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Gustave Courbet The man made mad by fear 1844


Zelensky Hopes for Regime Change in Moscow, Plans To Reclaim Crimea (Antiwar)
Zelensky Signals Donbas Could Soon Fall (ZH)
Whose Lies Can You Trust? (Rothenberg)
EU Struggles To Break Deadlock On Russian Oil Ban Before Summit (ST)
EU To Block Seaborne Russian Oil Deliveries, Not Pipeline (ZH)
Erdogan Says Won’t Let ‘Terrorism-supporting’ Countries Enter NATO (R.)
Erdogan’s Revisionism (Rozakis)
Negative Views Of Russia Mainly Limited To Western Liberal Democracies (G.)
Everyone on Special Counsel Team Wiped Their Cell Phones (CTH)
Biden Falsely Claims Jan. 6 Rioters ‘Killed Two Police Officers’ (DW)
The Biggest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme in History (Root)
Amnesty Should Be Granted To The Unvaccinated (NP)









“..Zelensky indicated he was open to talks but wanted regime change in Moscow first..”

“When Ukraine says it will be fighting to regain its territories it lost, it means Ukraine will be fighting until it gets all its territory back. It doesn’t mean anything else.”

Zelensky Hopes for Regime Change in Moscow, Plans To Reclaim Crimea (Antiwar)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he wanted talks with a Russian president; however, he hoped that person was someone other than Vladimir Putin. He also called for his country to reestablish its pre-civil war borders. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria hosted Zelensky for an interview at the World Economic Forum. The event was sponsored by the foundation of Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk. In his introduction, Zakaria framed the war in Ukraine as “Russia versus the world.” During the interview, Zelensky indicated he was open to talks but wanted regime change in Moscow first. “This war will be over sooner or later. I’m sure there would be some sort of peaceful process, some sort of talks, and we would be discussing the issues of who Ukraine will negotiate, with what president of the Russia Federation.”

He added, “I hope that will be a different president in the Russian Federation.” The Ukrainian leader said his counterpart was “living in a bubble of alternative reality,” and Putin was “not keenly aware” of the situation on the ground in Ukraine. Zakaria asked Zelensky, “will Ukraine fight until it takes all the territories it lost in 2014?” Zakaria is referring to the breakaway Donbas republics – Donetsk and Luhansk – and the Crimean Peninsula that was annexed by Russia. Zelensky responded affirmatively to the CNN host’s question. “When Ukraine says it will be fighting to regain its territories it lost, it means Ukraine will be fighting until it gets all its territory back. It doesn’t mean anything else.”

During an event last week at the WEF, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger called on Kiev to cede territory to help resolve the conflict. Zelensky responded with harsh criticism of the former American official. “Mr. Kissinger has emerged from the deep past and said that part of Ukraine should be given to Russia to avoid the alienation of Russia from Europe.” Zelensky added, “it seems that Mr. Kissinger has 1938 on the calendar instead of 2022.” The actor turned president also used the platform to plead for more weapons. Since Russia invaded, the US has approved or transferred over $50 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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“..a notably pessimistic shift and negative tone..”

Zelensky Signals Donbas Could Soon Fall (ZH)

In a Saturday night speech Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave his most dire assessment to date of the status of Ukraine forces in the eastern Donbas region, where for over at least the last two months Russia has concentrated its forces, following the Feb.24 invasion of the country. Saturday marked the 95th day of the conflict. He described conditions there as “indescribably difficult” in what marks a notably pessimistic shift and negative tone for the Ukrainian leader, strongly suggesting the fall of Donbas – or at least whole regions such as Luhansk – could be imminent. He identified several intense ongoing battles in places with a large Russian force presence, including Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Bakhmut and Popasna. Sievierodonets in particular is scene of fierce up-close street battles.

“But our defense holds on,” Zelensky sought to assure the public. “It’s indescribably difficult there. And I am grateful to all those who withstand this onslaught of the occupiers.” As the AP describes of some instances of “close-quarter combat”:Ukrainian regional officials reported that Russian forces were “storming” Sievierodonetsk after trying unsuccessfully to encircle the city. The fighting knocked out power and cellphone service, and a humanitarian relief center could not operate because of the danger, the mayor said. Zelensky in the address also denounced what he called “absolutely senseless, openly barbaric strikes at the Sumy region,” which left at least one person dead and seven wounded and two in critical condition, saying further mortars struck close to a kindergarten.

“These are the enemies chosen by the Russian Federation,” he added. With this, he again called on the West and world leaders to official label Russia as a “terrorist state” – something US has thus far resisted doing, even after Biden previously described Russia’s actions as “genocide”. “This is fair and reflects the daily reality that the occupiers have created in Ukraine and are eager to bring further to Europe. And this must be legally enshrined,” he said. The Biden administration has meanwhile signaled the US is getting ready to ship long-range rocket systems to Ukrainian forces, a major first marking a significant escalation. But given what appears to be Russia’s steady progress over Donbas, it’s likely too-little too-late to turn the tide for the Ukrainians in the East.

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“People will instinctively choose peace over war. We are naturally possessed of that much empathy for others. You have to be marshaled into killing..”

Whose Lies Can You Trust? (Rothenberg)

Imagine if the public had had a say over the question, in 2003, of whether or not we should invade Iraq. No, forget that. That’s not a good example. The public was in favor of it. But why? For months we were the target of an intense propaganda campaign to sway our support for a decision to attack that had already been made. If you convince people that we’re fighting them “over there” so that we don’t have to fight them “over here”, well, that figures to be enough to win them over. Now go back to 1991 and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Much talk about a “peace dividend”. Nice ring to it. The United States has had the lion’s share of the world’s wealth since WW2, and now it had the wealth and no viable rivals anywhere in sight.

