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Russia Launches Large-Scale Attack On Ukraine’s Military Industry (RT)
Russia’s Attack On Pavlograd Deprives Ukraine Of Resources For Advance (TASS)
Why Tucker Carlson Had To Be Purged (Lew Rockwell)
The Murdochs’ Ukraine Connection (Semafor)
The Consequences Of The Conflict In Ukraine Will Be Felt For Decades (Lavrenin)
US Corporations Cash In On Ukraine’s Oil And Gas (Norton)
Russia, Iran, China Aim To Reboot Persian Gulf Security (Askary)
OPEC+ States To Further Cut Oil Production (RT)
Syria Joins The Trend, Ditches US Dollar For Yuan (CP)
Russia Ramps Up Fertilizer Supply To Asia And Africa (RT)
Econ 101, a Fable (Jim Kunstler)
The Enemy From Within (Chris Hedges)
The Coming War – Time to Speak Up (John Pilger)
The Most Powerful Demolition of Russiagate Yet (Patrick Lawrence)
Jack Dorsey Responds to Elon Musk’s Twitter Leadership (ET)
New Nanoparticle Sensors to Detect Early Cancer via Simple Paper Test (ET)
UK Artificial Intelligence Tool Can Accurately Identify Cancer (Az.)





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In Acquiring First Republic Bank, JP Morgan Has:
1. Bypassed laws against acquiring bank while controlling 10%+ of US deposits
2. Shared $13 billion in losses with the FDIC
3. Received a $50 billion loan from the FDIC
4. Effectively bought back its own deposits
5. Expects to profit $5 billion+ over the next 5 years
6. Added $18 billion in market cap this morning
This crisis has taught us that rules don’t matter in times of panic.





Will there still be a counteroffensive?

Russia Launches Large-Scale Attack On Ukraine’s Military Industry (RT)

The Russian military has launched a large-scale missile attack against Ukraine’s military industry, disrupting production of weaponry and munitions, the Defense Ministry said on Monday. “Tonight, the Russian Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a group missile attack with long-range precision weapons, air and sea based, on the military-industrial complex of Ukraine,” the ministry said during its daily media briefing, adding that “all assigned targets were hit.” While the Russian military did not specify which locations had been targeted exactly, Ukrainian media reported strikes in Kiev, Sumy and Dnepropetrovsk regions. The latter has apparently experienced the worst, with a massive explosion reported on the outskirts of the city of Pavlograd.

Unverified footage circulating online shows the aftermath of the strikes near the city. The attack apparently also caused a massive secondary explosion, followed by multiple lesser blasts. Available footage shows numerous columns of white smoke at the location, typically caused by the detonation of solid-fuel projectiles such as anti-aircraft missiles. The Pavlograd strike destroyed the stockpiles of fuel and ammunition of Ukraine’s 46th Airborne Brigade, which has been readying itself for the much-hyped looming Ukrainian counteroffensive, Vladimir Rogov, a senior Russian official in Zaporozhye Region, has claimed, citing the reports of locals. The strikes also destroyed two S-300 anti-aircraft batteries stationed in the area, the official told news agency TASS. According to Ukrainian emergency services, the explosions in Pavlograd damaged and destroyed up to 80 residential homes and about two dozen multi-story buildings. Emergency services have also acknowledged damage to an unspecified “industrial facility” in the area without revealing its exact nature.

In recent days, both Russia and Ukraine have seemingly ramped up long-range attacks against each other, with the uptick in military activities coming ahead of the long-advertised Ukrainian counteroffensive. Moscow has claimed the destruction of several command posts used by the Ukrainian military, and has reported striking groupings of Ukrainian reserves. Kiev’ for its part, has ramped up shelling of residential areas of Russia’s city of Donetsk, as well as other border regions, inflicting multiple civilian casualties. Ukrainian forces also carried out an attack on an oil depot in Crimea, with the spokeswoman for the Ukrainian military’s southern command, Natalya Gumenyuk, confirming the strike came in preparation for Kiev’s counteroffensive.

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“..the 46th brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces was refitted in Pavlograd, with the main reserves of fuel products and supplies being there..”

Russia’s Attack On Pavlograd Deprives Ukraine Of Resources For Advance (TASS)

Three brigades of the Ukrainian armed forces, whose redeployment to the Zaporozhye area completed on April 30, will not be able to shift to active combat actions due to loss of ammunition and fuel stores in Pavlograd as a result of Russia’s attack, chairman of the We Are Together with Russia movement Vladimir Rogov told TASS on Monday. “Redeployment has been completed, with all three brigades at the Orekhov section of the contact line. Part of them have arrived at the settlement of Shcherbaki,” he said. “I think that considering the fact that the 46th brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces was refitted in Pavlograd, with the main reserves of fuel products and supplies being there, they will most likely face logistics problems with supply of all required for combat actions now.

It will take another several days, or probably weeks to prepare, at least 2-3 days depending on how strong the attack on stores in Pavlograd was, whether heavy enough stocks of the Ukrainian armed forces’ reserves were destroyed,” Rogov explained. He said late on Sunday that the Russian forces had carried out strikes on railroad infrastructure and depots for ammunition and fuel in Pavlograd, which Ukrainian troops had been accumulating for an offensive toward Zaporozhye. Rogov told TASS earlier that the Ukrainian army command redeployed the 46th airborne assault brigade, as well as the 116th and 118th brigades to the Zaporozhye area in addition to 12,000 fighters already on the line of engagement near Gulyaipole and Orekhov. According to his assessment, should an offensive be launched in this area, Ukrainian units would avoid fighting in the cities and instead attempt break through to the Sea of Azov east of Melitopol to cut the land corridor to Crimea.

Ukr unit

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“It is no wonder that he no longer works for Fox News. The question is how he lasted so long..”

Why Tucker Carlson Had To Be Purged (Lew Rockwell)

Tucker came to recognize that the media are ideological state apparatuses whose functions are to indoctrinate, mislead, and support the reigning regime and their narratives, whether past, present, or future. Tucker attempted to subvert those media functions and became a danger to the regime. It is no wonder that he no longer works for Fox News. The question is how he lasted so long. As Rectenwald points out, Tucker has challenged the plot of brain-dead Biden and his gang on neocon controllers to start a nuclear war with Russia over the Ukraine: He said last October: “The question of who blew up Russia’s energy pipelines to Europe, which is not just a question in the news, it’s a historical question, we’ve addressed it a couple of times already, is not really much of a question anymore. So, on television, they’re assuring you that obviously the Russians did it. Vladimir Putin sabotaged his own pipelines.

With his nation at war, Putin intentionally destroyed Russia’s most vital national asset. Now why, you ask yourself, would Putin do that? Well, because…actually no one’s explained why Putin would do something like that. Bad people do bad things. That seems to be the idea. The Biden administration is responsible, either directly or through proxies, for the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines and the environmental catastrophe and the economic collapse that will certainly follow. That is true. It’s done. So the question is, where does that leave us? And that’s the problem. This act leaves us, the United States, with no option but total war with Russia. There is no off-ramp now. There is no way out. We are all in, no matter what that means, no matter where it goes. Are you shocked by this? Was there a vote on this? Did someone ask your opinion? No, but it’s been happening for months in slow motion.

It’s been hidden from public view by the near-total blackout imposed by America media outlets so you probably didn’t know any of the details. For example, in March, the Turkish government tried to broker a peace in Ukraine and they came very, very close. Wasn’t reported widely. Ukraine was prepared to guarantee neutrality, meaning it would not join NATO. That’s what the Russians wanted above all and in return for that, the Russian government would withdraw its forces from Ukraine and that might have been a neat solution, certainly for the rest of us. The global economy wouldn’t need to be destroyed. Nobody would die in a nuclear war. Negotiations to that point advanced to the stage that Vladimir Putin pledged to meet with Zelenskyy to sign a peace treaty and Zelenskyy was ready for it, too and we’re quoting, “I’m ready for a dialog,” he announced, but sadly, Zelenskyy could not act alone. Despite what you may hear on NBC News, Zelenskyy is not the independent leader of a democratic nation. No, not even close. That is a fiction.

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“..Rupert Murdoch held a previously unreported call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this spring..”

“In other words, not only are we wrong — which is fine — we are disloyal Americans. We’re doing the bidding of a foreign power,” Carlson said. “That is not fine, that is slander.”

The Murdochs’ Ukraine Connection (Semafor)

Fox News Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch held a previously unreported call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this spring in which the two discussed the war and the anniversary of the deaths of Fox News journalists last March. The Ukrainian president had a similar conversation with Lachlan Murdoch on March 15, which Zelenskyy noted in a little-noticed aside during a national broadcast last month. The conversations came weeks before the Murdochs fired their biggest star and most outspoken critic of American support for Ukraine, Tucker Carlson. Senior Ukrainian officials had made their objections to Carlson’s coverage known to Fox executives, but Zelenskyy did not raise it on the calls with the Murdochs, according to one person familiar with the details of the calls.

The Murdoch’s have not revealed which of Carlson’s many provocations triggered his firing, and there’s no particular suggestion that Zelenskyy — whom Carlson had called a “dictator” — delivered the final blow. But Carlson’s firing will immediately relieve pressure on key Capitol Hill Ukraine supporters whom Carlson had criticized on air — and sometimes pressed behind the scenes to change their positions on the war. Texas Rep. Michael McCaul has been one of the most outspoken Republican supporters of the US support for Ukraine, stepping out of line to occasionally reprimand figures in his own party who do not share his views on the subject. In a segment last year, the Fox News host told viewers that the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee had privately called his show “Russian disinformation.” “In other words, not only are we wrong — which is fine — we are disloyal Americans. We’re doing the bidding of a foreign power,” Carlson said. “That is not fine, that is slander.”

According to two people familiar with the conversation, the then-Fox News host also made his displeasure to McCaul known in a tense private conversation in which Carlson criticized the congressman’s comments, describing the congressman as having a low IQ. (Both Carlson and McCaul’s office declined to discuss the conversation). The populist Republican right remains hostile to the war effort and at times openly sympathetic to Russia. But none of Fox’s other top figures seem to share Carlson’s zeal. “Clearly, he spooked a lot of members into not being fully supportive of Ukraine,” a senior Republican congressional aide told Semafor. Carlson’s ouster, the aide added, “probably reduces the loudest voice out there against U.S. support.” Regardless of the reason for Carlson’s departure, more moderate pro-Ukraine members of the Republican caucus on the Hill are not hiding their relief.

“There have been some that have argued that he was setting foreign policy for the Republican Party, which I find to be bizarre. Certainly not for me,” Sen. Mitt Romney told the Hill. “To the primary [Republican] voter, the active participant, the grassroot voter, he’s a person they listen to and has a big influence.” Washington has a long history of pushing out dissenting voices on issues of war and peace. “Cable news may struggle to find an entertainer equally skilled at skewering comfortable pieties on the left and right,” Lee Harris and Luke Goldstein wrote in the progressive American Prospect, before being drubbed by their colleagues for ignoring Carlson’s appeal to racists.

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“..the world’s largest minefield..”. Depleted uranium isn’t even mentioned yet.

