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Dorothea Lange On the road to Los Angeles, California 1937


What Have We Bargained for in Ukraine? (Dougherty)
Ukraine Running Out Of Time – Former US Officials (RT)
The WORST Political Upheaval EVER (Denninger)
The Right Played Hardball in Congress. The Left Should Take Notes. (Jacobin)
Twitter Fires More Censors (RT)
Zelensky Sanctions Over 100 Russian Public Figures (RT)
Adam Schiff and the Underbelly of American Censorship (Turley)
Trump Suggests Biden Provoked Putin Into Invading Ukraine (PM)
Donald Trump Slams Arrest Of Ashli Babbitt’s Mother (PM)
Kristi Noem Blasts Jan. 6 Committee After Social Security Numbers Leaked (CB)
Greece To Build Fence On Border With Türkiye (RT)
Every Fourth European Has Trouble Heating Their Home (RT)
Faced With A New Wave Of Covid, China Is Opening Its Borders (Zagorenko)
Switzerland Slated To Destroy Millions Of mRNA Vaccine Doses In 2023 (Eugyp)





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“The dangers of the conflict are much greater than hawks would have us believe.”

What Have We Bargained for in Ukraine? (Dougherty)

‘Your money is not charity,” Volodymyr Zelensky told a joint session of the U.S. Congress a few weeks ago. “It is an investment in global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.” And many conservative hawks, hoping to hold back the rising tide of skepticism among Republicans, have echoed this line. After the speech, Representative Dan Crenshaw called the idea of ending aid to Ukraine “absurd” and said America had “made a pretty good investment here.” My friend and colleague Matthew Continetti writes that “securing America’s position and freedom’s future without direct intervention and for a rounding error in the federal budget is a strategic bargain. Ukraine needs more, not less, U.S. aid, and it needs it now.” In Commentary in November, Noah Rothman wrote that “Kyiv’s victories are our victories, too, insofar as they advance a core American national interest: preserving the stable European covenant that has blessed Western powers with the longest, most durable peace on the Continent in the modern age.”

This view holds that for pennies on the dollar, the U.S. has been able to preserve a democracy threatened by an authoritarian regime, cripple a rival military, strengthen the NATO alliance, prevent Vladimir Putin from an inevitable invasion of NATO territory, and scare off Xi Jinping from ever messing with Taiwan. For these conservatives, the policy preferred by Joe Biden and the Democrats is one whose costs are greatly outweighed by its benefits. Except, none of this is quite true. Crippling a rival military is only worthwhile when you have a strategic reason for doing so, and we conspicuously lack one. The NATO alliance’s duties have been radically expanded with no radical expansion in the share of the alliance’s burdens shouldered by Europe.

Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist project is at odds with the democratic and liberal-internationalist values that are used to sell the conflict abroad. The conflict’s financial and moral costs to the U.S. have been growing for nearly a decade, and taking on Ukraine as a permanent dependent will grow them even more. The arc of the conflict is just as likely to encourage as to discourage Xi in his pursuit of Taiwan, given the ways in which our enmeshment in Europe will deplete our attention, resources, and will to be the world’s cop. And finally, no conflict in this blood-stained area of the globe is a mom-and-pop bingo game in which you can cash out your modest investments at any time; Vladimir Putin and Russia have a say in how this ends.

The advocates for continued aid to Ukraine must downplay the costs involved, because support for continued aid began to drop precipitously when the Biden administration began briefing the press on our strategy. It didn’t help the hawks’ cause when retired general David Petraeus went on Sunday morning television and claimed that if Russia used a so-called tactical nuke in Ukraine, the U.S. would enter the war as a full belligerent, annihilate Russia’s army, and launch decapitation strikes on the Kremlin. It instead made people ask themselves how Russia would respond to such drastic countermeasures, and to shudder at the possible answers.

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Gates and Rice. A veiled push for more and faster.

Ukraine Running Out Of Time – Former US Officials (RT)

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates have admitted that Ukraine’s economy and military are almost completely reliant on bailouts from the West, and barring a dramatic turnaround, its chances of victory are slipping away. Ukraine’s “economy is in a shambles,” the ex-diplomat and former Pentagon chief wrote in the Washington Post on Saturday. The country’s “military capability and economy are now dependent almost entirely on lifelines from the West,” they continued, arguing that should Ukraine fail to mount a successful offensive in the near future, President Zelensky will be pressured by the West to negotiate a ceasefire with Russian President Vladimir Putin – something the Ukrainian leader has repeatedly refused to consider.

With the frontline relatively static since autumn, Russian forces have ground down their Ukrainian opponents in fierce fighting near Bakhmut/Artyomovsk, with an American mercenary commander recently acknowledging that Ukraine is suffering “extraordinarily high casualties” in that sector, and Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada, Vadim Pristaiko, describing his side’s casualties as “huge” and “indigestible.” Kiev has publicly proclaimed that it plans a major offensive in the spring, but Rice and Gates wrote that Ukraine may have “weeks, not months” to stay in the fight. To that end, they advocated sending the country more and heavier weapons. Although the US has already allocated more than $110 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine since February, they said that Washington won’t send heavy tanks. Germany “and other allies” should fill this need instead, they argued.

The Biden administration announced on Friday that it would give Ukraine 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles – the most modern armor sent to Kiev so far – as part of a $3 billion weapons package. France also pledged a number of wheeled ‘light tanks’, and Germany promised 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles. Nevertheless, Kiev says it needs more. In an interview with The Economist last month, Ukrainian general Valery Zaluzhny said he would need 300 more tanks, up to 700 infantry fighting vehicles, and 500 howitzers to conduct offensive operations. This is more than the number of such vehicles in the entire British or German inventory. Russia, meanwhile, has repeatedly insisted that “pumping” Ukraine with weapons will ultimately have no effect on the outcome of the conflict and will only serve to prolong the hostilities and lead to more bloodshed.

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“..what’s going on now is in fact much less than we’ve come through before..”

The WORST Political Upheaval EVER (Denninger)

The polarization caused by the last three years didn’t come from a virus: It came from what so-called “leaders” did when the virus showed up and we, the people in this nation let them do every bit of it. The 2022 midterms were a clean demonstration of this and those actions were nasty in terms of their impact. Several states saw their margins of victory for either GOP or Democrat governors increase, not narrow, and yet the margin didn’t come from people shifting allegiance within the state; it came from migration either to or from said state. DeSantis and Lee both gained margin precisely because people left NY, Michigan, Illinois, California and other “Blue” states and moved to “Red” ones.

This had no value for DeSantis or Lee because once you win by one vote you have the same outcome as if you win by one million votes but that same shift meant that illogical repeat performances, such as Witmer, won as well because the GOP voters who left meant what remained was enough for her not to be fired. (While Pritzker also easily won that race was never really in doubt even if people didn’t leave Illinois, so I’m intentionally excluding it.) It didn’t help that the GOP ran candidates that were ridiculously outside of where mainstream public opinion is — for example, Michigan’s GOP ran a candidate opposed to abortion in all cases, including rape and incest. The GOP had to be out of its mind to do this, but do it they did and they lost.

At its core the problem, however, does not lie there: It lies in the destruction of norms that society has relied on. Don’t kid yourself no matter who screams about it: Without heterosexual reproduction and the resilience afforded by stable, two-parent homes as an “ordinary and normal” thing society eventually collapses because without a productive next generation you have nothing. Have we put any thought into this and how to at least move things back toward a more-stable outcome in that regard, and thus are we inevitably consigned to a hellscape and collapse? It’s easy to argue “No. Not one bit.” But I’ll take the other side of that wager simply because what’s going on now is in fact much less than we’ve come through before, and the pendulum will, with a high degree of probability, swing back the other way.

