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Utagawa Yoshitoshi Ariko weeps as her boat drifts in the moonlight 1886


Nuclear War, Debt Collapse Or Energy Depletion? (Egon von Greyerz)
There Is Fire In Our Crowded Theater (Gaertner)
Putin Must Turn ‘360 Degrees’ – German FM Baerbock (RT)
China To Present Its Ukraine Peace Proposal (RT)
‘Stop Dangerous Acts,’ China Tells NATO (RT)
US Fears China May Provide Russia With Lethal Weapons – Blinken (TASS)
Raisi in Beijing: Iran-China Strategic Plans Go Full Throttle (Escobar)
Iran-China Strategic Partnership: The Big Picture (Escobar)
NATO Chief Reveals Biggest Risk In Terms Of Ukraine Conflict (TASS)
Poland, Baltic States Seek To Dismember Russia – Envoy To UN (TASS)
EU ‘Indirectly At War’ With Russia – Orban (RT)
Highlights from the Munich Security Conference (RT)
Ukraine SitRep – Casualty Numbers, Lack Of Tanks, Something Is Up (MoA)
Biden Admin To Sign Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies (ET)





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Von Greyerz is not a politician or journalist; he’s a gold dealer. Maybe that’s why he can paint such a clear picture.

Nuclear War, Debt Collapse Or Energy Depletion? (Egon von Greyerz)

War is obviously a potentially catastrophic threat since the sheer existence of the world and mankind is now at maximum risk. Wars are horrible whoever starts them. Since the beginning of mankind there have probably been over 100,000 important wars and conflicts. Wars are horrible whoever starts them. Most wars end in major fatalities and injuries and a massive human and financial cost. And at the end of the war, the situation is often worse than when it started, like in for example Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq and Libya which countries the US invaded unprovoked. The same will most probably be the case in Ukraine. There are always two sides to a war. I learnt many years ago that before we judge someone, we must walk three moon laps in his moccasins. So let us first walk in Putin’s moccasins.

The whole West hates Russia and have personalised it to Putin. Few realise that many of the people behind Putin are extreme hardliners and much more dangerous. Historically, Ukraine (like many European countries) has had a motley existence. Since the late 1700s to 1991 Ukraine was part of Russia / Soviet Union with a brief interruption after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. After the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine in 2014, the Minsk agreement brokered by Germany and France stipulated that parts of the Donbas region should be granted self-government. There should also be a ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons by the Ukrainians. The Minsk agreement was never honoured and Ukraine continued to kill over 20,000 Russians in the region and to bomb the Donbas. As the bombing intensified in early February 2022, (allegedly at the insistence of the US), Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

So the above is how Russia and Putin sees the Ukrainian situation. Wearing America’s moccasins, the US Neocons are extremely worried about losing the US hegemony. Since WWII, the US has basically failed with every war they have been involved in. But in their view, if they fail in the present conflict, that will be the end of US dominance both politically and financially. Ukraine is clearly just a pawn in a much bigger game between the two titans – USA and Russia. I watched Zelensky’s latest speech live to UK parliamentarians where he was begging for planes, weapons and money. This is obviously the role of a defending leader although he is clearly sacrificing his people. But wars are really really bizarre. Clapping every sentence that Zelensky uttered about the evil Russian invaders were around 1,000 politicians whose British ancestors, over a 400 year period, had invaded, conquered and ruled over 400 million people and 25% of the world’s landmass including major parts of Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East and America. But today the shoe is on the other foot.

Politicians are masters at throwing stones whilst sitting in glass houses. But wars are always about CONSEQUENCES. It is clear at this point that the West is sadly ignoring the potential consequences of this war as they keep sending money and weapons but no peace makers. The US has no desire for peace at this stage and Europe just follows blindly whatever the US initiates without thinking of the consequences which both economically and militarily are much graver for Europe. Zelensky has asked for tanks and is getting them. He is now asking for planes which the NATO countries are also considering. There are not yet any NATO troops in Ukraine officially but it is clear that there are many NATO soldiers there without the official uniforms. An Austrian colonel confirms that if a NATO soldier takes off his uniform, he is a mercenary and this seems how NATO sends troops to Ukraine unofficially. Also the Mozart group led by a retired US Marine Corps Colonel acts in Ukraine as mercenaries. So what is clear that there are not only NATO weapons in Ukraine but also soldiers. This by definition is as close to WWIII as the world can get.

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“The entire Eastern Seaboard of the US may soon be pervasively contaminated by carcinogenic vinyl chloride & other toxic chemical waste. I’ve spent days collecting limited data & agonizing over whether to publish this. This is my warning. Pray I’m wrong.”

“..if you are in the affected area – that is, anywhere east of the Mississippi – LEAVE. Or, don’t – I’m not your mother.”

There Is Fire In Our Crowded Theater (Gaertner)

Up to two and a half million gallons of one of the most toxic substances known to man have been released into the air, water and soil of the Eastern Seaboard, and are presently making their way south and east. Acid rain, which in this case is hydrochloric acid mixed with concentrated, unburned vinyl chloride, has (so far) been reported in every direction: West: 400 miles west to Lafayette (probably further). North: 1200 miles north up to Durham, Canada; East: 1200 miles east to NYC and Boston today more. South: 800 miles southwest to Kentucky so far. Vinyl chloride is water-soluble, takes months to degrade in soil or water (the Camp Lejeune spill was just a few thousand gallons), boils at 8F, and its metabolites absolutely maul DNA: safe exposures are considered to be in the parts per billion (“Standards”), and we’re talking about parts per million exposure likely coming for everybody east of the Mississippi.

There will likely be some isolated parts of the eastern United States that escape contamination. However, I sure as hell would not want to wait around to find out which ones will be passed over. There are 250 million people living to the east of the Mississippi River, and considering the rate at which it is progressively moving south with the water and east on the winds, every single person on the entire eastern seaboard may have only a few more days to leave before they are exposed to a lethal concentration of vinyl chloride. Everybody in the areas which have received acid rain have already been exposed, and will likely develop extensive cancers over the coming few months.

I will just say: If you live anywhere east of the Mississippi River – in my humble opinion – LEAVE. Maybe plan to come back in a couple of weeks; the magnitude of this will be more evident by that time. We have been at war for the last three years, and somebody may have just landed the killing blow with an utterly, historically unprecedented chemical weapons attack.

I’ve waited as long as I can, in good conscience, to gather evidence and to write this. I fully understand what I’m saying, and that 99% of people either can’t leave, or want to wait for more information, or just generally refuse to believe something of this scale could ever happen here. Not to mention that there’s absolutely no way this article will reach everybody that needs to hear it. I can scarcely believe I’m writing this, and I have been praying to be wrong. I really, really hope that I am wrong, but I do not think so. The authorities sure aren’t going to tell us the truth about any of it. So, for those of you who are inclined to take it seriously, or aren’t quite sure yet, read on for the data and events thus far, share this with anybody you care about, and if you are in the affected area – that is, anywhere east of the Mississippi – LEAVE. Or, don’t – I’m not your mother. Time is short. I hope I’m wrong.

