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Thomas Eakins Walt Whitman 1891

Jean Claude Juncker held a speech yesterday that had, oh irony, been labeled a State of the Union. A perfect way of showing how pompous Juncker and his surroundings have become. A perfect way, too, to point out how much the European Union differs from the United States. The gap is so wide it doesn’t need any explaining.

Much of the speech concerned the refugee crisis Juncker and his cronies share a lot of the blame for, and for good measure he managed to get in a vile threat to Greece, in the vein of “Greece must respect the bailout, or the EU reaction will be ‘different'”, and “Greece cannot be kept in the euro at all costs”. In Brussels, democracy is a word fast losing even the last shreds of its meaning.

Juncker’s a very boring speaker -when he’s not been drinking-, but that doesn’t take away from the message. Brussels seeks to use the refugee crisis for the same purpose it uses all crises for: power grabbing. A reaction from Nigel Farage that was dripping with vile bigotry was the best reaction I read about to the speech, and in my not so humble opinion that is desperately sad.

It’s a shame and a disgrace that bigots like Farage, Le Pen, Orban and Wilders will have to decide the future of the EU, but it’s still a mile and a half better than more EU, because the European Union is rapidly turning into a monstrosity the likes of which even Europe has seldom seen in its history, and that’s saying something.

28 separate formerly sovereign nations are coming under the thumb of a de facto occupying force that is squeezing their sovereignty and democracy out of them in boa constrictor fashion, leaving them behind as empty political shells. And every single one of these nations has voluntarily signed up for this treatment, blindly lured by financial promises that the Greek crisis has abundantly exposed as hollow and void.

Brussels has created another crisis. No, the refugee situation didn’t start last week and yes, the EU did nothing for months, other than shutting down Italy and Greece’s own refugee aid programs and replacing them with the very suspicious Frontex bureau.

And now this crisis is in full flight, what does Juncker call for? More EU, more Union. Which means more power moving to Brussels. This is an MO, not an unfortunate accident.

The Europe of Juncker, Merkel, Cameron and Hollande could and should have moved much faster on the refugee issue, and not have let thousands of people drown before coming up with the plan Juncker presented yesterday, which comes up way short of what will be needed, but which some Reuters editor still had the audacity to label ‘bold’.

A grand resettlement plan for 160,000 refugees makes no sense at all at a time that Germany alone will receive perhaps as much as a million refugees this year. The best thing about the plan may turn out to be the compulsory character Juncker seeks to give it, complete with sanctions for countries that refuse to be told by him what to do.

Even better, obviously, is the fully braindead idea of letting countries pay NOT to accept refugees. Once you start translating human misery into monetary terms, your only possible future looks excruciatingly bleak.

But it will be a spectacle to watch, Brussels dictating terms on sovereign countries, or countries that still think they are sovereign at least.

Brussels succeeded in getting all EU nations to gang up on Greece earlier this year, and countries that are non-compliant on the refugee issue are going to receive death threats like the ones Greece received, but the 27-to-1 majority that existed in that case will not repeat itself.

There is not much difference in depth of bigotry and opportunism between Juncker, Farage and Le Pen. So perhaps it’s only fitting that they get to fight to secure the end of the grandiosely ill-conceived pan-European project amongst themselves. There are no other voices left, no reason, no moderation, no common sense.

Europe’s left is all but dead from largely self-inflicted wounds, set in motion by the likes of Tony Blair. That leaves just one voice, that of the sociopaths, the type of individual overly large institutions select for by default.

If Brussels and Juncker have their way, the EU is going to turn Europe into a -perhaps guerrilla- warzone, of occupiers and occupied battling for power. If the European Union is dissolved, the sovereign nations that remain behind may yet have a -fighting- chance.

The refugee crisis has shown us, and in rich colors, that there are still a lot of decent people in Europe. The problem is that they have no political voice. The dissolution of the Union may be the best -if not only- way to return that voice to them.

Separate sovereign countries with decision making and accountability on a smaller and therefore more human scale are much less likely to draw sociopaths into leading positions.

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    Thomas Eakins Walt Whitman 1891 Jean Claude Juncker held a speech yesterday that had, oh irony, been labeled a State of the Union. A perfect way of sh
    [See the full post at: The EU Uses Every Crisis To Grab More Power]

    Dr. Diablo

    It’s not necessarily bigotry to point out that adding one million people, or five! mid-sized cities of completely socially and religiously alien people every few months is going to cause a LOT of trouble.

