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Soldiers’ Widows Group Calls On Putin To Order Major Mobilisation (R.)
Putin: West ‘Lied About Peace’ While Planning for War (Celente)
Making Sense Of NATO Strikes Against Russia (Saker)
Japan Starts Official Investigation Into Millions of COVID Vaccine Deaths (NP)
The Wellness Company Requests Damar Hamlin Vaccine Status be Revealed (TWC)
California Bill To Punish Doctors For ‘False’ Covid-19 Information (ZH)
German Doctor Jailed For Illegally Issuing Mask Exemptions (AP)
College of Psychologists of Ontario attempt to Strip Jordan Peterson of his License
Documents Reveal How ‘Russiagate’ Was Used For Twitter Censorship (RT)
Elon Musk Calls for Investigation Into George Soros (TPN)
Twitter Announces Decision On Political Ads (RT)
The Film Scene that Foretold Our Current Moral Catastrophe (Leake)
Lula Halts Privatization Of Brazil’s State Companies (RT)
Switzerland Rejects Gender Ideology, Rules Sex Is Binary (Slay)





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Tucker Carlson’s Recommendations For A Flailing Kevin McCarthy
-Release The January 6th Files
-Put @RepThomasMassie In Charge Of A New Frank Church Committee Designed To Discover What The FBI & Intel Agencies Have Been Doing To Control Domestic Politics



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The Reuters headline continues “… For Ukraine War”. But the widows talk about “the coming war”.

“The coming war will require completely different resources: human, psychological, economic,” she told Reuters. “Protecting the Motherland is a duty.”

Soldiers’ Widows Group Calls On Putin To Order Major Mobilisation (R.)

A little known patriotic group which supports the widows of Russian soldiers has called on President Vladimir Putin to order a large-scale mobilisation of millions of men and to close the borders to ensure victory in Ukraine. Putin, Russia’s 70-year-old paramount leader, is under intense pressure to deliver victory in Ukraine more than 10 months since he sent troops as part of an operation he says was intended to defend Russians in eastern Ukraine. “We ask our President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, to allow the Russian Army to carry out a large-scale mobilisation,” the Soldiers’ Widows of Russia group said in a post on Telegram. “We ask our President, our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, to prohibit the departure of men of military age from Russia. And we have a full moral right to do this: our husbands died protecting these men, but who will protect us if they run away?”

After ordering what he cast as a “partial mobilisation” on Sept. 21, Russia’s first since World War Two, around 300,000 additional men were drafted, though several hundred thousand more Russian men fled abroad to avoid being called up. The Kremlin did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the appeal from the widows’ group. Putin said last month that there was no need for an additional mobilisation. A representative of the widows’ group told Reuters that all fit Russian men should be mobilised to defend the Motherland. “The coming war will require completely different resources: human, psychological, economic,” she told Reuters. “Protecting the Motherland is a duty.”

Putin has for months been casting the war as part of a much wider historical struggle between Russia and the West which the Kremlin chief says wants to carve up and destroy Russia. Western powers deny they aim to destroy Russia. In a grim New Year’s Eve message, Putin said that defending the Motherland was the sacred duty of all Russians and promised victory in Ukraine. Ukraine and the West say Putin has no justification for what they cast as an imperial-style war of occupation. The widows group began work about two months ago to assist the wives of soldiers killed in Ukraine and has contacts with the Kremlin administration, its representative said. “We are in constant contact with the presidential administration, and if necessary, we transmit requests to it in order to receive this or that support,” the representative said.

Invoking Soviet leader Josef Stalin, the group said that now was the time for tough measures to defend against the evil forces coalescing around Russia’s borders. “Today, all the world’s evil has united against Russia – the entire Western world has turned against us,” the group said. “It’s either us or them, there is no other choice.” Stalin in 1942 issued Order No. 227 which became known as the “Not a step back” order. It was an attempt to establish discipline within the Red Army though thousands of Soviet troops were shot by their own side for alleged cowardice. Stalin “did not think about ratings or dissatisfaction among dissidents: he thought only of victory,” the group said. “Now is not the time to be cowardly.”

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“..the main reason for what happened [in the attack] was the turning on and mass use mobile phones by personnel – contrary to the ban – within the range of enemy weapons.”

Putin: West ‘Lied About Peace’ While Planning for War (Celente)

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the public during his annual New Year’s speech and warned them of a prolonged conflict in Ukraine and blamed the West for tricking the Kremlin that it was seeking peace in the region, while helping Kyiv prepare for war. “The West lied about peace while preparing for aggression. They are cynically using Ukraine and its people to weaken and divide Russia,” Putin said. Putin’s comment came weeks after former German Chancellor Angela Merkel slipped and said the Minsk agreements were an effective ruse to give Ukraine time to “get stronger” for its next conflict with Russia. She said Ukraine used the ceasefire after the two peace deals as a time to get stronger, “as you can see today.”

“The Ukraine of 2014/15 is not the Ukraine of today. As you saw in the battle for Debaltseve in early 2015, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin could easily have overrun them at the time. And I very much doubt that the NATO countries could have done as much then as they do now to help Ukraine,” she said. The ruse was well-known among the political elite in the region, even before Merkel’s comments. In 2015, Pyotr Poroshenko, the U.S.-backed stooge who became president of Ukraine after the 2014 US-backed coup, told an audience that the Minsk deal was a ruse to buy time for a military build-up. Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said Merkel’s comments “horrifyingly” reveal that the West uses “forgery as a method of action,” RT reported. She accused the West of employing “machinations, manipulation, and all kinds of distortions of truth, law, and rights imaginable.”

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that about 90 Russian troops were killed when a Ukrainian missile detonated at a building in the city of Makeyevka in Donetsk People’s Republic just after midnight on 1 January, RT.com, the Russian news outlet, reported. Lt. Gen. Sergey Sevryukov told reporters it is “already obvious that the main reason for what happened was the turning on and mass use mobile phones by personnel – contrary to the ban – within the range of enemy weapons.” The RT report said the missiles in the attack were launched by a U.S.-supplied HIMARS rocket system, which was destroyed in a retaliatory strike.

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“I fully concur with those who, like Macgregor, have been announcing a major combined arms offensive this Spring, but it will happen when Putin decides it, not when NATO wants it.”

Making Sense Of NATO Strikes Against Russia (Saker)

[..] we need to mention a deep cultural difference between the Russian society and the western one: most Russians have a much better understanding of war than the folks in the West. This is true for civilians all the way through the generals. There are many reasons for that, but just to name a few: • Many Russians have military training (basic or more advanced) • Almost every Russian has lost family members during WWII and, therefore, know how ugly war is. Russian culture, from books to movies, is chock full of war stories, and not of the Tom Clancy type, but the real thing. • Wars in Chechnia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Georgia, Syria, Armenia and many more conflicts have “educated” the Russian society about the painful realities of war. Unlike the hallucinations of the (fake) “friends of Russia” in the West, the “Strelkovites” and other assorted “allislosters” in Russia have very little traction or credibility with the Russian general public.

Simply put – Russians trust Surovikin (and Putin!) much, much, more than these hysterical FUDers because they instinctively feel that what is needed is not anger, but focus. [..] NATO is trying really hard to force the Russians into a “NATO schedule” and out of their planned schedule. An added beneficial side-effect from such “for optics only” strikes is to give the morons in Congress a rationale to put even more money into the US MIC. As for forcing Russia to attack in suboptimal conditions, that won’t happen. Neither Putin, nor Shoigu, nor Gerasimov nor Surovikin are the types who will respond to hysterics with “for optics only” actions (just look at their faces, I mean it!). And this also goes for the entire General Staff. I fully concur with those who, like Macgregor, have been announcing a major combined arms offensive this Spring, but it will happen when Putin decides it, not when NATO wants it.

Right now, the Russian meat grinder is inflicting such losses on the Ukraine that it really makes no sense for the Russians to stop it. But, sooner or later, even this will eventually yield diminishing marginal returns and, by then, the Russian forces (there are three of them around the Ukraine) will be fully ready, trained, equipped and poised to attack. The big unknown (to us, the Russians probably already know) is what NATO will do when this offensive happens. You can be sure that the “best” minds (relatively speaking) in the US are working on the following task: how to trigger a continental war without directly and officially involving the United States? I don’t have an answer to this, your guess is as good as mine 🙂 Any suggestions? Andrei

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But we do not?!

Japan Starts Official Investigation Into Millions of COVID Vaccine Deaths (NP)

According to reports, Japanese researchers have been instructed to investgate the mechanisms by which experimental mRNA jabs could be causing deaths and severe adverse reactions. Hiroshima University School of Medicine Prof. Masataka Nagao highlighted how the bodies of vaccinated persons he performed autopsies on were abnormally warm, with upwards of 100 degree F body temperatures. “The first concern was that the body temperatures of the corpses were very high when the police performed the autopsy,” Nagao declared. “The body temperatures were unusually high, such as 33 or 34 degrees celsius (91-93ºF).” Infowars.com reports: In other bodies, Nagao says “temperatures were very high at the time of death. Their body temperatures were above the normal temperature, more like over 40 degrees celsius (104ºF).”