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The left, WITH the media, and WITH intel, played hardball since 2015. But that was never a problem.

The Right Played Hardball in Congress. The Left Should Take Notes. (Jacobin)

Kevin McCarthy has been at the head of the Republican’s House caucus since 2019. In any other ordinary year, the position of Speaker of the House would have been his almost automatically following the Republicans’ narrow victory in last year’s midterm election. But a small group on the party’s right wing turned a coronation into a multi-round fight. Twenty congressmembers were at the core of the right-wing rebellion; all but one are connected to the House Freedom Caucus, the ideological home of the party’s rightmost flank. These Republicans are notorious for their support of Donald Trump and the January 6 riots. They deserve every decent person’s scorn. But when it comes to tactics, one has to admit that they know how to play.

Desperate for their support, McCarthy had to give on issue after issue. McCarthy folded early on policy questions. He fought against the 2022 lame-duck spending bill, a core right-wing priority. He called for the resignation or impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a target of the Right’s ire. McCarthy also agreed to create a new subcommittee in the House Judiciary Committee to investigate the “weaponization” of the federal government by the Biden administration and the FBI and CIA. More significant in the long term, he also agreed to rules changes and committee assignments that will dramatically strengthen the Right’s hand.

McCarthy agreed to add three members from the Freedom Caucus to the House Rules Committee. That will allow the far right to help shape the issues to be considered by the House. McCarthy’s own PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, agreed not to intervene in open primaries against far-right candidates. McCarthy agreed to bring back the Holman Rule, which allows legislators to propose defunding specific federal programs, to fire specific federal officials, and to slash officials’ pay. Most significantly, he agreed to bring back the “motion to vacate the chair,” which will allow just one Republican to call for a snap vote to remove the speaker. This is a rule that the right wing previously used to remove John Boehner. Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a leading conspiracy theorist from the Republican fringe, extracted a much sought-after seat on the House Oversight Committee from McCarthy in return for her support.

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It would appear there’s still tons of them left.

Twitter Fires More Censors (RT)

The social network has fired at least a dozen employees responsible for handling the “misinformation policy, global appeals and state media” at its Dublin and Singapore offices, Bloomberg reported on Saturday, citing people familiar with the latest in a series of radical reforms conducted by the company’s new CEO Elon Musk. Twitter’s head of Trust and Safety, Ella Irwin, told the publication that in order to “consolidate teams,” the company only eliminated duplicate positions and cut jobs with not enough workload to justify their existence. The Friday’s cuts reportedly affected the head of site integrity for Twitter’s Asia-Pacific region, Nur Azhar Bin Ayob, and senior director of revenue policy, Analuisa Dominguez, while others asked not to be identified.

In a separate statement to Reuters, Irwin admitted some fresh cuts in her department, but said that the company still has “thousands of people” responsible for content moderation and has “not made cuts to the teams that do that work daily.” After finalizing his purchase of Twitter for $44 billion in October, Musk acknowledged that bankruptcy was a possibility for the social media giant if it does not start generating more cash. In an attempt to cut costs, he fired half of the company’s staff, including most of the top executives and ordered the remaining employees to stop working from home. All in all, an estimated two-thirds of the company’s employees and contractors globally were laid off, fired or quit.

As the site’s new owner, Musk also pushed to scale back content restrictions, vowing to make Twitter a refuge for free speech, while ushering in a range of policy changes which triggered backlash from the media establishment and its celebrity allies. He reactivated the accounts of dozens of its more controversial users and began sharing internal company communications hinting at a massive political conspiracy between the US administration, intelligence agencies and the Big Tech platforms to censor politically inconvenient stories, opinions and people. The billionaire appeared to acknowledge that not everyone supported his recent political diversions this week, polling his followers as to whether he should “stay out of politics” or “keep shooting his feet.” He later joked, that “if I dig my grave deep enough, maybe it comes out the other side of Earth.”

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Everybody just sanctions and censors.

Zelensky Sanctions Over 100 Russian Public Figures (RT)

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on Saturday, imposing personal sanctions on some 119 Russian public figures. Kiev’s new blacklist includes prominent artists and journalists. Ukraine sanctioned Oscar-winning film director Nikita Mikhalkov, pop singer Philipp Kirkorov, as well as stand-up comedian Evgeny Petrosyan and opera star Anna Netrebko. Kiev also targeted a number of Russian journalists, including RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan and head of the Rossiya Segodnya media group Dmitry Kiselyov. The restrictions imposed for a 10-year period include freeze of assets, travel and visa bans, stripping of Ukrainian state awards, and some other measures. Kiev has repeatedly sanctioned Russian officials and public figures amid the ongoing conflict, with hundreds of them blacklisted already.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.” Shortly before the hostilities broke out, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass republics as independent states and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc. Last September, Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, were incorporated into Russia following referendums.

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“We don’t do this.”

Adam Schiff and the Underbelly of American Censorship (Turley)

“We don’t do this.” That response from Twitter to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is a singular indictment, coming at the height of Twitter’s censorship operations. Apparently, there were some things that even Twitter’s censors refused to do. One of those things was silencing critics of Schiff and his House committee. In the latest tranche of “Twitter Files,” journalist Matt Taibbi revealed that Twitter balked at Schiff’s demand that Twitter suspend an array of posters or label their content as “misinformation” and “reduce the visibility” of them. Among those who Schiff secretly tried to censor was New York Post columnist Paul Sperry. Sperry drew Schiff’s ire by writing about a conversation allegedly overheard by one of his sources.

Sperry’s article, which appeared in RealClearInvestigations, cited two sources as overhearing two White House staffers discussing how to remove newly-elected President Trump from office. The article raised the possibility of bias on the part of an alleged key player in launching the first Trump impeachment, CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella. The sources reportedly said that Ciaramella was in a conversation with Sean Misko, a holdover from the Obama administration who later joined Schiff’s staff. The conversation — in Sperry’s words — showed that “just days after [Trump] was sworn in they were already trying to get rid of him.” Rather than simply refute the allegation, Schiff wanted Sperry and other critics silenced.

His office reportedly laid out steps to cleanse Twitter of their criticism, including an instruction to “remove any and all content about Mr. Misko and other Committee staff from its service — to include quotes, retweets, and reactions to that content.” The date of Schiff’s non-public letter in November 2020 is notable: Earlier that year, I wrote a column for The Hill criticizing Schiff for pushing for censorship of misinformation in a letter that he sent to social media companies. His office promptly objected to the very suggestion that Schiff supported censorship. We now know Schiff was actively seeking to censor specific critics on social media. These likely were viewed as more than “requests” since Schiff was sending public letters threatening possible legislative action against these same companies. He wanted his critics silenced on social media. After all, criticizing his investigations or staff must, by definition, be misinformation — right?

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US was building up Ukraine under Trump presidency too.

Trump Suggests Biden Provoked Putin Into Invading Ukraine (PM)

Saturday night, speaking from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, former President Donald Trump suggested that Joe Biden influenced Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine in February 2022. Speaking of Biden, Trump said in video posted by Jack Posobiec on Instagram, “We have a man who has no mind left and his mind in prime time wasn’t any good, but he has no mind left. And this is the guy negotiating for us. We have a man that convinced Putin to go into Ukraine.” “Because if you look at the psychology that he used, it’s the exact opposite,” Trump said in reference to Biden’s January 2022 comments referring to Putin’s expansion into Ukraine as a “minor incursion.”

