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    Saul Goodman

    @ jb-hb it is much appreciated as i am sure many here will read it too

    Having young kids right now, the karmic stress am i right!

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    Saul Goodman

    So I suppose all of this information should produce a thoughtful exercise. They have been ‘telling’ us the next pandemic will be bird flu, does anyone here have suggestions on what to stock up on to either treat or get through something like that? Lets get ahead of the curve.

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    Saul Goodman

    I think this is worth a read, i have heard many success stores related to this. My 12 year old dog currently has a tumor popping out of her anal gland, now, vet said its a matter of time, nothing they can do, not worth surgery because there could be more, which means scans etc.

    Dewormer for the win again? I will post any success I have.

    The Blog

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    Saul Goodman


    I have been taking NAC, we talked about it early on here. I am officially 1 year and 3 months since my JnJ vax. No boosters or nuttin like that. I have since gotten set up to quit if this subject comes up again.

    My NP friend perscribed some ivermectin too. I have not taken the Bromelain but will add it to the list. I have experimented with all of the stuff people talked about on here. I also did an IV drip called ‘the works’ which included Magnesium, B complex, vit c, zinc, glutathione, taurine, lysine, HCI. On a nightly basis i drink a ‘dose’ which is turmeric, milk thistle, dandelion, orange, and ginger (this is mostly due to my nightly drinking, and i know, 2023 will be cutting back).

    But thanks for all of your information, your a gem.

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    Saul Goodman

    It has been a while since I have commented, already at 90 today so most people probably wont see this. I have enjoyed and appreciated all of the information here.

    I was one of the unfortunate who had to take a jab to save my job (3 kids and a stay at home wife). Fortunately for all of us, 3 kids and a wife that are not vax and a couple million in life insurance for me!

    I did find it ironic that my company doubled our free life insurance and long term health insurance is free (covered by them). I digress.

    Anyway I am happy to share that I was a JnJ person, had no ill side effects, and i followed all of the instructions that were provided here. I have to date not experienced any issues (other than actually getting covid a couple months later, omicron they say)

    Maybe it helps that i tend to drink most evenings, kept the blood thin?!

    I hope people can view this link if you have not seen it already, a certain CEO getting grilled by journalist in davos…

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    Saul Goodman

    @ anyone in this debate

    I dont really understand why anyone would care or work to debate or debunk the IVM thing. Low safety profile, obviously lots of smoke (controversy on both sides) on the subject. Where there is smoke there is fire. If people want to take it, let them take it. Who gives a crap to be right or wrong. I sometimes keep a lucky coin in my pocket when I play blackjack! Who am I hurting by being wrong if that works?

    Also, the GOV published its own information on this. It is no secret drugs can have an impact on other illnesses, they were looking at IVM for CANCER! They also mentioned IVM antiviral effects as well and explained WHY. Read the whole thing. This alone is enough to make the gamble worth the very little risk. Why argue about it and studies etc!

    IVM not only has strong effects on parasites but also has potential antiviral effects. IVM can inhibit the replication of flavivirus by targeting the NS3 helicase [17]; it also blocks the nuclear transport of viral proteins by acting on α/β-mediated nuclear transport and exerts antiviral activity against the HIV-1 and dengue viruses [18]. Recent studies have also pointed out that it has a promising inhibitory effect on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has caused a global outbreak in 2020 [19]. In addition, IVM shows potential for clinical application in asthma [20] and neurological diseases [21]. Recently scientists have discovered that IVM has a strong anticancer effect.

    Since the first report that IVM could reverse tumor multidrug resistance (MDR) in 1996 [22], a few relevant studies have emphasized the potential use of IVM as a new cancer

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    Saul Goodman

    @John Day

    I got the JNJ Vax in October to keep my job. My only and last Vax I will quit next time.

    Anyway. I have 3 girls under the age of 8. The youngest got sick last week and the middle sick now. All testing negative with at home tests. I tested positive 7 days ago and have been feeling 90% this whole time. Slightly run down. My unvaxed nurse wife (she no longer works as I stated I got my Vax to stay as the provider), has had no issues. We are good at taking our vitamins as discussed here. I never had xovid prior.

    Her type 1 diabetic unvaxed sister in law has covid now too. She feels the same as me.

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    Saul Goodman

    So all my kids are sick. I’m feeling like 90%. Kids all test negative for covid. I test positive. Wife isn’t sick.