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Yeah, 360º sounds about right. Sweet Jesus. These people are selected for incompetence.

Putin Must Turn ‘360 Degrees’ – German FM Baerbock (RT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin must “change by 360 degrees” in order for Ukraine to be safe, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told the Munich Security Conference. In other words, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev pointed out, he must continue doing exactly what he is doing. Appearing alongside American Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba on Saturday, Baerbock was asked whether there is “any chance of Ukraine being safe in the long term” if Putin remains in office. “If he doesn’t change by 360 degrees, no,” the German FM replied. “It’s hilarious that Europe is run by such ignorant people,” former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wrote on social media. “There is no doubt, connoisseur of geometry, that it will be so,” he mocked. “We are holding our ground.”

Baerbock, Blinken, and Kuleba spoke at a panel entitled ‘Visions for Ukraine,’ in which the three attempted to sketch out an image of what the country might look like post-conflict. All three agreed that to get there, Russia must unconditionally withdraw from territory claimed by Kiev, which includes the Russian region of Crimea and the four formerly Ukrainian regions that voted to join Russia in September. Echoing previous statements from Kiev, Kuleba said that a “long vision” of victory for Ukraine involves not only a Russian withdrawal, but “compensations for the damage inflicted, accountability for perpetrators of crimes, and most importantly, Russia must change.” “As long as Putin is in power, we will be in trouble,” he claimed, adding that his removal or retirement would lead to “a period of opportunity for all of us.”

Ukraine’s Western backers are not unanimous on the topic of regime change. While US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland – who largely orchestrated the pro-Western coup in Kiev in 2014 – has explicitly called for this outcome, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that such an approach is doomed to fail. “When I hear a lot of people advocating for regime change, I would just ask them: for which change? Who’s next? Who is your leader? How to implement it? We experienced several times in the past decade a lot of regime change in a lot of countries. It’s a total failure,” he told the Munich conference.

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“..some forces might not want to see peace talks materialize.” “They don’t care about the life and death of Ukrainians or the harm to Europe..”

China To Present Its Ukraine Peace Proposal (RT)

China will present a plan aimed at peacefully resolving the conflict in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. Those calling for continued fighting “don’t care about the life and death of Ukrainians,” he also warned. “We will put forth China’s position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis,” Wang said, without providing a timeline for the proposal. “We will stand firm on the side of peace and dialog.” Wang did not outline any specifics of the plan but said that “the territorial integrity and sovereignty” of those involved should be respected, as should the “legitimate security concerns” of the belligerents. “Attacks on nuclear power stations” must also be opposed, he said, likely in reference to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of shelling.

China is well positioned to broker peace, he said, as it is “not a party directly concerned, but [it] did not sit idly by” since Russia’s military operation in Ukraine began nearly a year ago. China has refused to join the Western-led sanctions regime against Russia, and has deepened its economic ties with Moscow over the last year. During this time, Wang said that China backed the peace talks in Belarus and Türkiye, the latter of which were abruptly ended by the Ukrainian side last spring, despite an agreement being reached in principle. Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has claimed that Kiev withdrew from these talks at the West’s request, while Ukrainian media reports blamed former British PM Boris Johnson for urging the Ukrainians to back out of a deal.

“We saw a framework text on the peaceful resolution of the crisis, however that was stopped” Wang told his audience in Munich. Without directly blaming any Western countries, the Chinese diplomat suggested that “some forces might not want to see peace talks materialize.” “They don’t care about the life and death of Ukrainians or the harm to Europe,” he continued. “They might have strategic goals greater than Ukraine itself.” American and NATO officials have consistently urged Ukraine to keep fighting, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken declaring in December that a ceasefire would lead to “a phony peace.” European leaders, meanwhile, have largely stuck to the US line that Kiev will decide when to sit down to talks.

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When China has a peace proposal, everyone must listen. But the US doesn’t want negotiations or peace. The first thing to come out would be the end of the unipower: they would have to acknowledge they have already lost. They don’t want that put in black and white.

‘Stop Dangerous Acts,’ China Tells NATO (RT)

The main reason for Europe’s current “security plight” is NATO’s insistence on pursuing absolute security and political exclusion against specific countries, China’s ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun has claimed. Speaking at the UN Security Council briefing on Friday, the envoy noted that the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is the result of NATO’s continued expansion towards the east and urged the US-led military bloc to abandon its Cold War mentality and to stop being “a troublemaker.” He also pointed out NATO’s “self-contradictory” behavior, where it promotes itself as a “defensive alliance” while at the same time constantly seeking to “breach its geographic confines and expand its agenda, stoke division and tensions, create fears and confrontations.”

“Pursuing absolute security and political exclusion and containment by force against a specific party is the very crux of the reason why Europe is in the security plight,” he said. “Europe, and even the whole world, will be caught up in greater turmoil” unless NATO changes its mindset, the diplomat added. Zhang reiterated China’s calls for a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, and urged them to start peace negotiations as soon as possible. He also suggested that the US, EU and NATO should sit down with Moscow for a “comprehensive and in-depth dialogue” based on the principle of security indivisibility. “They should discuss how to build a balanced, effective, and sustainable security architecture and realize common security,” he said, adding that it is crucial to stop any attempts to “hype up” the conflict in order to avoid further escalation and expansion.

Meanwhile, Beijing has seen its own relations with the US deteriorate to new lows over the recent downing of an alleged Chinese spy balloon earlier this month. The US has announced it would be shutting down military communications with China after the incident and imposed sanctions on implicated Chinese companies and institutions. Beijing, in turn, has denied the allegations, arguing the balloon was a civilian airship. It has nevertheless vowed retaliation over the incident and has reduced its military and diplomatic ties with the US. Beijing has also repeatedly criticized Washington for allowing a number of US officials to make repeated visits to the self-governing island of Taiwan, which China considers to be part of its sovereign territory. As the White House has also continued to greenlight arms sales for Taipei’s military, Beijing imposed sanctions on US arms manufacturers Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

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Desperate attempt to drag China into the conflict.

What weapons does China have that Russia does not?

US Fears China May Provide Russia With Lethal Weapons – Blinken (TASS)

The United States fears that China is allegedly considering giving Russia lethal weapons, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told NBC in an interview, a fragment of which was broadcast on Sunday. According to Blinken, in a conversation with Chinese State Councilor and Director of the CCP Central Foreign Affairs Office Wang Yi, he “had an opportunity <..> to share our [the US’] very real concerns about China’s support for Russia.” “What we’ve seen over the past years is, of course, some political and rhetorical support, even some non-lethal support. But we’re very concerned that China’s considering providing lethal support to Russia,” the US Secretary of State said.

He said that providing “lethal support” to Russia would have “serious consequences [for Beijing] in our [China-US] relationship”. He also recalled that this was something that “President [Joe] Biden shared with [Chinese] President Xi [Jinping] on several occasions”. In late January, John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the US National Security Council, said that the United States urged China not to support Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. According to him, Washington intended to take action against those companies, including the Chinese ones, that violated the US sanctions regime against Moscow.

