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Lewis Wickes Hine 12-year-old newsie, Hyman Alpert, been selling 3 years, New Haven CT 1909


Trump Makes Triumphant Return To Campaign Rallies (JTN)
Trump’s Tulsa Rally Was Just Another Sad Farce (G.)
Over A Third Of Americans Think Civil War Is Likely (ZH)
Judge Says Bolton ‘Gambling With National Security’ But Won’t Block Book (JTN)
Lawyer Says Bolton ‘Utterly Powerless’ To Stop Book’s Circulation (JTN)
Manhattan Prosecutor Steps Down, Ending Stand-Off With AG Barr (R.)
US Travel Industry Revenues To Plummet By Half a Trillion In 2020 (F.)
Nearly Half Of Americans Consider Selling Home As COVID Crushes Finances (ZH)
Greece Urges UK To Return Parthenon Marbles (G.)



I’m a bit later than usual today, I couldn’t resist taking a walk in the almost deserted city of Athina. It’s terrible for a lot of people I know who work in hospitality, but the quiet is appealing at the same time. Here’s a photo I took just around the corner:



I brought up a possible civil war in the US yesterday, and just about everything I read appears to rhyme with that idea. Trump held his first meeting last night in Tulsa, and all too predictably the MSM says it was awful and nobody showed up, while the right wing press calls it a “triumphant return”. Nobody cares about news anymore, everything has turned into opinion.

It’s been well over 4 years since I started noticing -and writing about- that the NYT, WaPo et al began to publish 10+ anti-Trump stories every single day, and that got me labeled as a Trump supporter. No use saying that I’m not, and never have been, even Nicole, bless her heart, said: yes you are!

Like I am too stupid to know what I support, or maybe I’m a closet Trumpian. It’s that whole idea of if you don’t comply with the narrative and parrot CNN etc., you must be against them. And it’s true that I dislike CNN very much, for adopting a 24/7 anti-Trump business model, but that is not the same as supporting Trump. A news channel should provide us with news, not a political opinion.

I would almost hope Joe Biden wins (not going to happen) because that would mean the end of CNN. I often think Trump and Jerry Zucker have a secret deal that requires Trump to say 100 crazy things per day and CNN to “report” on all of them and invent 100 more as they go along.

But, you know, only half the country now reads the NYT and WaPo, the so-called liberal half. There once was a time when both halves did, but that is no longer an option. There is more money in one-sided and overblown opinion. The country’s best newspapers have sold their souls to Dr. Faust.

The headlines at Britain’s Guardian this morning pretty much sum up the entire story:

• Donald Trump: President sows division and promises ‘greatness’ at Tulsa rally flop

• US president’s much hyped return turned to humiliation when he failed to fill arena in Republican stronghold of Oklahoma

• Don’t call it a comeback: rally was just another sad farce

• ‘Kung flu’ President uses racist term to describe Covid-19

• ‘Saving our country’: An event for Trump’s true believers

And people who read things like the Guardian, NYT, WaPo, keep on eating it up. They buy these papers, they take out subscriptions, just to get their daily fill of anti-Trump “news”. I personally think that is extremely sad, and dangerous to boot. But if and when I say that, I will be labeled a Trump supporter again.

Because that is the easy way out for the Orange Man Bad crowd. Just as it will be, mind you, for all those out there who are going to take a bite out of Joe Biden’s dementia. We should all be able to do better. We should all be able to see that this is not about two old white guys, and that they have much more in common with each other than they have with you or me.

But in the present environment, try saying you’re not partisan and you’ll be labeled “partisan” for saying it. That’s why I brought up the civil war thing yesterday. The liberal press absolutely loves the fact that some grandma on TikTok made kids in Korea order 1000s of tickets for Tulsa and then not show up. The same press that wouldn’t know TikTok from a hole in the ground.

Meanwhile, has anyone at all pondered what the outcome will be for a Joe Biden rally? Oh my Lord, the excitement! Be still my heart. Bring an extra set of underwear.

If the TikTok fake tickets thing happened to a Joe Biden “event”, you know who would be blamed? Russia.



Worldometer reports new cases for June 20 (midnight to midnight GMT+0) at + 181,005 .

My count 6AM EDT to 6AM EDT (a bit more today) based on Worldometer numbers is 159,182.





New cases past 24 hours in:

• US + 33,388
• Brazil + 31,571
• Russia + 7,889
• India + 15,545



Cases 8,945,774 (+ 159,182 from yesterday’s 8,786,592)

Deaths 467,306 (+ 4,150 from yesterday’s 463,156)




From Worldometer yesterday evening -before their day’s close-:



From Worldometer:



From COVID19Info.live:








Just the News is John Solomon’s new outlet.

Trump Makes Triumphant Return To Campaign Rallies (JTN)

After months of coronavirus, racial strife and economic calamity, President Trump returned Saturday night to the campaign trail with a extravagant stadium event in Tulsa, Okla., vowing to win re-election on behalf of a “silent majority” of Americans drowned out by polls, media pundits and protesters. n”You are warriors,” a smiling Trump declared as he waved and gave fist pumps to an audience of thousands who braved fears about contagion, a lawsuit that failed to stop the events and protests outside the arena.

“I stand before you today to declare the silent majority is stronger than ever before,” Trump said to cheers. “Five months from now we’re going to defeat sleepy Joe Biden. … We are going to stop the radical left, and we’re going to build a future of safety and opportunity for Americans of every race color, religion and creed.” Seeking to address the recent rioting and protests caused by police killings, Trump portrayed himself and the GOP as best suited to bring racial healing and quell the violence. “Republicans are the party of liberty, equality and justice for all. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, and we are the party of law and order,” he told the crowd.

Read more …

“You got punked by several hundred thousand TikTok users, organized by a grandmother in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Mary Jo Laupp was apparently so upset by the original date and place of Trump’s rally – the city where one of America’s worst racist massacres took place, in 1921 – that she asked people to sign up for the rally and not show up. Laupp only joined TikTok earlier this year, but her call connected with thousands of K-Pop fans who are what Trump might call a silent majority.”