    I am the only one with the Vax. Jnj. In October. Seems fishy.

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    Saul Goodman

    That Rothchild stuff is tough, its basically telling us how dumb we are, but figuring it out takes knowledge beyond anyone’s comprehension. At the end of the day we are basic humans trying to raise our families, not concur the world.

    He states that prepping, having food, guns, and silver is futile. So what is one to do? Wait for the oblivion that they are planning.

    I am trying to better understand Tri’s health stuff, I feel he could be on to something with the Iron overload. But seeing what is takes to reverse it, basically turns your life upside-down into an impossible plan unless you have unlimited time and resources to some degree.

    I mean overall, I am a healthy 35 year old male, I eat decent in terms of minimizing processed foods, but we all dabble in fast food and on the run stuff every now and then. Chicken/beef and vegetables is generally our meals.

    My TG/HDL is 0.98

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    Saul Goodman

    Continuation from yesterday as I am curious.

    For those curious, I saw Dr D comment about it so thought we would further the topic. The supplement given to my wifes grandmother was DES.

    Its an interesting story to watch them all continue to only have daughters, and all had autoimmue disease. She is 1 of 3 sisters, all three had all daughters, so yes 9 granddaughters on the side of the family.

    Does anyone know how to measure iron in your tissue as has been discussed here. We get alot of ideas but sometimes lack practical execution. Thanks!

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    Saul Goodman


    I know you linked a video of a guy who read a book on Iron, i lost it but it looked like a good read.

    She was born type 1, is very healthy person in terms of diet and exercise.

    Is there a way to measure iron in the tissue?

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    Saul Goodman


    She was born type 1 as an autoimmune disease. Ironically, my wife and her 2 sisters all have an autoimmune disease. They linked it back to some drug their grandmother took to prevent a miscarriage’s (ironically at the time FDA approved but now pulled as a carcinogen)

    Her mother has celiac diease, my wife has celiac, her oldest sis has ruma arthritis , and type 1

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 7 2021 #94601
    Saul Goodman

    Question for the Group:
    My sister in law is not wanting to get the shot. She has type 1 diabetes her whole life. She doesnt need to get the shot for her job. I have tried to stay out of it as my wife feels its risky for me to weigh in with my opinion, and god forbid something happen, people blame me for talking her out of not getting the shot.

    Is type 1 really something that would mix poorly if she got covid? I would think the vax itself is riskier than covid?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 29 2021 #93980
    Saul Goodman

    @my parents said know
    Interesting comment on the graphine compound. I read an article a while back that got deep into having graphine in your blood and interaction with 5G technology (way over my head and not something I get into). However, the article made a big stink about the supplement NAC being a miracle for solving this problem. And ironically its a supplement the FDA asked Amazon to stop selling (you can get it on ebay).

    Since I was one of the people that was forced to jab to keep my job (I know all the advice here but I was surprised how swiftly and ruthlessly they pushed it through and denied all religious and medical exceptions, even those that were granted, were not able to do their jobs if it was external facing at all (99% of jobs in my company)). I have been taking NAC post vax if there is any truth to it, plus I like to drink alcohol so at a minimum it helps my liver!!

    Continuing on this subject as I talked to @John Day and @Zerosum regarding pre vax advice. Having received the J&J shot I have been looking really hard at how to minimize the effects of the shot. If anyone has time and is curious, I found this article very interesting.

    Also, not to add fuel to the fire, but felt this was also interesting and makes me want to mitigate the effects even more…

    COVID shots intended to reduce world’s population by poisoning ‘billions’: South African doctor 

    I am not an expert at any of this, and alot of it goes over my head, but the first article I posted seems well thought out and sourced, based on alot of what we have discussed here.

    I have also stayed away from jumping on the soccer band wagon stuff because I watch college football and stuff, I would think it would be impacting all sports like the NBA and what not.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 11 2021 #92131
    Saul Goodman

    I dont know if this is relevant or not, I have been reading all the comments here for a couple of years. And I wish we could all share a beer, and thank everyone here for the thoughtful debate and professional discourse (most of the time).

    My wife and I probably keep reading into things we see happening all around us, these things probably always happened but now we are trying to apply a cause and effect, i.e. vaccine, covid, etc.

