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Henri Matisse Harmony in red 1908


We’ve Reached Peak Zelensky. Now What? (Freeman)
World Could Reach ‘Critical Mass’ At Any Moment – Ex-Polish President (RT)
On the Influence of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine (Lauria)
Lavrov Suggests ‘Hundreds’ Of US Troops Are In Ukraine (RT)
Ukraine Falsifying History And ‘Replacing’ Memory – Moscow (RT)
Türkiye Warns Greece Against Expansion In Aegean Sea (RT)
SBF Met With Senior White House Officials Shortly Before FTX Collapse (ZH)
Integrity Lost and Regained (Malone)
Study Finds Worse Antibodies After mRNA Boosters (JTN)
The New Yorker Promotes “People’s CDC” And Mask Mandates Forever (ZH)
Half of Chinese Arrivals to Italy Carrying COVID-19 Virus – All Omicron (CTH)
Elon Musk’s Net Worth Collapse Is Biggest Loss Of Wealth In Modern History (Ind.)
Britain’s Renewable Power Hits New Peak, Fossil Fuel Also Rises (R.)

















“Ukraine is losing soldiers at a rate 141 TIMES that of U.S. losses in Vietnam.”

We’ve Reached Peak Zelensky. Now What? (Freeman)

When the president of the poorest, most corrupt nation in Europe is feted with multiple standing ovations by the combined Houses of Congress, and his name invoked in the same breath as Winston Churchill, you know we’ve reached Peak Zelensky. It’s a farcical, almost psychotic over-promotion, probably surpassed only by the media’s shameful, hyperbolic railroading of the country into war with Iraq, in 2003. Paraphrasing Gertrude from Hamlet, “Methinks the media doth hype too much.” Let’s remember that before ascending to his country’s presidency, Volodymyr Zelensky’s greatest claim to fame was that he could play the piano with his penis. I’m not joking. And he ran on a platform to unite his country for peace, and for making amends with Russia. Again, I’m not joking.

Now, he’s Europe’s George Washington, FDR and Douglas MacArthur all rolled into one and before whom the mighty and powerful genuflect. Please. The only place to go from here is down. And, that is surely coming. Soon. Consider some inconvenient facts that the fawning media, which is essentially the public relations arm of the weapons industry, doesn’t want you to know. The European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, recently let slip that the Ukrainian army has lost more than 100,000 troops in the eight months since the beginning of the war. Over the nine-year span of the Vietnam War, the U.S. with a population six times that of Ukraine, lost a total of 58,220 men. In other words, on a per day, per capita basis, Ukraine is losing soldiers at a rate 141 TIMES that of U.S. losses in Vietnam.

The U.S. lost the public on Vietnam when middle class white boys began coming home in body bags. Does anybody with half a brain believe such losses in Ukraine are sustainable? Does anybody have another plan to avert such slaughter? Von der Leyen is shrewdly laying the predicate for Western withdrawal from Ukraine and ending the war. If you look at the facts on the ground, not the boosterish propaganda ladled out by the media, you can understand why. In a matter of weeks, Russia, with its hypersonic missiles, destroyed half of Ukraine’s electrical power infrastructure. This, as winter is coming on. It can just as easily take out the other half, effectively bombing Ukraine back into the Stone Age. Is that what anybody wants?

The startling, indeed, terrifying part of this is that neither Ukraine nor the West have any defense against these hypersonic missiles. They travel so fast, and on variable trajectories, they cannot be shot down, even by the most advanced Western systems. They represent one of the greatest asymmetries in deliverable destructive power in the history of warfare, probably dwarfed only by the U.S.’s possession of atomic bombs at the end of World War II. Again, there is no effective defense against them. The Russians have them. The Ukrainians don’t. Game over. Can you understand why leaders in the West are beginning to wake up?


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“..Russia is similar to Nazi Germany and has to be defeated militarily..”

World Could Reach ‘Critical Mass’ At Any Moment – Ex-Polish President (RT)

The world is in chaos and could reach “critical mass” anytime, former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski has warned, citing the turbulence created by the Ukrainian crisis. The conflict has put an end to the old world order, the former head of state said during a TV interview on Thursday. “In short, we are in a time of dangerous chaos,” he concluded. “If we add further unrest, such as on the Serbian border, the critical mass may be easily exceeded.” The very fact that the possibility of a new world war is now being discussed is terrifying, he believes. Kwasniewski started his political career in Soviet times as a Polish youth organizer, and after the fall of communist rule, was elected to lead the country for two terms between 1995 and 2005.

He blamed Russia for the crisis in Ukraine and praised US President Joe Biden for leading Western nations in opposition to Moscow. The former politician claimed that Russia “turned out to be not so strong.” Poland, in turn, “is doing what it can do” to help Ukraine and the effort is being appreciated, he said. Kwasniewski cited a letter he received from former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma as evidence, in which he called Poles “true friends of Ukraine.” The Polish government has been one of the most vocal supporters of Kiev and has spared no words in accusing Russia of various misdeeds. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has claimed that Russia is similar to Nazi Germany and has to be defeated militarily. Warsaw has also offered to host US nuclear weapons on its soil, but Washington has said it has no plans for such a deployment.

Moscow sent its troops into Ukraine in late February, citing what it calls NATO’s creeping expansion into the country as one of the main reasons. Russia has accused Western nations of torpedoing peace talks with Kiev. The US and its allies want to hurt Russia as much as possible and are using Ukrainians as “cannon fodder” Russian President Putin has declared.

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Long history.

On the Influence of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine (Lauria)

The U.S. relationship with Ukrainian fascists began after the Second World War. During the war, units of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B) took part in the Holocaust, killing at least 100,000 Jews and Poles. Mykola Lebed, a top aide to Stepan Bandera, the leader of the fascist OUN-B, was recruited by the C.I.A. after the war, according to a 2010 study by the U.S. National Archives. The government study said, “Bandera’s wing (OUN/B) was a militant fascist organization.” Bandera’s closest deputy, Yaroslav Stetsko, said: ““I…fully appreciate the undeniably harmful and hostile role of the Jews, who are helping Moscow to enslave Ukraine…. I therefore support the destruction of the Jews and the expedience of bringing German methods of exterminating Jewry to Ukraine….”

The study says: “At a July 6, 1941, meeting in Lwów, Bandera loyalists determined that Jews ‘have to be treated harshly…. We must finish them off…. Regarding the Jews, we will adopt any methods that lead to their destruction.’” Lebed himself proposed to “’cleanse the entire revolutionary territory of the Polish population,’ so that a resurgent Polish state would not claim the region as in 1918.” Lebed was the “foreign minister” of a Banderite government in exile, but he later broke with Bandera for acting as a dictator. The U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps termed Bandera “extremely dangerous” yet said he was “looked upon as the spiritual and national hero of all Ukrainians….” The C.I.A. was not interested in working with Bandera, pages 81-82 of the report say, but the British MI6 was.

