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Pablo Picasso Pitcher of flowers on a table 1942


DC Bars To Open Early For Impeachment Mania (Hill)
Adam Schiff’s ‘Ham Sandwich’: Not An Inquiry, Just A Show (Hill)
The Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is Already In Big Trouble (Fox)
Trump Fumes As Dems Get Ready For ‘Sober And Rigorous’ Public Hearings (G.)
Bolton: Some Of Trump Foreign Policy Guided By Personal Interest (NBC)
Trump On Fed: Others Have Negative Rates: ‘Give Me Some Of That Money’ (CNBC)
Prince Andrew Accuser Target Of Suit Questioning Her Forced Sex Claims (USAT)
Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales Thanks Mexico For Saving His Life (RT)
Morales Endures Twists And Turns During Flight To Political Asylum In Mexico (RT)
Opposition Senator Declares Herself ‘Interim President’ Of Bolivia (RT)
Alexander Downer Says Assange Should Not Expect Australian Intervention (SMH)
Wisconsin’s Dairy Crisis: “We Are Losing Two Farms A Day!” (SHTF)
Russians Interfere In New Zealand ‘Bird Of The Year’ Contest (RT)



“Subpoena Colada”.

DC Bars To Open Early For Impeachment Mania (Hill)

Restaurant and bar owners in Washington are aiming to cash in on impeachment in a decidedly #thistown way, opening their doors early so the city’s politically minded revelers can imbibe as they take in the House’s first televised hearings. The House impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine is poised to enter a new phase on Wednesday, with public hearings scheduled in the Intelligence Committee, with more set for Friday. Duffy’s Irish Pub, in the District’s H Street NE neighborhood, will feature what it’s dubbing “happy hearing hours,” with $5 rail drinks and $2 off all drafts and wine during all impeachment hearings. The watering hole — which boasts eight large, flat-screen TVs with a “stadium sound” system — says it’s also whipping up a pair of impeachment beverages to mark the occasion.

Bartenders will be serving a “Subpoena Colada” and a drink called “James and the Giant Impeachment.” The eatery isn’t the only place prepping for all the impeachment action in the House. Union Pub says it will be open for business at 9:50 a.m. on Wednesday, just 10 minutes before the hearing is scheduled to begin. The Capitol Hill tavern will be showing everything impeachment on all its TVs and will be featuring a surplus of specials. For $7, customers can pick up a variety of peachy cocktails, including its “Impeachment Please”, made with peach-flavored Jim Beam, simply syrup and orange bitters, or “I Got 99 Problems But Impeachment Ain’t One,” a Sobieski peach vodka, peach Schnapps, orange juice, Sprite and lemon libation.

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“As a matter of due process, Schiff’s made-for-TV spectacle is a bad joke.”

Adam Schiff’s ‘Ham Sandwich’: Not An Inquiry, Just A Show (Hill)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and his House Intelligence Committee are taking the show public this week. The inquiry he’s been running is, he claims, analogous to a grand jury investigation: It’s a preliminary investigative stage before the inquiry’s transfer to the Judiciary Committee for the formal consideration of articles of impeachment. Grand juries, however, never go public. And that is precisely because they are intentionally one-sided. They are kept secret by law to avoid prejudicing the suspect. Prejudice is exactly what Schiff is aiming for, however. The point is not impeachment; it is to wound President Trump politically. To be clear, Schiff’s grand jury analogy is bogus. Congress is not a grand jury.

Grand juries are designed to be at least somewhat objective — a body of impartial citizens who, by constitutional mandate, must be satisfied there is probable cause that a crime has been committed before the state is permitted to indict and try a citizen presumed to be innocent. In theory, the grand jury is there to protect the suspect from an overbearing prosecutor. Here, House Democrats are the overbearing prosecutor, not the protective grand jurors. What is happening in the House is a political exercise. Schiff is a hyper-partisan. With the anti-Trump media leaving his absurd grand jury analogy unchallenged, he exploits it when it is useful, namely, when telling Republicans they will not be permitted to call their witnesses, and he puts the analogy aside when it is not useful, namely, in convening one-sided public hearings.

As a matter of due process, Schiff’s made-for-TV spectacle is a bad joke. That was underscored this past weekend when (a) Democrats gave Republicans a ridiculously short deadline to propose their own witnesses, whom Chairman Schiff reserved the right to veto; (b) Republicans duly proposed witnesses on the issues of Democrats’ collusion with Ukraine in the 2016 election campaign and in possible corruption; and (c) Schiff, as predictably as sunrise, ruled the GOP’s witnesses irrelevant. In point of fact, the witnesses that Republicans seek to call are entirely relevant to what would be at issue in an impeachment trial, to wit: Is any misconduct by the president alleged in an article of impeachment sufficiently egregious that he should be removed from power? But, see, a grand jury is not a trial.

