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Wassily Kandinsky Clear connection 1925


GameStop Short Sellers Not Quitting Despite $20 Billion In Losses (CNBC)
GameStop Craziness Pulls Back the Curtain on the Stock Market (Dayen)
Google Deletes 100,000+ One-Star Ratings Of Robinhood App (RT)
The Man Who Isn’t There (Kunstler)
AGs: ‘Principal Political Control’ Of Government Lies With Congress (JTN)
How Biden’s Executive Orders Impact The Oil Industry (Rapier)
Macron: Oxford Vaccine Appears ‘Quasi-Ineffective’ On Elderly Patients (JTN)
Newsom Signs Bill To Extend COVID-19 Eviction Protections Through June (LAT)
Facebook’s Oversight Board Is Taking Public Comments On Trump’s Ban (F.)
Jon Stewart Joins Twitter To Defend Reddit GameStop Traders (NYP)







$20 billion or $70 billion?

Anyway, they can’t quit, because not nearly enough shares are available to cover their shorts. For now, they’re stuck.

GameStop Short Sellers Not Quitting Despite $20 Billion In Losses (CNBC)

The astronomical rally in GameStop has imposed huge losses of nearly $20 billion for short sellers this month, but they are not budging. Short-selling hedge funds have suffered a mark-to-market loss of $19.75 billion year to date in the brick-and-mortar video game retailer, including a nearly $8 billion loss on Friday as the stock kept ripping higher, according to data from S3 Partners. Still, short sellers mostly are holding onto their bearish positions or they are being replaced by new hedge funds willing to bet against the stock. GameStop shares that have been borrowed and sold short have declined by just about 5 million over the last week, marking an 8% dip in the short interest, according to S3. Most of the short covering occurred on Thursday, when the stock fell for the first time in six days.

“I keep hearing that ‘most of the GME shorts have covered’ — totally untrue,” said Ihor Dusaniwsky, S3 managing director of predictive analytics. “In actuality the data shows that total net shares shorted hasn’t moved all that much.” “While the ‘value shorts’ that were in GME earlier have been squeezed, most of the borrowed shares that were returned on the back of the buy to covers were shorted by new momentum shorts in the name,” Dusaniwsky added in an email. Shares of GameStop, along with other heavily shorted stocks, spiked once again Friday, after Robinhood said it was resuming limited trading of previously restricted securities. The gain pushed GameStop’s rally this week to over 400% and this month to more than 1,600%. The video game stock has been the star of the show on the WallStreetBets Reddit forum, whose membership has grown rapidly to over 5 million.

A wave of day traders continued to encourage each other to pile into GameStop’s shares and call options, creating a massive short squeeze that inflicted pain for hedge funds betting against the stock. The borrow fee on GameStop’s stock — or the cost-to-borrow shares for the purpose of selling them short — jumped to 29.32% on existing shorts and 50% on new short positions, S3 said. “If most of the shorts had covered, we would not be seeing stock borrow rates at these high levels — by now you would be able to borrow GME stock at single digit levels due to an increase in the lendable stock loan supply due to borrowed shares being returned after all the ‘supposed’ buy-to-covers,” Dusaniwsky said. GameStop remained the most-shorted name in the market as short interest as a percentage of shares available for trading stands at 113.31%, S3 said.

Bianco GameStop

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It would be nice if this led to some kind of reform, but it’s been a very lucrative racket for a long time.

GameStop Craziness Pulls Back the Curtain on the Stock Market (Dayen)

This is, and there’s no other way to put it, hilarious. A bunch of people trading stocks on their phones have brought some of the lords of finance to their knees. They weren’t using some amazing or novel strategy: The run-up in GameStop is just the “pump” of a pump-and-dump scheme, where hype pulls people into a stock before the rug gets pulled out. In fact, that’s what hedge fund managers do all the time, making bets and using research to puff up a stock, then taking the profits off moving a stock, through force of will—theirs—rather than the inherent value of the company. The only real difference here is that ordinary investors are driving the train, and the hedge fund guys are getting run over.

The hedge funders are mad because distorting corporate stock prices beyond the fundamentals is supposed to be their thing, not the work of the hoi polloi. Now, they’ve been outfoxed. If you can think of a better use of $600 stimulus checks, let me know. Never was there a more apt name for an app in this moment than “Robinhood.” Now, this will not stay hilarious forever; we still have the “dump” part of the pump-and-dump scheme to reach. And there appears to be a lot of institutional money front-running the whole thing, capitalizing on the populist story line to take their winnings. But that’s why this can also be a teachable moment, and a moment to fully re-regulate this entire casino.

The idea that the stock market value represents a snapshot of a company’s true worth or expected future profits was always a little cockeyed, and now it’s just been revealed as absurd. Financial-market rigging was always discreetly lurking in the background of stock tickers, like the one that flashes across CNBC, and now it’s been screamingly placed into the foreground. The same dopamine rush that fuels sports betting and online poker has moved into retail market trading, but it was always there at the level of big money. These markets were always reckless and disconnected from reality.

I’m certain that institutional investors will use this as a moment to demand regulation to stop the Robinhood frenzy. But that’s a slippery slope, as there’s not much difference between what the Robinhooders are doing and the normal course of Wall Street looting. Maybe all of that should be investigated. Maybe financial transaction taxes should be applied to encourage limits on trading, and pump-and-dumps strongly restricted. Maybe the real economy should be nurtured with public investment, and these private, more corrupt markets subject to root-and-branch overhaul. (It’s also funny to see the hedge fund guys super-mad that a stock is going up.)

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And Apple too. WTF?