Biden said during a press conference before Putin invaded Ukraine, “I think what you’re gonna see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do, etc.” “Putin would have never ever gone in,” Trump said and remarked of Biden, “he knew the ramifications.” “Do you remember when Biden said, well they might take some small parts of Ukraine,” Trump said in reference to the “minor incursion” remarks. “That was what Putin wanted to hear. That there would be no problem if you take some parts of Ukraine,” Trump added.

Trump had been speaking of the war in Ukraine and the escalating conflict, including the danger of nuclear war. Trump referred to nuclear as the second “n-word” you should never say. The US has sent over $60 billion to Ukraine to aid in their ongoing war with their Russian invaders since February 2022. Congress is set to greenlight more money for Ukraine as President Volodymyr Zelensky asks the US for continued aid.

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A very dark side of America.

Donald Trump Slams Arrest Of Ashli Babbitt’s Mother (PM)

Speaking at an event at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday evening, Donald Trump slammed the Biden regime over the arrest of Ashli Babbitt’s mother. Ashli Babbitt was killed by a United States Capitol Police officer on Jan. 6. Witthoeft was arrested outside of the Capitol on Friday, the two-year anniversary of her daughter’s death. Trump brought up the arrest during a special CPAC event at Mar-a-Lago, pointing to the weaponization of law enforcement under the Biden regime. “We have a weaponized country right now with law enforcement. It’s a disgrace what’s happening to our country. Ashli Babbitt’s mother was arrested yesterday, because she was protesting the death of her daughter being shot by a lunatic who got a record of— not so good.

“And then they try and protect him and they do things— what they’ve done to that family. That they shot her, there was no reason, and then they arrested— because the mother was in a group— and they arrested yesterday the mother of Ashli Babbitt. So she loses her daughter and then on top of it, she gets arrested. “We’re not gonna let this go on. We’re not gonna let this go. on these people are horrible, horrible. And what they’ve done to protest us. I mean, these were protesters, they were protesting a dishonest election. “And whenever you mentioned that they don’t want to ever talk to you because they don’t want to have that out there. The one thing they don’t want to talk about is a dishonest election. Because they know and they’ve been caught.”

In footage circulated on social media by streamer Woke Societies, Micki Witthoeft was seen being handcuffed and taken into custody by multiple police officers while onlookers protested. “You murdered [Ashli] inside the Capitol, now you’re going to arrest her?” one onlooker said. “I did not murder her daughter,” one officer replied in front of the crowd of people. On Jan. 6, 2021, Babbitt, an unarmed Air Force veteran, was fatally shot by Lt. Michael Byrd. while attempting to make entry into the interior of the Capitol Building. According to The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam, Witthoeft was arrested for “jaywalking.”

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That leak feels like warfare.

Kristi Noem Blasts Jan. 6 Committee After Social Security Numbers Leaked (CB)

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem blasted members of the now-disbanded House Jan. 6 Committee after her Social Security number, along those of her family members, were allegedly leaked to the public. In a tweet, the GOP governor appeared to suggest she would take legal action against members. “My lawyers have asked the @WhiteHouse, the @USNatArchives, and @BennieGThompson which of them is responsible for leaking the Social Security Numbers of me, my husband, my 3 kids, and my son-in-law,” she tweeted on Friday, in a post that included images of a letter her attorneys have sent to the aforementioned parties. “What specific measures and remedies will be taken to protect our identities?” — Kristi Noem (@KristiNoem) January 6, 2023

The Washington Times reported the leak: “The recently sunsetted House Jan. 6 committee released Trump White House visitor logs from December 2020 containing nearly 2,000 unreacted Social Security numbers. At least three of the numbers, inadvertently leaked as part of the hoard of documents the committee posted online in recent weeks, belonged to members of Trump’s cabinet others. Several Republican governors and floods of other Trump allies have been caught up in the privacy breach. “House Jan. 6 Committee leaks thousands of Trump allies’ Social Security numbers: Report — The Washington Times (@WashTimes) January 7, 2023”

The document was taken down on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the leak, but the Government Publishing Office, which was responsible for posting the file online, does not appear to have notified the individuals whose private information was leaked. Attorneys for Noem demanded to know “how the breach of privacy occurred, who was responsible, what steps each of you has taken to remedy the breach, and what specific measures and remedies will be taken to protect Governor Noem and her family in light of the public dissemination of their private information and the heightened risk for identity theft and any other future privacy violations.” Ian Fury, a spokesman for the governor, said, “To my knowledge, we were not notified. The governor was not notified” of the leak, Slay News noted.

Former Trump Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, whose information was also leaked, told the Washington Post: “Whether it was a careless and sloppy handling of records or a deliberate disregard of decorum, either scenario is a perfunctory and callous display of government and a frightening reminder of the current state in Washington. … President Reagan was a savant indeed — the nine most frightening words to hear are ‘I am from the government and here to help.’”

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What good will it do?

Greece To Build Fence On Border With Türkiye (RT)

Greece is planning to build a new 140-km fence to cover its whole European border with neighboring Türkiye in an effort to contain the significant flows of illegal migrants, Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos has announced. Construction of the first 35-km span of the new fence is set to begin “immediately,” the official told the broadcaster SKAI on Saturday. “It is a final decision of the government to create a 140-kilometer fence on the Evros [River],” Theodorikakos stated. Greece and Türkiye share an approximately 200-km common border in Europe that runs primarily along the Evros River, yet there is a stretch of dry land between the two countries. Greece already has concrete and barbed wire barrier installed at over 40km of the border, namely along the span near the Turkish city of Edirne. The fence was originally erected in 2012 and was extended in 2021.

The Evros River on its own has not proven to be a sufficiently challenging obstacle for illegal migrants, Theodorikakos noted, with the eponymous province remaining a hotspot for irregular crossings. “In Evros, the Greek police, with their deployment, have prevented the illegal invasion of the country by 256,000 illegal immigrants,” the minister said without providing a time span for this “invasion.” Over the past year, the EU has seen the highest level of illegal migration since the 2015-2016 migrant crisis. According to the latest figures by Frontex, the bloc’s border agency, some 308,000 “irregular entries” were detected across the external borders of the EU during the first 11 months of 2022, constituting a sharp 68% increase from the same period in 2021. The Western Balkan and Central Mediterranean routes have seen the most illegal migrant traffic over the past year, according to Frontex.

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Just the poor parts.

Every Fourth European Has Trouble Heating Their Home (RT)

More than a quarter of Europeans are experiencing problems heating their homes and paying debts for housing and utilities, the Hungarian media reported on Friday citing a survey by the Szazadveg think tank. According to the survey, dubbed Europe Project, 26% of EU residents, or roughly 100 million people, are unable to properly heat their homes. Greeks appeared to be the worst affected, with 56% of the population facing difficulties with heating. In Portugal and France, 34% of residents described the same problems. Finland, Hungary, Austria and Denmark were the least affected, with less than 15% of residents admitting to difficulties. Every fourth respondent in the survey said they were unable to pay their heating bill at least once during the past year.

That figure was also the highest in Greece, with 51% of the population affected, followed by Cyprus with 37%, Ireland and Bulgaria, with 35% each. The respondents blamed inflation for their problems, as rising prices on everything from energy to food impact their ability to pay bills. According to the survey, heating bills have become far less affordable than in 2021. The authors noted that in 2021, based on data from Europe’s official statistics agency Eurostat, only 6.9% of European households (some 29.9 million people) were unable to adequately heat their homes, and 6.4% struggled with paying bills. The survey was conducted among 38,000 randomly selected European adults between October 13 and December 7, 2022. The research covered the EU, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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No other choice?!

