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Hunter Biden Story Is Russian Disinfo: Over 50 Former Intel Officials (Pol.)
The Damage Russiagate Has Done (Patrick Lawrence)
DNI: Hunter Biden Laptop Not Part Of Russian Disinformation Campaign (Turley)
MIT: Twitter Ban ‘Nearly Doubled’ Visibility Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story (DW)
Wikipedia Says Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Debunked’ (RT)
American Gothic Horror (Jim Kunstler)
The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Is Ahead (NR)
Presidential Debate Commission Will Mute Mics During Final Debate (sundance)
The Politics of Restraint (RCW)
DC Lobbyists See Dollar Signs Under Potential Biden Win (ZH)
“Health Is About More Than Controlling The Virus” (Sky)
Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition About Sex Life Will Be Made Public (NYP)



Scott Adams



The damage these people are doing to their country is no longer measurable.

If it was the Russians, Biden could simply deny this is true. He hasn’t.

“Former intel officials sharing their “belief” that factual, embarrassing info about a Democrat candidate — which that candidate does not even deny — is all Russia’s fault has all the classic earmarks of a Russiagate disinformation operation.”

“They say they “want to emphasize…that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement” but that are “just…deeply suspicious” that Russia played a “significant role in this case.”

Hunter Biden Story Is Russian Disinfo: Over 50 Former Intel Officials (Pol.)

More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” The letter, signed on Monday, centers around a batch of documents released by the New York Post last week that purport to tie the Democratic nominee to his son Hunter’s business dealings. Under the banner headline “Biden Secret E-mails,” the Post reported it was given a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who said he got it from a Mac shop owner in Delaware who also alerted the FBI.

While the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence, they said their national security experience had made them “deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case” and cited several elements of the story that suggested the Kremlin’s hand at work. “If we are right,” they added, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.” Nick Shapiro, a former top aide under CIA director John Brennan, provided POLITICO with the letter on Monday. He noted that “the IC leaders who have signed this letter worked for the past four presidents, including Trump. The real power here however is the number of former, working-level IC officers who want the American people to know that once again the Russians are interfering.”

The former Trump administration officials who signed the letter include Russ Travers, who served as National Counterterrorism Center acting director; Glenn Gerstell, the former NSA general counsel; Rick Ledgett, the former deputy NSA director; Marc Polymeropoulos, a retired CIA senior operations officer; and Cynthia Strand, who served as the CIA’s deputy assistant director for global issues. Former CIA directors or acting directors Brennan, Leon Panetta, Gen. Michael Hayden, John McLaughlin and Michael Morell also signed the letter, along with more than three dozen other intelligence veterans. Several of the former officials on the list have endorsed Biden. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said on Monday that the information on Biden’s laptop “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” though the FBI is reportedly conducting an ongoing investigation into whether Russia was involved.

[..] “We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement,” the letter reads. But, it continues, “there are a number of factors that make us suspicious of Russian involvement.” “Such an operation would be consistent with Russian objectives, as outlined publicly and recently by the Intelligence Community, to create political chaos in the United States and to deepen political divisions here but also to undermine the candidacy of former Vice President Biden and thereby help the candidacy of President Trump,” the letter reads.

Trump calls media criminal for not reporting on Joe Biden

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Excellent takedown.

The Damage Russiagate Has Done (Patrick Lawrence)

An inhabitant of Twitterland named “Willow Inski” took to the keyboard on Oct. 11, asking why anyone still accepts official accounts of the crucial theft of emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta in the spring of 2016.

Excellently observed, Willow. And at just the right moment. At this point we are amid a frenzy of what Hannah Arendt called “defactualization” in a 1971 essay she titled “Lying in Politics.” Facts are fragile, Arendt astutely observed, because they can so easily be manipulated to produce a desired image. “It is this fragility,” she wrote, “that makes deception so very easy up to a point, and so tempting.”The latest example of this phenom concerns the emails of Hunter Biden, candidate Joe’s errant son, which persuasively incriminate both in very profitable influence-peddling schemes when Papa was Barack Obama’s veep. Nobody denies the facts as published last week in The New York Post, not even Biden père et fils, but the facts are once again mutilated with assertions that it is another case of the Rrrrrrussians spreading disinformation.

This is what we get after four years of the Russia collusion b.s., otherwise known as Russiagate. Anything goes if implicating Russia solves a political problem for the Democrats and keeps the war machine going for the Pentagon and the national security state. It defers the moment — at some point it will come — when the press is exposed for its radically stupid overinvestment in the Russiagate nonsense. The price America has already begun to pay is very high. Willow’s expression of perplexity comes after an especially lively season of revelations as regards what must count as the largest disinformation op in U.S. history. It is now six months since the Russiagate hoax — and I am fine with President Donald Trump’s term for it — began its final crash into a pile of piffle.

While it remains to be seen whether more evidence of political chicanery is coming, what evidence we already have is more than sufficient to identify Russiagate as the probable criminal fraud it was from the start. I am refreshed that Willow Inski, who describes herself as an “attorney, wife, mother, proud American,” sees through this extravagant ruse. And yet, as she notes, a lot of people don’t. A lot of people are “still taking at face value” all the misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies our newspapers, magazines, and broadcasters have purveyed incessantly for the past four years.

Why is a very large question. All possible answers are disturbing. But here is another big one we get to before that: When we consider together all its many consequences, has Russiagate destroyed what remained of American democracy before illiberal liberals, spooks, law enforcement, and the press colluded to erect the dreadful edifice? Your columnist’s answer rests on the most scrupulously precise definition of Russiagate one can manage: What we have witnessed these past four years is an attempted palace coup against a sitting president. Cold comfort it is that the gang that couldn’t shoot straight bungled the job. It has also created a Democratic default position: When wrongdoing by Democrats is credibly exposed, automatically blame Russia. Among much else, that has led to unnecessary tension with a nuclear power. This damage will long stay with us.

[..] In 1787, when he was our new nation’s minister in Paris, Jefferson wrote home to a friend that “were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” We are stuck with a government without newspapers now, given the ties our press has consolidated its ties with political and bureaucratic power in the course of imposing the Russiagate ruse upon us. They only look like newspapers now.

