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F.A. Loumis Independence Day 1906


Just 20% Of Coronavirus Cases Responsible For 80% Of Transmissions (RT)
Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Cure COVID19, Say Drug Trial Chiefs (G.)
A Second Major COVID Study Is Retracted (Newser)
UK Care Home Residents Face Steep Hike In Fees (BBC)
Bill Gates Dismisses ‘Bizarre’ COVID19 Conspiracy Theories (RT)
Tidal Wave Of Defaults And Evictions Looms (NPR)
Surprise: The BLS Admits Another Phony Jobs Report (Mish)
Biden Clinches Nomination, Readies For Fall Showdown With Trump (JTN)
Biden: 10-15% of Americans Are ‘Not Very Good People’ (JTN)
Lisa Page Is The New National Security And Legal Analyst At NBC News
Senate Approves 35 Subpoenas for Obama Administration Officials (NBC)
Letter From Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, ‘I Am Not Done’ (SAC)



Worldometer puts global new cases for June 5 at + 130,529. Another record.


Note: I count not from midnight GMT to midnight GMT, as they do, but from about 6 am EDT to 6 am EDT.

My count over the past 24 hours is over + 147,000 cases.



New cases past 24 hours in:

• US + 25,393
• Brazil + 30,136
• Russia + 8,855
• India + 9,944
• Pakistan + 8,719
• Mexico + 4,346






Cases 6,871,728 (+ 147,632 from yesterday’s 6,724,096)

Deaths 398,663 (+ 5,110 from yesterday’s 393,553)




From Worldometer yesterday evening -before their day’s close-:



From Worldometer:



From COVID19Info.live:







I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute



Superspreaders are simply people stupid enough to socialize a lot in long lasting events in closed spaces. That’s why “..roughly 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes.”

Just 20% Of Coronavirus Cases Responsible For 80% Of Transmissions (RT)

The latest research into so-called “superspreader events” could inform public policy across the world, to help fight the widely feared “second wave” of coronavirus infections, but without the need for strict lockdowns. A “superspreader” is an infected person who transmits a virus to a large number of people. A growing body of evidence has found that superspreaders account for the vast majority of coronavirus transmissions. In the latest study on superspreaders, epidemiologists in Hong Kong analyzed over 1,000 coronavirus cases between January 23 and April 28, and found that just 20 percent of cases were responsible for 80 percent of total transmissions, data which could impact policy around the world. About 350 of the cases were community transmissions, while the rest were imported cases.

More than 50 percent of the community transmission cases were traced back to just six superspreader events, all of which involved indoor social gatherings that lasted several hours. “Superspreading events are happening more than we expected, more than what could be explained by chance. The frequency of superspreading is beyond what we could have imagined,” Ben Cowling, one of the study’s co-authors said. The study also found that 70 percent of infected people did not pass the virus to anyone else, further highlighting the need for a highly targeted response to defeating the pandemic. The work has yet to undergo peer review, but joins a growing body of work indicating the particular method of transmission which has spread the coronavirus to every corner of the globe, with disastrous consequences. If corroborated, however, this research could inform future public policy across the world.

Among the Hong Kong superspreading events studied, each ‘superspreader’ coronavirus carrier infected three times the average infection rate. The majority of the superspreader cases were traced back to a wedding, an event at a temple, and several bars in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong district. “You might be wondering if our study, or the experience of Hong Kong, with its small number of total infections, is more broadly representative. We think so,” Cowling wrote, referring to a widely studied phenomenon known as the “80-20 rule” or the “Pareto principle,” in which, for many events, roughly 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes.

[..] One model from researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine took it one step further and suggested just 10 percent of coronavirus cases may have accounted for at least 80 percent of transmissions worldwide. Similar results were found in coronavirus research conducted in Israel and China.

Read more …

Two “studies” embarrassingly flattened but they just keep on coming.

