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Roy Lichtenstein Femme d’Alger 1963


God’s Chosen People and the “Moral” West (Paul Craig Roberts)
Israel’s Continued Existence Is Not Guaranteed In The Long Term (Lukyanov)
Western Nations Issue Joint Statement On Israel’s Right To Defend Itself (Az.)
US’ Blind Support for Israel Lets China Woo The Arab World (Sp.)
Netanyahu Under Fire as Former Leaders Demand His Resignation Amid Crisis (Sp.)
Consequences Will Be ‘Devastating’ If Hezbollah Enters War – Netanyahu (RT)
Israeli Minister Threatens To ‘Wipe Iran Off The Face Of The Earth’ (RT)
Would Israel Use Its Nuclear Arsenal If The War Expands Beyond Gaza? (ZH)
Hamas Members Instructed To Make Chemical Weapons – Israeli President (TASS)
Global Industry Needs $7 Trillion To Avoid Gas Shortages (RT)
No, Congress Should Not Expel the Squad (Turley)
‘We Must Deport More and Faster’: Germany’s Scholz (Sp.)












@DougAMacgregor: Eisenhower said if NATO still exists in 10 years then we have failed. That was 1955.





“This is blatant ethnic cleansing and it is receiving the full support of the United States..”

God’s Chosen People and the “Moral” West (Paul Craig Roberts)

More than 2 million Palestinian people have now been without running water, electricity, food, medicine, for 10 days. After instituting the blockade of Gaza, Israel dropped 4,000 tons of bombs on Gaza in a 5 day period (Oct 7 – 12). Nine more days have passed with continued heavy bombing; if continued at the same rate, Israel has dropped more than 10,000 tons of bombs – 2 million pounds of high-explosive — on the people of Gaza. Israel told 1.1 million Palestinians that they had 24 hours to leave northern Gaza or else be bombed. The JDAM bombs being dropped on Gaza were supplied to Israel by the US. Many thousands have been killed since the bombing began. 52% of the Palestinians in Gaza are under 18 years of age; a huge percentage of those Palestinians being killed and wounded are children.

This is blatant ethnic cleansing and it is receiving the full support of the United States. In the UN Security Council, the US has twice vetoed Resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza; the vote on the second attempt was 14 to 1, with the US being the only no vote with their veto. The US does not want a ceasefire, it wants war, and thus has sent Carrier Battle Groups, squadrons of A-10 Warthogs, and thousands of Marines in preparation to back up an Israeli ground assault into Gaza. The US is now complicit in the massive war crime being committed in Gaza by Israel. All the endless US speeches about freedom and democracy ring hollow in the face of this atrocity. And these crimes are likely to get much worse once Israel sends hundreds of thousands of troops into Gaza.

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“..West Jerusalem has no experience of making long-term arrangements with its neighbors without relying on the US. So, the question now is whether there is time for the Israelis to learn to live in a new way.”

Israel’s Continued Existence Is Not Guaranteed In The Long Term (Lukyanov)

The leitmotif of the varied history of a hundred years is that it has all taken place, if not under the dictates of, then with the active participation of external forces. The composition of the latter has changed, but in every combination such players have set the tone. The change that has taken place now is that outside players are forced to react to events initiated by regional forces. This reaction is based on accumulated experience, but it does not work the way it used to. The degree of self-determination of the states in the region (let us call it the pursuit of national interests as they understand them) is much higher than in the past. Meanwhile, the major countries are running out of the instruments of coercion that worked in the twentieth century.

US President Joe Biden’s arrival in Israel in the midst of the violence could be described as an act of political courage, were it not for the suspicion that Washington simply does not fully appreciate the urgency of the situation. In the aftermath of the horrific hospital tragedy in Gaza, it is understandable that a sharp escalation is taking place. But before that, the United States probably thought it could drag its feet. The idea seems to be to support Israel by pre-empting its most dangerous actions and reassuring the Arab countries – especially in the Persian Gulf – that the old agenda will be restored once passions subside. It is also to prevent Iranian interference by making it clear that it will trigger American military involvement, but if Tehran shows restraint, a return to talks on unfreezing money and relations cannot be ruled out. Finally, Biden wishes to guarantee a package decision on financial assistance to all of his major military clients – Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan – that will not allow one of them to be blocked individually.

Right now, the whole delicate plan is hanging by a thread. And the problem is not specific political and diplomatic mistakes, but a fundamental inability to manage processes in the way the US and big countries in general are used to, believing they have the levers for everything. This is a systemic change, the consequences of which could be anything. The transition from external regulation of the region to internal balance is painful, and success is not predetermined. Thus, Israel’s problem is that the overwhelming power advantage it has relied on for three-quarters of a century is no longer a reliable guarantee of its existence. The overall balance in the region will not shift in the Jewish state’s favor, and its patron’s attention may be diverted by other internal and external crises. Meanwhile, West Jerusalem has no experience of making long-term arrangements with its neighbors without relying on the US. So, the question now is whether there is time for the Israelis to learn to live in a new way.

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How to turn the entire world except yourself against you. Nothing about the Palestinians’ rights. This verges on criminal behavior. Good thing is, it’s there for everyone to see.

Western Nations Issue Joint Statement On Israel’s Right To Defend Itself (Az.)

President Biden, along with fellow leaders from Western-allied countries, reaffirmed their support for Israel and its right to defend itself Sunday while urging the nation to adhere to international humanitarian law, Report informs, citing foreign media. “Today, President Joseph R. Biden, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, President Emmanuel Macron of France, Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of Italy, and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom spoke regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas,” the leaders said in a joint statement Sunday. While the group of leaders reiterated its support for Israel and its right to defend itself against terrorism, they also called for “adherence to international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians.”

The leaders also called for the “immediate release of all remaining hostages,” noting that they are “committed to close coordination to support their nationals in the region, in particular those wishing to leave Gaza.” The group of leaders also welcomed the release of two Americans who were taken hostage by Hamas. The group of leaders also celebrated the recent announcements that the first humanitarian convoys arrived in Gaza, saying they’ll remain committed to coordinating “with partners in the region to ensure sustained and safe access to food, water, medical care, and other assistance required to meet humanitarian needs.”

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..“a very unfortunate message to the Arab World” about Washington’s priorities.”

US’ Blind Support for Israel Lets China Woo The Arab World (Sp.)

US policy toward Israel is “driven primarily by domestic politics,”[Dr. Shaun Narine, a professor of international relations and political science at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada] noted, with its response to the October 7 escalation dictated by the “shock” experienced by Jews inside the United States and around the world, resulting in Washington’s “unlimited, unconditional support.” Biden personally “has been dedicated strongly to Israel for his entire political career,” Dr. Narine recalled. Unfortunately for Washington, the US’s blind support for Israel, and its seeming lack of concern about Palestinian lives to anywhere near the same degree as Israeli ones is proving politically damaging to US foreign policy, the academic noted, since it sends “a very unfortunate message to the Arab World” about Washington’s priorities.

“Even beyond the Arab World, there are African politicians who have made clear that they’re looking at the American response in the UN Security Council, and they’re saying, ‘yes, this is about Palestinian lives not mattering, maybe the lives of people in the Global South not mattering that much.’” In that sense, Dr. Narine believes that viewed from the lens of America’s global competition with China, Beijing “stands to gain quite a bit in the Arab World by taking a more evenhanded approach to the conflict between Palestine and Israel, but also even weighing more towards the Arab side in this.” “So the Americans are giving the Chinese a really powerful advantage potentially in this context,” but “doing it anyway because their calculations are not driven by those foreign policy concerns at this moment,” the academic summed up.

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Large street protests too against him.

Netanyahu Under Fire as Former Leaders Demand His Resignation Amid Crisis (Sp.)

Former Israeli military, political, and intelligence officials have criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his leadership amid the ongoing crisis caused by Hamas attacks on October 7. Prominent former Israeli figures, including ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak, have voiced their concerns about Netanyahu’s leadership during the crisis, as reported by British media. Barak described the Hamas attack as “the most severe blow Israel has suffered since its establishment.” He expressed doubt in Netanyahu’s ability to lead in the aftermath of such a devastating event. These criticisms come in the wake of growing concern within Israel about the government’s efforts to secure the release of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. Some families have urged negotiations, while others support an immediate military operation to dismantle Hamas leadership, even at the risk of the hostages’ safety.

Critics argue that the government’s response to the crisis has been inadequate. A former chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces has called for Netanyahu’s resignation, citing the government’s dysfunction, as quoted by UK media. This sentiment is shared by many Israelis who believe the government has mishandled the situation. Netanyahu has been under scrutiny even before the Hamas attack, facing criticism for his attempts to overhaul the Israeli judiciary and legal issues, including a corruption trial. Cabinet ministers, defense chiefs, and intelligence heads have apologized for the government’s failure to protect citizens in the wake of the attack, and polls have shown that a majority of Israelis want Netanyahu to take responsibility for these failures.

While protesters have gathered outside the Israeli military headquarters to express their concerns about Netanyahu’s leadership, there remains trust in military leaders overseeing operations in Gaza. The crisis has prompted renewed calls for Netanyahu to step down and allow someone else to lead the country during these trying times. This situation also coincides with controversy surrounding Retired Brigadier General Gal Hirsch, who was appointed to coordinate the rescue of Israeli hostages abducted by Hamas. Defense officials have criticized Hirsch for his behavior and failure to effectively carry out his role, further highlighting leadership issues in the government.

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It doesn’t look like Israel can beat Hezbollah.

