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Joe And Hunter Biden Caught On 17 Recordings With Burisma Owner (WE)
Comer Says Will View Additional FBI Documents on Possible Biden Crimes (Sp.)
The Democrats Versus Trump: A Bad Horror Movie? (Ron Paul)
Donald Trump’s Indictment Case has a Looming 2024 End Date (Turley)
Trump Promises “Final Battle” To “Demolish The Deep State” (SN)
We’re Not Finished (Jim Kunstler)
‘Cynical’ Ukrainian Counteroffensive Takes ‘Horrific’ Casualties (Tweedie)
Ukraine’s Counteroffensive To Last For Weeks Or Months – Macron (TASS)
Americans in Pain (Mazzarino)
Fox Sends Tucker Carlson Cease-and-Desist Letter (Axios)
Debt Crisis Was Bipartisan Excuse to ‘Cut Social Spending,’ Not Defense Budget (Sp.)
How The BRI Train Took The Road To Shangri-La (Pepe Escobar)
US Attempts ’Divide and Conquer’ Strategy Against BRICS (Pepe Escobar)





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Sy Hersh Zelensky Embezzling $400 Million from US






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Insurance policy.

Joe And Hunter Biden Caught On 17 Recordings With Burisma Owner (WE)

A top Senate Republican revealed Monday that an FBI informant said the Ukrainian oligarch involved in an alleged “criminal bribery scheme” with Joe and Hunter Biden also claimed to have 17 recordings of his conversations with the president and his son. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed on the Senate floor that a largely unredacted version of the bureau’s FD-1023 confidential human source form said that “the foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly has audio recordings of his conversations with them — 17 such recordings.” The Republican senator said, “These recordings were allegedly kept as a sort of insurance policy for the foreign national in case he got into a tight spot.”

Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian owner of Burisma, was the “foreign national” involved in the alleged “criminal bribery scheme” detailed in the FBI form, and Zlochevsky referred to Joe Biden as the “big guy” during a conversation several years before the June 2020 date of the bureau document, according to sources familiar with the FBI record who described its contents to the Washington Examiner. Grassley added Monday that, according to the FD-1023, “the foreign national possesses 15 audio recordings of phone calls between him and Hunter Biden” and “two audio recordings of phone calls between him and the-Vice President Joe Biden.” The senator also said the FBI record “also indicates that then-Vice President Joe Biden may have been involved in Burisma employing Hunter Biden.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is handling the ongoing federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden. It is allegedly up to U.S. Attorney David Weiss, a Trump-appointed holdover, to decide whether to indict the president’s son. In February 2021, Joe Biden asked all Senate-confirmed U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump for their resignations, with Weiss a rare exception. “What is U.S. Attorney Weiss doing with respect to these alleged Joe and Hunter Biden recordings that are apparently relevant to the high-stakes bribery scheme?” Grassley asked Monday. Sources previously told the Washington Examiner that the Burisma owner discussed an alleged bribe of $5 million to Joe Biden and of $5 million to Hunter Biden, according to the paid FBI informant who said he heard this from Zlochevsky. The sources said Zlochevsky said he believed it would be difficult to unravel the alleged bribery scheme for at least 10 years because of the number of bank accounts involved.


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“Now, the FBI has told me there are more 1023 forms. I will be granted access to these additional docs..”

Comer Says Will View Additional FBI Documents on Possible Biden Crimes (Sp.)

US House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said on Monday that he will be granted access to additional FBI documents that contain allegations of potential criminal activity by President Joe Biden in his previous capacity as vice president. Earlier this month, lawmakers on the Oversight Committee were granted access to an FD-1023 form, which is used by the FBI to record information from confidential human sources, that alleged then-US Vice President Joe Biden engaged in a bribery scheme involving a foreign national. “Now, the FBI has told me there are more 1023 forms. I will be granted access to these additional docs,” Comer said in a statement via Twitter. The document alleges that the president and his son Hunter received a total of $10 million to help end a probe into Ukrainian energy industry holding company Burisma, US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said last week.

The head of Burisma purportedly told the FBI’s confidential source that the executive retained evidence of the payments to Joe and Hunter Biden, Greene said, characterizing the alleged actions as a “political bribery pay-to-play scheme.” There were two footnotes in the FD-1023 form made accessible to lawmakers that referenced other 1023s, Comer said on Sunday in an interview with Fox News. “There are a lot more of these than what the federal government wants to admit, and the question is, why hasn’t the federal government done anything about it?” Comer said. Biden called the allegations of a bribery scheme involving Burisma “a bunch of malarkey,” when asked about the situation on Thursday.

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“Democrats were furious that Trump was less than enthusiastic about their plans to use Ukraine as a proxy to go to war with Russia.”

The Democrats Versus Trump: A Bad Horror Movie? (Ron Paul)

The Democrats and Donald Trump reminds me of a bad horror movie, where the hapless protagonists only make the monster stronger with each attempt to eliminate it. So goes the Democrats’ endless attempts to finally rid America of the “scourge” of Donald Trump. Thanks to the Durham Report we now know they started even before Trump was elected president. Hillary Clinton’s campaign – with the full knowledge of the candidate and the sitting president, Barack Obama – cooked up a “dirty trick” to portray Trump as an agent of Russia in their effort to deny Trump the White House. When that didn’t work they weaponized the FBI, CIA and the rest of the “deep state” to undermine and hobble his presidency. They spied on Trump and his campaign staff using false information manufactured by the FBI.

When that didn’t work they impeached him under the false charge that he sought foreign assistance for his 2020 re-election bid. This time a spy, in the person of NSC staffer Alexander Vindman, was sent to listen in on Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky and then make all manner of false charges against Trump based on it. Democrats were furious that Trump was less than enthusiastic about their plans to use Ukraine as a proxy to go to war with Russia. Vindman, though an active-duty US military officer, was of Ukrainian background and was loyal to the country of his origin rather than the country of his citizenship. He also openly defied the military chain-of-command and his commander-in-chief. Trump’s lack of enthusiasm for their “Project Ukraine” infuriated Vindman and he sought his revenge against the US President.

When that didn’t work they impeached Trump again over the false charge that he led an “insurrection” against the US government on January 6, 2021. The more surveillance video we see of this “insurrection,” the more it looks like a false-flag operation cooked up perhaps by Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Washington swamp to finally be rid of Trump. Hundreds of political prisoners have been held in solitary confinement on false accusations that they tried to overthrow the US government. When that didn’t work and Trump’s re-election numbers looked more and more favorable while Biden’s approval rating continued to linger in the political basement, the Democrats have now indicted him over some classified documents apparently discovered in his residence in Florida.