Again, nobody of any importance to the discussion has ever claimed HCQ cures COVID19. Why keep referring to that? It is not a vaccine, there is no claim to that. Remember, meanwhile remdesivir is being touted because it MIGHT shorten hospital stays by a few days.

As for this trial: there is no data in this piece on the stage at which patients wre given HCQ. If they were already severely sick, it would have been too late. Also, no mention of zinc.

Why do all these medical professionals volunteer to look ridiculous?

Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Cure COVID19, Say Drug Trial Chiefs (G.)

Hydroxychloroquine does not work against Covid-19 and should not be given to any more hospital patients around the world, say the leaders of the biggest and best-designed trial of the drug, which experts will hope finally settle the question. “If you are admitted to hospital, don’t take hydroxychloroquine,” said Martin Landray, deputy chief investigator of the Recovery trial and professor of medicine and epidemiology at Oxford University. “It doesn’t work.” Many countries have permitted emergency use of the drug for Covid-19 patients in hospitals, following claims from a few doctors, including Didier Raoult in France, that it was a cure, and the ensuing clamour from the public. President Donald Trump backed the drug, saying it should be given to patients, and later said he was personally taking it to protect himself from the virus.

Landray said the hype should now stop. “It is being touted as a game-changer, a wonderful drug, a breakthrough. This is an incredibly important result, because worldwide we can stop using a drug that is useless.” The first results from the Recovery trial, which has been testing seven therapies for Covid-19, swiftly followed the retraction of a paper in the Lancet medical journal on Thursday night claiming that hydroxychloroquine was linked to an increased risk of death in Covid-19 patients. The authors of the paper withdrew it after the US company Surgisphere refused to cooperate with an independent audit of the data it had supplied for the study.

Supporters of the drug hailed the paper’s retraction, but the World Health Organization and countries that have authorised use of the drug are now likely to change their position. The Recovery trial is a “gold standard” randomised controlled trial, designed to find an answer to a question by recruiting patients in similar circumstances either to take the drug or to take a placebo. Their doctors and the researchers do not know which ones are taking the genuine trial drug.

[..] Since March, when the trial began, a total of 1,542 patients had been randomised to receive hydroxychloroquine, while 3,132 patients were randomised to receive only normal care. Over 28 days, 25.7% of patients on hydroxychloroquine died, compared with 23.5% of the others. The difference is not statistically significant – it could have arisen by chance. But the clear conclusion was that hydroxychloroquine did not work, said the researchers.

Read more …

“.. I did not do enough to ensure that the data source was appropriate for this use..”

Fire the man, defund him. He never saw the data or the sources, he simply believed what he was fed because it served his purposes and those of his funders.

A Second Major COVID Study Is Retracted (Newser)

First, the esteemed Lancet medical journal retracted a major study on Thursday about hydroxychloroquine. Then, the New England Journal of Medicine did the same with another big study related to COVID-19 and blood pressure drugs. Both retractions have a common denominator: They relied on data supplied by a US analytics company called Surgisphere, which is coming under increasing scrutiny over the credibility of its international database. The Lancet study had cast doubt on the effectiveness of the anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine as a coronavirus treatment, reports the Wall Street Journal. The retraction is now renewing the hope that the drugs (highly touted by President Trump) can work safely after all, and the World Health Organization already has said it would resume trials, notes the New York Times.

“It is now clear to me that in my hope to contribute to this research during a time of great need, I did not do enough to ensure that the data source was appropriate for this use,” says Harvard’s Mandeep Mehra, who was the lead author of both studies. “For that, and for all the disruptions—both directly and indirectly—I am truly sorry.” Both studies listed as a co-author Surgisphere founder/CEO Sapan Desai, whose name appears only on the NEMJ retraction. His company claims to have collected patient data from hospitals all over the world, but now red flags are going up. The Journal, for instance, got in touch with a dozen big US hospitals, and none shared patient data with the company. Surgisphere previously said it couldn’t name the 671 hospitals in the Lancet study out of privacy concerns. The controversy illustrates the rushed state of research amid the pandemic, notes the Times.