The Consequences Of The Conflict In Ukraine Will Be Felt For Decades (Lavrenin)

Since February of last year, when Russia launched its military offensive in the country, mine explosions have killed about 200 civilians in Ukraine, while hundreds more have been injured. The UN has already called Ukraine the most heavily mined state in the world. Yet the contamination continues to grow because of how positional warfare is carried out. With the conflict far from over, the further laying of explosives could have disastrous consequences. Official reports claim that 250,000 square kilometers (almost 62 million acres) of Ukrainian territory have been mined. This is equal to the entirety of the UK (244,000 square kilometers). According to Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, his country has become the world’s largest minefield, which has even spurred the government to create a special center to deal with the fallout.

Experts believe that the situation in Ukraine is worse than in Afghanistan and Syria. The number of unexploded ordnance, anti-personnel, anti-tank, and other mines and explosive shells is estimated to be in the millions of units. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s minefields are growing exponentially. In the past year, the entire length of the front line on both sides has been mined. They are often laid in a scattered manner and without mapping. Given Ukraine’s large size, this greatly complicates the process of finding and neutralizing them. “Indeed, there is a chance that the mined territories may expand further, both due to the prolongation of the conflict and the likely offensive from either side, which may move hostilities to previously unaffected territories,” Maxim Semenov, a political analyst and specialist in conflicts in the post-Soviet space, told RT.

Official sources also report that the contaminated area is expanding. Last summer, the Ukrainian Deminers Association stated that minefields covered about 133,000 square kilometers of Ukraine, but the number recently announced by Shmigal is already double that. Meanwhile, there are no solutions that can be totally effective, and most importantly, quick and simple. Demining is the exclusive job of sappers. For example, back in the 2000s, an average of 50 people a day were blown up on anti-personnel objects in Angola, one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. To this day, about 500,000 explosive devices remain, despite the fact that dozens of sapper units from all around the world have helped out in the country. It’s also worth noting that both the fighting and the scope of contamination in Angola were a lot less severe than in Ukraine.


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There is no coincidence.

US Corporations Cash In On Ukraine’s Oil And Gas (Norton)

As the war in Ukraine drags on, the government is selling off state assets in a big privatization spree. US fossil fuel corporations like ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Halliburton are participating in discussions to take over the Eastern European nation’s oil and gas industry, as Kiev pushes to increase production to replace Russian energy exports. This comes soon after Ukraine’s Western-backed leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, sent a friendly video message to a US corporate lobby group, thanking companies like BlackRock, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Starlink, and promising “big business” for others. In September, Zelensky also symbolically opened the New York Stock Exchange, announcing that his country is “open for business”, offering more than $400 billion in “public-private partnerships, privatization, and private ventures” for US companies.

The Ukrainian government has used the war as an excuse to ram through some of the most aggressive anti-worker laws on Earth. The director of the Kiev-based workers’ rights NGO Labor Initiatives warned of a “full-scale attack on Ukraine’s labour rights”, writing in a German government-funded journal that the “war cannot be used to justify stripping workers of their rights”. In an attempt to bring an end to this war, China has taken the lead in advocating peace talks. Brazil’s President Lula da Silva has backed Beijing’s efforts. The West, on the other hand, has vociferously opposed all attempts at diplomatic negotiations and instead pushed to escalate the NATO proxy war on Russia, sending fighter jets and tanks to Kiev. Ukrainian officials, meanwhile, are treating their country as a for-profit company, frequently travelling to the United States in search of lucrative business opportunities.

The CEO of Ukraine’s state-owned energy company Naftogaz, Oleksiy Chernyshov, flew to Washington, DC this April to meet with US political and corporate officials. The Financial Times reported that Chernyshov sat down with representatives from ExxonMobil and Halliburton, following a similar meeting with Chevron in January. “The negotiations with big US fossil fuel players are part of a strategic push to increase natural gas production that Ukrainian officials believe could help replace Russian supply to Europe in the years ahead”, the newspaper wrote. Halliburton is notorious for its involvement in corruption schemes, involving fat government contracts. In 2017, it was fined $29.2 million by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with highly profitable oilfield services contracts in Angola.

Halliburton is also the world’s biggest provider of fracking services, or hydraulic fracturing, a controversial form of gas extraction that is so environmentally destructive it was banned in the United Kingdom. Responding to the Financial Times report, economist Yanis Varoufakis, who previously served as Greece’s minister of finance, tweeted: “And there you have it. EXXON, HALLIBURTON & CHEVRON, after Iraq, are now taking over the Ukrainian oil and gas fields. Planning to introduce large scale fracking – a clear and present threat to poison U’s agriculture”. Chernyshov, the CEO of Ukraine’s state energy company Naftogaz, told the newspaper, “We want them [Halliburton] to expand [their presence] dramatically. We want them there seriously — boots on the ground”.

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“There are currently over 60 western military bases or facilities – and around 50,000 US troops – stationed in West Asia.”

Russia, Iran, China Aim To Reboot Persian Gulf Security (Askary)

The recent normalization of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, brokered by China, is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of a larger paradigm shift in West Asia. Russia, Iran, and China (RIC) are all playing key roles in shaping this change, which could make Anglo-American interventions in the region obsolete. Although Russia, Iran, and China are often viewed as enemies, rivals, or competitors by the west, they have emerged as the main powerbrokers designing exit strategies from many of the western-sponsored crises in West Asia. While Russia and Iran have played more decisive military and security roles in this development, China has weighed in with its economic heft to bring to the fore this regional paradigm shift. Much of this change will be directed at the littoral states of the Persian Gulf, which the west has viewed as its exclusive zone of influence since early last century – for both its strategic waterway routes and its oil and gas wealth.

But in just the past few years, those dynamics have shifted dramatically. Today, Russia, Iran, and China share similar security concerns about western-manipulated conflicts and divisions in their regions. The RIC geography consists of relatively large territories with very diverse ethnic compositions. This diversity has been frequently weaponized by the west – in the form of separatist groups – to destabilize the central governments. Examples are rife: Russia faced a Chechen insurrection which ended with a decisive victory over the separatist elements, but at a high price. In China, the Muslim card was used to destabilize the western regions through support for Uyghur separatist groups that launched numerous terrorist attacks on mainland China. Similarly, Iran’s mosaic of Persian, Azeri, Kurdish, Lur, Arab, and Baloch ethnic groups has been a clear target for the use of separatism as a tool to destabilize the central government.

In the 1980s, Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski advocated for “The Arc of Crisis” to fracture most of the countries on the border with China and the Soviet Union by supporting religious and ethnic separatist groups. In addition to security concerns related to separatist groups, there are also economic security concerns, such as the control of sensitive maritime route choke points, including the Malacca, Hormuz, and Bab al-Mandab Straits. These critical waterways can be used to cut off energy supplies and trade between China and the Persian Gulf region. To address these threats, Russia, Iran, and China have been conducting regular navy exercises. There are currently over 60 western military bases or facilities – and around 50,000 US troops – stationed in West Asia. Washington claims this oversized military presence is required in order to provide “security and prosperity” for the region, yet recent history suggests they are primarily there to maintain western hegemony.

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“The total oil output downfall is expected to amount to 1.66 million barrels per day..”

OPEC+ States To Further Cut Oil Production (RT)

Several members of the OPEC+ group, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, the cartel’s two biggest oil producers, have begun reducing crude output. The cuts, starting from May and lasting until the end of 2023, are expected to support global oil prices. In particular, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have started reducing oil production by 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) and 211,000 bpd respectively. Meanwhile, the UAE, Kuwait and Kazakhstan are slashing production of oil by 144,000 bpd, 128,000 bpd and 78,000 bpd respectively. Algeria and Oman have also joined the voluntary output reduction, with the former cutting production of crude by 48,000 bpd and the latter by 40,000 bpd. Gabon will see its output reduced by 8,000 bpd.

Earlier this year, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that Russian producers would extend a voluntary reduction in oil output of 500,000 bpd from the average February level until the end of the current year. The total oil output downfall is expected to amount to 1.66 million barrels per day. The production cuts are aimed at supporting oil prices, which had declined by more than 20% in the twelve months through April 5. The measure is also expected to mitigate the impact on crude oil prices of a sluggish global economy and of the fallout from the banking crisis in the US. The latest decision came as an additional step to the agreements to collectively reduce oil output by two million bpd that came into effect in November 2022 and came as part of the OPEC+ deal.

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Syria’s back in the Arab fold..

Syria Joins The Trend, Ditches US Dollar For Yuan (CP)

In a recent development, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called for the abandonment of the US dollar for global transactions and urged the adoption of the Chinese yuan for international settlements. This move comes as part of the ongoing de-dollarization efforts led by the BRICS nations, in response to US sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine. President al-Assad’s call for the adoption of the Chinese yuan in international settlements comes as the BRICS nations, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, have been increasingly focusing on alternative currencies. As the United States faces various macroeconomic challenges, a shift towards alternative currencies seems inevitable, with the BRICS nations spearheading this effort.

According to President al-Assad, the world needs China’s political and economic presence to facilitate the necessary global power shift. Syria has recognized the merit in the ongoing de-dollarization efforts and believes that the BRICS nations can play a leading role in dismantling the US dollar’s status as a global reserve currency. During a meeting with the Chinese Government’s Special Envoy for the Middle East, Zhai Jun, President al-Assad praised China’s mediation efforts that have led to the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, both of which are applying for membership in BRICS. He believes that the improvement of their relations will positively impact the stability of the entire region. Zhai Jun assured President al-Assad that Beijing would continue to support Damascus in international forums and their battle against hegemony, terrorism, and external interference.

China’s diplomacy has been active in the region and beyond as it seeks to expand its influence on the global stage. China has also initiated talks about the potential enlargement of BRICS and is trying to promote the use of the yuan in international trade while supporting efforts to reduce dependence on the US currency. In a recent meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Iran’s Minister of Transport and Urban Development Mehrdad Bazrpash called for the expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in various sectors, including banking, energy, transit, transportation, and tourism. He highlighted the potential for utilizing port access to establish shipping lines, thereby boosting exports and imports between Tehran and Damascus.

While Iran has fought for a decade to support the Syrian government, it currently has a small share of Syria’s trade, losing out to financially stronger players. Iranian parliament member Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh stated in May 2020 that Iran had invested $30 billion in Syria and needed to recoup it. With reconstruction costs in Syria estimated between $250-$400 billion, strengthening economic ties with regional countries is crucial. Syria’s call for the adoption of the Chinese yuan for international settlements is a significant development in the ongoing de-dollarization efforts. With the BRICS nations leading the charge, it remains to be seen how this development impacts the Middle East and the potential membership of Saudi Arabia and Iran in the BRICS alliance.

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“Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin revealed that Moscow was preparing two batches of free fertilizer to be shipped to Kenya and Nigeria..”

Russia Ramps Up Fertilizer Supply To Asia And Africa (RT)

Russian fertilizer company PhosAgro reported this week a significant exports increase to emerging markets in Asia and Africa, in the face of external restrictions. PhosAgro said its exports of agrochemical products to India saw a five-fold increase in 2022, amounting to 2.7 million tons, while supplies to other Asian countries more than doubled, to 400,000 tons. According to the company, PhosAgro is Russia’s largest exporter of fertilizers to Africa, with shipments to the continent having increased by a quarter last year to 500,000 tons. “Russian business faced unprecedented challenges last year: business as usual was no longer the case when it came to the rules and mechanisms of international trade, including in fertilizers and agricultural products,” the chairman of PhosAgro’s board of directors, Viktor Cherepov stated, noting that the company had been forced to quickly adapt to a new reality.

