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Gov. Abbott Tells Tucker He’s Not Backing Down (ZH)
US Border Patrol Has ‘No Plans’ To Remove Razor Wire Installed By Texas (RT)
Texas Is A Distraction: US Elites Will Keep The Border Wide Open (Cox)
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Kremlin Denies Claims Russia Ready to Agree to Ukraine Non-Neutral Status (Sp.)
How Yemen’s ‘Asabiyya’ Is Reshaping Geopolitics (Pepe Escobar)
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It May be Genocide, But it Won’t Be Stopped (Chris Hedges)
EU Commission Chief Hopes For ‘Consensus’ With Protesting Farmers (RT)
UK Needs Bigger Military – US Navy Chief (RT)
Michelle, Ma Belle (Kunstler)










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Abbott may be starting something real. There’s a large truck convoy on its way to Texas.

Gov. Abbott Tells Tucker He’s Not Backing Down (ZH)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke with Tucker Carlson on Friday, telling him that he’s going to “do as much as possible to put up more border barriers and deny illegal entry,” and that “our head is down we are working regardless of what the Biden Administration is doing.” Abbott told Carlson that he’s “prepared” in the event that Biden tries to take over the Texas National Guard. “That would be a boneheaded move on his part, a total disaster,” he said. “We are prepared, in the event that that unlikely event does occur.” “We do have other armed state employees on the border as we speak right this minute, and that’s the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as other law enforcement officers, as well as national Guard from other states. And you can be assured there will be more national Guard from other states and more law enforcement officers within the state of Texas and other states.”

Ten retired FBI officials and experts in counterintelligence sent a letter to Congressional leaders warning that the Biden administration’s policies have facilitated a “soft invasion” of military-age men into the United States from terror-linked areas of the world. The letter, written on Jan. 17, before Texas Gov. Greg Abbott invoked the invasion clause of the US Constitution, suggests that a terrorist attack is likely imminent. “The threat we call out today is new and unfamiliar. In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland, and, yet, one is unfolding now,” the letter reads. “Military age men from across the globe, many from countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands – not by splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane bur rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted.”

“It would be difficult to overstate the danger represented by the presence inside our borders of what is comparatively a multi division army of young single adult males from hostile nations and regions whose background, intent, or allegiance is completely unknown. They include individuals encountered by border officials and then possibly released into the country, along with the shockingly high estimate of ‘gotaways,’ meaning those who have entered and evaded apprehension,” the letter continues. Of the more than 10 million illegal border crossers who have entered the US since Biden took office, more than 1.7 million are “gotaways” – those who have illegally entered and evaded capture since Biden has been in office. The majority of these are reportedly military age men.

“In light of such a daunting, unprecedented penetration by uninvited foreign actors, it is reasonable to assert that the country possesses dramatically diminished national security at this time. The nation’s military and laws and other natural protective barriers that have provided traditional security in the past have been thoroughly circumvented over the past three years,” the former FBI officials wrote. The letter calls on Congress to secure the border “against these young men and those already here illegally must be identified and removed without delay.” Earlier this week, Abbott invoked Texas’ right to self-defense, deeming the migrant crisis an ‘invasion.’ In response, a coalition of 25 Republican governors have signed a letter in support of the Texas resistance.

Open borders

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Doesn’t make Biden look strong.

US Border Patrol Has ‘No Plans’ To Remove Razor Wire Installed By Texas (RT)

Federal agents are not planning to dismantle the razor wire installed by Texas on a portion of the US-Mexico border, Fox News has reported, citing a senior Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official. The news comes as the deadline set by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for Texas to “remove any and all obstructions” to access into Shelby Park in Eagle Pass expires on Friday. “Bottom line: Border Patrol has no plans to remove infrastructure (c-wire) placed by Texas along the border,” the official said. “Our posture remains the same. If we need to access an area for emergency response, we will do so. When that happens, we will coordinate with Texas DPS [Department of Public Safety] & TMD [Texas Military Department].”

The tensions between the White House and Texas over immigration intensified on Monday when the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government can take down the concertina wire erected by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to stop illegal border crossings. Abbott is accusing President Joe Biden of refusing to enforce immigration law and has described the surge of migrants attempting to cross the border as an “invasion.” “Texas will continue to exercise its constitutional right to protect and defend our southern border,” Abbott wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday. “In President Biden’s absence, we will hold the line to keep Texans – and Americans – safe.”

In an open letter published on Thursday, 25 Republican governors backed Abbott saying that the federal government had “attacked and sued Texas for stepping up to protect American citizens from historic levels of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists entering our country.” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre described Abbott’s actions as a “political stunt,” and accused him of creating “a dangerous situation” at the border. The governor is preventing Border Patrol from doing what “they need to save lives,” she told reporters this week.

Truckers border

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“..nearly two-thirds of US voters – including 55% of Democrats – agree that the country is under invasion.”

Texas Is A Distraction: US Elites Will Keep The Border Wide Open (Cox)

Many of the beleaguered Americans who have watched their country be overrun for decades by never-ending streams of illegal aliens were cheered up by the latest salvo in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s border-security feud with US President Joe Biden. It’s easy to see why. Watching the Biden administration wave in record flows of lawless migrants – with total disregard for the harms caused to American citizens – is painful, so seeing Abbott defy the federal government is soothing. Two days after the US Supreme Court upheld the federal government’s right to dismantle border barriers installed by Texas National Guard soldiers, the governor declared on Wednesday that the state’s right to self-defense “supersedes” all federal laws, so he will continue fighting the “invasion.”

The Republican governor insisted that because the Biden administration shirked its constitutional duty to defend US states against foreign invaders, Texas is filling the void to protect its own citizens. Therefore, the state troops will keep working to block the immigrant influx, regardless of what the Supreme Court says. Republican politicians – such as US Representatives Clay Higgins and Chip Roy, Senator Ted Cruz, and Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders – cheered on Abbott’s move. Former President Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate to face Biden in this year’s presidential election, said Texas “must be given full support to repel the invasion.” He encouraged other governors to deploy their National Guard troops to help secure the border.

Sadly, the importation of millions of illegal aliens will continue to be forced on Americans, regardless of political stunts and regardless of whether the red team or the blue team is in charge. The trend has certainly gotten far worse under Biden, but Republicans have campaigned on the immigration issue for decades without taking the obvious steps needed to secure the border. Case in point: Republicans controlled both houses of Congress when Trump took office in 2017, but the border wall that he promised was never built. There were no mass deportations of illegal aliens. Nor were there mass arrests of the traitorous employers who enable the influx by hiring people who can’t legally work in the US. Taxpayers were forced to continue footing the bill, as always.

That’s the ruling-class expectation for law-abiding citizens: Work hard and shut up while paying for us to undercut your wages and make your communities more crowded and less safe. Those who whimper too loudly are branded with the scarlet R-word (racist).That same ruling class will make sure that Abbott’s border maneuverings have no significant effect. The Biden administration has fought much harder to block the state’s security measures than to police the border. Despite claiming that it doesn’t have enough border agents to secure the border, the administration had plenty of manpower to rip out the concertina wire that Texas troops were using to seal off high-traffic crossing points. When Texas put floating barriers in the Rio Grande River, the administration sued the state, claiming that Abbott was endangering migrants.

The Texas National Guard has seized control of a park at a key crossing point, but Biden can simply federalize those troops to get his way, as some Democrat politicians have already suggested. He wants to ensure that Border Patrol agents can do their important work of removing the state barriers to avoid inconveniencing the immigrants who flout US law. Biden has greased the invasion skids like no president before him. Nearly 2.48 million illegal aliens were encountered by Border Patrol agents in the government’s latest fiscal year, which ended on September 30, and there was an all-time high of more than 300,000 last month alone.

Those who are ‘encountered’ aren’t turned back. The administration has released millions of illegal immigrants and bogus ‘asylum seekers’ into the country, ostensibly to await court hearings. Those hearings won’t happen for years, or even decades, and many immigrants will simply skip them when their court date finally arrives. Millions more have come through the border as ‘gotaways’, without being ‘processed’ by the Border Patrol.

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“..citizenship cannot exist in a country without borders. Such a country belongs to whoever walks in.”

The Death of Nationality (Paul Craig Roberts)

Ethnicity is the basis of countries. Germany consisted of Germanic people, the German language, and German culture. The same for France. The same for England. The same for the Dutch. The same for Spain. The same for Italy. The US was the exception. The original English population became multi-European. But a process was in place to assimilate them, and they became American. This tried and true process was abandoned in 1965 when the gates were opened to large scale non-European immigration. Shortly thereafter, the flood of illegal immigration joined the infusions of alien populations into the US. With the ethnic basis of America in decline, multiculturalism became the new value and took the place of assimilation.

