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G. G. Bain Katherine Stinson, “the flying schoolgirl,” Sheepshead Bay Speedway, Brooklyn 1918


Protesters Fail To Bring Down Andrew Jackson Statue Near White House (R.)
To Kill A Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn Banned From Minnesota Syllabuses (SOTT)
WHO Reports Largest Single-Day Increase In COVID19 Cases (SCMP)
Mexico Reports 5,343 New Coronavirus Infections And 1,044 Deaths (R.)
Surge In Coronavirus Cases Linked To More Texans In Their 20s (TT)
Complete Shutdown Could Be Only Way To Stop Coronavirus in Utah (SacBee)
Judge’s Ruling Opens Door For Bolton To Be Sued Or Prosecuted (JTN)
Jerry Nadler Preparing To Subpoena Bill Barr (NBC)
Fired NY Prosecutor Given Biden-Ukraine Info In 2018, Didn’t Follow Up (JTN)
Ghislaine Maxwell Hiding Behind French Extradition Laws (ZH)
Bayer Wins Court Ruling Restricting California’s Roundup Warning (R.)
BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid (Ellen Brown)



I have a hard time getting back to the daily grind. Also think maybe I should adapt the format somewhat. It’s clear that the virus will be with us for a long time. Deaths are increasing again:




Worldometer reports new cases for June 22 (midnight to midnight GMT+0) at + 138,975 .






From Worldometer yesterday evening -before their day’s close-:



From Worldometer:



From COVID19Info.live:










I told you guys: you’re going to have to rename the capital AND the country.

Protesters Fail To Bring Down Andrew Jackson Statue Near White House (R.)

Protesters tried tearing down a statue of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, in a park near the White House on Monday, scrawling “killer scum” on its pedestal and pulling on the monument with ropes before police intervened. The confrontation unfolded in Lafayette Square, where crowds peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer were forcibly displaced three weeks ago to make way for staged photos of President Trump holding up a bible in front of a nearby church. The thwarted effort to topple the famed bronze likeness of Jackson astride a rearing horse was the latest bid, in protests fuelled by Floyd’s death, to destroy monuments of historical figures considered racist or divisive.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter here saying that many people were arrested for the “disgraceful vandalism” in Lafayette Park and also for defacing the exterior of St. John’s Church. “Ten years in prison under the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act. Beware!” he warned. Monday’s incident began around dusk with scores of protesters, most wearing masks against coronavirus infection, breaking through a 6-foot-tall fence erected in recent days around the statute at the center of the park.

Protesters then climbed onto the monument, fastening ropes and cords around the sculpted heads of both Jackson and his horse and dousing the marble pedestal with yellow paint before the crowd began trying to yank the statute from its base. Dozens of law enforcement officers, led by U.S. Park Police, stormed into the square, swinging batons and firing chemical agents to scatter protesters. By dark, police had taken control and outnumbered demonstrators in the immediate area. Jackson, a former U.S. Army general nicknamed “Old Hickory,” served two terms in the White House, from 1829 to 1837, espousing a populist political style that has sometimes been compared with that of Trump.

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This is a story that has no beginning and no end. There are some pretty offensive stories in the Bible. Go for it.

To Kill A Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn Banned From Minnesota Syllabuses (SOTT)

Two classic American novels have been banned from syllabuses at schools in Minnesota, USA. The reason being a concern that racial slurs used in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, could make pupils feel “humiliated or marginalised”. According to The Telegraph, The Duluth school district, which includes over 20 schools, is removing the books from the curriculum for ninth and 11th grade English classes. However, copies of Lee and Twain’s classics will remain in the school libraries. While Duluth district’s curriculum director Michael Cary has said To Kill A Mockingbird and Huckleberry Finn will be replaced by books that “teach the same lessons” without using racial slurs.

The American Library Association have listed the two novels as among the most banned books from 2001-2009, mainly due to the offensive language used by some characters. To Kill a Mockingbird deals with racial injustice in segregated 1930s Alabama. While Huckleberry Finn is set in the 19th century before slavery was abolished. The American Library Association stated that most of the complaints were from black parents concerned about books on the curriculum containing racial slurs. Both books were temporarily removed from Virginia schools in 2016 after a parental complaint. While just this October Mississippi schools banned To Kill a Mockingbird from their syllabuses. However, students with parental permission can take part in a study of Lee’s novel.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author died in 2016 after publishing just two books. The second was Go Set a Watchman, her first draft of To Kill a Mockingbird, written decades ago and published in 2015. Amazon said it was their most pre-ordered book ever since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007. Last year, Harry Potter books were banned from a school in Nashville, Tennessee. According to The Tennessean, pupils at St Edward Catholic School will no longer be able to borrow JK Rowling’s fantasy books to read from its library. The magical adventures have been censored from the school library because of their content, after Reverend Dan Reehil, a pastor of the Roman Catholic school wrote an email voicing his concerns. The email said: “These books present magic as both good and evil, which is not true, but in fact a clever deception.”

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They did it only 3 days after I signaled this. Keep your eye on India, Mexico.

WHO Reports Largest Single-Day Increase In COVID19 Cases (SCMP)

The World Health Organisation on Sunday reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases by its count, at more than 183,000 new cases in the latest 24 hours. The UN health agency said Brazil led the way with 54,771 cases tallied. The Brazilian government has since announced that the country’s death toll has passed 50,000. The US was next at 36,617 infections, while over 15,400 were in India. Experts said rising case counts can reflect multiple factors including more widespread testing as well as broader infection. Testing continues to be a contentious issue in the US, with a White House aide defending President Donald Trump’s latest remarks on the issue.

Trump had drawn criticism after saying at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday that the US has tested 25 million people, but the “bad part” is that it found more cases. “When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases,” Trump said. “So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please’.” White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said on CNN that Trump was being “tongue-in-cheek” and made the comment in a “light mood.” Democratic rival Joe Biden’s campaign accused Trump of “putting politics ahead of the safety and economic well-being of the American people”.

