Apr 122019
Debt Rattle April 12 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Jean-Francois Millet Harvesters Resting1850-53   • Chelsea and Julian are in Jail. History Trembles. (Craig Murray) • Julian Assange Branded ‘Narcissist’ By Judge As He Faces US Extradition (Ind.) • They Will Punish Assange For Their Sins (Turley) • Assange ‘Direct Participant In Russian Efforts To Undermine West’ (Hill) • Tulsi Gabbard: Assange Arrest Is A Threat To Journalists (Hill) • Grave Threats To Press Freedoms (Greenwald, Lee) • 5 Years (G.) • ‘Rude, Ungrateful And Meddling’: Why Ecuador

Apr 112019
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WE Will Free The Press

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail William Hogarth Humours of an Election, Plate 2 1754     While we’re republishing articles about the newly arrested Julian Assange, in his honor, here’s one on the role the press has played in his ordeal. And will undoubtedly continue to play. What does it say about a society that you have to hold not only the government, but also the press to account? We originally published this essay on August 17 2018.     Two thirds of Americans

Apr 112019
Debt Rattle April 11 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Marion Post Wolcott Signboard along highway in Alabama 1939   • EU Leaders Agree Brexit Delay Until Halloween (Ind.) • Macron Enrages Other EU Leaders After Opposing Long Brexit Extension (G.) • UK Car Production Could Halve In No-Deal Brexit Scenario (G.) • Peter Strzok Could Face ‘Serious’ Charges (Sara Carter) • William Barr on 2016 Elections: ‘I Think Spying Did Occur’ (CNS) • The Next Phase of Deep State-Gate (Ray McGovern) • WikiLeaks Says Julian Assange Is Being

Apr 102019
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Debt Rattle April 10 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Marcel Duchamp The chess game 1910   • Putin Derangement Syndrome After Mueller (SCF) • ‘Mountain Brought Forth A Mouse’: Putin On Mueller Report (RT) • Same People Behind Iraq War Lies Pushed Russian Collusion (Kelly) • May’s Hopes Dashed As EU Targets Brexit Delay Of Up To A Year (G.) • UK Finance Minister Says Lawmakers Might Revoke Brexit To Prevent No Deal (R.) • Democracy Is Overrated – Let The Queen Sort Out Brexit (Jan Fleischhauer) •

Apr 092019
Debt Rattle April 9 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Paul Cézanne Bibémus quarry 1898-1900   • Trump is Right to Blow Up the Fed (Christopher Whalen) • What Would Stocks Do in “a World Without Buybacks,” Goldman Asks (WS) • Nunes Sends AG Barr Eight Criminal Referrals For Leaks (G.) • Theresa May Forced To Delay Brexit After Historic Win For MPs (G.) • Theresa May To Ask Merkel And Macron For Brexit Delay (R.) • May Risks Wrath Of Tory Brexiters To Plead With EU For More

Apr 082019
Debt Rattle April 8 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Pablo Picasso Young girl throwing a rock 1931   • British Voters Say Give Us A Strong Leader Willing To Break The Rules (R.) • May Faces Intense Cabinet Pressure Over Prospect Of Lengthy Brexit Delay (G.) • Labour Jewish Members Declare Party’s Leadership ‘Antisemitic’ (Ind.) • Sorry Is The Easiest Word – But Should Democrats Stop Their Apology Tour? (G.) • Mulvaney Says Democrats Will ‘Never’ See Trump Tax Returns (AFP) • US Urges Immediate Halt To Military

Apr 072019
Debt Rattle April 7 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Leonardo da Vinci (?) La Joconde nue or Monna Vanna 1515   • Furious Tory MPs Will Bid To Oust May If UK Fights Euro Poll (O.) • I Had No Choice But To Approach Labour Over Brexit – May (BBC) • UK PM May Has Plan To Offer Labour Brexit Customs Arrangement (R.) • Merkel Throws May A Lifeline Over Brexit Departure Date (O.) • Labour Chairman Attacks Corbyn Over ‘People’s Vote’ On Brexit (O.) • Second Brexit

Apr 062019
Debt Rattle April 6 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Dante Gabriel Rossetti Monna Vanna 1866   • Cross-Party Talks Fail As Labour Says May Unable To Compromise (G.) • France, Spain and Belgium ‘Ready For No-Deal Brexit Next Week’ (G.) • Sucker Punch (Jim Kunstler) • The Russian Collusion Hoax Meets An Unbelievable End (Nunes) • Boeing Slashes 737 Production By 20% (ZH) • Trump Says Economy Would Take Off Like ‘A Rocket Ship’ If Fed Cut Rates (CNBC) • Ray Dalio Says Capitalism Needs Urgent Reform (MW)

Apr 052019
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Debt Rattle April 5 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Jack Delano Diner along U.S. Highway No. 1 near Berwyn, Maryland 1940   • WikiLeaks Says Assange to Be Expelled Within ‘Hours to Days’ (TeleSur) • Barr Defends His Summary Of Mueller Report, And The Delay (AP) • Boeing Admits ANOTHER Glitch In 737 MAX Software (RT) • WTO Rules Against US And Boeing In Mammoth Trade Row With EU (DW) • Rising Risk Of US And China Housing Slump Causing Recession – IMF (G.) • Theresa May To

Apr 042019
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Debt Rattle April 4 2019

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Pablo Picasso Nude on a beach 1929   • Lack Of Redundancies On Boeing 737 MAX Baffles Its Developers (ST) • Trolling the Mueller Report (WSJ Op-ed) • Mueller Investigators Say Findings More Damaging To Trump Than Barr Has Let On • Comey Says He Fears Possible Counterinvestigation After Mueller Report (Pol.) • US Senators Want Stiff Sanctions To Deter Russia Election Meddling (R.) • Maybe Politics Matters After All (John Rubino) • Economist: Brexit Will Happen And Trump