Faced With A New Wave Of Covid, China Is Opening Its Borders (Zagorenko)

The situation is now much less dire. The authorities can focus on protecting the elderly and improving the nation’s immunity. A new push to get more people vaccinated has already been announced, although the corresponding official document does not go into specifics about how the authorities will go about it. Besides, people are much more aware of the virus and of the methods of protection. Pedestrians still go about their days in masks, still take care with hygiene and still avoid unnecessary close contacts. And more freedom does not mean that people will go out of their way to get infected. As one local Twitter user pointed out: “So in Beijing, now that everyone is free to go anywhere, ppl are exercising that right by staying at home.”

The hardest test of the new lighter rules begins on January 8, when China reopens its borders. People will be able to enter and leave the country freely and, soon after that, the Spring Festival trips will begin in earnest. Travel to and from will not be the same as before, at least at first. A number of countries, including the US, UK, France, and Spain, now have mandatory testing of everyone arriving from China to prevent the virus from spreading further. However, even if the number of daily cases rises for a short time, the world is much less vulnerable to Covid now.

China will still need to carefully weigh each step on its path towards the pre-pandemic normal. The rules might change once again and there might be setbacks or new local lockdowns. However, the process of making life easier and more predictable for a large part of the world has begun. The protests might have brought these changes about sooner than expected, or they might have simply happened at the right time. Whatever the case, China was bound to change its policy sooner or later. After all, no emergency can last forever.

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“..nervously awaiting the delivery of a further 2 million in the coming weeks, and surely lamenting that 11.6 million more are scheduled to arrive by the end of 2023..”

Switzerland Slated To Destroy Millions Of mRNA Vaccine Doses In 2023 (Eugyp)

Switzerland, home to less than 9 million people, is one of the biggest mRNA vaccine customers in the world relative to population. The’ve already received a staggering 33 million Covid vaccine doses, only a little over half of which were ever administered. The small country is now sitting on 13.5 million doses, nervously awaiting the delivery of a further 2 million in the coming weeks, and surely lamenting that 11.6 million more are scheduled to arrive by the end of 2023. The vast majority of these will sit for some months in freezers before the Swiss Confederation destroys them. The country already binned more than eleven million doses last year, the greater part of them after a deal to supply surplus snake oil to the third world via the failed Covax initiative fell through because nobody in Africa wants this stuff either.

Vaccine credulity may still be the mainstream, politically acceptable position, but revealed preferences show that enormous majorities everywhere are done with mass vaccination. Pharmaceutical executives can sing their doubtful hymns to the miraculous safety and efficacy of their jabs, but the quiet worldwide rejection of their garbage products is a stinging rebuke, suggesting that billions across the world harbour unexpressed scepticism towards the mRNA Covid vaccines. From here, it is only downhill for the vaccinators.

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Great White








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    OMG the fact I made myself watch Faucci was disappointing. I feel a little bit of reflux now.

    Also glad CCP are now working on their own immune-escape variants.

    Sasha Latypova is knocking it out of the park right now. Who the hell is running the US DOD? Vanguard? The Club of Rome? The Fabians? City of London?
    Whoever it is – is one group of crazy bastards.


    January 6th 2021 -the day some of the audience managed to get back stage of the theatre.

    The crimes of committed by the criminal actors on January 6th 2021 are a mere trifle compared to the crimes on September 11 2001, when surveillance tapes also ‘went missing’ and fake reports were compiled to cover up the numerous crimes. There was also a fake enquiry into 9/11, just like the fake enquiry into 01/06.

    A lot more people died on Airstrip Two on 9/11/21 than on 1/06/21, and even more died elsewhere as a result of the plethora of lies -on that occasion orchestrated by the actors wearing red ribbons, as opposed to actors wearing blue ribbons on the more recent occasion.


    I got the vaccine because …




    Never mind, jb-hb. Never mind. I see no reason to continue the subject further with you. I thought we were gonna talk about the weather, not the average bloke’s political belief system mood ring swings. Oh, that’s a kind of weather, too, but it happens inside people’s heads, not in the sky or oceans or rivers or ground or glaciers…


    TAE Sum: your post quoting Isaiah is maybe my fave post of yours to date.


    “I agree trees are more important than we think they are.”

    We’re soon going to find out, I fear, and we’ll learn this by that ancient method: loss. In our apartment complex prison cell, we keep a tiny faux forest of craftwork bonsai during the darker months:


    Doc JD: a grab at martial law by the USA milindustrial complex probably made sense to the upper-level delusional gubmint wonks when they worked on this stuff 5-10 years ago. Now maybe some of them are looking at China (to cite just one glaring example ) and feeling not so confident about all this medical Orwellianism. Every power grab I see them make, especially via kovid, seems bound to leave them with a stumpy wrist.

    USA is a democracy. The people will dismantle their government as they will, almost certainly chaotically, desperately, and destructively, not TPTB. TPTB will, as we see now, cling to that power desperately, chaotically, and destructively.

    Having weaponized the populace rather like how they’ve weaponized the economy, they find themselves caught in numerous crossfires.

    None of which helps in terms of civilian boots-on-the-ground life challenges emerging across the nation and the world. But perhaps the worst thing is to worry about it. We drive at high speeds on crowded urban hiways and bebop to the radio as we dance with death on our daily commutes. Attitude is essential. So I take an easy deep breath and let the problems come to me rather than me running to them.


    Today’s Calvin pretty much sums up human civilization to me.


    I wonder what effect Assange’s personal fate will have on things. Released, He’s a voice and powerful rallying point. Martyred… ? I wonder.


    ‘Released, He’s a voice’

    It was a typo, but I rather like sanctifying Julian.


    WHoa. Best thing I’ve heard in a decade. Somebody doing real modern composition for voice that actually retains melodicity without sacrificing what we learned from 20th Century Modern classical music.



    “The Washington Times reported the leak: “The…. House Jan. 6 committee released … visitor logs … containing nearly 2,000 unreacted Social Security numbers. At least three of the numbers, inadvertently leaked …”

    Inadvertently leaked. Assumes facts not yet in evidence.


    A tiny lingering Xmas miracle from Dec 2018, a time of considerably more hope than now. It kicks ass:



    Safe and Effective – haha !!




    People who live in the dark north know the power it takes to get through winter:

    Silent Might


    Safe and Very Effective!




    Know what’s going on!




    MMA Rising Star Victoria Lee Dead At 18

    “Lee’s cause of death is still being held confidential by her parents but in recent months there have been dozens of reports of athletes dropping dead due to possible negative effects from the Covid-19 vaccine.

    Previously One Championship boss Chatri Sityodtong ordered all of the fighters on One’s roster to get vaccinated.”

    MMA Rising Star Victoria Lee Dead At 18


    Dr. Peter McCullough.


    Dr. D

    “Elon Musk Named Honorary Congressman after Making $200 Billion Disappear” –BBee

    Nope. Not enough.

    “Seems that the Us Department of Defense centrally planned and controlled the ENTIRE Covid/DeathVax debacle for well over a decade.”

    Just MIGHT be why they don’t want to admit it leaked from one of their own paid labs, by their own paid people? That is, it won’t lead back to China but to us? Also when DoD highest level, why they all think they’ll have infinite immunity. Suppose Media falls and has to admit. Suppose Congress does, flips, investigates. Suppose we fire all of Congress, Media, President, everyone. DoD still there, protecting them.