Graphing the data, Nagao’s research team found there were significant changes to the genetic makeup of vaccinated autopsied patients’ immune systems. The research has led Nagao to conclude the vaccine causes immune system abnormalities that prompt inflammation throughout the body, which is likely the cause of the high body temperatures at the time of autopsy. “Based on the data and the circumstances alone, it is not possible to conclude that the vaccine was the cause of the deaths,” Prof. Nagao said, adding, “However, it is impossible to say that the vaccine was not the cause. We can only say that it is doubtful, but we believe that vaccination was sufficiently related to the immune abnormalities.”

In another report, dermatology expert Prof. Shigetoshi Sano of the Kochi University School of Medicine discussed discovering spike proteins at the site of skin lesions and other skin problems on patients who were vaccinated. “The spike protein derived from the vaccine was found in the skin,” Sano explained, highlighting a slide showing a bright green region on a lesion made visible by a special dye. “Spike proteins are locally suppressing the immune system,” Sano told reporters. “As a result, the spike proteins facilitate in reactivation of the herpesvirus.” The process of the spike proteins degrading in the immune system prompts inflammation throughout the body that also leads to blood clots, Sano concluded. “The function of the spike proteins to produce adverse reactions is formation of blood clots,” Sano explained. “And even worse, spike proteins can also locally induce inflammation.”

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He was boostervaxxed Dec 26.

The Wellness Company Requests Damar Hamlin Vaccine Status be Revealed (TWC)

Last night, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest, during his game in Cincinnati. Hamlin required CPR to restore his heart beat and was rushed to UC Medical Center in Cincinnati where he is listed in critical condition. As a result of this shocking injury, the remainder of the Bills-Bengals game was suspended. This morning, much of the sports and medical world is wondering what exactly happened on the field to Damar Hamlin. While the mainstream media has been quick to write off any concern with Hamlin’s vaccination status as a “conspiracy theory,” leading medical experts believe that Hamlin’s vaccination status is certainly relevant and could have played a contributing or even primary factor in his cardiac arrest.

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the world’s leading cardiologists, and the Chief Scientific Officer for The Wellness Company said, “I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest. I have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin. If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis.” Dr. Paul Alexander, a Senior Advisor to The Wellness Company, and one of the leading scholars on COVID-19 and the vaccines, wrote in his substack that this, “form of on-field cardiac arrest with exertion, is consistently following COVID gene injection vaccine administration in similarly young athletes.

We await more information yet until I see otherwise, this was vaccine. Was this a rhythm disturbance due to silent myocarditis (that his heart was damaged and not functioning optimally prior to the shot) that the body shot made worse and caused the cardiac arrest? A 24-year old strong young fit athlete like this does not suffer cardiac arrest like this. This was not due to the hit, IMO and I base this on the landscape that has accumulated since February 2021. No matter how many times you look at this on tape. If he took COVID gene mRNA/DNA injection vaccine and near 100% he did (the NFL league mandated it), then this is likely a result of the COVID gene injection (cannot be ruled out and has some role).”

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“.. the state’s Medical Board would categorize dispensing information – such as the effectiveness of Ivermectin, or the Covid-19 vaccine’s rapidly waning efficacy, as unprofessional conduct..”

California Bill To Punish Doctors For ‘False’ Covid-19 Information (ZH)

A bill which allows the state of California to punish doctors over ‘false information about Covid-19 vaccinations and treatments’ went into effect on January 1st. Under the new law (AB 2098) which took effect Jan.1, the state’s Medical Board would categorize dispensing information – such as the effectiveness of Ivermectin, or the Covid-19 vaccine’s rapidly waning efficacy, as unprofessional conduct. The law was challenged in court by two California doctors, who said that it would restrict their free speech in violation of the first amendment, and that it was “vague” under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. However on December 28th, Biden Nominee Judge Fred Slaughter refused to halt the law, ruling that the law trumps free speech claims, and that it falls “within the longstanding tradition of regulations on the practice of medical treatments.”

Another lawsuit, brought by Physicians for Informed Consent, was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of California in early December. The plaintiffs, physician LeTrinh Hoang and Children’s Health Defense, are being represented by Rick Jaffe, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Mary Holland, and argues that the state of California has weaponized the vague phrase “misinformation,” and thereby has illegally targeted physicians who disagree with the government’s public stance on Covid-19.”Expert cardiologist and PIC member Sanjay Verma, M.D., has been tracking and cataloging CDC errors in real time. For the case, he has provided what he calls “a detailed declaration exposing the government’s scientific errors and the constitutional dangers of censoring dissent”:

“To demonstrate these points of vagueness and the general unsuitability of using ‘contemporary scientific consensus’ as a disciplinary criterion, I have prepared a detailed overview of public health response to the pandemic broken down into categories such as Masks and Vaccines (transmission, safety, efficacy of natural immunity). I have also included evidence of what [I testify] would be considered misinformation promulgated by the CDC as well as its withholding of information which led to the then ‘contemporary scientific consensus’ eventually being proven wrong.” -KRON4 “

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“..two years and nine months in prison..”

German Doctor Jailed For Illegally Issuing Mask Exemptions (AP)

A German doctor was sentenced late Monday to two years and nine months in prison for illegally issuing more than 4,000 people with exemptions from wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. A regional court in the southwestern town of Weinheim confirmed Tuesday that the doctor was convicted of “issuing incorrect health certificates” to people from across Germany, most of whom she had never met or examined. In addition to the prison sentence she was handed a three-year work ban and ordered to pay 28,000 euros ($29,550), the sum she had received for issuing the medical certificates. Her office assistant was fined 2,700 euros.

“The process is more reminiscent of a sale of certificates than a medical procedure,” the court said in a statement. It noted that she was not faulted for providing certificates to her existing patients. During the trial the defendant had argued that wearing masks was harmful to people’s health. The doctor’s lawyer intends to appeal the verdict, public broadcaster SWR reported. Dozens of supporters gathered outside the court in Weinheim, north of Heidelberg, to protest against the verdict and Germany’s pandemic restrictions. Germany ended requirements to wear masks in many indoor settings last year, though they are still compulsory on long-distance trains, in doctors’ practices, hospitals, nursing homes and on some regional public transport.

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“..mandatory social media communication retraining..”

College of Psychologists Attempt to Strip Jordan Peterson of his License (BJD)

Canadian psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson could be stripped of his license to practice clinical psychology over his sharing of political posts on social media. The College of Psychologists of Ontario which regulates the profession in his home province has disciplined Peterson over the sharing of political posts on Twitter. Peterson says he got in hot water with the College because he retweeted posts about PM Justin Trudeau, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau advisor, Gerald Butts, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and others. The College has ordered Peterson to undergo mandatory social media communication retraining to “modify his objectionable behavior.” It’s unclear what it is about the Tweets or the sharing of them that may violate the College’s Code of Ethics. Either way, Peterson says he will not comply.

“I have absolutely refused to do so,” said Peterson. The next step for the College is to demand he submit to an ‘in-person’ disciplinary hearing. If Peterson does not satisfy the College and commit to changing his behavior, it could strip him of his license to practice. “Canada has been given over to the commissars,” Peterson said, “something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.” He says he’ll make the issue public in the days ahead. Some of the posts that may be drawing the ire of the College include one on December 24th in which Peterson tweeted out a link to Conrad Black’s column in the National Post: A moral imperative for Trudeau Liberals to resign. Then on December 27th, he tweeted, I learned to watch for people’s psychological age during my years doing intensive clinical work. @JustinTrudeau appears to me to be perpetually 14 yrs old.

Even the German socialists have figure this out. Are you watching, @JustinTrudeau — the man who claimed there was “no business case” for supplying our German allies, in the face of the Russian war, with LNG? Every year that our marionette PM stays in power is a “tough year” for Canadians @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh (and the latter props him up and complains about doing so constantly) Has Jordan Peterson become The government of Canada’s latest political target for holding the wrong opinion?

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The formatting is still not great. To read Taibbi’s latest you must scroll through endless Twitter threads or subscribe to his Substack. I don’t want to. Keep it easily accessible, Elon!

Documents Reveal How ‘Russiagate’ Was Used For Twitter Censorship (RT)

Internal documents from Twitter made public on Tuesday show how the social media platform was pressured to follow the US intelligence community’s lead on censorship back in 2017. Key Democrats in the US Congress, a British university and two media outlets – Politico and BuzzFeed – played a major role in the process, which revolved around the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theory, according to research by Matt Taibbi. In a pattern established in just six weeks, from August to October 2017, Twitter went from being on nobody’s radar to agreeing to take orders from US spies as to whom to censor, Taibbi wrote on Substack. “Threats from Congress came first, then a rush of bad headlines (inspired by leaks from congressional committees), and finally a series of moderation demands coming from the outside,” he added.

In a 30-tweet thread, Taibbi showed emails and other internal documents he obtained, thanks to Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk. Democrats had accused Russia of helping Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election. Their claim that Trump had ties with Moscow was a “dossier” fabricated by a British spy. From there, they insinuated that WikiLeaks publishing internal DNC documents and personal emails of Clinton’s campaign had something to do with Moscow, while “Russian bots and trolls” posted “misinformation” on social media that somehow undermined the elections. By August 2017, Facebook was purging accounts accused of being “linked to Russia.” Unconcerned, Twitter sent over a list of 22 “possible” Russian accounts to the Senate Intelligence Committee, only to be denounced by Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, the ranking Democrat.