However, it was considered to be in the “national interest” to expand NATO, an alliance solely formed to counter the communist menace of the Soviet Union, which no longer existed. There was to be no peace dividend. It’s a made-up thing anyway. Since then, 13 countries have joined NATO pushing east toward Russia’s borders. Russia’s leadership regards it as a provocation. You can argue against this but only if you wouldn’t consider it a provocation if Russia had formed a military alliance with Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, or any of the three. I suspect patriotic Americans will reject this dialectic. Imagine if the public had had a say over the question, in 1991, of whether or not we should expand our military alliance with its attendant costs, or whether we should reap the dividend by seeking a more cooperative relationship with the whole of Eurasia including the Middle East.

Missing was the propaganda campaign to win our support for a peace dividend so that we could spend “over here” instead of “over there”. People will instinctively choose peace over war. We are naturally possessed of that much empathy for others. You have to be marshaled into killing. That we identify with peoples’ suffering is evident in all the Ukrainian flag flying. That’s people, not states. States deal in straight power concepts. It is in the anarchist spirit to resist this. To declare that Ukraine is a pawn in a great-power game greatly overstates the country’s role. A pawn can force a win by checkmate or through progression. A better metaphor is Ukraine is the board the game is being played on. The main players are the United States and Russia.

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Slow suicide.

EU Struggles To Break Deadlock On Russian Oil Ban Before Summit (ST)

Ambassadors from the 27 European Union member states on Sunday (May 29) examined a compromise mooted to enable them to break the deadlock on a Russian oil embargo ahead of an emergency summit in Brussels. The bloc’s officials fear the absence of an agreement would cast a shadow over the two-day meeting starting Monday between European leaders. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address the gathering by video link to press the bloc to “kill Russian exports” three months after the invasion of Ukraine. The latest round of proposed sanctions by the EU has been blocked by landlocked Hungary, which has no access to seafaring oil cargo ships. Hungary is dependent for 65 per cent of its oil needs on Russian crude supplied via the Druzhba pipeline, which runs from Russia to various points in eastern and central Europe.

Budapest has rejected as inadequate a proposal to allow it two years longer than other EU states to wean itself off Russian oil. It wants at least four years and at least 800 million euros (S$1.1 billion) in EU funds to adapt its refineries to process non-Russian crude and boost pipeline capacity to neighbouring Croatia. Slovakia and the Czech Republic, also supplied by the Druzhba pipeline, accepted exemptions of two and half years, diplomatic sources said. The compromise solution put to national negotiators on Sunday consists in excluding the Druzhba pipeline from a future oil embargo and only imposing sanctions on oil shipped to the EU by tanker vessel, European sources said. The Druzhba pipeline accounts for a third of all EU oil supplies from Russia. Maritime cargos account for the remaining two thirds.

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“..a mere month ago when its head Ursula von der Leyen said, “This will be a complete import ban on all Russian oil, seaborne and pipeline, crude and refined.”

EU To Block Seaborne Russian Oil Deliveries, Not Pipeline (ZH)

Last week EU leaders held what was deemed an “awkward” summit, as one diplomat attendee put it, given the don’t mention the Russian oil ban elephant in the room. Given Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Hungarian government recently likened a Russian oil ban to dropping a nuclear bomb on its economy (and with some smaller EU countries quietly agreeing with that assessment), there seems a growing consensus – at least behind the scenes – that a total embargo is completely unrealistic and untenable, especially amid steadily ratcheting energy prices. But the European Commission seems to have quickly changed its tune while facing certain ‘hard realities’, as many predicted, coming off a mere month ago when its head Ursula von der Leyen said, “This will be a complete import ban on all Russian oil, seaborne and pipeline, crude and refined.”

Now just weeks later, on Saturday the European Commission hinted it will move toward a ban only on seaborne deliveries, but not pipeline supplies as part of its “phased approach”. Bloomberg on Saturday cited EU officials privy to the ongoing discussions who pinpointed that this allows a broader ban without significantly impacting Hungary’s primary supply, which is transferred through the massive Druzhba pipeline, which is also the world’s world’s longest oil pipeline. Industry publications point out that in the month prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some 750,000 b/d of Russian crude flowed through the Druzhba to various refineries in Europe.

Bloomberg writes of the impending modified oil ban that “The proposal would give extra time to Hungary, which has antagonistic the deal, to discover a technical resolution that satisfies its power wishes. It might additionally cope with the worries of different landlocked nations, together with Slovakia and the Czech Republic.” And further, “Bulgaria would get a transition duration till June or December 2024 and Croatia may get an exemption for imports of vacuum fuel oil. The fee additionally proposed proscribing re-exports of Russian oil provided by way of pipeline to different member states or 3rd nations.”

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Erdogan Says Won’t Let ‘Terrorism-supporting’ Countries Enter NATO (R.)

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said talks with Finland and Sweden about their joining NATO were not at the “expected level” and Ankara cannot say yes to “terrorism-supporting” countries, state broadcaster TRT Haber reported on Sunday. Turkey has objected to Sweden and Finland joining the Western defence alliance, holding up a deal that would allow for a historic enlargement following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Erdogan’s latest comments indicated his opposition continued. “For as long as Tayyip Erdogan is the head of the Republic of Turkey, we definitely cannot say ‘yes’ to countries which support terrorism entering NATO,” he was cited as telling reporters on his return from a trip to Azerbaijan on Saturday.

Two sources previously told Reuters that Wednesday’s talks with Finnish and Swedish delegations made little headway and it was unclear when further discussions would take place. All 30 NATO members must approve plans to enlarge NATO. Turkey challenged the bids from Sweden and Finland on the grounds that the countries harbour people linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group and others it deems terrorists, and because they halted arms exports to Ankara in 2019. “They are not honest or sincere. We cannot repeat the mistake made in the past regarding countries that embrace and feed such terrorists in NATO, which is a security organisation,” he said.

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Tensions between Greece and Turkey are rising fast.