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Views of the proceedings vary wildly. Here’s Greg Jarrett…

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is Already In Big Trouble (Fox)

The clown show known as an “impeachment inquiry” is getting more comical and hapless by the day. Consider the latest remark from the circus master himself, California Rep. Adam Schiff, (think Bozo, not Pennywise). The Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says he doesn’t want Republicans turning the impeachment proceedings into a “sham.” The hilarious irony is lost on no one. Schiff has already managed to accomplish it all on his own. At first, Schiff wanted the faux “whistleblower” who triggered the impeachment farce to testify. Then, suddenly, he didn’t. What changed? In the interim, evidence emerged that Schiff and/or his staff colluded with the “whistleblower” before the complaint was ever filed and then lied about it, earning Schiff “Four Pinocchios” from The Washington Post.

The chairman now wants to conceal his own role in engineering the pretext for impeachment and his subsequent deceit. This is why he has insisted that the “whistleblower” remain anonymous, despite no such right, guarantee, privilege, or entitlement written in the law, as I explained in an earlier column. Even though the undercover informant (reportedly working for the CIA) does not qualify for whistleblower status under the law as determined by the Department of Justice, any effort by Republicans to call him as a witness will be blocked by Schiff. But Schiff’s machinations are more malevolent than masking the key witness. Those he will call to testify are already on record dishing up prodigious plates of multiple hearsay and rank speculation.

It is obvious from the released transcripts of the heretofore “super top-secret” inquisition that none of them have any firsthand knowledge of a “quid pro quo” allegedly demanded by President Trump. For example, Bill Taylor, the acting ambassador to Ukraine who will testify on Wednesday, told Schiff’s committee that it was his “understanding” there was a link between U.S. security assistance and an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden. How did Taylor arrive at his opinion? He heard it through discussions with other diplomats, although there is no indication that any of these individuals had direct knowledge of anything. The chain of hearsay went something like this: the European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland told National Security Council official Tim Morrison who, in turn, told Taylor that there was a purported “quid pro quo.”

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… and this is the Guardian:

Trump Fumes As Dems Get Ready For ‘Sober And Rigorous’ Public Hearings (G.)

Only three times in the history of the American republic has Congress initiated public testimony that could result in the removal of the president by impeachment. The tally will rise to four on Wednesday. On the eve of public hearings, television crews moved into the halls of the Capitol in Washington, the parties distributed strategy memos and the House intelligence committee prepared to cross-examine its first two witnesses. Democrats allege that Donald Trump engaged the power of his office in an attempt to extort from Ukraine an announcement about investigations of Joe Biden, a domestic political rival, and 2016 election tampering.

Trump’s defenders argue that Trump is the victim of an attack by “unelected and anonymous bureaucrats” who disagreed with unorthodox foreign policy decisions. At the center, of course, is Trump, who has demanded Republicans defend his conduct as unimpeachable not only in the constitutional sense but as unimpeachable, period. As the first public testimony approached, Trump grew increasingly tetchy on Twitter: “A total Impeachment Scam by the Do Nothing Democrats!” Corey Brettschneider, a professor of constitutional law at Brown University, called it “maybe one of the most important moments in American history”. “This is only the fourth time that we’ve gotten this far, with a formal process happening,” Brettschneider said. “And I’d say in some ways, it’s among the most serious of alleged offenses.”

On Tuesday, both parties scrambled to coordinate strategy, pre-empt arguments by the other side and control the stagecraft. As the majority in the House, the Democrats have basic control of proceedings, including the witness list. The first two witnesses scheduled to testify on Wednesday are William Taylor, the acting ambassador in Kyiv who told investigators in closed-door hearings Trump “was adamant” about the need for a public announcement of investigations by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy; and state department deputy assistant secretary George Kent, who said Trump “wanted nothing less than President Zelenskiy to go to a microphone and say ‘investigations’, ‘Biden’, and ‘Clinton’”.

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No I swear I kid you not. This is from John Bolton talking to “a gathering of Morgan Stanley’s largest hedge fund clients”. Who are all wondering what will happen to their Boeing shares. No 737 MAX sales, so how about some more bombs on Yemen, John? And here’s that check for your $100,000 speech fee.

Bolton: Some Of Trump Foreign Policy Guided By Personal Interest (NBC)

Bolton served as Trump’s national security adviser for 17 months. The Ukraine scandal began to unfold about a week after his contentious departure. Trump said he’d fired him, though Bolton said he had resigned. Multiple people who attended Bolton’s private speech in Miami did not recall him mentioning Ukraine but said he told attendees that he had kept a resignation letter in his desk for three months. Bolton declined to comment for this article. Bolton is a potential linchpin witness in the inquiry into Trump’s efforts to elicit help from the Ukrainian government to investigate the family of former Vice President Joe Biden, given his central role in the White House during that time. The impeachment inquiry moves to public testimony this week.

Current and former administration officials have testified about Bolton’s strong opposition to the Ukraine pressure effort, which was led by Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and allegedly involved withholding military aid and a presidential meeting until the Ukrainian government publicly committed to investigations, including into 2016 U.S. election interference and a business associated with Biden’s son Hunter. Bolton’s lawyer teased his client’s value last week in a letter to House Democrats that noted that the former national security adviser had been present for “many relevant meetings and conversations” on Ukraine, including some that have yet to be disclosed to investigators.

