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American Advisor To Ukraine’s Military Reveals War Goals (RT)
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“Ukraine will refuse to negotiate with Russia and fight to return to its 1991 borders..”

Russia will refuse to go back even to 2014.

The US is aiming for forever war.

American Advisor To Ukraine’s Military Reveals War Goals (RT)

Ukraine will refuse to negotiate with Russia and fight to return to its 1991 borders – established following an independence vote ahead of the collapse of the Soviet Union – according to Dan Rice, an American citizen advising the commander in chief of Kiev’s armed forces. Speaking to CNN’s Erin Burnett for an interview on Tuesday, Rice appealed to Western states for additional arms shipments to Ukraine, adding that while the country desperately needs air defense systems and aircraft, it has no interest in diplomacy with Moscow. “[Russia is] trying, in my opinion, to get to the negotiating table, to try to go back to the 2014 lines,” Rice claimed. “Ukraine won’t have it. Ukraine wants all of their land back, back to the ‘91 lines.”

Ukraine’s 1991 borders would include four formerly Ukrainian provinces – Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye – as well as Crimea, all of which have voted to join the Russian Federation in a series of referendums. Crimea’s was held in 2014 soon after the ‘EuroMaidan’ revolution ousted Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich, while the other provinces voted to leave Ukraine last month. Despite Rice’s assessment of Moscow’s position, the Kremlin has made clear that it has no intention of reversing the referendums, with Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stating that while he is prepared to negotiate with Kiev, “the choice of the people in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson will not be discussed.”

Russia’s most recent call for negotiations came last week, when Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov suggested Moscow’s goals could be achieved diplomatically and that it remains “open” to talks. However, he added that “it takes two sides to have a dialogue,” saying negotiations are unlikely given the “very, very hostile stance” toward Russia by Ukraine’s Western backers. A US Marine combat veteran and West Point graduate who now runs the consulting firm Thayer Leadership, Rice went on to voice hopes that Poland would provide its “old Russian fighters”to Ukraine in exchange for American F-16 jets, claiming the aircraft are currently “mothballed” and would come at no cost to the US taxpayer.

“The biggest thing they need right now is air defense systems – both missiles and aircraft. We really need the Ukrainian Air Force to be restocked,” he continued. “We [the United States] are putting in a lot of air defenses, they are just getting there though.” Rice was tapped to serve as a special advisor to Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, back in June, reportedly at the general’s “personal invitation.” His own LinkedIn page notes that he works in an “unpaid/voluntary role,” and says he will use his official access to “research the Ukrainian military leader development and learning, and how the culture changed between 2014-2022.”

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”Russia formally included the plant in its civilian atomic energy infrastructure earlier this month.”

Ukraine Tries To Capture Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant (RT)

Kiev launched an amphibious operation against the Russian city of Energodar in Zaporozhye Region, a senior local official has reported. Ukrainian commandos used around 30 speed boats overnight to cross the Dnepr River, targeting the city, Vladimir Rogov said, as cited on Wednesday morning by Russian media. “After artillery shelling of the city, they attempted to land, including to capture the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. The fighting continued for several hours, at least three or three and a half. The assault was fended off,” he said. Earlier in the day the city administration reported Ukrainian artillery attacks on several key facilities in Energodar, including the city administration building, an access road, and a transformer station crucial for its power supply. The latter was disabled, causing a blackout, the head of the city administration, Aleksandr Volga, said.

Energodar is located in Zaporozhye Region, one of four former Ukrainian regions that voted to become part of Russia last month. Energodar has been under Russian control since March. The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, the largest facility of its kind in Europe, is located on the shore of the Dnepr just outside the city. The site was the focus of a diplomatic spat between Russia and Ukraine, with both sides accusing each other of attacking it and risking a nuclear disaster. Kiev also claimed that Russia was stationing heavy weapons at the facility, which Moscow denies. Russia formally included the plant in its civilian atomic energy infrastructure earlier this month. The provincial capital, the city of Zaporozhye, remains under Ukrainian control and served as the staging ground for the amphibious operation, according to Rogov.

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It takes the Jerusalem Post to report on this. Everyone else has re-defined neo nazis.

US Lifts Ban On Funding ‘Neo-nazi’ Ukrainian Militia (JPost)

Congress is reported to have recently repealed its ban on a Ukrainian militia accused of being neo-Nazi, opening the way for American military assistance. Last June, Congress passed a resolution intended to block American military funding for Ukraine from being used to provide training or weaponry for the Azov Battalion, an independent unit that had been integrated into the former Soviet Republic’s national guard and was taking part in operations against Russian- backed rebels. Called a “neo-Nazi paramilitary militia” by Congressmen John Conyers Jr. and Ted Yoho, who cosponsored the bipartisan amendment, the battalion has been a source of controversy since its inception.

With the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel symbol on its unit flash – which resembles a black swastika on a yellow background – and founders drawn from the ranks of the paramilitary national socialist group called “Patriot of Ukraine,” the group would have been a fringe phenomenon in any Western nation, but with its army unequipped to face the separatist threat in the east, Kiev actually integrated Azov into its military forces. According to a report in The Nation, the Pentagon lobbied the House Defense Appropriations Committee to remove the Conyers-Yoho amendment from the 2016 defense budget, claiming it was unnecessary as such funding was already prohibited under another law. However, The Nation asserted that the law in question, known as the Leahy Law, only prohibits funding to groups that have “committed a gross violation of human rights,” which would not apply in this case.

The news that the Azov Battalion is now legally able to receive American aid has enraged the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which last week successfully blocked the battalion from holding a recruitment meeting in Nantes, France. “This step is hardly surprising to anyone who has been following the growing danger of Holocaust distortion in post-Communist Europe, and especially in the Baltics, Ukraine and Hungary,” said Wiesenthal Center Jerusalem office head Efraim Zuroff. “In recent years, the United States has purposely ignored the glorification of Nazi collaborators, the granting of financial benefits to those who fought alongside the Nazis, and the systematic promotion of the canard of equivalency between Communist and Nazi crimes by these countries because of various political interests.”

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“By refusing to take a balanced approach, the EU is disqualifying itself to be an honest broker on peace negotiations that sooner rather than latter will need to start in the conflict.”

Europe’s Ultimate Choices On Ukraine (OR)

EU’s decisions in support of Ukraine have purportedly been taken in the name of democracy, the rule of law and western values and against a military action by Russia considered unprovoked and illegal. The EU appears to have been also concerned about the unsettling of post-World War II borders – or rather the national frontiers that followed the end of the Cold War – and has expressed unfounded fears that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are the prelude for further aggression in Europe. Deep down, through its actions against Russia the European leadership psyche seems to have had a cathartic release, unleashing an old Russophobia manifested in Europe over decades if not centuries, melting together Czarist Russia, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation in an effort to portray and convince the average European about an inherent Russian malignity that needs to be rooted out once and for all.

In its one-sided defence of Ukraine, the EU has been unwilling to recognize and accept the civil war character of the Ukraine conflict, Russia’s legitimate security concerns and its ongoing warnings about it over years, the historical background of a conflict rooted on the mistreatment of Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population that worsened since the US sponsored Ukraine coup in 2014 and its failure to support a diplomatic settlement in 2015 – i.e. the Minsk agreements -, in which they played a mayor facilitating role. The EU ignores the deep flaws of the current Ukraine government and the society it has tried to create, both defined now by blatant corruption, political persecution of opposition and an ultra-nationalist ideology, all this hardly reflecting so-called European values.

Sadly, the EU has been incapable to develop an autonomous and justly self-serving European alternative in the conflict and has become hostage of the US hegemonistic agenda. By refusing to take a balanced approach, the EU is disqualifying itself to be an honest broker on peace negotiations that sooner rather than latter will need to start in the conflict. Non-European countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now taking the lead, reflected for instance in the recent Russo-Ukrainian prisoner exchange, a prominent role unthinkable only a few months ago which is embarrassing for Europe given its traditional place in diplomacy.

