. “We discussed it with the energy minister [Hardeep Singh Puri],” Mikhelson confirmed without specifying exact numbers. Earlier, Reuters reported that India’s main gas distributor GAIL was discussing the terms of a long-term contract on LNG imports with Novatek. The companies are close to signing a preliminary agreement, according to sources in the industry.

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We’re all saying that. Question is the timing.

‘Doctor Doom’ Says US Dollar Reign Is Ending (RT)

The US dollar’s status as the world’s main reserve currency is in jeopardy, renowned economist Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the global financial crisis of 2008, wrote in an article for the Financial Times on Sunday. While no currency is yet capable of replacing the greenback on the pedestal altogether, the US currency is quickly losing its competitive advantage to the Chinese yuan, Roubini said. “Given the increased weaponization of the dollar for national security purposes, and the growing geopolitical rivalry between the west and revisionist powers such as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, some argue that de-dollarization will accelerate…In a world that will be increasingly divided into two geopolitical spheres of influence – namely those surrounding the US and China – it is likely that a bipolar…currency regime will eventually replace the unipolar one,” the economist, dubbed ‘Doctor Doom’ by Wall Street for his tendency toward grim predictions, stated.

Sceptics note that the yuan cannot become a true reserve currency unless Beijing lifts capital controls, accepts permanent current account deficits, and the yuan’s exchange rate becomes more flexible. But the economist argues that such points are no longer valid, as Washington is actively undermining the allure of its currency with sanctions. “Complete exchange rate flexibility and international capital mobility is not necessary in order for a country to achieve reserve currency status…And while China may have capital controls, the US has its own version that may reduce the appeal of dollar assets among foes and relative friends. These include financial sanctions against its rivals, restrictions to inward investment in many national security-sensitive sectors and firms, and even secondary sanctions against friends who violate the primary ones,” Roubini argued.

The economist also noted that China has been stepping up yuan transactions with its foreign partners, and said this trend will likely continue, with more emerging market economies welcoming “the ability to trade oil in [yuan] and to hold a greater share of their reserves in the Chinese currency… given that they do a great deal more trade with China than the US.” He added that new technologies, like CBDCs, Alipay-like payment systems, swap lines between China and its partners and national analogs of the SWIFT messaging system, “will hasten the advent of a bipolar global monetary and financial system.” “For all these reasons, the relative decline of the US dollar as the main reserve currency is likely to occur over the next decade. The intensifying geopolitical contest between Washington and Beijing will inevitably be felt in a bipolar global reserve currency regime as well,” Roubini concluded.

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“This year the government’s annual interest bill will break $1 trillion. Combine that with the soaring cost of Medicare and Social Security as millions of Baby Boomers retire, and Washington is looking at $2 trillion a year just in just interest and entitlements..”

John Rubino has been a strong supporter of the Automatic Earth since the start. Which reminds me, I totally forgot that we had our 15th anniversary on Jan. 22.

Welcome To the Death Spiral (John Rubino)

Gold bugs and other long-suffering critics of fiat currency and endless credit expansion have for decades been predicting that soaring debt would eventually blow up the financial world. As the story went, governments with unlimited printing presses would spend and borrow too much, forcing their central banks to keep interest rates unnaturally low to make interest costs manageable, which would encourage even more credit growth, causing inflation to spike, and so on, until everyone loses faith in fiat currencies and the misbegotten things fall to their intrinsic value of zero. That’s a bit hard to visualize when it’s explained in long, convoluted sentences. But it’s a lot clearer when you line up the relevant charts. So let’s start with US government debt, which has gone parabolic.

Ever-increasing debt is manageable if interest rates fall concurrently so the interest on that debt doesn’t change. And that’s what happened between 1980 and 2021. The Fed pushed down interest rates, which minimized interest costs, which lulled a shockingly gullible investment community and political class into the belief that this process could continue forever.

But of course it couldn’t continue forever. As the critics predicted, soaring debt required ever greater currency creation which eventually caused the cost of living to jump by 10% in 2022, leading regular people to demand that it stop. So the Fed now has to raise interest rates to counter inflation. You can see this happening on the far right of the above chart. As the US borrows more money and its existing debts roll over at higher rates, the cost of that debt is soaring. This year the government’s annual interest bill will break $1 trillion. Combine that with the soaring cost of Medicare and Social Security as millions of Baby Boomers retire, and Washington is looking at $2 trillion a year just in just interest and entitlements, which it will have to borrow to fund, which will send interest costs even higher, which will require more borrowing, and so on, until it all comes crashing down.

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Part of the death spiral.

Incentives Matter (Denninger)

An interesting data point: A stunning percentage of those young people without children now never intend to have them. In fact one relatively recent survey found the number was as high as one third. The most-common reason cited? Its too expensive. Now you can try to point to this as some sort of selfishness but that’s a dodge on the real issue: You, that is us older people, made it too expensive. Specifically homes and medical care are two places where all the “older people” cheer; we get the “best” but the next can’t buy it at all. Our federal government tries to interfere in both markets and allows blatantly illegal activity when it comes to medical care, specifically as relates to price fixing, which has been a felony for over 100 years. Nobody cares and nobody will prosecute.

Since all criminal offenses in the United States are “the people .v. whoever” — that is, there’s no right of private prosecution as there is with a lawsuit, it never ends since nobody goes to jail and in fact there is a formal government policy not to indict large corporations for felony criminal acts (which could debar them permanently from government and some private activity) after Arthur Anderson. Health care has gone from about 4% to 20% of our domestic output; that is, it has multiplied in price by five. Just having a child is expensive, never mind the near-inevitable little thing here and there. Your kid breaking a leg playing a sport could bankrupt you in this country, and God forbid said child contracts a serious childhood disease such as Leukemia.

Then there’s the always-required housing. One or more kids means more bedrooms, of course; at least one more. When a one-bedroom apartment runs $12,000 a year exactly how am I supposed to pay for that if I don’t make at least $40,000 annually? Oh, we’ll just “subsidize” that you say? Uh, no you won’t because all that does is force the price even higher by throwing printed government credit at it, since the government refuses to tax what it spends first. The last two years have made clear what all the credit emission does: Food, anyone? And kids are hungry, especially teens. I had one; she was a vacuum cleaner in the fridge and pantry and boys are worse. That’s normal. How are you going to pay for it?

Of course nobody seems to think this is a problem, not even Jerome Powell at The Fed, who is saying that he has “the tools” to make inflation come down to 2%. Eventually. Note that what he didn’t say is that he will tighten credit until the price of houses returns to what it was before the 2006-2007 bubble, which was in fact still ridiculously expensive in terms of average wages which is why the bubble happened in the first place — people running up the price by using hinky financial engineering. No, importing millions of people from other lands, most with no skills, will not fix this. They come here with no skills but a willingness to pop out some kids — which makes it worse. That’s basic economics: No skills means low or no wages but demand for goods and services which of course makes the price go up even more.

