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Paul Gauguin When are you getting married? 1892


Twitter Nukes Liberal Pundits From Platform (ZH)
Matt Taibbi Discusses Ongoing ‘Big Picture’ Review of Twitter Files (CTH)
EU Allows US To Wipe Its Feet On The Bloc – Putin (RT)
Kiev Seizes Assets of Russian Orthodox Clerics (LI)
Vatican Apologizes For Pope’s Remarks – Moscow (RT)
European Parliament’s ‘Qatar Scandal’ Tip Of A Corruption Iceberg (Marsden)
Germany Resorts To Record Borrowing (RT)
Germany Spends $500 Billion To ‘Keep The Lights On’ – Reuters (RT)
China Downgrades Omicron Risks To Seasonal Cold (ZH)
Thousands Of Unedited Government JFK Assassination Files Released (BBC)
“Effective Altruism”: Could SBF’s Parents Be the Key to a Plea? (Turley)
Don’t Fall For It (Denninger)
Arctic Summer Sea Ice Stopped Declining a Decade Ago (DS)
Flying Insect Numbers Plunge 64% Since 2004 – UK Survey (G.)





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“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.”
– Dostoevsky





Open season has been declared on Musk. He and his family are fair game. They paint a target on him and when he wipes it off, they say: see, he doesn’t really advocate free speech!

Twitter Nukes Liberal Pundits From Platform (ZH)

Twitter on Thursday evening began purging reporters from major media outlets, just one day after new owner Elon Musk changed the platform’s “anti-doxxing” policy in response to a “crazy stalker” who climbed on the hood of a car carrying his two-year-old son. Those kicked off the platform include: Keith Olbermann of MSNBC • Ryan Mac of the NY Times • Anthony Webster of Bellingcat • Donnie O’Sullivan of CNN • Micah F. Lee of The Intercept • Matt Binder of Mashable • Drew Harwell of the Washington Post • Aaron Rupar of his mom’s basement. Also booted was the official account for Twitter competitor Mastadon, which earlier in the day posted a link to track Musk’s private jet. It was unclear what prompted the suspensions, though it appears they are related to doxxing – current or in the past.

“Same doxxing rules apply to “journalists” as to everyone else,” Musk said on Thursday evening, adding “Criticizing me all day long is totally fine, but doxxing my real-time location and endangering my family is not.” “They posted my exact real-time location, basically assassination coordinates, in (obvious) direct violation of Twitter terms of service,” Musk said in a subsequent tweet. [..] Aaron Rupar said in a statement to CNN’s Oliver Darcy: “I never posted anything Elon Jet related or that could violate the policy about disclosing locations. Unless the policy is that you criticize Elon and you get banned.” Except…

Corporate media has framed this as Twitter suspending journalists “who have been covering Elon Musk and the company.” A spokesperson for the NY Times said that the suspensions were ‘questionable and unfortunate,’ and said that no explanation was provided. “We hope that all of the journalists’ accounts are reinstated and that Twitter provides a satisfying explanation for this action,” said Charlie Stadtlander, communications director for the Times.

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“..Taibbi notes the current data set does not include access to the inbound requests and instructions from government officials..”

Matt Taibbi Discusses Ongoing ‘Big Picture’ Review of Twitter Files (CTH)

During a podcast Matt Taibbi describes the big picture takeaway of the data they have been permitted to review so far. Interestingly, Taibbi notes the silo effect within Twitter as the division in charge of taking action on requests is not necessarily the division that receives the requests. There is an inflection point between two silos. Taibbi notes the current data set does not include access to the inbound requests and instructions from government officials, they are limited to only seeing what happens after the request is received.

They are also limited in only seeing the activity that is taken within the action division where the accounts are restricted. The division within Twitter that was in the process of amplifying or boosting accounts, is a different silo. Additionally, as Taibbi also notes, if the scale of what they are seeing in Twitter is representative of outside contacts to other social media platforms, then he is sure Facebook, YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Instagram, Apple etc. also have a process to receive and act upon these inbound DHS/FBI instructions.

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EU Allows US To Wipe Its Feet On The Bloc – Putin (RT)

The current economic troubles in the EU, and the unfriendly attitude displayed by the US towards Europe, are a direct consequence of the weakness shown by the union’s leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. He made the remarks during a meeting of Russia’s council for strategic development and national projects. “Today, the EU authorities themselves say the policy of their main partner, the US, is leading directly to the de-industrialization of Europe. They are even trying to complain about that to their American overlord. Sometimes there are even words of resentment: ‘Why are you doing this to us?’ I want to ask: ‘What did you expect?’ What else happens to those who allow feet to be wiped on them?” Putin said.

Earlier this month, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen sounded the alarm over US economic policies, urging the EU to “take action” if it wanted to be able to compete with the US government-subsidized green industry. Von der Leyen blasted the tax breaks for consumers who buy American products, introduced under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), signed by President Joe Biden in August. She warned that such initiatives could “lead to unfair competition, could close markets, and thus fragment critical supply chains.” Other top EU officials have repeatedly voiced concern about an impending recession and potential decades-long deindustrialization. Early in October, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said that unless Brussels were to somehow fix the situation with soaring energy prices, it was “risking massive deindustrialization of the European continent and the long-term consequences that might actually be very deep.”

The economic crisis in the EU largely stems from the bloc’s own actions, targeting Russia with a multitude of sanctions over the Ukraine conflict, Putin noted. “What exactly has Europe itself achieved by imposing the restrictions? First of all, there has been an unprecedented, as economists say, jump in inflation in their own home, the eurozone. In November, it amounted to 10% in the eurozone as a whole, with some countries showing extreme figures of more than 20%, even 25%,” Putin noted. At the same time, the collective West, unlike Russia, continues its efforts to grab any resources for itself, the Russian president stated. “Unlike Western countries, which shamelessly pull all of the blankets for themselves, Russia helps the poorest states in Africa, Asia and other regions, delivering food and other goods,” he said.

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Dangerous to go after (1,000 years of) religion.

Kiev Seizes Assets of Russian Orthodox Clerics (LI)

Ukraine has ratcheted up its campaign against a branch of the Eastern Orthodox church with ties to Russia. On the order of President Volodymyr Zelensky, seven senior clerics from the Russian Orthodox church will have their assets seized and face bans on a range of economic and legal activities. During his nightly video address on Sunday, the Ukrainian president said “by decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, sanctions were applied against seven people,” adding that his administration is “doing everything to ensure that the aggressor state does not have a single string of Ukrainian society to pull.”

According to Reuters, the new penalties mean that the seven clerics will have “their assets seized and are subject to a ban on a range of economic and legal activities as well as a de facto travel ban.” The vast majority of Ukrainians belong to Eastern Orthodox churches, with many worshiping in parishes that take direction from the Moscow Patriarchate. On December 1, Zelensky announced that Kiev would attempt to expel all religious institutions with ties to Russia, arguing the move would make “it impossible for religious organizations affiliated with centers of influence in the Russian Federation to operate in Ukraine.”

The president went on the claim that the Russian Orthodox Church poses a threat to Ukrainian culture, saying “we will never allow anyone to build an empire inside the Ukrainian soul.” He additionally denounced Ukrainians who continue to attend the allegedly Russia-controlled parishes as succumbing to “the temptation of evil.” Kiev has conducted a series of raids on Russian Orthodox parishes and claims to have uncovered clerics attempting to subvert the Ukrainian government, though has provided little evidence to support its assertions. Nonetheless, Kiev sanctioned 10 top clerics of the church last week, suggesting they threatened ”the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

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“This is no longer Russophobia, it’s a perversion on a level I can’t even name..”