By the end of September, Twitter VP for Public Policy Colin Crowell was warning that “Warner has political incentive to keep this issue at top of the news, maintain pressure on us and [the] rest of industry to keep producing material for them.” Crowell also noted the Democrats were “taking cues from Hillary Clinton,” and that only Warner and his House counterpart Congressman Adam Schiff were seeking any comments from social media companies. Meanwhile, as Taibbi put it, “a torrent of stories sourced to the [committee] poured into the news,” while several Senators – including Warner but also John McCain, an anti-Trump Arizona Republican – proposed bills that would have cracked down on social media.

A “Russia Task Force” set up by Twitter on October 2 found “no evidence of a coordinated approach” by October 13. The final report on October 23 found “32 suspicious accounts and only 17 of those are connected with Russia.” Of those, only two spent anything close to $10,000 on advertising – and one of them was RT. Policy Director Carlos Monje admits in an October 18 memo that “our ads policy and product changes are an effort to anticipate congressional oversight.” One of these changes was the October 26 ban on advertising by RT and Sputnik. A November 22 internal email accuses the Senate Intelligence Committee of leaking Twitter’s internal report to the media. A Politico story accusing Twitter of deleting files is followed by a BuzzFeed article alleging a German-language bot network with “signs of being connected to Russia.” The committee demands a report based on the story, which Twitter’s Yoel Roth dutifully writes up.

“You can see how the Russian cyber-threat was essentially conjured into being, with political and media pressure serving as the engine inflating something Twitter believed was negligible and uncoordinated to massive dimensions,” Taibbi wrote. All of this results in the internal instructions to ban anything “identified by the US intelligence community as a state-sponsored entity conducting cyber-operations.” It was the first step in the process that would eventually lead to the FBI and the Biden White House telling Twitter exactly whom to censor.

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“George, please slide into my DMs!”

Elon Musk Calls for Investigation Into George Soros (TPN)

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is calling for an investigation into billionaire George Soros for controlling information. George Soros has been a topic of discussion recently, as various liberal organizations have written a letter urging major American corporations such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and Kraft Foods to boycott Twitter. Interestingly, some of these same groups are financially supported by Soros himself. In light of this, Elon Musk tweeted about the need for a thorough investigation into these organizations. “Who funds these organizations that want to control your access to information? Let’s investigate …” Musk initially tweeted. He then followed up: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” “Interesting. I wonder if those funding these organizations are fully aware of what the organizations are doing,” Musk added.

The Twitter CEO also unleashed on the Open Society Foundations, an organization funded by Soros himself. “George, please slide into my DMs!” Musk has been exposing liberal elites left and right. Last week, the Twitter CEO exposed Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife Christine Grady’s corrupt working relationship. The comments from Musk came in a series of tweets where he unleashed on Fauci for his questionable past relating to his so-called “gain-of-function” research. “Fauci bypassed the moratorium on gain-of-function research to fund dangerous projects like EcoHealth Alliance’s work in Wuhan,” said an account on Twitter. “He then worked internally to changed NIH’s definition of GoF to evade culpability. In 2022, he awarded more $ to Peter Daszak for more GoF research.”

““Gain-of-function” should be called “bioweapon” research, as the function referred is death! What was the name changed to this time?” Musk replied. ““Gain-of-function” in this context is just another way of saying “bioweapon”. Some good nuggets in article. Important to note that Fauci authored 2012 paper arguing for gain-of-function research! Obama wisely put this on pause, but Fauci restarted it,” Musk tweeted as he attached an article from Yahoo News. Musk continued, “Despite these glaring issues, Twitter nonetheless had an internal Slack channel unironically called “Fauci Fan Club””

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“align our advertising policy with that of TV and other media outlets”

Twitter Announces Decision On Political Ads (RT)

Twitter is set to relax its ban on political advertising, saying the policy change would take effect in the coming weeks. The announcement follows reports of an exodus of advertisers from the website after Musk’s multi-billion dollar takeover last year. The platform’s Twitter Safety account highlighted the decision on Tuesday, noting that it would soon “align our advertising policy with that of TV and other media outlets” regarding political material. “Today, we’re relaxing our ads policy for cause-based ads in the US. We also plan to expand the political advertising we permit in the coming weeks,” it said, adding “We believe cause-based advertising can facilitate public conversation around important topics.”

Twitter initially banned some forms of political ads back in 2019 – prior to Musk’s acquisition of the company last October – breaking ranks with other major sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. At the time, Twitter argued that political influence should not be purchased, but earned through sincere public interest. However, as the site’s new owner, Musk has pushed to scale back content restrictions, vowing to make Twitter a refuge for free speech while ushering in a range of policy changes.

The decision to resume political ads could be part of efforts to gin up new business, as Twitter has reportedly lost around half of its top 100 advertisers and a handful of smaller ones since Musk took over. It is unclear whether those companies will return, as a number of businesses said they would pause their ads temporarily, some citing concerns over the alleged growth in hate speech on the platform under Musk’s leadership. While the exact details of the upcoming rule change remain unclear, Twitter said it would “first ensure that our approach to reviewing and approving content protects people” before any alterations are made, adding that it would reveal more about the move in the coming weeks.

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Crime writer John Leake works with Dr. Peter McCullough.

The Film Scene that Foretold Our Current Moral Catastrophe (Leake)

It’s one of the most memorable scenes in all of cinematic history, and it’s the scene that inspired me to become a true crime author. In 2001 I lived in Vienna, around the corner from the Burgkino (Burg Cinema) which still played the 1949 film noir classic The Third Man on its big screen every weekend. I spent many a dreary winter Sunday afternoon watching the film. Based on the novella and screenplay by Graham Greene, The Third Man is a crime story about Harry Lime—an American running a medical charity in Vienna, who makes a killing selling penicillin on the bombed out, impoverished city’s black market. To increase his profits, he cuts the drug with other substances, thereby destroying its efficacy and causing the patients (including children) to die horribly from their infections.

In the film’s most iconic scene, the good guy (played by Joseph Cotton) meets his old friend Harry Lime (played by Orson Welles) on the Giant Ferris wheel in the Vienna Prater amusement park and tries to appeal to his conscience. At the wheel’s apex, the charismatic Harry opens the door, points down to people walking on the ground below, and says: Look down there. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever? If I offered you twenty thousand pounds for every dot that stopped, would you really, old man, tell me to keep my money, or would you calculate how many dots you could afford to spare? Free of income tax, old man. Free of income tax. … Nobody thinks in terms of human beings. Governments don’t, why should we? They talk about the people and the proletariat; I talk about the suckers and the mugs. It’s the same thing. They have their five-year plans, and so have I.

I sensed that Graham Greene might have based the story on something he’d witnessed or heard about. Doing some research, I learned that Harry Lime was probably based on the British spy Harold “Kim” Philby, with whom Greene worked in British intelligence during World War II. Greene, it seems, discovered that Philby was a Soviet double agent long before he was exposed as such in 1963. Instead of ratting out his friend, he kept it to himself and left the intelligence service in 1944. Several pieces of evidence suggest that when he wrote The Third Man a few years later, he based it on his conflicted friendship with Philby. John le Carré was also fascinated by Graham Greene and Kim Philby, and his thriller Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy—one of my all-time favorites—was inspired by the Philby story.

His novel The Constant Gardener was published in 2001, and I read it with great interest. The story wasn’t set in Cold War Europe, but in Kenya, where a British diplomat’s wife is brutally raped and murdered. Upon closer examination, the diplomat realizes that she was about to reveal a horrifying crime committed by a pharmaceutical company, which murdered her in order to prevent the exposure. The novel’s plot was reminiscent of a controversial drug trial performed by Pfizer in Kano, Nigeria in 1996 during a meningococcal outbreak. For the trial of its new antibiotic, trovafloxacin, Pfizer gave 100 children this new drug. The control group of 100 other children received the standard anti-meningitis treatment at the time—a drug called ceftriaxone. However, for the control group, Pfizer administered a substantially lower dose of ceftriaxone than the drug’s FDA-approved standard.

When the reduced dosing in the control group was discovered, it raised the suspicion that Pfizer did this in order to skew the trial in favor of its new drug. Five of the children who received trovafloxacin died, while six who received the reduced dose of ceftriaxone died. Other children apparently suffered grave injuries from the administration of the experimental antibiotic without their informed consent. The investigation and litigation that ensued was the stuff of a thriller, involving private investigators, bribery, blackmail attempts, and disappearing records. Thirteen years later, in 2009, Pfizer settled out of court with the plaintiffs. In his author’s note, le Carré claimed that nobody and no corporation in the novel was based on an actual person or corporation in the real world. But I can tell you this. As my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progressed, I came to realize that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard.

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Bolsonaro is in the US.

Lula Halts Privatization Of Brazil’s State Companies (RT)

Brazil’s newly returned President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has scrapped plans to sell off eight state-run corporate giants, including the oil company Petroleo Brasileiro, known as Petrobras, Brazilian news website G1 reported on Monday. Lula, who was at the helm from 2003 through 2010, was sworn in as Brazil’s president on January 1. Imprisoned for graft in 2018, Lula’s convictions were overturned in 2019, allowing him to defeat Jair Bolsonaro in October’s election. The decision to remove state corporations from the list of state asset sales was one of the first official acts by the left-wing politician. Aside from Petrobras, the order includes Pre-Sal Petroleo, the state firm responsible for the supervision and sale of the government’s share of oil and gas from production-sharing contracts, along with the postal service Correios, and the Empresa Brasil de Comunicacaooperator, which manages the federal government’s broadcast network.