Joe Biden, foreground, and son Hunter during inauguration of President Barack Obama, Jan. 20, 2009. (acaben, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons)

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Ratcliffe calls Schiff a liar.

DNI: Hunter Biden Laptop Not Part Of Russian Disinformation Campaign (Turley)

Recently, we discussed how House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff stated publicly that the recently disclosed laptop information from Hunter Biden was clearly part of a Russian intelligence operation. This morning, John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, stated categorically that Hunter Biden’s laptop was not part of a Russian disinformation campaign. What is most notable is that Ratcliffe has stated that Schiff and his Committee were given that conclusion by the intelligence community. The incident has raised lingering criticism of Schiff who previously told the public that he had clear evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia after that allegation was rejected in repeated investigations, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Schiff never produced the incriminating evidence and later it was shown that the widely cited Steele dossier was based on a source who was considered to be a Russian agent. There is ample reason to suspicious about the timing of this disclosure. However, I have written that this serious concern is separate from the question of whether the emails are fabricated. The Biden campaign has not given the most obvious responses to such a scandal. It is important to keep in mind that Hillary Clinton and the DNC were actually hacked by Russian intelligence but the underlying emails were true. Schiff now finds himself, again, in the position of supporting a claim of evidence of Russian collusion. He will have to show that this laptop discovery was engineered by Russian intelligence. If the owner is speaking the truth, the computer was dropped off in April 2019 with the intent to be used in the 2020 campaign.

Ratcliffe stated in an interview that “it’s funny that some of the people that complained the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing intelligence and unfortunately in this case, it is Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who as you pointed out on Friday said that the intelligence community believes that Hunter Biden’s laptop and e-mails on it are part of some Russian disinformation campaign. Let me be clear, the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports and we shared no intelligence with chairman Schiff or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign. It’s simply not true.”

Ratcliffe accused Schiff of politicizing intelligence and stated “Don’t drag the intelligence community into this. Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign and I think it’s clear the American people know that.” Schiff should explain the basis for his conclusion that this is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Someone is clearly misrepresenting the intelligence and the public should know the basis for these irreconcilable statements.

Trump dumb bastards

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MIT: Twitter Ban ‘Nearly Doubled’ Visibility Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story (DW)

Twitter’s crackdown on a controversial New York Post story that “purported to show new emails from Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, about his business dealings while Joe Biden was the vice president in the Obama administration,” “nearly doubled” the story’s visibility and triggered the so-called “Streisand Effect,” amplifying the Post’s claims, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a high-profile media intelligence firm. “When Twitter banned, and then unbanned, links to a questionably sourced New York Post article about Joe Biden’s son Hunter, its stated intention was to prevent people from spreading harmful false material as America heads into the final stretch of the election campaign,” MIT’s Technology Review reported Monday.

“But thanks to the cycle of misinformation—and claims from conservatives that social-media platforms are deliberately censoring their views—Twitter managed to do the opposite of what it intended.” In fact, Twitter’s efforts triggered a massive spike in interest in the story. “According to Zignal Labs, a media intelligence firm, shares of the Post article ‘nearly doubled’ after Twitter started suppressing it,” MIT noted. The incident was a real-time example of what Zignal Lab’s calls the “Streisand Effect” — a “social phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove or censor information has the unintended consequence of further publicizing that information, often via the Internet,” according to Wikipedia. The name comes from singer Barbra Streisand’s efforts, in 2003, to suppress a photo of her Malibu, California, residence over security concerns.

According to Zignal Labs, the effect was immediate and significant. “Zignal found a surge of shares immediately after Twitter instituted the block, jumping from about 5.5 thousand shares every 15 minutes to about 10 thousand. This doesn’t necessarily mean the block caused the explosion in interest, but the surge corresponds with a series of widely shared tweets from Trump supporters and conservatives accusing the platform of political censorship,” MIT noted Monday. “The New York Post story, which was blocked on Twitter for about a day, was shared 352,200 times on the platform,” they added.

Dobbs, Powell, Fitton, Solomon

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How you get your information.

Wikipedia Says Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Debunked’ (RT)

Allegations of corruption against ex-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter have apparently been “debunked” and are merely a “conspiracy theory” according to Wikipedia, where editors are battling over the terms.
Hunter Biden was the subject of an explosive report last week as the New York Post published emails alleging that he involved his father in dodgy business dealings in Ukraine and China. While the story is still unfolding, the Wikipedia page for Hunter Biden simply states that “he and his father have been the subjects of debunked right-wing conspiracy theories pushed by [President] Donald Trump and his allies.” The curious framing was highlighted by conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter on Tuesday.

Eight sources are listed for this one sentence, intending to support the view that any accusations of corruption against the Democratic presidential candidate and his son have already been proven false. In recent days, Wikipedia editors have been engaged in regular spats about the inclusion of the word “debunked.” The eighth source was added on Sunday by a frequent contributor to Biden’s son’s page, whose username is ‘Soibangla’. A regular editor of American political topics on Wikipedia, Soibangla was previously found tweaking pedophile sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s page, specifically to note that there is “no evidence” that he and former President Bill Clinton were “friends” – despite the ex-commander-in-chief traveling on the disgraced financier’s plane 26 times, according to flight logs.

Curiously, the same Soibangla is one of the top authors on a new Wikipedia page titled, ‘Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory’. The page was created on October 15, the day after the Post published Hunter’s alleged email history. The article calls the controversy “a series of false allegations” and references an almost identical list of eight sources to back it up. A war over Hunter Biden’s page has been raging since December 2019, when the word ‘debunked’ was initially added in reference to the scandal involving the former VP’s role in the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who said he was investigating the Burisma gas company where Hunter sat on the board.

It kicked off again on September 30, when user ‘Php2000’ removed ‘debunked’, noting that “Sources state [Hunter Biden] was making 50,000 USD a month as a board member in Ukraine gas company. Hardly ‘debunked.’” Just two minutes later, according to the website’s timeline, editor ‘Billmckern’ reverted the change, adding, “it’s been debunked and we have consensus language here.” Php2000 once again deleted the word, explaining that Hunter Biden making a lot of money in Ukraine was a well-documented fact. “What exactly has been debunked?” they asked. “Read the references,” wrote Billmckern a mere four minutes later, once again restoring the controversial phrasing.