Vatican Apologizes For Pope’s Remarks – Moscow (RT)

The Vatican has issued a formal apology to Russia for derogatory remarks made by Pope Francis last month about some ethnic groups in the country, according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. The ministry received the message on Thursday from Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. It expressed the Holy See’s respect for “all peoples of Russia, their dignity, faith and culture, just like all other nations and peoples of the world,” Zakharova told a press briefing. “The capacity to recognize one’s mistakes is becoming more rare in international relations today. This situation shows that, behind the Vatican’s calls for dialogue, there is a knack for having such a dialogue and hearing the other side,” the Russian diplomat noted. She added that Moscow considered the incident to be over.

Pope Francis made a negative generalized assessment of the character of Buryats and Chechens, two of the many ethnic groups living in Russia, in an interview published in late November. He described them as “of Russia but… not of the Russian tradition” and claimed that such people were “the cruelest” of the Russian troops in Ukraine. Moscow responded by issuing a formal note of protest to the Vatican, while many Russian officials, including Zakharova, expressed outrage about the remarks. “This is no longer Russophobia, it’s a perversion on a level I can’t even name,” the spokeswoman said at the time. The Vatican and Pope Francis personally offered mediation in the conflict in Ukraine. The pontiff previously angered Kiev by publicly recognizing that NATO’s expansion in Europe was a contributing factor in the conflict, which is part of Moscow’s position on the origin of the violent standoff with Kiev and its foreign backers.

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The EU has so far pretended there is no corruption at all.

European Parliament’s ‘Qatar Scandal’ Tip Of A Corruption Iceberg (Marsden)

In a corruption scandal that strikes at the heart of European Union governance, a vice-president of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, of Greece, has been stripped of her responsibilities by the EU Parliament, had her assets frozen, and has been charged after police alleged to have found “bags of cash” at her residence. There also was a raid on the home of a Belgian MEP, Marc Tarabella, the vice-chair of the EU’s delegation for relations with the Arab peninsula. Belgian authorities paid another no-knock visit to the home of an assistant to yet another MEP. Earlier this week, authorities searched the EU Parliament offices like it was a common crime scene, reportedly seizing data.

So far, €1.5 million has been seized from private homes, with the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office accusing the four people arrested and charged with “participation in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption.” It turns out that the officials alleged to have been involved are accused of also lobbying for visa-free EU-Qatar travel and whitewashing Qatar’s labor rights record. For an institution like the European Union, which constantly preaches to other countries about how to clean up their act, you’d think they’d have some strong guardrails in place to prevent the kind of things that these charges allege. That isn’t the case. “The allegations are of utmost concern, very serious,” said an uncharacteristically measured European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. She proposed an independent ethics body to set rules for EU institutions “where there are very clear rules,” adding that it “would be a big step forward.” You mean that didn’t already exist? Why not?

Those who believe that Western democratic institutions practice what they constantly preach might be surprised to learn that the lack of checks and balances to prevent corruption at home is actually pretty staggering. Earlier this year, for example, three US congressional representatives introduced bipartisan legislation to close loopholes allowing foreign funding of think tanks, government officials, and elections. “Right now, foreign governments are able to secretly fund think tanks to push their own agendas, hire former public officials and military officers to lobby for their interests, and have their agents raise millions of dollars for political campaigns,” explained bill sponsor, Congressman Jared Golden. It’s almost like systemic corruption is just an open secret that benefits from an omertà as very few officials actually seem to want to acknowledge or address the issue.

When von der Leyen had the opportunity to address the matter with the Brussels press corps on Monday, she stonewalled journalists – much to their frustration, which they weren’t shy about expressing on Twitter. According to Politico, one journalist even shouted at von der Leyen as she was leaving, “You didn’t answer a single one of the questions.” It’s not exactly the kind of behavior you might expect from someone who routinely speaks of holding others accountable for corruption, a lack of transparency, and other undemocratic practices.

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“..the German government has set out a €200 billion “defensive shield” to protect households and businesses from soaring prices..”

Germany Resorts To Record Borrowing (RT)

Germany’s federal government intends to issue a record volume of debt next year to fund costs associated with the energy crisis, the German Finance Agency has revealed. According to the plan released on Wednesday, debt issuance will balloon to about €539 billion ($573 billion) in 2023 from €449 billion this year. The previous record was in 2021, when the government was attempting to offset the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. Borrowing next year will reportedly include federal bonds worth €274 billion and a further €242 billion to be sold on the money market. In addition, between €15 billion and €17 billion will be raised via green federal securities and between €6 billion and €8 billion via inflation-linked federal securities, the agency said.

The plan is “dramatic,” according to Elmar Voelker, a senior fixed-income analyst at LBBW Research in Stuttgart. He told Bloomberg that “on the one hand, yields on longer-dated [bonds] could come under additional upward pressure as investors demand compensation for taking up the additional supply. On the other, the structural shortage of [bonds] could ease a good deal as a result of the additional supply.” According to Reuters, the country’s spending is expected to exceed revenues in the coming year, when the federal government will also have to repay securities worth more than €325 billion to investors.

Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, has been struggling to cope with skyrocketing gas and electricity costs. The nation, which relies mainly on natural gas to power its industry, has vowed to replace imports from its major supplier Russia by as early as mid-2024. However, the attempts to diversify gas supplies have contributed to the current energy crunch. EU sanctions pressure, maintenance issues, as well as the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, have further exacerbated the problem. In response to the energy crisis, the German government has set out a €200 billion “defensive shield” to protect households and businesses from soaring prices.

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“Where does the German economy stand? If we look at price inflation, it has a high fever.”

Germany Spends $500 Billion To ‘Keep The Lights On’ – Reuters (RT)

Germany has reportedly allocated nearly $500 billion to shore up its energy supplies and “keep the lights on” since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began last February, but the spending binge might not be enough to weather the crisis. The estimated total shows the “cumulative scale” so far of energy bailouts and other schemes that Berlin has employed amid surging oil and natural gas prices and the loss of imports from Russia, Reuters reported on Thursday. The media outlet called the various outlays an “energy bazooka” – equating to $5,400 per resident in Germany, 12% of GDP and an estimated $1.6 billion per day since the conflict in Eastern Europe started – and it added that still more spending may be needed.

“How severe the crisis will be and how long it will last greatly depends on how the energy crisis will develop,” Michael Gromling, head of macroeconomic research at the German Economic Institute, told Reuters. The economic effects of the conflict stem largely from anti-Russia sanctions imposed by the US, Germany and other NATO members. Despite Western efforts to punish and isolate Moscow, Russian government revenue from oil and gas exports has more than doubled from a year earlier to 10 trillion rubles, about $160 billion, in 2022’s first 11 months. Over the same period, rising energy earnings helped push the government budget surplus to 557 billion rubles.

However, as Reuters noted, Europe’s biggest economy now finds itself “at the mercy” of the weather. “Energy rationing is a risk in the event of a long cold spell this winter, Germany’s first in half a century without Russian gas,” the outlet pointed out. Stefan Kooths, vice president at Germany’s Kiel Institute for the World Economy, said uncertain energy supplies have pushed the country’s economy to a “very critical phase.” He added, “Where does the German economy stand? If we look at price inflation, it has a high fever.” Reuters based its calculation of Germany’s spending on bailout packages for energy companies, LNG import infrastructure and funding to help utilities and traders buy gas and coal. “Despite these efforts, there is little certainty over how the country can replace Russia,” the outlet said.

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From sealing people into their apartments to ‘it’s just a cold’ in no time flat. Something must have spooked Xi.