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China is focused elsewhere.

Raisi in Beijing: Iran-China Strategic Plans Go Full Throttle (Escobar)

Beijing and Tehran are already actively cooperating in the construction of selected lines of Tehran’s subway, the Tehran-Isfahan high-speed railway, and of course joint energy projects. Chinese tech giant Huawei is set to help Tehran to build a framework for a 5G telecom network. Raisi and Xi, predictably, stressed increased joint coordination at the UN and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), of which Iran is the newest member, as well as a new drive along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). While there was no explicit mention of it, underlying all these initiatives is the de-dollarization of trade – in the framework of the SCO but also the multipolar BRICS group of states. Iran is set to become one of the new members of BRICS+, a giant step to be decided in their upcoming summit in South Africa next August.

There are estimates in Tehran that Iran-China annual trade may reach over $70 billion in the mid-term, which will amount to triple the current figures. When it comes to infrastructure building, Iran is a key BRI partner. The geostrategy of course is hard to match: a 2,250 km coastline encompassing the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Sea of Oman and the Caspian Sea – and huge land borders with Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Every think tank in China sees how Iran is irreplaceable, not only in terms of BRI land corridors, but also the Maritime Silk Road. Chabahar Port may be a prime Iran-India affair, as part of the International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) – thus directly linked to the Indian vision of a Silk Road, extending to Central Asia.

But Chinese port developers do have other ideas, focused on alternative ports along the Persian Gulf and in the Caspian Sea. That will boost shipping connections to Central Asia (Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan), Russia and the Caucasus (Azerbaijan). And that makes perfect sense when one combines port terminal development with the modernization of Iran’s railways – all the way to high-speed rail. An even more revolutionary development would be China coordinating the BRI connection of an Iranian corridor with the already in progress 3,200 km-long China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), from Kashgar in Xinjiang to Gwadar port in the Indian Ocean.That seemed perfectly plausible when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was still in power, before being ousted by a lawfare coup. The key of the whole enterprise is to build badly needed infrastructure in Balochistan, on both sides of the border. On the Pakistani side, that would go a long way to smash CIA-fed “insurgents” of the Balochistan Liberation Army kind, get rid of unemployment, and put trade in charge of economic development.

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“..All that spells out Iran’s full reconnection with Asia – after those arguably wasted years of trying an entente cordiale with the collective West..”

Iran-China Strategic Partnership: The Big Picture (Escobar)

The key takeaway of President Ebrahim Raeisi’s state visit to Beijing goes way beyond the signing of 20 bilateral cooperation agreements. This is a crucial inflexion point in an absorbing, complex, decades-long, ongoing historical process: Eurasia integration. Little wonder that President Raeisi, welcomed by a standing ovation at Peking University before receiving an honorary academic title, stressed “a new world order is forming and taking the place of the older one”, characterized by “real multilateralism, maximum synergy, solidarity and dissociation from unilateralisms”. And the epicenter of the new world order, he asserted, is Asia. It was quite heartening to see the Iranian president eulogizing the Ancient Silk Road, not only in terms of trade but also as a “cultural bond” and “connecting different societies together throughout history”.

Raeisi could have been talking about Sassanid Persia, whose empire ranged from Mesopotamia to Central Asia, and was the great intermediary Silk Road trading power for centuries between China and Europe. It’s as if he was corroborating Chinese President Xi Jinping’s famed notion of “people to people exchanges” applied to the New Silk Roads. And then President Raeisi jump cut to the inescapable historical connection: he addressed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), of which Iran is a key partner. All that spells out Iran’s full reconnection with Asia – after those arguably wasted years of trying an entente cordiale with the collective West. That was symbolized by the fate of the JCPOA, or Iran nuclear deal: negotiated, unilaterally buried and then, last year, all but condemned all over gain.

Beijing and Tehran, now on overdrive and with no time to lose, may face all manner of challenges – and threats – from the Hegemon; but their 25-year strategic deal does honor historically powerful trading/ merchant civilizations now equipped with substantial manufacturing/ industrial bases and with a serious tradition in advanced scientific innovation. The serious possibility of China-Iran finally configuring what will be a brand new, expanded strategic economic space, from East Asia to West Asia, central to 21st century multipolarity, is a geopolitical tour de force. Not only that will completely nullify the US sanction obsession; it will direct Iran’s next stages of much needed economic development to the East, and it will boost the whole geoeconomic space from China to Iran and everyone in between.

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“The risk of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine for NATO is incomparable with the danger of a Russian victory”
– Stoltenberg

The support of Europe hinges on the idea that Russia wants to conquer the entire continent. Made up from thin hot air.

NATO Chief Reveals Biggest Risk In Terms Of Ukraine Conflict (TASS)

There are no risk-free options in terms of the conflict in Ukraine but the biggest risk of all is if Russia wins, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, addressing the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. “Some worry that our support to Ukraine risks triggering escalation. Let me be clear: there are no risk-free options, but the biggest risk of all is if Putin wins,” he noted, adding: “This will make the world more dangerous and us more vulnerable.” The NATO secretary general highlighted the need to learn “some important lessons” from the Ukraine conflict. “First, we must sustain and step up our support to Ukraine” and “give Ukraine what they need to win,” Stoltenberg pointed out.

“The second lesson is that we need to continue to strengthen our deterrence and defense,” he went on to say. “The third lesson is that we need to strengthen the resilience of our societies. Military forces are necessary to protect our security but they are not sufficient. We must also secure our cyberspace, our supply chains and our infrastructure,” the NATO chief stressed. According to him, the most important lesson is that “North America and Europe must stand together.”

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“..and gain control over its natural resources..”

Poland, Baltic States Seek To Dismember Russia – Envoy To UN (TASS)

Poland and Baltic countries are seeking to dismember Russia and gain control over its natural resources, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya told the UN Security Council on Friday. “When, how, and on whose prompting was the OSCE taken hostage by those ravaging Russophobes – Poles, Balts, and other young Europeans, who no longer even try to conceal their plans to dismember Russia and seize its natural resources? If you do not take it from me, check against the manifest that Ms. Anna Fotyga, ECR MEP from Poland, published recently in Euractiv,’” Nebenzya told a UNSC briefing dedicated to the anniversary of Resolution 2202 that endorsed the Minsk Package of Measures on Ukrainian reconciliation.

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“..everyone there is on the side of war except us.”

EU ‘Indirectly At War’ With Russia – Orban (RT)

Europe has become “immersed in war” due to its policy of supplying arms and military intelligence to Ukraine throughout its conflict with Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday, addressing his country’s refusal to send weapons to Kiev. Speaking at his annual state-of-the-nation speech in Budapest, Orban reiterated that Hungary won’t fall in line with other EU member states by supplying military aid to Ukraine, its northeastern neighbor, adding that European leaders appear to be “sleepwalking” into an expanded conflict. “It started with helmets and now we are already at the delivery of tanks, in the future also of airplanes, and before long we will hear about the so-called peacekeeping units,” Orban said.