Today the America of the past and the former ethnic-based European countries would be called apartheid states. Israel is allowed to have one, but no one else. The death of Western nationalities is everywhere to be seen. A new sign is the death of national armies. The Biden regime, having driven white heterosexual males from military service by discriminating against them, now speaks of inducting immigrant-invaders in exchange for citizenship. So is Germany. France, Denmark, and Slovakia already permit foreigners who are not citizens to serve in their armies. In effect, this is reliance on mercenaries and raises questions of security, motivation, and loyalty. It also raises the question of identity. What meaning does a flag have in a Tower of Babel?

A nation is more than a geographical location. `A nation exists where there is an ethnic or racial basis for unity despite class differences. This idea is so far gone in California that the state has passed a law that permits non-citizen immigrant-invaders to serve as police officers, leaving us with the anomaly of non-citizens arresting citizens. As it is the practice of the Biden regime to issue work permits to illegals, immigrant-invaders are qualified to be police officers in California. Compare this with the Biden Justice (sic) Department’s challenge to the Texas law that permits Texas police officers who are citizens to arrest and deport illegal aliens. What the comparison reveals is that citizenship no longer has any meaning. Indeed, citizenship cannot exist in a country without borders. Such a country belongs to whoever walks in. What does it mean to have a flag and a national anthem when there is no nation? What is the meaning of “national defense” when anyone can walk in?

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“Ms. Habba, you are on the verge of spending some time in the lockout,” replied the judge, cutting her off. “Now sit down.” “Fuck it,” Habba muttered upon sitting down..”

Trump Rages At $83M Damages In -Second- Carroll Defamation Case (ZH)

Trump-@ejeancarroll verdict says Carroll proved more than nominal defamation by Trump. So Trump has to pay:
$7.3 million for compensatory damages.
$11 million for reputation repair.
$65 million in punitive damages.
Total: $83.3 million.

Carroll accused Trump of having sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s at a Bergdorf Goodman department store dressing room in Manhattan. While the alleged attack happened decades ago, Carroll sued under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which allows victims to sue for civil damages beyond the statute of limitations. “I am filing this on behalf of every woman who has ever been harassed, assaulted, silenced, or spoken up only to be shamed, fired, ridiculed and belittled,” Carrol said last year. Notably, the judge in the case (Kaplan), forbade Trump or his attorneys from arguing that he didn’t sexually assault Carroll. The judge reminded the jury to accept the earlier trial’s verdict. When he noted the trial established Trump “inserted his finger into her vagina,” the former president reportedly jolted from his seat and wore an expression of disgust.

Trump said on the witness stand that he denied Carroll’s claims because he “wanted to defend myself,” which the judge told the jury to ignore. In closing arguments for Carroll Friday morning, her attorney argued that Trump acted as if he was above the law by lying, saying that the former president “ignored the other jury verdict as if it never happened,” and even repeated the claims at a press conference during the second trial. “Donald Trump engaged in the very same defamation after the trial,” attorney Roberta Kaplan (no relation) said. Trump then stood up, buttoned his suit jacket, and stormed out of the courtroom. After Trump stormed out, Judge Kaplan briefly interrupted the closing argument and said: “The record will reflect that Mr. Trump just rose and walked out of the courtroom.”

Prior to Friday’s closing arguments, Trump attorney Alina Habba became frustrated after the judge forbade her from including examples of tweets not entered into evidence during the trial. “No. No. Your honor, I have been—” Habba began to say. “Ms. Habba, you are on the verge of spending some time in the lockout,” replied the judge, cutting her off. “Now sit down.” “Fuck it,” Habba muttered upon sitting down. The jury reached its decision after slightly less than three hours of deliberations. “My advice to you is that you never disclose that you were on this jury,” the judge said, per Politico. Carroll’s attorney also Friday asked the jury to order Trump to pay at least $24 million in damages, according to multiple outlets; so $83 million is a huge victory for virtue. Add that to the $5 million Carroll was awarded in her 2023 case against Trump. Trump raged against the result on his social media site TruthSocial, calling it “absolutely ridiculous.” “I fully disagree with both verdicts, and will be appealing this whole Biden Directed Witch Hunt focused on me and the Republican Party,” he said.


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“McConnell is said to have described the ex-president as the Republican “nominee” in the 2024 presidential election, explaining that Trump wanted to run on the issue of the border crisis..”

Trump Derailing Ukraine Aid Package – WaPo (RT)

Former US President and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is undermining Republican efforts to strike a border deal with Democrats that will pave the way for more funding from Washington to Ukraine, The Washington Post reported on Thursday. The administration of US President Joe Biden has for weeks been asking Congress to approve a supplemental budget request which includes another $60 billion for Kiev. The Republicans have been blocking the package, demanding the White House to do more to address security on the US-Mexico border. The GOP and Democrats have been trying to resolve the impasse, with the potential border deal reportedly revolving around measures to make it harder for migrants to seek asylum and a mechanism to essentially close the frontier when the number of arrivals is extremely high.

However, according to WaPo sources, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged in a closed-door meeting on Wednesday that Trump’s opposition to the deal complicates its future. McConnell is said to have described the ex-president as the Republican “nominee” in the 2024 presidential election, explaining that Trump wanted to run on the issue of the border crisis. Trump has publicly been critical of Washington’s efforts to fund Ukraine and has slammed the border deal, warning fellow party members that it “would be another gift to the radical left Democrats.” The agreement, he noted, “will be meaningless in terms of border security,” adding that Americans could change the situation only by voting for him.

Commenting on new concerns, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy suggested that Republicans will “make a decision in the next 24 hours as to whether they actually want to get something done or whether they want to leave the border a mess for political reasons.” He went on to warn if the GOP rejects the deal, Moscow will prevail in the Ukraine conflict, putting Europe at risk. Delays in Western aid to Ukraine have stoked fears among its backers that Kiev will now have a much harder time fighting Russia. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has warned that Kiev’s military “will move backward” without Western support while the country’s Defense Minister Rustem Umerov has described ammo shortages as “a very real and pressing problem.” Russia has repeatedly condemned Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, warning that they would only prolong the conflict without changing its outcome. It has also argued that the West’s support for the Kiev regime makes it a direct participant in the hostilities.

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“..it seems Derkach is right to say that anyone who talks about Biden’s corruption in Ukraine is in danger of being physically removed..”

Hunter and The Hunted (RT)

”On January 19, 2022, US Secretary of State Mr Blinken arrived in Ukraine to meet with Zelensky. Quite a lot of people attended this meeting – at least 14 people. At the meeting, Mr Blinken told Zelensky the following: ‘You urgently need to resolve the issue with Derkach’. Zelensky began talking about some people from the opposition. But Blinken said, ‘If you don’t resolve this issue with Derkach, then we will resolve the Derkach issue with our partners.’ Those who were at the meeting were taken aback, because the position of the US secretary of state was quite harsh. Just think of it, the task for the president of Ukraine is to resolve the issue with Derkach,” the former deputy said. It is noteworthy that in 2021, the Ukrainian police discovered plans to assassinate Derkach and the head of the group of prosecutors in the Burisma energy company case, Konstantin Kulik, but did not initiate a criminal case.

The investigation tracked down the criminal gang from Eastern Europe hired to carry out the hit, as well as their base in Transcarpathia. The assassin himself was supposed to be an Albanian, but the information was leaked, and the gang escaped. There was also an attempt to assassinate former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. According to former US Associate Attorney General and ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Shokin (whose dismissal Joe Biden has openly bragged about) was poisoned with mercury while on a trip to Greece. Nikolay Korpan – a doctor at the Austrian Rudolfinerhaus private clinic who treated presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko in 2004 – reportedly confirmed this to Giuliani. According to Korpan’s findings, while the permissible amount of mercury in the blood is no more than two units, Shokin was found to have 9.2 units and was starting to experience liver failure. It was clearly a murder attempt.

The number of witnesses in the Burisma case – a company though which Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden earned profits via alleged corruption schemes – is also steadily decreasing. Shortly before she was due to testify as a witness in the case, the wife of Nikolai Lisin – a former partner of Nikolai Zlochevsky – was found dead in her apartment. She had been responsible for accounting at Burisma and had been aware of transactions carried out in the interests of the Bidens. Lisin himself died in a car accident back in 2011. In light of this, it seems Derkach is right to say that anyone who talks about Biden’s corruption in Ukraine is in danger of being physically removed. The same can be said about his opinion that there is “a single organized crime group: Biden, Blinken, [Victoria] Nuland, the ‘deep state’ represented by the Department of State.