The US has the world’s highest number of reported infections, over 2.2 million, and the highest death toll, at about 120,000, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. Health officials say robust testing is vital for tracking outbreaks and keeping the virus in check. Overall in the pandemic, WHO reported 8,708,008 cases – 183,020 in the last 24 hours – with 461,715 deaths worldwide, with a daily increase of 4,743. More than two-thirds of those new deaths were reported in the Americas. Brazil’s Health Ministry said on Monday that the country had a total of 1,085,038 confirmed cases and 50,617 deaths.

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This was on Sunday. Yesterday they had “only” 758 deaths.

Mexico Reports 5,343 New Coronavirus Infections And 1,044 Deaths (R.)

Mexico on Sunday reported 5,343 new infections and 1,044 additional deaths from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the health ministry said, bringing the totals for the country to 180,545 cases and 21,825 deaths. The government has said the actual number of infected people is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

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Surge In Coronavirus Cases Linked To More Texans In Their 20s (TT)

Texans under the age of 30 are testing positive for the new coronavirus at a higher rate than previously seen since the pandemic began, contributing to a recent surge in the number of cases in the state, Gov. Greg Abbott said during a press conference Tuesday. Data from several counties and health experts confirms the trend in younger people testing positive across Texas. “There are certain counties where a majority of the people who are tested positive in that county are under the age of 30, and this typically results from people going to bars,” Abbott said during the conference. “That is the case in Lubbock County, Bexar County, Cameron County.” mAbbott said that it’s unclear why more young people are contracting the virus, but he speculated that it could be from increased activity over Memorial Day weekend, visits to bars or other types of social gatherings.

This comes as Texas businesses have begun to reopen with relaxed restrictions under Abbott’s executive orders. As of last Friday, restaurants can operate at 75% capacity, while almost all other businesses can operate at 50%. Texas water parks and amusement parks have been allowed to reopen as well. In recent weeks, thousands of Texans have also flooded the streets of some of the largest cities to protest police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death. One of the areas of concern Abbott mentioned was Hays County, where 476 of the 938 confirmed cases are people ages 20 to 29. People in their 20s accounted for 50.7% of all the cases in Hays County as of Monday, an increase from Friday, when the age group made up 42% of total cases.

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Not just in Utah, I would venture.

Complete Shutdown Could Be Only Way To Stop Coronavirus in Utah (SacBee)

With coronavirus cases climbing fast in Utah, the state’s top health official is warning that if something doesn’t change soon, a full-scale shutdown will be the only way to control the virus’ spread, outlets report. “We are quickly getting to a point where the only viable option to manage spread and deaths will be a complete shutdown,” a memo state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn shared with state and local health officials, said, according to KUTV Dunn went on to say that Utah must achieve an average daily case count of 200, for seven consecutive days, by July 1, KUTV reported, or else raise the threat level to orange.

Doing so “will send the message to Utahns that this outbreak continues to be a serious problem, and state leadership is committed to saving lives and preventing a complete economic shutdown.” Gov. Gary Herbert downgraded the alert status to yellow on May 15, and 12 days later, coronavirus spread began to accelerate, Dunn said, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. The memo, released on Friday, came the same day Gov. Herbert downgraded most of rural Utah’s status to green, the lowest alert level, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

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“These guys shouldn’t be joining administrations to write books and enrich themselves..”

Judge’s Ruling Opens Door For Bolton To Be Sued Or Prosecuted (JTN)

John Bolton’s legal troubles may be far from over. The former National Security Advisor won a limited but notable victory in court Saturday when a federal judge ruled that he would not prevent his tell-all book, “The Room Where It Happened,” from being published. The Trump administration had sued to stop the book’s publication, claiming it contained classified information that would endanger national security if it were to be released to the general public. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled in favor of Bolton, stating that since the book has already been circulated among numerous journalists and media outlets the question of injunction was mostly moot. Yet he acknowledged in his ruling that Bolton may still have “expose[d] himself to criminal liability” in publishing the exposé.

Alan Dershowitz agreed. Dershowitz, the storied Harvard law professor and noted proponent of civil liberties, told Just the News on Saturday that there “may be a basis for a lawsuit against Bolton by the government.” Dershowitz pointed to the 1980 Supreme Court case Snepp v. United States as the controlling precedent. In that case, Frank Snepp — a CIA intelligence analyst in Saigon during the Vietnam War —published the book “Decent Interval” following his departure from the agency. The government sued Snepp over the book, which was drawn from an after-action report he had written for the CIA following his service in Saigon. The government argued that Snepp had broken his contractual obligation to submit his book to the CIA prior to publication.

The Supreme Court eventually ruled against Snepp, forcing him to surrender his monetary earnings to the federal government and enjoining him from future publication without prepublication review from the government. Dershowitz represented Snepp in the controlling case. “We argued the rule was unconstitutional. We lost,” he told Just the News. “I don’t approve of that decision,” he said. “I think it’s wrong on the law, and I think it’s wrong on the Constitution. But it may be a basis for a lawsuit against Bolton by the government.”

Kevin Brock, meanwhile — the former FBI assistant director for intelligence — suggested that it appeared Bolton had worked for the Trump administration just to line his own pockets. “Everybody who’s at the SCS level in government has to sign documentation that they’re not going to disclose information that they collect while they’re performing their duties without first getting approval,” Brock said. “It seems like more and more executives are ignoring that, and the courts haven’t really tested it or enforced it that I’m aware of.” “These guys shouldn’t be joining administrations to write books and enrich themselves,” he said. “It’s like they’re accepting jobs with an eye to enriching themselves after serving.”

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Sure, subpoena people who are willing to come voluntarily, and then talk about it on the Rachel Maddow show. Prediction: Barr will come when he wants, not Nadler.

