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No One Doing ‘Enough’ For Ukraine, Foreign Minister Says (RT)
‘We Are Facing The Entire NATO In Ukraine’ Kremlin Says (ZH)
UK Mulls Unprecedented Arms Supplies To Ukraine (RT)
What Is Ukraine Hiding In The Bakhmut Salt Mines? (Larry Johnson)
Biden’s Existential Angst In Ukraine (Bhadrakumar)
Poll Reveals How Turks Feel About Russia (RT)
Macron Talks Of ‘Putin’s Paradox’ (RT)
Insurrection Anybody? (Kunstler)
What Did Our Speaker Thing Get? (Denninger)
GOP Moving Forward With Biden Probes (RT)
Classified Documents Found At President Biden’s Think Tank (ZH)
From the Twitter Files (Berenson)
The CDC Appears to be Removing VAERS Records (GR)
Are COVID Boosters Behind Increase in Cancer Among Younger Adults? (CHD)
Germany Wants to Cancel Its Vaccine Deal (NC)



CIA back in 2008. Leaked by @wikileaks












“..And don’t forget to sponsor our oligarchs’ luxurious lifestyle in Europe!”

No One Doing ‘Enough’ For Ukraine, Foreign Minister Says (RT)

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has urged Kiev’s “partners” to continue funneling military aid into the country, claiming that “no one has done enough” to help the nation yet. “Ukraine is grateful to partners for their military aid, but we should remain honest with one another: No one has done enough as long as Russian boots remain on Ukrainian ground. Arming our country for victory is the shortest way to restoring peace and security in Europe and beyond,” he tweeted on Monday. The bold statement did not escape the attention of Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, who delved into Kuleba’s thread to mock his rallying call and suggest that Kiev had different goals in mind. “Translation from Ukrainian: We have squandered our army again, give us more arms, and we will continue to pretend that we are fighting Russia on our own. And don’t forget to sponsor our oligarchs’ luxurious lifestyle in Europe!” he wrote.

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“The sooner the people of Ukraine realize that the West is using them to wage a war on Russia, the more lives will be saved..”

‘We Are Facing The Entire NATO In Ukraine’ Kremlin Says (ZH)

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev has issued ultra-provocative words claiming that it’s not fundamentally Ukraine that Russia is at war with, but that the Russian military is facing all of NATO inside Ukraine. “The events in Ukraine aren’t a clash between Moscow and Kiev. It’s a military confrontation of NATO, first of all the US and Britain, with Russia. Fearing a direct engagement, NATO instructors push Ukrainian men to certain death,” he said in a fresh interview with state-owned newspaper aif.ru. Patrushev continued by describing Russia’s military as geared toward seeking to “free its regions from occupation and must put an end to the West’s bloody experiment to destroy the fraternal people of Ukraine.” “We are not at war with Ukraine because we can’t have hatred for ordinary Ukrainians by default,” he stressed. He then presented Russian and Ukrainian heritage as closely bound up together, according to state media:

“Get this: the Ukrainian language is one of the official languages in Crimea. Ukrainian cultural centers, Ukrainian folk song and dance groups continue to exist in many cities. A considerable number of people in the south of the Far East regard Ukrainian culture as their own, given a large proportion of migrants from the times of Stolypin,” he said, referring to Pyotr Stolypin, a prime minister of the Russian Empire in the early 1900s, who oversaw a resettlement policy. “The sooner the people of Ukraine realize that the West is using them to wage a war on Russia, the more lives will be saved,” Patrushev added. “Many have realized that long ago, but they are afraid to say that publicly out of fear of reprisals. It’s not a part of the West’s plans to save someone’s life to the detriment of its enrichment and other ambitions. Even so, the Americans, the British and other Europeans often create an illusion that they protect civilization from barbarians.”

He then referenced the ongoing Western backed attempts of Kiev to make Russian language and culture illegal, which directly impacts millions in the region: “all this story with Ukraine was engineered by Washington to rehearse the technologies of dividing a people that’s one and sow discord,” he said. Meanwhile, there’s a growing move among leading NATO countries to begin transferring Western tanks and troop carriers to the Ukrainian battlefield. Starting last week, France began leading the way, resulting in a fierce response from the Kremlin… But following this warning that a “red line” has been crossed, the Biden administration approved sending Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and now Britain is the next to be mulling tanks for Ukrainian forces, as Sky News reports Monday:

The UK is considering supplying Ukraine with British tanks for the first time to fight Russia’s invading forces, Sky News understands. Discussions have been taking place “for a few weeks” about delivering a number of the British Army’s Challenger 2 main battle tank to the Ukrainian armed forces, a Western source with knowledge of the conversations said. A Ukrainian official was cited in the report as saying that the UK sending tanks would in turn “encourage others to give tanks.” President Zelensky during his December in-person address to US Congress mentioned that his country is in dire need of tanks, and he’s specifically multiple times asked Washington for M1 Abrams tanks.

The US has still remained reluctant, however, largely on fears that too much heavy weaponry too fast would lead to direct NATO-Russia confrontation, ostensibly at least. But based on the words of Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev, it seems Russia increasingly sees military confrontation with NATO as already happening. After all, the massive loss of Russian troops in the Makiivka barracks attack was reportedly accomplished with US-supplied HIMARS missile systems.

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Black hole.

UK Mulls Unprecedented Arms Supplies To Ukraine (RT)

Britain may soon announce a delivery of ten Challenger II tanks to Kiev, Sky News reports citing both Ukrainian and UK sources. While symbolic, the first-ever delivery of Western-made battle tanks is meant to encourage the US and Germany to do the same, the outlet said. PM Rishi Sunak’s government has been discussing the possibility for “a few weeks,” according to the outlet, which suggested some kind of official announcement might be made on January 20, when the US-led ‘Contact Group’ for arming Ukraine is scheduled to meet.= One source said the UK “might offer around ten” tanks, described as “enough to equip a squadron.” While nowhere near enough to turn the tide of the conflict, the move could push other Western countries past the line they have been unwilling to cross.

France, the US and Germany have pledged increasingly heavier armor to Ukraine, but drew the line at sending main battle tanks, which Kiev is desperate for. “It will be a good precedent to demonstrate [to] others – to Germany first of all, with their Leopards… and Abrams from the United States,” a Ukrainian source told Sky. Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov laid out this very tactic to the US outlet Politico last October. Last week, Reznikov told Ukrainian TV that his country is “carrying out NATO’s mission” by shedding blood, so it is the West’s responsibility to provide the weapons.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said in December that Moscow wasn’t fighting the Ukrainian military so much as the entire West, noting that Kiev had received around $97 billion in military aid in 2022. Russia has repeatedly warned the West that this is only prolonging the conflict and may escalate into direct confrontation. The US and its allies have insisted they are not involved, but continued ramping up weapons shipments to Ukraine. Last month, Ukraine’s top general told The Economist that his army needed at least 300 tanks and 700 infantry fighting vehicles. As of August 2020 – when it was rumored the entire armored corps might be scrapped as “obsolete” – the British Army had around 220 Challengers and 388 Warrior IFVs.

The BBC reported in mid-December that Sunak was looking for an accounting of all the aid the UK had sent to Ukraine, citing anonymous sources inside Whitehall who were working with Kiev to push back on this. The British defense ministry would neither confirm nor deny Sky’s rumor about the tanks, telling Sky only that they have provided “over 200” armored vehicles to Ukraine so far. However, reports of pending weapons shipments are routinely leaked to the media ahead of time. US outlets talked about the dispatch of Bradley IFVs a week before President Joe Biden confirmed it in a passing comment. The official announcement came just a day later.

