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Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1896


Hunter Biden Tried To Cash In Big On Behalf Of Family With Chinese Firm (NYP)
House GOP Asks If FBI Had Hunter Biden Laptop During Trump Impeachment (Fox)
Obama Conference Call Leaked To Burisma: Biden Emails (NYP)
Biden Campaign: VP May Have Had ‘Informal’ Meeting With Burisma Exec (DW)
Twitter, Facebook Protecting Biden After Execs Join Transition Team (ZH)
POTUS Punk vs. Dem Dementia (Escobar)
Facebook, Twitter Cross Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor (IC)
Weissmann Made Rosenstein Take Ownership of Michael Flynn Targeting (sundance)
Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Proves Ineffective In Treating COVID19 – WHO (F.)
WHO Europe Director Says Governments Should Stop Enforcing Lockdowns (PJW)



We’re in a communication vacuum. or maybe that should read: two separate vacuums. Even townhalls are not townhalls anymore. Everyone’s a liar, and everyone’s a winner.





$10 million a year. And then some.

Hunter Biden Tried To Cash In Big On Behalf Of Family With Chinese Firm (NYP)

Hunter Biden pursued lucrative deals involving China’s largest private energy company — including one that he said would be “interesting for me and my family,” emails obtained by The Post show. One email sent to Biden on May 13, 2017, with the subject line “Expectations,” included details of “remuneration packages” for six people involved in an unspecified business venture. Biden was identified as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” an apparent reference to the former Shanghai-based conglomerate CEFC China Energy Co. His pay was pegged at “850” and the email also noted that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.”

In addition, the email outlined a “provisional agreement” under which 80 percent of the “equity,” or shares in the new company, would be split equally among four people whose initials correspond to the sender and three recipients, with “H” apparently referring to Biden. The deal also listed “10 Jim” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” Neither Jim nor the “big guy” was identified further. The email’s author, James Gilliar of the international consulting firm J2cR, also noted, “I am happy to raise any detail with Zang if there is [sic] shortfalls ?” “Zang” is an apparent reference to Zang Jian Jun, the former executive director of CEFC China. The email is contained in a trove of data that the owner of a computer repair shop in Delaware said was recovered from a MacBook Pro laptop that was dropped off in April 2019 and never retrieved.

Tucker Burisma

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They did. And nothing happened.

House GOP Asks If FBI Had Hunter Biden Laptop During Trump Impeachment (Fox)

House Republicans are calling on the FBI to reveal whether it was in possession of a laptop that reportedly contained emails by Hunter Biden during the impeachment of President Trump — and claiming the agency committed a “gross error in judgement” if it did not inform the White House. “If the FBI was, in fact, in possession of this evidence and failed to alert the White House to its existence that would have given even more weight to the president’s legal defense, this was a gross error in judgement and a severe violation of trust,” the letter says. The letter was signed by 19 House Republicans, including Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.; Louie Gohmert, R-Texas; Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz.; and Jody Hice, R-Ga.

The letter was written after the New York Post published emails suggesting that Hunter Biden introduced his father to a top executive at Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings in 2015 — one year before his father allegedly pressured the country’s government to fire a prosecutor who had launched an investigation into the company. The Post reported that the FBI was in possession of the laptop on which the emails were found in December 2019 — right in the middle of the impeachment of President Trump over remarks he made to the Ukrainian president about Biden’s conduct in the country.

[..] “A large portion of the president’s legal defense case revolved around strong evidence that former Vice President Biden’s son Hunter was peddling his influence to his father to land lucrative jobs overseas that he might not have otherwise been qualified for,” the letter says. The lawmakers ask whether the FBI was in possession of the laptop and drive as documented in the Post, whether it took steps to authenticate the drive and the data, and if anyone at the FBI briefed officials at the Department of Justice or White House after December.

Tucker Enjeti

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A Burisma PR firm was listening in on the call. WTF?

Obama Conference Call Leaked To Burisma: Biden Emails (NYP)

The Obama administration let a Democratic p.r. company that worked for Ukrainian energy firm Burisma take part in a conference call about an upcoming visit to Ukraine by then-Vice President Joe Biden, emails obtained by The Post show. An associate at Blue Star Strategies then emailed a memo with minutes of the conference call hosted by the White House to a top Burisma executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, as well as to Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Hunter’s business partner, Devon Archer, both of whom sat on Burisma’s board. The trip, in December 2015, turned out to be the one during which Biden later bragged about forcing Ukrainian officials to fire a state prosecutor who was investigating Burisma by threatening to withhold a $1 billion US loan guarantee.

