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Fra Filippo Lippi The Virgin Mary 1450-65


Biden Calls for More War, Putin Calls for Peaceful World (SCF Op-ed)
And So It Begins… The Great Unravelling (Finian Cunningham)
Putin and the Magic Multipolar Mountain (Pepe Escobar)
Comes the Dancing Skeleton (Kunstler)
US Escalation Pushes Russia To Take Extreme Measures – Lukashenko (TASS)
Ukrainian Forces Acknowledge Total Dependence On US (TASS)
Juncker Spreads ‘Russian Narrative’ – Zelensky (RT)
Von der Leyen Backtracks On Ukraine Pledge (RT)
Backing Ukraine Bid for EU Membership Simply Suicidal – Polish Journo (Sp.)
McCarthy Mutiny Reveals Cracks in Constellation of Pro-Trump Universe (RCW)
Deprogramming the “Deplorables”: Hillary Clinton (Turley)
Hunter Biden Claims Immunity, Seeks Dismissal of Federal Gun Charges (Sp.)
Trump Accused of Leaking Submarine Secrets (RT)





Putin: who even are you?

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Mar-a-Lago 1986

Greg Price: Just so we’re keeping score: The Biden DOJ is suing SpaceX for not hiring refugees, the DOJ and SEC are investigating Tesla, the EEOC is also suing Tesla, the FTC demanded @elonmusk hand over internal Twitter comms and the SEC is now investigating Elon’s purchase of Twitter.



Travis_in_Flint: Judge Engoron has ordered that Trump and members of his family must disclose all entities they own to a court monitor. The court monitor is Bill Clinton appointed former Judge Barbara Jones. NY AG Leticia James and Judge Engoron are able to work together and completely take control over the assets of Donald Trump and his two sons for a simple civil infraction when he doesn’t even get a day in court or present and defense. This is the worst case of injustice we’ve witnessed in this country. If they can do this to a former President and his family, imagine what they’ll do to you!

leslibless: Biased NYC Dem Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over Trumps civil trial, just blocked Trump & his family from transferring their money or property to any entities. They also must provide a list by next week of every entity they own and to ‘what extent any third party may have in ownership or interests of their entities.’ This is a complete abomination of the Justice system!





“The Kiev regime – headed by a Nazi-saluting Jewish puppet president – has committed atrocity after atrocity to smear Russia, thanks to the indulgence of the Western propaganda media.”

Biden Calls for More War, Putin Calls for Peaceful World (SCF Op-ed)

Ukraine’s slaughter is the culmination of this historical destructive process. The association between Western self-proclaimed “democracies” and a corrupt NeoNazi regime in Kiev is the ultimate organic outcome of the fascism that lies at the heart of Western imperialism, with its pseudo-liberal face. The present conflict in Ukraine is the historical nemesis of Western imperialist power. The Second World War was but a punctuation mark that lapsed into the Cold War and eventually its revival which the world is now being subjected to again. President Putin presented a positive and hopeful vision of the world this week during a speech delivered at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi. He portrayed “harmonious coexistence” and peace based on principles of equality and justice between nations. In that regard, Putin was reiterating the foundational vision of the United Nations established in 1945 following the devastation of the Second World War.

“The Ukraine crisis is not a territorial conflict,” said Putin. “The issue is much broader and more fundamental and is about the principles underlying the new international order.” Biden and his Western vassals and their mendacious media keep repeating the baseless lie that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is an “unprovoked aggression”. This narrative is a brazen denial of the history of the CIA-backed coup in Kiev in 2014 and the NATO weaponization of a NeoNazi regime that was killing ethnic Russians in former Ukraine for nine years. The Kiev regime – headed by a Nazi-saluting Jewish puppet president – has committed atrocity after atrocity to smear Russia, thanks to the indulgence of the Western propaganda media. The Bucha massacre in March 2022, the missile attacks on Kramatorsk in April 2022, Poland in November 2022, and in Konstantinovka last month.

This week saw a massacre of 51 people in the village of Hroza in Kharkov region that was immediately blamed on Russia, but which has the hallmarks of another Kiev false-flag provocation. This is the kind of filthy and fiendish regime that epitomizes the U.S.-led NATO war machine. Putin laid out clearly how a peaceful international order can be achieved by repudiating “artificial geopolitical associations” and Cold War-style “blocs” being “forced onto the world”. “Lasting peace will only be possible when everyone feels safe and secure, understands that their opinions are respected and that there is a balance in the world where no one can unilaterally force or compel others to live or behave as a hegemon pleases even when it contradicts the sovereignty, genuine interests, traditions, or customs of peoples and countries,” said the Russian president.

Putin added: “Russia was, is and will be one of the foundations of this new world system, ready for constructive interaction with everyone who strives for peace and prosperity, but ready for tough opposition against those who profess the principles of dictatorship and violence. We believe that pragmatism and common sense will prevail, and a multipolar world will be established.” The world is literally changing before our eyes and by our own hands, as Putin also noted. The emergence of a multipolar world, the G20, the BRICS+, and so on, are the fulfilment of a vision for international peace, justice, sovereignty, equality and development.

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“When Uncle Sam does a runner, and he will, the game is finally up for him and all his vassals. The great unravelling of Western imperialist power is underway and is accelerating.”

And So It Begins… The Great Unravelling (Finian Cunningham)

The biggest fear among America’s vassals in Europe, Canada, Japan and elsewhere is that Washington will abruptly jettison the failed proxy war in Ukraine. Not out of principle, but rather political expediency, thereby leaving them high and dry. The United States and the European Union have committed up to $200 billion in military and other economic aid to Ukraine since the conflict with Russia erupted 20 months ago in February 2022. Europe has been impacted much more badly than the U.S. from the loss of Russia’s energy supplies and from the influx of millions of Ukrainian refugees. Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, asserts that Europe will continue to support Ukraine even if the United States were to halt its aid. Borrell is indulging in delusional fantasy.

Already European NATO members are becoming leery and reluctant about the endless financial largesse doled out to prop up the corrupt Kiev regime. Hungary and now Slovakia are vowing to cut off the weapons supply and other funding. Mass protests are occurring in Germany and other EU countries against the NATO-fueled war. European political leaders are increasingly seen as feckless Yes-Men for Washington and betraying their national interests. Biden and the warmongering U.S. establishment are deeply committed to the proxy war against Russia. The war function is the engine of American capitalism and imperialist ambitions. But if the economy is fundamentally broken – and it surely is with an unsustainable $33 trillion national debt – the reality of bankruptcy and political/public opposition becomes untenable.

Biden’s “assurances” to the NATO vassals are embarrassingly worthless after he was blindsided by the ensuing chaos in his own Congress. The American president is in no position to pledge anything. The Pentagon and the European militaries are also complaining they don’t have any more weapons to give to Ukraine, their arsenals having been depleted by reckless donations to the squandering, incompetent Kiev regime. The already nervy Europeans and other NATO partners are no doubt having flashbacks of the treacherous way that Biden and Washington abruptly and unilaterally pulled the plug on Afghanistan. The NATO allies were stunned by that fast move to exit the quagmire. Biden didn’t even give them a heads-up, never mind consulting with them.

For eight decades after the Second World War, NATO and later the European Union were always a handy vehicle for American imperialism. The vassals were held together by the relative strength of the U.S. empire. That empire is now unravelling from endless wars, bankruptcy and endemic corruption in Washington. The last episode of the historic failure is being played out in the fraudulent proxy war in Ukraine – sold to the Western public by the lying mainstream media as yet another “noble cause” to allegedly defend democracy (how absurd!). The ultimate degeneracy is evident from the “moralizing”, “superior” Western powers being found in bed with a Nazi regime. And along with that degeneracy, financial debts are off the charts and a grievous insult to the onerous democratic needs of the Western public. When Uncle Sam does a runner, and he will, the game is finally up for him and all his vassals. The great unravelling of Western imperialist power is underway and is accelerating.

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“There’s no situation when something can threaten the existence of the Russian state. No sane person would consider the use of nuclear weapons against Russia.”

Putin and the Magic Multipolar Mountain (Pepe Escobar)

It was clear to the overwhelming majority of analysts at Valdai that the concept of Russian civilization is an “existential challenge” to the collective West. Especially because it includes, historically, the radical universality of the Soviet Union. Now is time for Russian thinkers to work hard on refining the internationalist aspect. Alexander Prokhanov came up with another startling formulation. He compared the Russian dream with a cathedral on the top of a hill, whereas the Anglo-Saxon dream is a fortress on the top of the hill, engaged in constant surveillance. And if you misbehave, you “will receive some Tomahawks”.