“Europe is getting immersed in war, in reality they’re already indirectly at war with Russia,” he added. Orban, who has served as Hungary’s Prime Minister since 2010, stated that Hungary will “maintain economic relations with Russia and recommend this to our allies” even as Western leaders continue to impose sanctions on Moscow. He also said that while Hungary remains a proud member of both the EU and NATO, the military bloc must remain a defensive alliance and not be used to “collectively attack a third country” – adding that a “sovereign Ukraine between Hungary and Russia” is in Budapest’s best interests.

The premier maintained that Hungary has shown “great humanitarian aid” for Ukrainian refugees, and said he’d like the Russia-Ukraine conflict to end immediately but that he does not have the influence within NATO and the EU to get that done, as “everyone there is on the side of war except us.” While he also discussed issues such as inflation and domestic political affairs, around half of Orban’s hour-long speech was centered around policy matters involving Moscow and Kiev. There will be no resolution in Ukraine, Orban concluded, until lawmakers in both Moscow and Washington sit at the negotiation table. Until then, only more fighting – and the threat of a world war – awaits.

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That Sunak guy is a dangerous fool:

“..Now is the time to “double down” on military support for Kiev, he added, no matter the cost in “blood and treasure.”

Highlights from the Munich Security Conference (RT)

Running from Friday to Sunday, the Munich Security Conference is a global affair, attended by guests from more than 100 countries. However, this year’s conference mostly focused on Ukraine, with President Vladimir Zelensky urging his Western backers to provide more “modern weapons,” and the leaders of the UK, France and Germany seemingly eager to meet his demands. Speaking at the conference on Friday, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called on Western leaders to give Ukraine “advanced, NATO-standard capabilities.” Now is the time to “double down” on military support for Kiev, he added, no matter the cost in “blood and treasure.” The UK is the largest supplier of military aid to Ukraine after the US, with London committing £2.3 billion ($2.77 billion) to Kiev’s forces last year.


In addition to training 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers and pilots this year, Sunak recently announced that the UK would send 14 Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, along with the country’s entire stock of AS90 artillery guns. Russian President Vladimir Putin is “betting we will lose our nerve,” Sunak said, promising that the UK would “prove him wrong” by increasing the supply of artillery ammunition, armored vehicles, and air defense systems. However, reports suggest that the flow of weapons to Ukraine has left British stockpiles almost depleted. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on allies to send Ukraine Leopard 2 main battle tanks from their own stockpiles. Berlin has been “intensively campaigning” for this since it gave operators of the Leopards permission to export them to Ukraine last month, he claimed.

Scholz’s position marks a dramatic turnaround, given that his government initially refused to authorize delivery of the tanks. Berlin relented in the face of a pressure campaign from its allies, but these allies have since tempered their enthusiasm. Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, and Turkey have outright refused to donate their Leopards, and Finland – which led the “free the Leopards” campaign to pressure Germany – only promised to train Ukrainian soldiers on the tanks. Canada, Norway, Portugal, and Poland are among the few other states that have agreed to supply Leopards, though German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius acknowledged this week that they had only assembled “half a battalion” so far.

French President Emmanuel Macron declared on Friday that Paris does not seek “regime change” in Moscow, a position not shared by his allies in Kiev. “When I hear a lot of people advocating for regime change, I would just ask them: for which change? Who’s next? We experienced several times in the past decade a lot of regime change in a lot of countries. It’s a total failure,” Macron said. Macron has maintained contact with Putin since the military operation in Ukraine began, and has cautioned the West against trying to force “humiliating” peace terms on Russia. However, he has continued to provide Kiev’s forces with progressively heavier weapons, including infantry fighting vehicles and artillery guns.

Kamala Munich Security Conference

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Blinken said yesterday in Munich that 200,000 Russians have been killed or wounded. The BBC counts 14,709 killed.

Ukraine SitRep – Casualty Numbers, Lack Of Tanks, Something Is Up (MoA)

There is some interesting news on the casualty count in the war in Ukraine. Ivan Katchanovski translated bits from a Russian language BBC report: “Based on open sources, the BBC managed to establish the names of 14,709 Russian soldiers who died in the war in Ukraine. Throughout 2022, Russian sources typically reported about 250-300 dead each week. In January, these figures doubled.” #Russia 1/ “But in just two weeks in February, the BBC Russian Service, together with Mediazona (recognized as a “foreign agent” in Russia) and a team of volunteers, managed to confirm the names of 1,679 dead, which is five times more than the usual weekly numbers.” #Ukraine #ukrainewar 2/

The war started in eighths week of 2022. There were thus 44 weeks in the rest of the year. With 300 dead per week the number of Russians killed until the end of 2022 was 13,200. (These numbers likely included the number of Wagner mercenaries killed but probably not those of the Donbas militia.) The BBC then counts 2,400 killed in January and 1,700 in February. The total is thus below 20,000 the number Col. MacGregor and others have estimated for the Russian side. The BBC says it estimates that it only catches half of the dead but gives no sound reason why that would be the case.

The daily losses on the Ukrainian side are much higher. The daily clobber list of the Russian Ministry of Defense mentions about 400 Ukrainians killed every day. This is consistent with the numbers Ukraine’s government mentioned last summer and fall. Over the 358 days of the war the total sums up to about 143,000. The Russian reports do not include the number of those who got killed by the Wagner mercenaries in the Bakhmut area. That number is by likely well above 20,000.

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The WHO lost all credibility in the pandemic. For decades.

Biden Admin To Sign Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies (ET)

The Biden administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a “legally binding” accord with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give this Geneva-based UN subsidiary the authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic. Despite widespread criticism of the WHO’s response to the COVID pandemic, U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra joined with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in September 2022 to announce “the U.S.-WHO Strategic Dialogue.” Together, they developed a “platform to maximize the longstanding U.S. government-WHO partnership, and to protect and promote the health of all people around the globe, including the American people.”

Alex Jones Ventura

These discussions and others spawned the “zero draft” of a pandemic treaty, published on Feb. 1, which now seeks ratification by all 194 WHO member states. A meeting of the WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) is scheduled for Feb. 27 to work out the final terms, which all members will then sign. Written under the banner of “the world together equitably,” the zero draft grants the WHO the power to declare and manage a global pandemic emergency. Once a health emergency is declared, all signatories, including the United States, would submit to the authority of the WHO regarding treatments, government regulations such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates, global supply chains, and monitoring and surveillance of populations.

“They want to see a centralized, vaccine-and-medication-based response, and a very restrictive response in terms of controlling populations,” David Bell, a public health physician and former WHO staffer specializing in epidemic policy, told The Epoch Times. “They get to decide what is a health emergency, and they are putting in place a surveillance mechanism that will ensure that there are potential emergencies to declare.” The WHO pandemic treaty is part of a two-track effort, coinciding with an initiative by the World Health Assembly (WHA) to create new global pandemic regulations that would also supersede the laws of member states. The WHA is the rule-making body of the WHO, comprised of representatives from the member states.