    Layers and layers and layers of paid “protection”. That is, if you “protect” by oppressing, harassing, arresting, and murdering. If you want to know why, see below, next post.

    Ukraine’sAmerica’s “economy is in a shambles,” the ex-diplomat and former Pentagon chief wrote in the Washington Post on Saturday.” Fixed it.

    UkraineAmerica is suffering “extraordinarily high casualties” Fixed it again.

    No really, repeat: There’s nothing IN Asia. In a land war in Asia, there’s nothing to hold. The only thing that exists is the ARMY. Like the Mongol Army. Defeat the army, you can take more land than you can realistically hold. So as Lira says, the only thing that matters is what resources you have, what depth, and who is taking greater losses. When all that stops, one army will still exist and one won’t. Then the remaining army does whatever they feel like, for as long as they feel like. I’m not sure what USUK is up to, but it could be they are fighting Euro-American wars, where locations matter. They are holding Bakmud, the penultimate location, so as not to be shoved back to the Dniepr and lose all Ukraine, or at least the parts Russia cares about. This is idiotic, as nothing is happening except NATO finds Poles, then buses them up to Bakmud to get shot by Russians who are safe behind trenches, hanging around the Samovar. That is: minimum risk Russia; maximum risk/casualties Ukraine U-SUK.

    Do they think men are infinite or something, like a video game? One can only guess. There’s no great hand in Ukraine or Asia, but at the very LEAST you have to make Russia LESS safe and make them take MORE casualties than yourself. Maybe 10x more as they are 10x larger. They are not: they lost.

    “In any other ordinary year, the position of Speaker of the House would have been his almost automatically”

    Why? And yes, the Left should take notes, this is what the Squad promised. Vote straight Blue and “After we’re elected we’ll drive Joe Biden Left”. Dore is all over it, as this is EXACTLY what he said in “Force the Vote” that got him attacked by everyone and nearly deplatformed. That is, you are elected with LEVERAGE: obviously you USE that leverage and don’t give it away for nothing. And “Force the Vote” (On Medicare for All) was a pittance, a really, really, really low bar minimum – that’s why he was selling it, it was an easy ask, get things started, make a demonstration, a point. Nope. And a mere 8 members just got ASTONISHING concessions from their speaker, including the power to remove him at any time. Just 8.

    It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah “Lord, will you save this place if there are 8 honest men?”

    the Democratic Left’s Reichstag Fire. A bogus “insurrection” is invoked to justify a ruthless crackdown, widespread state surveillance and intimidation of political opponents, and a terrifying regime”

    They hate us for our freedoms. To defend America from Osama bin Laden, cave dweller, we just end all 10 Amendments and all Human rights coast to coast. Who’s with me? Mission Accomplished. Yeah, it would make more sense if it hadn’t ALREADY happened, and ALREADY with both parties foaming at the mouth in favor of it. The only enemy is The People. The only enemy is the #Truth. Government vs Us. Insiders vs Outsiders. That’s it.

    “ Switzerland Slated To Destroy Millions Of mRNA Vaccine Doses In 2023 (Eugyp)”

    Biggest Welfare Queens in the history of Earth: Corporations. Now larger welfare queens than even the banks. Tax money directly to pharmaceutical corporations directly to politicians, a merger of corporation and state. You’re either an Insider or an Outsider.

    So as we said a dozen times, Biden ordered 500 million doses for a nation already half vaccinated? WTF? Are they that bad at math? (Yes, but not THAT bad.) Canada? UK? Switzerland? Orders many more does than there are people? On no-bid, no show contracts? Explain?

    No. They won’t because they can’t. It’s DIRECT money transfer by the $100B to insider corporations, to fascists who kill people, just like Ukraine. Identical really, and the same folks.

    Direct money transfer. They print: direct to organized crime. Just like you would expect.

    Like you would expect if there were corruption, and over time that corruption grew slowly and unchecked. This is the obvious and only endpoint, easily predicted in 1956 even by knuckleheads like Ayn Rand. Does it not make you embarrassed for her to be right? Don’t you get sick over it?

    Doc Robinson

    A study in Taiwan counted the high school students who got cardiac symptoms after the second Pfizer injection, even if they weren’t hospitalized.

    “Conclusion: Cardiac symptoms are common after the second dose of BNT162b2 vaccine…”

    In total, 763 students (17.1%) had at least one cardiac symptom after the second vaccine dose, mostly chest pain and palpitations.

    Changes of ECG parameters after BNT162b2 vaccine in the senior high school students

    Dr. D

    This explains the above, and the overall tide:

    Dr.D: This is a scientific point: Underwater volcanism could explain the 30 clockwork warming/cooling cycles that are on very long timelines, very reliably cyclical, and not yet explained. Can you show me AGWs response to this hypothesis challenge?

    AFKTT: No.

    That’s aside from, as he himself says, one should never respond with mere ad hominem attacks. The Doctor is a Liar, and apparently another flavor of liar too. What is the lie? Did we not have 30 warming and cooling cycles as far back as science can see? Or is there no such thing as underwater volcanoes? The world may never know.


    Now of course this is an amazingly short chart, but somehow it seems to show the #Opposite of your hypothesis. Volcanism is RISING, not falling. …But that’s no surprise, all things are cyclical, all data is messy, and therefore we have strange events like the Permian extinction which was clearly multiples higher than volcanoes before that, the teeny-tiny rise right now, etc. And overall volcanic activity might actually be dropping in the slowest scatter-point chart trend line 300 million year sense. But that would be entirely irrelevant to the case at hand if even ONE volcano goes off that blackens the sky and cools the earth like in Rome. Just ONE.

    Now why do I bring this up? 1) To show that we don’t know anything and have terrible data sets. You’d think Science would know that, they complain about it in grant proposals 365 days a year. 2) To show without data sets, we can’t even hypothesize enormous, hidden factors that are hanging like an anvil over our heads.

    But there’s the immediate question too, on every level. Antarctic researchers were recording unprecedented glacial melt. That got into the news, even though most of the field was floating already. On further study which the media did NOT report, it turned out to be an upturn in volcanism below the field was causing it. So there are a lot of fields and a lot of melts but if you read an article about how “Global Warming” is causing Antarctic ice melt, there’s a good chance it’s this one. It’s sitting on top of Vesuvius. Even a small burp uptick can have effects. That’s one.

    Second, researchers of course are overjoyed to get to the bottom of the oceans and look right at the mid-Atlantic trench, drive right up to the magma vents down there with a camera. Who wouldn’t? It’s virgin territory, visually cool, and fabulous proof of continental drift – which I remind was yet another conspiracy theory (YACT) when I was a child. We were just idiotic rubes who didn’t “get it” when we 8 year-olds asked why Africa and South America fit like puzzle pieces. “It means NOTHING. Literally NOTHING. Now shut up and do as you’re told” was the Science given to me. “Science is the art of NOT asking questions (test on Friday.)” …They’ve certainly perfect THAT art, the one about knowing which questions not to ask. I’m still an idiot. I never got the memo and still don’t know which questions not to ask.

    So great! We’re down there looking at underwater volcanoes. So what? Well there are some, right? You admit? How many? 2? 5? 100? The amazing thing the researchers s—t their pants on was THEY DIDN’T KNOW. When they started, they thought, like I’m sure we all do, that there were some, like you see in Italy and Oregon, You know, a kind of normal distribution we could attribute underwater same as above.