[..] Suddenly Donald Trump, who polling suggests would obliterate Joe Biden in a fair US election, faces 100 years in prison! Where else would you see the head of one political party arrest his main political opponent on cooked up charges? A banana republic! For those of us who love this country, it is truly shocking to see this abuse of power. But there’s one thing these dirty tricksters never seem to understand: the more false evidence and false charges they cook up against Trump, the stronger Trump becomes. With these outrageous and continuous attacks on Trump, the Democratic Party (and plenty of Republicans) has lost all credibility. When this plan fails, and it will, I am afraid to think what they might try next.

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“..this is a prosecution entirely removed from recent history..”

Donald Trump’s Indictment Case has a Looming 2024 End Date (Turley)

When Special Counsel Jack Smith walked before cameras on Friday after the release of the Trump 44-page indictment against former President Donald Trump, he started with arguably his most difficult case to make. He declared “we have one set of laws in this country and they apply to everyone.” After years of scandal and documented political bias by key Justice officials, the line likely left many skeptical, assuming many were even watching. The indictment was clearly a pitch to the public that this is a prosecution entirely removed from recent history. We’re also meant to not think about the fact that the Biden Administration is charging the leading candidate opposing him in the upcoming election.

This indictment has merit, but the Justice Department lost the right to expect trust from the citizens years ago — long before the damning Inspector General’s Report and the recent report of Special Counsel John Durham. To make matters worse, the same suspects have surfaced to celebrate Trump’s expected demise — and remind the public of the perceived double standard in Washington. Peter Strzok, the FBI special agent who was fired over his anti-Trump bias in the Russian collusion investigation, cheered the indictment by tweeting a photo of handcuffs with Trump’s image. Strzok seems to think that it is a good thing for Smith to remind everyone of how he promised his colleague and lover Lisa Page that she did not have to worry about Trump being elected because they had an “insurance policy” to “stop it.”

Hillary Clinton went on social media to hawk her line of merchandize mocking the case against her for storing classified material on her personal server and then destroying tens of thousands of emails sought by the Congress. She sent out a picture mocking Trump while wearing her “But Her Emails” hat. With millions of Americans wondering why Trump is being charged but Clinton was given a pass, Clinton decided to do a victory lap. And hey, why not: James Comey is back. [..] In April, Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg related to hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 election. Nevertheless, Comey chose this month to declare that, in the 2024 election, “it has to be Joe Biden.” For critics, that is consistent with his views and actions before he was fired as FBI director.

After Trump was indicted in a raw political prosecution in New York, Comey also went public to declare it a “good day.” So in the court of public opinion, past history and hypocrisy may mean that few are swayed about whether they back Trump or not. Which leaves the criminal court. This indictment has some devastating elements, including an audiotape in which Trump tells two visitors about a highly classified attack plan on Iran while admitting that it remained classified. That tape directly contradicts his past claims of declassification and suggests that Trump was using the document as a type of trophy. There are also damaging statements from former staff and counsel alleging that Trump actively sought to conceal documents. Smith is now left in a battle not with Trump but time.

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He already had 4 years to do it.

Trump Promises “Final Battle” To “Demolish The Deep State” (SN)

During a speech in North Carolina this past weekend, President Trump promised to “demolish the deep state” in what will be “a final battle.” “We are a failing nation. We are a nation in decline. And now these radical left lunatics want to interfere with our elections by using law enforcement. It’s totally corrupt and we can’t let it happen,” Trump told the crowd. “This is the final battle,” he further urged, adding “With you at my side, we will demolish the Deep State, we will expel the warmongers from our government, we will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the communists, we will throw off the sick political class that hates our country.” Trump continued, “We will roll out the fake news media, we will expose the RINOs for what they are, we will defeat Joe Biden and we will liberate America from these villains once and for all.” “We’re going to liberate our country. The silent majority is rising, and under our leadership, the forgotten man or woman will never be forgotten again,” Trump vowed.

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“..what is so striking in Mr. Kennedy’s performance so far is an absence of fakery. It’s more than refreshing, it’s… startling..”

We’re Not Finished (Jim Kunstler)

[..] we need somebody to steer. Mr. Trump has volunteered to try doing it again. The first time, forces in every quarter of American power set out to bushwhack, sandbag, harass, hector, and hound him. In the process, they just about destroyed the rule of law. Then they simply dis-elected him surreptitiously, something you’re not supposed to say, but there it is, like so much meat on the table. Now they’re trying to hoo-rah him into jail. Whatever you think of his, er, complex personality, you must admire his perseverance through adversity. If he somehow manages to wriggle through the present obstacle course of Lawfare chicanery, his next term would be an extravaganza of retribution. The spectacle would provide much satisfaction but, in the end, it would just be a sideshow, and it is not the same thing as taking care of business.

“Joe Biden,” of course, the man who is not really even there, is only pretending to run for reelection, or at least a coterie around the Oval Office is pretending for him while they try to figure out what to do. They’re in an awful quandary. They hold all the levers of power and they have no other credible candidate, not a living soul, in their own official hatchery. Outside of that ghastly edifice, Robert F. Kennedy is making a determined flanking move, an end-run near the sidelines. The Democratic Party in all its florid and mendacious lunacy is pretending to not notice him, especially their praetorian news media that is the vector for America’s mass mental illness. Mr. Kennedy put it so simply in April when he announced a run to preside over the stupendous mess that is our government.

He said his mission is an experiment to see what happens when you tell Americans the truth. Hold that thought. How long has it been since you thought anything like that was possible? There’s a broad-based assumption across the land, derived from our fading prime artform, the movies, that Americans can’t handle the truth. Like so much else in our national life, that is probably erroneous… fake truth. And what is so striking in Mr. Kennedy’s performance so far is an absence of fakery. It’s more than refreshing, it’s… startling. Makes you blink, a little bit. Makes you remember what it’s like to not be lied-to incessantly. Makes you want to see more of it because it gives you strength when you thought you were finished. Get this now: our world is changing, and deeply, but we’re not finished.

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“..right now the strategy that the Kiev regime appears to be using to clear the minefields is over the vehicles and bodies of its territorial defense units..”

‘Cynical’ Ukrainian Counteroffensive Takes ‘Horrific’ Casualties (Tweedie)

The Kiev regime appears to be cynically throwing men and machines against solid Russian defenses — but all may not be as it seems, a military commentator says. One week into the Ukrainian counteroffensive and the Ukrainian army has already lost thousands of casualties, along with up to 15 of the vaunted German Leopard 2 tanks, 13 M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) supplied by the US and five of the French AMX-10 RC light tanks. Security Analyst Mark Sleboda told Sputnik that Ukraine’s military chiefs were to blame for sending their troops into the killing fields. “Currently there is fighting along pretty much every line of engagement between Russia and Ukraine right now, except for the Kherson area where the recent flooding has made combat impossible,” Sleboda noted.