The memo, sent shortly after the Dec. 2, 2015, call, also “outlined the trip’s agenda and addressed several questions regarding US policy toward Ukraine.” Blue Star has said it began working for Burisma and contacting Ukrainian officials on its behalf in November 2015, and an email shows that on Nov. 18, 2015, Pozharskyi sent the Blue Star contract to Hunter Biden, Archer and Eric Schwerin, president of the Rosemont Seneca Partners investment firm. Hunter Biden and Archer were among RSP’s founders, along with former Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, Reuters has reported. “Could you kindly have BS countersign it and forward back to me?” Pozharskyi wrote. “I am kindly asking you to schedule either a conf call or advise us as to the foreseen action plan for November-December 2015, and if anything has been already done by BS, could kindly you ask them to share with us this information?”

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Didn’t you just deny this yesterday?

Biden Campaign: VP May Have Had ‘Informal’ Meeting With Burisma Exec (DW)

The campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden admitted that it’s possible that Biden may have met with an executive for Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, during his time as vice president when his son was a board member of the company. The Biden campaign released a statement condemning reporting from the New York Post that revealed an email alleging that Biden’s son Hunter brokered a meeting between his father and Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to Burisma’s board. The campaign ruled out any official meetings between Pozharskyi and the former vice president but could not say that the two never met.

“We have reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place,” Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates told Politico. “Investigations by the press, during impeachment, and even by two Republican-led Senate committees whose work was decried as ‘not legitimate’ and political by a GOP colleague have all reached the same conclusion: that Joe Biden carried out official U.S. policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing. Trump administration officials have attested to these facts under oath.” Despite the strong condemnation, Bates could not say for certain that Vice President Biden and Pozharskyi did not meet in an informal setting, however.

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They always had the power. And now they’re using it. But when Twitter suspended the Trump campaign and blocked the House Judiciary, that may have been a step too far.

Twitter, Facebook Protecting Biden After Execs Join Transition Team (ZH)

As if anyone needed more evidence of Silicon Valley’s overt political bias – just weeks before Twitter and Facebook nuked Biden corruption revelations from their platforms with the intensity of a thousand suns, executives from both companies joined the Biden transition team. [..] Perhaps the selective enforcement of content which is politically harmful to Democrats can be explained by recent hires by the Biden transition team. According to Breitbart, Twitter Public Policy Director Carlos Monje left the social media giant to join Biden’s transition team in September. He will reportedly serve as co-chair of Biden’s infrastructure policy committee, and helped organize a fundraiser for the former VP this week, according to an invitation from Politico.

Monje has worked in the world of presidential transition politics in the past, previously serving as the director of agency review on the team that prepared for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s administration, which failed to take flight. Monje also worked on the Obama administration team’s 2008 national security working group according to his LinkedIn profile. Monje also acted as deputy policy director during Obama’s first run for office and subsequently served as a senior policy advisor and special assistant to the president on the Domestic Policy Council. Monje’s final years in the administration were spent in the Transporation Department before he departed for Twitter. -Breitbart

Meanwhile in October, Biden’s transition team hired Facebook executive Jessica Hertz to its general counsel to deal with ‘ethics’ issues. Notably, Facebook was the first platform to ban the Post article – with former Democrat staffer and Facebook communications team member Andy Stone tweeting that the company would be ‘reducing its distribution.’

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“Evidence shows that on The Walking Dead’s rallies, there are more people from the Biden bus and reporters than flesh-and-blood Dem voters. ”

POTUS Punk vs. Dem Dementia (Escobar)

All manner of polls are circulating like whirling dervishes. Most highlight myriad Dem paths to victory and an inexorable Highway to Hell for Trump. A poll by The Economist gives Joe “Walking Dead” Biden a whopping 91% chance – remember Hillary in 2016? – of winning the Electoral College. A Dem-fueled consensus is emerging that Trump – relentlessly depicted as a deranged, lunatic proto-fascist who’s bad for business worldwide – will dispute results in any Republican-led state which he may narrowly lose, as in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Yet on the campaign trail, it’s a completely different story. Evidence shows that on The Walking Dead’s rallies, there are more people from the Biden bus and reporters than flesh-and-blood Dem voters.