The Brazilian social welfare system’s IT services enterprise Dataprev, state-owned nuclear company Nuclep, IT services corporation Serpro, and the Agriculture Ministry’s National Supply Company are also off the privatization list. The returning president has called for “ensuring a rigorous analysis of the impacts of privatization on the public service or on the market,” adding that state banks and major oil companies such as Petrobras would play a “key role” in the new economic cycle. On Monday, the Sao Paulo stock index shed 3.24%, while Petrobras shares dropped around 6% as Lula’s inauguration speech sparked investor fears of interventionist government policies. The national currency – the real – saw its value slide by 1.5%. Lula’s predecessor, the populist far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro, led an administration mired in controversies ranging from corruption to environmental devastation. Lula’s own government was brought down by massive corruption in Petrobras, which led to the impeachment of his hand-picked successor in 2016.

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How silly should I feel for not understanding the sudden push for 3, 4, 5, 26 genders?

Switzerland Rejects Gender Ideology, Rules Sex Is Binary (Slay)

In a landmark move, Switzerland’s government has rejected gender ideology by ruling that sex is binary and people must be referred to as either male or female, with no exceptions. The Swiss government rejected a proposal to introduce a “third gender” or “no gender” option for official records. The nation ruled against the “gender identity” ideology that other European countries have succumbed to. Swiss residents will continue to be entered into the nation’s civil registry as male or female, with no other options. “The binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society,” the Swiss Federal Council said in response to two proposals from parliament, according to the Associated Press. “The social preconditions for the introduction of a third gender or for a general waiver of the gender entry in the civil registry currently are not there,” it added.

The Associated Press noted that the Federal Council had said that including alternative options for gender markers would require “numerous” changes to the Swiss Constitution and to laws both at the national and state (canton) levels. The process of revising the country’s Constitution is complicated. According to the Swiss Parliament, a partial or complete revision of the Constitution needs to be approved by both a majority of the voters and also a majority of the nation’s 26 cantons. Switzerland’s political system includes four parties whose views range from left to right and frequent referendums are held on a variety of issues. Switzerland’s neighboring countries, Germany and Austria, as well as other Western European countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, have all modified their civil registries to include “third gender” or “no gender” options.

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    M.C. Escher Fluorescent sea 1933   • Soldiers’ Widows Group Calls On Putin To Order Major Mobilisation (R.) • Putin: West ‘Lied About Peace’ Whil
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 4 2023]

    Just Some Randomer

    Heads up people. The well-established principle that an imminent economic collapse is coincident with the construction of a new ‘World’s tallest building’ continues to hold true.

    Seriously though – why did they have to make it look like Sauron’s tower in Barad Dur from The Lord of the Rings? Are ‘They’ just messing with our heads now?

    An extra luxury tower. It was unveiled in Dubai by Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences and will be a skyscraper poised to set a record as one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.


    Just Some Randomer



    Russians are exceptional….why? because now they are willing to die for Putin in a nuclear holocaust…..Proghosin makes a music video glorifying SARMAT and how it will destroy the world, Russia is looking more like North Korea every day , what a bunch of weirdos!

    V. Arnold

    M.C. Escher Fluorescent sea 1933

    Wow, wow, wow; what an amazing feast for the eyes…

    Dr. D

    Applause for Liz Truss on national TV BBC, saying she’s ready to push the nuclear button for anything. Oh wait, I thought that was the Russians.

    “Discredited ‘Population Bomb’ Author Predicts “End of the Civilization We’re Used To” On 60 Minutes”

    “Fewer: How the New Demography of Depopulation Will Shape Our Future”

    But of course the story and media is for the guy who was proven dead wrong. Like when it’s 10f and blizzarding in Buffalo. Or Kuwait, which just happened. Crickets. We only report when it’s warming. No matter how wrong, for how many decades. Never.

    Damar Hamlin Suffers Cardiac Arrest During NFL Game – Doctor Explains
    “What we saw tonight is not related to any sort of vaccine” …

    As he proves a negative. Good work! And without any evidence, autopsy, or being in the room either! He’s also completely psychic. That’s doctors today for you. A seance and a buffalo rattle and they’re all good.

    “” … a woman who waited 25 hours to be seen at an emergency department told the BBC it was “like a war movie“. ”

    I’ll say what I said before starting 2020: so since all our nations are well aware of a long-term crisis stretching back to 1990’s, they’ve done everything they can to bring back nurses, promote that career, and train more, right? Free tuition for health care? What, no? They LOWERED pay, INCREASED hours, DESTROYED work conditions, and have NO initiatives, not even an unpaid outreach to encourage new careers? I guess the magic health care fairies will do it then. The ones the Admins pray to on their iPads using Excel, safe at home in their pajamas.

    There’s no problem: there are plenty of doctors and nurses. They QUIT. They were FIRED. They refuse to PAY (by creating staffing and conditions approaching the tolerable) while Administration doubles and triples their numbers for the 4th or 5th time.

    Call me when you do something. Call me when you care. Until then, it’s just lies and more lies. There’s more than enough budget. There’s probably more than enough buildings. The only thing they won’t and can’t value is human beings. By design. If you’re all good with it, who am I to say? I guess this is the health care you want.

    “Poland has, over the past months, inserted fifteen thousand (15,000) regular, active-duty, Polish Army troops into Ukraine and they are waging illegal war against Russia”

    That. Is very, very bad. They’re also not in Ukraine against Russia. Russia considers Donbas as Russia so they are INVADING RUSSIA. Russians are not fools and understand, but in which case we must not be fools and understand as well. Kherkov is RUSSIA. Legally. To them and perhaps by UN law (Self determination).

    Erdogan had been protesting in vain that the US, a NATO ally, had aligned with a terrorist group (Syrian Kurds known as YPG) that threatened Turkiye’s sovereignty and territorial integrity…”

    The U.S. makes themselves simply Impossible to work with. No treaties, no negotiations. It’s hopeless.

    I am getting such a kick out of the McCarthy rebellion. Even if it ends up with him, it’s totally worth all our time to run, harass and expose him, just as it was when AOC protested Pelosi’s office. (Although she did nothing, I think that’s the point where they got/presented AOC’s blackmail file to her. Campaign finance violations before she even got there, among other things.)

    “After ordering what he cast as a “partial mobilisation” on Sept. 21, Russia’s first since World War Two, around 300,000 additional men were drafted,”

    Because Reuters has no reporters, and already demonstrated they are run by MI6 with million-dollar checks (Like Twitter gets from the FBI) they can’t be bothered about “facts” or “details”. These men are all the National Guard Reserves and were remobilized according to their contracts, exactly as we did in Iraq to our National Guard, who were supposed to be holding down their day jobs back home, then rotated them into direct war zones over and over for years.

    And if 100,000 men ran away, good! Good riddance, all the better if you pull their passports and they can’t come back as they have decided they are neither men nor Russians. Isn’t this what we did to draft dodgers in Vietnam? The dog-faces, not the important, well-placed Senator’s Sons like Bush and Cheney in the Champagne Corps?

    Those 300,000 are going through long and extensive retraining, despite Western reports. This is to put into them everything Russia’s learned so war about Ukraine and the new war.

    Putin has for months been casting the war as part of a much wider historical struggle between Russia and the West which the Kremlin chief says wants to carve up and destroy Russia.”

    No, Putin didn’t say that. The Hudson Institute, the WEF, the and everybody within 100 miles a NATO openly SAID that is is their plan. The Neocons like Nuland directly running the war said that is their express, open goal. And murdering Putin personally, like Graham said. Here’s a pistol and a plane ticket, Lindsay.

    California Bill To Punish Doctors For ‘False’ Covid-19 Information (ZH)”

    So it’s a bill against open malpractice. I thought we already had one of those. And what is false? What the CDC said? Fauci and the CDC said both a thing and its opposite for years now. They made and make daily recommendations that are contrary to their paid, published research. So which should I pick as a doctor?

    Do What You’re Told. The only Truth is #Power.

    A German doctor was sentenced late Monday to two years and nine months in prison for illegally issuing more than 4,000 people with exemptions”

    Three years. But burning 690 cars in France is zero years prison. What’s a car? €15,000? €10,350,000 Euros lost, not a crime. Not wearing a mask their own research says doesn’t work (or at least all our does, including the official White House experts) is a crime served longer than rape, which is often a free pass these days.

    ““..mandatory social media communication retraining..”

    What on earth even is that? What would it be? “Opinions are Treason.”

    “he got in hot water with the College because he retweeted posts about PM Justin Trudeau,”

    Well that makes sense. Trudeau is a violent, open bigot who wears blackface so retweeting him is about the same as tweeting David Duke. What was that? Ontario and all their boards and commissars openly support Blackface and are against free speech? I guess I should have seen that coming.

    “Last week, the Twitter CEO exposed Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife Christine Grady’s corrupt working relationship.”