Jerry Nadler Preparing To Subpoena Bill Barr (NBC)

The Democrat who leads the House Judiciary Committee is set to subpoena Attorney General William Barr for testimony early next month, NBC News has confirmed. Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., is preparing to subpoena testimony on July 2, a committee spokesperson confirmed Monday night. “We have begun the process to issue that subpoena,” Nadler said Monday night on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.” News of the planned subpoena was reported earlier Monday by Axios. Barr has been criticized in recent days for the abrupt removal of the top prosecutor for the influential Southern District of New York, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, over the weekend.

Nadler said Sunday on CNN that Barr deserves to be impeached but that doing so would be a waste of time because the majority-Republican Senate would never convict him. Barr had been scheduled to testify before the Judiciary Committee in March, but his testimony was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. In a letter, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, acknowledged that Nadler intends to subpoena Barr, but he objected to it. “Attorney General Barr remains willing to testify voluntarily once the pandemic concludes,” wrote Jordan, a staunch ally of President Donald Trump’s. “Accordingly, there is no legitimate basis for you to compel his testimony at this time.”

Jordan also wrote that circumstances had not changed enough since March to warrant a subpoena. When Barr and House Democrats reached an agreement on testimony this spring, Democrats wrote that they planned to ask him about the Justice Department’s decision to overrule career prosecutors and propose a reduction in the prison sentence for Trump confidant Roger Stone.

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To be continued.

Fired NY Prosecutor Given Biden-Ukraine Info In 2018, Didn’t Follow Up (JTN)

Could the impeachment scandal have been prevented if the now-fired U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman had followed up on Ukrainian allegations about Joe Biden and his family in 2018? That’s the tantalizing question raised by emails from fall 2018 between an American lawyer and the chief federal prosecutor in Manhattan that were obtained by Just the News. The memos show that well before Ukrainian prosecutors reached out to Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer, in 2019 to talk about the Bidens and alleged 2016 election interference they first approached Berman’s office in New York in October 2018 via another American lawyer.

The memos show Little Rock, Ark., lawyer Bud Cummins, a former U.S. attorney himself, reached out at least five times in October 2018 to Berman seeking to arrange a meeting with then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.Lutsenko, who emerged as a key figure in the impeachment scandal, wanted to confidentially share with federal prosecutors in New York evidence he claimed to possess that raised concerns about the Bidens’ behavior as well as alleged wrongdoing in the Paul Manafort corruption case. “Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko is offering to come to U.S. meet with high-level law enforcement to share the fruits of investigations within Ukraine which have produced evidence of two basic alleged crimes,” Cummins wrote Berman on Oct. 4, 2018, one day after the two had talked on the phone about the allegations.

The allegations included that Joe Biden had “exercised influence to protect Burisma Holdings” after his son Hunter and his son’s business partner Devon Archer had joined the Ukrainian gas company’s board of directors and “substantial sums of money were paid to them,” Cummins wrote. At the time Hunter Biden and Archer joined Burisma in 2014, the company was under criminal investigation in both England and Ukraine for alleged corruption. The British case was dropped in 2015, and the Ukraine cases were eventually settled in the final days of the Obama administration.

Joe Biden boasted during a 2018 public appearance that he forced the firing on Lutsenko’s predecessor, Viktor Shokin, back in 2016by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine. At the time, Shokin was leading the investigation into Burisma. Biden denies the investigation factored into his decision. Biden’s and Archer’s firm received more than $3 million in payments from Burisma between 2014 and 2016, bank records obtained by the FBI show.

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“Under French law anyone born on French soil is safe from extradition to another country, regardless of the alleged crime.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Hiding Behind French Extradition Laws (ZH)

Jeffrey Epstein’s accused ‘madam’ is reportedly holed up in a luxury apartment on Paris’s Avenue Matignon – just a five minute drive from the dead pedophile’s $8.6 million flat, according to the Daily Mail. Maxwell “is moving locations every month to keep private investigators off her tail and is staying at the residences of trusted colleagues and contacts,” according to a source. “She wants to remain in France for as long as she can to take advantage of extradition laws and has a huge network of contacts willing to keep her hidden,” they added. “Under French law anyone born on French soil is safe from extradition to another country, regardless of the alleged crime.”

It doesn’t mean she won’t be prosecuted for her links to Epstein but if she does end up facing charges it will be in France and not the US. The French apartment is linked to a Normandy-based business contact, according to the report. Epstein and Maxwell began dating in the early 1990s, after which she became his ‘madam’ and helicopter pilot – allegedly ferrying underage girls to his multiple properties around the world. In 2003, Epstein told a reporter with Vanity Fair that Maxwell was his “best friend.”

Maxwell comes from money. Her father was publisher Robert Maxwell – who himself faced accusations of being a Mossad double (and possibly triple) agent and a “bad character” who was “almost certainly financed by Russia,” according to the British Foreign Office. Robert Maxwell died in 1991 when he fell from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine – however the circumstances surrounding his demise have been rife with speculation (including that it was a Mossad assassination – a theory which attorney and longtime Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz slammed in a 2003 op-ed). Ghislaine has been accused by three women of procuring and training young girls to perform massage and sexual acts on Epstein and his associates.

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Whenever Bayer wins, everyone else loses..

Bayer Wins Court Ruling Restricting California’s Roundup Warning (R.)

Bayer AG won a court ruling blocking California from requiring the German-based company to tell consumers that a chemical in its Roundup herbicide is known to cause cancer, Bloomberg News reported on Monday. A federal judge in Sacramento on Monday granted Bayer’s request to block the state from requiring the company or any businesses from providing a “clear and reasonable warning before exposing any individual to glyphosate,” the report said. Bayer, which acquired Roundup manufacturer Monsanto in a $63 billion deal in 2018, to date has faced three juries over claims that Roundup causes cancer. The company has denied the allegations made by more than 42,700 plaintiffs in the United States, saying decades of studies have shown Roundup and glyphosate are safe for human use.

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“It is the world’s largest asset manager and “shadow bank,” larger than the world’s largest bank (which is in China)..”

BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid (Ellen Brown)

To most people, if they are familiar with it at all, BlackRock is an asset manager that helps pension funds and retirees manage their savings through “passive” investments that track the stock market. But working behind the scenes, it is much more than that. BlackRock has been called “the most powerful institution in the financial system,” “the most powerful company in the world” and the “secret power.” It is the world’s largest asset manager and “shadow bank,” larger than the world’s largest bank (which is in China), with over $7 trillion in assets under direct management and another $20 trillion managed through its Aladdin risk-monitoring software. BlackRock has also been called “the fourth branch of government” and “almost a shadow government”, but no part of it actually belongs to the government.

Despite its size and global power, BlackRock is not even regulated as a “Systemically Important Financial Institution” under the Dodd-Frank Act, thanks to pressure from its CEO Larry Fink, who has long had “cozy” relationships with government officials. BlackRock’s strategic importance and political weight were evident when four BlackRock executives, led by former Swiss National Bank head Philipp Hildebrand, presented a proposal at the annual meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in August 2019 for an economic reset that was actually put into effect in March 2020. Acknowledging that central bankers were running out of ammunition for controlling the money supply and the economy, the BlackRock group argued that it was time for the central bank to abandon its long-vaunted independence and join monetary policy (the usual province of the central bank) with fiscal policy (the usual province of the legislature).

They proposed that the central bank maintain a “Standing Emergency Fiscal Facility” that would be activated when interest rate manipulation was no longer working to avoid deflation. The Facility would be deployed by an “independent expert” appointed by the central bank. The COVID-19 crisis presented the perfect opportunity to execute this proposal in the US, with BlackRock itself appointed to administer it. In March 2020, it was awarded a no-bid contract under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) to deploy a $454 billion slush fund established by the Treasury in partnership with the Federal Reserve. This fund in turn could be leveraged to provide over $4 trillion in Federal Reserve credit. While the public was distracted with protests, riots and lockdowns, BlackRock suddenly emerged from the shadows to become the “fourth branch of government,” managing the controls to the central bank’s print-on-demand fiat money.

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    G. G. Bain Katherine Stinson, “the flying schoolgirl,” Sheepshead Bay Speedway, Brooklyn 1918   • Protesters Fail To Bring Down Andrew Jackson St
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 23 2020]

    John Day

    I like The Flying Schoolgirl. Whatever became of her?
    Catch good stuff by Boscohorowitz at end of 6/21/20 comments, Y’all!
    We saw a big and increasing rise in cases, and a lot of people with symptoms are reporting sick family members with COVID. Our tests took a full week to come back, which is no service to anybody being tested. It thwarts the whole purpose. For the past 2 weeks, cases diagnosed in Travis county have doubled every 4 days on average. They are up by 15 times (35-506) in 14 days. When tests take a week to come back, what does that mean?
    I’ve agreed to work more shifts.

    This essay from January 2016 remains extremely important. Debt is the structure of our economy.
    Current debts cannot be paid, but we must all die trying, except the 1%; they got bailed out again.
    How Debt Conquered America​ ,​ By Jada Thacker
    ​ ​Since its center-stage debut during the Occupy Wall Street movement, “the 99%” a term emblematic of extreme economic inequality confronting the vast majority has become common place. The term was coined by sociology professor David Graeber, an Occupy leader and author of the encyclopedic Debt: The First 5,000 Years, published just as the Occupy movement captured headlines.
    ​ ​What Graeber’s monumental work did not emphasize specifically, and what most Americans still do not appreciate, is how debt was wielded as the weapon of choice to subjugate the 99% in the centuries before the Occupy protesters popularized the term. Like so many aspects of our Lost History, the legacy of debt has been airbrushed from our history texts, but not from our lives.

    How Debt Conquered America

    Carlos Jimenez

    “Dershowitz, the storied Harvard law professor and noted proponent of civil liberties,…”

    “Dershowitz, the infamous Harvard law mandarin and noted proponent of forced vaccination on everyone also known as a plagiarist and a lier, exposed in Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” by Prof. Norm Finkelstein, make that utterly humiliated…”

    There I fixed it for JTN


    I hadn’t followed Texas closely, John, but this looks pretty bad, all in the last few days:




    I thought Dershowitz was known these days primarily for his close ties to Jeffrey Epstein.


    “Is it possible to find out who “THEY” are?”

    This assumes that even “they” klnow they’re “them”. The Wizard of Oz was perhaps as deluded by his side of the magic screen as the munchkins.


    DIdn’t Dershowitz promote torture during the 911 craze?

    ANd his mama dresses him funny.



    My son reminded me of this little treasure.


    Huckleberry Finn keeps getting ousted, but always comes back. Huck chooses Hell over racism.

    Deaths are increasing- Remdesivir is now being touted – there’s even a nasal spray.
    “Remdesivir: (Major) Coadministration of remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine is not recommended. The antiviral activity of remdesivir was antagonized by chloroquine phosphate in a dose-dependent manner when the 2 drugs were co-incubated at clinically relevant concentrations in an in vitro study.”
    (Prescriber’s Digital Reference)
    WebMD says HCQ must not be used if using remdesivir. (’cause the remdesivir won’t “work”!)
    How convenient. I swear they are manufacturing death to keep this virus going. I was skeptical when I read that the DNC wants a second wave to defeat Trump, but they DO hate him that much.

    If Clinton had shown some grace in her concession (or EVER!), we might not be worried about civil war. Hatred and rage make a lousy platform.

    John Day: have you used HCQ+? Does it work?


    Thanks, Everyone
    It looks like you found someone who looked behind the “curtain” to find

    Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid
    Posted on June 22, 2020 by Ellen Brown

    Its an “Invisible Weapon” of the future being used today
    Bloggers everywhere spotted this “Invisible Weapon” of the future.

    I’m just slow. (Maybe I’m forgetting. Maybe I’m having senior moments)


    How Debt Conquered America

    This essay from January 2016 remains extremely important. Debt is the structure of our economy.
    Current debts cannot be paid, but we must all die trying, except the 1%; they got bailed out again.
    How Debt Conquered America​ ,​ By Jada Thacker
    What Graeber’s monumental work did not emphasize specifically, and what most Americans still do not appreciate, is how debt was wielded as the weapon of choice to subjugate the 99% in the centuries before the Occupy protesters popularized the term. Like so many aspects of our Lost History, the legacy of debt has been airbrushed from our history texts, but not from our lives.