His lawyer, Charles Cooper, said Bolton is willing to testify if a federal court approves it and issues a ruling that essentially says he can defy the White House’s position that he can’t speak to Congress. Bolton, a long-time foreign policy hawk who also served in the administration of President George W. Bush, expressed support in his private remarks for Trump’s stance against China on trade, people present said. But Trump and Bolton had a litany of policy differences — on Iran, North Korea, Syria and, apparently, Ukraine.

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The S&P 500 has become a religious shrine.

Trump On Fed: Others Have Negative Rates: ‘Give Me Some Of That Money’ (CNBC)

President Donald Trump used his pulpit before the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday to bash the Federal Reserve, a marked diversion from what many on Wall Street hoped would be a positive speech on the progress of trade relations between the U.S. and China. Instead of highlighting warmer relations with Beijing, Trump criticized the central bank for what he sees as its hesitation to lower interest rates and blamed the central bank for capping gains in the U.S. economy and stock market. The president noted that since his election, the S&P 500 is up over 45%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 50% and the Nasdaq Composite is up 60%. But those numbers could be way higher, Trump claimed, if it weren’t for the reluctance of the Fed.

“And if we had a Federal Reserve that worked with us, you could have added another 25% to each of those numbers, I guarantee you that,” Trump said. “But we all make mistakes, don’t we?” the president added. “Not too often. We do make them on occasion.” It wasn’t immediately clear which “mistake” Trump was referencing: His choice to nominate Fed Chair Jerome Powell to lead the central bank or Powell’s preferred course of monetary policy. “We are actively competing with nations who openly cut interest rates so that now many are actually getting paid when they pay off their loan, known as negative interest,” he said. “Who ever heard of such a thing?” “Give me some of that,” he said. “Give me some of that money. I want some of that money.”

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Why call her a Prince Andrew accuser, USA Today? She’s an accuser and victim of Epstein, first and foremost. And Ghislaine Maxwell, whom the various intelligence services have still not been able to locate. Right! And then after that, of Andrew and Dershowitz.

Dershowitz claiming that HE is the victim here, not her, is despicable. He was one of Epstein’s best buddies for many years, and there’s no way he didn’t know what went on.

Prince Andrew Accuser Target Of Suit Questioning Her Forced Sex Claims (USAT)

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz filed a defamation claim Thursday against a woman who says she was a Jeffrey Epstein “teen sex slave” forced to have sex with powerful men, including Dershowitz and Britain’s Prince Andrew. It’s the latest development in a long-running legal struggle between former Epstein lawyer Dershowitz, 81, and Virginia Roberts Giuffre, 35, an American living in Australia, who’s claimed since 2011 that convicted sex offender Epstein and his associates groomed her as a sex slave when she was a young Florida teen. She says they trafficked her to powerful men who were Epstein’s friends, with whom she said she was compelled to have sex in planes, hotels, mansions and on private islands.

But Dershowitz’s lawsuit raises multiple questions about Giuffre’s credibility regarding him and others. She and her legal team have made it clear she’s not going to stop accusing Andrew of dark deeds, insisting he “should go to jail” and should submit to questioning by the FBI. But so far she has not gone after him in court. [..] Giuffre’s lawyer, Charles Cooper, dismissed Dershowitz’ counterclaim as just another attack on Giuffre. “Recycling the same false claims from his increasingly stale playbook, Alan Dershowitz has once again launched an attack on Virginia Giuffre and her lawyers,” he said in a statement to USA TODAY. “Let’s call his counterclaim what it is: a failed attempt to make something old and tired look new.”

In April this year, Giuffre filed a defamation suit against Dershowitz in federal court in New York, for calling her a liar; that suit is pending. [..] Giuffre’s lawyer, Charles Cooper, dismissed Dershowitz’ counterclaim as just another attack on Giuffre. “Recycling the same false claims from his increasingly stale playbook, Alan Dershowitz has once again launched an attack on Virginia Giuffre and her lawyers,” he said in a statement to USA TODAY. “Let’s call his counterclaim what it is: a failed attempt to make something old and tired look new.” In April this year, Giuffre filed a defamation suit against Dershowitz in federal court in New York, for calling her a liar; that suit is pending.

[..] [Dershowitz] says he has travel records, credit card statements and phone records proving he was never in places when Giuffre claims to have had sex with him. Her “false claims” have led him to suffer severe emotional distress, including “cardiac conditions,” the filing says.

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“If I have committed a crime; it’s being Indigenous. If the Vice President has committed a crime; it’s implementing social programs for the humble & poorest sectors seeking social justice.”

Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales Thanks Mexico For Saving His Life (RT)

Bolivia’s ousted socialist president, Evo Morales, has credited Mexico with saving his life, after the country offered him political asylum following his resignation from government. “I am very grateful to the president and the Mexican people, because he saved my life,” Morales said on Tuesday, after he arrived in Mexico City to claim political asylum. Unaccounted for in recent days, Morales decried the “coup” against him, and recounted how a member of his once-loyal military was offered $50,000 to turn him in to the opposition on Sunday. Morales was re-elected to the presidency in October, in an election result that opposition leaders called fraudulent.