Consequences Will Be ‘Devastating’ If Hezbollah Enters War – Netanyahu (RT)

Hezbollah “will be making the mistake of its life” if it enters the Israel-Hamas war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told troops stationed near the Lebanese border on Sunday. Netanyahu warned that Lebanon would be “devastated” in response. “If Hezbollah decides to enter the war, it will long for the Second Lebanon War,” Netanyahu said, referring to the 2006 conflict in which Israel invaded southern Lebanon and pounded Beirut with airstrikes in response to Hezbollah raids into Israel. Some 165 Israelis and more than 1,000 Lebanese were killed in the month-long conflict. “It will be making the mistake of its life,” Netanyahu continued, according to a transcript seen by Israeli media. “We will strike it with unimaginable strength and the significance to it and to the country of Lebanon will be devastating.”

Israeli and Hezbollah forces have engaged in tit-for-tat exchanges of rocket and artillery fire since the conflict with Hamas broke out two weeks ago. While the Lebanese paramilitary group has sent drones and a number of infiltrators across the border, no large-scale incursion has taken place, and Israel has thus far avoided opening a second front in the north. The Lebanese militia has stepped up its attacks in recent days, however, firing dozens of rockets at Israeli military bases and killing an Israeli soldier in a missile attack on Friday. Israeli forces have responded with artillery bombardments and drone strikes. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant proclaimed on Saturday that Hezbollah “has decided to participate in the fighting” and would pay “a heavy price” for doing so.

Behind the scenes, however, the US is warning Israel against getting drawn into a war on two fronts, the New York Times reported on Friday. According to the paper’s sources, American officials view Gallant as a Hezbollah hawk, whose actions risk dragging Israel into a war that it would struggle to win. Furthermore, with the US backing Israel and Iran backing Hezbollah, such a war could easily spiral into a wider and more destructive conflict, the sources said.

Hezbollah is currently “in the heart of the battle” between Israel and Hamas, the group’s deputy leader, Naim Qassem, said on Sunday. Qassem explained that Hezbollah’s objective at the moment is to “weaken the Israeli enemy and let them know that we are ready” for a possible major escalation. Tens of thousands of Israelis have been evacuated from settlements near the Lebanese border. Residents of 14 communities have been ordered to leave for temporary accommodation since Saturday morning, while 28 other settlements were emptied last week.

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Right back at you. “..“If the war crimes against the Palestinians are not immediately stopped, other multiple fronts will open and this is inevitable..”

Israeli Minister Threatens To ‘Wipe Iran Off The Face Of The Earth’ (RT)

Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat said on Sunday that the Israeli forces would “eliminate” Hezbollah and target Iran if the Palestinian militants open up a “northern front.” “The plan of Iran is to attack Israel on all fronts. If we find they intend to target Israel, we will not just retaliate to those fronts, but we will go to the head of the snake, which is Iran,” Barkat told The Mail on Sunday. He added “the ayatollahs in Iran are not going to sleep good at night” if they move against Israel. Barkat warned that Lebanon and the pro-Palestinian militant group Hezbollah “are going to pay a heavy price, similar to what Hamas is going to pay.” Israel would go “after the heads of Iran” if necessary, the minister said.

“Israel has a very clear message to our enemies. We are saying to them, look what’s happening in Gaza – you are going to get the same treatment if you attack us. We are going to wipe you off the face of the Earth.” The statement came after Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Monday that the security situation for Israel may worsen very quickly. “If the war crimes against the Palestinians are not immediately stopped, other multiple fronts will open and this is inevitable,” he said. The Iranian diplomat later doubled down, warning the US and Israel that, if they do not stop mistreating the Palestinians, “anything is possible at any moment and the region will go out of control.” Amir-Abdollahian added that further escalation would have “far-reaching repercussions.”

The IDF and Hezbollah have repeatedly exchanged fire since the fighting erupted between the Israeli forces and Hamas earlier this month. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday that Hezbollah would suffer “unprecedented destruction” if it officially joins the war against the Jewish state. The Israeli army made several large-scale incursions in Lebanon to fight the militants there in the past. The most recent invasion took place in 2006. On October 7, Hamas and allied Palestinian groups attacked multiple Israeli settlements, prompting Israel to begin airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. More than 1,400 Israelis and over 4,300 Palestinians have been killed, according to officials from both sides.

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This is where China and Russia come in.

Would Israel Use Its Nuclear Arsenal If The War Expands Beyond Gaza? (ZH)

The Israeli nuclear arsenal is now suspected to include hundreds of warheads capable of being delivered by several methods. These include gravity bombs dropped by F-16s, cruise missiles fired from mobile platforms and even submarines with modified cruise missiles. Interestingly, Israel just launching a large new class of submarine this summer called the DolphinI/II which appear to carry much bigger missiles than previous submarines. These subs may in fact be capable of carrying and launching nuclear weapons and could strike almost anywhere in the world. The most likely use of nuclear weapons by Israel, though, would be as a deterrent to wider war. The international agreement Israel follows requires that they not be the first nation in the Middle East to “introduce” such weapons.

The word “introduced” has been interpreted very broadly to mean that Israel will not ever officially admit they have nuclear weapons, thereby spurring an arms race. That said, a deterrent weapon is not much of a deterrent unless your enemies know you have it. This might explain why Israeli officials have hinted at the existence of nukes in the past, calling them “other capabilities” in discussions on Israeli defense. The employment of nukes is another matter entirely. It would seem that a number of nations are ready to engage with Israel in direct warfare in the wake of the attack by Hamas, merely waiting for Israel to strike back with a significant ground force. These governments might have forgotten Israel has nukes, or, they might believe that Israel would never dare use them.

This is a dangerous assumption. Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid noted in a discussion on defense last year that Israel has “other capabilities” (i.e. nukes): “The operational arena in the invisible dome above us is built on defensive capabilities and offensive capabilities, and what the foreign media tends to call ‘other capabilities.’ These other capabilities keep us alive and will keep us alive so long as we and our children are here…” In other words, Israel intends to use their nuclear capabilities should their civilization come under threat. Strategically speaking, Israel is well placed for the employment of nukes, given all of its enemies are east or north of the nation’s position, which means Israel would not have to worry about suffering from the radioactive fallout from its own weapons.

But, this fallout could affect nations like Iraq and Iran, thereby giving them license to join in the war when they might otherwise abstain. Obviously this would have far reaching implications for the rest of the world, including escalation with nuclear powers such as Russia and China. The real question is not “if” Israel would use nukes, but under what conditions? How bad does the situation have to get before a nuclear response is assured? Given the rhetoric of previous Israeli leaders on defense, it would not take much. A war on more than one front leading to an uncontrolled breach of Israel’s border could be all the excuse the country needs.

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Again, right back at you.

“Reality is shattered. People are asking themselves deep questions. Is it possible? Can I make peace with a neighbor who wants to chop my children’s heads off? Is it feasible?”

Hamas Members Instructed To Make Chemical Weapons – Israeli President (TASS)

Members of the Palestinian radical group Hamas who infiltrated Israel carried instructions on making chemical weapons, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said in an interview with Sky News. “This is how shocking the situation is where we’re looking at the instructions that are given on how to operate and how to create a kind of non-professional chemical weapon with cyanide,” the TV channel quoted the president as saying. “It’s Al Qaeda material. Official Al Qaeda material. We are dealing with ISIS, Al Qaeda and Hamas,” he said. Herzog demonstrated the documents to the TV channel. Sky News noted that it was unable to independently verify the claims. Replying to a question about the liability of the Israeli government for the situation where numerous militants were able to infiltrate into Israeli territory, the president said that “we will deal with all of that after the war.”

That said, he acknowledged that many Israelis are highly displeased with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. He also refused to discuss the possibility of the Palestinian-Israeli settlement given the military operation underway in the Gaza Strip. “”I can’t go into this [a two-state solution] right now when my nation is bleeding, and in pain, and in agony,” he said. “Reality is shattered. People are asking themselves deep questions. Is it possible? Can I make peace with a neighbor who wants to chop my children’s heads off? Is it feasible?” Herzog added. He also disagreed with a statement that Israel’s attempts to eliminate Hamas are disproportionate, harming civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“It’s not true. We have realistic objectives. We say we want to wipe out the military infrastructure of Hamas. We’ve said it clearly. We are cautious. Already two weeks have gone by, and we haven’t operated on the ground because we are cautious,” Herzog stressed. Tensions flared up again in the Middle East on October 7 when militants from the Gaza-based Palestinian radical group Hamas staged a surprise incursion into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. Hamas described its attack as a response to the aggressive actions of Israeli authorities against the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. In response, Israel has declared a state of war readiness; announced a total blockade of the Gaza Strip, home to 2.3 million Palestinians; and began delivering air strikes on the enclave and certain parts of Lebanon and Syria. Clashes are underway in the West Bank as well.

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A 56% reduction in emissions by 2050 costs $7 trillion, but if emissions stay at current levels till 2050 it’s $10 trillion? I confuse easily.

Global Industry Needs $7 Trillion To Avoid Gas Shortages (RT)

Global industry will need $7 trillion in investment to ensure sufficient natural gas supplies and avoid crises through 2050, Bloomberg reported, citing Japan’s Institute of Energy Economics (IEEJ). According to the report, the funding will be required to build new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities and expand existing plants, and to develop new gas deposits as countries shift from coal to cleaner energy sources. The forecast by the Japanese think tank assumes a 56% reduction in emissions by the middle of the century. However, in a scenario when emissions stay at current levels by 2050, the world will need almost $10 trillion to avoid natural gas shortages, the IEEJ projects.