    Deep History of America’s Deep State

    Deep History of America’s Deep State
    June 23, 2017
    The idea of an elitist Deep State – erasing a “mistake” by the people – pervades current efforts to remove buffoonish President Trump, but the concept has deep historical roots dating from the Founding, writes Jada Thacker.

    By Jada Thacker

    Everybody seems to be talking about the Deep State these days. Although the term appears to have entered the lexicon in the late 1990s, for years it referred only to shady foreign governments, certainly not to our own “indispensable nation.”
    Does the sudden presence of an American Deep State – loosely defined as an unelected elite that manipulates the elected government to serve its own interests – pose a novel, even existential, threat to democracy?

    Not exactly.
    The threat seems real enough, but it’s nothing new.


    Invisible modern weapon – tariffs
    Canada is under attack

    U.S. plans to slap tariffs on aluminum imports from Canada, Bloomberg report says

    Thomson Reuters · Posted: Jun 23, 2020
    The tariffs would then be implemented by July 1, the report said, which is also when a new Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement on trade is expected to take effect.


    ‘Government itself can’t solve this problem’: Florida officials alarmed as virus rages

    The headline says it all. A problem, uniquely suited to the kinds of universal global authority that only a government with monopoly on violence under rule of law, is deemed insoluble by government. Monolithic authority structures require monarchic consistency to remain monolithic and in control.

    The government tells the people it can’t fix a problem of the type for which government is tolerated by the people.


    Deepstates have to exist whenever the size of the group under governance exceeds its ability for group members to reliably know who’s doing what. Shadow government is the norm considering that virtually everything to be governed happens in shadows invisible to us.

    Knowing who the major players in shadow governments rarely does any good. The shadows remain and the deposed despot is almost instantly replaced by someone more or less as bad.

    It took us around 10k years, we believe, for humanity to expand from tiny tribes and tiny confederations thereof, and a population estimated to be closer to 100 million that a billion, to megapolises of 10-20 million, a global population pushing 8 billion, and the concept of tribe turned into vast useless territory labels armed with nuclear missiles.

    It will take maybe 100 years to reduce that population by half or more, and shrink government to tribal-sized confederations.


    Trump and Bolsonaro are both standing on poitical quicksand.

    “On April 19, Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, climbed onto a truck outside army headquarters in Brasília to fire up protesters who were calling for a shutdown of Congress and the Supreme Court. Soon after, according to Folha de S. Paulo, he learned that federal police were investigating allegations that one of his sons, Carlos, runs an online fake-news network that may have inspired the protest.

    “On April 24th Mr Bolsonaro sacked the head of the federal police. Hours later the justice minister, Sérgio Moro, resigned. He accused the president on television of “political interference” in the police to shield his family.

    “Mr Moro’s resignation is the biggest political blow to Mr Bolsonaro since he became president at the beginning of 2019…. “People are starting to say: ‘I was wrong,’” says Renan Santos, the leader of the right-wing Free Brazil Movement, which organized protests against Ms Rousseff and initially supported Mr Bolsonaro but now calls for his impeachment. For the first time since 2017, Mr Bolsonaro has lost Facebook fans.”


    Old headline from March 16 (Glenn Greenwald):

    “How Jair Bolsonaro’s Son, Eduardo, Confirmed His Father’s Positive Coronavirus Test to Fox News, Then Lied About It”

    And now, today:

    “Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro ordered to wear mask in public”

    Coughing President

    The expansion ad absurdum of overall political reality appears, like the financial bubble, to be capable of expanding seemingly forever. But it’s not. One can hear the squeak of a zillion bicycle tire air pumps working to keep it from collapsing. But all that added air pressure is not just artificially maintaining the bubble’s girth, it is also steadily increasing the size of the hole in the balloon. When that hole exceeds the ability of all the king’s pumpers to maintain sustaining pressure, the collapse will be swifter, I personally fear, than anyone but a coked-out Hollywood director of disaster films can envision.

    “Atlas Shrugged” my ass. Atlas collapsed under its ignorant hubris.


    I transcribed some of this interview with the ICU nurse, who worked both Elmhurst Hospital in Brooklyn, and her home city hospital in Florida. It’s a long interview at 1 hour, 10 minutes, including undercover recordings, which I imagine leaves more room to validate authenticity. Viable treatment deflates most any other controversy.

    Transcription starts here:
    Q: In your home state[Florida], where you were treating people, what would the protocol be?
    A: It varied upon each individual, you know, um, but we definitely would never go immediately to “you’re going to need a vent”.
    Q: You didn’t feel pressure to diagnose people… there wasn’t pressure to diagnose people Covid?
    A: Not at all. No. We’re not a public hospital. That make a huge difference. What I am seeing is, it’s like the public hospitals. And this is in, like, other states, too, like you look at all the hospitals most of them are public that are needing money, but our hospital would treat them as individuals, and they were using the Hydroxycloroquine and the zinc and that protocol, for sure.
    Q: In your home state[Florida], where you were treating people, what would the protocol be?
    A: It varied upon each individual, you know, um, but we definitely would never go immediately to “you’re going to need a vent”.
    Q: You didn’t feel pressure to diagnose people… there wasn’t pressure to diagnose people covid?
    A: Not at all. No. We’re not a public hospital. That make a huge difference. What I am seeing is, it’s like the public hospitals. And this is in, like, other states, too, like you look at all the hospitals most of them are public that are needing money, but our hospital would treat them as individuals, and they were using the Hydroxycloroquine and the zinc and that protocol, for sure.
    Q: At your hospital?
    A: Oh yeah.
    Q: And that seemed to work?
    A: Oh yeah, we didn’t have anybody that died. I think there was one admitted and went home and died a day later. And I’m in a pretty big city. [Florida]
    Q: And were these people were elderly with comorbitities that were having good outcomes?
    A: Um, yeah, actually the one guy that was admitted and he was obese, like, severely obese. And he’s fine.
    Q: And he left after a day?
    A: I think it was like after a night, maybe two nights, max.
    Q: And you remember what he was treated with?
    A: I didn’t have him on the floor, but I can’t imagine that he wasn’t treated with our protocol.
    Q: Which was?
    A: Hydroxycloroquine and zinc.
    Q: Why do you think that was demonized so much?
    A: Because it is working, and people wouldn’t need vents. (laughs) I don’t know.