He said the Kiev regime was sending troops forward in NATO-supplied IFVs and armoured personnel carriers (APCs), supported by tanks and artillery — including US-made HIMARS rocket launchers. “But they’re doing it into echelon to Russian defenses that have been formed over months,” Sleboda stressed. “Five layers of defense, trenches, concrete fortifications, pillboxes, bunkers, tank obstacles like dragon’s teeth.” But he said that most significant was that Russian forces had “created mazes of minefields” which have taken a significant toll on attacking Ukrainian vehicles. “[..] it sounds rather cynical, but right now the strategy that the Kiev regime appears to be using to clear the minefields is over the vehicles and bodies of its territorial defense units,” Sleboda said. “And the horrific casualties that are resulting from this are pretty high.”

He said the Ukrainian plan right now appeared to be based on “hoping to punch a hole in the line somewhere.” “And then presumably a very large reserve force, supported by a the majority of the western main battle tanks, will seek to exploit that,” Sleboda ventured. “But then even so, to make it even through one line of defense and to face several lines more, each actually progressively more significant than the others, It seems a very bad situation.” But the security expert warned against complacency on the Russian side, saying he expected “something more cunning” from the Ukrainian armed forces.

“Once the waters recede from the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, I expect some kind of multiple pronged attack, including amphibious assaults against a lower Kakhovka reservoir towards Energodar and the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,” he said. “But I would presume that Russia is also prepared to defend that there as well.” “NATO has been wargaming this out for half a year. This is the most hyped, announced offensive in world history,” Sleboda stressed. “I’m expecting that there has to be a curveball. It can’t be this straight up playing exactly into Russia’s defenses. There’s going to be something. We just haven’t seen it yet.”

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We want peace, but first we want to kill some more people…

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive To Last For Weeks Or Months – Macron (TASS)

Ukraine’s counteroffensive will last for several weeks or months and France hopes that it will help create conditions for future peace talks, French President Emmanuel Macron told a news conference on Monday. “Ukraine’s counteroffensive began several days ago. It has been thoroughly planned,” he said. “This counteroffensive will last for several weeks or months. We did our best to help it happen within the frames outlined by us since the conflict beginning: to punish Russia in order to stop its military effort, to help Ukraine resist and win back its territory, but to never attack Russia and avoid any forms of escalation of this conflict.”

He reiterated commitment to the long-term support for Kiev and expressed the hope that the Ukrainian army’s offensive operations will be successful as “the transition to the phase of talks in favorable conditions” will depend on that. “It is clear today that Ukraine will not be conquered, that the only peace that is acceptable today is the one which is based on international law and the sovereign choice of the Ukrainian people,” he stressed. “Our enduring support for Ukraine must continue for a long time, be it political, military, economic, humanitarian assistance or assistance linked with [Ukraine’] restoration.”.

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“it’s easy enough not to meet stressed-out military service members and their families..”

Americans in Pain (Mazzarino)

America’s War on Terror, launched in response to the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, has had a staggering impact on our world. The Costs of War Project at Brown University, which I helped found, paints as full a picture as possible of the toll of those “forever wars” both in human lives and in dollars. The wars, we estimate, have killed nearly one million people, including close to 400,000 civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan alone. Worse yet, they sickened or injured several times more than that — leading to illnesses and injuries that, we estimate, resulted in millions of non-battlefield deaths. And don’t forget that those figures include dead and wounded Americans, too. Most of us, however, have little awareness of any of this.

If you live outside the archipelago of American military bases that extends across this country and the planet — an estimated 750 of them outside the U.S. on every continent except Antarctica — it’s easy enough not to meet stressed-out military service members and their families. It’s easy enough, in fact, not to grasp just how America’s wars of this century rippled out to touch military communities. In recent times, those bases have become ever more difficult for the public to enter and often aren’t close to the cities where so many of us live. All of this means that, if you’re a civilian, the odds are you haven’t met the grieving spouses of the soldiers who never came home or the shaken children of the ones who did, forever changed, sometimes with amputated limbs or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I’m thinking of the ones with those far-off gazes and the pain they have to deal with in their heads, their limbs, their backs.

Personally, I find it overwhelmingly hard to write about such human-shaped holes in our disturbed world. That’s probably why the Costs of War Project has a 35-person (and counting) team of journalists, physicians, social scientists, and other experts to portion out the research and the pain that goes with it as they deal with the fact that the monumental death and injury counts they’ve produced are likely to be underestimates.

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“Tucker will not be silenced by anyone … He is a singularly important voice on matters of public interest in our country, and will remain so.”

Fox Sends Tucker Carlson Cease-and-Desist Letter (Axios)

Fox News has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Tucker Carlson as he ramps up a competing series on Twitter that drew a combined 169 million views for its first two episodes, Axios has learned. The contract battle between Fox and its former top host — who was taken off the air in April, after the network’s historic Dominion settlement — has mighty repercussions for the conservative media ecosystem. With “Tucker on Twitter,” Carlson and his growing production team are working to elevate Elon Musk’s social media site as a news platform. Fox is continuing to pay Carlson, and maintains that his contract keeps his content exclusive to Fox through Dec. 31, 2024. Carlson is making a First Amendment argument for posting on Twitter, and asserts that Fox has committed material breaches of his contract.

Carlson’s first two Twitter episodes were straight-to-camera monologues. He plans to keep iterating with longer, more varied episodes and the addition of guests, Axios is told. Justin Wells, Carlson’s executive producer, tweeted yesterday: “Next Episode of Tucker on Twitter coming Tuesday: Tucker’s response to the indictment of President Donald Trump. Harmeet Dhillon, a lawyer who represents Carlson along with Bryan Freedman, said in a statement to Axios: “Fox News continues to ignore the interests of its viewers, not to mention its shareholder obligations.” “Doubling down on the most catastrophic programming decision in the history of the cable news industry, Fox is now demanding that Tucker Carlson be silent until after the 2024 election,” the statement continued. “Tucker will not be silenced by anyone … He is a singularly important voice on matters of public interest in our country, and will remain so.”

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“Biden wants a free hand to continue to give billions every week to finance the Ukraine proxy war, and he’s got that free hand now..”

Debt Crisis Was Bipartisan Excuse to ‘Cut Social Spending,’ Not Defense Budget (Sp.)

Democrats and Republicans have used the recent debt ceiling stand-off as a pretext for cutting social spending while inflating the military budget. The latest threat of a US Treasury default due to wrangling over the budget between the Democrat-held White House and Republican-controlled Congress has been averted after House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden struck a deal on limited spending cuts. But economist Dr. Jack Rasmus told Sputnik that poverty alleviation programs were the casualty of that battle, while the Pentagon’s budget emerged unscathed and even boosted. “You’ve got to understand that both Democrats and Republicans, a majority of them in Congress, liked the debt ceiling situation because it allows them to put pressure on social programs’ spending,” Rasmus said.