Differing outlooks on gas demand in the coming years are hampering future planning, making companies uncertain over investments in new supplies, the International Gas Union (IGU) said in a report earlier this week. “The unprecedented demand uncertainty and insufficient level of investment in natural gas, low-carbon, and renewable gases are putting the energy transition at risk, undermining energy affordability, security, and sustainability,” the IGU stated. Last week, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that global gas markets have entered a “new and more uncertain” period that is likely to be characterized by slower growth and higher volatility, and could lead to a peak in global demand by the end of the decade.

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“It is the ultimate manifestation of our age of rage where expressing opposing views are now considered disqualifying acts for holding office..”

No, Congress Should Not Expel the Squad (Turley)

This weekend, presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) became the latest figure in Washington to call for the expulsion of members of Congress for their controversial views. In a New York Post op-ed, Scott cites pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel statements of members of “the Squad” as examples of officials giving “aid and comfort” to Hamas. Expulsion and disqualification have come into vogue in Washington as members of both parties seek to bar opponents from ballots or office. It is the ultimate manifestation of our age of rage where expressing opposing views are now considered disqualifying acts for holding office. Sen. Scott points to Rep. Rashida Tlaib declaring that Israel intentionally bombed a hospital in Gaza after U.S. intelligence found that the explosion was likely caused by a Palestinian missile.

He also cites Rep. Pramila Jayapal calling Israel “a racist state” and Rep. Ilhan Omar previously saying that Jews had “hypnotized the world.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was also cited for criticism of those supporting Israel as “takin the side of occupation.” I have previously criticized members of the Squad for reckless rhetoric and condemned the spreading of false or unproven claims on the Gaza hospital explosion. However, the solution to bad speech is better speech. Indeed, Scott’s op-ed (and the writings of many others) are an example of how free speech can combat disinformation and propaganda without the necessity for censorship or other punitive measures. Yet, Sen. Scott insists that “any member of Congress who gives [Hamas] aid, comfort or justification is in violation of their constitutional oath and must be removed.”

It is now a familiar refrain. Ironically, it is analogous to the argument put forward by some Democrats to bar Republican members through an alternative means. Those members have called for the use of the 14th Amendment to disqualify Republicans for giving “aid and comfort” to those who sought to block the certification of President Joe Biden. They have been supported by a host of legal academics. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) demanded the disqualification of the 120 House Republicans—including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)—for simply signing a “Friend of the Court brief” (or amicus brief) in support of an election challenge from Texas. Expulsion and disqualification demands are both based on the same view that political support for extreme or controversial positions should not be tolerated in members of Congress.

It is a dangerous, slippery slope as politicians declare certain views as incompatible with holding elected offices. Rather than based on a novel constitutional theory, expulsion is based on the inherent authority of Congress to expel members who violate the rules and standards of a house. Courts are generally deferential to Congress given the authority under Article I, Section 5 that “[e]ach House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.” Nevertheless, fewer than two dozen members have ever been expelled. Indeed, three of the then five members of the House had expressed loyalty to the confederacy during the Civil War. It is telling that, despite our long history of bitter and divisive politics, only five house members have been expelled in the House. Members have realized that expulsions not only deny the right of voters to pick their representatives, but invite endless tit-for-tat measures.

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Thanks, Mutti.

‘We Must Deport More and Faster’: Germany’s Scholz (Sp.)

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz showed a clear perspective on the issue of illegal migration in a recent interview with a local news source. He pressed for the deportation of migrants who had no right to stay in Germany, emphasizing the need to boost European border controls. He reiterated the need to limit the surge of illegal migrants on German soil. Chancellor Scholz’s stance leans towards reducing refugee numbers and a more stringent approach towards denying asylum seekers. “We must finally deport en masse those who have no right to remain in Germany …Those who have no prospect of remaining in Germany because they cannot claim asylum must return … We must deport more and faster,” Scholz said. The Chancellor has so far set down a more stringent approach towards illegal migration, according to which only refugees with legitimate claims are entitled to asylum.

At the same time, recognizing the vital need for immigrant labor, Germany’s reliance on skilled workers remains a distinct consideration. “Those who do not belong to one or the other group cannot stay with us,” Scholz noted. The leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party further indicated a desire to consider suggestions from the federal states to deter illegal migration. Scholz affirmed that the federal government would back such initiatives if states opt for in-kind benefits over monetary support, propose an asylum seeker payment card or extend public works opportunities. The European Asylum Agency’s latest data reveals that Germany shoulders about a third of asylum applications within the European Union. As of August 2023, Germany’s Federal Interior Ministry said there were around 1.1 million Ukrainian refugees seeking refuge in Germany.

The reason for this rise in Ukrainian refugees is the explicit support the Scholz government has given to NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine. Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has grappled with a significant influx, with more than 200,000 asylum applications pouring in from all sorts of nations this year, marking a substantial 77 percent increase compared with the corresponding period a year before. As of June 2023, Germany had approximately 44,500 recognized asylum-seekers, primarily from Turkiye, Syria, and Iran. Furthermore, roughly 755,000 individuals with refugee status under the Geneva Convention, predominantly hailing from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Nearly 280,000 foreigners in Germany are designated for departure, with roughly half of them asylum seekers who have been rejected. Many hold “temporary toleration” status because of life-threatening situations in their home country or unresolved health issues that prevent deportation. According to a German media outlet, Germany is in a terrible quandary, involving 95,000 individuals whose citizenship status remains elusive, rendering them without a clear destination for legal deportation.

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Blockchain for babies





“When China spies on you”, France, 2023



Ernest Hemingway, Noel Coward and Alec Guinness on location at Hemingway’s favourite watering hole – Sloppy Joe’s – in Florida whilst shooting ‘Our Man In Havana’ in 1959.



Most people have heard of Koko, the gorilla who could speak about 1000 words in Sign Language, and understand about 2000 in English. What most people don’t know, however, is that Koko was an avid Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fan. When Fred Rogers took a trip out to meet Koko for his show, not only did she immediately wrap her arms around him and embrace him, she did what she’d always seen him do onscreen: she proceeded to take his shoes off.





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    V. Arnold

    Thanks for that Fred Rogers and Koko bit; some sanity in an insane world…….

    Michael Reid

    This 18 minute video is very good

    The problems come from our leaders.

    Most people just want to live and enjoy their lives
    without interference from inhumane leaders
    and when left alone will get along with each other

    We are being manipulated and have been for a long time


    I understand the central banks need to transition to cbdc’s it’s a new slavery system but like many here have alluded to it drastically reduces incentive and thus productivity so not great for business or the business of accumulation. Is anyone here concerned that the inflationary boom is in the early phase of popping that will lead to MASSIVE deflation and reduction in circulating money supply?
    I can’t see clearly right now aside from trying to buy around 250 – 1000 litres of diesel to buffer transport/tractor costs.
    The system dynamics are fucking crazy right now – excuse my language.

    Dr. D

    “Fugees Rapper Who Helped Launder Millions From CCP To Obama Campaign Demands New Trial, Claims Lawyer Used AI

    As is par for the course now, he queered his case, then he can call for a mistrial. If it goes his way, he lets it, if it’s against, he keeps having trials until he’s innocent. Perfect! And both sides are doing this, as we see in DoJ, FBI, etc.

    Meanwhile, not releasing any of the known videotapes of the Capitol, and creating whole spreadsheets arranging guilt, innocence, all the agents who were there we can’t get witness testamony from, well that’s just good justice. …You understand. The same agents defy Congress, refuse to turn over any documents…same thing. That’s a “LEGAL crime, don’t you understand. Unlike all those illegal things that are NOT a crime, but we put you in jail for anyway, like publishing documents, or not being within 100 miles of the crime scene.

    Soution: we already have one. You’d have been sued and disbarred for the last 200 years. But “they forgot.”

    “Eisenhower said if NATO still exists in 10 years then we have failed. That was 1955.”

    What did Ike know, the dummy? He was just Supreme Commander of the army for 3 years, then President with complete Secret Access for 4 years. That’s how we know he’s a nut who has no idea what he’s talking about when he tells you directly on national TV. Just like Trump. He can read secrets. You can’t. That’s how you know when he tells you those secrets, he’s an idiot and wrong, and you’re super-smart and totally right. Chad on Twitter said so!

    That is how it is now. Like everything else: inexplicable.

    When you know everything and are practically perfect in every way, well then all other humans are a mere annoyance, and should probably be dismissed and/or shot, to tidy the place up.

    “More than 2 million Palestinian people have now been without running water, electricity, food, medicine, for 10 days”

    Ahhh, but you have to understand, if they could, they would do that to the rest of us. In Iowa, in Missouri. In Baltimore, clearly. It has nothing to do with one side being “Jewish” and the other side being “Palestinian”, those are just the masks. It has to do with them being “Human” and therefore must all be killed according to Davos, Club of Rome, WEF, and Tony Blair. [Insert every politician here.]

    They’ll get to you, by and by. They bought up all your water companies already, they have installed smart meters. They’re going to cut you right off and call it the same happy doubleplus good as they.

    We tell them not to, every day, all our lives, and they do it anyway, and we’re tired. That’s our reaction right now: why do the same thing to get the same results? We need a NEW thing, but don’t know what that is.

    ““..West Jerusalem has no experience of making long-term arrangements with its neighbors without relying on the US.”

    Alexander who speaks expressly slowly and very long (but in a precise way I envy) ran down the 60s, 70s, and the Israeli wars. It was because Israel could take care of itself that the US supported them, or could support them then. See? If you have a people who need everything but provide nothing, ultimately you cut them off. If they are as equals, and need only small amounts, which are then turned to wins that pay off (as an unsinkable forward base to attack Muslims, like Saudi when they have you by the balls with the petrodollar) then you keep them. …Both Israel and Ukraine are the latter right now, and the US has less to give than any time in the last 100 years.

