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Kiev ‘Not Ready’ For New Offensive – Ex-Polish Army Commander (RT)
Ukraine ‘Ready’ To Give Up Crimea, Says Zelensky Advisor (ZH)
Ukraine Defense Minister: No Negotiations With Russia, War Ends This Year (Az.)
Zelensky Vows ‘No Borders’ Between Ukraine And Poland (RT)
Finland’s NATO Membership Aimed At Escalation With Russia – Philippot (TASS)
Macron Warns China Against Supplying Russia With Weapons (TASS)
NATO Chief Issues Warning To China (RT)
Russia Demands Release Of Ukrainian Bishop (RT)
France Braces For Further Protests on Thursday (RT)
Ukraine Offers One Third Of Its Gas Storage To Europe For Next Winter (TASS)
Saudis Aren’t Afraid Of US Anymore (Bhadrakumar)
The Trump Case is a Test For the President And The Legal System (Turley)
Trump Case Shows Divide Among US Elites, Political Crisis Near – Expert (TASS)
Why the Panic Is Just Beginning (Rickards)
Swiss Banks Faced Risk Of ‘Full-scale’ Deposit Run – Regulator (RT)
Fully Vaxxed Lose 25 Years of Life Expectancy (Slay)



“Some of us still believe that, without freedom, human beings cannot become fully human and that freedom is therefore supremely valuable” – Aldous Huxley











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Pepe Escobar:
Saudi FM Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud and Iranian FM Hossein Amirabdollahian have held the first Saudi-Iran official meeting in seven years in…… Beijing. They are starting to bury trillions of Exceptionalist dollars spent on Divide and Rule.





“Zelensky is visiting Poland to prepare a “diplomatic coalition” for eventual peace talks with Russia..”

Kiev ‘Not Ready’ For New Offensive – Ex-Polish Army Commander (RT)

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is visiting Poland to prepare a “diplomatic coalition” for eventual peace talks with Russia, retired Polish general Waldemar Skrzypczak has claimed. He argued that Kiev cannot achieve its aims on the battlefield, and will need Western support for negotiations with Moscow. Skrzypczak was speaking to the Rzeczpospolita newspaper on Wednesday, as Zelensky arrived in Warsaw to meet senior officials. The former commander of the Polish Land Forces rejected the idea that Ukraine should use Western weapons for a last-ditch offensive against Russia – a scenario reportedly being pressed upon Kiev by its foreign backers. “Pushing the Ukrainians into an offensive is unjustified at the moment, because they are not ready for it. Now it’s time for politicians,” Skrzypczak argued.

The retired general believes that “neither side has an advantage” on the battlefield and that there is “no chance of a military end to [the conflict].” The Polish government is among the most vocal supporters of Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia. Zelensky has traveled to the country to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, among other officials. Warsaw has described the occasion as the first “official” visit by the Ukrainian leader since hostilities escalated in February 2022, even though Zelensky previously passed through Poland on his way to the US and the UK. According to Warsaw, the trip demonstrates Poland’s important international role. Publicly, the US and other Western nations have pledged to assist Ukraine “for as long as it takes” to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia.

Kiev has vowed not to negotiate with Moscow until Ukrainian forces have regained control of all its former territories, including Crimea. Moscow has repeatedly said it is open to talks with Kiev on condition that it recognizes “the reality on the ground.” That includes the new status of four former Ukrainian regions which voted overwhelmingly to join Russia last autumn. Skrzypczak, who resigned his command under then-President Lech Kaczynski in 2009 but went on to hold several roles in the Polish Defense Ministry, predicted that Ukraine’s chances of a military victory in the long run would be undermined by a dwindling level of foreign support. “The West is slowly getting tired of the war, and voters that support aiding Ukraine are getting smaller in numbers. That is why it is necessary to build a front of support for Ukraine so that it has a strong voice in future talks,” he explained.

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Tectonic plates are shifting.

Ukraine ‘Ready’ To Give Up Crimea, Says Zelensky Advisor (ZH)

There has been much talk and reporting of the coming Spring counteroffensive by Ukraine forces, but with the fight for Bakhmut not going so well for Kiev, there’s also been talk of the need for compromise, at a moment Ukrainian casualties in the east are believed to be high. Last week we reported on President Volodymyr Zelensky’s voicing rare doubts concerning Bakhmut – as if preparing his people for news of a devastating defeat. And now, on Wednesday, the Financial Times is reporting the single most important development to come out of the conflict in a long time: Zelensky’s office says he’s ready to compromise on the future of the Crimean peninsula.

Naturally, the Ukrainians present themselves as speaking from a position of having the upper hand, which is the general tone of the remarks that Andriy Sybiha, who is deputy head of Zelensky’s office, gave to FT. Per the publication, “Kyiv is willing to discuss the future of Crimea with Moscow if its forces reach the border of the Russian-occupied peninsula” – which marks the “most explicit statement of Ukraine’s interest in negotiations since it cut off peace talks with the Kremlin last April.” “If we will succeed in achieving our strategic goals on the battlefield and when we will be on the administrative border with Crimea, we are ready to open [a] diplomatic page to discuss this issue,” Sybiha said, previewing his high hopes for an imminent counteroffensive.

He explained however that “It doesn’t mean that we exclude the way of liberation [of Crimea] by our army.” But given that Ukrainian forces are nearly completely surrounded in the strategic city of Bakhmut in Donetsk region, despite pouring in massive amounts of manpower and equipment, the whole notion of “liberation of Crimea” is a pipe dream. Western officials themselves have in many cases long acknowledged the extreme unlikelihood of any Ukraine attempt to take Crimea at reaching success. The FT report hints at this in the following: Sybiha’s remarks may relieve western officials who are skeptical about Ukraine’s ability to reclaim the peninsula and worry that any attempt to do so militarily could lead President Vladimir Putin to escalate his war, possibly with nuclear weapons. To date Zelenskyy has ruled out peace talks until Russian forces leave all of Ukraine, including Crimea.

All of this represents a public reversal of sorts from Zelensky’s prior hardened stance of seeking the return of every inch of Ukrainian territory. For example, last October while feeling emboldened after billions in defense aid was pledged from the US and Western allies, he declared in a nightly address, “We will definitely liberate Crimea.” “We will return this part of our country not only to the all-Ukrainian space, but also to the all-European space,” Zelensky had said, not for the first time. He also repeated the same as recently as Sunday. Interestingly, FT cites yet another high-ranking Western defense official who admits the near impossibility of Ukraine actually taking Crimea militarily:

Rear Admiral Tim Woods, the British defense attaché in Washington, said on Wednesday that Crimea would need “a political solution because of just the concentration of force that is there and what it would mean for the Ukrainians to go in there”. He added: “I don’t think there’s going to be a very quick military solution…hence we need to see what are favorable conditions for Ukraine to negotiate and I think Ukraine would be up for that.”


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“..The results of sociological surveys also show that the people of Ukraine do not want peace but victory..”

Ukraine Defense Minister: No Negotiations With Russia, War Ends This Year (Az.)

Ukraine will not agree to peace agreements with the Kremlin regime and Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the Minister of Defense of the country Oleksii Reznikov, Report informs. According to him, the war may end this year: “The peace treaty with Russia is an exception. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he would not sit down at the negotiating table with Putin. The results of sociological surveys also show that the people of Ukraine do not want peace but victory. Therefore, all our partners must understand: we will not compromise.” Reznikov said that the military-political leadership is ready for negotiations only under the conditions of Ukraine – no change in the position. The minister called the war in Ukraine the biggest war on the planet after the Second World War:

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“Seizing control of the western territories of modern Ukraine, the so-called Kresy [‘borderlands’ in Polish], is the coveted dream of the Polish nationalists..”