Though he offered to hold fresh elections, protests continued and Morales stepped down on Sunday following a police and military mutiny. Nevertheless, the socialist leader – who presided over Bolivia through a period of relative stability and economic growth – vowed to remain politically active in exile. “As long as I have life, we continue in politics, the struggle continues, and we are sure that the people have every right to free themselves,” he told reporters in Mexico. Prior to his departure, Morales promised his supporters that he would “return with more strength and energy.”

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A continent being set on fire.

Morales Endures Twists And Turns During Flight To Political Asylum In Mexico (RT)

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales has landed safely in Mexico, but his journey to political asylum had twists and turns as neighboring states reacted to the ongoing turmoil back home. After landing in the North American country Morales said that Mexico saved his life and vowed to continue in politics as long as he is alive. He also told reporters that his home in Bolivia has been ransacked along with his sister’s house. The Mexican Air Force aircraft ferrying Morales to safety made a stop in Paraguay to refuel on Tuesday, after reportedly being denied permission to land in Peru. The plane had been allowed to refuel in Peru on its way to fetch Morales, suggesting that the Peruvian government had a change of heart due to the aircraft’s political cargo.

Initial reports claimed that Chile and Brazil had refused to allow Morales’ aircraft to pass over their airspace, but flight tracking enthusiasts noted that the plane was allowed to fly across Brazil on its way to Mexico. Also, Mexico’s foreign minister said that another country which denied permission for the plane to land and refuel, and also fly over its airspace was Ecuador. Despite the setbacks, Morales appears to be upbeat. One photograph shows him holding up a Mexican flag on board the plane delivering him to political asylum, while another photo is of Morales waving to the camera as he prepares to leave Paraguay for his final destination. Mexico’s foreign ministry said it had decided to take in Morales for humanitarian reasons.

According to Foreign Minister Marcelko Ebrard, Morales’ “life and physical integrity” were at risk in his home country. Bolivian opposition leaders had claimed that police and the military were looking to capture the former president – but the country’s police chief later dismissed these reports. It’s believed that several Bolivian officials, including former Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and Senate President Adriana Salvatierra, may also have traveled with Morales – but the Mexican government has declined to comment on these reports.

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Guiado 2.0

Opposition Senator Declares Herself ‘Interim President’ Of Bolivia (RT)

Opposition politician Jeanine Añez has declared herself “interim president” of Bolivia without a vote, but the party of ousted President Evo Morales said that the Senate had no quorum and the legislature’s session was not legal. Añez’s actions echo those of Juan Guaido in Venezuela, who declared himself “interim president” in January with the backing of Washington and the Organization of American States (OAS). While Guaido has repeatedly failed to oust President Nicolas Maduro, however, the opposition in Bolivia – also backed by the US and OAS – has been able to force the resignation of Morales after the military defected to their side. While opposition activists claimed that Añez’s declaration was in line with the Bolivian constitution, lawmakers from the ousted president’s Movement for Socialism called the assembly session illegal. They have refused to attend the proceedings, saying that armed groups loyal to the opposition controlled the roads and could not guarantee their safety.

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Downer’s a nasty piece of work.

Alexander Downer Says Assange Should Not Expect Australian Intervention (SMH)

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer has dismissed the idea of Australian intervention to save WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from potential extradition to the US amid a political storm over leaks designed to influence the last presidential election. Mr Downer said the fate of Mr Assange, who is fighting his extradition from London to the US to face espionage charges relating to WikiLeaks’ release of classified files on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, rested with a British court. Mr Downer also ducked questions over his role in the controversial events that led to an FBI investigation into political interference in the 2016 US election campaign, saying he was assisting a US inquiry and did not want to add to a “toxic” debate.

The former Australian high commissioner to the UK mocked the idea of Prime Minister Scott Morrison acting on calls from Mr Assange’s supporters to do all it could to bring him home from the UK, where he has been held since his April 11 arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy, where he had lived in asylum for almost seven years. While he made no comment on the role WikiLeaks played in the US election when it released a trove of emails from the Democrat campaign, he said Mr Assange had to face British courts in response to the US extradition request relating to the separate espionage charges.

“All people are equal before the law. Julian Assange doesn’t get some dispensation from the law of the land, in this case of the UK, because you happen to agree with him or think he did the right thing,” Mr Downer said. “If the United States wants to extradite him, and extradition proceedings are underway, Australia can’t [intervene] even if it wanted to. That is the thing about these emotional narratives – they don’t even make sense.” [..] Mr Downer met Trump aide George Papadopoulos in a London bar in May 2016 where the aide told him the Russians were willing to release dirt on Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of the November election. Mr Downer reported that meeting to Australian intelligence services, who later shared it with the FBI.

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Big Ag rules.