    And the news: “Refugees (migrants of course) are sleeping in fields and have a lack of water and sewer.” No kidding. Like how dare Germany, Austria, and Hungary not have pre-built 5 cities of 200,000 housing units in anticipation? Don’t they care? Engineer hats on, how long does it take to build 5 cities in Germany alone? What does it cost? What do you do until then? Army math: 200,000 people, walking ten abreast, taking 10 seconds to cross a bridge will take 55 hours to cross. Day and night, day and night without ceasing, on and on and on. What do they eat? What do they drink? Who keeps order? This is a big, big problem. And considering some of the refugee accounts of how astonishingly poor much of Europe is, many said maybe they should have stayed home. Serbia and the Eastern bloc were already nearly as poor as Syria, have been for decades, and the EU has never once helped or cared. That’s why they’re going to Germany, the only remaining rich state in Europe. And down at the worker level, they’re not that rich.
    There is much of a city and facilities for 200,000-1,000,000 people with a fully integrated culture somewhere, and that place is in Syria and the surrounding areas. Stop bombing them and they will rebuild. Any costs or hardships Europeans would encounter would be wildly minimized by choosing the right solution. All of Syria could be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost to build 5 Germany cities, and also not cause long-term problems. But no one will just point at the emperor after bumping into him day after day. The goal of the empire of chaos is…chaos, unsurprisingly, and the power-grabs you cite, but also the total destruction of what is good in man and good in the proud panoply of European cultures.

    Don’t get me started on the U.S. here. They have ordered Greece and Bulgaria to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching Syria. And Yemen for that matter. Isn’t that in itself a 1st level war crime? Crickets. The U.S. will receive a whopping 1,600 Syrians. There are 20M Syrians and the meddling there has displaced 4M of them, one in five. And we’re not including the recently leaked full civilian casualty count, which they know full-well, many specifically targeted, and is not cared about.

    I feel a better alternative to confiscating my house and turning it into a Red Cross shelter is to stop burning down all the other houses in my neighborhood. It is not heartless to focus on preventing arson and allowing others to live in peace rather than desperate, war-shocked, and in my living room. We know the names of the arsonists. They proudly wrote everything down. We can name them, find them, and stop them, but only if we focus on the root of the problem.

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau


    That’s why I zero in on the Debt-Money Monopolists, the definers and controllers of “a root of all evil.” Of course the most sophisticated evil will secure the power of money so they can wield a root of all evil. They know people tend to worship money, money, money, money, money, and give lip service to God. In that sense, THEY ARE GOD! PEOPLE OBEY THEIR PAYCHECK! Your god is the one WHOM YOU OBEY!
    Debt-Money Tyranny is a root of all evil on this planet. It finances lies. It finances ignorance. It finances illness. It finances irrationality. It finances propaganda. It finance drug cartels. It finances injustice. It finance death. It finances genocide. It finances people to shut up about it, too. As Krugman told Lietaer, don’t EVER, don’t EVER, talk about the money system. He might as well have added, “punk!” on the end.
    Krugman to Lietaer: “Never touch the money system!”

    Ilargi, “never touch the [debt-]money [societal impoverishment] system!”
    Obsess over the bad effects, BUT DO NOT TALK ABOUT ROOT CAUSES!
    You have your orders from on-high! Now do as your told.


    Dear Diablo, you have written a nice comment. However it seems you are trading one fantasy for another. The idea that it’s us, as defined by America and Western Europe that have somehow created the problems in Syria or the Middle East. Stop bombing them you say? How will that alter the crisis that was well under way before we started?

    Even leaving the US need to fight for stability (which we’ve sometimes achieved and sometimes not) Syria is definitely not our fault. Syria is an Arab love story. As in there is no love between any of the groups that have inhabited Syria and you so conveniently forget that when America had nothing to do with Syria it was run as a horrible dictatorship that tortured and killed it’s citizens routinely and with impunity. Given what is now happening I’d say that would be a return to normal, but the US did not cause the civil war in Syria, Syrians, Iraqis, Arabs did!

    So now there is a civil war and all the pent up hatreds of repressed groups are being expressed in paroxysms of violence. Exactly how are we responsible? Sadly yes we have accelerated the violence by shipping weapons to rebel groups Syria. That is far different from causing it and worlds away from resolving it.


    “A reaction from Nigel Farage that was dripping with vile bigotry was the best reaction I read about to the speech, and in my not so humble opinion that is desperately sad.”

    From the link you provided, Nigel Farage said:

    “Thank you. Mr Juncker you’ve simply got this wrong.

    “As I warned you in April, the European Common Asylum Policy sets its terms so wide that to say that anyone who sets a foot on EU soil can stay, I said it would lead to a flow of biblical proportions and indeed that is what we are beginning to see and that’s been compounded by Germany last week saying that basically anyone can come. It is a bit too late now to draw up a list of countries from whom can stay and can’t stay. All they have to do, as they’re doing, is to throw their passports in the Mediterranean and say they’re coming from Syria. As we know the majority of people that are coming and the Slovak Prime Minister has been honest enough to say so, the majority that are coming are economic migrants.

