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Coronavirus – Getting Angry (John Bronte)
China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World (Atlantic)
From ‘Chinese virus’ to ‘Trumpandemic’ (RT)
Cuomo Orders New York Lockdown, Shuts Down Non-Essential Businesses (NYP)
New Best Friends: Trump And Archfoes Cuomo And Newsom Bond (JTN) )
Trump’s Approval Rating Soars During Handling Of Coronavirus (JTN)
Biden Plans Shadow Coronavirus Briefings (Pol.)
Cuba’s Interferon Alpha 2B, Successful in Treating COVID-19 (TeleSur)
The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming (Wired)
Pentagon Sends 2,600 Europe-based Personnel Into Quarantine (RT)
Boeing Suspends Dividend, Halts Buybacks, Stops Paying CEO And Chairman (Y!)
National Guard Chief Denies Rumors Of Martial Law Response To Virus (Solomon)
Schiff Claims ‘Immunity’ To Keep Impeachment Phone Subpoenas Secret (JTN)
Strength and Weakness (Kunstler)
CoronaBonds To Hold The Payments System Together (Steve Keen)
Personal Coronavirus Update 02 March 21st 2019 (Steve Keen)



Relentless. And unfortunately incresiangly political.


Cases 279,320 (+ 32,126 from yesterday’s 250,618)

Deaths 11,587 (+ 1,565 from yesterday’s 10,255)


From Worldometer yesterday evening (before their day’s close)



From Worldometer -NOTE: mortality rate for closed cases is at 11% !! –



I would like to have better graphs than the SCMP and ones, and by that I mean things that I can use in this format. But I don’t see them. Johns Hopkins doesn’t provide these nor does The latter even has two different numbers for Confirmed and Infected. Do we need that?

Great admiration for what the Wordometer people are doing, but it would be nice(r) to have multiple sources.

From SCMP: (Note: the SCMP graph was useful when China was the focal point; they are falling behind now)



From (New format lacks new cases and deaths)





“I regard the current course of English speaking democracies (other than New Zealand) as mass murder by the political elite. I think history will regard it that way too.”

Coronavirus – Getting Angry (John Bronte)

First – no matter what you say about the Chinese data – and the Chinese data was full of lies at first – China has controlled the outbreak. Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing are all functional mega-cities with no obvious health catastrophes. The virus has been managed to very low infection rates in Singapore and Taiwan. The numbers (completely real) in Korea show a dramatic slowdown in infection. Korea has not shut restaurants and the like. The place is functioning. But it has had rigorous quarantine of the infected and very widespread testing. It has complete social buy-in. China tests your temperature when you get on a bus or a train. It tests you when you go into a classroom, it tests you when you enter a building. There is rigorous and enforced quarantine.

But life goes on – and only a few are dying. In Singapore nobody has died (yet) though I expect a handful to do so before this over. This is sad (especially for the affected families) but it is not a mega-catastrophe. There is a story in the Financial Times about a town in the middle of the hot-zone in Italy where they have enforced quarantine and tested everyone in the town twice. They have no cases. The second stylized fact – mortality differs by availability of hospital beds.
• A. Coronavirus provided you do not run out of hospital beds probably has a mortality of about 1 percent. In a population that is very old (such as some areas in Italy) the mortality will be higher. In a population that is very young base mortality should be lower. Also co-morbidities such as smoking matter.
• B. If you run out of ICU beds (ventilators/forced oxygen) every incremental person who needs a ventilator dies. This probably takes your mortality to two percent.
• C. Beyond that a lot of people get a pneumonia that would benefit from supplemental oxygen. If you run out of hospital beds many of these people also die. Your mortality edges higher – but the only working case we have is Iran and you can’t trust their data. That said a lot of young people require supplementary oxygen and will die. If you are 40 and you think this does not apply to you then you are wrong. Mass infection may kill you. Iran has said that 15 percent of their dead are below 40.

I will put this in an American perspective with a 70 percent strike rate by the end.
• Option A: 2 million dead
• Option B: 4 million dead
• Option C: maybe 6 million dead.
By contrast, Singapore: a handful of dead. China has demonstrated this virus can be controlled. The town in Italy has demonstrated it can be controlled even where it is rife. Life goes on in Singapore. Schools are open. Restaurants are open in Korea. The right policy is not “herd immunity” or even “flattening the curve”. The right policy is to try to eliminate as many cases as possible and to strictly control and test to keep cases to a bare minimum for maybe 18 months while a vaccine is produced.

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@Jake_Hanrahan: “Blown away by the amount of people talking about China’s response to Covid-19 as some kind of model to follow. Are you serious? They have disappeared at least two whistleblowers and hid news of the problem for weeks before it became impossible to do so.”

China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World (Atlantic)

The evidence of China’s deliberate cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan is a matter of public record. In suppressing information about the virus, doing little to contain it, and allowing it to spread unchecked in the crucial early days and weeks, the regime imperiled not only its own country and its own citizens but also the more than 100 nations now facing their own potentially devastating outbreaks. More perniciously, the Chinese government censored and detained those brave doctors and whistleblowers who attempted to sound the alarm and warn their fellow citizens when they understood the gravity of what was to come. Some American commentators and Democratic politicians are aghast at Donald Trump and Republicans for referring to the pandemic as the “Wuhan virus” and repeatedly pointing to China as the source of the pandemic.

In naming the disease COVID-19, the World Health Organization specifically avoided mentioning Wuhan. Yet in de-emphasizing where the epidemic began (something China has been aggressively pushing for), we run the risk of obscuring Beijing’s role in letting the disease spread beyond its borders. China has a history of mishandling outbreaks, including SARS in 2002 and 2003. But Chinese leaders’ negligence in December and January—for well over a month after the first outbreak in Wuhan—far surpasses those bungled responses. The end of last year was the time for authorities to act, and, as Nicholas D. Kristof of The New York Times has noted, “act decisively they did—not against the virus, but against whistle-blowers who were trying to call attention to the public health threat.”

This is what allowed the virus to spread across the globe. Because the Chinese Communist Party was pretending that there was little to be concerned about, Wuhan was a porous purveyor of the virus. The government only instituted a lockdown in Wuhan on January 23—seven weeks after the virus first appeared. As events in Italy, the United States, Spain, and France have shown, quite a lot can happen in a week, much less seven. By then, mayor Zhou Xianwang admitted that more than 5 million people had already left Wuhan.

If that weren’t enough, we can plumb recent history for an even more damning account. In a 2019 article, Chinese experts warned it was “highly likely that future SARS- or MERS-like coronavirus outbreaks will originate from bats, and there is an increased probability that this will occur in China.” In a 2007 journal article, infectious-disease specialists published a study arguing that “the presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb. The possibility of the reemergence of SARS and other novel viruses from animals or laboratories and therefore the need for preparedness should not be ignored.” It was ignored.

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When is China going to admit they screwed up royally?

From ‘Chinese virus’ to ‘Trumpandemic’ (RT)

Washington has passed off blame to Beijing for its own failures in addressing the Covid-19 outbreak, China’s Foreign Ministry said, hitting back at the ‘Chinese virus’ rhetoric with the ironic term ‘Trumpandemic.’ “Some people in the United States attempt to stigmatize China’s fight against the epidemic and shirk its responsibility to China,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told reporters on Friday, referring to the finger-pointing adopted by President Trump and other top officials (after weeks of US media outlets calling it the ‘Chinese’ and ‘Wuhan’ virus). “This practice ignores the huge sacrifices made by the Chinese people to safeguard human health and safety, and denigrates China’s major public health security contributions.”

