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All NATO Countries Agree On ‘Need’ For Ukraine Membership – Minister (RT)
US Poised To ‘Dramatically Expand’ Training Of Ukrainian Forces (ZH)
Zelensky Adviser: ‘13,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed’ (Telegraaf)
Eastern Ukraine Had Good Reason To Join Russia (Kovalik)
EU Has No Legal Way To Seize Russian Assets – EU Officials (RT)
Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism (Chung)
EU Respects China’s Sovereignty – European Council President (RT)
Macron Warns US Climate Plan May ‘Fragment The West’ (RT)
Dutch Farmers to Rutte: Go to Hell (Celente)
WH Press Secretary Called Out For Saying Biden Has Visited Border (JTN)
The European Union Moves Toward a Possible Ban of Twitter (Turley)
Elon Musk Declares ‘Cancel Culture Needs To Be Canceled’ (Fox)
Activists and Pundits Target Justice Barrett as “Religious Extremist” (Turley)
Three COVID-19 Questions Dr. Fauci Needs To Answer (Kory)















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The need for WWIII.

All NATO Countries Agree On ‘Need’ For Ukraine Membership – Minister (RT)

There is a consensus within NATO that Ukraine needs to become a member of the bloc, Ukrainian Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Stefanishina claimed on Thursday. Budapest’s objections to Kiev’s participation – due to a dispute over ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine – will be overcome by “political instruments,” she added. “We have made progress on the question of getting closer to NATO,” Stefanishina said at a security forum in Kiev. “At the most recent ministerial summit in Bucharest, all 30 member states agreed on the need to offer Ukraine membership.” “NATO members confirmed that the alliance door is open to Ukraine,” Stefanishina continued, arguing that this was a “new powerful signal” that shows “no one fears pressure from Russia.”

Hungary continues to object to Ukraine’s participation in NATO’s official meetings, but this has “become a problem” for the bloc, the minister told her audience in Kiev. NATO is now using “all political instruments of pressure to convince Hungary to abandon the blockade,” the minister said. She did not elaborate on the form that such pressure might take. On Wednesday, the EU announced it would withhold billions in funding to Hungary until it complies with 27 “essential milestones” laid out by Brussels. The money includes pandemic relief and “cohesion” funds intended to level social inequalities in the bloc. Hungary certainly appeared skeptical towards Ukraine’s membership in NATO at the Bucharest summit, with Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto arguing that a country could only join the bloc if it “does not threaten but strengthens the security of existing members.”

Szijjarto has also reiterated that Budapest would “not agree to a formal meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission until the Hungarians of Transcarpathia have their rights restored.” “We cannot and do not want to retreat from this position,” he added, explaining that while Budapest has not raised the issue since the conflict in Ukraine escalated in February, it has not forgotten about it either.

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And the need for MORE WWIII.

US Poised To ‘Dramatically Expand’ Training Of Ukrainian Forces (ZH)

As if the Pentagon and US intelligence hadn’t already escalated its presence enough inside Ukraine, given there are already literally a small contingent of “boots on the ground” – as we detailed last month, CNN is now reporting that the Biden administration is considering “dramatically” increasing its training of Ukrainian forces. The proposal would involve US advisers training “much larger groups of Ukrainian soldiers in more sophisticated battlefield tactics” at American installations in Germany, and perhaps other locations in Europe, according to the new report. CNN begins by reporting that “The Biden administration is considering a dramatic expansion in the training the US military provides to Ukrainian forces, including instructing as many as 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers a month at a US base in Germany, according to multiple US officials.”

“If adopted, the proposal would mark a significant increase not just in the number of Ukrainians the US trains but also in the type of training they receive,” the report continues, also noting that this far “only a few thousand” Ukrainian soldiers have been trained on specific US-provided weapons systems. According to further details in CNN: “Under the new program, the US would begin training much larger groups of Ukrainian soldiers in more sophisticated battlefield tactics, including how to coordinate infantry maneuvers with artillery support – “much more intense and comprehensive” training than Ukraine has been receiving in Poland or the UK, according to one source briefed on the proposal.”

This is a significant statement given the ongoing British program at multiple UK bases is large in size. However what’s being mulled by the Pentagon would see some 15,000 Ukrainians trained by the United States every six months. Multiple US officials have meanwhile projected they expect the war could take years before there’s a final ceasefire and resolution. The UK’s own infantry training program for Ukraine forces has a stated goal of training at least 10,000 Ukrainian troops. The Kremlin for its part has warned repeatedly of such deepening Western involvement which clearly is now going far beyond just weapons shipments. Russia this week walked away from New START nuclear arms reduction treaty negotiations with the US while citing its growing involvement in backing Kiev as a major reason for halting resumption of talks.

Maersheimer The west is playing Russian roulette in Ukraine.

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Google translation. This is why Ursula had to be “corrected”. Zelensky will never admit 100,000 deaths.

So now we have Ursula at 100,000, Russia at 200,000+, and Zelensky at 10-13,000, with Ukraine also saying 100,000 Russia deaths. Take your pick.

Zelensky Adviser: ‘13,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed’ (Telegraaf)

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, 10,000 to 13,000 soldiers have died on the Ukrainian side, Mykhailo Podolyak reports in conversation with the Ukrainian TV channel Channel 24. Podolyak is an adviser to President Zelensky. His statements have not yet been officially confirmed from Kiev. Ukraine regularly provides figures on the number of Russian soldiers killed, but the figures on the number of casualties on the Ukrainian side have always been shrouded in fog. Earlier this week, Kiev reacted furiously to a statement by the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. She stated that 100,000 Ukrainian troops had been killed since the start of the war. After the criticism, she went back on her words by saying that she was talking about dead and injured. According to Podolyak, the number of civilian casualties is ‘considerable’. The BBC reported in June that the number of civilian casualties was around 3,600. That number is probably much higher now.

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“In present-day Ukraine, “there are neo-Nazi pogroms against the Roma, rampant attacks on feminists and LGBT groups, book bans, and state-sponsored glorification of Nazi collaborators.”

Eastern Ukraine Had Good Reason To Join Russia (Kovalik)

Once a Pittsburgh sister city also known for its steel industry, Donetsk, and the greater Donbas region in which it is located, has been at war since 2014. According to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, 14,000 people died in this conflict, even before Russia began its military operations in February. I’ve just returned from there. Before Russia’s intervention, the conflict had been between the people of that region and the government in Kiev, after an unconstitutional coup took 2014. This coup, known as “Maidan,” was — as then US Ambassador to Ukraine Victoria Nuland explained in a recorded telephone conversation — managed by the United States. The coup brought to power a pro-Western, anti-Russian, government, which contained elements which were far-right and even Nazi.

The best known element, as the Nation Magazine reported in 2019, is the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which has been part of Ukraine’s National Guard since 2014. Its commander Andriy Biletsky once wrote that Ukraine’s mission is to “lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade…against the Semite-led Untermenschen.” As The Nation explained, the Azov Battalion is not merely Nazi in theory, but also in practice. In present-day Ukraine, “there are neo-Nazi pogroms against the Roma, rampant attacks on feminists and LGBT groups, book bans, and state-sponsored glorification of Nazi collaborators.” The American press wrote about this sporadically before this year. Now the press does backflips to obscure and deny this reality.

However, the people of Donetsk, who have lived this reality now for almost nine years, are very clear that all of this is real. Indeed, I met people in Donetsk (some quite elderly) who volunteered back in 2014 to defend their land and their people from the Kiev government’s aggression. Much of the government views the predominantly ethnic Russian people of the Donbas as inferior beings whose language and culture, including the Russian Orthodox Church, should be eradicated. I actually traveled to Donestk in a vehicle laden with clothes destined for a Russian Orthodox monastery in Donetsk that is constantly being shelled by the Kiev government. These monks now live in underground rooms beneath the increasingly-destroyed monastery.

The people I met in Donetsk view their struggle as a fight against fascism. As one told me, there is a saying in Donetsk which goes, “First Stalingrad, now Stalino.” (Stalino was the former name of Donetsk.) Stalingrad, was where the Nazis were finally forced to retreat from Russia. The people of Donetsk are now dedicated to doing the same to the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. And yes, despite how inconvenient to Americans it may be to accept this, they see Russia as their ally in this struggle.

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“ most member states seizing frozen assets is only legally possible when there is a criminal conviction..”

EU Has No Legal Way To Seize Russian Assets – EU Officials (RT)

EU officials have said they cannot legally confiscate Russian assets that have been frozen as part of Western sanctions, however, they hope to set up an international court to prosecute Russian officials for the military operation in Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. According to European Commission officials, the international principle of state immunity doesn’t allow the executive body to appropriate the assets of the Russian Central Bank, but lawmakers have proposed that EU member states and their allies create a fund to manage the liquid assets and lay aside profits from those investments for the reconstruction of Ukraine. According to the commission, Brussels has no current figures on the amount of Russian Central Bank assets that bloc countries hold or what proportion is in liquid assets such as cash.