Zelensky Vows ‘No Borders’ Between Ukraine And Poland (RT)

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky met his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda in Warsaw on Wednesday, during his first official visit to Poland since the beginning of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022. “You have stood shoulder to shoulder with us, and we are grateful for it,” Zelensky stated during the meeting, pledging “no borders in political, economic and – especially important – in historical terms” between the two countries. The Polish president, for his part, promised to continue supporting Kiev in the conflict, revealing that Warsaw was ready to send all its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine “in the future.” Poland has previously pledged 14 of its Soviet-made jets.

“Today we are trying to get for Ukraine… additional guarantees, security guarantees, which will strengthen Ukraine’s military potential,” Duda said, adding that Kiev had been protecting the whole of Europe from what he called the threat of “Russian imperialism.” Poland has been one of Zelensky’s top allies, transferring assorted hardware to bolster the Ukrainian military, including tanks and self-propelled howitzers, as well as rallying international support for such deliveries. Moscow, however, has claimed Warsaw has an alternate agenda, accusing it of pushing Kiev into a military catastrophe in order to seize western Ukrainian lands.

On Tuesday, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, claimed that Poland’s military assistance to Ukraine was actually part of a secret land grab plan aimed at certain territories that historically belonged to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which today are part of Ukraine. “Seizing control of the western territories of modern Ukraine, the so-called Kresy [‘borderlands’ in Polish], is the coveted dream of the Polish nationalists,” Naryshkin said, adding that Warsaw sees “the collapse of Ukrainian statehood after a military defeat as a condition for implementing this idea.” Over the course of the ongoing conflict, Naryshkin has repeatedly warned of the alleged Polish designs on Ukraine’s territory. Warsaw, however, has denied such claims, dismissing them as an information warfare operation.

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“NATO is an entity of American imperialism, which should have disappeared when the Cold War ended in the early 1990s.”

Finland’s NATO Membership Aimed At Escalation With Russia – Philippot (TASS)

Finland’s accession to NATO is a provocation aimed at escalating the conflict with Russia, leader of France’s Les Patriotes (The Patriots) party Florian Philippot told TASS on Wednesday. “I view it as a provocation aimed at adding more fuel to the conflict with Russia,” Philippot said, commenting on Finland’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. “I consider this step to be inappropriate and aggressive,” the politician added. According to Philippot, “NATO is an entity of American imperialism, which should have disappeared when the Cold War ended in the early 1990s.” The French politician also called for France’s withdrawal from the North Atlantic Alliance.

In May 2022, Helsinki and Stockholm submitted their applications to join the US-led alliance but the process was blocked by Ankara who demanded that the two Nordic countries extradite people to Turkey suspected of terrorism and being involved in the 2016 coup, and bans on weapons supplies to Turkey should be lifted. In order to resolve these issues, Turkey, Finland and Sweden signed a memorandum listing specific steps that, according to Ankara, the two Nordic nations should take. Turkey’s parliament passed a bill ratifying a protocol on Finland’s NATO membership on March 30. On Tuesday, Helsinki officially became NATO’s 31st member.

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Imagine you’re invited to China and you start by insulting your host.

Macron Warns China Against Supplying Russia With Weapons (TASS)

French President Emmanuel Macron said while visiting China that it was not in China’s interest to provide weapons to Moscow, Reuters reported on Wednesday, quoting Macron as saying. “China’s interest isn’t to have a lasting war,” Macron said, adding that should China send any arms to Russia, it “would be complicit in a breach of international law.” According to Agence France-Presse, the French president said that at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping he was not going to threaten China with sanctions. On February 18, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed that China was “strongly considering providing lethal assistance to Russia,” adding it might include ammunition and weapons.

In response, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said that the Chinese government did not accept coercion or pressure on Chinese-Russian relations from the US in context of China’s alleged military assistance to Russia. On Wednesday, Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen traveled to China on a visit that will last until April 7. It is Macron’s first visit to China in 3.5 years, since he visited Beijing in the fall of 2019 during his first term in office. Macron plans to focus on the Ukraine conflict and the bilateral French-Chinese ties, especially in the economic sphere, in Beijing.

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More warnings…

“..And it props up Russia’s economy..”

NATO Chief Issues Warning To China (RT)

NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has urged China to halt its “growing alignment” with Russia, warning that any military assistance from Beijing to Moscow during the conflict in Ukraine would be a “historic mistake” with major consequences. Speaking after the conclusion of a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, Stoltenberg sounded alarms over Moscow’s friendly ties with the People’s Republic, suggesting Beijing could soon offer weapons to Russia despite its insistence that it has no plans to do so. “China refuses to condemn Russia’s aggression… And it props up Russia’s economy,” he claimed, adding “Allies have been clear that any provision of lethal aid by China to Russia would be a historic mistake, with profound implications.”

While the NATO head did not elaborate on those “implications,” Washington has previously threatened a response to Chinese military support, while the US Treasury has already moved ahead with sanctions for several China-based companies accused of supplying parts for drones allegedly used by Russian forces. Beijing has rejected any suggestion that it intends to supply weapons to Moscow, insisting it is “completely objective” toward the conflict while accusing US officials of spreading “disinformation” on the matter. Russia, too, has denied previous reports that it requested Chinese military gear. The two countries have nonetheless stepped up relations over the last year, with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping vowing to “further deepen military mutual trust” after talks at the Kremlin last month. However, Putin has since stated that Russia is “not creating any military alliance with China,” despite their “cooperation in the sphere of military-technical interaction.”

Noting that the latest NATO meeting was largely focused on Ukraine, Stoltenberg went on to say that the alliance had agreed to create a “strategic multi-year assistance program” for Kiev. He voiced hopes that the project would “increase Ukraine’s interoperability with NATO, and to bring it up to NATO standards,” as well as assist the country “on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration.” During a press briefing after the first day of discussions in Brussels on Tuesday, Stoltenberg was asked when Kiev would be admitted into the bloc, but could not provide an answer, merely saying that NATO’s “position on membership is unchanged.” While the alliance first offered a seat to Ukraine back in 2008, it appears little progress has been made in the 15 years since, with one unnamed Western diplomat recently telling the Financial Times that NATO is simply “ignoring” Kiev’s membership application.

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“It also condemned President Vladimir Zelensky for claiming last week that Ukraine was a bastion of religious freedom “in our part of Europe.”

Russia Demands Release Of Ukrainian Bishop (RT)

Russia has demanded the release of Metropolitan Pavel, a senior bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), stating that it is concerned about his wellbeing. Pavel was taken into custody last week as Kiev sought to oust UOC monks from the historic monastery which he heads. In a statement on Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it was angered by the Ukrainian government’s pressure to remove the UOC from the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. It added that Moscow is worried about the monks and priests, who “face the threat of a physical and moral crackdown,” and claimed Pavel’s arrest was a prime example of religious persecution. The leading bishop is being held under house arrest “in electronic shackles,” the statement remarked. It also condemned President Vladimir Zelensky for claiming last week that Ukraine was a bastion of religious freedom “in our part of Europe.”

Russian diplomats branded the remarks “the pinnacle of cynicism.” “We demand the immediate release of Metropolitan Pavel and his medical treatment,” the Foreign Ministry said. Pavel was taken into custody last Saturday, after the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) accused him of inciting religious hatred and “justifying and denying Russian military aggression.” The court which ruled on his arrest was forced to interrupt proceedings when the senior cleric complained of health issues. Pavel was removed from Kiev and ordered to stay in a village 50km from the capital. The SBU has conducted raids on UOC churches and clerics, claiming to be looking for stockpiled weapons and evidence of treason. A report by the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said last month that the actions “could be discriminatory,” prompting a rebuke from Kiev.

Days before his arrest, Pavel blamed Zelensky personally for the crackdown on the UOC, vowing that God “will not forgive this action, neither to you nor to your family.” The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Zelensky of insulting the UOC’s ruling council by refusing to meet them and ignoring millions of people who support the church in Ukraine and beyond. “The Kiev regime stubbornly ratchets up its policy of moral terror against citizens and the faithful,” it said. Moscow also reiterated its criticism of the US government for a failure to address the situation, claiming that this proved Washington cannot be an arbiter on religious freedom. US reports on the issue are “bogus propaganda and puny political hackery,” the Foreign Ministry asserted.


