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Willem de Kooning Police Gazette 1955


The best comment on the June 13 Jeff Sessions Senate testimony, and I’m sorry I forgot who made it, was that it looked like an episode of Seinfeld. A show about nothing. Still, an awful lot of voices tried to make it look like it was something life- and game-changing. It was not. Not anymore than Comey’s testimony was, at least not in the sense that those eager to have these testimonies take place would have liked it to be.

Comey shone more of an awkward light on himself rather than on Donald Trump, by admitting that he had leaked info on a private conversation with the president he served at the time. Not quite nothing, but very little to satisfy the anti-Trump crowd. It’s just that there’s so many in that crowd, and most in denial, that you wouldn’t know it unless you paid attention.

To cut to the chase of the issue, it’s no longer possible -or at least increasingly difficult- to find coverage in the US -and European- press of anything related to either Trump or Russia that doesn’t come solidly baked in a partisan opinionated sauce.

For instance, I have a Google News page, somewhat personalized, and I haven’t been able to open it for quite some time without the top news articles focusing on Trump and/or Russia, and all the ones at the very top are invariably from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, The Hill, Politico et al.

But I am not interested in those articles. These ‘news’ outlets -and you really must ask whether using the word ‘news’ is appropriate here- dislike anything Trump and Putin so much, for some reason, that all they do is write ‘stuff’ in a 24/7 staccato beat based on innuendo and allegations, quoted from anonymous sources that may or may not actually exist.

In the case of Russia, this attitude is many years old; in the case of Trump, it dates back to him announcing his candidacy. And that’s funny, because when you think back to who else was a GOP candidate, how can you not wonder if Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush would really have been better presidents than Trump? The Trump presidency is not an indictment of the man himself, but of the entire US political system.

You only need to think back of the Republican hopefuls who got beaten in the primaries, or the Democratic candidates on the other side of the isle. There are 320 million Americans, and that was the cream of the crop? What does that say about the state of the union? That’s very much true about Trump as well: is that the best you can do?

It’s the story behind the multiple veils, the -political- policy choices of the likes of the New York Times and Washington Post, that is perhaps the most interesting part of this. Their anti-Trump stories are certainly not. They’re utterly boring repetitive propaganda material. Still, there are also reasons behind this that have little to do with politics.

With the advent of the interwebs, the MSM were always going to have a challenging time. As time passed, it became clear they were going to have to compete with 100 million other voices. And while the established media have clear advantages, it was never going to be an easy task. For one thing because unlike most of these 100 million voices, the traditional media have a lot of overhead, fixed costs etc.

They can establish their own web presence, but not much about that is obvious. Some have moved behind a paywall to manage costs, others focus on ads. But none of that really works well. Ad revenue is not enough to keep the vast machinery going, and a paywall limits readership.

Ergo, the MSM has to focus on both 1) what makes it strong, and on 2) what sets it apart from the ‘new competition’. That does seem evident, and it’s therefore surprising that they have elected to do the opposite. A choice that will inevitably hasten their demise.

I’ve long thought that the only way the MSM can survive in the age of the interwebs, for as long as they can indeed survive, is to be uncompromisingly objective, perhaps even to stay away from opinionating, period. Because all other areas, everything that is subjective, will be taken over, and often already is, by the millions who write and post their own opinions on social media.

And no-one will be able to make up their mind any longer about what’s real or not if they can’t figure out from reading between all these lines what is true or not. That is a battle the media establishment cannot win. So it’s more than a bit surprising that it is exactly that which they have elected to pin their futures on.

Media organizations like the New York Times and the Washington Post have over a long time built the contacts, the revenue (for now) and the resources to do what newer media can not: that is for instance, to assign a team of good and smart researchers and/or writers to difficult topics that may take months to cover satisfactorily. It just so happens that is what their entire business model was always based on.

But they’ve thrown it away. They’ve chosen to compete with the entire world, who can all write and all have opinions, in the shadowy realm of fake news, anonymity and mud-slinging. But the opinion of a Washington Post writer, or even its editorial staff, is just another opinion. That’s not where they can stand out. That they can only do in truth-finding. And then they choose not to.

Mainstream media are not short on content, but they ARE short on news. What they do is opinion, propaganda, and that’s not what they’re there for. Both they themselves and their readers should be very worried about that. Because news gathering and dissemination is a vital function in any democratic nation. Taking it away leaves a big hole.