Over the last two months, Beijing has helped the US buy time in its efforts to combat the coronavirus by providing “timely information” and other aid, the spokesman said, noting that the US president himself acknowledged as much during a press briefing last week. But most of that assistance has gone to waste, he lamented. “It is a pity, as many US media and specialists have noted, that the US has wasted the precious time China has bought.” Despite being the only country that has managed to contain the outbreak, China has been accused of suppressing information in the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak – which began in the city of Wuhan late last year. The spokesman insisted the country has taken “the most comprehensive, strictest and most thorough prevention and control measures,” and has been “open” and “transparent” about the virus.

Geng went on to list the numerous joint meetings between American and Chinese health officials in recent weeks, arguing Beijing was doing its part to assist the US response to the lethal illness, but implored Washington to take responsibility for its own shortcomings. “We hope that the United States will respect objective facts, respect international public opinion, do its own thing… stop slandering other countries, passing on responsibilities, and play a constructive role in fighting the epidemic,” he said. While President Trump argues that the phrase “Chinese virus” is “not racist at all,” stating that he uses the term simply because the pathogen “comes from China,” his insistence on the label has piqued the ire of Beijing. In a string of tweets earlier on Friday, Chinese state media outlet Xinhua slammed the moniker as bigoted, and fired back with its own Trumpian term of derision, renaming the outbreak the “Trumpandemic.”

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After cases exploded. It’s a pattern. New York has a very big problem.

Cuomo Orders New York Lockdown, Shuts Down Non-Essential Businesses (NYP)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday ordered the Empire State to shut down and asked local businesses and manufactures to step up as officials mounted a desperate struggle to slow the corona≠virus pandemic. “I want to be able to say to the people of New York – I did everything we could do,” Cuomo told reporters at the state Capitol. “And if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.” The restrictions take effect Sunday night at 8 p.m. and will shut down all nonessential businesses across the state, leaving just grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential operations open. All non-solitary outside activities, like basketball and other team sports are also banned.

The lockdown also requires all nonessential government and private-sector employees to work from home. Cuomo said the MTA will continue to run city subways, buses and Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road trains. The agency announced Friday it will allow backdoor boarding on local buses beginning Monday to help protect bus drivers from exposure “We have to do it, we have to be serious,” Cuomo said. “Everyone has personal freedom, and everyone has personal liberty, and I’ll always protect that,” he added. “But everyone also has a responsibility to everyone else.”

Laundromats and gas stations will be allowed to remain open, as will liquor stores and restaurants for take-out and delivery service only. Doctors’ and veterinarians’ offices can remain open, too. The new emergency action came as the Empire State’s coronavirus case count ballooned. Officials had tallied more than 7,100 cases across the state by 12 a.m. Friday — more than 4,400 in New York City. Just 10 hours later, the city Health Department reported the Big Apple’s case load had surged to more than 5,100 cases.

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Not friends, but working together. These people all recognize their own faults. They’re all 2-3 months late.

New Best Friends: Trump And Archfoes Cuomo And Newsom Bond (JTN) )

It’s often said that crises bring out the worst or the best in people. Adrift in a lifeboat at sea, strangers will either figure out how to cooperate, or kill and eat each other. It may be that the nation’s capital is being enveloped in a cloud of nice — instead of choosing the kill and eat option. President Trump suggested as much yesterday when he looked over a slightly-less-packed-than-usual press room. “I like this social distancing,” he mused. “I think it’s making you guys nicer. All these empty spaces … “You guys over there should probably move further from each other,” he said, flapping his hand at a few reporters, “but it’s nice”

The niceness cloud has also enveloped Trump and a couple of his legendary enemies: California Governor Gavin Newsom, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and President Trump have very recently become the Three Caballeros. At every press conference — and all three leaders are doing daily COVID-19 press updates — praise is bestowed and compliments showered. There are gratuitous namechecks — as with the lover who feels compelled just to repeat the name of the beloved — and many allusions to late night phone calls when details of policy are apparently being hashed out. In his press conference yesterday, for instance, as Trump detailed the FDA’s expedited approval of a new virus treatment, he managed to work in the news that he’d spoken with Cuomo “at great, great length last night; he wants to be first in line.”

Considering that he and the governor are now besties, Cuomo will probably in fact be first in line to get the prescription drug to his state’s consumers — just as he’s recently gotten everything on his virus wish list, from a national guard deployment to Westchester County, site of an early hot spot, to a mobile testing drive-through, also for Westchester, to an Army Corps of Engineers deployment, to a Navy hospital ship which will soon be docked in New York Harbor in case New York City runs out of hospital beds.

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Red alert at the DNC: “30% of Democrats approve, which is about double the number from last week’s poll..”

Trump’s Approval Rating Soars During Handling Of Coronavirus (JTN)

New polling Friday showed President Trump’s approval ratings among Americans have soared during the coronavirus crisis, including his handling of the pandemic response and the economy A new Axios-Harris poll, released Friday, showed the president with an 53 percent overall approval among U.S. adults surveyed March 17 and 18, compared to 49 percent among those polled March 14 and 15. 56 percent of respondents in the latest poll said they approved of the president’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, an increase from 51 percent last week. And 60 percent of Americans this week said they approved of the president’s handling of the economy, a slight increase from 59 percent last week.

Despite stock market declines and rising unemployment figures released this week, the president’s approval rating for “Stimulating Jobs,” remained unchanged at 60 percent among both groups polled. When asked “Which of the following sources do you get your information from regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?” 44 percent of Americans named “The White House/President,” an increase of 11 points from the previous survey. Respondents naming “National media” fell to 53 percent from 55 percent, while those answering “Local media,” dropped to 51 percent from 57 percent. Additionally, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Friday found that 55 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, a double-digit increase in support from the week before.

“In the new poll, 55% of Americans approve of the president’s management of the crisis, compared to 43% who disapprove,” reported ABC’s Kendall Karson. “Trump’s approval on this issue is up from last week, when the numbers were nearly reversed.” The ABC/Ipsos poll also found “30% of Democrats approve, which is about double the number from last week’s poll, and 69% disapprove, down from 86%,” Karson wrote. “Meanwhile, an overwhelming 92% of Republicans approve, up from 86% last week. Only 8% disapprove, compared to 11% in last week’s poll.”

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The Dems of course can’t have Trump ratings rising, but pray tell, how are regular appearances of Biden going to counter that trend?

Biden Plans Shadow Coronavirus Briefings (Pol.)

Joe Biden is planning a regular shadow briefing on coronavirus to start as early as Monday to show how he would handle the crisis and address what he calls the lies and failures of President Trump. Biden gave a preview of what’s to come in a conference call with reporters Friday, where he listed a litany of false and misleading statements from Trump, who has been holding regular White House press conferences concerning coronavirus preparedness and response that have been broadcast live on all major networks. “President Trump stop saying false things, will ya?” Biden said. “People are worried they are really frightened, when these things don’t come through. He just exacerbates their concern. Stop saying false things you think make you sound like a hero and start putting the full weight of the federal government behind finding fast, safe and effective treatments.”

