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Dorothea Lange Salvation Army, San Francisco, California. Unemployed young men 1939


Firms Must Justify Investment In Fossil Fuels, Warns Mark Carney (G.)
Bank of England Chief Mark Carney Issues Climate Change Warning (BBC)
Security Experts Rip Into OPCW’s ‘Douma Chemical Attack’ Probe (RT)
Pension Funds With $680 Billion Finally Find Their Missing Link (BBG)
Bank of America: Trend For 2020s Will be the “End of Globalization” (PJW)
Britons Paying 40% More For Energy Than In 2015 (G.)
Spain Pulled Into Diplomatic Spat Between Bolivia, Mexico (AP)
Schiff Goes for Total Coup, Now Targeting Pence (WJ)
Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama (Zuesse)
Vladimir Putin Thanks Donald Trump For Tip That Foiled Terror Plot (G.)
After US Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will -Again- Have To Leave (MoA)



I must have missed that Carney was named UN special envoy for climate change and finance. Hilarious. Just over 3 years ago, I wrote about his delusional ideas in Heal the Planet for Profit , after Mark Carney and Michael Bloomberg published How To Make A Profit From Defeating Climate Change.

Billionaires and their lackeys will not solve climate change. Which is why Carney should not have a UN role, just like Great Thunberg should never have gone to Davos, or get involved with COP25. It’s simply not where things happen. By falling into these traps, she’s failing her own ideals, and those of her followers.

Firms Must Justify Investment In Fossil Fuels, Warns Mark Carney (G.)

The outgoing governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has said all companies and financial institutions must justify their continued investment in fossil fuels, and warned that assets in the sector could end up “worthless”. In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme being broadcast on Monday, Carney said that although the financial sector was starting to cut back on investment in oil and gas companies, the process was not moving quickly enough. Carney, who will focus on his new role as UN special envoy for climate change and finance after he steps down from the governorship in the new year, agreed to appear on the programme for an edition edited by the climate crisis campaigner Greta Thunberg, one of several guest editors on Today over the holiday period.

Carney has been one of the most vocal central bank governors on the need for the financial sector to do more to transition towards a zero-carbon economy. He told the programme that the climate crisis was a “tragedy on the horizon” and that more extreme weather events were inevitable. “By the time that the extreme events become so prevalent and so obvious, it will be too late to do anything about it,” he said. Political leaders had to “start addressing future problems today” On the issue of whether investors should be divesting from companies in the fossil fuel sector, Carney said fund managers would “have to make the judgment and justify to the people whose money it ultimately is”.

When pressed on whether pension funds should divest from oil and gas companies even if the returns were attractive, he replied: “Well that hasn’t been the case but they could make that argument. They need to make the argument, to be clear about why is that going to be the case if a substantial proportion of those assets are going to be worthless.” He warned: “If we were to burn all those oil and gases, there’s no way we would meet carbon budgets. Up to 80% of coal assets will be stranded, [and] up to half of developed oil reserves. A question for every company, every financial institution, every asset manager, pension fund or insurer: what’s your plan?

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Carney’s next move will be a $50 trillion fund paid for by taxpayers that will buy turbines and solar from trillion-dollar multinationals.

Bank of England Chief Mark Carney Issues Climate Change Warning (BBC)

The world will face irreversible heating unless firms shift their priorities soon, the outgoing head of the Bank of England has told the BBC. Mark Carney said the financial sector had begun to curb investment in fossil fuels – but far too slowly. He said leading pension fund analysis “is that if you add up the policies of all of companies out there, they are consistent with warming of 3.7-3.8C”. Mr Carney made the comments in a pre-recorded BBC Radio 4 Today interview. He added that the rise of almost 4C was “far above the 1.5 degrees that the people say they want and governments are demanding”. Scientists say the risks associated with an increase of 4C include a nine metre rise in sea levels – affecting up to 760 million people – searing heatwaves and droughts, and serious food supply problems.

Mr Carney, who will next year start his new role as United Nations special envoy for climate action and finance, continued: “The concern is whether we will spend another decade doing worthy things but not enough… and we will blow through the 1.5C mark very quickly. As a consequence, the climate will stabilise at the much higher level.” Speaking to the Today programme, he re-iterated his warning that unless firms woke up to what he called the climate crisis, many of their assets would become worthless. “If we were to burn all those oil and gas [reserves], there’s no way we would meet carbon budget,” he said. “Up to 80% of coal assets will be stranded, [and] up to half of developed oil reserves.