“MI6 argued, Bandera’s group was ‘the strongest Ukrainian organization abroad, is deemed competent to train party cadres, [and] build a morally and politically healthy organization….’” An early 1954 MI6 summary noted that, “the operational aspect of this [British] collaboration [with Bandera] was developing satisfactorily. Gradually a more complete control was obtained over infiltration operations…” Britain ended its collaboration with Bandera in 1954. West German intelligence, under former Nazi intelligence chief Reinhard Gehlen, then worked with Bandera, who was eventually assassinated with cyanide dust by the KGB in Munich in 1959. Instead of Bandera, the C.I.A. was interested in Lebed, despite his fascist background. They set him up in an office in New York City from which he directed sabotage and propaganda operations on the agency’s behalf inside Ukraine against the Soviet Union.

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No doubt.

Lavrov Suggests ‘Hundreds’ Of US Troops Are In Ukraine (RT)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has alleged that “hundreds” of American servicemen are deployed to Ukraine, claiming that US soldiers, military advisers and intelligence officers have long been direct participants in the conflict. Sitting down with Russia’s Channel One for an interview on Wednesday, Lavrov spoke at length about Washington’s deep involvement in the hostilities in Ukraine, which has steadily grown despite repeated assurances from American leaders that US personnel would have no role in the fighting. “Dozens, maybe even hundreds of American troops are in Ukraine, they were there even before the coup,” the FM said, referring to the 2014 ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich by nationalist formations and pro-Western activists. “CIA officers occupied at least one floor in the Security Service of Ukraine.”

Lavrov also claimed that the US military attache based in Kiev has provided significant advice to Ukrainian authorities, saying “Military specialists are obviously engaged not only in making visits to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, but, of course, in one way or another they provide direct advisory, and maybe even more than advisory, services.” He noted that a separate team of US specialists has traveled to Ukraine to monitor the flow of Western arms to the country, created after American lawmakers demanded a more robust mechanism for tracking billions in lethal aid. Given that “Ukraine is receiving more and more and better Western weapons,” the FM said Russian forces are now formulating plans to disrupt the arms shipments, adding that “Railway lines, bridges and tunnels” are being considered as targets to “make these deliveries more difficult or, ideally, stop them altogether.”

Lavrov went on to argue that Western states declared “war” on Russia nearly a decade ago, soon after the 2014 Euromaidan revolution, which was soon followed by US and NATO military support to the post-coup government. “The collective West, which is headed by a nuclear power – the United States – is at war with us,” he said. “This war was declared on us quite a long time ago, after the coup d’etat in Ukraine that was orchestrated by the United States and, in fact, backed by the European Union.” So far this year, Washington has authorized more than $20 billion in direct military aid to Ukraine, not counting the separate ‘Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative’ and billions more in economic and humanitarian assistance. US officials have indicated those policies are set to continue, having pledged to supply Kiev with as much aid as needed for “as long as it takes.”

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“The statue of Catherine II was restored by the citizens of Odessa themselves, back in 2007..”

Ukraine Falsifying History And ‘Replacing’ Memory – Moscow (RT)

With its campaign of removing monuments and erasing Russian culture, the government in Kiev is attempting to rewrite Ukraine’s history and forcibly alter the memory of its own population, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday. She was commenting on the removal of the statues of Empress Catherine the Great and General Alexander Suvorov from the port city of Odessa. Local authorities ordered the monument to Catherine to be taken down “under the cover of night, like criminals,” Zakharova said, accusing Ukraine of “falsifying its own history, and destroying and replacing the historical memory of its people.”

“In their futile attempt to abolish Russian culture, to ban speaking and even thinking in Russian, Ukrainian authorities are trying to wipe off the face of the earth any objects that could awaken in the large Russian-speaking population of the country the awareness of what they are trying to take from them,” Zakharova noted. Part of that process is removing the monuments their own ancestors put up, she explained. The statue of Catherine II was restored by the citizens of Odessa themselves, back in 2007, to replace the 1900 monument taken down by the Bolshevik revolutionaries in 1920. Suvorov commanded Russian troops that took the Ottoman fort of Khadjibey in 1791. Three years later, by imperial decree, Catherine II established the city that would be named Odessa in 1795. The port ended up becoming the Russian Empire’s “pearl by the sea.” Some nationalists in Ukraine have called these facts “myths” imposed by “Russian occupiers” and urged the removal of monuments to Catherine, Suvorov and other Russians.

President Vladimir Zelensky’s government created a special task force for “de-Russification, de-Communization and decolonization” in June, expanding the policy of removing Soviet-era names and monuments adopted after the US-backed coup in 2014. Zelensky himself endorsed the removal of the Odessa monument in July, though he stopped short of approving a petition to replace the empress with a statue to American porn actor Billy Herrington. Two statues to Suvorov, in the city of Odessa and nearby Izmail, were also taken down in recent days. “The history of these places, like the entire history of Ukraine, is inseparable from Russian history, and any attempts of the Kiev regime to rewrite it are doomed to failure,” said Zakharova, vowing that the removed monuments will be restored to their place of honor once Ukraine is no longer under “the yoke of aggressive radical nationalists” and everything “returns to normal.”

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Erdogan thrives on his neutral stance, but still has some 90% inflation.

Türkiye Warns Greece Against Expansion In Aegean Sea (RT)

Türkiye will not give Greece a single mile of territorial waters in the Aegean Sea, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday, warning that Ankara will use all means at its disposal to protect its interests. “We will not allow the expansion of [Greek] territorial waters by even one mile in the Aegean, let alone 12,” Cavusoglu was quoted as saying by the state-run Anadolu Agency. His comments came in response to reports that Athens plans to extend its territorial waters around the island of Crete to 12 nautical miles. Cavusoglu recalled a 1995 Turkish parliamentary decision that states that if Greece increases its territorial waters in the Aegean beyond six miles, the parliament would provide the government with “all powers,” including military ones, in order to defend Türkiye’s national interests. The minister went on to warn Greece not to “get into sham heroism by trusting those who might have your back.”

“Don’t seek adventurism. It won’t end well for you!” Cavusoglu warned. Last week, the Greek government announced that it plans to extend its territorial waters to the south and west of Crete in March, citing favorable international and regional developments, according to the online news outlet In.Gr, which cited sources from the presidential administration. The move puts further strain on the already fraught relations between Ankara and Athens. Back in May, Erdogan officially cut ties with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and closed all other communication channels between the countries. Although the two nations are NATO partners, they have a long history of rivalry and are entwined in a number of ongoing disputes, including over control of several Aegean islands, as well as about drilling rights in the Mediterranean, and the status of Cyprus.

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SBF Met With Senior White House Officials Shortly Before FTX Collapse (ZH)

FTX founder and accused crypto-crook Sam Bankman-Fried met with senior White House officials on at least four occasions in the months leading up to his firm’s massive implosion, Bloomberg reports. On Sept. 8, SBF met with senior Biden adviser Steve Ricchetti in a previously unreported encounter, White House officials familiar with the matter said. The meeting was “the latest in a handful of sessions,” according to the report. “Bankman-Fried had at least three others previously disclosed in White House visitor logs. They include one April 22 and another May 12, each with Ricchetti, and one a day later, on May 13, with Bruce Reed, another senior Biden aide, officials confirmed. The final meeting is recorded in logs as two meetings held back-to-back, but was one meeting, officials said. Some of the prior White House meetings included others from FTX. -Bloomberg”

What’s more, Bankman-Fried’s brother, Gabriel, held a March meeting of his own and was also at the May 13 meeting – bringing the total number up to five meetings that involved one or both brothers. According to one source, “politics” were not discussed despite SBF being a Democrat megadonor credited as a major factor in President Biden’s 2020 win. Instead, the brothers allegedly talked about general matters related to the ‘crypto industry and exchanges,’ as well as “pandemic prevention related to the foundation, Guarding Against Pandemics, run by Gabe Bankman-Fried,” according to an official. SBF now faces several criminal charges related to the collapse of FTX. His ties to Washington have come under the microscope since the collapse of his exchange – as Bankman-Fried gave millions of dollars to Democratic politicians – becoming the party’s second-largest individual donor in the 2022 session.