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While Macron is in China.

France Braces For Further Protests on Thursday (RT)

French trade unions called for record turnout at protests on Thursday, after negotiations with the government over a controversial pension reform bill broke down. France has been consumed by protests and riots since President Emmanuel Macron’s government hiked the retirement age without a vote in parliament. Union representatives met with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday, warning beforehand that they would walk out if Borne refused to entertain the idea of bringing the retirement age for most workers back to 62 from 64. Borne refused, and the union representatives walked out, calling for strikes and mass demonstrations the following day.

“We again told the prime minister that the only democratic outcome could be the text’s withdrawal,” Cyril Chabanier, who heads the CFTC union, told reporters. “The prime minister replied that she wished to maintain the text, a grave decision.” “We decided to put an end to this useless meeting,” the leader of the CGT union, Sophie Binet, added. “The prime minister has chosen to send us back to the streets.” Borne passed the text in question last month, invoking special constitutional powers to enact the pension reform legislation without a parliamentary vote. Raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 has long been a project of President Emmanuel Macron, who described the move as a “just and responsible” way to keep France’s social security system afloat.

The bill’s passage triggered an immediate wave of demonstrations and riots, with the largest protest drawing more than a million people into the streets across the country. Marches in Paris and some other cities turned violent, with black-clad rioters setting fires, smashing storefronts, and hurling rocks at police. The union chiefs called for similar turnout on Thursday. “We have to continue mobilizing until the end, until the government understands there is no way out other than withdrawing this reform,” Binet told the AFP news agency. “We can’t move on to anything else until this reform is repealed.” The bill is currently being examined by France’s Constitutional Council, which will issue a verdict on its legality next week. While the council can strike down or amend parts of the text, it rarely tosses entire bills.

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Ha ha ha. I offer to store your Russian gas …..

Ukraine Offers One Third Of Its Gas Storage To Europe For Next Winter (TASS)

Ukraine offered up to 10 billion cubic meters of its gas storage facilities to European countries, the Brussels-based Euractive portal reported on Wednesday, citing Alexey Chernyshev, Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine. “We want to offer our storages to Europeans <…>. “Right now, we are able to provide up to 10 bcm of storage,” Chernyshov said as quoted by the publication. According to the portal, he made such an offer during a discussion between representatives of Ukraine and the EU on the results of the first heating season in Europe without full-fledged supplies of Russian gas.

Chernyshev also said that Ukraine has the largest gas storage facilities in Europe, with a total volume of about 31 billion cubic meters. This, according to him, is more than enough for domestic consumption. “I can guarantee that I can rent this empty space to European countries that can store gas in Ukraine. And when they need it, they can get it back to Europe,” said the head of the company.

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“The Saudis are only doing what they need to do, and the White House has no say in the matter..”

Saudis Aren’t Afraid Of US Anymore (Bhadrakumar)

All that the Western leaders can complain about is that the OPEC+ cut in oil output has come at an inappropriate time. But the woes of Western economies cannot be laid at the door of OPEC+ as there are inherent problems which are now coming to the surface. For instance, the large scale protests in France against pension reform or the widespread strikes in Britain for higher wages show that there are deep structural problems in these economies, and the governments seem helpless in tackling them. In geopolitical terms, the OPEC+ move came after a meeting between Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak and Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman in Riyadh on March 16 that focused on oil market cooperation. Therefore, it is widely seen as the tightening of the bond between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

In fact, in May, as the largest members of OPEC join Russia in its unilateral reduction, the balance of quotas and the ratio of market shares between and amongst the participants in the OPEC + deal will return to the level set when it was concluded in April 2020. The big question is, how Moscow might profit from the OPEC+ decision. The rise in crude oil prices particularly benefits Russia. Simply put, the production cuts will tighten up the oil market and thus help Russia to secure better prices for the crude oil it sells. Second, the new cuts also confirm that Russia is still an integral and important part of the group of oil producing countries, despite the western attempts to isolate it.

Third, the consequences of Sunday’s decision are all the greater because, unlike the previous cuts by the OPEC+ group at the height of the pandemic or last October, today, the momentum for global oil demand is up, not down — what with a strong recovery by China expected. That is to say, the surprise OPEC+ reduction further consolidates the Saudi-Russian energy alliance, by aligning their production levels, thus placing them on equal footing. It is a slap in the face for Washington. Make no mistake, this is another signal regarding a new era where the Saudis are not afraid of the US anymore, as the OPEC “leverage” is on Riyadh’s side. The Saudis are only doing what they need to do, and the White House has no say in the matter. Clearly, a recasting of the regional and global dynamics that has been set in motion lately is gathering momentum. The future of petrodollar seems increasingly uncertain.

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“If the New York bench retains any integrity, this case will be thrown out as legally improper..”

The Trump Case is a Test For the President And The Legal System (Turley)

For months, many have raised objections to the effort of Manhattan District Attorney to use a flawed legal theory to essentially litigate a federal election violation that the Justice Department opted not to charge. This bootstrap theory has been widely criticized, but many in the media sought to cut off that debate by suggesting that Bragg might be basing his prosecution on some unknown crime. Last week, Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis went as far to “warn all the pundits and everyone speculating…that there are lots of facts, lots of documents, lots of evidence of multiple crimes.” We now have the indictment, and it is basically what many of us anticipated. It is a series of stacked counts of falsifying business records for the purpose of influencing the election.

The indictment seems to address the lack of legal precedent with a lack of specificity on the underlying “secondary” felony. Bragg has done nothing more than replicated the same flawed theory dozens of times. This is where math and the law meet. If you multiply any number by zero, it is still zero. If the New York bench retains any integrity, this case will be thrown out as legally improper with an admonition to Bragg and his office for politicizing the criminal justice process. That, however, may be asking a lot of state judges who are elected on both the trial and appellate levels. They also may prove to be lawyers on the Wilde side.

The cost, however, to the legal system will be immense. In a single indictment, Alvin Bragg bulldozed any high ground that the Democrats had after January 6th. He has fulfilled the narrative of the Trump campaign by supplying a raw and undeniable example of the politicization of the legal system. What is most shocking is that this attack on the rule of law was met with the rapturous applause of many, including lawyers and legal pundits. They not only will ignore the affront to the integrity of our legal system, but celebrate its demise. Bragg himself threw a flag on the effort to indict Trump being pushed by a lawyer brought in as a special assistant district attorney for that purpose. Mark F. Pomerantz and his colleague Carey R. Dunne resigned — and their resignation letter was then leaked to an eager media.

Pomerantz then took a step that floored many of us: he wrote a tell-all book based on the still ongoing investigation. However, Pomerantz admits that career prosecutors balked at his radical proposals to find a crime — any crime — to nail Trump. That included an entirely bonkers money laundering charge against Trump where he would be the victim of an extortion effort. In his book, Pomerantz admits that “many of the lawyers were relentlessly negative.” Some prosecutors were clearly so upset by his efforts that they “defected” from the team. He also admitted that Bragg told him “that the consensus among the group of prosecutors with whom he had been speaking was not to go forward.”

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“..this case against the former American leader may ferment a further political crisis with dangerous consequences for the whole country..”

Trump Case Shows Divide Among US Elites, Political Crisis Near – Expert (TASS)

The legal proceedings against former US President Donald Trump are a testament to the rift in the US establishment and this case against the former American leader may ferment a further political crisis with dangerous consequences for the whole country, the board chairman of the Foundation for the Development and Support of the Valdai discussion club, Andrey Bystritsky, told TASS on Wednesday. The expert drew attention to yesterday’s reports about Trump’s two-hour arrest in the United States and the charges brought against him on 34 counts of falsifying the Trump Organization’s financial statements.