China Downgrades Omicron Risks To Seasonal Cold (ZH)

Although easing zero Covid restrictions in China will be met with reopening hardships as infections soar, earlier this week, one of the top medical advisers in the country said that the omicron variant of the virus is no worse than the flu. Now some Chinese cities are downgrading Covid even further, saying it’s the same as the seasonal cold, and there is no need to panic. We pointed out earlier this week that China’s renowned respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan downplayed the risks of the omicron subvariant of Covid-19. He said the death rate from omicron is .1%, equivalent to the common flu, and the infection doesn’t reach the lungs, adding most healthy people recover in less than ten days.

Zhong’s comments come as Beijing pivots from zero Covid to reopen the economy and prevent further economic deceleration. Officials are now telling people they must learn to live with Covid — a similar move that worked in Western countries. According to Shanghai Morning Post, Guangzhou health authorities have assured the public that Covid is less severe than the flu and no more serious than a seasonal cold: s”The virulence of the new coronavirus [Omicron] has now evolved to the level of the seasonal flu, and some are even less virulent than the flu, so you really don’t need to panic,” said Tang Xiaoping, director of the No 8 People’s Hospital in Guangzhou and head of the national key clinical department of infectious diseases.

China downplaying the severity of Covid from flu to cold is the latest sign Beijing is attempting to calm fears and quickly reopen the economy. And why would they be doing that? Well, check out overnight economic data: Overnight, a slew of economic data led to a decline in business activity in November. Retail sales fell 5.9% last month from a year earlier — the biggest decline in consumer spending since May — caused mainly by lockdowns. The unemployment situation also worsened to 5.7% last month, the highest level in six months. And industrial production only rose to 2.2%, about half of October’s figures.


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Coming clean? Tucker Carlson has far more interesting info than the MSM.

Thousands Of Unedited Government JFK Assassination Files Released (BBC)

The White House has ordered the release of thousands of documents on the murder of US President John F Kennedy in full for the first time.With the publication of some 13,173 files online, the White House said more than 97% of records in the collection were now publicly available. No huge revelations are expected from the papers, but historians hope to learn more about the alleged assassin. Kennedy was shot during a visit to Dallas, Texas, on 22 November 1963. A 1992 law required the government to release all documents on the assassination by October 2017. On Thursday, President Joe Biden issued an executive order authorising the latest disclosure. But he said some files would be kept under wraps until June 2023 to protect against possible “identifiable harm”. The US National Archives said that 515 documents would remain withheld in full, and another 2,545 documents would be partly withheld.

A 1964 US inquiry, the Warren Commission, found that Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a US citizen who had previously lived in the Soviet Union, and that he acted alone. He was killed in the basement of the Dallas police headquarters two days after his arrest. JFK’s death spawned decades of conspiracy theories, but on Thursday the CIA said the US spy agency had “never engaged” Oswald, and did not withhold information about him from US investigators. Long-time JFK academics and theorists have hoped the latest release would reveal more information about Oswald’s activities in Mexico City, where he met a Soviet KGB officer in October 1963. In its latest statement, the CIA said that all information held by the agency relating to his trip to Mexico City had previously been released, adding: “There is no new information on this topic in the 2022 release.”

Tucker JFK

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“The parents have the misfortune of looking like the type of low-hanging fruit prosecutors find irresistible..”

“Effective Altruism”: Could SBF’s Parents Be the Key to a Plea? (Turley)

As Sam Bankman-Fried faces an eight-count indictment for his alleged massive crypto-fraud, his case could take a sudden turn toward resolution. The prosecutors may have the ultimate inducement for a plea to dangle over Bankman-Fried — actually two: Bankman and Fried. SBF, as he’s known, is not the only person at risk here, particularly with prosecutors making repeated references to unnamed “co-conspirators.” Two at risk could prove his parents, Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried. While there’s no proof of criminal acts on their part, Bankman-Fried surprisingly involved his parents in aspects of his alleged fraudulent operation. If so, the case could bring new meaning to the doctrine of in loco parentis, when people act “in place of a parent” or “instead of a parent.”

Federal prosecutors are notorious for targeting family members as a quarry’s vulnerability; do they see such an opening in Bankman-Fried’s parents’ role in litigating this massive alleged fraud? Both parents of SBF and his close associate and ex-girlfriend, Alameda Research head Caroline Ellison, 28, are professors at leading universities. Ellison’s parents are Massachusetts Institute of Technology professors; Bankman-Fried’s parents are Stanford Law professors. Both children are obviously bright, precocious “fac brats” who spoke of using investments for good deeds. Ellison has said she had only one job before moving over to Alameda and finding herself making huge decisions. Ellison is an obvious target for a cooperation agreement, and her counsel may be moving quickly to get her a chair before the music stops on the next round of indictments.

The more intriguing prospect, however, is using SBF’s parents as his most vulnerable pressure point. The Justice Department has previously targeted family members, as in the Michael Flynn case, to muscle defendants into pleas. While we’ve seen Justice give targets sharply different treatment in past cases, there’s ample reason for the parents to be concerned. Joseph Bankman, a longtime Stanford Law School tax professor, was a paid employee of his son and helped promote the company. He spent considerable time in the Bahamas with Sam during the critical periods of alleged fraud. He and his wife may have benefited from some of the lavish expenditures the Justice Department cited in its indictment, including staying in a $16.4 million house in Old Fort Bay, a gated community in Nassau.

Stanford Law prof Barbara Fried didn’t appear to work for the company but reportedly used money from her son in her Democratic political-advocacy network. Fried, 71, resigned last month as board chairwoman of a political-donor network, Mind the Gap, which she’d helped start to support Democratic campaigns and causes. Fried, who retired this year from Stanford, is an expert on the intersection of law and philosophy. She has notably written about effective altruism, the charitable movement her son and Ellison embraced. SBF pursued effective-altruism models while studying at MIT and later co-founded Alameda. The left heralded Bankman-Fried as showing that effective altruism had “real and growing political power, and an increasing ability to noticeably change the world.”

[..] The parents have the misfortune of looking like the type of low-hanging fruit prosecutors find irresistible. In an ordinary case, they would be on top of the targets list. Reports the parents are concerned they could be financially ruined by legal costs may only increase the interest in using them to pressure their son.


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“..even if the energy from the fusion reactions exceeds the energy from the lasers, it’s still only around one percent of the total energy used..”

Don’t Fall For It (Denninger)

Breathlessly, I tell you, breathlessly, over-unity fusion has been achieved! Don’t buy that bullshit; they’re lying. Specifically its crap until you can show me all of the following: A sustainable reaction that continues for hours, not microseconds. I can’t make power out of a single microsecond event. I can make power out of a reaction that continues for hours and evolves energy while doing so. Until you can do the latter you have nothing and nothing in the current results, assuming they’re real, nor anything in prior results suggests progress toward that. The over-parity ratio of energy output to input is exponentially (that is, by at least 10x) high. A conventional nuclear fission plant requires about 10% of the output nameplate rating in input power just to operate.

This is why you can’t black-start such a plant [..] and this also, to a large degree, applies to other conventional energy such as coal. The scrubbers, conveyors, grinding apparatus for the input fuel and similar all require a lot of energy input, so you have to get a lot back out to make it worth it. Coal, natural gas, nuclear fission and oil all do. Until fusion can produce 10x as much energy on the output side as you put in to cause the fusion its a laboratory curiosity piece, not a source of commercial power. Exactly zero progress has been made toward that in the last 50+ years. The energy produced has to be able to be captured and converted into usable power of some form, either chemical, mechanical or electrical, and thus the above point must be measured after said conversion.