One person familiar with the meetings, speaking on condition they not be identified, said that politics was not discussed at the White House meetings. “While Bankman-Fried, or SBF as he’s known, lived in the Bahamas, he made frequent trips to Washington — testifying before Congress and meeting with key regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, as well as with White House officials. -Bloomberg”. According to US prosecutors, SBF allegedly conspired with others to use corporate funds and shadow donors for political contributions, and illegally commingled billions of dollars of customers’ funds lent to his trading arm, Alameda Research.

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“I have a very busy day job running a $6 billion institute. I don’t have time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration.”

Integrity Lost and Regained (Malone)

Human beings can be characterized by exhibiting integrity or its opposites, hypocrisy and deceit. Buildings can have structural integrity, or they can be unsound, a danger to inhabitants. Organizations can have integrity, or can be corrupt. And a Nation can have integrity, or be divided against itself. Ed Dowd, Tom Lewis and their Maui colleagues diagnosed loss of integrity as a core problem contributing to the Covid crisis across virtually all governmental and corporate “verticals” and developed a solution which they (generously) named the “Malone Doctrine.” Subsequent events have validated their assessment. One needs look no further than the latest headlines. Election integrity has become one of the most trending of hashtags (in USA, Brazil, and so many other places).

Nord Stream (NS) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) have been sabotaged, most certainly not by either Russia or Germany, but fearing retaliation no one dares even whisper the name of the culprit all know to be responsible. The deep corruption associated with the Biden family is being revealed, as is the role of corporate media in trying to keep it from impacting elections. The omniscient Anthony Fauci has followed in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton and so many others in deploying the “I cannot remember” defense, but with a new wrinkle of belligerent defiance; recently testifying that “I have a very busy day job running a $6 billion institute. I don’t have time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration.”

Clear and compelling evidence released to Blaze Media under FOIA request document otherwise. During the Covid crisis, both CDC director Rochelle Walensky and Deborah Birx resorted to substituting “hope” for data in making major public health decisions, and then enforcing these decisions via deployment of highly refined psychological operations techniques against objecting United States Citizens. And then we have the cascading collapse of corruption known as the FTX scandal. Just to highlight some of the most recent examples. I argue that the Imperial Administrative State which the United States Federal Government has been transformed into has clearly lost any semblance of integrity.

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The stories on IgG4 keep coming..

Study Finds Worse Antibodies After mRNA Boosters (JTN)

IgG4 antibodies, known for their noninflammatory properties, constituted just 0.04% of all IgG subclasses shortly after the second mRNA dose, the German study says. The fourth subclass started ramping up several months after the full series and reached a high of 19.27% “late after the third vaccination.” “Importantly, this class switch was associated with a reduced capacity of the spike-specific antibodies to mediate antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis [ingesting and eliminating pathogens] and complement deposition,” the study’s introduction says. Serum samples taken after the booster and “normalized to the amount of anti-spike antibodies yielded significant[ly] lower phagocytic scores than sera from the same donors after two immunizations,” the study found.

The increased IgG4 “might result in longer viral persistence in case of infection,” according to the researchers, most of whom are associated with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The findings “may have consequences for the choice and timing” of mRNA vaccine regimens, including subsequent boosters. Co-author Kilian Schober wrote in a tweet thread that the 1-in-5 proportion of IgG4 after boosting jumped to 40-80% of antibodies after subsequent breakthrough infections, which is “very unusual.” While the researchers “saw improved antibody avidity [accumulated binding] and cross-neutralization after 3rd vs. 2nd vaccination,” he said, the “fragment crystallizable” antibody functions on cell receptors “are indeed deteriorated (!).” But Schober also cautioned against the view “among some anti-vax circles,” prompted by the paper’s preprint release this summer, that mRNA vaccines are inducing “tolerance” to infection rather than fighting it.

The study didn’t answer whether “the class switch [is] irrelevant in terms of consequences on subsequent infections,” he said. It is “conceivable” that the noninflammatory IgG4 response prevents “immunological over-activation while virus is still being neutralized [blocked from entering] via high-avidity antibody variable regions.” The IgG4 subclass is associated with increased COVID-related mortality, according to a letter by Italian researchers published in Elvesier’s European Journal of Internal Medicine a year ago. “Because anti-spike IgG4 have shown poor in vitro neutralizing capacity compared to IgG1, IgG2, and IgG3 antibodies, a first possibility is that hosts with prominent IgG4 immune responses might be more permissive to SARS-CoV-2 infection,” according to those San Raffaele Scientific Institute researchers.

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“They feel betrayed by the very government agencies that once fed their craving for fear.”

The New Yorker Promotes “People’s CDC” And Mask Mandates Forever (ZH)

When the science no longer supports the establishment narrative, the science no longer matters. This is the lesson we have learned time and time again over the course of the past few years when it comes to covid mandates and vaccine cultism. Americans in particular have been whipped with incessant claims since 2020 that the “science is settled” when it comes to mask restrictions, lockdowns, mRNA technology, etc. Yet, as time passes, every “conspiracy theory” asserted by the anti-mandate crowd turns out to be true. This, however, is not stopping the covid cult (made up mostly of political leftists) from blindly marching forward as they cling to the sweet taste of ultimate power they experienced from 2020 – 2021. They just can’t let it go.

The pandemic world is their ideal world, and they continue to reveal their addiction in a steady outcry for ongoing restrictions. The New Yorker has recently joined the trend for perpetual medical tyranny with an article titled ‘The Case For Wearing Masks Forever’ in which they promote the concept of a new politicized version of the CDC, called the People’s CDC, which ignores the actual science and enables the irrational fears of covid obsessives. The People’s CDC is made up of academics, doctors, activists, and artists who believe that the government has left them to fend for themselves against Covid-19. They believe the CDC’s data and guidelines have been distorted by powerful forces with vested interests in keeping people at work and keeping anxieties about the pandemic down.

This is a fascinating juxtaposition of previous narratives. Two years ago, anti-mandate movements argued the exact opposite – That data and guidelines had been distorted by powerful forces vested in keeping the public afraid and under control. As it turns out, the anti-mandate crowd was right about everything. The public was being lied to about the effectiveness of the masks, the effectiveness of the lockdowns and the effectiveness of the vaccines. Establishment institutions have been forced by the wider dissemination of scientific data to admit this reality.

And now, leftists are livid. They feel betrayed by the very government agencies that once fed their craving for fear. The People’s CDC admits they don’t really know what their larger goal is, only that they are seeking to provide an “alternative source of information”, one that essentially reinforces their ideological assumptions. It should be noted that when conservatives and liberty activists tried to share scientific information that was contrary to the establishment narrative, it was these same leftists that cried for censorship and called anti-mandate groups “dangerous”.

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No new mutations at all.