Google Deletes 100,000+ One-Star Ratings Of Robinhood App (RT)

Google has come to the rescue of the stock-trading app Robinhood, deleting negative reviews flooding the company after it had blocked the purchase of stock in companies like GameStop, AMC, and others. After Robinhood controversially stepped in and made the “risk management decision” to block the purchasing of stocks being made unusually popular thanks to the r/WallStreetBets subreddit, its app on Google Play was inundated with reviews from unsatisfied customers. The app’s near-perfect rating stumbled to just one star on Thursday after over 100,000 reviews came in. Google has now deleted enough of those reviews, however, that the app’s rating has jumped to over four stars (out of five).

Google admitted to actively deleting the reviews, as they violate a policy the company has on reviews that are published specifically to manipulate a company’s overall rating. On Apple’s App Store, Robinhood holds a near-perfect five-star rating, though there are numerous one-star reviews from Thursday when the app made the controversial decision to delist certain stocks for individual traders, a move that has drawn the ire of everyone from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York).

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Now you see him, now you don’t.

The Man Who Isn’t There (Kunstler)

The New York Times, mouthpiece of Wokery, is working triple overtime to sell the narrative of white supremacists on the loose. Anyone to the right of Woke is now an enemy of the state. Last time I looked, it was Antifa and BLM tearing up the streets, setting federal courthouses and police stations on fire, looting stores, destroying businesses, and injuring policemen — in the case of Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, all summer long. Democrats somehow omitted to label them as any kind of threat to the public interest. Vice-president Kamala Harris (then-senator), led a campaign to raise bail money for Antifas and BLMs arrested during last year’s riots. Woke District Attorney’s dropped charges against hundreds of them. Governors and mayors sat on their hands. There were no consequences for any of that.

If anything, the political right-wing of the USA has shown miraculous self-restraint through four years of FBI / DOJ / CIA sedition, tech company tyranny, impeachment chicanery, and the rage-fueled calumnies of Pelosi and Company, all aggravated by questionable Covid-19 lockdowns, and climaxing in a fraud-inflected election that has not had been subject to any adequate judicial audit.

How much of the current artificial hysteria these first weeks of the “Biden” regime is designed to divert attention from the question of who is actually running Joe Biden? My guess would be Barack Obama via Susan Rice, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and formerly Mr. Obama’s National Security Advisor. I would suppose that Ms. Rice is on the phone with Mr. Obama bright and early every morning, and for more than casual conversation. She is surely plugged into the rest of the Obama network, too, in effect a shadow government, which may explain the seeming flimsiness of the crew assembled around Joe Biden. Seems to work for now. But how many weeks will go by before the whole country realizes that Mr. Biden is not actually functioning as president?

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“[A] president is not a Prime Minister or a King..”

AGs: ‘Principal Political Control’ Of Government Lies With Congress (JTN)

Half a dozen state attorneys general wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden this week that the president’s role in the U.S. is “limited” by the Constitution, and that the primary political power of the national government lies in Congress, not the executive office. The letter, signed by the attorneys general of Texas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana and Indiana, sought to stress the “limited presidential power” the office of the presidency enjoys within the American framework of government. “Under the Constitution, the principal political control of our government is entrusted not to the President, but to the carefully constructed Congress which serves as both sail and anchor of the federal ship of state,” they wrote.

“Congress writes the laws and the President and his officers are limited under the Constitution to the role of faithfully carrying them out.” Noting that the divided structure of the U.S. government “makes it quite difficult to enact significant legislation,” the attorneys general wrote that “it is just as important to respect the absence of legislation as its passage.” “[A] president is not a Prime Minister or a King and must respect that his constitutional office is a limited Chief Executive not the supreme authority of the state,” they wrote, arguing further that “overreaching and defying Congress will not be rewarded or succeed.”

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How Biden’s Executive Orders Impact The Oil Industry (Rapier)

On his second day in office, President Biden signed Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis. The biggest takeaway from the Executive Order was the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline permit. The project had been rejected by President Obama in late 2015, fast-tracked by President Trump in 2017, and now once more rejected by President Biden in 2021. But there is no mention of fracking in this executive order. Last week the administration also issued Secretarial Order No. 3395, which implemented a 60-day suspension of new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits for federal land and water.

This week President Biden followed that action up with Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. The biggest takeaway from this order was an indefinite “pause on new oil and natural gas leases on public lands” until a comprehensive review on the climate change impacts can be completed. The sound bite for many from this executive order was that President Biden had banned fracking as a consequence of this action. But as with the previous order, fracking isn’t mentioned in this executive order. Further, if an operator has an existing lease and permit but haven’t drilled yet, they can still drill the well and frack it.

The order does potentially impact some future fracking operations, but Biden did reiterate before he signed it “Let me be clear, and I know this always comes up, we’re not going to ban fracking.” But what Biden can’t do by executive order is an overall ban on fracking, because most fracking takes place on private land. A complete ban would have to be passed by Congress, and that looks like a longshot. [..] I spoke with Stacey Morris, who is Director of Research for midstream index and data provider Alerian. She explained that the orders were certainly not as bad as they seemed:

“These executive orders were pretty well-telegraphed. They were even a little bit softened from what was said during the campaign. The language on the Biden website discussed banning permitting on federal land. The executive order is a pause on new leases. They aren’t looking at a full out fracking ban.” When I asked how companies might be affected, she explained “Companies have been stockpiling permits in anticipation of a move like this. Right now there are 7,700 unused permits. For example, Devon Energy has over four years of permit backlog and drilling inventory.

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More of that vaccine mess.

Macron: Oxford Vaccine Appears ‘Quasi-Ineffective’ On Elderly Patients (JTN)

French President Emmanuel Macron claimed on Friday that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine appears to have little effect on elderly patients, though a major European medical authority said the data in that regard was too limited to yet make an ultimate determination. Macron told reporters that AstraZeneca’s vaccine “doesn’t work the way we were expecting it to,” and that the injection appears “quasi-ineffective on people older than 65, some say those 60 years or older.” Macron noted that France was still waiting on data from the European Union’s European Medicines Agency to guide its vaccination policy; the EMA later in the day deemed the vaccine safe for all adults.