Wisconsin’s Dairy Crisis: “We Are Losing Two Farms A Day!” (SHTF)

Wisconsin’s dairy crisis has only just begun as the state is losing two farms each day, according to Patty Edelburg, vice president of the National Farmers Union. As farm bankruptcies soar, it is possible that nearly 10% of Wisconsin dairy farmers may go out of business in 2019. “You look at the weather, you look at the crops you can’t get off the field, you look at the bills you can’t pay,” Edelburg, told Yahoo Finance. “Bankruptcies are up. Wisconsin is attributed as the number one bankruptcy in the nation right now when it comes to dairy farmers. That number is up, I think, 24% from last year already. We’re losing two farms a day.” Between 2016 and 2018, Wisconsin lost almost 1,200 dairy farms. The USDA saw a 6.8% decrease in farms across the entire country in 2018.

Wisconsin’s suicide rates have spiked over the last few years and according to the Wisconsin State Journal, experts are attributing many of those deaths to farmers facing economic challenges. “Farming is such a stressful occupation by itself,” Edelburg said. “When you start adding financial stress on top of it, it’s just going to add more stress. Farmers can’t pay their bills, they have no extra money, they have people honing down their neck looking to pay bills. They’re going to banks and they can’t get loans. They’re literally being denied loans.” She explained that the USDA farm agency trains its farm loan officers on how to look for warning signs as part of suicide prevention. “The bankers are the first and the forefront to see a lot of these things,” Edelburg said. “They’re delivering the bad news, and these farmers are dealing with it on that level.”

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Stop laughing! We can hear you all the way from here. Russians interfering in New Zealand popular bird contests is a very serious thing. Stop laughing!

Russians Interfere In New Zealand ‘Bird Of The Year’ Contest (RT)

New Zealand is home to over 200 bird species and most of them are unique to the north and south islands where they have lived for millions of years. But while the Dodo might be dead, modern day drama and meddling certainly isn’t. With many of New Zealand’s native birds in crisis, leading independent conservation organization Forest & Bird started up a yearly ‘Bird of the Year’ competition in order to raise awareness of native bird life. But instead of an increase in bird-watching or perhaps more money towards conservation – political turmoil unraveled. The reason? Suspicious votes from abroad, and a fair few from that sinister country RUSSIA!

Megan Hubscher, a spokesperson for Forest & Bird, is concerned: “People are coming up with all kinds of theories about Russian involvement in New Zealand elections. But we can assure everyone that everything seems above board this time around.” But this seemingly innocent competition attracts controversy. Over the past 14 years, various voting scandals have caused a flap. Last year, a large black-and-white cormorant bird gained hundreds of suspicious votes – perhaps because of its common name: ‘the shag’! (Yes you laughed) In 2017, vote-fixing claims came flooding in after 112 new email accounts had been set up to cast votes for a certain bird, and two years previously, two teenagers were caught setting up fake accounts to vote for the delightful kokako. Whoever thought political bird-fighting was such a thing?

Fast forward to 2019, and Forest & Bird is responding with Pentagon-level protection in response to hacking and fake voting. Results this week saw ballots from almost 100 countries, with hundreds of votes from nearby Australia (684), America (563), the UK (682) and, of course… Russia (with 335 votes, obviously from Kremlin spies. Thank you very much, and spasibo).

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JFK to James Tobin: “Is there any economic limit to the size of the debt in relation to national income? There isn’t, is there? … That’s right, isn’t it? The deficit can be any size, the debt can be any size, provided they don’t cause inflation. Everything else is just talk”




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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Pitcher of flowers on a table 1942 ; today, the 13th.
    Pablo Picasso Still life with fruit basket 1942; yesterday; the 12th.

    Velly interesting; is this a test? 😉
    Not the sharpest crayon in the box; I can’t find any difference…
    As to the rest? I rarely get into the scrum; it all melds together into a theater like farce… 😉


    A whole continent on fire. I’ll give you a whole continent on fire – it’s called Australia and so far this year we are at over 1.1 million hectares burnt (2.7 million acres) – California has had less than a tenth of that this year.
    The thing is summer hasn’t started yet and Antarctica had crazy high levels of Stratospheric warming this winter so there is a shit load of dry warm air for this season……
    I live in the bush myself and I have been tree-thinning (reducing the number of small diameter logs to encourage large diameter logs) for years, so my place has fuel loads well considered but the indigenous people who lived here for 60,000 years managed these landscapes with fire and then we just think it is an english garden or something. Barely a single tree in our forests would even be there if a fire hadn’t germinated the seed. It is a FIRE ecology so if the government is making indigenous practice illegal we have to improvise – forest thinning. Currently comes with huge fines of up to $20,000 but will be mandatory soon because you know large centralised market based systems are so good at living with nature and understanding feedback loops and fallback mechanisms and the rest.
    When Europeans arrived they could walk from Melbourne to the Goldfields in a few days as the whole continent was a managed estate. The paintings and letters all describe a park like country. So much to learn.
    Centralised systems suck major ass! Give me some autonomy and me and my good neighbours will make this place a paradise – or something close.
    Or maybe I’m dreaming. I have been known to be wrong, misguided and misinformed – thats how you know to find me here on TAE 🙂


    Velly interesting; is this a test? 😉

    No, a screw up on my part. I’ll use the correct one tomorrow. all melds together into a theater like farce…

    The real theater starts today, live on TV. Enjoy with a Subpoena Colada.