Trump’s Tulsa Rally Was Just Another Sad Farce (G.)

There have been so many reasons to feel embarrassed about Donald Trump. There was the time he paid off a porn star. There was the time he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd. The time he talked about the big water around Puerto Rico. The time he thought you could kill the coronavirus by injecting yourself with bleach. But nothing truly comes close to the embarrassment of his so-called comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday. It was so toe-curlingly cringeworthy, such a crushing humiliation. There are 80s pop bands who have enjoyed greater comebacks than Donald Trump. To understand how much of his insides will always melt at the thought of that Tulsa rally, it’s worth quoting Trump’s fine words just before he boarded Marine One at the White House.

“The event in Oklahoma is unbelievable,” he boasted. “The crowds are unbelievable. They haven’t seen anything like it. And we will go there now. We’ll give a, hopefully, good speech. We’re going to see a lot of great people, a lot of great friends. And pretty much, that’s it. OK?” We really haven’t seen anything like that. For a man who loves peddling superlatives, this was the worst measure of his oh-so-sad popularity. The lowest point in electoral incompetence. The saddest campaign fiasco. The event in Oklahoma was literally unbelievable if you believe that the Trump campaign is competent, and that Trump himself is actually popular. That’s the weird thing about our populist president: his approval ratings have never cracked 50% and are now stuck firmly in the low 40s. Perhaps that’s why he’s trailing Joe Biden by double-digits in recent polls.

Read more …

Think perhaps I shouldn’t have raised the spectre of civil war yesterday?

Over A Third Of Americans Think Civil War Is Likely (ZH)

No one would have ever fathomed, that America – the greatest country in the world – with “the greatest economy ever” – could even be on the cusp of a civil war. Except for Peter Turchin, who predicted a decade ago in the scholarly journal Nature that America would “suffer a period of major social upheaval” starting around the year 2020. As race-driven/anti-police protests flourish nationwide – one-in-three Americans are warming up to the idea the country is on the brink of another civil war, according to Rasmussen Reports. The latest findings found 34% of respondents said the country would experience a second civil war within five years, and that includes 9% of those who said it’s very likely. Rasmussen noted, “This compares to 31 percent and 11 percent respectively two years ago.”

When examining between party lines, 40% of Republicans said civil war was “on the horizon,” while 28% of Democrats concurred. Around 38% of Independent voters said a civil war is possible in the next five years. The survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters was conducted on June 11 and 14 by Rasmussen Reports, also asked respondents about local governments and protesters removing Confederate monuments. Rasmussen said: “39 percent) of all voters believe the removal of Confederate symbols, names, and monuments throughout the country honoring those who fought in the first civil war will help race relations. Twenty-seven percent (27 percent) disagree and think it will hurt race relations instead.”

“These numbers are reversed from August 2017 when 28% said the removal of the symbols would help race relations, while 39% thought it would hurt instead. Little changed is the 28% who think the removal of public traces of the Confederacy will have no impact,” it noted. Rasmussen continued, “Women and those under 40 are more supportive of the current anti-police protests and the anti-Confederacy drive than men and older voters.” “Younger voters worry most about another civil war… Just 29 percent of blacks believe the current protests will lead to long-term, meaningful racial change in America, compared to 35 percent of whites and 48 percent of other minority voters,” it said.

Chaos in America’s inner cities have been brewing for some time – and was due to erupt, according to Turchin. He looked at “declining wages, wealth inequality and exploding national debt” as social pressures that affected national stability. His model showed that the U.S. would reach a “boiling point” in 2020 — none of this should come as a surprise to Zero Hedge readers. So does civil war become a self-fulfilling prophecy with a third of Americans believing severe domestic turmoil is ahead?

Read more …

How about a $1 billion fine for Simon and Schuster? For sending out 10,000 copies while the case was pending?

Judge Says Bolton ‘Gambling With National Security’ But Won’t Block Book (JTN)

A federal judge on Saturday declined to block the publication of former national security adviser John Bolton’s tell-all book about the Trump White House, dealing a blow to the Trump administration’s efforts to halt what they claimed was a book full of classified information. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth in a decision issued Saturday declared that the government “failed to establish that an injunction will prevent irreparable harm,” noting that the book was already in widespread circulation even prior to formal publication. But Lamberth also slammed Bolton for “gambl[ing] with the national security of the United States” and “expos[ing] his country to harm” by ordering the publication of the book “without written authorization and without notice to the government.”

Bolton’s lawyers had argued yesterday that their client was “powerless” to stop the book’s dissemination throughout media and society. Copies of the manuscript have already been delivered to journalists, book reviewers and other media outlets around the country. Lamberth in his ruling agreed, writing that “by the looks of it, the horse is not just out of the barn—it is out of the country.”

Read more …

He couldn’t even stop himself from writing, it, I tells ya. It was divine intervention.

Lawyer Says Bolton ‘Utterly Powerless’ To Stop Book’s Circulation (JTN)

A lawyer for former national security adviser John Bolton on Friday argued before a district judge that his client is “utterly powerless” to stop the widespread circulation of his tell-all book, urging the court to dismiss the Trump administration’s attempt to halt publication of the book. The administration has sued to block the release of the book, arguing it contains classified information that necessitates the use of prior restraint, a high bar for governments to clear under First Amendment jurisprudence. In addition to arguing that the book’s material is suitable for publication, attorney Charles Cooper told Judge Royce Lamberth of the D.C. District Court that “the horse is out of the barn” on the matter of the book’s becoming part of the public record. Numerous journalists and media outlets around the country have already received advance copies of the account.

“This isn’t really a judicial proceeding,” Cooper told Lamberth. “It doesn’t actually have as its purpose convincing you to order John Bolton to do something that he is utterly powerless to do, and that you are utterly powerless to force him to do,” namely pull the book from general circulation. Justice Department lawyer David Morrell urged Lamberth to direct Bolton to halt publication “and further dissemination” of the book prior to further review. Morrell said Bolton committed a “flagrant breach” of proper protocol in seeking to publish the alleged classified material. Bolton’s attorneys in an earlier filing had urged Lamberth to toss the suit, claiming that the memoir – which reveals alleged incidents witnessed by Bolton during his tenure at the White House from April 2018 to September 2019 – is protected speech under the First Amendment.

