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Robert Rauschenberg Collection 1954-55


The War in Ukraine Can Be Over If the US Wants It (Barkan)
Russia Will Strike West If US Rockets Hit Us – Medvedev (Times)
Japan’s Perceptions of the Propaganda regarding the SMO (Patricia Ormsby)
UK Offers More Support For ICC War Crimes Investigation In Ukraine (G.)
US To Allow Venezuelan Oil To Be Shipped To Europe (Hill)
Biden Scrambles To Avoid Summit of the Americas Flop (AP)
Food, Gas Prices Soar With No End In Sight, Americans Change Habits (JTN)
Spanish Court Orders Mike Pompeo To Testify On CIA Plot vs Assange (ZH)
Ratcliffe: Durham Lost Sussmann Battle, But Winning War (NM)
Schiff Says Jan. 6 Panel Has More Revelations For Americans (Hill)
Twitter In Settlement Talks With Deplatformed Journalist Alex Berenson (JTN)
Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Clears US Antitrust Review (Fox)
Musk: Things I’ll Never See In My Life (CB)
Why Your Depression May Really Be Insulin Resistance (PT)





What Happens To Europe When Russia Wins
Europe Cannot Survive Without Russia













Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.
–Albert Einstein



The US doesn’t want it…

The War in Ukraine Can Be Over If the US Wants It (Barkan)

The trouble with the seemingly bottomless pleas for more armaments for Ukraine is that with them a viable end to the war falls ever further out of reach. Though many American foreign-policy analysts and pundits believe the only acceptable outcome of the war is full freedom for Ukraine and a total repulsion of Russian forces, this remains highly unlikely and may put the world in further danger. That is Kissinger’s contention, and it’s one that must be heeded. If the American-backed military gains for Ukraine are fleeting and merely increase the odds of a more ruinous collision between NATO and Russia, should Ukraine keep receiving American missiles? This is the dilemma both Kissinger and Chomsky confront.

The economic shocks of the war cannot be dismissed any longer. Skyrocketing energy prices across the globe are destabilizing for affluent and precarious nations alike. Mass starvation looms — Russia is trapping 20 million tons of grain in Ukraine, which has been one of the world’s great breadbaskets. Ordinarily, Russia and Ukraine account for one-quarter of the grain traded internationally. Even before the war, strains on the global food supply were emerging with the pandemic and ongoing droughts in North America and the Horn of Africa. Wheat prices are now surging. And there is the faint possibility, always to be taken seriously, of nuclear conflict.

Kissinger is one of a vanishing number of men who worked in American government when nuclear war was a much-discussed existential threat to be averted at all costs. Russia is an enormous country that is going to play a role in global affairs for the rest of this century, just as it did in the past one. This fact cannot be hand-waved away, nor can the reality that Russia has stockpiled more nuclear weapons than any other nation in the world. Putin’s Russia is more unsettling than the Soviet Union because it is far weaker and dominated by fewer men; it simply has less to lose. As in the defeated Germany after the First World War, grievance culture might take hold, this time in a nation with enough nuclear warheads pointed outward to annihilate every large city on Earth.

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“The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way and all hope now is with Lord God the Almighty.”

Russia Will Strike West If US Rockets Hit Us – Medvedev (Times)

One of President Putin’s closest allies has warned that Moscow could target western cities if Ukraine uses rocket systems supplied by the United States to carry out strikes on Russian territory. Washington said this week that it was sending M142 high-mobility artillery rocket systems to Ukraine, which will more than double its army’s artillery range and allow it to strike targets 50 miles away. “If, God forbid, these weapons are used against Russian territory then our armed forces will have no other choice but to strike decision-making centres,” said Dmitry Medvedev, a former prime minister under Putin who is deputy chairman of Russia’s national security council. “Of course, it needs to be understood that the final decision-making centres in this case, unfortunately, are not located on the territory of Kyiv,” he said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

Officials in Moscow have accused Nato of using the war in Ukraine to wage a proxy war against Russia. Medvedev, who also served a single term as president from 2008 to 2012 but was widely viewed as Putin’s puppet, was once seen as a liberalising force in Russia but has transformed in recent months into one of Moscow’s biggest hawks. He also warned that the fighting in Ukraine was pushing the world dangerously close to nuclear Armageddon, saying: “The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way and all hope now is with Lord God the Almighty.” Kremlin-controlled state television has said on a number of occasions that Moscow could launch nuclear missiles against western countries, including Britain, if the war in Ukraine turns against Russia.

Long range rockets

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“Zelensky’s arming of civilians to help fight the invasion rendered the entire civilian population a military target under international law..”

Japan’s Perceptions of the Propaganda regarding the SMO (Patricia Ormsby)

I can attest as a woman living in Japan nearly four decades that I could not watch the news without feeling that I would be a monster if I didn’t have any sympathy at all for the victims, even if I considered it all unverified and mostly likely misleading. I can’t tolerate such a level of cognitive dissonance, and just flee after a few minutes. My husband and his brother, by contrast, can continue watching with no emotional involvement, just out of curiosity to see how far the authorities will take such obvious propaganda. In contrast to the successful emotional man-handling of the women, virtually all of the men I know in Japan quickly saw through the deception and many, in fact, took umbrage at it.

It was men who told me they were sick of hearing constantly about Ukraine. They pointed out how odd the unilateral condemnation of Russia was, considering this was the same sort of action America was constantly engaging in with other small impoverished countries far away that the news otherwise had no interest in. They recognized the attempted manipulation, and what they and an increasing number of women began to see behind it was an anticipated new attempt to rewrite Japan’s constitution enabling it to engage in military actions overseas. In addition, the talk shows never really managed to shut out pro-Russian views entirely. Prior to the SMO, there had been some positive coverage of Russia in the Japanese media. The knowledge people possessed from before the conflict could not be erased.