According to the Kremlin, around $300 billion in reserves held abroad have been frozen since March, along with billions more belonging to Russian businesses and individuals. The legality of using Russian state and private assets to fund Ukraine has been under discussion for several months, but the bloc’s desired mechanism is not easy to implement, as in most member states seizing frozen assets is only legally possible when there is a criminal conviction. Meanwhile, Washington is facing its own challenges when it comes to using of Russian funds. Treasury and Justice Department officials have reportedly asked lawmakers to develop new legislation to expand their powers, not just to freeze, but to seize the assets. US officials told the journal that the administration is constrained in what it can do until that new authority is introduced.

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Fascism was always the defense against communism. Pity there’s no more communism. What to do now?

Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism (Chung)

With the end of the Second World War, there appeared an almost instantaneous agreement among the Western European nations the need to defend their sovereignty against the rise of Soviet communism. Ironically the solution to this was the idea of a ‘New World Order’[1] for Europe. The Fifth Column was sold as a communist one, and thus the need to work with ‘former’ Nazis and fascists was justified to secure the European civilization from the threatened invasion by the ‘Asiatic hordes.’ Of course, the common people were not notified of this decision to reunite with the fascists; that not even before the end of the Second World War, there were discussions of aligning with the fascists to secure what was to be the ‘New World Order’.

To ensure that Europe would stand strong, it seemed only logical that it should form a European unity, able to collectively use their resources and military in a coordinated defense against this looming “Asian threat”. It would be interesting, that many nations who treated the army of Hitler with seeming indifference up to the very moment of invasion, would now trumpet loudly the need to prepare for war on all fronts (economically, culturally, politically, militarily including paramilitary) against the Eastern barbarians, and Mosley had positioned himself at the forefront of this clarion call.

In his The World Alternative (1936) Mosley wrote: “We must return to the fundamental concept of a European Nation which animated the war generation of 1918.” In reference to the openly pro-fascist former British Prime Minister Lloyd George’s (1916-1922) War Cabinet. When the Axis began losing crucial battles in 1943, this only intensified Europeanism as the new order’s last line of defense that would be entrusted to the younger generation. On November 14th, 1944 Mussolini proposed in the Verona programme “a European Community, with a federation of all nations and the development of Africa’s natural resources.”[2]

Stephen Dorril writes in his book Blackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British fascism:[3] “The Eastern Front was transformed into the ‘European Front’ as Europe’s defence became a supra-national moral obligation. The Waffen SS assumed the role of Europe’s army and its struggle to hold back the Bolsheviks from overrunning the West invoked an embryonic Europeanism, which became a central myth of post-war Fascism. Neo-Fascist thinker Maurice Bardeche wrote that ‘the Defense of the West has remained in the memory, and this is still the chief meaning of fascist ideas’.”

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Xi correctly views Michel as an absolute nobody.

EU Respects China’s Sovereignty – European Council President (RT)

European Council President Charles Michel on Thursday assured Chinese President Xi Jinping that the EU respects China’s sovereignty and will not interfere in its domestic affairs. Michel, who arrived in Beijing at the invitation of President Xi, discussed China-Europe ties and regional and global issues with the Chinese president during a meeting at the Great Hall of the People on Thursday morning. “EU sticks to strategic autonomy, upholds one-China policy, respects China’s sovereignty and will not interfere in China’s domestic affairs,” state-run Global Times quoted Michel as telling Xi during the meeting.

“EU is willing to strengthen communication with China on better coping with the energy crisis and climate change,” he added. President Xi welcomed the visiting European Council president and said his visit reflects the EU’s goodwill to develop ties with China. Xi said that it is in the common interest of China, Europe, and the international community to keep China-Europe ties forward.

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Macron found out the plan too late.

Macron Warns US Climate Plan May ‘Fragment The West’ (RT)

A new US incentive scheme to subsidize local electric car makers risks driving a wedge between Western countries, French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Wednesday amid looming fears of a trade war between America and Europe. Speaking at the French embassy in Washington, Macron said the scheme would have a negative impact on Europe by making it less attractive for businesses to invest in the continent’s economy. The US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers $391 million of incentives to promote clean energy, including support for electric vehicle manufacturers.“The choices of the past few months, in particular the IRA, are choices that will fragment the West,” he said, adding that the EU and the US need “to co-ordinate and re-synchronize our policy agendas.”

Macron described the economic plan as “super aggressive” towards European companies during a meeting with US lawmakers from both main parties, according to an unnamed Reuters source.“You will perhaps fix your issue, but you will increase my problem,” he added, as quoted by AFP, warning that the US incentive could “kill a lot of jobs.”Meanwhile, on Wednesday, when asked about European concerns about the act, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed it “presents significant opportunities for European firms as well as benefits to EU energy security,” adding that “this is not a zero-sum game” for the US, and Washington seeks a “constructive path of engagement” with the EU on the matter.

In recent months, the Inflation Reduction Act has been a particularly thorny subject in transatlantic relations, with various EU leaders arguing that it discriminates against Europeans as it could give American electric vehicle manufacturers an advantage over their EU counterparts in the lucrative US market. While the EU and US are attempting to resolve their differences, Bernd Lange, the chair of the European Parliament’s trade committee, warned that when the scheme enters in force in several weeks, it will be too late for the parties to negotiate any changes to the legislation. He added that, should this happen, the EU would likely lodge a lawsuit against Washington with the World Trade Organization.

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Trying to find this in the Dutch press. Not much. Yesterday at some point they said the farmers had gone home. And in the southern province of Limburg 25 farmers were bought out for €47 million.

I’m still not sure at which point the nitrogen narrative became so fashionable. Other than the EU made it illegal. Or was that the WEF?

Dutch Farmers to Rutte: Go to Hell (Celente)

Dutch farmers are fighting for their lives, but don’t expect to see any mention about their struggle with government oppression in the Western media. Videos emerged on social media Thursday that showed Dutch farmers riding in tactors and clashing with police to rail against the country’s decision to make good on its threat to enforce the EU climate law that has sparked protests for months. These farmers say these demands will essentially eliminate any chance that they have of making a living. The Netherlands, a country of just about 17 million residents, is the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter after the U.S. At issue are the projected effects of climate legislation which by 2030 would force Dutch firms to cut national nitrogen emissions by 50 percent and up to 95 percent in certain areas. Cows and fertilizers have both been targeted as main sources of emissions being effectively outlawed.

Under the plan, the Dutch government said it would be willing to buy 3,000 of the farms that it considers to be “peak polluters,” The Guardian reported. The government said the hope is to reduce “ammonia and nitrogen oxide emissions that are illegal under EU law.” Christianne van der Wal, the country’s nitrogen minister, told the farmers, “There is no better offer coming.” She said compulsory purchases would be made with “pain in the heart”, if necessary, The Telegraph reported. Mark Rutte, the prime minister has said if there are not enough farmers who sell their businesses, then the government may have to force some of them out of business, Bloomberg reported. One Twitter user posted a video that claimed to show police using an excavator to forcefully remove a protesting tractor driver. “Dutch police attack farmers by trying to destroy their tractors…while those who stand in their way are beaten and arrested. Fighting the Great Reset was never going to be easy,” the post read.

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Blatant. Apparently they think they can get away with it.

WH Press Secretary Called Out For Saying Biden Has Visited Border (JTN)

Twitter users and elected officials called out White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for incorrectly saying President Joe Biden visiting the border. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy brought up the border Wednesday during a press briefing where he asked Jean-Pierre when the president would be visiting the southern border. “We know the president’s never been down to the border. The possible next speaker says that he wants [Biden] to go with him. So, is he going to?” Doocy asked. “He’s been there. He’s been to the border. And since he took office,” Jean-Pierre answered. Doocy asked a follow-up question about when specifically Biden visited the border, but the press secretary ignored his question and moved on, according to Fox News.

Many twitter users including Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw correct Jean-Pierre, noting that Biden has not visited the border at all during his time as president. “Narrator: President Biden has not been to the border,” Crenshaw tweeted. Former California Senate candidate James Bradley also called the press secretary out on this statement. “Karine Jean-Pierre FACT CHECK: Joe Biden has NOT been to the southern border HE OPENED since he has been president,” Bradley tweeted. According to Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy the only time Biden has conceivably “been to the border” was during a very brief 2008 drive-by when he landed at El Paso airport and rode in a motorcade to the suburb of Las Cruces, with the route hugging the U.S.-Mexico border for a few minutes.

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“Allow the public to see not just communications on censorship (including subjects beyond Hunter Biden) but how Twitter may have used verification, throttling, algorithms, or other methods to control speech.”

The European Union Moves Toward a Possible Ban of Twitter (Turley)

The anti-free speech movement in the United States has shifted to Europe to do what the government cannot do in this country: force the censorship of dissenting viewpoints. It is, therefore, little surprise that Nina Jankowicz, the short-lived “disinformation czar” at Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, has now registered as a foreign agent with a European group pushing censorship. The vehicle for this effort is also not surprising. For years, some of us have denounced the EU’s efforts to pass the Digital Services Act, a roadmap for state censorship on the Internet. It is the Western embrace of Chinese style speech controls on the Internet. The chief censor in the West has been Breton, who has shown open contempt for free speech values.