“There are not yet enough results in older participants (over 55 years old) to provide a figure for how well the vaccine will work in this group,” the EMA said in a statement. “However, protection is expected, given that an immune response is seen in this age group and based on experience with other vaccines.”

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As long as you pay 25% of your rent, you’re fine. Do we call this deflation?

Newsom Signs Bill To Extend COVID-19 Eviction Protections Through June (LAT)

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed an emergency bill that will extend through June eviction protections for Californians suffering financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic, acting just days before an earlier moratorium was set to expire. Newsom’s action on the legislation followed the measure’s approval Thursday by the state Legislature and was aimed at heading off what many state officials warned would be mass evictions and a surge in homelessness as Californians struggle with lost income during the pandemic. The measure prevents landlords from evicting tenants who pay at least 25% of their rent through June and attest that they face financial hardship because of COVID-19 and its effect on the economy.

The bill also provides $2.6 billion in federal funds for rent subsidies that will help pay most past-due rent by low-income tenants dating back to last April. “The issue of evictions, the issue of this moment, the economic anxiety that so many people are struggling and suffering through, is the issue, and we have not lost sight of that,” Newsom said during a livestreamed bill-signing ceremony, adding that the law he signed is “protecting millions and millions of people, tenants as well as landlords, and addressing their anxiety head-on.” [..] About 90,000 California households are behind on their rent by a collective total of $400 million, according to an estimate last week by the independent Legislative Analyst’s Office, although other estimates have been much higher.

Under the new bill and the measure approved last year, tenants cannot be evicted as long as they pay 25% of their rent. The measure was submitted as a budget bill, which allowed it to be approved with a majority vote. A regular bill requires a two-thirds vote to take effect immediately. Under the bill, tenants can qualify for the protections if they pay 25% of their rent each month or in a lump-sum payment by June 30, and attest that they face a financial hardship because of the pandemic. Unpaid rent converts to debt that landlords can pursue through the courts, but it can’t be used to seek an eviction.

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Facebook oversees itself.

Facebook’s Oversight Board Is Taking Public Comments On Trump’s Ban (F.)

Facebook’s Oversight Board, an independent panel of experts established to review contentious cases, is accepting public comment on whether Facebook was correct in banning former president Donald Trump, allowing the public-at-large to directly weigh in on a Facebook decision relating to Trump for the first time. Facebook banned Trump indefinitely earlier this month following the riot at the Capitol, citing two posts during the attack: A video where he told rioters he “loved” them and that the election was “stolen from us” as well as a post where he said, “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots.”

Though Facebook believes it was right in banning Trump, the company referred the case to the oversight board last week, which will determine whether Trump’s ban will remain permanent because Facebook has to abide by the board’s decisions. The board says the public comment process is meant for “subject matter experts and interested groups” to share relevant research and information that may help, though anyone can submit a comment. The public has 10 days to submit comments [..] “We believe our decision was necessary and right,” Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg said in a statement last week. “Given its significance, we think it is important for the board to review it and reach an independent judgment on whether it should be upheld.”

Facebook’s Oversight Board was established in 2019 in response to widespread criticism of the social network’s moderation policies. The 20-person panel includes academics and other experts, such as the former prime minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and Director of Stanford University’s Constitutional Law Center Michael McConnell. The board says their mission is to “support people’s right to free expression” by upholding or reversing Facebook’s content decisions. In its first set of rulings released this week, the board found that Facebook mistakenly took down posts in five out of six cases.

Tulsi Huckabee

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He has a brother who’s a big shot on Wall Street.

Jon Stewart Joins Twitter To Defend Reddit GameStop Traders (NYP)

Jon Stewart was prompted to join Twitter on Thursday to defend the renegade Reddit traders who turned Wall Street upside down this week. The former “Daily Show” host hit back at critics of the rogue day traders who used WallStreetBets to send GameStop’s stock skyrocketing in defiance of large hedge funds shorting the business. “This is bull—t. The Redditors aren’t cheating, they’re joining a party Wall Street insiders have been enjoying for years,” Stewart tweeted. “Don’t shut them down…maybe sue them for copyright infringement instead!!” He added: “We’ve learned nothing from 2008.”

The comedian signed his first tweet “StewBeef.” His account @jon_actual quickly became verified and was granted a blue check. “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert responded to Stewart with: “Well, one thing changed since 2008- a friend of mine joined Twitter.” In a follow-up tweet a few hours later, Stewart, 58, thanked fellow users for the warm welcome to the social media platform. “I promise to only use this app in a sporadic and ineffective manner,” he joked.

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    madamski cafone

    “Every day Tech Oligarchs are squelching the free speech rights of more Americans, removing them from the social town square—turning our democracy into an autocratic oligarchy, undermining the heart and essence of our constitutional republic.”

    Ahem: “ ‘the’ social town square”?

    God bless Tulsi. She’s cute. She also legitimizes a corrupt institution. Well, two: Congress and the military. There is no “the” social town square. There are opportunities to engage in what’s loosely called free speech. Lately, all the cool kids go to online brand-name sites.

    No one’s touched the 1st Amendment, inlcuding Tulsi with her ludicrous comment above.

    Those who say, ‘But those are the only “town squares” that matter’, make the same argument that says vote for the lesser evil because any truly good cndidate can never win.

    In other words, invest your energy in this brand name evil rather than that lesser-known good, because good that loses is bad, and eveil that wins, is good!

    Good and Evil


    “As long as you pay 25% of your rent, you’re fine. Do we call this deflation?”

    Government subsidized deflation.

    madamski cafone

    Kandisnky as the Godfather of TV Test Patterns!