The Biden-Harris campaign, demonstrating its matchless P.R. skills, spins these rallies as campaign secrets. Team Trump’s long-shot strategy seems to have been unveiled by the President himself: “We are going to be counting ballots for the next two years (…) We have the advantage if we go back to Congress. I think it’s 26 to 22 or something because it’s counted one vote per state.” That was a reference to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution: if state electors can’t agree on a president, the decision goes to the House. And then each of the 50 states gets one vote. So picture small GOP-controlled states such as Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming (each with one Republican in the House) having the same weight as California (52 members in the House, 45 of them Democrats.)

Advantage Trump: as it stands, it’s indeed 26 to 22, with two – Pennsylvania and Michigan – basically tied. Internal GOP polls show that while the Biden-Harris campaign is not knocking on any doors, Trump volunteers have actually swarmed no less than 20 million homes in swing states. Combine it with a new Gallup Poll showing that 56% of Americans state they are better off now under Trump than four years ago under Obama/Biden. Call it the return of “It’s the economy, stupid.” The Trafalgar Group – which correctly called the 2106 election – bets that Trump narrowly wins the Electoral College with 275 votes.

JPMorgan’s top quant Marko Kolanovic has exhaustively mapped changes in voter registration to dismiss virtually every poll showing a Dem sweep. This implies that Trump may well end up winning the Holy Trinity: Pennsylvania (20 votes), Florida (29 votes) and North Carolina (15 votes). And to top it off, something more exotic than a black hole eating a star has happened in this October Surprise-laden week: CNN decided to practice real journalism and eviscerated Nancy Pelosi on camera. That may be quite a bad omen for President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris, who very few remember was forged as the heir to the Obama-Pelosi axis in a secret meeting in the Hamptons way back in the summer of 2017.

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@Jack is expected on Capitol Hill next week.

Facebook, Twitter Cross Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor (IC)

In sum, the two Silicon Valley giants, with little explanation, united to prevent the sharing and dissemination of this article. As Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce put it, “Facebook limiting distribution is a bit like if a company that owned newspaper delivery trucks decided not to drive because it didn’t like a story. Does a truck company edit the newspaper? It does now, apparently.” That the first amendment right of free speech is inapplicable to these questions goes without saying. That constitutional guarantee restricts the actions of governments, not private corporations such as Facebook and Twitter. But glibly pointing this out does not come close to resolving this controversy. That actions by gigantic corporations are constitutional does not mean that they are benign.

State censorship is not the only kind of censorship. Private-sector repression of speech and thought, particularly in the internet era, can be as dangerous and consequential. Imagine, for instance, if these two Silicon Valley giants united with Google to declare: henceforth we will ban all content that is critical of President Trump and/or the Republican Party, but will actively promote criticisms of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Would anyone encounter difficultly understanding why such a decree would constitute dangerous corporate censorship? Would Democrats respond to such a policy by simply shrugging it off on the radical libertarian ground that private corporations have the right to do whatever they want? To ask that question is to answer it.

To begin with, Twitter and particularly Facebook are no ordinary companies. Facebook, as the owner not just of its massive social media platform but also other key communication services it has gobbled up such as Instagram and WhatsApp, is one of the most powerful companies ever to exist, if not the most powerful. In June, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law launched an investigation into the consolidated power of Facebook and three other companies — Google, Amazon and Apple — and just last week issued a sweeping report which, as Ars Technica explained, found: “Facebook outright “has monopoly power in the market for social networking,” and that power is “firmly entrenched and unlikely to be eroded by competitive pressure” from anyone at all due to “high entry barriers—including strong network effects, high switching costs, and Facebook’s significant data advantage—that discourage direct competition by other firms to offer new products and services.”

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Bit too many screenshots would be needed. See the original.

Weissmann Made Rosenstein Take Ownership of Michael Flynn Targeting (sundance)

On June 3, 2020, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss his role in how Main Justice was operating while Andrew Weissmann’s special counsel was in charge. What he said in that hearing never quite made sense until yesterday. Those who closely followed the arc of the Weissmann/Mueller investigation; and those who joined us in following that investigation; already knew the SCO was in complete control from May 2017 to April 2019. Everything taking place inside the DOJ in the two years of the Mueller/Weissmann probe was completely and unequivocally controlled by the Weissmann team. Few journalists have ever grasped the ramifications of that control.