“Even in this environment, we were able to increase our supplies – primarily to emerging markets. We did everything to ensure that farmers in our priority market of Russia and all around the world had access to our fertilizers, which stand out thanks to their high quality and eco-efficiency,” Cherepov said. PhosAgro’s overall sales are up by 6.4% to 11 million tons year-on-year, marking the highest figure in the history of the company, according to the report. Earlier reports showed that Russia was India’s biggest supplier of phosphate fertilizers last year due to discounts amid Ukraine-related Western sanctions. PhosAgro has reportedly offered Indian companies a heavy discount on its products, while also covering bank commissions for payment transfers. Apart from exports, Russia has been supplying fertilizers and grain to poorer African nations free of charge. One such shipment of some 20,000 tons of fertilizer has reportedly been delivered to Malawi. Last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin revealed that Moscow was preparing two batches of free fertilizer to be shipped to Kenya and Nigeria.

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“Humans are ingenious animals, enterprising and resilient, though there will surely be fewer of us around..”

Econ 101, a Fable (Jim Kunstler)

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, of course. As the fossil fuel supply drew closer to its end and further from the long, happy middle time of plenty, the business model for making-and-doing started to shudder and crack. It didn’t fall apart all at once, but it put many makers-and-doers out of business. They stopped making-and-doing. By then, the financial economy was a colossal phantom parasite that dwarfed its host. It was burdened with so much unreality, so many workings dissociated from nature, that it could no longer pretend to be anything but a phantom.To keep the host alive, it upchucked some of what it had sucked out of the host, adulterated with money based on unreal promises, hopes, and dreams. This turned more and more into a spewage of money so debased by broken promises, hopes, and dreams that making-and-doing just about stopped altogether.

That is when the phantom parasite of finance began to dissolve and humans began to regard it as an hallucination that had gone away, dissolved into mist. What remained were a lot humans embedded in nature. And that is the place where the humans of Western Civ find themselves in the 2020s. Western Civ was the first region of the world that tapped into the fossil fuel orgy and it is now the first region exiting this phase of history. Even when the financial hallucination melts into air there will be a lot of real things around that were made before the great age of making-and-doing stopped. Humans are ingenious animals, enterprising and resilient, though there will surely be fewer of us around. These fewer humans will likely be healthier, working more directly in nature and no longer compromised by the pernicious by-products of all the bygone making-and-doing.

We will figure out how to use the left-over useful things to get food out of nature and keep making other useful things. The new making-and-doing will happen at nothing like the former pitch or scale. It may represent a time-out from the lost experience of the old, ever more elaborate and complex makings-and-doings. After a while, humans may discover a new way to get more out of nature. Or maybe not. In the meantime, lodged as we are in the present, in the moment of this epochal transition, anxiety besets many millions of minds. Not a few minds have grown disordered watching all this go on around them, dreading the journey from one disposition of things to the next. Some have made themselves obnoxious. Let them do what they will until they tire themselves out. Keep your own well-ordered minds on the tasks ahead, your own makings and doings within the bounds of what is real. Take some time out to make some music. There are still plenty of good instruments around, and you can always sing. Put a meal together with your friends and loved ones and sing out. It’s all right, Ma, Bob sang out long ago, It’s life and life only.

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“It is not in our national interest to go to war with Russia or China. But militarists need war the way a vampire needs blood.”

The Enemy From Within (Chris Hedges)

America is a stratocracy, a form of government dominated by the military. It is axiomatic among the two ruling parties that there must be a constant preparation for war. The war machine’s massive budgets are sacrosanct. Its billions of dollars in waste and fraud are ignored. Its military fiascos in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East have disappeared into the vast cavern of historical amnesia. This amnesia, which means there is never accountability, licenses the war machine to economically disembowel the country and drive the Empire into one self-defeating conflict after another. The militarists win every election. They cannot lose. It is impossible to vote against them. The war state is a Götterdämmerung, as Dwight Macdonald writes, “without the gods.”

[..] The mantra of the militarized state is national security. If every discussion begins with a question of national security, every answer includes force or the threat of force. The preoccupation with internal and external threats divides the world into friend and foe, good and evil. Militarized societies are fertile ground for demagogues. Militarists, like demagogues, see other nations and cultures in their own image – threatening and aggressive. They seek only domination. It was not in our national interest to wage war for two decades across the Middle East. It is not in our national interest to go to war with Russia or China. But militarists need war the way a vampire needs blood.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev and later Vladimir Putin lobbied to be integrated into western economic and military alliances. An alliance that included Russia would have nullified the calls to expand NATO — which the U.S. had promised it would not do beyond the borders of a unified Germany — and have made it impossible to convince countries in eastern and central Europe to spend billions on U.S. military hardware. Moscow’s requests were rebuffed. Russia was made the enemy, whether it wanted to be or not. None of this made us more secure. Washington’s decision to interfere in Ukraine’s domestic affairs by backing a coup in 2014 triggered a civil war and Russia’s subsequent invasion. But for those who profit from war, antagonizing Russia, like antagonizing China, is a good business model. Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin saw their stock prices increase by 40 percent and 37 percent respectively as a result of the Ukraine conflict.

A war with China, now an industrial giant, would disrupt the global supply chain with devastating effects on the U.S. and global economy. Apple produces 90 percent of its products in China. U.S. trade with China was $690.6 billion last year. In 2004, U.S. manufacturing output was more than twice China’s. China’s output is now nearly double that of the United States. China produces the largest number of ships, steel and smartphones in the world. It dominates the global production of chemicals, metals, heavy industrial equipment and electronics. It is the world’s largest rare earth mineral exporter, its greatest reserve holder and is responsible for 80 percent of its refining worldwide. Rare earth minerals are essential to the manufacture of computer chips, smartphones, television screens, medical equipment, fluorescent light bulbs, cars, wind turbines, smart bombs, fighter jets and satellite communications.

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“ was during Barack Obama’s two terms that American foreign policy flirted seriously with fascism..”

The Coming War – Time to Speak Up (John Pilger)

In 2003, I filmed an interview in Washington with Charles Lewis, the acclaimed investigative journalist. We discussed the invasion of Iraq a few months earlier. I asked him, “What if the constitutionally freest media in the world had seriously challenged George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and investigated their claims, instead of spreading what turned out to be crude propaganda?” He replied. “If we journalists had done our job, there is a very, very good chance we would have not gone to war in Iraq.” I put the same question to Dan Rather, the famous CBS anchor, who gave me the same answer. David Rose of the Observer, who had promoted Saddam Hussein’s “threat,” and Rageh Omaar, then the BBC’s Iraq correspondent, gave me the same answer. Rose’s admirable contrition at having been “duped,” spoke for many reporters bereft of his courage to say so.

Their point is worth repeating. Had journalists done their job, had they questioned and investigated the propaganda instead of amplifying it, a million Iraqi men, women and children might be alive today; millions might not have fled their homes; the sectarian war between Sunni and Shia might not have ignited, and Islamic State might not have existed. Cast that truth across the rapacious wars since 1945 ignited by the United States and its “allies” and the conclusion is breathtaking. Is this ever raised in journalism schools? Today, war by media is a key task of so-called mainstream journalism, reminiscent of that described by a Nuremberg prosecutor in 1945: “Before each major aggression, with some few exceptions based on expediency, they initiated a press campaign calculated to weaken their victims and to prepare the German people psychologically… In the propaganda system… it was the daily press and the radio that were the most important weapons.”

One of the persistent strands in American political life is a cultish extremism that approaches fascism. Although Trump was credited with this, it was during Barack Obama’s two terms that American foreign policy flirted seriously with fascism. This was almost never reported. “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fibre of my being,” said Obama, who expanded a favourite presidential pastime, bombing, and death squads known as “special operations” as no other president had done since the first Cold War. According to a Council on Foreign Relations survey, in 2016 Obama dropped 26,171 bombs. That is 72 bombs every day. He bombed the poorest people and people of colour: in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan. Every Tuesday — reported The New York Times — he personally selected those who would be murdered by hellfire missiles fired from drones. Weddings, funerals, shepherds were attacked, along with those attempting to collect the body parts festooning the “terrorist target.”

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“ retrieve the truth buried alive in the cesspit of lies and cynical propaganda operations the deep state — and I am fine with this term — inflicted upon us..”

The Most Powerful Demolition of Russiagate Yet (Patrick Lawrence)

Sometime in the mid–Russiagate years, when it became clear that America was on a swoon back into the collective neuroses of the 1950s, I began to think we would have to wait for future historians to retrieve the truth buried alive in the cesspit of lies and cynical propaganda operations the deep state — and I am fine with this term — inflicted upon us in response to Donald Trump’s rise in national politics. There seemed no sorting out the godawful mess amid the incessant waves of mis– and disinformation to which our corporate media subjected us. The task, if you were in the scribbling trade, was to write truthfully for readers, of course, but also to contribute, however modestly, to a record that tore a hole in mainstream media’s façade so that later historians looking back on our time could peer through it to see things as they were.

It is not an exotic thought: America has had alternative histories of this kind for nearly as long as it has been called America, and they often reflect revisionist readings of contemporary accounts. Jacob Siegel has just done all of us and all the historians to come an immense service in this way. He recently published an article in Tablet magazine, where he is a senior editor. His subtitle, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Disinformation,” is literate, gutsy and suggestive of the gloves-off essay underneath it. This is the most powerful, sustained rip into the Russiagate disaster I have yet read — and certainly the best work published to date on the destruction of American democracy at the hands of a ruling elite that invented (1) the figment of a disinformation crisis and (2) the frightening apparatus that now drowns us in disinformation in the name of combating it. “Disinformation is both the name of the crime and the means of covering it up,” Seigel writes pithily, “a weapon that doubles as a disguise.”

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@jack has a new tool to sell…

Jack Dorsey Responds to Elon Musk’s Twitter Leadership (ET)

Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, criticized Elon Musk’s leadership and taking over of Twitter of the company in a series of social media posts last week. Users of the social media platform Bluesky asked Dorsey a question about whether Musk was the right owner. His response was, “No.” “No. Nor do I think he acted right after realizing his timing was bad. Nor do I think the board should have forced the sale. It all went south,” Dorsey wrote last week. In April 2022, Dorsey previously described Musk as the “singular solution” to take over Twitter. Further, he said he trusted Musk to “to extend the light of consciousness” amid reports Musk wanted to purchase the social media platform.

He added that he is glad new social media platforms such as Bluesky—a new social media platform that is being called a possible alternative to Twitter that has been recently touted by mainstream media figures and celebrities—are being created and built. Dorsey, who is reportedly still a Twitter shareholder, has backed Bluesky since 2019. “I think he should have walked away and paid the [$1 billion]” breakup fee, he also said. After making a bid to purchase Twitter for $44 billion, or around $54.20 per share, Musk later signaled that he wanted to back out of the deal. It wasn’t clear that either Musk or Twitter had that option, as Musk would have had to provide proof to a Delaware court that he had a good reason for walking away from the deal.