    V. Arnold

    The real theater starts today, live on TV. Enjoy with a Subpoena Colada.

    Oh! I can hardly wait…not…

    As to the paintings; that’s a relief; my brain can still descern differences, even subtle ones… 🙂


    If you do not hear the following names or if no one mentions the names of the companies involved in the international transfer of money mentioned this link then you know that you are watching how the elites do a cover up.

    By the way, how come we ordinary people must declare that we are moving more than $10,000 and the rich don’t need to declare?

    Here Are The Payments To Hunter Biden, Leaked From Ukraine

    Here Are The Payments To Hunter Biden, Leaked From Ukraine
    by CD Media Staff November 12, 2019

    The highlighted sections describe:
    According to the Department of Financial Monitoring (Counter-intelligence) of Latvia, the following sums of money were obtained from Busima Holding Limited (Cyprus) to the account of Burisma Holding Limited (Cyprus) which is open at AS PrivatBank in Latvia: money transfer of 14 655 982 US Dollars and 366 015 EUR from the company “Wirelogic Technology AS”, and 1 9 64 375 US dollars from “Digitex Organization LLP” based on the credit agreements. (Note: credit agreements here mean “intra-company” transactions to decrease the taxes to be paid or “credit agreement” also serve as means of hidden dividend payments).
    Further, the part of the sums described above, the money was transferred to Alan Apter (302 885 EUR), Alexander Kwasniewski (1 150 000 EUR), Devon Archer and Hunter Biden.

    Additional information was leaked:
    BURISMA HOLDINGS LIMITED during a period from 18th November 2014 to 16th November 2015 transacted 45 money transfers through MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY LLC in the sum of 3.5 mln US Dollars. The recipient of the money transfer is the company Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC (belongs to Devon Archer).
    Note: The company belongs to Devon Archer and Kerry Family including Kerry Senior, Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr and Hunter Biden. Devon Archer, Kerry Jr, Heinz Jr and Hunter Biden are listed as partners in Rosement Seneca Fund, Rosemont Seneca Partners and affiliated Rosemont Seneca other companies.

    CD Media has further information on the timeline of Biden investigations in Ukraine and will be releasing tomorrow.

    Do you want to become rich?
    Make the laws, use the law, use the systems as per the instruction booklet.

    Dr. D

    “Subpoena colada”
    Ah, Americans at their finest. Shows about how much we respect and need them, because we respect them about as much as they deserve.

    “and 2016 election tampering”

    Interesting add. True, but not relevant to the sentence, and exculpatory. Will the reporter be fired?

    “Trump, who has demanded Republicans defend his conduct as unimpeachable not only in the constitutional sense but as unimpeachable, period.”

    I haven’t the faintest idea what this means. The Constitution IS the law, not a list of suggestions, so impeachment is not legal, but also “not legal”? Yes, also technically accurate.

    “Bolton: Some of Trump Foreign Policy Guided by Personal Interest (NBC)”

    As I’ve said many times, should it be the OPPOSITE of his interests, his beliefs? That is, like FDR he has to campaign anti-war, but then do the opposite? Wilson has to campaign anti-bank, and then do the opposite? Bush has to campaign anti-intervention, anti-government and do the opposite? Maybe Bolton is protecting our long tradition of (the Deep State) screwing the voters. No wonder they are against Democracy if it’s NOT to elect a candidate whose personal interests and beliefs align with the people’s will.

    “Bolton is a potential linchpin witness”

    Wow NBC, exciting. Except so is everyone else in the whole White House staff, and probably the whole executive branch. Do your job: don’t make things up.

    “Ukraine pressure effort… including into 2016 U.S. election interference”

    Ah, how times change. For two years, 730 long days, that’s all anybody in D.C. and the media wanted. Now it’s impeachable. Funny ol’ world. And for “personal interests”, it’s supposed Trump is annoyed and would like payback for this Russia fantasy by getting to the bottom of what REALLY happened. And? So his interests align with that of law and government. Doesn’t that make him the best person to look into it, not the worst? According to the present inquiry, the people who would look into Biden, his party, and the CIA are Biden, his party, and the CIA and excuse me if that seems wrong somehow, but if you want to let me rob a bank and also run the investigation, I’ll consider it.

    “Trump on Fed: Others Have Negative Rates: ‘Give Me Some of that Money’ (CNBC)”

    Total fantasy-fest in a long history of it. Black unemployment lowest ever. YGBFKM. It’s barely off the heights, say now under 20% U3 national. That blue-collar jobs are a slight improvement over bank-traders is a pleasant change, but barely off the dial. …Anyway, like Yemen, they COULD lambaste him for this, in the case of Yemen even impeach, but they love lies so much they will protect them and the machines that promote lies even at the cost of his re-election. Now THAT’S dedication to your god and religion! I will be unemployed, persecuted, jailed to defend these ridiculous transparent falsehoods, and the father of lies, on sheer religious fanaticism, the deep, undying dedication to #AntiLogos. If you hadn’t noticed, I’d prefer he just tell the truth: yes it stinks and we’re trying to fix it, but it’s a big ship and hard to turn. But everyone from the dogcatcher to the President cheers the lies and attacks the truthtellers.