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Great story.

What Is Ukraine Hiding In The Bakhmut Salt Mines? (Larry Johnson)

The prolonged battle for Bakhmut is portrayed in the press as a symbol of Russian weakness. I know that many Westerners have scratched their heads and wondered why such a fierce battle is being waged over this particular piece of territory. The answer, I believe, lies below the surface of Bakhmut/Soledar in the Soledar Salt Mines (aka Artyomsol Salt Mines). The Salt mine is a monster, with a 125 miles of tunnels. Take a look at these images:

Evgeny Prigozhin, the creator of the Wagner Group offered the following update on the situation in Bakhmut and mentions the Salt mines in passing: “Bakhmut is the central point of the Eastern Front and a serious logistics center. And our task there is to die as little as possible, and to destroy the enemy as much as possible. Bakhmut’s feature is in its unique historical and geographical defense capabilities, which include, first, the division of the city into several parts by water barriers. Secondly, the neighborhood of Bakhmut is a complex of settlements that create a unified defense system. Thirdly, this is a unique landscape, ravines and heights, which are natural tunnels. And the icing on the cake is the system of Soledar and Bakhmut mines, actually a network of underground cities. In which there is not only a cluster of people at a depth of 80-100 meters, but also tanks and infantry fighting vehicles move. And stockpiles of weapons have been stored since the First World War “(c) Prigozhin

I think there is more going on underground than salt-mining. It is a secure warehouse for Ukraine’s military equipment. The blog ScoopTrade provides a great overview: Prior to the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, Artyomsol was the largest enterprise for the extraction and sale of table salt in Central and Eastern Europe. It consists of five salt mines, which are located within the city limits of Soledar and Praskovievka: mines No. 1, No. 3, No. 4, No. 7 and the Volodarsky mine. They are interconnected by rail and road, as well as a developed system of underground communications, which, after the outbreak of hostilities, were improved by the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Artemsoli salt mine system is already being used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine as an underground fortress. Ammunition depots, quarters for personnel, and in some places even hangars for equipment are equipped at great depths.

And “get” them from the surface is almost impossible. Underground communications are also used by Ukrainian military personnel to move between positions, and the approaches and some entrances to the mines are mined and ready to be blown up. In terms of difficulty for the assault, the Artemsol mines can easily compete with the famous Azovstal in Mariupol. This helps explain why Ukraine is pouring shrinking manpower into the meat grinder battle on the surface. It is a critical facility. However, is it possible that Ukraine has stored evidence of its bioweapons program in the mines? This is more than a key transportation/logistics hub. Curiously, an anonymous White House official this week began pushing the line that Prighozin, who is a Chef, is just interested in getting control of the salt mine financial benefits (and maybe for its culinary quality):

“The United States is of the view that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ally Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is the founder of Russia’s most powerful mercenary group, is interested in taking control of salt and gypsum from mines near the Ukrainian-held city of Bakhmut”, a White House official said on Thursday. There are indications that monetary motives are driving Russia’s and Prigozhin’s “obsession” with Bakhmut, the official added. Prigozhin is the owner of private Russian military company Wagner Group. I think there is more to this than just trying to hang on to a profitable natural resource. Ukraine is not fighting a desperate battle and sacrificing thousands of its troops just to protect a lucrative spice. What do you think?

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“A steady Russian build-up in Belarus is underway. The S-400 and Iskander missile systems have been deployed there. A NATO (Polish) attack on Belarus is no longer realistic.”

Biden’s Existential Angst In Ukraine (Bhadrakumar)

The bipartisan consensus in the Beltway on the United States being the ‘indispensable’ world power is usually attributed to the neocons who have been the driving force of the US foreign and security policy in successive administrations since the 1970s. The op-end in the Washington Post on Saturday titled Time is not on Ukraine’s side, coauthored by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in George W. Bush presidency and Defence Secretary Robert Gates (who served under both Bush and Barack Obama), highlights this paradigm. Rice and Gates are robust cold warriors who are enthusiastic about NATO’s war against Russia. But their grouse is that President Biden should ‘dramatically’ step up in Ukraine. The op-ed harks back to the two world wars that marked the US’ ascendance as world power and warns that the US-led ‘rules-based order’ since 1990 — code word for US global hegemony — is in peril if Biden fails in Ukraine.

Rice and Gates indirectly acknowledge that Russia is on a winning streak, contrary to the western triumphalist narrative so far. Evidently, the expected Russian offensive ahead is rattling their nerves. Equally, the op-ed is contextual to American politics. The House speaker stalemate and its dramatic denouement in a bare-knuckle political fight among Republicans presages a dysfunctional Congress between now and 2024 election. Kevin McCarthy, who had former president Donald Trump’s backing, finally won but only after making a series of concessions to the populist wing of the GOP, which has weakened his authority. The AP reported, “Fingers were pointed, words exchanged and violence apparently just averted… It was the end of a bitter standoff that had shown the strengths and fragility of American democracy.”

[..] The op-ed appeared on the day after the January 5 joint statement by Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz underscoring their ‘unwavering solidarity’ with Ukraine. Under immense pressure from Biden, Germany and France caved in last week to provide Ukraine with Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Scholz also agreed that Germany will supply an additional Patriot air defense battery to Ukraine. (A top SPD politician in Berlin has since voiced reservations.) On the same day as the op-ed appeared, Pentagon arranged, unusually for a Saturday, a Press briefing by Laura Cooper, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, International Security Affairs for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia. Cooper stated explicitly that the war in Ukraine threatens the US’ global standing: “From an overall strategic perspective, it is hard to emphasise enough the devastating consequences if Putin were to be successful in achieving his objective of taking over Ukraine. This would rewrite international boundaries in a way that we have not seen since World War II. And our ability to reverse these gains and to support and stand by the sovereignty of a nation, is something that resonates not just in Europe, but all around the world.”

[..] As for the war, the tidings from Donbass are extremely worrisome. Soledar is in Russian hands and the Wagner fighters are tightening the noose around Bakhmut, a strategic communication hub and lynchpin of Ukrainian deployments in Donbass. On the other hand, contrary to expectations, Moscow is unperturbed about sporadic theatrical Ukrainian drone strikes inside Russia. The Russian public opinion remains firmly supportive of Putin. The commander of the Russian forces, Gen. Sergey Surovikin has prioritised the fortification of the so-called ‘contact line,’ which is proving effective against Ukrainian counterattacks. Pentagon is unsure of Surovikin’s future strategy. From what they know of his brilliant success in evicting NATO officers from Syria’s Aleppo in 2016, siege and attrition war are Surovikin’s forte. But one never knows. A steady Russian build-up in Belarus is underway. The S-400 and Iskander missile systems have been deployed there. A NATO (Polish) attack on Belarus is no longer realistic.

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They want both Russia and NATO.

Poll Reveals How Turks Feel About Russia (RT)

Turkish people overwhelmingly see Russia in a positive light and want their nation to have a good relationship with the country, a recent poll has indicated. Almost two-thirds of those surveyed across 24 Turkish provinces at the end of last year asserted to pollster Gezici that Russia was friendly towards Türkiye while less than a quarter (24.2%) believed Russia to be hostile. The results were reported on Saturday by the TV channel Ulusal Kanal. An overwhelming 72.8% of Turks said the two nations should have a good relationship, while 62.6% said Russia was making a positive contribution to the Turkish economy.