    “In addition we see as I warned earlier evidence that ISIS are now using this route to put their jihadists on European soil. We must be mad to take this risk with the cohesion of our societies. If we want to help genuine refugees, if we want to protect our societies, if we want to stop the criminal trafficking gangs from benefitting as they are, we must stop the boats coming as the Australians did and then we can assess who qualifies for refugee status.

    “I noted your comments because there is a referendum coming in the United Kingdom. I look forward to seeing you in the UK, I know you intend to spend tens of millions of pounds of British tax payers money telling us what we should think. I have a feeling that the British people will warm to you on a personal level but to suggest that getting rid of a few EU regulations is going to change our minds, sorry unless you give Mr Cameron back control and discretion over our borders the Brits will over the course of the next year, vote to leave.”

    HOW is that “vile bigotry”?

    Ceteris Paribus

    I also fail to see the vile bigotry in Farage’s words. Though one may suspect his motives, he makes sense. Certainly a lot more sense than Juncker.

    I am in Vienna as I write this and I am worried, because this is clearly a concerted campaign, remotely controlled – from where, and with what purpose? Nothing good, obviously. It is suspicious that the media are all suddenly so uniformly pro-refugee, that most of the guys who come here seem to be young men (where are their sisters, their mothers?) and co-ordinate their campaign with smartphones. People are questioning why now, so suddenly, all at once? And the German media GMX, this morning, actually had an article “explaining” why every refugee needs a smartphone. You don’t have to be a bigot or a right-winger to smell a big fat rat.

    The next step, I suspect, is a series of spectacular false-flag attacks pitting us natives against these newcomers, rousing old fears and enmities, trying to import civil war into our hitherto peaceful, prosperous countries. Who has an interest in that? And how are ordinary people to see through these machinations or stand up for their interests, if the media and suborned or blackmailed politicians will only lie and use propaganda, reviling anyone who objects to this invasion?

    Dr. Diablo

    So ISIS was getting the tar kicked out of them by Soulimani in Iran, Iraq, and Syria with Russian support, so they decided to pack up shop, hide amongst the real refugees, and set up a long-term mob operation in Europe where the pickings are fat? My God, that’s brilliant. That’s as if Europe is voluntarily importing 1M Chechen mafiosos into the core nations. You can’t identify them, you can’t uproot them, only they know who they are, and they’re hiding among the real refugees.

    Good luck Europe! And, well played.

    This is why we have borders, ID checks, and limits to immigration (none of which the U.S. has either, to the south anyway).

    Diogenes Shrugged

    For the sake of objectivity, I would very much like to hear Nicole’s views on the epic migrations into Europe and the U.S.

    Saudi Arabia Has 100,000 Air Conditioned Tents That Can House 3 Million People Sitting Empty Yet Has Taken Zero Refugees

    Jim Stone’s September 10 opinion on the drowned kid:

    Loss of trust is being caused by more factors than mere deflationary decline.


    Gravity is a thinking thing.


    25 million in Syria, 25 million in Yemen, 35 million in Iraq, 32 million in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sub Saharan Africa. A billion plus people who would rather live in Western Europe than in their own lands.

    Juncker said he understood why a people want to flee to some other people’s land to secure a their safety and a better life. He even said it was a moral imperative that they be allowed to do so. What he failed to recognize that those whose homelands are being invaded have an equal moral right to defend their own lands to provide for their own safety and way of life. Given the equivalent needs for safety and preservation of prosperity then scales of justice must tilt towards those who have not created a disaster over those who have.


    Juncker works for Debt-Money Monopolists who are bankrupting Europe through a prima facie fradulent debt based monetary system. The Debt-Money Monopolists want this distraction as they bankrupt the world and they need an excuse to institute a steel fist police state.

    Problem -> Reaction -> Solution (that benefits the Debt-Money Monopolist agenda)


    Having national borders is NOT BIGOTRY. Nations work much better than empires, especially nations that correspond to a single ethnic group. This is just a PLAIN OBSERVED FACT. If you want to do without nations, then you WILL have empires like EU and US. There is no middle ground.


    This is bigotry:

    “All they have to do, as they’re doing, is to throw their passports in the Mediterranean and say they’re coming from Syria.”

    There may be some who do, but it”s a stupid and nasty generalization.

    As we know the majority of people that are coming and the Slovak Prime Minister has been honest enough to say so, the majority that are coming are economic migrants.”

    We know this is nonsense.


    Epic migration into the US?

    Legal immigration is high but epic, I don’t think so and as the chart shows non approved immigrants from the South have been leaving faster than they have been entering

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