[..] Climate campaigners Extinction Rebellion question whether the capitalist system can halt climate change. Mr Carney said capitalism had a vital role in raising funding for clean technologies. But he added that it had to be tempered by government-imposed incentives, rules and prohibitions of the most damaging activities. Climate change was what he called a “tragedy of the horizon”, because the decision-making time horizon of investment managers is between two and 10 years. “In those horizons there will be more extreme weather events, but by the time that the extreme events become so prevalent and so obvious it’s too late to do anything about it,” he said.

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How far we’ve fallen: OPCW, White Helmets and Bellingcat have all been fully discredited by now (Douma, Skripal, MH17), but the former “all the news that’s fit to print” media completely ignore this. And so we’ll keep hearing more from them.

Security Experts Rip Into OPCW’s ‘Douma Chemical Attack’ Probe (RT)

Documents published by WikiLeaks that suggest a cover-up of inconvenient facts about the Douma, Syria chemical attack investigation raise serious questions about the OPCW, security experts, scholars and diplomats tell RT. The US, UK and France launched missile strikes against Syria in April 2018, after ‘White Helmets’ and jihadist rebels accused the government of a chemical attack in the town of Douma. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons eventually published a report saying its investigators may have found traces of chlorine, which was trumpeted as proof of the accusations in mainstream Western media. Emails published by WikiLeaks on Friday, however, show that a senior OPCW official ordered to “remove all traces” of the engineering assessment questioning the report’s conclusions.

Moreover, the observations by toxicologists who ruled out exposure to chlorine or any other chemical weapon could have caused the symptoms shown on White Helmets videos were likewise buried. “It’s difficult to look at that email exchange without thinking at least there’s a whiff of a coverup,” security analyst Charles Shoebridge told RT, adding that the documents show the OPCW has been “subverted and led astray.” While the experts seem to have done their job honorably and properly, it looks like the OPCW officials twisted and manipulated their work to fit the pre-ordained narrative, on behalf of the countries that carried out the strikes, and have been backing the militants in Syria against the government in Damascus.

The OPCW “right now looks awful,” Max Abrahms, a scholar at the Quincy Institute, told RT. “They have a lot of explaining to do.” US officials seem to have pressured the OPCW to find the Syrian military responsible for the alleged chemical attack “regardless of what the actual scientists on the ground discovered,” according to Abrahms. It is notable that the US, UK and France launched their missile strikes before the OPCW investigators even reached Douma. The final report, published in March 2019, provided an after-the-fact rationalization for the attack. The bigger problem, Machon points out, is that the OPCW suppressing evidence means that the chemical weapons watchdog is no longer credible. If they can’t be trusted about Douma, why should they be trusted about, say, the use of “novichok” in Salisbury just weeks before that incident?

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Oh sure, pension funds will be rescued by a 30-year bond. Everybody rich!

Pension Funds With $680 Billion Finally Find Their Missing Link (BBG)

In Denmark, where institutional investors have been living with negative interest rates longer than anyone else, the authorities just took a big step. Danish pension funds, the world’s best managed along with their Dutch peers, will finally get a 30-year government bond. When it starts trading next year, funds managing a total of $680 billion in assets will get the missing link they’ve long needed: a long-term, AAA-rated asset at a positive yield. That’s quite a novelty these days. The new bond will give the industry a “crucial point on the curve,” said Christian Lage, chief executive officer of PFA Asset Management, which is a unit inside Denmark’s biggest commercial pension fund in Copenhagen. “We’re following it closely,” he said in an interview.

“Not only with regards to what extent we want to invest in it, but also how it’s being priced. It has an impact on a lot of different things when we price long-term exposures.” Denmark’s central bank first cut its benchmark rate below zero in mid-2012. Almost eight years later, the county has had negative rates longer than any other place on Earth. The distortions wrought by a policy intended to keep the krone fixed to the euro are particularly pronounced in the pension industry. The art of generating long-term, stable returns so Danes can retire comfortably has become increasingly difficult. Pretty much everything safe generates a negative yield. Assets that generate positive yields tend to come with a good deal more risk.