Read more …

Again: the left’s new hero is a Trump campaign contributor.

Manhattan Prosecutor Steps Down, Ending Stand-Off With AG Barr (R.)

A stand-off over the independence of one of the country’s most important prosecutor’s offices ended on Saturday when Geoffrey Berman agreed to step down as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, the office that had been investigating President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani. Berman’s confirmation of his departure came after Attorney General William Barr told him he had been fired by Trump at Barr’s request, and that Berman’s hand-picked No. 2, Deputy U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss, would become Acting U.S. Attorney until a permanent replacement is installed. Under Strauss’ leadership, Berman said the office could continue its “tradition of integrity and independence.”

Berman’s office, which is known for prosecuting the most high profile terrorism cases, Wall Street financial crimes and government corruption, has not shied from taking on figures in Trump’s orbit. It oversaw the prosecution of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, indicted two Giuliani associates and launched a probe into Giuliani in connection with his efforts to dig up dirt on Trump’s political adversaries in Ukraine. Giuliani has not formally been accused of any wrongdoing. The standoff with Berman follows the latest in a series of moves by Barr that critics say are meant to benefit Trump politically and undermine the independence of the Justice Department. It also comes as Trump has sought to purge officials perceived as not fully supporting him. In recent weeks he has fired a series of agency watchdogs, including one who played a key role in Trump’s impeachment earlier this year.

Read more …

Stay at Herm.

US Travel Industry Revenues To Plummet By Half a Trillion In 2020 (F.)

Travel spending in the United States will fall by more than a half-trillion dollars this year and likely won’t recover to 2019 levels until 2024. That’s according to a new economic analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and government steps to constrict personal and business interactions in an effort to fight the disease’s spread. The dire forecast was prepared for the U.S. Travel Association, a Washington lobby group, by Tourism Economics. Both the USTA and the Air Line Pilots Association on Thursday went public with new requests for federal assistance. The analysis projects that companies providing travel related services – airlines, hotels, restaurants, attractions and more – will take in $505 billion less in revenue by the end of this year than they did in 2019.

Last year U.S. travel spending topped $1.1 trillion, an all-time high. This year the same group is forecast to take in 45 percent less revenue, or around $622 billion. Furthermore, the forecast for 2020 shows that while travel spending in the U.S. on travel in 2021 should rise 37.5 percent over this year’s total spending to around $855 billion, that still would leave the U.S. travel industry 24 percent smaller in terms of revenues in 2021 than it was in 2019. The recovery in travel spending is then forecast to continue in 2022 and 2023, but at a slower pace. The forecast 14.2 percent growth in travel spending in 2022 would take total spending to just shy of a trillion dollars: 976 billion.

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Would it be really stupid if I ask who’s going to buy them?

Nearly Half Of Americans Consider Selling Home As COVID Crushes Finances (ZH)

As the virus pandemic has metastasized into an economic downturn, tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are struggling to service mortgage payments. New research offers a glimpse into struggling households, discovers out of the 2,000 American homeowners polled, over half (52%) of respondents say they’re routinely worried about making future mortgage payments and nearly half (47%) considered selling their home because of the inability to service mortgage payments. The study, conducted by OnePoll and the National Association of Realtors, determined 81% of respondents had experienced unexpected financial stress due to the virus-induced recession. Over half (56%) reduced spending so they could service mortgage payments.

Since mid-March, or about the time when the lockdowns began, nearly half (47%) of homeowners have explored alternative ways of making money. About two-thirds of respondents (64%) started side projects, while 53% sold valuables to supplement income. “The swift and unprecedented impact of COVID-19 left many people in a financial emergency, and we want to make sure struggling homeowners know they have relief options, especially during Homeownership Month,” said the National Association of Realtors President Vince Malta. “Realtors and lenders can identify programs and aid designed to help meet loan obligations. Acting quickly may help homeowners stay in their homes and keep the money they have already invested into it,” Malta said.

From clothing (71%) and take-out (66%) to streaming TV services (46%) and groceries (45%), respondents said their spending habits had been significantly reduced so they could service mortgage payments. In a separate report, more than 4 million homeowners are in mortgage forbearance plan – representing 7.54% of all mortgages, delinquencies are set to surpass the great recession, which peaked at 10%.

Read more …

Broken record. Give them back, you twits.

Greece Urges UK To Return Parthenon Marbles (G.)

The New Acropolis Museum was purpose-built to host the one thing every Greek government will always agree on: the Parthenon marbles being returned from London. On Saturday, as the four-storey edifice marked its 11th anniversary, Athens reinvigorated the cultural row calling the British Museum’s retention of the antiquities illegal and “contrary to any moral principle”. “Since September 2003 when construction work for the Acropolis Museum began, Greece has systematically demanded the return of the sculptures on display in the British Museum because they are the product of theft,” the country’s culture minister Lina Mendoni told the Greek newspaper Ta Nea.

“The current Greek government – like any Greek government – is not going to stop claiming the stolen sculptures which the British Museum, contrary to any moral principle, continues to hold illegally.” For years, she said, the museum had argued that Athens had nowhere decent enough to display Phidias’ masterpieces, insisting that its stance was “in stark contrast” to the view of the UK public. In repeated polls, Britons have voiced support for the repatriation of the carvings, controversially removed from the Parthenon in 1802 at the behest of Lord Elgin, London’s ambassador to the Sublime Porte. “It is sad that one of the world’s largest and most important museums is still governed by outdated, colonialist views.” Greece’s centre-right administration has vowed to step up the campaign to win back artworks that adorned the frieze of the Periclean showpiece ahead of the country’s bicentennial independence celebrations next year.

Within weeks of his election, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greece’s prime minister, told the Observer Athens was prepared to allow treasures that had never travelled abroad to be exhibited in London in exchange for the marbles being reunited with “a monument of global cultural heritage”. Well-placed government officials have not excluded the EU pressing for the return of the antiquities as part of an overarching Brexit deal. The row was injected with renewed rancour when the British Museum’s director, Hartwig Fischer, described their removal from Greece as “a creative act”. Half of the 160-metre frieze is in London, with 50 metres in Athens and other pieces displayed in a total of eight other museums across Europe.

