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Gustave Caillebotte Paris Street, Rainy Day 1884


Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors Nationwide (JTN)
South Africa Healthcare Chief Says Omicron May Signal the End of COVID-19 (SN)
Green Pass and COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots in Israel (SSRN)
Beyond Omicron: What’s Next For Covid’s Viral Evolution (Nature)
SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infections In Vaccinated Individuals (Nature)
WHO Europe Says Covid Vaccine Mandates Should Be ‘Last Resort’ (Y!)
Vaccine-Resistant Mutations Correlate Strongly With Vaccination Rates (NIH)
Study Shows Omicron Variant Partially Evades Vaccine’s Protection (GR)
FDA Wants Until at Least 2096 to Fully Release Pfizer’s Vaccine Data (Siri)
New NIH Records Reveal Information About Research Into Coronavirus (JW)
Controversial Biden Banking Nominee Omarova Bows Out (JTN)
Apple Signed Secret $275 Billion Deal With Chinese Government (ZH)
Putin To Biden: ‘Finlandize’ Ukraine, Or We Will (Pat Buchanan)





EU ministers conference: After February 1, free travel in all of EU for every citizen who’s had a booster shot within 9 months of their second shot.

BUT: people already know the Omicron shot is supposed to come in 100 days.



Yeah, the unvaxxed occupy all hospital beds… Just not in Wales?!




The judge ruled that federal contractors nationwide are no longer subject to Biden’s vaccine mandate.

This prevents a lot of misery.

Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors Nationwide (JTN)

A U.S. district court judge blocked the Biden administration on Tuesday from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on employees of government contractors across the nation. This conservative win adds to a string of losses for President Joe Biden in federal courts. Southern District of Georgia Judge R. Stan Baker ruled in favor of multiple contractors across seven states – Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia. A district judge in Kentucky last week issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the Biden administration from enforcing their vaccine mandate on contractors, but it only applied to three states – Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Because one of the plaintiffs in the Georgia decision, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., is a trade group with members across the United States, Baker’s decision applies nationwide.

Baker, a Trump appointee, wrote that the plaintiffs “will likely succeed in their claim that the President exceeded the authorization given to him by Congress” when Biden issued an executive order on Sept. 9 mandating federal contractors to receive COVID-19 vaccines. The White House announced last month that it was delaying federal contractors’ vaccine mandate deadline until January, not December as previously planned. Last week the Biden administration also pushed back its deadline requiring federal workers to be vaccinated. Federal workers now have until January to be vaccinated. A federal judge in Louisiana issued a preliminary injunction earlier this month to stop “Biden’s national vaccine mandate for healthcare workers,” Just the News reported.

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“There have been zero deaths from Omicron worldwide and in countries like the UK it hasn’t even caused anyone to be hospitalized.”

South Africa Healthcare Chief Says Omicron May Signal the End of COVID-19 (SN)

The CEO of South Africa’s largest private healthcare network says that the Omicron variant is “so mild” that it “may signal the end of COVID-19.” According to Richard Friedland, chief executive officer of Netcare Ltd., the early days of the variant suggest there is absolutely no need to panic and that it might actually be a good thing. “If in the second and third wave we’d seen these levels of positivity to tests conducted, we would have seen very significant increases in hospital admissions and we’re not seeing that. In our primary care clinics it is mainly people under 30-years-old,” he said. “So I actually think there is a silver lining here and this may signal the end of Covid-19, with it attenuating itself to such an extent that it’s highly contagious, but doesn’t cause severe disease. That’s what happened with Spanish flu.”

“We are seeing breakthrough infections of people who have been vaccinated, but the infections we’re seeing are very mild to moderate. So for health care workers who have had boosters, it’s mostly mild. I think this whole thing has been so poorly communicated and so much panic generated.” Friedland’s comments won’t be welcomed by Big Pharma, which continues to make vast profits from endless booster vaccines. Not will his remarks be amplified by the corporate media, which has enjoyed a huge boost in ratings from endless COVID fearmongering. However, the CEO’s statement correlates with what other health experts on the ground in South Africa have said about Omicron.

The doctor who first discovered the variant says the it is “mild” and hasn’t caused an uptick in hospitalizations. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, echoed Dr. Barry Schoub’s sentiments, noting that the patients infected with omicron had “symptoms (that) were so different and so mild from those I had treated before.” There have been zero deaths from Omicron worldwide and in countries like the UK it hasn’t even caused anyone to be hospitalized.

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Twitter comments: “Notably, the new Israel booster study finds highly negative VE for the first month after booster administered and only afterwards turns positive which makes overall VE low (35% for first 3 months).”

“This says vaccines not very effective for first three months, but boosters are being recommended at 3 months intervals for some. So right when they become most effective, get another one? Maybe I’m not understanding.”

Green Pass and COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots in Israel (SSRN)

The paper describes an analysis based on data published on November 1, 2021, by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) on its control dashboard about returning Israelis through the national airport. The data include the respective numbers of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated individuals and the number of positive COVID-19 cases identified in each group. These reflect the modified definitions of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated status after the Pfizer booster vaccination campaign in Israel (August-October). In particular, to maintain a Vaccinated status and specifically the “Green Pass”, individuals who received the initial 2 doses more than 6 months ago were required to receive the booster vaccine.

Israel national airport is a unique setting, where the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated individuals all have to test, which allows a more objective assessment of both the booster and Green Pass efficacy in preventing infections. The analysis suggests that the positivity rate (number of cases divided by number of tests) among the Vaccinated cohort throughout August-October is only 1.54-fold smaller than the one among the Unvaccinated cohort (about 35% relative protection). More specifically, compared to the Unvaccinated group, the Vaccinated group has a significantly higher positivity rate during the month of August, then in September it shows a 3.45-fold smaller positivity rate (71% relative protection), and this protection decreases to 2.66-fold (62% protection) during October.

The analysis suggests that the relative protection of the booster shot against infection is likely to be significantly smaller than the initial estimates of 10-11-fold (over 90%) reported by the MOH, probably around 60% at best. This also implies that the absolute number of infected individuals in the Vaccinated group is likely to be at least as high as in the Unvaccinated, raising serious concerns that the new Green Pass is inefficient in preventing infection spread, and could expose high risk individuals to risk.

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Two long and detailed articles from Nature. Which leave me with the impression that they’re more sophisticated sales jobs for the vaccines.

Beyond Omicron: What’s Next For Covid’s Viral Evolution (Nature)

Delta and its descendants now account for the vast majority of COVID-19 cases worldwide. Most researchers expected these Delta lineages to eventually outcompete the last holdouts. But Omicron has undermined those predictions. “A lot of us were expecting the next weird variant to be a child of Delta, and this is a bit of a wild card,” says Aris Katzourakis, a specialist in viral evolution at the University of Oxford, UK. Teams in Botswana and South Africa identified the variant in late November — although researchers say it is unlikely to have originated in either country — and health officials have linked it to a rapidly growing outbreak centred in South Africa’s Gauteng province. The variant harbours around 30 changes to spike, many shared with the other variants of concern, and scientists worldwide are working to gauge the threat it poses.