The Danish debt office, which is a unit inside the central bank, hasn’t issued a 30-year bond since 2008. That’s forced pension funds to extrapolate a key anchor point in the interest rate curve that helps them determine the value of both assets and liabilities. Not having a real number at the 30-year point was problematic. The calculations used could muddy price-setting, particularly given the uncertainty of how and when central banks might extricate themselves from negative rates. Lage says that “what is a bit hard for the industry is that, if the interest rate curve – the govvie curve – ends at a 20-year point, what is the fair price for a 30-year asset?”

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There’s a lot more profit in selling arms to dozens of different countries than there is in selling them to alliances.

Bank of America: Trend For 2020s Will be the “End of Globalization” (PJW)

Bank of America says that one of the dominant trends for the 2020s will be the “end of globalization” as countries increasingly realize that the phenomenon has brought unsustainable “social disruption.” In a report mapping out what to expect over the next decade, BofA analysts said that largely unchecked globalization, which ran roughly from 1981-2016, “is coming to an end.” This change will take place due to “the widespread recognition that while globalization has meant lower consumer prices, it has also meant slower growth, precarious employment and social disruption.” This massive shift will make commodities like precious metals and real estate safer investment because governments will move to impose protectionist economic policies.

“Countries will develop explicit national industrial policies and boost spending on R&D to foster local innovation, protect nascent industries, and shield national champions from hostile foreign takeovers,” the analysts said. The transhumanist pursuit of “immortality” will also come to the fore in the next decade, as will a new tech arms race between the U.S. and China, dubbed the “Splinternet.” China will eventually win the race, allowing Beijing “to reach national superiority in technology over the long term vis-a-vis Quantum Computing, Big Data, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, Robotics, and Cybersecurity.” “Ubiquitous connectivity” will also change the fabric of society, according to the report, with the ‘Internet of things’ embedded into virtually every new physical product, a development that critics argue will create an omnipresent Minority Report-style mass surveillance grid.

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And then voted for the people who made it possible.

Britons Paying 40% More For Energy Than In 2015 (G.)

Energy bills have risen by 40% in five years, taking average UK household costs up to a record of £2,707 a year, research has revealed. Comparethemarket’s study examined the costs of energy, home and motor insurance since 2015, and found that gas and electricity price increases were largely responsible for this year’s changes. The analysis says financial pressures have worsened despite the energy price cap introduced at the beginning of 2019. Dual fuel bills now cost an average of £1,813 a year, a 40% hike from £1,289 in 2015. The cap has led to many providers, particularly the big six – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON UK, npower, Scottish Power and SSE – raising their prices.

The annual report did not examine the costs of broadband, mobile or TV services, which also involve heavy outlays. Simon McCulloch of said: “A lot of attention during the general election was devoted to financial difficulties that many people face around the UK. “These statistics are a stark reminder of not only the high cost of essential services, but of the huge increases that have been seen in the past few years. The average cost of energy, motor and home insurance is now £675 higher than 2015 – far above the rate of inflation.”

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Bolivia shares quite a few similarities with Ukraine.

Spain Pulled Into Diplomatic Spat Between Bolivia, Mexico (AP)

A tense diplomatic feud between Bolivia’s conservative interim government and Mexico expanded to include Spain on Friday when a confrontation broke out as Spanish diplomats visited the Mexican ambassador’s residence in La Paz, where members of the ousted leftist government have taken refuge. Bolivian Foreign Minister Karen Longaric complained that Spanish diplomats were accompanied by masked and armed men on a visit to the residence, calling that an abuse of Bolivia’s sovereignty. She said a protest would be lodged with the EU, UN and Organization of American States. Television stations broadcast images of a masked person getting out of a Spanish diplomatic vehicle and exchanging words with local police.