Erdogan’s Revisionism (Rozakis)

There is no doubt that Turkey has exceeded all precedent with its recent actions and statements – from official lips too. The recent violation by Turkish fighter jets of the airspace over Evros in northeastern Greece is a severe infringement that Turkey has never attempted before. This is not to dismiss other similar behavior – like the overflights above the eastern Aegean islands – but it is an unprovoked intervention into continental territory, which cannot be brushed off with the excuse of the jets’ excessive speed (though this is a thin excuse for the island overflights too, given the frequency of violations). It is an act that can be regarded as an invasion of sovereign territory and one that could justify the activation of Greece’s defenses.

That the Greek side chose not to treat it this way is evidence of the government’s good will and of a deliberate effort to deny Turkey the opportunity to use this incident as a precursor to something bigger. On the scale of seriousness, though, this brief incident appears more severe than those at sea in 2020; there, at least, Turkey seemed to be challenging Greece’s sovereign rights rather than its actual sovereignty, and that in non-delineated areas whose delineation is a condition for any legal claims for exclusive rights of exploitation. The overflight into continental territory has not been Turkey’s only infringement in recent weeks, of course. It comes on top of the overflights above our easternmost islands – which have become almost routine – as well as what appears to be a fresh attempt to instrumentalize the refugee crisis by allowing new waves of migrants to attempt the crossing into the country.

This is not to mention recent comments by the Turkish president shutting down any future discussion with the Greek prime minister. There is no reason to expand on this further, however, because the Turkish president is renowned for his inconsistency and has often made such statements in the past he then reneged on. Be that as it may, things are not looking good. Erdogan’s overall behavior indicates that he does not rule out the possibility of conflict with Greece; in fact, he may be courting it. And this is why efforts to modernize our armed forces are absolutely justified, as is the cultivation of stable alliances with countries that can guarantee our territorial integrity.

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Now do the same poll about the US.

Negative Views Of Russia Mainly Limited To Western Liberal Democracies (G.)

The sharp polarisation between mainly western liberal democracies and the rest of the world in perceptions of Russia has been laid bare in an annual global poll of attitudes towards democracy. Within Europe, 55% of those surveyed for the Alliance for Democracies said they were in favour of cutting economic ties with Russia due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, whereas in Asia there was a majority against, and in Latin America opinion was evenly split. Negative views of Russia are largely confined to Europe and other liberal democracies. Positive views of Russia have been retained in China, Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The annual Democracy Perception Index, carried out after the invasion of Ukraine, covers 52 highly populated countries in Asia, Latin America, the US and Europe. Majorities in a total of 20 countries thought economic ties with Russia should not be cut due to the war in Ukraine. They included Greece, Kenya, Turkey, China, Israel, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, South Africa, Vietnam, Algeria, the Philippines, Hungary, Mexico, Thailand, Morocco, Malaysia, Peru, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. Colombians were evenly split. By contrast, among the 31 countries that favoured cutting ties, 20 were in Europe. Although Russian diplomats will point to the findings as evidence that global public opinion does not share western interpretations of events in Ukraine, the level of distrust of Russia in some countries was high.

The countries with a widely held most negative view of Russia included Poland (net negative 87%), Ukraine (80%), Portugal (79%), Italy (65%), UK (65%), Sweden (77%), US (62%) and Germany (62%). Even in Hungary – whose leader Viktor Orbán is an ally of Putin – a net 32% have a negative view of Russia. In Venezuela, often seen as propped up by Russia, the local population has a net negative view of Russia of 36%. Countries with a net positive view of Russia included India (36%) Indonesia (14%), Saudi Arabia (11 %), Algeria (29%), Morocco (4%), and Egypt (7%).

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It’s hard to do. The chances of it happening accidentally on 15 phones at once are zero.

Everyone on Special Counsel Team Wiped Their Cell Phones (CTH)

In the aftermath of the late summer 2017 Page/Strzok cell phone text messages, which started to identify the DOJ and FBI targeting operation against Donald Trump, the DOJ Office of the Inspector General (OIG) decided he better look at the communications inside the rest of the Mueller-Weissmann team. Early in 2018 IG Horowitz asked for all of the special counsel cell phones. Andrew Weissmann knew there would be trouble, the special counsel operation was at a critical juncture so he instructed the team to wipe them clean, quickly. Eventually records were released in 2020 showing how the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel team “accidentally” wiped 15 iPhones of all data early in 2018 after the phones were requested by the OIG office for review.

Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann said he “accidentally” wiped two phones himself; through a lengthy process of entering the wrong passcode several times over a period of three hours; removing data to show his activity during the special counsel. Weissmann claimed to have entered the wrong password (takes ten attempts) and that erased all the data. Greg Andre, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s criminal division, made the same claim. Wiping your phone to hide damaging information only works if the other phone you are communicating with wipes the same data. Guess what happened? Yup, exactly that, all of the cell phones connected to the key participants in the Muller operation deleted their phone content rendering a review impossible.

James Quarles III, who worked with Mueller in private practice at the Washington office of Wilmer-Hale, claimed his iPhone magically erased itself. Before joining the special counsel team, Mr. Rush Atkinson worked under Andrew Weissmann in the DOJ’s criminal fraud section where he specialized in financial fraud. Atkinson claims he too entered the wrong password ten times and accidentally erased all the data. At least twelve other people assigned to the special counsel investigation had similar “phone wiped/erased” issues which blocked the inspector general from his review.

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“Well, that’s what the rest of the world saw. It’s not who we are. And now, we’re proving, under pressure, that we are not that country. We’re united.”

