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Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – Destruction 1836


For me, the situation in Russia is still far too fluid and uncertain to comment on. For Andrew Korybko it is not. Fair enough. As long as people understand this is not my opinion.


Andrew Korybko:


Background Briefing

President Putin accused Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin of committing treason in his national address on Saturday morning after the latter launched an armed coup attempt the night prior. He called on all the participants to immediately cease their anti-state criminal activities and condemned them for taking up arms against their comrades. Their betrayal is made all the worse, President Putin said, by it happening amidst the NATO-Russian proxy war in which their Motherland is fighting for its very existence.

The culprit claims to be acting in defense of Russia’s national interests in the context of that aforesaid conflict, but his cause doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. The Wagner-Defense Ministry (DM) rivalry has been escalating since early May after Prigozhin’s allegations that the military establishment hasn’t waged the special operation properly and was purposely withholding ammo from his group. Despite his accusations, Russia emerged victorious in the Battle of Artyomovsk, which cast doubt on his narrative.

In the aftermath, the DM mandated that all private military companies (PMCs) sign contracts with it, which Prigozhin adamantly refused to do. This was the first time that he was openly placed on the opposite side of President Putin, who told war correspondents earlier this month that “if there is no contract with the state, no contract with the Defence Ministry, there are no legal grounds for receiving social guarantees from the state. This must be done as soon as possible.”

Rubbishing Speculation About Prigozhin’s Relationship With Putin

Up until that point, speculation swirled about whether Prigozhin had the Russian leader’s approval for his furious rants against the DM, which violated legislation that strictly prohibits defaming the armed forces. The conjecture at the time was that President Putin was indirectly relying on the Wagner chief to put pressure on leading military officials to optimize their conduct of the special operation since many wondered why Prigozhin hadn’t been apprehended or at least charged after his inflammatory attacks.

Whatever may or may not have previously been the case is no longer of relevance after President Putin made it clear that his former chef has committed treason and must be stopped due to the threat that he poses to their Motherland’s unity during this time of existential conflict with the West. Prigozhin’s armed coup attempt is a stab in the back exactly as the FSB described it as and risks Kiev reviving its failed NATObacked counteroffensive like the DM said that it already unsuccessfully tried to do Friday night.

The Difference Between Contrarian Opinion & Anti-Russian Propaganda

Many Non-Russian Pro-Russians (NRPRs) in the Alt-Media Community (AMC) might have sympathized with Prigozhin’s harsh criticisms of the special operation after Russia’s setbacks last year in Kharkov and Kherson Regions, not to mention the grinding Battle of Artyomovsk, but that’s no excuse for what he did. Prigozhin could have operated within the law to push through his envisaged reforms via Wagner’s nationwide “Second Front” media campaign that he initiated a month ago, but he chose force instead.

Some of the elite were already warming up to the idea of comprehensively improving Russia through long-overdue and gradually implemented reforms as evidenced by him being named trendsetter of the year during the latest St. Petersburg International Economic Forum earlier this month. Had Prigozhin remained committed to the Russian Constitution, then there’s a very real chance that he could have eventually generated enough support to see some of his proposals promulgated into policy.

He regrettably went rogue, however, which was likely due to two so-called “trigger events”: the previously mentioned requirement for all PMCs to sign contracts with the DM and President Putin’s recent signals that he’s interested in politically resolving the proxy war if Russia’s security is ensured. The first was already touched upon while the latter was analyzed at length in this piece here, which cites his own words from the official Kremlin transcripts of three relevant events earlier this month.

Returning to those NRPRs from the AMC, they’re entitled to disagree with President Putin’s newly implied approach towards this conflict, but they become enemies of Russia when they question the patriotism of those like him and Foreign Minister Lavrov who are arguably in favor of this nowadays. Prigozhin has repeatedly agitated for escalating his country’s special operation, which aligns with some of his compatriots’ views, but it’s treason to take up arms against the state in pursuit of this agenda.