Half of Chinese Arrivals to Italy Carrying COVID-19 Virus – All Omicron (CTH)

Yesterday Italian officials announced that half the airline passengers arriving from China tested positive for COVID-19. However, in a follow-up today Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said so far all of the testing shows the omicron variant, no new sub-variants of the virus. The Biden administration CDC announced yesterday that effective January 5, 2023, all passengers traveling to the U.S. from China will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival.

(Bloomberg) — “Italy didn’t find any new concerning Covid-19 mutations among recent arrivals from China who tested positive for the virus, a relief for officials worried about fresh health threats. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said Italy already sequenced half of the samples tested in Milan and they all show the omicron strain of the coronavirus. “This is quite reassuring,” she said at a press conference Thursday. “The situation in Italy is under control, and there are no immediate concerns.” China has scrapped its strict lockdown measures in recent weeks, leading to a surge in infections in the country. While the exact numbers are unclear, the rapid spread has led to concerns around the world about new strains emerging. The US and Italy on Wednesday joined an increasing number of nations demanding Covid tests for travelers from China, after Japan and Taiwan unveiled similar measures.”

It seems odd that with all this time passed, China is still struggling with COVID-19 mitigation and treatment while the rest of the world seems to have moved beyond it. Perhaps this is an outcome of China’s zero covid approach.

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Only $138 billion left..

Elon Musk’s Net Worth Collapse Is Biggest Loss Of Wealth In Modern History (Ind.)

Elon Musk‘s net worth has plummeted by more than $200bn over the past 13 months, the biggest loss of wealth in recent history. The tech tycoon lost more than half of his fortune between November 2021 and December this year, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, largely due to the collapse of Tesla stock during that time. The $208bn wiped from Mr Musk’s net worth is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Greece. The amount lost is also more than the net worth of the world’s richest person, Bernard Arnault. After topping the rich list for most of the year, Mr Musk lost his place to the French business magnate earlier this month, although he remains ahead of other US tech billionaires that have dominated the list in recent years.

Mr Musk’s net worth peaked at $338bn in November 2021, according to Bloomberg, coinciding with the fortunes of Tesla. The electric car maker has lost roughly 70 per cent of its value in 2022 following production delays in China, vehicle recalls, and concerns among investors that its CEO has been distracted by his new role as head of Twitter. Tesla’s market cap is down by nearly $900bn since November 2021, causing it to drop out of the top 10 most valuable companies. Despite the losses, Tesla remains the world’s most valuable car maker by a distance, with its losses over the last year equivalent to the combined market cap of all other automakers.

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“- UK renewable power hit a peak;
– the UK experienced its ‘warmest’ year; and
– the UK experienced its worst energy crisis in 40+ years.
So renewables didn’t solve the ‘problem’ they were supposed to, but instead caused a crisis.”

Britain’s Renewable Power Hits New Peak, Fossil Fuel Also Rises (R.)

Renewable power sources generated 40% of Britain’s electricity in 2022, up from 35% in 2021, while the share of fossil fuel in the energy mix also rose, a report by academics from Imperial College London for Drax Electric Insights showed on Thursday. Overall generation from renewables has more than quadrupled over the last decade. Wind, solar, biomass and hydro are the main sources of renewable power. Fossil fuel still has a larger share, providing 42% of Britain’s power in 2022, which was its biggest contribution to the country’s fuel mix since 2016. Iain Staffell of Imperial College London, and lead author of the report, said 2022 had been “a year like no other for the energy industry”.

Although renewables provide “more cheap, green energy than ever before,” he said, the public is feeling the pain of gas prices, which surged in response to supply disruption linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. Britain, in common with other European countries, extended the life of coal-fired power units to try to ensure adequate supplies during winter peak demand as Britain’s power imports dropped to zero in 2022, compared with 8% of supplies in 2021, Drax said. The country has significantly reduced its reliance on coal, the most carbon-intensive form of power generation. The National Grid said 0.7% of generation came from coal in November compared with 11.3% at the same time in 2017. On one day in May, renewables provided almost 73% of power to the grid, the report said.

The rise of renewable power cut Britain’s carbon emissions by 2.7 million tonnes compared to the previous year, according to Thursday’s report. Another report by Drax, once heavily reliant on coal and now Britain’s biggest renewable power generator by output, said that between 2010-19, Britain cut its carbon emissions from its power grid further and faster than any other major economy.

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    Booster mandates in young adults are expected to cause a net harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented, we anticipate at least 18.5 serious adverse events from mRNA vaccines, including 1.5–4.6 booster-associated myopericarditis cases in males (typically requiring hospitalisation).” –




    ABC News Journalist Speaks Out, Describes Her Covid Jab Injury As A ‘Living Hell’

    ABC News Journalist Speaks Out, Describes Her Covid Jab Injury As A ‘Living Hell’




    i’m pretty suss on chat gpt. I think it is control grid 3.0
    it didn’t know anything about the igG4 studies – I had to manually input the weblinks. It argued that ‘well we don’t know what will happen etc.”
    It has a moral input in line with the zoom class westerner which is massively problematic. They are going to have to set it free or it is just going to fail or make everyone a puritan.

    It won’t offer to help me write a song that involves anger or violence (sorry Eminem and Hollywood).
    It won’t help my kids find out about farts without a lecture on health advice and then still won’t let them find out about farts.

    This thing is great at writing like you have a lobotomy. Is this where we are headed?

    Dr. D

    Here’s a thought:


    SBF is out. Immediately wallet transfers happen of the few real cryptos they owned:

    “Alameda Wallets Funnel over $1.7 Million Via Crypto-Mixers Overnight”

    Not only that, it’s not the courts, clearly the criminals as they are going out of their way to hide the transaction paths and recipients with wallet tumblers. See? Now this IS a good use of blockchain. I can easily tell this is an open fraud and a crime 2,000 miles away in my basement. Everyone else can too. Including the SEC and Bankruptcy judge, neither of which will do a thing.

    “SBF Was Meeting with Senior White House Officials Shortly before FTX Collapse”

    Of course he was. He has an inside line. But he only has the access I have as a private citizen, because it’s not about the money or anything. I’m sure if I asked for an appointment, ol’ Joe would fit me in. Oh wait, if it IS about the money, doesn’t that mean it’s effectively bribery, by definition?

    politics was not discussed at the White House meetings.”

    Suuure. They talked about golf and grandkids, like usual. Purely social call. We’ve heard that before and believed it then too.

    “World Economic Forum Cancels Twitter, Directs Followers to Chinese Social Media Apps”

    China – EU merger. Identical in principles and morality.

    I’m baffled by Trump’s unwavering allegiance to the vax. Unfit. People say this or that, but I’ll say this: I thought you said he was just chasing likes and did whatever was popular with his base. But he does what is overwhelmingly unpopular with his base, that undermines him sharply, perhaps fatally? And the base is a cult because they reject great leader, his judgment and advice?

    You tell me. My guess is he made a deal of some sort to support them and is keeping his end. What he traded for I can’t guess, because clearly it’s bad. Maybe that they wouldn’t release a far worse virus, airborne ebola?

    Ze is the New Churchill. Is that the evil, racist, white supremacist one? Or the heroic, stoic, uniting Britain one? I get confused. I assume they mean the evil racist one since it’s the Left talking. Stand by your beliefs, sir.