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One more independent voice silenced.

GB News Presenter Quits After Channel Tries To Make Him Pay Ofcom Fines (G.)

One of GB News’s leading presenters has quit after the channel tried to make him personally responsible for paying fines issued by the media regulator Ofcom. Mark Steyn, who presented the station’s 8pm peak-time slot, is already subject to two investigations by the media regulator after he used his show to cast doubt on the safety of Covid vaccines. The presenter’s departure has led some viewers of GB News – which has given airtime to conspiracy theorists warning of a globalist elite takeover – to suggest the channel has itself sold out to shadowy globalist forces. Steyn, who has been off-air since last year after suffering two heart attacks, told fans on his personal website that the station bosses initially insisted he could not return unless a defibrillator was fitted in the studio.

He said this was fixed with a call to “Defibrillators R Us”, only for Angelos Frangopoulos, GB News’s chief executive, to demand Steyn agree to personally cover the costs of dealing with Ofcom and paying any fines for breaches of the broadcasting code. This is a highly unusual situation given the fines are the legal responsibility of the broadcast licence holder, not the individual presenter. Steyn, who was employed on a freelance basis, said his response was that “you may be a homicidal maniac intent on bringing on a third fatal heart attack but you’ll have to do better than this”. The presenter said he used to call GB News’s in-house compliance officer “Ofcom’s bitch” when they argued about what he was allowed to say on air. “Well Ofcom’s bitch has had his revenge now,” said Steyn in his video.

Steyn said the proposal would be untenable. “I’m on the hook for Ofcom fines but I don’t have any say in our defence against an Ofcom complaint – that’s all done by GB News. Ofcom’s bitch, as I call the compliance officer, will be making the weedy defence to Ofcom and then I’m the one who has to pay the £40,000 fine,” he added. Although Ofcom has the ability to regulate the content of broadcast television and radio channels, it has no control over online streams – meaning Steyn is able to broadcast whatever he wants online to a potentially bigger audience without any intervention. The contractual terms offered to Steyn suggest GB News bosses are concerned about the impending judgment in the Ofcom investigations – which could scare away some of its remaining advertisers. Earlier this year all staff were put on mandatory Ofcom training.

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Time for a hearing under oath. In public.

Fauci Makes Absurd Amount of Money for “Speaking Engagements” (TP)

Dr. Anthony Fauci faced criticism online on Sunday after reports emerged about his speaking fee. Critics were stunned to discover that the once highest-paid federal U.S. government employee is charging up to $100,000 for speaking engagements. This news has raised questions about Fauci’s financial motivations and independence in light of his high-profile role as a public health expert during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information was brought to light by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ rapid response director, Christina Pushaw, who tweeted a screenshot from the Leading Motivational Speaker’s Agency’s website. The screenshot showed that Fauci is listed as a motivational and healthcare keynote speaker, with a fee ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.

Many argued that his high speaking fee undermines his credibility and raises ethical concerns, regardless of the public response. On October 19, 2020, President Trump called Dr. Fauci “a disaster.” The chief medical adviser to Biden is scheduled to deliver the 2023 Yale Medical School commencement speech in May. He has also been a keynote speaker at several other university commencement ceremonies, including the University of Maryland, Roger Williams University, and The City College of New York. According to a Freedom of Information Act request, Fauci was once considered the highest-paid employee of the U.S. government, earning more than even the president. In 2019, Fauci’s income reached a record high of $417,608.00, and over the previous two years, he earned $384,625.00.

Between 2010 and 2019, Forbes reported that Fauci, as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, earned $3.6 million. Watchdog group OpenTheBooks found that the Fauci family’s net worth expanded from $7.5 million in 2019 to $12.6 million by the end of 2021, due to investment gains, awards, compensation, and royalties.

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“..approximately one-quarter of a million American lives were lost during the first year of the catastrophic COVID-19 vaccine campaign..”

Mind-Blowing Reality of Death after Injection (MOL)

Many individuals around the globe appear to have fallen into a trance where those who have undergone COVID-19 vaccination do not recognize, nor do they care when large numbers of individuals are dying suddenly without explanation days or months also after taking one of the COVID-19 vaccines. In this issue of the Report, we have an excerpt from the Headwinds documentary “The Psychology of Totalitarianism,” where Dr. Mattias Desmet, Ph.D., gives a summary of mass formation and some of the behaviors it explains, including the fear-driven affiliation with a group who believes so strongly in the vaccine, that they will do unimaginable things to the unvaccinated. Broken families, job loss, and careers ruined for the unvaccinated by those in the formation who are hell-bent on every last person taking a COVID-19 vaccine.

Cumulative excess deaths Scandinavia.

At the same time, the United States is facing catastrophic casualties with the mass vaccination program. Several sources of data emerged in 2021, pointing to a biopharmaceutical public health disaster with the COVID-19 vaccine campaign. Pfizer recorded 1223 deaths occurring shortly after administration of their product within the first 90 days of use starting December 10, 2020. Pantazatos and Seligmann reported an excess in all-cause mortality from vaccine administration and US census data during 2021 between 146k and 187k, with a midpoint of 166k deaths. By the end of December 2021, the CDC VAERS system had reported ~8K with an under-reporting factor of 30; the casualty estimate from that source was 240k. In a recent paper published in BMC Infectious Diseases, Dr. Mark Skidmore used a valid representative survey to learn from population reporting.

A total of 22% knew of someone who was seriously injured by the vaccine, and the estimate based upon deaths attributed to the vaccine by respondents was 278K deaths. In the Skidmore analysis, the average age of death reported was 48 years. This paper is important since it triangulates with two other sources for the same time interval with a conclusion that approximately one-quarter of a million American lives were lost during the first year of the catastrophic COVID-19 vaccine campaign. During 2021 the Delta outbreak took an additional toll, with lives lost to the infection, and there was no evidence to support a tradeoff. That is, no randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of COVID-19 vaccination demonstrated a reduction in death as a component of a primary or secondary endpoint. The consent form for immunization does not list mortality reduction as an expected benefit, yet it mentions death is possible with the vaccine. I anticipate more direct sources of information will become available, including vaccine administration information from the CDC linked with the National Death Index.

Unvaxxed women

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“..200 feet tall, weighed thousands of pounds, and its payload was the size of a jetliner..”

Chinese Spy Balloon Carried Explosives To Self-detonate (PM)

Following the shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon over the weekend, Pentagon officials have revealed that the balloon potentially was carrying explosives to destroy itself. According to the Daily Mail, Air Force Gen. Glen D. VanHerck, commander of US Northern Command, revealed in a Monday call with reporters that the Balloon, in addition to potentially carrying explosives, was 200 feet tall, weighed thousands of pounds, and its payload was the size of a jetliner. VanHerck’s comments came following a briefing by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, who defended Biden’s decision to wait to shoot down the balloon until the weekend. “Because the president decided they wouldn’t shoot it down until he could do so safely, and that meant over water, that afforded us a terrific opportunity to gain a better understanding, to study the capabilities of this balloon,” Kirby said.


