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Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, Brussels 1873


Yale Doctor Battles CNN Anchor Over Effectiveness Of HCQ (Fox)
COVID19 Survivors Show Increased Rate Of Psychiatric Disorders (G.)
New Heart Problems Seen In Recovered COVID-19 Patients (R.)
Italy Survey Suggests Coronavirus 6x More Prevalent Than Official Data (R.)
Mutation May Have Made Virus More Vulnerable To Vaccines (R.)
Less Than Third Of Canadians Willing To Travel Without COVID19 Vaccine (CBC)
Manhattan DA Probing Trump Over More Than ‘Hush-Money’ Payments (R.)
Trump Considering Executive Action To Suspend Evictions, Payroll Tax (Hill)
Trump Calls To ‘Re-Run’ New York House Race Over Discarded Mail-In Ballots (F.)
How White Radicals Hijacked Portland’s Protests (Tracey)
Debunking The Coup d’Trump (Turley)
‘The Money Story’ Told By A Father Of MMT (Kohler)
Papers Leaked Before UK Election In Suspected Russian Operation Were Hacked (R.)
A Glimpse Towards November (Kunstler)
Biden Says He Can’t Wait To Find Out Who He Picked For VP (Babylon Bee)



Some encouraging looking numbers. Cases and deaths decrease both globally and in the US. Europe doesn’t look so good, though, and neither does Africa.













Taleb – How to Handle a Pandemic

Yaneer COVID growth rates Europe Africa



1) I’ve noted before that the first HCQ criticism was all about you could die from it. That’s gone, now it’s merely ineffective. Why? What happened?

2) Dr. Risch says the studies look at the wrong people (low risk). Do we know, however, how HCQ is administered? Is it given to early onset patients, and combined with zinq?

3) Zelenko explains in great detail how he works, and why. But he’s completely ignored and shunned by corporate media. Doesn’t look like truth finding to me.

Yale Doctor Battles CNN Anchor Over Effectiveness Of Hydroxychloroquine (Fox)

Yale epidemiology professor Dr. Harvey Risch and CNN host John Berman bickered over hydroxychloroquine on Monday during a heated discussion about the polarizing drug, which the president has hailed as a possible treatment for COVID-19. Risch recently wrote an op-ed in support of hydroxychloroquine, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and other experts have dismissed the anti-malarial drug being used to combat coronavirus. Risch cited various studies that backed up his pro-hydroxychloroquine stance, but the host of CNN’s “New Day” disagreed. “None of those studies that you just cited are random placebo-controlled trials, what Dr. Fauci refers to as the gold standard,” Berman said, as the CNN on-screen chyron stated “Growing body of evidence shows hydroxychloroquine is ineffective.”

Risch responded: “That’s not actually correct. The problem with those randomized controlled trials, is they were trials done on the wrong people. They were trials done on low-risk people with low risks of hospitalization and mortality. You don’t do a study of prostate cancer with women… because nobody is gonna get the outcome.” Risch said the studies were conducted on “very low-risk people who are not going to get hospitalized or die” from coronavirus. “We don’t treat those people. We treat high-risk people,” Risch said. Berman then accused Risch of being inconsistent compared to the op-ed, but the Yale epidemiologist disagreed and the interview grew contentious.

“You’re misstating what I said, I said it had to be in high-risk people,” Risch said. “As I’ve said, you have to treat the right people. You have to study the right people. Those studies did not study the right people, period. That’s the bottom line.”

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55% of them.

COVID19 Survivors Show Increased Rate Of Psychiatric Disorders (G.)

More than half of people who received hospital treatment for Covid-19 were found to be suffering from a psychiatric disorder a month later, a study has found. Out of 402 patients monitored after being treated for the virus, 55% were found to have at least one psychiatric disorder, experts from San Raffaele hospital in Milan found. The results, based on clinical interviews and self-assessment questionnaires, showed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 28% of cases, depression in 31% and anxiety in 42%. Additionally, 40% of patients had insomnia and 20% had obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms. The findings will increase concerns about the psychological effects of the virus.

The paper, published on Monday in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, says: “PTSD, major depression, and anxiety are all high-burden non-communicable conditions associated with years of life lived with disability. “Considering the alarming impact of Covid-19 infection on mental health, the current insights on inflammation in psychiatry, and the present observation of worse inflammation leading to worse depression, we recommend to assess psychopathology of Covid-19 survivors and to deepen research on inflammatory biomarkers, in order to diagnose and treat emergent psychiatric conditions.” The study of 265 men and 137 women found that women – who are less likely to die from Covid than men – suffered more than men psychologically.

Patients with positive previous psychiatric diagnoses suffered more than those without a history of psychiatric disorder. The researchers, led by Dr Mario Gennaro Mazza, said these results were consistent with previous epidemiological studies. They said psychiatric effects could be caused “by the immune response to the virus itself, or by psychological stressors such as social isolation, psychological impact of a novel severe and potentially fatal illness, concerns about infecting others, and stigma.” Outpatients showed increased anxiety and sleep disturbances, while – perhaps surprisingly – the duration of hospitalisation inversely correlated with symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety and OC.