Biden Falsely Claims Jan. 6 Rioters ‘Killed Two Police Officers’ (DW)

President Joe Biden falsely claimed that January 6 rioters at the U.S. Capitol “killed two police officers” while giving the commencement address at his alma mater Saturday. Biden and several top Democrats have repeated the debunked claim previously, but the president’s latest assertion of it came at the University of Delaware, where Biden graduated in 1965. No police officers died during the riots, and one who died the following day was found to have died of natural causes. “A mob of insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, the very citadel of democracy,” Biden told the newly minted graduates. “Imagine what you’d be thinking today if you had heard this morning before you got here that a group of a thousand people broke down the doors of the parliament of Great Britain, killed two police officers, smashed and ransacked the office of members of the British Parliament or any other, what would you think? What would you think?”

Immediately after U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died on January 7, the department claimed he had been “injured while physically engaging with protesters” and “was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.” The New York Times reported that Sicknick had been beaten with a fire extinguisher, another claim that has since been debunked. The Washington, DC, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner told the Washington Examiner in April that Sicknick’s death was “natural” and caused by two strokes. Two other police officers, Metropolitan Police Officer Jeffrey Smith and Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood, killed themselves following the attacks.

The only people involved in the riots who died on January 6 were Air Force veteran and Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, who was shot in the neck by Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, who was cleared of wrongdoing; two protesters who suffered fatal heart attacks, and another who died of a suspected drug overdose. Biden claimed in a speech in Wisconsin in March that rioters killed five police officers. “Look, how would you feel if you saw crowds storm and break down the doors of the British Parliament, kill five cops, injure 145 — or the German Bundestag, or the Italian Parliament?” he said. “I think you’d wonder. “Well, that’s what the rest of the world saw. It’s not who we are. And now, we’re proving, under pressure, that we are not that country. We’re united.”

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“This turns Americans into paranoid hypochondriacs and hospital junkies.”

The Biggest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme in History (Root)

One of my close friends thought he was having a heart attack. He asked me to drive him to the hospital. Of course, I dropped everything and rushed him to an ER in Las Vegas. He was kept at the hospital for 22 hours. He was given a battery of tests. He passed them all with flying colors. The doctors could find nothing wrong. Thank God — there was no heart attack. He was given a clean bill of health. About two weeks later the bill came. Twenty-two hours in the hospital. Not even one full day. Nothing wrong, so no treatments of any kind were given. The bill was $115,000. What a great job former President Barack Obama did to “fix” the health care system. Now 22 hours in a hospital costs $115,000. The frauds in the media don’t dare talk about that story.

This also explains everything about the pandemic. This is why the reaction by the media, Democratic politicians and medical “experts” has been so hysterical. It’s all about the money. Here’s a simple explanation of the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme. First, Biden, Fauci, the CDC, FDA, Democratic politicians and the media scare people to death — over a flu with mostly mild to moderate symptoms with a 99.9 percent recovery rate. They whip Americans into a frenzy. “If it bleeds, it leads.” The more deaths on the front page, or at the top of the news, the more papers they sell, the higher the ratings — and of course, the billions more spent by Big Pharma on drug and vaccine ads as a “thank you” to the media. This turns Americans into paranoid hypochondriacs and hospital junkies.

It’s one big vicious cycle that makes everyone at the top filthy rich. Think of that $115,000 bill for 22 hours in the hospital. That’s for a person who wasn’t sick. What if you actually have the flu? They’ll admit you for a day, or two, or three, and you’ll go home with a $250,000 bill. What if you actually get seriously ill? That’s a trip to the ICU. Whether you live or die, someone gets a $5,000,000 bill. Multiply these bills by millions of scared-to-death Americans who rush to the ER at the first sign of a cold, cough, fever or sneeze. Most of them are poor and on Obamacare or Medicaid. And it’s all paid by OPM — other people’s money. The government pays, and pays, and pays some more. With your money.

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The choice of terminology alone shows how deep Canada has fallen.

Amnesty Should Be Granted To The Unvaccinated (NP)

With vaccine mandates lifted across the country — only the stubborn, ignore-the-science federal government is holding out — it’s time to stop punishing people with minority opinions on public health policy. Let them go back to work, let them visit their relatives, let them live as freely as people in Auckland and Amsterdam do. Public health measures must be prophylactic and not punitive, aimed at preventing the spread of disease, not administering a penalty to those who do not comply with all the dictates. I wrote that some seven months ago, in light of the federal government’s unreasonable vaccine mandate imposed on federal employees, which included dismissal for unvaccinated employees who work at home.

Seven months on, the unreasonable has become the absurd, with an unvaccinated federal employee able to happily attend a hockey game in a packed arena full of screaming fans, but fired for working alone at home. s each day passes, it becomes more clear that federal pandemic measures are punitive. Canada is one of the most vaccinated countries on earth. Thus it may be politically popular to administer harsh measures to the small minority of the unvaccinated, even if a year on from initial doses and post-Omicron, the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent infection and transmission is greatly diminished. Yet denying millions of Canadians the ability to travel in their own country, or to serve in the military, or to drive a truck across the border, is not something that mere political popularity makes legitimate.

Recent attention has focused on the only-in-Canada travel policies that are snarling our airports. The European Union dropped its mask mandate for flights almost two weeks ago; even New Zealand no longer has vaccine mandates for air travel, at home or abroad.

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    Gustave Courbet The man made mad by fear 1844   • Zelensky Hopes for Regime Change in Moscow, Plans To Reclaim Crimea (Antiwar) • Zelensky Signal
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 30 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Gustave Courbet The man made mad by fear 1844

    Nicely done…
    Fear is the mind killer as spoken by Paul Atrades in Dune…
    …and it’s true; fear is what’s driving the world into madness…

    V. Arnold

    Way back yonder, in the 70’s there was a saying: Feel the fear; and do it anyway…
    Properly understood, it’s still a good bit of the reality of dealing with this world……


    Seven minutes of fun on the AI front:


    So the National Post says it’s time to end the mandates because everything that was done was successful!

    “even if a year on from initial doses and post-Omicron, the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent infection and transmission is greatly diminished.”