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Flash light fish



The Mwanza flat-headed rock agama also known as the Spider-Man agama, can’t spin webs but can climb up vertical walls with ease



Amur leopard



The ocean sunfish (Mola mola) is one of the heaviest known bony fishes in the world. Adults typically weigh between 247 and 1,000 kg (545–2,205 lb). Yet, Newly hatched sunfish larvae are only 2.5 mm (3⁄32 in) long and weigh less than one gram








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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 19 2023]


    “This is a nightmare.” Under proposed law PL 5555 2020, Brazilian citizens could be imprisoned for 2-8 years for refusing mandatory vaccination.

    Any doubt that Lula stole the election, helped by the USA, should be completely wiped out by his use of his powers to attack part of the population. Will the military do its job or will they continue to take US cash. We will see, but either way this will get horribly violent, as is the way in Brazil where you have the extreme poor and the mega rich facing off.


    I can scarcely believe I’m writing this, and I have been praying to be wrong.

    Nothing like labelling yourself a prat.


    The Biden administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a “legally binding” accord with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give this Geneva-based UN subsidiary the authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic.

    This is the WHO funded and obedient to Bill Gates? This wil turn out like all other Bill Gates vaccination projects, with loads of people dead or permanently injured, but with Bill Gates making a ton of cash and flying around the world in his private jets as “Mr Solution”. Everything about Bill Gates is a joke apart from his ability to make money from screwing the rest of us over. Yet he lives in the USA and is still alive, which just goes to show that guns will not protect Americans because Americans will only use guns to stop a supermarket robbery, not the theft of their own home and their own health.



    Best wind direction and speed graph with a date changer at the bottom which lets you go to the ‘way back machine’ back to February 7 and the train wreck in East Palestine Ohio.

    March through the calendar from the burn off event and see where the contamination cloud went day by day



    So all Empire of Lies® weapons are also lies.

    Designed for profit not performance.

    So far no footage in Ukronaziland of an M1 getting ‘rested’ against Russian ATGMs so I looked else where.

    So while noodling around I found a video of what happens when a Russian Kornet-E Anti-Tank missile destroys an M1 Abrams in Yemen.

    A Russian Kornet-E missile (Cost: 6 Thousand dollars) destroys an M1A2S Abrams in Yemen (Cost: 9 Million dollars)

    War is at base a game of industrial production and cost/benefit spreadsheets

    M1 looks like a Loser

    Empire of Lies®

    Vietnam – Cut n’ Run

    Afghanistan – Cut n’ Run

    Ukronaziland (Coming Soon) – Cut n’ Run

    Do ya see a pattern?

    Dr. D

    I wonder how they make those boats. Different than western construction.

    Tyler Wright, Real Estate: IF ONLY. Yes, unlike regular jobs, for a change you have actual possibility of profit, however:

    Overpaid for house
    Zoning doesn’t allow repairs or rentals
    Market reverses.
    Bank Calls loan for collateral.
    Tenants get in, pay only 1st month, steal 6-12 while being evicted.
    Trash the place, return to #2.
    You paid taxes and mortgage that whole time, took 2nd mortgage on personal home to cover.
    Materials cost tripled.
    Property Manager didn’t do anything, left town with the money. Took 9 months to find out.
    As I bought the house on basis of Manager, it’s 45 minutes away.
    Spend 2h/day driving for weeks doing repairs, gas has quadrupled.
    Inflation doesn’t keep up with rents, which rise yearly. Doubled my 2nd personal mortgage again.
    State put on a rent freeze and halt on evictions, when it clears, the Judge takes 12 months in backlog.

    It’s like free money! Why do we pay landlords, the fiends, when it’s only $25,000 for a roof?

    Outcome: Owned house for 2 years, cost twice as much as sticker price, got 3 month’s rent out of 36.
    Lost my own house, became a renter to somebody else.
    Learned my lesson: didn’t pay rent to my landlord, racking up savings to try again.

    Lesson: You can’t make money in a nation of immoral people with no property rights or contract law. They STEAL it, obviously. The only way for rich people to survive is to HAVE sound rule of law and PROTECT the people around them.

    the collapse of the quadrillion pyramid of derivatives.”

    They’ve been saying since Greenspan, 2002. Someday they will, but without timing, it’s not worth knowing.

    “Europe just follows blindly whatever the US initiates without thinking of the consequences “

    Does that seem at all likely? After sapping the U.S. to pay their military cost for 60 years? So they could get free health care? After installing European ways into the U.S. and Congress? No. So there’s something else going on.

    ““The entire Eastern Seaboard of the US may soon be pervasively contaminated by carcinogenic vinyl chloride & other toxic chemical waste.” Pray I’m wrong.”

    I believe he’s wrong. Not that a sensitive enough test can’t detect it, it can. However, the amount has to be relevant. Contrary to me, they were reporting smells in the Hudson Valley and Long Island. I don’t see how that’s possible and the locations are very far from each other (~100 miles?)

    Besides a few things: It’s not inhaling it that’s the problem at these diffusions. First, it’s not VC, it’s BURNED VC. Therefore it is dioxin and some other stuff. Dioxin isn’t dangerous at first, nor even later. It’s the bioaccumulation through the food chain that makes it large enough to be dangerous. …Not that there is any safe level for dioxin. However, the danger is a direct line to the upper right starting from zero, not on a curve.

    Hydrochloric is sort of nothing. It sucks, but at these levels is just dilute, below vinegar. Its damage is in pH. Probably barely reaches rain pH of 30 years ago which did hardly anything.

    So to me it’s the other way around: You could stay and take a very mild contamination, probably less than you get from splashing gasoline and mixing paint. However, later, we might find all crops grown, particularly animals will be gradually more toxic on a rising, falling bell curve for 200 years.

    One other thing: 2/3rd of the country live there. Where would they go? Vegas? Arkansas? I think the hotels will be full.

    “Baerbock, like Sturgeon, Arden, Palin, Bachmann, Haley, etc, all hand-picked for being psychopathic maniacs like Hillary. If I understand correctly that is far harder to find in women, or it used to be. Finding one this soulless must be like winning the lottery for them, and better if they are this dumb.

    Why does this work? Why are they valuable? Because women and minorities are inherently morally superior and can do no wrong, don’t ya know. Remember how we would all have a Utopia, no war, and sing Kumbayah together once our leaders were women? You know, like Thatcher. Albright. May. Ardern. Merkel. Hillary. Pelosi. Harris. Feinstein. Nuland. Good, loving folks one and all.

    Because if not, why bother? If man and women are equal, why prefer and promote the women? It’s only if you’re a sexist, hateful pig that you’d choose the gender candidate and not the best candidate by merit.

    “which Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of shelling.”