Gamma rays are energy but they’re not usable thus until and unless you can transform them into one of those forms they don’t count. Yes, on a physics level energy is energy but in terms of practical use that is not true and it is fraudulent to represent that which is not the case to others. You must be able to source the reactants with the product energy and have enough left over to be operationally viable as a business. This is non-trivial as well because the fusion we have achieved thus far requires deuterium and/or tritium. Both are exceedingly rare hydrogen isotopes (about ~150 per million for deuterium) and because they are chemically the same as ordinary hydrogen separating them is a five-alarm pain in the neck that requires a great deal of energy itself. In addition tritium is atomically unstable (that is, it decays) so you can’t store it permanently either (deuterium is atomically stable, on the other hand, so with deuterium you can.) Let me know when there’s a viable engineering pathway to the above.

Until then keep they breathless exclamations to yourself; you’re making a fool of yourself promoting and cheering on crap, beyond continuing work on possibly reaching those above points — at some far, far into the future and only after someone pulls a “Scotty” in terms of a breakthrough that today we have no engineering path that places it within reach. And incidentally, if you think they actually got back more than they put in, even leaving the externalities above aside, you were conned on that too. Here’s the salient statement from the article itself: But that changed in the dead of night on Dec. 5. At 1 AM local time, researchers used laser beams to zap a tiny pellet of hydrogen fuel. The lasers produced 2.05 megajoules of energy, and the pellet released roughly 3.15 megajoules.

Sounds great, right? Uh, no…. “It is a big scientific step,” says Ryan McBride, a nuclear engineer at the University of Michigan. But, McBride adds, that does not mean that NIF itself is producing power. For one thing, he says, the lasers require more than 300 megajoules worth of electricity to produce around 2 megajoules of ultraviolet laser light. In other words, even if the energy from the fusion reactions exceeds the energy from the lasers, it’s still only around one percent of the total energy used.

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“What they are doing is not science but propaganda..”

Arctic Summer Sea Ice Stopped Declining a Decade Ago (DS)

Arctic summer sea ice stopped declining a decade ago, but green activists have spared no effort to continue promoting the poster scare that humans will cause it all to disappear within a few years. In his recent BBC Frozen Planet II agitprop, Sir David Attenborough claimed it might all be gone by 2035. In an excellent piece of investigative reporting titled Lies, Damned Lies and Arctic Graphs, the climate writer Tony Heller recently lifted the lid on many of the tactics used to keep the scare in the headlines. “They bury all the oWhat they are doing is not science but propaganda,”lder data and pretend they don’t notice sea ice is increasing again. he charges. he Daily Sceptic has written a number of articles of late noting that summer sea ice extent in the Arctic is recovering. In Greenland, I recently reported, the ice sheet may have increased in the year to August 2022. Invariably, social media commentators reply by publishing the sea ice graph below, compiled by the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

This is reproduced from Heller’s YouTube work and shows a linear decrease in September (the lowest point of annual sea ice) from 1979. There is something wrong with this graph, notes Heller, since the minimum is actually higher now than 10 and 15 years ago, but the crude straight black ‘trend’ line tricks the eye into missing this. He plots the data as a moving average to show the real trend more clearly. We see here the end of the decline in summer sea ice started a decade ago. The low point on which most fanciful forecasts of a North Pole passage are based is 2012. Heller notes that sea ice changes are cyclical, not linear. And he is right. Drawing a straight line down from a 1979 high point to a lower point tells us nothing about current trends.

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Flying Insect Numbers Plunge 64% Since 2004 – UK Survey (G.)

The number of insects splattered on vehicle number plates in Britain fell by 64% between 2004 and 2022, according to a survey. Each summer citizen scientists record the number of insect splats on their number plates on an app after a journey. The latest Bugs Matter report, produced by Kent Wildlife Trust and Buglife, found another drop in 2022 compared with 2021, with the long-term decrease jumping by five percentage points. The survey supports other scientific studies showing major and ongoing declines in flying insects in western Europe this century that potentially imperil food chains, plant and crop pollination and ultimately life on Earth. Andrew Whitehouse of Buglife said: “For the second year running, Bugs Matter has shown potentially catastrophic declines in the abundance of flying insects.

Urgent action is required to address the loss of the diversity and abundance of insect life. We will look to our leaders at Cop15 for decisive action to restore nature at scale – both for wildlife and for the health and wellbeing of future generations.” The study found continued declines from 2021 to 2022 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, but this summer appears to have been a better season for flying insects in Scotland. The decline since 2004 in Scotland was 48.5% in 2021 but just 40.3% in 2022. The Bugs Matter survey data is collected when people download a free app and record the insects splattered on their number plates during car journeys over the summer. Nearly 7,000 volunteers have signed up and 4,140 journeys were analysed in 2022’s data. Short journeys and trips in the rain are excluded.

The project is keen to recruit more participants for the 2023 recording, which starts on 1 June next year. Evan Bowen-Jones, the chief executive of Kent Wildlife Trust, said: “Thanks to citizen scientists across the country, we are building a better picture of the health of our insect populations and already we are seeing some concerning patterns in the data. “However, we need more citizen scientists to take part in the Bugs Matter survey next year and into the future, to understand whether we are seeing actual long-term trends or the impact of the extreme temperatures we faced in 2022.”

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Edward Dowd

In 1992, around 29,000 rubber ducks fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean. This is where they made landfall.



Ice deer



An aurochs from a cave in Calabria, made between 12,000 and 14,000 years ago. The wild ancestor of domesticated cattle. The last aurochs died in 1627, one of the first recorded cases of an extinction.





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    Society-wide wrecked immune systems :

    Flu in the UK:

    “Analysis of NHS data by The Telegraph shows rates more than eight times higher than expected at this time of year. Flu hospitalisations in England have jumped by more than 40 per cent in a week ….”





    How’s your French? –

    ” Conclusion

    L’incidence des lésions myocardiques est de 2,8 % soit 800 fois supérieure à l’incidence habituelle des myocardites. ”

    The incidence of myocardial lesions is 2.8% or 800 times higher than the usual incidence of myocarditis.”




    “Will go down as a very pivotal moment in the history of medicine. …. The mRNA vaccine technology has a close to zero benefit. ” How about negative benefit!



    Cardiologist calls for an end to mNRA booster shots – as teen, 18, tells how her reaction to the jab saw her miss her Year 12 exams: ‘I’ve had 60 to 70 in my practice who’ve had similar reactions



    V. Arnold

    What I’m seeing throughout the covid debacle is a complete failure of entire populations to do their due diligence over the entire timeline of this manufactured “pandemic/epidemic” currently fixating entire populations…
    The total lack of applying critical thinking skills to this obvious ploy is most disturbing…and scares the hell out of me!!

    It pre-sages a deathnell for us as a species methinks…


    They are a weird mob.

    Dr. D

    Added what I think are two helpful comments in yesterday’s section.

    “Vote Recount Flips Massachusetts Midterm Race From Republican To Democrat By 1 Vote”

    Hahahahahaaha! And the other race was like 50 votes – statistically the same. Everyone probably forgot because 2020, but NY flipped like every upstate seat that voted Red over to Blue using the same process. Look! Votes! In my couch! Exactly enough to go Blue then we stop counting.

    One of the others, GA I think they were watching votes and yet another time, 20,000 votes were SUBTRACTED during the counting. …For the right side, of course.

    Guys? I thought counting was about ADDITION, not subtraction.

    “Kevin O’Leary testifies at Senate hearing and says #Binance intentionally put FTX out of business.”

    Yes, they did. Because SBF was trying to save his ship of embezzlement and was wrecking Tether which would put Binance out of business. Fair’s fair.