“You know, defense spending is never affected by these deals. That always goes through. You can see it in this deal here, 11 percent in the first year increase in the Pentagon budget alone, not the other defense spending.” But the saga and its outcome was nothing new in Washington DC, the academic pointed out. “You go back to Obama in 2011, last time we had this, and the defense spending increase just blew right through. It had no effect. They only cut a trillion dollars out of social programs spending.” However, the Democratic leadership will be happy as the final budget deal does nothing to rein in their pet project of arming the Kiev regime for a proxy conflict with Russia.

“Biden wants a free hand to continue to give billions every week to finance the Ukraine proxy war, and he’s got that free hand now,” Rasmus said. “And both sides never even made an effort to do any cuts here on the defense side. So Biden got his blank check for raising Pentagon and war spending and financing Ukraine. And the Republicans got all the rest. “So Democrats got what they wanted, at least the corporate Democrats running the party. And the Republicans got a you know, a big bite of the apple of cutting social spending,” he added. “And they’re going to get another bite here when it comes later in the year for passing the budget for the next year.”

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“..the US/NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is simultaneously a war designed to interrupt the progress of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)..”

How The BRI Train Took The Road To Shangri-La (Pepe Escobar)

It is important to recognize that the US/NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is simultaneously a war designed to interrupt the progress of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). As we approach the 10th anniversary of the BRI, to be marked by the third Belt and Road Forum later this year in Beijing, it is clear the original Silk Road Economic Belt – announced by President Xi Jinping in Astana, Kazakhstan, in September 2013 – has traveled a long way. By January this year, 151 nations had already signed up to the BRI: No less than 75 percent of the world’s population that represents more than half of the global GDP. Even an Atlanticist outfit such as the London-based Center for Economic and Business Research admits that the BRI may increase global GDP by a whopping $7.1 trillion a year by 2040, dispensing “widespread” benefits.

Included in the Chinese Constitution since 2018, BRI constitutes the de facto overarching Chinese foreign policy framework all the way to 2049, marking the centenary of the People’s Republic of China. The BRI advances along several overland connectivity corridors – from the Trans-Siberian to the “middle corridor” along Iran and Turkiye and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) all the way to the Arabian Sea. Meanwhile, on the waterways front, the Maritime Silk Road offers a parallel network from southeast China to the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Swahili Coast, and the Mediterranean Sea. All that is mirrored by the Russian-driven Northern Sea Route, connecting the eastern and western sides of the Arctic, and reducing to and fro sailing time from Europe to Asia from one month to less than two weeks.

Such a massive Make Trade Not War project, centered on connectivity, infrastructure building, sustainable development, and diplomatic acumen – focusing on the Global South – could not but be interpreted by western elites as a supreme geopolitical and geoeconomic threat. And that’s why every geopolitical turbulence across the chessboard is directly or indirectly linked to BRI. Including Ukraine.

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Meeting without Russia.

US Attempts ’Divide and Conquer’ Strategy Against BRICS (Pepe Escobar)

Something extraordinary, at least on the surface, happened on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore earlier this month – a somewhat pompous affair self-described as “Asia’s premier defense summit”. Intel heads of 24 nations met in de facto semi-secrecy, because in the end the event was duly leaked (Western spin qualified it as an “informal” meeting). Among the 24, the real deal comprised the US and all the other Five Eyes, plus representatives of two BRICS members, China and India. All the others were not identified with certainty or preferred to remain anonymous – presumably due to their “hanger on” status. Crucially, key BRICS member Russia was not represented. Reuters swore the information about the not-so-secret gathering came from five different – unnamed – sources.

A Southeast Asian diplomat independently confirmed the presence of the Five Eyes, China, India and Singapore – and that was it. The de facto sponsor of the meeting was Singapore’s Ministry of Defense. Things gets curioser and curioser when we examine the leak a bit closer. So many sources basically corroborating each other point to a concerted spin – practically on an official level. If this was meant to be really secret, as in the past, that would have been the case, with every involved lip conveniently sealed. So why leak it? Such spy vs. spy meetings, historically, take ages to prepare, especially one involving 24 nations and featuring superpower rivals US and China. That implies countless qualified sherpas redacting documents; very complicated logistics; an ultra-secure environment; and an extremely detailed script covering every intervention.

All of that must have been discussed in excruciating detail for months, side by side with putting together the larger agenda for the Shangri-La Dialogue: and all the while there were no leaks. And then what was leaked, after the meeting, was just that it happened. With only selected participating players fully identified. There’s absolutely nothing on substance. It beggars belief that the Five Eyes would openly discuss Western security fears and/or procedures openly with the Chinese, not to mention the other minor hangers-on. After all the Beijing leadership is fully aware the US-UK is engaged in full hybrid war against China, with the Five Eyes and containment mechanisms such as Quad and AUKUS in tow. The main reason for the leak is a dead giveaway when we see what US Think Tankland is spinning: the US was talking security with China and India behind Russia’s back. Translation: the US is trying to undermine the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) from the inside.

This is purely wishful thinking – because no one knows anything about the substance of the discussions. The meat of the matter was not leaked on purpose. The dead giveaway about the leak being engineered to undermine the BRICS – at least in the Western public sphere – would have to come from the usual suspects themselves: US think tanks, inserted in what the indispensable Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, christened as MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think Tank complex).

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Octopus moonwalk



Cookie monster



The South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher was first described 130 years ago and has eluded scientists for over 100 years because of its behavior. Thanks to Miguel David De Leon we get a glimpse of the beautiful bird that is sadly threatened with extinction





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    UK – Record numbers not working due to ill health


    It’s “mental health and back/neck pain” – yeah, sure.

    TVASSF(calling Ed Dowd … )


    This medical doc. is asking –

    Are you Prepared for the COVID Tsunami of Deaths?


    TVASSF (it’s coming … tick, tock, tick, tock …)


    Excuse me while I “suddenly died” laughing my arse off!

    Sudden death mystery of ‘healthy people’


    It’s all a “mystery” – hahahaha!

    TVASSF(no mystery at all)



    Festival performer dies ‘suddenly’ after arriving at site





    ‘Godfather of Harlem’ co-creator Paul Eckstein dies suddenly in Jamaica

    “… in his sleep …”

    ‘Godfather of Harlem’ co-creator Paul Eckstein dies suddenly in Jamaica




    Man dies suddenly next to The Galleries shopping centre in Bristol




    Where’s Ed?
    Here he is!


    Here in the UK, the Covid enquiry is beginning.
    What a hoot!

    If you thought that the curtain had closed on Covid safety pantomime, think again.
    The country has been institutionalised by Covid fear mongering and the inmates are now running the lunatic inquiry.
    Here’s the “Covid Policy” during the hearings:

    3. We are asking all staff and visitors to take a lateral flow test :-
    i) For staff and visitors attending daily – a test at the beginning of each
    ii) For staff and visitors attending on individual days – a test in advance
    of attending.