Veritas Big Tech

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“..trailing rather pathetically in the primary elections after being dubbed an old racist by his opponents, and drubbed in Iowa and New Hampshire, Joe somehow managed to sweep the table on Super Tuesday..”

American Gothic Horror (Jim Kunstler)

Now we know why Nancy Pelosi has been running around in a fright mask with her hair on fire, and it’s not just a ghoulish anticipation of Halloween. Her Democratic Party is in extremis. It is shot through with the cancer of falsehood and the wormholes of crime, acquired through decades of playing fast and loose with the machinery of government. Nancy has been informed and she remains stuck in the rage stage of the grief cycle. Somebody sent her a copy of that hard-drive. The thing she feared would not end well is actually turning out worse than she thought. I have a theory about Joe Biden: He didn’t want to run for president. Not one eensy-weensy bit.

He wanted a nice, quiet retirement with his fat government pension plus sundry millions that had somehow found its way into his bank account over the years. He had a fabulous $16-million gentleman’s estate to gambol upon with his beloved grandchildren. The developing brain-fog was actually a comfort, allowing him to forget the rigors of public service and all the tedious gathering of… honoraria, shall we say. But then they came for him…! The Party called. Rather specifically, his old Kemosabe, Barack Obama, called him in for that ominous sit-down and gave him the bad news: Joe, you’ve gotta run. Bernie, Liz, and the rest of those bozos, they won’t keep a lid on it. You’re in this thing as deep as we are and it’s getting a little hairy. You’ve got to do it for the sake of the party, and all our… friends….

And so, Joe Biden was shanghaied into running for president. He was given a bodyguard of news media, including those crucial new additions, the social media, Twitter and Facebook, where, increasingly, information was hubbed for transmission among the voters. They would protect him infallibly from any damaging narratives. In fact, they would generate powerful counter-narratives to keep their adversaries off-balance. If Joe could just roll with it until November 3rd, they could lay all their… problems… to rest, bury all that annoying insinuendo about the hobgoblin Deep State (ha!), and finally breathe easy.

And so, trailing rather pathetically in the primary elections after being dubbed an old racist by his opponents, and drubbed in Iowa and New Hampshire, Joe somehow managed to sweep the table on Super Tuesday — apparently due to the single, magical endorsement of one congressman James Clyburn (SC, 6th District), a narrative that was swallowed like a May River oyster by the credulous all over the land. And thus anointed, Joe retreated to his fabled basement for the whole election season, venturing intermittently into empty parking lots and airplane hangars to offer proof-of-life while a polling disinfo campaign by his media bodyguard vouchsafed his inevitable victory. Looked like a sure thing in September… pack up all my cares and woe… and so forth….

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The pic is on Wisconsin only.

The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Is Ahead (NR)

Much of Trafalgar’s approach focuses on accounting for the so-called social-desirability bias. As Cahaly puts it, that’s when a respondent gives you “an answer that is designed to make the person asking the question be less judgmental of the person who answers it.” Cahaly notes that this phenomenon showed up as long ago as the 1980s, in the so-called Bradley effect, when the African-American mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, underperformed his polling in a gubernatorial race. It has been a hallmark of the Trump era and is one reason other pollsters missed the impending victory of Ron DeSantis over Andrew Gillum in the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race. “I’ve got to get past what you want to say in public and get to what you really feel,” Cahaly says. “Because what’s in your heart is going to be what’s on that ballot.”

There are a number of methodological differences in how Trafalgar goes about its work. One is the number of questions on its surveys. “I don’t believe in long questionnaires,” Cahaly says. “I think when you’re calling up Mom or Dad on a school night, and they’re trying to get the kids dinner and get them to bed, and that phone rings at seven o’clock — and they’re supposed to stop what they’re doing and take a 25- to 30-question poll? No way.” Why does that matter? “You end up disproportionately representing the people who will like to talk about politics, which is going to skew toward the very, very conservative and the very, very liberal and the very, very bored, “Cahaly explains. “And the kind of people that win elections are the people in the middle. So I think they miss people in the middle when they do things that way.”

According to Cahaly, most polls are more than 25 questions. He keeps it between seven and nine, so respondents can answer in a matter of minutes. Then there is how the questions are asked. “We do not like to do all live calls,” Cahaly says. This goes back to the social-desirability bias. People with opinions that are unpopular “don’t want to be judged by somebody on the phone that they don’t know.” If this was always true, it’s particularly so now: “They’ve seen all this stuff of people being shamed for their opinion, people losing their jobs.” So Trafalgar mixes up how it contacts people, and especially wants respondents to feel safe in responding.

“We use collection methods of live calls, auto calls, texts, emails, and a couple that we call our proprietary digital technology that we don’t explain, but it’s also digital,” Cahaly says. The point, he continues, is to “really push the anonymous part — this is your anonymous say-so.” Another factor, is that “conservatives are less likely to participate in polls in general,” he says. “We see a five-to-one refusal rate among conservatives.” That means “you’ve got to work very hard to get a fair representation of conservatives, when you do any kind of a survey.”

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So Joe can read his teleprompter and listen to his wires in peace.

Presidential Debate Commission Will Mute Mics During Final Debate (sundance)

In yet another transparent effort to support Joe Biden, the presidential debate commission has announced they will mute microphones during the two minute answer sessions as part of a strategy to assist the promotion of disinformation. (Via New York Post) “The Commission on Presidential Debates has decided to mute microphones to allow each candidate the opportunity for uninterrupted remarks during this week’s final forum. The mute button will be featured at the start of each 15-minute segment during opening comments, according to the commission. After that time, both mics will be turned on without a mute option to enable debate.” The Trump campaign responds:

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Feels like wishful thinking.