    Even RT. Can’t stop. Russia didn’t shell THEMSELVES, therefore it is a lie. When the/a/any reporter comes across this, he then flips to “ — I – didn’t say your mother was a whore, THIS OTHER GUY said your mother was a whore, and I published it.” No, custom and also libel law says if you do that, YOU said it. Don’t weasel out now. No wonder that side loses all the time: you can’t keep conceding territory to be nice and conciliatory. That would require good-faith actors and we have few. Tell the truth. It’s only a sentence — fix it or leave it out.

    Who knew when they vaporized the job of Copy Editor, it would leave holes this bad? Ultimately the Copy Editor was the actual, in-the-room gateway to getting published or rejected. Now as USA Today found, wankers push “Publish” on hundreds of false stories, because pushing “Publish” means pushing “Pay me.” No one reads, no one checks, could be all word soup or written by AI, as we saw in 300 science journals for years before someone noticed. If no one is mad and you can’t be discredited, why not? Clearly I’m the dumb one.

    “• US Fears China May Provide Russia With Lethal Weapons – Blinken (TASS) “

    As opposed to nonlethal? He’s as smart as Baerbock, or Milley the other day stating “wars end in peace“. This is the same thing we do: just because we provide a billion dollar satellite network, real-time intel, and $150B to buy weapons with doesn’t mean it’s “Lethal” support. They’re delivering the Russians ice cream with it.

    Chabahar Port may be a prime Iran-India affair,”

    With underground ship-sized canals, etc. However, what good is that when the West is demonstrating they can drop an 8.0 earthquake any time they like? Here’s a good links to some of the … unusual events surrounding it, above how unusually lucky they were to remove all diplomats 3 days before.
    Biden, suddenly lucid again: http://www.321gold.com/BidenThreattoTurkeyandHAARP.mp4
    (Highly recommend)
    Then the whole sky lights up like a plasma bomb, over and over before it “accidentally” occurs. You know, 3 days after they remove the Diplomats and a week after the same thing happens the very minute Israel bombed Iran?

    Okay, next issue: THEY CAN DO THAT TO YOUR COUNTRY TOMORROW. 40,000 dead at a pop. See why you might want to go slowly now, not alarm Dr. No and make him believe he’s winning all the while he’s actually losing? Not start a Civil War and declare your Independence? Speaking of, here:

    Here’s an amazing thing with two high-level, smart, Leftist journalists (but I repeat myself):
    https://rumble.com/v29yrwi-this-is-why-the-deep-state-turned-against-trump.html (Dore’s Channel)

    Just AMAZING, jaw-dropping. Here’s a guy, can figure out Orange man is not bad, just Orange, and yet both he and Mate’ are like “Trump is an idiot. I know personally he doesn’t know anything. He never had a plan. Yet every single thing he did wrecked the American Empire, dismantling piece by piece. However, it was all an accident, and I know because of my DonaldTelepathy.™” Just wow.

    Here’s an idea: IT’S NOT AN ACCIDENT. You’re a reporter: maybe somebody is up to something. Ever thought of that? Politicians who lie? Play dumb? Have a side agenda? For side people/influencers/backers they’re not admitting to?

    NOPE. Not if it’s Trump. He can only be stupid. Amazing gap of “I realize Orange Man is not Bad, I’m trying to reach my (Leftist) friends about it”, yet “Orange Man is still Bad.” In a different way.

    Man, I wish – I – had a spell that would make my enemies this blind. I’d teabag them. J/k, but it would be funny to be THAT oblivious. It would be like those shows where someone can stop time and walk around the actors in motion.

    So not ONLY were the NeoCons exposed, the Empire smashed, but they STILL think it’s an accident and didn’t set off 100 more VC derailments and the New Madrid Fault. If you even SUSPECTED they could do this, can you understand the slow, tedious, painful strategy now? That’s wiping out all 10 State Capitals smaller than Missouri (Jefferson City, 44k). 40K at a pop. Or forever and ever and ever, like dioxin in the soil, or radiation from nuclear leaks. Sleep tight, sunshine.

    ..Now is the time to “double down” on military support for Kiev, he added, no matter the cost in “blood and treasure.”

    And these are the guys who seem to have the button that detonates it. Well, Sunak, I’ll buy you a plane ticket. Or did you mean SOMEBODY ELSE’S blood, SOMEBODY ELSE’S treasure? He “Called on Western leaders”. YOU’RE a “Western Leader” you dum-dum, where are your tanks, ships, missiles? Where are they Sunak? Or are you not in charge? Are we doing this thing of erasing London forever or not? No, he’s an Anglo. Anglos get OTHER people killed.

    Blinken said yesterday in Munich that 200,000 Russians have been killed or wounded. The BBC counts 14,709 killed.”

    He’s as bad at math as Baerbock is at geometry, IT WOULDN’T MATTER. Russia is 10x their size. It would only piss them off. Unfortunately for them they ARE pissed off, AND STILL have those 200,000 men inside a mountain of unused tanks, planes, and missile launchers waiting for you. What can I say? Leave them alone. And us too while you’re at it.

    “The Biden administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a “legally binding” accord with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give this Geneva-based UN subsidiary the authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic.”

    Because it’s reported, it’s false. NO HE’S NOT. That would be a “Treaty” which is passed by the”Senate”. And that treaty STILL wouldn’t supersede the Constitution. In other words: Make Me. Time to buy more guns, I guess. Obama was the greatest gun salesman in world history thanks to moves like this.

    THEY can SAY whatever they want and often do. However, making someone DO it is a whole other matter.

    Jones/Vax. Yeah we know. But here’s the thing: you have to get him out there starting to speak AND you have to make it look like Jones is losing, a kook, not worth eliminating. It’s Sun Tzu: you win by losing. You look weak when you’re strong. You move slow when they’re fast. You look like you’re going to attack and have a coup to make them look stupid and waste themselves. You reveal them and turn the people against them. Then you look back and discover: we’re out of ammo, the people are against us, have no support, out of time, and all the while the good guys were only punking you then playing rounds of golf, watching Shark Week, not up to anything at all while you’re chasing shadows with your hair on fire.

    Looking back, can you see this now? Okay, what if you got up the good side of the military and started shooting up the place in 1998? Would that have won back then? The people on your side, reforming? The bad guys and their methods exposed and unusable again?

    “Flashlight fish” It may be that our cells all do the same. Although not “visible” the actual, literal processes of cracking and combining molecules releases single photons, as it must. If nearby cells are “Aware” of this, they would “know” what the body is doing. And coordinate processes, homestasis, and healing. Is it? I don’t know but they absolutely sure as heck “Know” somehow. Doctors say they don’t it’s –Sciency-sciency-word-handwave — magic!

    “in 2007, only 19–26 wild leopards were estimated to survive”

    Unable to know what they don’t know. But I wrote it down! Here in this spreadsheet! No, all over the world “cats” are considered extinct, don’t live in this area, low numbers, only to find out local people see them all the time, possibly 10x the estimates. Cougars, Bobcats, Lynx, others. They’re elusive. And totally extinct in the area until they drag some jogger off the trail in midtown Denver and eat them as keeps happening here. So okay, uh-huh. Was that a COMPUTER model?

