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Seymour Hersh Laughs off NYT Article on Nord Stream Culprits (Celente)
‘Officials’ Throw More Chaff To Hide Real Nord Stream Perpetrators (MoA)
German Defense Minister Comments On Nord Stream Sabotage Case (RT)
CIA, White House Consider Kiev Involvement In Nord Stream Sabotage – WSJ (TASS)
West Won’t Name Ukrainian Businessman Involved In Nord Stream Incident (TASS)
Russia: NYT Report on Nord Stream Attack is Deliberate Disinformation (SN)
EU Threatens Georgia Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Law (RT)
US Could ‘Shift Focus’ From Europe To Asia ‘Anytime’ – Berlin (RT)
Vindman Busted For Dealing Lucrative Defense Contracts in Ukraine (TP)
Elon Musk Blasts MSM, Democrats On January 6th Capitol Riot Revelations (DCE)
Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Not Credible, Says White House (BBC)
Moscow Condemns ‘Nazi Celebration’ At White House (RT)
EU Energy Bills Soared 300% – von der Leyen (RT)
Ukraine Cuts Off Power To Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant (TASS)





Also Sep 2019: Bill Gates buys $30 million in BioNTech stock








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“I always thought either Somalia or Nepal were behind it.”

Seymour Hersh Laughs off NYT Article on Nord Stream Culprits (Celente)

Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who wrote the expose on the Nord Stream pipelines sabotage last month, brushed off today’s report in The New York Times that blamed the attack on a “pro-Ukrainian group.” Hersh’s original story went into detail on how the U.S. and Norway allegdly carried out the elaborate bombing. His theory is that President Joe Biden was concerned Germany would turn back to Russia for its natural gas if there was a cold winter and restart the pipeline. The White House called Hersh’s story completely false. The Times’s report cited unnamed U.S. officials who said they reviewed new intelligence about the pro-Ukraine group with no known ties to the Ukrainian government. Ukraine also denied any role in the attack.

The paper said: The review of newly collected intelligence suggests they were opponents of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, but does not specify the members of the group, or who directed or paid for the operation. Hersh seemed unimpressed with the report and laughed when reached by The Trends Journal. He joked, “I always thought either Somalia or Nepal were behind it.” The Times’s decision to even cover the attack is a change in the U.S. media. FAIR, the media watchdog group, ran an extensive article last week that looked into Hersh’s report and the response from top news outlets in the U.S. The watchdog group noted that there was “not a word broadcast by the major US broadcast networks—NBC, ABC, CBS—or the publicly funded broadcasters PBS and NPR. No news stories on the nation’s major cable outlets, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.”

But despite the lack of coverage in the U.S., Russia used Hersh’s story to demand a UN investigation and to threaten open-water chaos. Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, told the Security Council that if the perpetrators are not found and brought to justice, it could become open season on undersea infrastructure for military strikes. Germany’s ARD broadcaster and Zeit newspaper also released a report that said German authorities identified the yacht used in the sabotage, but noted that the lack of evidence could be a false flag, Al Jazeera reported. Last Friday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz flew to Washington for what amounted to a secret one-hour summit with President Joe Biden.

No staff attended the two-man meeting and to illustrate journalistic malpractice, none of the Presstitutes asked the German leader his thoughts about Seymour Hersh’s report that the United States blew up the Nord Stream pipelines. The theory is that the Biden administration was worried Germany could turn back to Russia because of the cheap gas, and so the U.S. destroying the pipelines would prevent such a scenario. And what was the real purpose of this secret meeting? No one was told. Was it to ramp up World War III?

Hersh “they can’t be that stupid”

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“Such deep dives require special gases, special breathing equipment, special training, a decompression chamber for emergencies and lots of well trained people to maintain all that stuff..”

‘Officials’ Throw More Chaff To Hide Real Nord Stream Perpetrators (MoA)

The new claim is that some rather small yacht, which would not even be able to carry the necessary equipment to perform such a deed, was the main instrument in this:

“Following joint research by [German main public TV news unit] (ARD’s capital city studio), the ARD political magazine Kontraste, [German public TV] SWR and DIE ZEIT, it was possible to reconstruct to a large extent in the course of the investigation how and when the explosive attack was prepared. According to this, traces lead in the direction of Ukraine. However, investigators have so far found no evidence of who ordered the destruction.

Specifically, according to information from [these news sources], investigators have managed to identify the boat that was presumably used for the secret operation. It is said to be a yacht rented from a company based in Poland, apparently owned by two Ukrainians. The clandestine operation at sea is said to have been carried out by a team of six people, according to the investigation. It is said to have involved five men and one woman. According to the report, the group consisted of a captain, two divers, two diving assistants and a female doctor, who are said to have transported the explosives to the crime scenes and placed them there. The nationality of the perpetrators is apparently unclear. The assassins used professionally forged passports, which are said to have been used, among other things, to rent the boat.

According to the investigation, the commando set off from Rostock on September 6, 2022. The equipment for the clandestine operation was previously transported to the port in a van, it is said. In the further course, the investigators succeeded in locating the boat the following day again in Wieck (Darß) and later at the Danish island Christiansø, northeast of Bornholm, according to the research. The yacht was subsequently returned to the owner in uncleaned condition. On the table in the cabin, the investigators were able to detect traces of explosives, according to the research. According to information from [the mentioned news sources], a Western intelligence service is said to have sent a tip to European partner services as early as in the fall, i.e. shortly after the destruction, according to which a Ukrainian commando was responsible for the destruction. Thereafter, there have allegedly been further intelligence indications suggesting that a pro-Ukrainian group could be responsible.”

No. You do not dive down to 80+ meter for an industrial size job, involving the placement of hundreds of pounds of explosives in eight individual charges on very sturdy pipelines, from a sparsely manned boat. Such deep dives require special gases, special breathing equipment, special training, a decompression chamber for emergencies and lots of well trained people to maintain all that stuff.

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“..the sabotage act might have been a “false-flag operation” aimed at framing Ukraine..”

German Defense Minister Comments On Nord Stream Sabotage Case (RT)

Germany’s defense minister Boris Pistorius has dodged a question about how the Nord Stream sabotage case could influence Western military aid for Kiev if it turns out that some pro-Ukrainian groups were behind the Russian gas pipeline blasts. It is of no use to speculate on the “hypothetical” indications, the minister told national news radio Deutschlandfunk (DLF) on Wednesday, on the heels of several media reports linking the incident, which occurred in September 2022, to some alleged Ukrainian perpetrators. “We’ll have to wait and see what is actually confirmed,” Pistorius told DLF’s Barbara Schmidt-Mattern when asked about the media reports. On Tuesday, a host of German media outlets, including Die Zeit newspaper and state broadcaster ARD, reported that a vessel believed to be linked to the Nord Stream sabotage operation allegedly belongs to a Ukrainian-owned company.

The reports also said that a Western intelligence agency is thought to have informed European “partner services”that a “Ukrainian commando” unit was behind the attack. The New York Times reported on the same day, citing US intelligence sources, that a “pro-Ukrainian group”was behind the September 2022 attacks. Pistorius brushed off all the claims presented in the reports as “hypothetical” and maintained that the sabotage act might have been a “false-flag operation” aimed at framing Ukraine. The chance of it being a false-flag operation is as “equally high” as the chance of Ukrainians being behind it, the minister said. Berlin has so far not made any investigation results public. A few days ago, Sweden, Denmark and Germany “informed the United Nations Security Council that the investigations are ongoing and that there are still no results,” a government spokesman declared on Tuesday.

Pistorius also insisted it would make little sense to “think about what impact this would have on our support for Ukraine on the basis of such a [journalistic] investigation” when asked about the potential fallout of a probe into the Nord Stream sabotage. The minister also said that Germany and its allies continue to supply Kiev “to the best of our ability.” He added, though, that Ukraine’s Western backers can only provide ammunition for the Ukrainian troops as long as it does not compromise their own defense capacities. “We need certain reserves to maintain our own ability to defend ourselves,” Pistorius said, calling limited defense industry production capacities a real “bottleneck” limiting Western military aid for Ukraine. His words came as The Times reported that Western intelligence agencies had been well aware of the identity of a person behind the attack on Nord Stream. They decided at the time to conceal this information to avoid a spat between Berlin and Kiev, since the suspect had ties to Ukraine, the paper claimed.