    This weird “where we put the blame” instead of “describe what happened” leads to non-stop blind spots. Article yesterday, drinking the kool-aid, wonders at how SBF has “involved his parents” in this scheme. His parents! Poor little dears, two of the top lawyers in America, politically tied in everywhere, didn’t know nothin’! Scammed by their own son! Poor blighters. Just unable to see that a company made of 50 pieces, written up by Mr. Bankman, arranged worldwide, whose BTC wallets were all empty, might maybe have hustled off the funds?

    Puh-lease. But because Turley starts from “SBF Bad”, instead of “what is the truth”, this otherwise intelligent human being simply ASSUMES that it’s SBF’s scam is on his parents, instead of the far, far more likely, a scam BY his parents, involving HIM. And yes, all these parents involve/sacrifice their children, look at Hunter and Chelsea and Hinckley. We were doing movies yesterday (Utopia), it’s all in “The Godfather.”

    ““Effective Altruism”: Could SBF’s Parents Be the Key to a Plea? (Turley)”

    Ah Turley. My sweet, summer child. Incapable of human suspicion, a man with no experience. “Bless his heart” as they say.

    “I made a full video of CNBC pumping SBF,”

    Yes because every dum-dum from Stanford can get worldwide media coverage and top advertising, lobbyist, and media companies to boost his product for free, with no investigation and no questions asked. That’s just common sense. As Dr. B would say: nobody talked to anybody! Of course! That’s just crazy talk. When rich people are on the golf course, they are always perfectly quiet as churchmice. Never communicate nor help each other, not once!

    Driver “Beeping”. How DARE you???

    Elon Musk: what’s going around is classic “Rules for Radicals” a book dedicated to Satan himself (Literally). Because “The end justifies the means”, its method is to have no principles, only goals, therefore to use any principles the opponent has against them. If Elon has rules, they say he’s not Free Speech, he’s no different than us. If he has Free Speech Absolutism – only principles – they post kiddie porn, child trafficking, and information that murders his kids. Pick one, Elon!

    …Duh, this is naturally a false dichotomy and false choice. Duh duh duh and duh. If you know anything, done anything, been anywhere, read anything, we all solved all these problems centuries ago. You can’t take actions that get people killed. Is that too hard to understand? Those actions are ILLEGAL. That’s not Free Speech. So how do we KNOW they are illegal? Because we already invented judges, courts, rules, laws, evidence, and process. Like 5,000 years ago, maybe you’ve heard of them. I mean, since they use the law and rules against anyone they don’t like in a frenzy of bad faith every day.

    You can’t yell “Fire” in a theater? Actually, you can. But YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Same here. What did you THINK we were going to do: refer 100,000 incidences of kiddie pron to the police in 200 worldwide jurisdictions and not take any of it down until all 100,000 cases were fully adjudicated? F’ no!

    Stalking people as a way of getting them killed, even by stochastic terrorism, would be put under restraining order by any judge. It’s harassment and several other things. I’m sorry Elon has to halt the account before his court cases can finalize, but that’s not at all uncommon. Or maybe they would like to equally support this for battered wives vs their abusive husbands. …Oh wait: don’t care. Wait: hypocrisy, every day: don’t care. Because #Bad Faith Actors. Every minute they are awake.

    What are we, 5 years old? I don’t play that. Jesus, read a book.

    But it appears issuing 100,000 death threats for Elon, then posting his children’s location is their #Loving #Caring #Helping plan. So we’ll have to watch this for a while.

    Btw, as the speed of ‘Net is higher than the speed of Court, we may have to very slightly adjust to the 5,000 year norms of you know: Not killing people. “Minds” uses a “popular jury”, where a post is flagged, it is reviewed by 10, 20, 100 Minds users who volunteered for the jury pool. They can decide to allow, flag it warning, hide it to genPop, or refer to police. They do not ban. As they are not one man (Elon or Zuck or Bezos) and are the users themselves, and they refer to police, I see no problem with this. See? Already solved somewhere, Yoel, Vijaya, and Agrawal just didn’t WANT it solved. They wanted #Power. …And that #Power was given to people several levels above them, in Congress, the FBI, CIA, and WHO.

    “A spokesperson for the NY Times said that the suspensions were ‘questionable and unfortunate,’ and said that no explanation was provided.”

    …Because the NY Times are entirely illiterate, asked no one, and couldn’t read the Headlines of #Front Page News. They didn’t know. Really? “No explanation was provided.” Really? Did you try “Asking” on a “Telephone”? This “Telephone” thingie has been on the wall of the NY Times for 145 years. Pick it up. Reach out and touch someone. You’d be surprised what you can learn when you “Ask”.

    X-Files: yes, both sides “Leak” or “Float” ideas to their Hollywood favorites. This was well-known since Star Trek ToS, 1963, when they leaked “Phasers” while the DoD had already invented “Lasers”. Etc. That’s actual official reality probably on the ToS Wiki page. …But it doesn’t happen now. Because it already happened. A hundred times. That’s #Logic!

    Star Trek was so tied into CIA, that the fundamental basis of it was political. It’s well known now that the blustering, war-like Klingons represent the Russians, while the quiet, scheming Romulans represent the Chinese. The supra-logical but powerful outburst Vulcans are the Japanese. Etc. This was TALKING to the American Cold War people…and the world. But also to demonstrate world Peace and unity was possible and admirable. …And it got canceled right after Kennedy. Peace? Verboten.

    Anywhoo, yes the White Hats ALSO release rumors of things they know to other good guys. At the same time the Black Hats leak or pre-inform people, and if the people do nothing, well, their fault, right? That’s what the X-Files was or became, and why a certain slice of people were crazy about it. Problem is: which is which? Since it’s all fiction, implication, metaphor, what is real?

    “the current data set does not include access to the inbound requests and instructions from government officials, they are limited to only seeing what happens after the request is received.” — Taibbi

    Just like FTX-Alameda. Corporation specifically constructed one-directionally for fraud and plausible deniability of the planned/inevitable fraud. Like FTX, no oversight. Like FTX, CEO claims he “doesn’t know anything” although setting up this special structure and having access to everything. Like FTX, are illegally defrauded, terms of service CONTRACT violated, and lose money or worse. Like FTX, when brought to attention, nothing is done about it but to encourage more.

    Sound familiar? Remember “Chinese Wall” of Sachs, Morgan, etc. Suuuuuuuure no one from marketing EVER talks to anyone in trading. Golly gee, that would be wrong. When they internal memo “this is dog s—t squared” that doesn’t mean aaaaaannnythign at all. Nor is is fraud to knowingly void contract and misrepresent a product with no intent to deliver. Nope.

    “a direct consequence of the weakness shown by the union’s leaders”–Putin

    Putin knows the WEF/EU leaders are the ones giving (or sharing) orders to Nuland and the U.S. So why is he pretending otherwise? To embarrass Germany into actually taking a swing instead of having their big idiot bully do it for them? Interesting language. At the least it drives a wedge between US and EU in the popular mind, to “Stop being the US Poodle” (Blair) rather than that the “Poodle” (MI6) is entirely merged with the supposed bully, the CIA.

    Boy won’t they be surprised when they break away from US “control” and nothing changes. The EU becomes more belligerent and saps the people more than ever? I’m not saying we’re not involved, but it ain’t us, honey. It’s a big club and you’re being beaten by it.

    Cool NATO Map, babe. Russia already killed as many people as all those nations combined in only 10 months. They killed more than the entire British Army before they even called up Reservists.

    But some will say they’re losing, I’m sure.