Breton has made no secret that he views free speech as a danger coming from the United States that needs to be walled off from the Internet. He previously declared that, with the DSA, the EU is now able to prevent the Internet from again becoming a place for largely unregulated free speech, which he referred to as the “Wild West” period of the Internet. It is a telling reference because the EU views free speech itself as an existential danger. They reject the notion of free speech as its own protection where good speech can overcome bad speech. That is viewed as the “Wild West.” Musk has indicated that he will try to comply with the EU demands but that “there is still huge work ahead.” I have previously suggested that, if Musk is forced to comply with EU censorship rules, he should post a warning to the citizens of these countries that they are being given state-controlled information under mandatory censorship laws.

However, in the United States, Musk should hold the line in his restoration of free speech and release the record on the company’s past censorship efforts. Musk has forced people to take side in this existential free speech fight. The public has responded by signing up in record numbers. It is time for the public to see the truth about the years of election manipulation and viewpoint discrimination. So, open the files. Allow the public to see not just communications on censorship (including subjects beyond Hunter Biden) but how Twitter may have used verification, throttling, algorithms, or other methods to control speech. The company does not have to release codes or potentially damaging information to reveal the back channel communications, deliberations, and targeting choices. By embracing total transparency, Musk can force the EU and other companies to face the ugly realities of censorship. Let them take ownership of censorship as the public demands both transparency and accountability.

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“..most Americans are not interested in the culture war and how it is a small percentage driving this friction.”

Elon Musk Declares ‘Cancel Culture Needs To Be Canceled’ (Fox)

Twitter users rejoiced on Wednesday when CEO Elon Musk declared that “cancel culture needs to be canceled.” Musk tweeted, “Cancel culture needs to be canceled!!” in response to a clip from CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” The CNBC host Joe Kernen spoke to AEI president emeritus Arthur Brooks about criticism Musk has faced since his acquisition of Twitter. Kernen observed how the country is being torn into two, and the two sides are moving “further apart.” “We are so far apart on how we view the world, Arthur. Is this Twitter’s fault in the first place?” he asked. Brooks responded that most Americans are not interested in the culture war and how it is a small percentage driving this friction.

“Three percent of your employees are activists instead of working, and they’re blowing up your Slack channel right now demanding that you get involved in a culture war and make political statements. Don’t do it!” Brooks warned viewers. “The rest of your employees are feeling bullied as well. Their co-workers are being bullied by these activists, it’s time for us to say ‘I will not be conscripted into America’s culture war!'” He continued, “We don’t hate each other in this country-I’ve got the data Joe. Ninety-three percent of Americans say they hate how divided we’ve become as a country, those other 7% that doesn’t hate it, those are the activists saying if you buy a Tesla it means that somehow you believe in hate speech, it’s completely absurd, and it’s total bullying.”


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They won’t leave it alone. And it’s not about her. It’s still about Trump.

Activists and Pundits Target Justice Barrett as “Religious Extremist” (Turley)

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is facing increasing calls to recuse herself from a major Supreme Court case due to her religion. These absurd demands say less about the ethics of Barrett than the bias of her critics, who have waged an unrelenting and vicious campaign against the jurist and her family. At issue is 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis’ Dec. 5 argument. Even before the court granted review, I noted it could be one of the most important free-speech cases in history. It involves a web designer who declines jobs for same-sex marriages over her religious beliefs. Liberal academics and pundits have decried Barrett’s participation in the case because she has been part of the Christian group People of Praise, which holds traditional views of marriage and homosexuality.

The media are quoting former members calling themselves “survivors” saying the group holds views that make it impossible for her to judge the case fairly. Impossible, that is, if Barrett is willing to discard every principle of legal and judicial integrity she has maintained her entire career. Justices routinely rule for individuals or groups that they find objectionable and even sinful. That is what jurists do when they take an oath requiring blind and equal justice. While some have called for all the conservative justices to recuse themselves, the focus has been on Barrett. A petition with thousands of signatures declares, “Barett’s [sic] extremist religious views should have disqualified her from serving on the Supreme Court at all; but when it comes to this case in particular, it is obvious that she is far too biased to issue an impartial ruling and must recuse herself.”

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I think I prefer having Fauci shut up. Other than in a court of law.

Three COVID-19 Questions Dr. Fauci Needs To Answer (Kory)

The incoming House Republican majority would be wise to shed light on Fauci’s efforts to undermine the practice of medicine during the pandemic. Here are three specific areas worthy of investigation. First, get to the bottom of the mask masquerade. During his final press conference, Fauci stressed the importance of facial accessories by cracking a joke about “looking terrific.” Early in the pandemic, he was singing a different tune, acknowledging in private emails, “the typical mask you buy at a drug store is not really effective at keeping out a virus.”

Less than a year later, Fauci was calling double masking “common sense.” Even last week while sitting for a deposition brought by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Fauci implored a court reporter to don a mask after sneezing – despite not being able to name a single study supporting their use. This in November 2022, more than two months after President Joe Biden declared the pandemic “over.” Second, explore Fauci’s constant shifting of the goalposts with COVID-19 vaccines. Alongside Biden, Fauci has become the face of the vaccine push. In fact, his parting words were a final plea to “get your updated COVID-19 shot.” Never did he offer a shred of remorse for all his failed claims about the efficacy of the vaccines.


In December 2020, Fauci marveled at the purported 90% efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine, heralding the development as “just extraordinary.” As the pandemic wore on and “breakthrough cases” became the new norm, Fauci shifted to, “even if a vaccine fails to protect against infection, it often protects against serious disease.” In May 2021, he referred to vaccinated people as “dead end to the virus.” Today, as Fauci continues his push for more and more boosters unabated, even the New York Times is publishing stories carrying headlines such as, “Will Covid Boosters Prevent Another Wave? Scientists Aren’t So Sure.” Vaccinated Americans accounted for a majority of COVID-19 deaths for the first time in August. Making matters worse was Fauci’s relentless disinformation campaign against the use of safe, effective re-purposed generic drugs in favor of high-priced, patented pharmaceutical products.

Fauci dismissed critics as opponents of science, even at one point claiming to represent science itself. Yet when data have countered his preferred narrative, science has faced no greater foe than Dr. Anthony Fauci. For example, Fauci denigrated ivermectin, a readily available over the counter drug that has proven effective as a covid-19 treatment, despite his and the media’s constant citing of less than five of the 93 controlled trials in order to claim that ivermectin is ineffective. Ditto with Hydroxychloroquine, labeled as “dangerous” with “toxic” side effects, according to Fauci, who has provided no evidence to support his claims despite an even larger evidence base in support. Or fluvoxamine, another cost-effective generic drug that decreased COVID-19 hospitalizations and death in randomized-controlled trials published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Lancet.

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Lions reunite








“These are baby stingrays. They look like aliens stuck in ravioli.”



Baby falcons





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    Pablo Picasso Female bust 1943   • All NATO Countries Agree On ‘Need’ For Ukraine Membership – Minister (RT) • US Poised To ‘Dramatically Expand’
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 2 2022]


    They look like ALIENS STUCK IN RAVIOLI!!!!


    2500 soldiers per month? That ought to do it, rofl.

    Dr. D

    “Biden Administration Gives Trump Tax Returns to House Democrats: “This rises above politics, and the Committee will now conduct the oversight that we’ve sought”

    Wow. Do you hear yourself? In search of what crime, exactly? Okie-dokie, well when the new Congress gets in now we can get Joe’s. Should be super-interesting with him sharing bank accounts and business partners with a guy who’s been paid in Ukraine and got $1M from Moscow.

    And really? Really-really? You really think the IRS hasn’t given everyone and their dog a peek? And yet no leaks. What does that confirm for you?

    Speaking of the Supreme Court, the Brunson case on the protocol of 2020 is being released. When will they grace us with their majesty? Jan 6. Who says the court doesn’t have a sense of humor? (semi-random link that discusses it)

    “Their case hinges on constitutional amendment violations of the right to due process. When an election has concerns of fraud, constitution allows for a 10 day investigation to look at the potential fraud questions and determine if fraud did or did not occur. This case is NOT one of election fraud, it is about congress and the senate NOT doing their oath of office…”

    They did, in fact and deed, NOT wait the 10 days when asked. Case closed, but I guess we’ll all find out.

    So…anyone remember the last time USSC even SAW a case? Much less a case self-filed by two private bozos? Almost ALL cases sent to USSC are declined. (this is arguably unconstitutional but goes back to 1789 and who would you sue?)

    This one was being heard even ahead of 10th Circuit, although apparently the 10th got the lead out and released so even less obstacle. So: What’s up, Doc?

    Latvia Calls for NATO to Allow Ukrainian Strikes Inside Russian Territory: Allies “should not fear” escalation from Moscow, Latvia’s FM said.”