    This is a passover, a throwaway, but it deserves re-mention every day until something is done about it. If Dr. Fauci did something wrong, who had his oversight, who was in charge of doing something about it? A: His wife. His wife held the job of direct report on his behavior and medical ethics. Conflict of Interest much? It shows how target-rich the environment is that no one has gotten around to reporting on this after all these years. And maybe so, since in open defiance of Congress he paid for direct bioweapons research then embezzled money and abused his power to cover it up. But if she pops her head up over the parapet, it’s a legitimate target and I’ll snipe it without a second thought.

    Dumping TSLA: the whole market is down and Tesla was at insane I’ve-been-doing-drugs highs. Even now it’s probably 4x overvalued. So I’m not too worried about it dropping, they’d only be doing him a favor. If it can get low enough, even I would buy it.

    His competition is cars that go 40 miles and then need 12 hours of charging? WTF. But they do include a homeless child from the Congo with some extra cobalt in the trunk, so that’s good.

    “The announcement follows reports of an exodus of advertisers from the website”

    “Reports”? So DID they? Or didn’t they? Does it match the ad crash everywhere else? The companies have no money and are broke to begin with, relieved to have an excuse? Was Twitter’s ad placement at all effective for increased sales? A: Doesn’t say. To busy repeating the Party Line. The party line is: They have Power and you don’t. Obey and be afraid. GFY.

    In reality I think most were like CBS (?), protested by canceling their account and were back 10 hours later. Ad revenue is down across industry, and Twitter is lower but well within the normal range. Viewership and engagement is WAY UP, which should mean instant profits or at least monetization. Especially for political ads which are a huge spend, one of the biggest. Can’t prove it, would take a lot of work, but that’s my guess on it.

    “I came to realize that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard.”

    The authors believe the best and effective way they can help is by introducing concepts and widening the Overton Window. They may be right, but I like screaming better. People now just say “That was in a Movie” (therefore it can’t be real) as if people drinking coffee in a movie means coffee isn’t real. So did they open it at all, to anyone who wouldn’t have already known? Or did they just keep their mouths shut to save themselves? Not a rhetorical question.

    “Lula’s convictions were overturned in 2019, allowing him to defeat Jair Bolsonaro in October’s election.”

    Was he though? One judge “just said.” That’s it. Others do not believe he won. But I bring it up because Jair is spending the Inauguration where? Mar a Lago. Would be interesting if the military stepped in to stop Lula while Jair is safely away. Then does a review of election fraud which seems to have been extensive. (But which side?) That word cloud sounds familiar somehow, but I guess we’ll see. On Lula’s word cloud there were “violent protestors” who then brought weapons to the inauguration but were happily found out by the FBI and publicized.

    Can’t anybody do anything new anymore? We’re trapped in this loop of minions: no creativity.

    “The Swiss government rejected a proposal to introduce a “third gender” or “no gender” option for official records.”

    The way it has been for, well, always. Even for XXY, eunuchs, etc. We spend all this time and effort on a 0.5% while the 99.5% suffer. By design and it’s working wonderfully. Utilitarianism: to sacrifice the 1% to save the 99%, clearly not moral. Progressiveism: to sacrifice the 99% to save the 1%. That is of course, perfectly good and moral.

    The latest 1%? Kill all tall people, I guess. According to the NY Times. I say start with John Kerry.

    Max Kaiser sure looks younger, as did all of us. This is kind of what I was saying. The final end is perhaps of no use whatsoever. The only money or practical system is the day to day algo trading, largely divorced from underlying fundamentals. So it doesn’t matter the reality. It doesn’t matter the end. Or it doesn’t until the one 6-hour period that it suddenly does. Until then, might as well not know, a choice many have made and makes them far smarter than I.

    “White House spokesperson says meetings with SBF were focussed(sic) on pandemic prevention”

    Well he and the White House were utter failures then. Did anyone not notice we HAD a pandemic? That pandemic went wherever it wanted without restraint and was not stopped?

    Corollary: Masks didn’t work? Anywhere, at all? Ever? Lockdowns didn’t work. At all, anywhere, ever? Today’s numbers are higher than ever: vaccine didn’t work, at all, anywhere, ever. No one notices. Situation. Normal. All. F’d.

    Dr. D

    “The Vibes Are Off at Tesla
    Layoffs, lawsuits, delays, Twitter chaos, stock in free fall, factory shutdowns — What happened to America’s favorite car company? “ – The Verge

    Yup, first ignorantly and irrationally drive the price way up for an overpriced, overhyped car that runs on coal. Then when Elon doesn’t adequately virtue signal – I guess one free military satellite network over Ukraine isn’t enough – irrationally trash and drive it down for the same non-logical reasons. “Not cool.” “Everybody says.”

    This is why I’m not a good stock picker: with a practical, logical mind, I look at the fundamentals, which have zero to do with price at this point. Nenner said the same thing about his stock cycles he can predict 40 years out (like Armstrong). So on the day IBM reports high earnings, the price goes up because: high earnings, right? Obvious, CNBC says. Next quarter, IBM reports high earnings but the stock sells off. Why? Everybody taking profits on the high earnings. Obvious, CNBC says. O Rlly? So EVEN IF you can pick the fundamentals – hard enough – it’s exactly of zero use unless you can also guess the INTERPRETATION of the numbers. So how is that is about the stock at all? If the cycle can predict decades ahead – some sort of human astrology about our optimism or pessimism – how is it not about the “stars”?

    Again, might as well not know, as the knowing no longer has any value. With adequate “inflation”, all markets are a casino and not a “weighing machine”, even in the very long term. As Tesla has richly shown, but all the other FAANGS too. Meanwhile, people are stealing food and not iPhones because they need food more, yet prices never change to reflect this. The price of eggs didn’t rise: you just can’t get any in London. You guys won: we are clearly in a post-Capitalist society. Money means nothing, prices say nothing, and all markets are broken, never to work again.

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    In other words: paradise. Nirvana at last. Reality is whatever I SAY it is. And today we say Tesla sucks.

    Mister Roboto


    Bakhmut stalled, The owner of Wagner PMC opines.

    Ever wonder why are they wasting valuable guided missiles to hit civilian targets in Kyiv etc instead of actually helping their own forces not get dead so much and hit Uk rear supply lines and logistics etc etc… Rumors are circulating that Russian borders will be closed to men leaving the motherland, more mobilization and martial law is coming this month.

    With this overwhelming advantage, why are they whining about a Patriot missile battery, 8 launchers/4 missiles per. They should be able to own the air and crush Bakhmut in days.


    Whenever there is chatter about Ukraine receiving longer range precision guided missiles. Russia messaging goes full on nukem.

    BTW, total game changer if Ukraine gets them. They could bomb every Russian headquarters, every transport hub or ammunition depot in Crimea. An offensive towards Melitopol that secures the axis of the E105 & M14 along with the rail lines will mean the land bridge to Crimea is cut and the Peninsula is basically a large open air holding area without logistics. If you are general Armageddon, this is what keeps you up at night. This what seems to keep the West up at night.

    Kadyrov acting out some sort of power ranger fantasy.


    Around xmas, Ukraine used a repurposed TU-141 to hit a bomber base in Russia. How is it that a 7 ton steel rocket ship from from the 1970s flew for over a hour across their airspace undetected? Shortly thereafter,All Kalibr missile-carrying ships were withdrawn from the Black Sea.

    Satellite, imagery from this summer onward, indicates that Russia has been cannibalizing precision guided missiles from their air defense systems around the country.

    Russian Telegram channels have been void of criticism of the Russians forces for awhile. There are new rules in place to discourage that. I was a bit surprised to see this recently. (Topaz had 50k followers)


    Anyway, short of Ukraine getting longer range missiles, this artillery centric conflict is likely to grind on for another year. There is an outlier though. Ukraine may have a modern home grown precision guided missile solution. They were 80% to 90% there prior to the war. It has been speculated that prototypes were used to hit Saky airbase and the Kerch bridge last year. Who knows, but something to keep an eye on. Good piece on munition consumption and supply.

    Figmund Sreud


    “In December, the German grid was among the dirtiest in the developed world during coal as its primary fuel.”



    A good friend translated this for me, but I am unable to transfer that translation here. A machine might help here, but you have to be special to make good friends with a strange machine, so that translation might lack something.

    Agamben puts forward here that the attempt to control the development (and deployment) of technology ends up in the transformation of the government seeking this control into forms necessitated for that technology —the tech guides the forms the government takes, especially as the government/regime reckons with its inability to control that development. This directs him to further go ahead and note that this shows how our own “instrumental” approach to politics has its problems, as it is rooted in this incapacity to control techniques because it (i.e., instrumental governance) is technology already. The “decisive” take is seeing how the end (as in “final cause” [fine], that towards which one directs use) connects to the development of the technology: the technology functions as what it is, realizes itself, only when the end is something else other than the technology. Thus, for as long as government is taken as its own end, it will not be fully realized; but even then, a political control of technology/technique is not possible so long as instrumental politics (government) is the norm.

    I am thankful for Agamben and friends who share their shamanic capacity to translate. Agamben is an interesting European (broadly speaking) philosopher who doesn’t fall for “it” the way so many academic ones have.


    ‘Like when it’s 10f and blizzarding in Buffalo. Or Kuwait, which just happened. Crickets. We only report when it’s warming.’

    Cut the crap please, Dr D.

