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Rembrandt van Rijn Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee 1633
Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, single largest art theft in the world. Never recovered


I am gullible. Very. I betcha I am more gullible than you. And that tells you something, because you know how gullible you are. Or so you think. Still, as bad as I got it, something physically snapped in the back of my head this morning, I could hear it snap, when I saw this Guardian headline:

Skripals Poisoned From Front Door Of Salisbury Home, Police Say

Detectives investigating the attempted murders of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal have said they believe the pair were poisoned with a nerve agent at the front door of his Salisbury home. Specialists investigating the poisoning of the the Skripals have found the highest concentration of the nerve agent on the front door at the address, police said. Counter-terrorism detectives will continue to focus their inquiries on the home address for the coming weeks, and possibly months…

See, because of my gullibility, I’ve decided that if I’m to have any idea of what really goes on around me, I’m condemned to reading a lot. Obviously, like you, I’ve found that the vast majority of what passes for news is as fake as it gets. More so by the day. So we have to read between the lines all the time. It’s what it is. But this…

If these two people have actually been poisoned, that’s a really terrible thing. But maybe lying about such things is much worse. And I doubt that anything at all we’ve been told about the Skripal case is true. Not because I don’t want to believe it, but because the storytellers plant so many trees they’re getting lost in their own forest.

Today the British press reports that the Skripal father and daughter pair were poisoned “from their front door”. They do that with the same level of certainty that just a few days ago they used in telling us they were poisoned through the air vents of the dad’s BMW. Exact same story, just a different location. And that’s after a by now long sequence of headlines that claimed it had happened inside the home, or in a bar, a pizzeria, or on the parkbench they were ostensibly ‘found’ on.

What that headline above, and all others on the topic that came before it, tells me is that evidently the hundreds of ‘experts’ involved in the case have not yet been able to locate the ‘nerve agent’. They’re still just guessing, even 25 days after the incident is supposed to have happened. How would that be done? I have no idea, but I’m surely thinking that after almost 4 weeks it’s essentially a pure guessing game, and nothing more than that.

Does the alleged nerve agent leave traces after all that time? I don’t have a clue, but I do know from what I’ve read that it’s apparently so toxic (as in lethal) that even very faint traces of the stuff are, well, lethal. So when I first read the BMW air vent theory last week I was thinking: did the guy who towed that car to the police station wear a full hazmat suit? He would have had to if he’s still alive.

And where is that car anyway? Come to think of it, where are the Skripals? And how is it possible that they survived the ‘attack’? Were they given a full blood transfusion? Are they being treated 24/7 by dedicated personnel in hazmat suits? There are too many questions for me to answer. And that goes for you too. And for Boris Johnson. And Donald Trump. And the governments of the 30-or-so nations that nevertheless expelled well over a hundred Russian diplomats.


Now, I’m not a chemist, let alone an organic chemist. So perhaps I should consult with my friend Dave Collum, who is. But I was going to write this from memory, not go back and find all those headlines, or ask around. This is not about me being 100% correct, it’s about the ‘news reports’ being so far off the truth.

Here’s what I have picked up about the nerve agent. The press calls it “Novichok“ (Russian for newbies), but Novichok is not a nerve agent, it’s a group of them. In the Skripal case, the journalists -who I can only hope are not as gullible as I am- behind all the ‘news’ have been told by ‘authorities’ that we’re dealing with A-234, which is a novichok nerve agent.

Developed by Russia a long time ago, but no longer produced in Russia after 1993, as the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize winning Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed. Its chemical formula has been made public, which means that at least in theory anyone could produce it.

Russia would seem to be the last country to try that, because it would point straight to them. And they haven’t stood still for 25 years, they can make Novichok 2.0 if they want. Not that they appear to have much if any reason to poison the Skripals, there are quite a few parties that have at least as much incentive to do that.


Wait, before I forget, there was a policeman who allegedly ‘treated’ the Skripals first, and was himself ‘poisoned’ in the act and hospitalized, but was released a few days ago. What exactly happened to him? How did the A-234 not kill him? Did he receive such a faint trace that he was ‘cleaned’ within days? Where is he now? Why has he not released any statement? Doesn’t he strike you, too, as being a little bit pregnant?

But, again, I’m not a chemist. Collum, who I can’t really claim as a friend anymore, because he’s everybody’s friend these days, tweets a hint:

Hey organic chemists: the Novichuk nerve agents are like those below. [..] You could just use the racemate with plenty of effect. Unlike drugs, the goal here is to kill the recipient.

From what I understand, A-234, like all novichoks, is just a pesticide with a fancy dress on. Not terribly unique or special, and not terribly Russian after 25 years either. Just terribly lethal. Which by the way is saying something about how we produce our food, too. Can we blame Putin for losing our insects as well, please? It’s so much easier that way.