The swift rise in cases of Omicron in South Africa suggests that the new variant has a fitness advantage over Delta, says Tom Wenseleers, an evolutionary biologist and biostatistician at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. Omicron carries some of the mutations associated with Delta’s sky-high infectivity. But if increased infectivity were the sole reason for its rapid growth, it would translate to an R0 in the 30s, Wenseleers says. “That’s very implausible.” Instead, he and other researchers suspect that Omicron’s rise may be largely due to its ability to infect people who are immune to Delta through vaccination or previous infection.

Scientists’ portrait of Omicron is still blurry and it will take weeks before they can fully assess its properties. But if the variant is spreading, in part, because of its ability to evade immunity, it fits in with theoretical predictions about how SARS-CoV-2 is likely to evolve, says Sarah Cobey, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois. As gains in SARS-CoV-2’s infectivity start to slow, the virus will have to maintain its fitness through overcoming immune responses, says Cobey. For instance, if a mutation or set of mutations halved a vaccine’s ability to block transmission, this could vastly increase the number of available hosts in a population. Cobey says it’s hard to imagine that any future gains in infectivity could provide the same boost.

That evolutionary path, towards immune evasion and away from gains in infectivity, is common among established respiratory viruses such as influenza says Adam Kucharski, a mathematical epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “The easiest way for the virus to cause new epidemics is to evade immunity over time. That’s similar to what we see with the seasonal coronaviruses.”

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Oh yeah, boosters!

SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infections In Vaccinated Individuals (Nature)

Vaccines against viruses work by generating immune responses that inhibit the infection process (mainly serum antibodies that bind and/or neutralize virus particles and, for mucosally applied vaccines, also mucosal secretory IgA) and by creating immune memory in the form of antigen-specific memory B cells and T cells that are primed to produce a rapid anamnestic response when the infection reintroduces the vaccine antigen into the body. These mechanisms can prevent initial proliferation of the virus or, failing that, rapidly control it, reducing the amount of virus to which the host is ultimately exposed and the duration of the exposure. While the amount of circulating antibody present following vaccination (or any antigenic stimulus) increases rapidly, on a timescale of days to weeks, it also declines rapidly from its peak on a timescale of weeks to months, and then more slowly over a time scale of decades.

The first phase reflects antibody secreted by short-lived plasmablast populations, which expand right after antigen exposure as a first line of defense. They typically die within 1–2 weeks after antigen exposure and the antibody they secreted declines based on the specific antibody half-life (approximately 21 days for IgG). The second, usually very slow, phase of decline likely reflects the kinetics of long-lived plasma cells, which migrate to the bone marrow and from there secrete antibody into the blood, often maintaining stable titres for many years. Importantly, although peripherally injected vaccines can induce low levels of IgG and monomeric IgA antibodies at the mucosal surfaces of the upper respiratory tract (which are the main entry portal for respiratory viruses) they do not induce secretory IgA efficientl2. The small proportions of IgG and IgA that land on the mucosal surfaces of the upper respiratory tract after intramuscular vaccination disappear relatively quickly as serum antibodies wane.

Whether a breakthrough infection occurs when a vaccinated host is exposed to an infectious person depends on whether the immune response present in that person at the moment of exposure is sufficient to abort or rapidly control the infection (Fig. 1). Given the kinetics of immune responses, it is not surprising that the amount of protection offered by a vaccine against infection might decline over time, allowing more breakthrough infections as the immune response wanes over months (as observed for influenza virus vaccines) and/or as immune memory wanes over years (as observed for mumps vaccines). Likewise, protection might increase after a breakthrough infection or after a subsequent vaccine dose, which enhances the person’s immune response. It is also unsurprising that older individuals, whose neutralizing antibody responses to COVID-19 vaccines are typically lower, appear to be at greater risk of breakthrough infections at any given time following vaccination.

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Covid has exposed the WHO as a failed entity.

WHO Europe Says Covid Vaccine Mandates Should Be ‘Last Resort’ (Y!)

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe on Tuesday cautioned against making Covid vaccines mandatory, while urging better protection of children among whom cases are high. Europe is battling a fierce surge in the pandemic, with the WHO registering 120,000 Covid-related deaths on the continent since November 23 when it warned of up to 500,000 more deaths by March 2022. Regional director Hans Kluge said compulsory vaccines should be “an absolute last resort and only applicable when all other feasible options to improve vaccination uptake have been exhausted”. Noting that mandates have increased vaccine uptake in some cases, Kluge said these were “context specific”, and added that the effect mandates may have on “public confidence and public trust” must also be considered.

The regional health bloc also noted that the number of cases had increased “across all age groups, with the highest rates currently observed in the five to 14 years age group.” “It is not unusual today to see two to three times higher incidence among young children than in the average population,” Kluge told a press conference. “The health risks extend beyond the children themselves,” Kluge added, noting that children risk passing the infection to parents and grandparents in the home. Improved ventilation and the use of masks should be a standard at all primary schools as part of a safe learning environment, while avoiding school closures and remote learning, the regional director said. “Vaccinating children should be discussed and considered nationally,” Kluge added.

The WHO’s European region comprises 53 countries and territories, and includes several in Central Asia. The organisation also expressed concern about rising cases of the recently discovered Omicron variant of the virus, but stressed that the fight should still be focused on the currently dominant Delta variant. “The problem now is Delta and however we succeed against Delta today is a win over Omicron tomorrow, before it eventually surges,” Kluge said. Meanwhile in Norway, where 29 cases of the Omicron variant have been confirmed, health authorities warned that the new variant would likely add to the stress on health services to a “significant degree”.

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Is anybody tracking this on a broad scale?

Vaccine-Resistant Mutations Correlate Strongly With Vaccination Rates (NIH)

The importance of understanding SARS-CoV-2 evolution cannot be overlooked. Recent studies confirm that natural selection is the dominating mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 evolution, which favors mutations that strengthen viral infectivity. Here, we demonstrate that vaccine-breakthrough or antibody-resistant mutations provide a new mechanism of viral evolution. Specifically, vaccine-resistant mutation Y449S in the spike (S) protein receptor-binding domain, which occurred in co-mutations Y449S and N501Y, has reduced infectivity compared to that of the original SARS-CoV-2 but can disrupt existing antibodies that neutralize the virus.

By tracking the evolutionary trajectories of vaccine-resistant mutations in more than 2.2 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes, we reveal that the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America. We anticipate that as a complementary transmission pathway, vaccine-breakthrough or antibody-resistant mutations, like those in Omicron, will become a dominating mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 evolution when most of the world’s population is either vaccinated or infected. Our study sheds light on SARS-CoV-2 evolution and transmission and enables the design of the next-generation mutation-proof vaccines and antibody drugs.

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Trying to confuse natural immunity and vaccine “protection”.

Study Shows Omicron Variant Partially Evades Vaccine’s Protection (GR)

Researchers studying the effects of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine on the Omicron variant announced on Tuesday that the variant is partially capable of evading the vaccine’s protection. The team, which has been working in South Africa since the discovery of the new variant, said that those who have recovered from Covid and are fully vaccinated, as well as those who have received a booster shot, are well protected against the variant. The team conducted tests in lab dishes with samples from a dozen people who were fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine. The results indicated that Omicron is capable of escaping the vaccine’s protection– but only partially.