Read more …

It’s cheaper to die, gramps.

UK Care Home Residents Face Steep Hike In Fees (BBC)

Some older people in care homes are being asked to pay more than £100 a week extra in fees to cover the costs of coronavirus. Age UK said residents who pay their own fees are facing the bills to pay for protective gear and rising staff costs. It adds “insult to injury” for people who have “been through the mill” during the pandemic, the charity said. The government said it provided £600m for infection control in care homes and £3.2bn for wider council services. Care home residents who fund themselves have effectively subsidised the care system for many years, paying far more for their support than those funded by their local authority.

Age UK says on average these residents are charged just over £850 pounds a week, and some are now seeing their fees rise by 15%. It is not clear how many care homes have asked self-funding residents to pay more. There are 400,000 people estimated to be living in care homes in England, with 167,000 believed to be self-funders and 45,000 part self-funders. Caroline Abrahams, director of Age UK, said older people and their families have “been through the mill” in recent months as outbreaks occurred in one in three care homes. “It is adding insult to injury that after going through so much, some residents who pay for their own care are now facing a big extra bill – on top of already expensive fees.”

Read more …

The bogeyman speaketh. Extreme fear ensues.

Bill Gates Dismisses ‘Bizarre’ COVID19 Conspiracy Theories (RT)

“It’s almost hard to deny this stuff because it’s so stupid or strange that even to repeat it gives it credibility,” Gates said on numerous conspiracy theories swirling around him since the coronavirus crisis began and he became an outspoken champion for a vaccine. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has just recently pledged $1.6 billion to vaccine alliance group Gavi, which will use the money to immunize children in poorer nations. Conspiracy theories linking Gates to the origins of Covid-19 or arguing he wants to track citizens through microchips under the guise of ensuring they are vaccinated against the virus were mentioned over a million times before May, according to Zignal Labs, a media analytics company.

The theories continue to swirl around social media and a poll from Yahoo News/YouGov from late last month even found 28 percent of respondents believed Gates wanted to use the coronavirus as an excuse to track and store their information. Among Republican respondents, that percentage was even higher. “I’ve never been involved in any microchip type thing,” Gates said, calling the poll results “concerning.” He did admit “data systems” would be a good idea to track a Covid-19 vaccine, but “there’s no chips or anything like that.” Gates has thrown his support behind a “national tracking system.” Concerns and theories about Gates’ influence have only intensified as his standing in the world has increased.

Already the second richest man on the planet with a net worth of about $100 billion, he is about to become the largest donor to the WHO, a position previously held by the US before President Donald Trump cut ties with the international group over their handling of the pandemic. In the last two years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has accounted for over 12 percent of the WHO’s budget, which equates to approximately $530 million, according to Devex. It is followed by Gavi alliance (8.18 percent) that the foundation also sponsors. The US gave slightly more in that time frame with payments equalling around $890 million. Lawrence Gostin the director of WHO’s Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law, told Devex the potential of a private foundation becoming the largest donor to the organization could be “transformational.” “It would enable a single rich philanthropist to set the global health agenda,” he said.

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Storm warning.

Tidal Wave Of Defaults And Evictions Looms (NPR)

Americans are skipping payments on mortgages, auto loans and other bills. Normally, that could mean massive foreclosures, evictions, cars repossessions and people’s credit getting destroyed. But much of that has been put on pause. Help from Congress and leniency from lenders have kept impending financial disaster at bay for millions of people. But that may not last for long. The problem is that these efforts aim to create a financial bridge to the future for people who’ve lost their income in the pandemic — but the bridge is only half-built.