And then there is their ‘extension’ – either in the form of Poroshenko, or of Zelensky and Yermak.” As Derkach says, Zelensky and Yermak “attacked” the “organized crime group” headed by former President Poroshenko and took their place. “They have brought their own particular innovations into these matters. They have become even more cynical and cruel.” What are the Bidens and their partners in the Democratic Party trying to hide by waging war against whistleblowers in Ukraine? The fact that Hunter Biden abused his father’s official position, receiving a profit of several million dollars through corrupt schemes and violating US legislation on foreign agents, isn’t the only problem. There’s much more to it than that. In order to understand the scale of the potential profits for the Biden family, we need to go back to 2012.

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Of course that’s false.

Kremlin Denies Claims Russia Ready to Agree to Ukraine Non-Neutral Status (Sp.)

Media reports that Russia is allegedly ready to agree to Kiev’s non-neutral status and change its position on Ukraine joining NATO are not true, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. “It is completely not true,” Peskov told reporters. On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Russia was allegedly signaling to the United States via indirect channels that it was open to talks on the future settlement of the Ukraine conflict, including possible security arrangements for Kiev, and was testing the waters to see if Washington was interested in engaging. Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly willing to back down from his condition of neutral status for Ukraine and even eventually abandon opposition to its future NATO membership if Kiev agreed to recognize Crimea as well as the four breakaway republics as Russian territory.

There is no decisive condemnation of the downing of the Russian Il-76 military plane transporting Ukrainian prisoners of war for an exchange from Western countries, but the situation requires a proper assessment from the world community, Peskov said. “There is still no decisive condemnation from Western countries of this horrific terrorist act, the horrific destruction of the plane that was transporting our people, first of all, after all, there were our pilots and our accompanying people, that is, the Russians died, but also a lot of people died. A large number of Ukrainian prisoners of war died. We have not heard a word of condemnation … Therefore, of course, what happened requires a proper assessment by the world community,” Peskov told reporters.

When asked if Russia plans to provide evidence of Kiev’s guilt in the incident, the official said that decisions will be made as all information is received. Moscow will carefully examine Germany’s intentions to develop a defense plan to contain Russia, Kremlin spokesman said. “We need to see what kind of plan it will be. It is no secret that Germany has embarked on a path of decisive confrontation with Russia. In this regard, there is no novelty here. But, of course, taking into account this well-known attitude of Berlin, we will need to carefully familiarize ourselves with such plans,” Peskov told reporters. Earlier this week, media reported that Germany is developing a new comprehensive defense plan implying the “containment” of Russia.

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“..Global insurers have only refused to cover US, UK, and Israeli ships — exactly as the Yemenis intended..”

How Yemen’s ‘Asabiyya’ Is Reshaping Geopolitics (Pepe Escobar)

Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance forces have made it very clear, right from the start, that they set up a blockade in the Bab el-Mandeb and the southern Red Sea only against Israeli-owned or destined shipping vessels. Their single objective was and remains to stop the Gaza genocide perpetrated by the Israeli biblical psychopathy. As a response to a morally-based call to end a human genocide, the United States, masters of the Global War Of Terror (italics mine), predictably re-designated Yemen’s Houthis as a “terrorist organization,” launched a serial bombardment of underground Ansarallah military installations (assuming US intel know where they are), and cobbled together a mini-coalition of the willing that includes its UK, Canadian, Australian, Dutch, and Bahraini vassals. Without missing a beat, Yemen’s Parliament declared the US and UK governments “Global Terrorist Networks.” Now let’s talk strategy.

With a single move, the Yemeni resistance seized the strategic advantage by de facto controlling a key geoeconomic bottleneck: the Bab el-Mandeb. Hence, they can inflict serious trouble on sectors of global supply chains, trade, and finance. And Ansarallah has the potential to double down — if need be. Persian Gulf traders, off the record, have confirmed insistent chatter that Yemen may consider imposing a so-called Al-Aqsa Triangle — aptly named after the 7 October Palestinian resistance operation aimed at destroying the Israeli military’s Gaza Division and taking captives as leverage in a sweeping prisoner swap deal. Such a move would mean selectively blocking not only the Bab el-Mandeb and the Red Sea route to the Suez Canal, but also the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off oil and gas deliveries to Israel from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE – although the top oil suppliers to Israel are in fact Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

These Yemenis are afraid of nothing. Were they able to impose the triangle – in this case only with direct Iranian involvement — that would represent the US-assassinated Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani’s Grand Design on cosmic steroids. This plan holds the realistic potential of finally bringing down the pyramid of hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivatives — and consequently, the whole western financial system. And yet, even as Yemen controls the Red Sea and Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz, Al-Aqsa Triangle remains just a working hypothesis. With a simple, clear strategy, the Houthis perfectly understood that the deeper they draw the strategy-deprived Americans into the West Asian geopolitical swamp, in a sort of “undeclared war” mode, the more they’re able to inflict serious pain on the global economy, which the Global South will blame on the Hegemon.

Today, Red Sea shipping traffic has plunged in half, compared to the summer of 2023; supply chains are wobbly; ships carrying food are forced to circumnavigate Africa (and risk delivering cargo after its expiry date); predictably, inflation across the vast EU agricultural sphere (worth €70 billion) is rising fast. Yet, never underestimate a cornered Empire. Western-based insurance giants perfectly understood the rules of Ansarallah’s limited blockade: Russian and Chinese ships, for instance, have free passage in the Red Sea. Global insurers have only refused to cover US, UK, and Israeli ships — exactly as the Yemenis intended. So the US, predictably, changed the narrative into a big, fat lie: ‘Ansarallah is attacking the whole global economy.’

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”America’s grandeur has shattered, and today, it cannot even rally its traditional allies. A country that considers itself a superpower is engaged in war against resistance groups and the people of the region.”

Russian Foreign Ministry Ties Red Sea Blockade To Gaza Blockade (Helmer)

For the time being, there are no official photographs of the meeting in Moscow on Thursday evening at the Russian Foreign Ministry between Mikhail Bogdanov, the deputy foreign minister and chief Russian negotiator in the Middle East and Africa, and Mohammed (Mukhameddov) Abdelsalam leading a delegation of the Ansarallah government of Yemen, known as the Houthi movement. The absence of photographs does not mean a blackout. Bogdanov’s communiqué said “special attention was paid to the development of tragic events in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone, as well as the aggravation of the situation in the Red Sea in this regard. In this context, the missile and bomb attacks on Yemen undertaken by the United States and Great Britain, which are capable of destabilizing the situation on a regional scale, were strongly condemned.”

This is the plainest signal to date of Russian backing for the southern front of the Arab war against Israel, and the link which the Houthis have made between the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the genocide of the Palestinians, and the Red Sea blockade which the Houthis have imposed on vessels owned or directed by Israeli shipowners, US naval fleet, and American-flagged and other vessels carrying military and civil cargoes to Israel or reload ammunition for future attacks on Yemen. At the same time across Moscow, unusually large delegations of officials of the Russian Security Council, led by Nikolai Patrushev, and Ali-Akbar Ahmadian, special presidential representative and Secretary of Iran’s National Security Council, have been meeting to discuss a detailed agenda which Patrushev’s communiqué calls a “wide range of Russian-Iranian security cooperation” and “the practical implementation of the agreements reached at the highest level.”

In an open statement for reporters, Ahmadian told Patrushev: “”America’s grandeur has shattered, and today, it cannot even rally its traditional allies. A country that considers itself a superpower is engaged in war against resistance groups and the people of the region.” The display of Russian support for the Axis of Resistance against Israel and the US is unprecedented. The Foreign Ministry and Security Council meetings confirm there is now a new definition of “terrorism” in Russian warfighting strategy, in which there is both public and secret support for Hamas, the Houthis, and other groups in Lebanon and Iraq fighting for national liberation against Israel and the US.

Bogdanov’s meeting with Abdelsalam was not the first high-level Russian contact with the Houthis, nor their first negotiation. The two officials had met in Moscow on July 24, 2019, when they discussed terms for ending the civil war in Yemen; Bogdanov was also meeting at the time with other Yemeni political factions. Abdelsalam said then: “The meeting discussed the most important issues related to the Yemeni policy and the steps of the national delegation [the Houthi delegation] in the Stockholm Agreement in addition to the regional crisis, in addition to the importance of the Russian role at the regional level, and its reflection on the situation in Yemen to calm the escalation and prevent further tension as Yemen represents a key point towards regional calm that will be positively reflected in the tense regional situation.”

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“Without a ceasefire, the order doesn’t actually work..”