Civilians then approached and began attacking the car, shouting that there could be an attempt to free nine officials sheltered inside. The interim government already has been feuding with Mexico, which not only gave refuge to the nine, but also sheltered ousted leader Evo Morales when he resigned the presidency on Nov. 10 after losing the support of the military and police following days of turbulent protests over alleged fraud in his reelection bid. Bolivian officials accuse several of those inside the embassy of electoral fraud as well as sedition and terrorism for their alleged role in protests that followed Morales’ ouster.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said the incident came as police intercepted Spanish embassy vehicles that were returning to the Mexican mission to pick up the ranking Spanish diplomat, who had made a “courtesy visit” to the Mexican ambassador. It said a Mexican diplomat in the car was also briefly detained but was allowed to pass after showing identification. Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said later it would investigate the incident. Spanish diplomats in their own country are sometime accompanied by bodyguards wearing masks to protect their identities as a security measure, though it wasn’t immediately clear if that was the case here.

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They guy’s a broken record: “..overwhelming and damning evidence..”

Schiff Goes for Total Coup, Now Targeting Pence (WJ)

It’s beginning to look like Rep. Adam Schiff isn’t content with simply ousting the president, instead hinting that he’s going for a total sweep of the White House by involving the vice president as well. The move would seemingly put his ally and fellow California Democrat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in charge of the United States. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee hinted at the bombshell turn in a Dec. 18 talk with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Maddow asked Schiff about his continuing role in the impeachment of President Donald Trump. “You seem to still be pulling on some threads here, including some potentially provocative and consequential ones,” she said. “I’m thinking specifically about a letter that you sent to the vice president’s office this week in which you raise questions as to what the vice president knew about the president’s behavior, the president’s scheme in Ukraine, and thereby essentially his potential involvement in any coverup of that behavior by the president.

“Are you actively looking at Vice President Mike Pence and his role in this scandal, and should we expect further revelations either related to the vice president or related to the other core parts of these allegations that have resulted in this impeachment tonight?” Schiff, in his usual habit of claiming to have overwhelming and damning evidence against his political enemies, said he now has something on Vice President Mike Pence. “We have acquired a piece of evidence,” he said, “a classified submission by [Pence aide] Jennifer Williams, something that she alluded to in her open testimony that, in going back and looking through her records, she found other information that was pertinent to that phone call that we had asked her about and made that submission. … “That submission does shed light on the vice president’s knowledge.”

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A DNC investigation would seem timely.

Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama (Zuesse)

Comey would be expected to have been highly motivated to oppose Mr. Trump, because Trump publicly questioned whether NATO (the main international selling-arm for America’s ‘defense’-contractors) should continue to exist, and also because Comey’s entire career had been in the service of America’s Military-Industrial Complex, which is the reason why Comey’s main lifetime income has been the tens of millions of dollars he has received via the revolving door between his serving the federal Government and his serving firms such as Lockheed Martin. For these people, restoring, and intensifying, and keeping up, the Cold War, is a very profitable business. It’s called by some “the Military-Industrial Complex,” and by others “the Deep State,” but by any name it is simply agents of the billionaires who own and control US-based international corporations, such as General Dynamics and Chevron.

As a governmental official, making decisions that are in the long-term interests of those investors is the likeliest way to become wealthy. Consequently, Comey would have been benefitting himself, and other high officials of the Obama Administration, by sabotaging Trump’s campaign, and by weakening Trump’s Presidency in the event that he would become elected. Plus, of course, Comey would have been benefitting Obama himself. Not only was Trump constantly condemning Obama, but Obama had appointed to lead the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 Presidential primaries, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who as early as 20 February 2007 had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in the Democratic Party primaries, so that Shultz was one of the earliest supporters of Clinton against even Obama himself.

In other words, Obama had appointed Shultz in order to increase the odds that Clinton — not Sanders— would become the nominee in 2016 to continue on and protect his own Presidential legacy. Furthermore, on 28 July 2016, Schultz became forced to resign from her leadership of the DNC after WikiLeaks released emails indicating that Schultz and other members of the DNC staff had exercised bias against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic primaries — which favoritism had been the reason why Obama had appointed Shultz to that post to begin with.

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Five Alarm! He’s talking to his puppet master! Also, what are the odds the CIA has supported these planned terror attacks?

Vladimir Putin Thanks Donald Trump For Tip That Foiled Terror Plot (G.)

Russia said it had thwarted terror attacks reportedly planned in St Petersburg as the result of a tip from Washington, as President Vladimir Putin personally thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump. Russian news agencies cited the Federal Security Service (FSB) as saying that as a result of the information, two Russians had been detained on 27 December on suspicion of plotting attacks during new year festivities in St Petersburg. The Kremlin said Putin passed on his gratitude to Trump for the tip from US special services during a phone call on Sunday. It gave no further details.