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“The US believes that Ukraine had an opportunity to perform such operation..”

CIA, White House Consider Kiev Involvement In Nord Stream Sabotage – WSJ (TASS)

CIA Director William Burns and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan considered a version of Ukraine’s responsibility for sabotage acts at Nord Stream gas pipelines in October 2022, the Wall Street Journal said, citing unnamed representatives of the US administration. The US believes that Ukraine had an opportunity to perform such operation. No data are available at the moment indicating that Ukrainian authorities were involved in sabotage acts, the newspaper said. The German investigation has almost completely excluded the version of Russia’s involvement in sabotage acts at gas pipelines. The US also does not believe that Russia was involved, the newspaper informed. German investigators arrived at the conclusion of non-involvement of Russia by February 2023, WSJ reported. Conclusions are not final and the investigation continues, the newspaper said.

Ukraine passport found

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Easier that way. Deep secret.

West Won’t Name Ukrainian Businessman Involved In Nord Stream Incident (TASS)

The Western nations are likely not to disclose the name of a Ukrainian businessman alleged to be involved in sabotage acts at Nord Stream pipelines to keep the unity of the West in providing military aid to Ukraine, the Daily Telegraph newspaper said, citing sources. The businessman, whose name is known to the news outlet, fell under suspicion in view of a special nature of sabotage acts that might hint that he was involved with the incident, sources said. A newspaper’s source in European security agencies confirmed that the businessman is on the radar screen of investigators but said nothing whether he is a formal suspect in the case.

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“I wonder who allows such leaks, filling the media scene with them?”

Russia: NYT Report on Nord Stream Attack is Deliberate Disinformation (SN)

Russia has claimed that the New York Times report about a ‘pro-Ukraine group’ being responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline attack is a deliberate form of disinformation to distract from the fact that the U.S. was responsible for the blasts. The NYT said that a “pro-Ukrainian group” had sabotaged the pipelines, using a team with as few as six people involved in the mission, contradicting previous assumptions that only a state would have had the resources to carry out the operation. The report was very careful to explicitly state that no Americans or Brits were involved in the attack. A few hours later, German media outlets reported that the vessel involved in the plot, a yacht, had been identified as being rented from a Poland-based company which belonged to a pair of Ukrainians.

The reports contradicted the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, who wrote last month that the pipelines were destroyed by the US as part of a covert operation. According to Hersh’s sources, the explosives were planted in June 2022 by US Navy divers under the guise of the BALTOPS 22 NATO exercise and were detonated three months later with a remote signal sent by a sonar buoy. One source told Hersh that the plotters knew the covert operation was an “act of war,” with some in the CIA and State Department warning, “Don’t do this. It’s stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out.” Russia reacted to the New York Times report by dismissing it as a propaganda ploy designed to obfuscate the truth. “I wonder who allows such leaks, filling the media scene with them?” asked Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “The answer is: those who do not want to conduct an investigation in the legal field and are going to divert the attention of the audience from the facts in every possible way.”

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NGOs are the vehicle for color revolutions. The law was withdrawn this morning.

EU Threatens Georgia Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Law (RT)

Georgia risks “significant withdrawal of EU support” if it proceeds with the law on registering foreign agents, Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan said on Wednesday. The vice-president of the European People’s Party bloc in the European Parliament told Romania’s Digi 24 outlet that requiring NGOs to disclose foreign funding was an attack on democracy. “We see intimidation of civil society,” Muresan told the outlet. Requiring organizations dealing with press freedom, human rights and helping Ukrainian refugees to register as foreign agents if 20% or more of their funding comes from abroad is “intimidation of essential entities for democracy, it is not at all consistent with European standards,” he added.

“What the Georgian authorities are doing endangers the country’s European course,” insisted Muresan, accusing Tbilisi of having “fallen behind Moldova and Ukraine” in implementing EU reforms. On Tuesday, Georgian lawmakers voted in favor of a bill that would impose registration requirements on foreign-funded NGOs. The opposition denounced it as “Russian-like” and organized mass protests outside the parliament two days in a row. Some of the demonstrators carried EU, US and Ukrainian flags. Others wore gas masks and helmets, attempted to storm the legislature, and threw Molotov cocktails at police. The ruling party in Tbilisi says the law is intended to protect the country’s sovereignty from “extremist organizations” funded from abroad.

Georgian Dream party leader Irakli Kobakhidze accused the opposition of wanting to restore the 2003-2012 ‘Rose Revolution’ regime, which he said looted the country and lost 20% of its territory. Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili and the US State Department have sided with the rioters, with the US embassy in Tbilisi calling the proposed law a “dark day for democracy.” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell also described the proposal as contrary to EU values. Muresan told Digi24 that Tbilisi “risks a significant withdrawal of EU support” unless it backs down, because Brussels cannot support “undemocratic tendencies.” “Obviously the EU expectation is that people can express themselves freely and any attempt to intimidate those who take to the streets will not be accepted,” he said.

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Raytheon spokesman.

US Could ‘Shift Focus’ From Europe To Asia ‘Anytime’ – Berlin (RT)

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has expressed concern that Europe is relying too much on the US in the area of defense. This means there is pressure on him “at all times,” he admitted during a talk with Germany’s Deutschlandfunk (Dlf) radio broadcaster on Wednesday, adding that Washington’s priorities could always change. “We always have to keep in mind that the Americans could… shift their focus… towards the Indo-Pacific [region],” Pistorius said. He added that this could happen for a range of reasons, and the likelihood of such a scenario may be influenced by the outcome of the US presidential elections next year. The minister called on Europe to make “more efforts” to develop its own coordinated defense policy and assume the “corresponding responsibility.”

He maintained that Europe could always rely on its “transatlantic partner,” but added that “the balance can shift and we have to prepare for that.” Pistorius also said Germany and the US would have to coordinate their approaches toward China. Asked about “teamwork” between Washington and Berlin in dealing with Beijing, he said: “I believe it will be done anyway, and that is necessary.” He did not rule out Germany joining US-led sanctions against China should Beijing supply Russia with lethal weapons amid the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev. Pistorius’ remarks come around a week after he admitted that Germany does not have sufficient forces to defend itself against “an offensive” after years of neglecting its own army.

Earlier this week, Germany’s ZDF broadcaster also reported that the German Army – the Bundeswehr – was struggling to fulfill its obligations as part of a NATO rapid response force (VJTF) due to a lack of battle-ready tanks.Despite facing such issues in the field of defense, Berlin has been providing extensive support to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, sometimes at the expense of its own defense capabilities. Armin Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall, the country’s top military contractor, told the Pioneer podcast in late February that the government had transferred to Ukraine two state-of-the-art air defense systems that were meant to protect the German capital.

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Didn’t get paid enough for framingTrump.

Vindman Busted For Dealing Lucrative Defense Contracts in Ukraine (TP)

A key witness in the impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump is being called an “opportunist” after pitching lucrative defense contracts to the Ukrainian government in a blatant attempt to profit off the current international struggle. Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified before the House Intelligence Committee in 2019 in response to questions raised about dealings between President Trump and Ukrainian, has offered logistics and equipment management services to Ukrainian forces for $12 million. The contract was offered through Trident International LLC, of which Vindman is CEO, according to Fox News.