According to my husband, one commentator noted that Zelensky’s arming of civilians to help fight the invasion rendered the entire civilian population a military target under international law. The public’s perceptions of Zelensky’s role in the conflict changed. The Minsk Accords were brought up in one daytime program, catching one of the young “experts” off-guard. The general perception gradually formed among the public that there was indeed another side to this story. Russian signage was restored at train stations in April. I have not heard recently of on-line harassment of Russians (or anyone suspected of being Russian, including Ukrainians), which was occurring during the first few weeks of the SMO. Prior to Biden’s recent appearance in Japan, the propaganda increased, but seems to have subsided since then somewhat, though the other day they aired a documentary on what a dictator Putin is.

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“..the global community will work together to ensure justice is served.” Right, with another probe in Mariupol.

UK Offers More Support For ICC War Crimes Investigation In Ukraine (G.)

The UK Ministry of Justice has announced a second tranche of support for the international criminal court’s (ICC) investigations into war crimes in Ukraine, including the deployment of a specialist legal and police team. Karim Khan QC, the court’s chief prosecutor, will be in London on Monday to provide an update on the progress of the investigation. During this time, deputy prime minister Dominic Raab will present further support to the independent investigation on top of the £1m of funding provided earlier this year. The package includes a police liaison officer based in The Hague to lead on information sharing between the UK and the ICC, and seven legal experts to support the ICC with expertise in international criminal law and the handling of evidence to be presented to court.

The UK will also provide two police officers with expertise in the collection of intelligence through publicly available data sources, ongoing defence analysis and monitoring of events in Ukraine, as well as war crimes investigation training to Ukrainian police on behalf of the ICC, in collaboration with Norwegian police. “The UK has responded swiftly to a request from the international criminal court for more police and lawyers to aid their investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine,” Raab said. “Russian forces should know that they will be held to account for their actions and the global community will work together to ensure justice is served.” The attorney general, Suella Braverman, added: “Following my appointment of war crimes expert Sir Howard Morrison as an independent adviser to the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office, I am determined that British expertise continues to be available to our friends in Ukraine in their search for justice.

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Hmmm it doesn’t mention Guiado…

US To Allow Venezuelan Oil To Be Shipped To Europe (Hill)

The U.S. will reportedly resume allowing Venezuelan oil to flow to Europe, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. The outlet on Sunday reported that Eni SpA and Repsol SA, which are Italian and Spanish respectively, could ship Venezuelan oil to Europe as early as next month after the Biden administration authorized the plan last month. People familiar with the matter told Reuters that the oil “has to go to Europe. It cannot be resold elsewhere.” The volume of oil Eni and Repsol will receive is expected to be fairly small with a minimal impact on oil prices around the world. The Biden administration’s reported permission to allow for the use of Venzeluan oil comes as part of a push to rely less on Russian oil and redirect Venezuela’s shipments from China, Reuters added.

In May, 18 progressive House Democrats wrote to Biden asking that he lift all sanctions against Venezuela that “exacerbate the humanitarian situation” amid President Nicolás Maduro’s alleged human rights violations. But earlier this year, talks of lifting those sanctions and engaging more with Venezuela about oil were criticized by lawmakers. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) said a deal with Maduro for the purchase of Venezuelan oil “risks perpetuating a humanitarian crisis that has destabilized Latin America and the Caribbean for an entire generation.”

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It’s already a flop.

“The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent.”

Biden Scrambles To Avoid Summit of the Americas Flop (AP)

When leaders gather this week in Los Angeles at the Summit of the Americas, the focus is likely to veer from common policy changes — migration, climate change and galloping inflation — and instead shift to something Hollywood thrives on: the drama of the red carpet. With Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador topping a list of leaders threatening to stay home to protest the U.S.’ exclusion of authoritarian leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, experts say the event could turn into a embarrassment for U.S. President Joe Biden. Even some progressive Democrats have criticized the administration for bowing to pressure from exiles in the swing state of Florida and barring communist Cuba, which attended the last two summits.

“The real question is why the Biden administration didn’t do its homework,” said Jorge Castañeda, a former Mexican foreign minister who now teaches at New York University. While the Biden administration insists the president in Los Angeles will outline his vision for a “sustainable, resilient, and equitable future” for the hemisphere, Castañeda said it’s clear from the last-minute wrangling over the guest list that Latin America is not a priority for the U.S. president. “This ambitious agenda, no one knows exactly what it is, other than a series of bromides,” he said. The U.S. is hosting the summit for the first time since its launch in 1994, in Miami, as part of an effort to galvanize support for a free trade agreement stretching from Alaska to Patagonia.

But that goal was abandoned more than 15 years ago amid a rise in leftist politics in the region. With China’s influence expanding, most nations have come to expect — and need — less from Washington. As a result, the premier forum for regional cooperation has languished, at times turning into a stage for airing historical grievances, like when the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez at the 2009 summit in Trinidad & Tobago gave President Barack Obama a copy of Eduardo Galeano’s classic tract, “The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent.”

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“..if these energy prices stay high in the long run then they will entirely work their way into food prices.”

Food, Gas Prices Soar With No End In Sight, Americans Change Habits (JTN)

Americans are changing their shopping habits because of soaring food prices. And disruptions in the international farming community have some worried about the food supply heading into 2023. The BMO Real Financial Progress Index, a quarterly survey from BMO and Ipsos, shows that 42% of surveyed adults “are changing how they shop for groceries,” including “opting for cheaper items, avoiding brand names and buying only the essentials.” The report found “46% are either dining out less or consciously spending less when dining out.” Record high energy costs and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been major factors in rising food prices.

Gas prices hit new record highs every day in the past week. According to AAA, the national average gas price rose to $4.85 on Sunday, with diesel gas prices at their own record of $5.64 per gallon. That added cost makes it more expensive for farmers to operate equipment, transport goods to market, and more. “By the economics textbook, higher costs work themselves up through the supply side of the market and raise prices,” said Roger Cryan, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation. “The prices are especially high right now because of the sudden lack of access to Black Sea grain, but if these energy prices stay high in the long run then they will entirely work their way into food prices.”