Biden made his comments from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, where he has been holed up for more than a week in adherence with Centers for Disease Control guidelines that urge people to practice social distancing. Immediately after the initial onset of the crisis, Biden also held his fire against the president out of concern it would look too political — an accusation leveled at him anyway by Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, who said that “Biden will take attention from real updates Americans should know just to score political points.” Ever since his commanding victories Tuesday against Bernie Sanders in Florida, Illinois and Arizona, Biden has made no public appearances or statements. Instead, he said, he has been spending time privately talking to health officials, businesses, governors and members of Congress.

Now, he said, his house is being outfitted with equipment that would enable him to livestream events, have interactive tele-press conferences and broadcast interviews with network television.

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I’m suspicious of any cure or treatment announced, but I’m also curious to see how much coverage the US MSM will give to Cuba potentially saving American lives.

Cuba’s Interferon Alpha 2B, Successful in Treating COVID-19 (TeleSur)

For 40 years, Cuba has been using a molecule named Interferon Alpha 2B , which has successfully been used to combat the new Coonavirus in China and elsewhere. “The world has an opportunity to understand that health is not a commercial asset but a basic right,” Cuban doctor Luis Herrera, the creator of the Interferon Alfa 2-B medication, one of the most successful medications in the fight against COVID-19 told teleSUR Tuesday. Interferon has been known for more than 40 years: first, it was produced from original sources in local sites, then nationally and later in the United States and even Finland. “At the beginning of the 80s, an important professor from Houston came to Cuba and advised our President Fidel Castro than the Interferon we had here was a very interesting molecule for a different purpose,” Herrera told teleSUR.

“Then a group of people went to Finland to get training in the production of interferon,” while people were also producing Interferon from recombined sources using genetic engineering. The first one was Beta Interferon in Japan, and the second one was the family of Alpha Interferon by Genetec in California, according to the Cuban doctor. “One year later in Cuba, we cloned different genes of Interferon from local sites, and we started to produce Interferon in 1981 and 1982, which we used in the outbreak of dengue fever, and we presented the results in the United States in California.” One of the ways the virus can multiply inside the cells is by decreasing the levels of Interferon naturally produced in human cells. The molecule thus, through a different metabolic way, can create conditions to limit the replication of the virus.

During the MERS-CoV epidemic three years ago – another type of coronavirus – people realized that Interferon was decreased during the replication of the virus, highlighted Herrera. In China, practically a few weeks after the beginning of the outbreak, people started to use Interferon in a way to avoid complications in people infected with the virus. According to Herrera, this molecule has “some side effects but not too critical.” “The main idea of Interferon is just to avoid complications,” he told teleSUR. “Young people and people with a good immuno-response perhaps don’t need the medicine or people who won’t have complications and respond to the virus-like any other flu, but old people or people susceptible to have a bad immuno-response will have better chances of avoiding complications by using Interferon.”

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The good doctor can’t keep himself from taking a jab at Trump. Pity. Nothing much else to say that we didn’t already know.

And as the graph shows, the mass testing that for instance South Korea is supposed to have done is not quite what it’s made out to be. 0.6% of the population is not that.

The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming (Wired)

Larry Brilliant says he doesn’t have a crystal ball. But 14 years ago, Brilliant, the epidemiologist who helped eradicate smallpox, spoke to a TED audience and described what the next pandemic would look like. At the time, it sounded almost too horrible to take seriously. “A billion people would get sick,” he said. “As many as 165 million people would die. There would be a global recession and depression, and the cost to our economy of $1 to $3 trillion would be far worse for everyone than merely 100 million people dying, because so many more people would lose their jobs and their health care benefits, that the consequences are almost unthinkable.”

Now the unthinkable is here, and Brilliant, the Chairman of the board of Ending Pandemics, is sharing expertise with those on the front lines. We are a long way from 100 million deaths due to the novel coronavirus, but it has turned our world upside down. Brilliant is trying not to say “I told you so” too often. But he did tell us so, not only in talks and writings, but as the senior technical advisor for the pandemic horror film Contagion, now a top streaming selection for the homebound. Besides working with the World Health Organization in the effort to end smallpox, Brilliant, who is now 75, has fought flu, polio, and blindness; once led Google’s nonprofit wing,; co-founded the conferencing system the Well; and has traveled with the Grateful Dead.

[..] When will we be able to leave the house and go back to work? I have a very good retrospect-oscope, but what’s needed right now as a prospecto-scope. If this were a tennis match, I would say advantage virus right now. But there’s really good news from South Korea—they had less than 100 cases today. China had more cases imported than it had from continuous transmission from Wuhan today. The Chinese model will be very hard for us to follow. We’re not going to be locking people up in their apartments, boarding them up. But the South Korea model is one that we could follow. Unfortunately, it requires doing the proportionate number of tests that they did—they did well over a quarter of a million tests. In fact, by the time South Korea had done 200,000 tests, we had probably done less than 1,000.

Now that we’ve missed the opportunity for early testing, is it too late for testing to make a difference? Absolutely not. Tests would make a measurable difference. We should be doing a stochastic process random probability sample of the country to find out where the hell the virus really is. Because we don’t know. Maybe Mississippi is reporting no cases because it’s not looking. How would they know? Zimbabwe reports zero cases because they don’t have testing capability, not because they don’t have the virus. We need something that looks like a home pregnancy test, that you can do at home.

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The neocons are not amused.

Pentagon Sends 2,600 Europe-based Personnel Into Quarantine (RT)

Thousands of US troops and military staff based in Europe have been ordered into self-isolation after at least 35 of them tested positive for Covid-19, further complicating Washington’s power projection across the Atlantic.
Some 2,600 European Command (EUCOM) troops and personnel were isolated on Friday in an effort to stem the spread of the lethal virus, following nearly three dozen positive test results. The Defense Department noted that the troops quarantined were not ill, but were isolated as a precaution due to recent travel, among other reasons. “These individuals are not necessarily sick, but may have been exposed and are doing their due diligence following health preventative measures,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

EUCOM commander, US Air Force General Tod Wolters, told reporters earlier about the positive tests, adding that all 72,000 of his troops were taking measures to avoid further exposure to the illness. “We’re preparing for worst-case scenarios with respect to the potential spread,” Wolters said in a teleconference from EUCOM headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. “For months, we have embraced precautionary measures.” The Pentagon did not clarify how it planned to isolate the 2,600 personnel, however. The quarantine comes as several branches of the US armed services struggle to contain the coronavirus, especially on board the crowded Navy vessels. The USS ‘Boxer’ became the first ship to confirm more than one infected sailor earlier this week, prompting the crew to adopt what it called an “aggressive mitigation strategy.”

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The CEO delays receiving many millions so the company will receive many billions, which will then be used to pay the CEO additional many millions. File under Business Model.

Boeing Suspends Dividend, Halts Buybacks, Stops Paying CEO And Chairman (Y!)

Boeing says its CEO and its chairman will forgo all pay until the end of the year — and that’s just one of the steps the company is taking to ensure that it weathers the financial effects of the coronavirus epidemic. CEO David Calhoun and Board Chairman Larry Kellner were named to their current positions last December, as part of a corporate house-cleaning related to the past year’s 737 MAX crisis. Calhoun was due to receive a base annual salary of $1.4 million and was eligible for millions more in performance-based payments and stock options. Kellner was getting an annual cash retainer of $250,000 and was eligible for other compensation.