On the coast of South Carolina on Saturday afternoon, the US military, using an F-22 fighter jet, shot down the balloon with a missile. Shortly before the balloon was shot down, Federal Aviation Administration had issued a ground stop for three airports in the Carolinas located in Wilmington, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The balloon had entered US airspace on January 28 and was known to the Biden administration for nearly a week before its report in the news on Thursday, February 2. The White House reportedly tried to keep its presence secret to not disrupt Secretary of State Antony Blinken scheduled trip to China, which was postponed after the public’s discovery of the balloon.

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C seeds










Funeral sheep



A massive sculpture of a legendary bird has taken shape at Jatayu Earth’s Center in Kerala, India, in 2020. Jatayu, the noble bird of divine origin, as recreated in concrete at the Center is 61 meters long, 46 meters wide, and 21 meters tall





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    What are the odds? Died of coincidence.

    “Neo-Nazi Couple Arrested For Alleged Plot To ‘Completely Destroy’ Baltimore”

    25 of 28. Great headline, a city’s a big place, what were they going to do? Release fentanyl (too late)? A Dirty bomb? Nope, they were just going to shut the lights off. Huh? Yup, I’m sure the power company has never seen a damaged substation before and everyone in the city would die, die DIE! I tells ya! You know, it’s one thing when white trash neo-Nazis are f’ing idiots – you expect that. But it’s another when every police, reporter, and commenter is. What. The actual.

    Upcoming? The FBI will have known all about them, all their friends will be FBI, and will have sold them the goods for free. The FBI else where is still saying “NeoNazis dun it” when they have no suspects and no leads at all. (Checks clipboard) “Today’s Enemy whut dun everything is…”

    “Putin: What is the problem with “Empire”? They think they are so powerful, that they can afford mistakes.

    That is, the point of power is to protect you from consequences. But if you’re an idiot nothing can protect ‘you’ from that. ‘You’ may not be the individual, but your nation, your collective.

    Twenty THOUSAND Poles? PLUS everybody else? (Another 20,000?) Although it makes sense, that’s way higher than I had it and will later support that Russia fought all NATO combined, headed by Nazis, just like in WWII.

    And now Nazis with chemical weapons, backed by the United States. Well I feel safer already!

    Note: it’s not THERE. You’re not “Next”. You are past tense. After realizing the gravity of the Fentanyl, the bad water, food poisoning, Glyphosate and others, they kept doing it. Like Australian aborigines, they have been running a full scale extinction campaign on their own people here in America. It’s what Nazis do.™

    Sounds like Estonia and Lithuania will cease to exist, having been invaded and conquered by Ukraine. Problem solved.

    FTX. Since the GOP donations are to the people we are trying to get rid of anyway, totally approve. Please enforce this action and make it public.

    “• India and Russia Ditching Dollar In Energy Deal – Novatek (RT)

    Yet it doesn’t matter. Nothing will ever matter again.

    “Doctor Doom’ Says US Dollar Reign Is Ending (RT) “

    Yes, but it falls LAST. But even the Euro hasn’t collapsed yet, Euro banks and European politics, and all that will take some time. They are wrong about the Yuan, if it’s even the Chinese goal which I doubt, the world doesn’t need ANY reserve currency. It’s not an economic requirement, it’s just a symbol of empire. Probably one would appear of some sort, but for the time we are in a “MultiPolar World” there cannot be one, as that is the #Opposite of MultiPolar. It’s enough that the US$ becomes one of many, and its privilege is erased.

    “Welcome to the [Debt] Death Spiral (John Rubino) “

    Never seems to matter though. Like Covid it’s all a matter of belief and they’ll believe anything rather than change, it seems.

    “A stunning percentage of those young people without children now never intend to have them.”

    As above, direct genocidal attack on their own people, approved by everyone. Closing the collapse gap with the Soviet Union and for the same reason: we are a centrally planned Soviet State. Life expediencies dropped 10y in USSR? We can beat that, We’re #1!

    Soviet, what? You exaggerate in Capitalist-run America. What did he just say? There are no free markets in America and no free market pricing. Nothing is “Capitalist” when there are no markets and no “market economy.”

    I don’t see how Steyn can be responsible for the network, but if so it will change contract law sharply in this new era. And remember, they are the Kings of retroactively “finding” things you said a lifetime ago then prosecuting it. No one is safe. You’re Next.

    “the once highest-paid federal U.S. government employee is charging up to $100,000 for speaking engagements.”

    What good does his money do him? “Do you feel in charge now?” Reminds me of the old saying “These guys won’t be able to walk down the street.” Like Moosilini. All of Congress, now with $1M more of my money separating them from me. (It’s not enough)

    Reminds me: since I can walk into the house of the Congressional Speaker, 3rd in Line, What was going on with ol’ Paul? When I apologized, I wasn’t giving him a free pass, just that the camera showed his very weird statements were true. What probably happened was they are in fact gay lovers. But walk 10 miles in the rain with a backpack and break in just because of a bad breakup? Even for a crazy guy? How about this: Pepe was the guy in the car with Pelosi’s DWI. After a sex-n-drug bender, probably with underage. Nancy pays him $10,000 to shut up about it. But being Nancy Pelosi, then refuses to pay. Pepe can’t get ahold of her, Paul says “he doesn’t have the money” as he’s obeying locking out the peasants and pissants because Nancy’s mad about the exposure, not the sex, drugs, or kids, and would kill him. Pepe then decides to f’ing camp out at the house to make his point. That’s why they were calling “Capital Police” to find her. That’s why Pepe wasn’t worried because they’d never dare exposure.

    But he said “don’t f with me or I’ll hit you with a hammer.” Paul f’d with him, the police showed up, and when he realized he was about to get tagged, he therefore hit him with the hammer. Which is keeping your word, better than 99% of other Americans around here, although that was a dumb plan from a dumb person.

    Moral: if you’re going to screw over gay lovers, this is what you get. The DNC approves of destroying all vulnerable gay men as a matter of course to protect rich, powerful CIS heteronormative white guys. It’s what they do.™

    Notes on American Weather. Super-mild. Global Warming! Super-cold. Global Warming! Mildly above average. Global Warming!

    Repeat as required until your bank account fills up.


    That’s just a crazy myth, which is why it is reported by the WSJ for decades.

    “MTG gave it a good go, [with questioning] but she will get nowhere with this,”

    She should cut off funding, refer charges. Since the DoJ only harasses political opponents since 1900, she can refer them to her state Attorney General. Will she? No because no one is serous yet. A clown country cannot take anything seriously. They would rather die.