    Their “Allied Troops” listed? 8,000 mile supply chain. So…how many 50-ton Abrams tanks you airlifting? Trick question: we don’t have any. They don’t even have #Food or #Winter oil. Puh-lease. Puhlease make it stop. I can’t stand the stupid.

    Kiev Seizes Assets of Russian Orthodox Clerics (LI)”

    Most expected thing in the world. 100% in history. Just like when the Socialist National Assembly did that in 1789. …Because they mismanaged everything, were morons, and were broke. So they Stole stuff! …Then because they mismanaged everything, were morons, they went broke on that too!!! #Socialism! Egalitie! Fraternitie! That means I get YOUR stuff! We’re so equal I took it all, and your daughter, and chopped off the shoemaker’s head!

    Yes, I admit I didn’t see it coming, but there are thousands of moving parts and steps in history and “Yet another robbery” is not that important and changes nothing.

    “Vatican Apologizes for Pope’s Remarks – Moscow (RT)”

    WTF? Is this like the Biden Administration? The Vatican IS the Pope. But they are different now, and conflict with each other? So who’s in power then? Biden? Or his nameless handlers like Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice? Whoops, I mean Francis or his nameless handlers or the real Pope Benedict? If he doesn’t run things and nobody listens to him, can we just say so?

    After centuries of trying to remove Slavs and install Catholics, “The Vatican and Pope Francis personally offered mediation in the conflict in Ukraine.” I’m sure you’re an impartial party. The mediation is: “You Orthodox Christians are wrong, I hope you all die in a fire.”

    “European Parliament’s ‘Qatar Scandal’ Tip of a Corruption Iceberg (Marsden)”

    So was this part of Qatar’s open slavery and human trafficking? Or some other part? Yay Europe! “It’s not slavery, human trafficking, and ecological genocide when we outsource it!” #Caring!

    “..the German government has set out a €200 billion “defensive shield” to protect households and businesses from soaring prices..”

    And zero gas. So…sounds like infinite money…zero product delivered…yup! That’s hyperinflation! …Just like every other time before.

    “Germany Spends $500 Billion to ‘Keep the Lights on’ – Reuters (RT)”

    “Money” doesn’t keep the lights on, you f’ing idiots. Coal does. Money + No coal = no lights. Coal + no money = lights.

    “From sealing people into their apartments to ‘it’s just a cold’ in no time flat. Something must have spooked Xi.”

    Noted, but it’s so hard to tell.

    Rolling Stones to fans on Covid19 vaccines” “We were just as accurate as we were on the Mueller investigation!” Trust us.

    JFK: “A 1992 law required the government to release all documents on the assassination by October 2017.”

    But they just didn’t follow the law. No one was arrested and no one cares. We don’t do “Law”. Our law is “Fraud”.

    “the latest release would reveal more information about Oswald’s activities in Mexico City, where he met a Soviet KGB officer in October 1963”

    Because you can’t trust anything they say, we have the Soviet side of that interview. Oswald said the U.S. was setting him up, and demanded that Russia arrest him immediately for his own safety. Strange thing to say, don’t you think? Just before using a rifle that couldn’t hit a cowbarn at 10 paces?

    But if I remember correctly, we disbanded the CIA for their FAILURE to know “anything” about the JFK assassination, which is the greatest, most embarrassing intelligence failure in the universe. What? No? We DIDN’T disband them? Wait, not after hearing about and interviewing every member involved in 911 either? After the CIA created, trained and funded the guy who masterminded it, and trained, armed, and funded the host nation of the terrorists? What?

    Surely, you jest. #OBVIOUSLY we disbanded them. #OBVIOUSLY we didn’t give them heaps of more money and power with less oversight than every for 50 YEARS of serial failure, right?

    That’s just not plausible.

    “Breathlessly, I tell you, breathlessly, over-unity fusion has been achieved!”

    Yes, they created 10 Candlepower!!! I kid you not, their billion-dollar experiment produced the energy equivalent of 6 ounces of forest kindling. …But this is the MODERN world, we don’t sully ourselves with #Cost-Benefit analysis! That’s for the dreadful Nerdy Nellies with no Vision! And I’m selling Vision today friends, $99 a pop! See my NFTs today!

    “Arctic Summer Sea Ice Stopped Declining a Decade Ago (DS)”

    Arctic Sea Ice formed at record levels this year. Of course this is proof of Global Warming. To be more helpful: many volcanoes appear to be going off right now, right on schedule. Regardless of AGW, this will cause worldwide cooling. Since this is on schedule and the last 40 times there was no runaway warming, my bet is on Science and History.

    “The last aurochs died in 1627, one of the first recorded cases of an extinction.”

    Although there are woodland Bison still in Europe, and they are trying to back-breed the Auroch into existence again. …It’s hard to say they can’t. Living beings EXIST, they are not stable. These “Breeds” are mental illusions, concepts, not real. You can’t just lock up seed and not use it; It has to be grown. But if you grow it, it “evolves” or rather transforms, picks a direction. Without careful breeding and husbandry it usually decays into what we call a “wild strain”. “Goes to seed.” Aurochs are no different, nor Holsteins. Aurochs while living, were also constantly changing, even as they “Stayed the same” to our eyes. Since they were “changing out”, into Swiss Browns, can’t they be “Changed back in”, to Aurochs? Maybe. My point is there is no stability to begin with. No race, no evolution. These are mental illusions we use that are useful to us. But they need to be dropped when they blind us and become un-useful.

    V. Arnold: As “Utopia” and my comment yesterday, the people are self-selecting for extinction right now. Should we prevent them? Stop their choice? Isn’t that violence? All I want to do is inform them, openly, without undue interference. The rest is up to them.

    John Day

    @VP Gary, from last night. 2 Utopia video vignettes. The first shows an upper class brit, who has “done a lot of terrible things” explaining to a nice young girl and some guys standing around in an abandoned building, how it is good that a two part sterilization poison has been given to everybody, to save the planet. She says, “but my father died”. The viewer is supposed to like her, and wonder if he is “right”.
    The second clip in an almost empty but clean train station has a mother of a little boy, chatted up by a superior PMC almost-upper-class twit, who explains to her how she killed the planet and made nuclear waste by giving birth to the lad, and hurts her feelings. He’s clearly attacking her from “higher ground”, but he is detestable.

    Why watch these clips. This is pervasive in the world, already.
    I don’t know what to say “you’re wrong” about. We are entering a species-wide selection-event. I anticipate multiple stages. the “owners” have plans. Keep your head down and prepare to make food and survive when infrastructure goes down. That is a huge deal. I suspect it’s not the last, but the others may be beyond the plans and control of the current “owners”.

    Ian Graham

    Everyone who reads TAE should check in on in tandem. You’ll see headlines from various media on climate events one day and economy the next. Will help shake you awake about global system glitching.
    “Record low water levels on the Mississippi River in 2022 show how climate change is altering large rivers…

    “In 2022, water levels in some of the world’s largest rivers, including the Rhine in Europe and the Yangtze in China, fell to historically low levels. The Mississippi River fell so low in Memphis, Tennessee, in mid-October that barges were unable to float, requiring dredging and special water releases from upstream reservoirs to keep channels navigable.”


    Dr. Day – you want clips?
    I’ll give you clips:

    Talk about going down a rabbit hole!



    Three’s Company


    John Day

    Dr.D wrote (amongst other things):
    “JFK: “A 1992 law required the government to release all documents on the assassination by October 2017.”
    “the latest release would reveal more information about Oswald’s activities in Mexico City, where he met a Soviet KGB officer in October 1963”

    That was another-Lee-Oswald. There were at least 2, maybe even 3. Only one is known to have died, but the others probably did, too, in a mislabeled sort of way. A lot of people who were in Dallas for the november 1963 event died-funny shortly thereafter.
    Same cabal still rules us, extremely badly, I might add.