The Politics of Restraint (RCW)

During this election season, there is much discussion around the increasing polarization of the American electorate. While these conversations can seem overwrought, there is clear data showing an increasing divide on issues like race relations and the economy. However, on foreign policy, the American people are more united. There is an increasingly shared belief across party lines that the United States needs to end its endless wars and adventurism abroad. Based on a bevy of recent polls and research, American voters will likely reward candidates who support foreign policy restraint, while punishing those who advocate for the maintenance of a failed status quo.

For most of the post-9/11 era, the conventional wisdom reinforced by the political pundits and the consultant class was that foreign policy hawkishness was a political strength. Even politicians such as President Barack Obama, who owed part of his political success to opposing the Iraq War, still felt the need to show hawkishness regarding other military conflicts. The perceived political incentives contributed to Obama ignoring the lessons of the Iraq War and initiating the disastrous intervention in Libya in 2011, along with the failed surge of American forces in Afghanistan from 2009-2012. A lack of significant political accountability by Republicans — who only seemed to try to “out-hawk” Obama — in the 2012 election for these failures reinforced the notion that support for primacy abroad was the politically safe position.

That conventional wisdom reigned into the early days of the 2016 election, but was shattered by two candidates, one during each major party’s primaries. In the Democratic primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders gave the presumptive nominee, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, an unexpectedly strong challenge. Sanders has been a consistent critic of American foreign policy in the Middle East, while Clinton supported the Iraq War and the overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya. While Sanders did not make foreign policy the centerpiece of his campaign in 2016, his record on those issues further strengthened his appeal with the progressive left, which is traditionally wary of military intervention.

More so than Sanders, Donald Trump completely upended the conventional wisdom around what a candidate needed to say on foreign policy to win. During the 2016 Republican primary, Trump frequently and aggressively criticized America’s wars in the Middle East. During a primary debate in South Carolina, Trump excoriated former President George W. Bush for invading Iraq, and for his administration’s lies about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Prominent Republican pundits criticized Trump’s remarks and claimed that his comments would hurt his chances in South Carolina, a state heavily populated by military service members and veterans who were thought to be more hawkish.

Yet Trump easily won the South Carolina primary and the Republican nomination. During the general election, while by no means portraying himself as a dove, Trump would continue his criticism of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while tying Clinton to America’s broader failures in the Middle East. This messaging likely played a key role in Trump’s 2016 general election victory. According to research conducted by two political scientists following the 2016 election, Trump’s perception as the less interventionist candidate among voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin likely drove his victory in those critical states.

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They’ll win either way.

DC Lobbyists See Dollar Signs Under Potential Biden Win (ZH)

DC lobbyists are licking their chops at the prospect of a Biden win in November, as a flood of new regulations means they’ll have their work cut out for them. “There is a huge amount of planning going on in our client base for what this could look like,” according to Holland & Knight LLP lobbyist, Rich Gold. “It’s highly likely the first six months of 2021 are some of the biggest legislative months I will have in my career in terms of things moving.” Gold represents the American Chemistry Council, education technology provider Zovio, Inc., agriculture giant Corteva and several local governments. According to Bloomberg, K Street lobbyists began planning for major changes when polling began to show former Vice President Biden leading President Trump, as well as the possibility that Democrats would regain control of the Senate.

“Not since 2008, when President George W. Bush was leaving the White House, have lobbyists planned for the possibility of so sweeping a change in Washington’s corridors of power,” writes Bloomberg’s Jennifer Dlouhy and Ben Brody. “The presidential race remains tight in key states and the firms remain vigilant for another Trump victory like the one that caught many by surprise in 2016. But they are hedging their bets and increasingly planning around Biden’s polling lead. One firm is developing dossiers on potential appointees, selling them to clients under the maxim “people are policy.” Another has created flow charts outlining possible committee leadership changes on Capitol Hill. And at least one group has established a war room to brainstorm strategies for countering policy proposals. -Bloomberg

One oil lobbyist told Bloomberg on condition of anonymity that the election would be a “rack-and-stack” exercise when it comes to the multitude of actions the Biden administration could undertake, while a Democratic sweep of the Senate has caused many lobbyists to begin cultivating relationships with moderate Democrats, including Jon Tester of Montana, Kyrsten Sinema of Zrizona, and Joe Machin of West Virginia.

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Headline was about hospitals running out of beds, but the numbers cast doubt on that. The headline I gave is from the mayor of Manchester.

“It’s not unusual for 80% to 85% of ICU beds to be in use at this time of year..” “.. the NHS usually say they’re “at capacity” when they hit 85%, not 100% of beds filled.”

“Health Is About More Than Controlling The Virus” (Sky)

Stalemate seems to remain in negotiations about tougher restrictions for Greater Manchester, as hospitals in the region run low on beds to treat coronavirus patients. [..] data from the Greater Manchester Critical Care Network (GMCCN) suggested some of the region’s 12 hospitals were running out of space on Friday. It also showed the Royal Bolton Hospital was running at 94% capacity .The figures show hospitals across Greater Manchester are operating at an average of 82% capacity. The NHS said in a statement: “We are monitoring the situation with our hospital admissions, overall beds and ITU beds very, very closely.

The figures showed the Stepping Hill Hospital and the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust were operating at full capacity.”It’s not unusual for 80% to 85% of ICU beds to be in use at this time of year and our hospitals work together if there are particular pressures in any one area, to ensure the best care for patients who need the high level of support ICU provides, both for COVID and for other reasons.” A source at the GMCCN told Sky News the NHS usually say they’re “at capacity” when they hit 85%, not 100% of beds filled.

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Will they still label her a “socialite” after reading this, or will she get a new label?

Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition About Sex Life Will Be Made Public (NYP)

A federal appeals court Monday ordered the unsealing of a deposition related to Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life — after the defense fought tooth and nail to keep it secret. A three-judge panel from the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals issued the brief, two-page ruling after hearing arguments on the matter last week. “We cannot conclude that the District Court abused its discretion in ordering the unsealing of the deposition materials,” the panel wrote. It’s unclear when the documents will be released. The seven-hour, 418-page deposition is from testimony Maxwell gave in April 2016 in a now-settled civil defamation lawsuit filed against her by Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre. In the interview, Maxwell made statements about “consensual, and intimate conduct with other adults,” according to court papers. US District Judge Loretta Preska, who is overseeing the litigation over the release of the materials, had ordered the documents unsealed in July, but Maxwell’s lawyers had appealed the decision.