    “The other advantage of the war is that the monitoring of spending evaporates and money suddenly starts moving to the great reset projects.”

    Yes, the system is collapsing of compounding interest, LeGuard had it so Powell would obey the WEF, pile on ESG, print the required $100 Trillion, and keep the transition. Powell said “I don’t see that in my Congressional mandate anywhere” and she choked a hairball on camera. If the Fed “disinflates” they collapse. They were doing this that caused the seizure in Sept 2019, “Then a miracle happened”. Powell has to obey Congress, and picked up again after. Then the WEF started the $150B (Official) war. I believe it is this (unlimited) money that is propping them up still, although the Fed is still tightening and the Pentagon is giving no (real) weapons. Still, it’s not tight enough to break them, they are no doubt human trafficking the Ukrainian women in the confusion as well as the Arms. We’re at a standoff for now with pressures on both sides. Powell doesn’t want to hike and get blamed. Putin doesn’t want to sweep over and get blamed. “It’s not who wins or loses but where you place the blame.” They all need the “Right People” to get blamed.

    They will not throw everything at China as they do not want nuclear war,”

    I don’t see how we could have ANY war with China that isn’t immediately essentially nuclear. We’d shoot them with what? Point our 9MM Sig over the Taiwan Straits? As with the Abe article, clearly the intended for Japan to be sucked in and fight China to the last man over Taiwan. That still wouldn’t take long and it still would go “nuclear”, fast. Maybe with balloon bio-spraying the nation to extinction in 30 days. Why not?


    This story about Fauci’s – Mr. TheScience (or MrAIDs as we used to call him) – latest salvo is eye rolling.


    Just left the garage where I had a tyre replaced.
    Poor kid doing the work was spluttering and coughing the entire time.

    He told me he’s had “bronchitis for 5 weeks, and I can’t get rid of it”.
    He confirmed that he was “boosted”.

    Should have seen the look on his face when I said – “That’s why.”

    Then I come home and read this industrial grade gas-lighting by a completely clueless moron :

    The real reason you have an everlasting cold




    Military Op from the get go.

    In a time of war, it is far better to severely wound, debilitate and incapacitate the enemy than simply kill them.
    It consumes far more resources.
    Doing it slowly, over time, with multiple modes of biological attack is even better.

    The death-vaxxed are bodies on the battle field – and they don’t even know it.


    Just Some Randomer


    “Then I come home and read this industrial grade gas-lighting by a completely clueless moron :

    The real reason you have an everlasting cold”

    Bullshit indeed, but the comments below the line are hilarious. Last time I looked there was almost universal disbelief at the garbage propounded within the article itself.

    Seems like critical mass has been reached where people feel able to call out the Covid BS without fear of being buried under a great steaming pile of Pro-Vax comments. There just aren’t as many Vax Fanatics out there, ready to leap to the defence of the official narrative as there used to be.


    Problems for Controllers/Decision makers/Implementors:

    Depleting Resources vs Energy Feeders vs Energy Producers vs Expectations

    Available Control Tools

    Control supply line/distribution/delivery
    Life expectancy/births/deaths/duration

    Secret narrative writer


    They know that, going forward, there are simply not enough resources to go around.
    I suspect that most readers here know this too.

    It’s Come to This

    “This won’t hurt a bit and besides it’s all for the greater good.
    God bless your little heart – you’re going to need it when the myocarditis starts.”

    You trust your mommy don’t you?

    You trust the doctor don’t you?



    When I want to read the opinions and thoughts of the “smart people” on the other side, I go here



    It’s like another universe.


    Earthquake problems
    + 5,000 deaths
    + 10,000 building destroyed or need repair
    + 10,000 rescued people disabled by their housing crushing their limbs
    + 10,000,000 people facing shortages of everything for living
    Millions of extra people in refugee camps
    Untold destruction of infrastructures
    Increase tide of destitute immigrants

    John Day

    I think SBF paid Bill Clinton and Tony Blair “fees” to speak, which are not Donations.
    Those lizards know their way around.

    John Day

    Today’s blog title is a pun, “Latypova Iceberg” https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/latypova-iceberg

    A lot of today’s content is provided by Sasha Latypova, with a high level Pharmaceutical manufacturing background, and more from links she has provided.
    The “unsinkable” control-narrative of global elites has hit an iceberg of cold facts. The band on deck continues to play waltzes, but not everybody is dancing.

    ​ ​How the US gov’t built a shadow structure that enabled COVID vax ‘bioterrorism’​ , Sasha Latypova​
    ​ ​‘Congress and U.S. Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution… through a massive domestic bioterrorism program relabeled as a public health program… on behalf of the World Health Organization and its financial backers,’ writes legal researcher Katherine Watt.
    ​ ​Editor’s Note: This article is the fourth of a series on the role of the U.S. government in orchestrating a bioterrorism attack upon their own citizens utilizing “biowarfare agents” marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines.” The prior three articles can be accessed here, here, and here. ​
    ​ With exceptional detail and comprehensiveness, a paralegal researcher and journalist from Pennsylvania has documented the extensive “pseudo-legal” structures put in place over decades which allowed the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to execute its “COVID-19 vaccine” bioterrorism attack upon its own citizens, killing and maiming many thousands with complete impunity.

    The Federal Reserve Cartel – Eight Families own the USA #BIS, IMF, World Bank​ , Herland Report, linked by Sasha Latypova
    ​ ​They are the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London;
    the Warburgs of Hamburg; the Lazards of Paris; and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.
    ​ ​Many of the bank’s stockholders reside in Europe.
    ​ ​The US government had a historical distrust of BIS, lobbying unsuccessfully for its demise at the 1944 post-WWII Bretton Woods Conference.
    Instead the Eight Families’ power was exacerbated, with the Bretton Woods creation of the IMF and the World Bank.

    Why Are They Doing It?
    “Going Direct Reset” explained by Catherine Austin Fitts​
    “Why is DOD (US Government, all Western globalist governments) acting against the people, killing and injuring the population”? The answer is largely in the creation of money. This story is not about how much money someone has right now, it is about who can make more of it at any time. The US Government and its Department of Defense specifically cannot account for around $21+ trillion as of several years ago…
    ..Importantly for the “owners” (of the money source), this is also about the restructuring of their out-of-whack balance sheet, i.e. the out-of-control liabilities. This is not only about the retirees in the Western countries that have been lulled into fat stupor by promises of socialist utopia, although obviously, they are a large group of creditors. Every person regardless of age is a “claim on assets” in the form of usage of the dollar supply (or whatever succeeds the dollar). Incidentally, that’s why the push for life expectancy curtailing “vaccinations” is so massive in the West and seems much less so in Africa (they are not worth that much per head in dollar terms).
    ​ ​The current war on the people is part of the restructuring that the globalist “owners” (owners of the central banks) are attempting – going direct reset and attempted CBDCs. This is also the fight over whose fake digital token is going to be the “global reserve”, and so we have the US fighting the Euro zone and Russia and China in various stages of economic/bioterrorism warfare progressing to kinetic war. While Russia and China and the Euros are also frantically restructuring their balance sheets by murdering and terrorizing their own citizenry.
    ​ ​In order to succeed the owners need to install a global system of totalitarian control through various technological surveillance means, reduce the population, and utterly impoverish and terrorize the survivors. I personally believe they will not succeed because they do not have the tech they claim (they lie about that a lot) and will not be able to bridge it in time before the situation totally unravels.