The conclusion: “We will always be in conflict with the West”. So what? The future, as I discussed off the record with Grandmaster Sergey Karaganov, one of the founders of Valdai, is in the East. And it was Karaganov who arguably posed the most challenging question to Putin. He stressed how nuclear deterrence does not work anymore. So should we lower the nuclear threshold?” Putin replied, “I am well aware of your position. Let me remind you the Russian military doctrine has two reasons for the possible use of nuclear weapons. The first is if nuclear weapons are used against us – as retaliation. The response is absolutely unacceptable for any potential aggressor.

Because from the moment a missile launch is detected, no matter where it comes from – anywhere in the world’s oceans or from any territory – in a retaliatory strike, so many, so many hundreds of our missiles appear in the air that no enemy will have a chance of survival, and in several directions at once.” The second reason is “a threat to the existence of the Russian state even if only conventional weapons are used.” And then came the clincher – actually a veiled message to the characters whose dream is “victory” via a first strike: “Do we need to change that? Why? I see no point. There’s no situation when something can threaten the existence of the Russian state. No sane person would consider the use of nuclear weapons against Russia.”

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“..the sobering moment when all the preposterous, mendacious, criminally insane propositions of recent years stand nakedly exposed. That’s when “Joe Biden” begins to be seen as a dancing skeleton.”

Comes the Dancing Skeleton (Kunstler)

This Halloween month, America looks super-busy preparing for the death of something, maybe itself. Surely many now live in terror of the malevolent blob that the US government has become, led by a very paragon of ghouls, “Joe Biden.” This week, the blob declared in a “leak” to Newsweek magazine, that supporters of Donald Trump, the Golden Golem of Greatness, are now officially deemed to be enemies of the state. So, the blob that has lately subsumed the state, explicitly targets Trumpists (the MAGA crowd) for wholesale persecution, cancellation, de-personing, and incarceration. That is, opponents of the blob regime organizing for the coming election will be systematically neutralized and / or liquidated, taken off the game-board one way or another, by any means necessary.

The blobistas would do well to take heed of those Halloween lawn displays. A stupendous, howling rage is building across this land in revolt against the blob’s monumental insults to a once proud and productive people. Soon, that plastic totem army of stock mythological monsters cavorting in the front yards will be superseded by real flesh-and-blood Americans aiming to shred the blob and scatter its quivering tatters to the four winds — as John F. Kennedy once remarked of the CIA in 1962, before it killed him in retaliation.

Coincidentally, a scion of the JFK generation now running for president on an as-yet-to-be-specified independent party seeks to do exactly what his uncle promised to do. As you gaze on this developing battlefield, you will now see two sizable armies marshaling against the unholy hosts of blobbery — Mr. Trump’s MAGAs and Bobby Kennedy’s emerging division representing the old stoic virtues betrayed by vicious blob tyrants. The plausible outcomes on this battlefield are in flux thirteen months before the election. But it looks a little like the blob is outflanked; hence, its growing desperation.

The psychodrama in the House of Representatives this week looked like a possible inflection point in the blob’s war against the American people. Mr. Gaetz evicted the quisling Speaker Kevin McCarthy in a rather brave gambit, opening up the possibility of unifying his party against the programmatic wickedness of the post-Covid-19 era — the suicidal spending, the insane and unnecessary Ukraine proxy war, traitorous refusal to control the southern border, the official DOJ lawfare waged against half the citizenry, the disgusting official censorship campaign, and the ongoing criminal conspiracy between the pharma companies, the US public health officialdom, and shadowy globalist forces embedded in the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and scores of sinister multinational organizations ranging from George Soros’s Atlantic Council to the Sinaloa Cartel.

In the background of all that — a true-life horror — lies the crumbling bond market, the foundation of the money-and-banking system that is supposed to support the on-the-ground economy that produces things of value like food and roofing shingles. The bond market is wobbling badly. As rates rise, banks’ collateral melts away and they go bust, liquidation moves to stock markets, derivatives implode, and the vast reservoirs of capital vanish. There’s your stealth true Halloween psychodrama sneaking up on the scene. Gradually, then all at once, the quarreling nation finds itself stone broke, and even the blob shrinks from the scene in horror. It will be hard to gaslight the country anymore when that happens. That will be the sobering moment when all the preposterous, mendacious, criminally insane propositions of recent years stand nakedly exposed. That’s when “Joe Biden” begins to be seen as a dancing skeleton.

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“ust imagine powerful missiles hitting 300 kilometers deep inside Russian territory. Do you think that the Russian president and military will be calmly watching this?”

“Once again, some fools think they’ll stay safe across the ocean..”

US Escalation Pushes Russia To Take Extreme Measures – Lukashenko (TASS)

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that escalation on the part of the United States is pushing Russia to use extreme measures. “The fanning of tensions and escalation will lead to a situation where they [Russia] will take the red button and put it on the table,” Lukashenko said during a visit to the Defense Ministry’s training facility Resistance Node in the Brest Region, the Telegram channel Pul_1, close to the presidential press service reports. It explains that the Belarusian leader thus pointed out it was the United States that was pushing Russia to use extreme measures. He has an impression that the Americans are “pushing the Russians to use the most terrible weapons.”

“Vladimir Zelensky and his army may be armed with long-range missiles. Let it be even those with a range of 300 kilometers. Just imagine powerful missiles hitting 300 kilometers deep inside Russian territory. Do you think that the Russian president and military will be calmly watching this?” Lukashenko asked. The BelTA news agency quotes him as saying “the response will be colossal.” “Once again, some fools think they’ll stay safe across the ocean. They’ll drag the whole world into this grave war,” the Belarusian leader warned. Earlier, Lukashenko urged the US and Europe not to supply modern weapons to Ukraine. He emphasized that it was the US that had initiated all military conflicts in the European region and benefited from them.

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“..the US’ 45-day budget solution, which does not include aid for Ukraine, means Kiev will not be able to continue the hostilities and will lead to the “fall of the regime.”

Ukrainian Forces Acknowledge Total Dependence On US (TASS)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are totally dependent on the US, and further arms shipments are extremely necessary, says Ukrainian General Staff Colonel Gennady Kovalenko. On Thursday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky connected Washington’s reduction in support to Kiev to the growing “political storm” in the US and urged EU nations to act independently in these circumstances. However, EU High Representative Josep Borrell has already said that the EU will not be able to compensate for the aid suspended by the US. “We are 100% dependent on the United States,” Kovalenko told The Washington Post. According to the colonel, the Ukrainian Army requires continued and probably even expanded arms shipments from the US, as he believes hostilities are not likely to end any time soon.

Meanwhile, the former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin told the newspaper that regular Ukrainians are tired of the conflict. According to the ex-minister, in 2022, the Ukrainian people were gung-ho going into the conflict, but now everyone realizes that the hostilities are being carried out to attrition. Western media increasingly frequently report that Kiev’s allies are growing weary of Ukraine, and in particular of leader Vladimir Zelensky. On October 4, Le Monde noted that the “Zelensky magic” is fading, as his words now either fall on deaf ears or annoy partners who are tired of hearing that they are not giving enough. During the October 4 Warsaw Security Forum, Chair of the NATO Military Committee Rob Bauer stated that the stockpile of weapons for Ukraine is running out. Meanwhile, some analysts say that the US’ 45-day budget solution, which does not include aid for Ukraine, means Kiev will not be able to continue the hostilities and will lead to the “fall of the regime.”

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Zero corruption in Ukraine. It’s all just a story.

Juncker Spreads ‘Russian Narrative’ – Zelensky (RT)

Allegations of rampant corruption in Ukraine are a “Russian narrative” designed to erode Western support for Kiev, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed on Friday. Speaking after the summit of the bloc’s leaders in the Spanish city of Granada, Zelensky accused former president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, of spreading Russian propaganda about Ukraine. Earlier this week, Juncker said Ukraine was plagued by corruption “at all levels of society” and should not be accepted into the bloc any time soon. Zelensky insisted that “not a single dollar was stolen from our partners” amid the conflict with Russia, but admitted that there were “different people and cases.”