“This is a really big event and a very dangerous one for the United States, because it signals a deep split within the establishment and growing friction therein,” he stressed. Notably, the campaign against Trump gained momentum after the former president publicly expressed his intention to run for the US presidency again in 2024. The analyst called this a “big challenge” and did not rule out that the legal proceedings against Trump would ferment a deep political crisis. “This crisis didn’t start yesterday. In all likelihood, it will grow deeper [against the backdrop of the Trump case]. Things will get dicey,” the expert concluded.

On Tuesday, Trump was charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying the business records of the Trump Organization to bury allegations of extramarital affairs with porn actress Stormy Daniels that arose during his first White House campaign in 2016. The falsification of financial statements as such does not carry a prison sentence, but it becomes an aggravating circumstance, if the forgery was committed to cover up another crime. According to the prosecution, Trump tried to cover up certain offenses committed during the 2016 campaign. This is the first case ever of criminal charges brought against a former US president. Trump was kept in custody for about two hours under US procedural law. After his release he flew from New York to Florida.

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“This could be the crisis where the panic moves from the banks to the dollar itself…”

“What’s going on is a crisis caused by a shortage of Treasury bill collateral to support derivatives positions and shrinking balance sheets as a consequence of the collateral shortage.”

Why the Panic Is Just Beginning (Rickards)

[..] the 2008 crisis reached the acute stage on September 15, 2008, with the bankruptcy filing of Lehman Brothers. But that crisis began in the spring of 2007 when HSBC surprised markets with an announcement that mortgage losses had exceeded expectations. It then continued through the summer of 2007 with the failures of two Bear Steans high-yield mortgage funds, and the closure of a Société Générale money market fund. The panic then caused the failures of Bear Stearns (March 2008), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (June 2008), and other institutions before reaching Lehman Brothers. For that matter, the panic continued after Lehman to include AIG, General Electric, the commercial paper market, and General Motors before finally subsiding on March 9, 2009.

Starting with the HSBC announcement, the subprime mortgage panic and domino effects lasted twenty-four months from March 2007 to March 2009. Averaging our two examples (1998, 2008) the average duration of these financial crises is about twenty months. This new crisis is one-month old. It could have a long way to run. On the other hand, this crisis could reach the acute stage faster. That’s because of technology that makes a bank run move at the speed of light. With an iPhone you can initiate a $1 billion wire transfer from a failing bank while you’re waiting in line at McDonald’s. No need to line up around the block in the rain waiting your turn. In addition, the regulatory response is faster because they’ve seen this movie before. That begs the question of whether regulators are out of bullets because they’ve already guaranteed almost everything so they don’t have more rabbits to pull out of the hat.

This could be the crisis where the panic moves from the banks to the dollar itself. If savers lose confidence in the Fed (we’re almost there) not only will the banks collapse, but the dollar will collapse also. At that point, the only solution is gold bullion. [..] Further evidence comes from the fact that no sooner was the Credit Suisse shotgun wedding completed than investors aimed their sights at Deutsche Bank, another perennial weak link in the chain. Who’s next? Barclays? Santander? We don’t know. Neither do regulators or investors. But we do know more failures are coming. By the way, this is not really a banking crisis even though it plays out in the form of bank failures. What’s going on is a crisis caused by a shortage of Treasury bill collateral to support derivatives positions and shrinking balance sheets as a consequence of the collateral shortage.

Why doesn’t the Treasury just issue, say, $2 trillion of new T-bills and let the primary dealers and Fed underwrite them with as much printed money as needed? One reason is that neither Jay Powell nor Janet Yellen understands what we just described. The other reason is that we’re up against the X-Date when the Treasury runs out of cash and can’t borrow more because of the debt ceiling. Is Congress ready to raise the debt ceiling? Nope. It’s the usual Democrat versus Republican game of chicken with no resolution in sight. So, we go from bank runs to a Treasury bill shortage to a debt ceiling standoff in no time. Do regulators and financial journalists understand this? No, they don’t know how to connect the dots. But you get it.

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36,000 jobs lost?!

Swiss Banks Faced Risk Of ‘Full-scale’ Deposit Run – Regulator (RT)

The takeover of the troubled Credit Suisse by rival banking giant UBS has allowed Switzerland’s economy to avoid major problems, including deposit runs at other banks, national regulator FINMA claimed on Wednesday. FINMA and the Swiss central bank brokered the historic takeover for 3 billion Swiss francs ($3.3 billion) in a deal announced last month. As part of the transaction, the regulator ordered Credit Suisse to write down to zero some 16 billion Swiss francs ($17.6 billion) of its Additional Tier 1 (AT1) bonds – widely regarded as higher risk investments – with the aim of bolstering the bank’s capital and resolving its liquidity problems. According to FINMA CEO Urban Angehrn, the bankruptcy plan was “de-prioritized early on due to its high tangible and intangible costs.”

The chief executive pointed out that insolvency would have left the functional parts of Credit Suisse in operation as a Swiss-only bank, but one with a “damaged reputation.” A temporary takeover by the Swiss government would reportedly have exposed taxpayers to the risk of losses. “The parent bank Credit Suisse AG would have gone under – a Swiss bank with total assets of over 350 billion Swiss francs ($387 billion) and ongoing business also running into many billions,” Angehrn stated. “It is not difficult to imagine the disastrous impact the bankruptcy of a bank and wealth manager as large as Credit Suisse AG would have had on Switzerland’s financial center and private banking industry,” he explained. “Many other Swiss banks would probably have faced a run on deposits, as Credit Suisse itself did in the fourth quarter of 2022.”

The FINMA CEO went on to claim that “the damage to the Swiss economy, financial center and Switzerland’s reputation would have been enormous, with unquantifiable effects on tax revenues and jobs.” He also argued that the merger plan was ultimately favored both to stabilize Credit Suisse and to prevent a domino effect on the global banking sector. “The current fragile state of the financial markets due to the shift to monetary tightening in 2022, the uncertain economic outlook, the crisis at certain banks in the US and the whole geopolitical backdrop were also relevant to our decision,” Angehrn maintained. “There was a high probability that the resolution of a global systemically important bank would have led to contagion effects and jeopardized financial stability in Switzerland and globally.”

The US banking crisis exacerbated the troubles of Credit Suisse, which had been already battling a string of scandals, legal issues, and customer outflows. In addition, its biggest investor, Saudi National Bank, announced in March that it would not be able to provide financial assistance due to regulatory and statutory limits. Credit Suisse reported a 2022 net loss of 7.3 billion francs (nearly $8 billion) and warned that it would incur another “substantial” loss in 2023 before returning to profitability in 2024.

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If you claim stuff like this, you better be on very solid ground (I don’t think they are):

“..someone who’s had 4 or 5 shots and is 30 years old today can now expect to live to 55 at the oldest.”

Fully Vaxxed Lose 25 Years of Life Expectancy (Slay)

Those who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with mRNA shots will lose 25 years of their life expectancy, a bombshell new study has revealed. Researchers analyzed government data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cleveland Clinic Data, and insurance company risk assessment data. The analysis uncovered a disturbing trend showing life spans plummetting in those who had multiple doses of the shots. The latest Cleveland Clinic Data and the latest US data were analyzed by Josh Stirling, founder of Insurance Collaboration to Save Livess and former #1 ranked Insurance Analyst. Stirling’s study shows an incredibly disturbing trend. The damage to health caused by each vaccine dose does not lessen over time as it appears to continue indefinitely.

In fact, CDC All-Cause Mortality data shows that each vaccine dose increased mortality by 7% in the year 2022 compared to the mortality in 2021. Those who have had 5 doses were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than they were in 2021. If you have had one dose then you were 7% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021. If you are unvaxxed then you were no more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021. The data shows that every year, excess deaths are soaring dramatically as all forms of mortality accelerate, despite the level of injections people take going down. The issue is not isolated to the United States, however, and is impacting nations all around the world. Recent government data out of Australia shows that the excess deaths in 2022 were 5162% higher than in previous years.