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“It just saddens me to see death and destruction with no apparent end date or opportunity for resolution.”

Bill Ackman Proposes Peace Plan For Ukraine And Russia (RT)

Ukraine should recognize Crimea as part of Russia and renounce its bid to join NATO for the sake of peace, US billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has said. Just like SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk before him, Ackman was immediately criticized online for suggesting that Kiev should be ready to make concessions in order to end the hostilities. “Crimea was part of Russia until 1954 and is largely comprised of ethnic Russians, which was apparently why the world did little when Russia annexed it back in 2014,” Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, tweeted on Monday. He added that the borders should return to where they were prior to February 24, when Russia launched its military operation in the neighboring country and before four former Ukrainian regions voted to join Russia.

He added that the West should then help Kiev with its recovery, while the country should stay outside of NATO. “Thousands of lives will be saved and resources can be invested to rebuild [Ukraine] rather than in a war that will only lead to more destruction and death,” the billionaire wrote. “If there is a viable path to peace, we should pursue it. Each day the conflict continues, the risk to the world rises.” After receiving criticism online, Ackman clarified his stance on Tuesday. “Yesterday, I suggested that a reasonable peace settlement might be a return to the borders as of [February 24], a Marshall Plan to rebuild [Ukraine], and [Ukraine’s] decision to not join NATO. Then the knives came out. I was accused of being an appeaser and worse,” he wrote.

I ask: is [Ukraine] better off in a continued prolonged war that leads to 1,000s more [Ukrainian] deaths and the leveling of the country or does some kind of negotiated settlement make sense? … I am by no means an expert. It just saddens me to see death and destruction with no apparent end date or opportunity for resolution. “In a negotiated settlement, both parties must concede something or there is no opportunity for resolution. What is the least that both parties can concede that is acceptable for both? What am I missing in my analysis? What better ideas do you have?” Ackman argued.

Ackman’s comments came as more public figures in the West have been making suggestions for a possible peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. Venture capitalist and tech entrepreneur David Sacks tweeted on Sunday that the US should propose a ceasefire based on the February 23 lines and guarantee that Ukraine will not join NATO. Musk offered his own vision of a peace settlement this month, which includes Ukraine recognizing Crimea as Russian territory. Kiev and Western officials quickly blasted Musk for what they considered to be a plan that heavily favors Moscow.

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“..while most of the US and NATO forces are a sad joke, the US nuclear triad and the USN’s submarine force are both still world class and extremely dangerous and capable..”

A Few Updates About The NATO Crusade Against Russia (Saker)

What we are seeing is the creation of two parts of our planet: the AngloZionist Hegemony (in which only the USA and Israel have agency, the rest are colonies, occupied countries, volunteer slaves, etc.) and the Multipolar Free World. While the two blocks are not technically at war with each other, in reality they already very much are. Russia and Iran are bearing most of the military burden while other free countries quietly try to either stay out and keep a low profile or, even more quietly, assist China and rest of the Multipolar Free World to prevail economically. Of course, the AngloZionist Hegemony is using every means it has to subvert not only Russia, but also China, Iran and any other country daring to declare even a modicum of sovereignty.

The eventual and inevitable outcome of this confrontation is not in doubt, at least not to those who are aware of reality. It is not the outcome which I fear (in fact I await it with great anticipation!) but the potentially enormous costs of defeating the West’s last Crusade (last time Russia lost 27 million people, most of them innocent civilians, and that did not even do the full job – hence today’s war). I will never stop repeating that while most of the US and NATO forces are a sad joke, the US nuclear triad and the USN’s submarine force are both still world class and extremely dangerous and capable (and US SSNs come with not only anti-submarine and anti-surface capabilities, but also with land-attack missiles).

This is why it is absolutely crucial for Russia to turn up the pain dial steadily but SLOWLY. Those dimwits who constantly advocate for “firm Russian actions” and simply “hit them hard!” are clueless civilians from countries who never won a real war adn who have no idea whatsoever about modern warfare or about the immense risks their warmongering hysterics create for our entire planet. I can sincerely say that I thank God that Putin is a very careful type who fully understands that there are no “quickfix solutions” to denazifying and demilitarizing the AngloZionist Hegemony. And yes, Russia will continue to unilaterally and gradually rotating up the pain dial, and Russia will do so without feeling the need to seek approval from those who have never won a war but who believe that wars are won by “showing toughness”.

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Ursula counts on your gullibility. Just look at this nonsense: “the market has really changed, from a pipeline gas market to a LNG market.”

The EU has cut itself off from pipeline gas. Now all it has is LNG. But that hasn’t changed “the market”, only the EU.

And now the US is talking about a export ban….

Europe Compensated All Gas Volumes Cut By Russia – Ursula Von Der Leyen (Az.)

Compared to September 2021, in September 2022, Russia has cut 80 percent of its pipeline gas supplies, said President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the preparation of the European Council meeting of 20-21 October 2022, according to the Commission. “But Europe has been able to compensate all that. We have diversified towards our trusted partners, like for example Norway and the United States. We have increased the savings. And it is good, we achieved in September a reduction of 15 percent. We have filled our storages up to 92 percent. We did not give in to this blackmail. We made it. And I think we can be proud of that. We resisted. That is important. But we also see that resisting Russian energy coercion comes at a price. European families have seen their gas bills skyrocketing. And our companies are struggling to keep up competitiveness. It is not only about the competitiveness in the Single Market – that is also important. But it is also about the global competitiveness that our companies are fighting for,” she said.

Ursula von der Leyen recalled that in March, the Commission proposed to the Council the option to cap gas prices. “At that time, this did not gain any traction. But today, we are coming back to this. So what is the model? The current benchmark determining gas prices is TTF. TTF is only focused on pipeline gas. What we see now is that the market has really changed, from a pipeline gas market to a LNG market. So we need a new, a specific price benchmark for LNG. The Commission will now develop this complementary benchmark together with the European regulator. But this takes time. So in the meantime, as a stop-gap measure, we will limit prices at TTF. We call this the market correction mechanism. Yesterday, we proposed guiding principles as a first step. On this basis, we will prepare the operational mechanism in a second step. This is concerning the price cap at wholesale level,” she said.

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“According to von der Leyen, the EU has managed to reduce its “huge dependency on Russian gas” by two thirds in eight months..”

EU Countries Urged To Share Gas (RT)

European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen has called on EU member states to jointly purchase gas in order to avoid competition that could push prices even higher. “Instead of outbidding each other, Europeans should buy gas together. For this, we will purchase together gas at {the} EU level… We do this because we have learnt the lesson. We literally saw in August, at the height of the filling season, how member states were outbidding each other and prices were spiking. We definitely can be smarter than this. So pooling our demand is a must,” Leyen said on Wednesday at the European Parliament session in Strasbourg. Her comments come a day after the EC announced a new emergency package of measures aimed at lowering gas prices and ensuring the EU’s winter energy supply.

Joint gas purchases are part of the plan, as is the introduction of binding “default rules” for member states to share gas in the case of an emergency. “We know that some member states are more directly exposed than others to Russian gas. The situation is especially challenging for landlocked countries in Central Europe. But in the end, in our single market with highly integrated supply chains, a disruption in one member state has a massive impact on all member states. So, sharing gas in a crisis is critical,” she stated. According to von der Leyen, the EU has managed to reduce its “huge dependency on Russian gas” by two thirds in eight months, and also to diversify supplies. However, she noted that this has come “at a high price” and urged the bloc to invest in “home-grown sources of energy” in order to maintain competitiveness.

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“Hungary has a long-term contract for gas supplies with Russia’s Gazprom, and the country “is guaranteed to receive 4.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year from Russia.”