Democrats subpoenaed Vindman to testify in 2019 as part of their impeachment hearings exploring whether or not President Trump appealed to the Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden’s involvement in helping his son Hunter secure business dealings with natural gas firm Burisma Holdings. Vindman’s prepared testimony, which was leaked to the media in advance, detailed his concerns that “outside influencers” were attempting to thwart congressional support for Ukraine. He went on to say that such a narrative would “undermine U.S. national security.” The following year, a U.S. Senate committee on homeland security concluded that then-Vice President Biden and State Department officials were aware of the conflict of interest exhibited with Hunter Biden’s business relationship but ignored repeated concerns raised at the time.

Lt. Col. Vindman retired from the military in the aftermath of his testimony, alleging in a subsequent lawsuit that the Trump White House committed a “campaign of intimidation and retaliation has had severe and deeply personal ramifications.” A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit in November. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), a sharp critic of Vindman during the impeachment hearings, did not hold back in excoriating Vindman for his Ukrainian dealings: “When conservatives speak the truth, the mainstream media panics and desperately attempts to provide cover for the left. They did this for Alexander Vindman, just like they did for Hunter Biden, Dr. Fauci and teachers unions,” Blackburn said, referencing liberal media outlets’ staunch defense of Vindman throughout his time as a witness during the impeachment investigation.

“Alexander Vindman has always been a political activist and opportunist masquerading behind his career. He saw an opening for personal fame and profited by exploiting the media’s outrage against President Trump,” she accused. “Vindman has spent the last three years on MSNBC and CNN attacking Republicans. Now, new revelations suggest Vindman could be profiting off the war in Ukraine, just as he did by speaking out against the Trump administration,” Blackburn added.

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“they withheld evidence for partisan political reasons that sent people to prison for far more serious crimes than they committed.”

Elon Musk Blasts MSM, Democrats On January 6th Capitol Riot Revelations (DCE)

On Monday evening, Tucker Carlson released an expose of the over 40,000 hours of footage his producers reviewed of the January 6th Capitol Riot leading to massive reactions online including from the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Musk took aim at Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY), Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), and Adam Schiff (D-CA) who, Tucker claimed, painted a biased portrait of what occurred on January 6th. Throughout Tucker’s coverage, he showcased that the House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack lied about how Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died with the Fox host showing that he was walking around following the supposed attack that killed him.

In addition, Carlson debunked the now-famous clip of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) running away from the rioters, showcasing that there were dozens of lawmakers and staff being escorted from their offices by the police, not just the Missouri senator. In addition, Tucker pointed out that Ray Epps, a rioter on January 6th that has gained considerable attention and who has been used as a key witness, in fact, lied during his testimony about when he left the Capitol. All of these facts combined led to Musk blasting the Democrats for misleading the public over the past two years in order to push a narrative to push their own partisan priorities. “Besides misleading the public,” Musk began, “they withheld evidence for partisan political reasons that sent people to prison for far more serious crimes than they committed.”

“That is deeply wrong, legally and morally,” he continued, adding, “This is crazy. The public was misled.” In addition to expressing his own opinion about the matter, he also called upon BBC World to cover the release of the footage honestly: “What say you, [BBC World]?” he asked. “Your credibility is at stake.”

Tucker montage

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Him and Seymour Hersh.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Not Credible, Says White House (BBC)

The White House has called Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson “not credible” after he made a number of claims based on previously unseen footage from the 2021 Capitol riots. The criticism echoes similar statements this week from leading Democrat and Republican lawmakers. Mr Carlson showed unseen clips from the riots on his show this week. He argued the footage “does not show an insurrection or a riot in progress” but rather “mostly peaceful chaos”.A top congressional Republican recently gave Mr Carlson and his team exclusive access to more than 40,000 hours of surveillance video from the Capitol. The White House rarely criticises journalists by name but weighed in with a statement on Wednesday about the prime-time TV host’s broadcast related to the footage.

Spokesperson Andrew Bates said the White House agreed with critics, including the “chief of the Capitol Police and the wide range of bipartisan lawmakers” that “condemned this false depiction of the unprecedented, violent attack”. “We also agree with what Fox News’s own attorneys and executives have now repeatedly stressed in multiple courts of law: that Tucker Carlson is not credible.” The BBC contacted Fox News for a response. On his Wednesday broadcast, Mr Carlson showed no new footage but repeated his previous claims and criticised government officials who stated that five police officers died as a result of the riot. One Capitol Police officer died of a stroke the day after the riot, while four others subsequently took their own lives.

[..] The justice department says about 140 police officers were assaulted that day.Around 1,000 people have been arrested so far in connection with the riot, most of them charged with entering or remaining in a restricted federal building, according to justice department figures.More than 300 have been charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers or employees, including more than 100 who have been charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to a police officer.


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Biden throws a party.

Moscow Condemns ‘Nazi Celebration’ At White House (RT)

The White House’s decision to bestow the International Women of Courage Award on a member of an infamous Ukrainian nationalist battalion is “disgraceful,” Moscow’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said on Thursday. He claimed that the move was further proof that Washington is ready to support Nazis in the fight against Russia. Speaking to reporters, Antonov was asked to comment on the award received at the White House by Yulia Paevskaya, who goes by the nickname ‘Taira’. The ambassador said Moscow had noted the honoring of a member of the Azov battalion, a Ukrainian unit closely associated with neo-Nazi ideology, on International Women’s Day. “This is a disgrace. It is incomprehensible that Nazis can be celebrated within the walls of the White House.”

Antonov described Paevskaya as a “terrorist cutthroat whose hands are covered in the blood of the elderly, women, and children.” In March 2022, as the fighting raged in the besieged city of Mariupol, which is now part of Russia, Paevskaya “pretended to be a mother of two children whose parents she had killed herself,” and then tried to escape disguised in civilian clothing, Antonov stated. “The abducted minors later confessed that Paevskaya had threatened them with violence,” the diplomat added. Paevskaya also took part in the Western-backed coup in Kiev in 2014, trained neo-Nazis in the Donbass region, and “committed crimes against civilians,” Antonov claimed. He also stated that the Azov battalion, which Paevskaya is part of, bears the symbol of a Nazi Germany SS division.

Antonov asserted that Washington is well aware of all of this information, but “to hurt Russia, the United States is willing to glorify Nazism.” He added that the authorities in Washington should be “ashamed” of themselves for dishonoring the American and Soviet veterans who fought against fascism during World War II. Paevskaya was captured by Russian forces in Mariupol in March. In June, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced that Kiev had managed to free her from captivity, describing her as a paramedic, but without providing further details. The International Women of Courage Award is a prize annually distributed by the White House. This year, in addition to Paevskaya, it was bestowed upon 10 other “extraordinary women… who are working to build a brighter future for all.”

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Get her out.

EU Energy Bills Soared 300% – von der Leyen (RT)

The EU member states saw their energy bills skyrocket by at least 300% last summer after a dramatic reduction of Russian gas supplies, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday. According to the EC chief, the bloc managed to replace the shortfall in Russian natural gas by purchasing more from alternative suppliers, as well as by increasing energy efficiency by reducing consumption by 20%. “Russia cut its gas supply to Europe by 80% in eight months, sending energy prices in Europe soaring,” von der Leyen said addressing a joint session of the Canadian parliament. “Last summer, our energy bills rose by 300%.”

The top official alleged that Russian officials tried to blackmail Brussels by reducing the supplies as EU nations were heavily dependent on Russian gas. She highlighted “an important role” Canada played to help tackle the energy crisis by boosting its production of liquified natural gas (LNG). The head of the EC has previously accused Moscow of blackmailing EU countries, after Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom stopped gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria in April 2022.

In response, the Kremlin assured everyone that the Russian party “was and remained a reliable supplier of energy resources to its consumers and was always committed to its contractual obligations.” Moscow insisted that both Bulgaria and Poland were cut off from Russian supplies only after they rejected the gas-for-rubles scheme. This scheme was introduced by the Russian government in response to the sanctions imposed on Moscow over the military operation in Ukraine. Moscow demanded that the nations that had imposed the penalties pay for natural gas in rubles. The scheme requires importers to open accounts in Gazprombank. They can then deposit funds in their currency of choice, which the bank converts to rubles and transfers to the supplier.