“First of all, it is the well-known Russian narrative about corruption. They understand that they cannot split the overall unity of Europe and support for Ukraine. The US and its intelligence services learned about the roots of the idea, how to undermine society, support in the world,” Zelensky said. Instead of spreading the purported “Russian narrative” about Ukraine’s corruption, Juncker should have personally done more for Ukraine, Zelensky suggested. “That is of no interest for him? Now he decided to write some Russian narratives since everyone has forgotten who he is? I think it’s stupid,” Zelensky said.

Juncker, who chaired the European Commission between 2014 and 2019, made the controversial remarks in an interview with Germany’s Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, published earlier this week. He argued that Ukraine should undergo “massive” reforms before it can join the EU, while Brussels “should not make any false promises to the people in Ukraine who are up to their neck in suffering.” “Those who have dealt with Ukraine know that this is a country that is corrupt at all levels of society,” Juncker had said.

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Either backtrack or look stupid.

Von der Leyen Backtracks On Ukraine Pledge (RT)

Countries aspiring to join the EU must follow the “merit-based” accession process and reach the milestones outlined by the bloc’s rules, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday. The EU chief made the remarks during a press conference following a summit of the bloc’s leaders in the Spanish city of Granada. Von der Leyen touched upon the accession process of prospective members, stating that all of them must follow due procedures. “The process is merit-based,” the EU Commission head explained. “There are clear rules, there are milestones that have to be achieved.” Such a stance was included in the joint declaration that was adopted during the summit.

While the document reiterated the bloc’s readiness to “continue to support Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes,” it also warned that potential new members will be given no shortcuts during the accession process. “Aspiring members need to step up their reform efforts, notably in the area of rule of law, in line with the merit-based nature of the accession process and with the assistance of the EU. In parallel, the Union needs to lay the necessary internal groundwork and reforms,” the declaration reads. While the document did not provide any timeframe for when an expansion will actually happen, the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, said the bloc should be ready to expand by 2030.

“What’s important is to stop procrastinating,” he said during the press conference. The remarks by the top EU officials come in contrast to earlier statements about the prospects for Ukraine’s accession. In mid-September, for instance, von der Leyen said Ukraine would “complete” the bloc and claimed that the move would not necessarily require an amendment to the Treaties of the European Union, the legal foundation for its existence. Joining the EU has been a key talking point for pro-West Ukrainian politicians for decades, yet little actual progress on that path was achieved before the conflict between Kiev and Moscow broke out in February 2022.

However, the hostilities have seemingly re-invigorated the process, with top Ukraine officials repeatedly demanding the country be accepted into the bloc as soon as possible due to its perceived role in defending the EU from an allegedly looming Russian invasion. However, in recent weeks, numerous current and former EU officials have warned against fast-tracking Ukraine’s admission, arguing, for various reasons, that it might do more harm than good to the bloc itself. Perhaps the most damning opinion was voiced by Jean-Claude Juncker, a former president of the European Commission, who argued that Ukraine was simply way too corrupt to join the EU anytime soon. “Those who have dealt with Ukraine know that this is a country that is corrupt at all levels of society,” Juncker said in an interview with Germany’s Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper.

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“..amazement over Polish politicians’ apparent willingness to be led along like sheep..”

Backing Ukraine Bid for EU Membership Simply Suicidal – Polish Journo (Sp.)

Anonymous diplomats told media this week that Brussels is preparing to kick off formal talks on Ukraine’s accession into the European Union, with an announcement on the matter expected as soon as December. The news has prompted senior serving and former EU officials to give contradictory views on the potential consequences of such a radical move. Ukrainian membership in the EU would fundamentally undermine Poland’s economic interests and constitute a form of political suicide, independent Polish journalist and commentator Lukasz Warzecha has warned. “Please imagine this: in a few years, in the perspective new budget, Poles will be made to pay not only gigantic amounts of money due to the EU’s absurd climate policy, but be informed that tens of billions of euros’ worth of our money will be flowing to Ukraine, which will be our direct rival in the bloc,” Warzecha wrote. “The course of supporting Ukrainian membership is simply suicidal, and goes against Polish interests. Moreover, these is no trace of debate on the matter in our country,” the journalist added.

Pointing to media revelations this week that the EU would have to dole out €186 billion to Kiev to fill the massive holes in Ukraine’s budget if it became an EU member, which would turn Eastern European net recipients of EU aid into donors, Warzecha expressed amazement over Polish politicians’ apparent willingness to be led along like sheep, “without a trace of reflection about the consequences for Poland, to immediately begin to support Ukraine’s admission, which would bring the greatest benefit for Germany.” Warzecha’s warning comes amid reports that EU leaders plan to green light talks for Ukraine’s accession into the European Union, and news that the bloc may be preparing to unfreeze €13 billion euros in monies owed to Hungary by Brussels over a “rule of law” dispute, in exchange for Hungarian support for Kiev. Budapest has called the blockage of funds attempted “blackmail.”

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I think the opposite is happening. Finally people are standing up against RINOs.

McCarthy Mutiny Reveals Cracks in Constellation of Pro-Trump Universe (RCW)

While lining up support for his bid for speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy made a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago, all but endorsed Donald Trump, and sat with congressional allies of the former president. The California Republican spoke admirably of Trump, who offered his blessing at the 11th hour earlier this year and who had even bestowed on him a not entirely negative nickname. But when the McCarthy mutiny began in earnest, Trump didn’t ride to the rescue of “My Kevin.” The larger pro-Trump constellation was split as the right flank ran McCarthy out of office: Some groups condemned the mutiny, at least one worked behind the scenes to pull it off, but most said nothing as the latest populist vacuum enveloped the Grand Old Party.

For his part, the former president only offered tepid support, writing in a social media post: “Why is it that Republicans are always fighting among themselves, why aren’t they fighting the Radical Left Democrats who are destroying our country?” The statement did nothing to quell passions, and it didn’t give Republicans on Capitol Hill any indication of what Trump preferred. Some insisted he was more candid in private. His conversations, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told Laura Ingraham on Fox News, “I’m going to keep to us, but I think I’m in pretty good stead with the former president.” Added the architect of the McCarthy mutiny, “You will see me on the campaign trail with him soon.” Just hours earlier, Gaetz filed a motion to vacate. With the unanimous support of Democrats and eight Republicans, it passed 216 to 210.

McCarthy became the first speaker removed from office. He lasted nine months. Even Stephen Miller had warned Republicans not to do this. Miller worked in the Trump White House as a senior advisor, and the founder of America First Legal remains close to the former president. His message to those mulling the mutiny: “I understand all the emotions that are playing out right now.” But Miller added during the interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, “For the love of God, we are losing this country, and we are losing it fast.” Miller and others stressed the most basic political reality: Republicans only control the House. With a slim majority, hardliners would “have to agree to spending levels you might not like, but to get the policy that you want.”

This kind of compromise was untenable for Russ Vought, a former White House colleague and ideological ally of Miller. It was Vought’s ultra-conservative Center for Renewing America that served as a nerve center for the foot soldiers of the first McCarthy mutiny. It was Vought who handed rank-and-file conservatives a strategy used to force McCarthy into making key concessions to become speaker. Less than 24 hours after the midterms failed to produce a wide majority for Republicans, he said that the hardline House Freedom Caucus “was made for this moment.” In the weeks that followed, CRA offered both parliamentary advice and public cover for the revolt.

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“What is ironic is to watch Amanpour and Clinton denounce the right for reckless rhetoric and anti-democratic sentiments as they voice voice intolerant and inflammatory views.”

Deprogramming the “Deplorables”: Hillary Clinton (Turley)

Hillary Clinton has caused another stir by suggesting that the millions of Trump supporters may require a “formal deprogramming” in a CNN interview. It was a moment clearly enjoyed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, who previously suggested that the FBI should have stopped Trump from making certain campaign statements. Even former FBI Director James Comey balked at Amanpour’s suggested censorship. Now, Amanpour has clearly found a kindred spirit. My concern over the comment is less whether Hillary Clinton is serious. (I really do not know). I am more concerned by the continued reckless rhetoric from national leaders. I previously objected to other comments by Trump. Yet, the media rarely applies the same level of scrutiny to such comments or personal attacks from figures on the left.

Discussing the recent vacating of the position of the Speaker by all of the Democrats and eight Republicans, Clinton said that Democrats had to groom selected Republicans while treating the rest as sick cultists: “[S]adly, so many of those extremists, those MAGA extremists take their marching orders from Donald Trump, who has no credibility left by any measure. He’s only in it for himself. He’s now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions. And when do they break with him? Because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen.” It appears that the “basket of deplorables” are now a cabal of cultists due to “emotional, psychological needs and desires.”