When Dorsey headed Twitter before departing under the company’s previous management, he received widespread criticism for the alleged silencing of right-wing accounts or individuals with viewpoints that strayed too far from the mainstream narrative. While he was in charge, prominent people such as former President Donald Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), and anti-COVID-19 vaccine writer Alex Berenson were permanently suspended. Meanwhile, a number of journalists have revealed internal Twitter messages over the past several years suggesting there was outsized external influence on Twitter’s content moderators to censor, deplatform, or reduce the reach of posts from a range of prominent accounts. The files also revealed alleged secret blacklists targeting several prominent accounts. Dorsey, in December 2022, suggested that Musk release everything to the public.

“If the goal is transparency to build trust, why not just release everything without filter and let people judge for themselves? Including all discussions around current and future actions?” Dorsey said on Twitter. “Make everything public now.” Musk, who laid off a significant portion of Twitter’s staff after he took over the company, has not publicly responded to Dorsey’s criticism. Reports have indicated that Musk laid off about 7,500 employees, while the Tesla CEO has explained it was done for cost-cutting purposes. Other tech companies, including Meta and Amazon, have laid off significant numbers of employees in recent months amid tightening macroeconomic conditions. As for Dorsey, he unveiled the Bluesky project four years ago, which was initially funded by Twitter to create an “open and decentralized standard for social media.” He wrote at the time that “the goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard.”

While there have been claims Bluesky would distinguish itself from Twitter by allowing users to control their own data and be free from corporate influence, some researchers have said otherwise. According to The Wrap, Ashley Gjovik, an American program manager, posted screenshots warning that Bluesky’s terms of service give Dorsey and BlueSky “a ‘perpetual’ and ‘irrevocable’ license to all your content (posts, names, likeness, pics).” She added that “Bluesky can delete your account for any reason, but may refuse to delete it if you ask.” All disputes are resolved through individual arbitration. Over the past week or so, some figures like model Chrissy Teigen and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) have stated they’ve joined Bluesky. Over the weekend, a large number of legacy news outlets like The New York Times, The Verge, Vox, and Fortune published articles on the platform.

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Two articles about early cancer detection in the same day. Nanoparticles…

New Nanoparticle Sensors to Detect Early Cancer via Simple Paper Test (ET)

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed nanoparticle sensors that could diagnose early-stage cancer through a simple urine test on a strip of paper. The scientists said these sensors, designed to detect many cancerous proteins, could also distinguish the type of tumor, how it responds to treatment, and whether it has metastasized. “We are trying to innovate in a context of making technology available to low- and middle-resource settings. Putting this diagnostic on paper is part of our goal of democratizing diagnostics and creating inexpensive technologies that can give you a fast answer at the point of care,” said Sangeeta Bhatia, a biomedical engineer at MIT and senior author of the study published on April 24 in Nature Nanotechnology.

Bhatia’s team had initially investigated the concept of detecting naturally occurring cancer biomarkers, such as proteins or circulating tumor cells, in the patient’s blood samples. However, these biomarkers are hard to find, especially at early stages, prompting the team to create “synthetic biomarkers” that could diagnose cancer by amplifying small-scale changes occurring within small tumors. Nanoparticles previously created by the team can detect the activity of proteases, biological catalysts that can help tumor cells spread. However, since this equipment is not always available, the researchers developed new nanoparticle sensors that could be analyzed more easily and affordably using a technology that reads repetitive DNA sequences called CRISPR.

Specifically, the nanosensors are designed so that when they encounter a tumor, they shed short sequences of DNA that will eventually end up in the patient’s urine. The urine sample can be analyzed using a paper strip that recognizes a signal activated by a CRISPR enzyme called Cas12a. When a particular DNA “barcode” is present, Cas12a enhances the signal so it appears as a dark strip on the paper test.

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… and AI.

UK Artificial Intelligence Tool Can Accurately Identify Cancer (Az.)

Doctors, scientists and researchers in the UK have built an artificial intelligence model that can accurately identify cancer in a development they say could speed up diagnosis of the disease and fast-track patients to treatment, Report informs referring to The Guardian. The AI tool designed by experts at the Royal Marsden NHS foundation trust, the Institute of Cancer Research, London, and Imperial College London can identify whether abnormal growths found on CT scans are cancerous. The algorithm performs more efficiently and effectively than current methods, according to a study. The findings have been published in the Lancet’s eBioMedicine journal.

“In the future, we hope it will improve early detection and potentially make cancer treatment more successful by highlighting high-risk patients and fast-tracking them to earlier intervention,” said Dr Benjamin Hunter, a clinical oncology registrar at the Royal Marsden and a clinical research fellow at Imperial. The team used CT scans of about 500 patients with large lung nodules to develop an AI algorithm using radiomics. The technique can extract vital information from medical images not easily spotted by the human eye. The AI model was then tested to determine if it could accurately identify cancerous nodules. “According to these initial results, our model appears to identify cancerous large lung nodules accurately,” Hunter said. “Next, we plan to test the technology on patients with large lung nodules in clinic to see if it can accurately predict their risk of lung cancer.”

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    Mark Chagall Self portrait 1914   • Russia Launches Large-Scale Attack On Ukraine’s Military Industry (RT) • Russia’s Attack On Pavlograd Deprive
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 2 2023]


    Ahh Hitlary! I’m starting to realize what it may have been like to live in 1930’s Germany and be able to see through the lies of your government. While most around you could not or would not. Has the west become the Third Reich? Or something very similar? Trust!? Has it been successfully destroyed? Who do you trust? Is it the exact same group of people that you would have trusted five years ago? Who amongst them would rat you out now if they were so directed by some .gov directive? We, as all have, live in interesting times. It’s just the reasons for them to be interesting that can change the kind of interesting they be. Which of the people living in your extended community will take up the side of ruling classes? I expect most still wearing masks should be high on that list as anyone still believing in Russia gate.

    Now you know why liberals frighten me more than Donald Trump ever has. Trump is at bottom a passing bimbo. These people are malign and deadly serious and not going anywhere.

    Hillary Clinton’s victory in 2016 was intended to consolidate the liberal ruling class’s preeminence. It was her unexpected defeat that prompted liberals to lunge in defense of their hegemony by “fusing the U.S. national security infrastructure with the social media platforms, where the war was being fought,” as Siegel puts it. This meant “harnessing every sector of society under a single technocratic rule.”

    Liberal totalitarianism, anyone?



    Those are the front men, the puppets, they have no more power than an ant. The people who put them in their positions are the people with power, but do you notice how even the alternative media is afraid to go after the real culprits, the billionaires who are running this show. Until that attitude changes and we start to see the real culprits, they can just replace the puppets with new ones and nothing behind the scenes will change.


    In Acquiring First Republic Bank, JP Morgan Has: …

    Shows you that even the American government and bankers think the USD is trash and that the rules surrounding the currency do not deserve respect. Here in Hong Kong this is an interesting situation as the Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the USD, 80 HKD to the USD. What will China do when the USD slowly collapses and people in Hong Kong start losing out with the USD bringing US inflation to HK? The HKD is only really interesting from a business perspective, most locals here in HK have a fair amount of their money spread across different countries: China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Australia, NZ, USA etc. The Chinese are financially savvy, they know that they need to protect their money from governments.


    Oroboros – thanks for the weinstein feminism interview last night – brilliant and fits with a great deal of how I feel about progress and women (and men)
    Michael Reid – fantastic shares of quality articles also.
    John Day – keep it coming
    All the rest – God Bless

    Dr. D

    “JPM CEO Says “System Is Very, Very Sound” After Second Largest US Bank Failure In History”

    There is nothing you can say to that. And 3 of the top 20 banks are now gone, plus FTX, for a 10% drop in Capitalism. That is: Competition. 10% more monopoly, and no doubt 10% closer to no alternative when they CBDC us. Okay man, but remember, Capitalism and the Black Market remain undefeated.

    “Pope Says Vatican Engaged In Secret Ukraine Peace Mission”

    Vatican is a dismal failure and a useless organization. Yes, we know.

    “ “Bans” on sexually explicit books are “harmful” to children” –Chelsea Clinton, another dismal failure.

    I presume from the logical foundation here, that the only way to properly and responsibly educate children about sex and sexuality is to show them pornographic material, (already done) then undress as the teacher (already done) explain in great detail your own sexuality and desires (already done) and then push the children up against the chalkboard pull down their knickers, and give them a demonstration. You know, to make sure they get it right and really know the material hard. (Already done in school regularly but not yet legitimized)

    If not, IS there any point at which an adult SHOULD stop? Let’s start with that. Is there ANY age that too young for sex, or is zero the age of consent like the UN says? Can I BE offensive enough to make my point?

    “Colorado: 27 Democrats Vote Against Making Flashing Kids A Felony”

    Daily. What’s the rush? Kids not sexualized enough in the 2020’s? The Internet and Smart Phones definitely have them way too sheltered.

    Greenwald: Ukraine’s Conscript Army Being Used By West As “Cannon Fodder”
    All the while mainstream pundits cheer from a safe distance.”

    Yes, it’s a Slavic genocide. It couldn’t be better arranged if Russia had written the script themselves. 500 years of propaganda, staging this attack, now no anti-Russian Ukrainians, no Nazis, no Army, and a enormous, wide-open nation for the taking. While the loss bankrupts and collapses NATO and Europe.

    But for me, it’s the West, the woke, caring West, adoring, loving, aching with joy at genocide. Monsters indeed.

    Five Arab States Plus Iran Among 19 Nations Ready To Join BRICS

    This is important because The PLAN, was to have Saudi be tied to the US$ — and the CIA/Derp State – and when they ran out, as they have, to Sunni-Shia war for U.S.-backed Saudi Arabia to conquer Iran and take their oil instead. So a peace between them is deadly for the U.S., as they have the oil, the forward base, and the power to control the oil-reserve currency. No war = no U.S., no reserve, no taking over the world. That, with China, appears to have happened for now. I’m glad, but I do realize what has happened.

    “@KobeissiLetter In Acquiring First Republic Bank,”

    We make s—t up! No rule of law. And no principles either as monopolization is against everything actual, legal, theoretical, popular, or defensible. We do it anyway.

    Anyone ask Congress? Are they holding hearings? Nope. Why? Is it just because they’re Republicans, or some other reason?

    Russia’s Attack On Pavlograd Deprives Ukraine Of Resources For Advance (TASS) “

    Day after day, No trouble at all in methodically erasing the Ukraine army.

    The question is how he lasted so long..”

    Yes, it is. We know he did hold back, more at first and less over the last year or so. That was to keep his seat. Nevertheless, we know Fox, nor any other “Capitalist” doesn’t care about money in the slightest. So it wasn’t his ratings, or ad revenue that kept him in. It was to keep the illusion Fox was on the Right, so as to steer, what did they call them, elderly zombie-morons or something? And somebody has his back, is applying pressure to keep him in. But it wasn’t enough leverage to make Fox an actually honest place.