    Also their “diplomacy” and indeed the whole government has no idea what they’re doing. They’re just running around. I’d say, “this is what happens”. As JB says, the NeoCons want it: they got it. So the WORKMEN of the State Dept, etc, are like “Okay then, here’s the steering wheel, suit yourself”, withdrawing all daily competence. ONLY the NeoCons – who are deranged, mouth-breathing, glue-sniffing neanderthals – are running things now. But they can’t. Their paradigm is made of contradictions, and they are unglued from reality at birth concerning things like “Time” and “Resources”. Again, WHY ARE YOU MAKING AYN RAND RIGHT? The PEOPLE have the competence. Stop ordering them and let them, like Libertarians, and they are emergent self-organizing magic.

    In short, they can only exist as a parasite, feeding on the wealth and competency of the host. Withdraw merely your competency. So letting ONLY them run thing looks like this: Failure after failure, no plans, everything on fire and collapsing, as that is a reflection of their inner minds and mental state: Insane. Thus if you have a sit-out by the call center phone reps and the management mans the phones for … well, even 60 seconds, honestly. They’re useless, parasitical, work-preventing morons, incapable of human thought much less learning.

    To my mind, that’s NOT A PROBLEM. That’s a solution. Why? Because the thing only SEEMS intractable. In fact, if Trump – or two monkeys and a Speak N Spell – get in there and hand it back to State, telling the Diplomats only the most basic things like, “No war”, “Get agreements”, they would straighten the whole thing back to order in like 6 months and look like geniuses. That is to say, the “Failure” is completely fabricated and unnecessary. We can fix it all almost instantly, with the mildest competency and intent at the helm. Obviously, or someone as mediocre as Trump couldn’t do it.

    I know it doesn’t seem like, but think back. Trump says he’ll fix Ukraine in 24 hours, but he’s no genius certainly, he’d just cut off funds early for a war we lost, instead of later when it’s $150B more expensive. Then he’d cut what borders and treaty he physically has to. Same with yon Israel. They don’t exist without us, so you cut them off and they’ll do anything you say, like Reagan calling them the other day. If not, they’ll take what they can, like every other nation and people, and why not? If that works in the aggregate, it also works in the many details the diplomats at State know. You just TELL them and LET them. That’s their job. YOUR job is to take credit for all the s—t you didn’t do, sitting in a white house north of Richmond, smoking crack like Trudeau, the younger and the elder. (edit: sorry, it was shoeboxes of coke. My bad.)

    “the problem is not specific political and diplomatic mistakes, but a fundamental inability to manage processes in the way the US and big countries in general are used to,”

    Because they are morons who believe contradictory things, and therefore have no plans. I.e. they are Insane. And also deeply violent and vindictive, should a diplomat, or even general, attempt a working solution of their own. But no! Only the NeoCons must decide EVERYTHING. They don’t want your help and will shoot you (out of your career) if you lift a finger. Fine. You win. I’ll just push this broom in this bus station and you can tell me whether to push left or right.

    “while urging the nation to adhere to international humanitarian law”

    Contradictions. Which they never have, but we arm them fully anyway. But that’s okay! Both Israel and us are funding Hamas too! #Equity #SocialJustice.

    And YOU get a bomb, and YOU get a bomb…” and everybody gets a bomb. …Hey, why there all these bomb around? Where’d they all come from after 50 years of this? Mysteries the #Mentally Ill can’t figure out.

    “• Netanyahu Under Fire as Former Leaders Demand His Resignation Amid Crisis (Sp.)

    Same danger we’re under here at home. Since he’ll only be deposed and go the jail, he will escalate of course and bomb Iran. He has to, why not? I mean, if someone has the copy of the $200,000 check you just say, “Shucks you got me?”
    “The rich are not like you and me…” — F. Scott Fitzgerald. No, they are violent psychopaths, purged of all human emotion. Diabolical Narcissism.

    Still, the protests prove Israel is more free than Ukraine or the United States.

    “Hezbollah “will be making the mistake of its life” …pounded Lebanon (a foreign country, ie an aggressive war of invasion) with bombs…

    The Arabs aren’t all that smart but you’ve forced them to be competent and find your many weaknesses. Israel has rhetoric and no escalation dominance. They’ve used 8,000 bombs in 2 weeks on a 25-mile area. Okay, great. They are out of bombs already and hit nothing. See what I mean? So all you have to do is withstand until they run out (like Russia and Ukraine) then walk in and take whatever. Israel demanded WE do all the fighting and WE be their escalation for free.

    But we inexplicably have no bombs. I guess Congress doesn’t like to spend money anymore, and Raytheon doesn’t like to receive it? Yup! That’s how it is now: nobody likes free money. OR…the Pentagon needs to put down these rabid elements and needs the SHOW the American people as they only way. So they LET, or MAKE us run out so we literally CAN’T fight Neocon, Israel, K-Pop wars for them. Ooopsie! Sry, would if we could but we can’t so we won’t. They had to wait for the bombs to deplete and be pulled out of Israel to Ukraine. Ukraine is the only place large enough to take that many “without damage”. I mean, you wouldn’t want that many on Nicaragua or Belgium, right? But to purge a200-year anti-Russia propaganda project, kill all the Nazis in Europe, and hand the freshly-laundered country to Russia?

    Even so, Vietnam was 60,000 in 10 years on a nation of 250 million, considered a catastrophe. Ukraine is 90,000 dead in THREE MONTHS on a nation of 25 million. TWICE the WWII casualties for the U.S. in a nation 1/10th the size. (20x WWII’s) I think like the stupidity of the American People in being shown and still licking Joe Biden, the good guys didn’t think it would take more than twice as long and 4x the expected casualties to get here. But what can I say? If you won’t stand up and stop it, it takes what it takes. Your choice. You will stop, or you will die. I’m past caring either way.

    “• Israeli Minister Threatens To ‘Wipe Iran Off The Face Of The Earth’ (RT)

    Hahahahahaha! Sure pal! Speaking of the Mentally Ill. Apparently this nitwit has never read about “The Persians” in the Torah before? So…here’s a country under sanctions for 50 years, of EVERYTHING. STILL are top thinkers, STILL have top military bases, STILL created world-beating rockets, drones, and now hypersonic missiles. While Lockheed and RollsRoyce can’t do that WITHOUT sanctions. Iran is MANY TIMES LARGER than Iraq, which we couldn’t hold, and further away. They are also essentially ethnically cohesive and know their enemy, i.e. the people who put sanctions on them and e.g. I dunno, people who declare they plan to kill them all entirely? Does that kind of make you motivated and cohesive?

    I does me, when they in Richmond, tell me I’m hateful, violent, bigoted, useless deplorable and my purpose in life is to die or be killed and like it. Kind of brings it to your attention especially when they actually take measure to DO it, like poisoning your water in Flint and laughing hysterically for 20 years. (Roger and Me, 1989)

    “• Would Israel Use Its Nuclear Arsenal If The War Expands Beyond Gaza? (ZH)

    Better question: it would be a miracle if Iran didn’t also have nuclear weapons. Duuuuuh. And also a miracle if even Saudi didn’t. If they do, then they would have hinted such to Mossad. Okay, now run the same game theory again. These morons can’t believe it, but it’s not 1974.

    ““It’s Al Qaeda material. Official Al Qaeda material. We are dealing with ISIS, Al Qaeda and Hamas,” he said.”

    Sooooo…you mean three people you openly armed and funded. Just being clear, making sure. You know, like how we armed and funded Afghanistan, Saudi, and BinLaden for decades before 911? THAT kind of “Material”, THAT kind of #Helping?

    global gas markets have entered a “new and more uncertain” period that is likely to be characterized by slower growth and higher volatility,”

    A great deal or even most of the challenge and volatility as caused by GOVERNMENTS, ON PURPOSE. They cut off all oil, screw the system with engineering-fraud costs like ethanol, then say “See? High gas prices, I told you. Peak oil/Climate Change.” Then use high gas prices as justification for MORE costs in CAFE mileage, complication and rules that make BIGGER cars, more expensive, instead of cheap simple small ones. E.g. I can make a 1.7l aspirated at 1,000lb for $10k but I’m forced to make a 1.2l turbo-supercharged with a 500lb battery at 2,000lb with 10 airbags at $30k. …That nobody wants and can’t afford. Not people, not companies, not mechanics, not environmentalists, not govt who is still mad peasants have cars.

    Yeah it’s not better to exit the market and stop telling them to do all things and their #Opposites like a mental patient arsonist, but it’s also not worse either and it costs a lot less. Car today has push button, computer got confused, so it wouldn’t shut the headlights off. Until it was dead and stranded. Without the battery, also the keyless won’t work, you can’t get into it, so stick that in your Fargo, ND in January and smoke it. Dead Human. Thanks engineers, you really did your job right. #Save the Earth. Like is it too hard to have a paperclip hole to reboot your $50,000 car? Is that patent on that not expired? I’d rather have a ‘49 Ford with no heat, at least you know where you are.

    #Helping. #Helping. #Helping. #Helping. #Helping. #Helping.


    “This weekend, presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) became the latest figure in Washington to call for the expulsion of members of Congress”

    Speaking of morons with no principles. But he’s a Republican, so… Again, one with ZERO support. So 5 voters and 5 Billionaire Donors support him, for 10 votes overall. Is he a Republican then? Not according to the Republican base themselves, he’s not.

    deny the right of voters to pick their representatives, but invite endless tit-for-tat measures.”

    Yes but when you are TRYING to destroy the country and TRYING to create a Civil War like Tim Scott is, that’s a GOOD thing. Not an accident. Why do we keep attributing the highest good faith to people who have never shown any? I only attribute neutral good faith to people on the street, much less Best Faith to people who’ve proven the #Opposite.