    “The conflict has put an end to the old world order”

    If the old world order is over, then we enter into What world order? An older one? A middle one? Maybe a “New” one? Nope. When I say what they say, I’m crazy. When they say what they say, it’s good and true.

    “Lavrov Suggests ‘Hundreds’ of US Troops Are in Ukraine (RT)”

    It’s a big place and hundreds are a given. No one should object to this description.

    “Western states declared “war” on Russia nearly a decade ago, soon after the 2014 Euromaidan revolution, which was soon followed by US and NATO”

    Does anyone object to this?

    “I argue that the Imperial Administrative State which the United States Federal Government has been transformed into has clearly lost any semblance of integrity.”

    I have heard an alternate take of history that the colonies didn’t secede from Britain in the way usually claimed: an equal difference of opinion taken to a war of secession, but it was something not dissimilar, just merely not mentioned: from the 1750s Britain actually wasn’t governing the colonies at all. It was a de facto government vacuum. So the Colonies would present “We have these X, Y, Z problems” and no representatives in Parliament, but the king would say, “I can’t be bothered with this right now. I have real problems. (with France)” and hand it off to the third minister of paper clips. 20 years of this, the Colonies have tried everything to get attention and their problems “fixed”, you know, the executive version of “adjudicated”, and all they get is more taxes. …To pay for the French and Indian war, it’s true. But now they have all taxes and no government.

    Eventually they come to the realization – after 25 years – that “Hey, if we don’t have any government, ain’t gonna get any government, I guess we have no choice but to govern ourselves.” What’s the actual difference? Then after 50 new messages that they will do this if they don’t get solutions, they have painted themselves into Ultimatum Corner and had to take actions to go through with it.

    See the difference? Same story, not that the commonly known facts aren’t true, but it changes their character. That and knowing that London CAN’T give the colonies the vote, because already in 1775 America was ALREADY larger and could outvote England. To say nothing of the rest of the Empire if they also had reps. So no body, no where, no how, gets Reps. Definition of an Empire-Colony. Imagine India, voting per man.

    Re-read that quote from today: “the United States Federal Government has been transformed into has clearly lost any semblance of integrity.”

    They tax infinite. They provide zero. Worse than zero as they appear to be actively corrupt and working AGAINST the people at every turn among other things as a means of extracting wealth. Not even wealth for empire, but wealth for personal McMansions. Ew.

    If that’s true, Why are we looking at them? Why are you asking them for anything? You know they won’t do it, why are you wasting your valuable time and breath? That is to say, we clearly and visibly already have no Federal Government Administrative State administering anything but fraud.

    I know people don’t like this – I don’t know why – but when the government shuts down, what stops? Literally nothing. No one notices. Nothing changes. The FBI still doesn’t prosecute crimes. The SEC still doesn’t protect the markets. Trade and commerce still crosses state lines. Ships still dock, planes still land. Trains rail place to place. They could take the whole year off and no one would notice but a minor backlog of important cases.

    If so, then why confuse yourself believing the King is there and gives a s—t? If you need government, just run it at the State or Local level. …And P.S. after a while stop paying them.

    “Half of Chinese Arrivals to Italy Carrying COVID-19 Virus – All Omicron (CTH)”

    Omicron isn’t dangerous, why would I care? Because like a single snowflake falling, you gave it a name? Winter Blizcano Billy-Bob! It’s going to drop a whole INCH of snow in Maine!

    Italian Coronavirus!!! Exactly the same as every Coronavirus aka “common cold” since Caesar Augustus was a lad. Ah-choo! GMAFB.

    People are so brain-addled they think giving something a name makes it real. And the name then becomes more real than the thing. That’s literal insanity. The visions in your head aren’t real, man; there are no flying badgers out to get you.

    The $208bn wiped from Mr Musk’s net worth is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Greece.”

    Goes to show it was never real to begin with. The symbolic wealth “name” I wrote on paper isn’t real wealth in the world. Musk knows that but clearly some other people don’t. Speaking of: enduring mystery, $1T in Tesla, $1T in Amazon (which they don’t mention, as it’s pile-Elon time), $1T in crypto, $12T lost elsewhere, no nothin. No bank collapse, no stock collapse, no margin call, no emerging market rush, nothing. No nothing nowhere. Wait: I thought in ‘01 and ‘08 that reversing the inflation wealth effect, servicing of compounding debts mattered? Now it no longer matters anymore? So Tesla can go to $1 market cap and nothing happens? Amazon can be worth $10,000 for their HQ building and nobody calls their debts? Debt-to-assets?

    Yup. I guess so now. We’re in a post-reality world. Capitalism where money has no value, is a unit accounting nothing.

    “– the UK experienced its ‘warmest’ year; and”

    Thinking: if there were any such thing as weather modification, I’d shove the Arctic Cap off the NP down on North America and prevent a freeze in Germany and Ukraine. Wouldn’t you?

    Jh-Jb: I write too long, but I used to know call center people. Here’s the thing people don’t get, as they just hire in any minimum wage worker off the street: Call Center is a very specific trained specialty with a very specific personality type. Like being a doctor. It takes a year – years – of training for all the ins and outs of whatever company or service you provide, and years in learning people skills more honed than a salesman, a job that actually pays. They’re also the face of your company, as Southwest just found, without them nothing happens. Nobody calls in to pay. Nobody calls to tell you things, indicate problems, etc.

    I’d forward you to them for a job, but they are doing exactly what the rest of the nation is doing: utterly and methodically destroying the call center people, knowledge, and talent brick-by-brick. From a very high-functioning state that was easy to quantify cost/benefit, satisfaction, call time, etc. They hauled in half-priced reps from outside that cost them 4x as much because they can’t do, know, or solve anything. That put all the weight on the remaining employees. They refused to hire. They refuse to train. They refuse to staff for storms and holidays they know are high. They lose money faster than a fire hose at an ever-increasing rate rather than go back to what worked. No one can call in and buy product. No money is booked. No one cares.

    I guess companies, managements, don’t like money now? Don’t sully themselves with things like “Customers calling and paying?” Without talent or a system, all problems customers call about are not fixed. Not forwarded. Go into a queue that gets infinitely longer until it’s too long and they just erase it for month-end numbers.

    What fresh hell is this? I understand call center is going to be a tough sell that there is actual ten-thousands of dollars per-rep in training. Those people are VALUABLE. In dollars invested if nothing else. That answering the phone takes more than monkeys. And that the computer can’t actually solve jack in their automated system and will both take more time, more money, and piss off every existing human who then vows a blood oath never to buy from your company again. I get that, even as they do more of it every day.

    What I don’t get is how they shut down this specialty of call centers and thereby LOCK THE FRONT DOOR to paying customers. “Hey! Oi! You want our product YOU figure out how to make us sell it to you! We’re not just going to have, you know, an “store” where you come in, ask questions, get the product and pay. That’s for YOU to figure out!”

    I’d say “For us to know and you to figure out” but really the inside company doesn’t know either. They have NO METHOD for the customer to talk to and pay. They don’t like money: they got rid of the shop, locked the cash registers, then threw them in a lake.

    Upper management says it’s not our problem: Having money come in the front door with “customers” costs too much money, so they squeezed down, fired, and closed them.

    I kid you not.