    It’s every day now.

    Died suddenly!



    John Day

    Turly, on the SBF/FTX/Alameda prosecution, is just saying the courts will almost certainly settle for SBF alone, don’t want any of the parents, and certainly don’t want to look at political donations to the Democratic Party.
    I would estimate SBF to get a short sentence, which he could largely serve outside of prison, doing some kind of community service.

    That Bloke


    If McCullough and Seneff are right about the unvaccinated being passively vaccinated by the jabbed then you’re probably going to have to change your TVASF acronym to WAASF.

    I was following a Twitter convo about AGW and got pointed to the skeptical science website where I was supposed to be able to read how the deniers’ claim that the global climate had warmed by (only) 1.4C since the end of the little ice age (~1850), had been totally debunked. I found nothing of the sort, instead a garbled mess of an article which cleared nothing up at all since in lumped CO2 in with CH4, ozone etc. and talked about incident surface radiation (from the sun).

    One of the most compelling graphs I have seen to convince me that CO2 is not a driver is this from the British Antarctic Survey:

    Go on, blow it up nice and big and then placing your ruler vertically on it, you can see quite plainly that first the temperature goes up and then later the CO2 concentration increases.

    That and the extinction effect talked about in the TAE hobgoblins piece a couple of months back tell me the whole “CO2 is the bad guy” narrative is just a scam.

    As for volcanoes, sure, I remember the crap summers we had after Mt St Helens blew its lid and later also Mt Pinatubo.


    @ That Bloke

    Indeed, McCollough and Seneff may well be right.

    But – being exposed to a few hundred, or even thousand, Spikes every now and then is a nothing burger compared to turning your body’s cellular machinery into an actual Spike factory.
    The vaxxed are producing billions and billions of them for who knows how long.

    And in any case – take IVM prophylactically, along with all the other well know anti-spike preparations (pine needle tea, etc.) and we’ve nothing to worry about.

    No – it’s the death vaxxed, with wrecked immune systems, that are churning out Spikes for months that should be worried.

    IVM – it works!






    It’s my ball, (of energy), and I quit/going home/not playing with you anymore

    • Germany Spends $500 Billion To ‘Keep The Lights On’ – Reuters (RT)
    Omicron killed covid19 panic
    Help your immune system. Take your vitamin D and Zinc

    • China Downgrades Omicron Risks To Seasonal Cold (ZH)
    CEO of FTX, Co-founder of Alameda Research
    Sam Bankman-Fried, (born March 6, 1992), faces an eight-count indictment for his alleged massive crypto-fraud,
    his parents,
    Joseph Bankman, a longtime Stanford Law School tax professor,
    Stanford Law prof Barbara Fried, expert on the intersection of law and philosophy
    This page was last edited on 16 December 2022,
    Thanks Germ for all the reports
    The mRNA vaccine technology has a close to zero benefit. ” How about negative benefit!


    The Kiss blow towards Eurotardistan®

    “What did you expect?….
    ……..what else happens to those who allow feet to be wiped on them?” Putin said.


    My coffee came out my nose when I read that!

    Hahahaha, stop, you’re killin’ me!

    At first it sounded like Putin was talking to Matt Taibbi about the Ongoing ‘Big Picture’ Review of Twitter Files!!!

    Look, Putin finally realized that the only way in deal with the Murder of Mafias® was at the barrel of a gun

    Words have no meaning in the Empire of Lies®

    Force is the only vocabulary.

    And no Duh-mericans, you can’t ever sing Kumbaya with the Satanist Zombies who rule you.

    The United States of Zombieland 2009

    Tip Number One


    Deaths from non-respiratory causes are projected to be a massive 10% higher than expected in 2022. Non-respiratory mortality typically varies little from year to year, changing by a maximum of just 1.3% in each of the six years from 2015 to 2020. However 2021 has registered a 3.72% increase and 2022 is projected to show a catastrophic 10.0% increase.

    The Alarming Increase in Non-Respiratory Deaths Since Covid Vaccination Began in 2021



    Good news or Bad news.
    Expected, not expected.
    Should be higher, should be lower.
    “Deaths from non-respiratory causes are projected to be a massive 10% higher than expected in 2022.”


    Weogo, you’d make a better presentation case by posting the actual graphs, not the links

    Some of the links were confusing





    I don’t see any ‘White Hats’ in the Empire of Lies®

    I see various mafias competing to rape and pillage different parts of ‘The Pie’

    You know how they say that successful lies have to contain various volumes of truth?

    Well, you have to have some ‘White Hats’ (cough,gag, cough) to be a foil for the real endeavor of the Black Hats to succeed.

    FDR was such a ‘White Hat’

    He threw the Plebs some crumbs off the table.

    Clap like a trained circus seal, arff,arff,arff,arff.

    Some say he was ‘controlled opposition’, some say just another oligarch secretly ‘plying his book.’

    Run a Pearl Harbor Op, become a world hegemon after the dust settles, especially if your industrial base wasn’t bombed to dust.

    What’s not to love.

    Knew a guy years ago who gave his son on his 16th birthday the complete directors cut of the entire Godfather series.

    The birthday card said, “This is everything you’ll need to know about life in this country, I don’t have anything else I can add to it,

    Love Dad”

    A Murder of Mafias

    The Beat Goes On

    Until morale improves


    The peak of infection is over.
    Only 6 deaths since start. No deaths this week.
    TV news starting to walk back/lies/fear mongering, “flue + 2”, “danger”, “Pandemic”, “Overflowing childrens hospitals”, get your toddlers vaccinated,


    So much for the Keith Richards’ legendary middle finger flip photo. Same with roster of celebrity actors from few days back
    on TAE, blabbering about “Russian collusion”. Despite all the wealth and fame they are ALL CAPTURED by unseen mob.
    There is no other explanation.
    SBF, Elizabeth Holmes etc…their astronomical success in tender age is all result of infinite appetite for miracle belief that ANYBODY can achieve ANYTHING just by breathing the air. Lucrative industry, built upon, for “Life-finance-spiritual (!!?) coaches” and buttressed by the many Hollywood vomits: spoiled city-boy can outdo hardworking ranchers and win their respect and the hart of the beauty at the end, young woman – a full time welder (!), outperforms all who practiced all day in dance contest, poll dancer and the drunk save the planet from the alien invasion….
    Imagine being a “gook-groonkga” cave dweller roasting a daily kill while Picasso-Rembrandt-(or insert your favorite) level art work is on the wall behind you. Confidence and mastery of the etched lines depicting the beast are THAT good.


    It both terrifies and delights me that googling ‘santa potala’ yields this:

    ($20 — currently out of stock at WalMart)


    Today’s Yogi tea tag speaks: Use your head to live with heart.

    Relevant song: The Mind of Love


    Xmas music gonna hunt you down like a bent cop in a Santa suit: Nutcrackers


    Xmas involves much tradition. Tradition is repetitive. I repeat a series from last year around this time:

    And now (drum roll, please, Little Drummer Boy), the annual telling of The Story of Christmas:


    Winter solstice. From December 16th through 26th there is a period of eleven days when the length of winter daylight remains the same. These are The Dark Days or, more precisely, Long Dark Nights, and it is during these solar doldrums that winter properly begins. They serve as the four seasons’ Ultima Thule, an astrogeographical boundary informing us that this is as bad as it gets, that even as earth and sky grow colder still, the sun will dig itself out yet. From these Dark Days forth, our weathered souls journey through darkness towards more and warmer light.