    “The primary toll of the pandemic was in death, illness and physical suffering. Pandemic restrictions were intended to reduce that, and they largely succeeded.”

    “to enforce a vaccine mandate that has outlived its usefulness?”

    V. Arnold

    “The primary toll of the pandemic was in death, illness and physical suffering.

    I do not agree with that!
    The primary toll was the utter destruction of all trust in science and the medical profession…


    Some laymen talk of the position the industrial civilization finds itself in.

    “A human being has about 45 working years. This computes to around 4 barrels of oil equivalent which, at today’s price, equates to a value of $440 for a lifetime of human labour! This sobering estimate brings into sharp focus how and why our modern world works so well to deliver a lifestyle beyond the measure that a king would experience just two centuries ago.”


    The scary thing about Canada – the media anyway – is the National Post is suppose to be the right wing newspaper. What a Trojan Horse!

    Restricting civil liberties is normal during a pandemic? Yes we have a 2 year history of doing so. If the media can find proof that native Canadians protected themselves from the Black Death with lockdowns and masks then I stand corrected.

    I agree the damage to the medical system is horrendous. They’ve been trying to dismantle the Canadian system for a quarter century. Did they finally stumble upon a winning strategy?

    I’d say the most serious damage is the social destruction. We couldn’t just have an economic collapse? Too boring? We must throw in social disintegration!

    At my age I shouldn’t complain. I’ve been granted the honour of a front row seat to watch a civilisation collapse. I’m old but was a bit late and missed the Hittite Empire going down. This is an interesting way to wrap up the final quarter of ones life. Too bad I’m boring by nature.

    Just wondering: if they are determined to lose the currency through inflation, then how do they retain power? All their power is based on buying loyalty and paying for others to provide coercion(police/justice system). Do they also suffer from normalcy bias or are they really that stupid – born on 3rd base and think they hit a triple(G.Celente).


    • Everyone on Special Counsel Team Wiped Their Cell Phones (CTH)

    This is an old story, I remember it distinctly because it should have been a big story back then but it was not because the Media Whores buried it.

    What made the Empire of Lies Memory Hole puke it up now?

    The ‘legal system’ in the Empire of Lies is such a joke, an open weeping pus filled bed sore.

    The judges, prosecutors and cops are rotting corpses masquerading as actual humans.

    The recent school shooting shows you the true meddle of ‘law enforcement.

    Gutless, confused bureaucratic brown nosers.

    The whole lot of them enjoy sitting with their thumbs up their asses. They find it intellectually stimulating.


    Gustave Courbet The man made mad by fear 1844

    Love the shoes, square toes can make you mad.

    Are those spats he’s wearing?


    • EU To Block Seaborne Russian Oil Deliveries, Not Pipeline (ZH)

    Eurotardistanian pulls the pin on the grenade, then sits down on it and enjoys a quick espresso.



    “living in a bubble of alternative reality,”
    Communication/Interpretation breakdown of reality

    terrorist or freedom fighter

    1. Government functions/purposes are to make life better for those people that they represent.
    2. Government functions/purposes are to make life better for all the people.
    3. Government functions/purposes are to make life better for those in power.
    4. Government functions/purposes is to keep the social/economic systems operating.

    The primary toll ………
    The primary benefit ………..
    For who?
    It wasn’t for me. Was it for you?


    Chose your reality
    Health problems are because of ….
    1. old age
    2. long covid
    3. Vaccines

    D Benton Smith

    Slow Suicide

    Recently, the alternative seems to be fast suicide (of the assisted variety.)

    We are supposed to being grateful for having a choice.

    D Benton Smith

    To assert that a game is rigged is redundant.

    those darned kids

    I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me.

    The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a “baby die-off” — is underway.

    Dr. D

    Yeah, they had a (fake) article on that gun store I.D. thing. We know they knew it was fake when they published it because they removed the byline (author). “We bought this gun online with only five clicks!!!” “So how easy??? In America it’s as easy as buying legos!” LIE!

    For one thing, yes, that’s stopping your 1st Amendment and getting permission from the government to defend yourself. Possibly from them. But we HAVE those gun laws, whether they’re legal or not. So the gun was shipped to an FFL gun shop and you can’t PICK UP the gun at the gun shop without ID, an FBI Background check, 5 day wait, and a bunch of other things. Aaaaaand unlike some, the writers of that article ALSO knew that, put in small print parentheses that your “5-click purchase” has to be fully background checked/gun controlled by the FBI, photo ID, and just lied and wrote the article pretending that wasn’t true anyway.

    Very, VERY common. Not just for reporters to lie, but all American adults to lie, all the time, about everything, for no rational reason. Perhaps someday we’ll live in a free country where you can buy crazy glue and claratin without a photo ID, like Russia. Or someday you’ll actually need the same photo ID to vote. Or a photo/camera on the multi-thousand election drop boxes at all. The footage was accidentally lost. 100 times. Okay, sorry to hear that: then those votes are erased for no chain of custody.

    “Zelensky Hopes for Regime Change in Moscow, Plans to Reclaim Crimea (Antiwar)”

    He’s also said the opposite. Since Ukraine is the 51st state and the U.S. Capitol, he is therefore an American and also lies with every spoken word.

    Adding: we’re not going to get out of this. A nation can’t do what we’ve done and walk away. But also can’t have 80% pathological liars and my-child-killing psychopaths and not have internal issues from it. “Civilization” is merely “Cooperation” I realized. That’s the best way to describe it. You can’t cooperate safely with 80% liars, cheats, and people who would hurt you at the first opportunity ‘cause it’s funny to them.

    “Zelensky indicated he was open to talks but wanted regime change in Moscow first.”

    “All we need to have peace is the complete unconditional surrender of Russia. Is that so hard?” –Emperor Napoleon, General Goring, and several others. Note here that the only place they wanted was the Donbass. The rest of the country could be scrapped.