“There is a very large drop in neutralization of Omicron by BNT162b2 [Pfizer/BioNTech] immunity relative to ancestral virus,” said Alex Sigal, the study’s lead author, on Twitter. Sigal works for the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban. “Omicron escape from BNT162b2 neutralization is incomplete. Previous infection + vaccination still neutralizes,” Sigal said. Sigal told CNN that these results were much better than what he and his team had expected: “I thought this news was very positive. I expected worse,” Sigal said in an interview. Many experts were expecting Omicron to almost completely bypass the protection of vaccines. “This is not a variant that has completely escaped. It certainly escapes. It is certainly bad. But it looks to me like there are ways of dealing with it.”

The study analyzed human lung cells and blood to find their results. It has yet to be peer-reviewed. “Previous infection, followed by vaccination or booster, is likely to increase the neutralization level and likely confer protection from severe disease in Omicron infection,” the study read. Some of the samples had a 41-fold reduction in neutralizing antibodies deployed against the Omicron compared to the levels of antibodies present in earlier Covid-19 variants. But Sigal said that that number is fluid and subject to change with further tests and variables, including if the person had been previously infected. The news comes as evidence is mounting that Omicron may be producing less severe infections than previous Covid-19 variants, like Delta.

On Saturday, the South African Medical Research Council published a report about an Omicron-driven outbreak in the Tshwane district in South Africa’s northern Gauteng Province, one of the first areas in the world where Omicron has overtaken Delta as the dominant strain. The researchers wrote that in the last two weeks there has been an “exponential” rise in caseloads, but significantly, the surge has not corresponded to a significant uptick in hospitalizations and deaths. “The relatively low number of COVID-19 pneumonia hospitalizations in the general, high care, and ICU wards constitutes a very different picture compared to the beginning of previous waves,” the report said, examining data from the Steve Biko and Tshwane District Hospital complex.

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How does “never” sound to you? Just dump Pfizer, it’s the only way out of the pandemic.

FDA Wants Until at Least 2096 to Fully Release Pfizer’s Vaccine Data (Siri)

A prior post explained that the FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Literally, a 55-year delay. My firm, on behalf of PHMPT, asked that this information be disclosed in 108 days – the same amount of time it took for the FDA to review and license Pfizer’s vaccine. The Court ordered the parties to submit briefs in support of their respective positions by December 6, 2021. The FDA’s brief, incredibly, doubles down. It now effectively asks to have until at least 2096 to produce the Pfizer documents. Not a typo. A total of at least 75 years. Other than producing an initial ~12,000 pages in around two months, the FDA thereafter only wants to commit to producing 500 pages per month. The FDA also disclosed that it actually has approximately at least 451,000 pages to produce.*

Each side gets to file response briefs on December 13, 2021, and then there is oral argument on December 14, 2021 before the Judge. If you want to read the response to the FDA’s position, a copy of the introduction in the brief my firm filed is below. And below that, a downloadable copy of each side’s full briefing is available. Enjoy. And if you find what you are reading difficult to believe – that is because it is dystopian for the government to give Pfizer billions, mandate Americans to take its product, prohibit Americans from suing for harms, but yet refuse to let Americans see the data underlying its licensure. The lesson yet again is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon a medical procedure.

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Why is all this stuff heavily redacted? Who has the right to be kept secret, and what is that based on?

New NIH Records Reveal Information About Research Into Coronavirus (JW)

Judicial Watch announced today that it received 221 pages of records from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which include a grant application for research involving the coronavirus that was submitted in 2018. The grant application appears to describe “gain of function” research involving RNA extractions from bats, experiments on viruses, attempts to develop a chimeric virus and efforts to genetically manipulate the full-length bat SARSr-CoV WIV1 strain molecular clone. The documents were obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for records of communications, contracts and agreements with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The lawsuit specifically requests records about National Institute of Health (NIH) grants that benefitted the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

On January 27, 2020, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) official David Morens emailed Chief of Staff Greg Folkers in a heavily redacted thread, writing: “[S]ome background on our support of the Ecohealth group (Peter Daszak et al), which has for years been among the biggest players in coronavirus work, also in collaboration with Ralph Baric, Ian Lipkin and others. [Redacted]”. NIAID has been funding Peter’s group for coronavirus work in China for the past 5 years through [grant] R011R01A|110964: “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” That’s now been renewed, with a specific focus to identify cohorts of people highly exposed to bats in China, and work out if they’re getting sick from CoVs.… Collaborators include Wuhan Institute of Virology (currently working on the nCoV) and Ralph Baric.

The results of the work to date include: • [Redacted] • Discovered Swine Acute Diarrheal Syndrome Virus (SADS-CoV) killing >25,000 pigs in Guangdong Province (Published in Nature) • Found SARS-related CoVs that can bind to human cells (Published in Nature), and that cause SARS-like disease in humanized mouse models. • [Redacted] Also, prior to the above R01, Peter’s folks worked under an R01 with Eun-Park as Program Officer on viral discovery in bats, and originally identified SARS-CoV as having a likely origin in bats (published in Science). Folkers forwards the message to Anthony Fauci and others.

In a “Notice of Award” dated July 13, 2020, the NIH increased the amount of NIH money going to Peter Daszak’s firm, EcoHealth Alliance, by $369,819 with a project period that runs from June 1, 2014, through June 30, 2025, for Daszak’s project “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” EcoHealth was to receive $637,980 in each of the years 2019 through 2024 under the grant.

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Did they really think they could push through Marx in the US?

Controversial Biden Banking Nominee Omarova Bows Out (JTN)

Cornell Law Professor Saule Omarova withdrew her nomination for comptroller of the currency following Senate Republicans voicing concerns about her Marxist ties. In Omarova’s withdrawal letter posted Tuesday by the White House, she wrote that while it was an honor to be nominated by President Joe Biden, “it is no longer tenable” for her to continue as a nominee and ultimately lead the agency in charge of regulating American banks. Biden responded that he accepts Omarova’s withdrawal, and says she “was subjected to inappropriate personal attacks that were far beyond the pale.” Biden described his former nominee as “a strong advocate for consumers and a staunch defender of the safety and soundness of our financial system” who would have “brought invaluable insight and perspective to our important work on behalf of the American people.”

Republicans, moderate Democrats and banking industry officials disagreed with Biden’s nomination. Omarova, a Kazakh native educated in the USSR, was under scrutiny for a history of leftist statements, as previously reported by Just the News. In 2019, she tweeted, “Until I came to the US, I couldn’t imagine that things like gender pay gap still existed in today’s world. Say what you will about old USSR, there was no gender pay gap there. Market doesn’t always ‘know best.'” A video surfaced earlier this year of the Moscow State University alumna cheering for oil and gas companies to go bankrupt. Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) responded by calling on Biden to withdrawal Omarova’s nomination. As recently as October of this year, a paper by Omarova was published titled, “The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy.”

The professor called for “replacing commercial bank reserve accounts with universally available deposit accounts” so “all U.S. citizens and law-abiding citizens and lawful residents, local governments, nonbanking firms and nonbusiness entities” can bank at the Federal Reserve. Her proposed plan would have the Federal Reserve take money from these accounts when “it is necessary to expand the money supply in order to stimulate economic activity.” Her thesis at Moscow State University was “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,” but she declined to provide it to the Senate Banking Committee to review.

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No word on what is in the deal. Over a quarter of a trillion dollars.