    “Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz”

    Ah, Haaavard. Should have known.

    “But so far she has not gone after him in court.”

    Sure, it’s possible she’s a grifter. Let’s send it to court for discovery and find out. Amy? Andy? Anyone? No?

    “All people are equal before the law.”

    Sure, everyone in Australia goes to solitary indefinitely in case someday somebody MIGHT prove they have a case or (illegal) extradition to a dangerous third nation. Happens every day in Victoria, amirite?

    “Wisconsin’s Dairy Crisis: “We Are Losing Two Farms a Day!” (SHTF)”

    Where have they been for the last 50 years? Remember Melloncamp’s “Farm Aid”? “Blood on the Scarecrow”? No? That’s what you get when Sachs and Morgan rig prices since the 60s to funnel money to themselves. But it doesn’t come from a Keebler Money Tree. It comes FROM the people who actually do the work. Remember Gekko? “Wall Street”, all that?

    Guess what? The farms have all been destroyed, most are now owned by Ag as vicious and uncaring as Monsanto, crops are down by 1/3 and with blizzards now coming in 6-8 weeks early, no harvest. Look for your food to rise suddenly and catch up to the 50 years of price suppression over inflation. 6-10x increase?
    What does this chart tell you?


    Wall Street and Medical are both 5x the healthy historic average. Farming is the reverse. So does reality still revert to the mean, or is it different this time? You can print money, but you can’t print food.

    “provided they don’t cause inflation.”

    The world’s largest caveat. I can have any size head provided it fits my hat. I can have any size car provided it fits the road. I can have any “up” I want…and order it without a “down.” Sure, buddy. Sure you can. Or you can know it has a time-lag and will land on that patsy Nixon and Carter after him, although you’re the one who signed the check.

    “Currently comes with huge fines of up to $20,000 but will be mandatory soon”

    That’s just what happened in CA. For 200 years they controlled this with fire and wot-not, and before them the Indians with some common sense, but the Greenies outlawed both removing wood AND controlled burns. But hold my beer! They then built non-adobe, non-hacienda, stick-built flammable houses every 1,000 meters without a burn break or fire bunker so you couldn’t maintence-burn even if you wanted, and are arrested if you cut a tree to save yourself. …And yes, this was one of Trump’s pet peeves about paying CA tens of billions which vanish out the bucket into Democratic coffers to campaign against him. To me it’s a fail,“the single largest misallocation of resources in the history of humankind” – H. Kunstler. Might as well let it burn and walk away. God himself cannot help you, the plan to stop the earth from turning, or deserts from being dry. In your case, indeed, to stop trees from seeding and existing ever again. Brilliant! So ecological! I’ve got a better idea: just get some master caravans and move the houses from place to place. Wait! That’s exactly what natives did worldwide in slash-and-BURN, with-the-earth agriculture, but unfortunately, the gents from Haaavard are not as smart as an aborigine in a loincloth. Yet somehow they come down from their irrigated green lawns and tell everyone what to do, killing us all.

    Doc Robinson

    Trump On Fed: Others Have Negative Rates: ‘Give Me Some Of That Money’

    The US had some negative rates on T-bills in 2015.
    Joe Sixpacks with at least $100 of savings could be invested in T-bills.

    Interest rates on U.S. Treasury bills went negative in 2015. That happened because of expectations the Federal Reserve was sticking to its near-zero rate policy into the following year due to global economic worries.

    For U.S. yields to turn negative for an extended period, a key factor would be whether there is U.S. recession, analysts said.

    Steps taken by China and the United States since last week [August 2019] are seen bringing them closer to an all-out trade war that threatens the global economy and financial markets.

    Moreover, the Fed Reserve would have to cut rates to near or below zero and restart its quantitative easing program to combat an economic downturn, analysts said.

    “We doubt the Fed leadership would seriously entertain the idea now,” Wells Fargo Securities strategists wrote in a research note.