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    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1965   • Hunter Biden Story Is Russian Disinfo: Over 50 Former Intel Officials (Pol.) • The Damage Russiagate Has Don
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    Mister Roboto

    As I said on Kunstler’s blog yesterday, the establishment’s Democratic Party Kool-Aid drinkers in the wake of the Hunter Biden e-mails, are really starting to remind me of George W. Bush supporters when the realization was sinking in that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (“The WMDs were moved to Syria!”)

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1965

    So, he was an old duffer @ 84yo…
    That explains much about this painting…
    I don’t find it particularly attractive; but then at 75, I’m not either…
    …it’s probably a good look at him; I can’t imagine the life he lived; and how it influenced his view of the world; but surely, vastly different than the life I’ve lived, up to this moment…and my view askew……….

    John Day

    Treason in America: An Overview of the FBI, CIA and Matters of ‘National Security’ , Cynthia Chung
    ​ ​Thus, during our time of great upheaval we should ask ourselves; what constitutes the persisting “ruling system,” of the United States, and where do the injustices in its state of affairs truly originate from? ​…
    ​ A system that, though it believes itself to be fighting tooth and nail for its very survival, is only digging a deeper grave. A system that is incapable of generating any real solutions to the problems it faces.
    ​ ​The only way out of this is to address that very fact. The most important issue that will decide the fate of the country is what sort of changes are going to occur in the political and intelligence apparatus, such that a continuation of this tyrannical treason is finally stopped in its tracks and unable to sow further discord and chaos.​..
    ​ When the matter of truth is depicted as a possible threat to those that govern a country, you no longer have a democratic state. True, not everything can be disclosed to the public in real time, but we are sitting on a mountain of classified intelligence material that goes back more than 60 years.​..
    ​ ​If the American people really want to finally see who is standing behind that curtain in Oz, now is the time.​..
    The truth must finally be brought to light, or the country will rot from its head to tail.

    Treason in America: An Overview of the FBI, CIA and Matters of ‘National Security’

    There is going to be a debate between Biden and Trump Thursday. “Biden-crime-family” bribes come under “foreign policy”, it seems.
    Trump Adviser Says Debate Commission May ‘Shut Mic Off’ As Foreign Policy Suddenly Dropped From Topics
    ​ ​Meanwhile, in the wake of the Hunter Biden laptop revelations – and in what we’re sure is a coincidence, the Debate Commission has decided to ditch foreign policy as a topic for Thursday’s face-off.
    ​ ​According to Miller, the Debate Commission “changed focus of final debate away from foreign policy so Joe Biden wouldn’t have to answer to being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, supporting endless wars and sending pallets of cash to Iran.”
    Speaking to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News on Monday morning, Jason Miller added: “If the moderator doesn’t bring [Hunter Biden’s e-mails] up, I think you’re safe to assume that the President will.”


    It computes
    ” I have a theory about Joe Biden: He didn’t want to run for president. Not one eensy-weensy bit.”
    I don’t believe that a drug addict was able to navigate the legal system and set up all those companies.

    Find the lawyer and the accountant who did all this for him and then someone might go to jail.

    Sperry Exposes The Complete History Of Hunter Biden’s Crony-Connected Jobs
    Joe Biden’s Boosters Wrote His Prodigal Son’s Entire Resume
    By Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations
    October 16, 2020

    “This Is Not A Russian Hoax”: ‘Nonpublic Information’ Debunks Letter From ’50 Former Intel Officials’

    “Going back to the ’50 former senior intelligence officials’ and their latest Russia fixation, one has to wonder – do they think Putin was able to compromise Biden’s former business associate, Bevan Cooney,
    https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/16/exclusive-this-is-china-inc-emails-reveal-hunter-bidens-associates-helped-communist-aligned-chinese-elites-secure-white-house-meetings/ )

    who gave investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, (link
    https://www.breitbart.com/tag/peter-schweizer/ ),
    his gmail password – revealing that Hunter and his partners were engaged in an influence-peddling operation for rich Chinese who wanted access to the Obama administration?”

    Will the undecided 10% read the “fake news” and make the deciding votes?
    Nolte: Biden Family Corruption Spreads Into Coronavirus Response
    “According to the far-left Politico, we can now add Joe Biden’s son-in-law to the members of the Biden family who have put themselves into a position to profit off the former vice president’s position and power.

    Biden’s daughter, Ashley, is married to Philadelphia head and neck doctor Howard Krein. The two met in 2010 and married in 2012.

    Currently, Krein serves as chief medical officer for a firm called StartUp Health, an investment firm that, according to Politico, “unveiled a new coronavirus initiative soliciting pitches from entrepreneurs with products that addressed the outbreak.”

    And now Krein is advising the Biden campaign on the coronavirus.

    The conflict of interest here is obvious. Krein is not only in a position to shape policy in a way advantageous to his firm, he can get a heads up on what’s coming. For an investment company, that’s the Golden Ticket.

    Politico reports:

    Even informal input or the perception of access can be valuable in health care, a heavily regulated sector that is influenced by federal policy and spending priorities.

    “Sometimes, the perception is all you need,” said Laura Huang, a professor at Harvard Business School who studies the early stage investment process. “Signaling is very important for startups and investors alike, and one signal is high-profile individuals who can help provide access.”

    So here we go again. Yet another member of the Biden family who just happens to be in a sweet, sweet, sweet position to rake in the bucks off of influencing the old man.

    Also on this sleazy list are Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother Frank.”
    “​If the American people really want to finally see who is standing behind that curtain in Oz, now is the time.​..
    The truth must finally be brought to light, or the country will rot from its head to tail.”

    The future of the USA is in the hands of the intellectual educated elites to present the facts to the undecided 10% voters.


    I’m just not sure why I should care more about Joe Biden’s kid making book off his father’s position than Trump’s kids making money off his position. Or any other politician’s or world leader’s kids making money off their parents positions. Is it because Hunter is “ickier” because of his drugs? Well, shit, even the Kennedys have known drug and alcohol problems in their family. (Remember Chappaquiddick?)