    Basseterre Kitona

    French President Emmanuel Macron claimed on Friday that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine appears to have little effect on elderly patients,

    Of course, AstraZeneca is also one of the non-mRNA “vaccines” that big pharma is banking on. Can’t have any alternative options for us serfs. At very least, they need to be smeared.

    I wouldn’t trust Macron. And how convenient for him that the virus outbreak has crushed the Gilet Juanes protest movement.

    absolute galore

    -Madamski wrote: God bless Tulsi. She’s cute. She also legitimizes a corrupt institution. Well, two: Congress and the military.

    She legitimizes these institutions by being a member? But if not, she would then do what? Join a riot? Write op-eds? Comment on TAE? Not sure I get this criticism.

    I’m also failing to understand why you think her comment about the social town square is ludicrous. Again, it appears you are expecting her to act from some perfect place. Yes, a real local town square or small town newspaper or whatever you might be thinking about is wonderful. But at the moment, many hundreds of millions of humans do use these various platforms (which she is using “social” as a shorthand for). So until we see these massive internet communication companies disappear, it would seem like not such a bad idea to spend some energy attempting to keep them from becoming even more evil. I don’t see this as the moral equivalent of voting for the lesser evil (not least because who is in office is not very pertinent these days), but more practical. I don’t see too many other politicians with at least some ideas that make sense that are as clear and straightforward as Gabbard. And yeah, she’s kinda hot. Hmmm.. Maybe she is the devil.

    I also did not get our host’s referring to her as Tulsi Huckabee. I know who Mike Huckabee is, but I’m failing to make the connection in this context. Can someone clue me in?


    I also did not get our host’s referring to her as Tulsi Huckabee. I know who Mike Huckabee is, but I’m failing to make the connection in this context. Can someone clue me in?

    She’s talking to Mike Huckabee.

    Dr. D

    I am still getting sub bars on YouTube assuring me Joe Biden is President. Is this normal?

    “Good evening. In tonight’s headlines, Francisco Franco is still dead.”
    “Good evening. Tonight we would like use the full weight of our network to assure you, Bigfoot is not real.”
    “Good evening. There is no bank run. We would like to assure all citizens the banks are perfectly fine.”

    I didn’t say it.

    This is an unhinged conspiracy theory and is therefore an arrestable offense, I hear. Why would this ever happen? Joe Biden is the most popular president in world history. The Press, the People, all Congress, the States and military all universally agree it’s been thoroughly reviewed and settled.

    Speaking of arresting people for opinions – so long as we call them “theories”, Congresswoman Bush believes there is a “Conspiracy” against her, having Congresswoman Greene expelled because Greene believes in “Conspiracies.”

    “…what I cannot do is continue to look over my shoulder wondering if a white supremacist in Congress by name of Marjorie Taylor Greene—or anyone else because there are others—that they are … conspiring against us.

    “Citing Greene’s past alleged espousal of conspiracy theories, Democratic California Representative Jimmy Gomez announced a resolution to have Greene expelled from Congress. In a Wednesday statement, Gomez said Greene’s “very presence in office represents a direct threat against the elected officials and staff who serve our government.”

    All opposition party members must be arrested on sight. They have different beliefs than I do.
    Hey, is that a) more like Nazi Germany or b) less like Nazi Germany ?

    View post on imgur.com

    Everyone I don’t like is Hitler Especially left-wing Reddit stock boards when I lose money.

    Opinions are treason. Submit or die.

    It’s not just like that. It’s more like this. For everyone.

    Add identical memes for “Everyone I don’t like is a Commie.” Cue laugh track.

    “ AGs: ‘Principal Political Control’ of Government Lies with Congress (JTN)”

    After decades of illegal escalation and misrepresentation, somebody’s finally pointing to the law: Executive orders are meaningless. As are Governor’s, for example, on pandemics. They are not laws and have no legal force or reality. You cannot rule by decree. Laws in the American system, state and federal, have the Congress pass a bill and the executive approve it. BOTH. With process. THEN it’s a law. I don’t know when we got to a point where I have to explain that to people. They are too illiterate to watch cartoons, I guess?

    And today’s more funner:

    “I have this strange notion. We are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes by executive order, you’re going to do something.’ Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator.” – Joe Biden

    January, 2021: Joe Biden signs 50 executive orders.

    This has been debunked on the internet. That quote, which is on camera and reported in mainstream news articles is not and camera and he never said it. “No, Biden Didn’t Say ‘You Can’t Legislate by Executive Order” –Snopes Just like the CFR $1B shakedown. Son of a B.

    “ Newsom Signs Bill To Extend COVID-19 Eviction Protections Through June (LAT) “

    Let’s see: the government abridges all contracts. With no law, no due process, and no compensation. Apparently they own or control all housing since they can set all rents. The people all get the same whether they are working or not. There’s one party and nothing you vote nor any protests matter. If you speak up, you are put on a naughty list, debanked, called mentally ill, and even arrested. Yup, it’s Soviet Socialism. And as above I don’t say that as a slur. I say that as a fact of dictionary definition and historical proof that this has come to a unjust beginning, oppressive middle, and bad end 100% of the time. Although you have a right to prefer a system that has caused mass-murder and unprecedented income disparity, I can’t change actual history to preserve your feelings. I will just report history and encourage you not to kill millions of your countrymen again.

    “Every day Tech Oligarchs are squelching the free speech rights of more Americans, removing them from the social town square—turning our democracy into an autocratic oligarchy, undermining the heart and essence of our constitutional republic.” – Tulsi Gabbard.

    What does it mean that she’s been expelled from the party for such comments? That promoting free speech and anti-war is a removable offense? If so, what does her party stand for?

    “[Jon Stewart] has a brother who’s a big shot on Wall Street.”