A year ago, doubly vaccinated Australians were 10.72x more likely to catch Omicron than the unvaxxed. Now they are 20 times more likely and the triply or more vaxxed are 35x more likely, as the latest NSW Health stats show. According to the study based on government data out of Cleveland, the average age of a man is around 80 years if he’s unvaxxed. Yet, the rate of vaxxed deaths is growing in comparison to unvaxxed. The study found that someone who’s had 4 or 5 shots and is 30 years old today can now expect to live to 55 at the oldest.

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125,000 years



Distortion in the Mercator map



These two snails live in different oceans, but their shell coils are identically inverted . Thatcheria mirabilis and Architectonica perspectiva fit together because their coils follow math rule known as Raup’s model








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    Paul Cézanne Forest 1902-04   • Kiev ‘Not Ready’ For New Offensive – Ex-Polish Army Commander (RT) • Ukraine ‘Ready’ To Give Up Crimea, Says Zele
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 6 2023]


    The NFL is starting up a Nationwide CPR program, you know because of sudden cardiac arrests but it’s never because of the vaccines.
    It’s just that more and more people are dropping like flies and they want to help.

    NFL founds coalition to support nationwide CPR education, AED access for student-athletes

    TVASF (and the NFL knows it)

    NFL founds coalition to support nationwide CPR education, AED access for student-athletes


    So much for the UkoNazis vowing to not give up Bakhmut. Now that the Russians have taken the railway station and are about to cross the rail line, there are not many places left for the UkoNazis to hide.

    Progress is slow because there are anti-personnel mines and boobytraps everywhere which need to be deactivated, to minimise casualties.


    With regard to some of the other stuff going on, especially the theatrical performances relating to Trump, it’s a pity those who comment do not know the difference between fascism and communism.

    Airstrip Five enters the fake Easter festivities a few hours before most countries. What was once a period for quiet contemplation has been morphed by the managers of the corporation into yet another opportunity for ostentatious consumption and the purchasing of goods and services that no one actually needs using fake money that derives its notional value from a general confidence in fake money which is completely unjustified.

    I’d better be careful what I say, now that the ‘hate speech’ witch is slated to be setting up camp less than an hour’s drive from here.

    Actually everyone I associate with hates the bitch, and this morning I witnessed a friend rip the front page off a ‘newspaper’ and screw it up because there was a photo of The Scorpion on the front page. If the thing left the North Island because it is so despised there but thought it would be welcome in the South Island it had better think again because it is even more despised around here than up there. And is even more demented than we thought.

    Okay, so it had a nervous breakdown in January and had to quit before having to face Waitangi. Are we supposed to feel sorry for it when it has caused such enormous damage during its reign of terror?

    The Chipmunk Schoolboy thing that currently pretends to be leader clearly isn’t up to the job and may well crack soon. It got flummoxed when asked to define what a woman is. But now it has a collapsing economy to explain away. Pretty hard when all credibility is gone and it has no answers.

    Soon comes the winter of our discontent.

    I guess the MSM will soon delete the blue-and-yellow icons that have been plastered over everything for the past year. Yet another epic fail.

    Dr. D

    NPR = State Media“. Well, that’s THEIR advertising. Yet NPR says it isn’t, they get only 2% of their budget from government. Okay then: you’re “Billionaire NGO Media”. They are the direct voice of billionaires and corporations, as is their funding. …You know, that explains a lot!

    And when Billionaires speak, what social and political form do they universally promote? Funny it seems to be one about how the rest of us shouldn’t have property. “You’ll rent everything (from us) and be happy.”

    “You can only describe this as a fascist prosecution. Any politically inspired prosecution of the opposition that has no real basis, is a hallmark of a fascist state.’”

    And therefore move your money. It’s not about winning or losing: it’s where you place the blame. The system has to go down; who gets the blame? President Hoover? Or the European Banks?

    “Zelensky is visiting Poland to prepare a “diplomatic coalition” for eventual peace talks with Russia..”

    Or attempting to bring in Poland and kill more Slavs. I’m sure both are happening – which is more likely?

    “The retired general believes that “neither side has an advantage” on the battlefield and that there is “no chance of a military end to [the conflict].”

    That’s a strange statement, perhaps missed in translation. So the war can never end? They will be perfectly equal for decades? With Russia having half a million men not even applied yet? No general can ever say this, so why did he?

    ““..The results of sociological surveys also show that the people of Ukraine do not want peace but victory..”

    It’s the “One True Scotsman” fallacy (lie): If they want peace they are not real Ukrainians! We ran the poll inside the 10 government offices in Kiev and they said no!

    “NATO is an entity of American imperialism, which should have disappeared when the Cold War ended in the early 1990s.”

    ““Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

    The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . . This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.” — Eisenhower, “Chance for Peace”

    But he was a Republican, therefore a war monger/White Supremacists and we don’t listen to him. Funny — sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders.

    So how many trillions lost while Americans have no food or water? While the number of tent cities puts Hoover to shame?
    A: Who cares? I got mine. The more people die, the more there is for me!!

    Ike also said this: “THE PROSPECT of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present — and is gravely to be regarded.
    YET, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”
    –Because he who pays for the research buys the results.

    Here’s some others: “If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom.”

    “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.”

    “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” -Ike

    “Macron said, adding that should China send any arms to Russia, it “would be complicit in a breach of international law.”

    Says a nation that bombed Libya, stole their gold, and opened the first 21st century slave market. From the first nation in Africa, far more prosperous on the stats than France and the United States, to bottom half in Africa.

    “France Braces For Further Protests on Thursday (RT)

    He tells China what to do because his country is so well run at home there’s just nothing left to do there. Like America!

    “NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has urged China to halt its “growing alignment” with Russia,”

    You must be kidding. NATO declares the absolute right to decide who talks to whom? GFY. Now I feel like we HAVE to attack just to teach you a lesson.

    ““If the New York bench retains any integrity, this case will be thrown out as legally improper..”

    It was amazing that even the reporters were like: “What’s the crime? It’s not listed in the indictment.” and “The crime of falsifying records is based on there being a crime of fraud etc that profits by it. What is that crime?” Crickets. And that WAS odd, because he didn’t have a BAD answer, he literally had no answer at all, like it never occurred to him. 2 years and no one asked a question yet? These guys are group-think like a block of rocks. WAY beyond hive-mind. Into like Loki’s mind control, slack-jawed minion zombies.

    “Trump Case Shows Divide Among US Elites, Political Crisis Near – Expert (TASS)

    Since nobody ever cares what we think or do, all wars are “Bankers” wars. That is, wars of the elite between themselves. We have the Nationalists and the Internationalists. The weirdo religious cult vs the rest of us.

    “the average duration of these financial crises is about twenty months.” I don’t trust Rickards much, but this quote is important. Also pointing out that all risk is currency risk on the US$ — as it should be.

    “What’s going on is a crisis caused by a shortage of Treasury bill collateral”

    Think about this for a second. We’re printing $4T a year? And that’s NOT ENOUGH collateral??? See why we had to be in the war? Be in a pandemic? He’s not wrong but what is the architecture of the system if that can be true? That’s the other reason Ukr must be won: it’s the only collateral large enough to “borrow against” and hide behind.

    Does Powell REALLY not understand this? I doubt it. Rickards: if the system locks up, what good will your gold do you? There is no debt-credit-promises to move trucks of food and parts around.

    “Three GOP Reps. Introduce Gold Standard Bill To Stabilize Dollar’s Value

    Why now? For about 30 years there was only one, token Ron Paul.

    “Calls for urgent climate action based on the language of “edging towards ‘tipping points” have been made over many years. Atmospheric scientists and former IPCC members Richard McNider and John Christy note that climate modeling forecasts have “always overstated the degree to which the Earth is warming compared with what we see in the real climate.” A few examples:
    1. In 1982, UNEP Executive Director Mostafa Tolba warned of an irreversible environmental catastrophe by 2000 without immediate urgent action.
    2. In 2004, a Pentagon report warned that by 2020, major European cities would be submerged by rising seas, Britain would be facing a Siberian climate and the world would be caught up in mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting.
    3. In 2007, IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri declared: “If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late.”
    4. Most hilariously, in Montana the Glacier National Park installed “Goodbye to the glaciers” plaques, warning: “Computer models indicate the glaciers will all be gone by the year 2020.” Come 2020, all 29 glaciers were still there but the signs were gone, taken down by embarrassed park authorities.