    Since it’s all leverage and blackmail, the odds of us knowing why are very low. When they dump Tucker, it will cause the White Hats to take their next planned move because of it. Perhaps lawsuits or revealing their far-Left emails about toppling the election. The Black Hats also know if they move this piece, that will happen, but for them it was time.

    The faster Fox ceases to exist, the better. It’s better to be an honest, open enemy than a traitor from within.

    Iran Drones: Trying to inject the name “China and Iran” into all our statements now as they build a world war. One thing, Senator: can you explain to be what the h—l we’re doing 10,000 miles from home in the first place? That place is way, way closer to Iran than it is to us. No? Don’t bother?

    “Keep your own well-ordered minds on the tasks ahead, your own makings and doings within the bounds of what is real.”

    Indeed. The big picture helps us less and less now. As in Denver or Chicago, you’re more likely to die from poisoned food or a mugging than anything to do with Iran or Ukraine.

    disembowel the country and drive the Empire into one self-defeating conflict after another.”

    Bane of Empires. This is why there is a wheel of history. All 10,000 civilizations tried to stop their turn, but the empire empowers a certain slice, and that slice uses the power to prevent unseating itself, ultimately at the cost of the whole culture. We’re no different. We can survive down here on the ground, but it requires the removal of the whole central government, which we’re certainly all rooting for, and are able to withstand.

    “Their point is worth repeating. Had journalists done their job, had they questioned and investigated the propaganda instead of amplifying it,”

    The people didn’t do their job either. I remember well. “Hey, fellows, suppose Saddam actually HAS a nuclear bomb? So what? What is he going to do with it if we leave him alone?” Crickets. Muh Israel, who we also DGAF about. Why go to war? ‘Cause ‘Merica! What the actual are you talking about sending 200k troops halfway around the world where they will get all shot up and WON’T be greeted with flowers? On behalf of Exxon? Crickets. God, you’d have to be dumb as a rock not to know, journalist or no journalist. …And trust me, the normal people, who don’t know who we gained independence from, and don’t know what shape has four sides, are SMARTER than the journalists.

    So great article to blame others. I was a delicate leetle flower, who never dun no wrong. It were that other guy’s fault!

    No. You just loved war, hated peace, loved death, murder, excitement, and theft just that much. The very thought of leaving people alone and sticking to your own hard work and industry was foundationally repugnant to you. Boy, I learned something about adult Americans back then. It’s not the journalists. If they had reported correctly, we still would have wanted it, as indeed we’ve seen many times since then.

    There seemed no sorting out the godawful mess amid the incessant waves of mis– and disinformation to which our corporate media subjected us.”

    Strangely, this was super-easy. We guessed it correctly, almost every time, each minute, from under my bridge here in the dark it was so easy. So what’s up with you-all? From the President to the Janitor, all the people, esp those in Church, all the caring, honest wokesters who defend victims and anyone getting a raw deal, everyone against war, anyone wanting re-employment. All of you wanted, adhered to, worshiped, the most ludicrous, transparent, vile, improbable idiocy of our generation, I barely look up from corn flakes to blow holes the size of a battleship into. There was nothing in my life easier to debunk until the Covid numbers appeared, which was even easier.

    “as Musk would have had to provide proof to a Delaware court that he had a good reason for walking away from the deal.”

    He did have it, and he did provide it. Now for a year, there have been non-stop press releases supporting his every claim. Did you forget or something? So all that never happened now, inside an article about how all that happened now?

    “If the goal is transparency to build trust, why not just release everything”?

    Because then they’d read two words and discard it, like usual. It needs to be drip, drip, dripped out to keep it in the headlines. Even that is barely working. I don’t see no arrests for 1,000,000 counts of civil rights abuses by top officials, on behalf of election tampering.

    “• New Nanoparticle Sensors to Detect Early Cancer via Simple Paper Test (ET)

    Uh… “Nano” means “Small.” ALL tests are “nanoparticle sensors”, could you be a little more clear? I’m smelling bulls—t but it’s MIT so that’s a given.

    So they’re amplifying DNA signals. Huh. That sounds remarkably like the totally-failed PCR tests.

    Bees: Maybe they should ask somebody. There were no honeybees in the New World. There were lots of humans in the New World. Explain?

    Please, for the love of God and all things holy, read a book sometimes.

    “Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” — Thomas Sowell

    And what, since it was already tried 20x, we already knew wouldn’t work. But couldn’t be arsed to check. Because, evolutionarily, we’re the smartest humans ever born, and they just didn’t do Socialism (insert your own dumb idea here) correctly yet.

    The Markster

    Whatever Cloudfare is, CIA subcontractor being the most likely option, is completely blocking my access to the Pilger and Lawrence pieces on Consortium News. Some super lame “the site is not safe” message pops up lol. Wonder if the monsters are stupid enough to think they can shout down love and truth with more lies.

    They will not succeed.


    The big picture helps us less and less now.

    Yes Dr D, the key reason I lurk less here at TAE and build and farm and dig and make most of my days now. The time for action and self-resilience and physical community is upon me now. I know most of who I can trust and work with locally (not a big group but has bleeding edge) and as much as I have found a kin of a kind in the ether of the internet it is ultimately a time/space issue.
    The trust horizon is applied to systems as well as institutions.


    Just sit down, watch and read TAE, then you’ll learn what is keeping the system functioning.

    We can see who has been good or has been bad.

    I dare you to come to the world’s largest minefielld
    genocide, depopulation is part of our system/structure


    in addition to banking rules and laws not mattering on the macro

    Biden “Punishes Responsibility” As New Mortgage Equity Program Begins

    people with high credit scores will pay for those with low credit scores. “…to make housing affordable for everyone”

    Ok, so a working poor person who labored for 5-7 years to get their credit score up to buy a home, that’s unfair and cruel, give their money to the person who didn’t. To make it Affordable For Everyone.

    My favorite Zerohedge comment on this “Don’t worry. If you can’t afford a home, Blackrock will still buy it.”

    I paid the bills I agreed to pay and on time. That’s not fair. So now I’ll need to give money, in addition to the parties I promised to pay, to people who did NOT pay the parties THEY promised to pay. To make it FAIR.

    Shall we move on to apportioning out punishment for crimes from the criminals to the law-abiding? Is it really FAIR that some people go around in this world punishment free while others carry the burden?


    I’m curious how the Democrats determined that the 1% aristocracy they need to fight and bring down is composed of the middle 70-90% of the population. I’d sincerely like to hear them articulate their specific explanation. Just for the lols.

    Autonomous Unit

    “Bees: Maybe they should ask somebody. There were no honeybees in the New World. There were lots of humans in the New World. Explain?”

    will do.

    “There are over 20,000 known bee species in the world, and 4,000 of them are native to the United States. They range from the tiny (2 mm) and solitary Perdita minima, known as the world’s smallest bee, to kumquat-sized species of carpenter bees. Our bees come in as many sizes, shapes, and colors as the flowers they pollinate. There is still much that we don’t know about native bees—many are smaller than a grain of rice and about 10% of bees in the United States have yet to be named or described—but all of these bees have jobs as pollinators.
    Native bees are the primary insect pollinator of agricultural plants in most of the country. Crops that they pollinate include squash, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, and cranberries. Native bees were here long before European honeybees were brought to the country by settlers (honeybees are not native to North America). Honeybees are key to a few crops such as almonds and lemons, but native bees like the blue orchard bees are better and more efficient pollinators of many crops, including those plants that evolved in the Americas. Native bees are estimated to pollinate 80 percent of flowering plants around the world.
    Many of our native wild and crop plants have sets of bees that are so specialized that they restrict their visits to those plants alone. The most important facet of bee conservation is the encouragement and retention of all of our flowering native plants.”

    “Please, for the love of God and all things holy, read a book sometimes.”


    • Russia Launches Large-Scale Attack On Ukraine’s Military Industry

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation® still pushing, “Russians are running out of missiles” puke through their Media Whores.


    Keep it up Neo-Clowns, wait until Russia sends their MEGA Missile Blanket Wave just as the Ukronazis attempt their wimpy cucked ‘offensive’.

    My sources say that the Russia excess production of cruise missile is being stockpiled for a truly massive attack on the remaining Ukronazi infrastructure. Consecutive hundreds a day barrage.

    Hey, do your part for Glorious Victory




    The Current Banking Trend Foretells a Deep Recession

    Mr Styxhexenhammer666 rant on bank failures sinking the ship

    Bank Failures in Brief – Summary 2001 through 2023

    FDIC graph showing 2008 clusterfuck and what’s coming up for 2023.

    Thar she blows!

    Greenline doesn’t include First Republic


    FDIC graph link

    Didn’t work above


    A glance toward CBDCs. The creation of CBDC does not address the underlying structural problem:

    1. Limited resources (availability, location, cost)
    2. Low to negative productivity.

    For those who have reached my station the evolution of credit from LayAway at the department stores to Revolving Credit to personalized credit cards has accompanied us from our youth. The expansion of credit entangled with the creation of an extractive planned economy is the modern consumer environment. The expansion of consumer credit is the face of the expansion of commercial credit. Consolidation of market information (inventory, demand, shipping and production) is the foundation beneath the expansion of credit.

    What can be purchased today in any region of the United States is limited. Have you purchased a new household appliance lately? Why your experience? See 1 and 2 above.

    The view that this great expansion of credit came through the Back Window @ The FED is almost to the point of acceptance. Market forces? A Growth Economy? Pull my other finger. The CBDC is another round in the expansion of credit. The concern that the CBDC will limit the ability to purchase ignores the reality of the big box stores today. The consumer will be free to purchase as much of nothing as they are today. We are at another foot stone along the path to the planned extractive economic model.

    Where did it all go? This was asked the other day. Every bit of “it” is still here. All “it” has ever been is debt. An Asset derived from what?
    Pretty sure there is an “ism” ((insert your own dumb idea here))

    John Day

    Why Is The US Wiring Ukraine With Radiation Sensors To Detect Nuclear Blasts?

    These sensors can only ever indicate that Russia set off a nuclear blast, right?
    Sooo, …

    IBM To Stop Hiring For Roles That Can Be Replaced By AI; Nearly 8,000 Workers To Be Replaced By Automation

    definition: Roles … University graduate salade makers


    I have been away, in Italy, Piedmont and Lombardy.

    Of intererest: the new big biz is ….FIREWOOD.

    Italy used to be the biggest consumer of wood pellets (per capita) afaik, they were nutty about them, and wood pellet stoves were all the rage. Wood pellets are made with gas (for heat) and electricity (for the machines) and their price has risen…and risen…and often now they are unavailable, stories from there, – I haven’t checked.

    Everywhere I went, wood piled up drying, trucks with wood on them, courtyards with big volumes hidden under coverings, previous forest type places not the same, etc.

    What many on the ground don’t seem to realise is that the State (Regional + ) can claim ownership of trees, forests, in their jurisdictions – not the land itself in these rulings, just what is growing on it. The law is fairly recent (under 5 years, I don’t recall ..) Obviously, energy probs. were expected.

    I just looked up: 67% of forest land, that is measured in SURFACE, in Italy is in private hands. The link, a long EU report about Forests in Italy, in F, does describe in vague terms ‘eminent domain’ legislation re. wood. So that fits.