Diplomatic ties between Washington and Moscow are fraught over disagreements concerning Ukraine and Syria and allegations of Russian meddling in the US presidential election, but Trump and Putin have kept personal lines of communication open. Two years ago, the Russian leader phoned Trump to thank him for a tip that Russia said had helped prevent a bomb attack on a cathedral in St Petersburg. Russia has repeatedly been the target of attacks by militant groups including Isis. The Kremlin said in a statement that Putin and Trump had agreed to continue bilateral cooperation to tackle terrorism.

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How Washington celebrates New Year’s.

After US Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will -Again- Have To Leave (MoA)

Within Syria @WithinSyriaBlog – 17:43 UTC · Dec 29, 2019: “Trump just made the mistake of his presidency.” That may be true or may be not true. Here is what happened. On Friday a volley of some 30 107mm Katyusha rockets hit the K1 base which houses Iraqi and U.S. troops near Kirkuk, Iraq. One U.S. mercenary/contractor died, two Iraqi and four U.S. soldiers were wounded. Instead of finding the real culprits – ISIS remnants, disgruntled locals, Kurds who want to regain control over Kirkuk – the U.S. decided that Kata’ib Hizbullah was the group guilty of the attack.

Kata’ib Hizbullah is a mostly Shia group with some relations to Iran. It is part of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) which were founded and trained by Iran to stop and defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) when it occupied nearly a third of Iraq and Syria. KH is like all PMU units now under command and control of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. To take revenge for the death of one of its mercenaries the U.S. air force attacked five camps where Kata’ib Hizbullah and other Iraqi forces were stationed:

“In response to repeated Kata’ib Hizbollah (KH) attacks on Iraqi bases that host Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) coalition forces, U.S. forces have conducted precision defensive strikes against five KH facilities in Iraq and Syria that will degrade KH’s ability to conduct future attacks against OIR coalition forces. The five targets include three KH locations in Iraq and two in Syria. These locations included weapon storage facilities and command and control locations that KH uses to plan and execute attacks on OIR coalition forces.” All of the KH positions that were hit were in the western Anbar desert on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border where KH is engaged in fighting the still active ISIS. The results of the air strikes were devastating:

Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai – 6:20 UTC · Dec 30, 2019: “32 killed and 45 wounded the count of #US violent aggression on #Iraq security forces brigades 45 and 46 last night on a military position established to counter-attack and raid #ISIS remnant at al-Qaem, the borders between Iraq and Syria.” The al-Qaem border station is the only open one between Iraq and Syria which is not under U.S. control. The U.S. was furious when the Iraqi prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi allowed it to be established. It was previously attacked by Israel which had launched its assault from a U.S. air force base in east Syria.

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Branch manager and assistant branch manager




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    Dorothea Lange Salvation Army, San Francisco, California. Unemployed young men 1939   • Firms Must Justify Investment In Fossil Fuels, Warns Mark
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 30 2019]

    V. Arnold

    Happy new year Ilargi; you’ve put in a stellar year and what a year it’s been…
    So, the very best to you for the coming year…
    …and to the rest of the Automatic Earthian’s as well…

    V. Arnold

    Branch manager and assistant branch manager…
    Dorothea Lange Salvation Army, San Francisco, California. Unemployed young men 1939
    What a contrast to today’s youngsters…
    The contrast is also very telling of the things lost.
    Comportment comes to mind; what an excellent word, comportment…
    We probably have no idea of the meaning of words anymore…….
    …at least that’s how it seems to this one…..

    John Day
    ​Massive international criminal conspiracy, including Democratic politicians and deep state, is rightly worried about being subject to legal consequences, including prison. The Saul Alinsky, “accuse them of whatever you did to confuse people” strategy of impeaching Trump is a hoped-for get-out-of-jail-free card.​

    ‘Because You’d Be in Jail!’ The Real Reason Democrats Are Pushing Trump Impeachment?