Hungary Opposes ‘Dangerous’ EU Gas Plan (RT)

The European Commission’s proposal on joint gas purchases by EU member states is a risky move, Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned on Wednesday. “The European Commission’s proposal is unsuitable and even dangerous… threatens to further cut gas supplies to Europe,” he stated in a video address posted to his Facebook page. The minister urged Hungary not to accept the “risky” proposal, which could only lead to a drop in supplies and an increase in energy prices. He stressed once more that Hungary opposes another “dangerous” notion – a price cap on Russian gas, which “would mean that the Russians would stop supplying natural gas to Europe.”

“According to simple economic principles, if we increase the quantity of a given product in a market, its price will decrease, but if we decrease the quantity of the product, the price will increase. Therefore, the amount of natural gas on the European market should be increased. It would be necessary for as much natural gas as possible to arrive in Europe from as many sources as possible,” he added. The minister said that Hungarian gas storages are currently 50% full, which means that the country has enough gas reserves for six months. He called this an “outstanding” result compared with other EU countries. Reuters, citing Aurora Energy Research analysts, recently reported that even a 100% gas storage level would only sustain the bloc for about three months.

Hungary has a long-term contract for gas supplies with Russia’s Gazprom, and the country “is guaranteed to receive 4.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year from Russia.” Also, at the end of August Hungary signed an additional two-month contract for the supply of up to 5.8 million cubic meters of Russian gas per day starting on September 1.

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“You just don’t have enough volume to bring [in] to replace that gas for the long term, unless you’re saying ‘I’m going to be building huge nuclear [plants], I’m going to allow coal, I’m going to burn fuel oils’”

Europe To Face Worse Gas Crisis In 2023 – Qatar (RT)

Europe is facing a shortage of natural gas over the next several years due to the break-up of trade with Russia, the energy minister of Qatar, a leading global exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), has said. Replacing all Russian gas with other sources doesn’t seem like a viable strategy, Saad al-Kaabi told the Financial Times in an interview published on Tuesday. If “zero Russian gas” flowed in to the EU, as Brussels intends, “I think the problem is going to be huge and for a very long time,” he said. “You just don’t have enough volume to bring [in] to replace that gas for the long term, unless you’re saying ‘I’m going to be building huge nuclear [plants], I’m going to allow coal, I’m going to burn fuel oils’,” the minister explained. The EU leadership prides itself on having reduced the share of Russian gas in the bloc’s mix from some 40% to just 7.5% in seven months.

Brussels hopes to massively ramp up supplies of LNG and increase piped imports from Norway and Algeria to fully eliminate reliance on Russian energy. The surge in demand from Europe is meeting some resistance from traditional markets for LNG in Asia. China has reportedly ordered its state importer not to re-export excess gas due to concerns over a possible deficit in the winter. Kaabi warned in the interview that while European nations had accumulated enough gas in storage facilities to make it through the upcoming winter relatively unscathed, there is no certainty that this will be the case in future seasons. The energy crisis may be “much worse next year,” unless Russian gas is imported, he said. “This coming winter, because of the storage capacity being full, it’s fine,” the Qatari official stated.

“It’s really replenishing the reserves, or the storage, for next year that’s going to be the issue.” Next year and the following year, even up to 2025, are going to be the issue. Commenting on the challenges that the Europeans are having in securing supplies from his nation, the minister said Doha was concerned about losing the EU market in the future because of its larger goal of moving away from fossil fuels. Europe needs to “get off the discussion that gas is not needed for a long time,” he suggested, “because everybody who’s going to invest in the gas sector, they’re looking at 25, 30, 40-year horizons to invest and to get reasonable returns on the investments.” QatarEnergy, the state-owned company that Kaabi also heads, prefers long-term contracts for 15-20 years in foreign trade.

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Love good history lessons.

Ukraine’s Most Nationalist Region Once A Pro-Russian Hotbed (Plotnikov)

“In the last decade of the 19th century, despite all its own difficulties in terms of national and economic life, Galicia became the center of the Ukrainian movement. In Russia’s Ukrainian lands, it played the role of a cultural arsenal with respect to Russia’s Ukrainian lands, where the means to bring about a cultural and socio-political revival of the Ukrainian people were created and improved,” Mikhail Grushevsky, a historian who was one of the first ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism, wrote in an article entitled Ukrainian Piedmont, back in 1906. Today, it is difficult to dispute his assertions. During the 20th century, western Ukraine, which Galicia is part of, was the main center of Ukrainian identity and the engine driving Ukrainization in the rest of the country’s regions.

But the history of the Galician lands does not begin at the end of the 19th century. It has roots in the deep past, tracing back to the very origins of Russia. After the first partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1772, Galicia came under the rule of Austria. Vienna needed to build an administrative system for the region, most of which was inhabited by Slavs. To do this, the Austrian authorities skillfully played on the incongruities between the Catholic Polish population (mainly townspeople and nobles) and the Orthodox peasantry. Seeing the latter as possible agents of Russian influence, a campaign was launched to Polonize them.

The effect, however, turned out to be exactly the opposite. Galician Russophilism was born amidst the Polonization drive in the first half to the middle of the 19th century, when Poles played the dominant role in the cultural and social life of the region. The local Rusyn population gave up hope of finding a way to integrate into the Austrian Empire without losing their traditions and culture, so they began to look for new meaning in the East. Moreover, in the period between the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) and the Crimean War (1853-1856), Russia really was the hegemon of continental Europe. Austria itself called on Russian troops to help suppress a Hungarian uprising. For the Rusyns, the power of the neighboring empire was obvious, and they perceived Russia as a place where they could occupy a privileged position as part of the national majority, and not be second-class subjects.

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Lending a whole new meaning to the term ‘conflict of interest’.

“..assisting them with potential business deals and investments while Joe Biden was Vice President; however, that work remained intentionally uncompensated while Joe Biden was Vice President..”

Biden Family Got $5 Million Interest-free, Forgivable Loan From China (JTN)

President Joe Biden has made waves this fall with his plan to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars of student loans, shifting the burden to taxpayers. Five years earlier, his family cashed in on a zero-interest, forgivable loan of its own from an energy company in communist China, according to evidence in the possession of the FBI. The loan arrangement, confirmed in documents obtained by Just the News and also new information released by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), shows the Chinese energy firm CEFC Beijing International Energy Company Limited understood the transaction would benefit Joe Biden’s family (referred to as “BD family” in the emails), but it also was creating heartburn with its own compliance/risk management officers.

The Chinese company’s leaders “fully support the framework of establishing the JV (joint venture), based on their trust on BD family,” stated a July 26, 2017 email from a CEFC official to Tony Bobulinski, a Hunter Biden business partner at the time. The email was written in part to explain why there had been a delay in getting the money to a firm called SinoHawk associated with the future president’s son and brother, Hunter Biden and James Biden, respectively. “The delay of wire is caused by the details on the JV building, as follows: 1) the positioning and strategy of the JV are not made fully clear to CEFC 2) 5 million is lent to BD family in the 10 million charter capital. How will this 5 million be used (or the 10 million as a whole)? This 5 million loan to BD family is interest-free,” the email stated.

“But if the 5 M is used up, should CEFC keep lending more to the family?” the email inquired. “If CEFC lends more, they need to know the interest rate for the subsequent loan(s).” The CEFC official went on to explain the nebulous transaction was raising worries with the company’s compliance officers. “Because of the reasons above, the risk management department of CEFC is showing concerns on the operation of SinoHawk, hence the delay of the wire,” CEFC’s Raymond Zhao wrote. At the time of the transaction, Joe Biden had already left the White House as vice president, was a private citizen and was planning for his eventual 2020 presidential run. Bobulinski has said in media interviews that Joe Biden was a silent partner in the Chinese transaction, identified in internal documents as “the big guy” who might get 10% of the deal.