Read more …



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    Lewis Wickes Hine 12-year-old newsie, Hyman Alpert, been selling 3 years, New Haven CT 1909   • Trump Makes Triumphant Return To Campaign Rallies
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    Future/fortune telling picture
    I love your picture of the 2 dimensional consumers sitting in the outdoor restaurant.

    Weapons in the future wars, ( its happening now)
    “declining wages, wealth inequality and exploding national debt” as social pressures that affected national stability.”
    The rifraf are rolling in money.
    The rifraf have, at the very least$505 billion in their wallet that they did not spend.

    The analysis projects that companies providing travel related services – airlines, hotels, restaurants, attractions and more – will take in $505 billion less in revenue by the end of this year than they did in 2019.
    Where did the MMT, (the money given to the rifraf), go?
    What will happen to the rifraf when their wallets are empty?
    I’m lucky, I can contemplate and explore the possibility of buying lobster for a Father’s Day splurge.
    Happy Father’s Day everyone.


    Years ago at a giant flea sale, I saw a WWII US war bonds poster. It’s punchline was: you’re making more money than ever, and with so few things available to buy, what excuse have you to not support the troops? Words to that effect.

    We’re printing a lot of money but making less things. No, I’m not predicting a Big War, altho it’s highly possible. I’m just saying that the rich elites are drowning themselves in their own money like a gangster drowning in a pile of cocaine. THe money velocity grinds to a halt, and their wealth collapses on them. Happy jubilee, rich suckers!


    I’ve been watching The Ethical Skeptic on twitter, who seems to have a handle on case increases.

    As we continue to delve into the 12 hot states, we increment to what is now a 143% increase in 12 days, with only an 8.9% hospitalization rise.
    Fatalities for these states are falling after 11 days now. This is not what happened back in April.


    SInce I’ve managed to entertain, I will share the following intro to a short story collection I will probably never write:

    The world went giddy on coal fumes. Visions of the future ranged wildly from quaint notions like a ‘radio musical box’ to ‘teleportation’ (coined in 1931 by Charles Fort) between Earth and Mars or even Heaven and Earth, from Thomas Edison’s anti-gravity underwear in an 1879 cartoon — possibly aimed more at erectile dysfunction than humanity’s ladder to the stars — to H.G. Wells’ more adventurous discovery of Cavorite in 1901’s The First Men in the Moon. Miracle after miracle emerged: dead men singing from gramophones; live men singing from hundreds of miles away through a radio; cinema’s silver dreams with hints of television visible through Emperor Ming’s televisor; aeroplanes in genuine flight. A cult of science was born, Scientism, a temple of patented wonders gleaming alluringly through the pages of early science fiction like teenage lust steaming through illustrated manuscripts. This changed when we atomically bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Evil geniuses lost their monopoly on doomsday bombs and visionary research was taken from brave if eccentric millionaires and bureaucratized into government research complexes. We trust evil geniuses more than the government, and NASA’s budgets would never have been cut if the spaceships they produced had been sleek and sexy, especially if they’d lied us to us about alien life on Mars half as much as about WMDs in Iraq. Martians would’ve made a more inspiring Cold War nemesis than a bunch of miserable Russkies yearning for American refrigerators. We live now in Modernism’s cultural hangover, too sick and weak even to give it a name other than post-Modernism. Even as the Singularity looms near, all we have left of The Breathless Era is the pulp of its fiction. You can surround yourself with steampunk artifacts and gloat over them nostalgically. You can collect every episode of The Wild Wild West where the stereotypical midget/hunchback/lunatic evil genius was born. You can huff old H.G.Wells stories raw from the test tube. You can revisit the earliest Gernsback magazines. But you cannot replicate, even with a van der Graff replicator, the belief held at that time that with Science anything was possible: invisibility rays, force fields, anti-gravity waves, sex beams. Not a wormhole in sight nor a speck of dark energy/dark matter on Professor Foreigname’s nice clean lab floor. But the Sense of Wonder is not dead only dormant. Awe seeps from fissures in the published page, and men again dare dream that science, mere science, will give them a righteous buzz if they read it on the subway to work.

    But I may write those stories after all. If I actually knew what I was doing, I probably wouldn’t.

    And now, it is time for me to shut up again.

    But I want to share this observation: here in Portland, OR, when Goodwill reopened, wife and I expected a major crowd.

    Well, there was a modest line outside but nothing significant. Except at donations. The line of cars dumping off old stuff was like a Mardi Gras parade, lasted throughout the day, best we could tell, and was still pretty long just a week ago.

    More people lining up to dump off old stuff than linging up to buy it.

    I would love to hear Nicole analyze and explain this phenomenon. I have a gut sense of it, but se makes such good sense of such bizarre phenomena that I get a woody listening.


    Put a Quarter in the Juke and Boogie Till You puke


    “No use saying that I’m not, and never have been, even Nicole, bless her heart, said: yes you are!”



    Uncivil behavior in a failing nation. Economies are shrinking to what is sustainable. It is a great shock. Digital wheelbarrows have made it easy to pretend that we were richer. The five cent Snickers candy bar now is a dollar. New tech prototypes every day promise solutions, but no adequate resources to implement them. Not enough cobalt for EV batteries. Plenty of anger. The necessity, however, will temper those with a bit of grace to apprise the Divine Disorder and using Stone Soup making to finesse a path forward.


    Customers with money are hiding
    “The line of cars dumping off old stuff was like a Mardi Gras parade,”
    “More people lining up to dump off old stuff than lining up to buy it.”

    “Economies are shrinking to what is sustainable.”

    “House for sale” are going up all around me.
    I’ll let everyone know if the inventories of “everything” are still there at Xmas.


    Hatred of Trump is not a platform, but I find friends and family thinking it is, and if I don’t agree I become the object of their fury..


    Civil war…
    It depends on how August pans out, economically. It looks bleak, and it will be hot.