Ukraine is a major food exporter, and it also is an exporter of several key chemicals used to make fertilizer. “Ukraine is one of the largest wheat producers and suppliers, so wheat is definitely under pressure,” said Maksym Chepeliev, an agriculture professor at Purdue University and a Research Economist at the Center for Global Trade Analysis. “Corn as well, because apart from the fact that Ukraine is a large corn producer and supplier that needs to be replaced, there have been issues with some droughts in South America and also the U.S. that kind of reduced the corn supply, and China is demanding more corn … and that is … pushing the global corn market.”

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Saw the ABC Spain report a few days ago, but it was behind a paywall. Pompeo won’t show up, but with the extradition still in the air, this might be a useful twist.

Spanish Court Orders Mike Pompeo To Testify On CIA Plot vs Assange (ZH)

In a surprising development surrounding WikiLeaks and the fate of Julian Assange, who is still in London’s Belmarsh prison awaiting awaiting a decision from UK Home Secretary Priti Patel on extradition to the US, a Spanish court has summoned former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to testify on whether the CIA planned to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Pompeo was head of the agency during the time period that a bombshell Yahoo News investigative report last year revealed that the CIA allegedly plotted to kidnap or even kill Assange, following Washington outrage that WikiLeaks made public a batch of documents exposing the agency’s ultra-secretive hacking tools known as Vault 7.

At the time, the Yahoo report quoted a former Trump national security official who described that Pompeo and other top intel officials “were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about Vault 7 … they were seeing blood.” As ABC Spain reports, the summoning comes after filings by Assange’s legal team related to his ongoing proceedings with the UK government: “According to legal sources consulted by ABC, Pompeo has been summoned this June, although he may appear by videoconference. The same resolution agrees to call William Evanina, a former key US counterintelligence official who reportedly made statements supporting that theory. Pedraz has made this decision after the prosecutor Carlos Bautista reported in favor of the petition filed by the lawyer Aitor Martínez who, together with Baltasar Garzón, defends Assange.”

The Spanish report continues, “Separately, Spain’s National Court has been probing a Spanish security firm that may have spied on Assange for the CIA while providing security for the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.” “National High Court Judge Santiago Pedraz agreed to summon Pompeo and former U.S. counterintelligence official William Evanina as witnesses to explain whether a plot was drawn up,” it adds. Pompeo has yet to issue comment on the ruling or whether he plans to appear, which isn’t likely, given current or former top US intelligence officials do not subject themselves to legal examinations on classified intelligence matters.

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“The leadership at the FBI has played a prominent role in the American people losing faith in that organization..”

Ratcliffe: Durham Lost Sussmann Battle, But Winning War (NM)

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Sunday denounced the acquittal of former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, calling the verdict “contrary to the evidence.” In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Ratcliffe lamented the judicial decision to not allow certain evidence in the case. “The verdict was disappointing because it was contrary to the evidence,” he said. “Michael Sussmann’s own text messages confirmed exactly what the government said, which is that he claimed to just be a private citizen coming in when he had a story about a connection between the Trump campaign server and a Russian bank, which was clearly false, when the evidence clearly showed that he was acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign.”

“It wasn’t a judge verdict,” he added, because “the judge in this case wouldn’t allow certain evidence of the Clinton conspiracy to be included.” But Ratcliffe said the “bigger picture” is that though special counsel John Durham’s prosecution may have lost this battle … “they’re clearly winning the war.” “The most powerful testimony to come out of this was admissions by the Clinton campaign about the fact that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was, in fact, approved by Hillary Clinton,” Ratcliffe said. According to Ratcliffe, some people in the FBI misled the American people for political reasons. “The leadership at the FBI has played a prominent role in the American people losing faith in that organization,” he declared. “Our law enforcement community was briefed on the fact that it was Hillary Clinton that created this entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative and that the FBI knew that from the beginning,” he said

“When that is the purpose of what your special counsel is to be, and you leave that out altogether, it shows that there was a deliberate effort here, unfortunately, on behalf of some folks in our law enforcement community to mislead the American people for political reasons,” he said. Ratcliffe railed that from the start, “the FBI and everyone in law enforcement that then became part of the Mueller investigation were aware from day one with that this whole Trump-Russia investigation that was playing out over years to the American people was created by the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

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He said numerous times he had “ample evidence” of collusion. He didn’t. But now he’s back as if that never happened.

Schiff Says Jan. 6 Panel Has More Revelations For Americans (Hill)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a member of the committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, uprising, hinted on Sunday there are more revelations in store about the events that led up to the attack on the U.S. Capitol, saying a “comprehensive narrative” would be mapped for the first time when the panel holds its first public hearing this week. Schiff told host Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Americans have already seen “a number of bombshells” come out of the panel’s investigation — but said more surprises would be revealed on Thursday, including a narrative of the events leading up to Jan. 6. “Our goal is to present the narrative of what happened in this country, how close we came to losing our democracy, what led to the violence,” Schiff said.

“Americans I think know a great deal already — they have seen a number of bombshells already [and] there’s a great deal they haven’t seen. But perhaps the most important is the public has not seen it woven together, how one thing led to another.” The Jan. 6 panel will hold its first public hearing at 8 p.m. on Thursday. It’s unclear exactly who will be testifying publicly, as the committee has not released the names of any witnesses. Chairperson Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) has said up to eight public hearings could be held throughout June as the panel presents the findings of its investigation, which included more than 1,000 interviews. The Jan. 6 insurrection saw a mob of pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn certification of the 2020 election, which Trump and his allies and supporters continue to claim without evidence was stolen.

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“The case recently swung in Berenson’s favor when U.S. District Judge William Alsup greenlit his breach-of-contract claim against Twitter..”

Twitter In Settlement Talks With Deplatformed Journalist Alex Berenson (JTN)

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson and Twitter are in active settlement talks to resolve his censorship lawsuit against the company, which deplatformed him following a tweet that said COVID-19 vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission, a view that has long been confirmed by global data and reiterated by Bill Gates this year. In a joint filing Thursday, the parties asked the U.S. District Court in San Francisco for a “modest extension of the discovery deadlines” in the case so they can “focus their efforts on resolution,” a request granted Friday. They had mediation sessions May 27 and 31, the filing says.