Grassley on Monday released a letter he sent to the FBI that contained a summary of an October 2020 interview Bobulinski gave to the FBI concerning the Chinese loan transaction. According to Grassley, the $5 million Chinese transaction was paid to a Hunter Biden-connected firm in August 2017, one month after the email obtained by Just the News. Bobulinski told the FBI that some of the Chinese money paid in 2017 was actually deferred compensation for work Hunter and James Biden had done while Joe Biden was still vice president, Grassley wrote. Grassley and Sen. Ron Johnson previously have said some $6 million paid in spring 2017 was appeared to be for pre-2017 work.

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“..gas power stations are doing the heavy lifting of grid balancing and wind backup. It wasn’t cheap before the war in Ukraine and it’s not cheap now.”

Net Zero: Doubling Down On Stupid (TT)

Most of my thinking lately dwells on the impossibility of Net Zero. Green energy lobbyists have ramped up the propaganda in recent months, doing all they can to obscure the reality of Net Zero. There are now endless debates as to the true cost of wind energy. Carbon Brief is pushing the line that wind energy is “nine times cheaper”. Andrew Montford of Net Zero Watch has a crack at this dodgy number. Montford’s analysis is often quite good. Personally I think the argument needs to be reframed. Costing energy is an imprecise science because it’s fraught with complexity. The slam dunk argument against wind energy is when we frame it as intermittent versus dispatchable energy. I argue that the cost of building and operating windmills is not a standalone figure.

We must also consider the cost of grid balancing and the various energy storage technologies. Energy storage is in its infancy. It is not cheap. It is not going to get cheaper any time soon. In all probability it’s going to remain a pricey affair for decades to come. There will be shortages of lithium and battery grade nickel in the next five to ten years, leading to production and supply chain problems. In the interim gas power stations are doing the heavy lifting of grid balancing and wind backup. It wasn’t cheap before the war in Ukraine and it’s not cheap now. Moreover, as we’ve dismantled our conventional power generation, we’ve lost a great deal of spinning reserve for short term grid balancing so we’re now having to build standalone flywheels – simulating the spinning metal mass of a power station turbine.

The demonstrator is set to cost £25m. The more intermittent energy we add the more it destabilises the grid so we could end up needing dozens of these contraptions. Elsewhere the renewables sector is looking at conversion of surplus wind energy (at times of low demand) into hydrogen which would then be piped to gas stations and converted into methane. Again, this is not past the demonstrator phase, so we have no real world data on costs and conversion losses. One analysis has it that the technology to convert power to hydrogen and back to power has a round-trip efficiency of 18%-46%, In comparison, two mature long-duration technologies, pumped-storage hydropower and compressed air energy storage, boast round-trip efficiencies of 70%-85% and 42%-67%, respectively.

A more technical paper, assessing German research, concludes that the balancing of fluctuations of renewable energy though green hydrogen seems feasible only up to a level of several GWh per day. “However, the German government’s idea of replacing a significant share of conventionally produced electric energy in the order of TWh with hydrogen does not stand up to scientific analysis”. In short, there is no current cost effective technology capable of mitigating intermittency caused by wind and solar.

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“The CDC panel voted 15-0 to add the Covid “vaccinations” to the Vaccines For Children program. Tomorrow they vote to move to the childhood schedule. ”

Ladapo Dismisses CDC Adding COVID Vaccine to Childhood Schedule (FV)

Amidst the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) upcoming vote to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the Vaccine for Kids program along with being on the childhood vaccine schedule, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo declared any decision will have minimal, if any, impact on the Sunshine State. The CDC is set to meet with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to vote. “Regardless of what [CDC] votes [Wednesday] on whether COVID-19 vax are added to routine child immunizations – nothing changes in FL,” Ladapo declared. “Thanks to [Gov. Ron DeSantis], COVID mandates are NOT allowed in FL, NOT pushed into schools, & I continue to recommend against them for healthy kids.

Ladapo recently recommended against men aged 18-39 receiving the mRNA COVID vaccines, citing a rise in cardiac risk to the tune of 84%. “Results from the stratified analysis for cardiac-related death following vaccination suggests mRNA vaccination may be driving the increased risk in males, especially among males aged 18 – 39,” the review from the Florida Department of Health says. “As such, the State Surgeon General recommends against males aged 18 to 39 from receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Those with preexisting cardiac conditions, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, should take particular caution when making this decision,” Ladapo’s office announced.

“Studying the safety and efficacy of any medications, including vaccines, is an important component of public health,” Ladapo said. “Far less attention has been paid to safety and the concerns of many individuals have been dismissed – these are important findings that should be communicated to Floridians.” Shortly after the surgeon general tweeted the announcement, Twitter blocked users from seeing it before restoring it. Ladapo took to social media Monday morning to combat critics and skeptics of the new release. “I love the discussion that we’ve stimulated. Isn’t it great when we discuss science transparently instead of trying to cancel one another?” he said. “I’m going to respond to the more substantive critiques.”

Tucker CDC

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Only the state can mandate. But most will follow the CDC criminals.

Ladapo: mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Shouldn’t Be Given to Young Men (ET)

Studies and other data show that the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines should not be given to young men, Florida’s surgeon general says. Florida health officials recently analyzed data on vaccinated state residents and detected a sharp increase in heart-related deaths among males aged 18 to 39 after vaccination. The state is now recommending that population, with exceptions, should not get one of the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. “In young men, from 18 to 39, it clearly was a signal for increased risk,” Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program. “That was the main finding.” [..]

Taken together with other research that has found young vaccinated males experiencing heart inflammation at higher rates than unvaccinated young males—including studies from Scandinavia, England, and the United States—Florida officials decided to issue the new recommendation, which contradicts guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “There are a number of studies that are indicating that these vaccines, mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, increase the risk of adverse cardiovascular and cardiac events. And we just added to that with another one,” Ladapo said.

“While our study is not definitive—and we never claimed it was—the fact that there is so much evidence that is consistent with our findings very obviously means that you need to consider whether doing … COVID-19, mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations, including them in a strategy, a public health strategy for young men at this point in the pandemic, makes sense. … It doesn’t make any sense. And obviously, should not be giving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to young men at this point in the pandemic,” he added later. The official statement communicating the updated Florida guidance says that the benefit of vaccination for young males is likely outweighed by the “abnormally high risk of cardiac-related death.” It noted that the other available COVID-19 vaccines were not linked with the risk.

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    Paul Gauguin Schooner and three masters 1886   • American Advisor To Ukraine’s Military Reveals War Goals (RT) • Ukraine Tries To Capture Zaporoz
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 20 2022]


    For anybody wanting to see the names and faces of these fucking criminals.

    Notice the MORONS wearing a mask on a zoom call!


    VAIDS !!

    “COVID Rates Back Above 20% in Parts of Manhattan as Virus Rebounds”


    Calling Geert …. !!!


    Since Dr John Campbell woke up, he’s been quite on fire.
    He ridicules the public health authorities masterfully.
    If it weren’t so tragic it would be laughable.

    Read the comment section !!!

    V. Arnold

    The wildlife videos were wonderful; thanks for that…

    That Bloke

    Ursula does Ingsoc better than Orwell.

    “We have increased the savings. And it is good, we achieved in September a reduction of 15 percent. We have filled our storages up to 92 percent. We did not give in to this blackmail. We made it. And I think we can be proud of that. We resisted. That is important.”
    – Ursula von der Lügen, 2022

    “It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grammes a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be REDUCED to twenty grammes a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.”
    – George Orwell, 1984

    Chocolate Rations

    Dr. D

    “President Biden Pledges to ‘Codify Roe’ with Bill that Goes Far beyond Roe”

    51st year in a row! Yes, we care so, so much. Wake me when they do anything, or was 18,000 days not enough?