    Beware Catastrophizing Climate Models and Activists

    Article also points out that Climate, Pandemic, (and CRT) all share the same elements. It’s Marxist theory (or neoMarx, for some) ported over to something else. Doesn’t matter what the problem is: the solution is Socialism! (And mass murder).

    If you talked to someone and no matter what the question was, the answer was “Spiders”, you’d think he was mentally ill and not believe his opinions. “Where should we eat?” “Spiders”. “How’s the wife?” “Spiders.” AGW is the same.

    “Third, the rapidly consolidating Censorship Industrial Complex “ Centralization.
    Fourth, an important explanation for the spread of Covid and climate catastrophism is the promotion of fear and panic
    A fifth common theme is the appeal to scientific authority.
    A sixth shared element is the enormous expansion of powers for the nanny state that bosses citizens and businesses because governments know best and can pick winners and losers.

    #6 six is key: anyone recognize what economic and social system this is?
    Seventh, the moral framing has also been used to discount massive economic self-harm.
    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
    Eighth, government policies in both agendas have served to greatly widen economic inequalities
    Important one as the USSR had some disparities in social equity as great as any feudal system.
    The final common element is the subordination of state-based decision-making to international technocrats.
    Minor difference. This is International Socialism (the usual type) and not National Socialism (the fascist type). But essentially the same system: anti life.

    “”Hyper-Emergency” Over As California Readies For ‘Big Melt’ After Record Snowpack

    Don’t worry, although they had to give up on 1,000-year drought in CA this week, they still crow about how one square mile in Death Valley is in drought. And, following #4 never to give up, we still have massive region-wide droughts in the Midwest. Panic! …At the same time they are complaining about region-wide FLOODS in the Midwest. Pick one. JHC. Reality a la carte. We just say all things and their #Opposites: that’s Science!

    US Now A Majority Permitless Carry Country After DeSantis Signs Gun Rights Law

    Passed a law that they would follow the law. …Whatever, thanks.

    Watch 125,000 years of human migration in 1 minute.”

    Hilarious. They don’t know literally a thing about this. WHY is it Africa? Well because glaciation ground all the archaeological evidence down to the bedrock further north. The rest is under the seas. Therefore, it started in the place where the evidence wasn’t washed out with a firehose. This is worse than looking for your car keys under the streetlight because they should know better. It’s like a murder where blood was everywhere, all over the neighborhood, but you assume it happened in the laundromat because that’s the only place he didn’t clean up.

    To put it nicely but in a way your mind will just pass over and ignore: Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence. Is there any fallacy (lie) that we DON’T prefer? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_ignorance

    I would take the #Opposite: 4/5ths of the planet or more COULD have had evidence of early humans, but we know for a fact all that evidence of it would have been destroyed. Wouldn’t it make more sense to premise that evidence SHOULD be there and therefore be extremely skeptical of the places we DO find a little evidence? A: Not if you’re a Scientist. Then you’re a certified idiot.

    Trust the Experts. When have they ever been wrong?

    Dr. D

    “into like Loki’s mind control, slack-jawed minion zombies.” …in search of brains.

    Formatting lost in article above. Whatever.


    When it comes to Arabia. I would have thought this was one of the last countries America could do something about. Would a Grenada like invasion and Libyan like destruction been that tough? Is the US military really that useless now?

    I’d like to know WHY they let the Saudis switch sides.




    Zelensky has no problem sacrificing parts of Ukraine, after all, he can go live in Israel or Miami after all his tribe mates in the USA let him off the hook for killing … how many Ukrainians did he help to kill?


    This is what a financial panic looks like


    After millions injected:

    TVASF (especially if you got the Astra Z death shot)

    D Benton Smith

    In a nutshell (and only oversimplified to an insignificant degree) the way to escape the tyranny of the US Dollar and bring the diabolically corrupt Western Empire crashing back down to where it belongs (an unmarked and unlamented grave) is both simple and imminently doable. Use dollars (in whatever format you happen to have them) to buy durable tangible goods and/or “sound money” alternative currencies which the Western Empire can’t get its hooks into. Steer totally clear of Jewish surnames and you’ll be fairly safe (albeit at the price of minor injustice to some innocent Jewish people of good will. You can make it up to that tiny minority later as circumstances and justice requires.)


    I’m so sick of hearing Sheeple say, “Ukraine can’t be Naziland because they have a Jewish Leader.”

    OK, so how about this headline:

    “Jewish leader of Ukraine persecutes Eastern Orthodox Christians”

    Jewish President of Ukraine seizing Orthodox churches all over Ukraine, priests are being expelled and face the threat of a physical and moral crackdown Metropolitan Pavel, a senior bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, arrest was a prime example of religious persecution by the Jewish President. The leading bishop is being held under house arrest “in electronic shackles, by the orders of Zelinsky, a Jew

    So how’s that for accuracy?


    “the reality on the ground.”
    That includes the new status of four former Ukrainian regions which voted overwhelmingly to join Russia last autumn.

    “the vaccine is working as planned”
    excess deaths are soaring dramatically as all forms of mortality accelerate, despite the level of injections people take going down.

    Formerly T-Bear

    From RT:
    Mr. R. F. Kennedy Jr. has filled as candidate for 2024 presidential election as a Democratic party candidate.


    I didn’t know any real Democrats still existed, only Biden Crime family and Clinton Mafia pretending to be Democrats.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Addendum: #132883:

    Overlooked Obama and the illusion of ethics administration. Oversight corrected.


    It is helpful not to conflate socialism and fascism (which is one of the faces of totalitarianism.). The two start from very different places. Socialism starts from the rosy idea of “From each according to ability; To each according to need.” (Which is attributed to Karl Marx, but has Biblical roots.). Fascism, on the other hand, was rooted in hard-edged, nationalist ideology — the nation’s “might” is “right,” and all must subject their will to the well-being of the nation.

    (Capitalism also integrates an optimistic idea at its core: Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” that guides self-interest into the betterment of all. Granted, this is a little more practical than socialism’s founding motto, but then, Adam Smith was describing something that already had nascent existence, while Karl Marx and his contemporaries were describing an idea.)

    Hannah Arendt, like many of the European intellectuals of her time, leaned towards socialism generally. When she analyzed totalitarianism (specifically German Nazism and USSR’s Communism) she found no parallels between those totalitarian regimes and socialism generally. (Of course, it could be argued that Democratic Socialism had barely begun to be practiced by governments of Europe when she was writing.)

    It is very difficult to implement a large system based upon “From each according to ability; To each according to need.” There are always free-riders. Some free-riders are criminals, and/or have “cluster B” personality tendencies. Others, (like my son with a load of psychiatric diagnoses,) aren’t fully aware that their way of existence is taking more than it gives, or that this is a concept that needs to be understood. (He is 16; I continue to work with him on this…he is gradually coming around, and beginning to voluntarily assume more responsibilities.)

    I think that those tending towards socialism need to realize that no matter how well-intentioned their efforts are, that humanity is more varied than their programs may ever encompass — and that is okay. We have to let individuals choose their outcomes, and as long as those outcomes are not infringing on others’, it is best to let them be.

    And to those who have a more harsh outlook on life and society — “it’s a dog-eat-dog world,” and “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” — whether or not you have boots or straps — they need to understand that, just as is described in writings of ancient times (the Bible, history,) there needs to be simple means for humans to subsist. In Ancient Israel there was Jubilee and field corners and edges were left for gleaners. In medieval Europe, the forest was replete with resources that could sustain life.