Amanpour was clearly bemused by the suggestion, but the combination of the two is chilling for those of us concerned about free speech in this age of rage. Many countries have historically treated dissenters as mentally ill or requiring reeducation. The media has long embraced the need to educate the public to accept its views. Former President Barack Obama joined a number of journalists in discussing how to reeducate the public. Obama denounced “anger-based journalism while promoting an advocacy-journalism model in which the media shape the news for citizens who supposedly need help to properly frame ideas. The fact that Amanpour elicited these comments only magnified the unease over the underlying intolerance for opposing viewpoints. In an interview with James Comey, Amanpour pressed Comey on why the FBI did not “shut down” President Donald Trump’s “hate speech” during the 2016 presidential election.

Comey correctly pushed back on Amanpour by noting that she was suggesting something grossly improper and unconstitutional: “That’s not a role for government to play. The beauty of this country is people can say what they want even if it’s misleading and it’s demagoguery.” Neither CNN nor Amanpour ever addressed a CNN host suggesting the use of the FBI to shutdown political debate. Now, however, Amanpour has found a leader who is willing to treat political opponents as sick cultists. The sense of smug superiority is precisely why Hillary remains one of the least popular political figures in America. What is ironic is to watch Amanpour and Clinton denounce the right for reckless rhetoric and anti-democratic sentiments as they voice voice intolerant and inflammatory views.

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Back to the plea deal the judge laughed out of court.

Hunter Biden Claims Immunity, Seeks Dismissal of Federal Gun Charges (Sp.)

Hunter Biden, the businessman son of US President Joe Biden, has pleaded not guilty to federal gun charges, telling the judge he would seek their dismissal due to an earlier plea agreement. The charges allege Biden lied to the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) by claiming he had no addiction, when he was actually struggling with a cocaine habit. Biden faces a maximum of 25 years in prison if convicted on all three charges. According to a Thursday filing in a Delaware US District Court, Biden’s lawyers argued that a July plea deal or “diversion agreement that both parties signed remains in force, and he will seek to dismiss the indictment against him pursuant to the immunity provisions of that agreement.”

Officials further argue that special counsel David Weiss was only “permitted to bring” one charge against Biden: the misdemeanor tax charges that have already been dismissed as a consequence of the collapse of the plea deal.
“If the special counsel no longer wishes to pursue that charge, it has the right to do that,” Biden’s lawyers wrote. According to that deal, Biden would have pleaded guilty to two tax misdemeanors and entered a diversion program on the gun charge, in which he would have performed community service and accepted other limitations, such as a curfew, for a duration of time. It would also have given him broad immunity from further charges.

After two years of probation, the deal would have expunged Biden’s record. However, Weiss argued in another filing on Wednesday that the “proposed diversion agreement” hadn’t been signed by a court official, so “it did not enter into effect.” Pre-trial motions are set for November 3, although it’s unclear when Biden’s next court appearance will be booked. The trial has begun amid a congressional impeachment investigation focused in part on the relationship between President Biden and Hunter Biden’s business life and suspicions about unethical behavior. No charges have been recommended in the probe thus far.

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A nothingburger the size of a submarine.

Trump Accused of Leaking Submarine Secrets (RT)

Former US President Donald Trump has reportedly been accused of discussing sensitive information about the nation’s nuclear submarines while chatting with an Australian businessman at his Mar-a-Lago country club in Florida. The conversation with billionaire Anthony Pratt occurred in April 2021, three months after Trump left office, and it allegedly included references to how many warheads US submarines carry and how close they can get to a Russian vessel without being detected, ABC News reported on Thursday. Pratt, who runs packaging company Pratt Industries, allegedly shared the information with more than a dozen Australian officials, as well as journalists and some of his employees, the outlet said, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter.

ABC conceded that it’s not clear whether Trump’s comments about US submarines were accurate; nor did the outlet’s anonymous sources specifically claim that the information was classified. However, US prosecutors and FBI agents have interviewed Pratt at least twice this year about his conversation with Trump, and investigators urged the businessman not to spread the information any further because it was potentially sensitive. The allegations were reported to US special counsel Jack Smith’s team of investigators. Smith is prosecuting Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents and has filed a separate indictment against the ex-president for trying to overturn his defeat in the 2020 election. The indictment on handling of classified documents didn’t include any allegations related to Trump’s conversation with Pratt.

Earlier this year, CNN aired a recording of Trump allegedly discussing US military secrets at his New Jersey country club. The outlet also reported in May that Trump had admitted to retaining a classified document detailing the US military’s plans for a potential attack on Iran. Pratt, a Mar-a-Lago member, told investigators that he was trying to make conversation with Trump when he brought up US nuclear submarines. The billionaire suggested that Australia should start buying its submarines from the US. Trump responded by making claims about the capabilities of the US vessels. Pratt added that Trump didn’t show him any government documents.

The conversation came at a time when Australia was negotiating with President Joe Biden’s administration to buy US nuclear-powered submarines. The deal was completed earlier this year, with Australia agreeing to purchase three of the subs. Pratt said he told others about the conversation with Trump to show how he was advocating for Australia’s interests in the US. A Trump spokesperson denied any wrongdoing on the former president’s part, ABC reported. The accusations concerning the conversation with Pratt lack “proper context and relevant information,” the spokesperson said.

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    Fra Filippo Lippi The Virgin Mary 1450-65   • Biden Calls for More War, Putin Calls for Peaceful World (SCF Op-ed) • And So It Begins… The Great
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 7 2023]

    V. Arnold

    Fra Filippo Lippi The Virgin Mary 1450-65

    Awesome…and 1450 no less……….


    Vigilant Fox.

    Pfizer’s COVID “vaccine” approved for emergency use was not the same one injected into billions of arms.

    They had a “trial within a trial.”

    What Pfizer discovered but didn’t tell you is unforgivable. And they injected people with it anyway.



    Fra Filippo Lippi The Virgin Mary 1450-65 Awesome…and 1450 no less……….

    Click on pic to discover that the painting is Madonna and Child. Someone removed the child.


    Enemies of the state need to be deprogrammed.
    (Both political parties. The right hand washes the left hand and vice versa. Pot calling the kettle black.)

    Comes the Dancing Skeleton

    Comes the Dancing Skeleton

    Deprogramming “Deplorables”: Clinton Raises Need for “Formal Deprogramming” of Trump Supporters

    • Deprogramming the “Deplorables”: Hillary Clinton (Turley)

    (Is there a push to have Hillary run for the democratic nomination?)

    Peace leads to the “fall of the Ukraine, (Volodymyr Zelenski), regime.”
    The Ukrainian people who want to join NATO, and the European Union, must immigrate from Ukraine to escape hunger, cold, misery, and death by Volodymyr Zelenski.

    • Backing Ukraine, (Volodymyr Zelenski), Bid for EU Membership Simply Suicidal – Polish Journo (Sp.)

    Buyer beware!
    The seller only wants your money!


    @ D Benton Smith

    I was referring to the process of being able to post a comment.
    Not the content of the comments.

    Here’s a goodie.

    The first few minutes would make the hair stand up on the necks of anyone who took the death vaxx.



    The originator of the procedure, Portuguese neurologist António Egas Moniz, shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine of 1949 for the “discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses”,[n 1] although the awarding of the prize has been subject to controversy.[5]

    Read the wikipedia page on lobotomy and you soon realise that the doctors did not give a fuck about their patients, and this was 1949. Fortunately it only lasted a decade, solving mental problems by scrambling and effectively disabling the brain, so that the person had way more problems, loads more problems, but the doctors could claim they had cured the original psychological problem. Very similar to cutting of a patient’s head because they were complaining of a headache, and this was only 70 years ago, so I wonder whether any lobotomised patients are still alive.

    More evidence that medicine is not about health or wellbeing, they are basically monsters looking for a victim and the money that comes with that victim.


    Dr. D

    “Mayorkas Furiously Backpedals After Claiming ‘Acute & Immediate Need’ For Border Wall

    We say all things, and their opposite. We both want the thing, and believe it its opposite. We both recommend the thing, and its opposite. We do all things, and their opposite. That’s #Logic!

    “Biden Defends Use Of Pre-Allocated Funds For Extending Texas Border Wall

    Yes, we both DO, and NOT do.

