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    Everyone I know is angry. Unless I live in bubble (and I try very hard to ensure I don’t), Labour will be wiped out in their traditional coalfield and industrial heartland safe seats because of this. I can only vote for the Brexit Party now. Boris and Farage just need a non-competition pact for a Brexit majority.

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    “Authorities” say Epstein hanged himself in his cell. How is that possible when you’re on suicide watch?

    Doubting the official story? Sounds like conspiracy talk to me. Somebody notify the FBI and Twitter!

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    Epstein’s dead. Well, didn’t see that coming /sarc

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    Over the past three years, politics has been increasingly blind to the concerns of ordinary people.

    Ha! Words printed in the Guardian, written by a Tory MP for one of the wealthiest London dormitory counties in the UK!

    Come north, Sam Gyimah MP, to the former coalfields, where I reside.

    See: towns and villages gutted during the the Thatcher / Major Tory governments, which have never recovered. We didn’t notice the ’08 crisis, because it felt the same as it was before the ‘crisis’!

    Visit: former collieries and steel works, which are now literally museums to the past.

    Speak to: two generations who know nothing but decline, dependence, and increasingly, poverty.

    Hear from: 60-70% of the voting population of “ordinary people” who voted for Brexit, and are just fine with ‘no deal’.

    Then: fuck-off back to Surrey and ignore all of this, just as you have for 30+ years.

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    “But pushing through Brexit at this point is going to get real ugly.”

    It’s already ugly! And if they don’t “push it through”, then the biggest political drubbing in modern times is heading for the two ‘main’ parties. Just look at this prediction…

    UK EU Election Map

    England and Wales completely dominated by the Brexit party, and even totally pro-EU (if you believe the media bullshit) Scotland returning a third of its Brexit Party candidates as MEPs. God, I need a huge bucket for popcorn for next Thursday. And a bigger one for the first session of the EU parliament. And a pitchfork if they ignore the message, “WTO Brexit is fine – get on with it!”

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    the home secretary, Sajid Javid, said: “Why is it whenever someone has a track record of undermining the UK and our allies and the values we stand for, you can almost guarantee that the leadership of the party opposite will support those who intend to do us harm? You can always guarantee that from the party opposite.”

    “…undermining…the values we stand for….” Ha! is this guy for real!
    Those values are murder, war crimes, illegal wars, and corporate welfare for the arms industry, then, eh, Mr Javid? How dare anyone undermine that!! I wouldn’t piss on the Labour Party if they were on fire, but on this occasion Dianne Abbot wins. I never thought I’d say that…..

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    Just sent this to my MP, Dennis Skinner. For what it’s worth….

    Dear Mr Skinner,

    I am disgusted at the treatment of Julian Assange by British authorities. Mr Assange has claimed, for the last 7 years, that the legal actions he faced were politically motivated, and intended to result in his extradition to America. He has been proven correct; arrested under a US warrant for publishing information revealing WAR CRIMES, MURDER, & CORRUPTION. To my mind, publishing such material is exactly what any good journalist should do.

    All journalists and whistle-blowers should feel safe and able to report details of such events. It does not matter if the source is classified documentation. Classification, it seems to me, is frequently used for political security rather than national security. Used to cover-up events that could be expected to sway public opinion against military action, for example. This means we need more people like Mr Assange in the world. How else are we to protect against this creeping authoritarianism, which only seems to serve and protect the military-industrial complex?

    I trust, as your constituent, that you are equally uncomfortable with this, and will do everything in your ability to influence the government on this matter. Julian Assange, as a journalist, is a hero. He has made great sacrifices. He deserves protection. So do those who will follow in his footsteps.

    All of this just adds to my growing disquiet. The ongoing betrayal of democracy with regard to leaving the EU. Decades of war, with no winners except for the corporate profiteers, banks, and political cronies. Now, I watch press freedom thrown away, in order to obfuscate past war crimes, and ensure future ones go unreported. This is terrifying. I cannot consent to any system that permits this to happen. And the cornerstone of democracy, surely, is that we are governed with our consent.

    Kind regards,

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    Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen Kendal Street, Byker, Newcastle 1969

    has been demolished.

    I remember the same process being finalized in my home-city of Hull in the late 1970s and early 1980s, (to equal parts of approval and condemnation) culminating with the protest and occupation of one neighbourhood by self-styled Major General Barry Nuttall and his army.

    We need more mavericks like Nuttall right now!

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    Re: meat / dairy production

    Context is everything in the debate about the environmental impact of meat and dairy.

    Traditionally, meat production happens in marginal land and uplands, where other agriculture is not feasible. Animals can be herded nomadically, or left to roam across the hills in search of food. Here in the UK, upland wild red deer are so common as to be pests! No inputs, other than the suns energy. No waste, only fertilizer, spread naturally.

    Pigs were once raised (and butchered) by almost everyone in their back yards, and essentially fed on waste. Their manure fertilized your vegetable patch.

    And until about 100 years ago, dairy farms were just that – a small farm with a dairy ( or a small local co-operative of farms running a diary) making an product with a very short shelf-life that could only be consumed by very local customers. Traditional pasture management was the only option.

    As Dr D. pointed out above, this is carbon neutral and quite environmentally sensitive. And, in fact, you can’t naturally/sustainably have any other type of agriculture without the organic inputs, which are essentially shit and dead animals!

    So, it is not meat and dairy that is unsustainable; it is expecting that your grass-fed Aberdeen Angus rib-eye served in a Gordon Ramsey restaurant in Las Vegas was roaming the Scottish Highlands 30 days previously; or expecting New Zealand to pump-out milk products for most of Asia’s population. Equally, expecting a switch to a majority vegetation diet, based on low-nutrient cereals, and requiring ever-more petrochemical fertilizer is not an option, either.

    Side point: as the developed world suffers from increased metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity, I don’t think more cereal foods are necessarily a good thing, no matter how calorifically-efficient the bean-counters at Greenpeace think they are!

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