    Seems to me the whole entire globe is rife with the families of politicians taking advantage of connections to get their kids, in-laws, wealthy donors, etc. into some lucrative deals of one sort or another.

    Maxwell Quest

    “More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

    That was easy. We can add 50 more names to the list of conspirators attempting to subvert the rule of law. It’s so much easier when they come forward willingly, instead of having to ferret them out one by one. If only we had a branch of government to hold them accountable. You know, a separation of powers sorta thing.

    “This morning, John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, stated categorically that Hunter Biden’s laptop was not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”

    Mr. Ratcliffe appears to be smelling something in the air and is positioning himself on the winning side. Possibly that massive Stalin-like Purge looming on the horizon.

    “Wikipedia Says Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Debunked’ (RT)”

    More evidence that Wikipedia is thoroughly compromised. I learned this years ago, but there are still some that use it as a source for their arguments, further proving that they are out of touch.

    “…trailing rather pathetically in the primary elections after being dubbed an old racist by his opponents, and drubbed in Iowa and New Hampshire, Joe somehow managed to sweep the table on Super Tuesday…”

    Gee, someone else noticed? Almost as if the presidential primaries were some sort of orchestrated TV show with a cast of characters, a suspenseful plot, followed by a celebratory resolution.

    Mister Roboto

    @teri: It’s certainly not the most unappealing thing about Biden. The most unappealing thing about Biden is the policies he has promoted over the last four decades.

    Dr. D

    “Biden could simply deny this is true. He hasn’t.”

    For non-tech, the reason they’re going circles is that email have a hash that is easy to test. Does the offered email have a hash that matches the known Hunter Biden key? Yes? It’s real. …And some of his circle said that the emails are real, and “Big Guy” is Biden.

    So why RussiaRussiaRussia?

    Because IF the emails are real, then the only deflection is that “Russia” “Hacked” them, and therefore don’t trust them. That is – and get this because the mass media loves making up these ridiculous and un-credible conspiracy theories – Russia “Hacked” Biden’s emails out of the stream. THEN they assembled them, THEN they made up a used MacBook with all the fixin’s. THEN they dropped it off at a random shop in Delaware. THEN they waited 4 months. THEN the owner called the FBI. THEN the FBI did nothing during the impeachment. THEN the owner got sick of waiting and feared for his life (correctly). THEN handed it to Rudy. Who THEN waited 6 months. Who showed it to the press. …And Russia knew all this would happen back when they started. Pretty tricky those Russkies. …Like using deadly chemicals that never kill? Eh?

    Uh, guys? Guess what? I D O N ‘ T C A R E. Why? Just like Hillary’s server – you know the one that neither the FBI or Mueller even tried to look at? – the only thing I, the voter, cares about is whether the emails are REAL. You just said they are. Stop. Husshit. http://www.zipit.com Don’t care.

    If that weren’t enough, Rudy talked to Biden’s lawyers who wrote on paper “Hey, can we get OUR laptop back?” Oh, so it IS your and not a plant. Thanks for the confirmation, boys!

    …Long way ‘round to explain why there is no denial. Wouldn’t help.

    So their argument, lost in the blizzard of bulls—t they’re harping, is that the EMAILS ARE REAL, BUT WE SHOULD IGNORE THEM. Yes, in fact it is. And Americans obey immediately, like good slaves. Like good abused-children-of-adult-alcoholics that they are.

    So this is true? Yes. And yet we shouldn’t listen to how this *true* email shows world-wide corruption amongst all Federal officials we all already know have been going on for decades in both parties? Yes. Oh and it’s the OTHER guy who’s corrupt. Vote for Burr!

    And you wonder why living here is as like to drive a normal man mad.

    Continuing from yesterday though, Trump quote: Not happy with Barr, may replace him. With Meadows, who knows. Ding! That was quick.

    Since anyone who does will be 86’d/45d as they’re saying (80 miles out, 6 feet deep) all Meadows needs to do is indict and retire. Once the paperwork is filed, it’s a bear to reverse. He can pass the baton to yet ANOTHER short-timer to prosecute the cases, and so on. I mean, you remember Comey saying “no reasonable person” with a reasonable fear of being unexpectedly murdered would prosecute Hillary’s case, right? He’s not wrong in that.

    Also the NY Times air-cover fig leaf was hilarious. So NY Post reporters said the NY Post reporter doesn’t believe the NY Post reporter about the article the NY Post published? Riiiiiight. “129 ½ anonymous sources all agreed” “officials familiar with the thinking of the administration” (i.e., an outsider who pontificates on their upright thumb) says. Uh huh. Yeah, that’s worked out so far.

    And this is why for 50 years you can’t use anonymous sources ya dummies. Exactly because of this nonsensical abuse any pinhead could see. But no one learns anything from history. If they did, they’d be conservatives, because they see “oh we did this before; it never works; there is nothing new under the sun.” You don’t think conservatives also wish there were a magic wand that fixes and erases human nature? Of course they do. Difference is they don’t believe in fairy tales after that belief has killed 300M people this century. The best we can do is minimize and balance wicked powers against each other.

    ““Lying in Politics.”

    Heard a TV quote this morning where a (NBC?) pundit said, “But this means you think government officials are lying!” I spit out my coffee. …And once I could breathe again: yes, Virginia, it may not have come up in your 50 years of life before now but it has been known for governments to lie. At least once since Christ was a Corporal. But I imagine Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy asked them not to and it’s all good now. No mass murders and suppression of medical therapies here! Just ask: they said they didn’t! Wikipedia debunked it!

    “Ratcliffe calls Schiff a liar.”

    Doesn’t matter: will never matter. The End. Total lack of evidence from Schiff, plus total string of revealed lies for 4 years, doesn’t matter. That Ratcliffe is the official authority, in the government they worship, that should and does know and has produced evidence while Schiff and the NY Times have produced none, doesn’t matter. We believe government slavishly, like the CDC. But when the same government and same officials says something we don’t believe, like safe vaccines in the CDC and FDA, we don’t believe them nevah evah, like Cuomo! That’s logic! Or actually #AntiLogic, #AntiLogos, their god. So Cuomo is now a hard-core anti-vaxxer who does not listen to the doctors, a #ScienceDenier. Maybe he’ll become a Pentecostal Creationist too, might do him some good.