    “Moderna CEO Admits COVID Is Like Seasonal Flu, only Vulnerable Need Jabs”

    1) That’s why Biden said “the pandemic is over.”
    2) That’s why Biden re-signed the emergency powers Covid Act.
    3) All things and their opposites are true.

    “How an Illiquid Dollar Ruins the World”

    How an Illiquid Dollar Ruins the World

    If you follow Luongo’s theory this headline is interesting. Not headline but the next list, why,

    ““As Egon von Greyerz and I have said many times, the first overt signs of this danger in the cash-poor (i.e., illiquid) market reared its ‘repo head’ in September of 2019.
    This [repo illiquidity] was a neon-flashing signal of long-term trouble ahead. And it had nothing to do with COVID
    Informed investors in the autumn of 2019 had sifted through all the confusing minutia and noise behind the September panic…”

    “Eurodollars have been floating around the world in greater force since the mid-1950s.”

    That is, Europe found a loophole in the system to regain leverage over the US$ and thus US$ policy.

    “But banks (and bankers) always come up with clever ways to make simple [and liquid] Eurodollar transactions complex [and illiquid], as they can easily hide all kinds of greed-satisfying and wealth-generating schemes behind such deliberate Eurodollar complexity.

    Specifically, rather than foreign banks using U.S. Dollars overseas (i.e., Eurodollars) to make simple, direct loans to corporate borrowers that can be easily tracked and regulated on the asset and liability columns of offshore bank balance sheets, these same bankers have spent the last few decades getting more and more creative with the Eurodollar – which is to say, more and more toxic and out of control.”

    The upshot is, if anything happens to the US, and the US Fed raises rates, the EuroDollar market breaks and causes a worldwide banking crash, forcing the Fed to reverse. Therefore, EUROPE can print and hide any amount of dollars they want and put it on the Fed’s “budget” – and they’re not even the Federal Government! And they make the Fed…and the United States…monetize it as if WE were the cause.

    Ultimately, you can see, they can create EuroDollars and buy reckless (Democratic, Green, War) politicians and hammer our budget. THEN they can double-up on their own EuroDollar creation and create a “hidden” extra trillion or three and drive the de facto debt weight to 250% of US GDP. US dollar CRASH! Euro – which has mechanisms to be backed by gold – replaces the US$. Europe becomes the center of the world and regains all their lost colonies…INCLUDING the United States. …Which they have for quite a while as you see. Britain rigged the 2016 election with the Steele interference, then wrecked most of the US Presidency afterwards.

    Okay, going the other way, what happens if the US$ and US Policy cuts loose the EU and Eurodollar system? Kills the LIBOR peg?

    Yeah, exactly what’s happened since January 2021.

    Now this Swiss guy is complaining US$ market is “illiquid”. WTF? The U.S. is the reserve currency, most accepted, with enormous debt increasing by millions per second. You couldn’t possibly BE more liquid by any definition. …But not in Europe. Because his “Dollar” illiquid is “EURO Dollar” illiquid. Them. Who have no business using our national currency, in a way. So, Europe, don’t like it? Use gold and the ruble. Problem solved. Oh, it’s because YOU created a multi-zillion trillion dollar market and it’s biting you now because you can’t print dollars?

    Yeah, Euro-dollar illiquidity is “Poison” alright. It’s a poison that kills parasites, like all anti-parasite droughts are.

    Last notes: Powell is saving Switzerland, sort of. But who is he not saving, that is not on his “Swap” bailout list? Santander. DeutscheBank. Any important bank in EU-Europe. THEY are going down. And we DID bail them out in ‘08 under The ‘Bernank, a Davos man. Powell’s saying “you’re a big nation and bank: bail yourself out.” Why should we dilute our currency by $10 Trillion for Europe…AGAIN? F’ it. We’ll just keep making “direct loans to corporate borrowers”…you know: the PURPOSE of banks?

    “Ukraine has a nuke”

    Just trying to innoculate the world against Davos’ next desperate crazy-maker. Not that they don’t. I’m sure they’ve already set it all up. But none of the power plant or chem attacks were believed either.

    Harris literally clutching her pearls. Nice. Yes, big countries like say the U.S. should never invade smaller countries to the South of them, like Haiti. Not 5-10 times. That would be wrong.

    “Microchip Implants to Store COVID-19 Passport Data”

    Europe is still at it, and they might get it. You can see how well it’s all going in the U.S. though, with 5% uptake on the last booster. Americans: DGAF. Bless them.

    “The US is aiming for forever war.”

    As they are violently #AntiLogos, they are violently #AntiLogic. Tell me: how do you intend to have a “forever war” with Europe frozen, bankrupt, world markets collapsing, no guns, no planes, no bombs, no Ukrainians, and Russia killing 1,000 E. European mercenaries and day without breaking a sweat? That seems like a “Short war”.

    Useless limp-wristed panty-waist Lindsay Graham already said they had to escalate and nuke Russia to NOT have a “forever war”. Ze demanded the same thing. Does anybody know what they’re doing? Jens said “If Russia wins, NATO loses” and collapses forever. That is, a war we and NATO are not parties to.

    So it’s a Schrodinger’s War, we’re both in and out of, and it’s a “Longest-long/Shortest-short war” all at the same time. And you wonder why we all get exhausted and fed up with me posting “#AntiLogos” 5x a week. They are Insane. They have no Logic. There is no Truth in them. As lunatics and con men, what they say often sounds plausible, which is why you need a court of law to examine them. Or failing that, an open marketplace of ideas. Therefore #Truth is their only enemy, which would expose their flailing, unmoored psychosis. Just pay attention: they’ll tell you themselves how Insane they are. You don’t have to do a thing.

    So after the Short/Long war we’re In/Not In, which we’re Winning/Losing, what happens next? Go on: explain it in great detail…

    “We really need the Ukrainian Air Force to be restocked,” he continued.”

    Among other #Insanity, we did this last month. To defeat – actually just to adequately challenge – Russia, Ukraine said quite accurately they need every Jet, every Tank, and every missile system in Europe. Today. Worse, they would need to be delivered on a different-gauge rail, with 100,000 men trained in NATO/West systems they have never seen. They need a couple 10,000 jet flight-hours for their pilots, and a few ten-million gallons of fuel. France and Germany just said they’re providing ZERO. The U.S. said they’d have 10 HIMARS in three YEARS.

    Any questions?

    “Ukraine Tries To Capture Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant (RT)”

    Germany erased all their electric generation. Zap is part of the system they replaced it with: buying all their electric from Russia (and France). So without Zap, Germany and all Europe lives in caves.

    Any questions?

    P.S., following the journey all us environmentalists and young people have, Greta now supports nuclear power. It’s a first major step towards actually understand the system, why it exists, and what would happen if we shut it off. That’s complex. Next-level question is how on earth can it be replaced at all, ever, given the energy use by 8B people? Yet the opposite, that they DO in fact wildly promote and execute, is to KILL all 8B people and have a world “balanced at 500 million”. Carved into stone, even. This week Gates said the failure of the whole energy delivery system is a “good thing.”

    “He added that the borders should return to where they were prior to February 24,”

    Nice, Whitey, going to tell those Russians they have to be shelled by Ukrainians forevermore. Looks good from my office! You became an expert on this when? That’s the problem, the “Ukrainians” are not “Ukrainians.” There are several types of people in an artificial bag called “Ukraine”. We’re so far away we didn’t notice and so arrogant we never asked.

    He promotes peace so the rabid, “blood, gore and guts, veins in my teeth” war mongers can expose themselves. Fine.

    Saker himself is correct: the West lives on fabricated Drama. Russia needs to bore them to death. They have the attention span of a gerbil, so you can’t give them any “Pearl Harbor” moments. They LIVE, exist, breathe, WORSHIP Drama, stories, cartoons, fantasies, and will go bat-s—t for anything. Then the U.S. drops nukes and Bob’s yer Uncle, only the Bunker-dwellers survive. 500M surviving, neofeudal slaves achieved.