    Arctic Vortexes are a very clear sign of atmospheric instability caused by severe overheating of the waters in the Arctic region and the disruption of the thermal gradient that used to maintain stability. This is well documented and has been posted on TAE on numerous occasions, including very recent links to videos by Candain Prepper, who has explained the phenomenon -first explained over a decade ago by Dr Jennifer Francis- yet again.

    Are you just another climate zealot who only sees what he/she wants to see and cherry-picks data to promote that false narrative?

    The world is full of such people.

    A dose of reality for you:

    ‘A huge temperature rise threatens to unfold, as the already dire situation threatens to turn catastrophic due to the combined impact of a number of developments and feedbacks.

    The upcoming El Niño

    Temperatures are currently suppressed as we’re in the depth of a persistent La Niña event. It is rare for a La Niña event to last as long as the current one does, as illustrated by the NASA image below and discussed in this NASA post. The blue line added in the image highlights an increase in peak ONI (strong El Niños) over the years……’




    What keeps me up at night is the unrestrained aggression of NATO, it’s relentless attacks on nations that have resources that can potentially be stolen, and the relentless attacks by NATOstan governments on the ordinary folk of NATOstan countries.

    ‘War is Peace’.

    Also, ‘Ignorance is Strength’.

    And if you think you live in a free country, you are demented. Slavery is Freedom as far as NATOstan managers are concerned. Been that way since long before NATO was even established.


    Who is the boss?

    • Soldiers’ Widows Group Calls On Putin To Order Major Mobilisation (R.)

    • Japan Starts Official Investigation Into Millions of COVID Vaccine Deaths (NP)

    • California Bill To Punish Doctors For ‘False’ Covid-19 Information (ZH)

    • German Doctor Jailed For Illegally Issuing Mask Exemptions (AP)

    • College of Psychologists Attempt to Strip Jordan Peterson of his License (BJD)

    • Documents Reveal How ‘Russiagate’ Was Used For Twitter Censorship (RT)

    Every dot has a purpose
    M.C. Escher Fluorescent sea 1933
    His wife held the job


    I no longer read Guardian articles because the narratives have become so bitter and twisted. Especially anything to do with Russia or Ukraine.

    But there are some realities even the Guardian cannot ignore or explain away.

    ‘Record warm winter in parts of Europe forces closure of ski slopes

    Resorts open hiking trails and lifts for mountain bikes amid unseasonably high temperatures and lack of snow’



    Fascinating. A $100 per barrel range.

    <div width=”500″ style=”max-width: 100%;” data-current-size=”medium” data-size=”medium” class=”oilprice_com_widget_iframe_embed_holder”><iframe class=”oilprice_com_widget_iframe_embed” src=”https://oilprice.com/widgets/oilprice_image/46_7_1672849260&#8243; title=”Brent Crude Price Chart 1/5/2018 to 1/5/2023″></iframe></div><script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://oilprice.com/a/js/widgets/oilprices/embed.js”></script&gt;



    So, to add to that comment about technology, looking for a state to “end the participation mandate” or “regulate fossil fuels” or “limit nuclear weapons” or “ban bioweapon testing” means transforming the state into an extension of the larger evolutionary dynamics that create the conditions for those technologies. I pointed out with my friend that this is the same insight (so it seems to me!) there in Chapter 12 of the Zhuangzi regarding why the (constant?) gardener refuses to use the shadoof/well-dip recommended to him by the know-it-all nerd who thinks it’ll both not only make the job easier but produce higher yield. It also occurs to me that this insight combines with what Agamben is about here, and follows the same path seen in Zhuangzi’s criticism about governing and controlling language as a tool —for example, in how nets and traps to capture fish and birds drives them further away and into greater distress, so likewise laws and officials to control and govern people drive them further away (from the Tao) and into greater distress (and criminality). You see this especially in Zhuangzi’s “Broken Suitcases” or “Stolen Luggage” chapter, where the Great Thief isn’t thwarted by a powerful state with strong law enforcers but instead the Thief steals the government and then uses it for his own criminal —but now legitimate because legal— enterprise.

    We live in this, and y’all document it. Yet it’s been a “norm” of metaphysics for a very long time. So how would a lawyer in a courtroom before a panel of judges certified with papers admired by bureaucrats invested in maintaining the enterprise change this? How would a pack of angry men with self-chambering long guns surrounding the buildings once housing the bureaucrats change this? The only thing that has truly ended regimes has been catastrophe: destruction of the underlying ecologies feeding the humans and composting/converting their waste. Hence: to greatly reset states of the planet, greatly alter their physical systems. It’s not enough to change the form of their currency, you must change their diets and their toilets, their middens, where the wasted surplus goes.

    Dr D likes to equate Logos with Life, and so asserting that chaos cannot produce the order needed for civilization to be just (rather than legal), he comes down on the side of recognizing a metaphysical truth about justice: it must be realized in/through the just applications of Law, and not the driven emotions or steadfast intentions of individuals. Law doesn’t live in the buildings of just bureaucrats —they don’t create or make justice; it’s not something raised like fruit or cattle or crafted from metals or woods. It is a metaphysical reality within which humans exist, and ignorance or agnosticism towards that aspect of our being is precisely why criminals are so successful in conflating their extralegal practices with the governments and NGOs and corporations all formed through legal mechanisms (which they no longer even acknowledge, to all our peril). Okay, maybe that last bit is unwarranted extrapolation from a Dr D longform comment, but this is how I take the (hinted at) dynamics of D’s comments.

    I guess I take a different perspective. Evolution is already agnostic itself about its outcomes, so it doesn’t mind whether the substrate of computing logical forms is analog/meat or digital/metal or beyond/immaterial. Planets with biological computation demonstrate the same pattern over and over: transformation of that thin outer shell into something enabling transmission of mutable information, as a crysalis, a shell, a husk, a skin shed along the way. Virtual computation demonstrates similar patterns: the information has little allegiance for the form of the machine as well. Both adhere to something Plato was getting at in trying to get folks (certain ones) to get past the surfaces and towards the depths only available through thinking about them better. The point here: the sickness is not going to go away through methods already included within the methods required to create that illness in the first place. “The jabs can’t be unjabbed” is one way to grasp the asymmetry of the paths humans have available as choices to make, but the form of human life is already a dominating symbol: it’s linear, one-way, and leading. To become something outside the scope of the repetitive failures constraining the good people with the evil people, one must make a choice that’s not only off the path but beyond what good people and evil people expect. It will erase your life, but you will have shed the limits of what flesh and machine both expect and plan for, what good and evil demand and require.

    The rules of a game don’t suggest that you win it by turning away from it, but Life is constantly seeking ways to make you incapable of leaving it, because even if you die for or because of it, you have participated in how that game plays with you.

    John Day

    @VP Gary: I appreciated your thoughts and insights on “seeking the path of truth” last night.

    : I also saw that tweet about the doctor saying he had boosted Damar Hamlin 12/26/22, and thought it to be an odd release of personal medical information without consent. it appears likely to be a head-fake. This was already suspected shortly after it appeared.

    The ‘doctor’ who claimed he gave Damar Hamlin a COVID-19 booster last week isn’t real

    D Benton Smith

    Andrei wrote (and asked) , “. . . the “best” minds (relatively speaking) in the US are working on the following task: how to trigger a continental war without directly and officially involving the United States? I don’t have an answer to this, your guess is as good as mine. Any suggestions? Andrei”.

    On the remote possibility that Andrei (or someone who knows him) might actually read this, I would like to offer a suggestion which answers the question.

    It’s almost too simple to qualify as a either an answer OR a suggestion, because it is just three closely related observations/recommendations that are in plain sight of anyone who cares to look, of actions and facts that are already operationally in play.

    1) First and foremost. The war is ALREADY fully engaged, complete with fatalities inflicted direct by both sides upon the other side, completely in addition to the fatalities carried out by willing proxies. Americans in and around Ukraine have killed Russians in an around Ukraine, directly, and with their own American weapons & systems, and Russians in and around Ukraine have killed many of those Americans. Both sides are mincing words, manipulating nomenclature and labels, and heavily heavily heavily censoring statistics and other information. They do so for different reasons, but the informational effect is the same. The DIRECT killing war is being hidden from the public of both sides. Russia has a reason for hiding it, and America has a reason for hiding it, but the reason are not the same.

    2) Secondly, and crucially importantly, The East is decisively and rapidly winning that war, just as the West is unrecoverably losing it. So long as the dynamics of this engagement continue more or less as they are going at present, then the Western Ex-hegemony will continue to shrink and shrink and then shrink some more until it is virtually non-existent and becomes just another footnote in history like all those Empires that have collapsed into obscurity before it. Like the Country Western song lyric goes, “It’s all over but the buryin’ ”

    3) It takes two to Tango. The West can escalate all that it wants (at least to the degree that it is physically capable of doing any more than it is doing now . . . which I earnestly and sincerely DOUBT unless the US/NATO clown show has a fully armed and fully supplied and equipped 2 million man army and logistics network hidden in vast secret underground bunkers prepared to suddenly pop up ready to rock ‘n’ roll against the combined forces of the literally vast force of the East. In other words, it just ain’t gonna happen because there is no Western army extant that is capable of actually DOING a significant “escalatory” attack. And even if there were, the East is not obligated to counter escalate any more forcefully than would be necessary to reduce the “magnitude” of said threat down to non-threatening levels. Poland, for example, is no threat at all if it’s armed forces can’t get out of Poland. How hard would such containment be in this world of satellites and hypersonic missiles?