    “”They Took My Sushi”: Lawmakers Sleeping In US Capitol Due To ‘Very Dangerous’ Crime Wave

    Speaking of #Logic, THEY are the only ones harmed by this. THEY have $1 Trillion a month budget printed form thin air. So THEY…harm…themselves? By actively passing laws that harm…themselves?

    YES! !!!!!!!!!!!! Now you know why you don’t want them running anything else in the nation.

    “Portland Residents Told Not To Call Police For Help

    …Or if you’re a Congressmen, don’t call the police in D.C. either.

    “Watch: Left-Wing College Kids Demand More War Funding Even as Polls Confirm ‘Ukraine Fatigue’

    Yes, the kids are marching and protesting FOR war these days. …Truly the inheritors of Civil Rights Movement. Pro War = Anti War.

    “Not The Onion: Bernie Sanders’ Staffers Have Left-Wing Antiwar Activists Arrested Outside Office”

    So. Proud. There’s only one crime: AntiWar. Only one enemy: The Truth.

    “Unsustainable Business”: Lucid Loses $338,000 Per Vehicle as Tesla Price War Heats Up”

    But they make it up on the volume. …And yet nothing happens. Next year they’ll lose $600,000/car and everyone will be twice as happy.

    Ukraine Weapons. Note in 2022, it was the “Reality Check” team.

    I see that with all the postings now in Twitter and video form, having a √ √ √ form. I immediately assume they must be false and have to check myself. Sadly it doesn’t mean they HAVE to be false. That would be too easy. So I can understand the other side who immediately assumes they are true. We’re having the same reaction.

    “Already European NATO members are becoming leery and reluctant about the endless financial largesse doled out”

    Again, your money means nothing to me. They can’t stop with the “money” being the thing. Its far worse than when all you have is a printing press everything looks like a toner. It’s a deep, foundational poverty of mind and spirit. Ritter was saying this, in meetings he’s aware of, they say, “Just throw the Africans some money, the problems will all go away.” “Got problems, just pay those silly Asians,” etc. No. It won’t. And everyone EXCEPT us understands this. Things like having “Ammunition” which seems to be too complicated for them. The “Financial” doling is what is LOSING Ukraine. You’re “doling” rather than manufacturing cordite and brass tubes and moving them on new railroads with new engines and drilling holes with “oil” in them.

    “European militaries are also complaining they don’t have any more weapons to give to Ukraine, their arsenals having been depleted by reckless donations”

    Pasta is doing Dore, but I have point that Kurt Metzger is unbelievably smart and getting smarter. He not only has a way of saying things shortly and sharply, to the point, always comedic, but of invariably pointing his spotlight of attention on just the right location 90% of the time. It’s supernatural.

    Anyway, on this he said, “sure the nations of Europe are so scared Russia is going to invade that they gave away all their weapons. And are not making more. Because they’re just certain Russia is coming for them.”

    He and Pasta also went ballistic, much more than I do, over their constant, “We care about Ukraine so much that we consider killing 500,000 of them and zero of us, perfectly cheap! Who’s with me, amirite?” And Matzger, reaching super levels, pointing out that the recent quote about winning Ukraine “on the cheap” (German woman, I think), she says “The West” and “We” have lost nobody. …Um, so, you’re saying all Ukrainians are “Them”. Not “Us.” Specifically. So there’s no “We” here. You, the West, are killing all of “Them” the other, expendable people, and consider it no loss whatsoever, no problem at all.

    Maybe you should tell Ukraine this, you despicable cretins, that EVEN WHILE THEY FIGHT A WAR FOR YOU, you consider them as some “Other” who will never be “Us.”

    See how meta-meta the language is, nevertheless he’s completely correct, and the outrage over this … can only be seen as a racist genocide by the West, is fully justified.

    They are appalling, hateful racists, and get up on camera and tell you so every day. Then we applaud and defend, march even, pro war.

    Back to this story “The great unravelling of Western imperialist power is underway and is accelerating.”

    Yes, that means “America First” is winning. Unfortunately, in some ways.

    “There’s no situation when something can threaten the existence of the Russian state. No sane person would consider the use of nuclear weapons against Russia.”

    Yes, but they are insane. They are not serious people, none of them. Even Johnny NASCAR is only half serious but he has 10x more common sense than the rest of the country. Example: this week’s scandal, Code Pink, arrested by Bernie Sanders. Yes, W. T. F ???

    Okay, so who goes out and helps them? Marjorie Taylor Green, MTG. According to them, woman Hitler. Even SHE is trying to stop a genocidal war. Okay, so she stops what she’s doing, goes out, does a tweet, a photo-op with them. …So there is support to GET THINGS DONE in Congress. All Code Pink has to do is GET VOTES. Here’s a vote. Problem solved.

    No. Of course not. So Code Pink Central office (Soros org) then DISAVOWS the event BECAUSE THEY GOT A VOTE in Congress. If that vote is MTG. And they’re saying SHE did it just to boost herself. Who WHO??? Her constituents want to see her palling around and allying with the Radical far-left because they’re such swell guys? That’s IR-Logic. So SHE is even willing to have a coalition — any coalition — to get things done, but SHE is the hateful bigoted one? So Code Pink would rather have the war, — That ends the Ukrainian people, and all life on earth – than to ACCEPT THE VOTES of somebody they don’t like. WHILE MTG does the opposite, and ends the war FOR them, over their objections.

    Talk about the 8th grade girl’s table!

    So here we have MAJOR PLAYERS, from both coasts, the MAJOR ACTORS in America, congress, President, PACs, Parties, would RATHER HAVE A NUCLEAR WAR than to talk to someone they don’t like. Who isn’t identical to them in every way. #Diversity and #Inclusion.

    You see, it’s all not real to them. It’s all abstract. And Kurt was going apoplectic about “this generation” who only thinks in terms of “my brand” and “the optics” of things DISPLACING even the concept of getting anything done. We don’t care about the REAL thing, in fact we hate it. We only care about the FAKE thing, the signal, discussion, perception, etc.

    It’s really gone quite mad.

    Back to Escobar and Putin, What sane person would push a war on a nuclear power, by BOMBING MOSCOW? They are all insane. Literally, definitionally insane. And child-like. What are you supposed to do? Shoot these child soldiers who took some bad acid?

    ““The fanning of tensions and escalation will lead to a situation where they [Russia] will take the red button and put it on the table,” Lukashenko said

    This is good in that the military – which CAN understand this – can remove Congress, etc. There is every solid justification, from every side, including legally (see Brunson). BUT! …But they need the PEOPLE to be aware of it. And they’re not, and can’t, they are infants. So that’s a problem. Other than that, we’re good, all systems go on removing, ending empire, and re-domesticating in multi-polar America First, with the ensuing prosperity.

    “Allegations of rampant corruption in Ukraine are a “Russian narrative”

    Yup, that darn NY Times, always a Putin-Puppet. Years and years.

    “The process is merit-based,” the EU Commission head explained. “There are clear rules, there are milestones that have to be achieved.”

    Really? ??????????????????????

    Because I seem to remember even DAY ONE, on the FOUNDATION of the EU, 100% of all members Lied, Lied, Lied. Greece and Italy specifically paid a billion each to Goldman Sachs to Lie, Lie, Lie about their budgets and ratios to gain entrance, Spain and Portugal almost certainly did too, and all the Northern countries Lied, Lied, Lied as they all knew perfectly well it was a lie and went along with it. The EU has been nothing but lies since shoot, they took out Thatcher or something. Long before 2001.

    You have no Rules. There are no Milestones. You’ve made everything up, and have no law and no principles. As seen every day since then as well.

    “While the document reiterated the bloc’s readiness to “continue to support Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes,”

    Really? So “Support” “In your mind” with a stiff golf clap, but no weapons, tanks, men? …So really you meant to say, “Continue NOT to support Ukraine” at all.

    Support = Support = Not Support. All things, their Opposites! Arrrrrrgggg!!

    “Hillary Clinton has caused another stir by suggesting that the millions of Trump supporters may require a “formal deprogramming”

    Wasn’t going to mention, but looking at the article, what’s the difference? We always thought the other side was wrong or in a cult, etc. …The DIFFERENCE, was that we used to try to WIN them, to convince them, to obtain them. Using argument and reason. The DIFFERENCE, is that that never even OCCURS to Hillary or her similars. There is ONLY force. We FORCE them to change. We use FORCE to harm them. FORCE, that is, VIOLENCE, is First, Last, and Only.