A Painful Fact-Check Of A Viral Alt-Media Article

It’s at this point that a painful fact-check has to be carried out against a popular AMC influencer who published a piece last month chock-full of falsehoods that in hindsight contributed to misleading countless NRPRs about the state of affairs in Russia. Pepe Escobar’s article from 12 May for the Strategic Culture Foundation titled “Cries and Whispers Along the Russian Watchtowers”, which went viral after being republished by ZeroHedge, recklessly speculated about the loyalty of leading Russian officials.

He divided them into three categories: “the Victory party; the ‘Peace’ party – which Victory would describe as surrenders; and the Neutral/Undecided”, with the second-mentioned “Peace” one being framed unfavorably due to the innuendo that they want Russia to “surrender” to the West. It’s now obvious as was argued several paragraphs above that President Putin, Lavrov, and many other top officials can be included in this ignoble category with all that Escobar ominously implied that it entails.

At the time, his categorization of the Russian elite was already extremely scandalous after he baselessly questioned FSB Director Bortnikov’s patriotism by placing him in the “Neutral/Undecided” category and then described Russia’s top domestic security official as a “special bone of contention”. This served to discredit the man who’s responsible for the safety of over 145 million people by implying that he might support “Peace”, which Escobar already wrote is associated with “surrender[ing]” to Russia’s enemies.

The Soft Power Consequences Of Reckless Speculation

Many NRPRs in the AMC look to this influencer for guidance about Russia, especially after he was feted by its elite during his last two trips there, which made them think that he’s the so-called “voice of Russian insiders”. Escobar extended credence to this false impression by referencing his alleged “sources” in other articles and social media posts. As a result, many well-intended but naïve folks wrongly mistook his speculation about Russian officials as fact, including about Bortnikov.

Had it not been for Prigozhin’s coup attempt, Escobar’s words wouldn’t have been exposed as only being his personal opinion but would have continued to be seen by many as reflecting the views of “Russian insiders” after they came to regard him as their “voice”, the falsely impression of which he cultivated. The FSB’s accusation that the Wagner chief stabbed Russia in the back, and President Putin’s subsequent description of his actions as treason, prove that Bortnikov and the Russian leader are on the same side.

As can now be seen, Escobar’s placement of the FSB Director in the “Neutral/Undecided” category that he implied amounts to “surrender[ing]” to Russia’s enemies and his description of Bortnikov’s patriotism as a “special bone of contention” couldn’t have been further from the truth. This AMC influencer’s discrediting of Russia’s top domestic security official ultimately misled countless NRPRs during the most sensitive moment in Russia’s domestic political history since the Constitutional Crisis of 1993.

Concluding Thoughts

Without a formal mea culpa unambiguously setting the record straight about this ultra-sensitive issue and taking full responsibility for the consequences that his reckless speculation, it wouldn’t be surprising if Escobar isn’t welcomed back to Russia after everything settles down. Whatever his intentions may have been in writing what he did, which were presumably “innocent” unless proven otherwise, he inflicted enormous damage to Russia’s objective national interests and must thus profusely apologize.

Those like President Putin, Lavrov, and other leading officials who are interested in politically resolving the NATO-Russian proxy war if their country’s security interests are ensured should never have been associated with “surrender[ing] to the West in the first place. Escobar’s false framing of this policy option poisoned it in the minds of many and indirectly extended credence to Prigozhin’s treasonous coup attempt that was partially launched on the basis of opposing this pragmatic scenario.

What the Wagner chief did is unacceptable, as was Escobar’s twisting of NRPRs’ perceptions about the patriotism of those who explore a political solution to this proxy war instead of further escalation. Nobody in the AMC should be misled by either of them into supporting Prigozhin’s coup attempt. The Russian state is united and all efforts to divide it, whether by force or reckless speculation, will fail. Prigozhin’s fate is sealed, but Escobar’s reputation can still be salvaged if he repents and makes amends.