    On the Question of Social Security as “Entitlement”​ , Sasha Latypova​
    ​ ​Don’t shoot me or be disappointed in me, I am only a messenger… I grew up in the country where many things were guaranteed by the government, a very large, very powerful one that still owns 1/6 of the Earth surface, and vast, vast resources that come with it. Anyhow, the government lasted 70+ years, had great technological achievements, won a major war, was in many ways quite formidable. The following things were absolutely, definitively, 100% guaranteed and absolutely free because all of us “paid into the system” by our collective earnest labor:
    Free education, including higher education;
    Medical care (and dental!);
    Other ancillary benefits like vacation places (modest, but hey, free stuff!)
    ​ ​Until none of this became available. In a matter of DAYS. I am not kidding or exaggerating.
    ​ ​What happened to the retirees that were counting on those retirement benefits? Nothing over dramatic but they died. My grandparents and other people’s family members, they simply could not comprehend what happened to all the stuff they believed so hard in and worked for, and they gave up and were no more.
    ​ ​If you think this cannot happen to you, you are a fool. That’s my message. Whether it is called “entitlement” or “I deserve it because I paid into the system” –
    ​ ​ I don’t know. The people who have already stolen it from you do not care what it is called.

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, ​ (So much of medicine lies in using what is discovered to work. Once a medicine is “approved” for one indication, it is almost never put through the long and expensive process to approve it to treat another condition that it has been found to treat well. There’s no payout to justify the expensive studies.)
    The FDA Succeeded in Interfering with the Practice of Medicine/ WSJ Op-Ed
    A little-noticed provision of the omnibus spending bill gave the agency power to ban off-label use of approved therapies.

    ​Letters From The Underworld, Sasha Latypova​
    In late 2020 a collection of documents – approximately 900 pages from Pfizer’s “vaccine” Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) section of the regulatory submission to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) were leaked and sent to a number of journalists. The documents also included email exchanges from some of the reviewers and senior executives at the EMA. The leak was covered in the British Medical Journal who were able to confirm that the documents were authentic. I received these documents from a colleague about a year later, at the end of 2021, and I read and used a lot of them in my analyses. I have seen many R&D related documents from Pfizer in my professional work, so I can also confirm that these leaked ones were highly consistent with typical Pfizer documentation. The EMA did not deny the authenticity…
    ​..​Here are the emails indicating that the Major Objections were formally written up and subsequently disregarded by the EMA since the product was shipped commercially just a couple of weeks later. The conditions of the CMA were never fulfilled.
    ​ ​This confirms what we already know – neither the EMA (nor the FDA, Health Canada, MHRA or other regulators) had any real authority over these products or impact on whether they were going to be deployed on unsuspecting public. It was all theater from start to finish..​.
    ..I counted approximately 70 different individuals mentioned throughout the leaked document and emails, who facilitated this tragic charade – the “approval” of of the most lethal product ever unleashed on the largest number of people, resulting in unprecedented death and injury toll worldwide. Perhaps, with a few exceptions, most of them were deceived in 2020 and did not understand that they were participating in a war crime and signing off on a deadly fraud. I believe most of them do know by now, I hope they are sufficiently horrified at what they have enabled, and I hope these people step forward as whistleblowers and start talking.

    ​ That nice young medical student who said medicine made mistakes and needs to apologize and move on…
    ​ ​Will the real Kevin Bass stand up? Who is the author of the Newsweek apologia?​ Meryl Nass MD​
    Just a few tweets provides a lot of information. Thx again to A Midwestern Doctor for decoding his hogwash…
    It seems he used to tweet about eugenics. He liked it.

    ​ ​How to nullify criticism of the vaccines​ , ​A World Health Organisation guide
    ​ ​The document, titled Vaccine Crisis Communication Manual – a step-by-step guidance for national immunization programmes, was produced in 2022 by the WHO European office with the stated aim of supporting countries ‘in effectively responding to events which may erode the public’s trust in vaccines and authorities that deliver them’. The manual offers detailed recommendations about how those in authority should respond to a ‘vaccine crisis’ (defined as any occurrence that ‘will most likely or has already eroded public trust in vaccines … and may create uncertainty’). The explicit, overarching goal is to ‘rebuild trust in vaccines’.

    ​ ​Cleveland Clinic preprint: more covid in employees who took more covid vaccines
    Negative efficacy strongly evident in 50​,​000-person study, released Dec 19 2022

    [email protected]

    “Neo-Nazi Couple Arrested For Alleged Plot To ‘Completely Destroy’ Baltimore”

    This has all the makings of a FBI entrapment/false flag operation.

    No one knows who has been shooting at electric substations but most have occurred in relatively rural or suburban areas. Never letting lack of knowledge get in the way, a news report this week and posted on Drudge reported that “experts” believed it was white extremists/supremacists. Really? Why would white supremacists want to disrupt electricity distribution? Why isn’t it extremist leftists eco-terrorists who want to bring an end to our use of fossil fuels?

    Lo and behold, mere days afterwards, we have a breaking story that two white supremacists want to shut down Baltimore’s electricity – a whole city, with lots and lots of black people in it! Imagine! OMG, the threat is real!

    The Feds are prepping some new initiatives with this, G+d knows what they are, but I doubt we will have to wait long to find out.

    The ancient power grid is the Achilles’ heel of the digital surveillance and control grid, including any planned rollout and use of CBDCs. Apparently production time for replacement of large transformers is about 2 years, and no one in the US makes them. Har! Western Civ: We just figure out how to skim off existing gigs, we don’t actually incur the costs of maintaining the goose that lays the golden eggs!

    The other heel of Achilles is the production of semiconductors, largely centralized in Taiwan, which have to be replaced every so often. Google says the average life span of semiconductors is 3 years, which is obvious BS, I’ve been using the same desktop for five, the cheapo simple ones in my car have been going for years and years, so it’s probably closer to 10 years.

    The cost to harden all significant substations and production facilities would cost billions, you wonder what’s stopping them since they conjure billions overnight for aid to Ukraine, but as noted above, we don’t take care of anything, our politicos, multinationals and oligarchs just ride the wave of skimming off of whatever there is.

    Maybe they want some PR cover to go bust heads of uppity white people who aren’t buying the NWO, let them eat bugs plans they have for us. Who know? Time will tell.