    Oh, well, in that case, bomb away! What’s the worst that could happen?

    “Blinken: $1.1 billion to secure Ukraine & Moldova’s energy sector and restore their energy supply.”

    Zero for U.S. energy sector and supply. But as I said: Broke, Runaway compounding, add $1B a WEEK now.

    “America To Unveil World’s First Sixth-Generation Bomber Friday”

    We own one of them. And what would we bomb? We can send an ICBM to do the same thing at no risk and 1/10th the cost. What is this, the era of B-17’s? WWII IS OVER, PEOPLE! We lost. But all these guys are 90, so this is what they think is hip to jive of the new kids.

    “US Poised To ‘Dramatically Expand’ Training of Ukrainian Forces”

    What men? In what time? We don’t have a Matrix download, time EXISTS.

    ““NATO members confirmed that the alliance door is open to Ukraine,” Stefanishina continued, arguing that this was a “new powerful signal” that shows “no one fears pressure from Russia.”

    Fighting that Russia with SIGNALS. Nearly 1,000 men and 20 tanks were killed today with NATO’s new BatSignal.

    John Mearshiemer: Actually, the Russians don’t have a game “Russian Roulette” because that game is stupid. It’s “Western Roulette.” Or for another culture not named, where you attack others and then claim to be the victim.

    lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade…against the Semite-led Untermenschen.”

    This has the support of Liberals and Blue and Yellow flag wavers worldwide. We have the same Donetsk here, from coast to coast, with a film of book-burning people on the coasts in a final crusade against American untermenchen. That is: anyone who works.

    “despite how inconvenient to Americans it may be to accept this, they see Russia as their ally”

    Only because Americans are astonishingly and excruciatingly ignorant. They’re like Ukraine (real country) is being invading by Russia (real country). There is no Ukraine. At the least it is made of two conflicting, equally-sized cultures who constantly disagree on everything. Normally that would be a civil war, but worse, the East half isn’t Ukrainian rebels, they’re simply “Russians”. So when they say “Russia bombed”, “Ukraine liberated” none of these terms make the slightest sense. Russia absorbing “Russia” and Russians into Russia fixes this.

    You’d be saying “America” “Invaded” Pennsylvania or Puerto Rico. (Which in fact they do say, being excruciatingly ignorant). So there’s no talking to them. Only actions will work. And when the actions are finalized, they have no intelligence or morality so their sponge-minds will simply mold to the new reality as if it had been there all along. I mean: look at the antiwar left now being rabidly pro war, bombing brown people worldwide, setting up slave markets. There’s not the slightest consciousness that this is odd, is a change from anything, or that things were ever different. We were always at war with Eurasia. We are still the party of pro-brown and peace, because we bomb them in war. Both are true, and neither.

    Common Core and Carter’s (illegal) Dept of Education has worked a treat and accomplished its job. “We’ll know we’ve done our job when everything the U.S. people believe is false” – CIA director Casey.

    In fact, they’re moving on from there. They now have, like Fauci, everyone believes all things are true AND false, at the same time. Everything and its opposite, depending on which source of power is asking of me.

    EU Has No Legal Way to Seize Russian Assets – EU Officials (RT)”

    Very reassuring coming from a place with no rule of law. …That already DID seize the assets. …And held Assange for +10 years in solitary without a court. …And arrests doctors daily for…doctoring.

    “According to the Kremlin, around $300 billion in reserves held abroad have been frozen”

    Yes, but when I freeze your assets so you don’t have the use of them, that’s not “seizing” them at all! No! Just like when I have complete control of all your assets, all means of production, direct them, control them, take the profits of them, designate them to new owners, stop them, start them, that’s not “Socialism” at all! Because in Socialism, “Government Owns the Means of Production” not “Government owning the means of production.” Thus with seizing and freezing. I know they look and act exactly the same, but I “Signaled” using a different “word” out of my “lie hole” and so they’re totally different.

    “reserves held abroad have been frozen since March, along with billions more belonging to Russian businesses and individuals.”

    Individuals. Meaning “Anybody we felt like.” “Who don’t live in Russia” and “Never had a court case”.

    I was broke, your money was there, what do I look like? You had it, I wanted it, case closed.

    Oh, P.S. the assets (gold) of Libya were also “Frozen” not “Seized” while the Obamas and Clintons finished the construction of all those new slave markets. But they painted rainbow flags on them, so: all good! That was 10 years ago, still haven’t got any of it back, or any access to it. Nor are ever likely to. You have to understand: to them, all property belongs to people with POWER. I have power, you don’t, therefore it’s mine. Case closed. Like Saudi Arabia, “property” means it’s yours up until I want it. Like your daughter.

    “Ironically the solution to this was the idea of a ‘New World Order’[1] for Europe.”

    This is exactly and seamlessly what we have today. Economically, socially, politically. This is the very definition of the EU. Russia survived Germany, and indeed all the West, and was not conquered as planned in the 30s. So they established this new plan to re-capture the ancestral homeland on behalf of somebody. And they used the same people they used all along, and the very same people today as well. This is not hard to see, but you need to break past the lies.

    They’re not “Former” Nazis, they all believed in the technocratic merger of corporation and state all along. It all was merged in their weird religion using social “media”, social engineering, all along. Literally nothing changed but when we called this rose a “turnip” somehow everyone was fooled. Does it TASTE like a rose to you? Or like a turnip? How many fingers, Winston?

    Now Stalin is dead and the USSR hasn’t existed in a generation. Nothing changes. So…maybe this wasn’t about “fighting communism”? “Better dead than red”? “Our way of life” after all? No. It wasn’t. It never had anything to do with that. They don’t care who runs Russia, Stalin, Hitler, the Pope. They need to conquer the ancestral homeland and won’t stop until WE run Russia. There is no other plan, there has never BEEN another plan, it’s all the SAME plan, since 1900.

    And I for one am pretty tired of it.

    “the EU respects China’s sovereignty and will not interfere in its domestic affairs.”

    While the EU army, NATO, arms and funds Taiwan 5,000 miles away, while THIS VERY MINUTE, funding the unrest and revolution inside China. And are passing laws to damage EU-China trade. Uh-huh. Your words mean nothing to me. They are “Not Agreement Capable” because they are “Not Reality Capable.” (And also “Really Incapable”)

    “warned on Wednesday amid looming fears of a trade war between America and Europe.”

    Genius! He declares there MIGHT be a war after one side ALREADY BOMBED your trade, all industry, and a few billion dollars in NordStream. If we don’t look out, something might happen!

    “Macron said the scheme – Of blowing up all energy sources and putting Europe in the dark – would have a negative impact on Europe by making it less attractive for businesses”

    “Macron described the economic plan as “super aggressive”

    Well I can’t argue with that. Bombing all Europe to destroy their industry is indeed “super aggressive”.

    And electric cars, really. STOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!! I can’t take it anymore.
    1) We have no cars 2) We have no lithium 3) we have no grid. WTF are you TALKING about? This is day and night arguing about the legislation related to beanie babies. Newspaper articles breathlessly covering beanie babies. Actors’ positions on Beanie babies. The world will be saved if only we can produce/not produce beanie babies.

    WHO ARE YOU SELLING THIS TO? The 1% slice of political class that exists 1/10th of a mm below the 0.001% class?

    I heard Alex of the Duran say “The political class of the West is highly stable”. And this was both a very true, and relevant statement. It’s never been MORE stable. The problem was as he said next: IT HAS NO SUPPORT FROM THE PEOPLE of any Western government. They’re aliens we would all happily put on a rocket and shoot into space. So THEY are stable. Good, nice going, good job in your rigging, engineering, power consolidation. You won. However, we are going to TEAR THE NATION APART to eject them, whereupon you will have NO power whatsoever, none, not even a little. Your super-stability and insect-like uniformity is brittle and will break very shortly. Humans aren’t like that, but not being human, they wouldn’t know.

    So who are they selling this blue-haired, 6-gendered, electric car, universal surveillance, police state panopticon utopia to? Only this 1% managers and apparatchiks, the PMC class who love it, wild 1% outliers of the human bell curve. The rest of us don’t exist to them, we exist to be killed.

    Biden hasn’t been to the border. Because we don’t have one.

    “ The European Union Moves Toward a Possible Ban of Twitter (Turley)”

    Yay! Since it’s their bots rigging our elections, from Steele and out of Ukraine, as proven, we should ban THEM. I THINK toppling our government is a Federal crime of some sort, but I guess not.

    Note: each day the Twitter news shows that We, the White Hats, have actually captured a critical piece of THEM, the Black Hats. Great. What’s the next piece to capture? Actually, what’s left? CNN is dead. Meta is in shambles. NY Times is daily discredited. Twitter is owned. WaPo is downsizing. NPR is incoherent. I mean, we’re running out of targets here.

    “The left gives Musk a censorship wishlist”

    Which is a Federal Crime. The 1st Federal Crime on the register, 1A. “Shall not be infringed?” Too complicated for you?