    Turned out that wasn’t the case. The more they looked the more they found. And this makes sense if you think about it, which, being humans, who had? I mean not really-really. The deep undersea has a far thinner crust than the top of the Cascades, it would be strange if there weren’t more volcanoes in a range 20,000 feet closer to the magma. But how many?

    No one knows. That’s the problem. They’re only just now in 2022 getting a baseline for how many we could expect boiling away down there. We can’t just deep-drive them all, mile by mile, the whole Pacific rim has hundreds of rifts all over, and there could be the same thing under the Indian Ocean we’ve never seen/didn’t know to look for. Hawaii demonstrates you can have double-Everest-sized volcanoes popping off in the middle of nowhere without a blip on the surface.

    Okay, Scientists said, how do we tackle this? If there are like 500x or 1,000x more volcanoes on earth than we thought – because we couldn’t see them – what does that mean overall? They may not throw ash, thank God, but they still have heat and CO2 components. Oh wait: A SINGLE volcano can throw more CO2 in a SINGLE release than an entire major nation in a year. But we had that all calculated nicely.

    But we just added 1,000x more volcanoes to the model – albeit small ones – so did we just add 1,000x more CO2 to our non-human-side accounting model? Does that mean we don’t need a Permian Extinction but a mere 5% rise in crust fragility and subsequent volcanism – easily within normal ranges and margins of error – could in theory account the WHOLE CO2 rise and the WHOLE temperature rise?

    …That remains to be seen, but yes. It COULD. And worse, if it is cyclical, as volcanism rises, heat rises, but only to a crecendo in which the heat causes the melt, causes the crust flex faster and faster until…yes, the volcanoes go off, the sky darkens, the cycle peaks and turns, then runs 1,000, 10,000 years down into an Ice Age, right on schedule. It COULD. This would explain those 30 million year temp charts, 29.999 million years before SUVs were invented.

    So what I’m describing here is the official state of the science right now. Go read the articles yourself. But “Could” itself is also not a theory. It’s for back of the envelope devil’s advocates, thought-creators like me, because those questions need to be asked, they will be, and already are. They are unavoidable.

    So AFKTT, you can’t avoid asking about – or deny – what science already knows and can’t unknow. It just looks silly. You can’t run back into the childhood textbooks of 6th grade. We found this out and now need to reckon it. I don’t expect you to personally, because no one knows yet and it will be years before we can find a way to count/measure/estimate the 2/3rds of the planet we can’t see.

    And back to Step 1, the reason this is relevant is that it could easily explain the incredible, clockwork, cyclical nature of both our temperature wave, AND why CO2 LAGS warming. Because it’s not in the atmosphere at all, up here where we’ve been looking. It’s a deep level planetary heartbeat, perhaps run deeper by the sun, who knows? But the volcanoes go off FIRST. The heating happens FIRST. The sea acidification from it happens FIRST. Then, eventually the cumulative CO2 reaches the surface, the atmospheric gauges from 1890 and our lagging ice cores.

    I’m not saying that IS the case. It’s just a hypothesis that has testable parameters. I’m just saying you DON’T know either. Because we only just saw it, we haven’t run those tests yet and therefore hasn’t been disproven yet.

    Part II:
    Now to stop the thoughtstoppers before they stop, what if that theory is true? The cyclical end is a cooling, although on our long charts the window for that may be 500-1,000 years, way out for our purposes, our personal decisions. What would happen? Well all the world’s crops would fail, not from cold per-se, but from a clouded sun. And we have a LOT of precedence for this. If the world’s crops fail, people starve. There’s no real way to store that much food, far beyond Joseph’s 7 years. If the world’s governments were aware of this – ‘believed it’, true our not – what would they do?

    I can think of three: 1) Fight over farmland in Libya and Ukraine 2) Reduce the population while they still had societal control and 3) Tax and control heat, that is: Carbon. Do we see that? Yes we do. What else?

    They DID say this in 1970-79. Science HAS held this official position that an Ice Age is the next logical cycle. But then Science was bought out as the Club of Rome was funded and appeared. Wall Street and elsewhere act like nothing matters and there is no tomorrow. Why? Why destroy their own nest after all these centuries? DUMB bunkers went overdrive for some reason and may be the location of a lot of our missing $40 Trillion dollars. That’s a lot of dough. They all seem to think there’s no tomorrow and put their money where their mouth is.

    Topsiders might: 1) Try to get off planet. 2) Take over countries and establish gated communities, especially if surrounded by moderating water like New Zealand. 3) Buy up all the farmland they can in their home nations. 4) Control the food system, be it railroads, silos, or GMO seeds. 5) Drive all the people out of the farmland and into the cities. This better controls the food production and makes it easier to regulate/kill the food consumption. Look at it the other way: if there is a farm every 500 acres, those people will never get on board with anything and will always be a direct threat to any control. The only way to get that control is to remove humans from the land and farm with AI GPS bots if possible.

    What next?
    6) YOU WOULD SAY IT IS FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. …But you can’t say why, now can you? It would cause a panic. A panic wrecks the system you need to be functional to prepare, and drive up the price of food and farmland while you are buying them, and alerts the nations you are about to invade and occupy for their crops. So exactly NONE of their explanations make sense why you are FOR REAL trying – with every fiber of your being – to SAVE humanity, these morons. So all you do is logically the infinite good, at the infinite extreme, and “The Ends Justify the Means”. Only for you. And only right now, you know, for 100+ years you live in. Might as well buy a yacht while you can, I guess.

    Any of this sound familiar?

    Okay, flip side: if they believed in Warming, does the model match? No. There are like 10 key items that fall out, like they wouldn’t believe the fields in their zones they are buying by the billions would produce, they wouldn’t buy houses at sea level, and they would TRY to grow/make/do stuff. That would be possible in a warming. But not in cooling, or specifically a volcanic cooling.

    This is why they think – know – humanity is a virus and must be killed by the billions. THEY’RE NOT KIDDING. And if you believed this as the best insider Science, you’d wake up in a cold sweat every morning. Not telling the world and letting them be Netfix-watching sugar-sacks is a MERCY. Right? There’s about to be no food. Period. This is Deep Time, Geological time, and is impossible to avoid, mitigate, or outgrow.

    Can you understand their point of view now? Their PMC frustrated, Karen-cares “Better-than-thou” shrill nagging and scolding? Why won’t the people do the thing? We literally could save so many more. BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE THEM RIGHT. It’s just a theory. I don’t decide a week ahead that we’re on this lifeboat, we won’t get saved, we have 5 cans left and therefore I am going to kill you and throw the weakest overboard when they’re sleeping tonight because “It’s only logical.” It may in fact BE logical. However, we may also find a swordfish or be rescued tomorrow. We’re not that smart. WE. DON’T. KNOW.

    That is the root of the astroturfed, non-organic, highly-orchestrated campaigns, first in real science, magazines, etc, as early as 1979, then later on the new social medias once they existed and the tech was refined. But as the outside indicators appear, they too move faster in a “panic” to stay ahead of what they believe is coming. That doesn’t mean it IS coming, but I have to cope with the actions they take when they believe it, and those actions are to kill me. Those actions are to lie and herd people in a way THEY believe saves them. But you don’t want to be the part of the herd culled “For your own good.”

    Understand DoD, interlocking billionaires, government, and media on Covid now? On the vax, essentially promoted randomly, voluntarily, as a “Save the Nation” basis? They’re not kidding. It’s just not Covid they fear. It IS population, as Jensen says, and 99% of the other Schmarties.

    I disagree. But the clash of match-up for AGW vs the accurate lineup if they believe Geological Global Cooling (or at least weather disruption) tells all.