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“..It is just an act of pure spite on the part of Kiev..”

Ukraine Cuts Off Power To Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant (TASS)

Ukraine has cut off power to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Energodar, Chairman of the We Stand With Russia movement Vladimir Rogov told TASS on Thursday. “[Ukraine] cut off the supply through the last remaining powerline to the Zaporozhye NPP at 4:53 a.m. The nuclear power plant is currently disconnected from external power sources,” he said. “It has nothing to do with shelling attacks, nothing happened in the area that could have led to the power cutoff. It is just an act of pure spite on the part of Kiev,” Rogov noted. He added that the nuclear power plant had been switched to diesel generators.

The Zaporozhye nuclear plant, located in the city of Energodar, is the largest in Europe and has a capacity of about 6,000 MW. Russian troops took control of the facility in late February 2022. Since then, the Ukrainian military has been shelling both Energodar’s residential areas and the premises of the Zaporozhye nuclear station, using drones, heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers. An IAEA mission led by Grossi visited the facility in early September and two of its members remained at the site as observers. The IAEA later published a report calling for the creation of a safety zone around the plant to prevent any calamities from the ongoing military activities.

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Mountain goat



Xizi pagoda



A member of the pheasant family, the Himalayan monal, is the national bird of Nepal





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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 9 2023]


    Watch from the 1min 50s mark – wait for the punchline at the very end.

    Was there anybody NOT damaged by the death vaxx?




    “The governor has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and has received at least two booster shots.”
    But Djokovic still can’t enter the US?
    Hahaha …. !!

    Gov. Gavin Newsom tests positive for COVID-19 for 2nd time



    What a hoot!

    Researchers working on fentanyl vaccine as drug overdoses spike



    Germ. I want to thank you for posting the link to podcast re capitalism/police state –

    I have listened to it 3 times now. The implications are stunning and explain why Russia and the West are so readily using weaponry. Why the war’s big moves are through private aspects (Wagner/Kolomoisky etc). Why the Russians, the Chinese, the Americans, the Europeans etc all implemented police/military campaigns against the human citizenry of the world.
    It explains the nagging issues I have seen with Mass Formation. It explains de-population agendas and the war against popular uprisings. It also undoes some of the beliefs we have here that the West must take Russia to survive. This is a capital accumulation to spend issue and all Oligarchs and Millionaires have to reckon with this.

    Capital is too large to go anywhere except into wealth preservation and accumulation and MUST now go into a global police state. This is as big as Fossil Fuels and accurately describes the implications for the downside.

    As for me, I am left with a moral hazard. I can see clearly that the new oil is not really data. Data is the large component together with weapons, biomedical tyranny, border enforcement, military etc. The real game is controlling the human cattle. Now which stocks are going to go through the roof? I have never invested in a stock in my life but right now I’m thinking “well the people love it, they re-elected all these fuckwits and seem to love their slavery” so which companies are making rubber bullets? Which ones are tracking keystrokes in the workplace? Which ones are making tazers and robot-dogs? Which ones are working on psychological operations? Forget Bitcoin. The new gold rush is the balancing act of killing and controlling over 7 billion people without prospects for personal advancement.
    What a complete shit show.

    William Robinson: How COVID-19 will lead to a global capitalist police state

    Figmund Sreud

    “I always thought either Somalia or Nepal were behind it.”

    Nothing farther from the truth, … Bali girls did it! Honest, …


    Dr. D

    Lots from yesterday’s comments (added this morning)

    I see we’re using the 60 year old Clinton today. We have a solution to this war, climate change, and women”: kill 5-6 Billion people. Of course! And – of course – mostly the men people. Like Ukraine! They’re born inferior and evil anyway. Women are far more compliant and less likely to shoot you in the face for trying.

    “Also Sep 2019: Bill Gates buys $30 million in BioNTech stock”

    Was that the ones that had the “chips” inside Hancock promised to inject by “scaring the pants off people” with a “variant” that didn’t scientifically exist? Or was that some other stock purchase?

    My favorite was Amazon. Bought billions in delivery trucks, the month before. Wow! How lucky!

    Historians Wonder” – Babylon Bee.

    My favorite. Or why they didn’t they all die just last year before the invention of the iPhone? Amish kids don’t exhibit this problem either. Golly, whatever could possibly be the cause?

    Also Sep 2019: Bill Gates buys $30 million in BioNTech stock”

    “We Make S—t Up!™” Was the NY Times, but is now the FBI and DoJ too.

    Hersh. I just realized: NY Times, U.S. and none of their gov’t sources know who bombed Nordstream? Huh.

    CIA YOU’RE ALL FIRED. Pull their funding immediately today, apparently you’re incapable of the simplest tasks. …Unless they’re LYING, in which case…

    CIA YOU’RE ALL FIRED. For lying to everyone and pretending you don’t know. …Save us a lot of money.

    Lira, “Can’t be that stupid” on the ludicrous NY Time pipeline story “The Germans are going to use the terrorist attack against their infrastructure as the excuse to pull out of the Ukraine project. Olaf Scholtz went to the US to tell Biden: Either YOU blame Ukraine so we can pull our support for Ukraine—or WE blame YOU and pull out of NATO.”

    That’s why they were just in Ukraine and had a purge: they’re identifying who to pin this on, and if any of the the other players might be good to replace Ze with. Looks like not, so e is going to “Lo!!!” discover!!! Wot there are Nazis! Right here in my Cabinet!???!! Well I have to flee to Miami with all the money and live like a king as Some Random Guido, pretending to the leader of Ukraine. If only there hadn’t been those durn Far-Right, White Supremacists in Ukraine!!! We’ll get ‘em! The FBI, the CIA, and me!

    Yup, that’s how they’re going to cede the country and ‘surrender’ without admitting a thing.

    Whatever. Meanwhile, Trump + Pentagon’s actions have DELIVERED UKRAINE TO RUSSIA FOR REUNIFICATION. That’s a good-faith effort, and Ukraine would have to be purged anyway for it, this just saves them the P.R. nightmare of going door to door and pulling Azovs out of their beds. …Plus ruining the NeoCons here forever.

    Joe Biden approves? That’s funny: every day, if I were in charge of Joe Biden, I’d have him do exactly what he’s doing. Is that some kind of miraculous coincidence? How can Joe Biden always do exactly what helps the Nationalists and hurts the Davos?

    “EU Threatens Georgia over ‘Foreign Agent’ Law (RT) “

    So let me get this straight: the country is saying Foreign Agents need to register, exactly like in the United States, and the PEOPLE are protesting in the streets??? Because the Central Asian people of Georgia, en masse, do NOT want foreign provocateurs to be discovered and known? What. The. ….??? No. As someone said, EVERY PERSON PROTESTING IS an paid foreign agent provocateur, who are about to have their paychecks cut off.

    Dummy. I mean, about transparency, yesterday, why quote RT, how about how even the dumbest person alive could tell the NYT explanation makes no sense? Yeah, and Skripal licked the doorknob too, after snorting a backback of the world’s most deadly chemical weapon, then walked away unharmed. So says The Guardian! Georgian protests…GTFO.

    “Now, new revelations suggest Vindman could be profiting off the war in Ukraine, just as he did by speaking out against the Trump administration,”

    The White Hats identify, plan, then eliminate the names that work out against them. It takes time though, especially when you’re outnumbered.

    Tucker: Tim Pool points out that IN ORDER TO LIE YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE TAPES. That is, in order to clip Tucker, they have to watch his article which posts the real J6 violence as the FIRST CLIP. Tucker presents it as clip #1 and #2, only THEN clipping to “Hey what’s every here with 7 policemen opening doors?” …Have 7 policemen ever opened public doors for you? I haven’t. That’s the Red Carpet, Rock Star treatment, VIP special guests only.