That control included every release and non-release of information during their two year tenure. However, Rosenstein’s tone when questioned about the scope memos he authorized during the special counsel time-frame was very odd in that June hearing. Rosenstein had a very guilty conscience and it was on full display as he attempted to justify his action. You see, there was always a missing scope memo from October 20, 2017, that no-one in the DOJ ever discussed. The nature of the scope memo was mentioned by Weissmann and Mueller in part of their Russia report; but until yesterday it was hidden. Here is the only mention of the October 20, 2017, scope memo prior to yesterday:

As you can see above the special counsel’s office used that October 20th scope memo to expand their investigative authorities. Specifically the second redacted name is very important because this specific memo authorized Andrew Weissmann to target Michael Flynn Jr as pressure to coerce a guilty plea from Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn a month later. During his apologetic senate testimony Rosenstein told congress he never questioned the authority of the special counsel team and never once questioned their “investigative process“, those are his words. Additionally, Rosenstein testified he signed all the scope memos because he felt it was his “responsibility” to facilitate the SCO needs regardless of what they requested; and every request was considered an “investigative process” by him.

Yesterday the mysteriously avoided October 20, 2017, scope memo was finally released to Catherine Herridge from the Senate Homeland Security Committee (Chairman Ron Johnson). Within the scope memo we can now see exactly what reference point Rosenstein was carrying during his June testimony. The scope memo was written by the special counsel’s office and the last page shows the motive and intent of Weissmann’s crew. Notice the tone and direction of the memo as that aspect also conveys a message; and do not overlook the specific phrase “jointly undertaken activity.” That approach was used by the SCO to target Flynn Jr.:

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“The gains Gilead experienced in the stock market during the pandemic have all but dissipated.”

Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Proves Ineffective In Treating COVID19 – WHO (F.)

The antiviral drug remdesivir had little or no effect in treating patients hospitalized with Covid-19, according to a study that has not yet been peer reviewed, but was coordinated by the World Health Organization and released on Thursday, casting doubt on one of the few promising treatments for the coronavirus. Deeming it “the world’s largest randomized control trial on Covid-19 therapeutics,” the six-month long study of four drugs—remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir/ritonavir and interferon—proved “unpromising.” “The main outcomes of mortality, initiation of ventilation and hospitalization duration were not clearly reduced by any study drug,” the study reads. Over 11,000 adults across 30 countries and 405 hospitals were studied to come to these results.

Regimens involving the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine have already been proven ineffective, but remdesivir appeared to be one of the few therapies to prove effective in combating Covid-19 symptoms. The WHO’s results come just a week after a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that found remdesivir shortened the time of recovery for adults hospitalized with Covid-19. President Trump, who contracted Covid-19 and spent time at Walter Reed hospital upon suffering from symptoms, was administered remdesivir as part of his treatment. Remdesivir is the only specific drug with an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. [..] The gains Gilead experienced in the stock market during the pandemic have all but dissipated. Its price rose as much as 29% since the start of the year before falling 3% below its position in January.

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Contradictory messages are lethal for an organization like the WHO.

WHO Europe Director Says Governments Should Stop Enforcing Lockdowns (PJW)

The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge says governments should stop enforcing lockdowns, unless as a “last resort,” because the impact on other areas of health and mental well-being is more damaging. In an interview with Euro News, Kluge cautioned against the imposition of more lockdowns unless they are “absolutely necessary.” “He says damage to other health areas, mental health, domestic violence, schools and cancer treatment is too great,” tweeted reporter Darren McCaffrey. Kluge’s warning matches that of the WHO’s special envoy on COVID-19, Dr David Nabarro, who recently told the Spectator in an interview that world leaders should stop imposing lockdowns as a reflex reaction because they are making “poor people an awful lot poorer.”

It also resonates with numerous other experts who have desperately tried to warn governments that lockdowns will end up killing more people than the virus itself, but have been largely ignored. Germany’s Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Muller, recently warned that COVID-19 lockdowns will result in “one of the biggest” hunger and poverty crises in history. “We expect an additional 400,000 deaths from malaria and HIV this year on the African continent alone,” Muller said, adding that “half a million more will die from tuberculosis.” Muller’s comments arrived months after a leaked study from inside the German Ministry of the Interior revealed that the impact of the country’s lockdown could end up killing more people than the coronavirus due to victims of other serious illnesses not receiving treatment.

