Feb 132024
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Debt Rattle February 13 2024

Giorgione The Tempest1508   • I Am Ready To Lead America – Kamala Harris (RT) • What is the Democrats’ Playbook? (Paul Craig Roberts) • Too Old For The Court, But Not For The White House (Tony Cox) • Over 80% of US Citizens Deem Biden Too Old for Another Presidential Term (Sp.) • ‘Ground is Shifting Under Biden’s Feet’ After Hur Report (Sp.) • Trump Asks Supreme Court To Intervene In Immunity Appeal (ZH) • Ukraine Aid Bill Is

Feb 122024
Debt Rattle February 12 2024

Vincent van Gogh Snowy landscape with Arles in the background 1888   • How Ball Got Rolling With Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview Proposal (Sp.) • Egypt Warns Israel: Rafah Invasion Could Negate ’79 Peace Treaty (ZH) • Ukraine Should Be A ‘Buffer Zone’ – Orban (RT) • EU Openly Threatened Orban For His Reluctance To Finance Kiev (TASS) • Ukraine ‘Must Accept New Reality’ – Kremlin (RT) • 10 Million More Refugees Could Flee To Germany If Ukraine Falls –

Feb 112024
Debt Rattle February 11 2024

Vincent van Gogh Landscape with snow 1888   • War With Russia Could Be Decades Long – NATO Chief (RT) • Tucker Carlson Committed Treason to Talk To Putin… and the World Loved It (SCF) • Tucker-Putin ‘History Lesson’ Shows Russian-US Friendship Possible (Sp.) • The Real Propagandists Are Those Who Dismiss Tucker-Putin Interview (Marsden) • Tucker Carlson Is A ‘Traitor’ – Boris Johnson (RT) • Boris Johnson Nears £5m In Earnings Since Leaving Office (BBC) • Tapping Frozen Russian

Feb 102024
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Debt Rattle February 10 2024

Edward Hopper Christmas card 1928   • Eventful Events (James Howard Kunstler) • Biden’s Angry Press Conference Made Hur’s Memory Report Infinitely Worse (Sp.) • Putin Interview May Help Stop West From Committing Suicide – Scott Ritter (Sp.) • Tucker-Putin Interview to Erode Funding Crusade for US in Ukraine (Sp.) • Putin Interview Helps Americans Understand Ukraine Conflict – Kwiatkowski (Sp.) • The Biden-Schumer Plan to Kill More Ukrainians (Jeffrey Sachs) • Ukraine’s Top General Fired For Disobeying US –

Feb 092024
Debt Rattle February 9 2024

Edward Hopper Gloucester Beach, Bass Rocks 1924   • Tucker Carlson: The Putin Interview (ZH) • Tucker Carlson’s Moscow Tour Sparked Major Buzz in US, Russia – Peskov (Sp.) • Hillary Clinton Kicked Off Years of Anti-Russia Hysteria (Miles) • “My Memory Is Fine” Biden Fumes, Before Proving it’s Not (ZH) • ‘Too Old And Feeble’: No Charges For Biden (ZH) • Zaluzhny Removed as Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief (Sp.) • Zelensky Was Warned Of Riots If He Sacked Top General (RT)

Feb 082024
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Debt Rattle February 8 2024

Paul Klee Dancing Under the Empire of Fear 1938   • Tucker Madness is Good for America (Scott Ritter) • Elon Musk Responds To Calls For Tucker Carlson’s Arrest (RT) • Tucker Carlson Threatened With Death, Sanctions for Putin Interview (Sp.) • EU May Sanction Tucker Carlson Over Putin Interview (RT) • Carlson Interview With Putin Could Topple Western Elites, End Ukraine War (Jay) • Freakout Over Tucker Carlson Signals Collapse of Western War Propaganda (Miles) • Of Course Journalists

Feb 072024
Debt Rattle February 7 2024

Claude Monet Houses of Parliament (Sun Breaking through the Fog) 1904   • Trump Immunity Denied By DC Appeals Court In Election Case (ZH) • Tucker Carlson Reveals Putin Interview Plans (RT) • Tucker Carlson Reveals Elon Musk’s Putin Interview Pledge (RT) • Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview With Vladimir Putin – Full Transcript (LM) • NYT Fantasy: Germany Gearing Up for Military Confrontation with Russia (PCR) • Biden Threatens To Veto GOP Israel Aid Bill (RT) • Zelensky To Fire

Feb 062024
Debt Rattle February 6 2024

Claude Monet Houses of Parliament, Sunset 1904   • “Don’t Be STUPID!!!”: Trump Slams Senate Border Bill (ZH) • Texas Stripped of Powers in Border Security Bill (NW) • Speaker Johnson: New Supplemental Funding Bill Even Worse Than Expected (Sp.) • Senate’s Border Deal Teeters On Brink Of Collapse (Pol.) • The Supreme Court Laid the Seeds for the Immigration Crisis (Turley) • Jake Sullivan Refuses To Rule Out Attacks On Iranian Soil (MEE) • Nicaragua Taking Germany, Canada, UK,

Feb 052024
Debt Rattle February 5 2024

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Allegory of the Planets and Continents 1752   • Beijing Powerless As Chinese Stocks Crater (ZH) • Brzezinski’s Barbaric Dream. A Broader War, “Spreading Towards Iran” (Stea) • US Not Prepared for War Against Iran and ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Sp.) • EU Needs An Enemy – Kremlin (RT) • EU Gives Zelensky Life Support for Himself and His Regime. But .. (Jay) • EU Citizens’ Taxes Going To Terrorists – Moscow (RT) • Possible NATO Corps Deployment

Feb 042024
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Debt Rattle February 4 2024

Jules Bastien-LePage The annunciation to the shepherds 1875   • RFK Jr Slams American Attacks On Syria and Iraq (RT) • Israel vs. Hezbollah: A New War Will Consume The Entire Middle East (Sadygzade) • Biden’s Justification For Hitting Iran Puts NATO Troops in Danger (Sp.) • US House To Vote On Israel-only Aid Bill – Speaker (RT) • Staffers Speaking Out Shows How ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Biden Admin Has Grown (Sp.) • The Silence of the Damned (Chris Hedges) •