    What local news from other people?


    I was driving home after singing at an open mic last night and stopped at a red light with an LED billboard across the intersection. The light was long, and I saw several ads. What a completely ridiculous use of technology! Originally, billboards were painted boards, perhaps lit with electric lights. Just a board. Passive. It is put up, it is painted, no further resources required for it to function. Now…an LED screen, with plastics and metal and circuitry, rare earth metals, of course the electricity to keep it all going, and all of the possible ways that it can break, necessitating an endless stream of replacements and e-waste. Is this progress? It seems simply stupidity. All so that my mind can be filled with advertisements that I don’t want to see while waiting at a red light. Now, the traffic light system itself is utilitarian — it brings order to a busy intersection, avoiding car crashes. A great deal of technology is utilitarian, serving an important purpose. But technology is saturating our communities, not being applied primarily to utilitarian, nor even entertainment purposes, but wherever the money leads it. So, very often, it is going into purposes that serve small slices of the population (those deriving revenue or business from the advertising) — like advertising — which much of the population doesn’t want to be go barded with.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Bilboards now compete with smartphones, so they have to be jumpy and full of action!

    John Day

    Rotating Elites is up, We’re overdue…

    The Wagner Factor and the Fairness Principle​,​ Alexander Dugin​ (​Alexander Dugin is not “Putin’s brain”, but is an influential ​R​ussian political philosopher. His daughter was recently murdered in ​an ​attempt to kill him. He is a Russian at war, completely at war. He wrote this for western Europeans, but also for Russians.)
    ​ ​Throughout the Special Military Operation (SMO), the PMC Wagner and Yevgeny Prigozhin have been the center of attention of Russian society and the world community. For Russians, he has become the main symbol of victory, determination, heroism, courage and resilience. For the enemy a source of hatred, but also of fear and terror. It is important that Prigozhin not only leads the most combat-ready, victorious and undefeated unit of the Russian armed forces, but also provides an outlet for those feelings, thoughts, demands and hopes that live in the hearts of the people of war, completely and to the end, irreversibly immersed in its elements…
    ..Inside Russia, people accept Prigozhin unconditionally. He, without any doubts, is the first in this war. Whatever he says or does, it immediately resonates in the heart of the people, in society, in the broad Russian, Eurasian masses. It is one of the many paradoxes of our history—an ethnic Jew, an oligarch, and a man with a rather turbulent past is transformed into the archetype of a purely Russian hero, into a symbol of justice and honor for all people…
    ..Russian elites are another matter. It is precisely because Prigozhin has made a pact with the Russian people, with the Russian majority, on the blood—his own and that of his heroes from Wagner—that he is most hated by that part of the elite that has not accepted the war as its fate, has not realized its true and fundamental motives, has not yet seen the mortal danger that hangs over the country. It seems to the elite that Prigozhin is simply rushing to power, and, relying on the people, is preparing a “black redistribution.” For this part of the Russian elite, the word “justice” itself is unbearable and burns with the fires of hell. After all, Prigozhin is himself from this elite, but he found the courage to renounce the class of the rich, exploiters, cynics, and cosmo..politans, who despise all those who are less successful, and to move to the side of the warring, country-saving people…
    ..In Prigozhin, society has begun to see something more than a successful and desperate field commander, a warlord. The configuration in the elites that prevailed in Russia before the SMO allowed (with personal loyalty to the supreme power) for a certain oligarchic stratum the opportunity to remain part of the global liberal globalist system. The people grumbled, lamented and complained about this, but as long as Russia’s sovereignty was being strengthened and, as it seemed, nothing threatened the country, this could somehow be tolerated. After the beginning of the SMO, this contradiction was fully exposed. Russia faced a deadly battle with the entire West, which fell upon our country, a West with all its might; and the Russian elite, by inertia, continued to slavishly follow the land of the setting sun, copying its standards and methods, keeping their savings abroad, dreaming of Courchevel and the Bahamas. Part of the elite frankly fled, and part hid and waited for it all to end. And here the “Prigozhin factor” appeared, already as a politician who became the mouthpiece of popular anger towards the remaining oligarchic elites, stubbornly refusing to accept the new realities of the war and do as Yevgeny Prigozhin himself did, that is, go to the front or, at least, join in the cause of Victory entirely and without a trace. If the West is our enemy, then a supporter of the West, a Westerner is a traitor and a direct agent of the enemy. If you are not at war with the West, then you are on its side. This is the simple logic voiced by Prigozhin. And in his decisive battle with the external enemy, the masses of the people saw a second—future—act, the transfer of similar methods for the internal enemy. And this is “justice”—in its popular, even albeit common people—understanding…
    ​..​There is a tremendous time delay, but it is the beginning of fundamental change in Russian society. Yevgeny Prigozhin represents one of the directions. This, above all, is war, where Wagner is the brightest illustration of what meritocracy is; that is, the power of the most distinguished, the most courageous, and the most deserving. The elites of war are those who perform the task best, and there are no other criteria at all… Loyalty in war is implied; otherwise, immediate execution. But now something more is needed: the ability to cope with the task at hand. At any cost. Even at the cost of one’s own and others’ lives. This alone brings out the best. And the worst. And all that remains is to put the best over the worst, and the whole thing will head to Victory…
    ..Those who do not cope with the task are relegated to the back burner. In the political science of Wilfred Pareto this is called the “rotation of the elite.” In Russia, this process is extremely inert and sporadic, and most often it is not taking place at all. War, on the other hand, requires the “rotation of the elites” in an ultimatum manner. This is a real horror for the elites, who are old and incapacitated, moreover, cut off from their matrix in the West…
    ..The stakes are constantly rising. Victory is at stake. And the way to it lies only through justice.​ [A call for bloody retribution f​rom a man whose daughter was recently murdered by enemies​? When will the US reach such a similar point of decision? Soon? Suddenly?​ Thanks Christine.]​ ​

    ​ The seat of empire needs to get on a war-footing financially. What will that mean?
    ​ Republic First, J.P. More-Gain​, ​By Michael Every of Rabobank
    ​ ​Then we had First Republic Bank being taken over by J.P. Morgan in an ‘interesting’ piece of financial engineering which I don’t have the space to go into here in detail. Suffice to say that again, the US financial system has been ‘saved’; again, stock and bondholders haven’t; again rich, uninsured (Californian, Democrat-donor) depositors have; and Too Big To Fail banks are now even bigger and obviously even less allowed to fail, reversing what was supposed to be the post-2008 regulatory norms.​..
    ​..​Fed Chair J. Powell starts another FOMC meeting against a bank failure, and yet will again hike rates 25bps (this time to 5.25%). Moreover, the Wall Street Journal’s Timiraos says he isn’t likely to flag a pause, instead keeping the door open to doing more if necessary.
    ​ ​We may see some form of US credit crunch. Indeed, a US banking conflab was talking about that yesterday. On the other hand, there are some who think the Fed has been asking banks to scale back on lending to try to give them more leeway to pause – in other words tightening via backdoor policy. That sounds ‘un-American’ for those who know nothing about the real America, but it’s arguably still better than policy tightening via repeated bank failures.
    ​ ​J.P. Morgan is at the heart of things again. Some will recall that in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the bank was persuaded to swallow Bear Sterns and Washington Mutual, which CEO Dimon has said he would rather not have undertaken. Those with a longer memory will recall the 1907 Panic, where Mr. Morgan personally bailed out the US financial system. I expect fewer mentions this week of the allegations that Morgan was also involved in a planned fascist coup against President F.D.R. in the 1930s, the so-called “Wall Street putsch”.
    ​ ​Geopolitics is echoing the 1930s. Axios is the latest to say: ‘US allies prepare for possibility of war over Taiwan’; the US says its Mutual Defence Treaty with the Philippines is “iron clad” following maritime tension; China revised its conscription law to boost its pool of draftees, ‘Locks Information on the Country Inside a Black Box’, and even the US Chamber of Commerce in China warns of major increase in risks for businesses; China and Russia signed a deal on maritime law enforcement; Iran –which saw an oil tanker destined for China seized by the US, seizing a foreign tanker back– proposed a “maritime security belt” led by the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation to provide “safety, security, and stability of global maritime trade”; and the US displayed bunker-busting bombs for use against Iran. Yet the Wall Street Journal also says ‘US Struggles to Replenish Munitions Stockpiles as Ukraine War Drags On’ noting, “plans to increase production of key munitions have fallen short due to shortages of chips, machinery, and skilled workers.”
    ​ ​How does this latter point link back to JP and First Republic? Let’s look at the wording of the Federal Reserve’s Section 2A. Monetary policy objectives [I read this a little differently from M.Every. I see “commensurate with ‘potential’ to increase production”, not “to increase production”. It might be different.]
    ​ ​“The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Open Market Committee shall maintain long run growth of the monetary and credit aggregates commensurate with the economy’s long run potential to increase production, so as to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.”
    ​ ​Not just “stable prices”, which we won’t have if the Fed cuts rates as markets are pricing for; not just “maximum employment”, which we may not end ahead given demographics, onshoring, re-arming, and labor hoarding; not just “moderate long-term interest rates,” or financial stability, so acronyms like BTFP, which FRB partook of to no avail before being swallowed by JPM; rather, TO INCREASE PRODUCTION to allow all of the above to happen.
    ​ ​For three decades of a geopolitically benign environment and the last Cold War decade before, the Fed could get away with ignoring US production to rely on imports and financialisation. Now, as war rages in Ukraine and wider war fear mount, and de/re-globalisation shifts supply chains, it cannot. US production must increase, and financialisation decrease. The question is how, starting from here.​ [I again disagree​ with Every​. I think a more ​government-​directed-economy, like China’s, like pre-war Germany’s, and like that of the US pre-WW-2, and even pre-WW-1, is more likely than allowing Wall-Street to keep making strategic national industrial policy decisions.]
    ​ ​Rates are going to be much higher for much longer even before we get into the biggest picture issue of ‘de-dollarisation’. That’s a production problem according to economic theory. However, economic reality shows in a globalised trading system, lower US rates don’t see any increase in productive investment anyway – just pointless (but profitable for some) financialisation.​ [Hence national industrial policy is needed.]
    ​ ​Clearly, much more productive investment is going to be required by the US economy when the current ‘financialised’ system has no ability or interest in supporting it. That means more national-security focused industrial policy, as White House National Security Advisor Sullivan made explicit last week, to tumbleweeds from a market unwilling to listen. It likely also means more QE, not QT, in the form of de facto MMT, not yield-lowering, excess-reserve-building exercises: it’s just when this happens. And/or it means a more centralised US banking system that listens to ‘guidance’ from the more powerful Fed telling it what is in the national interest for it to lend to.​ [But ​US ​bank lending is against existing assets, not to build new industries.]

    S**t Just Hit The Fan Across Markets, Regional Banks Crashing​ (And gold spiked up hard at the same moment.)