Apple Signed Secret $275 Billion Deal With Chinese Government (ZH)

Investors and journalists have been openly questioning whether Apple CEO Tim Cook, once praised for his deep-rooted connections within the CCP, has allowed his relationships in China to sour as the US has stepped up criticisms over human rights – treatment of the Uyghers in Xinjiang and elsewhere – and Taiwan. These ties have grown intensely controversial, eliciting criticism from lawmakers, rivals and even the company’s own employees. And just as the SEC prepares to boot dozens of Chinese companies off of US stock exchanges for refusing to comply with US audit standards (something the CCP has expressly forbidden under the auspices of data privacy), reporters with the Information have just published a bombshell: At some point in the not-too-distant past, Cook struck a $275 billion deal with the Chinese government while facing pressure from the CCP.

The deal emerged after a series of meetings between Cook and Chinese officials back in 2016. China is Apple’s second-biggest market after the US, and has long been targeted as a critical market for growth. Apple’s iPhones have seen growing popularity despite rising tensions with the US. This year, Apple became the second-biggest smartphone maker in China. The deal, which was forged over the span of years, represents a five-year plan, according to documents from inside Apple that have been seen by the Information. Whether talks on another five-year plan are in the works isn’t yet clear.

The fact that Apple never disclosed this deal to the US – it’s only just now being publicied – will likely trigger an angry response from lawmakers, who are bound to question Apple’s loyalty to the US, along with whether it prioritized profits and growth over respecting human rights (so much for all that climate virtue signaling). Before the deal was struck, documents show, Apple executives were scrambling to salvage their relationship with Chinese officials, who had accused Apple of not contributing enough to the local economy. Amid the government crackdown and the bad publicity that accompanied it, iPhone sales plummeted, though they have since bounced back.

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Yesh, just try and put US missiles on Ukraine soil. Buchanan’s view is from the Cold War.

Putin To Biden: ‘Finlandize’ Ukraine, Or We Will (Pat Buchanan)

Either the U.S. and NATO provide us with “legal guarantees” that Ukraine will never join NATO or become a base for weapons that can threaten Russia — or we will go in and guarantee it ourselves. This is the message Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending, backed by the 100,000 troops Russia has amassed on Ukraine’s borders. At the Kremlin last week, Putin drew his red line: “The threat on our western borders is … rising, as we have said multiple times. … In our dialogue with the United States and its allies, we will insist on developing concrete agreements prohibiting any further eastward expansion of NATO and the placement there of weapons systems in the immediate vicinity of Russian territory.” That comes close to an ultimatum. And NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg backhanded the President of Russia for issuing it:

“It’s only Ukraine and 30 NATO allies that decide when Ukraine is ready to join NATO. … Russia has no veto, Russia has no say, and Russia has no right to establish a sphere of influence trying to control their neighbors.” Yet, great powers have always established spheres of influence. Chinese President Xi Jinping claims virtually the entire South China Sea that is bordered by half a dozen nations. For 200 years, the United States has declared a Monroe Doctrine that puts our hemisphere off-limits to new colonizations. Moreover, Putin wants to speak to the real decider of the question as to whether Ukraine joins NATO or receives weapons that can threaten Russia. And the decider is not Jens Stoltenberg but President Joe Biden.

In the missile crisis of 60 years ago, the U.S., with its “quarantine” of Cuba and strategic and tactical superiority in the Caribbean, forced Nikita Khrushchev to pull his intermediate-range ballistic missiles, which could reach Washington, off of Fidel Castro’s island. If it did not do so, Moscow was led to understand, we would use our air and naval supremacy to destroy his missiles and send in the Marines to finish the job. Accepting a counteroffer for the U.S. withdrawal of Jupiter missiles from Turkey, Khrushchev complied with President John F. Kennedy’s demand. Russia’s missiles came out. And Kennedy was seen as having won a Cold War victory. Now it is we who are being told to comply with Russia’s demands in Ukraine, or Russia will go in to Ukraine and neutralize the threat itself.

When the Warsaw Pact collapsed and the USSR came apart three decades ago, Russia withdrew all of its military forces from Central and Eastern Europe. Moscow believed it had an agreed-upon understanding with the Americans. Under the deal, the two Germanys would be reunited. Russian troops would be removed from East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. And there would be no NATO expansion into Eastern Europe. If America made that commitment, it was a promise broken. For, within 20 years, NATO had brought every Warsaw Pact nation into the alliance along with the former Soviet republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Neocons and Republican hawks such as the late John McCain sought to bring Ukraine and two other ex-Soviet republics, Georgia and Moldova, into NATO.

Putin, who served in the KGB in the late Soviet era and calls the breakup of the USSR the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century, is now saying: Enough is enough. Translation: “Thus far and no further! Ukraine is not going to be a member of NATO or a military ally and partner of the United States, nor a base for weapons that can strike Russia in minutes. For us, that crosses a red line. And if NATO proceeds with arming Ukraine for conflict with Russia, we reserve the right to act first. Finlandize Ukraine, or we will!”

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    Gustave Caillebotte Paris Street, Rainy Day 1884   • Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors Nationwide (JTN) • South Africa
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 8 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Gustave Caillebotte Paris Street, Rainy Day 1884

    The umbrellas are exquisite and the wet cobblestones are just grand…
    Gustave Caillebotte is an unknown to me…very nice to meet him…


    Speaking of Bad Moon Rising, I came across something last night that portends a depopulation nightmare scenario. Essentially the mad scientists have lost control and are only making it worse in an attempt to fix it.

    I don’t give myself much credibility in the moment, but the one thing that just hangs out there for me, needing some kind of rationalization, is Israel’s willingness to be a guinea pig for Pfizer and all things dystopian. Not to mention, jabbing children. Anyway, It seems to be ground zero for finding a solution. I find it hard to believe that they are an unwilling participant from a TPTB level.

    The Pfizer CEO made these comments the other day,

    “I don’t think it’s good news to have something that spreads fast,” Bourla told his interlocutors at the summit.

    “Spreads fast means it will be in billions of people and another mutation may come. You don’t want that.”

    Given the source, there is the obvious reason he would say such a thing, but what if those comments are born out of fear as opposed to greed?

    Back in October, my sister-in-law sent me a link to this creepy patent, again a Jewish inventor nonetheless.

    Tim Truth did a segment on it recently.

    And the link to the mad scientists run amok scenario. For the most part, too sciencey for me, but at some point it is going to be too late for those that were scared into the shots in perpetuity route. In their effort to find a solution and not be culled, the Jews are gonna end up culling themselves and a good chunk of TPTB countries. Definitely one way to remove the evil from the earth. Rothschild’s lose.

    These Jews will win.


    Tim Truth Link

    Veracious Poet

    He came dancing across the water
    With his galleons and guns
    Looking for the new world
    And the palace in the sun

    On the shore lay Montezuma
    With his coca leaves and pearls
    In his halls, he often wandered
    With the secrets of the world

    And his subjects gathered ’round him
    Like the leaves around a tree
    In their clothes of many colors
    For the angry gods to see

    And the women all were beautiful
    And the men stood straight and strong
    They offered life in sacrifice
    So that others could go on

    Hate was just a legend
    And war was never known
    The people worked together
    And they lifted many stones

    And they carried them to the flat lands
    But they died along the way
    And they build up with their bare hands
    What we still can’t do today

    And I know she’s living there
    And she loves me to this day
    I still can’t remember when
    Or how I lost my way

    He came dancing across the water
    Cortez, Cortez
    What a killer

    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>


    A video surfaced earlier this year of the Moscow State University alumna cheering for oil and gas companies to go bankrupt.