    My God what a wacky world. So which quote will get me banned now? The one from WHO, CDC, or the one from Cuomo? –Trick question, we’ll ban you either way. Even if you’re the HouseofRepresentatives.gov and the WhiteHouse CDC Covid commission doctor.

    Anyway, choice between a known serial liar and an official source who hasn’t lied much (yet) we choose the known serial liar! Of course!

    People aren’t buying it, CNN, you dumb bastards.”

    This was Tim Pool’s takeaway about the Time.com reporter: not only does nobody believe them (why would they?) but they don’t even care about the headlines, subjects, furious outrage and subjects of the NY Twitterati. …And why would they? Those guys are so dumb when 100 high-profile figures visit Epstein’s 71st street mansion for decades, nobody knew nuttin’ and these allegations of sex and young’uns is cray-cray. Yup, not a single policeman or Mayor ever knowd. Where do hicks in Wisconsin get such silly notions? From the +10 years of NY Times articles about it? From ABC’s scandal over spiking the Prince Andrew story and allowing another 3 years of 15-year-olds to be trafficked? No sense of humor, those Flyovers. Sex in the City is just clean fun! Nexium: it’s like a health spa almost.

    MIT: Twitter Ban ‘Nearly Doubled’ Visibility of Hunter Biden Laptop Story (DW)”

    Speaking of guys who worship Goebbels and read Bernays, Clue phone: it’s for you. Thankfully they’re so astonishingly incompetent. Like I said, if the American people and guys like Trump are outsmarting them, just imagine how dumb they must be. Thanks Jack! If you weren’t so annoying and a raging, serial felon, I’d send you a gift card. For the gift that keeps on giving, proving to Americans there’s something here or you wouldn’t furiously censor it. Duuuuuuuh.

    Wikipedia Says Hunter Biden Scandal ‘Debunked’ (RT)”

    Was that by that one wikipedia profile who updates only international-policy stuff, 4x a day and every day of the year including every holiday? Gosh he’s a busy boy. It’s almost like he’s a doorway account for everyone logging on from Langley. Wikipedia, –snigger, snort—

    American Gothic Horror (Jim Kunstler)”

    Nice writing. Too bad you have to read me and not more of him. But it’s okay since it seems we agree, and he’s a life-long journalist and expert.

    “I have a theory about Joe Biden: He didn’t want to run for president. Not one eensy-weensy bit.” We think EXACTLY alike. I mean except that I’m some dumb jerk.

    “The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Is Ahead (NR)”

    The key pollster who thinks Trump is ahead is: –ta dah!– the Biden campaign. You’d think that would matter, but apparently not. Media still lying. He’s up by 10,000 points!

    “We see a five-to-one refusal rate among conservatives.” I wonder why.

    “shared belief across party lines that the United States needs to end its endless wars and adventurism abroad.”

    Yeah, since 1910. Wilson and FDR had to lie us into war even then. Or rather: the media corporations merged with the government to lie us into wars of immense profit and power. Right Daddy Warbucks? America votes in every candidate who promises NOT to war, and 100% of the time they lie us into war, like FDR, Baby Bush, Obama…

    ““It’s not unusual for 80% to 85% of ICU beds to be in use at this time of year..” “.. the NHS usually say they’re “at capacity” when they hit 85%, not 100% of beds filled.”

    I’ve said this before. What did you think the ICU baseline rate was: 0%? No. If it’s slow they keep them, if it’s hot, they try to push their best patients out into conventional beds. Etc. It’s probably always near 90%. But that would require “Journalists” to use a “Telephone.” Does not compute. They only use the CIA press-release teleprompter.

    “I’m leading the fight in the Senate to hold companies like @Twitter, @Facebook, and @Google accountable for their brazen censorship,”

    Cruz is NOT leading that fight, he’s barely showing up. There’s a guy who WAS leading that fight, by protesting big-company oligarchs’ censorship in downtown San Fran. The Billionaire Oligarchs’ Brown-shirt security force – called Antifa/BLM – kicked his teeth in. Oh, and he is black, as usual, all the BLM guys are white, as usual. Media answer? CENSOR HIM FOR PROTESTING CENSORSHIP. That’s right, as beating minorities in the streets – again – by white leftists – again, defending billionaire profits – again, is a bad look, so they removed all his social media. Some few non-banned did start a gofundme to get him some new teeth, though. I mean until like Rittenhouse, they all get banned too by association. His name is Philip Anderson if you’d like to help. I don’t see why tho: don’t you know everyone opposing war, billionaires and the seamless merger of corporation and state, are all white supremacists and fascists? You know, like Candace Owens, Kanye West, Andy Ngo, Tatum…

    Another day in the neighborhood. No one notices that it’s Black Lives Matter beating black people into the hospital? No one cares. There is no illogic! All love is love when it’s pure hate. All tolerance is tolerance when we’re exactly alike. All logic is logic when it’s #AntiLogic! Heil!


    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1965: is the perfect metaphor for our failing systems.

    We’ve created our own near death experience through endless lies – with 9/11, WMD, Hope/Change, DNC non-hack hackiness, Russia Russia, Assange/Manning/Snowden, Covid leading the way.

    It seems like the laptop is legit. We all understand why it turned up now.

    You can be certain that Trump will relentlessly hammer Biden about it during the Thursday night debate (despite mic off). It would be very good strategy for the Biden campaign to acknowledge the following pre-debate: 1) confirm that the laptop belongs to Hunter 2) question the validity of the contents 3) distance himself from responsibility for the activities/actions of an adult child. “we all understand the impacts of drug addition on the lives of their family and friends” 4) Condemn influence peddling/revolving door activities, vow to fight it in a Biden Admin. + give examples of how this would be accomplished. The Biden camp could turn this into a positive but they don’t have the guts to do it.


    Dr. D on an incredible roll…thanks for the riff.