    John Day

    ​ January 2023 Independent Japanese Medical Journal, Med Check
    ​ To be vaccinated, or Not ? Points You should Know
    SARS-CoV-2 vaccines Doubles the Risk of COVID-19!

    Japanese Researchers to File Lawsuit Against Japan Government for Covering Up the Side Effects of the COVID Vaccine

    Japanese Researchers to File Lawsuit Against Japan Government for Covering Up the Side Effects of the COVID Vaccine

    ​ ​According to sources she had not felt well after receiving her 3rd booster. After her collapse she lost consciousness and remains in a coma. According to a report in The Independent, she is ‘on medical equipment supporting her heart, lungs and kidneys.’
    ​ ​Princess Bajrakitiyabha is the eldest child of current King Rama X. The law graduate is a senior diplomat in the Thai government.

    ​ ​Escalation to World War III and the British establishment​ (More about the “owners”. Thanks Eleni.)
    ​ ​UK’s leading establishment figures are gung-ho promoting World War III. What’s behind the agenda?
    ​ ​To be sure, we are not talking about the actions by British people or the legitimate institutions of their government. Rather, we are talking about a cabal that has operated British secret diplomacy and intelligence agencies in pursuit of the imperial agenda. Its objective is conquest and subjugation of nations for the benefit of the banking cartel based in the City of London and on Wall Street, and to the detriment of everyone else, at home and abroad.​..
    ​ ​The real war is people vs. the banks, and it is now
    ​ ​To prevent another great war from breaking out in Europe, we must clearly identify the prime movers behind the escalation of hostilities and their motives: they are the networks of the empire’s vested interests, and the ultimate beneficiaries of war and subjugation of other nations. When we trace the system of incentives that catalyzes wars all the way to their origins, they invariably lead to the international banking cartel.
    ​ ​The fact that Britain is the host to the financial parasite that is the City of London, and that she is incurably hostile to Russia, is not a coincidence. British establishment’s obsession with destroying Russia is today the most dangerous force facing humanity, capable ultimately of ending it. As Lord Acton said, “The issue that has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

    John Day

    Jim Kunstler sort of reviews Dmitry Orlov’s book:
    I commend to you Dmitry Orlov’s seminal work, Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects, Revised & Updated. For anyone out there not paying attention the past thirty-odd years, Russia, incorporated as the Soviet Union, collapsed in 1991. The USSR was a bold experiment based on the peculiar and novel ill-effects of industrialism, especially gross economic inequality. Alas, the putative remedy for that, advanced by Karl Marx, was a despotic system of pretending that individual humans had no personal aspirations of their own.
    The Soviet / Marxist business model was eventually reduced to the comic aphorism: We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us. It failed and the USSR gurgled down history’s drain.
    ​ ​Russia reemerged from the dust, minus many of its Eurasian outlands. Remarkably little blood was shed in the process. Mr. Orlov’s book points to some very interesting set-ups that softened the landing. There was no private property in the USSR, so when it collapsed, nobody was evicted or foreclosed from where they lived. Very few people had cars in the USSR, so the city centers were still intact and people could get around on buses, trams, and trains. The food system had been botched for decades by low-incentive collectivism, but the Russian people were used to planting family gardens — even city dwellers, who had plots out-of-town — and it tided them over during the years of hardship before the country managed to reorganize.
    Compare that to America’s prospects. In an economic crisis, Americans will have their homes foreclosed out from under them, or will be subject to eviction from rentals. The USA has been tragically built-out on a suburban sprawl template that will be useless without cars and with little public transport. Cars, of course, are subject to repossession for non-payment of contracted loans. The American food system is based on manufactured microwavable cheese snacks, chicken nuggets, and frozen pizzas produced by giant companies. These items can’t be grown in home gardens. Many Americans don’t know the first thing about growing their own food, or what to do with it after it’s harvested.


    ​ Cynthia Chung explores the history of Fascism as the preferred governance form of Central Banking, through the world wars and the intervening financial crises in Europe​, which facilitated the rise of hypnotic fascist leaders in times of national fear and crisis. She then follows the British Empire as embodied in the City of London, and satellite financial power centers, as well as their action centers, the IMF and World Bank. Shinzo Abe was a skilled Japanese nationalist diplomat and politician who did not want to sacrifice Japan to the globalist plans.
    Why Shinzo Abe Was Assassinated: Towards a ‘United States of Europe’ and a League of Nations​
    This is not an unexpected outcome for Japan but has been in the works for the last 50 years as a policy outlook of the Trilateral Commission (though is not limited to this institution). It is in fact the League of Nations’ vision that has been on the wish list of those who began WWI in hopes that the world would accept a one world government of regionalisations in service to an empire. It is what orchestrated the Great Depression to again attempt an implementation of a League of Nations outlook through the rise of a “National Socialist” brand of fascism seen in Italy and Germany (which would not have been possible without an economic crisis). And it was what launched a Second World War in a desperate attempt to forcefully implement such a vision onto the world…
    ..Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi would write in his other autobiography “An Idea Conquers the World”:
    “The use of mass hypnotism for propaganda purposes is most successful at times of crisis. When National Socialism made its bid for power, millions of Germans had been thrown completely off their balance: middle-class families had sunk to the level of the proletariat, whilst working-class families were without work. The Third Reich became the last hope for the stranded, of those who had lost their social status, and of those rootless beings who were seeking a new basis for an existence that had become meaningless…
    ..“The [Trilateral] commission was co-founded in July of 1973 by David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and a group of American, European and Japanese bankers, public officials and academics including Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker. It was set up to foster close cooperation among nations that constituted the three-block architecture of today’s western empire. That ‘close cooperation’ was intended as the very foundation of the empire’s ‘three block agenda,’ as formulated by the stewards of the undead British Empire.”
    Its formation would be organised by Britain’s hand in America, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), (aka: the offspring of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the leading think tank for the British Crown).
    On Nov 9th, 1978, Trilateral Commission member Paul Volcker (Federal Reserve Chairman from 1979-1987) would affirm at a lecture delivered at Warwick University in England: “A controlled disintegration in the world economy is a legitimate object for the 1980s.” This is also the ideology that has shaped Milton Friedman’s “Shock Therapy”.
    In 1975 the CFR launched a public study of global policy titled the 1980’s Project. The general theme was “controlled disintegration” of the world economy, and the report did not attempt to hide the famine, social chaos, and death its policy would bring upon most of the world’s population.
    ..The reality of the situation is that no nation is expected to survive this stand-off.
    It is not about the western bloc against the eastern bloc. It is about the ruination of all nations and the formation of one empire, or if you prefer the wording, one world government. Again, this is the League of Nations vision that has been the wet dream of a very small grouping since the First World War. https://thesaker.is/why-shinzo-abe-was-assassinated-towards-a-united-states-of-europe-and-a-league-of-nations/

    ​ Moon of Alabama gives a death toll over 2500, and counting, and calls for sanctions relief for Syria, still a war zone, thanks to the US/Israel.
    ​ ​Nine hours after a first earthquake of magnitude M7.8 that hits south-eastern Turkey, near the Syrian border, February 6th 2023 at 1h17 UTC, a second M7.5 occurred (at 10h24 UTC) 100km further north. More information on the main shock (M7.8) is available here and for the 7.5 (here).
    ​ ​These earthquakes ha​ve​ been largely felt up to 2000 km from the epicenter, mainly in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, …
    ​ ​At the time of the report, a lot of buildings are damaged in Turkey and Syria and more than 1200 peoples haven been killed in Turkey and Syria.
    ​ ​Some 10 million people live in the affected area. The current count of death is already above 2,500. Whole city blocks have ‘pancaked’ (vid) and were destroyed. Many dead will likely still be under the rubble.