    It’ will be hard to have elections in a nation of homeless people. The Erinyes will step in. Then it will get nasty.

    The US gov will start wars elsewhere to “unite” the people and give them things to do. US “allies” might find pro-American State Forces will face angry citizens refusing to “help” the US. The US will use bombs and sanctions to compel allies to join. The civil wars spread worldwide as food grows scarce and sides- many, many sides- form, dissipate, and form anew.
    We’ll see weapons we never saw before.

    Bunker hunting will become everyone’s favorite sport. Everyone who was going to die of covid will have done so.
    On a happier note, people will start hugging and kissing and hanging out again. Hands will be shaken, songs will be sung together. Food will be shared over candlelight, if you’re lucky enough to have either.


    Would it be really stupid if I ask who’s going to buy them?

    At what price?



    I have been following the American political civil war for the 4 years since President Trump was elected in 2016. Before that Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon, Johnston, etc.

    Being Canadian, I can only observe from a distance. I will admit I have worked and travelled extensively in the US (43 states) for over 7 years. I have American neighbors at my cottage on the St. Lawrence River between Ontario and NY. I have a brother living in Detroit. So I have always been interested in American history and politics. I have traveled extensively in the world too, so world events interest me greatly.

    The basic reason why there is a political civil war going on, in America, is because President Trump is an outsider.

    The politicians who run Washington DC, resent the American people for electing a President, not pre-approved by themselves.

    The insiders resent having to share their power and wealth, with an unapproved outsider.

    It is simply a fight over power and wealth, between well established insiders and the American people.

    There is nothing the 1% won’t do to rid themselves of that outsider, President Trump, who represents the interests of the American people.

    The 1% have no interest in sharing any of their power and wealth with the American people. They are quite satisfied with what has been happening to the American people for the past fifty years. Their wealth and power has increased while the power and wealth of the American people has decreased. The 1% intend to keep it that way. Just like Rome.

    The American people, in 2016, realized that President Trump represented their last hope to reverse their losing tide, and try and take back control of their country.

    The rot that exists in Washington DC is so well entrenched, that the 1% have largely been successful in resisting the changes the American people want.

    The 1% are ruthless, so igniting a political civil war in 2016, is their way to retain power and wealth. Just another divide and conquer operation.

    They are doing everything they possibly can to stir American liberals and conservatives against each other, through their near total control of the mass media. That is why the media has turned 100% partisan against President Trump. To achieve and continue the political civil war, the 1% have also been organizing and funding agitators and protests.

    If the 1% are successful in defeating President Trump, and the American people, then the current political civil war will end, and life will go back to the old normal politics of bleeding the American people dry.

    So who are these 1%? They are the wealthy. They in turn control both both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, otherwise known as the Uniparty. The Uniparty has two faces. No matter which side of the coin lands facing up, the 1% win.

    This why the American people, after over 50 years of alternating between the two of parties, hoping for change but always getting more of the same, decided to support an outsider. In the 1990s American people had tried voting for Ross Perot, running as a third party candidate, but without success.

    In 2016 they decided to backed a brash bold Trump, a tough street fighter, someone not afraid of hurting Washington DC pols feelings of entitlement. Trump didn’t repeat Ross’s mistake of running as a third party candidate. Trump couldn’t take over the Democratic party because Hillary owned them. Instead Trump did a take over of the Republican party.

    During the last 4 years of political civil war, President Trump has managed to expose just how corrupt the political system in Washington DC and the federal government’s civil service really is to the American people. Hence the character of deep state is slowly but surely being exposed for what it really is.

    Only time will tell if the American people succeed in regaining control of their government from the 1%. Right now, the 1% are making it very easy, by default, for the American people to choose their side.

    Will 4 years of never ending political civil war persuade the American people, exhausted by the never ending civil war, to stop wanting change and willingly to become poorer?

    Sadly Greek and Roman history says the American people will likely fail to regain control of their government and country.

    This how the 1% want it to be. Once the 1% are back in control again, the old low grade political civil war on the American people will continue as before, per the old normal.

    To see the end result, read Roman history.


    “To see the end result, read Roman history.”
    Your explanation computes.
    However, the end result will be different due to multiple communication platforms that can and will prevent the “fake news” from uniting under one banner.

    Just look at all the different bloggers. Right or wrong they muddy the water.
    Our infrastructures are not going to be destroyed by “ancient weapons”.
    The destruction of our infrastructures is already happening, The invasions is happening,
    Wait until the 1% or the rifraf decide to harness them for their own cause.

    Oh! Did I forget to put a name to the army/hoard/weapons
    Weapons of the future are tiny – manufactured by Mother Earth/Gaea
    (Many people are assuming that someone mfg the present covid19 virus)


    “Would it be really stupid if I ask who’s going to buy them?

    At what price?”

    Those who have money or can get loans are in hiding.
    The transactions will be revealed by the enablers who must produce legal documentations before taking possession..


    btw, Nicole’s insistence that Raul is pro-Trump is the literal end of discussion. When someone tells you they know you beliueve X despite you repeatedly claiming otherwise, verbal communication short of leave or get hammered is over.

    Oh yeah, lots of civil disruption. MOstly of the molecular variety:


    I am currently reading Among the Thugs by Bill BUford. A chapter at a time. My old heart can’t take emotional pain like it used to. Amazing read.


    Faster than a bullet

    Researchers at University College London estimate that infections among people began between Oct. 6 and Dec. 11, based on genetic information of the virus drawn from more than 7,500 patients in China, Europe, the US and elsewhere. That’s a fairly wide range, and what’s more, the research suggests the virus spread beyond China fairly early on.

    Meanwhile, a separate team at the University of Cambridge estimates that infections spread to people between mid-September and early December, based on a study of some 1,0000 samples of viral genetic material. The research from Cambridge also suggests the virus may not have originated in Wuhan (a notion that we imagine Chinese propagandists will seize on quickly).


    “But, you know, only half the country now reads the NYT and WaPo, the so-called liberal half. There once was a time when both halves did, but that is no longer an option. There is more money in one-sided and overblown opinion. The country’s best newspapers have sold their souls to Dr. Faust. . . .