[..] millions of people are getting help from all kinds of lenders. According to the latest available numbers from the credit bureau TransUnion, about 3 million auto loans and 15 million credit card accounts are in some kind of program to let people skip or make partial payments. Those are probably low estimates. According to the analytics company Black Knight, 4.75 million homeowners — or 9% of all mortgages — have entered into forbearance plans. Lawmakers don’t want these delayed payments to hurt credit scores. Congress mandated that people who were current on their payments before the outbreak should still be reported as current on their payments while in a hardship program. And that appears to working for now.

“What we’re seeing consistently across the board is actually credit scores are moving upward,” says Matthew Komos, a vice president at TransUnion. He says that’s both on a month-to-month and year-over-year basis. But looking ahead, advocates say people could run into big trouble because the terms of these hardship programs can be all over the map. “Credit cards, auto loans, installment loans, there are no federal guidelines,” says Aracely Panameño, a director at the nonprofit Center for Responsible Lending. She says when it comes time to make up for all those skipped payments, there are federal rules for repayment plans for home mortgages but not for many other types of loans. So she says lawmakers need to protect people. Otherwise, she says, lenders could make demands beyond what people can afford. “You must have a capacity to catch up with your payments in an affordable way,” Panameño says.

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Hard to believe the BLS is still paid for their reports.

Surprise: The BLS Admits Another Phony Jobs Report (Mish)

BLS Admits Another Error “In the household survey, individuals are classified as employed, unemployed, or not in the labor force based on their answers to a series of questions about their activities during the survey reference week (May 10th through May 16th). Workers who indicate they were not working during the entire survey reference week and expect to be recalled to their jobs should be classified as unemployed on temporary layoff. In May, a large number of persons were classified as unemployed on temporary layoff. However, there was also a large number of workers who were classified as employed but absent from work. As was the case in March and April, household survey interviewers were instructed to classify employed persons absent from work due to coronavirus-related business closures as unemployed on temporary layoff.”

“However, it is apparent that not all such workers were so classified. BLS and the Census Bureau are investigating why this misclassification error continues to occur and are taking additional steps to address the issue. If the workers who were recorded as employed but absent from work due to “other reasons” (over and above the number absent for other reasons in a typical May) had been classified as unemployed on temporary layoff, the overall unemployment rate would have been about 3 percentage points higher than reported (on a not seasonally adjusted basis). However, according to usual practice, the data from the household survey are accepted as recorded. To maintain data integrity, no ad hoc actions are taken to reclassify survey responses.”

Job Revisions The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for March was revised down by 492,000, from -881,000 to -1.4 million, and the change for April was revised down by 150,000, from -20.5 million to -20.7 million. With these revisions, employment in March and April combined was 642,000 lower than previously reported. [..] Total nonfarm payroll employment fell by 20.5 million in April, and the unemployment rate rose to 14.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

The official unemployment rate is 13.3%. However, if you start counting all the people who want a job but gave up, all the people with part-time jobs that want a full-time job, all the people who dropped off the unemployment rolls because their unemployment benefits ran out, etc., you get a closer picture of what the unemployment rate is. That number is in the last row labeled U-6. U-6 is much higher at 21.2%. Both numbers would be way higher still, were it not for millions dropping out of the labor force over the past few years.

It’s important to put the jobs numbers into proper perspective. In the household survey, if you work as little as 1 hour a week, even selling trinkets on eBay, you are considered employed. In the household survey, if you work three part-time jobs, 12 hours each, the BLS considers you a full-time employee. In the payroll survey, three part-time jobs count as three jobs. The BLS attempts to factor this in, but they do not weed out duplicate Social Security numbers. The potential for double-counting jobs in the payroll survey is large.

The payroll survey (sometimes called the establishment survey) is the headline jobs number, generally released the first Friday of every month. It is based on employer reporting. The household survey is a phone survey conducted by the BLS. It measures unemployment and many other factors. If you work one hour, you are employed. If you don’t have a job and fail to look for one, you are not considered unemployed, rather, you drop out of the labor force. Looking for jobs on Monster does not count as “looking for a job”. You need an actual interview or send out a resume. These distortions artificially lower the unemployment rate, artificially boost full-time employment, and artificially increase the payroll jobs report every month.