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“Among 100 patients ages 45 to 53, “a considerable majority” – 78 – had inflammation in the heart muscle and lining…”

New Heart Problems Seen In Recovered COVID-19 Patients (R.)

More than three-quarters of recently recovered COVID-19 patients had heart muscle problems show up during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, German doctors reported on Monday in JAMA Cardiology. In some patients, the heart may be “in serious trouble as a part of COVID-19 disease,” Dr. Valentina Puntmann of University Hospital Frankfurt told Reuters. Among 100 patients ages 45 to 53, “a considerable majority” – 78 – had inflammation in the heart muscle and lining. Sixty-seven had recovered at home while 33 had required hospitalization. Half of the former patients were more than two months out since their diagnosis at the time of the MRI.

Thirty-six patients reported ongoing shortness of breath and general exhaustion, and 71 had blood markers of heart muscle damage. Compared with similar people who had not had COVID-19, the recently recovered patients’ hearts pumped more weakly and displayed other risk factors for heart failure. Puntmann suspects the abnormalities are signs of permanent problems. “While we do not have direct evidence for late consequences yet, such as the development of heart failure … it is quite possible that in a few years, this burden will be enormous based on what we have learned from other viral conditions that similarly affect the heart,” she said.

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It’s still just 2.5% that have antibodies. Not 60%. Even in Lombardy no more than 7.5%.

Italy Survey Suggests Coronavirus 6x More Prevalent Than Official Data (R.)

Almost 1.5 million people in Italy or 2.5% of the population have developed coronavirus antibodies, a figure six times more than official numbers reported, according to a survey from statistics agency Istat on Monday. The survey by Istat and the health ministry, was based on antibody tests conducted on 64,660 people. Official figures show 248,229 confirmed cases of COVID-19 patients in Italy, with 35,166 deaths. The survey found marked local differences with the northern region of Lombardy, where the epidemic first broke out in February, showing 7.5% of the population had tested positive for coronavirus antibodies compared to just 0.3% in the southern region of Sicily. The survey found almost 30% of people with antibodies were asymptomatic, pointing to the risk of the illness being spread by people unaware they were carriers.

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Easy to say when there is no vaccine.

Mutation May Have Made Virus More Vulnerable To Vaccines (R.)

A genetic mutation that made the new coronavirus more infectious may also make it more vulnerable to vaccines, researchers believe. The mutation, designated D614G, increases the number of “spikes” on the surface of the virus and makes them more stable, allowing the virus to more efficiently break into and infect cells. The mutation will not pose problems for vaccines now in clinical trials, however, because the extra spikes retain the targets for the “neutralizing antibodies” the vaccines are designed to induce.

Those targets, called receptor-binding domains, or RBDs, are the places where the spike attaches itself to the cells it infects. With more spikes, there are more RBDs for the antibodies to bind to in order to neutralize the virus. “The gain in infectivity provided by D614G came at the cost of making the virus more vulnerable to neutralizing antibodies,” the researchers wrote in a paper posted on medRxiv on Friday ahead of peer review.

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Tourism in Greece is at a very low level still. People stay home this year.

Less Than Third Of Canadians Willing To Travel Without COVID19 Vaccine (CBC)

Most Canadians and Americans aren’t rushing to travel anywhere, even within their own countries, before a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, according to a new online survey. Fewer than a third of Canadians are willing to take a flight anywhere right now whether it’s to another continent, to another province, or within their own province, according to the poll by Research Co., a Vancouver-based polling firm. Only 17 per cent of Canadian respondents were willing to take a plane to the United States. Thirty-five per cent of Americans say they are willing to take a flight within the U.S., but only 28 per cent would fly to Canada.

“The appetite for travel before a COVID-19 vaccine is readily available is low in Canada and the United States,” said Mario Canseco, president of Research Co., in a written release. “North American residents aged 55 and over, who are usually ready to explore and spend, are particularly reticent about all journeys unless inoculation is a reality.” The online poll, conducted July 1-5, surveyed representative samples of 1,000 Canadians and 1,200 Americans. It asked them their willingness to travel by five different modes of transportation: by train, by plane, by bus, by cruise ship and by ferry.

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We couldn’t have too long a period without some public investigation against Trump, could we? Got to cover the entire 4+ years. Election tampering?

Manhattan DA Probing Trump Over More Than ‘Hush-Money’ Payments (R.)

Manhattan’s district attorney on Monday suggested a grand jury subpoena for U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax returns was part of an investigation of “possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization,” including alleged insurance and bank fraud. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance raised the scope of the probe in court papers filed in federal court in Manhattan on Monday. He is seeking to dismiss Trump’s latest challenge to the subpoena for eight years of personal and corporate tax records. Asked about the investigation at a coronavirus press briefing on Monday, Trump repeated that he believed he is the victim of a political “witch hunt,” which he said was “Democrats’ stuff” and started “even before I got in” to office.