    In addition, Russia themselves didn’t like the war, although they thought it necessary. Going slow has revealed the immeasurable hatred and irrational racism of the West, which openly professes to wish to genocide all Russians on their Headline News. All world leaders signed up, gleefully and unasked. People down to the 3rd Conductor in the Orchestra in Cardiff banned all Russian violinists and Tchaikovsky himself. Racist, racist, racist, war-mongering, mass-murdering genociders incarnate. Posting the Blue and Yellow Swastika flag on porches in University towns worldwide. Possibly worse than anything seen with the Jews, we’ll see. The “good and right-thinking” sort of people.

    Russians slowly see and digest this, and are slowly coming around to a far deeper and more grim resolve for war, as well as abandoning Europe, which they consider their home. This may be sad, but it seems indisputable.

    AntiTruth, zealots? Ursula – totally unelected and completely unsupported figurehead – is talking through her hat about replacing 100% of all Russian gas. WTF is she fooling? Germans won’t notice that Ursula sez there’s 100% gas but half the homes in Desden are out? That all the factories are closed?

    …Maybe not. So far there doesn’t seem to be any limit to propaganda power — Maybe this will work too. …The Archdruid, they posted yesterday, points out that Russia collapsed the same: after Chernobyl their credibility and therefore authority took a fatal blow. People removed themselves from supporting “The System” through “quiet quitting” and not open demonstration. Then when a sparrow falls, one border guard in Germany says he won’t bother checking cars, everyone else says “Why not” and the wall falls for lack of support, NOT force of arms.

    “Closing the Collapse Gap with the Soviet Union” – Dmitry Orlov.

    This is exactly where we are now. The West has no credibility with the young – two generations now! – as Millennials have been screwed white by geriatric, dottering dinosaurs clutching white to the reins of power like Pelosi. Increase to Boomer stocks: unlimited; student loan forgiveness for open, provable fraud? Surely you jest. No home ownership. No marriage. No jobs. Crippling debts paid 5x the principle, never cleared. No new ideas they want, even bad ones, like Universal Health Care and Green Power. No release on simplest, totally ignored tasks, like legalizing marijuana. Minimum wage still $7 when no one on earth actually pays that low and even $15 is bankruptcy food stamp impossible.

    We forget how long this had gone on, but Millennial are now 38 years old and still living in the basement in Boston and Sydney? Zoomers done worse yet and are 22? Everyone under 40 – FORTY – does not exist for this (world) government. A system run for themselves. Just Us.

    And you think they’ll support the status quo when the Revolution comes?

    Closing the Collapse Gap with the Soviet Union. You want that Border checked, boss, for $7.25/hour? Gig work, no overtime, no insurance? Come do it yourself.

    So all it takes is for a feather to fall, which is why I’ve been so deflated this month. Timing’s right but the feather still won’t fall.

    “Europe To Face Worse Gas Crisis In 2023 – Qatar (RT)”

    Aaaaaand the U.S. is still illegally sitting on the Syrian Pipeline route, and still illegally murdering everyone nearby. And illegally selling the oil, AND illegally not declaring war. The U.N. LOVES it. What was that about “Big northern countries” invading “Small countries to their south”? Did I miss anything? Oh yes, I’m sure I did. Israel is illegally bombing civilian targets and airports every week. Stunning and brave. The very “Garden” of Moral Leadership. A Shining light and City on the hill.

    Yes, my life is fueled by raw sarcasm, the way some people live on coffee and cigarettes.

    “Biden Family Got $5 Million Interest-free, Forgivable Loan from China (JTN) “

    Try that with the IRS. According to them, the very naming of it is fraud. The definition of “Tax evasion”. They have a 24h hotline: Call them on the phone and ask.

    Dr. D

    “The internet there is fairly open so they know how the rest of the world’s young people live , they see the world as just passing them [Iranians] by.”

    WTF? They should visit the young in the United States and they’ve have a reset on how equal it is in Iran. It ain’t “Friends”, man. There’s no “90210”. https://www.rt.com/usa/ghost-gary-indiana-depressing/

    The Travel Diary: Walking the streets in one of America’s most dangerous cities


    They fled to Vegas but Vegas is right behind them. Even L.A. is a deadly trash heap; the only “America” there like on T.V. is on the Movie Lot of Universal Studios.

    The thing with Iran is Persians want to make their own culture and will keep it. This is unacceptable, and act of war for the Blob, the Anglo West. All cultures must be the uniculture. All others will be destroyed. Submit or die. The Persians not only won’t, can’t, are strong enough to do so, they don’t even fully understand the idea of NOT supporting and continuing their own culture. Which for “descended from the Gods” superior racists of the West is infuriating.

    Michael Reid
    The Markster

    Bought 50 copies of RFK Jr.’s book “A Letter to Liberals” and will be mailing copies to the Portland City Council, Multnomah County Commission, Governor Kate Brown, Kaiser Permanente, the Oregon Medical Association, and the Oregon Health Authority. Voting for Jo Rae Perkins to take Wyden’s Senate seat, Jo Rae having stated unequivocally that the jab was never a vaccine, that the lockdowns and school/business/church closures were unconstitutional, and that we should get out of Ukraine.

    Virtual hugs to TAE commentariat, and agreeing with V. Arnold that the wildlife stuff is wonderful. Every day a chance to fix our gaze on beauty, truth and God’s creation!

    Joy! Love!


    A lot of folks think that the death-vaxx is a depopulation event.
    Some may recall Deagel posting population numbers in 2025 .
    The Deagel website has removed the data.

    Fortunately, it is still available.



    @Germ Thatnks for the Dr John Campbell link, the comments are very interesting.

    Dr. D


    Cmon, you can’t tell me we’re not way ahead of Iran on this. We’re #1!

    Dr. D

    Oh, P.S. in “Closing the Collapse Gap” Eastern Europe, the USSR-client states fell.

    As the U.S. is the USSR, then WEST Europe falls first, OUR client states. Precisely as they are doing. You can clock the time between Warsaw and Moscow and apply to us, or between Chernobyl and Yeltsin.

    That Bloke

    And all of a sudden, there she was, gone!

    That’s two Lizzes in less than a couple of months, way to go!


    Peace ……. What better ideas do you have?” Ackman argued.

    Multipolar Free World

    A few updates about the NATO Crusade against Russia

    States establish vaccine requirements for school children, not ACIP or CDC.
    COVID-19 vaccines are not vaccines


    Truss is gone?

    The head of lettuce wins.


    Ursula von der Leyen – Soros Puppet?

    Whenever Ursula von der Leyen is mentioned I keep thinking back to her strange election. France and Germany had got together and agreed on their candidate. Suddenly their candidate was nowhere and this woman was plucked from obscurity to become president [much to the relief of the people who worked for her!] Her views strongly coincide with Soros and quite a few people think it was his doing.


    Dr. Theresa Tam must be the unhealthiest, and fucking ugliest, looking health official.
    Oh, I know, I’m not allowed to say that – so shoot me!

    And we’re supposed to take health advice from that thing?!

    I do so hope that she takes her own advice:

    Watch – and see what I’m talking about!


    Letter to ACIP 2022-10-19

    Regarding adding the mRNA COVID-19 injections to the childhood vaccination schedule:

    This isn’t about children’s health. This is about putting the final liability protection in place for your masters, the pharmaceutical companies. I don’t expect you to have any second thoughts about whether or not the mRNA vaccines are safe or effective; you wouldn’t be where you are, poised to put this final gift in place for Pfizer and Moderna, if you weren’t a reliable, unquestioning supporter of the vaccine grift machine. But here’s a few things to think about.