It May be Genocide, But it Won’t Be Stopped (Chris Hedges)

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) refused to implement the most crucial demand made by South African jurists: “the State of Israel shall immediately suspend its military operations in and against Gaza.” But at the same time, it delivered a devastating blow to the foundational myth of Israel. Israel, which paints itself as eternally persecuted, has been credibly accused of committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. Palestinians are the victims, not the perpetrators, of the “crime of crimes.” A people, once in need of protection from genocide, are now potentially committing it. The court’s ruling questions the very raison d’être of the “Jewish State” and challenges the impunity Israel has enjoyed since its founding 75 years ago.

The ICJ ordered Israel to take six provisional measures to prevent acts of genocide, measures that will be very difficult if not impossible to fulfill if Israel continues its saturation bombing of Gaza and wholesale targeting of vital infrastructure. The court called on Israel “to prevent and punish the direct and public incitement to commit genocide.” It demanded Israel “take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance.” It ordered Israel to protect Palestinian civilians. It called on Israel to protect the some 50,000 women giving birth in Gaza. It ordered Israel to take “effective measures to prevent the destruction and ensure the preservation of evidence related to allegations of acts within the scope of Article II and Article III of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide against members of the Palestinian group in the Gaza Strip.”

Red Ink by Mr. Fish

The court ordered Israel to “take all measures within its power” to prevent the crimes which amount to genocide such as “killing, causing serious bodily and mental harm, inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part, and imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.” Israel was ordered to report back in one month to explain what it had done to implement the provisional measures. Gaza was pounded with bombs, missiles and artillery shells as the ruling was read in The Hague — at least 183 Palestinians have been killed in the last 24 hours. Since Oct. 7, more than 26,000 Palestinians have been killed. Almost 65,000 have been wounded, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Thousands more are missing. The carnage continues. This is the cold reality.

Translated into the vernacular, the court is saying Israel must feed and provide medical care for the victims, cease public statements advocating genocide, preserve evidence of genocide and stop killing Palestinian civilians. Come back and report in a month. It is hard to see how these provisional measures can be achieved if the carnage in Gaza continues. “Without a ceasefire, the order doesn’t actually work,” Naledi Pandor, South Africa’s minister of international relations, stated bluntly after the ruling. Time is not on the side of the Palestinians. Thousands of Palestinians will die within a month. Palestinians in Gaza make up 80 percent of all the people facing famine or catastrophic hunger worldwide, according to the United Nations. The entire population of Gaza by early February is projected to lack sufficient food, with half a million people suffering from starvation, according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, drawing on data from U.N. agencies and NGOs. The famine is engineered by Israel.

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Too late, Ursula.

EU Commission Chief Hopes For ‘Consensus’ With Protesting Farmers (RT)

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has expressed hope that new “strategic dialogue” will defuse the ongoing farmers’ protests over environmental regulations. “We all have the same sense of urgency that things have to improve,” von der Leyen said on Thursday during a meeting with a group of community and business leaders in Brussels. She lamented what she described as “an increasing division and polarization when it comes to topics related to agriculture.” “We must overcome this polarization with dialogue,” she said, stressing the need to find “a new way forward and common and lasting solutions” for European agriculture. “I hope that you will build the trust to appreciate each other’s perspectives and to find common solutions for the future of agriculture in Europe. This dialogue aims to find a new consensus on issues with which we all struggle,” von der Leyen told the attendees.

Farmers in Germany have been blocking city streets with their tractors since last month, demanding that Chancellor Olaf Scholz reverse the proposed scrapping of a diesel fuel subsidy worth as much as €3,000 ($3,260) annually. The German government has defended the move on environmental grounds. The farmers, however, insist that the plan would put them out of business and threaten their livelihoods. Similar protests are underway in France, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, as farmers’ issues are expected to loom large over European Parliament elections later this year. The French government scrapped plans to reduce subsidies on diesel for farmers on Friday after protesters used tractors and other agricultural machines to block a major highway out of Paris and a road linking France to Spain.

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“Budget cuts have resulted in the British Army’s numbers falling to levels not seen since the 1700s..”

UK Needs Bigger Military – US Navy Chief (RT)

The UK should reassess the size of its armed forces, US Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro has said. During a visit to the Royal United Services Institute in London on Thursday, the official pointed to situations the US and its allies see as threats, including the escalation in the Middle East, as well as the policies of Russia and China. Asked if the US is concerned whether Britain’s army has become too small, Del Toro replied: “I think it’s important for the United Kingdom to reassess where they are today, given the threats that exist today.” In his speech on Thursday, he argued that amid “near-term threats to the UK and the US,” investments in the Royal Navy are “significantly important,” noting that the US has “continued to make significant investments in national security,” even amid economic challenges. Del Toro claimed that the threats include the escalating crisis in the Middle East, Yemen, Iran, China, and Russia.

Asked whether US and UK operations in the Middle East – currently a naval and bombing operation against Yemen’s Houthis – could widen to include Iran, Del Toro said, “nothing is off the table.” A shortage of sailors forced the Royal Navy to decommission two of their frigates, the HMS Westminster and HMS Argyll, earlier this month, and the overall army numbers are reaching levels not seen since the 18th century.This comes one day after the head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, made a speech warning the public to be prepared for conscription in case of war with Russia. Speaking at a military conference in London, the general pointed to Sweden’s reintroduction of national service as an example and warned that “as the prewar generation we must similarly prepare – and that is a whole-of-nation undertaking.”

Currently, the UK’s regular army numbers are just above 74,000, of which 20,000 will take part in NATO’s largest military exercises in decades – Steadfast Defender 2024; 90,000 troops from the bloc’s 31 member states, as well as Sweden, will participate in the war games across Europe. Moscow has expressed concerns about NATO’s expansion towards its borders, stating that it perceives the military bloc as a threat. Russian President Vladimir Putin has cited Kiev’s declared intention to join NATO as one of the key reasons for the Ukraine conflict.

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“..The Michelle gambit would only be the party’s final hoax. After that, the deluge..”

Michelle, Ma Belle (Kunstler)

Well, all right, considering the party has really got no one else. Gavin Newsom is a California train wreck, despite the fabulous teeth and hair, Oprah can’t seem to make up her mind, and Taylor Swift will not be old enough to qualify for the office until December. The leading plan for the Dems goes like this: “JB” is offered a deal. . .step aside for Michelle to run in August. . . “JB” can make whatever face-saving excuses necessary, health, low energy, whatever. . . but he can serve out his term to the bitter end, and then sometime before noon January 20, 2025, he can pardon himself, son Hunter, brothers Jim and Frank, and a few other family members implicated in money-laundering all the bribes they scared-up over the years.

That is, assuming “Joe Biden” does not get impeached before August, in which case he might not be convicted in a Dem majority Senate trial, BUT, the mainstream media could not ignore the proceeding, and the public — including the wokest Woke partisans — would finally see the voluminous bank records authenticating the Biden Family bribery operations — the “proof” they have been forever and snidely calling for. Bad “optics” for the party. A late August kick off for Michelle Obama would minimize her public exposure until, really, the last two months of the race. (She reportedly hates being on display.) In theory, the vast electorate of suburban Democratic women across the land would bury the MAGA vote and enjoy months of orgasm awaiting the installation of a black, (first) female president, their final blow against the odious patriarchy of white supremacist rapists.

And best of all, under President Michelle, the blob could continue all its clandestine blobulations without fear of payback, assuring that our democracy will be defended by any means necessary, including the suppression and persecution of anyone who complains about it. Now that’s a plan! Except for one thing: none of the people chattering about this (James Rickards, Dan Bongino. . .) have mentioned that the Michelle plan actually represents a fourth term for Barack Obama. I mean. . . really . . . do you suppose that Barack will spend the next four years upstairs in the White House “residence” with an apron on, baking red velvet cakes and sweet potato pies while Michelle presides in the Situation Room, directing drone strikes against various people of the Koran? In the immortal words of Homey D. Clown: “I don’t think so!”

And what if the opposition — say, Mr. Trump, or Vivek, or Tulsi, or Tom Massie, or Rand Paul, or a dozen others in that camp — make the case that the “Joe Biden” regime was actually Mr. Obama’s third term, and look what mess he managed to make of the USA while running the puppet-show from his Kalorama redoubt: nine million illegal aliens ushered into the country with lavish benefits, phones, loaded debit cards, free four-star hotel rooms. . . the years-long assault of the drag queens and oral sex instruction for third-graders. . . the preposterous war in Ukraine engineered by neocon catspaws for the benefit of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and the rest of the arms-makers. . . big cities full of homeless encampments and their noxious excretions. . . fentanyl killing 1,500 Americans a week. . . an extravaganza of flash-mob looting, shop-lifting, and car-jacking. . . the trillion-plus dollars in annual interest payments on the national debt. . . not a pretty picture. So, it comes down to: do you want another four years of that? And how did America end up under the thumb of an Obama dynasty, anyway?