    ​Bernie Sanders could win the Democratic nomination. It is being said. There is some opinion that the Democratic Party that Trump is battling, typified by Clinton, Biden, Obama would already have been beaten before the election, if Sanders got the nod.
    (It depends on what you mean by “beaten”, though. They would need to be assured immunity from prosecution, hundreds of ’em.)​

    I wish this were more complicated, like economists make it sound on TV and radio.
    Understanding The U.S. Economy: Lots Of Rotten Jobs

    ​Yanis Varoufakis imagines a world without capitalism, and gives a narrow definition of capitalism, and suggests tools for deconstruction of corporate capitalism. Good thoughts and historical analysis.
    ​In this system, calls for a gentler capitalism are mere fads – especially in the post-2008 reality, which confirmed the total control over society by mega-firms and mega-banks. Unless we are willing to ban tradable shares, first introduced in 1599, we will make no appreciable difference to the distribution of wealth and power today. To imagine what transcending capitalism might mean in practice requires rethinking the ownership of corporations.

    ​Tom Luongo postulates that (Rothschild backed) Emmanuel Macron and UK PM Boris Johnson made a deal in October to pull off a no-deal Brexit, in a way that would betray German interests, increase French prerogative within EU governance (and probably be good for Rothschild banking on both sides of the “chunnel”, sez I).

    Did Macron and Johnson Negotiate a Hard Brexit in October?

    Dr. D

    Wow, guys putting on a suit trying to get a job instead of a fix. What a switch.

    “Twitter Scrubs Viral Trump Retweet of Alleged Hoaxblower’s Name; Blames Glitch Before Banning User”

    OMG they are still at it. Twitter still scrubbing Eric “Charlie’s” name as the (non)Whistleblower after the President and the President’s son and 50 news agencies have published it. …Because Twitter doesn’t know the name, right? That’s how they know exactly which name to erase? Again: what POSSIBLE better confirmation of “Charlie” could there be than them not saying “golly, we but sure don’t know” THEY ARE THE ONES CONFIRMING IT. And beyond that, THEY ARE THE ONES SAYING IT’S JUICY, IMPORTANT, and LOOK OVER HERE!!! (The rare TRIPLE!!! exclamation point.)
    Unbelievable ship of fools. This is what is so infuriating, from Saturday: look if you don’t know, um, you don’t know? Therefore neither Schiff, Buzzfeed, and Twitter literally can’t ban anyone. Because they don’t know. OR ELSE YOU -DO- KNOW THE NAME. And HOW exactly did you know the name-of-he-who-for-no-legal-reason-whatsoever-cannot-be-named? Who told you? YOU ARE CONFIRMING IT, morons. And then your explanation itself is undercut as a lie when you ban the offender, because then it’s not a ‘glitch.’ So you’re lying about that too. There IS no possible explanation, even to the dumbest guy on the dumbest street in America except that you MUST be lying, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Vox, and what’s more, the DUMBEST guy can then determine there must therefore be a REASON for the lies. And that motive is: ta da! Corruption. And who is the defender and who is the protector of the lie? Biden, Schiff, NYT, CNN. They therefore must, absolutely, without a shadow of doubt, be the corrupt side on this question. My God you’ve outsmarted yourself. Schmarty-guyz cannot grasp this having out-thought themselves, but dumb guys sure can: they’re surrounded by lies on all sides every day. It’s like breathing.

    On that note, telling the truth is now a RIGHT-exclusive position:

    “Calling Out FAKE NEWS Is a Right Wing Position” – Tim Pool

    Shaking My Head. I’m totally lost as to how you win this way. At the least, you need to PRETEND to care about truth while lying to our face, you know, like the last 100 years. This goes with all things: because Dore makes trouble for DNC insiders, he is now a “far-right” wing guy, although he’s practically a straight-up Socialist, core Progressive activist, and to the left of Bernie. Bernie’s an anti-semite because he opposes the establishment, although he himself is Jewish. Most Jews are now anti-semites, like the ones in the Trump administration, and all the White Supremacists are black, like Kanye West. It’s a rural-Trump-white terror attack on Jews when a black man from NY shows up with a machete. …This is what happens when your enemy is logic and your religion is #AntiLogos, where words, definitions, have no meaning, you’re not living in God’s world, and there is no objective reality. Hey man, you can’t hold me down with your rules! You can’t define me!