    So does Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who refused to comment on the Gamestop Rebellion. He works at Citidel, the now-main Hedge Fund who bought Melvin from bankruptcy. Suddenly, his LinkedIn profile vanished. Suddenly, her wiki page and Facebook erased him. Employee of the month Winston Smith is on the job for the Ministry of Truth.

    So does top regulator Janet Yellen, who took a million dollars from Citidel.

    As said, the Gamestop may be a dumpster fire, it may be patched over (or not, as the leverage is immense and they need stock, not dollars), they may reverse all losing trades, like they did back with the flash crash. They may create laws that invent enough GSE stock to close 140% shorts. What they can NOT do is un-demonstrate how crooked and broken the system is, from money, legal, profit, rules, and even unjust slander and unfounded lockdowns off all opinions of wrongthink.

    So you go to a corner restaurant, recommended, and while you’re at the table, you see them pull garbage out of the dumpster, serve it to you, then the dumpster spontaneously catches fire. You go back tomorrow? Pay full price? Recommend RobinHood on Apple and Google, 5-stars?

    You LEAVE THE CASINO. You go SOMEWHERE ELSE. Hole in buying pressure, compounded by 10:1. A fraction goes into crypto, compounded by 10. Crypto goes up and is the “hot” market, Wall Street goes down and is the “overpriced” market. …Until there are no rubes left and they are throwing paper airplanes at each other on the floor of the exchange like they did in 1981.

    Starve the beast.


    If a person gets the 2 shots of the vaccine, then, if he gets a test for covid19, will the result be positive or negative?

    Dr. D

    I didn’t mean to sound dismissive or unfair yesterday, my refined thinking goes like this:

    In scientific psychology, Moral Foundations Theory list 5 elements: Harm/care, Fairness/reciprocity, Ingroup/loyalty, Authority/respect, and Purity/sanctity.

    It is statistically established that the Left focuses overwhelmingly on two: Harm/care, Fairness/reciprocity, and I would argue, Ingroup/loyalty moreso now. The Right have to balance all five.

    Now that allows 3 more points of attack, and 130% more failure and hypocrisy. Although necessary, it’s not to be envied. However, what do we say to kids about “growing up”, giving them the bad news about being an adult? Exactly these things:

    You can’t get everything you want.
    We can’t help everyone, there are limits.
    Your dog will die someday. No one can stop it and we’re sorry.
    Not everyone thinks like you do, and that’s okay. People can be different without being bad.
    Not everyone is your friend or will like you. We can’t make them.
    In fact, some people will take advantage of you and you may even have to fight them.

    These additional considerations seem to be a weakness for the collectivist Left. They appear to think that resources are infinite, and one income, or one nation, can provide for the whole planet without limitation. That no one should die, and if they do, it’s someone’s fault and must be stopped. All people, and especially all leaders are parents and especially good and will never take advantage of you but have your best interests in mind, just as you have theirs, and will tell others what to do. You must never, ever fight in defense of yourself, because other people are good, and your individual self is bad.

    That’s just not going to work, and you see the correlation with childhood and adult thinking. Now saying others are bad, fighting, those are new horizons just as problematic and prone to abuse. However, denying and avoiding their necessity of limits, hardship, and ill-designs of others is indeed the hallmark of children and cannot prosper and succeed. The selfishness and contractions will lead to what we see now: universal oppression, abuse, and lack of prosperity to support anyone, adult or child.

    While this is demographically true, it is of course not individually true. For some reason I have to repeat the world’s most obvious logical fallacies. Ducks are alive. I am alive. Therefore, I am a duck. No, the reverse of the aggregate to the individual is not true. That is prejudice, stereotype, and bias. However, neither does that make the aggregate conclusion untrue.




    If a person gets covid19 then gets the vaccine, will the covid19 test be positive or negative?
    If a person gets the vaccine then gets covid19, will the covid19 test be positive or negative?

    Doc Robinson

    “Newsom Signs Bill To Extend COVID-19 Eviction Protections Through June (LAT)“

    The state is bailing out the landlords too, paying 80% of the unpaid rent.

    By tapping $2.6 billion approved by Congress during the Trump administration, the Legislature is offering a rent subsidy that will pay landlords 80% of the total amount of rent in arrears between April 2020 and March 2021 as long as landlords agree to forgive the remaining 20% and not pursue evictions.

    In cases in which landlords do not agree to forgive unpaid rent, the state would pay 25% of the rent in arrears.



    Good that Rapier clears up this ban-fracking confusion.

    It all goes to show that Dems and the Biden crowd just spew anything at all – to Ban (> those driving SUVS who believe Solar Power can get them around) or not to Ban (because… well… without being Trump-like.. > jobs…a measured approach, etc. etc.) The power to ban only stretches to Fed. territory.

    Federal lands USA, 28%, very unevenly distributed:

    link to strange maps


    Half of US fracking wells drilled in highly water-stressed regions (2013)

    link to circle of blue


    Pipeline US spills map (shale oil, shale gas, oil, gas)

    link to 5th world adventurers (2018)



    Some argue that the present let us say ‘troubles’ in the USA (and the W in general, plus others..) evident in the multiple signs and symptoms of accelerating disruption, strife (aimed inwards or outwards), leading to degradation, ultimately *collapse* are not just due to —

    corruption, degenerate morals and loss of ‘values’, late stage capitalism and its attendant hyper-inequality, misguided belligerence, over-printing of ‘fiat’ money, the grip of the MIC, of GAFA, etc. etc.,

    – but to a growing realisation concerning desperate ressource constraints, deathly environmental degradation, and global warming.


    • GameStop Short Sellers Not Quitting Despite $20 Billion In Losses (CNBC)

    “The problem is innocent people will lose when this is over.”
    Let’s be more specific.
    If you go to the blog they say, “put in only money that you can afford to lose” “…. when this is over.”

    Geee! That’s what they say if you buy loto ticket
    Geee! That’s what they say if you go into the stock market.
    Geee! That’s what they say if you place a bet on card, horses, bingo ….