    “[Barretts] critics, who have waged an unrelenting and vicious campaign against the jurist and her family.”

    They hate mixed race families. But they also just: Hate. This is in service to theocracy and THEIR weird religion, which is different than hers, but is well illustrated in Ukraine. Stunning and Brave!


    Some of my readers who read my August post, Nobody could have seen it coming, will have gone on to revisit the 2004 BBC docudrama, If… the lights go out. Those who made it to the end, will have noticed something odd and unexplained… how, exactly, did everything go back to normal? The points made in the programme were stark enough – short-sighted governments failing to invest in the long-term infrastructure, private energy companies putting profits ahead of energy security, a regulator focused solely on maintaining a quasi-market in energy, and too rapid a transition from fossil fuel generation to non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies (NRREHTs) all conspired to set the conditions for a complete grid failure – something that is more likely today than at any time in our history. But the question of how the grid might be switched back on again was left hanging… perhaps because that would have been an alarm too far.

    The kind of weather system which provided the conditions for the fictional blackout of Britain is reasonably common – as I write, Britain is in the grip of one. Still, cold, high-pressure air has reduced the electricity generated from wind – The UK’s main source of renewable energy – to just five percent of total demand, and Britain is importing twice as much from continental Europe to plug the gap. But while it is cold, it is far from the freezing temperatures that such weather systems tend to bring in January and February… when our European neighbours may be less keen to export energy to us.

    In the programme, the triggering event for the blackout was a terrorist attack on the pumping station at the Russian end of the Nordstream pipeline. What has actually happened is a little different and, with the systematic dismantling of the Ukraine energy infrastructure, far worse. Nevertheless, we are at considerable risk of gas shortages this winter – particularly if the weather across continental Europe is cold. And while we have access to some liquid natural gas, we lack the tanker fleet and terminal facilities to entirely replace the gas we used to get via the pipelines.

    The gas threat to electricity generation stems from our over-reliance on gas generation both to replace the old coal and nuclear power stations which are being decommissioned, and to provide back-up against the intermittency of wind. Nevertheless, as essential as gas-fired power stations are, faced with a shortage the grid operators would prefer to shut down gas power stations than risk disconnecting domestic supply… the threat of gas explosions after reconnection is too great.

    It is easy enough then, to imagine a scenario not too far removed from If… the lights go out – or, indeed, from events in August 2019 – in which the grid operators are unable to balance supply with demand, even as NRREHTs intermittency causes a dangerous drop in grid frequency. The only difference being that a complete grid shutdown across Great Britain would be far more disruptive. As Christopher Owens, author of The Blackout Report explains:

    “Modern life is now so reliant on electricity that a loss of power for any prolonged period of time would see society as we know it rapidly descend into chaos. No internet. No mobile phones. No petrol pumps. No contactless payments. No planes and trains, and no traffic lights on the roads… Towns and cities would become uninhabitable within days. Law and order would quickly break down as panic grows. Disease would start spreading because of a lack of sanitation and clean water…

    “Without electricity, food stored in fridges or freezers would quickly go off. Shops and supermarkets would either at best be quickly stripped of all supplies or at worst off limits due to tills and payment systems being unavailable.”

    The risk of a “cascading collapse” in which critical infrastructure begins to breakdown causing an even wider cascade of failing systems, grows with each hour the electricity is off. And this is where things get seriously scary, because the most optimistic timetable for restarting the grid after a complete blackout is between seven and fourteen days! And this estimate is likely to be overly optimistic for two key reasons.

    The first is something that we learned to our cost during the pandemic – that we cannot simply rely on private companies to deliver on their commitments to the public authorities. As we saw with suppliers of PPE, ventilators and a host of services, while companies had happily taken public money, when the proverbial hit the fan, all too often they failed to deliver. It is in this light that we should consider the Grid operator’s statement that it is awarding contracts to private providers of so-called “black start” services. These are generators who claim to have enough on-site energy not only to power up their own facilities but also to generate sufficient power to begin restarting the wider grid.

    The second – and much greater – concern though, is with the high penetration of NRREHTs and the low concentration of coal and nuclear in the contemporary British grid. As Owens explains:

    “Only a limited number of UK power stations can provide Black Start capacity. Typically, these have tended to be the old-style coal-fired plants equipped with large generators that can produce enough power on-site to restart the facility without the need for any external power… Circumstances aren’t helped by the trend towards generation from renewables. For example, most wind farms can’t currently Black Start the grid because most depend on some sort of external power before they can start generating. And even though some of the latest designs are now self-starting, they can’t yet provide enough reactive power to energise the grid through the long offshore AC cables they connect with.”

    The situation has worsened since Owens’ report was written, with the loss of the Hinkley Point B nuclear power station together with the ongoing closure of all but two of the old coal stations. Moreover, as explained in the 2004 docudrama, any “mothballed” power stations are likely to have been cannibalised for spare parts, so that there is no chance of their being brought online quickly enough. In practice then, Britain is almost entirely dependent upon gas power stations to reboot the grid:

    “A Scottish Black Start Restoration Working Group review of procedures in September 2018 warned that the 2016 closure of Longannet coal-fired power plant in Fife would result in ‘severe delays’ to the restoration of power north of the border, as it left the gas-fired facility at Peterhead as the only remaining high-power and high-inertia – crucial to stabilise frequency – power station in Scotland.”

    These are the same gas power stations that, in the event of a complete blackout this winter, would have failed due to a shortage of… well… gas. This, in turn, raises the question of whether, without gas, Britain could even be rebooted. Perhaps out of humanitarian concern, LNG tankers could be rerouted to the UK – although without electricity we would have no means of unloading them. Maybe our European neighbours could reroute enough electricity through the interconnectors to begin to restore limited power.

    But in the meantime, how much of our critical infrastructure will have collapsed beyond repair?

    Can we reboot Britain?


    An amusing anecdote from Ukraine :

    Polish mercenaries are ordered to attack Russian positions around Bakhmut by Ukrainian commanders.
    Poles point out it would be suicide as all previous attacks had resulted in death.
    Commanders say Poles will be shot for mutiny if they don’t.
    Poles immediately shoot and kill Ukrainian commanders!

    It may not be true but is very believable.


    Nazilensky is hiding Ukronazi troop deaths in the ‘Missing in Action’ category (MIA).

    The Ukronazis don’t make much of an effort to pick up their dead off the battlefield because a lot of the time, they lost the territory the dead are on.

    The Russians had to clean up and bury vast amount of Ukronazi troops on Russian controlled turf.

    That gives Nazilensky the excuse to classify the KIAs as MIAs, even though they know damn well most are dead.

    Nazilensky, being the sock muppet of the Empire of Lies, has learned the lessons of lying and elevated them to an Art Form.



    I’m far more inclined to believe the Russian figure of 200,000+ Ukronazi deaths than the comedian Pinocchio


    Testing, testing

    Next two week across Eurotardistan gonna be cold

    Winter is Coming



    Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism

    By Cynthia Chung for The Saker blog

    The ‘Allies’ didn’t defeat Fascism at the end of WWII, they
    ABSORBED it.

    “You may be asking the question what on earth is “international fascism” and how could NATO be in support of such a thing?! Well, the ugly truth is that what took over world policy in our post-WWII era was in fact a continuation of a fascist outlook for a new world order. Fascism, contrary to what we were told, had not in fact been defeated but was given a brand new face for its public endeavours and went underground for some of its more unsavoury methods. The now official recognition of NATO’s Gladio networks, effectively made up of secret armies in service to NATO including a prominent membership of Nazis, trained to commit acts of terrorism and assassinations against Western citizens and their democratic governments is now acknowledged by historians, yet much of the Western populace remain uninformed about this decades long horrifying abuse of power which was used to support a transition towards far right-wing governments.”

    Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism


    You won’t see this on twitter.

    This not the history that you/we have been taught.

    Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism
    15752 Views December 01, 2022
    By Cynthia Chung for The Saker blog


    “You misread “gallons” as “pounds”, so off by a factor of 8, mi Amigo Boscohorowitz..”

    My brain hurts.Cat-juggl;ing takes its toll on a lunatic.



    Has the boy got the toy or does the toy have the boy?

    Dr. D

    Long, writing too much. If this keeps up I’ll have to get my own blog, but it should all be over soon.

    Putin’s long interview, I disagree. Even now in hindsight, I feel it was better to give them Minsk and let them demonstrate who they are in ABUNDANT terms. Genocidal, war-mongering lying, double-crossing mass murderers. There can be no dispute in the global south – or anyone who looks – that Russia did everything. Every. Thing. Even at significant personal cost, to prevent the war. I regret to say that has costs, but they’re barely worse off now, and actually better as the West is 10 years weaker, more divided, and near collapse as well.

    People die in wars. But they also die anyway, of life and old age. Question is, what did you LIVE for? They LIVED to try to prevent this war and reach the West, by every means they could imagine.