    …Oh yeah: Authority. We will grovel and lick any authority that ever lived, and if they kick us, twice as many.

    “• ‘We Must Deport More and Faster’: Germany’s Scholz (Sp.)

    George Bush AfD revelations:

    “Recognizing the vital need for immigrant labor”

    You’re kidding right? Tell me Germans aren’t also this stupid. I still hear like on Jimmy Dore eg that “Americans won’t pick oranges” etc. At least Kurt was right on it with, “No the WAGES would have to increase.” To MARKET. You know, like “Capitalism”.

    “I will give them a billion dollars to be Dickapedia”.

    I would give them a billion to be honest again, but I suppose that’s asking too much. Why should they be when no one else is? It’s the PUBLIC encyclopedia. If the PUBLIC loves lies, you have a lying Encyclopedia. The government is US. The corporations are US.

    Dr. D

    Here’s a good article for the day:

    “The founder of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization is voicing his support of Jan. 6 prisoners and not shying away from endorsing former President Donald Trump as “the best candidate we have.”

    “Mark Fisher—who stepped down from his leadership position at BLM Rhode Island, which he co-founded, and is now founder and executive director of the Maryland-based BLM Incorporated—has stood in solidarity with leaders of the Proud Boys and led vigils of prayer for the people he believes to be political prisoners.
    “They’re lambs led to slaughter to be sacrificed as an example for all who might want to dissent in the future,” Mr. Fisher told The Epoch Times. “This is what the government does to those who express independent thought and want to stand up for what they believe.”
    What he sees in the vindictive treatment of the J6 prisoners are similarities to how black people have been treated, he said, and his aspiration in establishing that connection is to find common ground.”
    “The media made us its darling, which it loves to do, and it was able to make us its scapegoat when things started to go south.”
    Mr. Fisher, a Christian who has a degree in theology with a background in being a pastor, expressed contempt for both the government and the media.
    “I don’t trust the federal or state government as far as I can throw them, and the media is trying to stop us from uniting,” he said. “It’s the same media that caused the division between all of these marginalized groups in the first place to keep us at each other’s throats.”
    What BLM Means
    According to Mr. Fisher, people have misunderstood the original intent of BLM’s mission.
    The name of the organization itself has led to anger.
    “It’s not black lives are better,” he said. “It’s not black lives are greater or black lives matter more. It’s just simply black lives matter. That statement itself is so loaded that people have processed it differently through their own lens and experience.”
    Mr. Fisher didn’t speak highly of the Democratic Party.
    “It’s a racist party with racist policies that negatively impact black families,” he said. “Black people are stuck on that plantation, mentally. They’re slaves in their own minds because they refuse to see the big picture and how we’ve been used and abused by the Democratic Party with policies that are absolutely antithetical to what black people yearn for in this country, which is life, liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and a family to raise.”
    “On Oct. 16, the rapper posted a photo of himself and President Trump, and another post stated simply, “TRUMP2024.”
    “Look at how a black neighborhood in Fulton County cheered [in support of] Trump on the way to the county jail,” Mr. Fisher added. They know that the government is harassing him because they’ve seen it in their own lives, he said, and they recognize the persecution.”

    Sounds like we agree on almost everything.

    Blowblack: Coca-Cola Quietly Removes Black Lives Matter Support On Its Website”

    Huh, it’s almost like they don’t believe in Black, White, anything, only #Fascsim, with a merger of Corporation and State also called #Socialism. If You’re Socialist, you are Black, and a friend. If you’re not Socialist, you are not Black, but an Enemy and Right wing White Supremacist Nazi Racist. You know, like Trudeau. Joe says so.


    Dr D. That was hugely entertaining, informative and engaging. Thank you for your analysis and insight.
    I could get huge on substack just plagiarising you. I can’t be bothered though.

    Do you write/publish anywhere else? I’m getting addicted now.
    Feel free to not respond I wont take offence.


    Read more … Read The Automatic Earth

    It is time for the Military/political leaders to listen to the voice of the people, to learn to live in a new way. (PEACE)
    The US leaders fears everyone.

    The US does not want a ceasefire, it wants war, (Gaza in the middle east – against Iran))
    The US does not want a ceasefire, it wants war, (in Ukraine – against Russia)
    The US does not want a ceasefire, it wants war, (against China)

    The US does not want a ceasefire, it wants war. (mercenaries soldiers, proxy soldiers)

    The people, the oppositions to you and your desires/fear are not terrorist.

    Admit your mistakes, take responsibility for your failures.
    (ps. Calm your fears. Those in power don’t pay attention to zerosum and TAE)



    Alastair Crooke on NEW RULES (> some good interviews, see also of Michael Hudson) Oct. 2023, 48 mins.

    Israel-Palestine War: US Faces Catastrophe in Middle East.

    Crooke describes a division in Isr. Politics, detailing some rifts in ethnicity/religion, interesting. Idk enough about this aspect to comment on it.

    He says that a French Diplomat communicated a message to Hezbollah, stating that if the Hezb. attacks – opens up a Northern Front, Isr. and the US will attack Damascus and take out Assad.

    Seems very credible to me. There are so many things going on behind the scenes, and so few clues…we are in a guessing game.

    Dr D. – that was epic.


    Sorry, I did not intend for that mega pic to show up 🙁


    @ Noirette
    “ He says that a French Diplomat communicated a message to Hezbollah, stating that if the Hezb. attacks – opens up a Northern Front, Isr. and the US will attack Damascus and take out Assad“

    My the chess game proceeds.

    And President Putin’s likely play would be ….?


    heh, tinfoilhatted that is a good question -> 🙂 Idk.

    John Helmer (not specially a fan, me) lays out Hamas objectives, Oct. 2023, maybe makes some points, quote:

    1. Since 1943 the US and its European allies, including Germany (Olaf Scholz’s government, not Adolf Hitler’s), have aimed to liquidate the secular nationalist Arab leadership capable of co-existence with the West and a state for the Jewish people.

    2. In Palestine Hamas has studied seventy-five years of lessons on the impossibility of coordinating Arab state war in the defence of the Palestine part of the two-state solution.

    3. For more than a year, therefore, Hamas has prepared in well-kept secret an offensive against Israel to achieve five objectives – the first to demonstrate how inferior the Israeli military is, how vulnerable, how incompetent their intelligence on the Arab world. This has been achieved by the initial attack of October 7.

    4 . The second Hamas objective has been to demonstrate the Israeli plan of ethnic cleansing of Gaza,  genocide against the Arabs, and incorporation of all Israeli-occupied territories in a single theocratic Zionist state —  Quod erat demonstrandum. The third objective is to hold out against the expected Israeli counterattack for long enough to activate the Hezbollah forces on the northern Lebanon front;  Syrian and Iranian forces on the eastern Golan front; and the West Bank Palestinians, including the Jordanian Palestinians; the latter’s targets will be US air and armoured land force bases in Jordan. So far, so good.

    5. The final Hamas objectives are to compel the vacillating sheikhdoms to resist US pressure; limit oil and gas supplies to the enemy markets; prevent regional land base and air transit rights being activated in support of Israel — so far, so good. And lastly, the fifth objective, to engage the friendly nuclear powers – Russia, China – to deter, and if necessary combat US forces in the region and Israel’s threat to fire its nuclear weapons.


    Dr D Rich

    What did Ike know, the dummy? He was just Supreme Commander of the army for 3 years, then President with complete Secret Access for 4 years. That’s how we know he’s a nut who has no idea what he’s talking about when he tells you directly on national TV. 

    And ordered the execution of Pvt. Eddie Slovik, American, Polish descent.
    Ike served out his WWI combat tour(s) in scenic Subic or Olongapo…Presidential or Supreme Allied Commander kinda timber.


    Growth demand for peace /s

    Iran-backed militias in Iraq claim responsibility for attack on US military base in Syria


    More demands for peace /s

    Iraqi militia claims drone attacks on three US bases in eastern Syria

    Iraqi militia claims drone attacks on three US bases in eastern Syria
    Online News Editor October 23, 2023

    The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a coalition of the pro-Iranian militia groups, said it has targeted at least three “US occupation bases,” using exploding drones that hit their targets “directly.”

    It added the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) loaded with explosives have targeted the Al-Tanf, Al-Rukban, and Al-Malikiya bases in eastern and northeastern Syria near the border with Iraq.

    The militia groups recently had warned they would increase attacks on US bases, if Washington continued to support Israel and its ongoing operation in the besieged Gaza Strip.


    Over 5,000 killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes since war with Hamas

    Over 5,000 killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes since war with Hamas
    Online News Editor October 23, 2023

    Michael Reid

    Biden WH in hurry to get money to Zelensky, as time works against Ukraine

    https://rumble. com/v3qyw1y-biden-wh-in-hurry-to-get-money-to-zelensky-as-time-works-against-ukraine.html


    The Empire of Lies is a Dead Man Walking

    It has no functioning legal system

    It has no functioning diplomacy

    It has no functioning medical sytem

    It has no functioning financial system

    It’s running on fumes and cheap halucinations






    John Day

    Value Misjudgements https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/value-misjudgements

    Gilbert Doctorow says European leaders have blinders on about the risks they are subjecting their countries to.
    When does a regional war become a global war? What are the dangers of the present conflict in the Middle East for Europe?
    ​ Yesterday afternoon there was a less hopeful bit of news coming out of the gathering in Egypt convened by President Sisi between regional heads of state and European leaders. It turned out that the sides could not agree on a way forward. The Arab, Egyptian and other regional leaders wanted to agree to a call for an immediate cease-fire, while the European heads of government resisted signing to that bit of humanitarian common sense and only spoke in support of Israel…
    ​..Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius, the Dutch justice minister, who is the front-runner candidate in the forthcoming elections to replace Mark Rutte as prime minister, warned that the Israel-Hamas war poses a threat to Europe because it is widening cleavages in society. She noted that “…it will get translated to our societies as well.”
    ​ Clearly the lady hasn’t a clue as to the real external threats to Europe that lie immediately ahead, and no doubt she is not alone among European leaders in this willful ignorance. Should the Israelis proceed with a ground invasion, the Arab neighbors may respond in a manner that follows the U.S. example, namely they will not participate militarily in the conflict but will impose economic sanctions against the European Union for its one-sided approach and for turning a blind eye to the acts of genocide that Israel is now committing against the Palestinian people in Gaza…
    ..Qatar has already warned Germany that it stands ready to cut off further shipments of liquefied natural gas to Europe…​ How long will it be before the oil producers of the region declare an embargo on Europe for its stance…?​

    When does a regional war become a global war?  What are the dangers of the present conflict in the Middle East for Europe?