    A few days ago spouse and I were driving on the freeway, a course that at times passes through the fringes of Phoenix, where there was undeveloped, desert landscape for a few acres on each side. Here and there I spied tents. How interesting, I thought. A few are choosing to locate themselves out here, a little less than a mile’s walk from the freeway on/off ramp, more than a mile from stores, far enough out that few will bother them or their stuff. An interesting choice. They are subsisting, on their own terms. There must be a way for such subsistence to exist. Do we want humans to have more than subsistence? Certainly! But humans must have that choice — there must be an option to reject society and subsist.


    When the West attacked the rouble, Russia responded by demanding payment for its crude oil in roubles and by putting in place a procedure whereby buyers could readily obtain roubles in exchange for their currencies. In short order, the rouble not only recovered but increased in value beyond its standing when the attack took place. In comments under Andrew Gorybko’s posts on this website, I attempted to describe an international trading system for commodities that would bring the success achieved by Russia to the benefit of all the underdeveloped nations of the world who supply commodities to the rich. The system rests on the foundation of a currencies and commodities exchange market where commodities are priced in gold and paid for in the currencies of the producer nations. The system would create a demand for the currencies of underdeveloped nations; a demand that is sorely lacking today and is a major factor in their underdevelopment. It could eventually be applied more broadly to totally eliminate the use of an international reserve currency that unfairly favours the issuer of the reserve currency above all other nations.

    The US is presently in process of losing its position as issuer of the reserve currency. The new issuer must have vast economic capacity and the military power to enforce its demands. China has the economic capacity but it is relying on Russia to provide the military might. If the Sino-Russian Detente proceeds along its present course, China will soon replace the US as world hegemon and the world will have lost an exceptional opportunity to put in place an international trading system consistent with a multipolar world order.

    Russia, as the pre-eminent supplier of resources to the world has the most to gain by having a fair system for international trade in commodities. It is the natural ally of the underdeveloped resource rich nations. If Russia could gain the full support of those nations in its efforts to break free from US hegemony, then Russia could reduce its reliance on China and fully support Sergey Glasyev in his on-going efforts to implement a fair system for international trade.

    There is a large community of individuals sincerely pushing the concept of a multipolar world order. They must be made aware that such order can only occur with appropriate reform of the international reserve currency system. This website with the assistance of Andrew could play a role in broadening understanding of the issues involved thereby helping to achieve a more just world order.



    Covid vaccine to be offered to vulnerable babies and children in UK

    “Christina Pagel, a professor of operational research at University College London and a member of the Independent Sage group, welcomed the decision but said it should cover the whole age group and not just those with other health conditions.”

    “The paediatric vaccines work very well to protect against severe outcomes, and they have been shown to be very safe. I think we should offer all parents the choice to protect their infants, toddlers and young children through vaccination before their first Covid infection.”


    Immunologically wrecked for life.



    VITT Brain bleed.



    Berlusconi takes the third Death Vaxx dose, November 2021


    Berlusconi begins chemotherapy: has leukemia. “Complex but stable situation”, April 2023.


    Last year also his friend and his famous ‘first’ lawyer, Niccolò Ghedini, had similar problems, but more serious and eventually died.


    It could be that ‘they’ didn’t inform Silvio and his staff to avoid the jab…


    Dr D Rich



    Stating the obvious might get you admonished, excluded or targeted for sanctions here and everywhere.
    Maybe you too, like me, were mistaken about The Ukraine and its people’s religious affiliations.
    Could The Ukrainian Catholics be oppressing the Orthodox church?
    Is Zelensky Catholic, Orthodox or some other ((religion))?
    Come on, this distinction is important if the goal is to take over a country whose population worships predominantly, 80 to 85%, in the Orthodox church…by annihilating that country’s population of young men, again predominantly ages 18 to 36 and 8 out of 10 Orthodox.

    Now that the Zelensky regime openly and covertly oppresses people of a particular faith by arresting Orthodox clergy, one cannot now take the position that religion is not a pertinent issue in this war/conflict.


    “You can only describe this as a fascist prosecution.”

    Everyone should have to read The Gulag Archipelago in its entirety in school. If they DID, they’d know all about all the many trials in the USSR. Trials in which the judge and other officials were ridiculous, incompetent, and stupid, trials in which the accused was brave, brilliant, and forthright.

    The defendants often wiped the floor with the prosecutor. …only to have all the media outlets slander them, then be found guilty and sent to a concentration camp anyway.

    That was early on – 20’s and 30’s – later, sending people to concentration camps was essentially administrative – or if a trial would be seen as beneficial to the authorities, it would be FAR better controlled – orchestrated – than those early ones.

    Any hint of patriotism, nationalism etc has been getting screeches of “fascism” from what we currently call the Left. Because mainline Internationalist Communists/Socialists hate Nationalist Socialists as much as Catholics hated Orthodox in the Middle Ages or Protestant in the Renaissance. Hated them way more than the muslims they were fighting in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Spain, Italy, France, The Mediterranean, and the Holy Lands.

    You never hate outsider-enemies as much as you hate your internal apostates.

    A certain toothbrush faced fellow in central europe in the 20th century gave them such bad apostasy-PTSD, they flip out at the slightest hint of nationalism anywhere. Or it’s just antithetical to Internationalism, so you may as well hit it asap with the biggest hammer you’ve got I suppose.

    I suppose “Fascism” keeps getting used in these complaints against injustice for two reasons

    1. – Throwing it back in their faces? Hey you leftist fucks, you’re being fascist. (Isn’t the total lack of self-consciousness, or shame interesting? What, you’re NEVER aghast no matter how many Fascist things you do?)

    2. – We – well, “we” may not be Communist. Or at least we avoid saying it. We – “we” – go way WAY out of our way to avoid SAYING it. But we sure are against anyone who is against Communism. Probably just a coincidence. Very consistent, very repetitious Cosmic Coincidence. Start complaining about Marxism or NeoMarxism or whatever and they will respond by calling you McCarthyist or fascist or something.

    wtf do I care if the ideological descendents of Marx are of the nationalist or internationalist branches? (Hitler, by the way, was a communist before he turned nationalist socialist) Both killed millions of non combatant civilians in self-defeating ways. Why should anyone be surprised that two branches of the same ideology do the same awful things with the same lack of concern?

    Bad advertising – hey, we’re going to do ridiculously bad things that are bad for you and anyone you’ve ever known or might ever know so stick with our program?

    The 15 Minute Cities thing, which is just the Soviet Micro Districts. (cosmic coincidence, I google it and get a whole bunch of search results with blog posts extolling this failed concept of a failed regime of a failed ideology – they’re great, nothing bad to say about em)

    Hey Masters Of The Universe. Instead of blocking off access for deliveries, travel, and emergency services, try just ONCE in your life to do something competently. Spend some of your gagillions of dollars on creating a neighborhood somewhere, anywhere on earth where people are MORE HAPPY with not having to drive around everywhere.

    Make it work somewhere, anywhere and people will copy it without you having to spend money or impose anything at all! The monkeys near Bikini Atoll started washing their fruit because they saw it working for other monkeys, not because the WEF Took Everything Away From Them or indoctrinated them in right-think to Do Better. If you do what WORKS, then you don’t HAVE to do ANY of the other things.

    Proponents of AI boast that the cool thing about it is, if an AI learns something somewhere, then all AI’s everywhere learn it too. Woooooooow. Oh Em Gee. Idiots, you already HAVE AI. Human civilization does EXACTLY that. If you taught your one AI robot to punch itself in the face and then had it teach all the other AIs that, you’d be stupid, right? Well then?


    Covid is a Mental Disorder

    Prevalence and Characteristics Associated With Post–COVID-19 Condition Among Nonhospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults



    D Benton Smith

    I think that RFK Jr.’s decision to run for President is sheer genius. Of course I don’t have a super computer or Google level insights into the psychology of current voter demographics BUT consider what his presence and outspoken criticism will do to the Democrat talking points in the primaries. It’s even conceivable that he could pull in enough Bernie Bros, Just Walk Away-ers , Tulsi lovers and other and semi-sane Dems to win the nomination since they already know that the Biden regime means to destroy America.