    That’s the difference, and it’s a important one.

    “ABC conceded that it’s not clear whether Trump’s comments about US submarines were accurate; nor did the outlet’s anonymous sources specifically claim that the information was classified.”

    So…he may have committed a thing which probably isn’t a crime, or he may not have committed anything at all. Got it.

    He may be innocent or else innocent, but that means we have to arrest him immediately. …And this has become reason, not just to some, but a plurality. Following the “Mass Formation” professors, he said pretty firmly you cannot break people out of mass formation psychosis, you will be attacked. I didn’t follow the details, but also said “You need to keep speaking anyway” (that seems dangerous!) because it tends to limit them, and/or provide an off-ramp? That seems to be a contradiction, so I’d like to hear more.

    This matches this week’s fun in Sam and Maher exploding on camera where “Everything they said about Russiagate was a lie” but “It was still all true.” anyway. Yup. And among the weird, constantly-shifting arguments is “Mueller didn’t say he was innocent” which is of course flipping the world on its head. YOU START INNOCENT, and therefore if he DIDN’T charge, there was no crime…unless you propose Mueller was Putin-puppet and there WERE all kinds of crimes that weren’t charged. And the reason this seems normal is they indeed begin with the assumption Trump is guilty and work backward from there.

    This is PRECISELY the unalterable mindset, as I talk to them regularly, every day even, and this is precisely what I get. Sam and Bill are popular BECAUSE they are exact match for their mass audience. The two are one. I’m sure being on TV and being embarrassed in public about obvious objective facts (that there were no charges) will have no effect on them at all.

    Pfizer. So…yeah, the new vaccine wasn’t tested AT ALL. Not even a little bit, not even on 8 mice, and approved by the FDA. (and it’s for variants that don’t exist). The FDA said “well, we approved last time and it sorta seems the same, so…you’re good for it.” Like, sure we made a Polio vaccine, and a Rubella vaccine, and they’re sorta similar, so….

    Amazing. But more amazing, and Dore has the same reaction, is NOBODY CARES. Is “caring” a part of “love” and love is dead? Like we can definitely believe Pharma is lying. That’s what corporations do. We can definitely believe they bought the FDA and regulators. That’s what regulators do. We can definitely believe they got ahead, got a lot of press releases, PR, and snowed the population into believing this, that’s totally plausible and happens given enough push.

    …The part we can’t understand is, here we have them releasing all their own records and research, demonstrating they were snowed, it was all a lie, completely dangerous, and untested, that this is STILL relevant to your day and action, and NOBODY CARES. You don’t care you were screwed? You don’t care you were lied to? And these people are still trying to attack, harm, injure you?


    Like him, this is the part I can’t wrap my mind around yet.

    Tall ya, the Social Engineers remain ahead of me. I would not believe it. Yet they do it every day, killing millions. Maybe as many as sugared sodas, who knows?


    Let see if I understand the changes this morning.

    1. The USA is unable to help the neo-Nazi Ukrainian for 45 days
    2. The USA is unable to help the Israeli in their new “war footing” for 45 days.

    Peace will happen when the first side runs out of “bullets”



    Formerly T-Bear

    An image to haunt the conscious if one is there:


    This appeared on the web 19 February 2009 during the Zionist assault on Gaza under title: Cast Lead. The site originally presenting was:
    although another photo existed after the dirt was lovingly brushed from the face that had the look of annoyance for finding herself dead.

    No practicing Jew did this, no non-practicing Jew did this. A Zionist Thug, Thief, Terrorist DID this thing using Israel’s name, abusing the Jewish traditions of law. Do not be deceived by perpetrator’s denial, the photo is a fact of a tomorrow nevewr to come. Free Occupied Palestine – ALL of it – NOW.

    Stop the slaughter of Palestine and its people – NOW.

    Your opinion may differ and may show the state of your humanity.


    ? = 17
    9+6 = 15
    2+4+7 = 13
    1+3+5+2 = 11


    I didn’t spend much time on the math puzzle, but the first pattern that I saw emerge suggests the top number would be 17.

    On another note, one of my 17 year old sons noticed two days ago that the formula for the circumference of a circle is the derivative of the formula for the area of a circle. I was gobsmacked, as I had neither ever noticed it nor ever had it pointed out to me. I am so proud of my son, who has been accepted into the computer engineering program at ASU.

    I really struggle to understand the perspective of thinking people who take some sort of umbrella term for a group of others, say, “deplorables,” or “MAGA crowd,” or American “Indians,” or “wetbacks,” or “Jews,” and then ascribe the same thoughts and actions to all of the individuals therein and literally believe that this is an accurate representation of the individuals assigned to these groups. We *know* from life experience that this isn’t how human societies work. Our minds create these groupings because we humans are very good at pattern recognition and we have to group and arrange stimuli and concepts so that we are not overwhelmed by all of it. However, it is imperative that we understand that these groupings are not reality, they are models that we use to enable us to communicate with each other using language. For example, I am appalled by the oppression of the State of Israel towards the Palestinian people contained within the territory that Israel controls. Yes, the actions of the state apparatus can be correctly ascribed as “by the Jewish people who live in Israel” if we point out that the Israeli government is a flavor of a “democratic republic.” However, at the same time I am also aware of a subset of the Jewish population of Israel and around the globe who are horrified by the treatment of the Palestinians by the State of Israel, some of whom organize together to oppose this oppression. And, as most of us who comment here also live in Western-style democratic republics and/or have a lot of familiarity with them, we realize that, very often, the policies of such governments do not truthfully express the “will” of the majority of the voting populace of the country, as very sophisticated apparatuses tend to emerge in such countries so that a well-positioned minority lend out-sized influence over these nations’ government policies and actions. This suggests that many government actions and policies are NOT expressive of the views and preferences of a majority of those who live there.


    MSM has chosen to support the Israeli in their new “war footing”.
    The cries of the neo-Nazi Ukrainian will go unheard.

    Michael Reid

    I know very little of government other than what was taught in high school.

    Recently it seems clear that we are governed by the interests of the monied powers and not the interests of the people.


    From Larry Johnson about the Ukronazi lack of military medical facilities:

    “…..And those people who have been on the front line for a long time, even from our side, can see what is happening to the Ukrops in the near rear.

    This must be talked about, because this alone indicates that they lost this war.

    Another separate and large topic is military medicine.

    Today the Ukrainians almost officially admit that they evacuate less than a third of the wounded from the battlefield. These are mostly wounded that can get out of the fire on their own and get to the hospital. If an ordinary soldier was seriously wounded, then it is simply not possible for him to survive.

    For example, we know for sure that ordinary soldiers are taken for treatment in one of the nearby large hospitals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kurakhovo only with a bribe – just think about it – you have to pay so that the wounded soldier is urgently operated on by surgeons.

    Not only is there a catastrophic shortage of hospitals in the near zone, and, for example, the Ukrainians have no special medical units at all, but military medicine is also corrupt.

    Do you know what this means? …..even their own doctors don’t like them, let alone the generals.”

    How Bad is US intel on Ukraine? Intel Round Table wLarry Johnson & Ray McGovern

    Veracious Poet

    You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

    For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

    And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    Then they will deliver you up to tribulation (adversity, grief, heartache) and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.

    And then many will be offended (disturbed), will betray one another, and will hate one another.

    Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.

    And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

    For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman.

    And they shall not escape.


    Veracious Poet



    Isreal is the worlds number 1 gangster state. Body parts, sex slavery, child prostitution, gambling, drugs, cybercrime, pornography…what you want? What you need? Kidneys, a liver, eyeballs a 3 year old to fuck? Founded on stolen land, built with Rothschild money.. Fuck that Demonic shithole.


    US prosecutors and FBI agents have interviewed Pratt at least twice this year about his conversation with Trump, and investigators urged the businessman not to spread the information any further because it was potentially sensitive.

    So it is another FBI setup. I wonder what this guy did that enables the FBI to blackmail him into lying about Trump. The FBI are relentless in their desire to destroy the USA. They may think that they are doing some good, but in reality they are destroying the country where their children are going to spend their lives, and their children will be tainted as children of the traitors who destroyed the good times and brought on the age of poverty.

    I wonder what preparations Musk has made to ensure the survival of his family because it looks like the age of private ownership is coming to an end, first with Trump and you can be sure Musk will be next. I suspect the same has been threatened against this Pratt guy had similar threats and had a choice of lying about Trump or losing his business.