    “[Ze] said his counterpart [Putin] was “living in a bubble of alternative reality,”

    Wow. Great then. I guess we’ll all find out. P.S. now that Kissinger is antiwar AND pro-concession of territory, every DNC and every Progressive, all members of the Squad are to the Far-RIGHT of Kissinger. Maybe you should rethink your politics on this.

    “Zelensky Signals Donbas Could Soon Fall (ZH)”

    They are kidding, right? There was never any chance of the Donbass surviving since day, I dunno, 10.

    “The public was in favor of it.” i.e. the Iraq War.

    Were we? These are the same liars as always, only back then we didn’t realize both the talking heads and the polls were lies. There were giant protests. Like all protests and all public, they didn’t care and did what they wanted anyway. I’m not saying we weren’t for it, but how would you know?

    “if the public had had a say over the question, in 1991, of whether or not we should expand our military alliance with its attendant costs, or whether we should reap the [peace] dividend”

    The Left was on this for years, and brought it up regularly as part of their general #antiwar platform. No one cared of course because we’re not a democracy. However now they are the most violently pro-war we’ve seen since the Indian Wars and scalpin’ massacres of “the childrens”. We/They will fight on behalf of any nation we’ve never heard of against any nation that would nuke us to ashes from coast to coast, is how much they love and desire, rampage and want war. Every Leftist still remaining (the disturbingly few) has remarked on, and is dumbstruck by the position and the change. They don’t care. Bernie is violently pro-war, and everyone to the Left of Bernie is a Nazi, they say, like Chomsky, Brand, and Dore. Kissinger, however, is shouted down and ignored as a Russia-sucking, pantywaisted peacenik. You can’t make this up. The people who fight the wars – the demographic “Right” – are finally against it. Took them long enough, more than 20 years, and it sure wasn’t their church and the love of Christ that brought them to it.

    EU To Block Seaborne Russian Oil Deliveries, Not Pipeline (ZH)”

    Standing on principle, they are going to refuse Russian oil, except for everywhere they get it from. And against appeasing Russia except when paying in Rubles exactly like they were told. Russia’s profits are higher than ever in history, and Russia is stronger than it’s been in 200 years, all thanks to Biden.

    “Erdogan’s Revisionism (Rozakis)”

    Don’t bring this up, but I don’t know how Greece survives at all when Turkey has the largest Army in Europe and Greece the smallest, with an eternal history of hatred and occupation. Somehow Greece when occupied has persisted, no idea how, but Erdogan has directly said he’d love to invade and occupy them right up to the Balkans, and will. NATO may be the only thing keeping Turkey out, which is ominous since Turkey has reason to leave at any time and Brussels punches them regularly as a bunch of barbaric darkies. There are prophesies on this and strangely Greece still doesn’t do too badly. “Badly” in the sense of now or during Germany occupation. Cross your fingers.

    Negative Views of Russia Mainly Limited to Western Liberal Democracies (G.)”

    Places where they have actual media (at least on the other guy) and places they don’t.

    “Everyone on Special Counsel Team Wiped Their Cell Phones (CTH)”

    4 year old news. And they’ll be arrested when? Doing it is a crime, lying about it is a crime. I can get arrested for not having the right size numbers on my mailbox. Also: for the mouth-breathing inbreds in your life, all the data on the phone is already on record: wiping it does nothing. “The Internet is Forever.” The NSA has everything that crossed the towers, which is 100%. Admiral Rogers already handed it to Trump back in ‘16.

    “ The Biggest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme in History (Root)”

    $100,000 a day. To be fair, they’re wasting 80% of it and it’s NOT PROFIT. They could profit 100x more easily by providing the care. IT’S ABOUT CONTROL. Don’t obey social credit, get your SS# as part of the system? Instant death as healthcare is denied. All you rural, stupid-hat wearing, bible-clutching holdouts. How do you like it now?

    “mild to moderate symptoms with a 99.9 percent recovery rate. They whip Americans into a frenzy.”

    Yes, but as the elite would say: “Who’s at fault here? Why on EARTH would you believe us??? We’re not your daddy, we’re a company serving the largest felony fine for murder in U.S. history, advised by an organization 75% funded by felony-paying billionaire corporations. Double-duh, you deserve to die if you’re a moron that large.” Can you see their unpleasant point?

    “Let them go back to work, let them visit their relatives, let them live [free]”

    YOU DON’T ASK PERMISSION. You just do it and say “Come Make Me.” It would be over in six hours. That’s what human rights mean. That’s what they ARE. Stop being a child of 5 and asking daddy for everything. Murdering, abusive, thieving, black-faced, racist, coke-snorting Daddy. He’s ill. He can’t stop until you do. Help HIM by stopping YOURSELF.

    “if they are determined to lose the currency through inflation, then how do they retain power?”

    With raw violence and mass murder like South America. Haven’t you been watching? Every solution to every problem is more fascism and more violence. If you don’t obey, you don’t get food. If you don’t kill your neighbor, you don’t get food. Not complicated, used worldwide with stellar results.

    Run out of money? Bomb a country and don’t’ pay them for goods. Use violence and murder to pirate an oil ship. Someone write bad things about you? Throw him in the dungeon for life. So easy a caveman could do it. Now what are you going to DO about it?

    “Manners Maketh Man”

    Civilization = Cooperation.


    I see Iceland has been drifting. They probably enjoy the warmer weather.
    You get offered food and/or a beverage at my house, even if you’re the repairman. (We’re Scandihuns/Germanavians).


    Just wow!

    “The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.”

    How this made it onto an NIH website is a mystery. It’ll be gone in a few days!


    Ugo Bardi has a very dark assessment of Europe’s near-term future. This is a pretty dire assessment of how things are likely to go with Europe if it persists with its sanctions. He predicts that while Russia itself might regress to a 1990s standard of living, things in Europe will fall back to a medieval 1400s-type life. It’s hard to believe that the people and the governments would actually let things get that bad without one of them doing something. It also doesn’t consider several possibilities in the way things might play out as they slide into this situation. But still…


    I can’t resist.
    This painting is one of my favorite because of lover 1/3 of the canvas.
    We are talking 1844 in here.