    Like I said, it takes two to Tango, and Russia knows it big time. Therefore the West shall remain a wallflower until it’s painted-on floral façade of phony finance power fades into the background like old wallpaper.

    Bringing counterfeit paper-money power to a rock fight ain’t gonna work this time because everybody else has most of the scissors and all of the rocks.

    D Benton Smith

    This is a perhaps a microscopically small contribution to the “poison vax” conversation, but I think that the best way to segue from the label “gain of function” to the label “bioweapon” is to simply glue the two words together into a single term, and use that new term as the label every time the subject is discussed.

    In other words, don’t try to SWITCH labels from “gain of function research ” to “bioweapon research.” That NEVER works. People are going to stick with the first label that sticks in their minds. [Facial tissues will always be “Kleenex” no matter how much the competition spends on advertising]. Instead just hang your new name onto the original name that is already stuck in peoples’ minds.

    In the case of the poisonous vax conspiracy refer to the work as “Gain of Function Bioweapons Research.”

    To the question of “What kind of research was Fauci (et al) doing in South Carolina, and the Wuhan Lab ? ” , the answer should always and only be : “Gain of function bioweapons research.”


    A solution for the UkroNazis to counter utterly superior Russia artillery.

    The siege catapult, the Trebuchet, the reinvented Ukronazi redneck artillery.

    This will certainly match the 90,000 rounds a day of Russia artillery!



    The 49% results of poll asking about belief on whether or not jab was the cause…I didn’t realize that the belief was already we so widespread.

    TAE informal poll —
    One person close to me I believe passed from jab-related causes: my institutionalized, schizophrenic aunt. Her physical health deteriorated after the jab-fest commenced. My mother never asked for the medical records (she had POA for my aunt) so we don’t have as much data as I’d prefer. However, after the first series she stopped walking. Her health would stabilize, and then it would rapidly deteriorate, and then stabilize again. We suspect that the jabs may have been involved in at least some of the rapid deterioration phases. (Although one was not — she was moved to a new floor and the new nurse somehow didn’t notice that she was supposed to be taking metformin as well as her antipsychotic meds…she was slipping into a coma before anyone noticed! But she recovered from that, and was doing well again for a few weeks…and then mysteriously her health deteriorated over the course of a week and she was gone.)

    My 39-year-old cousin had a massive heart attack days after his first mRNA jab, which shattered his health and finances. Another younger cousin suddenly developed cancer after his first jab series — he recovered. A jabbed teen nephew missed nearly a month of school in November due to 3 strong viral infections.

    This past Monday, at the open mic I frequent, one of the two founders was grieving because a good friend had suddenly passed. He mentioned something about so many people dying lately, and that the young people didn’t understand how unusual this is. The prior week, we recognized the passing of a frail, elderly man who had often attended the open mic. A couple of weeks before that, an older woman who frequented a different open mic was honored due to her sudden passing.


    COVID Jabs Have Erased 25 Years of Health Gains
    Dr. Mercola


    “If the COVID jabs worked, you’d expect excess mortality to drop, yet that’s not what we’re seeing. We’re also not seeing mass death from COVID. The only clear factor that might account for these discrepancies is mass injection with an experimental gene transfer technology.”

    Dr. D

    That wasn’t my point at all, it was all about that they only REPORT one side. Every minute of every day for years. But thanks for bringing it up so I can quote an Ivy League PhD chemist for you: (At 1:00 mark)

    Chemist: The Sanctimonious-Industrial Complex is intended to be the most pejorative imaginable term for those who pick up a cause and like total morons don’t actually try to learn about it, and then just go squealing about it, and that includes the Climate Change crowd. I’m a big believer in resource depletion problems which you and I have been talking about for 20 years, I’m a big believer in pollution problems and destroying the earth problems, but I don’t think CO2 is going to destroy us. I don’t believe the model, I don’t believe it’s happening, I don’t believe any of the mathematical equations can possibly approximate,

    Kunstler: And let’s remind the listeners you’re a distinguished Chemistry Professor at a prestigious Ivy League school.

    Chemist: Which in some sense shouldn’t matter… Except for the fact some people think there’s no one credible. I got into the Climate Change story when I said ‘Look, there’s no one credible who doesn’t believe this model’. They said ‘Oh yes there is’ I said send me some names and they sent me elite schools and I said ‘Yeah, they probably shot down some model but they didn’t shoot down Climate Change’.

    I went and read it and there were these Ultra-famous scientists saying THE WHOLE CLIMATE CHANGE STORY IS GARBAGE. Just: Garbage. And so one of the very first lies of the Climate Change story is that no one credible doesn’t believe it. Head of the National Academy of Science says ‘It’s the biggest hoax in the history of Science.’ Freeman Dyson, Will Haper, advisor to many Presidents, the American Physical Society put together a committee to look at it, came out of it saying ‘THE SCIENCE IS GARBAGE’.

    I know there are good climate scientists tying to understand the micro stuff; but the Big Picture: ‘We’re all going to die of Climate Change’ is just garbage.

    Kunstler: And yet it seems to be running Global Politics.

    Chemist: Well, it’s a multi-Trillion dollar grift. You know if you fill out an NIH grant, the first two pages are how I’m going to help the country…but if you’re doing geology or you’re doing atmospheric sciences, you say ‘Climate Change is a big problem.’…so you play along.

    That’s how Science™ works. No one gets funded. I can guarantee you if I went to the NSF or the DoE with a grant that said ‘Climate Change is bunk’ I’d never get funded.

    [All the Science™ money can buy. And ONLY the Science™ that money will buy. But that’s not Science. “Science” is the business of DIS-Proving hypotheses. That’s why they are by definition, falsifiable. Both hot AND cold are proof of AGW, which means it’s not Science, by definition. Otherwise, what is the condition that disproves?]

    Chemist: …And therefore the ENTIRE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY is SELECTED FOR, in this massive Darwinian experiment, intellectually, for those who can swallow hard and say ‘I agree, and let’s pretend we’re going to fix it.’ [i.e. NOT Scientists]

    Kunstler: So Science has turned itself into the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    Chemist: …But there’s an estimated $150 TRILLION to be spent on Climate Change. [And ZERO for deniers. You get the exact results you PAY for, and ONLY those results.]

    Kunstler: I don’t think the capital will be there.

    Chemist: Yes, but I don’t think the TRUST will be there.

    David Collum is the Betty R. Miller Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Cornell University.

    So Ivy League Chemists don’t know what they’re talking about? Chair of the Physical Society doesn’t know what they’re talking about? Hundreds of other chemists and scientists don’t know what they’re talking about? Another 30 year professional chemist, Tom Luongo, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But except for hundreds of experts, who all disagree in technical and data-cased ways, the issue is settled.

    It’s a religion. I’m not deep enough into y’all’s strange theology to take a side here. All I need to know is that YOU don’t know, you haven’t even agreed among yourselves. I can know that with binoculars and a blind stick because that’s obvious it’s not science when one side stops debating. College rules: they lost. That side that is Pro CO2 hasn’t debated in 20 years, ergo, they lost. You are on their point of view, therefore, you lost. Your arguments don’t seem to be upping your credibility here at least, even when you make them, and that’s not a good sign.

    I mean besides that all that side’s predictions have come up false for 20 years now and are CONSTANTLY discredited. Wall Street is still 6 inches above sea level. Still no water yet. More polar bears than ever. Volcanoes going off right on cue. Snow in Kuwait, Riyadh, Athens and the Sahara.

    How did an archaic missile fly over? 1) the U.S. put a SkunkWorks spell on it with some tech we don’t know. 2) what is more likely and was openly said: they put an commercial airplane transponder on it, and I can’t emphasize to you how dangerous that is.

    And Russia’s out of missiles again: got it.

    They can just blow up all their major bases, all of Crimea, and all of Moscow and nothing will happen: got it.

    Russia will not respond with ever-increasing nukes, nothing to worry about. The reason the West hasn’t done it yet is because you thought of it but General Mattis and Captain Ze never have: got it.

    Okay then, I guess we won. Someone tell Russia. Who gets to bell the cat? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belling_the_cat


    Heard from a friend living in Oz yesterday: blacked out, hit head, no idea how long unconscious; diagnosed as having pneumonia and other complications. aged 66/67.

    Fully jabbed, unfortunately. Not a scientist, so followed The Party Line on Airstrip Four instead of following the science. which clearly indicated the jabs were NOT a vaccine, and being messenger-RNA, were potentially dangerous cell biology modifiers.

    Now we know for certain that the jabs are dangerous cell biology modifiers.

    I recommended Ivermectin.

    May be too late 🙁


    ‘Kunstler: And let’s remind the listeners you’re a distinguished Chemistry Professor at a prestigious Ivy League school.’

    There’s your answer:Ivy League.

    I think most of us know what that means. Rotten to the core. And rotten in the core.

    Kunstler is very clever with words. But sometimes his narratives are so far off track its beyond laughable. He’s the guy I had a dispute with over a decade ago because he believed “Hope and change you can believe in” O’Bomber was for real!