But I digress. As I started out saying, it’s the ‘news’ that yet another ‘location’ for the ‘nerve agent’ had been discovered after 25 days and hundreds of specialists, at the bleeping front door of the ‘victims’ home, as if nobody ever thought of looking there, that snapped that thingy in my head. Location, location, location.

Still, when I venture beyond what can be or has been proven, which is about as near to zero Kelvin as I even want to think about, there was this other thing this morning. Julian Assange has been cut off from the internet by his gracious Ecuadorian hosts in their London embassy. And I betcha that’s because he dared question Britain in the Skripal case, on Twitter.

Here’s my theory, borne off my gullibility in all its glory: Theresa May and her government have been stumbling from disaster to catastrophe over the Brexit calamity for months now, and they needed some relief. But they themselves are not smart enough to provide it. So someone got it for them.

They’re keeping Labour boss Jeremy Corbyn occupied for all he’s worth with a cocked-up narrative of him being an antisemite. Stupid as can be story, but it works for as long as they need it to. The other day the BBC photoshopped a Russian hat on Corbyn’s face; that stuck less than the Jew-hater tale, so they went with that one. Some UK parliamentary fake news committee wants to talk to Zuckerberg, but they should look closer to home. If fake news is what they’re really after.

So anyway, they all went with the Novichok concocted thing, and boy did that ever catch on. Even every western politicians’ pet hamsters have now sent their Russian caregivers packing. And you know what it is, even if May and Boris had any proof of Russian involvement, all those countries certainly do not. Even if they had the evidence, they’re not going to send it around to dozens of countries. Just not.

Boris Johnson couldn’t resist comparing Putin to Hitler. You can’t fall any lower than that. Or can you? The diplomats were all expelled on a day that Russia was lamenting the death of 64(?) victims (mostly children) in a shopping mall fire, in what they declared a day of national mourning. You think Boris sent his condolences?


I can write about this all day long, and weekends too. You know, Crimea, Ukraine, MH17, the new cold war narrative has been well prepared. And now John Bolton, who may well be the deadliest cartoon character we’ve ever seen -let alone imagined-, is all set to score the easy tip-in. But that is possible only because all of you are as gullible as I am. Don’t forget that. They’re blinding you with silence, with stupidity, with your own lack of neuron activity.

Even if this is a story with too many holes in it to qualify as Swiss cheese. The story doesn’t make any sense? Who cares, really, all the front pages shout it out in bold print. And if you get tired of it: where’s the remote, Mildred?


British politician and former candidate for mayor of London, George Galloway, on Twitter, says it so much better than I ever could, and shorter too, which is why I quote him at the end of this article:

Why do I not believe you? Let me count the ways. You’re not looking for anyone in connection with the attack on the Skripals. There is no manhunt, no all points alert, no description, no identikit drawing, no CCTV. No suspects. That means you already know what happened. #Russia

We know Facebook is trying to screw with your brains. Well, they’re not the only ones. Your government -and ‘intelligence’ services- want the monopoly on that, too.

I can not make this a definitive, or final, or complete story. Because nobody can. But I can tell you this: if you think that Russia or God forbid Putin, ‘poisoned’ the Skripals, you’re so wrong you’re beyond salvation. Not because it may or may not be true, but because you have seen no evidence. And you still go with it. Where’s the remote, Mildred?



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    Rembrandt van Rijn Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee 1633 Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, single largest art theft in the world. Nev
    [See the full post at: Location, Location and Nerve Agents]

    V. Arnold

    Actually, the technicals don’t mean a thing. What laymen would even understand them?
    Step back; read the words, and use your critical thinking skills; does this reportage seem plausible?
    Hell no!
    It’s all manufactured (and badly done at that!).
    Where’s Skripal and his daughter? Why the isolation and information desert?
    Because with nothing factual available; fabrication becomes the truth du jour.
    We’re being taken for a monumental ride into propaganda hell; don’t buy this shit!!!
    False flag is written all over this pile of rubbish.


    There were no working cameras anywhere , in England,that caught any suspect of doing any suspicious activities.
    All the cameras need replacing.

    “… evidently the hundreds of ‘experts’ involved in the case have not yet been able to locate the ‘nerve agent’. “

    Those “expert” know. However, since they are smarter than me, they are not telling me because I’m not smart enough to understand.

    I remember a story about crying wolf too many times. Also, another story about the sky is falling.
    The latest story, that I remember, is “The economy is doing great.”

    (Heheheh … Go visit the Greeks if you don’t believe it)

    Dr. D

    Just what I was going to say. Now that they “know” it was the front door (having tea until you thought to check it 24 days later?) it should be easy-peasy to CCTV the world’s most universal invasive surveillance state, and get manhunt photos for the Bobbies.

    Oh wait: no CCTV? No manhunt? No deaths? In fact, Yulia Skripal has disappeared and Britain refuses access to Russia’s citizen? They’re in breach of international Chemical Weapons Treaty by refusing to provide evidence? That’s quite a deadly, hazardous, Pearl Harbor-making event if no one was killed — at all — by a nerve agent that basically a garage-made pesticide. So maybe it wasn’t even dangerous, because, facts? Yes, there is now *zero* chance that the official U.K. story is plausible, but like a bunch of dummies people still defer and hedge and politely imply that it was. ‘Cause WWIII? Pish posh.