    ​ Arab, European leaders divided over Gaza crisis following Egypt summit
    ​ International leaders gathered at a summit in Cairo on Saturday to discuss solutions to the ongoing war between the Hamas-led Palestinian resistance and Israel, but failed to come to an agreement, as the divide between Arab and European leaders regarding Israel’s bombing of Gaza grows.
    ​ In his opening remarks, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi invited leaders to agree to a road map to end the “humanitarian catastrophe” in the Gaza Strip and revive peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The road map’s goals included the delivery of aid to Gaza and agreeing to a ceasefire, followed by negotiations leading to a two-state solution, he said…
    ..“The message the Arab world is hearing is loud and clear,” King Abdullah II of Jordan said during his speech. “Palestinian lives matter less than Israeli ones. Our lives matter less than other lives. The application of international law is optional, and human rights have boundaries — they stop at borders, they stop at races and they stop at religions.”
    “Anywhere else, attacking civilian infrastructure and deliberately starving an entire population of food, water and basic necessities would be condemned,” King Abdullah said. “Accountability would be enforced.” …
    ..No Israeli or senior US leader attended the summit, meaning no agreement to end the violence was possible.
    ​ Arab leaders fear threats issued by Israeli officials to drive Gaza’s 2.3 million residents into Egypt, in a repeat of the 1948 Nakba.​ (“Genocide”, by definition.)
    That year, Zionist militias used rape and massacre as tools to expel 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and make them refugees in neighboring countries, the West Bank, and Gaza. This allowed the Zionist militias to conquer the land needed to create a new state, Israel, with a majority Jewish population.
    ​ Egyptian President Sisi said his country opposed the displacement of Palestinians into Egypt’s largely desert Sinai region, adding the only solution was an independent Palestinian state.
    ​ Jordan, home to many Palestinian refugees expelled during the Nakba and their descendants, also fears Israel will use the conflict with Hamas to expel Palestinians en masse from the occupied West Bank.
    ​ King Abdullah said forced displacement “is a war crime ​(“genocide”) according to international law, and a red line for all of us.”

    ​ Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis has been getting flak from “both sides” about his analytical, non-partisan assessments of the current Mideast war. I appreciate his work and perseverance-under-fire. He has a lot of contextual and in depth analysis here. The Arap countries and Iran have been quietly preparing for an existential crisis in Israel/Palestine for decades, preparing broadly and deeply. Iran’s AlQuds force is dedicated to this “grassroots” work. Iran does not need to send an army overland to Israel/Palestine.
    ​ What can the United States do in the Middle East to help Israel? Apart from logistical support, absolutely nothing. And here is why: The United States has tens of thousands of soldiers in the Area. Some In previously-friendly states like Jordan and Saudia Arabia. Some in occupying functions like Syria and Iraq. There are almost no air defenses since the operations planning didn’t expect a large-scale conventional war against it in the Middle East. Why? Because divide and conquer was working fine. As long as the United States kept all Arabas fighting each other, there was no danger for the US to prepare itself for a big regional war against itself.
    ​ This ended with the reconciliation efforts by Russia, China, and Iran. Now all states are united (partly overtly and partly covertly) against the United States. It went down too fast.
    ​ The United States absolutely can’t assist Israel militarily in the region. It doesn’t have the strength/military power to do that. Don’t get me wrong. The US Army would still wipe the floor with Iran and all other Arab powers of the region combined. But only if it would concentrate its power and logistics on this region. Which it can’t.

    ​John Helmer has a long and detailed strategic assessment from several viewpoints. Did you know that the Chinese Navy is shielding Iran?
    ​ US Afghanistan War veteran: “Suppose Israel and the US understand they are facing an existential survival future in which they must combat swarm attacks on three or four fronts — Gaza/Hamas, North/Hezbollah, Golan/Syria/Iran, and West Bank/Jordan, and they calculate the Arabs have at least a 30 to 60–day arms supply in stock, do they calculate they can withstand a multi-front offensive for enough time, resupplied by air from the US? If they calculate that they can withstand a 30-day multi-directional swarm, they must understand that, at a minimum, Israel’s infrastructure and economy will be ruined. In a scenario like that, even if they ‘win’, they lose. In terms of airlifting and shipping supplies, we’ve already seen that the Arabs can hit Israeli military and civilian airfields, airports and seaports. Defending Israeli infrastructure with their air defence capability is the main mission of the strike groups the US is deploying in the eastern Mediterranean and in the Red Sea.
    ​ Western societies like Israel cannot function without solid, reliable, electrical power and communications services. We can be certain that power generation, transmission and distribution will be targeted by the Arabs non-stop. The cell towers and central communications centres will be too.”​ …
    ​..Moscow source​: “When does the threat to Israel become so dire, they go nuclear, and when they do, against what targets will they fire – Hamas, Beirut, Damascus, Teheran?* The US won’t accept a Palestinian state so the only option left for the Palestinians, Arabs, Iranians, possibly Turks is to fight with this new kind of warfare whose objective is to cut into the flesh and bones of the Israeli adversary, and make life in that state unviable. Without a Palestinian homeland, all of Israel and the Arab territories become a battlefield. The IDF options then shrink to two – carpet bombing and mass killing of the civilian population centres on all fronts at once. If that isn’t sustainable or effective for the Israeli-American purpose, then option 2 is to attack Lebanon, Syria and Iran to stop the flow of reinforcements. But that’s regional war, and it can only be conducted by the Israelis with full US military participation. This becomes nuclear very quickly because President Putin has already placed the Kinzhal missiles in range of the US carrier fleet in the eastern Mediterranean, and the Chinese have installed their screen to protect Iran. It’s obvious that the race hatred policies of Biden and Netanyahu, and their belief that God has chosen them both as destroyers for their people, lead to the final, nuclear weapons solution. The Russians and Chinese can maximise their limited military projection by deterring, or if need be pre-empting a nuclear attack on the Arab cities or Teheran. For this to work, the Russians and the Chinese need to say more – loudly so there’s no mistaking what they mean.”


    John Day

    ​ Israeli minister threatens to ‘wipe Iran off the face of the Earth’​ (There are potentially more fronts than this gentleman is aware of.)
    ​ Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat said on Sunday that the Israeli forces would “eliminate” Hezbollah and target Iran if the Palestinian militants open up a “northern front.”
    ​ “The plan of Iran is to attack Israel on all fronts. If we find they intend to target Israel, we will not just retaliate to those fronts, but we will go to the head of the snake, which is Iran.”

    ​Hundreds of billions of dollars in future revenue off the shore of Gaza, which fields are currently being commandeered by Israel …
    War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields

    War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields

    ​ South of Gaza Strip pounded by air strikes as civilians seek refuge​ (​Genocidal War Crimes)
    Israeli air attacks continue to pound the Gaza Strip. On Saturday night, strikes hit a popular cafe in ​(the “safe” south) Khan Younis and a restaurant in a bustling market area as people were buying food, leaving several casualties.
    ​ Over the last 24 hours, the bombardment has intensified. The majority of casualties – along with those injured and brought to hospitals – are civilians, with a significant number of them being children and women.
    ​ Israel has warned more than one million residents of the northern part of Gaza to move south for their safety, and the United Nations says more than half the enclave’s population is now internally displaced.
    ​ Hundreds of thousands of civilians are believed to be trapped in and around Gaza City in the north.

    ​ 200 trucks per day, with working electricity, water and gas was the baseline bare-minimum in the open-air-prison of 2.3 million native inhabitants of Palestine.
    17 more trucks with humanitarian aid enter Gaza Strip from Egypt via Rahaf crossing
    According to the Al-Qahera al-Ihbariya, three of the truck​s were sent by the Egyptian Red Crescent Society

    Israel ‘incapacitates’ Syria’s main airports – state media
    The aerial strike left one airport worker dead in Damascus, while the Aleppo airport is also out of service after the attack

    John Day

    Hezbollah’s military wing said on Sunday it has attacked Israeli positions in Al-Bayad and Al-Malikkiya on Lebanon’s southern border.
    According to a Hezbollah statement posted on its Telegram channel, anti-tank missiles were used. A thick plum of smoke was seen in Al-Bayad.
    ​ Earlier, a strike was delivered on an Israeli command and observation post in Yiftah. In response, Israel opened tank fire at the area near Blid in southern Lebanon.
    Hezbollah said earlier in the day that three Shia fighters had been killed in an Israeli attack on southern Lebanese areas. In all, twenty-nine people, including three civilians and one cameraman have been killed over 14 days.