“There is nothing that I know even about it,” he added. Trump is scheduled to respond to Vance’s motion to dismiss by Aug. 10. In a court filing last week, Trump’s lawyers argued the subpoena was “wildly overbroad” and issued in “bad faith.” Vance noted in the court papers that when the subpoena was issued last August, there were “public allegations of possible criminal activity” at the Trump Organization dating back a decade. He said public reports show a basis for each category and timeframe of documents sought from Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA. Trump’s argument that the subpoena is overbroad “rests on the false premise that the grand jury’s investigation is limited to so-called ‘hush-money’ payments made by Michael Cohen” on Trump’s behalf in 2016, Vance said.

Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018 to campaign violations tied to the payments to pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels and former model Karen McDougal, who claimed they had affairs with Trump, which he denies. In a footnote to Monday’s filing, Vance cited media reports on Trump’s alleged role in the hush-money scheme and on the “unorthodox strategies” he used to expand his real estate empire.

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Do unemployment benefits too.

Trump Considering Executive Action To Suspend Evictions, Payroll Tax (Hill)

President Trump said Monday that he is considering taking executive action to halt evictions and suspend payroll tax collection as coronavirus relief talks see slow progress on Capitol Hill. “I could do that if I want, and I want to do that. I don’t want people to be evicted,” Trump told reporters at a press conference Monday evening when asked about his suggestion earlier in the day that he could act unilaterally to suspend evictions. Trump noted that individuals who are evicted often go to shelters, where the coronavirus can spread easily because of crowding. “They’re thrown out viciously. It’s not their fault. It’s not their fault. It’s China’s fault,” Trump said, continuing to blame China, where the virus originated, for the pain inflicted on Americans.

Trump also asserted that he had unilateral authority to suspend the payroll tax. “I can do that also through executive order, so we’ll be talking about that,” Trump said. Trump’s admission came after conservatives Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal urging Trump to declare a national economic emergency and to direct the IRS to suspend collection of payroll taxes. They argued that Trump could defer payroll tax payments using the same section of the tax code used by Treasury earlier this year to postpone the 2019 tax filing deadline until mid-July. The move would amount to a deferral, though the two argued that Trump could pledge to sign a bill in the future to forgive the repayments.

[..] Trump’s remarks make clear the White House is considering unilateral actions as the administration and Congress struggle to reach a consensus on the next coronavirus relief bill. Congress in March enacted a federal moratorium on evictions through the CARES Act, though that expired roughly a week ago. Expanded unemployment insurance benefits enacted under the same bill officially expired last week. The White House has pushed for both measures to be extended quickly in a short-term deal as negotiators hammer out the details of the relief package, but Democrats have resisted a short-term measure.

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Mail-in may run reasonably well in Colorado, but here’s your first mess.

Trump Calls To ‘Re-Run’ New York House Race Over Discarded Mail-In Ballots (F.)

At a White House press conference on Monday, President Trump called to “re-run” the Democratic primary in New York’s 12th Congressional District, a race in which one candidate has refused to concede citing a large number of discarded and unreceived mail-in ballots. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) led progressive challenger Suraj Patel by just 648 votes– or 1.6%–in the Manhattan and Queens district on election night, but expanded her lead to 4 points after mail-in ballots were finished being counted in late July. Patel has refused to concede, citing reports that 9,000 of the more than 47,000 mail-in ballots sent in were invalidated for a variety of reasons and that many voters didn’t receive their mail-in ballots in time for the election.

Trump has pointed to the district, which contains Trump Tower, as a prime example of the flaws of mail-in voting, against which he has waged a fierce campaign in recent months, telling reporters on Friday, “They’re never going to have the result of that election, never the correct result.” Trump doubled-down on his criticism of the 12th District’s primary on Monday, calling it a “total disaster” and saying “nobody knows what’s happening with the ballots and the lost ballots and the fraudulent ballots I guess.” “I think I can say right here and now you have to re-run that race, because it’s a mess,” Trump added. Ultimately it would be up to New York State, not the federal government, to decide whether to re-run a race–as was the case in North Carolina’s 9th district in 2019.

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Michael Tracey spent a lot of time on the ground.

How White Radicals Hijacked Portland’s Protests (Tracey)

The overwhelmingly white, anarchist activists who populate the ongoing protests in Portland, Oregon should not be underestimated for their strategic savvy. In seizing the mantle of “Black Lives Matter”, they’ve discovered a work-around to arrogate moral cover for whatever insurrectionary upheaval they would have been ideologically committed to fomenting anyway. The Left/liberal political and media class is deeply invested in preserving the untouchable sanctity of “BLM”. So by fusing themselves in the public mind with this ambiguously-defined protest movement, or even putting themselves at the vanguard, the anarchist whites insulate themselves from the type of scrutiny that might ordinarily be prompted by activists whose ultimate goal is the overthrow of the state — and who are happy to engage in what they call “a diversity of tactics” (up to and including violence) to achieve this.