    I had to fly on an airplane this week, Down to a southern US city. The mask stuff is commical with taking it off most of the flight to eat and drink, but them asking for you to put it on as soon as you throw your stuff away. I wear the most breathable material so as to not be uncomfortable. I go to a work event since I have been forced vaccinated (I might be more dangerous now than before as I feel like I am an under cover agent of truth. Everyone listening to my rants and stories–It terrifies people. I tell people that I am only a handful of people that took the vaccine against my desire. I lay out a logical story about how I never got sick and that this seemed retroactive. Making people think gets them to stop talking in their tracks.

    I have a story that I have never shared for privacy reasons. My long time friend, a Nurse Practitioner came to me for help. He was the NP at a county jail, and they were having the worst outbreak of Covid they have ever had. People laid up. In bad shape. He calls me and says ‘yo brother, i might need you to send me that protocol you we talked about a while back (this was July 2021, i guess you could say delta). Now its no secret that the country jail has people that are not healthy. I sent him the website that has already been shared here. I say, I am just a internet junkie, you look at this with your own brain, and do what you think is right. He decides to use something that rhymes with ‘I her Shmectin’ amongst other things.

    I forgot about it assuming he doesnt want to risk career suicide. I test him a few weeks later and he says the following. ‘Hey buddy, you wont beleive it, this stuff worked, all the inmates were testing negative after 4-5 days. We saved probably 7 lives and put 22 people back on their feet quickly. The XXX state department of health was in a call with us and praising us for how successful this was and that they have never seen this anywhere. Everyone got better.

    Hair on my arm stood up. He said, ‘risk was low, reward was high’. So there are alot of people that can mock all this stuff, but a battle is a battle, no one wins a battle doing nothing. We did something.

    Sad thing is, that state I live in, the country I live in, knows how to help, and is doing nothing.

    Back to me, people at my meeting where shocked to find out that I was trying to counteract the vax as well as I could. Everyone was shocked that I got a shot (J&J) and basically experienced nothing no reaction whatsoever (aka no headaches, chills, etc, and god forbid blood or other issues). Woke some people up today with my NP friends story. There are literally people who are paying 0% attention to this. Large amounts of people.

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    Saul Goodman

    Dr McCollough, I appreciate what he is doing. I feel like the minute you go on InfoWars, you have given away your ability to be leaned on legitimately. Did I see that correctly, he was on InfoWars?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 5 2021 #91632
    Saul Goodman

    I dont know why anyone responds to deflationista, we are giving him what he wants. Reactions. I don’t disagree that it is healthy to consider other view points, and often welcome his links to help tamper down the echos.

    @ Dr. D is still my favorite commentator.

    For those that have poked into my situation when I post. I took the J&J shot for obvious reasons that we do not agree with. The obviouslness of how wrong this is has become a silencing effect in my life.

    I am still struggling with the WHY is this being done like this. It is sickening that they are targeting kids. And again I am struggling to understand the actual answer to why this is being done with such resource and force. I mean all of the article and comments here paint a picture, but I am still looking at the trees vs seeing the forest.

    I followed the protocal that Zerosum found, it did me well. I barely had a headache over a few days but that was it.
    I can tell you that the debates being discussed now show me how many people are waking up. My boss went out with me for a beer while he was in town, and he started to rage about how this is over and he doesnt understand the kids needed it (he is liberal and has no kids). So I thought that was interesting.

    Anyway, I have no decided to take a supplement that the FDA asked Amazon to stop selling, my logic is that they are trying to remove something that could help people be better: N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, or NAC. Sometimes doing the opposite of what they say is ultimately for your betterment.

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    Saul Goodman

    All. My issue is they have required vaccination as defined by the CDC to meet with clients and brokers etc. Which is my job. So if I cancel all my in person meetings. I have started the process of not fulfilling my job. If I go to the meetings I am going against company policy. They are playing a big game of chicken. But if this chicken losses I’ll be on the path of not performing my job duties as I will have to ask other people to go for me. Which means they don’t need me.

    I filed for medical exemption (they are denying religious cause they are a large corporation). Problem is my primary care is a nurse practitioner from an endocrine clinic. His doctors who have never met me won’t sing off and my company says they need a physician to sign off. Ironically they don’t define physician.

    , yes I have a few million in life and ironically my company doubled their funded life insurance for us and one term disability (I found that ironic). So essentially if anything happens my family is covered. My wife can sure my employer for rejecting my medical exemption, which they would likely settle for several million out of court. It is always true that I am worth more dead.