    She may get her wish –

    Corona Bullshit still running hot but may I make a prediction that TAE’s knowledge base from the Oil Drum years may be on trend for 2022.

    a great many articles similar – doesn’t feel like a stunt but not sure…


    Oh and thanks for the eggsellent help regarding the surplus chicken products. I am going the cheap mass-produced feed mixed with our home grown scraps and bugs etc. I feel it is as Buddha would say “the middle path”
    But truthfully I can’t afford organic feed just now so there is that.

    Very interesting thoughts chooch


    Apologies, I think I fixed the links.

    Speaking of Bad Moon Rising, I came across something last night that portends a depopulation nightmare scenario. Essentially the mad scientists have lost control and are only making it worse in an attempt to fix it.

    I don’t give myself much credibility in the moment, but the one thing that just hangs out there for me, needing some kind of rationalization, is Israel’s willingness to be a guinea pig for Pfizer and all things dystopian. Not to mention, jabbing children. Anyway, It seems to be ground zero for finding a solution. I find it hard to believe that they are an unwilling participant from a TPTB level.

    The Pfizer CEO made these comments the other day,

    “I don’t think it’s good news to have something that spreads fast,” Bourla told his interlocutors at the summit.

    “Spreads fast means it will be in billions of people and another mutation may come. You don’t want that.”

    Given the source, there is the obvious reason he would say such a thing, but what if those comments are born out of fear as opposed to greed?
    Back in October, my sister-in-law sent me a link to this creepy patent, again a Jewish inventor nonetheless.

    Tim Truth did a segment on it recently.

    And the link to the mad scientists run amok scenario. For the most part, too sciencey for me, but at some point it is going to be too late for those that were scared into the shots in perpetuity route. In their effort to find a solution and not be culled, the Jews are gonna end up culling themselves and a good chunk of TPTB countries. Definitely one way to remove the evil from the earth. Rothschild’s lose.

    These Jews will win.

    Dr. D

    “Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors Nationwide (JTN)”

    Don’t see why this would matter. It was never a law in the first place. Nor a single one of the other measures. We only enforce non-laws we make up in our heads. But never, never real laws that were actually passed.

    So they’ll just ignore the law, the judge, and break it anyway. It’s not about logic, reason or facts. It’s about grinding others under you heel.

    “The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ – this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.” – Aldous Huxley

    ““There have been zero deaths from Omicron worldwide and in countries like the UK it hasn’t even caused anyone to be hospitalized.”

    Yes, but they attacked all those black people and stole their money. Now shut off their food. What’s not to like?

    Beyond Omicron: What’s Next For Covid’s Viral Evolution (Nature)”

    Who cares? After Omicron, no one gets sick, no one dies. Just like the original Covid, but 0.03% better.

    SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infections In Vaccinated Individuals (Nature)”

    You need to take the drug that doesn’t protect you to protect you! Now!!! Hurry!!!

    WHO Europe Says Covid Vaccine Mandates Should Be ‘Last Resort’ (Y!)”

    What’s with the WHO saying logical things again lately? Did their Chinese money run out? Did they trade their blackmail files like baseball cards?

    Vaccine-Resistant Mutations Correlate Strongly With Vaccination Rates (NIH)”

    Uh, as far as we can tell – and Israel suggests, and Iceland openly said – ALL the Covids are 100% resistant to ALL the vaccines. Even Beta. But also Delta and Omicron. That’s what “Breakthrough” means. It means “Vaccines don’t work.” I mean, IF YOU HADN’T NOTICED.

    “Study Shows Omicron Variant Partially Evades Vaccine’s Protection (GR)”

    Partially? 100% of the infected were vaccinated. Or did we finally find someone who wasn’t?

    “I don’t think it’s good news to have something that spreads fast,”

    Are you kidding? If it doesn’t make you sick but protects you, it’s the BEST NEWS EVAH. …Except to Pfizer execs whose companies are bankrupting. For them and them alone is it bad news. So who said this quote? Oh. Yeah. No yacht for you! There’s the Have Nots and Have Yachts. There are two types of people in the world: Avoid both.

    Why is all this stuff heavily redacted? Who has the right to be kept secret,”

    Whoever pays, and the people who accept that. They COULD stop paying taxes to guys that kill gay people, guys that kill 10k a year and have paid the largest injury settlements in world history, guys that supported 30k overdoses with 30x prescriptions per county resident and to organizations that first cause war with OPCW, THEN use my money to cover it up to they can KEEP killing children. We’d save a lot of money here at home and could pay our health care and fix Flint’s water.

    We don’t WANT to. It’s a mild inconvenience to talk about it and vote against it. It’s embarrassing to admit our servants rape and kill everyone they can find worldwide. It’s easier to just let them.

    Controversial Biden Banking Nominee Omarova Bows Out (JTN)”

    Aw. Now we won’t be able to use her as a bad warning to others.

    “Apple Signed Secret $275 Billion Deal With Chinese Government (ZH)”

    They get the mine, you get the shaft.

    Aldous and George: Why pick? Both work so we take the best of both worlds. I don’t care HOW you get it done to kill everyone and let me own everything – really could care less. You’re misunderstanding that they actually have thoughts or feelings. That’s not a Wendigo. A soulless monster that is forever starving, starving, needing more.


    From the Judicial Watch piece:

    “These records are proof positive that US tax dollars were dishonestly used by Fauci’s agency to fund ‘gain of function’ coronavirus research,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.


    This is at least third time that Caillebotte is greeting us at the top of the daily Rattle.
    You, as I recall, had commented the painting before.

    John Day

    @Saul Goodman, from yesterday: Your sister in law might consider Novavax, which would be the safest if she chooses vaccination. Her immune system and vasculature are weakened and inflamed from type-1 diabetes.
    She should ideally have an upper-normal vitamin-D level of 60-100, and tke a baby aspirin 81 mg, each day, in any case.
    She is a good candidate for ivermectin prophylaxis, weekly or twice weekly, if she can find a prescribing physician, and would prefer to avoid “vaccine” adverse reactions (Avoid 20A and 21A batches, of course)


    Re preserving eggs – info from Sandro Katz (fermentation guru): “Peeled hard-boiled eggs can be buried in a crock of fermenting vegetables, where they are protected by the acidification of the vegetables.”

    Figmund Sreud

    … Pepe Escobar speculates on content of Putin – Biden video discussions of yesterday:
    What Putin really told Biden
    Russian and US leaders dropped their respective rhetorical gauntlets but nobody really expects Russia to invade Ukraine

    by Pepe Escobar December 8, 2021

    What Putin really told Biden 



    TAE is not the only one telling the truth.

    The pandemic is over

    WAKE UP!

    Fauci is not TELLING THE TRUTH

    Healthcare Chief Says Omicron “May Signal the End of COVID-19”

    Healthcare Chief Says Omicron “May Signal the End of COVID-19”
    Slams “panic” generated by exaggerated fears over severity of variant.

    “We are seeing breakthrough infections of people who have been vaccinated, but the infections we’re seeing are very mild to moderate. So for health care workers who have had boosters, it’s mostly mild. I think this whole thing has been so poorly communicated and so much panic generated.”

    Friedland’s comments won’t be welcomed by Big Pharma, which continues to make vast profits from endless booster vaccines.

    Not will his remarks be amplified by the corporate media, which has enjoyed a huge boost in ratings from endless COVID fearmongering.