It makes for a bizarre dynamic, as Democratic Party pundits and politicians routinely describe avowed insurrectionists as nothing more than benign “peaceful protesters”. And since the protests came to be arrayed against the federal forces dispatched to Portland by Donald Trump, more conventional elements of the Left/liberal “Resistance” have made common cause with these revolutionary anarchists who regard the very essence of the US political system — not just Trump — as innately fascist and “white supremacist”. On a recent evening, for instance, an older white couple in a pair of matching “Resistance”-branded T-shirts could be spotted in attendance among the radical activists, as well as a man sporting the slogan “Ridin’ with Biden”.

To characterise what’s gone on in Portland as a traditional “protest” is a misnomer, however. Pay a visit to the area around the Federal Courthouse in Downtown after midnight and you are greeted by brigades of black-clad “Antifa” foot soldiers — geared up in full body armour, complete with industrial-grade gas masks, shields and even customised radio systems. Being overwhelmingly white, they are strategic about public presentation: the speakers appointed to address the nightly “rallies” are almost exclusively black, as “amplifying black voices” to whom whites must dutifully “listen” is a central tenet of the Summer 2020 protest ethos.

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Turley often tries to be overly correct.

Debunking The Coup d’Trump (Turley)

This week, American democracy either died or it didn’t, but you couldn’t tell from the news coverage. Some commentators and members of Congress warned that we are looking at “nothing less than a coup.” Others called for organized protests, proclaiming it is now clear that President Trump’s “anti-democratic intent was blood-chillingly real.” One leading academic called for Trump’s immediate impeachment as a fascist out to destroy our constitutional system. We have not seen such rhetoric since Aaron Burr tried to peel off the entire southwestern territory of the United States. The cause this time was an 11-word Twitter question from President Trump. Returning to his favorite subject of denouncing mail-in voting as a disaster in the making, he ended his July 30 tweet by asking, “Delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote?”

As I said at the time, the tweet was reckless and repugnant. However, cries of some Twitter-based coup d’état were equally unconnected to reality. I have written repeatedly about this conspiracy theory that Trump will never allow an election to occur in 2020, which has raged on liberal websites and cable news since soon after his inauguration. Trump does not have the authority to delay the election. Even if he could persuade Congress to change the date, with the implausible assistance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Constitution still stipulates that his term ends at noon on Jan. 20. In the interim, not only do citizens have to vote, but electors have to cast ballots in the Electoral College, and those votes must be certified and counted by Congress.

It is not much of a coup when you do not extend your time in office. It does not matter what Trump would like; it is what the Constitution will allow. A demand to delay the election has the same impact as Trump declaring he will change his name to “Joe Biden” if needed to claim victory, or that he will adopt Neptune’s calendar to extend his four-year term to 660 years. That is why this conspiracy theory has been so maddening. Indeed, in a column in April, I criticized former Vice President Joe Biden when he took up the theory, triggering another round of panic; Biden added a second theory to this baseless fear, suggesting that Trump’s opposition to funding the U.S. Postal Service was part of a plan to steal the election. (I later wrote an equally caustic criticism of Jared Kushner when he equivocated about Election Day.)

While I portrayed Biden back then as a virtual nut for raising this conspiracy theory, many now have proclaimed him a virtual Nostradamus following Trump’s tweet. Biden was not right — any more than Trump is today. It is no surprise — and no sign of a conspiracy — that Trump might suggest something outrageous, such as a delayed election, on Twitter. Such behavior is an established fact that occupies many of us on a daily basis. The “conspiracy theory” is to suggest that Trump could actually halt or delay the election. In fairness to Trump, he has not stated that he can unilaterally delay the election but rather has asked if we should do so.

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We have to discuss MMT, just like we have to talk about UBI. The bottom is falling out.

‘The Money Story’ Told By A Father Of MMT (Kohler)

Warren Mosler is one of but possibly the originator of modern monetary theory, but he did collaborate with Bill Mitchell of The University of Newcastle, who I interviewed in March, among other people. Warren is talking to us from The Virgin Islands where he lives on the Island of Saint Croix. But the difference with Warren Mosley is he’s not an academic, he is a fund manager, started off with a big bankers trust or a group of other banks, eventually had his own hedge fund trading bonds and essentially, put into practice his ideas that became known as modern monetary theory. I suppose the key insight is here, that what he’s talking about is actual operations of money, not theory. He’s an operational guy and the way he approaches it is in the way the monetary system actually works. He’s really clear, really worth listening to and it’s long but really worthwhile.

Warren, it occurred to me that maybe a good place to start would be the insights you started to have in the 70s, when you were a fairly young bond trader – I can’t remember who with but at some stage, BT, and I think you moved around a bit… I mean, those were the peak times of what we call monetarism and Friedmanism and so on, and I think you started then saying that the Emperor had no clothes. What exactly did you identify as the problem? “I can only remember bits and pieces from back then. I remember being a bankers trust and the Fed had raised reserve requirements and the trading managers, Allan Rogers – and he talked without moving his mouth like this, and he said, “Why I hope the Fed doesn’t just give them the money. The money supply is too high, they need to take the $10 billion or whatever it is out of the economy.”