The news outlet suggested that the attitude contrasted to how Turks felt about the US, stating that the perception of Washington in the country took a turn for the worse after the attempted military coup in 2016. “We can say that the people are more distant from the West and have more confidence in the Russians,” Murat Gezici, the president of the polling agency, said, as quoted by Ulusal. Türkiye joined NATO in 1952 and has the second-largest standing army among members, after the US. However, ties between the two nations have been worsening over the years. Among other things, Washington punished Ankara for its 2017 decision to buy Russian-made S-400 long-range anti-aircraft missiles. The US kicked Türkiye out of its F-35 fighter jet program in retaliation.

The rift was highlighted last year by Ankara’s refusal to join Washington’s drive to impose sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, with the Turkish government choosing to play the role of mediator instead. The predominant public opinion in Türkiye is in favor of the neutrality policy and also rejects Washington’s claim that the Russian attack against its neighbor was unprovoked. A May survey by the consultancy MetroPOLL showed that just 33.7% of Turks blamed Moscow for the conflict, compared to 48.3% who pointed the finger at Washington and NATO. Nevertheless, Turks remain supportive of the US-led bloc, according to the same poll, with almost 60% favoring their nation’s continued membership in it.

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Macron admitting he cannot speak for himself.

Macron Talks Of ‘Putin’s Paradox’ (RT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not an “unpleasant” man, Emmanuel Macron has said, but even that cannot be an excuse for launching a “war” on Ukraine. The French president made the bizarre remark as he made an appearance on Saturday at Les Rencontres du Papotin, a TV program hosted by a group of journalists with autism. Macron was grilled by journalists on assorted issues, including his ties with Putin. “When you meet him like that, he’s not unpleasant. That’s the paradox,” Macron stated, adding that “there is nothing to justify starting a war.” The French president also expressed his view of the roots of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, alleging that the true goal of Putin was the restoration of the Russian “empire.” Macron, however, did not elaborate on how exactly the ongoing hostilities might help achieve this alleged goal.

“Basically, he launched this war to recover territories and to extend Russia’s perimeter to the empire that once existed. He took a very heavy responsibility for himself, his people, obviously for the people of Ukraine, and for us all. This is how I see things,” Macron said. The president also warned about giving in to the misconception that the Russian troops were somehow on the verge of defeat in Ukraine. While those forces have sustained certain casualties, Macron asserted, Kiev’s forces were nowhere near achieving a battlefield victory. Macron has taken a somewhat ambiguous stance over the course of the ongoing conflict. He himself has repeatedly underscored the need to engage in talks with Russia. At the same time, Paris followed the collective West in its anti-Russian movement and has actively supported Kiev, pledging a new batch of wheeled tanks for Ukrainian troop forces just last week.

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“Stick around in ’23, unless the spike proteins have got your number. It’s going to be a humdinger of a year.”

Insurrection Anybody? (Kunstler)

[.] the US Swamp endured a rebellion in the House of Representatives last week. The 20-odd reps who revolted against Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker — Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and others — sought written guarantees — which they won – to prevent such legislative insults as the passage of a 4000-page omnibus spending bill that nobody could possibly read prior to voting, along with many Swamp-draining changes in rules. One rule change makes it much easier to remove Speaker McCarthy from leadership if he reneges on any of his agreements. The House can now proceed to multiple inquiries into the vast matrix of rot, malice, and deceit that has set the federal government at war against its own citizens.

One example of this despotic malice, of course, is the open border with Mexico that has enabled millions of unvetted migrants to enter the USA illegally with the federal immigration apparatus recruited (also illegally) to disperse them all over the country. “Joe Biden” traveled down to the border last weekend in a pretend show of concern for the disorder the stage-managers behind him have instigated there. They stupidly took him for a photo op to one of the few places on the border where he wouldn’t have to actually witness mobs crossing the Rio Grande: a stretch of wall that his predecessor, Mr. Trump, built. Hey, no unsightly foreign riffraff cluttering up the picture there!

Before long, the House is going to impeach Mr. Biden over this fiasco and quite a few other matters. He may not be convicted in the Senate, with its slim Democratic Party majority, but they will be compelled to hold a trial, at least, where a lot of dirty laundry will get aired, and pressure will mount for the old grifter to resign. Ms. Harris is sworn in and five minutes later suffers a “nervous collapse” that the public is not informed about. It sets off a wild series of events around the selection of a new vice-president — Barack or Michelle Obama? — that could burn the whole joint down. Stick around in ’23, unless the spike proteins have got your number. It’s going to be a humdinger of a year.

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“..if you’re a member you must be there to either vote or count in a quorum.”

What Did Our Speaker Thing Get? (Denninger)

Don’t kid yourselves folks, there were substantive changes that came out of the US House speaker “fight.” This came across my feed before the final votes, so I can’t vouch for it. But enough of it was leaked that I suspect its real, and any attempt to not follow through by McCarthy is likely to lead to an endless set of motions to vacate the chair, which is a privileged motion and stops all other activity in the chamber until disposed of. McCarthy really didn’t want that threshold to be one Representative, but absent agreement he was not going to be Speaker and it was quite-clear as the days wore on that those who were opposed were not going to bend no matter how much he yelled or threatened them. He had no choice but to consent. That request is not radical; it in fact is how The House has run for most of the last hundred years.

It exists for the specific purpose of putting a stop to the Speaker abusing his or her position in that if you run crap like refusing to allow floor amendments the Representative(s) that you anger can tie the chamber up in knots until you cut it out. The Speaker, in short, is not King yet that is exactly how it has been treated since the 2016 elections. Pelosi turned that into an art form; exactly zero non pre-screened amendments were allowed to be offered on the floor during her tenure. She’s not alone; Ryan did the same sort of thing and the reason the “one vote motion” rule was killed when Pelosi got the gavel was that members of the House repeatedly attempted to eject him from the chair for doing it. Restoring that capacity is absolutely a good thing. The House is a body of 435 members and in order to represent the people members must be able to proffer both legislation and amendments. If you cannot do so without the prior approval of one person then there is no representation of the people at all; we have what amounts to a monarchy in the US House.

Legislation can be forced onto the floor for vote out of committee by a discharge petition (although it takes a supermajority to do it) but if you can’t offer amendments then half the process is absolutely held hostage to the whim of one individual. This should have never been allowed in the first place and it was the big sticking point with McCarthy. He didn’t give this up willingly so we shall see whether he actually conceded to the point of view or whether he “conceded” only until he could find a weapon with which to politically kill his opponents. The other changes are just as real but secondary. I find nothing objectionable in any of them but as I noted I would have insisted on more: Legislation barring Executive-declared emergencies of any sort beyond 72 hours past when the House and Senate can convene (whether they actually do) and a bar via rules change on remote appearance and proxies; if you’re a member you must be there to either vote or count in a quorum.

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GOP Moving Forward With Biden Probes (RT)

Now in control of the House, Republicans are pushing forward with probes into President Joe Biden and his family’s business dealings in Ukraine and China, the incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee has said. Big Tech ‘censorship’ of the Hunter Biden laptop story will also be under the spotlight. Rep. James Comer told NBC News’ ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday that the chamber now controlled by Republicans will thoroughly examine the Biden family’s “influence peddling” and “shady business dealings” abroad. “We’re not investigating Hunter Biden, we’re investigating Joe Biden,” the Kentucky lawmaker insisted, adding that Americans “need to know what is allowable and what isn’t allowable with respect to foreign adversarial intervention among family members of presidents of the United States.”