    And people who read things like the Guardian, NYT, WaPo, keep on eating it up. They buy these papers, they take out subscriptions, just to get their daily fill of anti-Trump “news”. I personally think that is extremely sad, and dangerous to boot. But if and when I say that, I will be labeled a Trump supporter again.”

    Thanks for saying this, Raul. I feel it is too, too true. I can no longer talk with family, friends, or others whom I always thought were truly liberal. They cannot see that their hatred of Trump has spawned things just as bad, and possibly worse.


    “Hatred of Trump is not a platform, but I find friends and family thinking it is, and if I don’t agree I become the object of their fury..”

    You said it better than I.

    Am most grateful for TAE, to remind me I’m not alone


    You got to give some kind of incentive for us to go to your link and to dig deeper.
    This rifraf’s education cannot see the link with “Molecular Civil War” and my observation that Gaia is attacking our infrastructures.

    Molecular Civil War
    by Hans Magnus Enzensberger

    Interview with Hans Magnus Enzensberger: The Future Of Molecular Civil Wars
    8 November 1993


    Behold the social cohesion provided by WWII. Gubmint didn’t have to bribe ’em to write music like this. Everyone in USA was on board with WWII… like everyone in the other nations involved.


    It would almost be a kindness for some nation to pick a fight with us. Maybe we could pay someone to invade us.

    Obviously, if we want that kind of causus belli public support, we’ll have to goad someone big into getting nasty. Better to be conquered by oneself with someone else’s help than do it alone.

    Milkman keep those bottles quiet
    Can’t use that jive on my milk diet
    So milkman keep those bottles quiet
    Been jumpin’ on the swing shift, all night
    Turnin’ out my quota, all right
    Now I’m beat right down to the sod
    Gotta catch myself some righteous nod
    Milkman stop that grade A riot
    Cut out if you can’t lullaby it
    Oh, milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet
    Been knocking out a fast tank, all day
    Working on a bomber, okay
    Boy you blast my wig with those clinks
    And I got to catch my forty winks
    So milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet
    Now noise of the riveter rocks, don’t mind it
    Cause the man with the whiskers has a lot behind it
    But I can’t keep punchin’ with the victory crew,
    When you’re making me punchy with that bottled moo
    I want to give my all if I’m gonna give it
    But I gotta get my shuteye if I’m gonna rivet
    So bail out, bud, with that milk barrage
    Cause it’s unpatriotic, it’s sabotage
    Been knocking out a fast tank, all day
    Working on a bomber, okay
    Boy, you blast my wig with those clinks
    And I got to catch my forty winks
    So milkman, keep those bottles quiet
    Oooo, milkman, keep those bottles quiet
    Oooo, milkman, keep those bottles quiet


    The rifraf are NOT involved with what the enablers are doing to protect themselves and their masters
    ‘‘Justice in Policing Act of 2020’’.


    Depersonalization started with pagers. (Feel free to go back further.) The pager beeped and Very Important People rudely interrupted their social group to answer it. Technology beckoned and we answered, “Yes!”
    Computers followed on the heels of television to make our screentime productive. And we said, “Yes. Yes!” Telephones went mobile soon after, and once again people felt the tech out-privileged the social group and took calls, saying “Yes, yes. Yes!” Then they all melded together and the Singularity didn’t need to be wired into heads- it was glued to the palms of our hands. People could attempt conversation but one -eventually all- would rudely scroll and text and take calls, saying, “Yes, yes, yes, oh yes!”

    One day, somebody modelled that we were all going to die (something we tend to deny) unless we let the screens run our lives- socializing was banned and masks hid our emotions. We had to be tracked and monitored For Our Own Good. All necessary interaction could be done by the screen. School, work, parties, the doctor, worship, rituals, government mandates.. We never had to touch each other again. Soon we’ll be chipped like all the Things in the Internet thereof, and danger may come but we’ll feel no fear. Heaven?
    And we said “Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhh YES!”
    Now we are no longer human, and having sold out our humanity for safety, we deserve every last rotten thing that comes along. The proud (with different rules) will inherit the earth, each one using as much as a million once did. The few Meek remaining will comb garbage dumps for rare earths. A privileged few Meeks will live in full health until their kidney or liver or heart is needed.
    Well done, species. (Cue illustration from Canto 34: Lucifer, King of Hell: He looks frustrated. He didn’t want soul-less creatures devoid of Will, did he? Where is the suffering in those who feel nothing? Where is the free will to crush in those who forgot how to say “NO”?)

    My apologies to Joyce, who comes to me via a Rodney Dangerfield movie.


    heh. It worked.


    (Edit-bot: flee.)

    I haven’t implied a connection tween the two, zerosum. The ‘molecular’ Hans employs is metaphorical. It isn’t partisan and isn’t necessarily issue-driven either. I prefer the term ‘anomie’ myself.

    If some twisted elitist creeps decide they can further their cause by releasing wildly uncontrollable apolitical non-ethnic unracist pathogens into the atmosphere, well, what’s another dumb little mistake?

    They are that stupid, and stupidity is dangerous, yes. But focusing on the stupidity is also stupid and dangerous. Looking to entities who only know how to parasitically empty the sytem on which they depend, for insight into resolving the problems is not entirely useless but far less useful than ignoring the fuckers and aiming at the vacuum you see them creating:

    The one with the ever ballooning deficit

    Pharaoh wants all eyes on pharaoh. Ignore him. Like Jesus said to Saqtan, not ‘I’m-a kick yore ass, boy’, but rather, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Get a life, even. Be quiet, boy, grownups are busy.

    I say: reverse Gandhi’s strategy: first they ignore then they laugh then they fight then you win. But since it’s all downhill from our end, you cut straight to the part where you ignore the fuckers and do what’s necessary.

    Accept my edit!!!!!


    “It would almost be a kindness for some nation to pick a fight with us. Maybe we could pay someone to invade us.”

    Hmmm… The Duchy of Grand Fenwick perhaps?