    There have been zero deaths from Omicron worldwide and in countries like the UK it hasn’t even caused anyone to be hospitalized.
    “Breakthrough” means.
    “Vaccines don’t work.”
    I want to know if Ivermectin plus Omicron will be even better at ending the pandemic.


    This showed up in my news feed:
    COVID-19 Breakthrough: Scientists Discover How the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evades Our Immune System
    It claims to be new research and says

    Naturally, the cells in a human’s immune system are able to control virus infection by destroying infected cells so that the virus cannot be replicated. The gene that is essential in executing this process, called NLRC5, regulates major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I genes, which are genes that create a pathway that is vital in providing antiviral immunity. Kobayashi and his colleagues discovered this in 2012.
    “During infection, the amount and activity of NLRC5 gene become augmented in order to boost our ability of eradication of viruses,” Kobayashi said. “We discovered that the reason why SARS-CoV-2 can replicate so easily is because the virus carries a suppressive gene, called ORF6, that acts to inhibit the function of NLRC5, thus inhibiting the MHC class I pathway as well.”

    Although the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, such as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, can lower an individual’s chance of contracting the virus, there is currently no permanent therapy that can entirely prevent a human from contracting SARS-CoV-2.
    “We hope that this new discovery will allow us to develop a new drug that can block this gene so our immune system will be able to fight off the coronavirus for good,” de Figueiredo said.

    It sounded familiar. A google search found this:
    The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro
    Which includes this

    In addition, the SARS-CoV accessory protein ORF6 has been shown to antagonize the antiviral activity of the STAT1 transcription factor by sequestering IMPα/β1 on the rough ER/Golgi membrane (Frieman et al., 2007). Taken together, these reports suggested that ivermectin’s nuclear transport inhibitory activity may be effective against SARS-CoV-2.

    The first article suggests some new drug be developed to do what the second article says Ivermectin already does. Perhaps some one more knowledgeable can comment on this.


    Some kind of angelic perspective and one a bit more complicated.


    @ Mr. No yacht for you! RE: yesterday’s comment on The Root Cause Protocol.

    It may seem confusing at first, until you connect the dots. Take one area, such as the RCP view on Vitamin D and explore it….

    What if mainstream thinking is completely wrong about Vitamin (Hormone) D supplementation? What if the “issue” is really low magnesium? What does that mean?

    Here are some comments + supporting research on the subject.

    FAQ – Vitamin D

    How about IRON!? What role does it play in the body? Iron overload? Are we rusting ourselves to death? A search for iron dysregulation on the RCP site takes you here:

    COPPER. Bioavailable copper anyone?

    My personal experience with the RCP is very positive. Have been on it for several years. Doing as many of the “Stops and Starts” as you can manage provides the foundation, and speeds up success on the path to wellness. Daily consumption of the adrenal cocktail (natural Vitamin C, Magnesium) + cod liver oil + beef liver (dried/capsules) + trace mineral drops has been a game-changer for me.

    LOVE to All.


    Re #94669 – Be sure to keep scrolling down on those links…lots of insight below.

    Saul Goodman

    Continuation from yesterday as I am curious.

    For those curious, I saw Dr D comment about it so thought we would further the topic. The supplement given to my wifes grandmother was DES.

    Its an interesting story to watch them all continue to only have daughters, and all had autoimmue disease. She is 1 of 3 sisters, all three had all daughters, so yes 9 granddaughters on the side of the family.

    Does anyone know how to measure iron in your tissue as has been discussed here. We get alot of ideas but sometimes lack practical execution. Thanks!


    Joe: Can I come visit you in Moscow?
    Putin: Depends.
    Joe: Depends on what?
    Putin: Depends.
    Joe: Come on man!
    Putin: Depends.
    Joe: Come on man depends on what?
    Putin: Depends!


    @ Saul GOODman. In the blood, organs, tissue. Since we are on the subject, try here:


    Susmarie 108:

    Re: No yacht for you!

    Some Wall Street brokers were taking a new client for a tour of New York city.
    When they past the yacht club they eagerly pointed their yacths!
    The new client then asked where their client’s yachts were!

    Mr. House

    Found out today why you can’t get the FDA approved Jab and why they’re pushing so hard for the kids. Essentially if they put out the Comirwhatever now and you have an adverse event you can sue. If they get it added to the children’s vaccination schedule liability disappears. Good listen

    Figmund Sreud

    How COVID-19 harms the heart
    Many patients are experiencing heart palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath even after recovering from COVID-19. But new studies offer reason for hope.

    Read in National Geographic:

    Commentary from Dr. Day would be greatly appreciated on above, …



    Mr. House

    This is what they’re going to do when they have total control of money, heck they even want to be able to shutdown your car. But its the virus i tells ya 😉

    Our .gov is acting like any cornered animal and liar. Lying and placing restrictions on people who call out those lies.

    Maxwell Quest


    Wow! Those two clips from Wings of Desire cracked me open like a walnut and really made my day. Thanks. This forum is really a treasure.


    Trudeau cancels “all expense paid trip to winter olympics for his friends”


    Based on the injunction, my employer has suspended implementation of the mandate. I thought about forwarding the Elephant in the room graphic to HR and explode some more heads but silence is probably golden in the moment.

    It will be interesting to see what the extent of booster hesitancy will. There was a surge last week due to Omicron, but it is tapering off this week.

    Fauci was out making the rounds this morning.

    “It’s when not if that the definition of fully vaccinated will mean 3 shots.

    “People should require holiday guests to prove they are vaccinated.”

    This is special.

    First Israeli Omicron COVID case: ‘I am still weak’

    “I am still weak,” he told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday from one of the hospital’s bustling cafeterias on his first day back.

    Maor tested positive for COVID-19 on November 28 and was diagnosed as having the variant a few days later. He was fully vaccinated with three shots of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

    Maor caught the variant in London, which he said was easily confirmed because of the number of PCR tests he took around his trip to the London Valves cardiology conference.

    “I did a PCR test when I landed in London, and then one 72 hours prior to flying back to Israel, and then another one when I landed in Tel Aviv. All of the tests were negative,” he said. “So, I did not bring the virus with me to London. I brought it back with me from London.

    How did he catch COVID if he was vaccinated?

    “The vaccine does not give you full protection,” Maor explained. “It protects you from severe disease and death, but not from getting the virus.”

    (Again, submission disappears if I include JPost link)


    >>In their effort to find a solution and not be culled, the Jews are gonna end up culling themselves and a good chunk of TPTB countries. Definitely one way to remove the evil from the earth. Rothschild’s lose.<<

    How would the execution, pun intended, of the Rothschild stated agenda be counted as a loss for them? They view EVERY BLOODLINE outside their own as ALIEN… as a THREAT to their agenda to win what they believe is God’s Survival of the Fittest Bloodline Game of Thrones.

    “Alien is defined as that external to ones bloodline. Does it really matter if the Alien is a human bloodline or what would be considered extra-terrestrial? Perhaps only from the standpoint of the bloodlines evolution towards perfection and the knowledge and power it can bring to bear…then what difference does the source of the threat mean?

    There is so much going on! Accept that you know NOTHING at all. That which you believe you know is incorrect. You are an infant, but filled with bad information. The tragedy (for you anyway) isn’t that it happened, but that you would be unable to UNDERSTAND that the knowledge of your academic betrayal is irrelevant! You cannot grasp that by knowing that you don’t know, you are now free to begin the journey TO knowing. Humans, almost to a person, MUCH prefer to use the revelation as a self pity party. Your breeding demands it!
    Pity, that!”
    ~Rothschild, both quotes from the same posting.