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The article says “Biden said”. But we have seen 1000 times now that Biden is incapable of stringing more than 3 words together (one more time below).

So it’s not “Biden said”, but “Biden’s handlers said”.

Biden Clinches Nomination, Readies For Fall Showdown With Trump (JTN)

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday night officially clinched the Democratic nomination for president, setting up a fall showdown with President Trump. Biden secured enough delegates in Tuesday’s round of primaries to finish with 1,993, two more than needed to secure the nomination at the party’s convention in Milwaukee in August, The Associated Press announced. The former vice president and senator immediately issued a statement laying out his vision for the fall campaign.

“It was an honor to compete alongside one of the most talented groups of candidates the Democratic party has ever fielded — and I am proud to say that we are going into this general election a united party,” Biden said. “I am going to spend every day between now and November 3rd fighting to earn the votes of Americans all across this great country so that, together, we can win the battle for the soul of this nation, and make sure that as we rebuild our economy, everyone comes along.”

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A comment made after calling Trump a “divisive leader”. Biden trying for Hillary 2.0.

Biden: 10-15% of Americans Are ‘Not Very Good People’ (JTN)

Presumed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says that 10-15% of Americans are “not very good people.”Biden made the comment late Thursday during an online campaign event that he was having with black supporters, moderated by actor Don Cheadle. The conversation centered on race relations in America in the wake of the death of George Floyd in police custody on Memorial Day.

The former vice president was explaining his belief that President Trump has been a divisive leader and that while “the vast majority” of Americans are honorable people, “there are probably anywhere from 10 to 15% of the people out there that are just not very good people.” Biden has been criticized for his tendency to make gaffes during public appearances. This comment, in particular, is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s widely panned statement on half of Trump supporters being a “basket of deplorables,” whose ideas and actions were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic”.

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Life imitates Bizarro World.

Robert Mueller’s office deleted 19,000 text messages between Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok. Why?

Lisa Page Is The New National Security And Legal Analyst At NBC News (DC)

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is the new national security and legal analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, the network announced Friday. “We’re very happy to welcome to our network Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer who worked as special counsel for Robert Mueller’s legal team,” Nicolle Wallace said. “She worked on the Russian government disinformation probe and on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.” Page was discovered in 2017 to be having an affair with former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who worked on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation before he was removed for showing bias against President Donald Trump in text messages exchanged with Page.

Thousands of the lovers’ text messages, which were sent on agency-issued phones, were released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI in 2017. Page sued the DOJ and FBI for releasing her text messages, alleging that it was “illegal.” Page testified in July 2018 that the FBI did not see strong evidence of Russian collusion with President Donald Trump 10 months after beginning its investigation. She worked on the Mueller probe before evidence of her affair led to her dismissal from the team. Page spoke in an interview with The Daily Beast in December 2019, asserting that “there’s no fathomable way” she “committed any crime at all.”

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It’ll be a fun summer, but more bizarre than you’ve ever imagined.

Senate Approves 35 Subpoenas for Obama Administration Officials (NBC)

The Senate Homeland Security Committee on Thursday authorized the issuing of nearly three dozen subpoenas of Obama administration officials as part of Senate Republicans’ investigation into the origins of the FBI and special counsel probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign. The Judiciary Committee, meanwhile, met to consider more than 50 additional subpoenas, but postponed action until next week. Republicans on the panels are looking into flaws in FISA application process, the “unmasking” of Trump campaign and transition officials, including ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn, and the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign more broadly — actions that President Donald Trump has collectively dubbed “Obamagate” and dismissed as a “hoax” and a “witch hunt.”