    I guess that there are a lot of mentally innocent challenged people that are being scammed everywhere in our society.


    It’s NOT what you think. What is?

    While you’re at it, just read the last 4 posts. The GAMEstops when you follow the money…..

    GameStop Shares: 5-Count Felon JPMorgan Could Have Made Upwards of $174 Million Yesterday


    It’s NOT what you think.
    JPMorgan Chase is working for ITSELF,
    I guess that there are a lot of mentally innocent challenged people that are being scammed everywhere in our society.

    D Benton Smith

    @Dr D

    I’m not saying that the power strategies preferred by the Left are good strategies in an all encompassing moral sense of the word “good” . I’m saying that the powerless ( or shall we say “power deficient”) tend to use certain strategies because the strategies are effective for powerless people to use. For example, the little kids in a playground can gang up on an individually powerful bully and drive him from their playground.

    It’s to be expected that (as strategists) the Lefties tend to be a few bricks short of a load. That is a major factor in how they got to be powerless in the first place. But it’s certainly not the only factor, and it is also true that not all of their complaints about oppression, exploitation and filthy rich people are wrong. Far from it.

    If the Chinese Communists , for example) were to take over and strip you of everything you own (because you are a Doctor and an outspoken Conservative) and reduce you to powerlessness by means of force, theft, censorship and targeted laws . . . well you would be forced by reality itself to adopt strategies for recovery that were VERY “Leftist” in nature (such as ganging up in secret with similar thinking victims and conspiring with them to find ways and means of stealing your stuff back from those who had stolen it from all of you in the first place.)

    What I’m saying, in general, is that as people gain capability (for whatever reason) their thinking and action shifts to what we call the “Right” , and when they lose capability (for any reason at all) their thinking shifts “Leftward”.

    That’s all.

    You will, of course and as expected, find a bit more stupidity on the “Left” because below average IQ is a fairly big contributing factor to powerlessness.

    D Benton Smith


    ref : ” JPMorgan Chase is working for ITSELF,”

    Mebbe. Sure wouldn’t put it past them, and if true then it would certainly have been a very cagey play to make. Or , on the other hand, maybe stories to that effect are just more smoke and mirrors. The Finance Funhouse that we call markets is so full of shifty mirrors and billowing smoke that it’s a wonder anybody in there can even breath.

    This particular virgin is staying out of that den of sin. Smart enough to know I know nothing (as @Maxwell Quest was smart enough to observe the other day) . . . but it sure as hell is fun to watch !


    Raul… Thank you very much for posting the daily Calvin. My dad and I were ‘partners in C&H fandom’ and I miss him terribly these days. Each shot of Calvin is a little boost to what optimism I might retain.

    Cheers, all!

    Dr D Rich

    Susmarie 108,
    The GSM scam is certainly sophisticated but as you point out not so elaborate to be undetectable. Few people maintain interest beyond the first or second level iteration.
    However, your postings help explain the reappearance of another scam called Tulsi Gabbard. Look no further than Gabbard’s declaration of her original position, that the January 6th insurrection was a riotous attack on the Capitol, is simply a signal to her minders/betters she is down with their program. When in fact, the HRC-Pelosi-Milley-Led Insurrection 4+ years in the making unseated, disempowered, and silenced President Trump two weeks before the end of his term.
    It’s frankly unprecedented for a Pelosi Speaker of the House to direct the Chairman Joint Chiefs Milley to act in a manner, let alone, murder an unarmed Veteran in the Capitol and intimidate the President with a show of force by the National Guard directed at him and his supporters.
    And the entire madness had been perfectly inverted by the media and dominant political Liberal faction. The result is shared psychosis

    Maxwell Quest

    Dr D Rich,

    Ditto on your points. I was planning to just listen and keep my yapper shut today, but you got to me with your final observation:

    “And the entire madness had been perfectly inverted by the media and dominant political Liberal faction. The result is shared psychosis”

    ******* #OppositeLand *******


    @ Dr D Rich: don’t agree – Tulsi is no scam. However, she is most effective when advocating in areas directly relating to her expertise – her direct life experience.

    If I were Tulsi’s strategist, I would have her specialize exclusively in anything and everything related to our never-ending wars. With her experience as a soldier + time in Congress she has an “earned expertise” that when laser focused + armed with facts/truth could inflict real damage to the lies that support our endless engagements. Her message could be shared across all lines (parties and otherwise) since the unholy pursuit of endless wars + their impact (financial and human) resonates in Hearts everywhere.

    : haha on teevee test patterns.

    RE: John William Godward Dolce Far Niente (It’s Sweet Doing Nothing) 1909 from the other day…how amazing to paint fabrics/garments that look beyond real.


    @Dr D Rich and Maxwell Quest:

    How come everything ends in

    ******* #OppositeLand *******


    Are you aware that OppositeLand is the place where WE ALL GO TO DIE? WE send each other there by making WINNERS/LOSERS, left/right, red/blue out of everything….

    OppositeLand is where they want us, tearing each other apart. It looks like our destruction will be complete and completely from within. WINNING is LOSING and LOSING is WINNING.

    If things didn’t end in OppositeLand – where would WE BE?


    Anyone for Cabo?


    Current price is 325$.

    Total market share is 22.67B$.

    This means a total of 70M stocks.

    According to their numbers, they hold more then 70M of stocks, how is that possible?