    “As to the other “questions”…of course there are many species ALIEN to humans…some in your own backyard.
    As I mentioned many times before, their is only your bloodline and OTHERS. How much clearer could this be? Does the form they take make any difference whatsoever?”

    “Correctly applied, ALIEN would denote OTHER….one not of ones BLOODLINE. If you found a direct blood descendant on Pluto, would you still consider them FAMILY?”

    “I have spoken previously on the whole alien topic and spoken the truth.”

    ” I don’t suppose it occurs to those zionist (admitted) shits that they would not NEED to defend “israel” if it weren’t a disgusting blight upon the earth.”

    The Rothschilds appear to be believers in British Israelism. IOW, they are religiously obligated, in their own minds, to bring about the prophecies within the Bible associated with modern day Israel — remember, 10 tribes were “lost.” Modern day “Israel,” is actually Old School Judah repackaged in a new name. Judah was composed of Judah and Benjamin back in the day, and the Rothschilds believe they know who the other 10 tribes are today.

    “Ever wonder why the life lived in the US is so “easy” compared to the rest of the planet?
    Oh yes, I nearly forgot…you are God’s “chosen” people…”

    Note how in Rothschild’s quote, above, he puts “Israel” in quotes. He KNOWS they aren’t the Israel of the Bible in the time of both Israel and Judah.

    The reason they financed the US the way they did is because they believed it was required by Biblical prophecy! It is also the reason they will now destroy it. And likely Britain, too — at least for ordinary people.

    While there are almost certainly some differences between what the Rothschilds believe and what the following booklet covers, it is a decent introduction into the subject: The United States and Britain in Prophecy by Herbert W. Armstrong. It is a free download if you search it on go-ogle.

    It is a beautiful lie to think one can imagine reality into existence according to their emotional desires — that’s not how it works. Reality is what it is, it takes a passion for truth, no matter how ugly, and a care for others that enables one to tread where it is uncomfortable because you believe others deserve the truth, too. Then you learn, as Rothschild observed and stated…

    “To paraphrase the term…”all your everything are belong to us”!
    But go right on believing the “beautiful lies” and ignore the truth!
    Laughing out loud!”

    ” Start with the truth…what you KNOW to be true and lay aside the false beliefs and programming you have been “gifted”. Start by knowing you know nothing and see if any insights come to you.”

    “Start with the truth…what you KNOW to be true and lay aside the false beliefs and programming you have been “gifted”. Start by knowing you know nothing and see if any insights come to you.”

    It is the rare person who can do this… this is akin to what Jesus said about becoming like a child… most people just can’t do it.

    Instead, the dElites figured out how most (darn near ALL) work…

    “We all have a tendency to think that the world must conform to our prejudices. The opposite view involves some effort of thought, and most people would die sooner than think – in fact they do so.”
    ~Bertrand Russell, The ABC of Relativity (1925), p. 166

    Of course, those prejudices are whipped up, and sometimes created whole cloth, by Money Power, Inc.

    The Rothschilds are going to destroy Israel in this process, too


    I know facemasks works for me.
    I wear my home made mask all the time.
    Even walking down the street when nobody is around.
    Nobody can see if I’m laughing at people who cannot infect me with covid.
    I would wear my mask to a stadium with 30,000 people at a football game and be comfortable that I’m not increasing the covid pandemic.
    The only time that I don’t wear my mask is when I’m sleeping or when its in the wash.

    absolute galore

    Another classic boilerplate Doctor Op Ed from the NYT, complete with young dying patient saying goodbye, hospitals overcrowded with unvaxxed, “regular” sick people having to wait to be treated due to selfish unvaxxed., call for universal mandate cause, you know, patience is running out–we gave you a choice and you picked the wrong one. This time it’s Michigan.
    I’m an E.R. Doctor in Michigan, Where Unvaccinated People Are Filling Hospital Beds

    And yet, from the article: “Statewide, nearly one in four hospital patients has a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19.” Hmmm. Okay, that’s less than 25%. And then some are only “suspected” of having Covid. And also very likely that some “diagnosed” with Covid actually came in with another ailment and found out they also had Covid after being tested for it. Let’s be generous and say 15%- 20%. That sounds like maybe a bad flu season, And how many are unvaccinated? “Like in the rest of Michigan, an
    overwhelming majority of patients in our hospital are unvaccinated, including 98 percent of acute critical care patients.”
    Is he talking about patients in general, or Covid patients?Even the headline does not explicitly say that the unvaccinated filliing up the beds all have covid, leaving room to fudge the numbers. Michigan has a claimed vax rate of 62%. All in all, hearsay and figures out of any relevant context.

    Here is a puzzling paragraph:

    “As immunity from vaccinations wanes, infections will most likely increase if a persistently large number of people remain unvaccinated. A vaccine mandate is the only way to break the endless cycle of surging infections that in turn push hospitals to the brink, and to save lives in conservative, pro-Trump communities like mine where Covid-19 misinformation is pervasive and death rates are far higher than in other communities.”

    He laments elsewhere that people with broken bones are forced to wait hours in the emergency room. Earth to doctor: That is the case in virtually every hospital in America.

    There was an article the other day about a couple of researchers studying vaccine hesitancy that was a real doozy.

    I don’t see the media coming around any time soon. Too vested. I find this one of the more frustrating aspects of the whole thing.