Comer argued that the only people who see the investigations as partisan are “the media and the hardcore Democrats.” House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan will also chair a new Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which would look at the role government agencies like the DOJ and FBI played in suppressing reporting on the Hunter Biden story. The New York Post’s reporting on Biden junior’s mislaid laptop – which revealed information about his business relationships in China and Ukraine – was heavily censored on social media ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Files released by new Twitter CEO Elon Musk in December appeared to confirm that FBI officials pressured the platform’s staff to classify the story as a foreign-influence operation.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Jordan promised to investigate “vigorously” and “aggressively” to expose “every single bit of it.” The Ohio Republican previously requested information from Big Tech companies on their alleged “collusion with the Biden administration to censor conservatives.” The probe will also look for any evidence of government pressure to quash debate on controversial issues like the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. GOP sources told Axios that the new committee will demand copies of White House emails, memos and other communications with Big Tech platforms. The White House has dismissed the probes as “pointless political stunts,” and accused the GOP of failing to work with the administration “to take on the issues Americans care about like tackling inflation.”

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“..$54.6 million in Chinese donations after the Biden Center was announced in 2016..”

Classified Documents Found At President Biden’s Think Tank (ZH)

Classified documents from Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President were found in early November at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, CBS News reports, citing two sources with knowledge of an inquiry launched by Attorney General Merrick Garland. The investigation into the roughly 10 documents will be conducted by the US Attorney in Chicago (shocking!), according to the sources. The classified material was identified by personal attorneys for Mr. Biden on Nov. 2, the day before the midterm elections, Richard Sauber, special counsel to the president confirmed. The documents were discovered when Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys “were packing files housed in a locked closet to prepare to vacate office space at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.,” Sauber said in a statement to CBS News. The documents were contained in a folder that was in a box with other unclassified papers, the sources said. The sources revealed neither what the classified documents contain nor their level of classification. A source familiar told CBS News the documents did not contain nuclear secrets. -CBS News

Remember when the DOJ raided former President Trump and made a huge deal about classified documents having been commingled with not-classified documents? Pepperidge Farm remembers. According to Sauber, the White House counsel’s office notified the National Archives on the same day the material was discovered, after which the Archives took possession the next morning. “The discovery of these documents was made by the President’s attorneys,” said Sauber. “The documents were not the subject of any previous request or inquiry by the Archives. Since that discovery, the President’s personal attorneys have cooperated with the Archives and the Department of Justice in a process to ensure that any Obama-Biden Administration records are appropriately in the possession of the Archives.” In charge of the investigation is John Lausch, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, who will seek to determine how the classified material ended up at the Penn Biden Center (which received $54.6 million in Chinese donations after the Biden Center was announced in 2016).

Biden irresponsible

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No, Alex/Elon, we want the Fauci files, not some Gottlieb drivel. You can do that later.

From the Twitter Files (Berenson)

On August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb – a Pfizer director with over 550,000 Twitter followers – saw a tweet he didn’t like, a tweet that might hurt sales of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines. The tweet explained correctly that natural immunity after Covid infection was superior to vaccine protection. It called on the White House to “follow the science” and exempt people with natural immunity from upcoming vaccine mandates. It came not from an “anti-vaxxer” like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but from Dr. Brett Giroir, a physician who had briefly followed Gottlieb as the head of the Food & Drug Administration. Further, the tweet actually encouraged people who did not have natural immunity to “Get vaccinated!” No matter. By suggesting some people might not need Covid vaccinations, the tweet could raise questions about the shots.

Besides being former FDA commissioner, a CNBC contributor, and a prominent voice on Covid public policy, Gottlieb was a senior board member at Pfizer, which depended on mRNA jabs for almost half its $81 billion in sales in 2021. Pfizer paid Gottlieb $365,000 for his work that year. Gottlieb stepped in, emailing Todd O’Boyle, a top lobbyist in Twitter’s Washington office who was also Twitter’s point of contact with the White House. The post was “corrosive,” Gottlieb wrote. He worried it would “end up going viral and driving news coverage.” I found the email in a search of records I ran at Twitter last week – part of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” effort to raise the veil on censorship decisions Twitter made before Musk bought the company in October.


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“Dr. Ealy stresses he’s “triple-checked this,” and he stands by the allegation that the agency is removing or obfuscating records.”

The CDC Appears to be Removing VAERS Records (GR)

Dr. Henry Ealy is the Founder & Executive Community Director for the Energetic Health Institute. He holds a Doctorate in naturopathic medicine and has been at the tip of the spear on the Grand Jury front — taking action to bring forth a Grand Jury investigation of the CDC for allegations of criminal data fraud and willful misconduct. “You mentioned that V-Safe should be added to VAERS, but only 4% of V-Safe [adverse events have been] added. Can you explain what that means to people and why it matters?” asked Dr. Wolf. Dr. Ealy explained, “VAERS is designed specifically for medical professionals and people alike to report, ‘Hey, I got hurt.’ And when enough people have gotten hurt for officials to look at it and say, ‘Hey, this product isn’t safe; it’s got to come off the market.’ V-Safe was created (by the CDC) to also do something similar to that — and to make that process a little bit easier. You don’t need as much information to record a report in V-Safe.”

By streamlining the process, the CDC got inundated with adverse event reports from the Covid-19 shot. Out of the 10,108,273 individual users, 800,000 had an adverse event — or about 1 in 13. And of those 800,000 V-Safe reports, only 30,492 have been logged into VAERS. Dr. Ealy continues, “In V-safe, there have been over 800,000 reports of injury. And the deal was that in V-Safe, every single report of injury was supposed to also then subsequently have a VAERS report associated with it. So that means all 800,000 should be in VAERS. But unfortunately, or by design — however you want to look at it — only just over 30,000 of those 800,000 have been recorded in VAERS. So what that means is that fewer than 4% of the records in V-Safe have actually been reported in VAERS as they were supposed to be done.”

“What a sneaky way to basically sweep almost 800,000 adverse events under the rug,” remarked Dr. Wolf. “Adverse events, hospitalizations, permanent injuries, deaths — compromises [the] dataset,” replied Dr. Ealy. “That’s so disgusting!” exclaimed Dr. Wolf. To add insult to injury, not only are the bulk of V-Safe reports not making their way to VAERS, but Dr. Ealy suspects that VAERS reports are being removed. Specifically, he notes that between September 2022 and December 2022, the CDC has removed at least 32,844 records of injury related to the following conditions: myocarditis, pericarditis, and heart inflammation. What were 45,388 reports three months ago has now inexplicably dropped down to 12,544. Dr. Ealy stresses he’s “triple-checked this,” and he stands by the allegation that the agency is removing or obfuscating records.

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“Research shows the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterates 90% of the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes, white blood cells that help your body fight infection and chronic disease, including cancer.”

Are COVID Boosters Behind Increase in Cancer Among Younger Adults? (CHD)

Data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database — historically one of the most well-kept and most heavily relied upon medical databases in the world — showed that, compared to the previous five-year averages, cancer among Department of Defense personnel in 2021 skyrocketed. Overall, cancers tripled among servicemen and their family members after the rollout of the COVID-19 shots. Breast cancer went up 487%. Exploding cancer rates are also seen elsewhere. One of the first to warn that the shots might cause cancer was Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist who runs his own pathology lab. He suspects the shots accelerate already existing cancers by way of immune dysregulation. He noticed that cancers that were previously well-controlled would suddenly grow out of control and rapidly lead to death once they got the COVID-19 jab.

Swedish pathologist, researcher and senior physician at Lund’s University, Dr. Ute Kruger, has also observed an explosion in rapidly advancing cancers in the wake of the COVID-19 shots. For example, she’s noticed: • Cancer patients are getting younger — The largest increase is among 30- to 50-year-olds. • Tumor sizes are dramatically larger — Historically, 3-centimeter tumors were commonly found at the time of cancer diagnosis. Now, the tumors they’re finding are regularly 4 to 12 centimeters, which suggests they’re growing at a much faster rate than normal. • Multiple tumors in multiple organs are becoming more common. • Recurrence and metastasis are increasing — Kruger points out that many of the cancer patients she’s seeing have been in remission for years, only to suddenly be beset with uncontrollable cancer growth and metastasis shortly after their COVID-19 jab.