    Watch Live: Dr. Fauci Testifies Before House As US COVID-19 Cases Spike

    No money, no testing


    We may be unwitting drivers of extinction events, but even the hermit thrush can make beautiful noises like these:

    Sun Ra, Omniscience

    Doc Robinson

    John Day: “I like The Flying Schoolgirl. Whatever became of her?”

    I was wondering, too.

    …took flying lessons from the well-known aviator Max Lillie, a pilot for the Wright Brothers, who initially refused to teach her because she was female. But she persuaded him to give her a trial lesson. She was so good that she flew alone after only four hours of instruction.

    A year after receiving her certificate, she began exhibition flying. On the exhibition circuit, she was known as the “Flying Schoolgirl.” Katherine Stinson tried to tell newspaper reporters she was actually 21, not 16, but they refused to believe her.

    After she received her certificate, Stinson and her family moved to San Antonio, Texas, an area with an ideal climate for flying. There she and her sister, Marjorie, began giving flying instruction at her family’s aviation school in Texas. In March 1915 the famous Lincoln Beachey died in a crash at San Francisco and Stinson later acquired the rotary engine from his wrecked plane…

    On July 18, 1915, Stinson became the first woman to perform a loop, at Cicero Field in Chicago, Illinois, and went on to perform this feat some 500 times without a single accident.

    …she died in 1977 at the age of 86.



    Thank you John and Doc R for looking into the flying schoolgirl. The little things are often big. Her story is worth …her story.


    It now looks like the Bubba Wallace Nascar “rope noose” was a staged hoax.

    Every garage at the raceway has a garage door pull down rope with a hand loop at the bottom attached to the bottom of the garage door, so an open garage door can be pulled down to secure the garage.

    Bubba Wallace’s hand loop was cut off the pull down rope, leaving a shorter pull down rope.

    An adjacent garage had it’s hand loop untied, probably the work of the same person responsible for cutting Bubba Wallace’s rope.

    Since the purpose of the “rope noose” has been achieved, naturally the main media are no longer covering the story, since it would go against the media’s original narrative.


    Remember Obama’s strong objection to President Trump cancelling the Iran neuclear deal?

    Well the deal was structured so many of Obama’s officials would receive large time delayed payments.

    President Trump was right that the deal was bad for the US.

    But it was very good for corrupt US officials, which explains why so many officials were very vocal in their objections to cancelling the deal.

    These same officials didn’t get the full amount of money owed to them for making the deal!

    Dr. D

    Utah article totally fact-free. Like all modern news articles. How many deaths? Don’t say. How many cases? Does say. What percentage? Doesn’t say. Is it increasing or decreasing? Doesn’t say. Who is affected? Doesn’t say. Is there any danger of restricted resources? Doesn’t say. We can only infer that it’s reducing quite a lot – perhaps wrongly – because the Governor has downgraded to green. Apparently 180° out of opposition to the article.

    Okay, since nobody has this “Google” thing, here’s the number: 158.

    158 dead in 6 months. Population? 3.2 million. 0.005% death rate. Now that IS in shark and water buffalo territory! At the same time 158 died, 25,000 babies were born in Utah. At this rate, life and hope will drown out irrational fear and death at a rate of 158:1 into a great blue future where life so overwhelms death that Utah is overpopulated and colonizes Mars.

    Sigh. Facts. Statistics. Why do I bother? They’re not emotional, they’re real and not made-up, so no one cares. The real world languishes for lack of people seeing and interacting with it. The real world, outside with trees and swings is lonely, longing for a single human.

    So back to the headline, anybody want to shut down the economy and kill all 3.2 million Utahns for a danger equal to traffic deaths, 0.005%? Without facts or logic, heck why not? I hear sometimes there is still a single case of plague or death by sour milk, so we can shut down the economy for that too. …I mean except for the part where all 3.2 million die instead of just the 158. But: logic. Without it who can tell the difference, really?

    It would stop Corona alright: when every last dirty human is dead of malnutrition and lack of health care due to no economy, we’ll have shown that virus but good! Sort of your Mutual Assured Destruction approach. #AntiLife in every degree.

    Don’t worry: all articles tomorrow will read the same, and say I’m stupid and bad at math. See that square in the corner? Type “Calc.exe.” Numbers go in there. Try it!

    Here’s one for you: Cuomo’s foray into forced LTC killed as many as 1 in 160 of every Utahn. (20k : 3.2m) X lives don’t matter. He’s considered a successful expert, trustworthy and good. Utah with 158 deaths is considered backward and stupid. Danger! Panic Now! And wheel turns on…


    @Dr D re: perspective

    My wife’s GP has said “WTF?!?! This is just spit in the wind! What about real germs like dengue fever? What about all my patients with chronic conditions?” She said only 2 of her many elderly patients have died this year, and those died of pre-existing heart issues. For context, this is Northridge, a sub-zone of Los Angeles, houses and apartments, population is medium-density.

    Pretty sure my mom had the germ (she imported it from Holland!) last year, and gave it to my brother (they co-habit). They both had very severe flu, and are now more or less fine. They both also have severe life-long asthma, and my mom is a 2x cancer survivor. Mom eats basically frozen and/or junk food, brother is a bit more nutrition conscious. Both really like the sunshine, and outdoor exercise (walks, gardening, yardwork, light construction projects). Unfortunately, both have been glued to the “Orange Man Bad Show” the whole time.