    My point? THEY. KNOW. The “Left”, Progressives, the “good people” all KNOW. They know, they are LYING, and they DON’T CARE. I wish it were otherwise. What can I say? Am I supposed to pretend they are good, well-meaning, and honest? I don’t want them to lie. I don’t know why their side (+ RINOs) does nothing BUT lie and hypocrisy. But they do, so they make me say so in public. Stop it and I won’t pick on the Left anymore since it’s not their economic approach I’m bothered by. Just criminal perjury, felony, murder, and their goal to end all Human Rights. THAT is worth harping on. Stop. We can discuss tax issues later.

    “Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Not Credible, Says White House (BBC) “

    Fox – which is dismal — is rated EIGHTEEN POINTS MORE TRUSTED than MSNBC. By NewsGuard, a 3rd party source (and also pretty far left themselves). Don’t look at me: trust Newsguard and the Columbia School of Journalism. They’ll tell you.

    International Women of Courage Award”

    Yet another competition women will never win again. They’re Pro-woman! You can tell by the way they support beating, rapes, and getting her back in the kitchen! You could say “Violently” pro-woman. …As long as that woman is a man. Women, know your place! Obeying the Democratic Party. Pimp-Daddy.

    “EU is transitioning from a democracy to a tyranny,”

    You are kidding, right? We said this in 1999 when they were an unaccountable, advisory, “Student council” democracy actually run by the unelected Soviet (often literally, Merkel) State Bureaucracy. It has never been a democracy for even one day, as we discovered in their three failed referendum votes, whereupon they trampled all law by creating via non-treaty. Totally illegal.


    Um. Why? Anybody have ANY reason for this? Any at all?

    Jb’s article has this:
    “The main cause of depression is simple: it’s cognitive dissonance. That’s a fancy way of saying, you have two ideas that don’t mesh and are at war with each other. It’s a way of saying, you’ve swallowed a lie or a pack of lies, and they’re poisoning you”

    Which is what I was going to say, continuing the last two days. How do we know Zinn is a lie? From its fruits, its results. If he was telling the truth, there’d be no problem: we’d say “Oh. The world is what it is, thanks.” No conflict, no problem, re-adjust course. It only causes problems IF IT’S IN CONFLICT WITH SOMETHING. That is, there are TWO parts, two ideas that conflict with each other. Neither is expelled and attempt to co-exist in the same central processing unit of your mind. If he were telling the truth, that cannot happen. Or if Socialism worked and was a viable way, that wouldn’t happen. It only happens if you have Zinn, on one hand…plus SOMETHING ELSE, that there can be a civil war. A Civil War that causes personal suicide, as JB quotes, a National Suicide, and murders children coast to coast, young daughters dying by the thousands at their own hand.

    What is that “other thing”? The Truth. That we know by two ways: one, by our collected experience in life. Zinn contradicts that people behave this way. That in general “humans” have no love, honor, caring, cooperation. That it’s not – as I argue – only a very very few who are like this, easily identified and imprisoned for their crimes. Second, we know it in an intangible way via connection to our Source. We just “Know” life isn’t like that and can’t be. Which is often peoples’ attempt to reach out and prove via drugs, another and different suicide.

    But that is the point: for there to be conflict, mental conflict, conflict injected via our iPhones and Twitter feeds, there have to be TWO things. And since Truth is everyone and Eternal, THAT must be one of the two. So what is the other thing? What must it be? Well, pretty observably anything that conflicts with and opposes “Truth” is by definition a Lie.

    You’ll know you’ve expelled the Lie and not the Truth when you find Peace. So long as there is war, internal conflict, you must have grabbed the wrong factoid. Back up and expel the other one instead.

    His article extends the idea it’s not just in a person, a 15-year-old daughter (or son), or some 70 year old guy: it’s the same conflict in the body of National Consciousness. Which generally works as an idea. For some reason, nations seem to be very like single personalities, just as we, our minds are made of all our aggregate cells and neurons, not all of which “think” alike.

    Dr. D

    Gosh those spelling errors again…


    This is the Blood Drinking Satanist® (BDS) Nancy Pelosi’s SON at Jan 6 with Shaman man.

    What a coincidence.

    Exposing the January 6th Narrative:

    Nancy Pelosi’s son-in-law Michiel Vos took a picture with Jacob Chansley on the Capitol steps. This was right before Chansley was escorted by Capitol Police through the building.

    At least Michiel Vos wasn’t in his underwear facing off with Shaman man with a hammer.

    Negative Nancy raised her kid right!



    correct: son in law




    John Day

    Thanks for the late-night review last night Dr D. You are up early.
    Have you considered taking addictive sleeping pills at bedtime?


    Fiat Information Inflation

    Matt Taibbi

    Ultimately, the currency is only held up by Trust

    So is the Legacy Media

    But in the Empire of Lies both are being pissed down a rat hole of lies.

    John Day

    I’m going to have to use a lot of these links today, Ilargi. You are painting the picture of reductio-ad-absurdum-in-progress, which can only lead to Paradigm-Shift.
    Paradigm shift will occur as political/financial crisis is entered, and will form a powerful control-narrative of rage against … whoever stands in the way.
    It is typical that the owners have well-defended positions when the herd gets stampeded, because stampedes can sometimes change direction, like a murmur of starlings, but with Americans in SUVs.

    I will again propose that any entity who/which was instrumental in the “vaccine rollout” should lose all claims to any wealth in the notional-vs-real-wealth-musical-chairs-with-machine-guns game.
    But don’t kill them. That’s a different level. Let them liive modestly.


    Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration deliberately hid deaths from the vaxx – even the deaths of kids were hidden.



    D Benton Smith

    There needs to be a new Federal level Department in the United States government to keep all of the leaks straight. Contradictory cock & bull stories are stacking up and getting hard to remember. It can be called U.S. Department of Balderdash and I’ve even got the motto that they can carve into the stone over the entrance, and on nicely framed little placards to hang on the wall where paying customers can see them and be reassured that they’re going to be getting their money’s worth: “Bald faced lies delivered instantly. Miraculous cancellation of the Laws of Physics might take a little longer.”

    D Benton Smith


    But don’t kill them.

    No worries, John. Just point out the bastards to a deplorable and go about your day.


    On Monday evening, Tucker Carlson told the truth.

    • Even Elon Musk Blasts MSM, Democrats On January 6th Capitol Riot Revelations (DCE)
    Musk took aim at Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY), Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), and Adam Schiff (D-CA) who, Tucker claimed, painted a biased portrait of what occurred on January 6th.

    Gain of Fauci
    Check out the Tweet below and watch the video from Tucker. Then watch this video that I made two years ago on Jacob Chansley aka Jake Angeli aka “The Qanon Shaman”

    It should make a lot more sense now knowing more of what happened on Jan 6th. › samj-3930/2023/03 › 07‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley thread takes #J6footage a step …
    1 day ago · Nancy Pelosi’s son-in-law Michiel Vos took a picture with Jacob Chansley on the Capitol steps. This was right before Chansley was escorted by Capitol Police through the building.

    • Ukraine Cuts Off Power To Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant (TASS)

    This morning
    Massive rocket attacks across Ukraine


    Lockdowns and Masks were all theater.
    All for nothing – apart from the destruction of national economies and the health of the death-vaxxed.

    All for nothing but profit, power and control. Nothing saved – everything destroyed.
    That is it.




    A massive missile strike by the Russian Armed Forces on infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ukraine on March 9 – what is known by 14.00

    Russian troops at night inflicted massive strikes on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine.

    The list of means involved in the attack has significantly expanded: the Russian Armed Forces used kamikaze drones, cruise missiles, and even a hypersonic complex. “Dagger”.

    🔻What is known by this hour?

    ▪️Kiev: the engine room and boiler room of CHPP-5, a large generating station in the capital, were hit. In conjunction with other hits, the city had significant problems with electricity and communications.

    Previously, the facility has repeatedly become the target of strikes by Russian troops, but the station still continues to work. At the same time, if the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation managed to disable at least a few turbines and boilers, energy generation will be significantly reduced.