    ​ Why America Is Out of Ammunition​ , Matt Stoller
    ​ Why can’t the Pentagon get weapons firms to ramp up production? A new report shows the military doesn’t track who owns its contractors, and has just two people looking at mergers in the defense base.
    ​ Defense is big business, and since the end of the Cold War, the government has allowed Wall Street to determine who owns, builds, and profits from defense spending.
    The consequences, as with much of our economic machinery, are predictable. Higher prices, worse quality, lower output. Wall Street and private equity firms prioritize cash out first, and that means a once functioning and nimble industrial base now produces more grift than anything else. As Lucas Kunce and I wrote for the American Conservative in 2019, the U.S. simply can’t build or get the equipment it needs.

    ​ (retired) IDF General Reveals Hideous Truth: “We have lost the ability to field an effective army . . .”
    ​ General Yitzhak Brick went even farther. He says “The current situation of the land forces is tragic, they are not ready for war. Emergency supplies are not available, exercises have stopped and the battalions have not trained in years. There is also no weapons training and education, and the army is not capable of carrying out an attack.”
    ​ Brick added that Israel’s ground forces and reserve system have been constantly ignored: “We have lost the ability to field an effective army and have become a one-dimensional aerial power that cannot win a war on its own.”
    ​ In his view, Israel’s ground forces are not ready for war. The warning follows a series of polls showing that a large portion of Israeli citizens have lost faith in their country’s future.

    ​Bibi might have to stay long enough to take all of the blame. Netanyahu Under Fire as Former Leaders Demand His Resignation Amid Crisis

    Israeli premier accused of destroying evidence to avoid responsibility for Hamas attack
    In letter to attorney general, Israel’s Democracy Movement says Netanyahu has also been obstructing any future investigative committees

    John Day

    (“Married” to Bibi) Western leaders lining up with the Israeli regime in its genocidal barbarity are fully complicit in that genocide.
    ​ U.S. President Joe Biden, as well as Britain’s Rishi Sunak, Germany’s Olaf Scholz and the European Union chief Ursula Von Der Leyen, are among the Western leaders who have blood dripping from their hands.
    ​ They talk about Israel’s “right to self-defense” while the Israeli military pulverizes Gaza with indiscriminate air strikes and shoots Palestinians dead in the ghettoes of the West Bank. The Palestinian people in both enclaves are being targeted with genocidal ferocity as Israeli leaders denigrate them as “human animals”.
    ​ In Gaza for the past two weeks, a population of 2.3 million has been held under total siege without water, food or electricity. Nowhere is safe in the coastal area as U.S. and UK-supplied Israeli bombs rain down on homes, refugee centers, hospitals, schools, churches and mosques.

    Psychos on Parade… Western Leaders Complicit in Israeli War Crimes and Genocide

    EU staff members express fury over von der Leyen stance on Israel-Hamas conflict
    Letter with 842 signatures accuses European Commission of giving ‘a free hand to the acceleration and the legitimacy of a war crime’ in Gaza

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow observes more complete censorship of alternative viewpoints in the EU than in the US, and thanks Donald Trump for that.
    ​ It is not in the least surprising that BLM have come out in support of the Gaza Palestinians, for reasons that go back to the Black Panthers. What they are calling for is an immediate cease-fire, urgent delivery of medical supplies, water, fuel, food into Gaza ramped up to at least the pre-October 7th rate of 200 trucks per day. American authorities are forced to accept the demonstrations of BLM in favor of the Palestinians lest all hell break loose in cities across the country.
    ​ I think of yesterday’s comments to the The Financial Times by the leading candidate to replace Mark Rutte as prime minister of The Netherlands, the current justice minister Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius, on the dangers that the Hamas-Israel war poses for Europe, namely that cleavages in our society will open up. Regrettably, that is the mindset of an authoritarian if not purely fascist politician. When everyone is perfectly aligned and there are no nay-sayers tolerated, then freedom is dead.

    Black Lives Matter and freedom of speech in the USA on the Palestinian question

    The IDF is testing Hamas’ defenses. Israeli soldier killed during ground raid in Gaza, Israel’s army says
    ​ Hamas’s armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, claims to have pushed Israeli forces back into Israel during the raid.​
    The Israeli military has said one of its soldiers was killed by an anti-tank missile reportedly shot by the Palestinian armed group Hamas during a raid into the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Army.
    ​ Three other soldiers were injured in the raid on Sunday, said the statement that came as the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, announced on its Telegram account that it had pushed Israeli forces back into Israel.
    ​ One Israeli soldier was killed, while “one was moderately injured, and two were lightly injured as a result of an anti-tank missile”, the Israeli military said.
    The military said the purpose of the raid was to locate Hamas captives in Gaza’s Khan Younis area and to “thwart terrorist infrastructure”.

    ​This is completely undefined, yet nobody likes the idea at all. What comes to my mind is a regional agreement where a Palestinian state with firm national borders is assured, so that Israel and Palestine are both safe states, with equal rights for all minorities within each state. No Jewish-only state, and no Islam-only state.
    ​ US and Israel mulling interim government in Gaza

    John Day

    US forced Ukraine to reject peace with Russia – ex-German chancellor​ (further confirmation)
    Gerhard Schroeder has claimed that Washington blocked Kiev from a March 2022 settlement that could have ended the bloodshed

    US conducts nuclear test in Nevada hours after Russian move to revoke global test ban
    The test came hours after Russian lawmakers said they plan to revoke the ratification of a global nuclear test ban treaty

    ​Simplicius , Modern warfare is different. Battle for Avdeevka – Close Study

    John Day

    ​ New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were covid injected and all 30 have died
    ​ Before the recently held elections, Gunn was contacted by a whistle-blower and given documentation showing that tens of thousands of New Zealanders’ deaths are linked to the injections. “This is just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand,” she said. “We don’t know how many further databases like this are in the country,” she added.

    New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were covid injected and all 30 have died

    ​ Texas high school student collapses and dies after winning a cross-country race, the latest in a string of young athletes dying during competition
    ​ The reporter enumerates the “string of young athletes dying during competition,” but seems mystified as to what could be causing the increased incidence of sudden and unexpected deaths among young athletes—a conspicuous trend that began around mid 2021.

    ​ Mortality Rates per 100k shockingly reveal Four-Dose COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are up to 318% more likely to Die than the Unvaccinated according to quietly published Government Report
    ​ In a recent dataset released by the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), a surprising pattern has emerged regarding mortality rates per 100,000 in teenagers and young adults, sparking a wave of questions and calls for further investigation from public health experts.

    Mortality Rates per 100k shockingly reveal Four-Dose COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are up to 318% more likely to Die than the Unvaccinated according to quietly published Government Report

    ​Steve Kirsch on the known carcinogenic DNA sequence in the Pfizer-shots:
    Video interview with 3 experts reveals evidence that the drug companies knew about the SV40 promoter, yet decided to conceal it from the regulators

    4 dead, 2 critically injured in New York City fire caused by lithium-ion batteries, e-bikes​ (Get a regular bike suited ​and fitted to your body​, and ride it daily.)
    The store was located on the first floor of the building, while residential apartments were on the floors above.


    Genocide, the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group of people because of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, or race.

    When has a genocide ever been stopped? Never

    Israel has turned its incremental genocide of the Palestinian people into full-fledged genocide — with the unconditional support of the U.S. government.
    “There is a plausible and credible case that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian population in Gaza.

    How many need to be killed?
    1,200 non-combatant?
    5,000 non-combatant?
    50,000 Amas members and collateral victims
    War Words of intent … before action is taken to stop it.


    blatant ethnic cleansing and it is receiving the full support of the United States…The US does not want a ceasefire, it wants war

    Well golly gosh…wake me, when Americans wake up, from the collective nappy poo and cry victim.

    Eisenhower said we have failed. That was 1955.

    No shit ? Shall all Americans go back to writing with crayons, learning to read…and maybe listen too?
    I mean, how hard is it for a Govt to lead its sheeple around? For the exceptional Nation, not very.

    High time for all Americans, the fuzzy sheep and the little lambs that they are, to get in line for the hot iron brand stamp- USA Murder Inc.

    It’s not like Eisenhower warned us with the MIC confession, or MLK with “My Govt is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet”, or JFK’s assasination…and MLKs. What will it take for Americans to realize their Regime is a murdering Institution? Nothing- because Americans ARE the regime.

    My mother cried when President Kennedy died
    She said it was the communists but I knew better
    Would they drop the bomb on us while we made love on the beach?
    We were the class they couldn’t teach ’cause we knew better

    We were born, born in the ’50s

    Liberty Tree? No. Tree of Murder? Check
    Destroy the root to kill the host. When the rest of the World figures this out, which they are- let’s just call it The Great Global Revenge. It’s inevitable and well deserved.

    I’ve been lamenting raving and ranting for years about how f’d up US militarism, endless wars, endless destruction and murder, endless debt truly is…only to be met with glassy eyes and yawns. Or better yet, around here with- “hey man, don’t be so angry, hey man don’t be so arrogantly pissed off about Institutional Vaccine genocide, human rights plucked away, total global murder and torture”

    Tell ME now, what are we supposed to do?

    All the stories have been told
    Of kings and days of old
    But there’s no England now
    All the wars that were won and lost
    Somehow don’t seem to matter very much anymore

    All the lies we were told
    All the lies of the people running round
    Their castles have burned
    I see change
    But inside we’re the same
    As we ever were

    Living on a thin line
    Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
    Living this way, each day is a dream
    What am I, what are we supposed to do?
    Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?