[..] The Homeland Security and Judiciary committees are considering issuing subpoenas for former CIA Director John Brennan, ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, former Obama chief of staff Dennis McDonough, former national security adviser Susan Rice and ex-FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The Judiciary panel is also considering subpoenas for current FBI Director Christopher Wray and former Justice Department officials, including former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Judiciary member Ted Cruz, R-Texas, asked Democrats on the panel to consider how they would feel if the situation were reversed and the Trump administration were looking into the former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Read more …

“..if the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism..

Letter From Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, ‘I Am Not Done’ (SAC)

Former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, who has been fighting the courts to have his case thrown out, said “I am not done’ in an email to a journalist that was posted Friday on Twitter that “I am not done.” Flynn’s inference is important, as evidence discovered this year by the Justice Department has revealed that the three star general was allegedly set up by bureau agents investigating President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and their debunked theory that the campaign conspired with Russia. The Justice Department asked the court last month to drop the charges against Flynn and people from all across the country are fighting on his behalf. Flynn hasn’t spoken publicly in years. In fact, the first time people heard from the three star general was when he withdrew his guilty plea months ago, through his lawyer, Sidney Powell.

“This letter means that Lt. Gen. Flynn has not given up on the country and neither should you,” a very close friend of Flynn’s told me on Friday. The friend said it was in response to the growing unrest in the country and a warning that Americans need to be involved in the political process. He wrote the email to Scott Kesterson, a documentary filmmaker and journalist that spent 3 and half years in Afghanistan. Flynn warned ‘if the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism, if we are to continue to enjoy self-government, to secure the God-given individual blessings of liberty for ourselves, for our families, then good Americans must accept that each has a moral obligation to participate in the political life of our country.”

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    F.A. Loumis Independence Day 1906   • Just 20% Of Coronavirus Cases Responsible For 80% Of Transmissions (RT) • Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Cure
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 6 2020]


    “So it’s not “Biden said”, but “Biden’s handlers said”.”
    Who will administer the USA?

    Behind every great man there’s a great woman.

    An English professor wrote on the board: A woman without her man is nothing. The class was then asked to punctuate the sentence.
    The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”
    The women wrote: “Woman: Without her, man is nothing.”
    The youth are marching – Again

    George Floyd protests across the US
    By Helen Regan, Brett McKeehan, Rob Picheta, Peter Wilkinson and Fernando Alfonso III, CNN

    Updated 9:21 a.m. ET, June 6, 2020

    Remember – last year?

    The protests took place across 4,500 locations in 150 countries.[5][6]
    a group that organised many of the protests—claim that 7.6 million people participated.[2]

    Doc Robinson

    Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Cure COVID19, Say Drug Trial Chiefs (G.)

    That drug trial was done on patients who were already in bad enough condition to be admitted to a hospital in the UK, before the HCQ was started. By this point, the patients were sick enough that their mortality rate was around 25% (with or without HCQ).

    “No clinical benefit from use of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalised patients with COVID-19… There was no significant difference in the primary endpoint of 28-day mortality (25.7% hydroxychloroquine vs. 23.5% usual care…”

    Of course, HCQ is supposed to be given sooner (with zinc), before the symptoms get so bad.


    I just saw the Strib’s list of businesses that were damaged or destroyed- a few were favorites of mine. My wine store suffered heavy damage and looting. (I suppose I sound like a snoot there, but I really like the owner and his family who helps him run it.) What kind of condolences does one send to the victim of such a thing? It’s also notable that so many of the stores were standing in the way of urban renewal.
    It’s going to be a fun summer? I cross my fingers.
    I love heat and humidity, but I’ll wish this summer to be cool and drizzly.

    Biden? Good grief. He’s the best the DNC has? I made myself listen to Trump yesterday- those debates are going to awesome. /s And utterly incoherent.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Why do all these medical professionals volunteer to look ridiculous?”
    “Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Cure COVID19, Say Drug Trial Chiefs (G.)”
    “A Second Major COVID Study Is Retracted (Newser)”

    From day one of the war on HCQ my first thought has always been that there is a great deal of money changing hands in order to keep this fake science front-and-center in the news. It might take a few years to rehabilitate your career, but hey, who can turn down a quick $1M. Actually, fake science is in such demand today that your career prospects could only improve along with your bank account by jumping on the fraud wagon. Just look what it’s done for Wall Street, the Media, and Congress.