A previous order required Berenson to produce certain documents by Monday, which has now been pushed off until June 16, and other deadlines were also moved back 10 days. The case recently swung in Berenson’s favor when U.S. District Judge William Alsup greenlit his breach-of-contract claim against Twitter, saying he plausibly alleged the company “fail[ed] to abide by its own five-strike policy and its specific commitments” made by a PR executive directly to Berenson before his first strike. Berenson shared the new filing with subscribers to his newsletter Thursday, saying he would let it “speak for itself.”

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“Neither agency requested additional information.”

Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Clears US Antitrust Review (Fox)

Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter is a step closer to completion as the regulatory waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 officially expired on Friday. The HSR requires companies to give advance notice of transactions above a certain threshold to the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. The agencies have 30 days from the notification to pursue an initial investigation of the transaction to determine whether additional information is needed to assess its legality. Neither agency requested additional information. While the expiration of the HSR waiting period has been satisfied, Twitter emphasized that the deal’s completion is still subject to remaining customary closing conditions, including shareholder and remaining applicable regulatory approvals.

The deal, which would take Twitter private at $54.20 per share, is expected to close in 2022. The latest development comes after Musk said the deal would be temporarily put on hold as he awaits calculations supporting the social media giant’s internal estimate that spam and fake accounts make up less than 5% of the platform’s users. Musk, who has vowed to crack down on Twitter’s spam bots, has said he believes at least 20% of its users are spam or fake accounts and that he would be willing to renegotiate the deal for a lower price proportionate to the total percentage.

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“Hey, why are they already writing my suicide story!?”

Musk: Things I’ll Never See In My Life (CB)

It came the day before he tweeted a meme that said, “Things I’ll never see in my life,” along with photos of a fire-breathing dragon, a unicorn, a dinosaur, and the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell client list. “Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?” he added. A Twitter user posted a picture of Musk with Maxwell to which Musk replied: “Ah yes, Maxwell photobombing me at a @VanityFair Oscars party – you should ask them why they invited her.” “The same people who push this photo say nothing about prominent people who actually went to his island a dozen times. Also very strange…” he added.

It isn’t the first time Musk mentioned Maxwell’s client list. A Twitter user asked: “It says it all that we heard more about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock than we heard about Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. It is also “interesting” that the account tracking the Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial got banned when it gained traction. Lovely people indeed…” Musk then quipped: “Where is their ‘client’ list? Shouldn’t at least one of them go down!?” Shortly thereafter he added: “Hey, why are they already writing my suicide story!?”

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I think fasting may be crucial.

Why Your Depression May Really Be Insulin Resistance (PT)

Remarkably, as of 2022, most people have still never heard of insulin resistance. This is true even though it is the single most common chronic health condition in the U.S. and a major contributor to six of the top eight causes of death in 2021 (heart disease, cancer, COVID, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes). How common can insulin resistance be if you’ve never heard of it? Extremely common; an estimated 88 percent of U.S. adults in 2018 had this condition (1). Briefly stated, insulin resistance is a process in which cells become less responsive to a hormone called insulin. Because insulin receptors are found in every cell in the body—muscle, fat, organs, bone, skin—how well cells respond to insulin signals is critical to how we feel and function.

One of insulin’s main functions is to help the body control blood sugar levels by putting excess blood sugar into cells for storage. This process occurs every time you eat. Because insulin is so crucial to blood sugar regulation, even people who have heard of insulin or insulin resistance mostly think of it as a problem for diabetics. Indeed, this is partly true. In people with diabetes, their cells have become so resistant to insulin that insulin can no longer keep their blood sugar levels in a healthy range. As a result, blood sugar levels run high, with catastrophic consequences if left unchecked. Unfortunately, even when a person with diabetes receives treatment, this treatment doesn’t necessarily improve their underlying insulin resistance; a person can lower blood sugar levels while remaining insulin resistant, giving them a false sense of security about their health.

Insulin affects every organ in the body—including the brain. When insulin levels become chronically elevated, brain tissue also becomes insulin resistant. The consequences of this are numerous and severe. For example, although the science is not yet strong enough to make it an official diagnosis, many researchers now refer to Alzheimer’s disease, the progressive and fatal form of dementia associated with severe memory loss, as “Type 3 diabetes” in reference to the effects possibly being the result of long-term insulin resistance in the brain.

[..] The rapidly evolving science on insulin resistance and brain function now also suggests that effects could extend beyond dementia to include depression. Depression is a condition defined by a heterogeneous collection of symptoms. Some of the classic symptoms of depression—such as sadness, guilt, suicidality, and poor concentration—are believed to result from dysfunction in a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Popular antidepressants such as Prozac work by improving serotonin function in the brain. In contrast, other common symptoms of depression such as anhedonia (a lack of motivation or interest), fatigue, motor impairment, and loss of sex drive are more closely linked to dysfunction in other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine. This is another area where insulin resistance becomes especially relevant.

Vitamin D reduces autoimmune disease

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    Robert Rauschenberg Collection 1954-55   • The War in Ukraine Can Be Over If the US Wants It (Barkan) • Russia Will Strike West If US Rockets Hit
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 6 2022]

    Armenio Pereira

    (not our merit , nor our fault)

    Being born human, it’s not easy to relinquish one of the foremost – if not the foremost – human trait: to have prejudices.

    Everything humans do is transient – I don’t know why the things we do which are destructive leave a longer lasting impression than the constructive ones.

    (Or maybe I do know: in general, the human brain has a yin slant.)

    To spice things up, let me add that the human brain has been shifting: the masculine brain is turning increasingly yin, while the females’ brains are becoming increasingly yang (the I Ching rules!)

    (Please spare me: if you are a regular here then you do have a “negative” bias brain.)

    And then you might ask, “so what?” To which my reply would be: have you ever considered why the slant, why the drift?

    Armenio Pereira

    Fate? Who’s behind that?
    (The Everlasting Dissatisfaction)

    V. Arnold

    If you meet the Bhudda on the road, kill him…


    AP: ” (Please spare me: if you are a regular here then you do have a “negative” bias brain.)
    And then you might ask, “so what?” To which my reply would be: have you ever considered why the slant, why the drift?”