    Now another century nearly gone
    What are we gonna leave for the young?
    What we couldn’t do, what we wouldn’t do
    It’s a crime, but does it matter?
    Does it matter much? does it matter much to you?
    Does it ever really matter? yes, it really, really matters

    Living on a thin line
    Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
    Then another leader says
    “Break their hearts and break some heads”
    Is there nothing we can say or do?
    Blame the future on the past
    Always lost in bloody guts
    And when they’re gone, it’s me and you

    + we’re supposed to resist and fight for decency.

    Michael Reid

    Neocons cannot be stopped, they will get war

    https://rumble. com/v3r7xya-neocons-cannot-be-stopped-they-will-get-war.html


    In response to Dr D’s fun and epic posts today, I keep thinking of the staggering amount of resources required to bring about this state of affairs.

    You have to be pushing really hard, continuously to make water run uphill all the time. How many dumb absurdities contrary to observable reality by peoples’ own eyes AND verifiably self-contradictory have gone mainstream, pushing out useful or meaningful things? Maybe there IS a certain natural ambient level of stupid in the universe some state of stupidity-equilibrium the universe always tries to reach absent any active forces working against it, okay. But when you push it the other way, further into stupidity, maybe you’re working against resistance there too.

    Just one Example: If hormones occurring in the body do not define gender, how can blocking or adding them affirm it? If genitalia does not define gender, how can removing or changing genitalia affirm it? So are we done discussing it now? Enacting policies for it, spending money on it, wasting time in PTA meetings and classrooms on it? Are we done crashing the stock value of multi billion dollar entertainment companies, beer companies, and razor companies? No? WHY??? Endless sources of money perpetually generating antigravity.

    Yes the shots had metal filings in them, extraneous DNA, RNA that reverse transcribed into your DNA, poisonous delivery systems, made you more vulnerable to disease, caused a host of serious side effects and death, sure.

    But just on the face of it, any sub 100 iq person could have understood it just fine:

    “We’ve had a problem with people getting burnt on things lately, so what we’re gonna do is, take this can of gasoline, pour it on yourself, and set yourself on fire.”

    “What? Are you crazy? You want me to set myself on fire as a safety measure?”

    “Not for your own safety, but for everyone else’s. It’s an emergency.”

    Is this some special kinda fire or gasoline? Like, some kinda fire that won’t hurt me and makes me resist fire in the future??

    “Oh no no no nothing like that. This is fire we’ve given our approval. So go on. Do it. Our patience is wearing thin.”

    The spike protein was the dangerous thing about the virus. The spike protein is the thing the shot makes you produce internally.

    I’m going to produce a ton of spike protein all over my body – my lungs, sure, but also my heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, reproductive organs, nerves, brain, much MORE spike… EVERYWHERE??? Because SOME lesser amount of spike could be introduced by a virus? WHAT?

    “Well, this is spike protein we approve of exposing you to. Hurry up, I’m feeling impatient.”

    And they were able to SELL this to people. Any fool could just think of getting hit with spike protein as getting burnt and understand how stupid this was by analogy. Yet almost the entire educated class along with a lot of other people bought it completely.

    It takes way, way more energy to force brains out of alignment with reality. Aligning with reality is the path of least resistance. Whatever energy you spent on effing people up could have had a thousandsfold return on investment driving people sane as opposed to insane. Such that your cut for managing it would be greater even if a smaller percentage, which it wouldn’t necessarily have to be.

    And if you need everyone to be NOT aligned with reality, then your PLANS are not aligned with reality. And what’s your power base? Printed money? Certainly not people. When everyone is super-demotiviated and doesn’t like you. And has been rendered incapable of helping you in any case.

    Michael Reid

    In all of my years of study,
    I just never expected to witness
    the complete moral and intellectual collapse
    of mainstream society,
    yet here we are.


    Michael Reid

    The Collapse of American Globalism: In-Depth Analysis with Hrvoje Morić


    New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In One Clinic, In One Day 30 People Were Covid Vaccinated and All 30 Have Died
    Oct. 22, 2023

    Former TV presenter Liz Gunn published a video update yesterday describing an instance of one clinic in New Zealand where 30 people received a covid injection and all 30 of them have died, within the same time frame.

    Liz Gunn (Elizabeth Cooney) became internationally renowned for her support for the family in the Baby W case, where two parents objected to the use of covid-vaccinated blood in transfusions. The parents were unsuccessful in their court action to oppose health authorities seeking guardianship to allow surgery to go ahead. At the end of June 2023, Gunn launched a political party called the New Zealand Loyal Party.

    (Related: Discrimination and Harassment of Baby in New Zealand Shows There Is No Limit to Covidians’ Intent on Death and Destruction and Baby W’s case raises critical questions: What is science and who is an expert?)

    Before the recently held elections, Gunn was contacted by a whistle-blower and given documentation showing that tens of thousands of New Zealanders’ deaths are linked to the injections. “This is just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand,” she said. “We don’t know how many further databases like this are in the country,” she added.

    She explained that because the number of deaths is usually less than the number of those suffering from ill effects of the injections, then the extrapolation of the numbers that have been injured and killed “starts to become, frankly, eye-watering.”

    The data shows that there are clusters of deaths. “People who attended the same jab site, and were jabbed one after the other, at consecutive times on the same day. We saw their jab date and we saw their date of death,” Gunn said.

    She gave one of many examples to illustrate the point.

    “On one day, 30 people were jabbed on the same day, at the same location. All are now deceased. And their deaths are in close temporal, time, proximity to each other,” she said.

    “We are calling for an inquiry. Not just any inquiry. A full-blown criminal investigation leaving no stone unturned.”

    “New Zealand is a crime scene.”

    https://rumble. com/v3r1dov-new-zealand-is-a-crime-scene.html


    Like 911, you are witness to jewtheatre. its a hollywood production, to herd sheep, brought to you by Rthschild productions. If, after all we have been thru, you believe 1 fucking word these assholes say, your a fuckin retard.

    Michael Reid

    China, Russia Deploy Forces MidEast, US Fears Superpower Conflict; Israel Delay As US Deploys Forces

    https://rumble. com/v3r9e01-china-russia-deploy-forces-mideast-us-fears-superpower-conflict-israel-dela.html


    There is nothing reasonable about what’s happening to the long-suffering people of Palestine. There are no two sides in the bombing of a concentration camp. There is no possible act that justifies collectively attacking one million children, and denying them even water to wash the blood from their broken bodies. We are witnessing a public pogrom as part your regular TV programming. I am asking you to see past the propaganda and simply see what you can see. I know it’s hard to save lives in a pogrom. I know it’s nearly impossible. But you will live through this pogrom. So you have to ask yourself, can I live with myself? When history blows away the fog of war, and all that is left is the naked atrocity. To that question, I think of two stories.

    One is that of Israeli’s oldest reservist, a 95-year-old war criminal named Ezra Yachin, now openly saying, ‘“Be triumphant and finish them off and don’t leave anyone behind. Erase the memory of them,” Yachin said while addressing Israeli troops this week, in a video that has since gone viral.“Erase them, their families, mothers and children. These animals can no longer live.”’ That is exactly what the Israeli troops are doing, with the full support of the United States. This is what you’re watching on TV.

    Then I think of my 99-year-old grandmother, at this moment not bothering anybody. I remember that during the 1983 riots, my race (Sinhalese) killed Tamil people in the streets. Thirty years later I was on a train in Chennai, and it turned out the man next to me had been sheltered in my grandparents’ home, from the raging mob. This in no way erases or even diminishes the shame on my country, but I was proud of my grandparents then. I was ashamed that we made this man a refugee, but I was proud that my grandparents were brave enough to stand against the baying mob. So as a pogrom unfolds in front of you, even from afar, you have to seriously ask yourself. Will my grandchildren by proud of me?


    John Day

    @citizenx: Good Kinks song and video.

    Veracious Poet

    Well, decided to drop in & do a browse by, & everything hereabouts looks the same as last visit 10 days ago ~ Situation normal (*FUBAR*), just like everywhere else across the quagmire of Collective EG0ic Madness 😐

    In all of my years of study, I just never expected to witness the complete moral and intellectual collapse of mainstream society, yet here we are.

    Heck, that’s where *some* of us had crashed 25+ years ago…

    At this stage of the implosion it might behoove a few *serious* minded folks to set aside the sundry basket of *problems*, begin to *search* for real reality solutions, i.e. if they anticipate surviving to rebuild on the other side.

    I know many have tossed JFK Jr. out with the bath water, but he saw *core* toxicity a long, long time ago:

    Well, I’m still hoping against hope for a revival of Spiritual Sanity, where all this babbling, blathering & associated whinging, obsessed with the latest greatest foolishness, is abandoned for proper use of finite results in the *now* 🙄

    In the mean time…


    Talking about Dwight Eisenhower and the 1950’s; it has been seventy years since the US Army and Marines, who defeated Imperial Japan, fought Red China to a draw in Korea on the 38th parallel. Now the crazies want a repeat of that war with both nations armed with hydrogen bomb carrying ICBMs and expect a better outcome with a western leadership who are incapable of signing a UN armistice or building a new Bamboo Curtain between the West and Eurasia. The Ukraine War between NATO and Russia would have been over with an armistice in March 2022 but Boris Johnson vetoed it. The stealth World War III now has two fronts. These conflicts are escalating unhindered towards the brink of a nuclear war.


    There is obviously a big difference between Zionism and anti-semitism. And yet many would say that if you oppose Zionism, that makes you an anti-semite. That is obviously nonsense, but that’s what the propagandists would have you believe. But now the tide has shifted, and more and more people are rejecting Zionism. So the real risk is that this results in an eruption of anti-semitism around the world. The tragedy is that it will be harder to stop because the Zionist propagandists have successfully blurred the distinction between these two concepts in the minds of too many people. They have created a monster they will not be able to control.

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