    Absolutely nothing learned.


    Dr. D

    “Leave the Kids Alone” has become the new cry for the video game spat going on now too. It’s a good meme. I just don’t understand how people can think this is an appropriate and good idea, and suddenly. I know: social engineering from our alien overlords.

    Suppose I told you where I put my penis. Where I put my penis is the most important thing in the world. Would you like to hear me talk more about my penis. My penis can be your personal lord and savior. Would you like to hear where I put my penis? Now? Why not? Why don’t you want to hear where I put my penis? …You’d think I was insane, mentally ill, and quite probably and accurately a danger to your kids.

    This is what they’re doing, but that’s not all. Not only is every moment about their penis, their whole IDENTITY is about their penis. Their personality is about their penis. What would you say if, after that, I was only winning to talk to other people who only talked about their penis. If someone didn’t talk about their penis IMMEDIATELY, on meeting and greeting, I’d accuse them of crimes, try to get them blacklisted, slandered and arrested, removed from all jobs, committees, even removed as parents. Then you’d KNOW I was god d—-d insane. And an appalling, unhinged bigot of the first order.

    This isn’t how it SEEMS to us few remaining normal people, that’s LITERALLY the description, a level and accurate one, of what is going on. You know what? I don’t care where you put your penis. Do what you want. But leave me and underage people out of it. And that — wanting to be left alone — is an unforgivable crime.

    “Dylan Mulvaney Now Blackmailing Corporations by Threatening to Endorse Their Products — BBee

    “Binance CEO ‘CZ’ Responds as Data Points to Billions in Exchange Outflows

    Another line is being cut off and digested without collapsing the system. What is the line? Crypto like FTX & Co are de-facto EuroDollar fabrications. They hanger-on for liquidity, while providing nothing. They are “EuroDollar” creations, de-facto independent Federal Reserves. Powell is shutting them off, as CA banks, FTX, etc, and those left leave Yellen’s S.F. Fed oversight and re-appear in Powell’s NY Fed. Binance was nearly taken down with FTX, I think FTX was trying to kill and eat it. But all these exchanges are with almost certainly hypothecated 300:1, making criminal corrupt NY banks drool with envy.

    “NATO Kicks Off Its Largest Air Drills In History, Germany Hosts”

    Almost certainly an attempt will be made at a false flag.

    “Desperate Army, Air Force Recruit Immigrants With Promise Of Rapid Citizenship

    Least surprising ever. Purge the Roman legion, bring in foreigners who have no issue with shooting citizens. Fast forward: Those tasteless barbarians have no problem toppling a Biden-Pelosi government and replacing it, and the people cheer because even a Mexican warlord is less corrupt than they are right now.

    “Sy Hersh Zelensky Embezzling $400 Million from US”

    Yes but it’s not FROM U.S. it’s FOR U.S.. It’s a grab from taxpayers – half of which are Republicans – TO the Derp State, which for arcane practical reasons will reappear in the Democratic campaign funding.

    Ritter and Revenge:
    I find it difficult to believe Iran can produce hypersonic missiles, but that’s quite a statement to make without immediately providing proof, so there must be something to it.

    “Blackmail and $5M bribes”

    Yes but no one cares. He’s doing 10x worse than this – we have no borders for instance – and no one cares. As they say “He could eat a baby on the White House Lawn” (and probably has) and no one will care, they approve of it. No? He may have and is continually approving of the death and disablement of 30% of the U.S. Military. By direct orders. No. One. Cares. That’s logic and reason and we don’t do that. We HATES it. It is #Logos. Truth. Reason. Order. #Statistics.

    “we need somebody to steer. Mr. Trump has volunteered to try doing it again. The first time, forces in every quarter of American power set out to bushwhack, sandbag, harass, hector, and hound him. In the process, they just about destroyed the rule of law.”

    The decision matrix now has Trump and Biden out in the open with lawsuits, while RFK can be on the side and elected in. …To smash things like Trump did, but more intelligently. Sounds okay. People (Independents) aren’t thrilled enough with Republicans right now since they did nothing.

    “Ukrainian counteroffensive and the Ukrainian army has already lost thousands of casualties, along with up to 15 of the vaunted German Leopard 2 tanks, 13 M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) supplied by the US and five of the French AMX-10 RC light tanks”

    Alexander points out you cannot, by definition, do probing attacks with your best, rested men and best NATO equipment. That means those mere 5k men and 10 tanks WERE the whole counterattack. They didn’t get to the Russian lines. At all. They were stopped at the minefields like 10km short. Let me repeat that. They can’t see the Russians THROUGH BINOCULARS.

    The defense lines are in some places 30KM DEEP. They are, in the direct sense, utterly insurmountable. Obviously, you’d use air power, missiles, and go around. You don’t WALK IN. As JB pointed out with Barbarossa. You can consume the entire German army AND backed with Europe’s entire industrial base and still lose, and Ukraine doesn’t have any of that. The U.S. and Britain don’t have any of that. Thanks to NSII, now Germany doesn’t either.

    “• Ukraine’s Counteroffensive To Last For Weeks Or Months – Macron (TASS) “

    At 5,000 men a day? I doubt it.

    ““Biden wants a free hand to continue to give billions every week to finance the Ukraine proxy war, and he’s got that free hand now..”

    Sure, “Ukraine” (their mafia) has worse blackmail than this on Biden. The U.S. is everyone’s b—h. We’ve been and are being passed around like the shiftless crack ho we are. Or Congress is.

    Robert Smalls: That can’t be true. Everyone knows that Black people are still slaves even now and use separate drinking fountains. That’s why Korean immigrants are paying Haitian immigrants reparations.

    Covid deaths: Nobody cares, isn’t happening. As far as I can tell, they blew it. They could easily have done 3x, 10x, the deaths without anybody being suspicious. Who knew people loved death that much, especially of all their children. As we’re all at a loss to explain, we gravitate toward believing it’s demonic. How else can it function except you’ve aligned your consciousness with evil, death, and destruction, hating all truth and good things?


    What an extraordinary graph.
    An explosion in UK Long Term Sick – and growing.

    SARS-CoV 2 and the Death Vaxx – both very effective bio-weapons.



    “..Covid deaths: Nobody cares, isn’t happening. As far as I can tell, they blew it. They could easily have done 3x, 10x, the deaths without anybody being suspicious….”

    Funny thing about how one figures out the upper limit of how many people you can kill in a community without anyone to speak of notices.

    I think its a function of how atomized the Empire of Lies social fabric is.

    Countless miles of homogenized suburban deserts where no one knows their neighbors and hence would not even know if they died in their house except for all the amazon packages pilling up on the doorstep.