These “turbo-cancers,” as Kruger calls them, cannot be explained by delayed cancer screenings due to lockdowns and other COVID-19 restrictions, as those days are long gone. Patients, despite having access to medical screenings as in years past, are showing up with grossly exacerbated tumor growths, and she believes this is because the cancers are being “turbo-charged” by the mRNA jabs. Disturbingly, as detailed in “How Cancer Deaths From the COVID Jabs Are Being Hidden,” analysis of U.S. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report data suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been filtering out and redesignating cancer deaths as COVID-19 deaths since April 2021 to eliminate the cancer signal. The signal is being hidden by swapping the underlying cause of death with the main cause of death.


Read more …

The fallout of the secret/lost Bourla/von der Leyen deal.

Germany Wants to Cancel Its Vaccine Deal (NC)

“Too many doses, billions in costs – the government wants to cancel the vaccine deal.” So reads the headline of an article published by Die Welt on Dec. 31, 2022. According to the article, there are currently more than 150 million surplus vials in the government’s central warehouse — and no end in sight to the deliveries. The government now wants to cancel or reduce the additional orders made through the EU Commission for 2023 and 2024. Germany’s Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach — who just a few months ago proposed taking Germany’s vaccine passport restrictions to a whole new level — is taking flak as allegations mount that he reordered a huge new batch of the vaccines despite growing stockpiles amid slumping demand for the boosters.

More information seeped out earlier this week, in response to a freedom of information act request made by the right-wing populist political party Alternative for Germany (AfD). According to a later piece in Die Welt, Germany’s government is actually sitting on a stockpile of over 30 million unused doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. But it is also on the hook for a total of 375 million doses of the Pfizer BioNtech COV-19 vaccine, of which 212 are yet to be delivered [machine translated]: “There is a surplus of around 32 million vaccine doses in the federal central warehouse. The federal government is also obliged to purchase around 375 million doses of the Corona vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer. But what happens to the surplus vaccine doses?”

Germany has committed to buy around 375 million doses of the Corona vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer. This emerged from a response by the federal government to a request from the AfD parliamentary group, which the Bundestag published on Tuesday. Accordingly, as of November 30, 2022, the Federal Republic was contractually obliged to purchase around 283 million doses. In addition, there is a purchase obligation “for a further” 92.4 million. The government did not provide any information about the price per dose. This is subject to contractual confidentiality and may not be made public. Both Pfizer BioNtech and the European Commission, which negotiated the EU’s bulk purchase of COVID-19 vaccines, have agreed to keep schtum about the price of the vaccines, as well as a whole host of other details enclosed within the vaccine contracts. Those contracts are now the subject of an investigation by Europe’s Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

Both the EU Court of Auditors and the EU’s ombudsman Emily O’Reilly have raised serious questions about the preliminary negotiations that took place between Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in the lead up to the EU’s biggest vaccine procurement deal. Both von der Leyen and the Commission she heads have refused to disclose the content of her communications with Bourla. Signed in May 2021, the resulting deal was for the acquisition of up to 1.8 billion doses of the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine. Although the EU has not disclosed how much it paid for the vaccines, credible estimates have surfaced that place the price per shot at around €20. According to sections of the vaccine contracts seen by the Financial Times, the price for the vaccines in the EU’s biggest vaccine contract was €19.50 a pop — a 26% markup on the initial price (€15.50) paid in late December 2020.

Read more …


















A while





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    Dorothea Lange White Angel Bread Line, San Francisco 1933   • No One Doing ‘Enough’ For Ukraine, Foreign Minister Says (RT) • ‘We Are Facing The
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 10 2023]

    Just Some Randomer

    Anecdote of the day, regarding the Turbo Cancer article above:

    Yesterday evening my wife got a call from one or her gardening group friends. The friend’s sister (late 40’s) had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, having had no previous health issues or history of cancer.

    That’s 2 ‘Anecdotes’ in the same day. The pace is picking up….


    “The pace is picking up….”

    This is Germ’s “Popcorn Theory”.

    Imagine corn kernels popping when making popcorn
    Each sudden death = a corn popping.
    It always starts slowly, then builds to a crescendo.
    We are still at the early stage.
    The popping will continue to increase.
    The crescendo arrives in 12-18 months.



    Mum who died suddenly two days after getting engaged ‘was loved by so many people’

    ” …currently being treated as unexplained.”




    1.5 million times magnification of what’s in billions of humans now. https://twitter.com/ScienceWDrDoug/status/1611933600093454337



    Get vaxxed – Get Covid –



    Just Some Randomer

    @Germ – when the popcorn starts flying in the coming months, they’ll blame it on the Chinese spreading their ‘New’ germs around the world – so get some more boosters to save yourself! Evil.


    MIT Professor Retsef Levi talks about the Israeli vaccine safety study


    The population of Israel has been poisoned.
    The irony is that the Palestinians were denied the death-vaxx by Israeli authorities

    Love it – and I’m Jewish.



    They’ve nailed the UK MP who recently gave the speech in UK parliament warning of danger signals in the death vaxx roll out.

    Andrew Bridgen suspended from House of Commons over lobbying


    Shut Him Up!



    Elon Musk? Never trust a billionaire.


    The Black Swan trigger event is unfolding in real time and it is the accidental meeting of Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt.

    Fucking heroes or Mandelbrot Set interruptions.

    prototype countermeasures. Finally. I got so sick of saying “VACCINE” because I know it is a bullshit description of bio-weapon. War is Peace, Weakness is Strength and Medicine is Warfare for psycopaths.

    Just another day in clown world


    So just to repeat – the global inoculations are legally defined in US law as ‘countermeasures’.

    They are taking measures to counter a threat. Who are they taking the measures against? Who is the threat?

    The people of the world.

    You have got to be kidding me. It is a Reset alright


    Dr. D

    Matt Gaetz and Mr. Rogers make up. He says don’t sweat having a heated moment; no problem bro, we understand. Now that’s the kind of thing we can use more of. Don’t be a sissy. No one even got punched! That’s way better than usual in U.S. Congress, where occasionally people are beaten into a coma.

    On the flip side, we have calls for Bolsonario’s arrest, by U.S. Congress. Jurisdiction much? Why are you screwing with Brazilian affairs? And the crime? Haven’t got one/can’t figure it out yet. We’ll think of something, that’s what. Ugh, it gets so I hate Americans. They won, but that’s not good enough. We can NEVER leave you alone, until we drink wine from your skulls and listen to the lamentations of your women. (If only they could define them.)

    What’s the word from North Korea’s favorite, the NY Times? Allegations of election fraud in Brazil are “baseless”. We know this for a fact because we haven’t looked. So in that way, they are correct: it IS like Trump and 2020, in which no, none, zero, nada cases were heard on the merits. And btw, is still dragging on in Wisconsin for example. But also our Supreme Court, who is getting sued, at last, FOR NOT EVEN LOOKING.

    Aren’t you required to LOOK? At last we may find out.

    “”This Got Way Overhyped”: 2016 Russian Twitter Trolls Were Dismal Failure: WaPo”

    Which we said the day it happened. Can anyone ever be discredited? It was SO OBVIOUS. I guess you can only con somebody if they want to be conned. They love the lie and want to be fooled, want it to be true. They know this but people like me don’t. Then the same playbook: why care about the lies? As you leak them out you slowly remove their emotional charge, which is what makes you pissed off and ACT. Twitter defense right now was “Of course the FBI and CIA and White House and Pfizer aren’t in Twitter banning people and posts, what are you, a nut?”