    Yes, I would fully acknowledge that ‘fact’ in myself, the more negative bias. And the reasons that I am aware of come from far afield. And immediately upon typing that I can sense the “Buts…” popping up, the rationalizations …

    I’ll hold that awareness and continue to read.

    Dr. D

    Because no one can tell the truth: “Europe’s Far-Flung Energy Woes — TAC” https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/europes-far-flung-energy-woes/

    Europe has no energy woes at all. None. All they need to do is pay, and they have all the energy they will ever need for generations. But Europe’s answer to Russia invading and killing people is to kill their own people. In protest. No kidding. I mean, you tell me otherwise.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_JOGmXpe5I (NSFW. Anymore. Since people are now vindictive racists with no sense of humor)

    Anyway, every time Russia kills a Ukrainian, Schultz clubs a (European) baby seal. That’ll larn ‘em! We’re Schmartz! We just had no choice!

    “New York Times Op-Ed Applauds Inflation as Means to Enforce Green Diet”

    Always happy to crush the poor. They should go to Center City and Elmira (Wiki say they are the poorest cities in NY) and tell them to their face. As they make $14k/yr. Taxes are $3,000. But if you don’t like it, Pete says, just buy a Tesla! Like the Irish Famine, they have cows, but you can’t have any! Eat the bugs, you, the steaks are shipped out under guard for the important people. Like NYT Op-Ed writers in Manhattan.

    Spanish Court Orders Mike Pompeo to Testify on CIA Plot to Kill or Kidnap Assange”

    Yay! Now how do you get him to tell you the truth? Why are Bush and Clinton still flying around? What they did was much worse.

    “Austrian Monetary Gold Transfer from London to Switzerland, Planned In 2015, Still Hasn’t Arrived”

    That’s cause London stole it and sold it. To rig prices. …Suckers.

    “Abbott Restarts Baby Formula Plant: Crisis-Inducing Shutdown Was Likely Needless”

    As we knew already: there was no contamination at the plant which was later proved. However, the FDA refused to restart it. Now as no one died, you could argue there are White Hats who just scared the pants off every parent without actually causing any deaths, but learned them as well as will ever be possible for next time. Which is imminent. We’re almost certainly going to have food shortages – or our version, too high prices – in 90 days. And/or we are going “nuclear” exchange, in the sense of financial nukes, cyber nukes. Already every food plant in America is mysteriously burning down. …Or not so mysteriously, as they were hit by planes and other not-plausible causes. We’re on #19. “They” need us to know, it’s a message. That the West is too suicidal and idiotic to hear.

    So anyway, IF you call this an op, it’s a pretty successful one, or as much as we’re ever going to get.

    That goes with Europe as well. Europe will A) stop unzipping being subservient to the American empire B) will join with Russia where the resources and energy are, OR, they will simply all die. End of Globalism. What did Cheeto say, “Globalism has no future in the world”? The American Empire, which is their retarded bully-monster, is not going to be available of use by these Globalists. Right now Europe is doing everything, Every. Thing. To remain subservient to the Empire, and killing everyone. But if they keep it up through winter, their citizens will burn Europe down and throw their ruling families into the North Sea in January, so I don’t think they can. In any case: no Empire, we win. “We” being America, the American people, the American principles, Nationalists, or as they call themselves, Patriots.

    So make nice-nice with Russia now as the terms are just going to get worse every minute until you eventually do anyway. Be real: there is no American LNG going to Germany ever. That was a scam for warmongers like Merkel and the few people dumber than AOC. You’re on your own.

    US to Allow Venezuelan Oil to Be Shipped to Europe (Hill)”

    We are “allowing” two other nations to commence trade? GTFO. That’s why we need to return to nationalism, not internationalism. Assange is not our citizen. We have no jurisdiction. Iran is not our ships. We are not allowed to steal them.

    “18 progressive House Democrats wrote to Biden asking that he lift all sanctions against Venezuela”

    But I thought the President just made up the law! Why’s this different? They should ask the Supreme Court. They make up and cancel laws all the time too.

    “Gas Prices won’t spike under Biden, silly!” – Facebook fact checkers, Bezos’ WaPo.

    This is what I’m talking about. He literally said he would shut down all pipelines, drilling, and carbon. That’s a campaign promise. All you have to do is read it and say “My candidate is not a liar.” It seems people no longer have the mental capacity. Then when it happens, like Idiocracy, they say, “No it isn’t you’re a stupid face. My foot and your -ss, huh.” Those are the smart, college-educated people. Of a nation that graduates people with zero competency.

    “The leadership at the FBI has played a prominent role in the American people losing faith in that organization…”

    Shooting MLK for uniting people and being antiwar wasn’t enough? Apparently not. It took a NASCAR pull rope to care.

    Michael Reid

    Francis Boyle discusses how the U.S. and China collaborated on the development of the COVID-19 gain-of-function bioweapon. The elites in both Beijing and Washington have more in common with each other than with their own people due to their totalitarian mentality. The mandates are a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code and constitute a crime against humanity (e.g. murder, extermination, inhumane acts committed against civilians). Governments are persecuting their own citizens just like the Nazi government persecuted German Jews. We are seeing a Nazi mentality at work by all governments enforcing these frankenshots, the Nazi philosophy of “useless eaters” and depopulation. It is impossible to create a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 if it is a bioweapon. The biowarfare simulations are war games that go live and monkeypox is another bioweapon released just as voting is underway to give WHO totalitarian powers and set up a global medical police state and tyranny. In his book he argues principles of international law that can be used internationally to try and stop this. We are seeing a war against humanity by the scientific elite, this is World War III.

    Francis Boyle: We Are in a War Against the Scientific Elite, This is WWIII



    The US had to build special refineries to process Venezuelan crude. It is extremely non-standard.

    I am not even sure if any European refineries could be converted to process it, and it would take some time even if it was possible!


    Insulin resistance and keto diet.


    From Michael Hudson’s latest interview on the Saker:

    “…the world is being split into two parts.