    Kunstler called me a moron for daring to question the efficacy of his fucked-up brain.

    He may get to the truth eventually. Or not.

    But at least he no longer believes in the [imaginary] purity of the Democrats.


    Hundreds of Ukrainian peasants were killed yesterday, plus dozens of armoured vehicles destroyed in the ‘meat-grinder’. Alao NATONazi artillery systems and radar systems wrecked by Russian forces.

    Some further movement westwards by Russian forces.

    All good.

    A shame so many peasants have to die. But it’s hardly the first time.

    Thanks for the laughs, chooch and redneck.


    Some personal anecdotes:

    My 1st cousin developed some serious issues with her legs/walking after her second Pfizer death shot. Her doctor told her that he’d seen a few patients like her. She’s never taking another vaxx again.

    My best friend’s sister-in-law found her 32 year-old daughter dead on her bedroom floor in March ’22. Completely unexpected and unexplained. The sister-in-law herself is now in ICU with internal bleeding and other fucked-up issue that they can’t explain. She’s near death. Both death-vaxxed and boosted.

    Our builder’s wife developed severe swelling in the armpit of the arm she was death-vaxxed in last summer. Was bed-ridden for 5 days in excruciating pain. Never getting another vaxx again.

    A good friend developed sever shingles and was bed ridden for a week after his first vaxx. Has gone on to take 3 more. Says it’s to protect his mother. Idiot.

    My brother’s 23 year-old daughter has “long covid”. Death-vaxxed and boosted. Has been unable work for 6 months. Life is a wreck. The whole family are clueless. “Safe and Effective” is their mantra. Idiots.

    Good friend (vaxxed) recently gave birth to a 10 week premature baby. Had to do a C-section because there was “calcification” of her umbilical cord. (“These placentas are calcified” – https://rumble.com/v1y60t0-dr.-ryan-cole-says-obgyns-are-sending-him-placentas-from-vaxxed-mothers-to-.html )

    My wife’s sister experienced 19 continuous days of heavy menstrual bleeding immediately after her first vaxx.

    Many, many people I know have been sick over this X-Mass and New year with various colds/flu – some have gone on for weeks.

    It’s an utter disaster.



    @ afewknowthetruth

    Some great graphics here: https://twitter.com/ZLabe

    Autonomous Unit

    ” Snow in Kuwait, Riyadh, Athens and the Sahara.”
    That’s weather, not climate. If you can’t distinguish between the two, you don’t understand the issue.
    There can be snow in usually warm climates. We call this weather.
    It can be damn cold and not snow.


    @ polemos
    Someone was touting the wisdom of the words “demographics are everything” to me, my reaction was and still is something someone said on a comment thread somewhere , ” the future belongs to those who show up for it”. And to do that the responsibility must be taken and choices must be made. Creative choices. For me there in lies the beauty of the leading potential. The lowest common denominator will never scale a rugged fitness landscape. Especially one that contains JD and AFKTT’s extinction event scenario.

    From monkeys one and all.

    John Day

    Thanks for the sad news about so many people in your circle of friends and family.
    I’m sorry.


    Both looking like some high school jocks, Guaido always reminded me on “our” Marco Rubio – the guy who advised poor Americans to occasionally drive in rich neighborhoods to get inspired so they too can be like that.
    Now, I would say that some entities are more than happy that those two in the Jimmy Dore’s video are perceived as belonging in the some big “Left” basket together with BLM, pink vagina wearers, Antifa or where ever that guy from Oroboros’ photo from yesterday is in.
    I developed blisters in my days at Zerohedge, while ago, trying to put some sense regarding Venezuela into indoctrinated merino farm residents, with no avail.

    John Day

    Lies Kill post is up, and there is some crossover with TAE again (“great minds”, etc.)
    Picture of me sitting near completed baseboards and door trim (“Spokesmodel” posing)

    ​ “Not related to any sort of vaccine.” MD offered comforting words about “almost certainly a very rare condition called commotio cordis”​, minutes after Monday’s game was postponed, apparently before Damar had that second cardiac-arrest in the ICU, without getting bumped in the chest.

    ​ “Commotio Cordis” is “commotion in the heart”, fibrillation of the heart muscle, which is akin to cramping while shivering. Fibrillation rapidly exhausts the heart and does not pump blood.​ A rapid, sharp blow to the heart, at a certain point in the pumping cycle, at just the right part of the heart, can “very rarely” induce fibrillation. It’s hard to make happen in animal models. It usually happens from a baseball, occasionally a hockey puck, not usually a steering wheel or air-bag, never a shoulder-pad. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24760424/

    A cardiologists who has treated many COVID and vaccine-injury patients, Peter McCullough MD, explains to Tucker Carlson.
    An Obligation to Investigate Possible Role of COVID Vaccination in NFL Collapse

    ​ Dr. McCullough: ​Public Health Obligation to Disclose Cause of Cardiac Arrest and Sudden Death​
    ​ Events no Longer Private in Era of Mandated COVID-19 Vaccination
    ​ I​n the case of Damar Hamlin, that COVID-19 vaccine-induced subclinical myocarditis and then arrhythmic cardiac arrest on the field was at the top of the list. Tucker said that’s “fair.” I think it’s more than fair since the NFL had a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, as did the military, many corporations, universities, and schools. If an EUA vaccine is mandated, then those who have imposed this product on their players, employees, and students have an ethical public health obligation to tell the world what has happened as a result of the mandate and help all those impacted brace for what could happen next. Damar Hamlin is not just another “unexplained sudden adult death syndrome” case. It was “prime time” for the NFL and now “truth time” for the family, Buffalo Bills doctors, and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center staff.
    ​ ​Did he take the vaccine, brand, and doses given? Is the clinical evaluation consistent with COVID-19 vaccine induced subclinical myocardits and resuscitated cardiac arrest? If not, what is the proven cause of his calamity (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, anomalous coronary arteries, catecholaminergic ventricular tachycardia, long QT syndrome, Brugada syndrome, Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, pulmonary embolus, spinal cord/intracranial injury, etc.).

    John Day

    ​”Sudden cardiac death risk in contact sports increased by myocarditis: a case series”
    ​ ​A 2021 paper in the “European Heart Journal” provides additional grounds for considering subclinical vaccine-induced myocarditis as a possible contributing factor to Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest.

    ​ Damar Hamlin is still in the ICU, still on a ventilator, “improving a little”​, but no details are available. He was mandated to have these experimental shots to play football. If he never plays again, which is almost certain, he has no legal recourse to compensation.

    ​ ​Japan Launches Official Investigation Into Millions of COVID Vaccine Deaths
    ​ ​Japanese researchers have been instructed to investigate the mechanisms by which experimental mRNA jabs could be causing deaths and severe adverse reactions.

    Japan Launches Official Investigation Into Millions of COVID Vaccine Deaths

    ​ Naked Capitalism posts an essay explaining the new paper in the BMJ publication, the Journal of Medical Ethics, on Covid-19 vaccine mandates.
    The recommendation is to rescind mandates, because of evidence that there is more harm coming from the vaccine-products than good, that they do not prevent transmission, so there is no benefit to society, that they have little to no (“negative” after awhile) efficacy to prevent or diminish illness, that there has never been informed-consent to patients, and that there is no recourse to patients harmed or killed by the products.
    It is written so as to be engaging and palatable to vaccine-as-sacrament true-believers. You might know somebody like that. Thanks Christine.

    The Ethics of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: Where Do We Stand and Where Should We Go Regarding Social and Biomedical Responses to Pandemic?


    Afewknowthetruth. Science Denier

    The weakness of your FAITH BASED RELIGOUS BELIEF is evident in your continually WEAK responses to ANY questions. Any.

    “Are you just another climate zealot who…”

    Projection isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    You never answered my questions – just for instance

    Is it the same impenetrable forcefield that protects Martha’s Vineyard from both Climate Change™ and Dreamers™? …or is it two different impenetrable forcefields?

    Epstien’s Island is clearly at sea level. Is it the same impenetrable forcefield that protects it from both The Holy Climate Change™ AND and prosecutions for various horrible obscene crimes? Or is it two totally different force-fields?

    What are they powered by? I am guessing massive piles of printed and/or laundered money?

    If you cite limited resources of some kind, let me point out that they keep buying more and more sea level oceanfront property, so they seem to be able to expand their force-field use quite a bit.

    Do you think the force-fields ought to be used differently? Or is the way the Holy Climate Science™ Believers are using them the best possible way? Mansions and the estates they sit within are most-important?

    Your only answer was to compliment yourself, vaguely, on your “great understanding” which others do not – according to you -have. A typical TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY RELIGIOUS ASSERTION.

    Science Denier


    Dr D Rich

    Finally there’s some value in all the detail from John Day.

    Humor me … or not.

    For the chemist, a chemistry test. In a way, it’s also a challenge to Collum’s credentials. I bet Collum never taught P-chem to a family member while she studied chemical engineering BEFORE he ever took a Pchem class or read a Pchem textbook. She achieved a 4.0 GPA and not the teacher.

    I digress.

    Here we go:
    So, where in the Sun and in what layer of the Earth are the Sun’s and Earth’s (Fe) iron produced?

    Hint: the same place


    a trebuchet
    Conflict/war will end when the snowballs melt

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