I’ll tell you how: because the Democratic Party has become a criminal operation now solely dedicated to keeping its dignitaries, office-holders, and their factotums in the executive agencies out of prison for a range of crimes so vast that all the Lawfare specialists ever spawned in the hatcheries of Yale and Harvard would not run out of billable hours defending them in court before the sun turned into a red dwarf. The mighty effort consumes all the party’s energies these days, when they are not attending to the destruction of Western Civilization. The Michelle gambit would only be the party’s final hoax. After that, the deluge.

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    Amedeo Modigliani Jeanne Hebuterne 1919   • Gov. Abbott Tells Tucker He’s Not Backing Down (ZH) • US Border Patrol Has ‘No Plans’ To Remove Razor
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 27 2024]

    Just Some Randomer

    The drums of War certainly are beating loudly across the entire UK mainstream press at the moment. Lots of reports and editorials being published, the tenor of which appears to be an attempt to shift the Overton window towards contemplation of an inevitable all-out war with Russia. Conscription, Army expansion, Navy expansion, US Nukes back in town – you name it it’s being trial ballooned right now.

    The obvious (to TAE regulars and other sentient beings at least) imminent collapse of ‘Project Ukraine’ and the more recent but equally obvious exposing of US/UK military capabilities in the middle east as a paper tiger will require some industrial strength misdirection when those truths finally hit home in suburban sitting rooms.

    Looks like what’s in motion here is a broad based psyop strategy to position RussiaRussiaRussia as the pan-spectrum bad guy upon whom can be hung not only the military failure of the west, but also the implosion of the financial system (Russia broke our banks), the ruinous increase in consumer prices (Russia stole our oil and gas) and for good measure either the election of The Donald or the justification for not having an election at all – can’t risk Russia ‘Hacking’ another election, you see.

    When the public are in a state of panic and, as is our wont as humans, looking for someone to blame – well, why not sign up to fight against the Russians who caused all of this in spite of the best efforts of our enlightened, benevolent (and entirely blameless btw) ruling class in the West?

    No actual war could realistically take place, of course. Even should NATO manage to provoke some sort of conflict, we’d be reduced to throwing stones at them within a week unless that elusive cache of weapons and ammo that is rumoured to lie at the end of the rainbow is finally located. No, once the public can be made to accept that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia that’ll be enough to focus public anger outwards and prevent heads rolling in the west.

    Taking the country to war is said to be the last resort of a failed leadership whose crimes and failures are about to explode in their faces, potentially along with some molotov cocktails. The current all-out media push to position war not as something that our brave lads in camo deal with in countries far, far away but as something that concerns the average citizen who may be asked to make sacrifices up to and including being conscripted into the military is a rather ominous development when viewed in that light.

    Something very bad may be on the horizon.

    Dr. D

    Apparently this is their wider reputation now?
    And the surveillance hats?

    “The United States Navy Essentially Lost A Battle At Sea This Week”
    “An AEGIS destroyer’s defensive umbrella should have turned this transit into a milk run – except it didn’t. CENTCOM admits that one of the Houthis’ tactical ballistic missiles – undemanding targets as far as such things go – got through the Gravely’s interceptors.
    What they neglected to mention was that it struck about a hundred meters from the Maersk Detroit, and that after the attack the convoy aborted the transit and retreated back into the Arabian Sea rather than press on into enemy fire.

    “Neocons Freak As Biden Reportedly Considers Syria, Iraq Withdrawal” — Ron Paul

    Again, with Biden insulting Virginia yesterday, losing in Ukraine, Red Sea, etc. And you think he’s NOT being run by someone? Not allowed to exist to it can collapse on him? What if Trump had tried to withdraw? (A: We already know: they refused direct orders. About everything. Just as they openly say they will if he is elected again. Not just new news, but expansive Taibbi TIP article yesterday.)

    Not only that, the Houthis and Iran aren’t even trying. Only three missiles? That’s a warning shot. Slow ballistics. And they do it AT the US Navy ship, not trying to dodge it at all, but poke it. And okay retreat without victory, but they’re making a point with the lowest possible escalation.

    British Oil Tanker Carrying Russian Naphta On Fire In The Red Sea After Houthi Missile Strike”

    “Crime Pays: Seattle Pays 2020 BLM Rioters $10 Million over ‘Excessive Force’ Claims

    And this is ALSO not theatre, by the other side? Paid for or directed by whom? I’m guessing the boys on the Idaho border aren’t in support of this.

    And the Flag video, more theatre. See the bridge in about 20%? Where’s the railing? Has it be removed by AI or generated by it?

    “With the ethnic basis of America in decline,” –PCR

    You said in the sentence before they had no ethnic basis. You JUST SAID. You do know the way writing works, I read that sentence to get this sentence, right?

    They are attacking to topple the United States, or “Fundamentally Transform” us out of being a democracy based on rules and principles of the Enlightenment, as Barack promised he (they) woud. They are using all the methods they’ve discussed for decades, that “We have no culture”, we are a nation based on laws, such as the Constitution, and rules of laws, such as courts. Done. We buy the courts and your nation dissolves. How are you going to invade? We’re huge and protected by two oceans. You’d have to dock 1,000 landing ships per day to get enough invaders to make a dent. Done. And while that is happening, Congress and politicians wold have to stand by and watch, doing nothing for YEARS. Done. As Lincoln said, it would have to topple from within, and as Sinclair said, Fascism would come to America in the guise of helping and progress. Done. AND the American PEOPLE would have to not defend themselves, think the country isn’t worth defending or promoting the police and law in. Done. And MEDIA would have go along with all this, not just listlessly, but enthusiastically. Done. And, if anyone tried to stop this, they’d have to be arrested, as it would surely be a reaction and movement somewhere. Done. And the people who told you all this for 20-30 years would have to be sidelined as kooks after everything they say comes true year after year. Done. AND as that would go to the USSC, they to would have to be all blackmailed, extorted, and do what they’re told. About invasion and say, state-mandated mass murder. Done. AND they’d have to get all the guns.


    Anyway, to me, I still see this as a puppet show. Again, for no reason at all – without evidence – I think this is all a PR made for TV put up job. The People have to see and know in their bones what these guys had planned, that it was all real, and then they have to be turned and mobilized to a different direction. That takes a cultural story, a “Narrative”. As the zany PR flag-waving there, America wants to be the underdog, race up to the cliff and magically diffuse the bomb in time. Done. Whatever you want, whatever you react to, whatever it takes, we’ll stage it.

    I think the Good guys have enough power, and the blackmail files on enough people like Fani, that they can stop this any time. They’re WANTING it to look like this not for them, but for YOU. …But personally, I’m bored and disgusted. It may be a theatre puppet show but I’m locked in here and I have to put up with it instead of, you know, having peace and lower taxes, a working economy and neighbors not yelling at each other. Why are you keeping that going when none of it is real? (Yes, because if they didn’t the parasites would immediately colonize again). My life is running out on this, you dopes. And kids are growing up in it.

    “Joe Biden has for weeks been asking Congress to approve a supplemental budget request which includes another $60 billion for Kiev. The Republicans have been blocking completely open to the package,” …But wanted to get SOMETHING in return, instead of “You’ll get NOTHING and LIKE IT.” How dare they play politics in …politics??? That would be “politics” or as they would say, “The Norms”. How dare they get something done which could be done in five minutes? I don’t just want an Oompa Loompa, I want ALL the Oompa Loompas! ALL OF THEM!!!! You’ll get NO Oompa Loompas and like it!!!

    I can only agree if it is ALWAYS ALL for me and NONE for you: all other ways are unacceptable, intolerable, murder, in fact. You’re killing me smalls: now you see the violence inherent in the system.

    Newsflash: In ten seconds you can have Powell print money for BOTH of your Oompa Loompas, get BOTH what you want. Then you can both double cross each other a minute later like usual. There is no conflict whatsoever except one you’re staging for the media. I can’t take it.

    “• Hunter and The Hunted (RT)

    “The Hunter becomes the Hunted” – Q Files, 6 years ago. This is the info they have, which has levered into blackmail and intel at the lower levels by tracing Soros BLM money and operatives and so on.

    “It is no secret that Germany has embarked on a path of decisive confrontation with Russia.”
    “Germany is developing a new comprehensive defense plan implying the “containment” of Russia.”