    Sometimes we look at other history, movies, books, T2, “[Little] Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, 1893”; there was a narrative, a timeline, a possibility written under John Titor. This may be Sci-fi, may be Pentagon predictive supercomputers, may be “Looking Glass”, a window into the future, or it could be literally true, I don’t care. The use is in the illustration of the story.

    In that timeline, Y2K happened, it seems, the nation had widespread decay/problems because of it, and then Trump and Hillary had the he/she Presidency in 2004, not 2016. So the same U.S. Civil War started earlier, at a lower level and with a nation owning more central control. But all the baseline pieces and reality were still the same.

    So no one worried about or tried to prevent this war. Why should they? The other side sucks, take them out. What happened? Well the country was still at stalemate decades later, with the coasts still in power and the people still resisting, particularly Florida, which turns out to be true. Everything had been tried everywhere, they couldn’t wrest them out of power by any known means. In a final agreed-on act, Russia then nukes the Deep State cities such as D.C., focusing on the EMP effect, and the U.S. people “win”. But with N-Day was a hollow victory. Things were poisoned all over, population drops, and although most people lived, recovery was slow or nonexistent. Like 100-200 years slow.

    This predicted reality had to be avoided at all costs. Published in 1999. Who knew you wouldn’t have a civil war that ends? Redneck “muh guuunnns” an all that? Surely one side or the other would tire? Not in an age of drones.

    But what do we have now? Same thing because: same baseline reality. Russia can end the war. But only by nuking the Derp State. Which the Derp State demands they do. The West is unreachable, although the Western people are on board with peace and sovereignty that their leaders oppose.

    So we’ve changed some of the parameters, forestalled others. We’ve moved mountains to avoid any active civil war. These things have been annoying, but did in fact work so far. The war was largely displaced from America to Ukraine.

    But you see the same reality: The 0.01% will still never stop attacking Russia and attacking us too. To kill the parasite, we have to bomb ourselves. The parasite is happy with that. So they are merely creating tools to attack us with and poisoning us every day.

    We don’t yet have a third (or fourth, or fifth) parallel reality narrative that leads us out of this narrow pass. Perhaps there isn’t one and 1/3 die anyway, as prophesied. That’s okay. What matters is who runs it all AFTER. Us? Or the anti-human, alien parasite?

    Meanwhile back in the U.S. the Supreme court just got the drop on Congress and the President. They have a loaded gun in legal court case that removes them. In 60 seconds. If they, 9 men, say so. For what? On Jan 6. Communication. The Jan 6, (Committee).

    Is Congress going to stand around for the USSC owning and overruling them, or pack the court? That’s too slow. Arrest the Court? That’s too obvious. They need a condition where if they rule on this case and use this weapon, it looks partisan.

    Why are they so serious? Well, they tried to kill a Supreme Court Justice. Duh. Arrested with duct tape, DoJ approved, Garland approved and did nothing. Congress moved for “Term limits” that just haaaaaappen to cut off and remove the bad black man, Thomas. That’s two. They went after Barrett’s family today. That’s three. It has been rumored they tried to poison someone else, who fell ill with their spouse. That’s four.

    So when will they wait for? “When something happens?” I THINK something did happen. It’s BEEN happening.

    Biden has an 80% disapproval rating, being as he is the most popular President in world history. The people see the economy, the nuclear war, they won’t fight for them either. There’s nobody on their side. The 10 remaining CNN employees? WHAT Civil War?

    So I THINK this is what it’s all waiting for. To divert the First level “Titor” unrest, civil war, and nuclear exchange, but then to also divert the SECOND level U.S. Civil War of trying to stop the FIRST war. Support which is somewhere solidly above 80%. And we’re there. That doesn’t mean no unrest, but that would always happen. Biden/Blinken is talking worldwide nuclear war for the sole benefit of 5 crooks in Kiev. Who have dirt on him and his kid, FTX, and half of Congress.

    Act. And they will. The tension will precipitate a reaction.


    Blood Drinking Satanist ‘Cookies’ Nuland asks for More, More Moar for the Ukronazi Laundromat



    “Extremist religious views”
    Actually, it seems to me that Justice Barrett’s views are pretty common religious views — not fitting the “extremist” epithet. They are not my current views, but they were taught to me long ago. At the same time, I was taught not to condemn people who didn’t live like me, didn’t think like me — what was more important was whether people were honest and trustworthy and kept their agreements — not their marital status nor sexual orientation nor religiosity.


    When you needed some diversion, we thought long and hard about it-
    And presented you the smart phone: now you cannot live without it.
    If you own nothing else you’ll be as happy as a clam!
    Now the whole world is addicted, and now everything’s a scam.


    my parents reliably delights me with her short rhyming verse, working a carefully defined niche and nursing good work from it.


    Fate dropped some wonderfully used old 70s/80s paperback Agatha Christie mystery novels. Never read Agatha before, altho I read most of Dorothy Sayers’ work. I can see why she was overwhelmingly popular. I need a break from this reality thing. Agatha might do the trick.

    Today’s Yogi tea tag advice: The essence of life is to communicate love.

    Relevant tune: Ask and Ye Shall Receive


    Mandatory Gift-Giving Is Your Right!

    The Gift of Music

    Calvin & Hobbes Fight Abominable Snowmen To Keep Us Free and Safe at Night: ‘Because we can’t handle the truth’.


    Tulsi and Elon might make apposite bedfellows of the strange kind for which politics makes. With covid in decline, demagogue fever is ready to pounce on our politically compromised cognitive immune systems.

    One way or another, the game is definitely afoot.

    D Benton Smith

    I’ve got a bone to pick (yeah, again) with the always brilliant (and inexplicably hesitant) James Howard Kunstler.

    I think that I understand the delicacy of his position. He’s like a coachman headed to a dangerous destination, and cautious not to spook the horses. Here’s another analogy. He’s like General Custer’s scout , understandably reluctant to give his notoriously volatile general the full and unambiguous report of how MANY Indians are on the other side of the hill.

    Whatever the case, here’s my gripe:

    James wraps up his latest missive [see: ] with the following line, “This is what the authorities are really afraid of: that the people will learn their government has carried out — by epic incompetence or true malice — something the looks like an attempted genocide.”

    “Epic incompetence” ????????

    “or” true malice” ???????? Really? “OR” ?!

    That’s a bit understated.

    It would be like a kid telling his Dad that there are some men at the front door here to see him . . . . as three dozen armed and armored SWAT team goons are charging across the front yard and through the door with guns blazing.

    How can the fully aware and purposefully ‘deceit-driven’ crafting of consciously deliberate homicidal lies, and equally purposeful censorship and suppression of truth tellers. . . . . be chalked up to “incompetence”. . . . by any stretch of a languid imagination . . . . no matter how fucking “epic” it might be?

    “Incompetence” ? Well, sure, there’s incompetence, and plenty of it, but so what? Malice can’t even EXIST without incompetence. Just don’t overlook the MAIN fact that the operative word here is malice. That means INTENT. Malice aforethought. Malice with historically enormous quantities of aforethinking. Monumentally unprecedented malice.

    ENOUGH hyper coordinated and accomplished malice to be called ( dare I say it even here ? ) CONSPIRATORIAL malice.

    That’s right. Conspiracy theory. Heavy on the conspiracy, light on the theory. The stack of facts is so huge it makes PROOF sound like equivocation.

    The Cabal has gaslighted its victims so thoroughly that those poor darlings can’t even bring themselves to SAYING THE WORD that describes the crime being perpetrated against them with cataclysmic, civilization destroying, genocidal effect.

    And just by the way. What’s with this use of the past tense as in “attempted” genocide. It ain’t the past. It’s not an “attempt”. It’s NOW. It is a flagrant crime in progress. It’s millions already dead, millions more stacking up like Auschwitz , and billions more on the way, with no end or slowing yet in sight.

    Look, I know it’s hard to stand up and face one’s internalized programming. I have personally spent the past 7 decades doing it, and attest upon my oath that is frequently terrifying and painful as Hell itself.

    Well poor me, so sad, but so what? When the lives of your loved ones depends on it (and they do) it is time to put fear of embarrassment, ridicule or ostracism aside and do what men are supposed to do when the enemy is at the gate. . . . they are supposed to face reality and commit their lives, wealth and sacred honor to the defense of those who depend on them.

    To do less is cowardice and betrayal of trust.

    I will say it again, and plainly. There is a Cabal explicitly dedicated to the erasure of humankind by any and all means at their disposal. They operate at the TOP of the institutions that comprise our so-called civilization. Their plans are explicit and detailed and frequently written down where anyone with a strong psyche, and stronger stomach, can read and understand them.

    What’s happening right now is not WW3. It is Global Civil War LAST. It consists of relatively decent ordinary people on one side, and the Cabal with it’s degraded minions of Evil on the other. You ain’t got a penny candle’s prayer of a chance of winning this war if you can’t even acknowledge who the fuck you are up against. Hint : it’s NOT “incompetence”.

    If we lose, so be it. The Great War will not end, but the next round will have to be fought by some other species because this one will be gone.