    Ownership Summary
    Top Holders

    Holder Shares Held % O/S Share Change Filing Date
    BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 7,897,907 11.32 -2,017,640 9/30/20
    Dimensional Fund Advisors, L.P. 3,948,114 5.66 -437,560 9/30/20
    Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC 9,534,090 13.67 2,998 9/30/20
    Foss (Donald A) 3,515,200 5.04 3,515,200 2/28/20
    RC Ventures LLC 9,001,000 12.91 — 1/10/21
    Senvest Management, LLC 3,610,740 5.18 385,000 10/7/20
    Sherman George E Jr 2,361,670 3.39 1,233,908 6/9/20
    State Street Global Advisors (US) 2,609,487 3.74 243,398 9/30/20
    Susquehanna International Group, LLP 4,444,128 6.37 2,926,312 9/30/20
    The Vanguard Group, Inc. 5,288,116 7.58 -131,220 9/30/20

    Top Holders: Mutual Funds

    Fund Shares Held % O/S Share Change Filing Date
    DFA U.S. Small Cap Value Portfolio 1,121,503 1.61 — 10/31/20
    Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund 2,000,679 2.87 -40,742 10/31/20
    Fidelity Series Intrinsic Opportunities Fund 6,801,757 9.75 -176,510 10/31/20
    iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF 3,514,708 5.04 57,312 12/31/20
    iShares Russell 2000 ETF 1,368,843 1.96 70,150 12/31/20
    Statens Pensjonsfond Utland 1,811,792 2.60 199,203 12/31/19
    Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund 817,863 1.17 109,365 12/31/20
    Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund 634,259 0.91 19,370 12/31/20
    Vanguard Strategic Equity Fund 703,551 1.01 703,551 9/30/20
    Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund 1,468,071 2.10 — 12/31/20

    Dr D Rich

    Tulsi’s cult bonafides are well-established, no argument there.
    Her military experience, Hawaiian chapter of the Army National Guard, is definitely not representative of active duty military service/experience. She is definitely not former Army Reservist Joseph Darby in stature, backbone or cajones. Darby opposite Gabbard represents the price paid when a woman or man of conscience actually confronts power.
    Again, what’s up with Gabbard’s sudden and recent reappearance? And why didn’t Tulsi address the 4.5 year long Pelosi-Hillary-Milley-CIA-FBI-Led Coup against President Trump?

    “Gabbard was raised in part according to the teachings of the Science of Identity Foundation (SIF) religious community and its spiritual leader, Chris Butler.[34][35][36] She has said Butler’s work still guides her.[37] In 2015, Gabbard called Butler her guru dev (roughly, “spiritual teacher”).[25][38] Gabbard’s husband and ex-husband have also been members of the community.[38][35] Gabbard has been reluctant to speak publicly about the SIF.[36]”

    absolute galore

    Dr D Rich wrote: However, your postings help explain the reappearance of another scam called Tulsi Gabbard. Look no further than Gabbard’s declaration of her original position, that the January 6th insurrection was a riotous attack on the Capitol, is simply a signal to her minders/betters she is down with their program. When in fact, the HRC-Pelosi-Milley-Led Insurrection 4+ years in the making unseated, disempowered, and silenced President Trump two weeks before the end of his term.

    I don’t think a person can be a scam. They can be a scammer, or if really good, a scam artist. But Gabbard is not a scammer. She voted “present” for the Trump impeachment vote, which, as a Democrat, took a good deal of fortitude and independence. She also spoke out against his removal from the twitterverse. Of course she called the riot at the capitol a riot. Because it was.

    A tweet by Gabbard:
    “The mob who stormed the capitol to try to stop Congress from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities were behaving like domestic enemies of our country. But let us be clear, the John Brennan’s, Adam Schiffs and the oligarchs in Big Tech who are….. trying to undermine our constitutionally-protected rights and turn our country into a police state with KGB-style “surveillance” are also domestic enemies—and much more powerful, and therefore dangerous, than the mob which stormed the capitol. …”

    Note that she says they were “behaving like” domestic enemies. She did not actually say that the members of that violent, rag-tag band were terrorists. I’m in agreement with her basic stance here. Where exactly is her scam? Of course unless things change drastically, she will never get further because she makes too much sense.


    @ Dr D Rich: I believe you are mistaken. Tulsi’s military Bio:

    Tulsi served two tours of duty in the Middle East, and she continues her service as a Major in the Army National Guard. Tulsi’s 2005 deployment was a 12-month tour at Logistical Support Area Anaconda in Iraq, where she served in a field medical unit as a specialist with a 29th Support Battalion medical company. She was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal at the end of this tour.

    In between her two tours, Tulsi served in the U.S. Senate as a legislative aide to Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), where she advised him on energy independence, homeland security, the environment, and veteran issues. While working for Senator Akaka in 2007, Tulsi graduated from the Accelerated Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy, where she was the first woman to finish as the distinguished honor graduate in the Academy’s 50-year history. Tulsi was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and again assigned to the 29th Brigade Special Troops Battalion of the Hawaiʻi Army National Guard—this time to serve as the Military Police Platoon Leader.

    You imply that she her spiritual path is something we should question??? Tulsi was raised in a multi-faith family studying both the Christian and Hindu scriptures. Yes, SIF YOGA is one of many paths; the spiritual journeys of both Ram Das (spiritual teacher), and Krishna Das (spiritual teacher/musician) are similar to the one that Chris Butler reports as his own. This is not unique in YOGA. You have to go deep to see TRUTH; Meditation and YOGA are tools to getting “out of your mind” so that PEACE, real PEACE can be realized.

    absolute galore

    She served in a medical unit in the field in Iraq. Her current rank is Major. I have a feeling the experience was not like a Hawaiian vacation. She has more cajones than 99% of the politicians out there, period, for saying and doing what she believes in. And you are holding it against her because she believes in God? Or because the belief is not through a religion you approve of? What is your objection? Do they sacrifice virgins at the tops of volcanoes? Will she become president and make you a member of a cult? Freedom of religion, does it ring a bell? Johnny Appleseed was a Swedenborgian, spreading the gospel according to the New Church. It’s as American as… Chevrolet. And I suspect it could be at least part of the source of her forthrightness and clarity.