    Elon Musk: “I have the records and posted them.”

    “Well everybody knows that the FBI, CIA, White House and Pfizer are in Twitter banning conseratives (and anti war Lefitsts) that’s nothing new: so what?”

    The only upshot the engineers care about is we don’t go find them in their beds with rope. And this works wonderfully AND they can tell us to our faces, poke us, and laugh. Why, I don’t know. Go home, have dinner and ponder it, then get up in the morning, put on your pants, do your duty and arrest them for admitted crimes.

    So the theory is that they spent 8 years secretly delivering all the “NATO” arms but Russia has them pinned down and is merely sitting on them in Bakmud? I’m good with that. That would better explain why they would send human waves into fire, and why they will even risk 5,000 Poles to lift this war-critical siege.

    I can also easily believe they would put them there and somehow dream Russia would never find out about it. What an insult.

    Adding: so this is all the war now? Pre-position years of materials in a DUMB and then play dumb all about it, feeding the glue-sniffing journalists it’s all about the surface war, there are no DUMBs although we know there are and have the receipts of their construction? Lebanon comes to mind.

    DUMBs are a myth, a Conspiracy Theory, even though you can watch them on Discovery TV, History’s Mysteries, and everywhere else.

    More, I guess they thought Russia would run over them in a hurry to Kiev and then have the Salt Mines pop up in their rear.

    “What is really ‘interesting’ is that the controllers are still expending a lot of energy promoting activities that waste energy and resources at a phenomenal rate,”

    Absolutely. And that is interesting. I don’t think I understand it yet. If you really cared or believed in problems, absolutely these are the first things to cut and divert resources elsewhere. But we can’t stop driving double dump trucks everywhere instead of having a paper burn barrel or apartment complex furnace.

    ““Too many doses, billions in costs – the government [of Germany] wants to cancel the vaccination deal.”
    “Switzerland destroys millions and millions of “vaccine” doses, keeps buying them on-contract,”
    11 Million at a pop for +$6 a piece.

    They already paid their vig to this wing of the mafia. Does anyone care if the shots were used or not? Wing of the mafia? Yes, didn’t we just say they are DoD/Military contracts?

    Back to today:

    Russia/Donbas. Yes, and Russia clearly tried to avoid intervention all the days since 2008. They’re not liking it now either. Who would? And our financial attack seems stalled as well.

    “It’s like watching building 7 fall over and over and over again and still not questioning why.”

    Yes. And thanks to the internet we CAN watch Building 7 on loop over and over and not ask why. So I guess no surprise the same thing here. I’m not immune either but I do ask why after a while. My prognosis: they are all going to die. I told them, I don’t have the trick to make them listen, so here we are. Everyone I know may die, but figured that back in the 90’s, just didn’t think like this.

    “Britain may soon announce a delivery of ten Challenger II Tanks to Kiev,”

    10 whole tanks? Be still my heart, didn’t Ukr say they needed 500? And with no crews, no parts, and no ammunition. Yes, I’ve been surprised we didn’t immediately ratchet up to drone swarms, but I ask what good tanks are? I mean, yes, they can help move crews to the front lines, and yes, they are always in motion so can’t be taken by artillery. But where do they park for the night? If they don’t park, how do they refuel, which needs a highly explosive fuel truck sitting around?

    See what I mean? The difference of wars used to be that soldiers could return to base. Unlike a civil/guerrilla war where it’s each house for itself, French Resistance style.

    “A steady Russian build-up in Belarus is underway.”

    Are they just punking them to send an army back to defend Kiev again? Whatever.

    “true goal of Putin was the restoration of the Russian “empire.”

    Has Russia ever had an empire? Ever? Were they like in Africa and India and America with colonies? Or was it more like Spain with Andalusians and Basques rolled into one? They just make stuff up, I don’t understand.

    “the agency is removing or obfuscating records.”

    In plain sight. Every day for years. No arrests, no defunding. So who do you think we’re fighting that they have this kind of power?

    DJT: I Realize why the White Hats dropped Trump way back when, even before the end. When this all comes out they are going to double-reverse and blame “Trump’s Vaccine”, totally forgetting we made fun of them loving Trump so much they all wanted to mainline his untested, unproven juice in their veins. That would sink the election. So they started process to set up DeSantis. Guess.

    So whodunit? Who killed Diamond? Signs point to DJT. Stab to the heart.

    Canadian Doctors. Sure it starts where it makes sense, just like last time. We do the retards, the nearly dead, then the pedophiles, then the undesirables, then YOU. Do we learn nothing? It WAS the medical people that started with the Jews. They were dirty, ridden with lice living in tenements and it was for their own good. They moved them to clean new facilities, Camp Howard. Only later do they go, Wait: whut? I didn’t mean THOSE showers! Uh-huh.

    You made the gun, then got the gun, then loaded the gun, then handed the gun, then pointed the gun, then didn’t know nothing about it going off? Keep telling yourself that.

    Maybe either you’re born a troll, Greco, or you’re not:

    “Dozen Dead, over 100,000 without Power as California Braces for Worst ‘Atmospheric River’ Barrage Yet”

    That 3,000 year Western drought just won’t end. Has it stopped snowing in Kuwait yet? Help me! I can’t stop telling the truth.

    They believe we are all in a lifeboat and the weather will shortly take out all the food. It’s only logical to throw half of us overboard when we’re not looking. “Here pal, does this taste bad to you?”

    Or for the Elites in our lives: “Here: Does this rag smell like Chloroform to you?” Go Prince Andrew.




    Granted, IQ tests suck in general, but they might pick up a trend-line here and there like a blind horse finding an apple.

    Crap food, crap medicine, crap schools, crap jobs all headed for

    Idiocracy: The Empire of Lies® Special Edition




    I think the 80 mark is Forrest Gump Nation territory


    • UK Mulls Unprecedented Arms Supplies To Ukraine

    The total size of the full-time UK Armed Forces is just under 159,000.

    A 159,000 is just about the same number of Ukronazis that the Russians have KILLED to date (KIA) in this Special Military Operation.

    Let that sink in for a moment……


    So the Russians have killed the rough equivalent of the entire British Arms Forces so far…

    Another 450,000 wounded, the third of those so badly wounded they will never be fit for service, like ever.

    And the Limeys all pumped up with tough talk about ‘taking on the Russians’ in their own backyard.

    Talk about jumping the shark


    Some wear their hearts on their sleeves

    Others wear their psychosis on their face




    That quote of Linden on climate change is so sound-bitey. Here’s a more nuanced perspective:

    “In June 1992, a year after the Cato Institute conference, Lindzen signed the Heidelberg Appeal.[67]

    “He has criticized the scientific consensus on global climate change, claiming that scientists are just as liable to err when the science appears to point in just one direction. He drew an analogy in 1996 between the consensus in the early and mid-twentieth century on eugenics and the current consensus about global warming.[68] In a 2007 interview on The Larry King Show, Lindzen said:[69]

    “We’re talking of a few tenths of a degree change in temperature. None of it in the last eight years, by the way. And if we had warming, it should be accomplished by less storminess. But because the temperature itself is so unspectacular, we have developed all sorts of fear of prospect scenarios – of flooding, of plague, of increased storminess when the physics says we should see less. I think it’s mainly just like little kids locking themselves in dark closets to see how much they can scare each other and themselves.