    The conflict is not merely national by the West against the East,

    but is a conflict of economic systems: predatory finance capitalism against industrial socialism aiming at self-sufficiency for Eurasia and the SCO”

    Well, the Empire of Lies and Eurotardistan and especially the Ukronazis, are firmly in the grip of >>>>>

    kăk″ĭ-stŏk′rə-sē, kä″kĭ-

    • Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

    • Government by the worst men in the state: opposed to aristocracy, government by the best men.

    • Government by the worst men.

    The Biden-Zelensky Bromance

    Mattias Desmet speaks of the maddest of Vax to the Max.

    That’s a product of Kakistocracy as sure as it is of Mass Formation Psychosis.

    In fact predatory finance capitalism excretes Mass Formation Psychosis like an Amazonian poison toad oozes toxic slime.

    And now the collective West is murdering its own children on the Alter of the Vax.

    The cherry on top of the insanity chocolate sundae.

    Zelensky as the Ghost of Kiev


    John Day

    Going 12 hours between last food in evening and first food in morning, with only plain water in between, can effectively reduce insulin resistance. “Time restricted eating”. Increasing the duration of overnight fasting increases the effec/benefit. Avoiding carbsatevening meal also helps it work.

    What are “Yin” and “Yang”? What are “positive” and “negative”? Are those “things” what we refer to with those words? Do they apply to analysis at TAE? How?

    TAE has been independently analytical, which is neither positive, nor negative, neither yin nor yang.
    Depending upon societal swings into yin or yang, conservatism or liberalism, TAE may appear to be whatever is counter-trend. It has been classified as “left, liberal”, but complaints lately are that it is “right , reactionary”.

    I think TAE is not to be graded on this slip-sliding-scale, “Seekers” visit here…

    John Day

    Venezuelan tarry crude (EROI 3:1) needs to go to the Texas gulf coast refineries. This is another feint/head-fake for somebody…

    V.Arnold quoting “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”, refers to not letting oneself hold idols without careful analysis. TAE readers don’t actually have to practice violence, as they are already taking down prejudices, presumptions and false premises.

    John Day

    Itwas hard for me to understand, but I think Austria got their “allocated” gold-holding that were held at BoE, but never got (shipped to Switzerland) “their” unallocated gold, which likely does not exist in the “real world”
    Austria should demand Rubles. Hell, what CAN Austria do? They have to pretend it still exists.


    Fort Knox is EMPTY

    Hasn’t been ‘audited’ in decades.

    The predatory finance capitalism long since sold or hypothecated it and all the Empire of Lies has now is gold plated tungsten bars.

    Same weight as gold but only worth it’s value as a pile of three dollar bills.





    @ Dr. D,
    A great, simple example #109147

    real-economic requirements for societal survival.

    In the long run, all of our elites and our enablers are not needed in the surviving social/economic system of no oil energy available .

    That’s why they stopped doing it by hand the first time ‘round.
    Japan’s Perceptions of the Propaganda regarding the SMO
    15518 Views June 05, 2022
    by Patricia Ormsby for the Saker Blog

    Japan’s Perceptions of the Propaganda regarding the SMO

    I was happy to see a good turnout3 for a lecture by retired Ibaraki University professor Hideo Soga in Mito, Japan, on May 21 to promote understanding Russia’s point of view in the Ukrainian conflict.

    I note he did not bring up the biological research laboratories or Zelensky’s stated aim for Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons.
    pretender · deceiver · dissembler · impostor, hypocrite
    • US To Allow Venezuelan Oil To Be Shipped To Europe (Hill)
    • Biden Scrambles To Avoid Summit of the Americas Flop (AP)
    the Nazi philosophy of “useless eaters” and depopulation.
    A European solution or a scam?

    John Day

    Ukraine Foreign Minister Furious After Macron Says Russia Must Not Be Humiliated

    “Humiliated” might be the wrong word, Napoleon Jr. , don’tcha think?
    Maybe “offended” would be closer, maybe even “gang-raped” would work.

    John Day

    @Zerosum: Patricia Ormsby responded kindly to my comment. I like her portrayal of Japanese people.


    I think that this is the study source that the INN article referenced in yesterday’s posting, regarding the increase in emergency cardiovascular events during the vaccination period:


    For those, like myself, that like to be able to read and save the closest thing to actual data.


    @ John Day
    Right on.
    I read the comments.


    This substack from A Midwestern Doctor has a good summation of why the jabs were never likely to be effective. They also gather together in one place a concise listing of the problems in the Pfizer trials, with links to Peter Doshi articles in the BMJ pointing out the same during the early roll-out:


    For those who might be interested, here is current state of “A Tale of Two Narratives,” downloadable from WeTransfer (link good for the next 7 days):


    The date says Feb 13, meaning that is where I am as far as entering news links, though since Ukraine took off I have been entering important COVID links as they pop up (which is less frequently). I still chip away at the back catalog as I find time, which is pretty precious between job and farm and what-not. If anyone feels like connecting with me in the real world (I’m in Oregon, for now), here is an email address: [email protected] .

    D Benton Smith


    Armenio wrote: ” (Please spare me: if you are a regular here then you do have a “negative” bias brain.)”

    Your are mistaken about that assertion in at least two significant ways. First off, there is no scientifically or clinically or academically described condition defined or labelled as a “Negative bias brain” . I’m pretty sure you just made up the term to strengthen the appearances of your camouflaged opinion. Possibly because of some personal bias.

    Secondly, being a regular on TAE does not in itself imply much of anything except good taste and high standards of intellectual integrity (for the most part. There are occasional exceptions.) I can think of numerous character traits that might cause such an affliction as being a “regular” here. Maybe I just have too much free time on my hands. Or perhaps I find the local fauna to be entertaining, or affirmative, or funny or alarming. Who knows? You certainly do not know, so please don’t pretend to know.

    And he also wrote: ” And then you might ask, “so what?” To which my reply would be: have you ever considered why the slant, why the drift?”

    Oh, I dunno. High levels of truthfulness, perhaps? But that wasn’t your real question now as it ? Getting back to your alleged question of “… why the slant, why the drift” , I’m sure you will understand if I decline to accept your offer to “beg the question” by inadvertently accepting your unsupported premise that there is any slant or any drift.