    ​ Thanks Eleni: ​Indian refiners ditch dollar to pay for Russian oil in UAE dirhams
    ​ ​Indian refiners and traders are concerned they may not be able to continue to settle trades in dollars, especially if the price of Russian crude rises above a cap imposed by the Group of Seven nations and Australia in December.
    ​ ​That has led traders to seek alternative methods of payment, which could also aid Russia’s efforts to de-dollarise its economy in response to the Western sanctions.
    ​ ​Previous attempts by Indian refiners to pay traders for Russian crude in dirhams through Dubai banks failed, forcing them to switch back to the U.S. currency.
    ​ ​But India’s top bank, the State Bank of India (SBI), is now clearing these dirham payments, the sources told Reuters, providing details of transactions that have not previously been reported.
    ​ ​The SBI, which has overseas branches including in the United States, did not respond to requests for comment.

    D Benton Smith

    Why Wealth, Fame and Power Are A Bait & Switch Con

    No matter how much food you have, or how good it tastes, you can only eat one meal.

    No matter how far you go or how fast you got there, wherever you are you are still just there.

    No matter how many rooms you own, you can only be in one of them.

    No matter how luxurious your surroundings you can only experience what you can perceive and evaluate.

    No matter the amount of fame you desire the fame you receive can never exceed the amount of fame that you truly believe is deservedly yours. Other people have got nothing to do with it, because they can’t do your believing for you.

    No matter how powerful others contribute to making you powerful personally, your personal power consists only of what you yourself have the power to do.

    No matter how long you live you are only as alive as you’re actually living.

    John Day

    What about having to stop at traffic lights?


    re: 15 minute cities

    Why can they never think of anything to do FOR people, to make it fun, awesome, convenient, helpful? Always a punishment.

    I remember coming across Spanish superblocks and being excited – they’re really doing it! Modifying cities to make people happier and just as a consequence, driving less… but no, then I found articles of people protesting what was happened. Various heavy-handed stupidities being forced top-down on inhabitants.

    This stupid utopian city (below) a Billionaire is planning. Gonna be 5 million people, they say. We’re going to have 15 minute neighborhoods. 5 minute.

    Gah. How big is an urban area 15 minutes walking time across? 5mph x 0.25hr = 1.25mi.

    Okay, and given half a century, you STILL can’t figure out how to create individual 1.25-3mi 15 minute neighborhoods where people actually live? Can’t make it work anywhere? Can’t just build them out in a cellular fashion, with the first ones showing such success (for the people living there) that everyone demands to adopt them? MONKEYS can universally adopt washing radiation-poisoned fruit because it works, but nowhere have billionaires done such a competent proof of concept that everyone is convinced and adopting it?

    No, we must all hold hands and do it together for it to work for the first time. We want small 1.25-3mi neighborhoods so therefore we need universal top-down centralized control and giant projects. We’ll force it instead of making it work first.

    no, no, don’t build a new utopia in the ruins of Detroit with tons of trees and permaculture. Build another Phoenix in the desert. (ever see Tank Girl?)


    @ Kassandra – That web site you gave us sure is some funny shit.

    Just check out their bios: https://marginalrevolution.com/about

    “Harvard, WaPo, Foreign Policy, Wall Street Journal, New York Times”
    All the usual suspects.

    What a hoot!

    I can but only laugh knowing that they’re multiply ‘boosted’


    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    Ron Unz.com lost the plot beneath his unsuccessfully hidden contempt for “anti-vaxxers”. It’s interesting Unz et al accuse the anti-vaxxers of the same hysteria and hyperbole that the covidiots like Taleb, Fauci, Birx, Gottlieb employed to promote the non-crisis from its inception. Why wouldn’t they expect folks to fight fire with fire? Is it the psychopath’s total lack of insight?


    Ukraine – summary from various things I’ve read in the Open Ukraine thread at MoonofAlabama, zerohedge comments, etc

    –There are Russian forces reportedly fighting IN Bakmut
    –some progress nearby – villages taken, claimed mini-kettle encirclement forming (locations mentioned – Artyomovsk, Krasnaya Gora – earlier posts indicated fighting for them, most recent claim taken and that only a few dirt tracks now give communication to Bakhmut, so they are claiming it is effectively kettled it seems)
    –vague noises about Ukraine using chemical weapons?
    –several recent failed recent attempts by Ukraine to attack across the lower Dneipr?
    –more stuff about women, 16-17 year old boys being conscripted?
    –small-arrow attacks and increased artillery along a wide front? “Artillery duels are taking place along the entire line of contact”
    –a claimed failed missile attack on Moscow armed with a large antipersonnel warhead?
    –drone factory in Latvia mysteriously catches fire

    All rather pro Russion sources, so keep that in mind.

    I would guess the reason for Western heavy equipment coming in dribs and drabs is that it isn’t really a matter of limited equipment being sent, but volunteers being found to operate it.

    John Day

    @Dr D Rich:
    Man, what a lot of big fat blind spots exhibited by people whose thoughts and analysis have benefitted my own understanding of the world!
    I am certainly ready to welcome the temporarily-blinded, but that must be remembered, too. Those who are on the narcissistic-spectrum should be remembered for that as well.
    They may have meaningful experiences in life through direct physical labor contributions to society. Picking various things comes to mind.


    That Cynthia Chung article was very good.

    The pusher has a lot of power,
    His users must concede,
    Intoxication soon turns sour
    When overcome by need.

    The banker has a lot of power,
    His debtors must concede,
    For easy money soon turns sour
    When banks demand the deed.


    double-checking sitreps from yesterday on south front, when fighting for Ivanovskoye & Krasnaya Gora were reported – which occupy the southwestern and northern access to Bakhmut – it is conceivable that the virtual-encirclement rumor is true. Maps show them very close yesterday. No new sitreps for today yet. Quite a lot of area behind Bakhmut that would still be under Ukranian control, but apparently just farmland, not seeing anything like decent road or rail from the satellite map when I pan around.