    I’m not holding you down. I’m warning you that if you go down the path of madness, where words no longer have meaning, the results are bad. For you. Not me. I’m helping you by reminding objective reality exists, I’m not helping myself. If it were just me, I should save my breath, cause all I’m going to get stopping you from jumping is a spit in the face.

    Hey how about impeachable offenses: “US Conducts Air Strikes in Iraq and Syria, Targeting Iran-Backed Militia After US Contractor Killed”

    “After US Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will -Again- Have to Leave (MoA)”

    Seems like there’s no act of war, nor has he attempted to explain the urgency to Congress. But non-stop war and overreach are a thing they can both agree on.

    “Firms Must Justify Investment in Fossil Fuels, Warns Mark Carney (G.)”

    Why? Who’s going to make them? Should they invest in Solyandra? P.S., if banks do this, it is straight-up Soviet Central Planning. ‘Cause that worked so well. If they add UBI we pretty much have the whole Soviet System intact: “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.” Certainly if in Europe, where the EU already has that bureaucracy, created by those very same ex-Soviet managers, re-purposed from the 90s. –You know, like Merkel. However, my bet is they have an electric invention they wish to roll out, can’t admit it exists yet, are a decade behind schedule, plans blown up my Trump and now Johnson, but still want to not mal-invest trillions in obsolete oil in the meantime. ‘Cause otherwise, nothing they say or do makes any engineering or political sense.

    Carney’s next move will be a $50 trillion fund paid for by taxpayers that will buy turbines and solar from trillion-dollar multinationals.”

    Wow, yes, that would be brilliant. Even taxpayers aren’t dumb enough to fund this up front the way Gore demanded in 1999, so they do the Soviet thing: first build it, THEN make the public buy it at wildly inflated profits which they then hand to the same billionaires. But ALL companies work this way now: the only market is a monopoly where they FORCE to make the product no one wants, then government + corporations FORCE the public to buy it. …But don’t worry: it’s Capitalism’s fault.

    “OPCW, White Helmets and Bellingcat have all been fully discredited by now”

    No they’re not because it will never be reported. My lies heal all wounds, fix all problems. Lies + lies + more lies. If you don’t like that, I have lies. Paid for by YOU, via monopoly corporations run by GE and Murdoch and tax money channeled through the CIA/MI6

    Btw, since all this happened under the U.N., as all the mass-murders for decades, does it finally expose the U.N. for the P.R. cover-operation for murdering billionaire insiders they are? Or do we have to keep pretending?

    Bank of America: Trend for 2020s Will be the “End of Globalization” (PJW)

    I know what they mean, but the world will still be global, just like it was in 1700, 1750, 1850, 1900, 1950, 2000 and now. Trade won’t stop and nobody’s going anywhere. What will happen is they will shut down the outsized profits by disintermediation and make the world more stable, more local, and less energy wasteful. They don’t want those profits reduced along with their power and leverage in financial extortion and terrorism.

    Britons Paying 40% More For Energy Than In 2015 (G.)

    But everybody WANTED this. Just like in France. The whole POINT of AGW Carbon was to raise prices everywhere but especially on the poor. Why is it people are most mad when they get what they want, like high prices, dead people, and no cows? Mission Accomplished. Give yourself a ‘round.

    Schiff Goes for Total Coup, Now Targeting Pence (WJ)

    Bit obvious, don’t you think? Won’t it come down to what the Marine Generals think? Do they love Schiff and Pelosi most of all?

    Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama (Zuesse)”

    For the love of Christmas, I am so tired of this stuff and nonsense. The Strozk-Page texts specifically SAID “POTUS was in the loop.” Years and years and years ago. Would anyone like to do anything now? Newsflash: speaking is not the same as doing things. But when there’s no objective reality, the only thing that matters is what I say inside my ego.

    Vladimir Putin Thanks Donald Trump for Tip that Foiled Terror Plot (G.)”

    How dare we stop terrorism. That’s the real crime. Keep this up and the CIA/MI6 will have nothing to do.


    CONTROL ….

    WHO does not
    “….manipulated their work to fit the pre-ordained narrative….”

    The non-reported news. Do a search and learn where, and when people are dying from violence. You will be amazed at the number of incidences.
    ” …. 32 killed and 45 wounded ….”