    Ita truly a game of chicken that if I didn’t have 3 kids under the age of 9, I would’ve sold it all and bought a trailer in the lake and go off grid. My wife is slightly on board but the idea of burning down everything we built is a difficult change. Spent 4 years personally renovating a great home in a great community. It’s sad to think about doing the right things by trying to pay it off and realizing it’s now my largest equity cash out.

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    Saul Goodman

    @Wes and ESPECIALLY @Zerosum

    I have to laugh, @zerosum, you are literally the person that gave me the initial information that I saved should this day come from a post a couple months back, your exact comment:

    @ Doc Robinson
    (I’m having trouble posting)

    You might be interested in this:
    OTC Medicines & Nutraceuticals to Prevent/Reduce COVID Post-Vaccination Side Effects

    from this site:

    I push my shot off until tomorrow haha!

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    Saul Goodman

    Thanks Raul, and thanks for the website. This is prompting me to do better planning to find a way out of a company that wants to go this route.

    I make a large income where I am, so I was in that ‘retire’ early mindset (you know prior to 2 years ago when this blew up). Most of my money is tax advantaged accounts, equity in the home we are trying to pay off, and a cash position for a bad day. Never imagined a bad day like getting let go, my wife who is an RN being a backup job (now more difficult if we want to keep her from having to be vax). And most companies are potentially going down this road in my field, so though job hunting is an option, how soon until I leave my current situation and then run into the same problem. Need a total reinvention which takes time. Which I will do.

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    Saul Goodman

    Well, unfortunately today is the last day for me to get a shot or start the process of losing my job. I am no John Day. I stated before I am a father to 3 youngsters and my wife has been staying at home to insulate our children from having to be raised by someone else. I made the choice to get the JnJ with all the information I learned here. The protocal of taking OTC meds, vitmains, using the right arm, asperating the needle, etc all should make more 100x’s more prepared than most people who walk in.

    Thanks to this group for all the information and time spent sorting this out. I told my boss the other day that boosters will be next, and send him what the CDC director said the other day about needing to consider redefining what it means to be vaxxed. He said if that happens he will put his tin foil hat on and join in the protests (as he doesn’t think a booster is needed). He means well and it really is out of his hands too.

    Unfortunately my skills are in business development (sales) so its a role that is on the go. I am one of those ethical sales people too, which makes me good, not most of the douches you encounter.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 25 2021 #90814
    Saul Goodman

    Yes I have been reading the comments here for some time. So I have also been getting up to speed on your comments, but 2 years worth of comments here can take a while to digest. Essentially the (free) book outlines these as the benefits of HP:
    Amazing Health-Related Properties of HP
    HP has the following properties that account for
    its powerful and positive clinical impact:
    1. Documented antiseptic (disinfectant) abilities
    when applied externally
    2. Completely nontoxic when appropriately
    administered to an individual
    3. Tiny in size, nonionic, and permeable to all
    cell, intracellular organelle, and pathogen
    walls and membranes
    4. Present everywhere in the body, continually
    produced both inside and outside the cells 5
    5. Chemically stable and not readily reactive
    like other ROS (reactive oxygen species), as it
    requires specific cofactors to have its pro-oxidant, pathogen-killing effect
    6. Rapidly produces hydroxyl radicals (pro-oxidant effect) in the presence of unbound iron
    (Fenton reaction)
    7. Can spontaneously be generated from water
    to a limited degree
    8. Increased production in the face of infection
    and inflammation 6
    9. Generated in massive amounts into the extracellular space by phagocytes in order to
    respond to pathogen presence 7,8
    10. Secreted continually by the cells lining the
    airways, serving as a natural defense mechanism against newly inhaled pathogens
    11. Naturally present in exhaled breath of
    healthy human subjects 9
    12. Increased presence in exhaled breath when
    antioxidant status is improved in COPD
    patients with nebulized N-acetylcysteine 10
    13. Pulmonary infection and inf lammation
    results in a compensatory increased production of HP, as measured in the exhaled air
    14. Naturally present in the urine, helping to
    minimize the occurrence or persistence of
    infections there
    15. Metabolically breaks down into water and
    oxygen after pathogens are killed
    16. Improves blood oxygenation when inhaled by
    17. Effectively serves throughout the body as an
    effective storage form of oxygen
    18. Extracellular production of HP is massively
    increased in the presence of highly-dosed
    vitamin C
    19. Can be considered a nutrient by virtue of its
    effects on metabolism and ability to mobilize
    stored oxygen
    20. Activation of lymphocytes 11
    21. In an insulin-like fashion, HP can markedly enhance glucose transport/uptake in
    fibroblasts 12
    22. HP has a mucolytic (mucus-dissolving) effect
    that is also of great benefit in mobilizing and
    eliminating any secretions associated with a
    pulmonary infection being treated