    “for insight into resolving the problems is not entirely useless but far less useful than ignoring the fuckers and aiming at the vacuum you see them creating:”

    Okay I see.
    I’m slow


    Hole in my pocket
    After the Lockdowns, Government “Fixes” for the Economy Will Make Things Even Worse

    Problems with Measures of Price Inflation
    Even more than in the past, the statistics of the price index will send wrong signals about the extent of price inflation. If the prices for some goods rise exorbitantly and, accordingly, there is less demand, they go into the statistical shopping basket with a lower weight, and these goods can drop out completely if they are hardly in demand because they have become too expensive for normal consumers. Even more than in the past, price inflation, measured by the statistical price index, will no longer be a reliable guide for monetary policy—if this has ever been the case.
    (more ….)


    Way back in July 2016, I thought Donald Trump’s unedited comment about the Russians finding Hillary Clinton’s lost e-mails funny. The headline that he wants less COVID-19 testing is a deadly tragedy. To control the pandemic, you must do the exact opposite.

    There is no doubt that the media moguls want him gone. For the professional news readers, the paycheck covers their omissions and lies. For Democrat Pros, all they are good for is getting donations. Only the crassest, deluded, power mad, incompetent would impeach President Trump for trying to get political dirt from Ukraine when that nation is the exact spot where Barrack Obama and Joe Biden restarted the Cold War with Russia. The Intelligence Community’s Russiagate Coup fell flat on its face. Mainly because Donald Trump is not normal. . He cannot be scared into resigning. He is a money savant

    The West has been all corrupted to make a profit. The left-overs of the fallen Empire: Western Europe, South and North America are sick with no fix in sight. All of the king’s men cannot put it back together again.


    This is not what happened back in April.

    It has been weeks since I have seen pictures of mass graves and body bags stacking up. Something has definitely changed. Dr. John says that the case fatality rate is only 3 per 1000, rather than 3 per 100. But it seems to be that the rate back in April was actually closer to 3 per 100, at least here in Korea where testing dispelled the speculation than maybe 10x more people were actually infected.

    Has the virus weakened? Has the weather made a difference? Has natural Vitamin D made a difference? Will a second wave come back stronger in the fall?

    I am keeping an eye on Chile and Argentina — the two countries in the Southern Hemisphere with long nights and cold winters. Argentina seems to be doing (relatively) well, but that does not seem to be the case for neighboring Chile.


    “He cannot be scared into resigning. He is a money savant”

    Or, another angle: ‘I’m the prez and I can start a war and you can’t stop me and if I start the right war you will be so screwed. I will too but you’ll go down with, and probably before, me.’ Donald is, after all, the world, and the world is therefore Donald, and he therefore owes no one but himself.

    You have to admire the Philip K. Shakespearedickian grandeur of these times.

    Consul at Sunset

    inspired by:

    “Under the Volcano is a novel by English writer Malcolm Lowry (1909–1957) published in 1947.
    Movie : Under the Volcano with Albert Finney and Jacqueline Bisset ( 1984 )
    Against a background of war breaking out in Europe and the Mexican fiesta Day of Death, we are taken through one day in the life of Geoffrey Firmin, a British consul living in alcoholic disrepair and obscurity in a small southern Mexican town in 1939. The Consul’s self-destructive behaviour, perhaps a metaphor for a menaced civilization, is a source of perplexity and sadness to his nomadic, idealistic half-brother, Hugh, and his ex-wife, Yvonne, who has returned with hopes of healing Geoffrey and their broken marriage.”

    When he walks from the consul at sunset
    Barely remembers his name
    Walk is a little unsteady, sadly
    But he knows most of all that he’s living beneath the volcano
    Won’t be so many more days
    Isn’t much time and it’s gathering darkness, my friend
    He’s been going too far in his drinking
    Running a little too fat
    Eyelids becoming so heavy, sadly
    But he tries not to sleep while he’s living beneath the volcano
    Won’t be so many more days
    Isn’t much time and it’s gathering darkness, my friend
    Though the fireflies laugh in the dusklight
    It’s the Festival of Death
    Crowd is all laughter, it’s hollow, sadly
    They may kill death tonight, but they still live beneath the volcano
    Won’t be so many more days
    Isn’t much time and it’s gathering darkness, my friend.


    The perspective of time:


    V. Arnold

    Not one mention of the summer solstice!
    What an incurious bunch…
    …and an eclpise too boot…


    Summer Solstice? What planet are you on V? It is freezing down here and we just went through our longest night of the year. Trapped with a 2 yo and a 10 yo – my two divine sons who are so handsome my eyes hurt looking at them but are stir crazy like COVID will make you. Still though, 35000 acres of forest to explore where we live (found some psilocybin too) is not too hard on young children. I love this life where I live with my beautiful wife in my cosy strawbale house. Yoga every morning and maybe too much wine sometimes at night. I regret to admit Netflix gets it time. Yes the world seems batshit crazy. Even TAE is starting to lose it’s shine for me. To look into the glass darkly has it’s limitations when the present moment shines so purely.
    Love to you all my people. I may only pop my head in once in a while from now. I am finding things achingly beautiful and charged with hope.
    God Bless



    I know what you mean about the reporting on Trump.

    I have a friend who reads the Guardian, and although he lives in London he subscribes to the NYTimes and WaPo!

    He seems to have dedicated his life to hating Trump! He was really shocked when I said I did not care about Trump except when he did things that affected the world. He didn’t understand how I could not HATE Trump.

    He can’t understand why I am negative about Hillary. He thinks John McCain was a good guy [I presume because he was anti-Trump.] No doubt he will soon be thinking the same about John Bolton. He still believes Russiagate is fact.

    I said I read articles on ZeroHedge and he asked if it was right-wing. I said yes because it is American and is right of centre but then he thought it was something like Breitbart! Apparently anything ‘right-wing’ is automatically extreme right loony!

    I sent him a link to an article on RT [Russia Today] which he would not read as would ‘feel uncomfortable’ reading anything on their site.

    It is a shame to have someone you know as a mental zombie, except instead of ‘Braaains!’ it is ‘Truuump!’ or ‘Ruuussia!’