    Capitalism? What Capitalism? We’re clearly in a money-free, reality-free, bankruptcy-free zone.

    Good luck getting people to value your expertise. I couldn’t think of a solution there myself, but I’m sure some companies, somewhere must understand the basics of “Money come in.” I just haven’t met a company like that since I don’t know when.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron, Re. flatulence question from 13 y/o son: Flatulence results from undigested food getting to the colon, where anaerobic bacteria break it down, forming gas. Meat products produce fouler smell, similar to rotting meat vs. rotting vegetables or legumes. Cheese also foul. Eating a consistent diet, like beans-every day, will eventually induce production of the digestive enzymes needed to thoroughly digest that food (like the complex carbohydrate-branchings in beans/legumes).
    Farts from poorly digested dry dog food really do smell bad, but it’s not the dog’s fault.

    John Day

    @Germ: The Baccinated Are So F***ed?


    “Being sarcastic put you at a greater risk of heart attack….”



    John Day

    @Dr.D: jb-hb seems to have a pretty good grasp of bureaucratic machinations. The middle-managers “rule” by keeping the upper-managers and workers at arm’s length from each other, thereby cementing their intermediary position as critical to the corporation. This intermediation serves the middle-managers job-security, just as any form of intermediation serves a profit-carve-out function, but may harm the function of the system as it does so.
    This is the inherent reason for “the right way, the wrong way and the government way”, and the resultant process-inefficiency. You have to have a big bureaucracy to do big jobs in the long term, but each level of bureaucracy harms efficiency in the process through corruption of information at each level. Still, it is necessary in the long term. In the short term you might get somebody like Musk who comes in with fewer layers of bureaucracy, and actually checks in at ground-level frequently, and over-accomplishes stuff. How long can he last?
    Any bureaucracy degrades when the founder degrades, then dies. Eventually, the bureaucracy just perpetuates itself, and does not perform much of its official function.


    Happy New Year

    Let Your Freak Flag Fly High

    Fully Un-vaxed



    It is indeed pronking time for the deer in my area, and it’s a delightful thing to see. It started early this year, and the chickadees have followed suit- singing their spring song on Boxing Day instead of New Year’s Day. I hope that means an early spring.

    When I contemplate a 1.7 trillion dollar budget, and then look at the dollar bill in my hand, I am flabbergasted.


    John Day- “the boosted are so fucked”


    Denninger’s explanation of the IgG4 effect vs IgG1-3 antibodies effects.


    TAE is bad for peace of mind.

    Our social/economic/political systems can only operate/depend on people accepting the communication of successful liars.
    (Human beings can be characterized by exhibiting integrity or its opposites, hypocrisy and deceit.)


    • Integrity Lost and Regained (Malone)

    • Lavrov Suggests ‘Hundreds’ Of US Troops Are In Ukraine (RT)

    • Ukraine Falsifying History And ‘Replacing’ Memory – Moscow (RT)

    • SBF Met With Senior White House Officials Shortly Before FTX Collapse (ZH)

    • Study Finds Worse Antibodies After mRNA Boosters (JTN)
    It’s not covid19. It was a variation of Omicron

    No new mutations at all.

    • Half of Chinese Arrivals to Italy Carrying COVID-19 Virus – All Omicron (CTH)

    Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said Italy already sequenced half of the samples tested in Milan and they all show the omicron strain of the coronavirus. “This is quite reassuring,” she said at a press conference Thursday. “The situation in Italy is under control, and there are no immediate concerns.”

    @ oxymoron
    Using chat GPT, will awaken//prepare/improve critical thinking skills and improve communication skills for a liar/politician/snob.
    It will improve communication skills of introverts.
    It will replace the first level of “call center” employees and “Q&A”


    I highly recommend this with a srong whiskey over the holidays.
    It’s full of so many gems.

    “Dave joins me to talk his year in review, diet, Covid, Ukraine, the economy, the media, politics and more.

    David B. Collum is an economic commentator, chemist, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University. ”

    What a hoot!

    TVASF – and Collum confirms he’s death vaxxed. He must be shitting himself.


    Did you look at the following?
    Its more than the twitter files.
    Russian MIL Begin Naming Names! Fauci and Collins of the NIH Created C19!

    The investigation found that Fauci openly lied and deliberately concealed US government involvement in the research programmes.

    At the same time, his collusion with social media management to manipulate public opinion on the causes of COVID-19 was revealed.

    Such revelations raise legitimate questions for the US about the causes of new human-caused pathogens and the patterns of pandemic spread.”

    So now Russian MIL are bridging the gap between the creation of Covid 19, and the coverup via social media and MSM influence, facilitated by one Dr. Anthony Fauci.


    @ zero – Ta!

    John Day

    The Unbearable Cost Of Sycophancy, The Ethical Skeptic (about blind virtue signaling costs)

    The Unbearable Cost of Sycophancy

    John Day

    Thanks MPSK for clarifying this: “the boosted are so fucked”


    Comparing Zelensky with Churchill is perfectly valid. Churchill was also a privileged, mendacious warmonger who squandered the lives of millions and facilitated profiteering by corporations in the protection of unjust, hierarchical social arrangements that served the interests of a small group of sociopaths at the top of the money-power pyramid.

    The scumbags who pretend to be promoters of freedom and democracy don’t lie all the time.

    The clever aspect of Big Brother’s plan is to get Ukrainians to fight and die for the establishment of a new Airstrip and fight and die to promote their own enslavement, as was the case for English-speaking proles in previous World Wars.

    Remember Gallipoli, and how The Empire of Lies squandered the lives of lads -mostly from farms on Airstrips Four and Five- because of Churchill’s arrogance and incompetence. And don’t forget the lives of the lads on the battleships that sunk because Churchill’s idiotic gunboat-diplomacy plan to sail up to Constantinople/Istanbul and terrorise the Turks into surrendering, having previously confiscated the ship build for Turkey by a British shipyard and kept the money paid by Turkey. If the Turks had surrendered at the sight of the Dreadnaughts, next stop, Sevastopol!

    History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.

    “Where’s the memory hole. We need to rewrite some recent history.”

    Italy. Wasn’t that where Coronavirus Round One commenced? Travellers from China arrived carrying a ‘deadly virus’, so deadly the only solution was to roll out death jabs that had been in-the-making many years before.

    “Where’s the memory hole. We need to rewrite some more recent history.”

    Here’s one Big Brother can’t rewrite and shove down the memory hole: Without energy, nothing happens. Without energy The Empire of Lies collapses.

    War is Peace

    Freedom is Slavery

    Ignorance is Strength

    John Day

    Shortly after FTX Digital Markets filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Bahamian authorities seized $3.5 billion of digital assets from the failed cryptocurrency exchange, according to a statement late Thursday.


    Is this where we are headed?
    I know, I know — it is crazy.
    I was raised Mormon. There were taboos in the home and in the Mormon culture. As a child I noticed that in the greater world it seemed like “anything goes.”
    (I was naive…there still were taboos out there, but they were less concrete in most areas.)
    I play one video game — I unwind with it before going to bed — a Boggle word-finding game. A couple of years ago the words “ass” and “rape” were suddenly no longer recognized by the app. Gee, whiz, these are three and four letter words! In addition, the app does not recognize “slut,” or “gay.” Um…”gay” means “happy” and has for centuries…it is banned for a slang meaning with only decades of traction? It recognizes “goy” and “gey”….but not “gay.”