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    Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – Destruction 1836     For me, the situation in Russia is still far too fluid and uncertain to comment on.
    [See the full post at: Prigozhin’s Treason Is Unacceptable]


    Putin has been handed the keys to release the Russian military by Wagner (Prigozhin).

    Dr. D

    Zerosum, can you expand on that? Russian forces are by law only allowed within Russian borders, which atm means they would stop at Donbas and cannot proceed to Lviv. This crisis would require Duma to pass laws to solve this problem by authorizing the Russian military. Yes? More?

    Dr. D

    Wagner Convoys Advancing Towards Russian Capital, Chechens Loyal To Putin En Route
    Massive roadblocks erected on highways outside Moscow…

    To me this is still a wounded bird, tempting NATO beyond their self-control. On the eve of the NATO drills? The Zap attack? Really?


    Wagner group are mercenaries that are in-for-the-money. Somebody offered more?
    Just crossed my mind but it is too early for any speculation


    “…… pass laws to solve this problem by authorizing the Russian military. Yes? More?”
    From my lazyboy …. Its what I read. I therefore agreed. I also think that he would get quick emergency approval for the passing of the laws.

    I thought that he was a dictator, (according to Biden),, and he could do whatever he wanted.
    Let see if he does/treats the peaceful march on Moscow different than the democratic USA, Canada did for their march on Washington and Ottawa.

    “Wagner group are mercenaries that are in-for-the-money.”

    In the USA “in-for-the-money” are in and running the gov.

    ” On the eve of the NATO drills?”

    Engines are hot and pilots are ready at the starting line.
    ( Are the Russian defenses ready?)



    The news media is more than ready and are constantly pumping WAR, WAR, KILL, KILL




    “They wanted to disband the Wagner PMC. We set off on June 23 on our march of justice. In a day we traveled to within 200 kilometers of Moscow. In this time, we have not shed a single drop of our fighters’ blood. Now the moment has arrived when blood may be shed. Therefore, understanding our full responsibility for the possibility of Russian blood being shed by one of the sides, we are turning our columns around and heading in the opposite direction to our encampments in accordance with the plan,” Prigozhin said in an audio recording Saturday evening.”

    Update(1325ET): An emerging Russian state media headline: Prigozhin Agrees to Stop PMC Wagner March, Start De-Escalation After Lukashenko’s Mediation…

    Belarusian president held talks with Prigozhin today. Lukashenko says that Prigozhin has agreed to “stop the movement of armed persons on the territory of Russia and to take further steps to deescalate.


    Figmund Sreud

    This (failed?) attempt to foment a civil war within Russia had to be engineered and financed from the outside, … directed from the outside, hence there is no end to it any time soon! We now have to await a response from President Putin and his entourage, …

    … above said, I sense that there just had to be a not-an-insignificant involvement by CIA in it all, … and if that, indeed, turns out to be the fact, Russia will take its gloves off with a vengeance!

    And so: … First, watch out for an aggressive attack on a Russia’s significant and always active “fifth column”. Second, some significant hit(s) on NATO assets located within Ukraine. And ultimately, hits on NATO beyond Ukrainian proper!

    Anyway, … I don’t believe that all of this will end well. The Doomsday Clock Time just indexed itself so much closer to midnight: A Timeline of Conflict, Culture, and Change

    2 minutes to midnight
    The hands that threaten doom
    2 minutes to midnight
    To kill the unborn in the womb.
    – Iron Maiden, 1984



    All propaganda and PSYOP.

    Move 25k Wagner Troop to Belarus under cover/nose of NATO by pretending that they are exiled. Do a last minute Amnesty deal that benefits Wagner and Belarus.

    (Can you not hear the neo-natzi cheering through the noise of MSM shedding of tears.)

    Wagner asked for the arrest of Shoigu and Gerasimov.

    Amnesty deal
    Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin said he was turning his forces around from a march toward Moscow shortly after the Belarusian government claimed President Alexander Lukashenko had reached a deal with Prigozhin to halt the advance.