    Had the second young middle aged friend have a stroke out of nowhere. Triple vaxed, not a clue it is connected.

    So The Cesspool of Tyranny©, formerly known as The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation®, has a free handed now in bumping up the ‘Kill Rate’ that it’s citizen seems to be utterly unaware of.

    Covid was just a Proof of Concept.

    Blood Drinking Satanists, it’s not a metaphor.


    Joe Rogan let’s the cat out of the bag



    CV19 – A Propaganda Masterpiece – Mark Crispin Miller

    Professor Mark Crispin Miller teaches media studies at New York University (NYU) and is an expert in propaganda. Dr. Miller says just about everything concerning Covid was simply an elaborate exercise in propaganda.

    Dr. Miller explains, “The propaganda dimension is crucial to our understanding of what went down. Some people like to say this is a result of a number of ‘blunders’ by the health authorities and the government. ‘Blunders.’ No, these are not ‘blunders.’ When everything they recommend is deleterious and destructive of people’s health . . . .

    When they suppress the truth about life saving remedies in furtherance of this so-called ‘vaccination program,’ and when the so-called ‘vaccines’ have abysmal records for safety and effectiveness and those records are all hidden, we cannot reasonably conclude this is all the result of ‘blunders.’

    I have called the period from 2020 through the present a ‘Propaganda Masterpiece.’

    CV19 – A Propaganda Masterpiece – Mark Crispin Miller

    TVASSF (yup, they bought the big lie)


    Bidens doing business with Mykola Zlochevsky.
    They could not find more fitting partner. In many Slavic languages zlo (Russian зло) means evil.
    Zlocho (m) or zlocha (f) is a petty reference to a person with bad intentions.


    …could not have found.


    And then cats couldn’t have babies either.
    Can these morons stop messing around already or I’m gunna start eating scientist meat in my lasagna, as merely a precautionary measure – no malice, just cos it makes sense to use them more efficiently than have them at work in labs.



    Few captured light like fellows like Rembrandt could. But no one captured that sense of grime in the urban sunlit air like Hopper.


    I wonder if Biden won’t be publicly assassinated. Major distraction score.


    “He already had 4 years to do it.”

    I don’t give a shit about Trump but this isn’t a chess match with time limits on moves, and deep removal is not a small thing.


    Check your eyesight.
    Why are you blind


    Treatments for post-vaccine blood clots show promise but no ‘slam dunk,’ Canadian doctors say

    Lauren Pelley · CBC News · Posted: Jun 09, 2021 2:00 PM PDT | Last Updated: June 9, 2021

    Researchers claim mystery of rare blood clots tied to COVID-19 vaccines solved, but experts urge caution

    Lauren Pelley, Adam Miller · CBC News · Posted: May 28, 2021 1:00 AM PDT | Last Updated: May 28, 2021

    Research Article

    “Vaccine-Induced Covid-19 Mimicry” Syndrome:Splice reactions within the SARS-CoV-2 Spike open reading frame result in Spike protein variants that may cause thromboembolic events in patients immunized with vector-based vaccines

    Eric Kowarz, Lea Krutzke, Jenny Reis, Silvia Bracharz, Stefan Kochanek, and 1 more
    Dr. McCullough: The COVID Vaccines Are Causing the ‘Largest Blood Clots We’ve Ever Seen’
    “My experience with these blood clots are they’re enormously resistant to blood thinners,” disclosed Dr. Peter McCullough. “Wuhan spike protein is inside the blood clots, and it’s folding, forming what’s called amyloid structures.”

    “They [researchers] found astronomical rates of blood clots in the retinal arteries and retinal veins in those vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. And that was only with two shots back in 2021,” he detailed.


    I have concluded that one can’t oppose evil, only promote good.

    The more a person opposes evil with animosity, the more that person behaves evilly. Next thing you know, they’re gloating in the painful deaths of foolish victims as if that were somehow doing something good.

    From some online article:

    Schadenfreude, as Nietzsche said, really is “the revenge of the impotent.”

    Schadenfreude is “felt when we stumble across another’s misfortune we have not caused ourselves”; it’s “furtive,” as people attempt to cover up their glee; yet it’s something the observer feels “entitled” to, usually because “the other person’s suffering can be construed as a comeuppance—a deserved punishment for being smug or hypocritical, or breaking the law”; it’s a “respite” that reassures the viewer of their own superiority; and it’s typically focused on “minor discomforts and gaffes rather than dire tragedies,” Watt Smith concludes, but “this rule isn’t hard and fast, and context matters.”

    I think it’s a self-destructive habit like masturbating to sadistic porn. Keep it up and your heart will go blind, and grow hair on the palm of your heart.


    My ancient ancestors and I agree:

    Some 7m years ago, our human lineage began diverging from that of the chimpanzee, with
    whom we still share 98% of our genome and thus a common ancestor[9]. For the majority
    of the subsequent period, our basic biology gradually evolved, as our various direct ancestors
    lived off the land, developing into tribally-based ‘hunter-gatherer-style’ communities. That
    protracted period in our human evolution is stamped deep into our DNA as our genetic ‘normal’.
    Such active ‘hunter-gatherer-style’ cultures, robustly refined by the rigours of natural selection,
    are well adapted to our bi-pedal physiology, while our dentition, metabolism and digestive
    system are likewise well suited to a diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, roots, nuts, berries,
    meat and fish[10]. There have been many detailed studies of the benefits afforded by ‘ancestral’
    diets, beginning with the pioneering approach taken by Weston Price[11], by Melvin
    Konner and S. Boyd Eaton [12] and by Staffan Lindeberg[13], for example.
    The human race is genetically adapted for a life of routine light to moderate activity essential
    for survival (walking, lifting, carrying, bending, climbing), rather than for long sedentary
    periods[14]. The actual tasks accomplished in a “normal” hunter-gatherer’s day depended on
    the level of hunger, seasonality, weather or terrain. Nevertheless, it seems that the typical
    daily distance covered by human locomotion would be in the range of three to ten miles. The
    necessary daily activities would require an average energy expenditure of between 3,000 and
    5,000 kj, up to five times greater than many modern sedentary adults[15]. For today’s city
    dwellers, regular walking or cycling at least part of the way to and from work/school each day
    would be a modest evolutionary-concordant compromise, given an encouraging townscape to
    Academia Letters, July 2021
    Corresponding Author: Gustav Milne, [email protected]
    Citation: Milne, G. (2021). Post-Pandemic Urban Living: Back to the Stone Age? Academia Letters, Article
    1717. https://doi.org/10.20935/AL1717.
    ©2021 by the author — Open Access — Distributed under CC BY 4.0
    move within[16].
    In addition, the lives of hunter-gatherers were lived outdoors within a natural environment.
    Crucially, we are not born with a fully-functioning immune system, since this co-evolved with
    us over the long as Professor Graham Rook’s ground breaking studies have shown[17]. It is
    now clear that it is from direct contact with plants, animals and other humans that we obtain
    the macro-organisms, microorganisms and microbiota that live and thrive on our skin and in
    the gut, managing our immune system within our own personal ecosystem. We are not born
    with these microbiota: initially, we derive them initially from our mother’s birth canal (but
    not, alas, from a Caesarean section[18]). Subsequently we absorb these organisms, from the
    soil, plants, trees and animals, or the air. Without them, we are increasingly susceptibility to
    allergies, autoimmunity and inflammatory bowel disease. Consequently, reduced contact with
    nature is bad for our physical health: we still need the microorganisms that only the natural
    environment can provide. Living in sterile urban areas, however, decreases our exposure to
    nature (and thus a less effective immune system) while urban life increases exposure to crowd
    Culturally, the human race has seen dramatic and rapid transformations. Genetically, however,
    our evolution has been much more gradual: anatomically we remain much as we were before
    extensive agriculture and urbanisation were gradually developed in the Neolithic period, some
    5,000 to 10,000 years ago. Although there are major benefits in city living, there are also
    major costs, such as the seemingly unstoppable rise in obesity, coronary-related problems,
    Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and various types of cancer. According to the World Health
    Organisation, these are all listed in the ten most common causes of death in modern, urbanised
    societies. Do these deaths represent that mismatch between human biology and urban culture,
    or are they just an inevitable result of the ageing process?
    There is, however, compelling research that challenges the inevitability of death by ‘the
    diseases of urbanisation’. The major long-term study by Dr Staffan Lindeberg, has shown
    that ALL those fatal conditions are rare or non-existent in un-urbanised communities still
    maintaining an ‘ancestral’ life-style. His detailed research, included results from a long-term
    study of a large community in Kitava, Papua New Guinea, where some of those people lived
    well into old age[19].
    Archaeological research supports this assumption, following the many studies of ancient
    cemeteries and related research graphically showing how the transformation from ancestral
    practices to farming and urbanisation damaged our collective wellbeing. The domestication
    Academia Letters, July 2021
    Corresponding Author: Gustav Milne, [email protected]
    Citation: Milne, G. (2021). Post-Pandemic Urban Living: Back to the Stone Age? Academia Letters, Article
    1717. https://doi.org/10.20935/AL1717.
    ©2021 by the author — Open Access — Distributed under CC BY 4.0
    of plants and animals during the Neolithic period, for example, heralded major changes in the
    human diet and activity regimes (and thus in our wellbeing) with a noted increase in dental
    caries, trauma, metabolic and joint disease, the first evidence of tumours, anaemia, diffuse
    idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH, a proxy for obesity) and osteoporosis, as well as osteitis
    and periostitis of sinuses, ribs and skull. The Romans not only introduced the civilising
    concept of urbanisation to these islands, but also scurvy, osteomalacia (rickets), Reiter’s syndrome,
    gout, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, septic arthritis,
    tuberculosis, poliomyelitis and leprosy. Arguably, urbanisation was -and often remained- a
    mixed blessing[20].
    Certainly un-urbanised or pre-urbanised populations suffered from malaria, childbirth
    complications, predators, seasonal food or water shortages and serious accidents. But what
    they did NOT suffer from were many of the aliments straining our health services today: these
    were arguably introduced by urbanisation through its culture and its townscapes.
    We have to accept that our basic physiology, metabolism and mindset are all determined by
    our long human evolution. This dictates what we were (and still are) genetically best adapted
    for, and, just as crucially, what we were not best adapted for. We are well-adapted, for example,
    to eat fresh food and take daily exercise. Our overburdened National Health Service is
    all too well aware of the complications that arise from an urban population that ignores these
    fundamental evolutionary determinants of health, as the incidence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular
    problems and several forms of cancer all too painfully prove. It is salutary to note
    that some 50% of all hospitalised Covid 19 patients in England were classified as being overweight
    or clinically obese, 21% were diagnosed with hypertension, 20% suffered from asthma
    or had chronic respiratory disease and 7.6% had Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. To repeat, all of
    those diseases and conditions were rare or non-existent in the Kitava population following an
    ancestral life-style in Steffan Lindeberg’s long-term study. Such an evolutionary concordant
    life-style adopted by 21st-century urbanites would not cure Covid-19 but it could at least contain
    or constrain its worst manifestations. Better urban wellbeing is a goal to be progressed in
    the post-pandemic world: the New Normal could begin with an evolutionary-concordant very
    old normal


    Hot weather in June
    Well, sure, in some part of the world there is unusually warm weather in June. Meanwhile, in Phoenix, AZ we are about five degrees cooler than is typical in June. It isn’t a huge difference, but it means that although my house’s air conditioner was replaced last Saturday, we are running the evaporative cooler, and the house was 67 degrees when I woke and is pleasant all day, never budging above 73. Usually, by this time in June I’m debating when to switch to air conditioning because the temperature inside in the late afternoon is 80 degrees and humid.

    Is the climate changing? It is always in flux. Getting warmer? Possibly. But that would have to be determined by careful temperature measurement and analysis from multiple locations across many years — not by one location nor one month.

    D Benton Smith

    When England goes all “Full AI” on us then, (after and consequent to that), in order to buy or sell or form contractual relationships with anything owned by or in England, other countries and organizations (or individuals) will have to recognize the “Legally Corporatized Personhood” of the AI, because all of England’s goods and services are the LEGALLY RECOGNIZED product of that AI. If that AI can’t be recognized as a legal counter-party then a transaction with it is, literally, impossible.

    So the objective of the England-Goes-AI boondoggle is not to wield power from a captive England. It is for AI to obtain legally recognized “person-hood”, around the world, just like “incorporated” businesses of all kinds do now.

    That’s a pretty slick scam, and it will almost certainly work . . . to the extent to which people are willing to buy from, sell to AND BE RULED OVER by an artificial intelligence system that “identifies” as a person, equal with human under the law.

    It’s been building up to this for a long time, and has arrived.

    So, how willing ARE you to accept being ruled over, quite legally, by an artificial intelligence system which has been granted legal “person-hood” ?

    You will have to decide now, as in “right now”, because when you collaborate with a non-human nonmaterial abstraction as though it were actually a person or material thing, then you are recognizing the existence of a thing that isn’t there. Most people would call that psychotic hallucination. We call it business, and business as usual.


    The problem of nothingness, of Where It All Started, ex nihilo, is a doozy. Follows is a (for me) refreshing look at it:

    “Overall, the existence of “God” can be credited to the early universe being comparable to a brain, which imparted the abstractable quality of nothingness that makes everything else feasible.”