    Have you established that the alleged slant or drift exist? No, you have not. But you tried to slip them in under the radar in the guise of a question anyway. That’s not good logic. It’s also not good faith or good manners, so please knock it off. As in, stop being a dick and play fair.


    Well there we have it then. 211 to 148! Conservatives have confidence in Boris Johnson!

    Figmund Sreud

    Car/truck supply will deteriorate further: Kilmer’s harangue (… all, Putin’s fault!)

    Everything You’ve Heard About the Car Shortage is a Lie, Here’s the Truth


    John Day

    Vote of “Adequate Confidence”

    John Day

    Thanks Zerosum.
    Former foreigner in Japan.

    John Day

    For the record, I both despise the personalities and admire the capabilities of Texas Governor Greg Abbot and Texas Attoreny General Ken Paxton. They are shape-shifting nasty vampire battle bots.
    Elon Musk is Texas favorite Wunderkind this year, and Paxton is f**king with Twitter on Elon’s behalf now.

    Figmund Sreud

    Well, … Alberta’s oil is more and more expensive! Gasoline prices going up – yet another “Putin’s Price Hike”. Another increase, … from C$1.799 per litre to C$1.919 per litre. Shell regular grade, … from refinery in Alberta:

    “The Shell Scotford Complex consists of a bitumen upgrader, oil refinery, chemicals plant and a carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility. It is one of North America’s most efficient, modern and integrated hydrocarbon processing sites, converting oil sands bitumen into finished, marketable products.


    … fwiw,

    F.S., … drives ‘10 Honda Fit Sport!


    Ten days ago we opened up the island cottage for the summer. So I have been slightly out of touch relying on my daughter’s cell phone hotspot to stay in touch with the world. I do have some catch up to do though. Sunday night we drove back to the big bad city. Sigh!

    We arrived on the Island to see the mess river ice can do to fixed and floating docks. The fixed docks were all turned over on their sides and moved a few feet out of position. One end of the floating docks were sloped downwards due to loss of many 55 gal barrels either shifted out of position or completely missing.

    With help from our neighbors we righted the fixed docks. The floating docks we will fix later when my son comes back home from working up north on Manitulian Island, mid June, and the water warms up so we can go into the water. The water is still bone chillingly cold. Your feet and legs do get accustomed to the cold waater by going numb, but that isn’t a very good sign!

    Unfortunately none of our outboard motors could be coached back into life. So we were left to row half an hour, back and forth between the island and the mainland. Like John riding his bike thing. Naturally we experienced water works start up problems. Everybody who owns a cottage is familiar with this annual challenge! Plumbing is one trade I have mastered over the years!

    My daughter was pleased to see that Percy, a local black squirrel with a white tail, white feet, and a white nose had successfully survived the winter O.K. One neighbor said they had seen what first looked like a hopping skunk. Only Hollywood has a hopping shunk!

    The lawn tractor had a flat tire and wouldn’t go from neutral into forward or reverse, so we ended up cutting some of the grass with our trusty electric lawn mower to help keep the tick population at bay. My daughter’s pet Dutch dwarf rabbit, Moki, still managed to collect 3 ticks, extracted by tweezers. The ticks seem to always migrate to around her eyes or nose.

    On Friday my 22 year old daughter successfully passed her final driving test in Brockville, after driving for 6 years. She pasted her first test at 17. I must admit we had been letting her practice driving around the cottage area back roads since she was 14 or so. You need to have a little practical driving experience to make the in classroom learning have any meaning.

    My daughter’s previous attempts to get tested were trawarted by the year plus pandemic shutdown of testing and resulting huge year plus backlog. She couldn’t get over how nice the driving tester and receptionist were compared to her past experiences in big bad Toronto. This was the main reason we were up at the cottage. So as older parents, we have successfully completed another milestone in raising our two children. My 26 year old son had an easier time of it not suffering the pandemic nonsense.

    Being up at the cottage sure puts one into a very different and more enjoyable world.

    Veracious Poet

    I don’t normally respond to (or even read) the fomentation of EGO posturing newbies, especially those trolling with pseudo-spiritual claptrap, but alas I noticed the miasmic disturbance pointed towards our community


    Have you ever considered why the slant, why the drift?

    Ha! you project that slant is always a BAD thing. It is not 😉

    The Automatic Earth has a diverse, international community of generally educated, gifted participants, many of which (like myself) contribute FAR more to the well being of our local of real reality brothers & sisters than we receive.

    My brother Dr. John has done so for decades, as have many of us including our gracious host, Raúl.

    Being that our souls are primarily harmonized as givers, not overwhelmed by EGO as takers (the sad state of the majority of modern humanity), we have different conscientiousness that slants our worldview, leads us towards TRUTH, where our drift drives us toward using our free will for the betterment of humanity…

    Concerning TAE, the underlying interpretation re the biased fallacy of The Everlasting Dissatisfaction, is the communities unity in dissatisfaction concerning the fascist/totalitarian status quo ~ Where innocent, well-meaning humans have been categorically deprived of their Natural Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Moreover, the community @ TAE is unabashedly derived from a BROAD swath of previously indoctrinated political CULTure(s), though most of us are constantly evolving on an individual basis (I’ve was following TAE long before I joined, almost a decade now) ~ In fact, many of us were already unleashed from group-think long before joining…

    Right vs. Left is a finite construct fabricated over millenniums (the refuge of egocentric tyrants/sociopaths), with our spirits seeking transmogrify into freedom, constantly growing in the realization that partisanship/tribalism is the rational/justification & stronghold of takers, whereas the gifts of TAE have enlightened the community into a shared state of disavowment, a repulsion of petty differences, that the real reality for humanity is that it was designed, nay created, to inhabit the Earth as one family in a shared real reality.

    My opinion & experience on TAE is that we’re here (most of us) because our souls thirst to realize Truth, Justice & the Sanctity of ALL life on planet Earth.