    Germany is building a new Berlin Wall, and they are putting themselves on the Soviet side of it, with great, grey poverty.

    ““We must overcome this polarization with dialogue,” she said,

    Translation: We’ll book a conference room and talk it to death. Taking no action. Because if they took any action – which is entirely in their power – they could have already done so, even BEFORE the tractors arrived. They didn’t, they won’t. They’re just f—ing with you. No respect and no fear. Zero intent. Make me. So looks like the farmers will make them. The government will topple, but these things take time we don’t have.

    Dr. D

    From yesterday, I guess nothing new:


    Mendacibus et histrionibus occisa in puteo jacet alma Veritas (The nurturer Truth lies in a well, having been killed by liars and actors, 1895)

    The media and movies, TV.

    Dr. D

    Kind of a waste of time, but what? A: COLLATERAL. This is appearing all over, in this case in the banking system.

    I would bet Ukr takes out COLLATERAL for Europe. London Brexited — and allowed it, reluctantly — as a firewall as the last 1,000 years, to screw Europe. But they are not nearly far enough away from the crater. The U.S. now has balance sheet room to bail, as their banks are least-bad. Astonishing considering how bad they are. The Core Fails Last. If EU and UK go down, how much can we really stay intact?

    Again, this is why they — DAVOS — needs a War HERE, in the ‘States, to offset the war they just lost THERE, in Ukr. Yeah, great, but we in the ‘States also know what you’re doing and who’s doing it. That’s trying to kill our bond market and financial system as..

    …wait for it…

    We HAVE collateral. Lots of it. Europe and UK don’t. We are like the 3rd largest producer of oil and all our mines are shut. All 25 states have more grain production than Argentina and Brazil. Our manufacturing sucks, but we have it. UK is shutting down their last steel furnace and we haven’t. We don’t NEED to do this. We CAAAAAAAAN do fine without them, Europe, and the parasitic financial class. Our war is the same: against THEM, rentiers and the financial do-nothings who have only three colonies in the US: NYC, DC, and SF.

    Collateral. We are first to recover in a crash.


    “Germany is developing a new comprehensive defence plan implying the “containment” of Russia.”

    As noted by many here, do they even read what they write?
    Germany covers an area of approximately 137,847 square miles.
    Russia is the world’s largest country with a total area of 6,592,735 square miles.
    Containment, sure, go for it, I’ll wait. No industry, no fuel, the general population hates the government for the most part. Fuck wits.

    Dr. D

    More like LONDON has volunteered Germany to be a breakwall to slow Russia, a sacrificial breakwall that is washed away as we saw in Ukraine.

    So when it’s LONDON’S “containment” that kills Germany to keep London financiers in the pink for just one year longer, makes perfect logic and perfect sense. Throw all the Germanys you want at it: I don’t live there. If I could find 5 more Ukraines I’d kill every human in them too.

    Germans may disagree however.

    Dr D Rich

    My favorites moments “in the moment” are when personality-disordered narcissist or psychopath let’s down the mask.

    Today’s ‘mask let-downing’ belongs to SoS Tone Blinken. Where Blinken plays criminal thug not-so-covertly threatening violence on The Ukraine HoS (head of state) while the usual purveyor of violent threats and activities, CIAs Wm. Burns plays the not-so-closeted effeminate purveyor of U.S. diplomacy.

    Burns’s Mask of Sanity is playing at Secretary Of State on behalf of the United States as cover for ruthless, emotionless CIA spy chief.

    Tone Blinken’s Mask of Sanity doesn’t look so SANE as Wm. Burns’s superficial piety on closer inspection. Where as Bill’s cover is worn to blind or anesthetize the audience to his ice-cold vicious inner object state, Antony’s mask is just as disturbing as his equally vicious Crime Boss Act before The Ukraine HoS.
    Here it is:

      If you don’t resolve this issue with Derkach, then we will resolve the Derkach issue with our partners.’ 

    Notice The Antony’s Mask of Sanity, the effeminate, cigarette-smoking, liver-lipped-like-Obama, pretty-boy–hairdo, jazzy-assed-guitar-playing-boi public character IS cover for the cold blooded psychopath beneath the surface.

    What I want know is did The Ukrainians laugh out loud at Antony and his threat or is this story meant to convey a little gravitas for our Secretary of State?

    You judge:

       It is noteworthy that in 2021, the Ukrainian police discovered plans to assassinate Derkach and the head of the group of prosecutors in the Burisma energy company case, Konstantin Kulik, but did not initiate a criminal case

    The United States Navy Essentially Lost A Battle At Sea This Week

    I’m wondering if global tanker insurance rates have a sliding scale based on how close a missile comes to a tanker full of Naphtha, the precursor to gasoline. Two hundred meters is this much, one hunrdred meters is somewhat more…..

    Related news item

    Navy to allow those without high school diploma or GED to enlist

    Navy recruits’ running for their lives


    Thar she blow!

    This calls for some Moby Dick quotes for the New Duh’merican Navy!

    In grade school the story was that ‘moby dick’ was a STD

    “I try all things, I achieve what I can.”

    “All my means are sane, my motives and my objectives mad.”

    “Let faith oust fact; let fancy oust memory; I look deep down and do believe.”


    Join the Navy, See the World!




    Cannot hide the truth.
    Its not deepfake.
    People want peace and ceasefire.
    TAE is where you can view “secret” tapes of lies made by our leaders.

    The US cobbled together a mini-coalition of the willing that includes its UK, Canadian, Australian, Dutch, and Bahraini vassals.
    Without missing a beat, Yemen’s Parliament declared the US and UK governments “Global Terrorist Networks.”
    Global insurers have only refused to cover US, UK, and Israeli ships — exactly as the Yemenis intended.
    So the US, predictably, changed the narrative into a big, fat lie: ‘Ansarallah is attacking the whole global economy.’
    Steadfast Defender 2024; 90,000 troops from the bloc’s 31 member states, as well as Sweden, will participate in the war games
    The Democratic Party are searching for a new puppet to replace Biden.


    Operation Lone Star and Bidens Border Crisis Implosion

    The white Woketards didn’t want any of “those people” on Martha’s Vineyard, just keep them down there in Texas…

    News Flash, don’t mess with Texas


    The relation between mandated ‘vaccines’ for school attendance in children then and now

    Gee, ya think there’s a relationship to that and Autism

    The Amish don’t believe in ‘vaccines’ for religious reasons.

    The Amish have no Autism in their children.

    The Satanist Cabal is destroying your children Duh’merica, grow a pair




    Dr D Rich

    “rather than press on into enemy fire.”

    Such inherent conflict in this reference.

    Are you recalling a Marine recruiting advertisement from TV?

    Are you aware the Navy is led by a female journalist CNO 4-star and SWO, surface warfare officer, Lisa Franchetti?

    Is ‘press on into enemy fire’ what the Marines, Department of Navy, did at Haditha back in the day?

    Is press on into enemy fire a self-perpetuating delusion from The Days of Yore?


    Our Nations Capitol of Capital

    God Bless Duh’merica!



    Interesting Youtube Channel

    What is Going on With Shipping?

    An ex merchant marine covering the commercial shipping scene

    His video on the latest in the Red Sea.

    All crews in the world EXCEPT Duh’merican merchant crews get Hazard Pay for sailing in a war zone or the Red Sea at the moment.

    Duh’merican merchant crews don’t get ANY hazard pay for this defacto war zone.

    Interesting, I didn’t know that but it doesn’t surprise me. Where are their Maritime Unions?

    Here’s a photo of a previous Houthi missile hitting an thankfully empty tanker


    The warhead didn’t detonate thank god but entered the top left upper deck and exited the right lower hull.

    If this had been the fully loaded Naptha tanker and gone off it would have sunk the whole ship in a spectacular explosion.

    It’s only because the Houthis are using crappy hand-me-down missiles.

    Wait until they get their hands on the Good Stuff.

    And wait for the Good Stuff to finally connect on a warship.

    Houthi Attack 2 US Containerships – Maersk Detroit and Maersk Chesapeake | Crews Denied Danger Pay

    Dr D Rich

    Regarding the ICJ posturing, er ah, I meant ruling.

    I was reminded of the following.
    I’m pretty sure it’s a thought from an essay in Harper’s by Stanley Fish. Fish wrote the essay in response to the response to 911.

    Paraphrased weakly

      What’s left are the surface pieties. Superficial niceties to which we all can assent because they are empty, insipid and safe.
    Just Some Randomer

    The ICJ ruling was actually a de facto ceasefire demand to Israel. They didn’t call it such but the only way Israel can comply is to effectively pull out of Gaza other than possibly some very focussed Spec-Ops type actions against Hamas.