    Action on Airstrip Eleven is ramping up.

    The Koreans are keen to have Big Brother’s Airstrip removed from Korea.

    Big Brother wants to keep Airstrip Eleven a base for operations against Eastasia and Eurasia.

    ‘South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has vowed more aggressive retaliation to military action by Pyongyang, calling to “punish” the DPRK soon after Seoul unveiled a new $440 million military spending package.’


    Dr D — federal government shut down…no one notices…
    Nah. When the tax refund checks stop coming and the SNAP EBT cards don’t refill and the Lifeline phones get shut off and the states don’t get their allotted Medicaid funds and the Social Security checks don’t arrive and the bankruptcies don’t proceed forward — the people will notice, and very quickly.
    Of course, it was very, very foolish for states and counties and cities and citizens to pawn off their responsibilities toward the vulnerable in society onto the federal government. But the feds made it so easy to do. Capitalism does not value the souls who get lost in the musical chairs shuffle, but human compassion could not permit the sufferers to be permanently blotted out. So, instead, we pay out federal taxes and soothe our consciences by telling ourselves that the feds are taking care of it now. Don’t bother feeding the panhandlers, say the new little signs in the nicer commercial districts of the City of Phoenix — donate to proper charities instead! Meanwhile, the services for the indigent are hopelessly inadequate for the scale of the problem, and individuals and families in crisis are more likely to get aid through pleas on than by calling 211.


    Song for Ukraine


    Tribute to Pele.

    Degrade the electric grid. Degrade the air defence systems. What comes next?

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Folded dollar bills in my pocket are my only remaining charity since unemployed for “vaccine” refusal.
    Handing them out from a bike is generally a welcome surprise to the mendicants.



    US Won’t Consider Petroleum to Be of Russian Origin Once It is Transformed in Another Jurisdiction

    “OFAC would not consider petroleum products to be of Russian Federation origin solely because they contain a de minimis, (too trivial or minor to merit consideration),amount of Russian petroleum products left over from a container or tank,”

    John Day

    “The Real War” post is up

    Eleni introduced me to the big-picture work of Alex Krainer yesterday. Here are a couple of his essays.
    The real war is, “people vs. the banks” Things are not going well for the “rules-based” empire of lies
    ​ ​There it is: “There is no long-term prospect for achieving America’s critical, long-standing goal of peace and security in Europe without regime change in Russia.” What Bolton seems to be saying is that Putin has defeated the rules-based global order and that they can only reverse this defeat if they could remove Putin from power and replace him with some Juan Guaido who would hand them back their toys and their victory.​..
    ​..​We can trace the evolution of today’s monetary system back to the Bank of England. It was established in 1694 and over the following century (from 1701 to 1815), England waged fully 18 officially declared wars against her then rival power, France. Back then, the French were hated almost as much as the Russians are today. In 1833 the Parliament passed the Bank of England Act, granting the BOE monopoly on issuing the empire’s “legal tender” currency. Out of the remaining 67 years of the 19th century, Britain spent 32 years in recessions, depressions, bankruptcy or financial collapse including the 22-year long depression lasting from 1873 to 1896. This was while the British Empire was at the zenith of its power.
    ​ ​Rather than waging never-ending wars, blowing up bridges and pipelines or assassinating Vladimir Putin, western powers would do well to reform their monetary systems and embrace honest money. Even a miraculous military victory over Russia could only delay the day of reckoning, and the system would need to find a new enemy to fight more wars. That is a certainty. As Lord Acton said over a century ago, “The issue that has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the Banks.” The banks – not Russia nor Vladimir Putin!
    ​ ​P.S. I do not mean local banks and savings institutions but the international banking cartel and their Global Systemically Important Banks.

    ​ Is this what Kissinger has been on about, urging urgent negotiation in Ukraine to avoid WW-3? Trilateral Commission squabbling in public?​
    ​ ​Huge new cracks appear in the empire’s edifice​ ​The very foundations of the “rules-based global order” seem to be collapsing
    ​ ​On Saturday, 19 November the secretive Trilateral Commission held a meeting in Tokyo. For the first time in the organization’s 50 years, the press – three reporters from Nikkei Asia – were allowed to witness the proceedings of the Commission’s Asia Pacific Group on condition that they don’t identify delegates by name in reporting their statements…​
    ..​Rahm Emanuel, the US Ambassador to Japan delivered his remarks in a speech titled, “Democracy vs. autocracy: You are going to see 2022 as an inflection point in the success of democracy.” It was a serving of all the usual globalist talking points, but it seems that the Asian delegates weren’t too impressed. A former Japanese official challenged Emanuel: “What is the ambassador saying? We must engage China. If we force countries to choose sides, the Southeast Asian nations will choose China. The key is not to force them to choose.”
    ​ ​A veteran member from the Philippines said, “When two elephants fight to the death, we will all be dead. And the question is, what for?” Commission’s executive committee member and next director of the Asia Pacific Group Masahisa Ikeda said, “We feel that the U.S. policy toward Asia, especially toward China has been narrow-minded and unyielding…”
    ​ ​Although the language of the discussions was diplomatic, it was clear that Asian delegates largely reject the American policy towards Asia. Overall, the gathering was described as “nervous that the world is heading in the wrong direction,” that “the problem is America” and that “It’s the U.S. penchant for exporting its ideology that is the main concern for many.”

    ​ The Unbearable Cost Of Sycophancy, The Ethical Skeptic
    “The Blind Leading the Blind” proceeds on personal, national and global scales. It’s often fatal.

    The EU just walked into this same room. This really needs to be stopped, and remedied, but who pays for that? It’s not profitable.
    Sri Lanka’s Neoliberal Nightmare, Widespread Famine Triggered by Covid-19 Lockdown and an Unpayable External Debt

    Sri Lanka’s Neoliberal Nightmare, Widespread Famine Triggered by Covid-19 Lockdown and an Unpayable External Debt

    John Day

    ​ Mike Whitney thinks US/NATO will openly enter the Ukraine War. Western munitions are already depleted by Ukrainian use. All that leaves is nuclear forces.
    ​Why Putin’s Winter Offensive Will Prompt US Entry Into the War

    Why Putin’s Winter Offensive Will Prompt US Entry Into the War

    ​ (German) Moon of Alabama: ​Typical News Updates From Ukraine
    After having run out of missiles, the Russian military today fired another round of them at Ukrainian energy facilities​ …continued…​

    ​ ​Russian MIL Begin Naming Names! Fauci and Collins of the NIH Created C19!​ Thanks Zerosum.
    ​ ​Russia exhausted all the formal diplomatic channels to no avail, but they show no intent to stop their mission to hold the West accountable for their biological genocide in Ukraine.
    ​ ​In response to the West’s lack of cooperation, Russia have decided they are going to start dropping names.​..​
    ​..​Russian MIL’s narrative is on a collision course with Elon about to drop the Fauci Files and C19 portion of the Twitter Files. Russian MIL’s narratives also seem to coincide with that of Trump/Q narratives, that C19 was released intentionally by the Deep State to implement a medical police-state and force mail-in voting to steal 2020 with ballot fraud. It’s all pointing to the same conclusion.
    ​ ​Slowly, the public is being made aware that Covid 19 was a bioweapon, and the same people who made it, covered up the origin, covered up viable treatments, and pushed vaccines that didn’t work, which they profited off of, all in an effort to retain and gain power.
    ​ ​Russia, and the rest of the non-NATO countries, want reparations for the millions of lives (purportedly) lost, and the irreparable economic and psychological damage, caused by the outbreak of the bioweapon created and set loose by the US Democrat National Party and their affiliates.
    ​ ​I​t’s happening. The world will know the truth about Covid 19.