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 25 2021 #90806
    Saul Goodman

    @TheTrivium4TW & @All

    I read a free book at discussing nebulized hydrogen peroxide as a possible treatment for Covid. it was some 300 page PDF. Curious that no one has mentioned that on here at all. Thoughts?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87936
    Saul Goodman

    And just do everyone know, I am only asking as a form of my contingency planning. My ultimate objective is holding out and buying as much time as possible. Alot of comments here resonate and yes, even if most of us are dead wrong about what we think, the actions being perpetrated and the brainwashing being done is what is really WRONG. Liberty and independence are corner stones of my personality.

    However, I am being faced with the other side of the coin, what does it mean to be a man. We all weigh pros and cons. Right now I am deciding to either step up for the family, continue to earn, and risk myself (my life) for my family so that they can be safe/protected in the short term (i have alot of life insurance!). OR burn down my current life, and have them jump into the trenches with me to fight this together. These are the things we are faced with in the unknown of this event. Their religion is evil.

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    Saul Goodman

    @John Day

    I have been coming here for 2 years now, got to see the evolution from election irregularities to COVID mania. I am a 35 year old male and had the unfortunate luck of being struck with empathy and critical thinking skills my entire life. Obviously I have been seeing through evil BS for a long time.

    Long story short, I have been getting my D levels up for almost 2 years. I am on the 5k IU dose a day maintenance. I have not been sick in 2 years nor have I gotten covid. The doctors in my area are not testing kids they are telling everyone its allergies, which i find funny. My wifes family all got together, all the kids got sick (mildly), my wife and i had stuffy noses for a day, then all was well.

    Interesting times.

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    Saul Goodman

    @Doc Robinson
    I am in USA, work for a very large private company. They have made it so that you are not able to enter our offices without a Vax. They consider being Vaxxed as the typical definition of the three currently authorized.

    Ironically, to avoid medical records keeping, they are housing the date via third party so only a couple of our HR people will have access to the data should a vendor ask if an employee we send into one of their facilities is compliant (if asked only). Also they are using an honor system for exemptions, however, you cant come into the office without vax (circular logic and their way of not taking an official stance of mandating). Also the database I presume could be used for ‘whistle blowers’, should i enter my office and someone know i am not vaxxed, report me to HR, they check the date base (which again is you uploading your info via the honor system of your CDC card, which i assume for now is honor until they can tie it into medical records, technology i am sure to be sold in the near future, which is why lying has never been my idea).

    I am in business development, essential a sales, client facing, and very heavily mobilized role.

    They are all over the place for a multibillion dollar corp. But technically i have 3 optioins for shots.

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    Saul Goodman

    Has anyone had any luck or stories regarding getting the J&J jab (I am assume it is the only option for anyone who doesnt want mrna tech) and utilizing the protocol from

    Obviously the way the world is going we are trying to make the best decisions possible. I am a sole bread winner for a family of 3 kids and a wife who is a retired nurse (to stay with the kids), so obviously her job was a back up job but not now. The cost benefit would be since I have a high paying white color job, to make the sacrifice for the family so they can remain non-jab. Tough decisions all around, would love some comments from this crew. Thanks.

    in reply to: The Mephistopheles Media #68835
    Saul Goodman

    @ Dr. D, always looking for opinions on what an honest and true answer might be.

    @ All, being newer here to commenting but always a fan of this page and the comment section, I still find it odd that people do not see how the stage has been set, they get a sniff of some truth, gains traction, and turned into a conspiracy theory gone dead.

    Over this entire last year of politics, people would desperately want my opinion on who I am going to vote for, I assured them i was politically agnostic and that if they understood finance and money creation, they too would see where the real inaction is for the common person just trying to earn a living, save up some of that money, and be happy.
    …its the last thing they want.

    Also, I watched the first season of True Detective on HBO again after being out for 6 years, seemed more interesting now than back then.

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    Saul Goodman

    @dr. D.

    I didnt understand you position on bitcoin. Sounds like you are got having bitcoin or some form of crypto? It feels like it will not stop going up.

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