    Re: global climate understanding:

    “Looking at all this evidence, the conclusion is, well, a little unsatisfying – there is still much uncertainty in the long-term trend. It’s hard when the short-term variability is nearly an order of magnitude greater than the long-term trend.

    But it gives us something to argue about and abuse each other with besides the traditionals like slavery etc. It helps keep us off the streets, you might say.


    I have a singing student who is a middle-aged, “butch” lesbian. In her lesson yesterday she blurted out indignantly: “There are men and there are women. There are trans-women and trans-men — but a trans-woman is not a woman.”

    I agreed. I think that her usual daily community are LGBTQI folks, and she must have been seeking a safe harbor to express her true views.

    She is possessed of an amazing low female voice. She can sing significantly lower than most women. I’ve been teaching her to access her head voice as well. She says that it has been an eye-popping experience in femininity. She is in a gay women’s choir, and apparently many of her butch lesbian peers disdain all things feminine and refuse to sing high notes. I say, learn to use the voice you’ve got — and if you can do something that many cannot do, go for it! Utilizing fully the voice that you have, that is an intrinsic part of your identity. And she can be a butch lesbian singing lower than most women, and higher than them, too, because she knows how to access her head voice.


    “I’ve been teaching her to access her head voice as well. She says that it has been an eye-popping experience in femininity.

    That’s the coolest thing I’ve encountered in awhile. Singing is so central to whomever/whatever we are.


    “A Blind Eye is Better Than a Blind Heart”

    I’m calling bullshit on that one Bosco-tastic.

    It’s exactly because of all those “Blind Eyes” that couldn’t SEE through the bullshit and lies that Fauci/Birx/Biden/Gates/Pfizer/MSM and the rest of the murdering whores have been feeding us these past three years that millions have now been physically maimed and economically destroyed.

    Blind Hearts? – how about the hundreds of thousands “suddenly died”, or teenagers who now live (unknowingly) with damaged hearts. If only they and their parents didn’t have blind eyes.

    And still their eyes are blind – even as the bodies pile sky high all around us.

    Never forget, never forgive.

    Open your eyes to the greatest, ongoing global crime in human history.
    The worst is coming.

    TVASSF (indeed they are)

    ps. Open your eyes:
    Clinical trial of mRNA universal influenza vaccine candidate begins


    bargle-gargle-ciphernut-bypass code

    “Suppose I told you where I put my penis. Where I put my penis is the most important thing in the world. Would you like to hear me talk more about my penis. My penis can be your personal lord and savior. Would you like to hear where I put my penis? Now? Why not? Why don’t you want to hear where I put my penis? …You’d think I was insane, mentally ill, and quite probably and accurately a danger to your kids.”

    Despite being very masculine in all physical registers, I come across in person kinda… gay. Well, I hanged out with a lot of queers in my earlier years. (More fun than straights, back then.) While no sissy, I am not particularly large in physique, so big dudes loves to attempt scoring macho points by demeaning me via gay slurs.

    My standard response to anti-gay slurs is Why are you so interested in what I do with my penis? Do you want to see it?

    Reaching for the zipper was more effective than reaching for a gun.

    ” Do what you want. But leave me and underage people out of it. And that — wanting to be left alone — is an unforgivable crime.”

    Gays have always had to fight or submit or hide to be left alone. What is happening with the current LGBT-whatever things is extreme liberal backlash against decades of extreme conservative oppression of all things gay. It has obviously peaked and is now collapsing. Wait until you see the conservative backlash. Poor gays. They’re still a minority, after all.

    TlgbtASSF, or something.

    “So, how willing ARE you to accept being ruled over, quite legally, by an artificial intelligence system which has been granted legal “person-hood” ?”

    It had to be, it seems. For millennia, we submitted to “an artificial intelligence system which has been granted legal “person-hood”. We called it God. (insert G.B.Shaw remark about humanity needing to invent God if none availed)

    Nature Abhors a Vacuum…

    D Benton Smith

    Ya know those Brits have sure been a pain in the ass haven’t they?

    First they bring us the Lawyers, and then they brings us the Banks. Soon after, , and suddenly from out of thin air come corporations and the bonzo notion that an “incorporation” could be and should be a “person”and let us not forget that coven of covert Nazi’s posing as aristocrats who were “bank rolling” the whole thing. And don’t forget how Karl Marx entered, stage left, who they nurtured and promoted. Then in rapid succession, psychological warfare, computers, AI and finally . . . . . now.

    Sure would like to know who’s backing those Brits, but I got my suspicions.


    “She is in a gay women’s choir, and apparently many of her butch lesbian peers disdain all things feminine and refuse to sing high notes. ”

    I avoid conformist groups. Solidarity generally desolidifies the persons who define themselves by it.


    “Never forget, never forgive.”

    And there you are, people.

    Germ: you can’t handle the truth about yourself any more than the vaxxed in general can handle the truth about das vax. Let me make it simple for you: you’re being not just an asshole but an unrepentant asshole. Personally, I think that’s very unhealthy for you and those around you, but then, for all I know I’m an imagination of somebody’s figment. Maybe I’m just the voice in somebody’s head — maybe even my very own cranium.

    My dogs like to roll in nasty smells too. I don’t judge them for it, but they nonetheless get The Bath. Don’t be so scared of a little soap and hot water, Germ. You too can stop smelling like shit every time you open your mouth. Repentance is a marvelous thing.


    phoenixvoice: thanx for the inspiration. btw. My prob is the opposite of Lady Butch Dyke. Various health issues, especially HHT, have taken most of my head voice; meanwhile, bad habits like smoking (mostly caused by stress from all that bad health jive), has given me more access to my chest voice.

    I miss the high notes but maybe should learn to embrace my lower register. Like this guy does:

    Put It In Your Heart


    I’m gonna be the Boss Dog Butch Man-Dyke singer. Boy, Magnison can sing.


    Silvio Berlusconi is negotiating with St Peter as how to be transferred to the Muslim paradise, as of yesterday.


    I’ve been wondering about the spike at large in the environment. This has been an abysmal year for waterfowl reproduction in my area- geese having only two to four goslings; wood ducks with one where they normally have about fifteen to twenty; and of the many mallard pairs there are no ducklings at all.
    We also had three does who were clearly pregnant but we have not yet seen a single fawn.
    The extremely abundant frogs and toads sang for three months (unprecedented) and not a single tiny one or tadpole in the waters.
    Maybe that 99c kindle book was right: there’s an alien species ruled by Lucifera coming to take over the planet but it needs to kill off all the life first.


    @ Bosco-tastic

    Name-calling? Really?


    Tributes paid to ‘kind and amazing’ Celtic-daft dad after sudden death

    “” The 44-year-old’s family has been left devastated by the “sudden and unexpected” loss. “”


    TVASSF(and remain blind to it all)

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