    Who got all the money – PPT
    “Catastrophic Financial Challenges” – 42 Hospitals Closed, Filed For Bankruptcy Due To COVID Pressures
    Pay now or else
    These medical facilities are expected to lose upwards of $200 billion between March 1 and June 30, or about an average of $50.7 billion per month.
    Quick send ventilators
    Houston Warns Hospitals Could Be Overwhelmed In 11 Days As COVID-19 Cases Soar Across Southwest: Live Updates
    US coronavirus cases climbed just 1.1% on Tuesday, less than yesterday…
    Not everybody wants an expensive Qtips up their nose
    COVID may be “less deadly” than originally thought and there may have been as many as 8.7 million cases during the last three weeks of March, versus roughly the 100,000 that were reported…
    Faster than a speeding bullet
    Initial COVID-19 Infection Rate Possibly 80 Times Faster Than Originally Reported: New Study


    I have google altho I need to stop making it so easy for Big Bro to sniff my crotch:

    coronavirus utah gov case-counts

    sans google, the article itself p[rovided what we call “links”. LIke this:


    “Fact free” is not not just untrue of the Utah article in the prosaic sense, it’s also an oxymoron. Nothing is fact-free. Even Alice in Wonderland is filled with facts, like that rabbits tend to go down burrows.

    John Day

    @Ilargi, Thanks for thinking of Texas and of me. It seems like cases are going up much more than hospitalizations, which are going up more than deaths, and it does not seem to be just time lag, but some of that is inherent, especially if it takes a week for a result to be reported. That increase is a straight 4 day doubling for the past 2 weeks. That’s a hard exponent. Governor Abbot is going to have to displease some people, or displease a lot of other people. He does not want to mandate masks or forbid daycare or summer camp, or close the strip clubs back up, because he is a practicing politician. The over-70s and chronically ill who die are mostly NOT politically powerful strip club owners.

    , I’m glad you found Jada Thacker. I got my last email from Jade 8/13/18, and when I did a search on him, I discovered that he died 4 days later. I don’t know how. Unexpected by me, anyway.

    , Check out THIS on the deep state empire of Anthony Fauci. He heads 8 departments, ha been in place 36 years, knows how to keep all the skeletons buried and his background is in “biowarfare defense”. He’ll bury you if you cross him. He channels massive AIDS and vaccine money to big players. He’s the third highest paid Federal employee before he gives those half-million-dollar dinner talks. https://www.unz.com/audio/kbarrett_ken-mccarthy-tony-fauci-is-corrupt-to-the-core/

    @Doc Robinson, Thanks for Flying Schoolgirl bio. I’m glad she lived a long, full life.

    , I have prescribed hydroxychloroquine + zinc to 2 people (gave them the zinc I bought/keep in labeled paper bag) , but they went to the wrong pharmacy on a Friday, and when I got back Tuesday morning, they were both already improving with only zinc and time. We have a lot of impediments, like very long testing report delays. 7 days on the last ones I got back Friday.
    I did write a lot of prescriptions-to-hold for staff members back in March and early April.
    We have been testing a lot of people who are better by the time we get the result, and a few who really need to go to the ER right away. We are seeing mostly mild illness in my clinic, but we are seeing more, and we should see more variety with that.

    , good following the money


    fwiw, an interesting fact about Fauci:

    “Fauci was born in Brooklyn, New York City, to Stephen A. Fauci and Eugenia Abys Fauci, owners of a pharmacy.”


    I have no use for Fauci or Cuomo, but facts is facts, and there’s a whole lot more context involved in the Do Not Resuscitate thing:

    EMTs have stopped taking people in cardiac arrest to coronavirus-strained hospitals

    “Under the rule, “if you can’t get revived on scene, that’s it. They’re going to work on you, but if they can’t get a pulse back, they won’t transport you” to the hospital, the worker explained.”

    Apparently, maybe 3-4 out of 100 people brought to the hospital dead do a Lazarus after EMTs cannot resuscitate them. The EMTs still did their 20-minute resuscitation.

    Meanwhile, there’s this:

    “ABC reported earlier this month that the Regional Emergency Services Council of New York was told not to transport anyone to NYC hospitals if they cannot be saved in the field, due to an overwhelming number of coronavirus patients with ambulance crews and emergency rooms struggling to keep up.

    “It almost seems like it’s never stopping, people keep coming and coming and coming and there’s just no space to put them,” ER Dr. Darien Sutton told ABC.”

    from this:

    NY’s total deaths pass 15,000; do-not-resuscitate guideline rescinded

    As for the intubation craze, this is interesting:

    “We expect that during the COVID19 pandemic, physicians will be pushed to intubate and perform CPR on patients who would not want these interventions done. Not only will this cause personal harm to the patient (broken ribs are common, for instance), but it will also risk high-level exposure to those who are involved, potentially putting numerous doctors and nurses in isolation for multiple days or weeks.”

    from this (March 31):


    Here’s the thiong about corruption, deception, etc. It’s like dead fish. You put a dead fish in with a buncxh of anything except quicklime, and pretty soon everything smells rotten. The podcast points out that Fauci indeed is a huge bureaucratic jerk with suspicious aspects, but its connections between a b c etc… are rhetorically twisted in a non-scientific way, where I’ve looked into them.

    Even when I personally sympathize with the cant of an article’s bias, I call assumptions what they are: assumptions.

    That Fauci is a liar is obvious. That he is doing what he has always done: exploit a health crisis to his professional advantage, also seems to fit the evidence. That science as an institution has been deeply corrupted is also decently well known and hardly surprizing: science is the most powerful commodity to be had. Power tends to corrupt.

    But, for example, Peter Duesberg fried his own ass (I read his book challenging the HIV virus ages ago, btw) without Fauci’s help. He has been less than scientific, accurate, or forthcoming in his challenges to the HIV etiology theory and responses to rebuttals.

    I fgind again and again that these alternative investigative journalists lose some of their due diligence as reporters in the process of going against the grain. With some, it’s because they’re self-promoting charlatans. With others, it’s just zeal.