    If Kennedy won the nomination it buys the Country some survival time regardless of how the ensuing Presidential election turned out.

    Kennedy knows that he is sacrificing his life because the Cabal will not let him run for the Presidency under any circumstances, yet his assassination would cause the same end-effect as his victory, so they lose either way. A true and knowing martyr. Maybe a true Saint. “Greater love hath no man. . . .”


    Just WOW!

    ‘Live free and die?’ The sad state of U.S. life expectancy

    “Life expectancy continues to decline in the U.S. as it rebounds in other countries”




    16-Year-Old Jonathan Zhao Facing Life and Death

    “Jonathan suffered from severe bodily infections coincidentally after being administered the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot in January 2022. His health deteriorated rapidly thereafter, and he was finally hospitalized at Stanford Children’s Hospital in November 2022 and diagnosed with Chronic Active Epstein-Barr Virus (CAEBV).”




    Epstein-Barr again:


    D Benton Smith

    Leftist, Commie, Republican, Liberal, Fascist, Anti-Fascist, Democrat, Woke, Far Right, Capitalist, Sheeple, MAGA, Jew, Racist, Supremacist, White, Black, Trans, straight, Expert, Discredited, (etc. ad confoundium) are all labels. The ONLY time that a label is the thing is when you say that a label is a label (and even then it is borderline sketchy). In all other cases a label is not the thing.

    Sometimes labels are necessary for brevity’s sake, but more often they are lazy, misleading, or just plain lies. If you have to use a label then it is highly advisable to define it fairly well in as close to the same paragraph or breath as possible.

    Fucking with labels is poisonous to all concerned. Beware!

    D Benton Smith

    To wish for the death of your enemy is suicide, because the only aspect of your enemy that’s fully ALIVE is virtually (and maybe literally) identical to you. The only thing any of us should want to kill is the lies, and killing liars does not kill lies.



    That was early on – 20’s and 30’s – later, sending people to concentration camps was essentially administrative

    “Later”, oddly, lasted until March of 1953, more or less, while the system continued into late 80’s.
    Post revolutionary “clean-up” in 20’s, with momentous zeal, was similar to post French revolution and often associated with personal vendetta that was resolved under the cover of a new “law” put in place. Nothing new under the sun.
    Carnage in 30’s was under the conductor stick of Stalin, also well documented way how to get rid of potential rivals throughout the history. Power for a psychopath is no guess game.
    You love to live in the past, like in that movie “Midnight in Paris”.
    To be an adjutant to Tsar Nicholas II? Car driver of archduke Ferdinand?
    Ah the joy!

    Dr D Rich


    I’d like to know, too!

    If you’ve been to Pensacola and observed the U.S. Navy’s coddling of those preening pansies, self-entitled Arabian ‘aviation officer candidates’ from Saudi land then y’all never fully understood how deep the mindset penetrates.

    ….because I LIKE you don’t understand why LIKE Iraq, Syria, Libya the Saudis and particularly Prince MBS don’t have the Noriega/Gaddafi/Saddam Treatment coming his/their way.
    Surely, the U.S. military and its fat-challenged leader Msrk Milley believe they can take out the Saudis, repatriate, er ah, I meant steal the oil fst more quickly than the aforementioned. How quickly does one think those NAS Pensacola trained Arabian pilots will go tits up at the first sign of danger?

    Here’s the rub. As you noted, someone must be greenlighting MBS’s openly defiance of Biden and America. That Someone also allowed “gundecking” of Saudi pilot training at NAS Pensacola because not even China or Russia are going to raise a hand in defense of Saudi Arabia should the U.S. decide to “pave it low”.

    D Benton Smith


    When asked why he declined training for flying single seated fighter aircraft the Saudi pilot replied, “If I am alone in the cockpit then who’s going to mix the daiquiris ?”

    Doc Robinson

    Today the EPA released some soil testing data for a city park in East Palestine, Ohio.

    The “Screening Level” for Total Dioxin-Furan is said here to be 0.0000048 mg/kg, which translates to 4.8 Parts Per Trillion.

    The “Screening Level” here is said to be the “Intermediate Residential Regional Screening Level”. I didn’t find an EPA document which specifies this 4.8 PPT screening level for total dioxin-furans, but some of the soil test samples at the park were curiously coming in at 4.5 PPT, 4.6 PPT, and 4.7 PPT.

    I don’t have the experience to analyze the data..



    Hannah Arendt, like many of the European intellectuals of her time, leaned towards socialism generally. When she analyzed totalitarianism (specifically German Nazism and USSR’s Communism) she found no parallels between those totalitarian regimes and socialism generally.



    Jb-hb — I suppose that you also side with the French nobles and leaders of the military who brutally suppressed the fledgling Paris Commune? The common folk were experimenting with “socialism,” after all. And, who knows, if it had been allowed to flourish, perhaps they’d have ended up with another Robespierre and after that a Napoleon bent in conquest?. We’ll never know.

    The struggle is between tyranny and freedom.

    “Socialism” has been turned into a “bad word” used to label “bad things” because the elites don’t want us to get near ANYTHING that could upset their power over us. The Paris Commune was an interesting experiment in democracy and self-government. But it was in peril of survival from both within and (especially) without from the get go. The roots of socialism are the stories of oppressed people yearning for freedom. And in the 20th century those yearnings were turned time and time again into totalitarian tyranny. And here, in the USA, in the 21st century we are getting our own taste of tyranny, technocratic style, rooted in problems that have ever been with us, that we were struggling with a hundred years ago.


    kultsommer, what point are you making though? I respect you and appreciate you, but would you like to spell out a bit more clearly what you mean so I don’t run in the wrong direction with it?

    20’s injustice was just exuberant revolutionary zeal and 30’s was because of Stalin? Like hey, boys will be boys? Er, no but then the Gulag system DID continue into the late 80’s. Communists were okay-ish for 3 years out of 70?

    I apologize if I’m taking incorrect meaning from you, but

    You love to live in the past, like in that movie “Midnight in Paris”.


    I’m watching current-year Marxism working diligently to fuck up absolutely every facet of Western Civ in realtime and I’m living in the past? 150 million dead in the 20th century but they want to “try it properly” this time. It brings to mind Monty Python’s Holy Grail where the guy says “Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who”

    Like, every “new” concept from defunding the police (used, for instance, when Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were annexed by the USSR) to 15 minute cities (Soviet MicroDistricts) TODAY…. like somehow their need to “try it properly” again makes ME someone who is living in the past? (is it just that I need to get with the New Thinking? How backwards am I, like in how many old ways? FOUR maybe?)

    What happened at places like Evergreen College in the 2000’s got rolled out for Corporate America in the 20-teens and of course 2020 was the national or perhaps Western World roll-out. And you can draw a very, very obvious line through Marxist academia, frankfurt school, all the way back to Marx and Engels. It’s not even that hard.

    The only interesting question is whether it is the actual ideology of the people at the top of the heap or if they see it as just another poison, like the injection that does not vaccinate.

    (the story of Evergreen)


    Covid death vaxx will be given to vulnerable BABIES for first time!

    How is this anything other than genocide in plain sight!?

    This callous decision is despite the fact that since these death jabs were rolled out there has been an unprecedented rise in deaths of professional athletes who are the fittest and healthiest people on the planet, yet it is somehow suitable for the youngest and most vulnerable!?

    Covid – never was a serious threat to babies and the latest Covid variant is as mild as a common cold. Even more ridiculous is the fact that the experimental mRNA jab wasn’t even created for the current mild covid variant!

    There is absolutely zero medium and long term safety data.

    Of course when these babies inevitably get adverse reactions, serious injuries and deaths they will just claim that it is ‘because they are vulnerable’!

    Covid jabs will be given to vulnerable BABIES for first time: Health chiefs recommend two Pfizer doses for 60,000 at-risk infants aged between 6 months and 4 years old


    Check out the comment section.

    TVASF (and immunologically wrecked for life)

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