Boeing said it was also suspending its dividend and extending its current pause on stock buybacks until further notice. “Boeing is drawing on all of its resources to sustain operations, support its workforce and customers, and maintain supply chain continuity through the COVID-19 crisis and for the long term,” the company said in a statement. The move came after former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley said she was resigning from Boeing’s board of directors to protest the company’s request for at least $60 billion in federal support. The company’s shares have plunged from a 52-week high of $398.66 to today’s closing value of $95.01, primarily due to the virus outbreak. This week, President Donald Trump told reporters that “we have to protect Boeing” but also voiced his disdain of stock buybacks.

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What are words worth?

National Guard Chief Denies Rumors Of Martial Law Response To Virus (Solomon)

The National Guard has deployed a few thousand troops to help states hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, but it wants Americans to know that rumors of impending martial law are blatantly false. One of the Guard’s top generals tweeted out that assurance Friday as officials blamed misinformation and propaganda campaigns for the false rumor. “I hear unfounded rumors about #NationalGuard troops supporting a nationwide quarantine,” wrote Gen. Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau. “Let me be clear: There has been no such discussion.” From New York to Wisconsin, National Guard troops have been deployed to several states to provide assistance that ranges from sterilizing public areas to delivering needed supplies. Those missions are likely to continue for some time.

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“Sovereign immunity”, no less. Carte blanche for any and all surveillance, on peers, journalists, lawyers? Does that sound okay to anyone at all, other than Schiff?

Schiff Claims ‘Immunity’ To Keep Impeachment Phone Subpoenas Secret (JTN)

The House Intelligence Committee and its chairman Adam Schiff invoked “sovereign immunity” in a motion to dismiss a Judicial Watch lawsuit seeking to obtain controversial phone records subpoenas issued during the Trump impeachment inquiry. The committee’s subpoenas of phone records ultimately led to the publication of multiple Americans’ phone records, including those of reporter John Solomon, California Rep. Devin Nunes, the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others. In the motion, lawyers from the Office of General Counsel for the House of Representatives assert four reasons for dismissing the case, including protection under the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause.

“First, the doctrine of sovereign immunity deprives the Court of jurisdiction over the House Defendants, and no express and unequivocal waiver exists,” the argument says. “Second, given that the records sought by Plaintiff involve matters pursued and obtained by the House Defendants as part of the House-authorized impeachment inquiry, they are absolutely protected by the Speech or Debate Clause.”

“Third, Plaintiff fails to state a claim because Congress has created a comprehensive scheme for the review of government records—the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)—that preempts the common law right sought to be vindicated by this litigation,” the lawyers write. “Finally, under governing case law, the records Plaintiff seeks to review are not ‘public records’ and, therefore, are not subject to the common law right of public access. And even if the records are ‘public records,’ Plaintiff has not demonstrated that the public interest in disclosure outweighs the House Defendants’ interest in non-disclosure.”

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“His role was not the good father, it was the half-crazy old uncle in the attic..”

Strength and Weakness (Kunstler)

Yes, he is peculiar-looking: the strange blond helmet, the orange face. Note, back in one of America’s earlier hard times, a lot people thought Mr. Lincoln looked like a great ape, and had much sport with that image of him in the newspapers. It’s also a fact that the decisions he made led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of mostly young men in the bloodiest slaughters then imaginable. Yet those young men going to their deaths called him Father Abraham in their songs around the campfire. I’m not saying that Donald Trump is another Lincoln — certainly not in sheer rhetoric — but I am saying we don’t know yet what his mettle will show in this crisis, and where it might take us. One thing for sure: he’s been subjected to more political abuse than any character on-the-scene in my lifetime, and it’s amazing that he didn’t fold or quit or lose his shit as it went on and on and on.

And so, you now have the strange and ironic spectacle of his organized opposition, the Democrats, hoisting up onto their pinnacle of leadership absolutely the weakest candidate possible to oppose Mr. Trump in the election: Joe Biden. There was something certainly supernatural about his ascent in the recent cluster of primaries, as if some gang of someones worked strenuously behind the scenes to make it happen. If Mr. Biden ever had any charisma even in his prime as a young senator, there was no sign of that now, either in his own bumbling behavior or in the sparse crowds that were flushed out of the DNC’s voter registration thickets to show up at his rallies. In fact, he emanated the exact opposite of charisma, a faltering flop-sweat odor of weakness, and of every kind of weakness: physical, mental, and ethical.

His role was not the good father, it was the half-crazy old uncle in the attic — the kind who puts on his threadbare best suit every day to go down to a corner bar and sip beers until it’s time to stagger back home, where a dutiful niece-in-law might give him supper, if he could manage to ask for it politely. The kind who, until his forced retirement due to incompetence and blundering, had worked as an errand boy for the local mob, picking up receipts from the numbers racket, and was then cast off like a banana peel in a drainage ditch when his usefulness ended.

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CoronaBonds are one way, sure. But if you take the salary pressure away from companies by having the government pay 50-70% of them, would you still need to bailout companies, or would you be only subsidizing zombies?

CoronaBonds To Hold The Payments System Together (Steve Keen)

The coronavirus could cause the financial system to collapse unless something is done to enable basic payments to continue during the fight against it. While some businesses are doing very well out of it—toilet paper and hand sanitizer produces come to mind—many, if not most, could collapse as their sales collapse and/or their workers become unable to turn up to work. Workers—especially those in the jovially-named “gig economy”—will be unable to pay their rents and mortgages. If we insist on these payments being honoured, mass bankruptcy could result that could take viable companies down with it—even toilet roll producers. So what to do? The answer is fundamentally simple: the Treasury issues “Coronabonds” that raise a substantial sum—enough to cover say 3 months of standard mortgage, rent and food payments for an average family.

These Coronabonds could be priced at zero percent yield: interest rates are at that level anyway, and given the current stockmarket carnage, financial corporations would jump at the opportunity to park their money in an asset that won’t fall in value. Using the US Economy as our template, let’s say that $1 trillion of these bonds were issued. They would then be bought by the financial sector—raising $1 trillion to be spend by the government on tenants, mortgagees and firms. The cost to the Treasury would be zero because that would be the yield of the bonds. The public debt would rise, but it would be debt carrying no servicing costs.

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Good friend Steve Keen “escaped” to Thailand.

Personal Coronavirus Update 02 March 21st 2019 (Steve Keen)

As I noted in my first update, I had decided that for both medical and visa reasons, the best place to be during the Coronavirus crisis was Thailand. Outside of China (the epicentre of this crisis), the world’s governments have been dominated by the Neoliberal emphasis upon efficiency, with a total ignorance of the need for resilience as well in a complex system. I didn’t expect any of them to be able to respond effectively as this exponential crisis exploded, so the safest thing was to go for the highest level of social isolation possible—and southern Thailand, below the major tourist spots, made sense on that ground alone. There was also nascent research implying that heat and humidity slow the spread of the virus. This is from the abstract for the paper: “One degree Celsius increase in temperature and one percent increase in relative humidity lower R by 0.0383 and 0.0224, respectively.”

I had already started to make this inference from the statistics from the John Hopkins University site. Thailand began with the second highest number of cases to China, but the number of cases rose far more slowly than in the rest of the world. On January 31st, Thailand had 19 cases, while Australia had 9, the Netherlands zero, and the UK 2. The Netherlands recorded its first cases on February 27th, finishing the day with 2 cases; by this stage, Australia had 23 cases, the UK 15 and Thailand was still far higher at 40 cases. However, as of March 19th, Australia had about 700 cases, The Netherlands and the UK about 2500 each, and Thailand had under 250. This time series plot from my soon-to-be-released program Ravel illustrates the divergence of Thai data from the rest of the world—or rather the three other countries where I could have considered living

during this crisis.