    More and more people know about VAERS than ever did prior to 2020. Many of them can even quote you the number of dead to date: 31,470. Some even know that this is only a fraction of the true fatalities. They know, some of them first-hand, that these are the most dangerous vaccines ever introduced, dwarfing the cumulative harm from all other vaccines introduced to date. I’ve seen credible estimates that at least 25% of the US adult population hasn’t taken the injection; you can bet that the vast majority of that 25% regard you as their mortal enemy. They will never submit, they will never allow their children to be injected. We have seen so many examples of bad faith actions in regard to COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccines coming out of public health that trust is completely destroyed:

    The pharmaceutical companies won’t tell you what precisely is in it – that’s a trade secret.
    They won’t accept any liability for what happens after you submit to it – that’s your problem.
    They won’t disclose the terms of the contracts they have with the government – even though your taxes paid for it.
    They won’t release the trial data used for approval – despite promising the “most transparent process ever” at the FDA.
    The CDC rigged the safety signal algorithm (PRR) they were going to use track safety of the vaccine, and when the data coming in threatened to trigger even that watered-down algorithm they switched to a wholly opaque algorithm that they refuse to this day to share information on.
    CDC have discouraged, sabotaged, and outright banned any forms of effective early treatment.
    The government and social media platforms work hand in glove to ruthlessly censor any discussion of the vaccines that goes against the narrative of “Safe and Effective.”
    And finally, we’ve watched as bodies such as ACIP have rubber-stamped the vaccines despite the overwhelming evidence that they are the most dangerous medical product ever produced.

    That’s the thing about bad faith: once you’ve seen it, you can’t ever get that trust back. Consider this: as of this writing less than 7% of the eligible population has taken the latest booster. Time is not on your side; you might think that you can censor and finesse the evidence of short-term harm, but if even only a fraction of what has been put forth in lab reports and medical papers is true about the pathology of spike protein the societal harm is going to be astronomical. And it is going to hit squarely in the medical practitioner field first and foremost. At some point the rank and file doctors and nurses are going to completely turn on you and metaphorically tear you to pieces. We’ve already seen the start of this process; consider the recent coming out of Dr. Aseem Malhotra in the U.K.

    No one lives forever. Enjoy your ride in hell.


    Just sent off an email to the high school district superintendent strongly requesting that Covid vaxes continue to not be mandatory for HS students.

    Yesterday was a beautiful day…as I drove to the location of my piano student I enjoyed the blue sky…criss-crossed by persistent chem trails. I recalled as a child lying down on the grass in the yard of my home south of Denver, gazing up at the sky and noticing a tiny airplane, high overhead. I remember the white plume in its wake, and noticed how rapidly it dissipated into nothingness, fading back to clear blue sky. There were no chemtrails in the early ‘80s. I need to remember to point this out to my children, so that they know this, and do not believe that chemtrails are “normal” nor a requisite byproduct of air travel.


    Kari Lake
    But when she is at a rally against mandatory vaccinations and people near the front of the stage are chanting and pulling attention from her, she pouts and speaks petulantly, like a spoiled child. She was incapable of handling the situation gracefully. I witnessed this, last year, in person — I was at the rally. But she and Katie “I don’t debate” Hobbs are the two main clowns up for AZ govenor this year. Ugh.


    @ Rototillerman – that’s a great letter, but ……..

    Make it 31,471 – https://www.westernjournal.com/17-year-old-kid-dies-suddenly-collapsing-middle-choir-event-high-school/

    I wonder how many of these sudden deaths there are that are just not heard about.


    I was just wondering about this. Not that high for a PM, but it’s 45 years for just 45 days. She’ll surely collect another allowance for her time in Parliament too.



    from a news link at top post,

    The news that the Azov Battalion is now legally able to receive American aid has enraged the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which last week successfully blocked the battalion from holding a recruitment meeting in Nantes, France. “This step is hardly surprising to anyone who has been following the growing danger of Holocaust distortion in post-Communist Europe, and especially in the Baltics, Ukraine and Hungary,” said Wiesenthal Center Jerusalem…

    Israel is between a rock and a hard place.

    It supports Ukraine ‘against Russia’ as it must as standing with the West,

    Isr. can’t negate, oppose, the powers that keep it alive as a postage-stamp mini territory, funded, armed, and falsely admired, right in the heartland of the ME, an irritation and *more* to the Arab world.

    Isr. only exists because it has been supported in all ways by the Brits, the Americans, the Europeans, and those who are vassals to them.

    Isr. has been given a free pass to oppress, impoverish, discriminate against, and straight-out kill off Palestinians (Arabs..) on ‘Isr’ territory; run as an apartheid State, with the supporters turning a blind eye to all that they usually condemn publically, with lame cover-ups and excuses that clarion the sacred ‘Jewish’ identity, a special victim status, the attendant right to claim exceptionalism —> the horrors of the Holocaust, etc.

    When Ukr. central powers (Kiev) turned to, since at least 2014, killing off Easterners (Donbass..), ‘ethnic Russians’, Russian speakers, etc. by x forces, private (oligarch funded) armies, and gangs that are clearly Nazi-inspired, many ‘Western’ pols. publically, in MSM articles, condemned the Nazis in Ukr., what is with this ethnic hatred, Nazi symbols, gangster moves, etc.?

    Of course that didn’t last long, as the aim is to attack Russia and Azov and the like are instrumentalised for that, they then can’t be “Nazis” any longer.

    All this leaves Isr. insecure, dancing on two feet (say), love the UkroNazis or condemn them..

    2 ex. MSM…




    @ Germ

    I’ve been following John Campbell since the beginning. This episode is a jaw dropper. From officials declaring ” we’re not sure what’s causing it but we are sure certain things should not be examined as possible causes. But we’re not sure what’s causing it.” Unbelievable.


    A thought occurred: a brazen, reckless attempt to force a fire sale of EU assets

    If you’re a German industrialist, facing the axe, and finally realize that the war is on you, a strategic retreat is in order. But keep this in mind. In a military retreat, do you leave your gang of howitzers and stock of shells behind intact? Do you leave them behind, intact? Do you leave to your enemy all of that functional materiel for them to use against you immediately?

    Mr Check Valve…meet Mr Hydraulic Press. Anything that can be punched, munched, or scrunched should NOT be left in a useful state. Before you sign any paperwork, make sure you’ve driven to Texas and back on 1 qt of oil.


    I especially enjoyed the Dr. John Campbell video when he simply paused, silent, instead of verbally and emotionally railing against PHS. My own mind came up with the rants and raves. He is calm, measured. A protest that is impeccable in its execution.


    REGIME CHANGE in UK-tardistan!

    The Curse of Nazilensky!

    Everyone who gets his Cooties on them is Doomed!

    That’s a “Double Tap®” for Olde England!

    Trussed up like a Thanksgiving Turkey

    Hey Liz, I don’t hear a heart beat, you OK?



    A man of data- scrupulous
    And hardly prone to rages-
    Awakens and presents to us
    A silence for the ages.

    John Day

    “Biological Threats” is up. I need to go for a meditative bike ride. Picture of Jenny with an orange seedling planted in a sheltered location. https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/biological-threats

    John Day

    “Cast Thy Bread” looks at extensive Israeli biological warfare against Palestinian villages, often poisoning wells with infectious bacteria. Some of the references for this investigation are old, some private, and some from declassified Israeli state documents.

    ‘Cast Thy Bread’: Israeli Biological Warfare During the 1948 War

    “To An Athlete Dying Young”, The sudden deaths of humanity’s fittest.

    Meryl Nass MD reports that the CDC Advisory Committee on Vaccines will vote today, about now, on recommending COVID vaccines for children, which offers only harm, not benefit, based upon medical findings to date. It will absolve the vaccine manufacturers and their agents in government from liability, including the ongoing injuries and deaths to children and adults, which we reasonably expect.

    Florida Surgeon General Ladapo says that the CDC decision will not change the stance of the state of Florida against COVID vaccination for children and men under 40 years of age, which is based on medical evidence that the vaccine-products do more harm than potential good in these population groups.