    That is what I have observed regarding TAE’s slant/drift, that we which to read, participate, labor TO END the wholesale, blatant victimization of our innocent brethren, that we mourn & seek a BETTER way in remembrance of the souls trampled, tortured, maimed & murdered by malevolent, rapacious entities HELLBENT on rape, pillage & plunder.

    TAE is part of the emerging bellwether of God’s children that grok we’ve passed the event horizon of mass psychosis, that the admonition that All Things Be Done Decently and in Order is far, FAR from humanities past, present & future course…

    So, it appears that either you’ve stumbled into a community that you woefully lack the ability to fathom, or you jumped into the discussion with an agenda.

    BTW, it is not lost to me that a couple of weeks after the deflated one quit posting, TAE was suddenly “gifted” with this “new”, disruptive presence 💡


    A thought about the war in the Ukraine.

    So far most of the fighting has been along the Russian speaking eastern contact line located in the Lynoks (sp?) and Donbas republics. Here the Russian are greatly hampered by the Ukrainians defensive strategy of using local Russian speaking human shields. The Russians don’t want to destroy more than they have to because then they will have to rebuild it. The Russians also don’t want to kill more Russians speaking people than they are forced to.

    That is also why the US/NATO won’t let the Ukrainians retreat because it is forcing the Russians to go very slowly. The Ukrainians don’t care how much damage is done to the local area’s infrastructure or how many civilians are killed because it is Russian speaking areas they are fighting in. The more the better to bleed Russia dry. See Mariupol.

    O.K. so now what happens when the Russians finally push the Ukrainians out of the last areas of the 2 Russian speaking republics they plan to keep?

    Yeah, then things suddenly change don’t they! Then US/Nato’s human shield strategy suddenly disappears completely! Open land warfare now becomes possible! Who are by far the best at land warfare? Yes, the Russians!

    How willingly will Ukrainians fight when their human shields are now Ukrainians in Ukrainian towns and cities? Will they suddenly care about saving Ukrainian infrastructure? Will they suddenly start caring how many of their fellow Ukrainians get killed for nothing?

    Will the Rissians still care about not destroying infrastructure they don’t intend to keep? Same question goes for go for concern about killing Ukrainians too.

    What if Russia decides to create a 30 Kilometer buffer zone in the Ukraine all along their border with the Ukraine to prevent future artillery shelling? I sure would after what has happened regularly non-stop since 2014.

    So far the only cities and towns the Russians have been willing to enter and fight for are those located in the 2 Russian speaking Republics they plan to keep. The number of these places left in the 2 republics to conquere is rapidly dropping.

    Then there is the region of Odessa, Russia will need to deal with. There is an old burning issue there that needs addressing. The Russians haven’t forgotten.

    I think when the Ukrainians are pushed back into Ukrainian speaking Ukraine, the terms of the war will suddenly change very much for the worst for the Ukrainians. Without human shields, what else do they have left, which to resist with?

    Dr. D

    “the Nazi philosophy of “useless eaters” and depopulation.”

    This is just Eugenics. It’s not a New World Order, just the same old s—t. Recycling stupid. It’s the old religion, the one that fails every time like clockwerk.

    “another bioweapon … to give WHO totalitarian powers and set up a global medical police state” And will do it over and over forever if not stopped. So: stop them. They’re liars; ignore them. Do not consent. Laugh in their faces because they are stupid, useless, tiny, and wrong.


    If destruction is your goal, there are many pathways- and nearly all of them lead to success.

    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud: “2010 Honda Fit Sport” Manual transmission? I’ll buy it!
    Just joking. I have inherited a high mileage 2007 Fit that runs nicely but is in check-engine-light purgatory despite engineer sons and my mechanic buddy working on it for almost 2 years.
    No inspection > No drive.

    : Nice to see you back. I wondered… Glad it’s normal stuff.
    Also, the Ukrainian army has been digging in dep bunkers and fortifications for troops and artillery in Donetsk and Luhansk for 8 years. That can’t just be overrun. It is slow, like taking schools and hospitals and city blocks with sniper’s nests. It’s horrible for everybody.

    @”Deflationista”: Wherefore art Thou? Did Pfizer cut your troll job?

    @Armenio Pereira: It’s Ok. You just ruffled a few feathers. State your assertions and support your arguments clearly. Here’s a good song to put things in perspective:

    @VP Gary: I think he’s got promise and isn’t a troll.
    He don’ mean no harm… 🙂

    John Day

    @Chooch: Here’s the best Severodonetsk and Lysychansk update I have seen.

    Sitrep Operation Z: Back into The Grind while the penny drops in Europe


    There definitely is a different vibe today/tonight. Seems a confirmation vacuum has formed in the open source space regarding the battle for Severodonetsk. Russia has been bringing down more battalion groups from the north this past week and some of those ancient tanks where fitted for battle around Kherson probably freeing up resources to send north. It was reported that 6 were destroyed.


    absolute galore

    2008 Honda Fit here, manual transmission, 130k miles. Bought it a year and a half ago for $2,400. Only real issue is windows won’t go down. I hate electric windows. I bought a control switch panel, but it was aftermarket and did not work. Have to use the ac on days like today, which I dislike even more than electric windows….

    John Day

    @AbsoluteGalore: AC is good in Texas, but my 1997 Ford Ranger gets much hotter inside than outside since AC is kaput. It was in the upper 90s today. I drove 4 hours to Yoakum and back. I changed clothes twice. I drink water.
    I like the control of a manual transmission. I know what I want the vehicle and motor to do.
    I don’t look at a smartphone. I have 2 hands and 2 eyes.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day – I actually have two cars. Beside Honda Fit, I own ’04 Mazda Miata, 6-speed manual,… but that’s my summer only car. Both are most likely my last cars. My next driving licence renewal will be a subject to a medical fitness test, … you know, ravages of living too long will become a factor.




    I think in regards to the battle of Severodonets, the real battle is for control of the only highway out.
    I see the neo-nazis blew up the highway’s main bridge into Severodonets.
    Just before they blew the bridge, the neo-nazis forced hundreds of retreating Ukrainians back into Severodonets!
    If you are an Ukrainian stuck in Severodonets, isn’t it great to have friends that want you to die to help keep the war going for a bit longer!

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