    @Saul, there is no dipstick way to measure some of these key markers, however, there ways to get an idea. The most obvious is whether you and your matrilinial line has been eating food from the ground and not in a box going back before 1941. If yes, then you are probably pretty good. If you and your matrilinial line has been eating processed food, how much? Typical bread and cereal are pretty bad, too, perhaps some of the worst iron offenders. The body absorbs iron, but doesn’t get rid of much. It just builds. How much has been ingest surely correlates to how much is stuck in one’s stores.
    Another factor is how much organ meats you and your matrilinial line have been eating. Copper helps manage all this iron, and if you don’t eat organ meats, you are worse off than if you had been.
    Most all will score horribly on both accounts, especially city dwellers, but even people on farms.
    High serum ferritin also indicates iron overload, especially if it is really high. Ferritin is only in the serum because it was forced to dump its previously safely sequestered iron for some reason INSIDE THE CELL.
    Anemia is also a very strong sign that one iron stuck in the tissues and building up… the anemia is not due to low systemic iron, it is due to chronic inflammation caused by too much iron driving oxidative stress in the tissues.
    Your triglyceride over HDL cholesterol (TG/HDL) ratio also indicates how much iron overload is reacting negatively inside your body. The body can relatively safely store a lot iron, but when its storage starts breaking down your TG/HDL ratio begins to rise.
    TG/HDL correlates to oxidized LDL particles — the REAL RISK FACTOR, not total cholesterol… that’s for people who don’t know science and are duped by logical fallacy psyence. How does LDL get oxidized? Macrophages loaded with iron in they lysosome stomach also eat LDL particles… LDL then contacts that stuck iron (bio-copper oxidizes the iron so transferrin can safely transfer it, or else it gets stuck in the macrophage) and oxidizes. These rusted out macrophages with oxidizes LDL eventually transform into what are called mast cells, and it is the mast cells that stick to arteries and clog them. And as the iron rises in those macrophages, it is rising in the rest of the body, too.
    Your TG/HDL should be below 1. I had a type O blood type friend on a vegan diet with some fish hear and there, and his was over 14 last year! He was crippled with pain, too. He added some meat (not even high quality) and stopped the sugary vegan crap (lots of vegan stuff is excellent — just not sodas and candy!) and dropped it to just over 4.0 in 7 months. None of his other markers budged much, and he was disappointed. Of course, his doctor never mentioned TG/HDL — they spew the psyence, not the science. Not knowing the truth is not their fault — they were misled in their training. PERSISTING IN THEIR IGNORANCE is their responsibility. Unfortunately, most are like old dogs and can’t learn new tricks unless “the authority declares it,” often with zero evidence, and completely opposite the science!
    Bad fats play a role, too. All the “heart healthy” fats sold to you by Empire, Inc. are all toxic.
    You can test your arachidonic acid over eicopentaenoic acid ration (AA/.EPA) for under $100. This is another metric that correlated very strongly with outcomes. You want a ratio in line with the Okinawans — between 1.5 and 3.0. Many Americans will find themselves in the teens, if not high teens. Stop eating crappy oils, and start ingesting real foods with quality EPA and DHA in them.
    There are two types of good quality seed oils I’ve found… those you cold press yourself and ingest right away, and UDO’s Oil. I vacuum seal my Udo’s Oil with a wine vacuum sealer to minimize oxidation. It works well.
    If you are following any popular supplement routine then you are almost certainly on a pro-iron overload program. I can think of zero exceptions. So that’s another indicator.
    For those who want to go into a little more detail, learn what your cupro-enzymes do, and then observe your own body and see how they are working.
    1. Cytochrome c oxidase — Does your body convert oxygen into energy efficiently? Can you run easily, build muscle easily, etc… Are all your organs functioning fantastically? Do you never have headaches? Does your immune system function well. My own experience is that when I balanced my blood sugar (Zone Diet) and reduced my iron (unknown, at the time, byproduct of my Zone Diet), I went from the sickest person in my family to never getting sick in almost 2 decades as long as I controlled my diet (on visits to relatives I might get sick).
    2. Lysyl oxidase — Is your skin in great condition? I think that flakey skin may well turn out to be low-level chronic desquamation… and an indication of the body trying to get rid of its iron overload.
    3. PAM enzyme — this regulates external body temperature. Do your fingers and toes get cold quicker than most, or hot faster than most? If so, bio-copper is low, and low bio-copper == iron overload.
    4. Do repaired injuries continue to “nag” at you forever? Macrophages race to injuries to help break down the bad and facilitate the repair of the new. If those macrophages are loaded to the gills with iron, they also bring a payload of oxidative stress that can prevent true healing.
    Morley Robbins does have a testing regimen that one can do, which I shall post next, along with interviews that will help one interpret what they are seeing.


    WHO financed Cortez? Let’s always identify the FINANCIERS of major global events.

    WHO financed the slave trade?

    “The true equation is ‘democracy’ = government by world financiers…The main mark of modern governments is that we do not know who governs, de facto any more than de jure. We see the politician and not his backer; still less the backer of the backer; or what is most important of all, the banker of the backer. Enthroned above all, in a manner without parallel in all past, is the veiled prophet of finance, swaying all men living by a sort of magic, and delivering oracles in a language not understanded [sic] of the people.”
    ~J.R.R. Tolkien, Candour Magazine, 13 July 1956, p. 12 Lord of the Rings

    Psalm 2 :
    1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
    2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,
    3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.
    4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.
    5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.
    6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

    The Big Bad is Selfishness, but those who wield the most are those who control the Money Power, and the Royals and their Bankers….


    @Saul, the forum bot swallowed the links. I will post the titles and you will have to do some searching, but it shouldn’t be too hard…

    1. Ideal Values for Full Monty Lab Tests The Root Cause Protocol
    2. 92 – The Root Cause, what is it? Healthy Gut Girl
    3. My Full Monty Iron Panel Results with Morley Robbins: Matt Blackburn
    4. This got personal… Our Bloodwork & Hair Mineral Test Results with Morley Robbins! Youtube
    5. Patrick Timpone’s RPC Bloodwork — One Radio Network


    @ Mr. House, the Money Power already has total control of the money! You are waiting for something that was fait accompli a LOOOONG time ago! Their next method of control IS NOT MONEY.

    “Everyone is stuck on the paradigm of FIAT.
    FIAT, or binary, chips or any other manifestation of fictional/representative value is over. It has served its purpose and subjugated formerly free and self-relaint humans.
    The NEXT BIG THING is already here. As with FIAT and its wart-y cohorts, the methodology is one of absolute control. FIAT framed behavior, what comes next will control it absolutely.
    I am truly surprised no one has hit upon it yet, as it is much on human’s minds during this current phase.
    I, too, prefer the Socratic method, but the nuance and subtlety have been lost on those here so far. I had understood that this forum had sufficient size and scope to suggest a few worthy humans, but sadly has not been the case so far.
    Wait and see, I suppose.”

    Everyone really ought to dig deep into your closet, find your Big Boy or Big Girl Pants, and read the Rothschild disclosure. It clears up SO MUCH IGNORANCE! No, he doesn’t like you and will expose your weaknesses that they continually exploit, BUT THIS IS A GOOD THING, as long as the emo in you doesn’t get triggered.

    1., 2. Adjust the Rothschild name by removing the “th” and replacing with and “f.” 3. Search for the modified name on, NOT the Wayback Machine.

    Save the file with the most downloads, AND READ IT!

    He strongly alludes to what is being engineered, and his advice is often golden! Some will mindlessly question his advice without actually reading it… thereby proving much of what Rothschild says about so many of us.

    His advice WRT Covid… and anything else that they bring down the pike, is to…


    There was no better advice than that during this pandemic. If people had taken that advice to heart, they would have been better off for it.

    Why does he give such good advice?

    They actually don’t really get off on our destruction, THEY REALLY GET OFF WHEN WE DESTROY OURSELVES SENSELESSLY. They religiously make sure there is a way out, AND THEN BLAME US TIRELESSLY WHEN WE ARE TOO STOOPIT TO TAKE IT!

    You might be surprised to learn that every so called intractable position which one might find themselves, has a “remedy”. Without exception! That is the natural law and it is observed “religiously”…so to speak.
    The keys to YOUR kingdom are within YOUR reach. How could it be otherwise? But continue to blame others and look outside for your “answers” if it makes you feel better.
    For me, I am a man of honor. I have committed to tell the truth and I do. If you can’t formulate a question of importance, how is that MY issue? Keep in mind that there is no universal question for each bloodline has its own unique path and current state of development. How could it be otherwise?”


    I’ve been scouring Google to find any reports of unvaccinated people coming down with O Micron (given its slanted search results) and only found two reports.

    One supposedly in Hawaii

    And another from a “fact check” saying a person in Belgium came down with it.

    Misleading claims linking the spread of Omicron variant to vaccinated people rely on partial data and are unsubstantiated

    My guess: They’re lying because people are catching on to the fact that vaccines don’t work.


    The White House has just instructed the MSM to only report “how well” things are going. So there is now no inflation, no supply chain bottlenecks, no ships waiting to enter ports, no judges blocking vaccination mandates, no crime, etc.

    Only good news from now on! That means we have finally reached utopia!

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