    ▪️Kharkov: At least fifteen explosions were heard in the city. According to some reports, the work of CHPP-3 and CHPP-5 was stopped. Local residents reported power and water outages, communication and heating problems.

    ▪️Dnipropetrovsk region: a series of explosions sounded in Pavlograd, Kryvyi Rih and Dnipropetrovsk districts. According to preliminary data, in the Kryvyi Rih district, the targets of the attacks could be the Kryvyi Rih TPP and the Yuzhnaya 330 substation.

    ▪️Zhytomyrska region: presumably, the substation of the Zhytomyrska 330 substation came under attack: the regional center was partially de-energized, about 150 thousand subscribers were left without electricity.

    ▪️Volyn region: citizens heard the most powerful explosions in Lutsk and Kivertsy. The impact was so powerful that some residents of Kivertsy reported that their homes were shaking.

    In the area of Lutsk there are an oil depot, an airfield and a substation Lutsk-Severnaya 330, as well as military facilities.

    ▪️Vinnytsia Region: Powerful explosions were heard in the region. Probably, the objects at the Ladyzhynska TPP could have been hit again.

    ▪️Kirovograd region: local residents reported the sounds of explosions in the Kropyvnytskyi district and an emergency power outage. The target of the attack in the region could be the Ukrainka 330 substation.

    ▪️Odessa Region: Local authorities have announced the defeat of an energy facility in the region. Among the possible targets of strikes are the Adzhalyk 330 substation, the Novoodesskaya 330 substation, the Usatovo 330 substation and the Centrolit 220 substation.

    ▪️Sumy area: probably one of the buildings of the Research Institute of Chemical Products in Shostka was affected.

    ▪️Zaporozhye region: Local authorities announced the destruction of the infrastructure facility, but there is no exact information about it.

    ▪️Ivano-Frankivsk region: getting into an unknown object of energy infrastructure.

    ▪️Local residents also reported the sounds of explosions in Lviv, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Mykolaiv, Ternopil, Rivne, Cherkasy and Chernihiv regions.

    ▪️After the strikes, Ukrainian Railways reported a delay of trains of up to an hour due to problems with electricity supply. Several trains are delayed by almost four hours.

    🔻Today’s wave of blows has become the most massive this year. Among the known targets are machine rooms that are critical to the operation of power plants.

    As a result of accurate hits in several regions of the country, significant problems arose with electricity supply, which, however, was restored within a few hours.

    The largest power outage of the contact network was in central Ukraine. Large breaks were recorded in the area of Podolsk (Odessa region) and Odessa, as well as small ones near Lviv and on the Carpathian passes.

    In addition, local authorities once again preemptively turned off the energy before the raid, but this also causes significant damage to the energy system, undermining its stability.

    Despite the lack of short-term results, such attacks are increasingly destabilizing the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, leaving hope for its collapse and disruption of the work of railways with industry.


    @ Dr D

    Zinn is not typically taught in the public school system.
    I never read Zinn until about 5 years ago.

    It is important not to assume that just because one public school, somewhere in the US is teaching some particularly noxious idea that ALL public schools throughout the country are doing the same.

    My twin sons, juniors in high school, are studying US history this year. One of my sons gets anxious from some of his assignments, and I end up sitting with him and participating in the process. In particular, instead of a textbook he has a photocopied packet of over 200 pages for US history. I have read much of this aloud to my son as he answers the questions on the material. There is nothing about Zinn, nor about the “gaps” that he filled in US history. Nothing. The tycoons of the late 1890s are called both “captains of industry” and “robber barons” — an overview of both sides is given.

    My children have not been overtly taught by the local public schools about “trans” and topics regarding sexual orientation. They actually received ZERO school instruction about human sexuality, STDs, etc. All such instruction has come from me, their peers, or online videos. My daughter was inducted into the LGBTQI culture by peers in public elementary school. One son had a lesbian teacher in 7th grade…but he never knew that she was. Each of my children in middle school had the same non-binary art teacher. I didn’t know that the teacher was non-binary until my youngest had this individual as a teacher, and when I said “Ms. S—-“ my daughter corrected me that the teacher wanted to be called only by the last name, and to drop the “Ms.” I suspect that had been the case earlier as well, but only my daughter even noticed that the teacher was non-binary!

    There are problems in the public school system that I hear about from multiple sources, that are mostly ubiquitous and I see them in my children’s schools as well. The curriculum is more and more prescribed by the district, the teachers are given very little leeway in what they teach. This is especially the case in core academic classes — but even my son’s theatre class includes district mandated assignments and tests. (The assignments are called “PBAs” — and no one seems to remember what the acronym stands for.) Curriculum is purchased from enormous education corporations — it is turning into just another means for corporations to extract profit. In an elementary school where a friend works, students in 3rd grade have been issued Windows laptops, and the district has a mandated technology curriculum that teachers are to use to teach the kids about the laptops. However, the teachers have no time to teach the technology curriculum, they often barely know how to use the laptops themselves, and the students receive no instruction on how to use the issued laptops. Their standardized testing is now all on the laptops and my friend is discovering that the students don’t actually know how to take the online test, yet the quality of the teacher’s instruction will be evaluated by the students’ test scores!

    In my kids’ high school, the district brags that ALL juniors must take the ACT (a standardized college entrance exam.). My son with anxiety, ADHD, and behavioral problems is not planning college right after high school. (He is smart…but he isn’t going to benefit from higher education unless he is internally motivated.). The school is sending out an ACT “question of the day” to juniors via their school email account. In English they take practice ACT quizzes. This son was so stressed about the ACT a few days ago that he nearly broke down and cried. I had to tell him that for him, the ACT served no purpose, he didn’t need to worry about it at all, I didn’t care what score he received, it wouldn’t affect his grades, and he should focus on completing his school work in order to pass his classes. When the ACT comes, he can answer some questions and enjoy the break from his usual classes. It is nice that the district covers the cost of the ACT and that it is during school, rather on a Saturday at some far away school, as was the case for me so long ago. But…MANDATED? Why must it be mandated? It isn’t relevant to all students, but all must jump through this hoop anyhow.

    I do not doubt that some teachers, some school districts are incorporating “woke” nonsense into children’s curriculum. However, these issues are trumpeted by the conservative media, both mainstream (I.e. Fox,) and alt-Right, because they are sensational and emotionally charged issues, not because they are ubiquitous problems. Personally, I see more immediate problems stemming from the massive technology purchases (a laptop for every student) undertaken as a result of the pandemic funding. My son with behavioral issues is not the only one watching YouTube in class instead of doing school work, or copying the Spanish questions into Google Translate and then using copy/paste to put the translation into his homework, bypassing the part of his mind that needs to learn to translate. He is not the only one eschewing writing down problem steps in math equations because he enters the answers into an online module…and then we find that he hasn’t retained the skills because he didn’t invest enough effort into acquiring the skills.

    “If it bleeds, it leads.”


    The Patriot air defense system will not help Ukraine against Russian cruise missiles, White House Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said.

    “The Patriot system is designed to intercept ballistic missiles, it is not as effective against cruise missiles, and it will definitely not be effective against drones,” Kirby said in an interview with CNN, adding that it is precisely such weapons that Russian forces often use. He added that the limited capabilities of Ukraine in intercepting hypersonic missiles are not surprising either. “Hypersonic missiles, in general, are very difficult to intercept,” Kirby explained.


    To actually see germ’s rumble video (post 130831) with Graham Taylor, go to this link.


    I’m going to go off into the weeds and then circle back around to Nordstream somehow.

    Critical Theory and Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder share a very consistent characteristic — they both attack strength and value, NOT weakness and deficiency. They’re the OPPOSITE of Sun Tzu. (I suppose NPD’s and Critical Theorists are Clausewitzian?)

    They also seem to share the principle that dropping civility, dropping the implicit give-and-take rules of social interaction is an advantage, such that sneering, confident, doubling, tripling, quadrupling down is always presumed the winning bet. One trick ponies in a way. Never ever stop.