And I remember saying – I was a fairly new trader there, I was 27 years’ old – I go, “Allan, you can’t do that, you can’t just – you know, it’s just a spreadsheet, you can’t take the money out, they have to add the money. They always add the money because otherwise it’s, in the first instance, the reserve requirements are debit and so then they either have an overdraft which is a reserve-add or you have to buy securities as a reserve-add. Since the overdraft would cause the Fed funds rate to go up 100 basis points, they don’t want that to happen, they have to just do repos or add to reserves.” He goes, “Well, they could bring back those Euro dollars, there’s 300 billion Euro dollars sloshing around.”

I go, “No there aren’t. There’s a spreadsheet over there with assets and liabilities, there’s nothing sloshing around, you can’t bring those back, that’s just empty rhetoric…” He didn’t really want to hear that. One of my clients was Cliff Viner at Phoenix Mutual, who later became my partner, and he directed my attention to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Eric Heineman, “The money supply is too high, I hope the Fed doesn’t just give them the money but takes it out.” I explain it to him and he was a client of Morgan Stanley so he called them with my answer and he calls me back with their double-talk answer and I straightened that up. He calls them back and then he calls me back and he says, “They’ve retracted their statement. They agree that you have to add the reserves.” So, I don’t know, maybe that was part of the pieces of the puzzle.

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Reuters started this. They say “suspected” Russians, which means it might have also been Martians. Their info is MI6- sourced. The UK press turns it into Russians for sure., with one report linking them to state based operations. Now suspected Russians have become Russian intelligence. Who, having gone through the trouble of hacking into a US-UK trade deal, don’t keep it for themselves to use later, but know nothing better to do with it than hand it to antisemite Jeremy Corbyn to wave around.

The British DO NOT like that Russia doesn’t find them interesting anymore. They DO like that they can sweep all their failures unnder the RussiaRussia carpet.

Papers Leaked Before UK Election In Suspected Russian Operation Were Hacked (R.)

Classified U.S.-UK trade documents leaked ahead of Britain’s 2019 election were stolen from the email account of former trade minister Liam Fox by suspected Russian hackers, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters. The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because a law enforcement investigation is underway, said the hackers accessed the account multiple times between July 12 and Oct. 21 last year. They declined to name which Russian group or organisation they believed was responsible, but said the attack bore the hallmarks of a state-backed operation. Among the stolen information were six tranches of documents detailing British trade negotiations with the United States, which Reuters first reported last year were leaked and disseminated online by a Russian disinformation campaign.

British foreign minister Dominic Raab confirmed that report last month, saying that “Russian actors” had sought to interfere in the election “through the online amplification of illicitly acquired and leaked Government documents”. Reuters was not able to determine which of Fox’s email accounts was hacked and when it was first compromised. It is not clear if Fox, who is still a member of parliament but stood down as trade minister on July 24 last year in a cabinet reshuffle, was a minister at the time. A British government spokeswoman said: “There is an ongoing criminal investigation into how the documents were acquired, and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this point.” She added that the government had “very robust systems in place to protect the IT systems of officials and staff.”

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“..if ever there was a Lady Macbeth moment for wickedness to prevail, this is it.”

A Glimpse Towards November (Kunstler)

The New York Times and its media co-seditionists insist that massive mail-in voting will do just fine despite plenty of evidence that it’s already a demonstrable fiasco — for instance in the recent New York primary where two congressional district contests remain undecided months later due to ballot irregularities. The boards of election “had operational issues,” as Governor Cuomo put it, “and we have to learn from them” — another teachable moment in the Democratic Party’s valiant struggle to morally improve America strictly on its own terms. Over in Nevada, the state legislature passed a mail-in vote scheme that will send ballots out to everybody and his-or-her uncle, with no ID required, and a feature that permits ballots to be filled-out by someone other than the addressed voter.

Nice! A “ballot-harvesting” model for other states. In California, where anybody with a driver’s license is automatically registered to vote via the 2015 “New Motor Voter Act,” ballots will go out to 600,000 un-documented non-citizens who were granted licenses under a separate act (AB-60) the same year. Do you suppose all of them will conscientiously toss their ballots in the trash while California’s mighty Democratic Party machine importunes them to vote early-and-often? There’s your set-up for a 2020 election that can’t possibly be resolved, and a recipe for a Hieronymus Bosch style orgy of Lawfare litigation that would deliberately seek to confound the Federal Election Commission’s best efforts to untangle the mess — just as Lawfare is doing in the mess of a case against General Flynn — and effectively end 232 years of continuous, orderly four-year election cycles. Is that what you want?

The other index of the Democratic Party’s desperation is the ongoing emperor’s-new-clothes charade posing the effigy of Joe Biden as a serious candidate for a rather important position in government. Everybody knows that they know — and we know that they know that we all know — that Mr. Biden is sailing into a fog-bank of senility, and more measurably each day! His every staged performance is an obvious embarrassment of fumbled phrases and things forgotten. They are going to have to find a replacement. It really comes down to two figures: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. What a predicament!