    > I’ve said this before. What did you think the ICU baseline rate was: 0%? No. If it’s slow they keep them, if it’s hot, they try to push their best patients out into conventional beds. Etc. It’s probably always near 90%. But that would require “Journalists” to use a “Telephone.” Does not compute. They only use the CIA press-release teleprompter.

    Well said, Dr. D! It’s all cons, all the time now.




    Uh-huh, except the laptop thing isn’t really about Biden so much as his son, right? His son, who is not (correct me if I am wrong here) running for president.

    Hell, Trump’s son-in-law gave classified information to Saudi Arabia in exchange for a nice bailout deal for his 666 property, and nobody is making that an election issue, even though it’s much more salient than Hunter Biden and his exploits on camera.

    They are all malign shits, is the truth of it.

    Mr. House


    “They are all malign shits, is the truth of it.”

    So you’re going to do the principled thing and not vote, right?


    Teri wrote:

    “I’m just not sure why I should care more about Joe Biden’s kid making book off his father’s position than Trump’s kids making money off his position…”.

    Well ..not sure if in fact that would qualify as a moral equivalency but personally I care because Joe Biden is a 40 year plus career politician that claims moral purpose and our best interest… were as Trump is well…..Trump..? He pretty much admits his sociopathy and narcissism every time he speaks the way he does. No surprise. Although it is still surprising to me that so many Trump haters have not figured out why he won in 2016. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Russians. I honestly think it’s an ego trip… maybe they think the *have* something that Putin would want? Doubt it.

    Yo SusieMarie! Just to be clear I was not dissing your dream, only your candidate for the mission. Dreams are good! MLK had a good one. Wonder what Pearl Buck would think of her?

    Man o womano! AE bangin this morn!

    Come Madamski! join in on the circle jerk in the cloud! It’s fun! No gender prejudice on AE! Well there is that one guy…ouch!

    Cia kiddies…back to the la scarpe

    Mr. House

    This was an excellent listen


    It sounds like you are saying Biden is responsible for his adult son’s actions and he should pay a price for it rather than his son, while Trump is not even responsible for his own (much less his family’s) actions because he never pretended to be anything but a grifter.

    it’s an argument of sorts, I guess.

    John Day


    Crime-Families rule us.
    Biden is important because of connections to Bush-Clinton deep-state dynamic-duo of crime, who did Iran-Contra together, and have been blood-bonded ever since.
    That’s the real government: Bush-Clinton-Cabal.

    IMHO, of course.


    Maxwell Quest

    teri wrote:

    “I’m just not sure why I should care more about Joe Biden’s kid making book off his father’s position than Trump’s kids making money off his position…”.

    If it were just about Joe Biden’s kid trying to make a buck off his dad’s name, then we might equate the two families; however, being sleazy opportunists is not criminal. What IS criminal is laundering foreign bribe money through certain family members and their front companies, with the understanding that they will not only cut you in, but act as a financial conduit for the entire family – a sketch of the Biden Crime Family as outlined by files on Hunter’s abandoned hard drive.

    On the other hand, it seems that the same establishment which is currently protecting Joe Biden, spent 4 years investigating Trump hoping to find some pretext to initially prevent him from taking office, and later to run him out of office. They came up empty. Even his tax returns, which they screamed about since 2016, when finally exposed through some clandestine mischief, were a big nothing burger.

    One of these things is not like the other…


    The Bushes, Trumps and Kennedys are crime families. The Bidens, Clintons and Obamas are Managerial Technocrats who interact with Billionaire Families for profit.

    The 2020 election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is not a choice. Western governments are now Potemkin Democracies. There is a direct link between dysfunctional governments and the number of coronavirus deaths. The USA is projected to have 400,000 excess deaths in 2020. There will be a similar number in 2021 if no vaccine or treatment is found.

    This is similar to US military casualties in WWII. America is at war with the virus. But the crime families simply don’t care how many people die or are ill for the long haul. They are getting richer. The clash between nationalist and globalist families to be the last Emperor will inevitably bring on civil war 2.0 and ruin; unless, democracy and the US national public health system are restored to support communities becoming virus free.


    I suppose I can relate to teri’s reaction that this is no big deal, just more of the same corruption.

    But to me what makes this case different is the effort to squash the story. The corporate media won’t cover it. The intellegence community blames Russia. Wikipedia insists that it is just a conspiracy theory. Move along folks — nothing to see here. In my mind, that is what we should be most concerned about.


    Only 10% care. The undecided voters.


    @ teri – “Uh-huh, except the laptop thing isn’t really about Biden so much as his son, right? His son, who is not (correct me if I am wrong here) running for president”

    Excuse my directness, but that is some BS sophistry:
    1. Claiming Hunter is an “adult” is a stretch – he’s a poorly-functioning overgrown adolescent, as are long-term drug addicts in general. Daddy Joe spends a bunch of time bailing him out of various scrapes.. that’s a relationship of dependency not unlike childhood.
    2. Hunter clearly trades on the Biden name, which is directly related to the roles Joe has had and continues to play. There’s no independence there.
    3. It’s been generally-accepted fact and practice that the independence of senior politicians can be compromised by their loyalty to family over office, and thus it is directly relevant whether Joe has the capacity to be leveraged, blackmailed or otherwise compromised as a result of his loyalty to his personal loved ones.
    Of course the same applies to Trump! Witness the idiocy around the ever-increasing obsequious handling of Israel, based on Jared’s malign influence.
    Please, please don’t patronise our intelligence with “it’s not about Hunter…”!
    Then there’s the fact the Joe directly intervened in the Ukraine (on video record) and the side that would assist the corrupt organisation (Burisma) that Hunter is grossly overpaid to be on the board of. Pretending Joe and Hunter’s lives and roles aren’t intricately and immediately interviewed is.. back to sophistry.


    And look at the other side, what are they getting? Saudia, bombs & missiles?
    China Tiawan & TSMC? I’m sure Saudia could buy French or Brit bombs, Russian missiles,
    they have no great problems. I would hate to see Tiawan crushed, if that happened would
    hope TSMC was bombed flat
    As to Trump’s competence dealing with Wuhan flu, I’m sure Madame Clinton would have done Much better /s

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