    Just published:

    “Among 7934 eligible students, 4928 (62.1%) were included in the study. The male/female ratio was 4576/352. In total, 763 students (17.1%) had at least one cardiac symptom after the second vaccine dose, mostly chest pain and palpitations.”


    Don’t believe anybody who tells you this rat juice is safe.



    Artificial Stupidity®

    I like it!

    It’s an idea Whose Time has Come!


    And doing more to stop Ivermectin and Hydro-Q than Fentanyl, well, Craptastic!





    Shuckin’ an Jivin’ in the the Empire of Lies®



    ‘Man made climate change’ was invented when activists realised global temperatures were likely to go sideways until 2030. This is due to an interaction between the solar cycle and ocean oscillations. This gives 30 years of warming and then 30 years of cooling. The cooling phase started in 1998 offsetting the global warming caused as the Earth recovers from the horrific ‘Little Ice Age’.

    [An ‘oscillation’ is when large areas of warm surface water sinks below the colder waters beneath! This can be for extended periods, for example for the Pacific Decadal Oscillation these layers swap places every ten years! Real climate science is weird!]

    There is no science supporting the idea that CO2 levels influence global temperatures. The only science shows the reverse. Current CO2 levels reflect global temperatures from 600 years ago! The data comes from ice and sediment cores.

    Increased CO2 levels are a good thing. CO2 is essential for plants and they grow far better with more CO2. These huge Dutch style greenhouses often add CO2 to improve the plant growth.

    Climate change is unusual weather that has happened before. There was a kerfuffle when part of Siberia reached 100 Fahrenheit. This also happened in Gnome Alaska in 1915. We just don’t appreciate the effects of 24 hours/day of sunlight for weeks.

    These beliefs are likened to a religion and often means that followers stop using their intelligence. We are in the ‘New Dark Age’.

    For example there is concern that rising sea levels will swamp coral islands, BUT sea levels have risen hundreds of feet in the past 10,000 years so why do these places exist? And why do they all happen to be at sea level? The answer is that they are piles of sand which rise and fall with sea levels. Some parts may sink and other areas will appear above the sea. A survey some years ago found that land area had increased by 50%. They are not going to disappear!

    To add insult : the ‘greenhouse effect’ in actual greenhouses was disproved in the 1950s. Two identical enclosures were built with one covered in glass and the other with rock crystal. The glass covered area was 0.1C warmer, so an almost non-existant ‘greenhouse effect’. Greenhouses work by creating a barrier to the outside environment.

    I feel sorry for those who have been brainwashed into thinking they must sacrifice everything to ‘fight’ climate change. They will achieve nothing apart from making a few people very rich and wasting huge amounts of fossil fuel!

    ‘Green’ policies are a bit like Jenga. They don’t seem to cause problems, but then things fall apart!

    [Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”]

    The Markster

    Reaching out to old friends in Portland this week, hearing a new narrative emerge. Parents recognizing that the lockdowns and masking harmed their children. Even the DNC-Russiagate propaganda organ Willamette Week calling out lockdowns, although indirectly. People are recognizing we have been put through a time of orchestrated madness, although not yet pinning blame where it belongs (a dictatorial Dem Governor, authoritarian liberal pols and their “health” agencies, liberal-run school districts). A TDS victim putting their child in Catholic school halfway through the year after getting creeped out by the sex/gender/hate stuff they see being served up by “mean, arrogant” culture warriors in the Portland Public Schools.

    Perhaps Denninger is right and there is more hope than it looks like right now. If my Uber liberal former cohort in Portland is starting to ask questions like these, maybe the sunshine is leaking through the windows of their prison cells. A happy thought, and encouragement enough for now. ☮️




    From the abstract:
    Cardiac symptoms are common after the second dose of BNT162b2 vaccine, but the incidences of significant arrhythmias and myocarditis are only 0.1%.

    Aren’t those higher odds than damage from the vid?


    • Donald Trump Slams Arrest Of Ashli Babbitt’s Mother

    Too bad The Donald didn’t slam the arrest of Julian Assange or pardon him


    Kiev has publicly proclaimed that it plans a major offensive in the spring, (before the last snowballs melt.)
    Did you know?

    The arrest of Ashli Babbitt’s mother. Ashli Babbitt was killed by a United States Capitol Police officer on Jan. 6. Witthoeft was arrested outside of the Capitol on Friday, the two-year anniversary of her daughter’s death. Babbitt, an unarmed Air Force veteran, was fatally shot by Lt. Michael Byrd. while attempting to make entry into the interior of the Capitol Building. According to The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam, Witthoeft was arrested for “jaywalking.”
    Get Herd Immunity by going to a football game
    People that go to a football game have Herd Immunity


    My # 1 priority, put food on the table.

    John Day

    Tessa Lena and I had a good talk a couple of months ago, about my experience of practicing medicine during COVID, treating people early as outpatients, the politics of that, including the politics of dehumanizing “the unvaccinated”, which did not reach the critical buy-in to put people into concentration camps, which was prepared, and openly advocated, for instance in New York, Canada and Australia.
    Tessa has edited this into an interview. I’m somewhat embarrassed about how kindly she describes me, but here it is:

    Go Down Gardening is the blog post from October 2021, telling the tale of my firing from the clinic, for refusing COVID “vaccination”, while planting winter vegetables for my coworkers. https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/10/go-down-gardening.html

    OTC COVID Rxs For Omicron, from late December 2021 is also mentioned in our interview, and contains a lot of useful information about self treatment of coronavirus illness with over the counter medicines and supplements, including specifics of treating large cats or other large mammals for COVID with ivermectin horse paste, should somebody find themselves in such a position by chance. https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/12/otc-covid-rxs-for-omicron.html

    Yes, the vintage Sears Aloha shirt I am wearing is the same one I wore when I tld Tulsi Gabbard about getting chloroquine for America, to treat COVID, March 2, 2020, when she came to Austin, campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination.


    Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog,

    Turkey’s decision to press ahead with the Russian purchase [S-400’s] has not only put it on a collision course with Washington, which is threatening to scrap the F-35 deal at the end of the month; it also shows Ankara’s utter contempt for the Nato alliance, an attitude that key European member states such as Britain must demonstrate they are no longer able to tolerate.

    His conclusion, Turkiye’s contempt for NATO, which I can’t really argue with, is grounds for its dismissal from the alliance.

    But, as I said, this kind of reaction is exactly what Erdogan needs from the West, who have treated him and Turkiye as a fifth wheel for a long time. The neocons can frame his antics however they like but have they really thought through what happens after that?

    Knowing the neocon mindset, I don’t think they have. They are so focused on Russia and convinced of the outcome of their war against it that they can just kick one of the largest armies in the world to the curb with immense geostrategic importance in the crotch and it won’t matter.



    Retribution for Makiivka.

    In response to the criminal strike of the Kiev regime in the first minutes of January 2023, a retaliatory operation was carried out by the command of the Joint Group of Russian Troops on the point of temporary deployment of Russian servicemen in the village of Makiivka of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

    Over the past days, Russian intelligence assets have uncovered and reliably confirmed through several independent channels the points of temporary deployment of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city of Kramatorsk.

    There were more than 700 Ukrainian servicemen in hostel No. 28 and more than 600 Ukrainian servicemen in hostel No. 47.

    As a result of a massive missile strike on these points of temporary deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, more than 600 Ukrainian servicemen were killed. (c) Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation



    Why would Turkiye want the sub-sonic grossely overpriced underperforming F-35 Lardbucket® when they might get a chance at an actual 5th generation supersonic SU-57 at a far lower price?