    Dr D Rich

    Dr D knows former President Obama comports himself serenely (business casual) for many reasons notwithstanding tens of millions, maybe hundreds, in net worth. There appears to be a very good reason why the FISA court was “used” to go at candidate Trump and that appears to be then Pres. Obama indemnified all actors in this ongoing saga should he have presidentially authorized the FISA surveillance of Pres. Trump. Ask Joseph Nacchio/Qwest was it worth refusing to provide customer data to the NSA only to be subjected to retaliatory prosecution by the Gov’t for insider trading while being denied access to potentially exculpatory evidence because national security reasons. Ask John Murtha’s family was it worth the congressman calling out for justice in the Haditha Massacre and investigation of Lockheed/QTCs fraudulent utilization of DoD physicians for disability evaluations on active duty servicemen.
    I mean who wants to go to jail or have their life, reputation and career ended on principle when the Gov’t can set loose the very same justice officials to prosecute you under false pretenses and secret evidence all indemnified by the orders of a rogue president?
    For this identical reason, the Great Admiral Mike Rogers, he of 4 or 5 titles, may be most at risk for abusive prosecution when he apparently sprinted to Trump Tower to interrupt FISC authorized surveillance which carries with it a contempt of court citation and, no doubt, several IRS audits.

    *****the National Security Surveillance Act of 2006 which would amend FISA to grant retroactive amnesty for warrantless surveillance conducted under presidential authority”

    **** This defense was not admissible in court because the U.S. Department of Justice filed an in liminemotion, which is often used in national security cases, to exclude information which may reveal state secrets. Information from the Classified Information Procedures Act hearings in Nacchio’s case was likewise ruled inadmissible.”

    ****The Act provides explicit immunity from civil suit in any federal or state court for providing any information, facilities, or assistance in accordance with a directive under the Act.”

    ****If a provider fails to comply with a directive issued by the Attorney General or DNI, the Attorney General may seek an order from the FISA Court compelling compliance with the directive. Failure to obey an order of the FISA Court may be punished as a contempt of court”

    Dr. D

    Kunstler today:

    “Our country is caught in a matrix of self-destructive rackets and the common denominator is the immersive dishonesty we have given ourselves permission to practice. … After a decades-long clamor for “hope and change,” that’s one big thing we don’t talk about changing, and apparently have no hope for changing. America has got to get its mind right about lying to itself. [And] The more strenuously we fail to confront and engage with these problems, the crazier we get.”

    On that note, should have added in my list above, that in a world peopled by folks without definitions, apparently Obama is now a Republican and always has been.

    Dr D Rich

    Nah, Obama is the best Democrat, left-handed groove, smug smile and all that air of serenity horseshit precisely because our best-educated Constitutional Scholar president employed the tool which the great Democrats Ted Kennedy sponsored and Pres. Jimmy Carter signed into law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.
    And again there’s another USNA alumnus doing his craven, feckless thing for god, the intelligence community and his posterity’s sake.


    Well as for being the “best-educated Constitutional Scholar” president, Obama sure went out of his way to distain and disrepect the said Canonnstitution.

    As the world turns, the said Constitution is slowly but surely putting Obama in it’s cross hairs.

    The Constitution already has put Obama’s crowning glory, the demise of Obamacare in it’s sights over severability.

    The said Constitution may yet put Obama himself, in it cross hairs.

    Obama may finally learn respect for the Constitution, something he forgot to learn while at Harvard.


    Dr. D:. Your comment about Mark Carney and “straight up Soviet Central Planning” brings back a umemory of a hilarious interview with the Director of Soviet Central Planning!

    After the usual glorious BS from the Director, he invites the camera to walk with him into the department where central planning actually takes place. The camera then follows the Director into a room full of desks but no people! The Director then says maybe they are all attending a meeting that nobody told me about!

    Yes I saw first hand how well central planning worked during my 6 months of working in a Siberian coal mine back in 1983!

    Since there was plenty of toilet paper in Moscow, there had to be plenty in Siberia too!

    When available, the quality of Russian toilet paper, is what put the Russian soldiers in the fighting mood to defeat the Germans in WW2!

    V. Arnold

    This from Kunstler is a pretty good read; at the very least, accurately describes todays insane U.S. society…

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