    I had a girlfriend in college for awhile that had a raging case of malignant NPD. She’d be lying to me about something there IN THE ROOM with us. The exchange would go something like this.

    (lying, smiling/sneering about the thing right there in front of us)

    Uh, I know that’s not true, ok?

    (doubling down)

    I’m LOOKING AT IT right NOW.

    (tripling down)

    It’s right THERE <pointing>

    (quadrupling down)

    “We” want to Start A Conversation (search “Induced Conversation NPD”) but definitely, definitely, There Shall Be No Discussion. Knock knock. Sorry, nobody home to talk to.

    I realized, in my job working for a ginormous corporation, that its agendas – hidden and open – its policies, the way it was structured, in some sense constituted a kind of NPD, channeled my interactions with my human customers into NPD-like behaviors.

    I’ve listened to quite a few calls fielded by other people in addition to my own. Very consistently, it is crazy-making for the customer to be trying to accomplish something, anything, just have a productive communication that goes somewhere, when behind the customer service rep is a giant amorphous non-definable, non-explainable BLOB, that SOMETHING ELSE in the conversation that is not up for discussion, directs the entire course of, fate of the discussion and the customer doesn’t know how to bring up or discuss. Not without sounding crazy.

    My cure for this was to openly and as soon as possible, TELL the person everything behind the scenes, from specific processes, the reason (or unreason) for them, overall tendencies in behavior of the corporation, my powers, any lack of powers, my knowledge and any lack of it. Wax a little philosophical even. Let the person on the other end of the conversation know where the entity opposite them stands in the interaction. The shape, size, color, character of it.

    The first time my NPD girlfriend lied about something obvious and then relentlessly endlessly brazened it out regardless, it was – of course – disturbing. Totally inexplicable, out of this world whacko situation. The 4th time, it was WORSE. Totally discombobulating. Almost an out of body experience. Like one is living in some waking nightmare fever dream.

    But by the 8th time? The 10th? Bored contempt. “But but, hey, it’s a MYSTERY unjustifiable and inexplicable, so continue to be horrified!!!!” No. I don’t @#%^ing CARE if it is a mystery.

    Another method of discombobulation is the destruction of distinctions. Metaphorically, knifing the ziploc of oranges your mom packed in your school lunch until there is no distinction inside that paper bag between inside the ziploc and not-ziploc

    So we got continual assertions that the Russians blew up their own pipeline.

    And then a continual “Oh, WHO oh WHO could have done it? Let’s analyze it like an Agatha Christie mystery novel” Really?

    And now comes the other one trick pony, the postmodernist/deconstructionist Anything Could Be Anything. (This COULD BE art. COULD be architecture. COULD be xyz thing, nothing, multiple things, everything….) Annihilation of distinctions is paralyzing because in order to act, you need to be able to prioritize. You need to know what’s valuable, what’s not, and what the relative value is. Anything Could Be Anything carpet-bombs the decision tree.

    So now we get this whacko – it COULD have been Ukraine. It COULD have been. Might, might not. But it COULD.

    And of course the Russians looking at this with fed-up boredom. How stupid do you think we are? It’s in the room with us. I’m LOOKING at it RIGHT NOW. (helpfully pointing at it)

    You NAME the trick they keep trying to pull on you, describe it, draw a picture of it, point back and forth between the picture and the actual thing, and find they are going HARDER at the trick you just said you’re aware of. A sign that the entity on the other side cannot grasp that you’re a thinking person? Or whatever processes they faithfully follow don’t account for it?

    And there is a fractal aspect to it. Zoom out to geopolitics. Zoom in to personal interactions. Why this dynamic, why so totally inflexible and unrelenting? It’s understandable the 100+ iq college educated liberal atheists like Naomi Wolf start theorizing what, an invasion of bodysnatching aliens? Demons? An undiscovered virus that attacks particular parts of the brain having to do with consciousness, causing psychopathy and NPD? A secret society of Mean Girls who never matured and are determined to take over the world using ONLY the methods learned in junior high?

    I’ve toyed with the idea that civilizations collapse cyclically because of recurring locust-swarms of NPDs. Humans are great problem-solvers. And when they can freely respond individually to problems, freely discuss them, freely organize to confront them, the effects are incredibly powerful. It feels like something very weird, strange, pervasive is interfering.

    Idunno. I’m just feeling around the elephant, periodically reporting on having located a tree, a snake, and a wall.


    phoenixvoice, Thanks for your interesting piece about what you are seeing in your children’s public schools.

    I actually would welcome high-school kids being given Howard Zinn’s work to read, in particular A People’s History of the United States. It questions the mainstream narrative on US history. If it is read it can be discussed and contrasted with other points of view, which are much more prevalent in our culture than Zinn’s views.

    What really upsets me more are some of the other issues you raise in your piece, such as the one-size-fits-all approach to testing, technology, and life choices after high school.
    The other thing that upsets me is the disappearance of school libraries and librarians.
    I was a school librarian for 24 years and the library was seen as the hub of the school, the center of research, learning, and independent thought. I retired in 2011, and since that time I have seen school libraries devalued in many districts.

    In one school district in eastern Ohio that I visited a few years ago, they had completely gutted their libraries and were using the spaces as computer labs only. Other schools have turned their libraries into “maker spaces” with an emphasis on having the kids make things with 3-D printers.

    The school district I visited in Ohio had also gotten rid of their foreign-language programs in the high school, and some of the kids were taking foreign languages from a canned online curriculum only.

    Children in the US should be exposed to foreign languages and cultures. They should be exposed to books and literature, and alternate points of view as well. The world-view of most US citizens is extremely insular and uninformed about the wider world. Schools should be encouraging students to read widely and evaluate for themselves what they have read. Much as those of us who read this blog every day.

    Our educational system is simply continuing to encourage group-think and mindless adherence to what we are told in the mainstream media. And it is getting worse by the day.

    I just read that another kids’ book author, R. L. Stine, has had his work tampered with by his publisher, Scholastic Books. He is not a literary giant like Roald Dahl, but just an author whose books are extremely popular with young kids. It turns out that in 2018, Scholastic re-released his works and changed many of his words to conform to the “woke” protocols decided on by faceless bureaucrats. The publisher didn’t even consult with him. If they are doing it to Dahl and Stine with impunity, I am afraid that they are doing it all over the place.


    oxymoron said:

    ‘The real game is controlling the human cattle.’

    Around here we call them sheep. I have heard the term sheeple (or sheople) to describe those who are herded by the ‘authorities’ into the fleecing pens and trucks for delivery to the slaughter houses.

    I’m still having difficulty convincing people that ‘New Zealand’ is not a country but is a business, and that the so-called government comprises of local managers appointed to positions by the overseas [City of London] management.

    The money-lenders control practically everything financial, commercial, economic, political and cultural on the Airstrips, and the game is to keep the Ponzi system going whilst transferring a much fictitious wealth as possible from The Commons to the money-lenders via the-loot-and-pollute economy.

    Adam Curtis highlighted how it all went into ‘hyperdrive’ in the 1930s once Bernays started to exploit the finding of his uncle Sigmund with respect to what drives human behaviour in industrial ‘civilised’ societies.

    Manipulation of the masses.


    My local library branch has been gutted as well. Plenty of books still there, but DIFFERENT books.

    I laughed hysterically when I went to the fiction/literature section looking for Dickens or Tolstoy or the Bronte Sisters or something. (not the young adult section) There’s almost no real literature there, but every 4th book has the word “GIRL” in the title, I kid you not. It’s absolutely hilarious and absurd.


    kultsommer – on previous thread, that was some picture,

    1954 Antibes from Shorpy.

    In the late 60s, 70s +, ppl like my family, thus me, went to the Riviera and sunbathed, swam, and even ate in restaurants..