    The Markster

    My parents said no has it correct. Widespread internet use has not even been around for thirty years, and it is ecologically and socially destructive. Narcissism, lies and illusions all the way down. I am in the thick of it just like others and not trying to point fingers outwardly, but it is good to have a plan. Mine is to eliminate the car and the cellphone from my life entirely by September 1, 2024, at which point I rejoin the human race.

    I remember the mid-1990s with great fondness, a narrow window in life when I felt like part of two+ different communities in Portland, OR, right before it all fell apart. In the last thirty years I watched the internet kill the gay bars, hollow out political activist communities and alt media print journalism/jobs, and shred the social cohesiveness and good manners of my hometown to the point where I finally had to flee in fear for the safety for my own life in March of this year. Nevermind what this simulacra of community and “connection” did to the church and my personal social networks during a failed social media experiment from 9/2012 to 9/2019.

    From what I can see, the only real community left in this country is to be found in urban gangs, homeless encampments and the occasional rural neighborhood. I look forward to going back to in-person communications and turning off this idiot box forever. Only 20 months away now, thank goodness. Blessings to you all, even though we are all functionally isolated from each other in a moderated hall of mirrors that relies on rapidly depleting finite resources, child labor, and environmental destruction all around the globe. ☮️

    Michael Reid

    Here’s Why Stagflation Will be the Dominant Theme of the Decade

    Here’s Why Stagflation Will be the Dominant Theme of the Decade…


    ‘undermine democracy’.

    That’s cute. Which ‘democracy is that? The Russian one? There sure isn’t any democracy in the nations that most loudly declare themselves to be democratic.

    Rigged elections, puppet governments, fake news, suppression of dissent…

    I really do not like the use of the word amount to describe people.

    Amount is a word to describe something that is uncountable, such as the amount of sand on a beach or the amount of water in a jug, the amount of corruption in a NATOstan country etc.

    When we are dealing with things that can be counted, we use the word number.

    The number of dead not counted by Ukofascists.

    The number of votes changed by riggers in so-called ballot counting.

    The number of fake jabs forced into unsuspecting gullible people in NATOstan countries.

    The number of lies per day told by NATOstan fake leaders.


    Yep. For two an’a half years I was wandering where overly used “incompetence” and “blunder” came from.
    How many still think how it is “stupid” that jab is still being pushed unabated since, by now, it is already proven that “it does not work”.


    In defense of the Internet, I must say that it would be a hell of a lot easier for the totalitarian fascists who control the UK, US, Canda, Australia, NZ etc. to lie to and manipulate the populaces if there were no Internet -just as they did before the Internet emerged as a truth-delivery system and research tool.

    For me, the key is to use both the Internet and personal contacts to counter the continuous stream of lies that emanate from the totalitarian fascists (many of them put into position by unseen ‘dark forces’) who pass themselves off as ‘democratically elected leaders’.

    Although the future will be charactrised by financial, economic, energetic and environmental collapse, it will also be characterised by increased levels of censorship and more ruthless attacks on the general populace by the totalitarian fascists who control NATOstan countries.


    It’s funny how important it is to us that sources of information agree with our interpretation of it. We require folks like Kunstler or The Saker or, fer the love of Hollandaise sauce, Raul Ilargi Meier, all three of whom are known for providing reliably accurate information and attempting to correct misinformation they unwittingly delivered, interpret the information they provide us with in the same way we do, using sufficiently similar confirmation biases as we prefer.

    It’s like agreeing entirely with a man’s choice of woman to bed, but insisting he use your dick to do it with.


    Meanwhile, here’s some familiar old bad news in a place few of us are familiar wirth:

    Maternal mortality in Russia tripled in 2021 Why? Take a wild guess

    Hmmm. We are, among other things, a doom’n’gloom website community. Here’s some:

    Somalia on the brink of another brutal famine, with children bearing the brunt — Starvation brought on by extreme weather and conflict

    “The country is in the midst of its fifth failed rainy season, resulting in the worst drought it has seen in nearly half a century. It has decimated the crops and farm animals so many Somalis rely on for their livelihoods. ”

    ‘Worst in a long time’ seems to be a recurrent theme of late regarding wild weather events.


    “From what I can see, the only real community left in this country is to be found in urban gangs, homeless encampments and the occasional rural neighborhood.”

    I wholly concur. When I find the right youngbloods to run with me as I befriend the homeless with home-baked goodies and nice things like a few gallons of drinking/washing water they didn’t have to haul from god knows where, I hope to sniff around to see what rumors might exist of kings and queens of various homeless concentrations.

    Not that I think such a person wopuld look like this:

    but I guess it sells views which sell commercials which sell stuff… like rain tarps, lotsa heavy cardboard big ass water containers full of water, lots and lots and lots of water, period, serious soap like Bronner’s, blankets, giant heavy garbage bags and if you will, taking said garbage of their hands in your nifty car that looks like a home they used to have before they lost even that….

    This looks like a homeless king to me:

    “In a February 26, 2020 photo, homeless Army veteran Bobbie King makes his way to his volunteer position at the Nova Project in Detroit. (Kirthmon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press/TNS)” (No, I didn’t notice his last name was King when I chose the image.)

    I knew this guy on FB years ago. Raised by heavy drug dealers, he’s alive to tell about it, which is where his Jimi Homeless Experience project began.


    BY this guy, I don’t mean Bobbie King, I mean Jon Kinyon, creator of the JHExp.

    John Day

    Thanks everybody for a lot of good input. Really. Truly.

    Boscohorowitz juggled cats. It’s ok.
    At least he didn’t “lose” hundreds of billions of digital-dollars accidentally.


    Dan is still sucking heavily on the teat of fossil fuels and fossil-fuel-generated electricity and celebrates the wastage of resources and energy in America, but at least he’s got some idea of what’s coming soon and attempts to wake up ‘sleepers’ to some extent.

    Talk of a major Arctic Vortex (due to destabliastion of the Jet Streams) hitting Europe soon is ‘interesting’.

    “There are desperate people out there.”

    “More people are carrying handguns than ever.”

    “How do you lend yourself 500 million dollars without a bank account?”

    But he [SBF] is ‘not a criminal’.


    “Fascism was always the defense against communism”.
    Narrative flaunted in recent years by the Germans and “others”.
    Austria had finally put the stop to Croatian on-again-off-again relationship to checkered (sic) past.
    Croats are pissed since “they know, for certain, that other Nazi monuments in Austria and Germany are celebrated. So why they can’t?”
    At the end of WWII Tito’s partisans pretty much mowed the fleeing, to the promising West, ustashe black shirts and Some Serbian chetniks in Bleiburg, Austria. Not enough in my opinion and of many others. After that they proceeded to build the XIX century backward country into modern European state.
    I know that comment like this raises quite a few eyebrows. Do not forget that soldiers who landed in Normandy were “your boys”.”Our boys” (and “girls”) were communists who, barely armed, decided to confront German invasion. They made busy 26 German divisions in addition to collaborator forces of Croatia, Serbia, Kosovar Albanians etc…
    That explains my quiet chuckle every time I hear or read the world “Left” spewed on currently.


    Juggling cats is NOT ok. I was young and foolish, didn’t know what I was doing. But my shame is mine alone:

    Cat Juggling

    Dr D Rich

    “Xi correctly views Michel as an absolute nobody”

    Where the author positions himself.
    Yet, one could conclude Gabbard and to an extent Ritter are not both “absolute nobod(ies)”.



    “Blessings to you all, even though we are all functionally isolated from each other in a moderated hall of mirrors that relies on rapidly depleting finite resources, child labor, and environmental destruction all around the globe.”

    One of the most pithily holistic descriptions that I’ve ever read of our fundamental situations.

    Now if you could just say that as a bare-chested aging silverback human male shaving bark from a log with techniques millennia old, we could put you on tour and make serious money pissing people off.

    John Day

    The muscular older man shaving the log said to buck up, grow a pair and “know your enemy”. didn’t he?
    He seems likeable enough (for a Canadian).