Another study found that lockdowns will conservatively “destroy at least seven times more years of human life” than they save. Professor Richard Sullivan also warned that there will be more excess cancer deaths in the UK than total coronavirus deaths due to people’s access to screenings and treatment being restricted as a result of the lockdown. His comments were echoed by Peter Nilsson, a Swedish professor of internal medicine and epidemiology at Lund University, who said, “It’s so important to understand that the deaths of COVID-19 will be far less than the deaths caused by societal lockdown when the economy is ruined.” According to Professor Karol Sikora, an NHS consultant oncologist, there could be 50,000 excess deaths from cancer as a result of routine screenings being suspended during the lockdown in the UK.

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    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1896   • Hunter Biden Tried To Cash In Big On Behalf Of Family With Chinese Firm (NYP) • House GOP Asks If FBI Had Hu
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1896

    Bloody hell; he was 15 yo when he painted that!
    As I recall, Rembrandt was another child prodigy creating master works in his teens…


    Child prodigy is a term I would use for for instance Mozart, who was giving recitals and writing first attempts at symphonies when he was 6 years old. Picasso, Rembrandt and many other great painters were simply already “developing their art” when they were in their teens.


    Can we add this to the mask debate?

    Dr. D

    Despite Vit D, the Swedes are pretty healthy. May be the same thing.

    Pablo should be more careful with his chemistry: that canvas is cracking. You’re a bright boy, surely you can do better than that.

    Behold a Green Horse! Environmental fantasy again tries to kill all the (poor) people they can:

    This was after last week, where Australia, heavily on-grid, was reported to backed up their entire grid with diesel generators to fill their wind hole. …Very economical and environmental. So proud.

    Okay folks what’s the worst, most profiteering, most unreliable way, most unecological way that will kill the most humans on earth? …Say no more: we are on it. D—n the expense! Obama ran out of bombs and the U.N. blew our fake chemical weapons report! We’ll just have to find another route to mass-murder.

    A Burisma PR firm was listening in on the call.”

    We always let Russia wire-tap the President. That’s just good intel hygiene. You know, a minute before we sell 10% of all U.S. uranium to Putin a day before Moscow banks pay the Clinton family $1M for 30 minutes of public speaking. Nothing to see here! I do not find that suspicious at all. Which goes to show why it’s so hard to be the good guy: I don’t know if anything Biden did is illegal: he is presumed innocent and it needs to be proven to legal standards. I believe we have grounds to open a special prosecutor, though. Goose: Gander.

    “That the first amendment right of free speech is inapplicable to these questions goes without saying.”

    They’re so full of crap. They created a special legal carve-out and government monopoly for these companies. Once you do that, you’re a regulated utility, if we enforced any law in the last century. Apart from their special-status legal carve-out, AND government contracts that are subsidies i.e. direct government funding same as you have to follow Federal law to get school-district money, they either a) publishers, and will be sued to the moon for Libel, or b) platforms like Verizon, who are not allowed to censor phone calls.

    Pick one.

    After saying they’re the same, he then says “Twitter and particularly Facebook are no ordinary companies.” Yeah, I know. They are government-created, government-funded monopolies. Go read the code for the U.S. Army’s “LifeLog”. This fable that “nobody knows nobody” doesn’t hold water any more than it did for the Gambini Family. But since the press is also a regulated U.S. government monopoly, it will never get reported.

    Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Proves Ineffective In Treating COVID19 – WHO (F.)”

    Glad you caught this, we discussed it 3x so far. It’s great! It’s a zero. It’s great! And today it’s a zero. But the insider trading on stock pump-n-dump is very real. Should take about 60 minutes to record the buyers and sellers and issue indictments. But they won’t. So good news: You can impeach!

    Contradictory messages are lethal for an organization like the WHO.”