    Nevertheless, the habitat is most important; protect it.

    Speaking of Science, yesterday had sharks that don’t need to keep swimming. Huh. And this fish which apparently doesn’t need any gills, or the gills of a 100-pound fish. Huh.

    Lula: the U.S./Pfizer/WEF merger are sure in a hurry, aren’t they? Wonder what’s making them so edgy and rushed. And Bolsonaros’ still hanging around, well protected while Lula can’t leave the palace or be torn to shreds bc he’s so popular, ‘natch.

    Just like elsewhere!

    “The State of Global Democracy, US Is ‘Flawed’

    You’ll be thrilled to know that Australia and New Zealand are top, total democracies, not even ‘flawed’ like the U.S. is … couldn’t be better, writing you from Camp Howard, hope to get out someday.

    They do whatever you say, right guys?


    Call me Debbie Downer but I don’t think M1 Abrams tank crews fare too well here.

    More from the Mid-east ‘proving grounds’ in Yemen I believe

    M1 Abram tank getting open like a can with the ATGM Russian Made Kornet


    RIM “These people are selected…”, good one!


    Cookies Nuland is the Whore of Babylon

    Back in the day when her tribe went East from captivity back to the promised land, Cookies people went North to Odessa.

    What better place for a Whore from Babylon to ply their trade than a Rus seacoast town.

    She is the living Mark of the Beast in all it’s blood drinking glory, testament to the false god of Neoconism.




    Dr. D

    Old article, but good diagram of how American corruption is done:


    Polished, systemic, deniable, explainable, no one can oppose it, erase it, reform it. Like other cancers it can only grow to death…or be removed completely by force. Without 10-day Bible revivals nationwide there is no middle ground.


    When Russia finally Facestomps© NATOstan and Eurotardistan it will dictate the terms.

    Their will be no ‘negotiations’.

    China’s ‘peace proposal’ is a dried out mummified fig leaf. A hollow gesture, they know the real score.

    Eurotard ‘leaders’ are Bimbos and Jimbos

    • Putin Must Turn ‘360 Degrees’ – German FM Baerbock

    Wow the German public are dumbed down past all comprehension not to react to pablum headlines like that. They have passed the event horizon


    • US Fears China May Provide Russia With Lethal Weapons

    You mean Thermobaric Vacuum blast rockets?

    Got’em already, check.

    “…risk of escalation in conflict in Ukraine for NATO is incomparable with the danger of a Russian victory”

    The Russians already OWN ‘escalatory dominance’

    • EU ‘Indirectly At War’ With Russia – Orban

    Alex, can I buy a Clue?



    One of the ‘terms’ discussed by Dmitry Orlov in the podcast with Jim Kunstler is that a main Russian term will be that NATO borders be rolled back to 1997

    That would mean Poland and the Baltics are not in the Alliance anymore. How sad :>(


    Russia could go after them and not drag in the Rest of the West

    Beat them like a drum ;>)


    Hey, Justin Turdeau really is taking the lead in polishing Canada’s image on the world stage



    (All that I know, for sure, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.)

    In good conscience, I gather available evidence, and evaluate the info and the authors before arriving at an opinion.

    My opinion/evaluation does not change what you will do or what you believe.
    I am entitled to change my opinions.

    Pipe lines
    Train wreck, toxic chemical waste

    Wars end in major fatalities and injuries, massive human, financial cost, destroyed infrastructures, misuse of diminishing energy and resources.

    The WHO lost all credibility in the pandemic.


    Silly little Annalena-
    Smarter than a lump of coal;
    Puffed up like a concertina-
    Dug herself a deeper hole!




    Tanks with Iron Crosses to Ukronaziland


    Russian company Fores, which specializes in equipment for oil wells, has announced a reward for Abrams and Leopard tanks, which the West has promised to provide Kyiv with if they are destroyed or captured in Ukraine.

    …”Fores will allocate a reward to military servicemen for damaging NATO heavy armoured vehicles and fixed-wing aircraft in the zone of a special military operation…

    They have promised 5 million roubles [approximately US$71,500]
    for the first destroyed Abrams or Leopard tanks

    and 500,000 roubles [approximately US$7,100] for each additional one.

    It is also reported that a financial reward will be 15 million roubles [approximately US$214,500]
    for the first F-15 and F-16 fighter jets destroyed if they are supplied to Ukraine.

    Ivan Okhlobystin, Russian actor who very actively supports Vladimir Putin and the war against Ukraine, has also declared there will be a reward for Western tanks damaged in Ukraine. He has said that “some representatives of big Russian business” authorized him to announce that they supposedly “will have a reward of 10 million roubles [approximately US$143,000] for each damaged Abrams”.

    The Ukronazi thugs and hoodlums will probably just sell the Russians this equipment for less than the bounties.


    Money talks, bullshit walks


    We know that the gross aberrations that are products of the use of massive quantities of fossil fuels on a continuous basis will end soon and that we are headed for fourteenth century living arrangements (at best).

    For me, the biggest questions are:

    1. How much more damage will the agents of the money-lenders -who infest the ranks and files of the NATOstan political systems and bureaucracies- manage to perpetrate, both locally and globally, before the whole Ponzi, fiat money system collapses?

    2. How long before we enter the period of rapid collapse? that leads to Peak Mayhem, the point at which fiat currencies -especially those of NATOstan sector- become worthless and all the systems [that most people in NATOstan nations have become totally reliant on] break down completely.

    3. Will I need to defend myself and those who are important to me from a ‘zombie apocalypse’?

    4. How much longer will there be a reliable electricity supply in the district I live in?

    5. Will it be possible for my family to be reunited before it all collapses?

    Yesterday I used 2 litres of petrol to get to a place where there were no people. I did encounter two other human beings along the way but for most of the 4 hours I was tramping saw no one and was able to enjoy remnants of the natural world not messed up by ‘development’d

    Fearless fantails perched less than a metre away.

    Along the route I encountered numerous pest species introduced by ignorant white people, including thistle, gorse and blackberry, and saw sheep (a non-indigenous species) from a distance.

    Whilst blackberries taste delicious and provide essential vitamin C, their calorific value is low. Sheep meat, the Norman language mutton, definitely has the capacity to provide calories galore should the need arise.

    Bumble bees just do their thing, both out in the wilderness and in my garden. They ‘love’ sunflowers. So do I. And so do greenfinches.

    The criminals at Parliament and the local council haven’t wrecked everything yet, but they are doing their best to do so.

    With so many people on Airstrip Five becoming ill or dying from the toxic jabs, one might hope that any campaign for forced ‘vaccination’, as per the World Health-rort Organisation agenda, would now flounder very quickly.

    I suspect the managers of the business trading under the brand name ‘clean green New Zealand have more than they can handle on their plate, attempting to sort out the mess they created from Northland to Hawkes Bay. Fatguts, the so-called Finance Minister, announced yesterday that “58% of GDP had been affected.”

    Even allowing for the fact that GDP is just another phony index, another fraud, that’s got to hurt.