    John Day

    “Modeling Reality” is up, with another picture of not-me-this-time

    Moon of Alabama (German) has Newsbits On Ukraine
    Inside Bakhmut frontline ‘littered with corpses’ and ‘colossal’ losses
    ​ ​The Ukrainian commander of the Svoboda battalion, Petro Kuzyk, whose unit is one of those holding Bakhmut said his soldiers are staying in trenches full of corpses, fighting in extremely cold conditions and in knee-deep water against Russia’s attacks.
    ​ ​”I apologise for speaking slowly now, because I’m very cold – it’s making me dizzy. I’ve now left the first line (since I was called). I’m warming up in the car, I’m almost falling asleep, because I haven’t slept all this time. They charged yesterday, quite seriously. They felt a weakness in our defence, because (I will not name the numbers of the units, so as not to spoil their honour) there are units that are less motivated than ours. And yesterday they weakened our defence a little in the area just around the Bakhmut. Some units could not withstand this artillery onslaught and retreated.​”​
    ​ ​”This is our principle: we, the Svoboda Battalion, do not retreat. And because of that, we found ourselves in a semi-surrounded situation, and we had a lot of work to do. In addition, it is a swamp full of mud. It is very difficult to evacuate the wounded or to deliver ammunition. The trenches are constantly deteriorating, and in this swamp they must be constantly rebuilt.”​ …
    ​..Aside from HIMARS Ukraine’s front artillery has become smaller with less reach than those systems used on the other side. That will make it easier to counter it. Ukraine also has an acute lack of ammunition for those few weapons that still exist. It has long lost the artillery war.
    ​ ​The war in Ukraine is waged on an industrial level. But the ‘west’ and its Ukrainian proxy are not prepared for industrial warfare.​..
    ..A retired US general has pinpointed a “major issue” for NATO as the West look to keep up with ammo demands as fighting in Ukraine continues to eat up Western stockpiles.
    ​ ​Ukraine is burning through ammunition and shells at a faster rate than the West can maintain according to retired US Air Force Colonel Cedric Leighton.
    ​ ​The former commander believes that NATO lacks the industrial base to replace depleted stockpiles and Ukraine continues to demand ammunition to use against Russian forces.
    ​ ​Mr Leighton told CNN: “The defence industrial base of all these countries, the NATO countries in Europe as well as the United States it is really not built for this kind of war.​ ​​That very fact has made it really difficult for the West to resupply Ukraine, Ukraine is using weapons at a very high rate it is using ammunition as well as part of this.​”

    ​ ​”Not confirmed” Thanks, Anticlimactic.​ ​ Polish “Mercenaries” Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near Bakhmut
    ​ ​An altercation has taken place between Polish “Mercenaries” fighting FOR Ukraine, and Ukrainian Army officers commanding them. The Polish Mercs and a grouping of about ten thousand Romanian “Mercenaries” also fighting for Ukraine, were allegedly ordered by Ukrainian Army officers to attack Russian positions around Bakhmut. Fierce fighting has been going on there for weeks and Ukraine is losing.
    ​ ​The Polish “Mercs” told the Ukrainian Army Officers it would be suicide for them and the Romanians to go attack, everyone else who has done so has been slaughtered by the fortified Russian positions.
    ​ ​The Ukrainians then allegedly told the Polish either attack or WE will kill you for Mutiny, at which point the Polish drew their weapons and KILLED the Ukrainian commanders.

    ​ ​On the Kremlin side, importantly Biden’s ‘offer’ of being prepared to speak with President Putin about the war didn’t go unacknowledged. The Russian presidency’s office said Friday that Putin is “open” to such talks.
    ​ ​”The president of the Russian Federation has always been, is and remains open to negotiations in order to ensure our interests,” Peskov told reporters. “The United States still doesn’t recognize the new territories as part of the Russian Federation.” Peskov added, “This of course significantly complicates the search for some kind of mutual grounds for possible discussions.”

    John Day

    ​EU To Set $60 Price Cap On Russian Oil; Kremlin Vows To Ignore, Cut Supply
    ​ ​The move came after overcoming a last-minute push by Poland to lower the cap, for which the European Commission had originally proposed between $65 and $70 per barrel. In short, the EU came down to Poland’s price, which had become a point of contention for more than a week..

    ​Macron is in Washington for 3 days to talk to Biden on an official state visit. Macron speaks diplomatically here, against the colonization of Europe.
    ​ ​A new US incentive scheme to subsidize local electric car makers risks driving a wedge between Western countries, French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Wednesday amid looming fears of a trade war between America and Europe.
    ​ ​Speaking at the French embassy in Washington,
    Macron said the scheme would have a negative impact on Europe by making it less attractive for businesses to invest in the continent’s economy.
    ​ ​The US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers $391 million of incentives to promote clean energy, including support for electric vehicle manufacturers.
    “The choices of the past few months, in particular the IRA, are choices that will fragment the West,” he said, adding that the EU and the US need “to co-ordinate and re-synchronize our policy agendas.”

    Dutch farmers are fighting for their lives, but don’t expect to see any mention about their struggle with government oppression in the Western media.
    ​ ​Videos emerged on social media Thursday that showed Dutch farmers riding in tactors and clashing with police to rail against the country’s decision to make good on its threat to enforce the EU climate law that has sparked protests for months.
    ​ ​These farmers say these demands will essentially eliminate any chance that they have of making a living. The Netherlands, a country of just about 17 million residents, is the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter after the U.S.

    Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red Handed, He Won’t Get Away”

    Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red Handed, He Won’t Get Away”

    John Day

    ​ Late December 2021 and January 2022 saw a huge undersea volcanic eruption that I did not pay much attention to.
    It caused a tsunami, but it did not release a lot of cooling sulfur dioxide, rather the tallest plume of water-vapor ever observed, which acts as a greenhouse gas, letting visible light in to the planet, but reflecting heat back down.Thanks Mel for alerting me to this.​
    Tonga Eruption Blasted Unprecedented Amount of Water Into Stratosphere
    ​ ​When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted on Jan. 15, it sent a tsunami racing around the world and set off a sonic boom that circled the globe twice. The underwater eruption in the South Pacific Ocean also blasted an enormous plume of water vapor into Earth’s stratosphere – enough to fill more than 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. The sheer amount of water vapor could be enough to temporarily affect Earth’s global average temperature.
    “We’ve never seen anything like it,” said Luis Millán, an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.

    ​ ​The unexpected radiative impact of the Hunga Tonga eruption of 15th January 2022​
    ​ We find that the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha-apai eruption produced the largest global perturbation of stratospheric aerosols since the Pinatubo eruption in 1991 and the largest perturbation of stratospheric water vapour observed in the satellite era. Immediately after the eruption, water vapour radiative cooling dominated the local stratospheric heating/cooling rates, while at the top-of-the-atmosphere and surface, volcanic aerosol cooling dominated the radiative forcing. However, after two weeks, due to dispersion/dilution, water vapour heating started to dominate the top-of-the-atmosphere radiative forcing, leading to a net warming of the climate system.

    ​ ​Record-breaking Hunga Tonga volcanic plume might have warmed Earth’s climate​
    ​The previously unassuming underwater volcano in a remote region of the southern Pacific Ocean exploded with unprecedented force in full view of three weather satellites. These satellites allowed scientists all over the world to observe the mind-boggling explosion in real time and study its aftermath in unprecedented detail.​..
    ​..​”We were really lucky that we had the area covered with three satellites,” Proud said. “[The calculation] produced really nice results; it worked very well for such a high volcano. We’ve never seen everything this high before.”
    ​ ​The calculation revealed that the Hunga Tonga cloud burst not only through the troposphere but also ascended through the entire stratosphere, only plateauing at the altitude of 35 miles (57 km), way into the freezing and dry layer known as the mesosphere. This makes the Hunga Tonga volcanic cloud the highest ever observed and most likely the highest in over a century.​ ​”The last [volcanic eruption] that could have reached this height was Krakatoa in 1883,” said Proud.​..
    ​..​The Pinatubo ash in the stratosphere cooled the Earth’s climate by 1 degree Fahrenheit​ ​(0.6 degrees Celsius) due to the presence of sulfur dioxide in the volcanic material. Sulfur dioxide reflects radiation and is frequently studied as part of potential geoengineering interventions designed to slow down climate change.
    ​ ​When Hunga Tonga exploded, scientists thought the eruption could trigger a similar effect (which was, in the case of Pinatubo, observable for two years). Subsequent measurements, however, revealed that the Hunga Tonga cloud contained only about 2% of the sulfur dioxide generated by Pinatubo, not enough to affect the climate in any measurable way. Proud, however, says that the amount of water sprayed by the explosion into the stratosphere may actually warm the climate.
    ​ ​”This volcano put a lot of water into the stratosphere and also some into the mesosphere,” Proud said. “Water in the stratosphere generally warms Earth’s surface. So this could actually contribute to some surface level warming of Earth over the next few years. We have very good temperature data for the lower atmosphere, so that’s something we should be able to figure out quite quickly.”


    Still not one article here on the protests in China or Iran….silence……
    Is it too emotionally damaging to recognise that the citizens of China, Iran and South Africa hate their governments and are rebelling against tyranny?
    But that would directly contradict the narrative here that the BRICS governments are wonderful , treat their citizens with love and respect and are democratic and morally superior to the West in every way.
    We just saw an article here a day or so by the paid Chineses propagandist Pepe La Phew about how the wonderful BRIC countries are now organising their own payment system , they are soo marvellous darling and we should all bow to the magnificence.
    So what is going on here , the focus of the stories remains so narrow and skewed , same old-same old , almost like an obsession with preserving a specific narrative by ignoring any story that might contradict it , just like the MSM does!


    Here we go again. Dr Rand Paul on Fauci.
    The greatest “blunder” and “misjudgment” used over and over.
    Now and in this case, I think that any other wording could put Rand into “conspiratorial bundle” that his position does not allow so he is using a calculated approach.



    I guess America is different to China, Chinese are immigrating to America , I don’t think Americans are immigrating to China though.

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