    What is ironic is to watch Amanpour and Clinton denounce the right for reckless rhetoric and anti-democratic sentiments as they voice voice intolerant and inflammatory views.

    Just two bitter should-have-been house wives cackling about the milkman. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be logical, they just love doing it anyway. Women really can get bitter when they don’t get their own way and these two are the bitterest.


    The American Military is inflicted with stage 4 cancer, much like the political structure and I would argue the economy as well.

    Most of the people at the top are among the least impressive I can remember is all the years I have served.

    When you look at the quality of people running western countries, it makes you wonder how inept the owners are. Given that the fish always rots from the head, it is hard to imagine just how unimpressive are the trust fund children are who are running this shit show. No wonder their advisors keep them out of the public eye, they would probably make Biden appear to be superman by comparison.

    Inheritance has to be part of the reason this has happened, the handing of enourmous wealth and power to the trust-fund children of a brilliant businessman and a bimbo; which aspects of each parent did the kids get and regardless, why would any sane person give a non-achiever such wealth and power?

    Humans are so good at fucking themselves up; we have it good then within 100 years we destroy the whole show and start again. Crazy.


    Dr D said

    Maybe you should tell Ukraine this, you despicable cretins, that EVEN WHILE THEY FIGHT A WAR FOR YOU, you consider them as some “Other” who will never be “Us.”

    But that would be like Israel saying

    Maybe you should tell the USA this, you despicable cretins, that EVEN WHILE THEY FIGHT A WAR FOR YOU, you consider them as some “Other” who will never be “Us.”

    Nothing changes.


    Climate traffic stopping protestors have their glued hands RIPPED OFF the pavement by cops restoring traffic.


    Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes [PSGWSP]

    Feel the Burn Babies, fell the burn!


    John Day

    @Oroboros: Not funny, really.
    They did not know that you should NEVER dare cops to hurt you.

    John Day

    Mr. Putin’s Birthday https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/mr-putins-birthday

    Vladimir Putin is 71 years old today, the youngest of three children of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and Maria Ivanovna Putina, though his oldest died in infancy, and his older brother died of malnutrition and disease during the siege of Leningrad in 1942, before Vladimir was born in 1952. His Grandfather-Putin had been a chef to both Lenin and Stalin.
    Military Summary had this report early this morning: Today We Will Find Out What Gift Putin Will Receive On His Birthday.

    Military Summary had this late on Mr. Putin’s birthday, Ukraine time. Lots of Russian strikes. The Russians Cut Main Roads On Kupiansk Direction.

    Gilbert Doctorow, Vladimir Putin on Russian nuclear doctrine: what was new in his Q&A at the Valdai Discussion Club?
    ​ Thursday, 5 October, was the high point in the 20th edition of the Valdai Discussion Club annual meeting when President Putin delivered a 30 minute address to the Plenary Session and then held a 3 hour long Q&A with the 140 invited guests.​..
    ..I also will focus on one of the many topics that were discussed in the Valdai event yesterday, namely the subject of Russia’s nuclear doctrine, which Putin clarified in a very important aspect for relations with the United States…
    ​..First, Russia will launch a nuclear attack against any country which, according to radar indications, has launched one or more missiles against Russia. The response will be instantaneous, said Putin. And those in power abroad understand perfectly well that Russia will be launching hundreds of missiles coming at them from all directions so that the end result will be their total destruction. There is no need for Russia to say or do more to make its deterrence respected.
    ​ Second, Russia will launch a nuclear attack against any country or countries that threaten its continued existence as a sovereign state, regardless of whether the threat posed is by nuclear arms or conventional arms. Since there is no such existential threat to Russia today, there is no reason to brandish nuclear arms.
    ​ There would be no news here if Vladimir Putin did not proceed to a further explanation of what changes in nuclear policy are now being prepared with respect to one of the few remaining set of “handrails” that were established in past decades to prevent an all-out nuclear arms race between the super powers: the test ban treaty.
    ​ As he explained, this treaty was concluded long ago between the United States and Russia. It was both signed and ratified by Russia. However, the United States only signed it and never ratified it. Now some in the Russian military are demanding that testing be restarted and the treaty becomes inconvenient. They want to conduct tests to be sure that new cutting-edge strategic weapons systems like the very heavy ICBM Sarmat or the global range Burevestnik cruise missile which Russia is about to make the mainstays of its nuclear missile forces actually will deliver the punch as intended. Moreover, Russia assumes that the very same question has been advanced in the United States by its armed forces, which are not de jure restrained by a treaty which the country did not ratify. For all of these reasons, Vladimir Putin is about to put before the Duma a bill to revoke Russia’s ratification of the test ban treaty. Washington was put on notice yesterday: we are on the cusp of an unrestrained nuclear arms race in which Russia presently has a vast lead in delivery systems.

    Vladimir Putin on Russian nuclear doctrine: what was new in his Q&A at the Valdai Discussion Club?

    ​Transcript and video from Russian Presidential Website: Valdai International Discussion Club meeting
    Vladimir Putin took part in the plenary session of the 20th anniversary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club.
    ​ “In the early 21st century, everybody hoped that states and peoples had learned the lessons of the expensive and destructive military and ideological confrontations of the previous century, saw their harmfulness and the fragility and interconnectedness of our planet, and understood that the global problems of humanity call for joint action and the search for collective solutions, while egotism, arrogance and disregard for real challenges would inevitably lead to a dead-end, just like the attempts by more powerful countries to force their opinions and interests onto everyone else. This should have become obvious to everyone. It should have, but it has not. It has not.”

    John Day

    ​ Putin Warns ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Klaus Schwab His ‘Days Are Numbered’
    ​ Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech on October 5 at the plenary session of the 20th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi and emphasized the tectonic and irreversible shifts taking place in the global order.
    ​ According to Putin, globalists including Schwab and his close advisors are “legitimate military targets” because they have been actively attempting to seize power illegally via a globalist coup d’etat.
    ​ Sixteen years ago, at the 2007 Munich Security Conference, Putin told Western leaders that the natural type of international system is multipolarity, clearly showing that Russia would oppose the creation of a New World Order based on the international liberal rules-based-order aggressively pushed by the globalist elite and their liberal politicians in Western democracies.

    Putin Warns ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Klaus Schwab His ‘Days Are Numbered’

    Palestinian Merkova

    John Day

    Palestinian Merkova

    John Day

    ​ This Military Summary 15 minute explanation of the actual battlefield operations and tactics employed by the PAlestinian forces of Hamas, against Israeli military forces in occupied Palestine (aka “Israel”) is very much like the reporting on the Ukrainian war, with locations, geo-located video, tactical explanation, and strategic considerations.
    This attack began before dawn this morning, 50 years and one day after the beginning of the 1973 Yom Kippur war, October 6, 1973. That war is credited as being the last time the US military engaged a formal reassessment of warfighting strategy and tactics. The Ukraine War has already prompted that move in the Army War College.
    The “Israelians” as analyst Dima refers to them, got caught sleeping, and many Israeli soldiers died in bed, or died in Merkova tanks, hit by FPV drones, and many were captured, including an Israeli General. At 5 AM the Palestinian commandos began blowing Israeli border barricades, walls and razor wire fences, while leapfrogging them with ultralight paramotor tandem aircraft, which crossed low and went deep. FPV drone strikes took out unprepared Israeli watchtowers, radar stations, buses, armored vehicles and troop concentrations. Many Israeli outposts, Merkova tanks, armored vehicles and at least two F-16 fighter planes were captured, with video of the F-16s being towed away on carrier platforms by large trucks. These will probably be analyzed by Iranian and Russian experts, Dima opines. (They will have to be transported to Lebanon, Syria or Iran first.)
    Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war, and declared that all Palestinian forces who have “entered Israel” will be killed. It is the call to “the final solution” he has so long craved, the complete genocide of the people of the land which European Zionists have stolen by military force, and called “the Jewish homeland”. This is being called “Israel’s Pearl Harbor”. How much was known? FDR knew the Japanese were sailing to attack Pearl Harbor, and got all the modern ships out 1-2 weeks ahead of December 7, 1941.
    Has Netanyahu gotten more than he bargained for? It is widely assumed that Israeli forces will slaughter Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank by the thousands. It is likely that they will take the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Islam’s third holiest site. Recent desecrations of that mosque are already a justification for today’s Palestinian commando offensive. To what degree will the Arab (and Persian) world stand and fight with Palestinians, against nuclear armed and US-backed “Israel”?