    John Day

    Yellen Warns Treasury To Run Out Of Cash As Soon As June 1 Absent Debt Ceiling Deal

    ​ ​Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Algeria, Egypt, Bahrain, and Iran have formally asked to join the BRICS group of nations as it prepares to hold its annual summit in South Africa.
    ​ ​In total, 19 nations have expressed interest in joining the emerging-markets bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, according to Anil Sooklal, South Africa’s ambassador to the group.
    ​ ​“What will be discussed is the expansion of BRICS and the modalities of how this will happen … Thirteen countries have formally asked to join, and another six have asked informally. We are getting applications to join every day,” the South African official told Bloomberg earlier this week.
    ​ ​BRICS will hold its annual summit in Cape Town during the first week of June.​..
    ​..By 2028, the G7 is expected to make up just 27.8 percent of the global economy, while​ (pre-expansion) ​​BRICS will make up 35 percent.
    ​ ​The estimations came just a few weeks after the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s State Duma, Alexander Babakov, revealed that BRICS is working on developing a “new currency” that will be presented at the organization’s upcoming summit.​..
    ​..​The interest from Global South nations to join the bloc comes at a time when more and more governments move away from the US dollar.

    ​ Alastair Crooke, Thanks F.S. ​‘Securing Ourselves Is in Our Hands; and Defeat of the Enemy Lies in His Own Hands’ (Sun Tzu, d. 496 BCE)
    ​ ​The media focus is so much centred on the military situation in Ukraine that it is easily overlooked that President Putin has also been fighting a financial war – a war on liberal economic theory; and a diplomatic war for the support of the non-West and from key strategic allies, China and India.
    ​ ​On top of that, Putin has to manage the psyche inside Russia. His objective is to restore patriotism and a Russian national culture reconnected to its roots in Orthodox Christianity…
    ​..​Like any system, the World Order rests on philosophical principles believed to be universal, but which, in truth, are specific to a particular moment in European history.
    ​ ​Today, the West is not ‘what it was’. It is a fractured ideological battlespace. The Rest of World is not ‘what it was’. And today’s ideological western writhings are no longer viewed as being of primary concern to the World.
    ​ ​The point here, however, is about a project designed to bring change to that which has not changed. It is as much a war for global psyche as of attrition on the battlefront (though that, too, is a vital component in shifting the global zeitgeist). If a multi-polar order is to be built based on self-sufficient sovereignty, others should exit the neo-liberal economic system too (if they can). Hence the need for a major diplomatic initiative by Russia and China to build a strategic depth for a new economics.​..
    ​..The Anglo-American system of economics, James Fallows, a former White House speechwriter has noted, like any system, rests on certain principles and beliefs:
    ​ ​“But rather than acting as if these are the best principles, or the ones their societies prefer, Britons and Americans often act as if these were the only possible principles: And that no one, except in error, could choose any others. Political economics becomes an essentially religious question, subject to the standard drawback of any religion – the failure to understand why people outside the faith might act as they do”…
    ..So, back to that ‘which has not changed’, Secretary Yellen recently delivered a speech on the U.S.-China relationship, implying that China largely had prospered on the back of this Anglo, ‘free workings’ market order; yet now was pivoting toward a state-driven posture: one that “is confrontational towards the U.S. and its allies”. The U.S. wants to co-operate with China, but wholly and exclusively on its own terms, she said.
    ​ ​The U.S. seeks “constructive engagement”, but one that must be subject to the U.S. securing its own security interests and values. “We will clearly communicate to the PRC our concerns about its behaviour … And we will protect human rights”. Secondly, “we will continue to respond to China’s unfair economic practices. And we will continue to make critical investments at home – while engaging with the world to advance our vision for an open, fair, and rules-based global economic order”. She finishes by saying China must ‘play by today’s international rules’.​..
    ​..Put simply, Yellen’s speech displays a complete failure to acknowledge that the Sino-Russian ‘revolution’ is not confined to the political, but extends to the economic sphere, too. It shows just how important the ‘other war’ is for Putin and XI – the war to shape an exit from the grip of the financialised, neo-liberal paradigm.​..
    ..And what Yellen’s speech wholly misses is this geo-strategic paradigm change: Putin has brought Russia back, and into broad alignment with China and other Asian states on economic thinking.
    The latter have, in effect, been saying for some time that ‘Anglo’ political philosophy is not necessarily the world’s philosophy. Societies may work best, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and others have said, were they to pay less attention to the individual, and more to the welfare of the group.
    President Xi says it straight: “The right of the people to independently choose their development paths should be respected … Only the wearer of the shoes knows if they fit or not”…
    ​..​The Anglo-American approach is premised on the basis that the ultimate measure of a society is its level of consumption. In the long run however, List argued, a society’s well-being and its overall wealth are determined not by what the society can buy, but by what it can make (i.e. value arising from a real, self-sufficient economy). The German school, deeply sceptical of Adam Smith’s market ‘serendipity’, argued that emphasizing consumption would eventually be self-defeating. It would bias the system away from wealth creation, and ultimately make it impossible to consume as much, or to employ so many.
    ​ ​List was prescient. He saw the flaw, now so clearly exposed in the Anglo model: an attenuation of the real economy, now aggravated by massive financialisation. ​[Financialization is a process of wealth extraction, somewhat aside from the focus on economic production vs. consumption.] ​A process that has led to the building of an inverted pyramid of derivative financial ‘products’ which suck the oxygen from the manufacture of real output. Self-reliance erodes, and a shrinking base of real wealth creation supports ever-smaller numbers in adequately-paid employment.​..
    ​..In Putin’s words, China “managed in the best possible way, in my opinion, to use the levers of central administration (for) the development of a market economy … The Soviet Union did nothing like this, and the results of an ineffective economic policy impacted the political sphere”…
    Plainly put, Xi and Putin’s assessment is that the Russian disaster was the result of the turn to western liberalism, whereas Yellen clearly sees China’s ‘error’ – for which she chides it – is in the move away from the ‘liberal’ world system.​ [Markets and state industrial policy are both important.]
    ​ ​This analytic mis-match goes some way to explaining the West’s absolute conviction that Russia is a state so weak and fragile financially (from its primordial error in eschewing the ‘Anglo’ system), that any reversal on the Ukrainian battlefront today could bring about a panicked financial collapse (as seen in 1998), and political anarchy in Moscow, similar to that of the Yeltsin era.
    ​ ​Paradoxically, observers in the non-West today see the obverse of what Yellen ‘sees’: It sees western financial fragility vs Russian economic stability.
    ​ ​Finally, the other ‘less noticed’ dimension to the Sino-Russian ‘revolution’ is the metaphysical – the re-appropriation of nationalistic political culture that is something more than ‘sovereignty’…
    ..Not surprisingly, those not living in the West – and who have never felt themselves inwardly to be a part of this contemporary western modernity, but rather, feel a belonging in a different cultural world; one with a very different ontological basis – look to the latter as the well-source from which to energise a new communal life.
    ​ ​They reach back to old myths and moral stories precisely to inject energy into political culture – a trend that stretches from China, to Russia, India and beyond.

    ‘Securing Ourselves Is in Our Hands; and Defeat of the Enemy Lies in His Own Hands’

    John Day

    ​ ​Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Progressive American Critique of Pandemicism: A Review of ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’
    ​ ​No single work has influenced the American alt-Covid discussion as much as Robert F. Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci, an extended attack on the medical-industrial complex and its purported kingpin, recently-retired National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci. Across 450 pages of narrow margins and densely-set type, Kennedy argues that the entire Covid pandemic unfolded as a second act to the AIDS scare from the 1980s and 1990s. In Kennedy’s view, Fauci played a key role managing both pandemics, to steer massive profits into the coffers of corrupt pharmaceutical companies by pushing harmful proprietary drugs over vastly less profitable but more effective remedies, leading in both cases to untold unnecessary mortality.
    ​ ​Kennedy’s discussion of Covid is split between the opening and the concluding sections of his long book. Chapter 1 on “Mismanaging a Pandemic” – at 100 pages, a small monograph unto itself – argues that most if not all of American Covid mortality arises from Fauci’s cynical suppression of early treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The final two chapters expand the narrow focus of this opening barrage, by tracing the history of “phony epidemics” like the 2009 Swine Flu that have occurred under Fauci’s watch (Chapter 11), as well as the strange tradition of pandemic wargaming, from Dark Winter to Event 201 (Chapter 12).​..
    ..All of our countries spent years subject to the tyranny of an arbitrary gaggle of Corona tsars, unelected and very often unofficial advisors who became the public face of pandemic policies and the incarnation of The Science for hysterical journalists and terrified television-bound Covidians sheltering at home. This phenomenon arises from the fact that the pandemic represented in almost all of our countries a kind of bureaucratic coup, as the institutional apparatus seized the initiative from the political arm of the state…
    ..One of the most vital things to understand about the pandemic (and pandemicism in general) is that it’s not about human health. It’s a bunch of antisocial, fundamentally unhealthy, illogical and insane policies that never had any hope of suppressing a virus. These policies were defended and implemented via the authority of avatars for The Science like Fauci, who “encouraged his own canonization and the disturbing inquisition against his blasphemous critics,” and at one point even famously declared that “‘Attacks on me … quite frankly, are attacks on the science’”…
    ..In many ways, those chapters that Kennedy devotes to Corona are his least impressive and original. His argument here is heavily indebted to American critics of pandemic policy like Pierre Kory, Ryan Cole and especially Peter McCullough, who are quoted in extenso to make the case for early treatment and the dire consequences of its suppression. Kennedy is at his strongest in the middle sections of TRAF, on Fauci’s role in the AIDS crisis. Here citations to contemporary reporting abound, and while he covers controversial ground – like Duesberg’s thesis that HIV is not the cause of AIDS – his approach is entertaining and also in many ways careful and sensitive to a broad range of possibilities…
    ​..Kennedy shares the view of many gay activists that much early AIDS mortality is to be laid at the feet of public health managers like Fauci, who were more interested in promoting expensive proprietary antivirals than saving lives, leaving the gay community to fend for itself…
    ​..The toxic Fauci-promoted antiviral azidothymidine, or AZT – which HIV sceptics like Duesberg invoke to explain early AIDS mortality – becomes in Kennedy’s telling a direct precedent for the failed and toxic antiviral Remdesivir, which Fauci and others promoted as a Covid treatment according to the very same “worn rabbit-eared playbook” (67) from the AIDS era. In this analysis, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are cast accordingly as the 21st-century counterparts to the off-the-shelf drugs procured for informal AIDS treatment by the buyers’ clubs of activist legend…
    ​..​In Kennedy’s final chapter, meanwhile, Fauci all but disappears in favour of new personalities like Peter Daszak and Robert Kadlec. Here, the civilian bureaucrat responsible for organising the catastrophic pandemic response is displaced by much different theses about the biosecurity aspects of pandemic wargaming and Covid as “a military project” (from 433).

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Progressive American Critique of Pandemicism

    Steve Kirsch, The FDA knew on September 17, 2021 that people who got the COVID vaccine were 2X more likely to be infected
    Why didn’t they warn us at the time? Instead, they remained silent. The mandates should have been the opposite: hospitals should have fired anyone who got vaccinated.​ ​
    [This ADE, antibody dependent enhancement of viral pathogenicity, was apparent in UK data showing COVID infection rates amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated age groups over time, beginning in June 2021.​ After 6 months, the “vaccines” help the virus. ​]
    ​ ​Did you know that Pfizer told the FDA in a document dated September 17, 2021 that people who were on the vaccine for a longer period were more likely to be infected with COVD than those who spent only about half the time in the vaccinated state. The difference between the infection rates of the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed was more than 2X.


    phoenixvoice – I feel your pain. Just got back from going downtown on the train – in Denver.