    Don’t want Presidementia Pedo Joe is see any sign of shitholes



    Viral Immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle Speaks Out

    The money quote – “As someone who designs vaccines for a living, I can tell you there is nothing they are doing with these (Covid) vaccines that is logical.”


    D Benton Smith

    Wowzer. When the folks in the world capital of broke-brained “fucked up” Wokesterism (Portland, Oregon, USA) awaken to the fact that lockdowns, masks and jabs are hurting kids . . . . then it’s safe to say that the world itself is waking up.



    The Planetary Meltdown people shout “Extinctions!” and assume anyone on the other side of the debate must lie down and die for them.

    Like, whatever anyone says, we can smugly think to ourselves “Extinctions!” lalala cannot hear you.

    So I am asking. TELL ME. Not for some other purpose, not joking. Literally explain to me what is bad about extinctions.

    I promise to explain to you what’s wrong about killing 8 billion people if you do – that way we’ll each gain something.

    A. Is it bad for PRAGMATIC reasons? For the sake of humanity?

    I am unconvinced. If it gets warmer, moister, with more CO2, there will be more plant life and more of all the life that lives off of it, which includes humans.

    If you transported humans back 100 million years ago, I seriously doubt they’d exclaim “OMG, a bit warmer!” and keel over dead. The main change would be KFC using Dino Bits. Our crops and livestock would have areas of the earth they’d do well in, and we’d quickly breed and genetically engineer versions of them that could live all over. We’d extinct the nastier predators (except for in national parks and zoos) and domesticate the useful dinos.

    So if the future with more CO2, warmer, and moister looks great for humans, how exactly is this a problem for me?

    Like in Asimov’s Caves of Steel, humans are problem-solvers. If we run out of land area, we’ll freeze the oceans in blocks and boost them into orbit to make more room or whatever crazy thing we have to do. We’ll use our brains and opposable thumbs to adapt to the environment and adapt it to us. We’ll be FINE if it is warmer. The scientific record PROVES it would, if anything, be better not worse. We could go back 100 million years and THRIVE.

    And if you say it is NOT fine for humans to do great while bad things happen to other species:
    FIRST define AND prove “bad”
    SECOND prove to me that I am not entitled to any in-group preference.
    THIRD, explain why all other species ARE entitled to in-group preference while I am not.
    FOURTH, explain why you abandoned Pragmatism For Humanity so readily when it was YOUR OWN supporting argument.

    B. Is it for Moral reasons?

    Mother Nature says – SHAME on you, Humanity. Humanity is responsible for, and will be resonsible for, extinctions of species. Extinction is WRONG.

    Considering Mother Nature, has murdered many, MANY orders of magnitude more species than Humanity can even dream of extincting, she has a lot of gall pointing the finger at us. She’s been wiping out species in mass-extinctions for eons while Humanity didn’t exist. If Mother Nature does it all the time AND IS ABOUT TO DO IT AGAIN, wtf is so bad about humanity causing Mass Extinction? Seriously, I don’t get it. ACTUALLY explain it to me.

    Mother Nature is berating me for murder. She’s actually in the middle of swinging her axe up to re-enact the same exact method of mass extinction murder for the 41st time! This is in addition to all the many, MANY more times she has done this using various different methods.

    And she has the gall to berate me for killing just SOME of her victims an


    before SHE does? While her axe is in mid-stroke? I’m supposed to be filthy with Climate-Sin because I killed a FEW of the very SAME EXACT species she was going to kill in the next geological instant? Along with massive numbers of other extinctions SHE will commit? And the only thing that will SAVE those many endangered species is what I am doing: breaking the glacial cycle???

    Oh shut your filthy mouth, Mother Nature, you disengenous, hypocritical, murderous hoor.

    Seriously. Gagillions and gagillions of mass extinction events with NO human involvement. Please explain what is so MORALLY special about THESE SPECIFIC species now in existence, that RIGHT NOW we must turn on a magical stasis field? So they can survive another 1-3,000 years, less than an eyeblink in geological and evolutionary time? And then die with re-glaciation.

      …IF humans fail to change the climate.

    One may be tempted to flip/reframe it, counter-arguing using (B)Moral arguments during the (A)Pragmatic section and (A)Pragmatic arguments during the (B)Moral section. IF so PLEASE DO rotate your eyeballs the 1 degree necessary to refer to the relevant subject – rather than trying to win by arguing outside of context. Thank you in advance.


    Yes, Oroboros. Trump would have gathered tremendous support worldwide for pardoning Assange + seeing to his OK life somewhere, e.g. in Australia, with wifey + little kiddies.

    I suppose he, Trump, was told (the deep state neo-con crowd who advised him) that it was a no-no, for x reasons. The ‘cancelling’ of Assange has much to do with the murder of Seth Rich, Democrat plots, etc.

    Recently, many MSM articles support / call for / predict / the ‘freeing’ of Assange.

    I reckon, hope, it will happen. It has become super embarassing for the US. Chinese and Russian diplos, + others, sneer at the free-speech and ‘rules-based’ order, bringing up the Assange example, extreme cruelty to a non-violent journalist…



    Exactly! Why? Erdogan using smoke and mirrors. Playing the same game i.e. not agreement capable? Or getting out from a contract to buy crap without penalty of being the one who cancels? Much longer article, only pasted a small bit. He does seem to be angling east with most of the rest of the region/south. What’s that smell? I believe it may be war of a larger scale, then seen in decades! About eight decades!

    Doc Robinson

    @ Red
    “Cardiac symptoms are common after the second dose of BNT162b2 vaccine, but the incidences of significant arrhythmias and myocarditis are only 0.1%.”
    Aren’t those higher odds than damage from the vid?

    0.1% is 1 per thousand,
    which equals 100 per 100,000
    after the second injection of the mRNA vaxx.
    (In another study, myocarditis in children was additionally found after the first injection of the Pfizer mRNA.)

    The CDC estimates the risk of myocarditis/pericarditis from a case of Covid to be somewhere around 50-65 per 100,000 for males age 12-17, which is probably overestimated because the number of people infected by Covid is greater than the number of documented cases of Covid, while incidences of myocarditis are less likely to be undocumented.

    The post-vaxx 100 per 100,000 “significant arrhythmias and myocarditis” may not be 100% apples-to-apples with the post-Covid 60-65 per 100,000 “myocarditis/pericarditis”, but the rates of myocarditis/pericarditis resulting from Covid are probably overestimated due to all the undocumented Covid infections.

    Moreover, the Covid strains are evolving to become less damaging, while the vaxx damage risks are only increasing with the additional injections.

    …myocarditis is a known cardiovascular sequala of COVID-19. The CDC estimated that among men 12-17 and 18-29, the incidence of myocarditis and myocarditis or pericarditis was 50.1-64.9 and 55.3-100.6 cases per 100,000, respectively…

    Furthermore, calculating the incidence of myocarditis after vaccination is relatively precise given that the two inputs, cases of myocarditis and vaccine doses administered, are known. The calculation for estimating the incidence of myocarditis after SARS-CoV-2 infection is more challenging to obtain because the total number of people who have had an infection is likely unknown and unattainable. Studies typically rely on documented infections, which likely suffers the flaw of undercounting the total number of infections because not everyone with the infection has a documented positive test. Thus, the incidence may be inflated and inaccurate.

    COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis in young males: A systematic review
    Benjamin Knudsen,Vinay Prasad


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