    GameStop is just another method of shearing the sheep before turning them into lamb chops!

    When gambling if you don’t know who the mark is, it is you!


    Don’t kid yourself, Tulsa is 100% part of the uniparty. 100%. She plays the role of foil.


    D. Bento Smith
    “What I’m saying, in general, is that as people gain capability (for whatever reason) their thinking and action shifts to what we call the “Right” , and when they lose capability (for any reason at all) their thinking shifts “Leftward”.
    You will, of course and as expected, find a bit more stupidity on the “Left” because below average IQ is a fairly big contributing factor to powerlessness.”
    I would direct you to start reading Chomsky and Chris Hedges – leading left-wing intellectuals. Would you consider AOC as being weak intellectually?

    D Benton Smith


    I’ve respectfully read and listened to and understood a lot of the works of Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky , and quite a few other folks both left and right of the center line who have remarkably high IQ’s (and some even higher than mine !!) Mao Zedong was clearly a military and political genius, judging from his successful rising from powerless peasant farmer to virtual Emperor of China. He climbed from powerlessness using Communist strategy , and he kept his power by being a ruthless authoritarian dictator. One of the swiftest and longest shifts from Left to Right in recorded history, although Hitler, Stalin and a couple others might give him a good run for the money .

    Have you noticed that the furthest extremes of the Left/Right spectrum . . . the polar opposites . . . are virtually the same thing ? That isn’t a coincidence.

    D Benton Smith


    Oops. Just noticed that I didn’t fully answer your direct question of whether II thought AOC is weak intellectually. I think she is weak ethically, but she ain’t no dummy. I would guess her IQ at 120, + or – 5. Not too hard to look at either. In summary : better than average brains, good looks, rich friends and absolutely no moral compas whatsoever , I’d say she has a long political career ahead of her.


    Yes, Mao and Staliin were very successful dictators. They died of old age.

    Mao had a very nice collection of young girls to satisfy his needs 24/7. That is truly part of Leftist ideology!


    Yes, to be part of the uniparty, one must prove you have no morals!


    D. Benton Smith
    Your statement seems to be contradicted by history. Societies have defined underclasses based on arbitrary criteria, including gender and ethnicity, such that to attribute membership to an underclass as being related to intelligence is questionable.

    On another note: the other day I complained that I could not imagine large groups being able to work collaboratively. The farmers protesting in India and the Reddit folks taking down the shorts are showing that, at least for a short-term project, people seem able to cooperate quite well. Uplifting to see.


    @absolute galore: Of the many possible examples, you choose John Chapman – Johnny Appleseed! As an Ohio native (born and raised, left in 1979 for CA) I am quite familiar with this legendary human BEing. His faith was in alignment with his “work” which was extraordinary. A humble man of action.

    From Ohio History Central: John Chapman (then aged thirteen), with the aid of his father, was given an apprenticeship to an orchardist, Mr. Crawford, who managed apple trees. This intensified Chapman’s interest in the fruit. His original fascination with apples stemmed from learning about their symbolic importance. Through planting apple trees, Chapman aimed to spread knowledge while reminding residents of their immorality. Chapman opposed violence of any kind towards both humans and animals. He was said to have refused campfires because bugs would fly into the flame and be burned alive. He became a strict vegetarian later in life. Furthermore, Chapman sought to save the souls of both the settlers and American Indians he encountered. During his travels, he would preach the ideals of the New Church. Chapman believed firmly in Emanuel Swedenborg’s teachings and became perhaps the most famous of the Swedenborgians. The beliefs of Swedenborgianism were based upon the idea that God was to be worshiped through one form: Jesus Christ.Chapman primarily wore discarded clothing, or would barter apple saplings for used clothes. Chapman was never married nor did he have children. He spent most of his time in Ohio in Richland County near Mansfield. Many of Ohio’s first orchards began with saplings from Chapman’s nurseries. His trees fed many of Ohio’s early white settlers as they struggled to establish farms and homes on the frontier. Johnny Appleseed eventually owned more than 1,200 acres of land across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Prior to his death, he claimed to have walked over four thousand miles around the United States. John Chapman died near Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the early 1840s.

    Where are today’s Johnny Appleseeds? Folks whose Hands (Doing center of intelligence), Heads (Thinking center of intelligence), and HEARTS (Feeling center of intelligence) are in alignment with their beliefs. He LIVED what he believed. 1200 acres was quite an accomplishment for the times. Surely a smart man with a Heart filled with LOVE whose aim was to plant apple trees.

    D Benton Smith


    ref : ” to attribute membership to an underclass as being related to intelligence is questionable. ”

    Who said anything about “underclasses” ? Who said anything about IQ being related to class ?
    Historians can do that if they wish, but I ain’t them and they certainly ain’t me. Please don’t alter my statement and then find fault with the altered version. It’s annoying.

    I don’t think you understood what I wrote . I’ll restate one of the points ( not a full rehash of the whole rant) using different words. Let’s take IQ for example. It’s a fuzzy concept that everybody understands fairly well, intuitively. It means how smart an individual is. In many of life’s challenges (like acquiring money or gaining power) smart people have an advantage over less smart people. Smart people tend to succeed in certain tasks more often and to higher degrees than do less smart people. There are many factors effecting success, but IQ is definitely a major one. Consequently there will be more smart people at the powerful end of the scale and more unsmart people on the powerless end of the scale (we can’t all be from Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average. )

    I don’t side with any of of the prefab definitions of class, category or ideology. I’m an autistic raised in the woods by wolves.


    Johnny Appleseed: Rugged Individualist or Disciplined Collectivist?

    OppositeLand is not an option.

    He was both.

    The path of YOGA is experiential. We can become enlightened by living – if we choose to take responsibility for the results of our actions. Although Appleseed was not an “official” Yogi, he acted like one. Jai Johnny Appleseed, a true Guru Dev!

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