    Not in Antibes, for the snobby rich, or St. Tropez, for the bling fash media crowd and fakey ‘yacht’ ppl…

    (venues to avoided at all costs today)

    A sweet nostalgia re. such vacations is via artistic black and white photos, family snapshots, and golden glow fuzzy Polaroid images. Those were the days…

    A bit like the Amerikana hankering after the neat little bungalow, the one, two large cars, Mr. working with Mrs. being a sexy stay at home Mom, say, post WW2, 1945 – 1960.

    Economic expansion resting on exploding exploitation of FF fuels…

    Mary Hopkins, Those were the days.

    Doc Robinson

    There are a bunch of misleading headlines today, like this one:
    “Test results ordered by [Indiana governor] Holcomb show no dioxins in train wreck waste”

    The levels of dioxins found in those very limited samples are said to be “safe”, but this applies only if the dioxins are properly disposed and sealed in a hazardous waste landfill.

    This headline is more accurate:
    “Indiana testing of E. Palestine soil finds every dioxin and furan analyzed for — 10 varieties”

    The location from which the soil was removed was not revealed in the state’s news release or the memo with the results. There has still been no reported testing of soot taken from the point source, nor have there been any known wipe samples taken from nearby rooftops.

    There were a number of truckloads already dumped at the Indiana landfill before the test samples were taken. Perhaps these earlier truckloads were the most contaminated and did not get tested.

    Yesterday I read somewhere that 32 loads were initially dumped there before testing, and I was surprised because I thought it had only been 3 loads. It was on an official site, like the state of Indiana’s announcement of the test results, but I can’t find the 32 number there today.


    Very large missile strike in Ukronaziland by the Russian today.

    One interesting note is that they used a Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

    The Russians have not used these missiles often, usually to take out something very large and hardened, and to make a point.

    That thing really packs a punch.

    All power out in Kharkiv and Odessa, hit large main electric generation facilities.

    Softening up and shaping the enemies terrain.

    D Benton Smith

    It feels like something very weird, strange, pervasive is interfering.”

    I was going to sit on this for awhile, but then @jb-hb started looking at elephant parts and now it seems a little more relevant and timely. It’s esoteric to some degree (as so much of what I write tends to be) but please take note that it is also meant to be imminently pragmatic. The stuff I’m talking about is manifestly tangible now, and is going to become MUCH more so.

    The “Overton Window” metaphor is maybe the best visualization aid of all time in regard to the communication of vital information. So intuitively descriptive, so adaptable to shifting dynamics, so true in its operation.

    That metaphorical “window” of what constitutes acceptable topics for permissible conversation can widen or narrow, be murky or clear, move closer or farther away. I just love it.

    And that’s not even to mention the sorts of things that might fit THROUGH it to change its size, shape and placement. My, oh my!

    For example, just look at how the “Overton Window” has shifted and changed in the past couple of years, and not just here on TAE (although TAE is the place I’m thinking about in this instance.) It has been ripped open SO widely, literally everywhere, that hitherto undreamed of things are flying hither and yon through the now gaping hole in our prison’s wall.

    And this is just the start. Give it a few more months or a couple of years. Try not to be too shocked. (which is pretty much impossible to follow advice, because SHOCK is the very nature of what is being revealed.

    All that’s really happening is that the curtains of deliberately and purposefully obfuscated history are being ripped asunder to expose and inform you of what has simply been going on all along that you have been content to remain ignorant about because you’ve been gaslit into thinking that ignorance is bliss.

    Well it ain’t. Ignorance is death.

    Prepare to live for the first time in your life, but first there’s a little more wising up to do.

    Just kidding. There’s a LOT more wising up to do. And some of it is going to be very unsettling, so gird up as best you can (and NO, I’m not talking about God or aliens, which shouldn’t be all that unsettling in ether case anyway.) That widening Overton Window is going to help. Brave up and look through it.

    History is not what you’ve been led to believe it was, and the crazy guys haven’t been that wrong about it either (just a bit overwrought is all).

    Let’s start off light. Several commentators of considerable intellectual prowess here on TAE (and whole slew of lurkers, too, I would wager) have recently professed their atheism. No problem. That is their own business because it is their own mind and they are the ones fully responsible for ts contents.

    Nevertheless, to you guys I offer the earnestly sincere advice to get busy changing your mind about that atheism thing you’ve got going, because the implications are of significant material importance.

    That’s enough unsolicited advice for the time being, except for maybe one more bit: keep using that window.


    The absurd invention of UKR saboteurs being responsible for the blow-up of NS2 is a sign of weakness.

    Controlling the media sounds, feels, oh starry eyes, power wow, super !! fantastic, at first blush.

    However, if the stories don’t add up, don’t have proper continuity – ascribed motives, follow-up, etc. and aren’t coordinated (movie scripts are not a model to be followed.. they work in a two-hour circumscribed window..) with other ‘facts’, ‘news’, the whole effort falls flat and looks pathetic. Then whatever has to be rapidly superseded by some ‘new, next’ story. And so it goes…

    Of course, one aim is to keep ppl dependent on, and believing in, the Gvmt – MSM narrative, Putin the ugly dictator invades stalwart anti-Russian democratic Ukraine, brave Prez. Zelensky is fighting for his glorious nation, etc. etc.

    So, the lies and prevarications are aimed at ordinary ppl, and as they are considered to be idiots / untermenschen, it matters little what ridiculous story-script or BS is blasted out.


    From the ancient masterpiece:

    Joe Tzu the Art of War



    Stripped of hype, misdirection and self-serving idealized claptrap (“markets, innovation, The Singularity, oh my!”), everything boils down to power relations: who has agency (control of their own lives and a say in communal decisions), who has access to all the goodies (cheap credit, insider dealing, ownership of income-producing assets, food, fuel and all the comforts and conveniences of living off others’ labor) and who can offload the consequences of their actions onto others, without their permission.

    These power relations define the structure of the economy, society and governance. Everything else is signal noise or self-serving cover stories.

    AI serves those at the top of the power relations pyramid, those with agency, access to the tools of wealth and power and those who can offload the toxic consequences of their own actions onto clueless/powerless others.


    “A People’s History” by Zinn is taught in the Mpls. school system and has been for years.

    Michael Reid

    Tom Luongo on The Hrvoje Moric Show
    Starts at 19 minutes and continues to 56 minutes

    Michael Reid

    Emmanuel Daniel discusses the idea of East versus West and it being a Western construct, we’re in a multipolar world. He argues the U.S. is a dysfunctional state because it spearheads the development of new systems of governance and suffers the consequences, but that the rest of the world shares in those benefits. He explains how China became successful and how the “reset” of the Cultural Revolution played a role. He doesn’t feel the U.S is declining but rather pushing ahead into the networked world. Just like the U.S. had to reinvent itself in 1971 by closing the gold window, he feels we are at another critical juncture where the U.S. will pull yet another trick and take the world into a digital economy (e.g. CBDCs, metaverse).

    Emmanuel Daniel: U.S. Will Pull Another 1971 & Launch World Into Metaverse!


    I will again propose that any entity who/which was instrumental in the “vaccine rollout” should lose all claims to any wealth in the notional-vs-real-wealth-musical-chairs-with-machine-guns game.
    But don’t kill them. That’s a different level. Let them live modestly.

    Did they offer you the same? To have your livelihood stolen from you but they will give you a modest income in lieu?

    Game? Like haha funny lets play a game of power and authority to abuse, torture, sicken and murder those citizen minions under OUR authority? Like I AM SCIENCE kinda gaming?

    Sure thing- a little tsk tsk and pat them on the back- they promised they would never, ever, ever do it again…. trust ‘the science’ and trust them at their word. I guess some men have lost their biological balls as well…

    How about criminal genocide court trial and then hang the fuckers? Or solitary confinement until dead, no visitors, no phone, computer or tv?


    Just how much lying, stealing, cheating, torturing and murdering gets your attention John?
    Let them live modestly? For f’s sake, at what point are you willing to fight back versus cower in acceptance as a broken human being or a slave to lies and injustice?

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