    Nonsense. WHO, CDC, NY Times, the g-d Merriam-Webster Dictionary, all reverse their reality constantly. No one cares because no one even notices. Their brains have melted.

    the first blind women to serve as a law clerk on the U.S. Supreme Court, delivers testimony supporting Judge Amy Coney Barrett”

    Speaking of: yeah, it’s Friday so they don’t like young powerful women of diverse mixed-race families or the disabled anymore. Don’t you know now they’re the evil enemy? My side right or wrong. The only #Right is #Winning.
    There is no definitions, no objective reality, only POWER. Raw, on your neck, forever.

    Mr. House
    Dr. D

    Breathtaking article from Outlet-Formerly-Known-As-News, Time.com

    “How a Road Trip Through America’s Battlegrounds Revealed a Nation Plagued by Misinformation”

    …Because those voters don’t agree with the exalted reporters at Time.com. I wonder why. CoughRussiaRussiaRussia.

    Astonishing beginning: “[Hateful voter X] saw the race as a contest between two bad options. “We’ve got a guy trying not to die,” he told me, “and we’ve got Trump.”

    Okay, that’s a fair take. And? Reporter says that’s the craziest thing he’s ever heard. Biden is in perfect health. Better than Trump, it goes without question.

    This Trump voter “didn’t vote for Trump four years ago and considers the President a “buffoon.” And as Jimmy Dore would say, your candidate is so bad he is losing to Donald f-n Trump! Trump!!! (He would approve of the special three exclamation points) So they don’t like Trump, think he’s an idiot and they STILL think the DNC ticket is worse. By a lot. What does that say? What are you doing? …This is extremely common, by the way. The polls on “liking” DJT do not at all match who’s voting for him. For the reasons the reporter openly ridicules and won’t listen to.

    Continues “Most Trump voters I met had clear, well-articulated reasons for supporting him: he had lowered their taxes, appointed antiabortion judges, presided over a soaring stock market.” Thank you. Very generous. Finally somebody saying voters have a rational point after all.

    …Not on your life. Next sentence: “These voters wielded their rationality as a shield: their goals were sound, and the President was achieving them…” What? They voted a guy in who was making their lives better both personally and nationally, but that’s crazy? A justification? Yes, Time.com, you Coastal idiot sons of idiot sons, in your ivory towers, born on 3rd base and having never worked in your life, certainly do have a different outlook than a guy whose factory closed and with it all work and housing prices within 500 miles. You DO live in a world of misinformation.

    “For every two people who offered a rational and informed reason for why they were supporting Biden or Trump, there was another…who offered an explanation divorced from reality. You could call this persistent style of untethered reasoning “unlogic.” Unlogic is not ignorance or stupidity; it is reason distorted by suspicion and misinformation, an Orwellian state of mind that arranges itself around convenient fictions rather than established facts.”

    Yes, I know. I talk to Democrat voters all the time, and they quote Time Magazine and Rachael Maddow on “RussiaRussiaRussia” and Assad’s chemical weapons almost continuously.

    ” a belief in dangerous falsehoods, … the conviction that COVID-19 is a hoax.”

    So a President who publicly advertised he had COVID says that COVID isn’t real? A hoax? Time reporter, what “dangerous falsehoods” and breathtaking conspiracy theories do you believe? I mean he wrote about the President’s Covid adventure in the previous paragraph, this isn’t an oversight. He just can’t engage logic. And he refutes the logic of “I vote for people who help me.”

    “I sensed a glitch in the information loop, like a scratch on an old-fashioned record. People kept repeating things that were false, and dismissing things that were true.”

    Yes, but he can’t understand that it’s HE that has the glitch, not reality. Time.com has printed increasingly false things since I was a child, forefront of Iraq “WMD and Ties to Al-Qaeda” I’m sure, and no gears engage. Instead, he thinks it’s the electors digging ditches who can’t name a spade.

    Etc. At great length of detachment from reality.

    There is one difference at least: when Time.Com reporters are wrong, people from Wisconsin leave them alone to stew in their own stupid. It’s a free country! Not the same the other way around. When Washington, NYC, S.F. are wrong, they openly vow to nuke and destroy Wisconsin for their “Diversity”. Of beliefs.

    Thanks Time! Thanks coastal elites! Freedom of Speech. I support your right to be heard on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere! Keep talking! Then we know who you are.

    “Do not concede under any circumstances” “There will be riots” “CA, WA, and OR will secede.”