    Ladapo Dismisses CDC Potentially Adding COVID Vaccine to Childhood Schedule: ‘Nothing Changes in FL’

    Jessica Rose Ph.D. looks at the gain-of-function research on COVID in a Boston level-3 lab (should be level-4 for this work), which causes 80% mortality rate in “humanized” mice, which are a good model for human illness. As we have already seen, this research took the very-infectious spike protein of Omicron, and coupled it to the body of the original Wuhan virus of January 2020. We know that this is a highly fatal combination, but what she points out, of special interest, is that this new chimeric virus aggressively attacked the brains and nervous systems of the mice, contorting and paralyzing their bodies in the process.
    This efficiency at crossing the blood-brain barrier to attack the brain and spinal cord is a deadly new weaponized coronavirus super-power.
    The lab objects that “this is not gain-of-function research”.

    John Day

    Pepe Escobar, China: Xi gets ready for the final countdown
    Escobar gives an in depth explanation of the meanings contained within Xi Jinping’s 45 minute address to the Communist Party of China. Difficult times are foreseen, which hearkens back to the words of Mao Tse Tung. Escobar explains that the COVID-Zero policy is because China quietly sees COVID as an American bioweapon, or suite of related viral bioweapons. This is a view that I share, but I prefer India’s approach, treating with ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline and vitamin-D.

    China: Xi Gets Ready for the Final Countdown

    Surplus Energy Economics looks at “The Dynamics of Global Repricing”
    Real, physical economy has always closely tracked the use of fossil fuels, especially oil, but also coal and natural gas. Oil alone is an adequate surrogate.
    Since 1980 there has been a divergence of financial economy from real economy, which has been more marked since 1990.
    This divergence has accelerated since 2008, and must be realigned. The realignment will be taking place in a time of increasing costs of extraction of fossil fuels and declining net fuel availability, but with the most debt leveraged onto the future of any time in history. Energy will be required to pay this debt in the future, which is essentially not possible. The financial options for debt default are not directly discussed, but stagnant economy with inflation, “stagflation” is inevitable, and will continue long term. The leveraging of debt and reliance of societies upon the continued service of this debt by real economic production is worrisome for societies, as it is for indebted individuals and those depending upon retirement and investment income.
    A steady decline in the ability of society to invest in industrial and infrastructure work will be a result of these changes. The loss of disposable income after necessary purchase of food and fuel by households will be another.
    This amount of decline in the ability to make discretionary expenditures will be completely unprecedented in history, including the Great Depression and WW-2 period.
    #242. The dynamics of global re-pricing

    Charles Hugh Smith casts this same trend as: Getting Rich Is One Thing, The Tricky Part Is Keeping It
    “When $400 trillion in global credit-asset bubbles all pop, maybe there will only be $100 trillion in wealth sloshing around”

    Veracious Poet

    This is exactly where we are now. The West has no credibility with the young – two generations now! – as Millennials have been screwed white by geriatric, dottering dinosaurs clutching white to the reins of power like Pelosi. Increase to Boomer stocks: unlimited; student loan forgiveness for open, provable fraud? Surely you jest. No home ownership. No marriage. No jobs. Crippling debts paid 5x the principle, never cleared. No new ideas they want, even bad ones, like Universal Health Care and Green Power. No release on simplest, totally ignored tasks, like legalizing marijuana. Minimum wage still $7 when no one on earth actually pays that low and even $15 is bankruptcy food stamp impossible.

    We forget how long this had gone on, but Millennial are now 38 years old and still living in the basement in Boston and Sydney? Zoomers done worse yet and are 22? Everyone under 40 – FORTY – does not exist for this (world) government. A system run for themselves. Just Us.

    And you think they’ll support the status quo when the Revolution comes?

    Closing the Collapse Gap with the Soviet Union. You want that Border checked, boss, for $7.25/hour? Gig work, no overtime, no insurance? Come do it yourself.

    Sometimes you do ramble a bit, eh Doktor?

    If reality wasn’t so chilling, I’d have a good laugh at your latest “dictum” 😉

    You speak of Millennials & Zoomers like they have a clue ~ I can most assuredly assure you, by FAR the vast majority does not.

    They are/were the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks rabid supporters of Mr. Change You Can Believe In (typical celeb intoxication), whom to a dolt still rabidly fawn over the biggest fraud ever to occupy the Whitey House…

    If they had a clue, about how “We The People” were screwed over by the NPD autocrats, the irrefutable fact that the “birth certificate” was an authenticated brazen counterfeit (and posted on the Whitey House official website for ALL to see), would have seeped into their peanut brains, eventually grokking understanding the malevolently insidious implications, leading their pathetic generation(s) that the Obama charade was a line That Shall Not Be Crossed, for the purpose of destroying *THEIR* lives.

    No amount of argument can validate a phony .PDF, that was supposedly scanned from a decades old ledger, that was *CLEARLY* altered via multiple layers, then posted still in layers on a .GOV website ~ That the culprits involved failed to collapse the layers speaks *VOLUMES* about both “their” hubris, shamelessness & contempt for the intelligence of “We The People” ~ I have to say, “they” were 1000% right about the utter mentally retarded sheeple 😐

    Don’t believe me, see for yourself:

    For the record: I started creating documents as an engineer from 1984 – 1997 (Xerox Ventura, ACAD, Adobe et al.), then went on to be the first entrepreneur to scan legal documents (pdf) for download as part of a courthouse reporting service ~ I literally created 50k+ documents for sale that law firms et al. relied on as 100% as legally valid ~ A task we *NEVER* failed at over a 19+ year period (creating an industry that still exists to this day).

    When I downloaded the BC of Mr. Change You Can Believe In from the website, opening it in Acrobat Pro, the multiple layers when analyzed told me the tale of a fabricated document ~ No amount of expounding about OCR algorithms or any other dissembling idiocy exculpates what I saw when I went layer-by-layer through that sham.

    Oh, only an idiot would fail to collapse the layers for the final document presented, unless you want to create controversy and/or intentionally create confusion/chaos…

    This is just one example of the total failure Millennials & Zoomers to know what time it is, of course both you & I could site hundreds, perhaps thousands, more examples just in the last 20 years 😐

    Not only that, but these poor children we’re dumbed-down-to-succumb by the eduka’cion farce, presstitutes, international apparatchik pandering/deception/disinfo from the moment of conscientiousness ~ You seriously expect to these befuddled children to go after the status quo when the Revolution comes?

    Then there’s the general depravity (no shame, anything goes) endemic among these “children”, a drug-addled conglomeration of beings distracted by drugs, smart phones, social media, infotainment ad nauseum 😐

    That’s why I created a meme with this recent UK .MIL recruiting ad:


    May The Farce Be With You!

    Veracious Poet


    Birth certificate story is almost decade old. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was leading investigator and tough press conference presenter.
    Nothing came of it.




    Dr D said

    This week Gates said the failure of the whole energy delivery system is a “good thing.”

    Gates is being blackmailed, totally convinced since seeing Gates with Epstein. Why else would Gates mix with such a person? Any ideas are welcome, but it looks like pedophilia to me.

    Veracious Poet

    Nothing came of it.

    Just like “nothing cam of” the fraudulent 2020 (s)election charade ~ We The People (excluding a VERY small minority) are about as gullible as a country bumpkin buying snake oil from the latest con artist.

    I truly feel sorry for the naive Jan. 6 victims, whom were politically skewered by the Confederation of Dunces as part & parcel of the NPD Autocrat artifice…

    The West is completely & utterly doomed ~ The Fourth Turning will be the bailiwick of the BRICS consortium (short of nuclear Armageddon), with the Amerikan sheeple + Eurotards altogether obliterated & relegated to the ash heap of history.

    But this process is just beginning & will not conclude in months like many a blow-hard conspir-a-addict have prophesied 😐

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