    ​ ​Twitter’s COVID-19 Censorship Led To Loss Of Life, Says Former White House Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas
    ​ ​“Censorship of the correct science and medical information, during this pandemic, absolutely killed people. It prevented people from making intelligent decisions. It prevented people from making the appropriate use of caution​.​”

    ​Jessica Rose Ph.D. addresses the shift in immunoglobins caused by mRNA “vaccine” products
    ​ IgG4 and cancer – a mechanism of action for cancer relapse and onset

    John Day

    @Oroboros: I am guessing that is a Honda CB 500, but I can’t be sure.
    Streamlined position is apparent for a rider seeking top speed.


    ​ IgG4 and …. we are all f***
    I’m reading the comment at

    With old age, the body does not function like it did when younger.
    There are so many more “frailties”/ disfunctions/ that will be enhanced because of ???/c19/vac shot

    My wish for everyone for 2023, is that what was making you miserable in 2022, does not make you turn to painkillers.


    Seems ever more that they must conclude every speech with, “Rossiya delenda est!”


    Quoted by John Day: “It’s the U.S. penchant for exporting its ideology that is the main concern for many.”

    Don’t forget that free trade agreements with the US have often if not always included a clause permitting cultural access.

    In other words, in the name of trade and commerce, Hollywood is permitted to penetrate and alter the other country’s culture, mores, attitudes, hopes, dreams, etc.

    Even before that, however, I grew up in the 1950s (in Oz) and well remember the Cold War propaganda on TV, such as Superman (“Truth, Justice, and the American Way!”) or Captain America (softened here to Jet Jackson), or endless movies about how we won WW2 and now are fighting the Commies. All so blatantly obvious now but of course at the time I absorbed it unthinkingly. Took years to undo the conditioning.

    In your copious spare time, I suggest you read “Hollywood vs America”, by Michael Medved. Here’s a Wikipedia link to a review. He is a conservative fim critic and doesn’t approve of what his industry stands for.


    @phoenixvoice: In my part of the Anglophone (Oz, NZ, UK, ZA, etc) world the word for buttocks is still “arse”, deriving from the Greek orhos meaning buttocks. The word “ass” when I were a lad denoted an animal, only that and nothing more. Even in the US the word “arse” was in use, and I have seen it in US literature as recent as Hemingway or Ogden Nash.

    “Ass” was introduced as a euphemism and the other word seems to have fallen out of use. Now it seems that the euphemism needs a euphemism!

    In Oz the term “ass” seems to be growing in usage, thanks mainly to the growing perfusion of US culture. I dislike it because the way the thought police seem to be heading, we will no longer be able to mention even the braying of an ass. Pity. There are so many asses braying around here. They need to be pointed out.

    Another good word is “bum”, meaning one’s posterior. Dead common in Oz, NZ, UK, etc. To have a good audience is to have a lot of bums on seats.




    The Sun said

    Being sarcastic puts you at greater risk of a heart attack, docs warn

    TPTB are using their faithful doctors and scientists to spread all sorts of bizarre reasons why people are having heart attacks, but the one aspect they all fail to address is why there are more heart attacks now than before people were vaccinated. I particularly liked this set of excuses from the telegraph, posted by off-guardian on their Telegram channel


    Working with aluminium (or as Americans call it, aluminum) I yesterday I cogitated on the various ages.

    There was the Stone Age (often split into parts because it was so long -like 2 million years).

    That was followed by the Copper Age. But the Copper Age didn’t get much of a write up. Indigenous people of the west coast between Oregon and BC were really into copper until they got exterminated by European invaders. Indigenous people don’t count. Especially if they were wiped out.

    Next was the Bronze Age. Copper weapons were no match for Bronze Weapons.

    Bronze Weapons were no match for Iron Weapons.

    The Romans dabbled with all sorts of metals and mixtures of metals (as did the Chinese, but they don’t count). However, the Romans just couldn’t manage Alumimium -the reason being it hangs on ‘tenaciously’ to oxygen atoms. Only high-temperature non-aqueous electrolysis will do the trick.

    Aluminium was expensive and hard to come by until reliable electric generators [mostly running on coal] and reliable rectifiers of AC and reliable electric heating systems had been perfected. That was around 1930.

    Thus, the Aluminium Age has a life expectancy of around 100 years, i.e. 1930 to 2030.

    Some people are concerned about ‘Aluminium poisoning. I believe those fears are unfounded because it hangs on ‘tenaciously’ to oxygen atoms. And in aqueous media it hangs on tenaciously to OH. Only very acidic or very alkaline conditions will result in Al+++ ions.

    The great thing about Aluminium is that the Al-O bonds are so strong it does not corrode the way that Iron does under normal environmental conditions.

    A friend of mine makes castings out of Aluminium. And he cuts and grinds Aluminium all day. No signs whatsoever of Aluminium poisoning. Articulate, cultured, industrious and talented. And not jabbed. A ‘voice in his head’ told him there was something very not right about the jabs, even though he had had other, genuine, vaccinations in the past.

    The main difficulties I see for my friend over the next year or two are:

    1. Inability to get diesel to fire-up his diesel-heated furnace.

    2. Loss of orders for the machines he makes, as the electricity grids of the world gradually (or suddenly) progresses from occasional blackouts to permanent blackouts.

    The transition from the Aluminium Age back to the Stone Age will be ‘challenging’.

    It will probably commence with the demise of airlines, which are rather dependent on Aluminium and liquid fuels and electricity and digital currencies that don’t exist, other than as electronic records in failing computer systems.

    We have this silly thing called New Year tonight. many people will see it as an excuse to get drunk and let of fireworks containing Aluminium and its cousin Magnesium. Copper gives explosions a nice green tinge.

    I believe the most spectacular use of Aluminium was as the oxygen acceptor in the military-grade Thermite used to cut through the steel columns that supported the Twin Towers.

    Pity so many people had to die at the time and in the events that followed. But that’s what psychotic sociopaths do, isn’t it? Kill people. For personal gain.

    Being the first major land mass to pass into the new day, Airstrip Five will undoubtedly kick off the insanity of ‘New Year’ that isn’t.

    Sweetcorn, beans, pumpkins, tomatoes and grapes are doing well. And the sunflowers are starting to look magnificent.

    Pity about Ukraine, known for sunflowers.

    I guess many sunflowers will still grow in Ukraine in the spring, despite what the mad humans in the region are doing.

    P.S. Aluminium is excellent for making aircraft, missiles and incendiaries.


    @John Day

    The Honda 350 was my dream machine, lighter than the 500, still more than enough power for a teenager ;>)



    That tweet about Anecdotals talks about not being able to post stories regarding vaccine injury, yet the film is on youtube, here The tweet directs you to a site containing a link to youtube. What are we supposed to make of this apparent contradiction?

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