    As a ritual passage, solstice has authority, anchoring the year with the heft of a calendrical paperweight. (Water-filled glass globe containing a faux pewter wolf figurine, a sliver of plastic white moon, and snow storms shaken by hand.) As an astronomical event, it has the benefit of ancient history and a precise, simple definition: ‘sun stand still’. Of course, the sun is not notoriously fidgety nor does it ever really stand still. The stillness involved here is the high and low resting points in the sun’s annual trek through the seasons – the summer and winter solstices. These standstills occur on roughly the twenty-firsts of June and December.

    In ancient times, our cultural ancestors made a very big deal of this winter passage. As their sun stood lowest, they celebrated Saturn, supreme deity of their celestial pantheon, a luminary of paramount position in the night sky. Standing highest above the horizon of all His fellow astral deities : Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and even mighty Sol, Saturn maintains the sun’s summer villa in the sky, holding his seat for him though not keeping it warm. Warmth and luxuriance are the sun’s province; faith amid dark times is Saturn’s.

    Two millennia ago, Saturn’s grand fete, Saturnalia, began on December 19th. As the holiday grew more popular, it extended for seven days, climaxing on December 25th which, as any Christian scholar can tell you, is not Christ’s birthday. It is, however, the birthday of Mithras, who was an ancient deity of the early Persians, a sun god mostly derived from the ancient Sumerian god, Marduk. Marduk’s celestial priority was to fight Chaos (the underworld) in a battle for the world, a theomachy which took place during the twelve days of the Sumerian New Year, or Zagmuk, as they called it. One of the quaint rituals of Zagmuk was human sacrifice, usually of a criminal or prisoner who stood in for the Sumerian king, among whose divine obligations was to provide human sacrifice for Marduk. Technically, the king was bodily responsible to provide the sacrifice, but a good king delegates, yes? Merry Zagmuk!

    Specifically, Marduk’s fight was to push the sun up from the underworld’s sinister grasp and thereby return summer to Sumeria. The Sumerian kingdom gave way to Babylon, whose next-door neighbor, Persia, adopted much of Marduk into their state religion, Zoroastrianism, which produced the cult of Mithraism, centered upon their sun god, Mithras…and there you are. Mithraism arose contemporaneously with Christianity and shared a remarkable degree of similarities; in fact, the two religions battled it out heavily until the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.

    Mithras was considered by the Persians to be a son of Zrvan Akarana, or Infinite Time. The Romans ultimately renamed Zrvan into Saturnus, or Saturn, and replaced Zagmuk with Sol Invictus, or ‘sun invincible’. Romans were a vain lot and I presume their priests felt they expressed greater dignity intoning ‘Sol Invictus!’ rather than ’Zagmuk!’. I know I would.
    (to be continued)

    The sun makes its way across the Alaska Range during Winter Solstice 2012.


    Energy agency says coal set to reach record-high usage in 2022 Advanced economies see declining demand, but “emerging” markets continue consumption.

    Peak Oil-induced economics/geopolitics are like a pushmipullyu talking out both ends of its ass at once. Replace “emerging markets” with nations pulling their heads out of their poddy holes.


    Increase in coal use in Europe is expected to be temporary, with demand falling in advanced economies in the coming years but remaining robust in emerging Asia“>Increase in coal use in Europe is expected to be temporary, with demand falling in advanced economies in the coming years but remaining robust in emerging Asia


    …pole dancer…


    May we walk in beauty when possible, moment by moment:

    (That’s Massachusetts btw.)

    D Benton Smith

    It feels like an attempted pre-frontal lobotomy when some smarmy pseudo-mensch tries to persuade me to be more tolerant of and less judgmental about people who lie, cheat, steal, gaslight, intimidate, cancel, poison, etcetera ad inferus). So NOT differentiating between lies & truths or theft & honesty is the best aspiration? And all this time I thought sanity was based on the ability to tell right from wrong.

    Of course there’s always the upside. After the ice pick has done its job one won’t feel so bad about liars and murderers, or much of anything else either . . . . including the icepick.


    …After the ice pick has done its job…..

    Amen Brother

    John Day

    ‘Some Sort Of Sex Slave’?
    The son of Paul Pelosi attacker, David DePape, says his father ‘is not evil,’ and is ‘hardly a right-wing conservative.’ He also implied that the 82-year-old Pelosi may have invited DePape over for sexual activities.


    There is a distinct difference between what is happening to us and what is being done to us. Failing to discern that difference stands to be a fatal mistake.

    What’s being done to us is WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE.

    Rise up and fight back or forever live on the technocratic global plantation.


    At the time of his death, Wahl was an apparently healthy 48-year-old. His brother’s unfortunate accusations reflect the reality that unexplained sudden deaths of people under 50 are rare.

    But Wahl was not murdered.

    As Dr. Gounder disclosed on Wednesday, an autopsy conducted by the New York Medical Examiner’s office revealed he died of an undiagnosed aortic aneurysm that had been developed over time. An aneurysm is a balloon-like bulging in the wall of an artery. If it bursts, blood can burst out, destroying tissue around the tear and leading to blood loss and serious injury or death.

    Aortic aneurysms are rare, especially in people under 50. The overall rate per year is roughly 1 in 10,000 or less, but the mean age at which aneurysms are diagnosed is about 70.


    Just listen to this fucker Sachs. Covering his arse, talking in tongues, playing it safe.

    BTW – he must be real edumacated ‘cos he’s got all those books.

    Or perhaps not – he “believes in the vaxx” even though he still got Covid.

    What an elitist tool.




    After reading and then posting the Wahl story I ran into this one.

    Where the conversation really got interesting is when Cole showed slides depicting the inflammatory effects of spike proteins as they interact with lymphocytes.

    “That spike protein causes the lymphocytes to chew a hole in the aorta,” Cole said.

    “This is the biggest blood vessel in your body coming off your heart. When that ruptures, you’re gone in minutes. So that’s just another example of what deposited spike protein and the induced inflammation can do.”

    Covid jab spike proteins cause lymphocytes to “chew a hole in the aorta,” warns Dr. Cole

    D Benton Smith

    The actual numbers for Ukrainian troops and equipment in the Battle for Bakhmut are impossible to determine at this distance, but rough estimates are still possible by simply counting up the number of brigades (about 10) and multiplying by 4000 men apiece. So call it 40,000 give or take 10,000. Safe to assume that their equipment is also ROUGHLY the same proportion. That’s a third of Ukraine’s total combat troops and hardware in the whole country. . . . and it’s a BIG country with a dozen places bigger and more strategically important than dinky Bakhmut . Those other places cannot be stripped of defenses too drastically without inviting Russia to just walk in and take them with a boy scout troop.

    What this means, basically, is that the fight is NOT about or over a one-horse town in the Ukrainian boondocks.

    The FIGHT is an existential last stand battle for the very EXISTANCE of the last significant Ukrainian forces still able to move around or do anything to oppose Russian encroachments.

    Without MOBILE, re-deployable, forces Ukraine is constrained to defending a host of sitting duck targets that can each be encircled and laid to siege , one at a time, by the entire Russian army.

    Long story told short: if those few remaining MOBILE Ukrainian forces are encircled and neutralized (either by capture or annihilation) then the rest of Ukraine is just a dozen or so pathetically indefensible “islands” that Russia can pick off at its leisure using it’s 20:1 numerical advantage in both men and weaponry.

    In a week, maybe three, that’s what SHALL happen . . . . and there ain’t gonna be no “miracle of Dunkirk” to pluck them to safety.

    Barring full scale nuclear war, this fight is all over but the burying, and there has already been too much of that.

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