    Wagner is calling it a “march for justice”
    Gee it makes me remember “Freedom Convoy

    Wagner agrees to end ‘insurrection’ – Lukashenko
    Evgeny Prigozhin agreed to halt his march on Moscow and avert “a bloodbath,” the Belarusian president said, in exchange for “security guarantees” for his fighters.


    The majority of Wagner troops did not move from their proper positions. Estimates put the “Priggy force” at about 200 men.

    Can Belarus use 200 military trainers?
    Can Belarus use the protection of 25k trained troops?
    Will Russia make a two prong winter attack?


    Wagner is calling it a “march for justice”

    Military Summary 2023.06.24

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer’s spin on all of this:

    Unconfirmed reports in Moscow indicate he [ Prigozhin ] will leave the country for Africa with one of the Wagner units operating there. His media, communications, and internet networks have been blocked.






    New satellite images show advanced Russian military deployments in Belarus
    This photograph shows what a Russian deployment near Yelsk on Saturday, according to Maxar. (Satellite image ©️2022 Maxar Technologies/CNN)This photograph shows what a Russian deployment near Yelsk on Saturday, according to Maxar. (Satellite image ©️2022 Maxar Technologies/CNN)

    Published Feb. 6, 2022 9:08 a.m. PST

    New satellite images released by a US-based technology company appear to show that Russia’s military has advanced deployments at several locations in Belarus, a move likely to concern Ukraine and NATO amid fears that the Kremlin is planning an incursion into Ukrainian territory.

    The deployments are likely linked to joint exercises between Russian and Belarus forces that are due to begin on Thursday. However, other photographs show camps being established close to the border with Ukraine, hundreds of miles from where the exercises are taking place.


    I’m the only one who agrees with me.


    “You fell for the covid story. Now …. apply your lessons.”

    The Hal Turner suggestion that ww3 starts now is only wrong in the action mode- the war we’re in now is all psyops, and the volume is turned to 11. Zerosum is right- “you fell for covid…”
    We can only wait and see.
    So here’s a line from star trek, TNG:
    “These folks don’t need us tellin’ em where the bear sits. They don’t need us swimmin’ in their soup.”
    And so I wait and see.
    The West looks at armchair warriors from the alt-press and AIs it- “what plays best? What can we game?”
    The Rest look and ask, “What is the West looking at?”
    Meanwhile, men die; are maimed in body and soul: this is the sum of war.
    And we think we are civilized.


    There are Hunter Biden and Yevgeny Prigozhin. They are different sides of the same coin — war and corruption for profit. A proxy World War III is being fought by mercenaries, Ukrainian draftees, and Russian prisoners.

    There is a reason that the great-great offspring of WW I’s ruling generation are acting the same as a century ago. They are in thrall of the same exploitive economic system, as then, that does not give a damn for human life. In 1916 Imperial Germany would not give up Belgium for an armistice. In 1953 the Korean Armistice worked and saved the world from a nuclear exchange in the First Cold War.

    This is a simple matter of life and death. The sooner the armistice is signed and a DMZ established the more lives that are saved and the apocalypse is postponed for a while longer. The current US President just does not see this truth. The Kremlin acknowledges that the Russian nation is under attack by the West. This is their justification for the invasion.

    Will human beings be given a chance to live a while longer on Earth, or do corporate/oligarch’s profits matter more?



    New day! Good Morning!

    The Western MSM talking experts are still trying to generate hate against Russia.
    The MSM did not have time to generate AI generated images for a peaceful conclusion.

    Here what the new TV pictures are telling me this morning

    A peaceful march/convoy by the Wagner military towards Moscow.
    Moscow authorities taking safety precautions in case there are trouble makers generating riots.
    Happy Crowds taking selfies, cheering, and celebrating.
    Calm/strong Government reaction/control resulting in a peaceful conclusion.
    (No over reaction like/contrary to J6 and Freedom Convoy of arrest and jail.)
    25K troops on their way to redeployment to Belarus.

    I’m not trying to change your mind
    I’m the only one who agrees with me..

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