    John Day

    Lots of history rhyming, I’m afraid. Can we survive it?
    The story about FDR’s war with central bankers is presented in a clearer light than I have seen it, a more favorable light to FDR (who “died funny”), and unfavorable to Truman, who FDR never trusted, and (puppet) Woodrow Wilson.
    Bolivia’s President Evo Morales was overthrown in a military coup on November 10. He is now in Mexico. Before he left office, Morales had been involved in a long project to bring economic and social democracy to his long-exploited country. It is important to recall that Bolivia has suffered a series of coups, often conducted by the military and the oligarchy on behalf of transnational mining companies. Initially, these were tin firms, but tin is no longer the main target in Bolivia. The main target is its massive deposits of lithium, crucial for the electric car.
    Over the past 13 years, Morales has tried to build a different relationship between his country and its resources. He has not wanted the resources to benefit the transnational mining firms, but rather to benefit his own population. Part of that promise was met as Bolivia’s poverty rate has declined, and as Bolivia’s population was able to improve its social indicators. Nationalization of resources combined with the use of its income to fund social development has played a role. The attitude of the Morales government toward the transnational firms produced a harsh response from them, many of them taking Bolivia to court.
    Over the course of the past few years, Bolivia has struggled to raise investment to develop the lithium reserves in a way that brings the wealth back into the country for its people. Morales’ Vice President Álvaro García Linera had said that lithium is the “fuel that will feed the world.” Bolivia was unable to make deals with Western transnational firms; it decided to partner with Chinese firms. This made the Morales government vulnerable. It had walked into the new Cold War between the West and China. The coup against Morales cannot be understood without a glance at this clash…
    China’s Tianqi Lithium Group, which operates in Argentina, was going to make a deal with YLB. Both Chinese investment and the Bolivian lithium company were experimenting with new ways to both mine the lithium and to share the profits of the lithium. The idea that there might be a new social compact for the lithium was unacceptable to the main transnational mining companies.
    Tesla (United States) and Pure Energy Minerals (Canada) both showed great interest in having a direct stake in Bolivian lithium. But they could not make a deal that would take into consideration the parameters set by the Morales government.
    Morales himself was a direct impediment to the takeover of the lithium fields by the non-Chinese transnational firms. He had to go.
    After the coup, Tesla’s stock rose astronomically.

    After Evo, the Lithium Question Looms Large in Bolivia


    Just got back in, and don’t know who the “counsel” is who’s talking to Kent and Taylor right now, but he’s destroying them, making them look like Keystone cops. Interesting. These are lifetime ‘diplomats’, and they have zilch.

    Update: his name is Steve Castor. He’s being nice to Taylor and Kent. Don’t think he will continue to be. He’s setting various traps and they don’t know which way is up or down.

    Bill Taylor is just a bumbling fool. The Dems should send him on a holiday far away.


    In a poker game, “the rake” is the cut that the casino dealer takes out of every pot… but what if the dealer started taking 18-25% out of every pot as his rake? Would you notice then?

    Cough! Cough!
    Biden said, “There is no proof of wrong doing”
    Make the laws, follow the laws, as per the rule book that you made.


    “Why call her a Prince Andrew accuser, USA Today? She’s an accuser and victim of Epstein, first and foremost. And Ghislaine Maxwell, whom the various intelligence services have still not been able to locate. Right! And then after that, of Andrew and Dershowitz”

    I am having trouble here. Help me out. a 17 year old girl is a child? Because that is the definition of pedophilia.

    Next question: a 17 year old girl is a victim of consenting to sexual relations with older men? In exactly what way is she a victim? Did she consent? Where is the victim?

    If I give you money for sex and you say yes, who is the victim? No one. No one is the victim. I told you I would pay you for sex. You said yes.

    Why is this not completely clear to everyone on Earth? Please explain to me why any of this is news or an issue. Why?

    Isn’t the real issue that Epstein was part of the Mossad blackmailing politicians and other rich guys because we still are in the middle of a Puritan culture where 17 year olds are not allowed to have sex if they want to or are paid to do it and accept payment?

    What is going on here? I just don’t understand. I invite you to try to explain why there is such insane hysteria over a woman who consented to sex and now has decided it is time for another big pay day.

    It’s obvious that this all this is.


    “DC bars to open early for impeachment mania”

    They seem to have a form grasp of what’s going on, and what remedy is available.

    Raul is a very nice guy who insists on guests at TAE behaving civilly. So I’ll use a cheesy ellipsis and say I can’t imagine a woman fucking restless941111 without being paid heavily, in advance. But that’s just me.

    Spleen satisfied, I’ll note that consenting sex between persons under today’s Legal Age is one thing; consenting sex between persons under legal age and powerful rich men old enough to be their father, is another.

    But hey, the dude paid her $$$, so that makes everything kosher, right?

    All hail the Mighty Dollar, to Whom we owe all allegiance and from Whom all morals flow…

    Money, sex, technology

    More of that stuff

    Never tell a dildo what the going rate is…


    P.S. The Picasso deserved a repeat, intentional or not. It is the most luminous piece from P’s “cubist” still lives I have seen. The colors are like stained glass.


    Regarding Wisconsin et al:

    “For more than two decades, “Parchman Farm” was his most requested song. He dropped it from his playlist in the 1980s because some critics felt it was politically incorrect. Allison explained in an interview, “I don’t do the cotton sack songs much anymore. You go to the Mississippi Delta and there are no cotton sacks. It’s all machines and chemicals.”[14]

    from the wiki on Mose Allison



    The real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention

    The real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention
    November 13, 2019

    To back up their story, my sources provided me a letter then-embassy official George Kent wrote proving it happened. State officials authenticated the letter. And Kent recently acknowledged in this testimony he signed that letter. You can read the letter here.

    More recently, George Kent, the embassy’s charge d’affaires in 2016 and now a deputy assistant secretary of state, confirmed in impeachment testimony that he personally signed the April 2016 letter demanding Ukraine drop the case against the Anti-Corruption Action Centre.

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