    (This story has not been edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

    Not sure if the is true (nyet).

    Interview with Retired Russian General,

    Eye Candy meets patriotism.


    So it’s official. We are planning a trip back down to California this summer and my husband’s father (4 times vaccinated) is scared to see us because we are unvaccinated.

    My husband is understandably very upset. I don’t even know what to say. We have a few things to pick up so we’ll be doing to 2 day drive to get there, and neither of us even wants to go anymore.

    Are we the crazy ones here? Has anyone heard of anything so sad? What on earth has happened to people?


    @Kassandra: I feel for you. Last fall we took a 12 hour drive to visit our daughter, her husband, and our 1 y/o grandson. We, too, are unvaxxed, and my daughter wrote me before our visit (an annual thing) that her husband was nervous about our visit, so it was not completely unexpected. They met us outdoors in the driveway fully masked, and although there was no confrontation or anything, we were invited to spend our time with them outdoors in the yard. It was a very short visit, and I understand when you say you don’t even want to go any more. I guess as it stands, I’m unlikely to ever get to play with my grandson while he’s young.

    Dr D Rich

    Dr D is right again. Admiral Mike Rodgers, he of the 4 titles, sprinted to Trump Tower and he testified to the contrary shoulder-to-shoulder with Comey Clapper et al before Congress. We haven’t heard much from Mike, not much at all since his infamous sprint.

    ***CARNIVORE*** (one of the few they gloated over publicly). The FBI claimed to have abandoned it since they rely on good Patriots among Internet Service Providers to do the spying for them. Just ask the accused and their attorneys from the January 6th Witch Hunt.

    Send me the phones. You or I can **recover** it. It’s not that hard.

    If Gov’t wants YOU they can “recover” anything they want from ATT servers, Utah Data Center Bluffdale, NSA Black Cube in Laurel Maryland on and on ad nauseam. Of course the Post Office records every piece of mail.

    The author of the article about Weissman’s phones can’t be such a credulous naive. The fellow is part of the cover-up as an agent to educate ignorant rubes.

    those darned kids

    “I’m unlikely to ever get to play with my grandson while he’s young.”

    but it seems you’ll be more likely to be here when he’s older..

    Dr D Rich


    Dr D Rich

    “This turns Americans into paranoid hypochondriacs and hospital junkies”

    How convenient…
    The author didn’t say it turned every RN into an aspiring SNE/CEO while blaming the rubes and the brainwashed for submitting to the coercion.

    Armenio Pereira

    Everything’s working according to God’s plan.
    Be grateful if you can – be disrespectful if you must.
    God is (Change) – You are (an agent of Change)
    As above – So below
    Nothing more – Nothing less
    The food you deemed so tasteful not long ago soon to become loathed
    manure, yet so precious for the land to remain fertile.
    Nothing remains precious forever – Nothing remains noxious forever
    Some things anew – Some things decay
    Everything changes – The Everlasting Dissatisfaction remains.


    It takes more than 10 bad passcodes entered to actually get rid of text message data on an iPhone. Typically, the entire phone is fully backed up to iCloud, and after a wipe the data will all return. iPhone messages are also available on iPads and Mac computers if the same Appleid is used. The iPhone would need to be set up without iCloud. This can be done, but is unusual. Or, the messages need to be deleted, the phone synchronized with iCloud, and then the phone’s data wiped. Then the restore would occur without the messages. It is much easier on an iPhone to purposely erase the data, rather than deliberately enter the password wrong multiple times over 3 hours. It takes very little time — the phone deletes an encryption key, rendering the data unusable. There still could be backups of the phone with the text messages intact if the user ever backed up to a Mac computer or PC with iTunes installed. It takes effort to lose data on an iPhone.
    Of course, judges don’t understand this — even though they likely use iPhones themselves. And most judges won’t take the time to understand this. So the mass delusion regarding iPhone passcodes will probably shield the group from liability.


    Naomi Wolf
    Ah, but we knew the babies were being affected. It is almost anti-climactic to see the studies verifying the truth that we knew deep in our bones. The real question now: is the damage to the vacksed women’s bodies, the damage that adversely affected fetuses and nursing babies, is that damage permanent, or will the women’s bodies regenerate so that future babies are not affected as long as their mothers steer clear of future MRNA injections? I wonder for my nieces whose parents were deluded by the legacy media, who ignored my plea to not vaccinate.


    BioMilq….so, the woman donating the tissue gets a Target gift card, and the owners and investors of the company get all of the profits. This is what it comes to. As if donating the tissue were such a small thing, as compared to all of the tech…which cannot create the tissue.
    Ah, but it’s about control, always about control. I cannot control every aspect of the doings of a wet-nurse.
    Just like I cannot control the behavior of a pregnant woman.
    Women thought they were free when they got the vote, when they could own property.
    But, no, that was a short respite, for now the freedom of all but the most wealthy is being rescinded, so that we can be propertyless vassals, carefree and happy, dependent children, rewarded for behavior desired by our masters, punished for behavior undesired by our masters.

    Polder Dweller

    Jim Kunstler talking to Tom Luongo on his latest podcast brought up TAE and the concept of the trust horizon. I know Nicole (and Raùl?) did more work on this, but so far I’ve only read the original 2010 Stoneleigh article

    The part that caught my eye was this paragraph:
    It is absolutely to be expected that existing top-down power structures, or political opportunists with their own agenda, will seek to hijack bottom-up movements as they develop. My primary concern is that in doing so they will lay the foundation for a society attempting to live far beyond the trust horizon, and where there is no trust, and consequently no political legitimacy, there will be surveillance, coercion and repression instead.