[..] My partner and I arrived in Bangkok on Thursday March 19th, one day before Thailand started closing its border to non-nationals (my partner is a Thai citizen, though she hasn’t lived here for over 25 years). One day later, and I would have had to continue on my own to Australia, which is mishandling this crisis as impressively as any other Western government. Even Thai tourists are thin on the ground now, as Thailand has wisely cancelled its annual Thai New Year holiday and festival. We went to a popular beach yesterday looking for potential places to stay for a year, and it was almost empty. We’re now looking for a house to rent here, for the year that I think it will take before there’s any prospect of a post-Covid-19 “normal” developing.

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    Dorothea Lange Ex-slave with long memory, Alabama 1937   • Coronavirus – Getting Angry (John Bronte) • China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the Wo
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 21 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Welcome to Thailand Steve Keen; love your work.
    Excellent choice to come here; and great timing…and a great, inexpensive, health-care system…
    Let me know if I can help in any way. I’m a 20 years self exile..and still loving it…


    Larry Kellner, Chair of the Board at Boeing (and president of a PE group). Nice! Expecting lots of changes – not!

    “Kellner currently serves as President of Emerald Creek Group, LLC – a California-based private equity firm primarily focused on real estate and chairman of The Boeing Company.”


    Call me confused, but I’m a tad surprised, and maybe worried, that today’s USA West Coast google news feed doesn’t have mention of the malarial drug/antibiotic therapy results. Call me crazy, but I’d thought the news would ricochet around the world as good news.

    Seeing how Trump’s approval ratings have soared when any reasonable evaluation of his performance would want him out yesterday and someone comeptent, maybe the ghost of Bubbles the Chimp, in his place.

    I’m a fine rational critical thinker. I can hold my own with the best of them for the most part. I am also a deeply emoptional person well in touch with a perhaps hyperactive creativity driven by intense sensitivity.

    It gives me a blind spot between the two zones, and today seems to be in that blind spot. I rather dislike reflexive paranoia (‘the media is suppressing the news!) but it’s either that or the media is too stupid to recognize good news even when it has reported it. (does a general search, and sees that bubble passed through journalism’s perforated bowels several hours ago in major brand name news rags)

    The coffee kicks in, and my brain says: ‘Sensationalism sells, you old goat. Major lockdowns and people holding toilet paper cargo cult deliverance seances are more interesting than the seemingly solid news that a simple old drug that one presumes is easily manufactured on broad scale in short order, can cut in half the recovery time and cure all but the very worst cases.

    I don’t know if I shared this video before. I include it here primed to play during a comedy interlude that relates to the times well. Plus my son is one of the skaters, and the video is the best skatew vid I’ve seen: elegant, street-evocative, and some excellent “skate flow”:

    Alex Cooper Makes Great Videos

    SInce our robots are increasingly deranged or rebellious, the vid probably won’t open where it’s supposed to (“the majestic crane”), which is at 3:27.

    Doc Robinson

    That Worldometer chart (above) shows that the UK and US both have 59 cases per million population. However, the number of deaths as a percentage of total cases is quite different for these two countries: 1.3% for the US, and 4.4% for the UK.

    In other words, the death rate in the UK, as a percentage of total cases, is more than 3 times the death rate in the US. Perhaps this could be explained If the US was testing more and identifying more (mild) cases, but this chart (from Ilargi, above) shows that the UK is testing a lot more of its population that the US.


    Very disappointing to see the Americans try to cast blame on the Chinese. Yes, the Chinese tried to downplay this in the beginning as they scrambled to try to get it under control. But when that failed, their scientists sequenced the virus and made that information available to the whole world so that other countries could immediately develop their own tests and start preparing for the virus. And they also published many papers on a rushed basis even without peer review — that’s how we found out about chloraquine. And even though their recent statistics are quite dubious, the early statistics still showed an exponential curve and a very contagious virus. And we all saw the videos of the hospitals going up in a week, which should have set off alarms. In sum, the US had plenty of information early enough to respond, but instead chose to ignore and downplay the threat. The US elite chose to prioritize not spooking the stock market, rather than to prepare of a potential pandemic. Even though behind closed doors they knew the magnitude of the threat. The US has nobody to blame but itself for f***ing up its response.


    “But when it was Fauci’s turn to comment, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director said that while he shared the president’s positive outlook, the drug still needs to be tested specifically for coronavirus efficacy — echoing FDA chief Stephen Hahn’s comments the day before.

    “What we don’t know … is whether it’s safe. I like to prove things first,” Fauci said.”

    from this article.

    Safe? SAFE?!? It’s old as the hills, been used since Christ first got laid, scored extremely well in its first trial, and they want to wait until it’s safe? SOmeone drop a pallet of toilet paper on this miscreant licker of dog dicks.

    But then, look at the guy:

    Pompous Arrogant Fuckwad

    There’s gonna be blood.


    Most of the people here disparaged the Chinese for being part of China, which is seen too much as part of the Communist party rather than a 3K-plus arc of historical continental/ethnic identity.

    They make us look like special ed kindergarten.



    I’ve been lied to all my life and did not know it.
    I’ve been manipulated all my life and didn’t know it.
    10%, 3%, 0.01%
    At my age I’m close to 100%
    My doctor tells me that there exist medication to make the passage into the after life pain free.

    • Coronavirus – Getting Angry (John Bronte)
    • China Is Avoiding Blame by Trolling the World (Atlantic)
    • From ‘Chinese virus’ to ‘Trumpandemic’ (RT)

    • Cuomo Orders New York Lockdown, Shuts Down Non-Essential Businesses (NYP)

    • Cuba’s Interferon Alpha 2B, Successful in Treating COVID-19 (TeleSur)

    • Pentagon Sends 2,600 Europe-based Personnel Into Quarantine (RT)

    The maids will cough and make everyone sick.
    I guess war on the virus is not really a proper war.
    Bring the troops home to keep the population under control.

    • Boeing Suspends Dividend, Halts Buybacks, Stops Paying CEO And Chairman (Y!)
    Of course that’s just the way our society is structured.
    There’s no proof of wrong doing – ask any senator profiteering

    • National Guard Chief Denies Rumors Of Martial Law Response To Virus (Solomon)

    Again, We at TAE know … Bullshit

    Dr. D

    If you missed it yesterday, 8.1 Million cell phone accounts are missing in China.

    Beijing has helped the US buy time in its efforts to combat the coronavirus by providing “timely information”

    Timely and also entirely false, while paying the WHO to make sure it stayed false, and the maximum number of flights to the U.S. could occur. With help like this… But what am I saying? It’s always governments “helping! Helping so much!” But there’s an answer: more government help!

    China has been accused of suppressing information in the early stages”

    Well, let’s see, they keep pushing back patient zero to October, and locked up all the early-warners in jail. Is this really just an loose “accusation” from the pandemic creator-in-chief? Me no think that will fly.

    We hope that the United States will respect objective facts,

    We are. That’s why we know you’ve been lying for 16 critical weeks, putting the world in fatal danger. We’re not mad at it happening, although we probably should be: we’re mad at you putting everyone else in danger for petty politics.

    shirk its responsibility to China,”

    We have a responsibility to China? When did this start? Where was their responsibility when their mercantilism caused 20% unemployment and 30,000 opioid deaths a year?