    Now whether this will be enforced is another matter. The US could, veto any action when it gets to the security council stage, but Biden is under increasing pressure from the Democrat left and younger voters are largely pro-Palestine so it’s not necessarily a given.



    Russians have a great sense of humor!


    TAE Summary

    We are Agape

    Though I speak with the tongues of presidents and kings, and have not war, I am become as a sound bite, or as fake news.

    And though I have the gift of persuasion, and understand all marketing, and all propaganda; and though I have all influence, so that I have a billion subscribers, and have not war, I am nothing.

    And though I make billions off the poor, and though I then start my own international foundation, and have not war, It profiteth me nothing.

    War lasts long, and is pervasive; war grants supreme power; war overrides everything, always gets more funding,

    Need not behave itself legally, demandeth anything it wants, is easily marketed, is immensely lucrative;
    Rejoiceth not in humanity, but rejoiceth in profits;

    Corrupteth all things, destroyeth all things, monetizeth all things, justifieth all things.

    War profits never fail: but whether there be peace initiatives, they shall lack funding; whether there be agreements, they shall be ignored; whether there be accords, they shall be signed disingenuously.

    For we provoke in part, and we invade in part. But when total war is come then that which is in part shall be done away.

    When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a big man, I put away childish things.

    For now we battle through proxies, deceitfully; but then fist to fist: now we attack in part; but then shall we attack even as also we are attacked.

    And now there are immense profits in disease, famine and war, these three; but the greatest of these is war.


    Chris Hedges. Not a fan, still I read the article at top post, OK.

    What Isr. is guilty of as determined by Int’l bodies is sadly only marginally relevant, if at all.

    I wrote some time ago that Isr. will just ignore whatever judgments / condemnations / demands / strictures are made, by any Int’l organism.

    While Isr. has presented arguments in the prescribed setting, to appear to be participating., etc., to keep the locals on board (in the main Israeli Jews), signalling > We are defending our legitimate actions, we have valid arguments, we can stand up to Int’l BS, etc.

    …. As it has been doing for 70 years, nothing new.

    Netanyahu has said “Nothing will stop us” (14 jan, 2.25 min.)

    In that, he hits the nail on the head. Who, what country, what entity, force, coalition, will take DIRECT (such as military actions) measures to stop the Genocide in Gaza? None, as Isr. is defended by the USuk.

    Dr D Rich

    Actually the ICJs decision makes the ICJ a defacto party to The Current Genocide when the Zionists subsequently kill Palestinians because the ICJ FAILED TO MAKE A DECLARATIVE CEASEFIRE DEMAND ON Israel when the moment required assertiveness rather than Fish’s superficial pieties.

    Go read the pass the ICJ gave Israel on Intent, as in the intent to commit genocide they found absent. At least they’re honest about not being mindset readers as opposed to most Jewish American judges’ and lawyers’ mesmerizing talent in that regard.


    You decide
    Fact or ficton.

    DNA technology now proving the current occupiers of the holy land are not bloodline descendants of the ancient israelites, coupled with Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand’ and israel sharhak books among others, it’s irrefutable.
    DNA science proves that the “ ” in Israel and around the world are predominantly of Khazar stock. They are mainly a Turkish-Mongol blood mixture, says Dr. Schlomo Sand, a distinguished history professor from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

    Sand’s heavily documented book is turning the Jewish world upside down.
    One amazing fact is that the “Jews” who went to Israel from Europe in 1948 and set up the new nation have no history as a people of Israel. Instead, their ancestors were converts to Judaism. So those today who say they are “Jews” are not of Abraham. However, the Palestinians—mostly Moslem—are of Abraham!

    in 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.

    The Definitive DNA Study

    Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

    Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.”
    Posted by: todd | Jan 27 2024

    D Benton Smith

    There have been several (many) recent events of an almost unprecedented nature, that strongly suggest that the “War” has been won (by the good guys, thankfully, in this case, ) and that the main belligerents are now swiftly negotiating the terms of the Peace Treaty.

    Demonstrably the Federated states of Russia proved better at playing the “Uniting” game than the so-called “United” States of America. Like it or not that’s just the way it is.

    Using WW2 as a model, the Nazi’s are in full retreat across all fronts (some worse than others) and the military outcome of the of the conflict has been fully accepted as an inescapable factual reality by both sides. Nevertheless, the fighting continues (intensifies, actually) because both sides also know that the exact TERMS of the inevitable Treaty have not yet been fully hammered out and accepted by those concerned. And by the term “those concerned” I mean all parties touched by the war in any way. Obviously some parties have more at stake on the table, more dogs in the fight, and more capacity to resist than others do.

    Events have proceeded at a faster pace than I had earlier expected, so it caught me more than a little bit by surprise, but be that as it may, I now conclude that “back channel” negotiations (at the COMMAND level) have been taking place from somewhere around the middle of last December, just before Christmas, between the Anglo-Saxon “Western” Empire and the Russian Federation.

    The exact event that triggered the decision to act is as yet unknown, but I reckon it was of a primarily financial nature. Something broke, and that prompted them to act. Bracket the date Dec 30, 2023 by a week or so in either direction and see if you can spot what it was. Beats me.

    As it stands today, at this specific moment in history, there is no country, empire or combination of janky ad hoc alliances that could take on the Russia Federation and win. Not now and also not in the dependably foreseeable future. Russia is the current Big Dog, and THAT (as the old saying goes) is that.

    This is not to say or imply in any way that the fighting for position (or even a seat!) at the “Treaty Negotiations Table” is over. The dance ain’t over, far from it, but the TEMPO is going to increase.

    No, the fight and dance for a seat and position at the table of winners and losers can be expected to intensify at an ALARMING rate. Especially for those who are already “all in” or have nothing to lose by going all-in now.

    NOTE WELL: A private U.S. citizen was just allowed to accept an invitation from The US’s primary adversary in an actual blood and guts war, to spend three weeks in the Russian Federation looking at whatever he and his hosts chose to see and discus. Ritter is a highly trained, experienced and internationally respected weapons inspector. Both sides KNOW that, and both sides also know that is not too afraid to speaks truth to power (which he has done, and somehow survived, many times.) Those proven traits and real-world accomplishments are are precisely why Ritter was chosen.

    The trip took three weeks, during which reported his observations and conclusions on a near daily basis both during and after his tour. Man of these voluminous reports were in the form of completely unedited interview-style conversations with other broadly respected knowledgeable people.

    So what did Ritter have to say? Well, in a nutshell, he say’s that the United States CAN NOT prevail in a conflict with Russia. Not only CAN not, but SHOULD not, because the United States and its many proxies such as Ukraine and Israel, are increasingly morally bankrupt criminal enterprises in their current form, who must be curtailed for the security and welfare of mankind.

    What makes this extraordinary event even more notable is not merely its shocking nature, but more importantly the mere fact that it was allowed to occur in the first place. His going, reporting, and coming back home to America was neither impeded, criticized or punished by any of the powers that be on either side.

    To me that can ONLY mean that his not so little jaunt was explicitly desired and permitted by both sides because it continues to be disseminated world wide as a matter of complete and uncontested public record, available to everyone who cares to even glance in that direction.

    It was, in other words, compelling evidence in support of the fact claimed in the opening paragraph. Namely, that the “War” has been won (by the comparative “good guys”, thankfully, in this case, ) and that the main belligerents are now negotiating the terms of the Peace Treaty.


    Tuesday January 23, 2024
    In a deeply honorable display of empathy and compassion Ansar Allah repelled passage
    of implements of hatred through the Bab el-Mandeb strait.
    The stoic resolve of the Yemeni people has proven to the world that they are indeed Islam.

    there, fixed it

    D Benton Smith

    I find the “Bad Russia, Bad Russia, Bad Russia” chant of admonition against the Ruskies in Western media to be downright hilarious.

    The complete waste of breath (which it is) could be compared to George Custer’s 7th Cavalry pony soldiers calling the Sioux filthy savages and throwing lace hankies at the redskins as the massacre ensued.


    I have an answer to
    • The Death of Nationality (Paul Craig Roberts)
    Vivek R. Is the embodiment of that answer. So is Tulsi G. Both are American through and through, saying things that resound with Americans because they are based upon the positive mythos of the US. And yet, neither derive fully from European stock. They have, in recent generations, progenitors from India. But…they talk like Americans, they grew up in the US, they embrace traditional American ideals. This country is accepting of non-white — even non-Christian — standard bearers, as long as they embody the American mythos. There are stories that can bind a nation together that can cross the ties of skin color or race or ethnicity or religion — but we do need a common language, to share these stories together.