[..] Hillary still owns the DNC — literally. Nobody knows how much of the Clinton Foundation’s ill-gotten moolah still underwrites the party’s national operations. The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, with new allegations about Bill Clinton’s capers on Epstein’s Pedo Island, is a strange twist with mystifying implications — especially the timing and the motives of those in the DOJ’s Southern District who stage-managed it. With the Clintons, intrigues always abound. But if ever there was a Lady Macbeth moment for wickedness to prevail, this is it. For now, the old warhorse is laying low on her yoga mat somewhere in the Chappaqua woods.

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“What Joe was trying to say is that he’s chosen a well-qualified candidate who will run the country ..”

Biden Says He Can’t Wait To Find Out Who He Picked For VP (Babylon Bee)

According to sources in the Biden campaign, the presidential candidate is on pins and needles waiting to see who it is he picked to run for vice president on his ticket. Campaign aides say it’s been Biden’s most anticipated event since he found out he was running for president a few weeks ago. A reporter asked Biden if he could hint about his VP pick during a brief interlude from his stay in the basement, where he was allowed to come upstairs to get some snacks. “Oh boy — I hope it’s a real classy broad,” he said as he drank straight from the milk jug. “I bet I picked somebody good and smart. A chick with class and style.

You know, in my day, dames were dames and guys were guys. None of this ‘guys becoming dolls’ and ‘dolls becoming guys’ stuff. We would go down to the hop and do the mashed potato. You know, there’s lots of good nnnn– nutrients and stuff in potatoes. Potato is a funny word.” “Po – ta – to.” “OK, Joe, let’s go,” said an aide, shoving him down into the basement. “What Joe was trying to say is that he’s chosen a well-qualified candidate who will run the country — err, I mean, help him run the country — with excellence.”

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    Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, Brussels 1873   • Yale Doctor Battles CNN Anchor Over Effectiveness Of HCQ (Fox) • COVID19 Survivors Show Incre
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 4 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, Brussels 1873

    Fascinating photograph; it gives up very little…
    Unless you Yandex it; a flood of information about those two poets and their relationship and their effect on poetry; again, an interesting read.


    Rimbaud is the most lauded French poet. He stopped writing at the ripe old age of 21, and became an arms smuggler in Morocco. He died at 33.

    V. Arnold

    …and became an arms smuggler in Morocco. He died at 33.

    That I did not know; thanks.
    I thought they looked like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. 😉

    Poets? Never! I mean, how could it be?
    Alas, twas in fact, poets…


    “…. random placebo-controlled trials, what Dr. Fauci refers to as the gold standard,”

    Today’s idiom: “the pot calling the kettle black.”
    This saying, which personifies kitchenware in order to make a point about hypocrisy, means “to criticize someone for a fault you also possess.”

    By the look of the numbers, it looks like we will have to live with 1% of the world population getting seriously sick from covid19.
    It will be just another condition of being alive.
    Another risk of dying.
    Another chance of going to a better place, (heaven), which has scared everyone so much that it shut down our economic and social systems..
    We will find ways of avoiding this cause of death and keep some kind of economic and social systems operational.
    We will find ways of surviving/living with covid19 just like we have found ways of living with winter and and heat domes.

    Last updated: August 04, 2020, 13:21 GMT
    Currently Infected Patients
    6,010,241 (99%)
    in Mild Condition

    64,581 (1%)
    Serious or Critical


    Assuring everyone that only 1% of the recipients of the vaccine become ill or die within a year will not be as reassuring as proponents hope.

    Ken Barrows

    The question to ask is whether one type of voting in less reliable than another. Mail in voting works in Colorado. And Utah. And other places. I will give you that NYC is very corrupt, although the article is a bit thin on details. Not sure that it’s the first of many incidents. Voting fraud stories are split between Dems and Republicans (e.g. North Carolina district cited in the article). Here, it’s also a primary versus a general.

    Trump doesn’t want mail in voting to lower the vote count. It’s not more complicated than that. Kunstler likes to bring up the subject for his QAnon membership application.

    Mr. House

    So many shenanigans, and all in an election year, what are the odds!

    Mr. House


    Is this writer q anon level yet?

    The White Black Nationalist Color Revolution


    ‘Europeans Are Waking Up to Government Covid Tyranny. Why Are We Still Asleep?’:

    “Tens of thousands of Germans marched through Berlin on Saturday, proclaiming a “Day of Freedom” and demanding an end to government-mandated face masks and “social distancing.” The UK and Netherlands also saw large protests against their governments’ tyrannical actions in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

    According to media accounts, the Berlin protesters held signs reading “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination,” and “We are making noise because you are stealing our freedom!”

    Good for them!