And they’re pouring out so much of the same stuff that even if inside the echo chamber the audience just can’t get enough of it, those on the outside get pushed ever further away. The distance between these groups of people keeps growing, and that’s not what media should be doing, let alone aim for.

There comes a point when people will say: we get it, you don’t like Trump, but we don’t need to see that repeated 100 times a day, and certainly not if you don’t provide facts to base your preferences on. Outside the echo chamber that has already happened. I haven’t read anything in the New York Times or Washington Post forever. If I can’t trust them to write facts on Trump, I can’t trust them, period.

They already have so much going against them. Sales of paper copies are under relentless pressure, because they’re a day old when they’re published, and nobody needs to wait for their news that long anymore. Another kind of pressure comes from the fact that a huge part of their subscribers are older, and the younger stay away from print.

The Hill, a smaller member of the MSM, ran a story over the weekend which said CNN, one of its “brethren in crime”, is clamping down on stories about Russia. All stories have to go through the senior editors now. CNN the next day fired 3 people over one of the many stories. How about the rest? Did they all meet those ‘rigorous editorial standards?

With that Hill piece, you think: someone’s trying to save face… But The Hill would have to come clean about its own coverage of the topic to regain any credibility. As for CNN, have you watched those guys on TV lately? They’re like a firing-squad. Henchmen don’t ask questions either.

Before I forget: Does anyone think there would have been a Special Counsel appointed if the anti-Trump echo chamber press had not incessantly came up, and still does, with new narratives about President Trump, his campaign, his advisers, his staff, and all of the above’s links to Russia? For which to this day no proof has been revealed?!

I find it hard to fathom. I even think it is possible that the feeding frenzy will cost Trump his presidency, not because of evidence but because of neverending innuendo. The frenzy has shown no signs of letting up, and it can continue because it feeds on itself.

While it’s strange that the MSM should risk their own credibility and even survival to be competing, as I said, with a 100 million other ‘sources’, a fight that it can never win, in the short term they have established a loyal echo chamber following that has even ‘miraculously’ increased their subscription numbers.

The flipside of that is they have lost half of their potential readers, but they got so many more from inside the chamber in return that the bottom line looked good. But at some point you will have to prove something, if you want to live. And very little of the ‘material’ on both Trump and Russia has turned out to actually be wearing clothes.

Then again, once you’re inside the chamber, it’s hard to leave. Which is a disgrace for America in all its facets, but there’s not easy way back out. There’s only one, and it’s more out of reach than perhaps ever before: that of the truth, which only the MSM have the resources to provide on a consistent and wide-ranging basis. But they’ve rejected the truth.

They will find out soon enough that the echo chambers are all booked full, with nutjobs and snake oil salesmen. Why they would want to be thrown in with that crowd, who knows? Sure, a quick profit can work miracles. But then you die.

The entire drama has caused an enormous impoverishment of the American media landscape. And it never had much, if anything, to do with news.

The best way to illustrate what’s really going on is probably in these graphs. The negative ‘reporting’ about Trump is off the scale (don’t miss German TV network ARD’s 98% score):



But when it comes to bombing the Middle East, all the ducks get in line. As ducks do. As behooves ducks. Even when it comes to Trump, they can’t hide their true nature.

We’re done here.





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    Willem de Kooning Police Gazette 1955   The best comment on the June 13 Jeff Sessions Senate testimony, and I’m sorry I forgot who made it, was t
    [See the full post at: Feeding Frenzy in the Echo Chamber]