    So it would seem that the World Evil Forum has recognized this and instead of relying on jackbooted henchmen to do the coercion and repression they think to use vaccine passports and CBDCs. The thing is that with the Ukraine gambit falling apart as well as the vaccine debacle, fuel prices, food shortages etc. they’re going to have to hurry up and implement it or they’ll all be swinging from lampposts within a year.


    Professor Christian Perronne Interview – Monkeypox & The True Nature Of Public Health Organizations

    Professor Christian Perronne Interview – Monkeypox & The True Nature Of Public Health Organizations


    Red shared: “Diesel underpins global economy…”

    From that article:
    <<The Globalists are using every device to preserve their own lifestyle at the expense of the masses as we transition to a world devoid of the energy provided by cheap hydrocarbons. They visualise islands of exclusive opulence serviced by a rump of human slaves following the culling of the global populations much in the image of past empires like the Roman Empire.

    <<And they can do it because they own all the factors of production including the premium oil reserves over which the masses have no control. >>

    Reminds me of Karl Marx talking about how “The Capitalists” own the “means of production.” I completely agree that reading Marx and then supposing that “the government” can own the “means of production” in trust for the masses has largely been a colossal failure and experiment with totalitarianism. (Although, we do have a few instances of government managing leases on fields of hydrocarbons and returning dividends to the citizens (Alaska) and of government extracting hydrocarbons and investing profits into public infrastructure (Venezuela, Gaddafi in Libya — he was “done in” by the US for this) — which suggests that some limited government involvement can be publicly beneficial. It really depends upon the particulars of the situation and to what degree the government responds to the needs and desires of the masses versus the needs and desires of the oligarchs.)

    To have fair and just communities, all members must be sovereign, empowered, and able to speak without fear of legal reprisal. Equally important, property can be individually held, or held by a group…but property held by a group must be managed democratically, one person, one vote. When the US had homesteading acts in the 1800s, often the size of the homestead was limited by the area that one man could plow in one day with his team of animals. There is an internal logic here: one individual should have sole control over only as much property as the individual can handle without the input of additional human help.

    What we need is not Socialism(tm), as it has been commonly practiced— a means to consolidate what should be the property and control of the masses into the control of a small group — but rather a body of stories and myths that help us understand that when human capacity or resources used by many are pooled that the control over them must be shared in a generally equal fashion among the participants. Yes, this means that the efficiencies of top-down, command-and-control economies and states are lost. However, there are other sorts of efficiencies that will arise because when humans are empowered and have real responsibility, many of them will notice niches that are overlooked by top-down organizations that confer new types of efficiencies. (I see this often in gardening.). We are told that the only alternative to top-down, command-and-control organizations is “anarchy” and “mob rule” and “chaos.” But what if these are simply the stories and myths that are being told to us? The natural world defies these myths: there is no top-down control of the natural world. (Even if one believes in a sentient God, this individual is typically seen as a creator, a watchmaker, who perhaps intercedes and nudges here and there, but not as someone who engineers every occurrence — such a god would abrogate the idea of human choice and accountability. [Yes, I do realize that there are flavors of religion that do see god as the engineer of minutia.]). If the natural world survives without an autocratic executive, perhaps humanity can also function this way.


    It was a very short visit, and I understand when you say you don’t even want to go any more. I guess as it stands, I’m unlikely to ever get to play with my grandson while he’s young.

    I am so sorry Willem, what a nightmare. What is wrong with people? My husband has had a strained relationship with his father the majority of his life, ever since he didn’t become the person his (narcissistic) father wanted him to be. Now with his father in his 80s, after trying so hard to have a relationship with him for years, we get this. I can’t imagine being kept from your grandchildren, by your own children. So much ignorance and cruelty.


    Strained relationship are the norm/majority.
    Lies are the Movies/TV/books/stories that stress loving/supportive relationships.

    D Benton Smith

    @PhoenixVoice . “If the natural world survives without an autocratic executive, perhaps humanity can also function this way.”

    Good point.


    @Kassandra: We must be going in opposite directions for our visits. We live on the California central coast, and drive up to the northwest to see our daughter. Sounds like you must live up there somewhere and drive in the opposite direction.

    The 12 hours we drive is actually more like 14 hours. Sane people probably take 2 days to make this drive, but we always do it in one long day. This was easier when I was young.

    Armenio Pereira

    Life’s inherent contradiction: you fight for a thing that’s not yours to keep. From there, all the human drama unfolds.
    The paradoxical solution: do nothing to extend life, do nothing to waste it.

    (Such a fine line between appreciation and zealotry, and most of us aren’t even funambulists.)

    Veracious Poet

    The thing is that with the Ukraine gambit falling apart as well as the vaccine debacle, fuel prices, food shortages etc. they’re going to have to hurry up and implement it or they’ll all be swinging from lampposts within a year.

    Thanks for the chuckle 😛 … If I had a nickle every time that I heard/read someone state that “The Owners” and/or “The Annointed” would soon get their comeuppance (starting in the 90s), I’d be as rich as a soulless apparatchik parasite.

    It’s probably a good thing I’m reacting to futile displays righteous indignation with humor, I’m finally detached from the wall-to-wall madness…

    Much like today’s frustration with Special Counsel Team Wiped Their Cell Phones (four years ago!) agents/operatives getting a pass for in-your-face illegality 😈

    Time to accept reality folks, We the People love “The Annointed” with their imperial licenses to torture, kill, lie & entrap ~ It’s only a few “conspiracy weirdos” that are unhappy with the arrangement(s) 😉

    If you can’t laugh at the heroes & heels in Clown World now, you’re gonna hate the third act!

    Got pure blood?

    Polder Dweller


    My history books tell me that when the elites overplay their hands with the result that the masses don’t have enough food to eat then the guillotines and summary firing squads come out. It’s happened pretty much every time before, so what’s different this time?

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