    The greatest problem with the influx of immigrants over the past 3 years is primarily that it is so large that it breaches the capacity of the nation to integrate the newcomers. Language is a big part of that. (Let anyone speak as they will…but in order to integrate, newcomers need to learn — at least a little — the predominant language.). Then there is the possibility that a sizable portion of those who have entered may be coming deliberately as “sleeper cells.” As far as most of these immigrants being “young men of military age” — there is nothing new in that. Haven’t the bulk of all immigrants — and adventure seekers — in all human epochs been “young men of military age?”

    I suspect that the “sleeper cell” idea is being spread primarily as a fear to galvanize support from the population and as a constitutional pretext for states to act. I am not aware of any evidence, thus far, that supports the idea that this is a widespread problem. (Also, for that matter, any “sleeper cell” folks would be trying to get in no matter the current border policy. It’s the same idea that if you take guns from law-abiding citizens then only the criminals have guns. Although…if someone did have the intent of getting sleeper cells into the US to create future mischief, this Biden Admin policy of open borders would be an ideal time to get one’s men in place.)

    D Benton Smith

    What ever are we going to do about Joe Biden? What even CAN we do?

    We could hang him, I suppose, but that would be doing him a favor. He deserves far harsher justice than that of a quick and easy exit stage left.

    Or, we would throw him into prison, but he wouldn’t even know that he was there.

    Going to the other extreme we could even reelect the criminally insane old fossil for a second term, but that would still leave us with the problem of what ever can we do about Joe Biden. Does anyone REALLY want to deal with wheeling around a half conscious living mummy on a hand-truck from one pointless ceremonial appearance to another? What would be the point of such a theatrical production, other than providing employment opportunity for soon-to-be-out-of-work stage hands?

    Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we just let him wander around on his own, like a brainless wraith, pretending to be President, just like he’s doing now?


    “Does anyone REALLY want to deal with wheeling around a half conscious living mummy on a hand-truck from one pointless ceremonial appearance to another?”

    His purpose is to Ritually Humiliate Duh’merica even more than it’s already humiliating itself in front of the whole world.

    Paraphrasing from the 1968 Democratic Chicago Convention:

    “The Whole World is Laughing, The Whole World is Laughing, The Whole World is Laughing….”

    Losing Face is the name of the game


    Gee whiz…Trump claims that “the death penalty” for drug dealers will halt them from working. Well..he tends to talk in hyperbole and conflate things that ought not be conflated…he is, still, a much better president than Biden ever has been. And he is definitely more peaceful than Biden. I may vote for Trump in the fall…we shall see. But I suppose that I will always see it as a compromise out of necessity — the best option, given the circumstances. A palatable option, I agree with some of his policies. He doesn’t appear to be corrupt…I just tend to disagree with him on some major points and on many, many fine points.

    Maxwell Quest

    Thanks, TAE Summary! I always enjoy your posts.

    In other news, C.J. Hopkins has been acquitted by a Berlin court of posting “Nazi-promoting Tweets”.

    Mask-Wearing German Judge Acquits CJ Hopkins In ‘Nazi-Promoting Tweets’ Case

    Worth reading is CJ’s closing statement, which the judge dismissed as “ideological drivel”, yet it delivered an anti-fascist uppercut to the courtroom like Mike Tyson. With CJ’s final knockout blow the prosecution lay prostrate on the canvas, the referee counted to ten, and the gallery rose to its feet in applause.


    The Female judge in CJ’s case is typical of leftover crypto-nazi ‘elitist drivel’.

    German judges and the German court system was never ‘de-nazified’ after WWII.

    The Allies kept it almost entirely intact because the whole purpose of the entire WWII mission was to have Germany attack Russia to steal it’s 12 time zones of resources and divvy them up among the Euro-Tard countries.

    Germany got greedy and out of control and the German government had to be put down like a rabid dog but the Allies still wanted the Nazi court system to continue as a jack boot on the face of the German sheeple, to this day I might add.

    Had I been calling the shots in 1945 I would have executed all German judges and prosecutors PLUS their staffs for aiding, abetting and supervising crimes against humanity.

    Like the Romans executed thousands in the slave revolt of Spartacus fame, they nailed them to crosses along all the roads that lead into Rome and left them there for the carrion crows for a year, so too I would have made a spectacle like that of the German judiciary at the end of WWII. I believe the Romans executed about 7,000 this way in that spectacle.

    The Spartacus executions were so notable that they were still remembered almost 2000 years latter and made into a movie by Hollywood. That is some example for history remembered.

    The current German judiciary is a blazing example of arrogant Nazi continuity from 80 years ago.

    There was never another Spartacus like incidence in Roman history

    Like Never

    The Romans knew how to make a lasting point the first time out of the gate

    Consequences as Spectacle

    The current German judiciary

    Mortem Tyrannis

    Death to Tyrants

    Mortem ad iudices

    Death to Judges


    Democracy. People power.
    The people of the world are demonstrating/marching/revolting/protesting.
    Against the decisions taken by the authorities.


    The German Wonder Weapon Pansy Leopard II tanks are all burning on the Russian steppes again 80 years later decorated with the Iron Crosses, Sieg Heil!

    The Allies didn’t even force the Germans to redesign another emblem for the German Army after WWII

    The Iron Cross symbol is a thinly veiled nod n’ wink substitution for the Nazi swastika.

    It keeps the flame alive

    Here is a current German helicopter

    Just like the Die guten alten Tage



    The jewbankers want dead Whites. Just like the World Wars. Dead White Christians in particular. If that entails Russia turning Europe into 1 big Ukraine, they’ll do it. Sucking the US into war with Iran, hell yeah, they’ll do it. We got the money, honey…stole it all from you dumb cattle., now we’re gonna wipe you out and build back better up from the dust. This is what they are taught. This is what they believe. Tikum Olam, or some shit. Their messiah arriving after killing us and destroying everything. Dont take my word for it, read what they write. Every dog I ever owned hated fuckin jews, they knew, they sense that evil. People used to have that, now their mindfucked, indoctrinated, programmed to enter the meat grinder.


    The Germans are being de-industrialized with no hope of turning it around because they have no source of cheap energy, the Master Resource.

    No natural gas, no nuclear power, not enough firewood, and barely enough coal to heat their homes to 50 degrees F and cook cheap Wienerschnitzel, but the Green Nazis will crush that idea too.

    Their culture is doomed, their birth rate is half replacement, they will be gone from face of the Earth in less than 80 years. German women would have to start having 6 kids each now to hope to correct the trajectory. Not-gonna-happen.

    Lebewohl Beethoven! Roll Over!

    Middle Ages Here We Come!



    The Uniparty’s 2024 Texas Border Theatre Production:

    Please stop me if you have seen this theatre show before.

    Setting: It is an election year and the Uniparty’s RINOs need to show their voters that they support border security without reminding voters that they have always supported a fully open border.

    Scene 1: Uniparty “Texas Governor Abbott RINO WEF” we need you to convince Republican voters that we are strong on border security!”

    Scene 2: A small park on the Texas border. A small detachment of 50 Texas National Guards deploying their 20 coils of razor wire in the park while being filmed by the msm.

    Scene 3: US border agents busy removing razor wire to help illegals cross the border to get their free stuff.

    Scene 4: SCOTUS rules it is perfectly fine to remove all border barriers.

    Scene 5: Texas RINO Governor Abbott hiding in India says he won’t back down! Other RINO Governors pledge their support for open borders!

    Scene 6: Stupid American theatre patron “Oh, yeah, Republicans are tough on the border!

    Scene 7: 99.999999999999999% of border remains wide open. Only the little Texas park is closed.

    Scene 8: MSM showing only the little park, ignoring the rest of the open border.

    Scene 9: Americans “Oh, wow the entire Texas National Guard was deployed closing the entire border!”

    Scene 10: Re-elected RINO Uniparty sipping champagne “See it works everytime! Americans are so stupid!”

    John Day

    @TAE Summary, Masterful transposition of “War” for “Love”…


    Since WEF NAZI Justin Trudeau whole heartedly supports genocide, he is ignoring the international court.

    Palestinians should have all died yesterday to fulfill the WEF’s depolulation agenda. Now they need to suffer the consequences for not doing so, and to serve as an example, for not obeying the WEF’s dictac.

    So far the Houthis have only fired missiles without an explosive warhead.
    Those punky little homemade missiles that hit a ship, only went in one side and then out the other side.
    Are you “woke” yet?

    John Day

    It’s ok, no sweat, it’s not her money…
    Janet Yellen Bets $2 Trillion That Rates Will Not Be Higher-For-Longer

    those darned kids

    why does he have a nova scotia flag?

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