    That Bloke

    If you’re interested in the complexities of modern warfare and why it is so difficult for either side to make any real progress then I can’t recommend this article too much.



    Tanks in Ukraine.

    Dima, of the Military Summary Channel, as noted (indeed emphasised) that in reports, no Uko-Nazi tanks have been destroyed recently.

    He speculates that either the Uko-Nazis are accumulating them away from the battle zones for a ‘major offensive’ or have none left that are in working order.

    D Benton Smith

    Ya know, I think I have the same problem as Baerbock. Every time I swear to reform and turn my life completely around I find myself doing all the same stuff as before.


    Da Plume, Da Plume!


    How it appears at ground level.


    A lot of work went into this report.
    You might change your mind after reading this info.

    Simplicius The Thinker


    Current edition of Vicky Nuland is more like disheveled house wife.
    Where I came from there is slightly edited term for that, which makes a clear distinction between someone who is a good mother and can cook a finger licking meal out of nothing and the one who is messy and lousy in just about anything but is a queen of gossip and intrigue in the neighborhood.


    To think the WHO wants absolute power over all countries’ medical/health systems anytime they the WHO declare a pandemic.


    DeNATOfication | From Russia with Love

    #rumour about NATO and Transnistria: NATO begins to play the “Moldovan card”, opening a new front against Russia. – On the territory of Romania, the movement of columns of military equipment towards Moldova was noticed. After the footage of the movement…
    Experienced units of the AFU are gathering in Transnistria. Especially active since the New Year. Conducted exercises and coordination, ready to start at any moment. The only thing is that they are afraid that the arsenal is mined and it will be blown up at the same time. Then buildings even in Chisinau will fall apart, like in Turkey. According to our estimates – tens of thousands of them.
    There is no chance to survive. The only thing holding back is the threat of mining the arsenal. But then they will blame the Russians. The arsenal there has ammo for one year of war.

    Something is definitely up. That’s why they changed the prime minister, that’s why the movement with reservists in Moldova began. Everything that was needed was pulled off, and even the Special Forces have been moved from the Donetsk front. The local Russian forces have no options. Therefore, the only choice is to blow up the arsenal or give it up without a fight so that it goes to the eastern front.

    Local sources via Grubnik.
    Feb 19 at 10:27


    I was reflecting on how astonishing it was that a single train could do so much damage to the entire eastern US

    Then I reflected how astonishing it was every time I heard about a single shipment of fentanyl being intercepted that could kill the entire US like 3x


    “the collapse of the quadrillion pyramid of derivatives.”
    They’ve been saying since Greenspan, 2002. Someday they will, but without timing, it’s not worth knowing.

    The markets can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent!

    “The Biden administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a “legally binding” accord with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give this Geneva-based UN subsidiary the authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic.”

    Because it’s reported, it’s false. NO HE’S NOT. That would be a “Treaty” which is passed by the”Senate”. And that treaty STILL wouldn’t supersede the Constitution.

    Matters not as they aren’t agreement capable.

    Is it a computer model? Everything seems to come from a computer model any more. Meaning all projections/forecasts are less than useless, except for financial scamming the only useful part. Backing the lies from start to denial.




    To Increase Mediocrity and Laziness, School Districts Eliminate Honors Classes

    And tie heavyweights around the ankles of kids who are too fit and athletic to slow them down for the obese kids


    rest assured, henceforth no bridge you drive across, plane you fly in, boat you cruise in, building you live in, vehicle you ride in, will have been designed by an honors student.


    Whatever is causing rainbow patterns (interference refraction/reflection0 is not vinyl-chloride, more properly chloroethane, which has a boiling point of minus 13.4o Celsius, i.e. a gas at commonly encountered temperatures.

    Setting fire to it may well have caused some polymerisation or reforming into oily substances with a higher molecular masses and higher boiling points, i.e. liquids at commonly encountered temperatures.

    Any of the chlorinated hydrocarbons that get into the stratosphere will become ODS – ozone depleting substances that exacerbate the ‘ozone hole’ problem.

    It’s probably all relatively small fry compared to what is happening in Ukraine, where much plastic is being vaporised, one way or another, except for the people who live near the incident.

    When did The Empire of Lies ever care about the welfare of people?…only when they are dropping like flies and cannot be persuaded to work in a particular toxic environment.


    Harrison Bergeron
    “THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal.”
    Vonnegut was a prophet.

    Veracious Poet

    @mr. hyperbole (aka I know the truth, you’re an idiot)

    We know that the gross aberrations that are products of the use of massive quantities of fossil fuels on a continuous basis will end soon and that we are headed for fourteenth century living arrangements (at best).

    Humility and Hyperbole:

    I am more fond than most of a good rhetorical flourish. Repetition. Floating opposites. One that’s not like the others. Reductio ad absurdum. And of course hyperbole. These are fun ways to make a point. It feels satisfying to express our ideas in such a pure form and the power they have over audiences is undeniable. Unfortunately, it is also unhealthy.

    The pathology that leads to so much hyperbole is simple enough. Workplaces (Online Discussion et al.) can be noisy. When you frame your ideas cautiously and humbly it can be hard to break through. The pressure is even worse if you feel your job performance (Popularity/Profitability) in any way depends on someone, anyone, reading your idea and deciding to do something about it. So you ratchet up the language to elicit a response.

    This path is clearly suboptimal. You may get the attention that you hoped for in the short term but at the cost of credibility and time when people make an effort to dig in and find the claims overstated. Thrash is compounded when the context around something you wrote collapses. There is no substitute for aligning more up front and sharing more complete context.


    Veracious Poet

    Figmund Sreud

    Helmer on Hersh:




    Veracious Poet

    We must take responsibility for the consequences of what we write. We need to be much more humble in how we communicate our concerns and discuss our ideas. We need to ask more questions to guide us to better outcomes. We need to make only measured claims and express openness to the possibility we are wrong even then. If we don’t, we may find even our writing needs to pass stronger review before it goes to a large audience which would be a real loss. On the other hand, almost everything I write goes through editing and my content is stronger for it so maybe that isn’t so bad after all…

    Hi. My name is Andrew Bosworth but most people call me Boz. I’m a native Californian and a Harvard graduate. I’m a husband, uncle, and father. I like photography, writing, and generally creating things. I’ve been working at Meta since 2006 where I am currently the CTO.

    I started this blog with the goal of sharing a few of the lessons I’ve learned in my career. As I have been writing I’ve found myself fighting a desire to make myself look better. A big part of me wants to present myself as some kind of sage who has always been wise. But that isn’t true. I learned most of these lessons the hard way. Shame is a powerful force in our society and prevents us from sharing our lessons. We protect ourselves from criticism but also prevent people from connecting with us meaningfully. Shame begets more shame. Maybe by me talking about these things people will think less of me. But someone else will connect with it and maybe avoid the same mistake, or maybe even share their own.



    SEYMOUR HERSH Author/ghost writer

    The pipeline was destroyed.
    The discussion/investigation is happening.

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