    There is certainly something rotten in Denmark, but just cuz the stink covers the city doesn’t mean the entire city is the source of the stink.

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz, Fauci is like J.Edgar Hoover. I loved that bit. It illuminated him for me. He’s important in whythe CDC meetings on COVID pandemic are eld in concert with DIA, and are classified. If you need to erase those deaths near Ft Detrick last June and July, and somebody needs to make some big bucks, while expanding control of a restive population, you need Anthony Fauci.
    Nothing can ever be the whole picture, but I’m infatuated with this florid glimpse of a player who is supposed to look like a mundane apparatchik.


    Oh, I fully agree with you re: the stench of Herr Fauci. He stinks, is obviously mostly venal and narcissistic in his professional focus. He seems quite capable of being as cruelly selfish as the article describes. I know he is: I watched him tell us all not to wear face masks.

    But I persistently beg us to distinguish reactionary villainy from proactive villainy. Most of the time, I see these guys being reactionary, usually to cover up previous botched bullshit. Fauci et al don’t know how to do anything in their jobs, iot seems to me, but the same old self-serving same old until it all caves in on them. One trick poodles, like my fave punk band name: The Exploding Fifis.

    I have difficulty seeing them as someone surfing a self-designed wave. I see them surfing the trough between their fuckups and their ability to paper them over with big guv/big money $$. THe troughs get fatter with each self-rescue, it becomes almost a way of life for them. But the fatness is deceptive, and the troughs get riskier each time.

    Fauci won’t survive this one, I feel certain. I don;t think anyone released the virus on purpose. I think they’re too busy covering the discrepacnies between what they say they’re doing (i.e., being necessary, honorable, and competent) and what they actually do, i.e., being unnecessary, dishonorable and incompetent.

    WHile they appear stupid enough to try and manipulate events by introducing a weirdo flu, I don’t think they’re bold enough. They just naturally fuck things up and pretend they know what they’re doing as they try to exploit and cover up their fuck ups.

    So yeah, I have no problem with the chain of data pointing to Ft Detrick, etc, I just take issue with the concept of pre-planned conspiracy in a way that could cause them major risk. These are products of post-WWII uber-rich governmental bureaucracy. THey hide behind bales of money and boilerplate, both stacked pallet high. The enemy is not so much the rats in the ship but the ship itself, functionally rudderless in real terms but so long as they can project convincing illusions on the sail canvas, they can tell themselves they have a hand on the helm. The people, being products of the same massive hive mind created by moidern culture and WWII, tend to believe the illusion with them… until they don’t.

    Hmmm… one wonders if a string of high-profile assassinations won’t soon appear.

    BUt I’m just laying anti-devil’s advocate here for sake of discursive rigor and data hygiene. I certainly don’t believe that mere morality would stop these creeps from doing somethiong like releasing a pathogen to further their cause. If they’ve become stupid enough to actually do such a thing, it’s because they’ve become too complacent.

    Fact is, that however this virus came about, they are unable to control any aspect of it except how they pad their pockets. And that only goes so far…


    Thanks for your reply. You are a front line reporter. What you report is what I hoped, and I am so happy to hear it.
    Those who must go to the ER right away- is it the same syndrome? Do all your severe respiratory cases test positive? It keeps nagging at me that we have two things going on here and we are ignoring one of them by putting it under the same umbrella as sarscov2.
    There seems to be a syndrome that turns blood to glue, but I see no reason to presume it is sarscov2.


    Speaking of Edgar J, he of the lovely cashmere bustierre:

    Stealing J. Edgar Hoover’s Secrets

    “In 1971, a group of Vietnam War protestors broke into an FBI field office in Pennsylvania and stole hundreds of government documents, in a heist that shocked a nation.”



    Fauci was born a drug dealer!

    Carlos Jimenez

    Indeed Raul, he got a sweetheart deal from then US Attorney and later Obongo’s Labor Sec. Alex Acosta
    WITHOUT notifying the victims as mandated by the law.
    The plea agreement left any and all co-conspirators free from prosecution. Coincidentally, Dershowitz happened to be one of them as a frequent flyer in the Lolita Express. The Miami Herald scored a Pulitzer price for this expose.
    Recently, Dershowitz dared Virginia Roberts to tell it to his face that she was pimped out at least six times to him. Well, she volunteered… but all I heard is crickets.
    You’re right Raul, he’s most known for this latest dark chapter.


    It is interesting to learn that the very same group of Obama people who planned the 2010 Arab Spring are the exact same people controlling the current BLM and Antifa protests and riots.

    They are doing exactly the same thing in 2020 as they did in 2010. Basically following the communists manifesco. Destroy all existing culture and power structures. Create violence and lawlessness conditions as cover. Rewrite history. Silence anyone who opposes what they are doing.

    They attack and destroy as many culture items as they can, attack anyone who tries to stand up to them, they destroy and burn inner cities where poor people live, attack police, control the main media narrative, etc.

    This group is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group Obama supported. Obama closed public access to the White House’s visitor log because it would reveal the over 70 visits by Muslim Brotherhood members. This also explains why there were so many Muslims working for Obama.

    It is no accident that the warlord of CHAZ or CHOP is Muslim.

    Obama was the one who organised the Muslim Brotherhood take over of Egypt, created the ongoing civil wars in Libya and Syria.

    Clearly awarding Obama the Noble peace prize in his first year in power was just a way to provide cover for all of the new wars he intended to start plus droning people. He dropped over 27,000 bombshell. The peaceful president.


    The FBI has confirmed the Bubba Wallace “rope noose,” was a total hoax!


    Rewrite history.
    The odds are that Jesus was not white.

    V. Arnold

    Rewrite history.
    The odds are that Jesus was not white.

    Of course Jesus wasn’t white; if in fact, he ever existed…
    …morons continue to rule……
    …the age of Trump don’cha know…………

    The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross
    1970 book about the linguistics of early Christianity and fertility cults in the Ancient Near East. It was written by John Marco Allegro.

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