    “Surprise: The BLS Admits Another Phony Jobs Report (Mish)”

    Not unlike the HCQ story, the truth dribbles out over time, but they get what they want up front. In this case pushing stocks into the stratosphere smack in the middle of a multitude of national crises. Easy money! Time to check out the Benz dealership and order those granite countertops.

    “Biden Clinches Nomination, Readies For Fall Showdown With Trump (JTN)”

    Speaking of national crises, does anyone else think Biden winning the nomination borders on insanity? That this is another indicator of how far down we’ve fallen? And just how are they going to orchestrate the presidential debates so that it doesn’t look like a case of elder abuse.

    “Robert Mueller’s office deleted 19,000 text messages between Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok. Why?”

    Because that was his primary job: to distract the public with a phony Russiagate investigation while everyone cleaned up the crime scene left behind by the Obama regime. “If that f*cking bastard wins, we’ll all hang from nooses!”, said Hillary. Does that make me sound cynical? Maybe when William Barr marches a few of the players away in handcuffs I’ll reconsider.

    Any day now... really... pretty soon... you'll see...


    When we were growing up, they lied to us!

    Coyotes can run faster than roadrunners!


    AG Barr isn’t going to spoil his perfect record!

    He isn’t going to arrest anyone!


    Miss Lindsey Graham is doing what he does best, put on a dog and pony show that exposes nothing!

    A classic political cover up!


    SPAIN 17 deaths in TOTAL over last TEN days! HCQ?

    I became interested in Spain when I read that were using HCQ widely for treatment and as a prophylactic.

    You would think that journalists, and other European governments, would be beating a path to their door asking for their secret to success.


    Although new cases are dropping they are still significant so that doesn’t explain the drop in deaths.

    Spain, daily stats from 5th June backwards [Worldometer]

    5th JUNE

    318 new cases and 1 new death in Spain.

    334 new cases and 5 new deaths in Spain.

    394 new cases and 1 new death in Spain.

    294 new cases in Spain.

    209 new cases in Spain.

    201 new cases and 2 new deaths in Spain.

    664 new cases and 4 new deaths in Spain,

    658 new cases and 2 new deaths in Spain.

    1,137 new cases and 1 new death in Spain,

    510 new cases and 1 new death in Spain.

    26th MAY

    859 new cases and 280 new deaths in Spain [source]


    ” how are they going to orchestrate the presidential debates so that it doesn’t look like a case of elder abuse.”

    1. B. can’t get the words out
    2. T. is stuck on repeat, repeat
    Both are broken records
    “When we were growing up, they lied to us!

    Coyotes can run faster than roadrunners!”



    “One person can infect hundreds. If you were at a protest, go get a test, please…”

    Socializing with senior could cause death.


    What is the name of the person who’s actions made million of people demonstrate?


    Anyone out there- check on a video over at Information Clearing House called “Honey, I Shrunk Trump” under May 29, 2020.
    I’m pretty sure you’ll laugh out loud.

    John Day

    Thanks Ilargi. Thanks Commentariat.
    I had a long day of work Friday, as usual, and had good catching up.
    I think the worse fraud than the bashing of hydroxychloroquine/zinc is the invisibility of vitamin-D.
    It’s criminal, or Social-Darwinian. http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/05/sunny-months.html
    I’ll speculate some on why Trump is up to 40% approval among American-blacks-likely-to-vote.
    They are trusting him more.
    Trump is trying to get people treatment. Democrats are denying people treatment.
    There is a meme on the loose among American blacks that blacks are being killed in hospitals.
    There was a nurse video saying that. It’s an easy thing to believe.
    Twas ever thus…
    I give bottles of 5000 unit vitamin-D to patients, and tell them why it’s important enough for me to spend hundreds of dollars. (>$350 to date)
    I tell them to get their families and friends to take it, to share with them.
    I get street-cred.
    Who can fail to believe me under those circumstances?
    People tell me stuff, like their families saying hospitals kill black people.