    “In a 2009 editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Lindzen said that the earth was just emerging from the “Little Ice Age” in the 19th century and says that it is “not surprising” to see warming after that. He goes on to state that the IPCC claims were[70]

    “Based on the weak argument that the current models used by the IPCC couldn’t reproduce the warming from about 1978 to 1998 without some forcing, and that the only forcing that they could think of was man. Even this argument assumes that these models adequately deal with natural internal variability—that is, such naturally occurring cycles as El Niño, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, etc. Yet articles from major modeling centers acknowledged that the failure of these models to anticipate the absence of warming for the past dozen years was due to the failure of these models to account for this natural internal variability. Thus even the basis for the weak IPCC argument for anthropogenic climate change was shown to be false.

    “According to an April 30, 2012 New York Times article,[71] “Dr. Lindzen accepts the elementary tenets of climate science. He agrees that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, calling people who dispute that point ‘nutty.’ He agrees that the level of it is rising because of human activity and that this should warm the climate.” He also believes that decreasing tropical cirrus clouds in a warmer world will allow more longwave radiation to escape the atmosphere, counteracting the warming.[71] Lindzen first published this “iris” theory in 2001,[9] and offered more support in a 2009 paper.[51]”

    It’s so nice to hear balanced nuanced science talk.


    What could possibly go wrong?

    USDA approves world’s first vaccine for honeybees

    “The vaccine is incorporated into the royal jelly by the worker bees, who then feed it to the queen,”




    Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years

    “No evidence of vaccine effect”


    Well, that’s settled then.

    Hahahahahaha !!!







    I marvel that we worry about assisted suicide. Some people want to die. Killing yourself is scary. (I’ve seriously pondered it many times.) We’re going to see suicide, assisted or not, go through the roof as the facts of our current predicament sink in to the average bloke.

    We’ll probably go from assisting suicide to making it illegal again.

    Murder’s gonna go through the roof too at some point. Assisted involuntary suicide.

    Re; covid and the general vaccination frenzy and global health decline: seems like a really good time to take really good care of oneself.

    Incidentally, who really gives a shit if the authorities deem someone unable to decide for themself? We didn’t like that logic when it was used to deem mentally ill doctors speaking out against kovid vakzinzion. Specific context:

    “Recognizing the need for guidance, CAMAP developed generalized assessment forms. Many doctors now use these to evaluate whether a person is eligible for MAID. I sent them to Paul S. Appelbaum, a professor of psychiatry, medicine, and law at Columbia University in New York City. Appelbaum, a leader in his field, has been practicing for four decades. In 1998, he helped develop a now widely used test for assessing whether patients are mentally competent to make medical decisions. In 2022 an expert panel convened by the Canadian government recommended his competency test to euthanasia assessors, an indication that Appelbaum’s authority is recognized by the MAID system itself.

    “All in all,” says Appelbaum by email, “it doesn’t strike me as a particularly well-thought-through evaluation process.” Among other things, “it’s not clear from these forms how an evaluator would decide that a condition is ‘grievous and irremediable,’” he says, quoting one of the key legal criteria.”

    Also, I can’t tell how it’s government’s business any more than telling a woman when she should carry a fetus full term. At least these euthanasia doctors aren’t pretending to save lives by injecting people with poison.


    “The population of Israel has been poisoned. The irony is that the Palestinians were denied the death-vaxx by Israeli authorities”

    That sure doesn’t fit in with planned culling of the unwanted.

    Talk about shooting (injecting) yourself in the foot.


    “Has Russia ever had an empire? Ever? ”

    Yes, before the New World era. But other empires attacked Russia, and Russia learned that it just wants to be Russia, not rule the world, altho that Marxist fling changed that for awhile. BTW, was not the USSR an empire.


    Some stuff about GPTChat/GPT3 – PART 1 of 4

    I came across the Technological Singularity concept (here’s a primer on the Technological Singularity for anyone who would like one https://grg.org/charter/Krell2.htm) in 2001 via science fiction and eventually wandered over to the Ray Kurzweil website a few years later. The forum was interesting to me because there was a long-time discussion brewing over – what will win, Strong AI or Peak Oil?

    Since it looked like oil had peaked (and maybe we can still argue that it did) around 2005-2007, the consensus they seemed to come to was that no, Strong AI cannot beat Peak Oil. Various conjectures followed from that.

    But now I’m not so sure I can agree with those conjectures. All the conditions certainly SEEMED to be in place for Peak Oil events to proceed as expected through the single digits and teens of the 2000’s. At this point, I should really be squatting in the ruins, clutching my homemade weapon made from a lawnmower while hastily, cannibalistically wolfing down raw meat and trying to look everywhere at once.

    In my wishful dreams, I was much cooler closer to the beginning of The Collapse. The power suddenly went out. Tornado sirens began blaring in the distance. I pulled down the black balaclava that was ready on my head without transition. In a single swift, deft move, I ripped off my office-casual outfit revealing black head-to-toe 5.11®™ gear, huskily whispered, “it’s go time,” smashed pell-mell through the nearest window, and flew out of sight on a previously unnoticed zipline.

    But anyway, the GPT stuff related to artwork is astounding. There are many interesting youtube videos available on the subject. Have a look. Keep in mind that surely the real stuff is at least 10 years further developed. Keep in mind what we might extrapolate from what it’s doing with art.

    Youtube comments are like, “Woah, in 10 years, think what it will do!” Bro, you don’t have TWO years. You don’t have ONE year. “Ten+ years from now” is already HERE.

    The tech singularity can be summarized as: The pace of events arising from the increased power of computing technology outstripping our ability to predict and/or understand those events.

    Since stupidly unpredictable and/or non-understandable things ARE happening right now on a continual basis, uh… hm. The people driving the bus that we are on clearly HAVE the technology. They’re NOT using it??? They HAVEN’T found it to be so powerful that they couldn’t resist relying on it??? They WOULDN’T restrict information about it such that we’d see its development timeline on a 10-year lag? The more powerful its effects, the MORE they’d want us to be up-to-date aware of it?

    Didn’t Zerohedge have some articles about video deepfakes like 10 years ago, showing footage of world leaders on a stage talking? A deepfake video convincingly using their moving images like puppets? 10 years ago? More? Surely the tech was 10 years more advanced at THAT time outside the public sphere. AND it has been 10 years.

    The Ghost of Kiev stuff must have been made by trolls to make the Ukraine narrative more silly, considering it probably takes 5 seconds to tell non-public AI to create a Ghost of Kiev video indistinguishable from reality and have 15 completed videos to choose from.

    Maybe they took advantage of an algo that would boost pro-Ukraine messaging – so they pulled their stunt riding the hostile algo? Every govt/corp/ngo entity must be in an arms race having algos analyze each others’ algos and gaming them.

    Considering how GPT can spit out volumes of artwork and prose in seconds, if the time is not yet at hand where they don’t need other people’s content to push uprank, it soon will be. At least to eliminate another Ghost of Kiev/Sam Hyde stunt. I bet they can- right now if they want – totally abandon algo-promoting preferred human-generated stuff and simply push out genuine looking media of all kinds.

    Especially given the “revelations” coming out of Twitter, I see no reason why they cannot effectively shadow-ban ALL human beings while maintaining a potemkin internet. (or were they already doing this?)
    (continued in 2 of 4)


    “In my wishful dreams, I was much cooler closer to the beginning of The Collapse. The power suddenly went out. Tornado sirens began blaring in the distance. I pulled down the black balaclava that was ready on my head without transition. In a single swift, deft move, I ripped off my office-casual outfit revealing black head-to-toe 5.11®™ gear, huskily whispered, “it’s go time,” smashed pell-mell through the nearest window, and flew out of sight on a previously unnoticed zipline.”

    Good form, sir! Well done.