    The New York Times Tweeted that the masses of Berlin demonstrators were all “Nazis” and “conspiracy theorists.” Does the “paper of record” really want us to believe there were perhaps a million Nazis active in the streets of Berlin? Wouldn’t that be alarming?

    The fact is, Europeans are realizing that their government-mandated lockdowns did little or nothing to protect them from the virus, while causing economic catastrophe and untold human suffering..”

    He’s right. Rights lost are not easily regained..



    “The question to ask is whether one type of voting in less reliable than another.” Correctamundo! Oregon uses mail in voting. My sister lives there along with her non citizen husband (Aussie). He made the mistake of signing her ballot for her which was caught by the vote counters. The were contacted by the authorities and reprimanded. Mail in voting works very well. Colorado has the highest rating for voting accuracy. On the other hand we have a President elected to office who shouldn’t have been all over the issue of hanging chads.

    Mr. House

    I’m not voting, nor do i think it makes a difference so thats one thing i dont have to worry about this year, thank god.

    Mr. House

    Honest question:

    How much of what is going on is due to people actually thinking or how much is due to people just wanting to fit in? So much of what is going on now feels like its the cool people shouting you down just because. No reason or logic to it

    Mr. House

    7 billion people
    697,289 deaths

    Which leads to the chicken vs the egg argument, if we’d not done this those death numbers would be much higher!

    Strikes me as the same argument about how if we hadn’t QE’d back in 08 that i always heard when i argued against it. And if you were against it you were just a cold hearted person. And if you’re against the covid hysteria you’re a cold hearted person. Goal posts just keep moving.


    “7 billion people
    697,289 deaths”

    Do 1% of 7 billion and look at the social/economic systems that survives.

    That what we will have to live with … rinse and repeat …. then add hurricane destruction …. Beirut destruction … water shortages …. etc.
    Things are going to be different.


    COVID-19 after effects : Are these problems due to the virus OR to the antibodies?

    These reports of complication seem to be for those who were hospitaliised.

    The solution is to prevent the patients being hospitalised, and at the moment the ONLY option is treatment using zinc/HCQ/AZN.

    I read that blacks and latinos are disproportionately affected by C-19 so suppressing the use of HCQ could be considered racist!

    I would have liked to have seen more studies on the importance of vitamin D. Does it have a definite impact on the severity of the disease?

    Dr. D

    99.94% to fit in, clearly. This is my mistake.

    Situations have ended sad
    Relationships have all been bad
    Mine’ve been like Verlaine’s and Rimbaud
    But there’s no way I can compare
    All those scenes to this affair
    Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go

    Yer gonna make me wonder what I’m doin’
    Stayin’ far behind without you
    Yer gonna make me wonder what I’m sayin’
    Yer gonna make me give myself a good talkin’ to

    I’ll look for you in old Honolulu
    San Francisco, Ashtabula
    Yer gonna have to leave me now, I know
    But I’ll see you in the sky above
    In the tall grass, in the ones I love
    Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go

    Since I don’t make fun of Dum-dum enough:

    [Shall make no] Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, A1 S10 C1

    That is, neither the Executive nor anyone else can simply decide the contract between two private parties doesn’t exist. He definitively does NOT have this power. Even and especially for evictions. Or that is to say, to wield it, he would have to open 100 million court cases, break the contract via eminent domain, have them adjudicated successfully, and compensate each landlord accordingly. But that leads to this: “It does not matter what Trump would like; it is what the Constitution will allow.”

    Hahahahaha. Ah Master Turley, an you’re an adult? And they let you out of the house? We haven’t followed the Constitution in 100 years, if ever, and neither Judicial, Congress, nor the people will lift a finger to enforce any said “laws” or “Constitutions.” Clearly. For example, nothing about quarantines, fines, or shutdowns was passed in any laws at all. None. The Resistance House itself, far from cutting the purse strings they clearly and rightfully control, instead give MORE money to Dictatorial Executive, under Trump as much as Obama, Bush, Clinton, into the distant pre-history of Roosevelt and Wilson, Lincoln even. You’re so silly you’re adorable. Tell me the last time the law mattered here, my great-great-grandpappy would love to hear it.

    However, things must be truly bad in the Blue Man Group, for they have skipped from winning, you know, with a candidate who is verbal, to jacking the media, and electronic voting rigging that put many districts with 110% of voters voting blue (as Jill Stein’s Detroit audit showed, but also Philly and L.A) to mail-in voting that has 20% of Paterson NJ missing and the NAACP in both NJ and OR protesting, now into the new war-games yesterday, by Sir John Podesta.

    They assume Biden will 100% of course win — any other thought is unthinkable – and that therefore what must happen is that mail-in elections are NOT counted, but are delayed. As it is literally G-D impossible to count them. States then refuse to send results, or the Governor sends one set of Electors and the Legislature another. Therefore, the election is NOT counted, and the decision of President falls to – gosh and by golly, only if she didn’t want the terrible mantle! The weight of the nation upon her! Nancy Pelosi. Oh, the goodness of her blessed heart! Just as she said, should something happen, she is in charge. “Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected president of the United States. And I guess, you know, I’m second in line to the presidency.” Yes, and if the election is delayed, the House will simply APPOINT a President via the Legal, Constitutional, “Duly elected” process. Not that anyone just suggested on Twitter yesterday so that everyone blue would oppose it as ridiculous and impossible.