    Trump argues that the phrase “Chinese virus” is “not racist at all,”

    Meanwhile, in looking-glass world of Yale, a reporter genuinely and honestly took actual time to ask Trump – in the middle of a self-declared “war” – whether he believed calling it “Chinese food” was racist. Only when he says it of course! Because the rest of us use the term…well, I’m at a loss to even IMAGINE a term we could use instead for “Food as it comes from China”. And if a measles come from Germany, we call them the what measles? And if the virus comes from the Hantan River in Korea we call it the Hantawhat virus? And if the flu is from Hong Kong, we call it the what flu? And if it’s from Wuhan, China, we call it the — well, I wouldn’t know, since the NYT and Wikipedia have erased those search terms from their web sites. No joke.

    …Because that’s the bestest, most important thing to do right now, virtue signal about what we should call Kung Pow Chicken. Definitely DEFINITELY don’t go down and volunteer at the hospital or food bank or anything.

    If only stupidity were a fatal illness, the whole press corps would be in intensive care. Unfortunately, it’s also communicable. But by all means, please waste all our valuable time with your ignorant, infantile questions and problems while the adults are dying.

    And if everything we do saves just one life,”

    This is the liberal ethos, where we kill the 99 to save one. Apparently they’re just that bad at math. I would like to save one, but I won’t kill five to do it. I’m not a Utilitarian, but I’m no dumb either. Anyway, it’s already too late. We’re going to kill not 99, but many multiples of one because of the economic reset. But that was coming anyway. In the meantime, let’s see how many thousands he can kill trying to save that one.

    New Best Friends:”

    Since they’re all aligned on dictatorial power merging corporation and state, I’ll take a pass on this one. It works well at first, not so later on. Call me in 5 years if you think this was a good plan, when there’s no opposition to President Pence.

    Trump’s Approval Rating Soars During Handling Of Coronavirus

    This is alright, they’re probably just catching up to the reality that he’s just an average douchbag and not Hitler. Too bad the world had to end for reality to club them raw and senseless into that awareness. However, we don’t need any one-party systems. Thanks to them, the DNC leadership breathless for a barely-conscious Biden, we’re getting one. The Liberal boards are like, “I’ll never vote for Biden (or any NeoLib), and I’m so disgusted I might vote for Trump just to screw them.” Ouch. So…a one-party system is the answer? We were barely above zero on the uniparty system we had, don’t make it worse.

    His response is boring, barely average, and he’s still lying daily with the CDC and WHO. I understand that, but it’s still a fail. I just sound like I’m pro because – four years in a row – I have to challenge the psychotic unhinged conspiracy theories that try to re-write events that happened only days, hours ago, Im a sucker for the #Truth like that. Tim Pool just did a video on this, blast from the past, like Jan 30th, when the whole media piled on his having ANY response, and parroting like they were guzzling Chinese…but this is a family show. It’s enough to point out that the media was wrong, put millions in danger, didn’t care then, and are lying about it now. Statistically least trusted of any source on earth for COVID? The media. Our supposed informers. And yet they’re salty about it! We trust random cartoons on Faceboom more than you and the experts because those random cartoons were more accurate that you. How bad do you suck? How dumb/clueless/complicit do you have to be? P.S. learn to compose sentences and call sources on the phone.

    “[Biden] listed a litany of false and misleading statements”

    Sadly this is true. AND his response WAS cut-and-paste Trump’s response. Mostly because it’s obvious and there aren’t a lot of choices here. SMDH. What are they thinking except – and the Whooooooooole Left points out – they’d rather have Trump than any Progressive. 1,000x But why not? Apparently Trump is now to the Left of Clinton/Biden on stimulus, bailouts, foreclosures, and since he’s a Clinton Business Democrat, always has been. Remember when Obama sent those checks and said we wouldn’t foreclose and we’d take equity stake in any bailout? Me neither, that’s why Clinton lost.

    “health is not a commercial asset but a basic right,”

    No it is not. Because you cannot compel doctors to work as slaves. Is it a social good? Yes. But not a right, because rights by definition cannot trample other rights. Next this will call for Medicare for All, after 10 governments in a row botched their responses and are right now getting thousands killed. The answer is to give MORE power to the ones who crashed the bus! While that bus is still smoking and slipping downhill!

    Larry Brilliant says he doesn’t have a crystal ball.

    This sounds smart but also isn’t. He proposes a fantasy event which cooperatively has exactly the size and scale of his own imagination. It therefore follows his rules and is a definition “pandemic.” However, is he instead proposing we can stop nature (and man, but I repeat myself) from ever creating another large disease? And we’ll all die of being eaten by Tribbles instead in a Star Trek future? Religion of Progressivism, thinking we are larger, smarter, bigger than nature. We’re not. We are part of nature and our blue planet, and animals that are subject to it. We will die. In singles, and also in numbers.

    rumors of impending martial law are blatantly false”

    Uh, what do you call lockdowns in Baltimore, San Fran, and New York? Not technically martial law, but if you’re arrested when you do anything without permission, and the Army is enforcing it with Humvees and no court system, call it a spade. Luckily we’re feeling cooperative right now, and why not?

    CoronaBonds To Hold The Payments System Together”

    Get a grip. No one’s going to pay their bills for a year: the system is not going to BE held together. It’s going to be reset, as required, with a forced jubilee and a new monetary structure, as forever planned. As Cheeto was desperately trying to set up for three years against all opposition to life and health. So anyway, take all this and throw it out the window. I’m not going to pay my bills and you aren’t either. The first attempts to restart the system will probably fail. It’s all going to change, and it ain’t My Corona. It’s you. You did this, you set this, you pulled hard for lifetimes, crushed generations, jailed people and insured this for 40 if not 100 years. Congratulations, “Tomorrow Finally Comes.”

    And he may go to Thailand, but I might try Nebraska. His weather’s better but it doesn’t pay to be a “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Your money is nothing now, or soon.


    bosco, save your breath. It must indeed be tested for its actual effect on coronavirus. says not Fauci but the law. Good thing is it’s already proven not to be harmful to people. That will save 3/4+ of testing time, but it says nothing about coronavirus efficacy.

    Which even Trump would like to know before ordering $10 billion worth of it and/or effectively nationalizing a large pharma company or two. He can do that, but he can’t afford to get it wrong too many times.

    From what I understand, (hydroxy-)chloroquine is pretty much useless when you’re not infected, i.e. until you are in, let’s say, phase 1 of infection. Its -potential- benefit is that it it can bar the virus from moving into your lungs. Let’s call that phase 2/3.

    Side effects are relatively benign on average, but not zero. Some people will suffer sustained blurry vision, for one thing. Testing shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, though unless big pharma gets too mad about there being not enough profit in it.

    Meanwhile, let’s look at the Cuban molecule.


    Cost of living, in the standard $$ sense, is high right now. Many of those missing cellphones are probably just people who aren’t paying for services. Other sources cites closer to 20 million inactive former users.

    “bosco, save your breath. It must indeed be tested for its actual effect on coronavirus. says not Fauci but the law. Good thing is it’s already proven not to be harmful to people. That will save 3/4+ of testing time, but it says nothing about coronavirus efficacy.”

    I understand. But as a PR message to the people, spoken by a guy who looks like a smug owl, the guy’s a disaster, as witness my diatribe. You’re not telling me anything I don’t know about drug testing, Raul. Please, save your breath.


    As for ordering up a financially “large” (is ten billion a lot of money anymore?) order beforehand: why not? What have we got to lose throwing more funny money at it?