    “I bet they can- right now if they want – totally abandon algo-promoting preferred human-generated stuff and simply push out genuine looking media of all kinds.”

    I agree, and I think it would have serious unintended consequences. Machines talking to machines while pretending to be humans would form some interesting artifacts.


    As far as the Communists were concerned, conceptually, and in a specific, consciously intended, overtly intended way, they weren’t an empire. Integral to the NAME USSR, they’re saying they aren’t an empire.

    But were they an empire anyway?

    An empire is a salad bowl rather than a melting pot or single substance entre. A single cultural/political entity takes over other distinct cultural/political entities or makes them client states and then sucks up a good chunk of their resources, mostly into the capitol.

    This qualifies for Rome and Persia, for instance.

    Was the USSR getting net positive resources from the Iron Curtain countries? They certainly were losing on Cuba and Afghanistan.

    Not an empire and never trying to be? A failed attempt at an empire that had the handy excuse of anti-imperialist dogma as a central tenet?


    “Computer-generated footage of the Ghost of Kyiv winning a dogfight was made using the 2013 video game Digital Combat Simulator and uploaded by a YouTube user. The uploader stated in the description that the footage was not real and was merely a tribute urging the Ghost of Kyiv, real or fake, to keep fighting. This video was shared by the official Twitter account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.[9] The video subsequently went viral on social media, with Snopes saying that the circulating video was miscaptioned.[33][34][35] Separately, comedian Sam Hyde’s face was photoshopped onto an American pilot who was killed in a 2018 jet crash in Ukraine, as part of a long-running joke to link Hyde to atrocities.[36] Similar to the Ghost of Kyiv, on 26 February 2022, social media reports emerged of a Ukrainian ground forces soldier dubbed the “Ukrainian Reaper”, who supposedly killed over twenty Russian soldiers in combat alone.[37]”

    Not AI, apparently. Just some Ewoks using old gameware.

    I think that TPTB will find that AI is a WMD as unwieldy as nukes.


    Manipulators/Deceivers bury Truths/Observations in word salads
    Two Tale of Ukraine Civil War
    1. The Maidan protest movement – https://www.britannica.com/place/Ukraine/The-Poroshenko-administration
    2. The Minsk Protocol – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minsk_agreements
    Ukraine, not Russia, was to blame for the collapse of 2 Minsk agreements.[9] Russia then invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022.[10]

    Ukrainian civil war lost by Ukraine (the special military operation ) https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/09/1127881
    Ukrainian Battlefield being used by West/NATO mercenaries against Russia
    If a word salad won’t work then ….
    • The CDC Appears to be Removing VAERS Records (GR)



    “Not an empire and never trying to be? A failed attempt at an empire that had the handy excuse of anti-imperialist dogma as a central tenet?”

    Excellent questions. The answer to those nuances evade me. All I know is that it acted like an empire: it took over surrounding nations and aggressively promoted its influence around the globe. Yes, it was an ideological empire, but the primary definition of empire is “an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress.”

    Close enough for gubmint work.


    Yeah, on that basis arguably an empire.

    It’s interesting that, despite anti-imperialism being a central tenet of their belief system, they adopted imperial aspects. (and an argument with a true blue USSR communist over why it isn’t an empire could be interesting as well, wrong or right)

    It’s almost as if, on a sliding scale of socialism, if you reach some certain percentage of full Communism, because they don’t actually know how to make it work, the mind rebels, goes back to hardwired basics when there is no intellectually understood workable system.

    So you end up with an autocratic leader and feudalistic sub-leaders, with occasional czars appointed over specific subject matter.

    That happened not only with internationalist socialists but nationalist socialists. You check with those nationalists in the 30’s, and they’re talking all about voting worker’s unions and stuff. And then you end up in just a few years with a supreme leader patting himself on the back for being more autocratic than Charlemagne and appointing gauleiters over regions, etc.

    I guess hardwired tribal organization is what we end up with anytime the plan isn’t actually a plan.


    Richard Lindzen has zero credibility.

    Cato Institute = a lie-generating institute, part of the cabal’s propaganda system.

    As bosco has pointed out, why quote him?

    In the real world, 40 billion tonnes of extra CO2 is added to the atmosphere every year via the burning of fossil fuel and the production of concrete.

    Termination of most life on Earth via CO2 overheating and acidification of the oceans gets on step closer every year.

    November CO2

    Nov. 2022 = 417.51 ppm

    Nov. 2021 = 415.01 ppm


    Never let the actual data get in the way of a ‘good’ argument.



    your own belief system argues that the human generated CO2 you cite will NOT cause Climate Meltdown

    RATHER, it says that the human generated CO2 will be just enough of a small tip to a super fragile climactic balance, that the balance will tip, triggering a non human caused greenhouse gas runaway cycle leading to Earth becoming Venus

    YOUR OWN belief system says it is the TEMPERATURE difference, NOT a chemical reaction with human generated CO2 that causes the tip (and JUST the tip…) into imbalance

    Since the temperature history of interglacial periods shows temperatures that you tell is will trigger the runaway feedback loop that turns us into Venus, and those temperatures have been reached over and over again, why aren’t we already Venus?

    Just Some Randomer

    I am genuinely not making this up, but I am just off the phone with another work colleague (based in Amsterdam) and she’s all upset because her young child’s schoolteacher has just died suddenly of a heart attack.

    Popcorn theory.


    “Richard Lindzen has zero credibility.”

    So does that statement, although it may feel satisfying to say. The guy’s credible, looks to me. btw, ‘credible’ only means ‘believable’. Calling so-or-such not credible is like saying ‘you can’t make me believe that’. One’s personal belief system is one’s personal belief system, and that is that, regardless of how much or little that system accords with reliable data.

    Also looks to me like LIndzen’s being used by other people to promote their views on climate change. The price of communication success in modern media is losing control of one’s message.

    Overall, I “agree” with Lindzen, insomuch as he doesn’t dispute the COS greenhouse gas warming model, but believes that other factors will counteract this effect… which is the global climate change stuff I encountered back in the early/mid 80s. Real science not yet whored into a Biden snowhole by big $$.

    Long term, will greenhouse warming produce a warmer or colder surface temp?

    Any honest jury is out on that question, because there are so many more variable to contend with.

    But any honest jury will also be forced to admit that the climate is most likely to send us ever more erratic weather for awhile as Terra’s climate absorbs the effects of anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming.

    If we were smart (ha!) we’d me redesigning our economies around the least weather sensitive sustenance modes for awhile. But we’re not smart.


    The popcorn theory is sound, imo. One can see the media shroud wearing holes, smoking a bit, ready to set on fire and get blown away. People TALK to other people when their peeps die out of nowhere. You can’t shadowban that kind of communication.

    Wait until the assaults and murders begin. Mother against husband. Son against father. etc. etc. People get very upset when death strikes close and they believe it happened because of that thing we loosely call ‘evil’.

    They tend toward violent.

    I wonder if things will flip to where one must prove one is unvaccinated to get ER treatment? (Not a serious prediction, just a lens for taking in the gathering dark weirdness.)


    Maybe we need a bit of an extinction event:

    WTF is that?!?

    A people as silly as we are earns its own doom.


    believes that other factors will might counteract this effect… ‘

    John Day

    I call “FOUL” on the gas stoves causing childhood asthma in the US, because it is rare enough that the risks had to be derived from European data, where it is more common, and then they were applied to the US as an established relationship to say some percentage of childhood asthma cases in each state “were attributable” to gas stoves.
    “Note that we used the combined North America and Europe odds ratio for the relative risk in this equation, as childhood asthma in the US remains relatively rare, affecting 1 in 12 children”

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