    John Day

    We are now allowed hugs from the grandkids.
    After they are gone, I suck on one 1,000 vitamin D.
    I’m just trying to make things a little bit harder for the virus.

    Dr. D

    Ah, so Billy only wants a chipless data system that does the same thing, and to fund this year’s most medically discredited organization which killed hundred-thousands. And Microsoft owns a number of patents for what they’re discussing, you know, the ones he mentioned in his Ted Talks, so I can’t understand where all these weird ideas are coming from…except his own mouth. For decades. We were never at war with Estasia. It’s called a “Straw Man”: bring up things that were said that are slightly over the line and false, and refute them in a “Broad Brush” that implies the true ones don’t exist either. That’s a 2 for 1 fallacy sale! It works and 1,000 more people die! Cheers all around. He gets his black death merit badge.

    “BLS Admits Another Error”

    The government’s lying? When did this start? That’s okay, just keep printing their stories and referring to CNN anyway when the Easter bunny has more credibility (and Yogi Bear has higher ratings.) Speaking of Fallacies, it’s called “Tethering”. It keeps you within a controlled distance of the official so you can never reach the truth. Since Carter, 40 years now. Yay! Lies. True love. ♥ ♥ ♥

    Biden is such a big deal I heard nothing about a nomination. I do, however, see tons about Michelle O. all of a sudden. …I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

    “Obama dropped 26,171 bombs on 7 different countries in 2016 alone.
    Obama expanded drone strikes ten fold.
    Obama bombed Libya back to the stone age.
    Obama armed Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.
    Obama enabled Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war in Yemen.
    Obama is a war criminal. “

    That can’t be right: Like W., it was all scandal-free goodness and light.

    She or her close allies are the only people that attacked and kill more brown people than Kamala Harris, so she’s the obvious choice.

    Lisa Page now works for NBC like all the other lying, discredited, CIA insiders, so solid 6-figure paycheck for getting fired. In #OppositeLand, all you need do is obvious public wrong and you’re trustworthy, approved, and secure. If you work at a job that keeps people alive, you’ll probably die of low pay unless the police kill you first.

    Ted goes nuclear: if a nuke is dropped in the forest, does anybody care? Might as well be on the moon since we’ve been literally dropping literal bombs and toppling literal nations with literal war crimes for 60 years and no one knows, the media won’t report it if ordered by Lisa and Johnny. …Which we’ve known since the Church Committee, but that doesn’t exist either except it’s on Wikipedia and every history book. But if a guy eats a burger or something, it’s clearly life-ending, unhinged, unconstitutional, impeach. So anybody gonna do anything?

    Ah, you’re right: protests last year too. And they also did zippo, nada, nuttin’. Like always. That’s why we need to do it again! We only take losing actions, like protesting a case we literally won weeks ago and antagonizing everyone in the country – ESPECIALLY needed suburban (women) voters – then wonder why they’re not getting anywhere since 1970. Like the environmental movement. Then tomorrow pick the losing strategy with the losing leaders again. And complain! It’s YOUR fault we picked the world’s dumbest, most obviously losing approach and every organizer funded by insider oligarchs. Waaaaaaah! Now go away or I shall call you naughty names for not caving in to my divisive, totally vacuous counterproductive actions a second time.

    WES: am I referring to Cheeto and Barr with that pointless, obviously losing statement?

    Speaking of losing and not arresting anybody, can we get some charges for 100,000 deaths cause by the open high-level suppression of HCQ? Not with these politicians and this public you can’t. They both get what they deserve. Lies. But that’s life in a violent death cult.

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