    I’m sure that’ll all work out great. The people seem fully behind the recent forays into arson, murder, and extortion and the Army, police, and all Americans with small arms are clearly on-board too. That’s why they didn’t ask the people and are doing this instead. Yeah, Podesta, DNC brain-trust doesn’t think so either, so…

    Mr. Podesta therefore said, WHEN they lose the election, AND lose the public support AND probably Pelosi’s attempt at appointing President by the Speaker of the House all fail, they will have the American West (CA, OR, and WA) secede from the nation. All points of this seem accurate and the very most likely outcome. How far they get with it is another question, as everyone in every city is already buying a gun, opposing it, and fleeing to Red, leaving a cratered tax-base, but they can certainly make a mess for a while. But that’s the least-bad civil war we could expect, having slept for 50 years of pure insolent neglect while it was openly, purposefully, and transparently arranged.

    So yes, the present plan isn’t even to win, lose, draw, or delay: it’s to make such an altar to Chaos, their God and master, that no one can figure it out. And lying, breaking things, is easy! It’s creating things and working that is hard. But what did you expect with a death cult opposed to all logic roaming around with nail-enhanced explosives, bricks, and firearms shooting at (black) 14-year olds while openly extorting raft-escaping Cubans in their own (successful) restaurants.

    The media tested the said Mail-ins the other day to prove how it was all made-up fake news. Mail-ins are G r e a t ! ! ! Better, even. Instead, 100% of the ballots were lost in the mail. When they demanded the Post Office find them, the manager finally did, and yet 3% remained missing – well beyond the margin-of-error. This matches what the NAACP found in Paterson NJ. Q stuff indeed, since this has been reported for years, Google “fraud, NY Times” and you can find articles on it going back, 2012, 2014 last time I believe, along with all the other stuff that was true 5 minutes ago, but when it hurts “our side right or wrong” suddenly becomes untrue again. Until it isn’t. Then it is. So please, mail Kenneth Clayton at the NAACP and tell him all about how when 20% of the vote is missing he’s a Q-Trump conspiracy supporter.

    P.S. don’t mistake Absentee ballots for Mail-in voting as they are trying to do. Each are different in important ways. It’s also one thing if you have no idea who the very few absentees are vs ballots reliably going to every house with no accounting. We already have hundreds of stories of ballots arriving at old addresses, for cats and dogs, multiples arriving at one house, and so on. Are all hundred stories false? When they are so many they even arrive at random reporters houses? Out of State? Stealing NAACP voters who then could not participate? Or what?

    Reality is whatever I think it is, whatever I want it to be. Whatever 99.94% says it is. That is to say, whatever is popular this week. That is our new consensus reality.

    SQ” alt=”SQ”

    “You’re either in or you’re out.” –Esme Squalor
    “You’re either for us or against us.” — W.

    And who is “In” changes minute-by-minute. Now Noam Chompksy, JK Rowling, Margaret Atwood, and Gloria Steinem are “Out”. And by out we mean they are to be cancelled, fired, and possibly killed. You’re next.

    Or we could choose objective facts and evidence. Return to the #Logos. Your choice.


    Oregon is the state I’m most familiar with, and Oregon has had, as far as I can tell, corruption-free voting for a long time (decades, at this point). Here is my concern: according to, there are only three states that currently employ voting by mail as the primary method: Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. That means that you’ve got 47 other states and a couple of territories that will have to scramble to put a system in place. They will have to formulate procedures, buy equipment, test it, and deploy it all, in the midst of a pandemic with reduced efficiency, in a three to six month time frame (depending on when they woke up to the impending crisis). Even prior to the pandemic, hell prior to Trump, there were serious questions about the integrity of the US voting system (looking at you,; as it stands now, we are looking at a clusterf*ck of epic proportions come November. Those 47 other states may manage to get the nominal job of printing, mailing, and tallying of ballots done, but there is no way that they’re going to be effective at verifying chain of custody and voter verification.


    In the spirit of the voting theme today, here’s an interesting article I came across by an ex-Prime Minister of Iceland on his observation of the effects of social media on Icelandic governments over time:

    John Day

    I’m really going to put up an essay and some more intellectual-doom-porn links tomorrow.
    I’ve had a lot of irons-in-the-fire recently, or maybe the same, but less fire…

    V. Arnold

    And who is “In” changes minute-by-minute. Now Noam Chompksy, JK Rowling, Margaret Atwood, and Gloria Steinem are “Out”. And by out we mean they are to be cancelled, fired, and possibly killed. You’re next.

    I am particularly impressed by J.K. Rowling’s response to the Trans propaganda campaign and cancel culture; kudos to her and her integrity. As an aside; I have not read any of Rowling’s books and have no intention to do so…

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