    Instead of reacting to the Debt-Money Monopolist Kabuki theater for the plebs, let’s analyze it to see what deception is at the root of it. We need to develop the higher orders of our brain in order to work our way out of the cognitive malware environment that has engulfed us since birth.
    In the case of Comey, I think the deception is rather obvious, even if not mentioned by anyone.
    In a Presidential election, a Democrat serving FBI head working for a Democratic President dropped an “October Surprise” announcement on the Democratic nominee that eventually lost the election.
    Think – that doesn’t make sense from the perspective of the political false dichotomy that has the pseudo-Plebians mesmerized, does it?
    If they had done it to the Republican, cries of election manipulation would be incessant, so why do it to their own party? Is that how politics works in almost every other case… each party throwing itself under the bus? No. So, why now?
    The Debt-Money Monopolists finance and control both Democrat, Inc. and Republican, Inc. Word almost assuredly came down to put Trump in office. Yes, the Debt-Money Monopolists control Trump, too, that’s why they gave him $2 billion in free media. If one is actually engaging their thinking process, one would have to be worse than a literal moron to think the Money Power would drop $2 billion in free media on a threat. Give. Me. A. Break.
    Nope, the Debt-Money Monopolist had a massive incentive to make sure Trump was in office.
    Although Nicole’s ability to time the rational behavior of the rationalizing herd is, well, comically, bad, her ultimate conclusions are EXACTLY CORRECT.
    There are two things the Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Empire Fascists do not want when this collapse goes down…
    1. They don’t want the perpetrators of the collapse to be identified and held accountable.
    2. They don’t want the destruction of their very effective false political dichotomy that has served them so well for a very long time.
    Just in case some didn’t catch on, the perpetrators of the debt-money bubble burst collapse are the Debt-Money Monopolist Fascists (they control both the mega-corporatocracy and government)… they don’t want themselves, the true villains, to be identified, called out, and held accountable.
    Blame the Jews all day long. Blame whitey. Blame Israel. Blame minorities. Blame Muslims. Blame anyone and everyone else, BUT NEVER BLAME THE DEBT-MONEY MONOPOLISTS BY NAME.
    Referring back to the two points listed above, is it now obvious why the Debt-Money Monopolists picked their agent Trump Card to be President and use the Mega-Corporate Media Complex to incessantly demonize him as a villain? It is called conditioning. When the debt-money bubble busts, their Trump Card operative will be blamed and the people will energetically put most blame on Trump.
    Both establishment Democratic, Inc. and Republican, Inc. will claim to not to have support of the Debt-Money Monopolist Trump Card, therefore, the political false dichotomy will stay in tact, at least as much as possible when the economy fully implodes as outlined by Nicole and Ilargi.
    All the psychologically programmed think the Democrats a dead…
    Once the economy collapses and it is blamed on Trump, the Democratic, Inc. Debt-Money Monopolist operative will be a shoe-in. The Debt-Money Monopolists could really flaunt their power over the mind controlled masses by installing Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic, Inc. “nominee.”
    Two-dimensional thinking and reacting to propaganda is not enough to fully comprehend the ultimate human predator that, right here and now, already controls the entire world except for a small handful of countries.


    I really understand the admiration and marvel shown by John in Revelation 17 when he viewed the Debt-Money Monopolist controlled Beast Empire system which is already entrenched and just waiting to reveal its ultimate level of tyranny.
    BTW, the number of the then current empire ruler Nero is 666 and 616.
    The Debt-Money Monopolists are the rulers of the current global Debt-Money Monopolist financed empire. This fits the imagery in Revelations to a “T.”
    Amazing, but absolutely true.


    For decades in art circles it was either a rumour or a joke, but now it is confirmed as a fact. The Central Intelligence Agency used American modern art – including the works of such artists as Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko – as a weapon in the Cold War

    This is an old and well-known story. You cannot compare the work of these artists with that accomplished by Picasso, van Gogh, Matisse and Kandinsky IMHO.

    They also used the Nobel Prize as a weapon. Anyone who ever made the effort to read “Dr Zhivago” will realise that this book did not deserve a Nobel Prize. It is boring and badly-written. You cannot compare it with the work of any of the 19th century Russian novelists. It was promoted by the CIA – and an excellent film made – in order to humiliate the USSR which was persecuting the writer. He was not allowed to collect it.

    More recently, we have had Obama getting a Nobel Prize for Peace and the IPCC and Al Gore got it for their “Global Warming” nonsense.

    2007 Nobel Peace Prize

    The remarkable thing is that this committee used the “precautionary principle” to justify doing so. You do not turn your electric grid inside out and vastly increase the price and decrease the reliability of electricity in the cause of “prevention”.

    Earlier, it was given to Yasser Arafat, Simon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin for the Oslo Peace Accords. Firstly, Arafat was in the pay of the Israelis and when he ceased being useful they poisoned him. Secondly, the Israelis never respected this accord and have continued ever since expelling Palestinians from their homeland and stealing their property.

    The Nobel Peace Prize 1994


    Hi Nassim,
    And Paul Krugman got the Nobel Prize in Economics because he “never touches the [debt-]money system…

    Krugman to Lietaer: “Never touch the money system!”

    Krugman even threaten Lietaer claiming that, if he didn’t shut up about the fraudulent debt-money system, Lietaer would have no chance to win the Nobel Prize.

    Also note that all the high level MIT professors teach their top students to “never touch the money system, too.”

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