    The US Media has driven millions into this kind of demented frenzy so if Trump wins again they could easily be manipulated into taking physical violent actions. Similarly if Biden wins there will be millions of Trump supporters who will feel angry that the elction was stolen from them.

    The US electorate is now so polarised that a civil war could occur.

    V. Arnold

    Summer Solstice? What planet are you on V? It is freezing down here and we just went through our longest night of the year.

    Same one as you Oxy; just a different hemisphere…
    Cheers and warm yourself to happyness………….


    Interesting reporting

    China is the only one lying.
    In that case, here is what you should do.
    Bookmark the second link, beijingnews.net
    Then you can read/listen to what is being said by China.
    Also, Look at the difference and the similarities of the commercials.
    The latest that I heard, T”rump’s advisors are saying that China is pushing the 2nd wave so that the USA will stay shut down.”

    Fire Eye lab built in Beijing in 2 days to handle virus testing demand
    22 Jun 2020, 22:42 GMT+10

    Dr. D

    Picture: Americans working. Must. Be. Stopped.

    Another Idiot Day, which we celebrate with lies. Q: suppose Russia had hacked the campaign and tangled up Biden’s rally. Election Interference! Pearl Harbor! BombBombIran (or whoever, doesn’t matter, don’t need facts) When it’s T, nope! Funny and good. Stunning and brave. Hecken successful.

    Now in reality, neither, since no one was turned away, it was a normal post-Covid rally with 2M online views. Don’t know what they think they won, but signaling is all, that everyone who wanted to got a seat and no one’s vote has changed means nothing.

    But anyway, great fun, but punk’d who? Stopped what? And how was organizing with offshore intervention not “foreign election-interference”? I know, “It’s not fascism when WE do it!”(Dress up in black, burn books, attack groups and intimidate voters). It’s getting impossible to even imagine there being equity between players, one rule for all, as any normal life demands.

    So as expressed for 4 years now, the DNC is running 2016 all over again. It’s astonishing. Overconfidence reigns, right down to Joe not hiring campaign officials yet in WI and MI. Okay! I’ll tell you not to, but go ahead. It’s just hard to see the game played badly.

    Schiff told us in 2017 that he had seen “more than circumstantial” evidence of collusion. He lied.”

    Bolton is now saying essentially the same thing. Everyone believes him because after 3 years of non-stop “Bombshell: Walls closing in” complete fail nothingburgers, no one learns. Apparently no one’s paying a cost for being totally wrong 1,200 days in a row or they’d learn right quick. Don’t worry: the working people are. All costs and learning, all “capitalism” you know: where there’s “bankruptcy”? Falls exclusively on them. This is how the upstarts-over-the-hill march into the Forbidden City or into Chaldean Babylon without firing a shot. “Mene mene tekel upharsin.” And you can measure them by their restraint and self-control. I.e. not burning things like Abolitionists.

    “No one would have ever fathomed, that America – the greatest country in the world – with “the greatest economy ever” – could even be on the cusp of a civil war.”

    AYFKM? Rural folks thought they’d attack as far back as the 90’s, but using the Federales. In fact, they attacked for sheer instigation and amusement a handful of times. So, a few illiterate TV-glued suburbanites in 1% areas thought things were okay? They’ve been methodically setting this up for years and essentially putting in the pieces and telling you so for 3 Presidents, how could you possibly, possibly miss it? Well, apparently we’ll go through it, go out the other side and people won’t fathom it happened in the past. Other locations like Argentina do this too: “Oh, honey, it’s not that bad. It’s just about to get better.” “Ma, you’re going to the (empty) market in body armor…” Nope. …And ride Da Nile for a lifetime. Sure Minneapolis is burned down, but Oak Park (ave $175k) is fine. …Until it isn’t, like the rich, hipster district now known as CHOP. You know, where they’ve had a murder each day, and cry big tears when they call the police they banned from the area and the police don’t come. But…that’s what you wanted? What you said? You’re in control now, buddy, live it up! …But that requires hard work, and like holy water it burns, it burns! Cannot touch it. YOU do the work, you know like not sleeping or eating while training 8 long years in medicine. I give the orders: Gimme sammich.

    “Greece Urges UK to Return Parthenon Marbles (G.)”

    Since Europe has attacked and destroyed the tourist south with Covid, what’s the point? No one will see them anyway. When South Europe collapses due to EU policies the statues will be safer from fire and painting in London than Athens. …Or you think the same crews that took down Lincoln and Grant won’t take down Athena?

    Start with lies, end with lies: After admitting he was lying on 60 Minutes to get everyone killed about how masks don’t work, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PRa6t_e7dgI St. Fauci then said he saved 2 million people. …By telling them no masks? No dumb-head. Then how? Doesn’t know. Doesn’t say. Just opens mouths, lies come out.

    “Lowering the Curve” means, you know, that. “Lowering.” “The.” “Curve.” That is, you’ll have EXACTLY the same number of people, — everyone will get it – but everyone will get it S L O W E R. So no Science here! He’s America’s Science-free zone! Unless you’re going to argue that anywhere in the country people were in any danger of running out of supplies, especially those ventilators we had 50,000 of but didn’t need. …You know, outside of NYC where Cuomo killed 20,000 by contaminating every nursing home by force.

    Why don’t people trust Science anymore? Is it just because they lie with every waking breath to pick your pocket and get you killed? The world may never know.

    WMD and ties to Al-Qaeda. RussiaRussiaRussia. My helicopter was taking fire. We’re going to shut down for 4 weeks. RoundUp is safe as water. Trust us, we’re here to help.

    Dr. D

    Schrodinger’s Disease: It’s both safe and not safe. You’re supposed to get it and not get it at the same time.


    “To look into the glass darkly has its limitations when the present moment shines so purely.”

    I really enjoy this line. Great way to start a creaky Monday morning.


    Yeah. No. Sorry.

    Couldn’t do it today, guys. I was looking at the news this morning, and I thought: I don’t care about this. Something’s got to change, something must change. Il faut que ça bouge. Be back tomorrow.


    I’m kinda happy to hear that, Raul. Maybe a wander in the mists awhile will provide a more rewarding perspective.

    Last Train Home


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