    • House GOP Asks If FBI Had Hunter Biden Laptop During Trump Impeachment (Fox)


    Money makes different “rule of law”
    Those that have, say to “the have not”,
    “Take your revenge in the ballot box”
    The frustrated, disenfranchised, the have not, underdogs, join demonstrations, and learn how to respond.
    (The elite enablers, from the safety of their gated community, call it “rioting”)
    Everybody is surprised.


    Herd Immunity

    1. I’m an elite, I’m not a rifraf. It wont kill me.
    2. Leave me alone. I’m unemployed, homeless, hungry, cold, miserable, hopeless, sick, addicted, couldn’t care. I’ve got others thing to worry about.


    Good doodoo over at Caitlin’s place.

    “The establishment: *rigs presidential elections so it’s always two corporatist warmongers running against each other*

    Also the establishment: “You have to vote or it will mean the end of democracy.”

    “Know what’s way more destructive than a dogshit president? A system which consistently ensures that voters always have to elect a dogshit president.”

    Dogshit Presidents, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

    @Dr.D: nice riff on Time.com article.

    Most everyone I know is voting to end Trump’s reign – I do not know anyone who is voting for Biden/Harris because they support their “platform”. The 2016 Trump voters in my circle are quiet (never were the MAGA hat wearing folks) – and are on the fence. People are not advocating for a Presidential candidate yet they are advocating enthusiastically for specific Senators and House members in and out of state. Interesting. Note: I am in rural NoCA in the mountains/forest, small towns, county govt. (no incorporated cities), sawmill and county education/gov are the largest employers, we run on volunteer power to bridge the many financial gaps.


    Halloween Health and Safety Tips for 2020
    1. Drive slow
    2. Watch for kids on the street
    3. Don’t throw out too many candies at one time. Spread the candies out on the street.
    4. Don’t hit the kids with candies.
    5. Throw out candies under street light.
    6. Buy lots of candies to save the candy companies and the dentists.
    7. Get a sense of humor

    Dr. D

    May forward this to Charlotte, Time.com reporter-at-large:

    “16 Years Later, How the Press that Sold the Iraq War Got Away with It”

    16 Years Later, How the Press That Sold the Iraq War Got Away With It

    From her pal Matt Taibbi, highlighting that Time was a piece of oligarchic war-mongering, reporter-arresting garbage 20 years ago. Taibbi has to keep it short: he’s only publishing one book at a time.

    Dr. D

    Charlotte says reporters don’t make things up.

    Glenn, what say you, sir?

    “Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump-Russia Story: The most challenging task is choosing the 10 worst embarrassments. The most notable aspect is that they all go toward promoting the same narrative.


    What? 25 failures from every major media company on just one subject in just one year? With too many honorable mentions to sort? That’s not what Charlotte told me.

    “C-SPAN suspends Steve Scully after he says he lied about his Twitter account being hacked”

    Wait: this reporter was lying too! In public! Dozens of times! And he was the debate moderator! Quick, get Charlotte on the phone, I’ve got a scoop! Apparelnty, Reporters DO lie. Early, often, and always.

    But we know WaPo, like CNN, MSNBC, and Time.com, isn’t news. What are the odds Bezos would report the truth?

    Maxwell Quest

    Dr. D’s really killing it today. Many thanks for his commentary.

    The spotless administration of Saint Obama, the world’s most admired man, isn’t looking so pure lately with the release of the Biden emails. It just goes to show how one’s image can be polished to a high gloss when every western media outlet acts as your own personal PR firm. Hunter’s emails have just made their job much more difficult.

    Can you imagine the number of meetings and conference calls that are occurring at this very minute in an effort to mitigate this PR disaster? I say PR because the DOJ has been aware of all this corruption from day one and has only acted to shield it from public scrutiny, so I don’t expect any legal action to result from Giuliani’s revelations.

    What will they do when the slime trail from Hillary’s private email server finally sees the light of day? You know they’re out there somewhere. Will Saint Obama finally fall from Grace, his memory sullied, when they discover that he presided over one of the most corrupt regimes in US history?