    From AlJazeera , Operation Al Aqsa Flood: Hamas launches major offensive against Israel

    From Zero Hedge, the taking of Israeli military and civilian, prisoners of war and hostages brings a different equation for the Israeli government and military to consider, prisoner-exchanges. There are lots of short video clips here, and extensive information.
    Israel’s “Pearl Harbor Moment”? Hundreds Dead, Horrifying Scenes Of Entire Families Kidnapped & Whisked Into Gaza

    ​Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis has a brief update:
    ​ It looks to me that the “Al Quds” forces of Iran have been activated to launch a campaign against Israel. These are highly trained and specialized forces which are created only for one purpose. Freeing Palestine from occupation. I will not value or comment on the political differences between the Arabs and the Jews/Israelis here. I try to stay neutral here. Maybe I will clarify in another article.
    ​ If my assumption is right, then what most likely happened, is the activation of the Quds forces overnight. They prepared the whole axis of resistance in the region. And they carried out the first raids against Israeli positions and bases to activate and motivate the common people to start the Jihad against Israel. These are only assumptions based on the pictured that I saw and the circumstances seen in them.
    ​ I have a very good imagination how a potential sequence of events could look like if this is actually the start of the resistance war by Iran. I have no idea, this is really, what is going on. We need to wait 48 hours and maybe everything will turn out different. But if this is the start… Well, things will turn out very ugly.

    John Day

    Patrick Lawrence: Depleted Ukrainium​ From October 5, and it already looks terribly outdated.​ US support for the Ukraine war had already fallen to something like 40%.

    Patrick Lawrence: Depleted Ukrainium

    Russian Leaflets Offer Ukrainians Escape From ‘Meat Grinder’

    ​From Eleni, who has significant respect for Jean Claude Juncker (who drowned his regrets in alcohol). Europe is bailing on this failed war, too.
    Ukraine ‘Corrupt at All Levels’, ‘Not Eligible’ to Join EU – Ex-Bloc Head

    ​Gilbert Doctorow’s piece about the political takedown of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy potentially ending funding for the Ukraine war, is differently illuminated today.
    Divine intervention and the end of the war in Ukraine

    ​ Ron Paul: Truth Is Our Greatest Weapon, The Empire Is Disintegrating
    ​ Dr. Ron Paul discusses what’s kept him in the fight for liberty so long. He is frightened by the rise of tyranny, but at the same time is motivated to do something about it. Technology allows us to be modern-day pamphleteers and spread the message far and wide, truth is our greatest weapon. The American Empire is bankrupt and disintegrating and that’s good! Globalism will fail and NATO will break up, just like the Soviet Union disappeared overnight. Personal liberty and limited government are of paramount importance.

    Ron Paul: Truth Is Our Greatest Weapon, The Empire Is Disintegrating

    John Day

    Sorry, you know this stuff…

    Paul Craig Roberts , The Police State Targets Trump and Trump Americans

    The Police State Targets Trump and Trump Americans

    FBI Creates ‘MAGA’ Extremist Category, Targets Trump Supporters Ahead Of 2024 Election

    Hillary Demands ‘Formal Deprogramming’ of MAGA ‘Cult Members’ – ‘We Need Extreme Measures’

    Hillary Demands ‘Formal Deprogramming’ of MAGA ‘Cult Members’ – ‘We Need Extreme Measures’

    H.R. Clinton : “[S]adly, so many of those extremists, those MAGA extremists take their marching orders from Donald Trump, who has no credibility left by any measure. He’s only in it for himself. He’s now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions. And when do they break with him? Because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen.”

    Deprogramming “Deplorables”: Clinton Raises Need for “Formal Deprogramming” of Trump Supporters

    John Day

    COVID Vaccines Damage ALL Hearts, Study Finds​ , Radiology Tests Detect Myocardial Damage in Covid-vaccinated persons

    ​ Dr. Ah Kahn Syed explains “PlasmidGate”: This is a long and detailed technical explanation, made as palatable as possible.
    By now I sincerely hope that you have all been watching the exposure of the #PlasmidGate scandal unfold on twitter and various other platforms. If you haven’t I’m going to summarise it for you as briefly I can:
    When Pfizer and Moderna said that they produced an “RNA vaccine” and that an “RNA vaccine” meant that anything they injected into you would have a short lived (days) effect at most, it was a lie.
    When the media, the regulators and the government said it “isn’t gene therapy” without knowing what was actually in the product, that was also a lie.
    The primary reason that this is now proven to be a lie is that multiple laboratories around the world have proven that those COVID vaccines contain therapeutic levels of plasmid DNA. DNA lasts for ever and if it integrates into your genome, you will produce its product forever. There is no definition of gene therapy anywhere in the world that this process would be excluded from…
    ​..It’s about the special properties of the contents of that DNA and the RNA that is made from it, combined with the RNA that accompanies it (the jabs have the stated RNA in them as well as the stowaway DNA).
    ​ You see, it turns out that there are at least 5 different mechanisms for that DNA-RNA-protein combination to take that DNA into the nucleus of your cells. And that wasn’t on the advertising brochure was it?
    1: The Lipid Nanoparticles …
    2: Linearised plasmid DNA …
    3: The SV40 enhancer …
    4. Spike protein nuclear localisation signal …
    5. Open Reading Frame in the PolyA tail …

    ​Door To Freedom : What Happened At The WHO This Week?

    What Happened at the WHO this week?

    New York activists protest UN Pandemic Treaty and Agenda 2023
    Listen to Kevin Barrett’s interview with Cat McGuire, one of the protest organizers

    ​Every Solar Maximum involves a reversal of the solar magnetic field, about every 12 years. This has now begun.
    Sun’s Magnetic Reversal Begins


    Duh’merica’s Ritual Humiliation No. 17

    He rubbing it in your faces



    Hillary Demands ‘Formal Deprogramming’

    If I were her body guard, I’d slit her throat


    John Day said

    @Oroboros: Not funny, really.
    They did not know that you should NEVER dare cops to hurt you.

    Although this is the lamest comment I have seen on TAE for a very long time, in a way John is right as the kids should have had their heads kicked in first for inconveniencing the people driving on the road. Then it would have been a lot funnier. There is no justice, so they were removed and then proceeded to act as if they had been badly hurt …. where was the blood? Why do they get to go free to do this again? Protesting is one thing, deliberately blocking a road to inconvenience your fellow voters is not legitimate protesting, it is childish attention seeking and reveals a lack of respect for your fellow voters.


    Our Fidel ‘tagged’ your Mom back in 1976




    Wait for the day, it’s coming like Winter is Coming, when someone’s kid or older parent is suddenly having a medical emergency and they are trying to get to the ER and the climatefucktardgreennazis are blocking the route glued to the road.


    the climatetards have an excuse



    Biden calls for more war….
    Putin asks- ‘Who even are you?’

    Joe Biden, Leader of the US Govt, leader of the Democratic party, leader of Liberals.
    Biden can hardly talk and barely walk.

    Leader of an obese, apathetic, brain dead nation of addicts, liars and hypocrites.
    Biden an avowed Zionist, a criminal, a creepy child sniffer.

    Biden has the audacity to force demand experimental injections on the enitre Nation, including children, to force lock citizens down, to label his own citizens as extremist terrorists, to claim he owns the truth and silence any critics.

    Biden is a disgusting scum sub human piece of trash. The fact that this pos is still in office and in a position of leadership, that his military and judicial system still honor him, politicians still support him- tells me this Nation has completey failed.

    That is who he is and who we Americans are. Dispicable cowards…all of us.

    Second wannabe in command- Vile cunt of the universe- H.R.C.

    Because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen

    At some point, the justified deprogramming should be a bayonet rammed up her disgusting ass- the same ass that her pedophile ex-President husband does not even want. Another vile sub human creature who wanted to be President next to her scumbag ex-pres husband.

    These are vile, criminal, unethical scum, Leading the Nation and their political parties. The citizens of this nation, a failed state, will never lift a pinky do to anything towards building a better Nation. Nothing, nada, zip will be done to throw these scum out of office and take corrective action.

    That is who we are. A Nation of cowards and liars.

    The Zionist concentration camp has finally revolted- again. At least they have the courage, balls and tenacity to stand up and fight back.

    Happy Birthday Vlad !


    Fake climate activists vs Real Climate Activists


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