    Speaking of, anyone see any footage from the last 5 U.S. events, FL, NV, AZ etc? Cause it seems like somehow accidentally, every time something happens, the cameras happen to be more off than the London Bridge. More malfunctioning than U.S. Police department cams. Maybe they should fire their security provider.

    I’ve been pondering this Facebook thing, where everybody knows — and has always known — and yet it’s in the news. And with a British company as the vanguard. Wha? But as it pops into a world-wide Facebook tale, something hidden underneath the dang und strum appears: CA and the Brexiteers are accused not of rigging the election, exactly — heavens no! that would require us to put in paper ballots and honest polling instead of a system so sloppy that (as the U.S.) the world monitors refuse to oversee it! — but that Facebook and Cambridge so overwhelmed those poor, bewildered, besotted, benighted darlings that their senses were just overcome and they voted Brexit without really meaning to.

    Therefore, we don’t need to follow Referendum, Democracy, and can ignore the vote again!!! Q.E.D.

    Oh yes, if you haven’t been following amid the distractions, they’re neck-deep in it now, using FB and CA to reverse the vote without having to, you know, actually vote again. …Which means they know the vote is so overwhelming, they would lose again despite a 2nd running start.

    Nice try, May! And your savaging of Corbyn is so outside the norm, so beyond the pale, it is even drawing attention from the sleepy Americans, where they see the same playbook run by the same people here: the corporate Democrats vs the people’s Progressives. Same bald, ugly, slanderous plan as McCarthy: paint all the progressives, anyone for the people and against the corporations, as a pinko red commie spy. Even as Russia is now ‘Capitalist’, and the West is now ‘Socialist’, but don’t let that stand in your way. Always stay classy U.K.!

    “Mr. Hines, I ain’t been here long. What is these goddamn reds?”
    “Well, sir, Hines says, ‘A red is any son-of-a-bitch that wants thirty cents an hour when we’re paying twenty-five!” –John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath


    The sad thing is that the Skripals have to die because if they got well and said ‘that damn chicken we had last night. I knew it was past it’s useby date but I thought it would be okay’ the English press and Mrs May would look very very silly. But on a more serious note hasn’t, historically, there been a few suspicious deaths around that chemical weapons research centre nearby?

    V. Arnold

    Apparently Yulia Skripal is no longer in critical condition;
    The “west” is truly a twisted, fucked up, mess; psychopathy hardly covers the depth and breadth of the pathology…


    On March 7, 3 days after the ‘attack’, this policemen is standing by the door of the Skripal home.

    Comment on Twitter: “Either this policeman has a death wish, Or the Tory’s are talking bollocks. I’ll let you decide. The front door where days later a policeman with zero protection was allowed to stand with his back to the same door covered in the most potent and deadly nerve agent ever created.”

    Skripal Door


    Also on Twitter:

    It was the Russia Spy, with the Nerve Agent in the

    Pub, no wait

    Diner, no wait

    In the park, no wait

    Outside the car, no wait

    In his house, no wait

    In his daughters luggage, no wait

    On his front door…

    Don’t miss tomorrow’s exciting episode…

    V. Arnold

    I think you have written a spot on thread here; the west has constructed a Potemkin Reality.
    The secret of its success is mass corrupt media and repetition ad infinitum; and it does appear to be successful with the majority.
    The Saker wrote a very cogent piece as well;

    What happened to the West I was born in?!

    It resonates with me to the core. I no longer recognize the U.S. or it citizens; strangers all…
    Yours is a store of value Ilargi; well done you.

    Dr. D

    Least toxic poison ever:


    Maybe they should have tried salmonela? Much more deadly. If this is Russian quality you have nothing to worry about.


    V. Arnold said above:

    “Apparently Yulia Skripal is no longer in critical condition;”..

    I was thinking about his the other day, This is what i was wondering would happen: If the Skripals are alive and not ill, but incarcerated, hiding or under sedation, then the Uk would have the most flexibility about if and when to make them disappear or not, maybe depending on whether they co operate with the false flag, and also depending upon the latest narrative they want to support.

    What would the Russians do?

    I expect the Russians know approximately what is going on behind the scenes.

    If the Skripals, as Russian citizens, are at risk of disappearance or harm, the Russians have probably made it VERY clear via a back channel that they are not to be harmed , hence reducing UK options, and allowing the news of Yulia Skripal’s recovery into the news, as they can no longer kill or hide her with impunity.

    The public story is ridiculous, as was the story of Russian government poisoning of Mr. Litvinenko with very traceable polonium a few years ago. No country wishing to be taken seriously internationally would do that either. So, an obvious false flag.


    A droll, incisive and superbly flowing essay.

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