    Time is still of the essence.


    So, the Federal Reserve was able to come up with (for sake of discussion) $4.5T after 2008 crisis… and now they’re discussing another $1.5T in “stimulus”…
    Why the arbitrary numbers? “Escape velocity” is clearly not a topic…

    Bosco, your writing sometimes has a clarity that closes in on brilliance…love your self-description above…

    And now we wait…


    $2 Trillion IS ONLY THE START.
    I’m sure that history has lessons to teach on what to do and what not to do to keep the system functioning.
    “10% Of GDP”: US Coronavirus Stimulus Package To Total $2 Trillion
    by Tyler Durden
    Sat, 03/21/2020 – 11:49
    Larry Kudlow said that the latest and greatest financial package being assembled to offset the crippling economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic which according to Goldman will wipe out 24% of GDP in Q2 would total more than $2 trillion.He declined to say whether the package would include more direct government spending, or appropriations, than thought. “We’ll see,” he said.


    Boeing Bailout

    I think the government should give cash for equity. If Boeing is worth 75 billion [plus 25 billion debt] then a 60 billion investment should give the government about 80% ownership.

    A similar approach should be taken with other bailouts.

    The equity can be sold off after recovery, which should be at a profit. If the US taxpayers are taking the risk they should reap any rewards.

    If this is unacceptable to any company they can go to the market for finance.



    It is interesting that there are five strains of the virus, including the relatively weak one in South Korea.

    I wonder if infection with this mild strain gives immunity against the virulent strains in a kind of chickenpox/smallpox kind of way.


    Doc Robinson,

    We’re clearly in the early innings, but that US-UK disparity is enormous, especially given the testing… any thoughts you’d care to share, or (wisely) “wait and see”?

    All I can guess is the different strains that John Day (and others) have spoken of here from day one is at play.

    Anticlimactic – agree. No more of this “we have to pay to keep the talent!” garbage talk. We see that in higher ed where profs talk of their “value in the free market” when negotiating salaries. Funny, they all seem happy to take the tenure.

    In my mind, I’m trying to come up with a middle-of-the-road approach on the extremes of “barely regulated” business and “corporations are the enemy”. I’m struggling.

    All I can come up with is that there must be “sunshine” as an antiseptic, and a constant holding people accountable. Yes, I know systems all start out with the best of intentions, only to be chipped-down over time. It’s an inherent weakness in man, hence man’s systems.


    Economies crashing;
    The populace thrashing-
    The powerful increase their powers.
    A sinister mission:
    Controlled demolition
    Of the Past’s and the Future’s twin towers.

    Doc Robinson

    boilingfrog, I dunno, as you said it’s still the early innings.

    Just now checked the latest Worldometer numbers, the deaths in the US (as a percentage of total cases) is still around 1.3%, while in the UK it’s increased to 5.7%. And this is the death rate “before the NHS becomes overwhelmed and is unable to cope” (quoted from the article below).

    Coronavirus: Deaths rising faster in UK than Italy
    The death toll in Italy from Covid-19 has now exceeded total deaths in China – the source of the outbreak. Could the UK be on the same path?

    …Meanwhile the number of deaths in the UK continue to rise. It has now been two weeks since the first confirmed death from coronavirus in the UK – and since then the number who have died has been rising at a faster rate than in Italy.

    It highlights the urgency needed to arrest the spread of the disease before the NHS becomes overwhelmed and is unable to cope.


    Back from my constitutional to catch the sun, and I want to edit the ditty above: dump the first apostrophe ess.
    …”Of the Past and the Future’s twin towers.”


    I’m relatively new to reading TAE and never commented. I figure most TAE readers are able to comment more intelligently than me so why embarrass myself. However, I live in upstate NY (in a village about 8 miles from Syracuse) and we’ve turned into the epicenter of the pandemic in the US so maybe I can add something of value now. Or maybe not. Time will tell.

    First, a BIG thanks to Raul because following this blog got me to prepare for the virus ahead of the rush. I also think Raul’s aggregate links are the best around. TAE is my first stop every morning. Know that we appreciate you even if we don’t comment. (I’ve donated to TAE anonymously a few times, when financially able, and encourage everyone to).

    Coronavirus cases in NY exploded. Raul’s not wrong. We’re likely the next Italy. So, yes, people are worried (not that I understand the toilet paper thing at all). But who could blame them? Anyone care to volunteer to be the person suffocating to death in the hospital hallway when healthcare breaks down? People might be worried, but where I live I’m not seeing them be rude, pushy or inconsiderate (not sure what it’s like within the City of Syracuse). Most people leave more space between themselves, some wear gloves, very few masks, everyone is subdued. Waiting for that other shoe to drop I guess.

    Everything but essential businesses (defined by the state) are closed as of tomorrow (Sunday) night. All non-essential staff who work at an essential business must work from home. Some “essential” employers are trying to help by providing daycare for those who continue to work (schools closed). A lot is being done to support the poor (not PC, sorry). Lunches handed out to school age children, more meals delivered to seniors, food banks geared up, the local community foundation is making special grants, etc. There were MANY people suddenly out of a job who applied for unemployment. The crush crashed the system multiple times over at least two days.

    Healthcare is the big concern. Syracuse has several large hospitals and is a regional medical hub for something like 9 counties. It took way too long to ramp up testing considering we have an Infectious Disease Center here and the idiots’ entire JOB is to prepare for epidemics. The first positive cases in my county were community spread (lovely!!), but we only just started drive-thru testing a day or so ago. People are coming from over 50 miles away to get tested at that ONE site. Can you think of any downsides to this?

    Too much of the US population is overweight. Many have health issues and take meds that mess with the body’s system. If those aren’t risk factors, I don’t know what is. Could be we make Italy look like they did a bang-up job when this is all over.

    Hello from NY!


    Is anybody watching what the covid virus is doing in India and Malaysia.
    They don’t have the infrastructures that are available in the USA.
    Will they tell lies about the covid-19?
    Sarawak records 2 new deaths from Covid-19
    FMT Reporters -March 21, 2020 4:59 PM

    Doc Robinson

    Mentions obesity as being the most frequent co-morbidity, and the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as treatment.

    Handling Critical CoVid-19 Patients: a Guide from Italian Anesthesiologists
    Italian-American doctors translate advice from anesthesiologists who’ve been saving lives for several weeks in Italy

    Italian anesthesiologists have been handling critical coronavirus patients in Italy for several weeks. They shared their experience in a video-conference whose salient points were captured in a summary. We translated that summary, hoping that professionals around the world will find this information valuable as they face similar challenges in the days to come.

    GiViTI COVID19 MEETING 10 March 2020
    Patient Characteristics

    The average age of patients is about 70 years old.
    The most frequent co-morbidity is OBESITY.

    Pharmacologic Therapy

    Lopinavir/ritonavir (KALETRA) 200/50 mg po BID.
    Chloroquine 500 mg po BID or hydroxychloroquine 200 mg po BID.
    Prophylactic antibiotics (variable according to local practice: piperacillin/tazobactam, ceftriaxone, TMP/SMX, antifungals (the use of azithromycin has been abandoned).
    Acetylcysteine 300 mg po TID (secretions not abundant, but dense when present).
    Steroids? Only in cases with fibrosis (do not use prematurely).
    Tocilizumab? IL-6 receptor inhibitor. Rationale is vast inflammation BUT use must be evaluated in setting of lymphopenia. At the moment NO indication for routine use and NO precocious use.