    I understand the scientific analyses that cloth masks are too porous, and especially can’t stop aerosolized particles. However, in my state (Arizona) Covid cases were increasing week over week throughout May and June. The end of June mask laws were enacted in the most populous cities, and in cities with the most covid transmission. Exactly two weeks after the ban went into effect, the peak of infections was reached, and the numbers of new cases each day began decreasing. Deaths peaked about 4 weeks after the mask laws went into effect. Now…this doesn’t tell us that masks magically block covid, however, this happened in other states as well. I don’t know If it means that most covid particles are large enough to be blocked by masks, or that mask laws cause most people to be more cautious, or something else is at play that I haven’t thought of. However, if mask laws in areas where virus transmission is high helps contain the spread of covid (even if it isn’t the masks themselves, but changes in behavior as a result of the signal that “this is serious,”) then that is very valuable public policy. And, it is much more practical public policy that economic shut downs.


    C.J. Hopkins: ‘The Virus of Mass Destruction & Brave New Totalitarian Normal’- 35m. video interview.

    “Political satirist C.J. Hopkins breaks down the pathologized totalitarianism of the “Brave New Normal” brought about by the “Virus of Mass Destruction”. He discusses corona-totalitarians and how the global-hegemonic-system is attempting to put down any populist nonsense, left or right, for good..”

    Doc Robinson

    Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Proves Ineffective In Treating COVID19 – WHO

    A recap leading up to the WHO’s results regarding remdesivir’s ineffectiveness (based on reporting from FiercePharma.com)…

    An earlier US government-led study found faster recovery times but there wasn’t a statistically significant death-risk reduction in the overall study group. Could the high cost of this treatment be justified? “Gilead has been collecting revenue on remdesivir since July at the wholesale acquisition cost of $3,120 for a typical five-day treatment course.”

    The data from the study was re-analyzed and voila, they found some subset (minority) of the patients in the study who had less deaths with remdesivir than a placebo.

    From an article dated 9 October, prior to the WHO’s results:

    But while remdesivir is “indeed helpful in shortening the duration of disease, reducing the progression to more complicated disease, and probably (but not definitively), saving lives,” the “fine print … is perhaps less encouraging than the top line,” SVB Leerink analyst Geoffrey Porges wrote in a note to clients.

    The drug didn’t conclusively improve survival at Day 29, “which is the endpoint of most importance in the end,” he noted.

    Plus, benefits from the treatment were “almost entirely in one group of patients,” Porges wrote. For those who were hospitalized and requiring oxygen—but not ventilation or high-flow oxygen—there were “significant” benefits. But for the sickest patients, “remdesivir produced no benefit,” Porges wrote.



    you make an excellent point regarding obesity. A simple observation will easily conclude that the west has a much bigger problem (and waistline) than the east. And finally it seems that vitamin D is getting the respect that it deserves.
    “A Single Large Dose of Vitamin D Could be Used as a Means of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Prevention and Treatment”
    Although I’m not sure why they felt the need to use a single, nearly toxic, 300,000 IU dose to quickly build up the body’s D level. The evidence of it’s effectiveness is becoming overwhelming. However I still don’t see any general public recommendation from the CDC or the NIH to use “D” supplements.


    ‘Hanson Has It Right: America Divided over Class Not Race in 2020. It’s Skype-Zoom v. Muscular in today’s 2020 political cage match.’:

    “..VDH argues that there is a class of people that have found refuge in their home offices and basements since the onset of the Chinese coronavirus. They are the traders, the telemarketers, and those who can make their living through the softer professions of the mind. The “Skype-Zoom class” also includes the ruling class: those at the highest levels of society that pull the strings, and control the means to power and production. In author Tom Wolfe’s terms, they are the masters of the universe.

    While the Skype-Zoom class sits safely in their homes and uses their MacBook to make bank, outside their walls, out in the real world of production, lives the muscular class. These are the people who are delivering the food you order from Grubhub, or the disinfectants and hand sanitizers you order from Amazon, both of which might be ordered by Skype-Zoom types in order to save them the risk of leaving their home and becoming infected with the virus. Best to leave that risk for someone else, someone in the muscular class..”

    Hanson Has It Right: America Divided over Class Not Race in 2020.


    Michael Reid

    Thank you Bill7


    Its time for a lawyer to do their work.

    Why Is The FBI’s Top Child Porn Lawyer Involved In Hunter Biden Laptop Case?
    The recent New York Post bombshell reports on Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop contents included a curious piece of evidence – a photograph of an FBI subpoena which bears the signature of the agency’s top child porn investigator, special agent Joshua Wilson.
    FBI agent Wilson’s identity was confirmed by both Western Journal and Business Insider,

    madamski cafone
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