    They knocked down a 1 story commercial section across from the Auraria light rail station and are building a huge firetrap shitbox luxury apartment building with 3 floors of living space.

    This is:
    —literally across the street from the light rail station
    —literally across the street from the college campus
    —within a quick brisk walk of various cultural attractions such as 2 different performing arts locations

    additionally, an even more gigantic area stretching from Domo/aikidousa to Colfax is ALSO filled with 3 story firetrap shitbox luxury apartments. These apartments’ doors literally empty onto the platform for the Osage light rail stop and are a 3 minute walk from the college as well.

    WTF, Denver.

    Totally in the control of Democrats for a long time now, who surely are continually trumpeting their concerns for the environment, CO2, etc. Why on earth are these footprints not filled with high-rises?

    Why borrow a gazillion dollars to build a new light rail system – for the environment – only to interdict the populace from USING it by surrounding it with a thick buffer of firetrap luxury apartments?

    Tomorrow, they’ll probably start blocking the streets to create the 15 minute cities they want – like they are already doing in various parts of England – but under no circumstances will they put hi-rise buildings next to light rail stops so that people will actually give up their cars.

    I hate my car. I’ll hang onto it tooth and nail for survival and some freedom, but I surely hate it. If the city had formed dense urban nodes on the light rail line, then the light rail would give me enough freedom to give up the car – and gladly.

    I’d rather have a house I could soup up with radiant insulation, passive solar, a victory garden, etc. I’d SETTLE for an integrated city plan with bearably-livable apartments and public transit. But it’s this. God damn you Califoradans, you Colofornians. And I say this as a transplant from Chicago.


    Just had a knock at my door — it is a pest control/bug sprayer rep, wanting my business. I looked at him incredulously, and gestured to my front yard, filled with sweet peas, corn stalks 4’ high, celery is nearly 3 feet, lemon grass and other herbs, 6 varieties of fruit bearing trees, etc., and asked, “Does it look like I want a bunch of chemicals killing the bugs in my yard? It would affect the ladybugs, the lacewings, and the praying mantises.” (I should have mentioned the BEES!). He replied that those bugs are beneficial, and that all of his chemicals are “plant-based.” (Hm…pyrethrum? It will still kill beneficial insects.). He continued various tactics…but I wouldn’t budge…frugality means that don’t parcel out tasks that I can do to others for fees, and I bid him farewell. No, no chemical concoctions here, thank you very much. My sister’s honeybees died days after her neighbor’s bug sprayer treated the bugs in her neighbor’s yard.


    Basically agree. We notice two particular billionaires are missing in the line-up. We still maintain the thought that the biggest crims of them all are those that control the MSM, their worst crimes are the lies/crap that they feed the minds of innocent, naive, but often well-meaning humans. It casts a darkness over all the tragedy encompassing the world in which we (try) to live.
    But try to live we shall. We just removed ourselves from NZ, beautiful prison, and returned to the UK. No regrets! We’re off on our cycle to the Netherlands tomorrow with a new tent, not worried about the cold, or the useless and corrupt EU running the place, have a good array of vitamins, John Day’s protocol, recommendations from Germ. We’re fairly sure that Putin and friends have a full handle on how to play the game.
    Thanks Bosco, if you’re there still, we jumped the fence and got off the round race track.
    RIM. It’s weird getting the daily posts first thing in the morning. We take TAE with us on our travels. Loved the van Gogh tulips from the other day, (hope we’re not too late for the real thing), and yesterday’s spring lady. Thanks again.


    Edward Dowd Retweeted


    “The three banks that have collapsed in the US in last two months held more assets than the combined total of all banks that collapsed in 2008 Great Recession!

    They are bigger failures than 500 banks COMBINED that have failed between 2009 and 2022!!

    Ed Dowd has been pointing out that M2 YoY Growth Enters Negative For Only Fifth Time Since 1868




    In the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation, the 2008-09 was a ‘great recession.

    No it wasn’t, just more lies and word manipulations

    2008-09 was a mild DEPRESSION

    2023-24 with M2 money supply dropping like a rock will be a major depression.

    Duh’mericans couldn’t be honest with themselves in 2008-09, just wait for their copium reaction to what”s fast approaching now.

    25% of the national trucking fleet is IDLE, as in NOT delivering anything anywhere.

    Doesn’t sound like a booming economy.

    Maybe having legalized shoplifting (up to $950) on the West Coast was meant to fake ‘demand’.

    Not working.

    And the national chain stores being robbed blind in the Big Shitties are trying to balance out their books by raising prices on the areas where shoplifting is still illegal to recover the losses.

    Top 10 Celebrities Who Got Caught Shop Lifting

    It’s as wholesome in Duhmerica as Apple Pie

    Role Models Rock

    Dr. D

    Yes, with no apples, pears, clover, and about 100 other plants we take for granted, including dandelions, there was no need for honeybees. Wasps, mason bees, and others covered pollination of what was a very, very different, almost unimaginable world. A world of grass and pines, prairies, made of forests of chestnut and elm, nothing we know, see, or consider normal American today. The few things that were pollinated, squash, for instance, were tuned to the non-honey pollinators that lived here.

    But I guess I should have defined “bee” more exactly. Still, it illustrates that plenty of plants — lots and lots — need no pollination from bees, often no bugs at all. So we’d take it in a shorts, and eat lots of potatoes, wheat, and rye.

    “the State (Regional + ) can claim ownership of trees, forests, in their jurisdictions – not the land itself”

    So…you can pay the taxes but can’t use what you produce on it. Got it. The State owns all production but not the MEANS of production. Got it. You’ll die, but the Army will come, steal your heat, and live. Got it. What fresh nonsense is this?

    They take a different tack here in N.A., since wood is everywhere, they outlaw the stoves. Just like since soy can be grown everywhere, they make diesel cars impossible, and now trucks too complex to burn imperfect fuel. How am I going to charge you for breathing if you just go outside and inhale? Clearly, I must outlaw air first (they have) then sell it back to you. I’d put up a quarter open tollbooth between your bed and the toilet if I could.

    P.S. don’t get pellet stoves, yes, you don’t control the creation, but worse, no heat if the power goes out. When else WOULD you need heat? You sure don’t need it when everything’s going well!

    “They are bigger failures than 500 banks COMBINED that have failed between 2009 and 2022!!”

    Yes, facts and logic, who needs that? Nothing matters. Nothing will ever matter again.

    CBDCs DO solve the problem of lack of production: It’s forced, society-wide rationing. And the best kind: if you’re naughty and not in the cool girls’ table, you get nothing. That leave plenty for all the good people who just happen to be all my friends. The less production, the more naughty people I find! Perfect!

    Dr D Rich

    As if on cue, here it is.

    William Burns, Chomsky, Hersh and the entire Obama administration did nothing wrong in their association with Jeffrey Epstein. Even if they did something wrong you can’t expect them to be perfect. The last sinless person earth was Jesus H Christ and look how that worked out. People are turned off by perfectionists and then nothing gets accomplished. Just look how accomplished Hersh, Chomsky, Burns and Obama are. There’s no reason to piss on their parade. There’s definitely no reason to accommodate their victims not when there’s Overnight Repo-ing, Quantitative Easing and TargetedGDP to accomplished for those who expect perfection from their Idols.

    Right, Dr. D?


    The CIA had no idea about Epstien. Such that a CIA director- retired and living a life without any intelligence contacts of any kind – being saintly, pure, and ethical no doubt to not have backroom backoffice advantage of any kind, with total amnesia about their previous work, would be flabergasted, bewildered, baffled, at such behavior from Epstien.

    Dr D Rich

    Regarding Tucker Fox Carlson.

    So, what you’re saying is you’re down with Tucker’s Mask of Sanity, privately, or The Mask worn publicly?
    I bet there’s an internal dialogue.
    Never the twain shall meet.

    We all can burn our copies of Hervey Cleckley’s, “The Mask of Sanity”

    Veracious Poet

    He critiques the ‘benign policy’ of the VA of not diagnosing more psychopathic personality due to giving the benefit of the doubt to issues such as neurasthenia, hysteria, psychasthenia, posttraumatic neuroses, or cerebral trauma from skull injuries and concussions.

    He concludes they have “records of the utmost folly and misery and idleness over many years” and if considering the number in every community who are protected by relatives, “the prevalence of this disorder (psychopathy) is seen to be appalling.”

    In Section Two, “The Material”, Cleckley presents a typical “full” psychopath’s behavior in a series of 15 vignettes (originally nine in the first edition, and all male).

    For example, the psychopath can typically tell vivid, lifelike, plausible stories that are completely fraudulent, without evincing any element of delusion. When confronted with a lie, the psychopath is unflappable and can often effortlessly pass it off as a joke.

    Also included are six vignettes of “Incomplete manifestations or suggestions of the disorder (psychopathy)” in non-patients, such as “The businessman”, “The gentleman” or “The physician”.

    However, despite the general picture of weak-willed and inconsistent antisocial behavior, he also states, at least in later editions, that some (psychopaths) may develop drives towards the most serious or sadistic crimes.


    Fox News Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch held a previously unreported call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this spring in which the two discussed the war and the anniversary of the deaths of Fox News journalists last March.

    Sorry but I find it impossible to believe that Rupert Murdoch, supporter of the Ukraine war, has any thoughts at all about his dead employees. Maybe Zelensky raised the subject, him being a relatively nondescript puppet who has got himself into a position of being a hated man, all because he bought into the greed theme proposed by the satanic billionaires. Murdoch was either calling Zelensky to give him his intructions for the coming month or calling to find out why he had not been paid his latest cut of the theft. Murdoch is not a democrat, we all know that, he is just another greed-driven billionaire. I wonder how much of Ukraine will be going into Murdoch’s pocket and how much of the western aid is already there in his pocket.


    As the war in Ukraine drags on, the government is selling off state assets in a big privatization spree. US fossil fuel corporations like ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Halliburton are participating in discussions to take over the Eastern European nation’s oil and gas industry, as Kiev pushes to increase production to replace Russian energy exports.

    One big theft operation: all these oil companies were ready and waiting to get their hands on the Russian oil and gas fields, now they will have to make do with the Ukraine equivalents. It’s all about theft.

    Dr D Rich

    Eisenhower numero uno at West Point on the Hudson found a socially acceptable way to avoid The Combat of his young generation WWI in a manner that Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower didn’t psychologically transfer into Pvt. Eddie Slovik for honestly asserting the fear of The Combat of his young generation WWII.

    Slovik willing and accepting of the usual punishment for desertion as accorded his imprisoned peers found himself instead the object of the externalized object of Eisenhower internalized object state.

    What internalized object vexed old Ike? Well, the shame of West Point’s No. 1 entirely avoiding WW1 had to be expiated as the entirety of the U.S. Armed Forces might very well have followed Pvt. Slovik’s leadership into mass desertion. Horseshit…

    Projective identification in its most malignant form under the guise of legitimate authority.

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