    Wow, so they may be finally moving past Bakhmut. Took quite a while. Longer than Alexander took to change Tyre from an island into a peninsula.

    If true, Ukraine has the same problem the French had with Verdun. Germans studied their US Civil War and thus understood WW1 was a railroad war. They hacked off every route into the fortress complex except a single small-scale narrow-gauge line. Just enough to keep the French from leaving Verdun, not enough to supply an attack out of Verdun (the main purpose in creating the fortified region in the first place)


    Russia has not even engaged the main body of it’s 500,000 force. All the main fighting has been done so far with Wagner (50,000+) and the Chechans and Spetsnaz and select paratroopers.

    The Ukronazis and the Empire of Lies Pimps have not even seen the main Russian force in action yet.

    The Russians have gotten this far with just their ‘special forces’.

    The Big Lie that Russia ever engaged in ‘human wave’ assaults during WWII is pure bullshit.

    They very methodically ground down the Wehrmacht and their over rated tanks.

    The Russians by going slow and grinding the Ukronazi bastards down incrementally, don’t produce a giant PR reaction in the Collective West because they have the attention span of small rodents.

    Big Arrow offensives produce Big Arrow PR reactions. Something to avoid.

    Now Napoleon came into Russia with about 480,000 men in early autumn.

    Three months later he struggled across the Polish border with 20,000 men.

    Lost 460,000 men in three months.

    Not even the Ukronazis are that incompetent.

    As Gonzalo Lira puts it, the Russians art form is War and they are very good at it.

    Not perfect, but way better than the ‘Collective West’

    Russia tank, German tank


    Uncle Sam Bet on Russia’s Collapse and Is Losing Its Shirt

    Uncle Sam Bet on Russia’s Collapse and Is Losing Its Shirt


    Time to let the Siberian Wolf Hounds loose on Uncle Samuel



    @ John Day​The real war is people vs. the banks, and it is now

    The real war has been between the banks and the people since banks invented fractional reserve banking and charging interest on money that does not exist. For all practical purposes that commenced in the late seventeenth century.

    So-called governments in western nations are simply agents of the banks, politicians being paid to lie continuously to the masses (as are bureaucrats). Economists are the professional liars who invented fake systems to justify and promote looting and polluting the Earth to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

    Therefore, the general populace is at war with all of them -banks, politicians, bureaucrats, economists. And the banks enforcers, the police and private security companies, whose job is to protect the bankers and their agents.

    That said, the politicians, bureaucrats and economists have been playing mind games for such a long time they believe their own bullshit. And the bulk of the uneducated, uncurious populace believes the same bullshit. So they don’t know who the real enemy is. Probably never will.

    It all makes it very easy for the controllers of ‘advanced western [fake] democracies’ to keep promoting the short-term interests of the banks above everything else and to keep lying to the masses until the who fake system collapses.

    Then they will lie about the reason it all collapsed.

    With regard to the temperature graph covering hundreds of millions of years, I wonder what proxies were used to estimate the temperature at various points of time, since there are no actual temperature records before around 1650.

    Whatever the proxies were, we can be pretty sure that by desequestering enough of the ancient carbon via the burning of coal, oil and natural gas, and by converting limestone into cement, industrial humans will rapidly increase the average temperature of the Earth by 3oC-to-8oC, whatever fake systems of ‘carbon trading’, electric cars, biofuels, ‘hydrogen economy’ or any other of the utter nonsense promoted by the bankers and their agents gets implemented between now and when it all collapses.


    keep lying to the masses until the whole fake system collapses.

    John Day

    AFKTT wrote (and Michael Hudson argues that it’s way older than that)
    “The real war has been between the banks and the people since banks invented fractional reserve banking and charging interest on money that does not exist. For all practical purposes that commenced in the late seventeenth century.”

    Hudson argues that “good news” meant debt-jubilee in the time of Jesus. Governments, which had declared periodic elimination of all debts in the past, had been falling to creditor-regimes, as had happened not long before in Egypt and quite recently (then) in Greece. Galilee was essentially a Greek speaking town in those days. Some of the Jews did not know Hebrew, and were looked down upon.

    He died for our debt, not our sins


    Galileo would be amazed.

    ‘Saturn record broken

    Jupiter, which is the largest planet in the solar system, now has 92 moons in total, thus breaking the record of Saturn, which has 83 moons.’

    ‘now has 92 moons’

    They were there all the time, of course.

    We can’t expect journalists to use English properly. Nor tell us the truth about Ukraine etc.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: I believe the nickname is “Uncle Schmuel”, Amigo. 🙂


    Whatever the proxies were, we can be pretty sure that by desequestering enough of the ancient carbon via the burning of coal, oil and natural gas, and by converting limestone into cement, industrial humans will rapidly increase the average temperature of the Earth by 3oC-to-8oC, whatever fake systems of ‘carbon trading’, electric cars, biofuels, ‘hydrogen economy’ or any other of the utter nonsense promoted by the bankers and their agents gets implemented between now and when it all collapses.

    what’s an Anoxic Event?

    massive amounts of methane hydrate (the stuff Glomar Explorer was supposedly prospecting for) got released, heating the Earth about as much as you could expect it to ever be overheated by atmospheric gasses

    some major planetary ones are:

    Cenomanian-Turonian boundary event
    Jurassic-Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
    Permian–Triassic extinction event

    What do you see before and after on Earth – massive amounts of life before and after.

    These are bigger events than you envision and look at the results. Or this is the type of event you envision in which case look at the results. The planet covered with life.

    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    …but Unz without irony exposes himself as just a persuasive writer and that’s sad because it doesn’t excuse his desire to vilify and humiliate folks who were made justifiably angry by the jerks for whom he provides lousy cover. Come to think of it, Unz”s behavior fits the definition of flying monkey, wingman or authoritarian follower.


    “One of the great mysteries of the 21st century is why western alt media coverage of Russia bears little resemblance to Russian alt media coverage of Russia.”
    True story.
    Keep on sucking it up folk!


    So Raul has choosen a sunflower painting today.
    Painted in New Mexico, a state I lived in for several years.
    Maybe to honor AFKTT’s sunflowers? Coincidence?


    Good luck to FTX creditors trying to collect the big donations made by SBF to politicians!
    The politicians are all busy creating new charities, that they 100% control, so they can “donate” the FTX donations to their own charities, which will then return the said donation back to the politicians, as clean money. All perfectly legal!


    Pfizer’s Susan Rienow: from Covid to fighting the ‘silent pandemic’

    “We’ve tried very hard during the pandemic to be as transparent as possible.”


    Hahahaha – Oh sure, like trying to keep their trial data secret for 75 years.

    These fuckers are just too much!
    They will be hunted down.



    John Day

    @Dr D Rich: I will confess to mainly looking at stories from the Unz site, which are sent to me by friends, rather than frequenting the site. That is a pre-selection, and what they send is typically good.

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