    The average age of patients is about 70 years old.
    The most frequent co-morbidity is OBESITY.


    Dr D Rich

    Apropos of just about everything going on today and in no particular order:

    –do you often wonder what happened to all those patients turned away from major medical centers in Seattle and other cities when the demand for beds exceeded open beds during the flu seasons of 2010, 2015 and 2017? Did US Public Health measure the consequence and complications for the patients turned away?

    –someone should ask Tony Fauci his opinion of Montagnier’s Nobel for HIV research and not Bob Gallo vis a vis Fauci’s and Gallo’s efforts to secure fame 35 years ago during another worldwide virus hysteria.

    –A long time ago, I was given a copy of Hervey Cleckley’s “The Mask of Sanity” by my med school academic advisor, a nationally renowned expert in mental health. The book was not given to help better understand my future patients. Rather, the gift took the form of a warning as to the presence of sociopaths, psychopaths and antisocial personality disordered individuals among medical professionals notwithstanding the expression of such behaviors in the business, political and law communities. Letting businessmen, attorneys and physician MBAs lead hospitals brought us to this point where both non-profit and for-profit hospitals are equally unprepared to address the current crisis according to most news accounts.

    —and western Pennsylvania has not been immune to the phenomenon. Beware Public Health initiatives, I suppose, because the remedies fall woefully short of justice and timely in no sense of the word.

    —optometrists are not MDs or junior ophthalmologists


    Here it come …. the rescue
    The Debt Brake Finally Breaks: “Austere” Germany To Issue €356BN In New Debt, Amounting To 10% Of GDP
    In effect, what Germany is doing is unleashing a massive quasi nationalization of every industry, with the hope of preserving businesses and avoiding a firesale of insolvent assets,
    “We will not allow a bargain sale of German economic and industrial interests,” economic affairs minister Peter Altmaier said on Friday. “There should be no taboos. Temporary state aid for a limited period, up to and including shareholdings and takeovers, must be possible.”
    the MMTers got what they wanted.

    Dr D Rich

    There it is……coronavirus my ass. What an excuse,
    Money for rich and unrestrained power for the megalomaniacs. Christ, even the alcoholics submitted too easily.


    @ Dr D Rich
    TAE commentators gathers interesting points of info.
    Lets wait to see who will be the winners.
    I don’t see what will be the prize for winning.

    Dr D Rich

    @ zerosum.
    Winning? I sense we are common souls.
    There’s just consolidation of power by the wicked and incompetent.
    There’s only deeper poverty for the impoverished.
    No matter the outcome and as always is the pattern, these pathological narcissists will claim the prize.
    And we’re back to China bashing which was a not infrequent theme on TAE over the past two months.


    btw, the malaria/antibiotic Rx has not been presented as a preventative or vaccine but as a therapy for the infected. It looks like it can radically reduce the mortality rate/severe symptomatic time. It can stop people from dying and reduce the time in which they’re icky scary sick. That is all.

    The downside is that people may relax their quarantine rigor, which would not be good. Mr. SMug Owl had a chance to reassure people that Aunt Bessie might not have to die after all while also stressing that quarantine is still necessary, *especially* since we don’t have a zillion doses on hand and, yes, some testing is wise since we’ll be especially using it for children and frail elders, for whom side effects usually matter more.

    Either way, I wouldn’t let the bastard lick my dog’s dick much less mine.


    Of course the government will seek sweeping authorities. In fact, they have to. Doing so is what kept China from turning into a major graveyard. Unenlightened sociopaths naturally seek power, and unenlightened average citizens seek instructions and rules to follow (partly so they know where the fence is when they want to sneak out and bend/break some rules). A lady named Typhoid Mary comes to mind.

    Even the most benign legal structures like, say, the Constitution, are steadily subverted into oppressive methods for greedy sociopathic boner-brains to get thier kicks off of. This is the story of history back to Genesis. The nice thing about absolutely draconian laws like indefinite detention is that you KNOW people are going to break them. KInda reminds me of this song:

    I love you, sonuvabitch!

    If people aren’t told what to do after a lifetime of being told to do by parents, schools, TV/media, they won’t know what to do. Worse, they won’t know what rules to break and who to say, ‘You’re not the boss of me!’ as they wrestle over toilet paper.

    There’s no other way. Never mind the socio’s power grab, that’s fundamental context for any human society of any size larger than tribal. Sadly, I don’t think our government has the smarts/guts to do even a poor imitation of, say, today’s communist party.


    “I also think Raul’s aggregate links are the best around.”

    Agreed. HIs patience must be powerful to wade through this stuff daily. He asked a question a few days ago wondering if folks were tired of virus reportage. I say: no, but it might be good to start a few extrapolative trails exploring how the virus is affecting: supply lines, the usual economic concerns, stuff like that. Seems a natural next step while still focusing on the virus, a subject which hasn’t fatigued me yet because, despite haviong lived among the smelly yahoos all my life, I’m fond of homo sapiens and wish to know how to help them mitigate the mess they’re in, if only as an affectation to soothe my migrainatory conscience reeling from humanity’s effects on itself and Terran life after 500 years of fossil-fueled Enlightenment Era “progress”.


    “Too much of the US population is overweight. Many have health issues and take meds that mess with the body’s system.:

    Damn. That’s my wife to a T. Damn. On the other hand, I’d rather bury her than her me. I can take it. Don’t think she could. I have had her and I l;earning strict anti-contagion protocol for several days now primarily for the previously mentioned salve to our conscience: don’t get other people sick.

    Now I’m glad for other reasons, like protecting her. I’m an invalid and can stay home, plus I’m a hermit. She goes to work everyday. Small office with no customer traffic and offices with closable doors and a decent enough social distancing policy in place.


    Golden Fields

    Love is amazing. Evolved from critters ruthlessly eating critters via group affinity survival pressure. It looks lovely in a lover’s eyes, and pretty good even in a casual stranger’s smile. Love…


    “Bosco, your writing sometimes has a clarity that closes in on brilliance…love your self-description above…”

    You obviously have bad taste. 😉

    Who remembers this?

    Good Taste


    my parents said know: writing poetry that rhymes in good vernacular meter without making it cheesy is difficult. Bravo.



    Its my opinion, from reading history. Not Rome. Egypt.
    Quote your own examples that you figured out where it worked.
    It did work for some ancient economic/socials structures.

    Price control


    UpstateNYer – great input, thank you. I’m isolated in the New River Valley of the South Central Appalachians. Your take is much appreciated.

    Highlight of my day (to go CHS and be positive for a moment): damned chickens showed me their secret escape route as I stood and watched! That border has been walled up!

    Bosco, regarding your pentameters and such, I read this recently: “Truth is like poetry, and most people f****g hate poetry”.

    V. Arnold

    As I said weeks ago; this thing is just getting started; if people are freaking out now, then what will they do later…
    Fear and terror will rule the moment; possibly emerging as I type.
    The abject failure of the U.S. from the beginning; will ensure a decimated society as well as economic catastrophe; typically this can lead to war. War seems to be the way out for the mental midgets (WWII), who lack imagination. In the place of imagination, those charlatans parading as leaders, will show themselves as the despots they truely are…
    If nothing else, the Usians’ used to have an indomitable spirit when faced with challenges; that spirit is nowhere to be found today, IMO…
    Be informed and act accordingly; best to all…


    Boscohorowitz: I blush. Thank-you.
    Boiling frog: Yup.

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